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Halo 2


Halo 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

by Dark Vortex

*****       !!*               *         ........'
 !!!!       !!!*             !!!         !!!!!!!             `!!!!!!!!`.
 !!!!       !!!!            !/!!!        !!!!*              ,!!!!!!!!!!!`.
 !!!!       !!!!               !!!       !!!!             ,!%!,        !!!`
 %!!!!!!!!!!!!%%          $     !!!      !!!%           !!!!!,`  ,!!._   !!!!
 %%%%%      %%%!         %%!!!!!!!%%     !!!!                    `!!'    %!%%''
 #!##!      ####       ##$%     %$###    %%!!                           ,###'
 #####      ####     %##%        %##$#   ####          !   `%%%      ,####,
########    ####*  ###%         ######%  ##############%    $############'
   !*****    ***    ****           ***      **********           ******`

                              ,$''      ''$$`.
                                !          '%%
                                  .'##       %
                                ,'#####  ***%%

                                      Halo 2             
                            By: Dark Vortex (Quan Jin)
                           [email protected]
                                   Version 1.3

This guide may be found on the following sites:

[]------------------------------------------------[IGN FAQs]
[]--------------------------------------[Dirty Little Helper]

This guide is copyright (c)2004-2006 Quan Jin

   ~-~ Table of Contents ~-~

      1. Introduction...............................................[1000]
      2. FAQ........................................................[2000]
      3. Basics.....................................................[3000]
              3.1. Controls.........................................[3100]
              3.2. The HUD..........................................[3200]
              3.3. Dual-Wielding....................................[3300]
      4. Walkthrough................................................[4000]
              4.1. The Heretic......................................[4100]
              4.2. Armory...........................................[4200]
              4.3. Cairo Station....................................[4300]
              4.4. Outskirts........................................[4400]
              4.5. Metropolis.......................................[4500]
              4.6. The Arbiter......................................[4600]
              4.7. Oracle...........................................[4700]
              4.8. Delta Halo.......................................[4800]
              4.9. Regret...........................................[4900]
              4.10. Sacred Icon.....................................[4010]
              4.11. Quarantine Zone.................................[4011]
              4.12. Gravemind.......................................[4012]
              4.13. Uprising........................................[4013]
              4.14. High Charity....................................[4014]
              4.15. The Great Journey...............................[4015] 
      5. Weapon & Vehicle List......................................[5000]
      6. Enemy List.................................................[6000]
      7. Multiplayer................................................[7000]
              7.1. Maps.............................................[7100]
              7.2. Gametypes........................................[7200]
              7.3. Look & Feel......................................[7300]
      8. Miscellaneous..............................................[8000]
              8.1. Easter Eggs......................................[8100]
              8.2. Skulls...........................................[8200] 
              8.3. Resources........................................[8300]
      9. Version History............................................[9000]
      10. Legal Disclaimers........................................[10000]
      11. Credits and Closing......................................[11000]

      To find a section quickly, press Ctrl-F and type in either the name 
      of the section along with its content number (i.e. 1., 2., 3., etc.)
      OR you can use the codes on the far right. Simply type in the 
      brackets with the code number to get a jump. 
   ~-~ 1. Introduction ~-~                                            [1000]

I know I'm not the only one when I say that Halo: Combat Evolved is quite
possibly the best shooter on the Microsoft Xbox. Winning the Game of the Year
award, Halo: CE can be considered one of the finer games the Xbox has to 
offer. Now, a few years later, the sequel to the smash-hit FPS has finally
appeared on shelves worldwide. The amount of hype surrounding Halo 2 was
incredible. Even after Bungie had pushed the release date back a few times,
loyal fans everywhere still counted down the days until the release...

Was it worth it? Some say yes. Others say no. Nevertheless, there's no doubt
that Halo 2 is a good game whether it may or may not be better than the 

You should perhaps know my name if you have read the joint FAQ written by
Armin Jewell and yours truly for Halo on GameFAQs (and other sites). If you
read that guide, you probably read one of my earliest too. I'm not promising
that this FAQ is written in the same way, but at least you know how I choose
to tackle the game. 

For those of you looking for in-depth analysis on weapons and enemies, you 
won't find them. I provide a modest listing, but nothing extraordinary or 
anything on the same scale as my previous Halo guide. However, I choose to 
shift my main effort to the walkthrough to hopefully provide a detailed 
guide through the campaign of Halo 2. 

   ~-~ 2. FAQ ~-~                                                     [2000]


         [Q] How many levels are in Halo 2?

         [A] There are 15 selections in all, but the first two are just 
             cinematics and training. Therefore, you are to play a full 13
             missions in all. Each is gigantic and very detailed. 


         [Q] Can you use the Arbiter's invisibility in multiplayer?
         [A] One word answer: no. 


         [Q] Can a Spartan's flashlight be used in multiplayer?

         [A] One word answer: no.


         [Q] Does the Covenant Energy Sword's battery run out in multiplayer?

         [A] For some strange reason, there is no battery. As long as you 
             stay alive and hold the Energy Sword, you can use it indefinitely
             without running out of battery. With that, you can easily make
             your opponents' lives a living hell. 


         [Q] How do you do aerial tricks with the Banshee?

         [A] Use the A Button and press in any direction on the Left 
             Thumbstick. When up against opponents with Rocket Launchers,
             use aerial tricks like mad to avoid any locked-on rockets. Being
             able to use air rolls and loops to your advantage is a hard 
             skill to master. 


         [Q] What is that "special" multiplayer map that can be unlocked?

         [A] It's called Foundation. You can unlock it by completing the
             Campaign and using all three Banshee tricks on the last level. 
             You also get Foundation through a Xbox Live update. 


         [Q] I see people dashing 15 feet and killing people with Covenant
             Energy Sword. How do I do that?

         [A] To perform that special "lunge" attack, you need to have an 
             Energy Sword in your hand obviously. To use it, you need to look
             at an opponent and wait for the reticule to turn red. Quickly 
             press the Right Trigger and you should deal the strike.


         [Q] Okay okay. Now how do you "dodge" those lunges?

         [A] While it's almost impossible to dodge Energy Swords in small
             arenas, you can easily get out of an Energy Sword's path by just


         [Q] My friend dual-wields Magnums and he kills me every time. I 
             thought Bungie weakened it! What is up?

         [A] Dual-wielding anything is dangerous in multiplayer. While the 
             Magnum might be weaker than the Pistol, it fires twice as fast.
             Your friend probably aims at your head as headshots deal more
             damage. Counter him with dual Magnums of your own or use long-
             range weapons (Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Covenant Carbine). 


         [Q] What would be the best weapon against the Flood?

         [A] The standard Shotgun would work. Projectile weapons (Covenant
             Carbine, Magnum, etc.) also do wonders. Even the Sentinel Beam is 
             effective against them in comparison to its weakness against 
             most other enemies. 

         [Q] How do you get to "Sniper Rock" in Coagulation?
         [A] Bungie has apparently made it much more easier to get to that
             little notch on the side of Coagulation. Yes, it's still there 
             and plays an amazing sniping position. Take any Covenant vehicle
             that is fast. The Spectre and Ghost are the two best in my 
             opinion. Line yourself up with the wall that appears to be less
             steep to the right of Sniper Rock. Use the boost and climb up
             the wall until Sniper Rock surpasses you on the left. When you 
             can't move any further, turn right and slide across the surface.
             Drop down and you are there. Alternatively, you can use a Banshee
             to just _fly_ up there, but oh well. 


         [Q] Which is better of these two, the Sniper Rifle or the Beam Rifle?
         [A] The UNSC Sniper Rifle is basically a four-round clip that can 
             shoot pretty fast. However, reloading in required. The Beam Rifle
             on the other hand doesn't need to be reloaded, but two or three
             shots fired consecutively will overheat the weapon. While the 
             Sniper Rifle has a higher rate of fire, the Beam Rifle (overheats)
             doesn't need to be reloaded so I guess you can say that the two
             are balanced. As a side note, a Beam Rifle shot is much more 
             easily noticed than a Sniper Rifle "trail" although both leave 
             some form of a line. 


         [Q] Whatever happened to some of the maps like Damnation or 

         [A] The only two maps Bungie remade are Beaver Creek (which is 
             exactly the same with slight differences to the Sniper Rifle and
             Magnum location) and Blood Gulch, now called Coagulation. Well,
             at least those are the "obvious" ones. 


         [Q] Is Halo 2 Xbox Live "child-friendly?"
         [A] If you choose to play Halo 2 online, expect a lot of profanity
             and A WHOLE lot of racist remarks. If you are one of those that
             are easily offended, just know that the majority of Xbox Live
             players are greasy nerds with pimples all over their face of whom
             think that playing with the "1337" players on Xbox Live would
             somehow make them cool. But seriously, people just like to throw
             words around for fun. If you aren't easily offended, go ahead and


   ~-~ 3. Basics     ~-~                                                [3000]

Basic know-how before you begin to play Halo 2. If you own the manual, the
majority of the below information should be accessible already. 

       3.1. Controls                                                    [3100]

                Left Trigger ---|           |--- Right Trigger
                         ___    |           |    ___
                       ,'   `.__|___________|__,'   `.
                      /                               \
  Left Thumbstick -----|_       (S-Controller)    _|-------- Y Button 
                    | .' `.                    __(__)__ |
                   /  `._,'      X Button ----(__)__(__)------- B Button
                   |  _         _                (__)---------|
Back Button -------- (_) _    _| |_        _        _     |   |--A Button
                   |    (_)  |_   _|     .' `.   _ (_)--------- Black Button
                   |     |   | |_|       `._,'  (_)-------- White Button
                   |     |   |_____________|____          |
    Start Button --------|   |             |    \         |
                    \      .'|             |     `.      /
                     `.__,'  | Right Thumbstick    `.__,'
                       Directional Pad

Right Trigger 
~ Fire weapon.
~ Fire right weapon (Dual-wield only).

Y Button 
~ Switch weapons.
~ Dual-wields another weapon. 

X Button
~ Board a vehicle.
~ Hijack a vehicle. 
~ Reload.
~ Action.

B Button
~ Get out of vehicle. 
~ Melee attack.
~ De-select menu item. 

A Button
~ Jump.
~ Select menu item. 

Black Button 
~ Swap grenades.

White Button 
~ Flashlight.
~ Team chat (Xbox Live)

Right Thumbstick
~ Look around. 
~ Press to zoom in with scope/binoculars.

Directional Pad
~ Scroll through menu items.

Start Button
~ Pause game.
~ Settings.

Back Button 
~ Score. (Multiplayer only)

Left Thumbstick
~ Forward/Backward to move.
~ Left/Right to strafe.
~ Click to crouch.

Right Trigger
~ Grenade.
~ Fire left weapon (Dual-wield only). 
~ E-brake (Warthog only)
~ Boost (Certain vehicles)

       3.2. The HUD                                                   [3200]

The HUD of Halo 2 has been changed slightly from the original. The first thing
you would probably notice is the lack of a health bar. That's right, there's
no more "health" rating in Halo 2. If your shields go down, then a few shots
extra will take you out. Below is a rough ASCII representation of the on-
screen HUD (no dual-wielding): 
    ,'                                                                    `.
   |     _______    _______                   [9]   ___________________     |
   |   ,' [4]   | ,'  [5]  |                  ---  | [3]  |      [6]   `.   |
   |   |_______,' |_______,'                  ---  `._____|_____________|   |
   |                                                 ||||||||||||||||||||   |
   |                                                 ||||||||||||||||||||[8]|
   |                                                 ||||||||||||||||||||   |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                  /  \                                  |
   |                                -{ [7]}-                                |
   |                                  \  /                                  |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |                                                                        |
   |   ___________                                                          |
   |   \   ___[2]/                                                          |
   |    \,'   `./                                                           |
   |    /  [1]  \                                                           |
   |    \       /                                                           |
   |     `.___,'                                                            |
   |                                                                        |

   [1] Motion Tracker - Detects enemy or friendly movement. However, it is  
                        not a radar, so if an unit isn't moving, then it will
                        not appear. The Motion Tracker does not detect if an
                        enemy is higher or lower than you. 

   [2] Shield Indicator - The Shield Bar tells you how much of your shield is 
                          remaining. If all of it is drained, then you are very
                          vulnerable to enemy fire. The Shield Indicator will 
                          flash red if it becomes critical.

   [3] Ammo/Battery Remaining - This number calculates the ammunition 
                                remaining in your clip or the amount of 
                                battery remaining.

   [4] Plasma Grenades Remaining - The amount of Plasma Grenades you have left
                                   is displayed here. Maximum of four.

   [5] Frag. Grenades Remaining - The amount of Plasma Grenades you have left 
                                  is displayed here. Maximum of four.
   [6] Weapon Indicator - This depiction displays to you the weapon you are
                          currently carrying. 
   [7] Target Reticule - The direction in which you will fire is the Target
                        Reticule. Aim at an opponent and use it to take them
                        down. The reticule will turn red if you touch an enemy
                        with it or green if you run it over a friendly unit.
   [8] Ammo In Clip - The current ammunition you have in your clip is shown
                      here. For certain weapons, this will not be shown. 

Keep in mind that by dual-wielding a weapon, you will have no access to 
grenades. The Grenade Indicator on the left will change to another Weapon
Indicator to show you which weapon is being dual-wielded and how much ammo
is in each.

       3.3. Dual-Wielding                                             [3300]

One of the key additions in Halo 2 is the ability to dual-wield certain 
weapons. Dual-wielding has many advantages in combat. You can obviously deal 
twice the damage with two guns blazing at once. Weapon combinations can be the
difference between life and death in key portions of the game. 

To dual-wield a weapon, you must first be holding a dual-wielding "compatible"
weapon. Step over another dual-wielding compatible weapon and press the Y 
Button. A note on screen will tell you if a weapon is capable of being carried
as a secondary weapon. 

However, wielding two Rocket Launchers is just crazy. The following weapons
can be dual-wielded.

     - M6C Pistol (Magnum)
     - M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
     - Plasma Pistol 
     - Plasma Rifle 
     - Needler
     - Brute Plasma Rifle

While wielding two of the same weapons is still better than wielding just one
gun, you should definitely take advantage of each gun's specialty. Two SMGs
can be dangerous, but it is also ineffective at points. Instead, holding a 
Plasma Rifle AND a SMG together would increase your productivity greatly. 
The Plasma Rifle can rip away at shields and the SMG pounds bullets into 
flesh for heavy damage.

The best combination depends on the player. Some people can wreak havoc with
dual-Magnums or dual-Plasma Rifles. Others choose to hold a Plasma Pistol with
a SMG. Whichever combination you choose, be sure to use it to its utmost 

Keep in mind that with two weapons in hand, you cannot throw grenades without
first dropping the other weapon with the Y Button. Likewise, meleeing will
automatically drop a secondary weapon. If you are sure you will need grenades
in upcoming battles, drop your secondary weapon ahead of time to save precious
fight time. 

   ~-~ 4. Walkthrough ~-~                                             [4000]
                 | 117    `._______________________________
                 |                                         |
                 |   Re: SPARTAN - 117 - MASTER CHIEF      |
                 |                                         | 
                 |   Spartan 117, the Master Chief, is a   |
                 |   member  of the  SPARTAN-II project.   |
                 |   He  is a genetically, biologically,  /
                 |   and  technically  enhanced fighting  ==
                 |   unit, standing  seven feet tall and   |
                 |   weighing half a ton in his armor.     |
                 |                                         |
                 |   His  reflexes  are  unmatched,  his   |
                  \  strength and endurance quite unlike   |
                 ==  any  other human  and his  tenacity   |
                 |   molded by a lifetime of conscripted   |
                 |   military   training.   The   Master   |
                 |   Chief is proficient  in all current   |
                 |   ballistic   weapons   and  tactics,   |
                 |   incursion,   and   unarmed  combat,   |
                 |   and has  extensive experience  with  /
                 |   Covenant military tech.              ==
                 |                                         |
                  NOTE: This walkthrough was written while 
                  playing through Halo on Normal difficulty. 

                  Because of the lack of First Aid Kits or
                  Overshields/Active Camo, I won't mention
                  pickups. I can take it that you'd be able
                  to find your own weapons. 

       4.1. The Heretic                                               [4100]

             For failure such as this, no punishment is too great.

Before we continue, I would like to tell you that this is a cut scene level.
There's absolutely no action yet. For those of you that care about the story,
go ahead. 
   |                                                                      |
   |                                 [ Covenant Holy City, High Charity ] |
   |                                 [         Ninth Age of Reclamation ] |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Around the wreckage of the original Halo, the Covenant have        |
   |   established a small fleet and base of operations. A large          |
   |   Covenant Cruiser flies in to join a majestic fleet while Banshees  |
   |   patrol the skies. The camera shifts to the Holy City center.       |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Inside, a trial is most likely taking place. The Elite responsible |
   |   for leading the Covenant forces against the Pillar of Autumn       |
   |   and landing on the original Halo is being tried. The Prophets      |
   |   nearby are discussing whether or not execution shall take place.   |
   |   The Commander Elite has failed to defend Halo, the Covenant's      |
   |   sacred realm.                                                      |
   |                                                                      |
   |   He states that he had chased the human fleet destroying all of     |
   |   their ships, but one. The Pillar of Autumn was able to evade his   |
   |   offensives. Jumping away, the humans had escaped to Halo. After    |
   |   they had landed on the already occupied ring, the Elite was made   |
   |   aware of a special cyborg commander, the Master Chief. A parasite  |
   |   had also infected the ring (or so the Elite thinks) and progress   |
   |   was staggering.                                                    |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Once the Elite figured out what the Master Chief was attempting    |
   |   to do, he was incapable of stopping him. With that, the Covenant   |
   |   believed that they had lost a gigantic religious structure. It     |
   |   was a "colossal failure" as the Prophets put it, and the Elite     | 
   |   was tried for heresy. As punishment, the Great Journey shall       |
   |   begin soon, and the Elite shall be left behind while the           |
   |   Covenant rejoice in their glory...                                 |
   |                                                                      |
   |                           [ Earth Defense Platform (Cairo Station) ] |
   |                           [          10.20.2552 (Military Calendar ] |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Scene shift to an armory. A marine is nagging an armored cyborg    |
   |   nearby. It seems the recent offensive on Halo had completely       |
   |   worn out his armor. Luckily, the Master Chief is to wear a new     |
   |   one. Putting on his helmet, he prepares himself to kick some       |
   |   Covenant ass. Before that however, we're going to have to undergo  |
   |   the standard battle-ready check...                                 |
   |                                                                      |

       4.2. Armory                                                    [4200]

                         Suit up, prepare for battle. 

     >> Follow the Gunnery Sergeant's instructions. 

Here we go with the preliminary drill. If you were annoyed by the first Halo
in this part, note that it goes through much faster. First off, you can't 
exactly move (They are holding you down in case you "crack.") so just look
at the lights the Sergeant tells you to look at. Look to top, bottom, top,
and bottom. Set the look inversion to whatever floats your boat. 

     >> Enter the Energy-Shield Test station.

With the look pitch set, the restraints are up and you can move around. Get
a good feel for the controls. Jump around and look around the room. Head over 
to where the Sergeant walks you and step into the Energy-Shield Test station.

     >> Activate the Energy-Shield Test station.

Nothing too difficult about this objective. See the handprint in front of
you? Use the X Button to activate the shield. You should know when the shield
goes down as the screen will start beeping. Watch how quickly your shields
recharge (Fast huh?) and step back out. As of now, the checks are complete. 
Sgt. Johnson walks in and makes a few friendly wisecracks. Follow him out
of the room.

     >> Join Sgt. Johnson in the elevator.

The elevator is plain in sight, and even if you can't find it, Sgt. Johnson
will lead you there anyway. Ride it down and exit.

     >> Follow Sgt. Johnson to the tram car.

The tram car is right ahead. Johnson will even walk into it for you. Step in 
with him and the door will close behind you. There are big windows so you can
look out and see some of the activity going around at Cairo Station. The 
Sarge will tell you about the history of this station and some stuff that 
really doesn't have any relevance to anything. 

Get out, and some Marines will be cheering you on. The Master Chief is back
in action. 

       4.3. Cairo Station                                             [4300]
              Defend the station's MAC-gun from Covenant boarders. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   At the start, Master Chief and Johnson walk themselves into        |
   |   the center control room. The Chief will talk about the cameras,    |
   |   and Johnson makes a subtle crack back. The two of you enter a      |
   |   doorway and the scene shifts to the Heretic again.                 |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Commander Elite walks himself through to a Covenant court      | 
   |   (perhaps facing execution). Grunts yell out Heretic while          | 
   |   Brutes strap him down. For heresy, there can be no greatest        |
   |   punishment... With that, they torture him for his indisputable     |
   |   crimes against the Covenant and their Great Journey.               |
   |                                                                      |
   |   As the Chief, you meet the Admiral of the UNSC fleet. You also     |
   |   meet Cortana again along with Keyes' daughter, Commander           |
   |   Miranda Keyes. A brief award session will occur, but a             |
   |   supposed attack from the Covenant will break the peace...          |
   |                                                                      |

Covenants are ready to board the ship. 15 Covenant Capital Ships are engaging
Cairo Station's position. NOT COOL! Prepare yourself for battle once more. 
Follow the group of Marines down the stairs, and pick yourself some weapons. 
If you want to, dual-wield the SMGs with the Y Button. Be sure to pick up a 
Battle Rifle as well. The rest of the group is waiting below (Note Johnson and 
his really big gun). Follow them through the door, and you will be notified of 
a Covenant boarding party just through the next door.

    -- Home Field Advantage --

     >> Repel the Covenant boarders. 

Prepare yourself and find a good position to shoot from (the various obstacles
work well). The Covenant party beyond the door is a large one, but because of
the tiny size of the door, they can't all come in at once. You can choose to
go in with dual SMGs, but when your shields go down, you better find some 
cover. If you want to, just wait out the battle as Johnson reigns supreme with
his (better than yours) weapon.

When the enemies fall completely, step through the door they came from and
turn right. The Marines will follow closely behind you. Watch your step as 
a whole 'nother Covenant party is up ahead beyond a few crates. There are two
or three Elites so don't just run through them. The various Grunts are easily
defeated so focus all of your fire on the Elites. An even better idea would
be to shoot out the Grunts with the Battle Rifle from far away so they don't
pose any distractions.

Follow through when all the Covenant are defeated. Turn at the corner and give
your hellos to a Marine manning a Gun Turret. Ascend the stairs to the top. 
You should hear some more battle conversation. Once you go through the door,
turn to your left and note the Covenant on the landing below. Take this 
opportunity to man the Gun Turret or use the Battle Rifle to rain fire down
upon them. You should also see some Marines helping your position. When you
think they took out the majority, jump down.

To progress through the level, go to the left door at the far side (If you 
look at the room from the turret's point of view). However, make sure there
aren't any stray Elites hiding behind walls waiting for the shields to 
recharge. Another Covenant platoon will make their appearance. Take them all
down and turn right to find another set of stairs. Ascend these just as well
until you reach the top. Go through the door into a hanger.

The Covenant are taking full advantage of the wide, open space. The first 
thing you should notice is the warp sending in Covenant troops by the dozen.
Don't jump down yet however. Turn to your right instead (while staying on the
current platform) and find some ammunition and grenades laying on the ground.
Turn left onto a platform jutting out. Help your Marines and take down the
Covenant by either jumping down, or using the Gun Turrets on your current 

After a few more waves, a Marine will report that the Covenant are for some
reason retreating. Walk around a bit and some more Covenant will break through
a door in the northwest corner of the room. It's a small party so you should
have little trouble breaking through them. There's a bunch of cover around if
you need it. Walk through the door they broke through and follow the hallway
to another hanger area. This time, you appear on the bottom so rain fire on
the Grunts manning the Plasma Turrets up ahead and watch as they pitifully
fall off.

Use the Battle Rifle against those on the upper deck. Once they are cleared
out, make your way forward. Some Elites and various other Grunts are scattered
throughout, so do your best to make the rest of their life a living hell. 
There is another boarding ship warp at the other end in which more Covenant
will come through. Use grenades (if you picked them up before) as they are
grouped up. The Covenant have destroyed the Athens (look out the window and
watch a station blow up) which is a major blow to the defense forces.

Cortana notes that the explosion destroying the Athens came from inside the
ship. She concludes that the Covenant have probably brought a bomb. If they
had placed it in the other stations, they had most likely placed one here...

    -- Priority Shift --

     >> Find the Covenant bomb.

Your objective now is simple. With the Covenant forces repelled for the most 
part, we shift our objective to locating a "bomb." Anyway, on the floor of
the hanger are little indents. Look for one of the two and head down where a 
door will open for you. There are some Covenant occupying this space. Because
of the lack of room, watch out for stray Plasma Grenades the Grunts might
throw at you. 

There are two doors out of here and to the Armory. One of them holds an Elite
and the other holds an invisible Elite. Either way, you will have to fight 
them both in the end so it doesn't matter. Get out of that area into the 
Armory and the Gunnery Sergeant will be fighting back. He dies, so finish off
the job and pick up the Shotgun that he dropped if you'd like.

The next room is similar to a room we fought in before. It's completely
infested with Covenant. Rushing straight in will only result in death. Take
advantage of the various hallways on the wall. There are many Grunts using 
Plasma Turrets scattered around the room. The Battle Rifle is a great weapon
to pick off a gunner from far away. Before engaging any of the Elites, take
out the Plasma Turrets.

Fight your way to the other end of the room (watch out for Red Elites) in
which an opening appears to your left. Defeat the Grunts in that room and
continue. The next staircase is to your right. Ascend them and go through the
door. As you get through, another door will open to your forward. It's a large
group in a small doorway so throw a grenade and mop up the rest of the 
"unfortunates." Walk through the door they busted through and ignore the 
stairs to your right. Go through the door ahead.

As you enter, perform a U-turn and find some Marines along with Sgt. Johnson
and Miranda Keyes working away at a stubborn group of Covenant boarders. 
Defeat that group and Sgt. Johnson tells you move forward. As you continue,
turn to your right and go through the open doorway. You find yourself in a 
room. Look out the window to your left. We're going to be out there in about
a minute. Exit and turn right. Some stray Grunts will enter the area. 

    -- Authorized Personnel Only --

We're getting warmer at least. Leaving Johnson and the crew behind, the door
ahead of you opens. Two Blue Elites will come in. Take them both out and jump
out. Something's different huh? The muffled sound isn't a technical error with 
your TV. Yes, we are actually in outer space. Take a few moments to jump 
around and get a feel for the "zero-gravity" thing. However, our suit's 
personal gravity keeps us on the ground.

As you jump down, turn straight around and walk forward. One or two Elites 
with jetpacks will make their appearance. Cortana will radio in stating that
she has found the bomb, however, she needs your help to come in contact with
it. Go through the door at the end and continue through. This large room is
quiet at the moment, but on a whim, many insectoid creatures will begin flying
in. The "Buggers" as the Marines like to call them are very weak, but they can

Use automatic weaponry suggestively and defeat the Drones flying around. They
are fast so don't get frustrated if more of your shots miss than hit. By the
time you defeat all of them, the elevator should be coming up. Jump off the 
ledge onto the elevator (?) and begin wreaking havoc with the Covenant platoon
down there. Once you defeat all of them, venture to the main platform and 
locate the elevator switch. Press X to activate it, and watch out the gigantic
window as you slowly travel down.

At the very bottom, a doorway will open up at the far end. (pretty cool huh?)
Go through, and head back into outer space. The Admiral will note that the
Covenant Carriers are moving in. While he's preoccupied with that, two Elites
with jetpacks will fly in. A third will be at the top manning a Plasma 
Turret. Immediately take out the gunner with the Battle Rifle and take some
cover. Shoot the remaining two out of the air. Beware however, as they are
dual-wielding Plasma Rifles. 

With those three defeated, follow through and find the hallway (still in space
here) leading back into the station. You should find it behind the Plasma
Turret the Elite was using. At the fork, make a right and find the door 
leading back into the ship. It will open for you. The bomb the Covenant had
left us is just below. The automated elevator will bring you down while 
Cortana tells you a bit about the number of Elites guarding the bomb. Heh.

    -- Return to Sender --

As the door opens, begin moving out. A large number of Elites and Grunts are
guarding the bomb. Right off the bat, throw one or two grenades into the crowd
to hopefully take down a few Grunts and at least one Elite. The rest of the
forces can easily be killed if you know how to fight. Rushing gun-ho right 
into won't solve crap. Use the cover the room provides and take down the force
to the last Elite...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Cortana makes her appearance; she succeeds in disarming the        |
   |   bomb. Apparently, we were pretty close in losing the station.      |
   |   Master Chief will ask to leave the ship to give the Covenant       |
   |   back their bomb. With a chuckle, he gives a permission granted.    |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Chief will ride down an elevator and pull the bomb out. He     |
   |   opens the door out and watches the Covenant Cruisers heading for   |
   |   Earth. If any of you can remember, this was the scene of one of    |
   |   the original trailers for Halo 2. The only difference is the       |
   |   addition of a Covenant bomb.                                       |
   |                                                                      |
   |                        [ "What if we miss?" ]                        |
   |                        [     "I won't."     ]                        |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Being the badass that he is, the Master Chief takes off as the     |
   |   bomb pushes him out. A UNSC SHIP explodes behind him as the Chief  |
   |   flies into the Cruiser. His success is confirmed with a resulting  |
   |   explosion destroying the "Sender." Finding a UNSC Cruiser to land  |
   |   on, the Chief prepares to take the fight to Earth.                 |
   |                                                                      |

       4.4. Outskirts                                                 [4400]

      Rally scattered Marines, clear hostile contacts from the old-city. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   Three Pelicans fly in to the city. Cortana notes a strange         |
   |   repeating message; Regret. Sarge makes a few cracks on to what     |
   |   it means. Cortana notes that Regret is one of the Covenant's       |
   |   Prophets. A few Marines on the ground notice a problem with the    |
   |   landing zone of whom recommend mission abort. Sarge chooses to     | 
   |   rush in anyway. Regret is on that Cruiser, and he has all the      |
   |   information. The Master Chief's objective, locate Regret.          |
   |                                                                      |
   |   A large multi-legged thing comes in and crushes a bus. Two         |
   |   Pelicans go down, one of which holds the Master Chief. We'll       |
   |   be fighting on foot from this point.                               |
   |                                                                      |

    -- They'll Regret That Too --

Although a bit disorientated from the crash, Cortana succeeds in waking you
up. Armed with a SMG and a Battle Rifle, begin making your way forward where
a Marine waits outside a door. A single Grunt patrols the hallway so smash it
in the head with a well placed melee. Follow the hallway and you should come 
to an outside courtyard-like area. Walk straight forward and take out the 
group of Grunts with a well-placed grenade. 

You have two options at this point. You can either stick around on this floor
or head to the staircase opposite the doorway you just came out of to a ledge
above. I'd suggest the latter as it provides a better firing position as well
as a Gun Turret to your disposal. There are a few Elites hanging around that
you'd probably want to take down. Either way, Covenant will begin to pour in.
Sarge will notify you of which direction they come from.

     >> Defend the Marines until help arrives. 

First, after the preliminary enemies are defeated, some Grunts and Elites will
pour of the alleyway to the left. One or two Elites will camp from a rooftop.
Be sure to take them out. Once that platoon is defeated one way or another, 
a second group will come out of the same area. More Grunts basically, but an
Elite also will make his appearance. After that wave, Johnson will notify you
of Jackals in the courtyard. Avert your gaze to the opposite end of the area
where you entered. Defeat the Jackals there through the Gun Turret or a few

Remember the flying, insectoid creatures in the previous level? More of those
Drones will begin coming over the rooftop. Against them, the Gun Turret (if
it hasn't been destroyed yet) wreaks havoc so just hop on and blaze the guns
at them to hopefully down them all. Once the Drones are defeated, a Jackal
platoon will attack you from the same location as the last Jackal attack. 
When will they all be gone? Well, yet another group will appear from the 
alleyways. It mainly consists of a few Grunts and an Elite or two. Take them

At this point, the music begins to change and a Phantom rides itself into the
area. You can shoot down its guns, but the ship itself cannot be defeated. The
Phantom will hover there and drop some troops down. You should know how to 
plan your attack. Throw a few grenades to spread out the dropped troops and
pick the rest of them off. While you fight them, some Jackals will run in as 
well. With those enemies defeated (too easy), a reinforcement pilot will speak 
of a good LZ further ahead. 

Before we follow, the last of Covenant attacks comes in the form of two 
Hunters. These two behemoths will break through a gate. Prepare yourself with
a good weapon like the Battle Rifle. The Hunter's armor prevents most 
penetration so simply shooting at them won't cut it. Note the orange spots 
that can be apparent on the belly area or neck. If you shoot there, you can
deal much more damage. However, the Hunters aren't just going to stand there
and let you shoot them. Get up close to them so they stop using their Fuel
Rod Cannon. They will attempt to hit you with their shields. Sidestep, and
pound some lead into the orange spot.

The best choice of weapon against the orange spots are bullets. The Battle
Rifle and SMG are two good choices. Plasma weapons still do work, but they
take much longer to take a Hunter down. Eat away at those two (avoid Fuel Rod
Cannon and their melees) and they should fall. Once done, the only way forward
is through the gate in which they broke through.

     >> Rendezvous with the Pelican.

As you walk through, Cortana will have a conversation with some of the Marine
leaders still in action around here. As you round the corner, note the amount
of Jackals ahead. This alley can pose a problem because of the heavy amount of
Jackal snipers. As you progress, try to move around a little and take all the
cover you can find. Pick off the snipers with the Battle Rifle. Try not to get
hit too much. If you do, find some cover and allow your shields to recharge.
Advance forward picking off Jackals as you move along. Miranda Keyes will 
radio in telling Johnson that he needs to be picked up. Continue along 
defeating the opposition in your path. Note the Pelican that just dropped to 
provide you some reinforcements. Advance forward and Johnson will make his 

     >> Find the Marines from the second downed Pelican. 

The next alleyway is very similar to the last with the fact that it also 
carries a number of snipers. To add insult to injury will be a dozen Drones 
flying around along with some Jackals on the ground. Find a good vantage point 
to shoot from and take out the Drones first. Avoid the snipers and only pick 
them off when the others are defeated. Continue to the end of this street, 
and notice that there is a big hole stunting your progress. Turn back around
and walk into an alcove on the right wall. The Marines should lead you there

The Covenant have fortified the next position with a few snipers, a number
of Grunts, and an Elite. A well-placed grenade should take out all of them.
Defeat the enemies here and some more will pour in to your left and right. 
Find some cover while you take out the rest of them. To advance, you have two
options. From the way you came in, you can go either right or straight 
forward. Both paths should bring you to another skirmish that has already
started between a group of Marines and some Covenant. 

Help them out and take out the various baddies scattered around. Be careful of
the Grunt manning a Plasma Cannon. Once the enemies there are taken down, a 
Marine will notify you that the crash site is on the other side of this
building. Follow the team in past a vending machine (thirsty yet?) and walk
forward. It's a bit dark so turn on your flashlight. Pay no attention to the
intersections and just walk forward. At the end, two or three Elites will 
greet you. Show your affection and stick a Plasma Grenade on one of them.

Once back outside, take your time and defeat the Grunts scattered around. The
area is large so you should have little trouble finding some good cover. Yet
another Phantom will come in and drop a group of Grunts and Elites off. Defeat
that threat before they even hit the ground. Once the Covenant are defeated in
this sector, the Marines reward you with a Warthog. Jump in. If you are 
feeling like shooting, let the Marine drive for you. If not, hop in the driver
seat yourself.

    -- A Day At The Beach --

     >> Destroy the Covenant on the shoreline. 

I can tell you now that the Marines are horrible drivers, so if you'd rather
take the chance, go ahead. Drive (or your Marine will drive for you) down the
road and over the ramps dividing a portion of the land. With that, you will 
crash a Covenant party and what appears to be a large artillery piece. This
area is infested with Covenant forces so be sure to watch yourself. If you'd
like, hijack one of the Elites' Ghosts and drive it around yourself.

The forces here should fall quickly if you are diligent with the gun. Once 
the enemies around have been slain, head to the other end and make a U-turn
to another one of those artillery pieces. Like the previous one, this area is
also crawling with Covenant. Various Ghosts will be flying around and I would
suggest you prioritize them first. While you fight the group here, a Phantom
will most likely be in the area dropping off Ghosts. Defeat those and 
continue over the next ramp. 

At the next area, a number of pods will begin to fall from the sky. Contained
within them are battle-ready Elites. Deal with them whichever way you'd like,
but keep in mind their numbers. There are quite a few of them and if you are
fighting on foot that might be a problem. Still, if you happen to have taken
up a Ghost, simply splattering the Elites by boosting right into them both
works and can be pretty comical. 

     >> Take the highway tunnel to the bridge.

The tunnel is at the opposite end. Drive into there and pick up one of the
new Ghosts if you'd like. Ride it to the end and then turn left. To reach the
bridge, we need to make our way through this Covenant-infested tunnel.

    -- Speed Zone Ahead --

Begin making your way down the road. There isn't any Covenant resistance yet.
However, within a few seconds, you should be making your way into a Covenant
position. Mow this group down but watch out for some Ghosts that might be 
coming in. If you need a new vehicle, hijack it if you choose. You don't need
to necessarily defeat this position; instead, just kill enough of them so you
can continue forward.

At the bottom of a slope is another fortification. Watch out for the Plasma
Cannon. There are a number of enemies scattered here. Once defeated, advance
again. Take the jump and some Drones will begin flying in. Before continuing,
try to shoot them out of the air so they won't be a nuisance at the next 
fortification. Ahead is another group of Covenant. A Plasma Turret should stop
you for the time being. Break through again and continue. 

The next group is just as problematic as the last. Another Plasma Turret will
surely annoy the hell out of you. However, it's nothing that you shouldn't be
able to handle. Continue ahead and notice a hole in the ceiling. The Scarab
will fire a large beam and destroy a Warthog position. Disregard it for the
time being and advance forward. A bunch of Ghosts will attack your flank so
perform the necessary operations: kill them all. 

Another Plasma Turret is up ahead. Destroy it as always and notice the Shadow.
Destroy it if you like (although it really isn't necessary) and once again,
continue after a quick stop. At the dead end, turn right and enter the next
section of highway. Up ahead are three more Shadows transporting Ghosts to the
next sector. Destroy them if you'd please. However, when engaging, try to 
kill off the gunner atop first so you won't have to deal with return fire as
you defeat those.

Once again, there's nowhere else to turn but forward. Continue to make your
way through this repetitive area and enjoy the lapse in Covenant combat. 
Finally, after a long trip, you should note another Shadow up ahead. Shoot it 
down and defeat the remaining Covenant forces in the area. A number of Ghosts
will also appear. The Plasma Cannon above will definitely cause you some 
problems so take it down as quickly as possible. Clear this room and advance
again. The exit to the bridge is just up ahead...

       4.5. Metropolis                                                [4500]

        Take the bridge, break the Covenant's grip on the city-center.

   |                                                                      |
   |   Across this bridge is the city-center that the Scarab is           |
   |   currently targeting. A few Marines are scattered here, but         |
   |   the majority of them were overtaken by the Scarab. Before we       |
   |   continue however, Johnson will fly in with a Scorpion. A little    |
   |   "motivational device" as he calls it. After a Marine demands to    | 
   |   leave, Johnson will make a joke back (funny man, huh?). To get     |
   |   through this bridge, you will probably want to use the tank he     |
   |   left you.                                                          |
   |                                                                      |

    - Ladies Like Armor-Plating -

     >> Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge.

Well, we are going to have to cross that bridge if we are going to get 
anywhere. Hop in the tank that Sarge left you. If you want, take the run-down
Warthog behind you. Although it provides speedier travel, I'd still suggest
you take the bigger game. Begin making your way down the bridge and the Marines
will hop on with you. The Scorpion is slow so bear with it. Soon, your first
opposition will appear.

Basically, you will be meeting Ghosts for a majority of the bridge. Wave after
wave of them will fly at you. Luckily, your Scorpion's gun should be enough
to take each one down within a single shot. As you continue across, a Wraith
will begin firing some plasma mortar shells at you. For the time being, 
disregard it as the shots are very inaccurate at this far of a range. By the
time you reach it, the Ghost waves will be become more frequent. Hijacking the
Wraith is optional if you like the speed boosts.

Whether you destroy it or hijack it, continue once the Wraith is dead. The
Ghosts are frequent still, but with your big gun, they shouldn't be too much
of a problem. Just beyond the Wraith is a big hole in the bridge on the right
side. Make sure you don't accidentally ride in or it's lights out for you.
Just beyond the hole, a Phantom will most likely make its way across the sky.
Take a chunk out of it by sending it a well-placed shot. On your left, a 
Marine with a Rocket Launcher should be running. Let him join your team.

Advance along and some more Phantoms will zip by you. They should be carrying
Wraiths so you do your best and shoot each one away from its package. While
the Ghosts begin to dwindle in numbers, Banshees will begin flying at your
Scorpion. A single shot should take those flying demons down before they 
pose a problem. By this point, your tank should be nearing the end. As you
can probably tell even at this distance, a large fight will probably commence
at that point.

Take down some more stray Banshees and Cortana will remark about the "welcome
party" The Covenant have set up for you. At least three Banshees will begin to
fly in on your position. Take each one down with a quick shot of the barrel.
Now that you're on the other side, break through the toll area and begin 
engaging the large number of Ghosts flying through the tunnel. Try to blow
each one up quickly as two Wraiths will also venture out. A few tank rounds
shot right into each one should overtake both with a few seconds.

Some extra enemies or Banshees might be hanging around so do your best to 
blow whatever remains up. Now on the other side, our objective is to move
forward. Make your way through the tunnel (very slow-going). Some solitary
Grunts and Elites might make an appearance. If you miss, the Marines riding
on your treads won't. As you round the first curve, a Warthog should appear
as reinforcements. Follow it to a half-open tunnel.

Since you can't really move forward as the tunnel hinders your movement, get
out of the Scorpion as it's useless at this point. You can take the Warthog 
over the small indent if you'd like, but the area is crowded with cars so I'd 
suggest you just take it on foot. The next section of tunnel is full of 
Covenant bogies. Reload and rearm (if need be) before walking in. 

A number of Elites will be greet you as you make your appearance. The cars 
provide obstacles, but they also provide cover. In the midst of battle, Beam
Rifle shots will zip by so try not to get struck by one. Because of the small
area, grenades will scatter enemies if not blow them up completely. Once the
tunnel is cleared, continue past another half-opened tunnel. It's a dead end,
but on the right wall is a hole leading out.

     >> Make your way to the surface.

Exit the tunnel and you should be back outside. Walk yourself forward a bit
and smack the Jackal in front of you down. As you exit, a Marine in a Gauss
Cannon Warthog will drive up. Saddle up and take either the gunner or driver
position with your choice. Kill the enemies around. They are mostly Jackals
and Grunts with a few Ghosts flying around. While you overtake this Covenant
position, the Scarab will begin making its move again. 

     >> Regroup with Marine forces in the city-center.

Whether or not you defeated all forces, the exit is a little niche on the far
side opposite from the entrance area. The next area is big, but a Wraith and 
a few Ghosts occupy it. I'd suggest taking down the Wraith quickly. Hijacking 
it won't do anything as to continue, you need to transcend a small door that
only a Warthog will fit through. The Gauss Cannon makes quick meat of the 
various Ghosts and the Wraith itself shouldn't be too hard to take down.

From past experience, I can conclude that the Marine driving for you really
likes to stick around until _everything_ is dead. If this becomes an annoying
process, get out and drive for yourself. To continue, the doorway at the end
can have a Warthog fit through. Turn left or right at the waterfall and you
should find yourself in the downtown area. Some Ghosts and Covenant forces
are apparent. Luckily, you have some Warthog reinforcements as well.

As you enter the area, turn to your right (the Marine driver will do it for
you if you're on gunner) along the road. Some activity to your left should
draw your attention. Two Wraiths are taking the center position. Cortana will
recommend taking down the Covenant tanks first as they pose the biggest threat.
Although heavily armored, Wraiths still aren't a match for the Gauss Cannon
that should still be infused on your Warthog. 

With the two Wraiths destroyed, a Phantom will appear and drop off two Ghosts.
You can avoid fighting them by letting loose the Gauss Cannon against the 
still attached Ghosts. Once all the forces are defeated, Cortana will tell you
about a group of Marines in the building nearby. Use the HUD marker and drive
to the door. As you walk inside, a Marine will greet you and tell you about
their situation. Follow him up the stairs.

    - Field Expedient -

     >> Board and destroy the Scarab. 

Well, it seems the Scarab has scrounged its way up to your position. While the
commanding officer tells you about what the hell is going on, a Scorpion down
below will lose its head to the behemoth. Brace yourself as the thing begins 
to close in on your position. Get out of the way of its legs or you will be
crushed. When it passes, turn to your left and ascend the stairs. The Marines
will follow you. Continue along the building up some more steps to a door.

Exit and the Scarab will be just a bit to your left. It's closing in fast so
don't miss this opportunity. As you exit the building, walk straight forward
onto a mesh bridge. Look to your left and try to align yourself with the 
Scarab body. It's rocking back and forth so it might be a bit difficult to 
find the center. At that point, jump down on top of it. If it passes before 
you have a chance, turn back around and continue in the Scarab's general 
direction. When you have the chance, get on top.

The Scarab is heavily defended with a filthy amount of Covenant. The small
deck offers a great strategy in your favor however. Chuck a grenade and the
Covenant will have very little room to maneuver in. The first wave consists
of Grunts and Blue Elites. Once they are down, some Jackals and more Elites
will move in. Arm yourself with Plasma Rifles or Pistols against the Elites'
shields. Use grenades in key locations to quickly take them down. 

Once you happen to kill off those, at least three Red Elites, most likely 
dual-wielding Plasma Rifles, should appear. Before they come onto the deck
however, chuck a grenade or two to hopefully lower their defenses. If you fail
with the grenade, run away to the upper deck. Sticking around will probably
get you killed. Slowly kill the Elites one-by-one until all of them are dead.
Now, the pass into the Scarab should be open. Get through. 

The ship itself is defended very well. Two Red Elites in the rear should be a 
spawn of many problems. However, the White Elite, that will most likely appear
once the two Red Elites are down, will become very dangerous. Armed with a
Plasma Rifle at first, he will switch it for a Energy Sword once his shields
go down. _Do not_ allow him to get a strike through you. Stick away and pound
away at his weakened state to take him down. With that, the Scarab wlll be 

   |                                                                      |
   |   With their prize destroyed, Regret will attempt to pull his        |
   |   cruiser out of the area. However, Miranda Keyes needs to follow    |
   |   that ship. Creating a slip-space rupture, both Regret and the      |
   |   Cruiser warp out of the area leaving New Mombasa in ruins...       |
   |   Well, let's follow.                                                |
   |                                                                      |

       4.6. The Arbiter                                               [4600]

          Infiltrate a Forerunner facility, quell the heresy therein. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   As the UNSC forces chase Regret away from New Mombasa, the         |
   |   scene changes once again to the Heretic... Groggily waking up,     |
   |   he's being dragged by two Brutes. A few of them will complain      |
   |   as they pass a rabid Jackal cell. One particularly barbarian       |
   |   suggests eating him out of exasperation. Bowing his head, the      |
   |   Elite expects execution around the next corner.                    |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The naked Commander Elite is sent through a heavily guarded        |
   |   hallway to meet up with the Prophets Truth and Mercy. Truth        |
   |   orders the Brutes that carried him here to leave and the Elite     |
   |   is dropped in his miserable state. The Prophets then asks the      |
   |   Heretic if he knows where they are. Indeed, this is the mausoleum  |
   |   of the Arbiter. Each and every dead Arbiter lies in this tomb.     |
   |   The Heretic Elite is noble, and doesn't want to belong here for    |
   |   his crimes. The Prophets then apologize for a small...             |
   |   misinterpretation.                                                 |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Elite shall become the Arbiter and he will be set loose        |
   |   from heresy. With that, the Prophets bring out the armor that      |
   |   has been worn by Arbiters years and years ago. It will be a        |
   |   perilous journey and survival is not guaranteed. With little       |
   |   choice, the Elite takes it and gladly accepts. His mission: to     |
   |   find a Heretic Leader on the wreckage of the original Halo...      |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Three Phantoms sail toward the ruins of the first destroyed        |
   |   Halo emplacement. A white Commander Elite leads a platoon of       |
   |   Grunts and Elites giving a few words of motivation. The            | 
   |   Phantoms closes in and the Arbiter makes his appearance out        |
   |   of the blue. With a few last words of battle, the Phantoms         |
   |   sail to the landing zone and drops off the platoon.                | 
   |                                                                      |

    - A Whisper in the Storm -

     >> Locate the Heretic Leader.

The first objective you have (the Arbiter) is to locate this Heretic Leader who
is thought to be taking refuge someplace on this installation. Armed with an
Energy Sword and a Plasma Rifle, you are well-fitted for battle. Follow the 
rest of the group as they lead you down a ramp. Meet up with the rest of the
group and an Elite attempting to crack the door lock. Head through and another
door will be opened. 

The storm has masked your approach, so your opponents aren't expecting any
attacks just yet. Use this to your advantage and activate your active 
camouflage with the White Button just before entering. A few Elites and Grunts
are patrolling the area. Take advantage of your invisible state and use the
Energy Sword to give this group a wake-up call. With that, some shots will
begin shooting and the action begins. Hoorah.

There are a few Elites around using Covenant Carbines rather than Plasma 
Rifles. Use this to distinguish between friend and foe... not to mention that
those Heretics are wearing ugly headpieces anyway. Use the Sword or Plasma
Rifle to take down the forces in this first area. A ramp to the right leads 
up a small slope leading downward. Some more enemies, including two or three
Elites are also located here.

Again, use your active camouflage to hopefully sneak behind another enemy.
Be wary of the blue paths on the ground. Stepping on them will cause you to
slowly move down the slope. It can be hard to notice as you move along this
blue path. Just don't let yourself fall off the edge at the other end. Anyhow,
once you clear this area, make your way to the other end of the area and take
either path on the left or right to head downward to the next platform. Don't
fall off the edge by the way.

Probably as of now, the battle has sort of died down and silence is flooding 
back in. The next room has a fully-charged Plasma Rifle on the ground that 
can be picked up. For the next room, I strongly suggest dual-wielding Plasma
Rifles. At first, some Grunts will appear here and there. However, an elevator
on the other side will send up a group of two Elites and a bunch of Grunts. 
Like I said, dual-wielding Plasma Rifles can quickly quell the Elite threat. 
Once they are down, the Grunts will fall like dominoes.

Anyhow, this room is a dead-end. The only way forward is down the elevator.
If your allies are still alive, lead them onto the elevator that the enemy 
group came up on and head downward. After about halfway down, you should 
notice some Sentinels holding blue containers floating around. Don't shoot
until you reach the bottom to avoid letting your opponents know that you're

Now at the bottom, begin shooting like mad at the various Sentinels floating
around. Plasma weaponry works best against them. Take care of those Sentinels
as quickly as possible. Some Elites will begin flooding in through the 
doorways on the upper level. While fighting those floating scraps of metal,
don't step into their beam for too long. It can wreak havoc against your sub-
par shield system.

Your commanding officer at this point should order you to open the hanger 
door. The faster you get to that, the faster you will receive reinforcements
so get over there as quickly as possible. The hanger door is the big window 
at the opposite end of the elevator. You can find the activation panel on 
either side of the door. Just press the X Button and the Phantom will fly in
the save the day. Let it blast away at the enemies hanging around and take
full advantage of the reinforcements it drops.

Once the Phantom flies out, begin to mop up the remaining forces. Once again,
enemy forces will scramble in through the upper pathways. If your shields are
down, take cover while your allies attack the Heretic platoons. If possible,
use the blue containers around the area as grenades. Shoot at them and they
will explode hopefully on your enemy's side. Be wary of Grunts wielding Fuel
Rod Guns around the area. They act like miniature Rocket Launchers.

It should take quite a while before you can clear the room. If possible, keep
as many of your allies alive as possible. The more you still have, the better. 
You will know when the Heretics in this room have been totally defeated when 
an Elite wielding an Energy Sword appears from a door just one level below the
area where the elevator dropped you off. Don't stand too close (obviously) and
kill off the final Elite. When the room is quiet, begin making your way 
through the doorway just below the elevator shaft. By now, it's probably 

Let your allies follow you as you round the next corner. Another large group
of Grunts and Elites are just a few feet ahead. Quickly throw a grenade into 
the group and jump back. The tight corridor can be used in your favor as it
disallows your enemies to move around too much. Mop up the remaining Elites 
any way you choose. Once opposing forces in this sector are defeated, continue
once again.

At the end, you will find an open door on your left. This medium-sized room
is infested with enemy forces up and down. I'd suggest running to the top 
platform as there are less enemies up there. Use a liberal amount of grenades
to scatter your enemy and then wipe them out with your mad skills. Use the
upper platforms strategically and run up there when you need to recharge your

Once you clear out the majority of the enemy forces here, head to the door at
the other end of the room. It's pretty easy to find considering the size of 
this area. Anyhow, exit into the next corridor area and some Grunts will make
their appearance. Put them in their place and advance. The next intersection
will have Elites coming out through the right door and Grunts on the other 
side. Throw a quick grenade to scatter the Grunts and finish off the two 
Elites which also appear.

Now with that force down and out, have your team continue once again. Anyway,
from this point on, it's all a matter of transcending the hallway down and 
down. Some more Grunts appear ahead of you. Watch out for the Elite that pops
out the locked door in front of you. Round the next corner and some more 
Grunts will appear as if begging you to kill them. Finally, you should reach
a doorway. Before you enter, suggest engaging your active camouflage.

Some Grunts should be sleep in the little niche ahead of you. Give them a 
good smack in the head to take down both of them. As soon as the Sentinels 
notice you, start shooting them down like mad. From the entrance, continue
left making your way through the piles of Grunts. Watch out for the Elites and
do not let them overwhelm you. Again, use the blue containers hanging around 
as grenades by making them blow up nearby enemies.

It shouldn't be too difficult to make it toward the end of this area. However,
if you aren't careful, prepare to be overwhelmed. There are a bunch of niches
and areas where you can hide for cover. When ready, go through the other door
at the end of the room. Just as you probably expected, more Covenant. Whee...!
Once that team is cleared out, head through another doorway and you should 
notice some Banshees ahead of you... through a window of course.

Some enemy Heretics are just outside. The two doors on your left and right 
are locked as of now. However, the one on the right (upper platform) will open
to release another platoon of enemies. Once again, take your trusty Plasma
Rifle and zip right through. Following, head through the door that the 
Heretics came out of...

    - To The Hunt -

Your commander will radio in again and tell you that the Heretic Leader is 
escaping. Objective now would be to follow him. With that, he offers to send 
one of his Phantoms to help clear the way for you. Judging by the looks of
things, you will probably need it. 

     >> Persue the Heretic Leader. 

Exit through the door and find yourself outside in the raging storm. Two 
Banshees are parked just ahead. Wait for the Phantom to appear and get in 
one of them. Once you begin flying, the Phantom will begin to move. This part
of the level requires you to follow. However, there will be abundant enemy
Banshee patrols throughout the area. Right off the bat, a Banshee will fly
in toward the Phantom's rear.

Use your cannons and Fuel Rod Gun to throw that enemy Banshee away. While the
Phantom is slow, I'd suggest sticking near it anyway. It will help you destroy
enemy Banshees as they come. Furthermore, you don't know where to go, so the
Phantom will lead you. Anyhow, some cool music will pop in. Begin following
the Phantom and defeat the various Banshees that attack your flank. Don't let
your craft get too busted up at this point.

As you follow the Phantom, you will occasionally come across platforms in 
which Grunts with Fuel Rod Guns attack you. Considering the power of those 
cannons, you will really want to do your best to avoid their shots. Kill off
the Fuel Rod Grunts as best you can. After the first wave of these, the 
Phantom will lead you to another part of the installation. While the Heretic
Leader is not here, you might want to take advantage of the two Banshees
parked on top of the platform. Your Banshee is probably a bit busted up at 
this point so take either of the new ones.

Continue to stay around the Phantom and it will lead you to another heavily
guarded installation. This platform is also a dud and the Heretic Leader is
nowhere in sight. Stay close to the Phantom and shoot off any enemy Banshees
on its tail. The Phantom does bear heavy firepower, but it does have its 
blind spots. Destroy the Banshees and the Phantom will finally locate the 
supposed location of the Heretic Leader. Quickly begin destroying whatever
is guarding the landing zone and get yourself on that platform. Lots of 
enemies are apparent so kill them off with caution. 

Now the chase is on.

       4.7. Oracle                                                    [4700]

             Kill the Heretic Leader. The Prophets' will be done. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   Opening the door, some Grunts pop in and the Elites secure the     |
   |   area. This is it, the Heretic Leader's somewhere around here.      |
   |   However, the Commander Elite notices something. The smell in       |
   |   the air... is somewhat familiar.                                   |
   |                                                                      |

    - Juggernaut -

     >> Escape the infested labs. 

Something is fishy about your objective? It seems that we have stumbled across
an infected lab... of what? Halo: CE players, you probably have a good idea of
what you might be seeing within the next few minutes. Anyhow, begin making 
your way forward with the rest of your team, and you should probably notice
some brownish colored blood on the floor...? Bypass that and walk into the 
next hallway. 

Once you open the door, the sound of battle should ring through the air, but
no one's around! Your motion detector is going mad with red dots everywhere.
Look through the glass floor. Below, the Heretic forces and some... weird 
things are fighting each other. The glass is way too fogged to really make
out detail. Head to the other end of the room and walk through the door. 
Drop down the bottom floor.

You can choose to inspect the brownish bodies on the floor. Yes, you guessed
it. It seems the Flood are once again making their appearance. For the moment,
there's little action going on. A few Elites will wonder what the hell just
happened here. A few seconds later, the Heretic Leader... err... rather a 
hologram of the Heretic Leader will appear. With a few taunting words, he
teleports out. 

Notice the red dots as they slowly appear on your motion detector! Suddenly,
little Flood Infection Forms will begin to drop from the ceiling. Begin 
shooting them and popping each one. Some stray Infection Forms will most 
likely infect the already dead Combat Forms. Try to prevent that as best you
can. The Energy Sword is very effective against the Flood. Slicing apart 
each one will only take up 3-5 battery as opposed to the 10 it wasted against
other enemies.

One thing you will want to avoid would be the Combat Forms' melee. They can
hit you repeatedly very, very fast. Clear out every last Infection Form, and
a door on your level will magically become unlocked (turn blue). Walk through
it into a strange room. The Commander Elite will tell you that he'd wait until
reinforcements arrived. Head through this door and into the next. Ahead, 
Flood hold a very strong position. Begin ripping them apart with the Energy
Sword and more will jump down.

At the same time, Sentinels will also appear to take out the Flood threat.
I would suggest using the Plasma Rifle against the floating Sentinels and the
Energy Sword against the Flood. There is a small platform in the middle of 
this elevator-like machine. The best position to take here would be that 
platform. Get on top and start shooting away at the various Sentinels zipping
through the air. 

The room will begin to move down and more Flood Combat Forms will jump toward
your flank. If possible, pick up a Sentinel Beam as it is one of the more 
effective weapons against the Flood not to mention the fact that it works 
wonders against Sentinels themselves as well. If possible, have your Elite
allies hold the Sentinel Beam as well by switching weapons with them. From 
this point on, everytime the elevator stops, you can expect more enemies, 
whether in the form of Flood or Sentinels, to pop in when you least expect. 

Stay on the upper platform to hopefully reign supremacy over the Flood that
will appear down below. While fighting, be sure you don't be stupid and jump
off the side of the elevator. That would suck now wouldn't it? Try to survive
this on-and-off period of enemy attacks throughout the entire ride of this 
terribly slow elevator. After what feels like an hour, you should finally
reach the end destination. Booyah!

How do you know when you finally reach the end? Well, for starters, a door
should appear at one point. Otherwise, you can just wait until the elevator
stops moving for a prolonged period of time. Anyhow, walk through the hallway
that the door leads you to. The lighting here is a bit creepy, and bodies 
line the area. Walk through this corridor and head to a door on your left 
at the end.

Once again, we have fighting. Before rushing out, try to wait out the 
shooting between the Heretics and the Flood. That should hopefully clear out
some of your opposition anyway. Jump down to the lower area and refresh some
of your ammunition with all the guns and stuff lying around. More Flood will
walk in. This should be your first encounter with Flood Carrier Forms. The
big, balloon-ish Flood creatures carry Infection Forms. When up against one,
don't stand too close or you will be caught once it self-destructs. Creepy,

As you spend your time tearing through the Flood threat on the ground, more
Heretic enemies will break through the upper level. You can use the various
Plasma Cannons around the counter some of them. Even though plasma isn't too
effective against the Flood, they are still useful with their high rate of 
fire. Try not to die here, as the last checkpoint will send you back to the
beginning of the battle. That can be very frustrating. Definitely take my
word for it. 

Eventually, after a number of waves, some Heretic forces consisting of Elites
and Grunts will break through a door on your level. This is the hardest part
in this room, so if you die here, prepare to be sent back all the way to the
beginning of this room. Be extra careful and use grenades liberally to defeat
the Heretic threat. Be especially wary of Grunts using the Plasma Cannons
scattered around. Defeat the Heretic platoon and any remaining Flood Combat
Forms around.

Once all the Flood is defeated down to the very last Infection Form, you will
at last get a checkpoint. Head through the doorway in which the Heretics 
punched through about a minute ago. The door at the other end is locked, but
it will soon open for you. The annoying part of this mission is over. You have
just escaped the infected labs. Phew. 

     >> Find the Heretic Leader.

Okay, with that problem down, another one will make itself apparent. The 
nearby storm is about to hit their position. Time to hasten before it comes to
kill us. Back outside, a lot of Flood creatures occupy the area up ahead. 
A Phantom will fly in again to bring you some reinforcements... finally! 
Follow them as they round the next pathway onto a ledge. Mop up the Flood
forces here and defeat the Heretic emplacement up ahead. Your Commander Elite
is getting restless. You don't have much time. 

Head up the next slope into a well-guarded room. Throw a quick Plasma Grenade
to quickly wipe out the majority of the small room. Then walk through and 
enter either door. There's a big door just ahead leading to the center of the
level. The Heretic Leader is here... but before that, you are going to need
to deal some pain on his guards. 

We have quite a problem here. Not only are the Heretic Leader's forces crowded
here, but Sentinels and Flood are also taking their feuds up and around. Deal
with the preliminary chaos and begin shooting away at the various enemies
hanging around. Use the Sentinel Beam against the Flood and the floating 
tincans up in the air. At the other end of this room, the Heretic Leader has
locked himself in a shielded room. Crap, we were so close!

   |                                                                      |
   |   The shield barrier will protect the Heretic Leader, but the        |
   |   rest of us will be taken down. However, the Arbiter has a          |
   |   plan. Three cables are at the top of the building. We scare        |
   |   him out...                                                         |
   |                                                                      |

     >> Cut the three cables holding up the station. 

The Commander Elite will round up his troops and leave the area. Your job now
is to begin heading up the ramps circling the level. Now you cannot rely on
your ally's help. Begin scaling the pathway with haste. Some Flood will jump
on and begin to attack. Sentinels will also create a ruckus. We have an even
bigger threat now however. Some Flood you meet while scaling these ramps will
wield Energy Swords against you. Use all your ability to avoid getting struck.

While avoiding Sentinel fire and ripping away at every Flood that gets in your
way, quickly run to the top. After three levels of ramp, you will find 
yourself upon an elevator. Start it and ride it to the top. It's a long way
up so prepare yourself by reloading your weapons and rearming yourself. Let's
see what we're capable of.

    - Hey, Watch This! -

You enter the area while a large skirmish is underway between a force of 
Sentinels and the parasites. The three cables are those little stubs that 
pulsate a little blue. Once you get up there, you should be able to notice
each one. Again, there will be more Flood wielding Energy Swords. DO NOT let
them get a hit on you.

The cables you are to knock out are found in a triangle formation with one
cable at each vertex. Head to the backside of each of them and strike each 
one. I suggest using the Energy Sword as a few strikes will destroy a cable.
While locating each of them, be sure to stay aware of Sentinels and the 
Flood. They will mostly preoccupy themselves by fighting each other, but 
occasionally, they will come for you.

Destroy each cable, and the station will begin to freefall without any 
support. Here we go, the climax moment! As the platform slowly slides free 
of the supporting structure, you will be greeted with a large hop as the 
station falls! Well, at least we succeeded. Slowly make your way back to the 
elevator doing your best to comprehend with the rocking back and forth. Get
back to the elevator and ride it all the way down.

     >> Pursue the Heretic Leader back to the hanger. 

Your Commander Elite's voice will boom through the radio. Your objective is to
find the Heretic Leader once again. That means that you are probably going to
have to walk down the ramps once again. This time however, they are even more
heavily infested with Flood everywhere. Once at the bottom, find the door in
which the Heretic Leader had locked himself in. Well, time to follow!

Some of his guards defend the elevator that he had gone down. You should have
no trouble taking the two Elites down. Bring up the elevator through the 
control panel and ride it all the way down. We still have a long way to go.
Once the elevator stops, head through the opposite door and defeat the Flood
that might appear in front of you. Choose either the left or right path and
follow it until you reach the opposite end of this giant chamber. 

The Arbiter will quickly get into the Banshee and follow the Heretic Leader. 
Flying through this will be very difficult considering how fast we are moving.
It's a short trip. Follow the arrow on your HUD and ignore any other Banshees
flying around. Our one objective is to reach the other platform. Another 
short cutscene...

   |                                                                      |
   |   The Arbiter crashes into the side of the building just as the      |
   |   storm blows him away. A major rip-off Halo: CE if you ask me.      |
   |                                                                      |

    - Dead or Alive... Actually, Just Dead -

Okay, here's the lowdown on our current situation. The Heretic Leader has 
flew to this platform and we have to follow him before this platform crashes
at the bottom. Basically, you will be following him all the way back to the 
main hanger. Continue through this hallway through the next door. This first
room is heavily infested with Flood and Sentinels, but with proper timing and
sneaking, you can bypass it without having to fight anything. 

Watch out for the Flood around and use the Sentinel Beam to its highest 
potential. If you still have an Energy Sword, now would be a great time to 
use it considering its amazing effect against enemy Flood. When you exit 
through the next door, immediately look to your left as three Carrier Forms 
will begin walking toward you. Kill all three and continue through this 

You should still be familiar with this next room. Remember the exploding blue
containers? Well, now you can REALLY put them to use. Blow them up next to
Flood and watch the body parts fly. This area is straightforward with only
one possible path. Once you reach the end, turn right and head through this
next door into yet another hallway. The lighting is a lot dimmer so watch 
out for Flood ambushes while walking through. 

As you round the next slope, you should see a Grunt getting overtaken by
some Infection Forms toward your right. Round the next few turns and the
explosions will much become much more frequent! Hasten your step and beware
of Carrier forms that can just explode. When you finally do find yourself in
another room, begin to take some cover immediately. Let the Heretic forces
and the Flood dish it out themselves for a few seconds. Then jump out and 
finish off the rest of them. 

Once that's over, head through the other door at the opposite corner into 
the next section of hallway. There are no enemies here, but the final fight
is yet to come. Cross the next corner and head through the door to meet the
Heretic Leader. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   You have found the Heretic Leader. The Heretic Leader summons      |
   |   his 343 Guilty Spark friend. Taking a few shots at the Arbiter,    |
   |   the Heretic Leader forces you into hiding. With that, he sends     |
   |   out two supercharged Elites against you. Battle time.              |
   |                                                                      |

     >> Kill the Heretic Leader. 

Okay, we are up against three Elites with jet-packs. One of them is the 
Heretic Leader, but he won't be available until we take down those two ugly
looking Elites. Note that their shields are much stronger. If you have an 
Energy Sword, throw it down now as it will be useless. Move to the left and
find a Plasma Rifle on the ground. Use hit & run tactics and lots of cover 
to take down those two Elites. Now the Heretic Leader will make his 

With powerful shields, he is sure to give you some problems. There are a few
Plasma Rifles scattered throughout this area that I strongly suggest you take
advantage of. Knock him down as quickly as possible before he has a chance to
defeat you. Jump on the UFO-looking ship if you must. Your only target is the
Heretic Leader. Once he's dead, the mission is over.

   |                                                                      |
   |   As you drag the dead body, 343 Guilty Spark will appear again.     |
   |   The Arbiter still plans on calling the Monitor the Oracle.         |
   |   With a magnetic device, a Brute takes the "Oracle." Time to        |
   |   leave folks.                                                       |
   |                                                                      |

       4.8. Delta Halo                                                [4800]

  A Covenant army stands between you and the Prophet of Regret. Get to work.
   |                                                                      |
   |   A warp appears in space... Miranda Keye's Cruiser comes in taking  |
   |   wreckage from the original New Mombasa with it. The jump had       |
   |   sudden so some problems were to be fixed. The Cruiser has          |
   |   apparently followed the Covenant to a ring-world. Another Halo?    |
   |   Asking if this was the ring that her father had found, Keyes       |
   |   has a moment. The Covenant Cruiser is just up ahead, and Keyes     |
   |   intends on catching Regret and finding out the meaning of the      |
   |   recent offensive on Earth.                                         |
   |                                                                      |
   |   To follow those Covenant forces, Sarge and the Master Chief are    |
   |   to occupy the ring. Johnson will lead in two Pelicans of troops    |
   |   and the Master Chief will fall with the Helljumpers through a      |
   |   "free-fall." As the Cruiser slowly makes its way over Delta Halo,  |
   |   the Master Chief and Cortana ready themselves for the fall. The    |
   |   pods are released straight for the surface.                        |
   |                                                                      |
   |   On the ground, a Grunt and Jackal are on patrol. Comically, the    |
   |   Grunt quickly gets on the Plasma Turret and attempts to take       |
   |   down the pods before they hit. Failing to take the majority out,   |
   |   the Master Chief appears fully armed and ready to fight. This      |
   |   party's over.                                                      |
   |                                                                      |

    - Helljumper -

     >> Clear the landing zone for the Pelicans.

Just as you jump out of your pod, a Helljumper will appear telling you that 
we must take out those turrets. You start off with a SMG but you also have a 
Rocket Launcher at your disposal. Make your way forward into the above area.
The Covenant have taken this position so fight them through. There are Elites
in the back, but take out the preliminary Grunts and Jackals along as those
turrets. While fighting, stay at this "ruin" area. 

Clear out the turrets along with any other infantry on the ground. Check the
buildings thoroughly to flush out crouching Elites or hiding Jackals. After a 
pretty good deal of fighting, Cortana will radio in to Johnson. Before the
Pelicans arrive however, a Phantom will appear and send in reinforcements. 
It mainly consists of Grunts and Jackals, but beware of the occasional Elite
that flies down. If you still have your Rocket Launcher, now would be a great
time to use it.

Once again, flush out any hiding enemies and blow them out. After that wave,
another Phantom will appear to drop more troops. This one has more Grunts and
more Elites however. The Red Elite has a chance of bringing out an Energy
Sword so take care of that threat as quickly as you can. Finally, after both
waves are defeated, the two Phantoms will move in. Sarge will notice a strange
temple-like structure up ahead. A Warthog and two more Marines will be dropped
at your disposal so get in and drive or shoot. 

Anyway, now saddled up, begin moving. The path forward is to the right of the
"ruins" area so send your Warthog in that direction up a grassy ravine. At the
next corner are two Covenant Snipers that you should take down. Have your 
Warthog drive along the cliff edge and a building will come into view up 

     >> Extend the bridge, and cross the chasm.

Well, it looks as if the Covenant are attempting to impede your progress by
raising the bridge. That's nothing serious as we can always lower it again...
by force. Park your Warthog right by the bridge control building and get out.
There are a lot of Covenant nearby so watch your back. Kill off the Grunts
manning the Plasma Turrets and the Elites in Ghosts. Move to the center of the
building where a hologram of the Prophet of Regret appears. Kill the Blue
Elite and the various Grunt scattered around. Hit the control panel and watch
the bridge descend. With that, get back out. 

Once the bridge is down, Johnson will fly in with another Pelican and a 
Scorpion to help you against the Wraith on the far side. Take full advantage 
of it and get on. Now move across the bridge and take two shots at the Wraith
to put it out of commission for a while. Some Ghosts will now fly in through
the open pathway to your right as soon as you cross the bridge. They are easy
meat considering the amount of firepower you have. 

     >> Push through the Covenant-held ruins. 

Once they are smoldering pieces of wreckage, begin positioning your tank
through the pathway they came from and enter the building. Some more stray
Ghosts might appear so take care of them as needed. You will find the area
ahead split up with one path going up and one path going straight. Take either 
one as they both lead you to the same place. Up ahead, you'll see a waterfall.
More Ghosts will fly in. Take them down with a single shot and continue along.
There are also some Grunts around the area that you might want to shoot out.

Continue along and you will see Ghosts galore. Those still shouldn't pose too
big of a threat as long as you still have your Scorpion. At the next corner is
a Grunt manning a Plasma Cannon. Mow him down and continue past his lead-
filled body. You will enter the building again. The inside path is just large 
enough to fit in your tank. At the next corner are three Jackals. They should
not be a problem. Continue through the next corner to a larger courtyard 

    - You Break It, You Buy It -

The courtyard up ahead is crawling with Jackals and Grunts everywhere. Along
with that, Ghosts patrol the area and some Plasma Turrets guard the structure
up ahead. I'd strongly suggest staying in your tank for the firepower. Blow
up the Ghosts that come at you and take out the Jackal positions with your
secondary fire. Clear this area of all enemies and bring your Scorpion to 
the next area. The pillars provide enough room to fit your tank through so
take full advantage of it. Advance through the building.

More Ghosts will move in and begin shooting at you. Blow the utter crap out 
of them and shoot out any Plasma Cannon emplacements along the walls. Once
they are cleared, make a 180 degree turn and ride the downslope. There are
even more Ghosts here, and Grunts line the left wall with Plasma Cannons.
Prioritize the Ghosts flying around first and then take care of the Grunts
to your left. At the same time, mow down the remaining Jackals in this area.

Move your tank forward and then right. There will be a clearing up ahead with
a bunch of ruins grouped together. Cortana will notify you of another 
structure up ahead. You know what to do. Move your Scorpion forward and blast
the Plasma Turret emplacements here and there. Some Ghost patrols will begin
to engage you so get them off your tail. Before moving in, let's get familiar
with this area first.

To your left is a gigantic lake. Not only is it a great view, but it also has
a strange structure right in the middle of it. The only way out of this area
is through the middle ruins. However, don't go there until you blow up most of
the Ghosts and Plasma Turrets around. Navigate your tank to the side opposite
the lake and find the ramp leading up to the middle structure. Cortana will 
tell you about a Pelican moving in. 

Move up the ramp and you should notice the bird flying in. Wait for the 
supplies to drop down and re-arm yourself with a Battle Rifle. Also, you might
consider picking up a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher. It's your choice. Begin 
moving to the center of the structure you are currently on and engage the 
Elites, Grunts, and Jackals there. Eventually, the Marines will come to assist
you. Follow to the center and defeat the enemies there. Use the pillars and 
walls as cover. 

Slowly advance while killing off the remaining Covenant and you will see that
they are all coming out of a doorway at the corner. Clear out the remaining
aliens, and then have your Marine force come with you into the next area. 
Right there, ready to greet you, is a Blue Elite. See it before it sees you
and take it down. A number of Grunts are also in the area, and more Elites are
at the ledge a bit forward. 

Once you clear them out, move forward and then turn left. Another hologram of
Regret will be playing. There are Blue and Red Elites on the ledge above so 
take them out as needed. Remember not to shoot the purple crates surrouding
Regret's hologram if your Marines are near as they can make quite an 
explosion. Once you clear out the majority of the occupying Covenant, make 
your way up the ramp to the left, and go through the smashed hole in the wall.

There are some enemies here too. Luckily, they aren't in big numbers. Some
Grunts will also run in through a small rock hallway to the left. Defeat the
various enemies around, and make your way into the rocky doorway. Notice the

    - Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing But Jackal -

Continue along and smash the Jackal standing right in front of you. The next
portion is a very easy area to get lost in. Not to mention being almost 
impossible on Legendary. Move forward and try to take out a few of the Jackals
and snipers down below. Don't jump down however! Rather, turn to your right 
and take a small jump to the lower grassy area. Take the Battle Rifle in the
tube if you need it.

Defeat the Jackal nearby and jump off the ledge. Turn around and defeat the
Blue Elite and Jackal nearby. If you are lucky, you will catch both of them
off-guard which allows you to smash both in the back of their skull. Anyway,
once they are dead, turn around again and advance this way. Jump off yet 
another ledge and you will find yourself just in front of a tunnel at a 
corner. A bunch of Jackals and an Elite will rush out of this hole so 
throw a grenade. Finish off the rest of them.

Once they are down and out, some Drones will fly down to make the situation 
even worse. These Drones are quick and can fly so pick your shots carefully.
I find the Battle Rifle or the Covenant Carbine the best weapon against those
buggers. Anyway, round the corner with the tunnel and continue this way along
the edge of the area. Walk up the slope and turn left where a Battle Rifle 
awaits you. Pick it up if you don't have one already.

Also nearby is a tunnel. An Elite has probably already sighted you. Kill him
whichever way you'd like, and take the tunnel that he came out of. Transcend
this hole to the other side where more wilderness awaits. Moving straight 
forward will just put you in an area you've already been so as soon as you
leave the tunnel, turn to your left. Kill the Jackals here and pick up the SMG
if you'd like.

Move along the pathway in the direction of the waterfall. If you want an
Energy Sword, you can follow the creek downstream all the way to the end. 
Backtrack through the tunnel and then continue in the opposite direction
without going down the slope to the side. At the far end, you will find a lot
of weapons that you might want to pick up. Hey, it's all your choice! Anyway,
at this end is another "rockier" tunnel. Cortana will say something so you 
know that you're on the right path. 

     >> Reach the towers in the lake. 

Once you clear this tunnel, you will find yourself at the structure that 
Sarge noted at the beginning of this level. Along with that, you are also in
the middle of the lake that we saw before. A Pelican was nice enough to drop
off some supplies here so pick up whatever you need. When you're ready, make
your way down the slope and open the door at the end...

The room is empty at first. Navigate through either side and go through the 
door. You will reach yet another hologram of Regret along with two Honor 
Guards! Defeat the latter and kill off the remaining Covenant here. 

       4.9. Regret                                                    [4900]
            You heard the lady. Locate the Prophet, take him down.
   |                                                                      |
   |   Before the Master Chief leaves, Cortana will appear and stop you.  |   
   |   It seems Regret will activate Halo. Cortana then translates it.    |
   |   and the Master Chief contacts his commander. It seems the Index    |
   |   must be used to activate Halo. Keyes will go to the Library and    |
   |   pick up the Index. Your job is finished here. Now it's time to     |
   |   get rid the Prophet... Regret.                                     |
   |                                                                      |

    - Testament -

     >> Make your way through the first set of towers.

As the level starts, you will have some Marines reinforce you. After a little
wait, the first of the Covenant will appear. Take out the Drones flying 
through the air before the Blue Elite comes in. Take him down and find the
only open doorway on the upper level. Go through and you'll find yourself
back outside. The bridge to your right is down so go straight and meet some
Covenant just waiting to be killed. 

There will be an Elite or two as well as a bunch of Grunts. Some snipers will
also shoot at you so do your best to avoid those shots. Some grenades would 
help too. Follow the pathway along the balcony and more Elites will begin 
engaging your position. At the end, round the corner onto the platform. Take
this bridge to the other side where some more enemies are waiting for you.
The Grunts are easily defeated, but beware of the Elites as they like to sneak
up on you.

Turn to your left and begin moving in that direction. Kill off any Elites that
you see. Advance along this balcony and you should move through a doorway.
The next room is filled with Grunts and Elites so ready your weapons. The exit
from this round room is just to the left of the entrance, but a large pile of 
debris will force you to move around the edge of the room. Take care of the
remaining enemies and exit this room.

Once again, you will find yourself back outside above the lake. Move a bit 
forward to a large center platform. There are a few Elites and Jackals 
guarding this open platform. Take care of them with a few grenades and some
weapon fire. Try not to fall off while you're at it. Once those hostiles are
cleared out, a Phantom will fly in shortly afterwards to drop two Hunters.
You know how to deal with these things. I strongly suggest picking up a Beam
Rifle and using it in the orange spot of each. 

Once both are defeated, Miranda Keyes will radio in and tell you that she's
re-routing a few persuers to you to avoid capture (That's nice!). With a quick
apology, she radios out. A few Pelicans will move in and drop off some 
supplies for you. Re-arm yourself as needed. Cortana will notice a gondola 
moving in from the far tower full of Covenant reinforcements. Get yourself 
ready for battle and engage the gondola as it speeds in. There are quite a few
enemies here so watch your back. When they are down, get on. 

     >> Ride the gondola to the far towers.

We'll be making our way to the other building through this rather "unique" 
form of transportation. Well, it beats swimming. Anyway, to activate the 
gondola, head to front of it (or the back of it depending on how you look at
it), and activate the control panel to get the car moving. 

    - One-Way Ticket -

Not too long after you leave port, a few Drones buggers will fly in. Take them
down quickly with a few shots each. Your gondola will slowly progress. Look
forward and note the other gondola moving in on your position. When you reach
it, jump over and take out the Elite threat on the far side. It shouldn't be
too difficult. Once those Covenant are down and out, jump back and the gondola
will begin moving again. Onward to the next tower!

It will take about a minute until you get into weapon range of the next tower.
Snipe out the Grunts manning Plasma Turrets on the higher ledge, and get off 
the gondola once it stops at the next tower. The following room is full of 
Jackals which can easily be taken out with a well thrown grenade. Clear the
room of them. There's a pathway leading up, but there really isn't a point to
going up unless you want a Fuel Rod Gun which can be picked up.

     >> Pass through the submerged structures. 

Some Drones will begin to fly in once the Jackals are down for the count. Once
you happen to clear out the buggers, Cortana will tell you of a submerged
structure just below. There's a large elevator shaft down the middle of this
room. Wait for it to come up and a Marine will notice that it's full of 
Covenant. Arm your weapons and throw a quick grenade into the elevator to
flush them out. Clear out the rest of them and step right in.

Wait for the elevator to begin moving downward... but it stops. Suddenly, the
car hits the waterline and begins floating. Look out the window and observe
the area below the lake. While you move through, Cortana will tell you a bit
about Regret's current position. It seems that he is now "apologizing" to the
Prophets for undergoing an offensive too soon. Eventually, your cart will hit
another waterline and reach a second structure. 

The room is empty. Slowly advance through the next room and up the ramp. You
will find yourself in a submerged tunnel. A bunch of Grunts patrol the area,
but they shouldn't pose much of a threat. Kill them off before they get a 
shot in edgewise and advance. Once you go through the next doorway, turn to
your left or right. There are ramps leading up to the top of this area. Walk
up until you reach the top. You should find yourself in a gigantic room
crawling with Covenant. In the middle is a very large hologram of Regret. 

This part can be very difficult if you aren't careful. Before jumping gun-ho
right in this room, try to take out a few snipers or Drones from your current
position. It might not be obvious as of yet, but there are also a few Elite
Honor Guards hanging around with deadly Energy Swords. I strongly suggest
against jumping down to the floor before taking out the various forces in the
hallways on the upper level first.

Eventually, some Hunters will appear on the floor. If you cleared out most of
the snipers around, jump down and begin engaging the both of them. Beam Rifles
again, work wonder against these Hunters. The snipers around drop them 
indefinitely so try to use one against the orange spots along the Hunters' 
backs and necks. Kill them both off, and advance to the opposite end of the
room. On the floor, locate the door in the center and go through.

Once again, turn either left or right, and go through the doorway at the other
end. Ahead is another submerged tunnel completely empty... or so it seems. In
reality, there are a bunch of Elites and Grunts down below on active 
camouflage. You should be able to see their outlines beforehand so watch your
back. If you can, snipe some of them out before moving in. While fighting off
these invisible heathen, beware of an Elite carrying an Energy Sword that will
run in.

Once all the invisible freaks are killed off, continue up the next ramp and
turn left. A quick trip through this hallway will lead you to another one of
those underwater cars. You don't have much of a choice so step in and activate
it. Once again, the elevator will enter the water and sail through another 
portion of the lake. Cortana will begin speaking again; Regret has received
a response from High Charity. It seems that the other Prophets, Truce and 
Mercy, have forgiven Regret for his actions.

     >> Reach the main temple.

Now we're on the same level of Regret. The only objective now is to find him.
Move forward out of the elevator and defeat the Energy Sword Elite. Up ahead 
is another Elite along with a group of Grunts. Take all of them down and 
advance through the hallway. The next corner will have a hologram of Regret
(He's popular around here isn't he?). Bypass it and exit the doorway to get
back outside.

At first, the area seems empty except for a small ledge up ahead. Move forward
a little bit, and some Drones will fly in. A full platoon of Elites up ahead
will also engage you. Don't rush in blindly yet. Take down the Drone threat
as they pose a considerable threat. The Elites will also be a problem. Once
the coast is clear, ascend the ledge and you will get a call from a Pelican.
He's almost out of fuel, but he'll make one last pass. Defeat the Jackals at 
the peak of the ledge.

Turn right and you'll reach some more ruins. Along with that, you'll find a 
sniper plus a few Elites patrolling the area. Advance through the area just as
a Phantom drops off some more Covenant reinforcements. A quick grenade should
clear the Jackals that drop down and some extra fire will take out the two 
Blue Elites. Once they are out of the way, move to the gondola just past the
next corner. Activate it and admire the scenery as you close in on Regret. 

Miranda Keyes will radio in and ask how you're doing. She's currently at the
Library. Afterwards, some Banshees will attack. Considering the weapons you
have, do your best and try to take them down. At the same time, the opposite
gondola will hold two Blue Elites with jetpacks. Ignore the Banshee threat 
for now and quickly take out the two of them before concentrating your fire
on the Banshees. 

The opposite tower is heavily guarded with Plasma Turrets and Jackals almost
everywhere. Kill off the Grunts on the Plasma Turrets quickly and then 
concentrate your fire on the remaining forces. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   The Master Chief will walk to the door as some Covenant Cruisers   |
   |   zip by through the air. It seems that those Covenant are onto      |
   |   his intentions. They are going to try to stop the Master Chief     |
   |   before he can kill off Regret. Get inside quickly and kill the     |
   |   Prophet before they get to the Master Chief!                       |
   |                                                                      |
   |                                                                      |

    - Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something? -

     >> Kill the Prophet of Regret, and escape.

If there are any remaining Jackals hanging around, now would be a great time
to take them out. Make your way up the ramp with haste and go through the 
door. Turn to either side and clear out the Grunts guarding the door. At the
other side, move up the ramp and open the big door... the Prophet is just

Some Elites with Energy Swords will probably jump at you. Considering Regret
is in this chamber, you can expect the defenses to be pretty thick. Before
even entering the room, let some of the Elites follow you out into the 
hallway. Clear them out without getting killed yourself. Enter the room, and
locate the Prophet. 

Luckily, defeating Regret is a joke. When you enter, the evil voice that 
splits through the air is his. Move to the very end of the room, and find his
little seat. The cannon that he uses against you is like the Fuel Rod Cannon
that the Hunters hold. However, it's gold and is much more powerful! To get
to him, jump over his attacks and quickly press the X Button as soon as you
get within hijacking range.

Now that you're crawling on his head, begin mashing the B Button repeatedly
the continually smack Regret in the head. For a Prophet that barely does any
fighting of his own, Regret can take quite a bit of punishment. Eventually,
he'll let out a moan and die. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   The Phantoms, with the death of Regret, now has no use for this    |
   |   platform. As the shot readies, the Master Chief runs away as       |
   |   quickly as possible. However, he is too late to avoid the beam     |
   |   as he jumps into the sea... Even as he is dead, a strange          |
   |   tentacle and a voice will slip through the air... What will        |
   |   happen...?                                                         |
   |                                                                      |

       4.10. Sacred Icon                                              [4010]

 Succeed where others have failed. Lower the shield protecting the Sacred Icon
   |                                                                      |
   |                                 [ Covenant Holy City, High Charity ] |
   |                                 [         Sanctum of the Heirarchs ] |
   |                                                                      |
   |   In the Holy City, Brutes walk past and rip off the armor of the    |
   |   Honor Guards. The Elites are no longer the protectors of the       |
   |   Heirarchs. The Commander Elite is currently pleading with the      |
   |   Prophets to not give the order to these Brutes. The death of       |
   |   Regret was one of high importance and enough to convince the       |
   |   Heirarchs that the Elites were... unreliable so to speak.          |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Arbiter converses with the Prophet as the Commander leaves.    |
   |   The Elites have apparently threatened to resign. Previously,       |
   |   the Halo had been destroyed grieving the Covenant. Now they had    |
   |   found another one! An Oracle was to be located. The key to         |
   |   Halo is the Sacred Icon... the Index.                              |
   |                                                                      |
   |   As a Phantom transports the Arbiter to the library, the Brute      |
   |   tells the Arbiter of his mission. He will ask of whom killed the   |
   |   Prophet of Regret. It seems the "demon" is here. As the Phantom    |
   |   drops him off, an Enforcer will appear behind the Arbiter. The     |
   |   Phantom will chase it off. Your mission is clear. Godspeed.        |
   |                                                                      |

    - Uncomfortable Silence -

     >> Lower the Containment Shield.

You are currently armed with a Covenant Carbine and a Plasma Rifle. Turn
around and pick up any weapons that you'd like. I'd suggest taking the 
Sentinel Beam just behind you. Begin moving forward and shoot down any 
Sentinels that appear. Nearby, you will find a Grunt shooting at a piston.
Clear out any other Sentinels around and activate the piston. Jump down...!

It's a long ride down as you slowly but surely slide all the way to the
bottom. Once walking again, strike the next pistol and jump down after it.
At first, you won't see any enemies. The red dots on your motion tracker are
mostly droids that are just flying around. They can't hurt you so no need to
waste ammunition on them. Once you are about halfway through, some Sentinels
will finally begin to engage you. Defeat any that pose a threat and move to
the piston at the end.

Activate that one and jump down. On this floor, you should meet some Grunt
and Jackal reinforcements. There are a few more Sentinels floating around.
If you look on the walls, you might find some points where Sentinels will 
float out of. If you shoot those positions, Sentinels won't attack you in
that sector. Find your way to the left side of this room where a bridge over
a deep chasm awaits. 

Near the end of this bridge, Tartarus will radio in. You are nearing the 
Containment Shields so Sentinels will become more abundant. At the other end
of the bridge, turn left or right and defeat the floating Sentinels. They
shouldn't pose too much of a problem considering they really only appear in
groups of one or two. At the far end of this area, turn right and activate
the next piston. When it goes down, jump down once more.

This room might have a bit more going on. Blow up the "Sentinel Transporters"
on the wall to stunt the Sentinels in this room. Head straight through this
room to the end where yet another piston awaits. Getting repetitive? Jump and
enter the Containment Shield room. There's a gigantic Enforcer floating 
around. As of now, it's invincible so don't even try to shoot it. Instead,
avoid its fire.

     >> Power-up the four Absorbers to lower the Containment Shield.

Tartarus will notify you of four Absorbers on the brown platform. They are
in plain sight. The Plug Locks are the four stubs on the floor. Avoid the
Enforcer's fire as you activate every one of them. Once all four of them are
hit, the Containment Shield switch will appear in the middle. Hit that and
your objective is complete. Wait a few seconds and the Enforcer will explode 
falling in pieces to the ground. 

    - Buyer's Remorse -

The doors ahead of you will open and the brown platform will begin to move 
out into the falling snow. Up ahead, your Phantom will escort your platform
as you begin moving toward the Library. The doors up ahead will open up, and
a particularly angry Enforcer will begin firing upon the Phantom. Looks like
it's up to you now.

     >> Make your way through the Flood-infested wall.

Hopefully, as the Phantom left, it blew a chunk a chunk out of the Enforcer
for you. When battling the behemoth, be sure to shoot it where the shield is
not active. If you have a Plasma Pistol, you can use an overcharge to take 
down one half of its shields. At the same time, a whole new breed of Sentinels
will appear. The gold ones flying around have shield generators which can
allow them to survive longer. Even so, they can still be taken down.

Try to destroy the Enforcer as quickly as possible. Flood will begin to jump
down from the platforms above making the situation even tougher. Whenever your
shields are down, dive to the lower platform and take cover. To your front are
two big, brown doors. One is on the left and one is on the right. About a 
minute into the wall, the door on the left will open up along with a few
Sentinels. Clear out this area and get over through that door.

At first, this large hallway appears empty. However, move forward a bit and
the doors containing the Flood will open up as Flood jump out sporadically.
If possible, allow the Sentinels and the Flood to do their own thing while 
you hide out behind a wall. Sentinel Beams are effective against both Flood
and Sentinels themselves. Pick one up whenever possible. This area can take a 
very long time to clear. When your shields are down, take immediate cover.
DO NOT allow the Infection Forms to stick to you.

If you can, take a few shots at the various "Sentinel Transporters" on the
walls to clear out the Sentinel threat. Eventually, the Flood will exhaust
themselves and stop coming. Begin moving through this corridor all the way
to the far end where a piston awaits you. Hit it and follow it down. This
next corridor has a few more Flood although not in really big numbers. Clear
out that group with a well-placed grenade and move forward to find another
piston. Jump down.

As soon as you enter the following hallway, be sure to pick up the Shotgun
nearby the dead Marine. Move forward and your radio will catch a conversation
between some Marines. It seems that those Marines are having just as much of
a problem as us. Move forward with Shotgun in hand, and some Flood will hurry
out of the following hallway. Take full advantage of the Shottie and blow 
their bodies to a fine powder. 

A Shotgun blast to a Flood's chest should usually be enough to take that one
down. Round the next few corners and blast a few more Flood. Eventually, the
Sentinels will enter the fight. Let the Flood and those floating Sentinels 
dish it out with each other. Move forward through this hallway. Pretty soon,
you will find some balloon-like Flood. Watch out for these Carrier Forms as
they can blow. Also beware of Flood holding Shotguns. They like to sneak up
behind you and blast you in the head.

When you reach the grayish area with Flood jumping at you from both sides,
be sure to watch out for Flood sneaking up behind you. Don't let them push you
into corners and you should be fine. The Sentinel Beam and Shotgun combos work
wonders in this sector. Move forward and after quite a bit of walking and
cleaning up stray Flood, you should find a piston. Activate it and jump away
from this floor.

Finally, you will find yourself back outside... partially. There are a bunch
of Flood scurrying around so take them down. Up ahead is an Enforcer just
begging to be killed. If you have any plasma weapons at hand, use it to take
down its shields. If not, try to aim for the unshielded portions of the 
Enforcer to hopefully knock it down before it does too much damage. At the 
other end of this ledge area, you will find a piston. Activate it and follow
it downward.

This next area is very dark so watch your back. Your motion sensor will come
in handy here. Up ahead is a stack of boxes. Defeat any enemies around and
turn right immediately. The bridge connecting the gap is up ahead. By moving
this way, you can save time by avoiding most of the Flood here. Cross the 
bridge over the deep chasm, and defeat the various Carrier Forms standing
stupidly at the end. Progress through this room shooting down any Flood that
attack. At the other end, cross the bridge.

Now at the other end, some more Marines will cross your radio. They too are
having problems with the Flood. Only now have they realized that "they" are
not Covenant. (What took you?) There are a quite few Flood infesting this 
area. Use the structure for cover as you dive around. You will find the exit
out of here at the far end to your right. Activate this piston and fall down.
Activate the next piston just up ahead. 

Fall down from that and you will find yourself on a small ledge overlooking a 
large valley. There's a piston in the middle of this room that can be 
activated. Use it and fall through the shaft. Enjoy the ride to the bottom
before you land a small ledge above a larger room. Jump down and look forward
long enough to notice a Phantom fly off. You are left here with a bunch of 
Flood Combat Forms everywhere. Load up your Shotgun or whatever weapon you
intend on using against them. Clear out this room, and activate the next 
piston. Ride the next shaft all the way to the very bottom. It's a long ride
so try not to fall asleep.

    - 100,000 Year War -

     >> Rendezvous with your allies in the Covenant camp. 

You are back in the open in a desolate area still without any form of 
reinforcements. As you walk out, pods will fall from the sky revealing Elites
to help you out. Hooray! Move forward through the various Flood forms. Pick 
up the Energy Sword on the ground if you'd like. Up ahead, you will find the
Covenant camp. Well, glad we're out of that place. There are a few Flood to
clear out. A nearby Elite will tell you that your Commander has landed 
further in. Go through the small tunnel behind the tunnel. 

Quite a lot of action here. Arm your weapons and help your allies blow the 
crap out of the parasite. The Commander Elite will be just as surprised to
see you here as you are to him. More Flood will appear to be a nuisance. 
Be particularly wary of Rocket Launcher wielding Combat Forms. Clear the camp
of these Flood to secure this area. Finally, a Phantom will appear and drop
down some reinforcements. 

       4.11. Quarantine Zone                                          [4011] 

            Parasites, humans - no matter. The Icon must be found. 
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Arbiter will tell the Commander of his mission. He must fight  |
   |   his way into the area and retrieve the Sacred Icon. The Commander  |
   |   ends with a warning. "The parasite are not to be trifled with."    |
   |                                                                      |

    - Objects in Mirror are Larger Than They Appear - 

     >> Push through the Quarantine Zone toward the Library.

The Flood are thick in the next few areas. The Commander Elite will begin to
rally up troops so you should move out first. There's a Ghost and an Elite-
driven Spectre that you can saddle up in. Take either one and immediately take
down the Enforcer that appears. With plasma weaponry, it should fall quickly.
There are a number of Sentinels around. Defeat them any way you see fit. Once
those buggers are down, locate the brown door and go through.

Good news, you're back inside... at the moment. Travel through this hallway to
another brown door at the end. Be sure your reinforcements don't get lost or 
the next portion will be very difficult. When the cool music kicks in, prepare
yourself for a fight. There are a number of Enforcers in the air. Try to take
down as many as you could without actually moving too far in. Stick by the 
entrance area for a few seconds and let your opponents move to you.

Begin moving forward through the area. Do your best to avoid getting directly
under the Enforcers as they have a tendency to pick your vehicle up. If that
happens, get out as quickly as possible. There are numerous Sentinels hanging
around, but the Enforcer are the biggest threat at the moment. After taking 
down at least three Enforcers, your Commander will tell you that he's on your
way. If you look in the center of the platform you are on, you'll find a 
Warthog sandwiched between two walls. Pick that up if you want it. If not, 
bypass it.

Look to your right where a ramp leads down to the lower platform. Now this is
where it gets interesting. The Flood will now make their appearance in 
Warthogs and Ghosts. Take note of the Scorpion in the corner and either take
it or destroy it before the Flood happen to get to it. On the far side, you'll
find a Wraith. Defeat the Flood here by zipping through them with whatever
vehicle you chose to man. When all the Enforcers, Sentinels, and Combat Forms
are down for the count, go through the brown door. Slowly make your way 
through this hallway. Exit the door at the end.

    - Healthy Competition -

Just hope that some of your allies stayed alive here. Numerous Enforcers are 
in the area, but with a vehicle, they can be taken down quickly. You will also
find various niches along the walls which you can hide in if your shields go 
down. It's best to have a vehicle, but moving on foot still works. Make your
way down the ramp all the way to snowy bottom. More of those pesky Enforcers
might come out of windows in the wall. Beware.

At the bottom of this slope, you should find some Flood stupidly stumbling 
around. Take care of them, but do keep in mind that they are capable of 
jumping onto your vehicle and hijacking it. Be sure not to fall into the big
hole in the middle of the area. When all enemies are defeated, make your way
to the doorway at the other end. Hopefully, you still have some reinforcements
alive. If not, sucks to be you.

Once you clear the next doorway, you will find yourself in a whole new area.
There are Wraiths and Enforcers making life difficult over the next pass. At
this moment, you have two choices. Go either left or right. They will both 
lead you through a lot of combat so there really isn't much choice. For the
record, I went left. At the next corner, you'll find a Wraith. Blow the crap
out of it before moving forward. Try to take down the nearby Enforcer just as

You should find yourself on a large cliff overlooking a fatal fall. The mist
down below glows an eery green. You definitely don't want to step in there.
Move to the left area of this valley through what appears to be a giant tube.
When you clear it, I'd suggest getting out of your vehicle now. Up on top of a 
ledge are some Flood wielding Rocket Launchers. They aren't too stupid and 
definitely know how to lock on.

This is a pretty big Flood battle so take caution. Appearing to your left 
should be some Combat Forms driving Ghosts. Either hijack them or kill them 
off the old-fashioned way. If you're sporting an Energy Sword or Sentinel
Beam, by all means, use it against them. Clear this area picking up any 
necessary ammo and cross the bridge to the right. There are numerous Flood
Combat Forms carrying Rocket Launchers on the far side. Do not let them hit

Apart from a few Flood in Ghosts, you shouldn't have much of a problem in 
this sector as long as you cleared out the Rocket Launcher-wielding Flood.
To your left and up the next slope, you'll see a Wraith. Hijack it or destroy
it. When that's finished, cross the land-bridge nearby. There's another Wraith
at the far end. However, when you pass it, another Enforcer plus numerous 
Sentinels will appear to attack you so be prepared! 

There will also be some Flood driving Ghosts around. Locate the cave and move
through it. The size is big enough to bit vehicles so take it inside. 
Eventually, you'll reach a more orange-ish area with a skirmish underway
between some Flood and the machines. At the very start of the area, you'll
probably find a Scorpion Tank driven by a Combat Form. There are at least 
three Enforcers plus many more Sentinels so watch your back.

Clear out the area any way you choose. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed
however. Slowly but surely, progress through the area to lower area. Defeat
all enemies and find the small cave on the ground floor. It's too small to
fit most vehicles in so looks like you're moving on foot for now. Jump over 
the wreckage and move through the hallway. At the other end, you'll venture
upon another blazing area. Luckily, you start off in a windowed area above 
the combat.

There is a Battle Rifle and a Plasma Rifle that can be picked up nearby. 
Re-arm yourself if you need to and jump into the battle. Quickly take out
the Enforcer and begin to engage the Sentinels. There's a lot of cover around
so take any that you possibly can. There are numerous Flood here too. There
is a catch though; they bear energy shields. It's nothing special but it adds
to their stamina so watch out! 

Navigate through the wreckage on the ground floor and try to find a piece of
ground that is indented in. That's the exit. Move through the rocky hallway
and some blazing wreckage. When you reach the next room, a destroyed Enforcer
will fall from the ceiling. Move out and immediately turn left. Clear the 
Enforcer in that direction followed by any Flood that are engaging you right
now. Beware especially of those wielding Energy Swords or Shotguns.

Move through the wreckage on the lower level until you find a rock cave in a 
wall. Move around to it and more Flood plus a few Sentinels will fall from the
ceiling. Once again, Shotgun and Energy Sword holding Combat Forms are 
difficult adversaries. Make sure they do not hit you. The Sentinels are also
going to pose a threat with their laser so watch yourself. There are a lot of
Flood here. Fall back when you need your shields to recharge and DO NOT let 
them overwhelm you. Clear them all out and go through the rock cave at the
far end.

Venture through here to the end where you'll find another wrecked room 
infested with Flood. Go straight from the entrance all the way to the other
corner. Turn left and you'll find the exit area. Now you'll have to kill off
most of the Flood so they don't kill you (Whee). Defeat the Flood here and 
exit. More Combat Forms will move in. Watch out for the one with the Rocket
Launcher. If you can, let the Sentinels clear the way for you. Blow up the
Sentinels and move back outside into the snow...

     >> Link-up with the Spec-Ops Leader, and break through the Flood 

Well, you did clear the Quarantine Zone. There are still some enemies to be
killed back outside. Namely a Wraith up ahead that is wreaking havoc. There
are a few Ghosts around which you can hijack. Clear out the enemies and go
through the tunnel leading into the next area. Just as you enter, you'll find
an Enforcer above. Turn to your right and watch as Flood drive in with Ghosts
and Warthogs. Try to hijack one.

Do your best to clear off the preliminary Flood and you should see a Phantom
destroy an Enforcer. You can let it do most of the work by simply stepping out
of the way. The Plasma Turret will do heavy damage against the Flood making 
your life easier. The Phantom will drop off the Commander along with a fresh
Spectre to help you out. Drive or take shotgun and move across the area. 
Up ahead is another Wraith. Take it down with your Plasma Cannon.

Make your way to the far end where more Flood in Ghosts and Warthogs will move
in. Take careful notice of the Gauss Cannon Warthog and dispose of it. Drive
to the other end up the slope to the next area which is pretty large. There's
a lot of combat going on to your left, but all of that can be avoided. Move
straight from the entrance forward. You will pass a Wraith which can be 
destroyed easily. Position the Spectre inside the structure and move left.
You'll find a Flood manning a Gun Turret. Dispose of him.

Clear the area with the help of your Elite allies. Watch out for the Gun 
Turrets on the upper level. There's a small doorway that you will be able to
go through. Move with your team through the hallway. There's a large platform
up ahead. Walk all the way to the end. Don't worry as there's no Flood around
to cause problems. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   As the camera moves in, the Arbiter along with the Commander Elite |
   |   run to the opposite end. A Flood movement will appear in the       | 
   |   distance. The Commander will run off so the job is now his.        |
   |   Your Phantom will appear behind the Arbiter and agree to help keep |
   |   the Flood away. Now it's the Arbiter's turn to find the Icon.      |
   |                                                                      |

    - Shooting Gallery -

     >> Retrieve the Sacred Icon before the Humans.

Your platform will slowly move closer to the Icon. Up ahead, the Flood will
be ready to attack your flank. After a few seconds, you'll enter the Library.
Help your allies keep the Flood at bay here. Use Flood-effective weapons such
as Sentinels Beams and Energy Swords if they help you. On your platform, you
will find that the Flood come out of small holes. If you can possibly throw 
grenades down these "Flood-spawners" for the majority of the ride, the 
opposition will be greatly oppressed. 

After a lot of grit and determination, you will reach the Index. However, have 
the Humans got here before us?

    - That Old, Familiar Feeling -

So we must hurry and get the Icon? There are hardly any enemies here apart 
from a few Infection Forms which don't attack you anyway. Progress through 
this area all the way to the center...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Miranda Keyes will stand by the Index which she reaches by using   |
   |   a vine. She almost falls but Johnson picks her up. She has the     |
   |   Index until the Arbiter comes in. Knocking Johnson unconscious,    |
   |   he steals the Index while Tartarus takes her. The Elites are soon  |
   |   to be destroyed. Tartarus pushes the Arbiter off the edge in an    |
   |   act of shameless betrayal.                                         |
   |                                                                      |

       4.12. Gravemind                                                [4012]

     The Prophets have the Index and plan to use it? Over your dead body. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   As the screen fades in, the Master Chief slowly wakes up from      |
   |   an interim of unconsciousness. He finds himself grasped by a       |
   |   large tentacle... who can talk! The Arbiter is also stuck in the   |
   |   tentacles. A quick heat-off between the Master Chief and Arbiter   |
   |   occurs as they notice each other. As the tentacle monster slowly   |
   |   analyzes them, the Arbiter demands to be released.                 |
   |                                                                      |
   |   Momentarily, Gravenmind will bring up 2401 Penitant Tangent,       |
   |   the monitor of Delta Halo. The Prophet of Regret of who was        |
   |   thought to be dead (at the Master Chief's hands) also appears      |
   |   clutched in this purgatory-like place. The true purpose of the     |
   |   ring is to kill life. Something that the Arbiter still doesn't     |
   |   realize. The Master Chief reinforces upon it.                      |
   |                                                                      |
   |   "There is still time to stop the key from turning, but first it    |
   |   must be found." Their objective? Find the Index and stop it before |
   |   all is lost.                                                       |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The scene changes to a Covenant ship as the Brutes throw off some  | 
   |   Grunt rebels. In the chamber, a Prophet presents himself in front  |
   |   of a camera as the Master Chief appears behind them. Obviously,    |
   |   his presense is known.                                             |
   |                                                                      |

    - Inside Job - 

     >> Locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index.

Well, here's to the first level in which you will be engaging in combat with
Brutes. You start off with a Needler. I'd suggest taking down the first with 
an array of needles. Try to get them to explode to hopefully take the Brutes
down. There's a nearby Needler you might want to dual-wield with. Cortana will
warn of you of their berserking capabilities. Once one of them is down, the
other will drop its weapon and attempt to crush you.

Those two should be pretty easily defeated. If you would like, pick up the 
Brute Plasma Rifles that they drop. The Brute Plasma Rifle is red rather than
the generic blue. It has a higher rate of fire, but overheats much quicker.
Afterwards, a few Grunts will be called in. They should be easy meat. Tartarus
will boom through the intercom and order that the demon be killed. Not cool,

After a few moments of waiting, a Brute followed by two Grunts will engage 
your position. Rip apart the Brute and deal with the Grunt as you see fit. 
Wait a few more seconds and you'll hear a platform moving up from behind. Two
more Brutes will appear as another one holding a Carbine camps from the top 
of the ledge. Once again, watch yourself as Brutes are dangerous once they
begin berserking.

Clear out the remaining enemies and Cortana will ask you to put her down on a 
pedestal near the main door. Head to the opposite end of the room as Cortana
appears to greet you. The Prophet of Truth has the Index (uh-der!), and you'll
have to take it from him. She opens the doors for you so leave. The next room
can be a bit tough to clear out. It's full of Brutes and Grunts so use any
Plasma Grenades that you have (if you picked any up). 

Take down the Grunts first as they are more of cannon fodder than actual 
troops. There are numerous Brutes at the other end of this room. If you can 
take down one or two and retreat back to the door, you should be able to save
your shields before the Brute comes in berserking. Clear everything out of 
this room, and go through the next to find yourself on a ledge back outside.

Just as you leave the room, an Honor Guard will appear right in front of you.
Take advantage of a surprise attack and stick him with a Plasma Grenade if 
you have one. If not, use the conventional method and take him out. Head down
the ramp, and begin killing off the various Jackals. After those are taken 
down, move forward along the platform. There are more Grunts up ahead and some
are manning Plasma Cannons. 

Pretty quickly into the battle, Cortana will notify you of a Captain with a 
Brute Shot! The Brute Shot is a much like a toned-down version of the Rocket
Launcher. The grenades it fires are capable of bouncing. One direct hit 
usually is not enough to kill you. However, don't step too close to him as 
he'll nail you with the sharp bayonet on the gun. Take down the Captain and
pick up the Brute Shot if you'd like.

Cortana has figured that Truth is moving through the lower levels of the ship.
With that, she opens the gravity lift. Jump right in and you'll slowly fall to
the bottom. At first, there are no enemies, but a platoon of Grunts and 
Jackals will become aware of your position. They are easily taken out with a 
quick grenade. Kill off those buggers, and go through the door. You will find
yourself in a room similar to the previous one. There are no enemies so move
to the opposite doorway.

In the next hallway, you might find a few Jackals patrolling the area at 
first. Kill them now so they don't pose a threat later on. Progress through 
the hallway and some Brutes will become aware of your position. Apart from
one or two Brutes however, this hallway is also empty. When you reach the 
other door, a Brute will pop in while Grunts try to flank you from your side.
If possible, take out the Brute first and then avert your gaze to the Grunts
running around.

     >> Rescue the Marines being held in the detention-block.

Clear out this hallway and go through the door into the next. Cortana will
appear again and tell you of some Marine transponder codes. How did they get
on here anyway? There are numerous Grunts and Brutes here. However, there's
nothing that you hadn't handled before. Take down the enemies and Cortana will
tell you of another lift in the next room. That's great... if the room were
not so protected.

This room is an easy room to navigate through. You start off on the upper 
level. Jump down and head to the center of the room while fighting off any
enemies getting in your way. The lift is right there and Cortana will appear
too. Jump in and take the long journey down from the top to the bottom. Now
would be a great time to reload your weapons for the oncoming fight. 

Once you reach the bottom, a Brute should be in front of you, but his back is
turned. Give him a nice smack or two in the back and take him down. There are
two groups of Marines. Right now, your job is to kill off the Grunts, Jackals,
and Brutes here. Find your way onto the pathway to the ledge. Covenant will
flood through. Use the cover that you can find around, and clear out the 
enemies. Watch out for the Brutes as they can berserk.

Keep moving until you notice some small gravity lifts on the right side. Jump
down to the lower level where even more guards are loitering around. You'll
want to take caution here as recklessness will get you killed. There's nothing
on this floor so jump through the gravity lift again to the next lower floor.
Depending on how much noise you made previously, the guards here might or might
not be aware of your position as of now. From the gravity lift, turn right.

If Cortana had told you to come down to the lower level, one of the doors on
this ledge should be open. There are a bunch of Brutes and other Covenant to
take out first however. Don't move into the room until that threat is 
obliverated. Inside the dentention-block, you'll find the Marines... and a 
bunch of enemies too! If you entered and the Brute had its back turned, give
it a nice strike in the rear. The Grunts are asleep and can easily be taken

Once all the enemies are defeated here, Cortana will open the cells to 
release two or three Marines to your aid. The second group of Marines is on
the middle level. Find your way back to the gravity lift and let it take you
up one level. There are a helluva amount of Covenant here so take caution.
Keep your Marines alive as best as you can. The Brutes can be particularly 
problematic. If they berserk on one of your Marines, he or she is as good as

The detention-hold on this level can be found by turning left out of the 
gravity lift room. The layout of this next detention-hold area is the same
as the other one. However, instead of Grunts sleeping by the side, Jackals
are patrolling the area too. Clear out the prison guards and Cortana will 
open the bars to release another batch of Marines. With these guys collected,
it's time to head back to the main gravity lift.

Hasten out of the room back to the gravity lift on the upper floor. However,
just as you reach the central gravity lift, more reinforcements will appear
from it. It mainly consists of Jackals and Grunts, but the last batch of 
them consists of two Brutes. One of them holds a Brute Shot so take caution.
Once the gravity lift is clear, have your Marines step in. Follow after them
back up.

     >> Follow the Prophet of Truth to the far tower.

Once you reach the next room, you'll find the area littered with the dead 
bodies of Elites. Nearby the lift, there's an Energy Sword on the ground.
Pick it up if you want. Reload yourself quickly as the door up ahead will
open to reveal a bunch of Elites and Drones flying in. Take advantage of the
small doorway and chuck a grenade to weaken them.

The Elites can be defeated quickly but the Drones will require more picking 
and shooting. Once those are killed off, move your team through the doorway
they came in from. The next hallway has Elite Honor Guards still resisting the
new order sent out by the Prophets. Try to stick low around the walls and let 
them do their own fighting to lighten the load on you. At the opposite end, 
a doorway will open to reveal Brutes and Elites. You should already know that
these two hate each other. Let them dish it out with themselves, and clean up

Go through the door at the other end and notice a dead Hunter on the ground.
The next door leads to a similar hallway to the previous one. Once more, let
the Elites fight their own battle. Jump in after they are weakened. After the
Covenant in this sector are taken down, Truth will provide another message in
an attempt to calm the Elites. Move through the next door where you'll enter
a familiar room. 

It seems Cortana has located Truth just outside this tower. The next room 
holds two Hunters. Considering the small space this room bears, fighting them
off will be a difficulty. Aim for their orange spot to take them down before
they do too much damage. Kill the two Hunters and exit this room. Now back
outside, you'll find yourself in a raging skirmish. Up ahead, Hunters are
fending off Brutes while Elites fight to the death.

As you can see, the rough terrain will make navigating this area a major pain
in the ass. However, I'd suggest you take note of the exit. When you enter 
the area, the door directly in front of you across the gulch is the exit. 
You don't want to just jump down though. Instead, turn either to your left or
right and begin fighting through. There are still Honor Guards around which
should be disposed of immediately. Eventually, you'll fight your way to the

If the previous enemies already took down the Hunters, you're in luck. If not,
then you'll have to clear the Hunters yourself. Luckily, this outside area is
much bigger than the previous room so they should be pretty easy. At the same
time, Drones will probably fly in along with Elites on jetpacks. Watch out for
those dual-wielding monsters because they can rip away at your shields very
fast. Anyway, to get to the door I told you of before, you'll have to find a 
slope leading up to the side of it. When you reach the door, there will be a 
Brute to engage you. Clear him out as usual and move into the next building.

Back inside, move down this slope. There are no Covenant attacks here so 
hasten your step. Go through the door at the end to find a long section. 
Cortana will appear once more and notice a slipspace rupture... in Amber 
Clad! The thingamajig up ahead is a transport device. Step onto the white 
circle and let it take you across the chasm to the other side. What a ride,

Once at the opposite side, try to take out the sniper with a quick shot and
then turn left. A large group of Elites and Grunts will appear. If you have
any spare Plasma Grenades, use one to hopefully take out the majority of the
group. On the opposite side though, two or three Brutes will appear as well.
If the Elites aren't dead yet, let the two sides clash and clean up as usual.
Once enemies are cleared out, move to the next area by walking along either 
ledge on either side.

Down below will be another major skirmish taking place between the two sides.
Slowly make your way into the battle letting the majority of the fighting 
occur between the Elites and Brutes. It shouldn't take too long to clear this
narrow platform. At the opposite end are two extensions leading left or right.
Both will bring you to the same area. However, before you go, wait for the two
Elites to appear on jetpacks. They can be very difficult to take down as they
bear jetpacks and are dual-wielding. Counter them by shooting them with dual
weapons of your own.

Lucky for you, the battle between Elites and Brutes on the far side hasn't
started yet. You will reach the next platform while the Elite side are still
setting up Plasma Cannons. There is one particular Elite you might want to
watch out for. The one with the Energy Sword can be a danger so seek him out
and kill him. Brutes will begin to use the transporter and bring their fat 
bodies to this side. Don't let that happen and shoot them down.

The Grunts are also fighting for the Elites. Those critters aren't much of a 
problem anyway. Use the transporter to bring yourself to the far side. Move
through the door into the next tower. Some Drones will fly through, but they
completely ignore you. There must be a battle in the next chamber. Turn left
and go through the following door. The largest battle you've probably seen
yet is currently taking place in this area. There are 10+ Elites shooting
around plus 5+ more Brutes.

Considering the number of enemies here, I'd strongly suggest you keep your
profile low at the moment. Let the Brutes and Elites kill each other for the
moment. Then move in and take down the weakened Brutes or Elites. If you fall
down to the lower floor, you can get back onto the platform by using the 
gravity lift in the middle of the room. It should take a while, but clear out
the Covenant here and move through the next doorway.

This hallway will lead you to another door. The door will bring you outside
again. Up ahead is another one of those transporter thingies. When you reach 
the other side, look to your left for a spectacular view of High Charity. 
A minor conversation will begin between Truth and Tartarus. Listen through it
if you would. Advance to the next area where only Grunts are running around.
Brutes are also evident, so take them down. Show a bit of sympathy toward the
Grunts and leave them be. Heh. Move to the next area which is at the moment, 
empty. The transporter will sprawl the Master Chief across the chasm to the 
door. Finally. 

     >> Stop the Prophet of Truth from boarding his Phantom.

As you enter, begin to climb the slope up to the next door. A total of three
Brutes will appear at the top and begin to engage you. If you have a Covenant
Carbine with you, give each of them a few headshots to take them out. Go 
through the door at the top. Turn either left or right and find yourself back
outside. Remember that other canyon area? Well, the exit out of here is at the
far end. However, we'll have to navigate through the rocks.

As soon as you enter, some Brutes and Elites will appear at the bottom as well
as jumping from the top. Watch your back as they move in. To avoid most of the
combat, lurk through either of the two side passages to the far side. There 
are numerous Covenant here. Use Plasma Grenades liberally to take out the 
Brutes. The Elites are just as easy as before. Just before you move to the
other doorway, watch out for invisible Elites with Energy Swords.

Move through the big door into the next room. Up ahead, the area is infested
with Elites and Grunts. There is a single Elite here that is easily defeated.
The Grunts won't be too problematic. Move through the doorway and through the
hallway. The next room WILL be a problem though. As of now, this sector is
only patrolled by Grunts and Elites. Soon into the battle though, the door
at the other end will open to reveal a group of Brutes. Take cover among the
various obstacles here. Defeat all enemies in the room and go through the door
the Brutes came out of.

Cortana will finally make her appearance again. We'll be taking a shortcut
through the mausoleum. Luckily, the Brutes and Elites still hate each other 
and will still dish it out with each other. The next room is basically a giant
battle between them. If you think this hallway is already hectic as it is, 
wait until the real deal comes in. Move in and some Drones will fly in to add
to the chaos. There are various Elites up ahead that should be killed 
immediately. Luckily, the crates scattered around can be used as cover.

Once the hallway is cleared, move forward to the other door. However, as soon
as it opens, move back. You'll see why soon. A VERY large force of Elites, 
Grunts, and Hunters will appear to make your life a nightmare. Move back 
really far as they begin to take their position. Lure the Elites in your 
direction and try to kill them off one by one. The Hunters will simply push
your cover away so take them down.

The idle Grunts will man the Plasma Turrets of which you should take down
with grenades. Once the Hunters are down for the count, move forward and kill
the remaining Elites. Go through the door and Cortana will suggest sitting
this one out. That would be a great idea considering the amount of fighting
going on up there. Luckily, you have some cool music to listen to while the
Brutes and Elites kick each other's ass. 

Once you think that you can actually move in without getting your butt handed
to you on a silver platter, begin to kill off the remaining enemies. Some
Hunters might appear out of a door to the left. If you picked up a Fuel Rod
Gun from one of the Elites, you're in luck as that weapon wreaks havoc against
Hunters. There might be a few more Brutes scattered around. With whatever, 
go through the door that the Hunters came out of. Cortana will notice that
Johnson and Keyes are in the area in hot pursuit of Truth.

Some invisible Elites will attack. Move through and defeat the Energy Sword
Elite. Take the final walk through the hallway to the opposite door...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Tartarus will move with the captured Johnson and Keyes. The        |
   |   Prophet will hand the Index to Tartarus. Suddenly, Infection Forms |
   |   will appear and attack the group. One latches itself onto Mercy,   |
   |   of whom Truth has no longing to save.                              |
   |                                                                      |

       4.13. Uprising                                                 [4013] 

  This is certain: The Brutes shall pay for the blood that they have spilled.

   |                                                                      |
   |   Now back to the Arbiter, he is found warped to a forested locale   |
   |   on Delta Halo. Though Gravemind sent him weapon-less, the Arbiter  |
   |   finds a Plasma Rifle on the ground. His objective is clear and     |
   |   his vengeance is strong.                                           |
   |                                                                      |

    - Oh, So That's How It Is -

     >> Defend yourself from the Brutes.

You start off overlooking a spectacular view of Delta Halo. Turn to your left
and begin to advance through the trees. There are no enemies yet as you can
see. After moving a bit, you might notice some red dots on your motion 
detector. There is an Energy Sword up ahead which you will automatically pick
up. Move around the corner and find the first of your enemies. Rip through 
them with your Energy Sword or blast them with your Plasma Rifle.

There are numerous dead Elites here. It seems there has been a big battle
beforehand. Around the next corner are two more Brutes. Use a Plasma Grenade
to hopefully dispose of one of them. You might want to swap your Plasma Rifle
for a Brute Plasma Rifle and its higher rate of fire. As you move, the path
will widen up revealing a platoon of Brutes. There are at least two wielding
Brute Shots so be careful.

Take immediate cover to avoid the first of the Brutes. Slowly kill off the
Brutes. Above that area is a door if you look upward. There are numerous 
enemies to kill so ignore it as of now. When all the Brutes are dead, continue
up the ramp leading toward the door. It will open revealing a camouflaged
Elite. Well, at least some of them survived. Some pods will fall from the sky
revealing a whole platoon of Elites on your side. Time to move out.

     >> Exact vengeance on the Brute traitors. 

After they group up with you, move through the doorway into the structure. 
Turn either left or right through the corridor to another door. Wait for your
Elite allies to catch up with you, and the door will open. There are some
Grunt reinforcements on the landing above. Follow your allies into this 
chamber and turn leftward. Engage your active camouflage at this point, and 
sneak into a group of Jackals and Brutes. Stick a few of them with your Plasma

Anyway, considering that you aren't fighting by yourself, taking out this 
group of Jackals and Brutes shouldn't be too hard. Move forward past the dead
Brutes. Notice the ramp leading up. Move to it and follow it upward. Walk
straight with your allies following behind you. Turn right to find another
group of Brutes. Hopefully, you caught them off guard. If not, just use the
conventional method of killing them.

Once those are cleared, move forward. There's a door just above you. Keep 
walking straight until you notice a ramp on your left. The door up ahead is
heavily guarded by a team of Drones and Brutes. However, with a well-placed
Plasma Grenade, they can easily be taken out. Clear out the doorblock, and 
have your team (if they are still alive) follow you into the next room. 
It's empty at first, but move forward and look down to find another group of

Rather than jumping down to engage, I'd suggest sticking on the ledge and
shooting from that position to maybe clear out a few enemies. Once your allies
jump, follow them down killing off the remaining Brutes. There's a door there
that you might want to move through. Dead bodies litter this corridor. Follow
it to the end into another room. It's similar to the last one except it's 
taller and has other ledges lined up below us.

Move to the edge and look down. On the ledge directly below is a group of 
Jackals. Try to jump so that you land on that platform only. Catch them by
surprise and slay those shieldbearers. Now jump to the platform directly 
below that platform and fight off two or three Brutes plus a few Jackals. 
Once those two ledges are clear, jump down finally to the lower floor. There
are various Brutes here that look some schooling. Once those are cleared, a 
solitary Elite will join your team.

There's a door on the lowest floor that you can go through. The next room 
consists of an upper ledge of which you start on, and a lower ledge which the
Brutes come out of. Your allies will jump down the middle, but you should 
take the side route down on the right side as it gives you much more cover.
From your secluded area, fight off the Brutes killing all of them. Beware of
the one manning the Plasma Turret. Take him out with a Plasma Grenade. Once 
again, find the door leading out of here and advance through the corridor. The
door at the end will lead you back outside.

    - Step Aside, Let the Man Go Through -

     >> Fight your way to the canyon floor. 

Just as you step outside however, throw a Plasma Grenade immediately as 
there is a large force just outside the door consisting of three Brutes and a
number of Jackals. Clear out those pesky foes and move outside. Turn to your
left and begin moving into the secluded area. At first, the next sector 
appears empty. However, a Brute will soon ride in on a Ghost revealing yet
another platoon.

While fighting these behemoths off, be wary of the Brutes wielding Shotguns.
At close range, they are capable of blasting your head off. Use Plasma 
Grenades liberally to clear out the Brute forces. Stick one and avert your
gaze to another. Kill off the Brutes and continue into a small tunnel. There
are two Ghosts side-by-side. Pick up one and ride it through the tunnel and
back out again.

When the music starts playing, you know that you're in for a big battle. Up
ahead is a well-guarded area full of Brutes and Jackals everywhere. On the 
upper ledges are snipers ready to shoot you out of anything. Because of the
sniper threat, always be on the move. To one side, you'll find a Brute manning
a Plasma Turret. Clear that threat before it becomes a problem. If you can,
counter the snipers with Beam Rifles of your own. 

This battle is sure to take long. There is a lot of cover you can take though.
If shields go down, dive somewhere the battle isn't at. Throughout the course
of the battle, numerous reinforcements will appear from a pathway toward the
rear end of this area. They will come in large numbers so take caution. Once
all enemies in the area are cleared, haul your ass to the path at the other 
end of this sector. Advance to the next area.

At the next area, move up to the left side where a ramp leads to a Plasma
Turret. You can use it to surely take down a few of the enemies down below.
Next to the Plasma Turret is a crate holding two Beam Rifles. Use those to
take out the various snipers in the area before you actually jump down and
engage. At the other end is a pathway. Sometime into the battle, a Spectre
will move in. Use the Beam Rifle to try to snipe out the driver or gunner.
If you want to, take the Spectre for yourself as long as you have the allies
to man the gun.

A light drizzle will begin to fall. Move into the pathway leading out of here
where two Ghosts are parked. Take one and advance down the slippery slope. 
There will be various Jackals patrolling the area. They shouldn't be too much
of a problem as Jackals are easily mowed down by a Ghost. Keep moving until
you see an arch up ahead along with a bunch of crates. The next portion is 
heavily infested with Brutes. As you close in on the crates, they will all
shoot in unison in an attempt to blow them up in front of you. Move backwards
when they do this.

Now it's your turn to kick ass. Tough as the Brutes are, they can't stand too
long when a Ghost is lobbing plasma at them. Either splatter the Brutes 
against the walls or mow them down with plasma. The Jackals up above are also
taken care of easily. Begin moving forward again past a fallen tree. Shoot off
the Jackals and continue along. The rain will begin build up a stream. Follow
it downward.

    - Fight Club -

     >> Raze the Brute encampment. 

Finally, we reach a large building area. Take care of the two Jackal snipers 
at the beginning. One is to the side and one is on a rock. Then drive your 
Ghost into the center of the building area. There are numerous Brutes running
around plus two Wraiths on the other side. Try to stay in this sector only 
killing off the Brutes in their vain attempt to kill you off. 

Once you clear the Brutes on the ground, turn left and go through the arch 
where two Wraiths are waiting for you. Luckily, you have superior speed and
rate of fire with your Ghost. Circle-strafe around them so they can't hit you
while providing a constant rain of fire to take them both down. There's no 
point in hijacking either as you can drive them anywhere. Once both blow up
in blue, get out of your Ghost and walk to the entrance area. Up along the 
right side is a ramp leading to the ledge.

Now up on the ledge, have the remaining Brutes slain. Move along toward the
door at the opposite end. Before you can enter however, Brutes will come out
and try to bash your skull in. Plasma Grenades work well in killing off Brutes
one by one. After about two waves of Brutes, the door is open for you. Not 
much else to do but enter, huh? 

The corridor will lead you to an armory area where the Brutes keep all their
weapons. Take full advantage of it, and pick up whatever you'd like. Rearm and
reload yourself. When you're ready, go through the door again and move through
the next hallway. Exit this building and turn left. There are more Brutes
scattered between the pillars of the next building. Also, there are Jackals
and snipers all over the place.

Using your active camouflage is a great strategy when moving in. If you chose
a good close-range weapon like the Shotgun, use it. Head in as far left as 
possible and stick to the left wall as you clear out any meddling Brutes. 
At the far end, there's a tunnel in the wall. One or two Ghosts will fly out
of whom you should kill or hijack immediately. Defeat the threat in this 
tunnel and in turn, move through. Go through the door at the end to find 
yourself back outside. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   As the Arbiter walks out, a Wraith slowly moves in. Luckily, an    |
   |   Elite pops out the show that this is a friendly. While the         |
   |   Commander curses off the Brutes, two Phantoms fly in toward the    |
   |   large structure. Tartarus and Keyes and Johnson get off. Better    |
   |   stop them soon.                                                    |
   |                                                                      |

       4.14. High Charity                                             [4014]

         Cortana can handle the Index - stopping Truth is up to you.

   |                                                                      |
   |   The Master Chief falls from a gravity lift above just as Phantoms  |
   |   fly out of the area toward High Charity. He notices a fallen       |
   |   Prophet on his dying words. Truth has the Index and can use it     |
   |   on a whim. Cortana notes that if he does, she'll activate the      |
   |   reactors on Amber Clad to destroy this city and the Ring. Time     |
   |   to stop Truth and save Keyes and Johnson.                          |
   |                                                                      |

    - Cross-Purposes -

     >> Fight your way back inside the Mausoleum-tower.

Up ahead, a Pelican will crash into the platform revealing a large group of 
Flood. Cortana will locate a conduit back in the mausoleum. Our objective now
is to head back for it. Begin to move forward and fight off the various Flood
in the area. Your weapons aren't really too great against Combat Forms, but
do your best and pick up any better weapons. When you reach the crashed 
Pelican, look on either side of it to find a Shotgun and a Rocket Launcher.
Pick either up if you need it.

Behind you, the door will open possibly revealing a few Grunts and some Flood.
Kill off the remaining enemies and go into the door back toward the mausoleum.
This room has a bunch of Brutes waiting to jump out at the far end. Throw a 
quick grenade if you have any. Numerous Brutes with Brute Shots can easily 
take you down within seconds if you aren't careful. Take cover amidst the 
walls here. Kill off the Brutes and begin to advance into the next room.

At the far end is a gravity lift leading upward. Jump into it and take the
journey back up the tower. The top floor is dark. Get used to the darkness
now as most of this level will be engulfed in it. Turn around and locate the
glowing door leading out. Truth's voice will boom through the radio. There
are some Beam Rifles if you want them. Move forward to a large centerpiece
area. A platform will appear just before you. However, before you move and 
engage the enemies around, wait for the Flood and Drones to dish it out with

Hopefully lightening your load a little bit, move forward and step onto the
transporter to your left. The best course of action once you reach the other
platform would be to take refuge in the little area to the left to provide
cover for yourself. Hopefully, you still have your Carbine to use against the
Drones flying around. If not, find another weapon to kill off as many as you
can. Once the Drones are mostly cleared out, step on the transporter leading
to the opposite end of the starting point. There's a door there; go through.

    - Please, Make Yourself at Home -

     >> Stay ahead of the wave of Flood sweeping through High Charity. 

As soon as it opens though, watch out for some Flood ambushers. Kill them off
and move through the next door. Most of this hallway is dark so watch your 
step as Flood ambushers like to sneak up behind you. As you enter and a little
bit to your left, you should notice an Energy Sword pulsating on the ground.
Pick that up as it's a very useful weapon against Flood especially when in 
close quarters. Advance through the door up ahead. Turn right immediately as
some Flood will flood (pardon the pun) out of that hallway. Clear out the 
Combat and Carrier Forms, then move through the forward door.

Covenant occupy this hallway as well as a few Flood lurking around. You know
the deal, if you can possibly let the Flood and Covenant dish it out with 
themselves, a whole lot of combat should be saved. Beware of Brutes as well.
Luckily, they should be pretty easy to beat by now. The door at the end will
lead you to another hallway. At first, the hallway appears empty, but turn 
around and the door behind you will reveal two Carrier Forms. Up ahead, Combat
Forms will drop from the ceiling.

Whip out your Energy Sword and begin to chop up anything that moves. The
blade will make short work of most of them. Even so, clear out larger groups 
of Flood with a quick grenade. Once this corridor is cleared, find the door
leading out and move through. This area is a bit larger with Brutes occupying
the space toward your right and the Flood moving in through the doorway up
ahead. First, move right up the ramp and kill off the various Brutes and 
Jackals. Advance across the area up the next ramp. There's a group of Flood
chilling around up ahead.

One of them holds an Energy Sword so take note as he lunges forward. Use an
Energy Sword of your own and rip through their flesh. Once the Energy Sword
Flood is taken out, the rest of them should be easy. The doorway out of this
room is on the lower level. Go through it to find another corridor leading 
ahead. Flood slime lines the walls. Luckily, there are no enemies here. When
you go through the next door, Cortana will notice the security in this room.

Move to your right into the dark area. This room is a major toughie with
consideration to the amount of enemies hanging around. Combat Forms can
possibly bear shield generators making their demise more difficult. To add
insult to injury, some Flood are also wielding Energy Swords and Rocket
Launchers. Progress through the area doing your best to stay alive. Some
Drone swarms will fly in through niches in the walls. Don't let them get the
best of you taking them down while they fly through the air.

If you reach the window overlooking the city, notice the gigantic Flood
appendage hanging from the ceiling. Now that's disgusting. Find your way to 
the exit on the ground level and go through the door. There are some minor
Flood creatures infesting this area. Cortana tells of a Prophet Inner Sanctum
above. Turn to your left as you enter this four way corridor to find an 
elevator leading upward. Press the X Button to activate it and the elevator 
will begin to move. 

    - Sanctified -

There's only one way out of here, and that pass is heavily guarded by Jackals
and Brutes. As you enter, there will be some stray Grunts perhaps sleeping.
Melee them to avoid waking them up. If you can, sneak up on a Brute and stick
him with a Plasma Grenade. It's a big room so finding some cover shouldn't be
too tough. Avoid the Brutes as they charge against you. The Jackals should be
pretty easy to take down. 

A few minutes in, some Flood will appear to add to the battle. Once again, if
you can possibly stay low and let the Covenant fight the Flood, the amount 
you'll have to kill will go down a lot. This room is tough, but once all 
enemies are clear, the pass will be open to you. Move through the final door.
Cortana will tell you that she is failing to keep the launch sequence stalled.
The next gravity lift will take you to the conduit she had noticed before. Go
through the door and ride on.

     >> Find a way onto the Forerunner Ship.

The door at the end will bring you to the lift. Now to quickly get onto the
Forerunner Ship. Go up the lift to the very end. 

    - Once More, With Feeling -

This is it, the final step. There is a battle raging ahead, but I'd strongly
suggest you skip it. Find the Forerunner Ship on the horizon. Step onto the 
warp panel and fly to it. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   The Master Chief will ride the warp to the very end where the      |
   |   Forerunner Ship is released. As the Master Chief lifts off,        |
   |   Cortana provides the last of her goodbye biddings. Now it's to     |
   |   take down Truth.                                                   |
   |                                                                      |

       4.15. The Great Journey                                        [4015] 

    - Form an unexpected alliance, keep Tartarus from activating the ring. 

   |                                                                      |
   |   Now back to the Arbiter, it's time to stop the key from turning.   |
   |   Tartarus must be stopped. However, he has locked himself in that   |
   |   structure. The Commander knows of one way to break through those   |
   |   doors however...                                                   |
   |                                                                      |

    - Your Ass, My Size-24 Hoof -

     >> Crush any Brutes in your path.

You start off with a few choices. You can either take the Wraith, Spectre, or
a Ghost that will engage you up ahead. For starters, I chose the Wraith for 
its superior firepower and the fact that I utterly despise the Spectre. 
Anyway, begin to move through the area following your Commander. Various 
Brutes will appear in Ghosts. Hijack one if you'd or like or blast the crap 
out of all of them. Move your vehicle through the forest floor taking down any
Ghosts that get in your way.

After a bit of blowing things up, you should reach a Wraith. Show that Wraith
who's boss by destroying it. Turn leftward where some Ghosts will engage you
once more. Make quick work of them and advance forward. There's a gigantic
opening on the next pass. At this point, turn right. To your left is an 
amazing view of a lake with a Covenant Cruiser on standby just above it. A 
Phantom should move in while your Commander takes note of the revamped Scarab.
The gun should be destroy the doors allowing you access to the control room.

Try to avoid the Phantoms fire as it's futile to try to take it down. Move 
toward the Scarab taking down more Ghosts as they come in by the dozen. To
the Scarab's left are some more Wraiths. Try not to get yourself killed while
engaging those Covenant tanks. At the same time, be wary of Brutes wielding
Brute Shots in the area. Although the grenades are fairly weak, repeatedly
getting struck by one can kill you quickly. Find the door on the ground floor
which will lead you to the bridge up to the Scarab.

     >> Commandeer the Scarab. 

Get out of your vehicle and go through the door once you secure the region.
Upon entering the structure, you will meet up with another Elite plus a few
Hunters he salvaged. Pick up any new weapons if you need them and follow your
team forward into the structure. Go through a corridor, but stop when you 
reach the door. The next room is controlled by many Brutes. Let the Hunters
be your shields taking all the fire. Follow in after them and turn right up 
the ramp.

Now it's time to sneak up behind the Brutes who are preoccupied with the 
Hunters below. Stick one or two of them with a Plasma Grenade and then move
in with guns ablazing. Rain fire on the remaining Brutes killing off whatever
is left. The next area is a bit more grassy. At the next sector, use the same
drill. Have your Hunters provide covering fire while you sneakily move into 
the Brute's position. Use your unknown position and tag a few of the Brutes 
with Plasma Grenades. Going in with active camouflage is a good idea.

This area might take a bit more time than expected. Occasionally, Brute
reinforcements may appear. Clear out this room and move through the next
corridor which will lead you to a bridge. Jackals hold this position with a 
few snipers at the far end. On your left, a Phantom will possibly appear to
give the Jackals support. Be wary of Drones that will fly in from above or 
below. Although they are physically weak, Drones will kill you if you aren't

Secure the bridge and go through the door at the other end. Anotheer hallway
awaits. Advance through it up through the next doorway. This room is heavily
infested on the other side. Go up the ramp and pick up whatever weapons you'd
like. There is a large number of Jackals and Brutes up ahead. Take caution
while fighting. Also, there will be various Elites and Hunters trapped in
prison holds both on the upper and lower level. Release them by shooting the
little generator in front of each one.

Have your team of newly escaped Elites and Hunters help you knock out the
remaining Brutes. With the Hunters help, they should be easily killed off.
The door will lead you into another hallway which in turn, leads you to the
platform with the Scarab. However, there are numerous Brutes here which need
some schooling. Surprisingly, there are Marines here... to help you! The
Scarab is just ahead...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Lo and behold, the Arbiter apparently was beaten in the race for   |
   |   the Scarab. Johnson is now piloting it. Both Human and Covenant    |
   |   have the same intention. Now it's your turn to help Johnson        |
   |   destroy the door to the control room.                              |
   |                                                                      |

    - Backseat Driver -

     >> Escort Johnson's Scarab to the Control Room.

To get to the control room, you'll need the Scarab to blow a big hole into it.
Some Elites will fly two Banshees to the platform so you can escort Johnson
to the door. Get into one and begin to fly. Right off the bat, two enemy
Wraiths will appear down below attacking Johnson. Destroy them with your
Fuel Rod Cannon and Plasma Cannons and move forward. It's best to stay ahead 
of the Scarab considering how slow it moves.

At the next pass, there are some Plasma Turrets on ledges high above the
ground. Brutes man them. They are easily destroyed with the Fuel Rod Cannon
your Banshee comes fitted with. Blow the crap out of all of them and continue
along. Below, you might find a new Banshee to replace your damaged Banshee.
Keep moving taking down any Banshees flying around or Spectres attacking you 
on the ground. Around the next corner is the control room.

Take down the Banshees patrolling the area while the Scarab prepares to fire.
Stay clear of the door as Johnson pounds the door with the gun. Three full
shots will be enough to destroy the door giving you access to Tartarus inside.

    - Delusions and Grandeur -

     >> Enter the Control Room, and deal with Tartarus.

Fly to the platform and get off. Inside, there are smoldering pieces of 
wreckage everywhere. Find your way to the door leading into the control room.
The final room before Tartarus is filled with Brutes. At the start, prepare
to fight off 10+ of them. Energy Swords and Plasma Grenades will really help
out here as these Brutes play tough. It will take a while; clear out all 
Brutes and go through the doorway. Tartarus is waiting for you...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Tartarus is waiting beside the control room pleading with Keyes    |
   |   to activate the ring. The Arbiter appears shortly behind him.      |
   |   Johnson also moves in to provide help. Despite the Arbiter's best  |
   |   attempts to negotiate with Tartarus, the Index is still activated  |
   |   at Keyes' hands.                                                   |
   |                                                                      |

There's nothing else to do now but to kill Tartarus and deactivate the Ring.
Keyes is attempting to stop the Index while Johnson snipes from above. At the
very start, throw a quick Plasma Grenade to kill off Tartarus's escorts before
they kill you. Afterwards, jump onto the platform in hot pursuit. Tartarus has
an energy shield that prevents damage against him. You can tell when it's up
as he glows with a purple flame. 

The battle arena consists of three floors. The big beam in the middle will 
always take you to the top. Jump down from a platform by walking over the edge
to the lower platform. The key in defeating Tartarus is allowing Johnson to
shoot down his shields. You can tell when they are down as Johnson will yell
it out. With your weapon, quickly blast as many shots into Tartarus's 
vulnerable body as possible.

His shields stay down only a short while so take haste. However, Tartarus 
himself is a formiddable opponent. His hammer is capable of ending your life
within a single strike. There are various weapons on the three levels. I 
chose to use the Carbine as it allowed quick shots to his head. By all means,
do not use the Energy Sword or any other close-range weapon. You do not want
to risk it. Eventually, Tartarus will fall...

   |                                                                      |
   |   Tartarus has fallen and Miranda Keyes is attempting to stop the    |
   |   Index. Jumping across the platform, she reaches the Index and      |
   |   stops the countdown. The weapon stops releasing a sonic boom...    |
   |   They have succeeded...                                             |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The air is still and quiet as the Humans and Elite comes around.   |
   |   A beacon will appear, or so 343 speaks. The other installations    |
   |   are now on standby mode. Remote activation is still a possible     |
   |   threat. The Ark is the only place where it's possible...           |
   |                                                                      |
   |   The Master Chief moves in with his Forerunner Ship. With that,     |
   |   he will finish the fight on Earth.                                 |
   |                                                                      |

              _______ _     _ _______      _______ __   _ ______ 
                 |    |_____| |______      |______ | \  | |     \
                 |    |     | |______      |______ |  \_| |_____/

   ~-~ 5. Weapon & Vehicle List ~-~                                   [5000]

The Halo 2 manual played a large role in the creation of this section. Taken
were weapon/vehicle statistics and description. 

      - UNSC Weaponry -

          M6C Pistol ~
               Ammo Capacity: 12 rounds per magazine.
               Description: Standard UNSC sidearm. Recoil-operated magazine-
                            fed handgun, firing a magazine of six 12.7mm
                            semi-armor piercing rounds. Fired accurately in
                            semi-automatic mode, can be powerful anti-
                            personnel weapon. This stripped-down "C" variant
                            does not feature a scope.
                            The M6C Pistol has been downgraded from the 
                            original M6D. However, though the shells are less
                            powerful, the M6C can be fired much quicker which
                            adds to its advantage. When dual-wielded, both
                            M6Cs can easily become dangerous as you slew  
                            enemies down.

                            Because the M6C shoots faster, ammunition will
                            run out much quicker. While the 12-round magazine
                            of the original M6D lasted much longer, the M6C
                            will run out of munitions in double the time. 
                            Keep this in mind before undertaking any attacks
                            or offensives. 

          BR55 Rifle ~
               Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
               Description: Battle Rifle fires 9.5mm rounds from 36-round 
                            magazine. Mounted with a 2X optical scope for
                            targeting. Fires in short, automatic bursts 
                            of three rounds. Very accurate, relatively high
                            rate of fire makes it a useful all-around 
                            infantry weapon. 

                            The new Battle Rifle is supposedly the follow-up
                            to the rather "weak" Assault Rifle of the original
                            Halo. It has been made more accurate with a 
                            "triple burst" scheme, but the rate of fire has
                            gone down because of it. With a scope, the Battle
                            Rifle can be used to pick off enemies from far-
                            One particular annoyance around the Battle Rifle
                            is the lack of ammunition capacity. The maximum
                            that can be held is a full 108 rounds. Each 
                            magazine runs out fairly quickly, especially 
                            during large-scale battles. Watch your ammo while 
                            running around on the battlefields. 

          M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun ~
               Ammo Capacity: 60 rounds per magazine. 
               Description: "Bullet hose" fires sustained burst of 5mm fire
                            from 60-round magazine. SMGs, while not accurate
                            over long distances, can provide withering fire
                            at close quarters. Tends to "walk" upwards as 
                            compounding momentum from recoil takes hold. 
                            Therefore, careful moderation of aim required to 
                            maintain accuracy.
                            The SMG is a whole new addition, but it's main
                            purpose is to replace the Assault Rifle as the
                            UNSC automatic weapon. The SMG holds a lot of
                            similarities when compared the Halo's Assault
                            Rifle. Sustained fire will become inaccurate and
                            crazed. However, short bursts still make it so
                            that more shots hit their mark. 

                            The ability to dual-wield these makes them even
                            more deadly. Two SMGs in itself is lethal enough
                            as it is. Especially at close-range, pouring 
                            bullets into an opponent by the 100s will be sure
                            to take even the toughest down. When comboed with
                            the Plasma Rifle or Needler, it becomes a deadly

          S2 AM Sniper Rifle ~
               Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per magazine. 
               Description: Gas-operated, magazine-fed weapon utilizes a 
                            smart-linked scope with two levels of magnification
                            (5X and 10X). Firing 14.5mm armor-piercing, fin-
                            stabilized, discarding-sabot rounds makes it very
                            powerful. Sheer size and limited magazine capacity
                            dictate strategic use. Devastating from a secured
                            position, has clearly limited use as a close-range
                            If you have a sharp eye and good hand-eye 
                            coordination, you'd love the Sniper Rifle. Shots
                            are dead-on and incredibly accurate. Rounds aimed
                            the head will most likely kill within one or two
                            hits. Chest shots also deal more damage. Because
                            of its slow rate of fire and long barrel, don't
                            use the S2 AM at close ranges as it proves an 
                            incredible disadvantage.

          M19 SSM Rocket Launcher ~
               Ammo Capacity: 2 102mm shaped-charged rockets.
               Description: Most commonly used light anti-vehicle weapon in
                            UNSC arsenal. Man-portable, shoulder-fired, with
                            single 2X level of magnification. Fires 102mm
                            shaped-charge, high explosive tracking rockets.
                            Reticule indicator denotes when launcher has 
                            achieved lock on target.

                            The Rocket Launcher has many useful purposes both
                            single-player and multiplayer. A direct hit to 
                            any single unit will be sure to knock them out 
                            while shots at vehicles will heavily damage them.
                            However, because of the size and lack of ammo 
                            capacity, use should be saved to take out larger
                            targets or groups rather than just attacking 
                            single units.

                            The M19 SSM Rocket Launcher has taken a new 
                            feature. In the original Halo, the Rocket Launcher
                            was completely dumb-fire, and accurate hits on 
                            faster vehicles required a lot of leading and 
                            marksmanship. Now, you can lock onto vehicles by
                            holding the trigger until the reticule locks onto
                            the targeted vehicle. Release and the rocket will
                            home in on the target. Even if it locks on, a hit
                            isn't completely guaranteed.

          M90 Shotgun ~
               Ammo Capacity: 12 8-gauge shotgun shells. 
               Description: Powerful, loud, pump-action, magazine-fed, firing
                            8-gauge magnum (3.5") rounds with strong recoil.
                            Devastating at close range and in confined 
                            quarters, should be used with caution. Ineffective
                            damage ratios at long range mean it should be
                            used appropriately. 
                            "Used appropriately" is very simply explained. 
                            As a standard shotgun, the M90's shells will split
                            up through the air as distance increases. Pellets
                            will spread out if you attempt to shoot at a far-
                            away. The point is usually to get all the pellets
                            to strike a target. That is only achieved by 
                            shooting at close ranges. 

          M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade ~
               Radius: 15-30 feet.
               Description: Basic explosive device has changed little thanks
                            to excellent design and flexibility. Well-thrown 
                            grenade will kill or stun most opponents. Fuse 
                            activates half a second after striking surface or
                            object to avoid accidental detonation. Also allows
                            combatants to "bounce" grenades into difficult to
                            reach targets.

                            Both the Fragmentation Grenade and the Plasma 
                            Grenade have their own purposes. The Fragmentation
                            Grenade (Frag for short) is known to explode much
                            quicker so opponents can't just jump away before 
                            it activates. Unlike the Plasma Grenade, a Frag 
                            can bounce around a lot thanks to its design. 
                            Frags can play a great role as an infantry scatter
                            weapon. Throw it into a group of enemies to 
                            disperse, if not kill them all. When up against
                            a single, unmoving target, a sneaky Plasma Grenade
                            "stick" should do the job better than some 
                            unpredictable Frag. 

          M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted) ~
               Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
               Description: 3-barreled, electric-powered, link-less drum-fed,
                            vehicle mounted light anti-aircraft gun. Standard
                            armament on Warthog. Fires 450-550 rounds per 
                            minute. Excellent armor penetration capability.
                            The LAAG is one of the most rapid-firing guns in
                            Halo 2, if it isn't already. Infantry targets can
                            be mowed down by the dozens if they are out in the
                            open. Up close, the rounds deal even more as less
                            miss and the larger target is much easier to 
                            strike. Against vehicles, the LAAG is slightly
                            effective. Against lightly armored vehicles 
                            (Ghosts or Banshees), you can wreak havoc easily.

          M68 Gauss Cannon (vehicle mounted) ~
               Ammo Capacity: Unlimited.
               Description: Asynchronous linear-induction motor produces 
                            bipolar magnetic field to fire 25mm projectile
                            at hyper-sonic velocity. Excellent armor 
                            penetration capability, but not as effective 
                            against multiple infantry.

                            A new Warthog has been introduced with the 
                            release of Halo 2. Now mounted on the back is a 
                            high powered anti-armor Gauss Cannon. While still
                            not as powerful as some others (Scorpion MBT 
                            anyone?), the M68 has a more rapid rate of fire
                            which can push a bunch of shots into some wayward

                            While more effective against vehicles now, the
                            Gauss Cannon is still fairly useful against large
                            groups of infantry (although single ones will be
                            sure to give you headaches). With fair splash 
                            damage, the M68 acts like a mini-grenade or maybe
                            a rocket. Take advantage of its anti-vehicle 
                            capabilities and you will be next to unstoppable
                            ... with a good driver of course.
      - UNSC Vehicles -

          M12 Warthog LRV ~
               Crew: 1 + 1 (plus one more in rear)
               Weight: 3.25 tons
               Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled machine gun
               Description: Light reconnaissance vehicle (LRV), a proven and
                            reliable standard UNSC vehicle. Also unofficially
                            known as "Warthog," LRV is equipped with powerful
                            machine gun. Maneuverable and excellent in any 
                            terrain, Warthog relies on superb traction and
                            updated braking system. To power-slide, pull the
                            Left trigger for the E-brake.

                            While the M12 Warthog might be devastating when
                            fully packed with a experienced gunner and side-
                            seater, when only one position is filled, the M12
                            becomes next to useless. If you only play as a 
                            driver, you won't have any weaponry capabilities.
                            If you get into a gunner without a driver, then
                            your stationary position will be a good target for
                            Rocket Launchers or Sniper Rifles.

                            It just goes to show, a fully-packed LRV is much
                            more effective. While driving, you will want to
                            take advantage of the "E-brake" which allows you
                            sweep while turning. Using the Warthog's backside,
                            you can easily squish any unexpecting enemies by
                            maneuvering turns correctly. A smash with the 
                            backside (while turning) will most of the time,
                            deal more damage than a straightaway catch. 
          M12G1 Warthog LAAV ~
               Crew: 1 + 1 (plus one more in rear)
               Weight: 3.5 tons
               Armament: 25mm Gauss Cannon
               Description: Light anti-armor vehicle (LAAV) identical in every
                            respect to other Warthog variants, except for
                            turret-mounted Gauss Cannon. Be wary of the 
                            heavier weight which the Gauss Cannon carries on.
                            Exceptionally effective against armored vehicles
                            and larger groups of infantry. 

                            Again, a filled LAAV is much more effective than
                            a one-man show. Use the same strategy as the above
                            LRV. Just remember that your gun is different

          M808B Scorpion MBT ~
               Crew: 1 Human (neural interface required) or single cyborg
               Weight: 66 tons
               Main gun: 90mm high velocity shell
               Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer)
               Description: Although Scorpion Main Battle Tank's primary role
                            is an anti-vehicle platform, its effectiveness
                            against Covenant infantry makes it a useful anti-
                            personnel weapon, too. Ceramic-titanium armor 
                            makes it almost invulnerable to small-arms fire.
                            Vehicle has single-pilot cockpit, but in 
                            emergencies can transport four additional 
                            infantrymen on "jumpseat" platforms.

                            While the Main Battle Tank has a powerful gun, 
                            it holds a dead-zone that even the 7.62mm 
                            secondary machine gun can't reach. Nearby infantry
                            will be difficult to take out. Therefore, you'd
                            want to have four (or two on each side at least)
                            other infantry riding on the tank's "side-seats."
                            They can easily cover your flank and keep enemies
                            from taking advantage of that "dead-zone." 

      - Covenant Weaponry -

          Plasma Pistol ~
               Core Power Output: 100-150 kV: 2-3 dA.
               Description: Understood better than most Covenant weapons,
                            Plasma Pistol is semi-automatic, directed-energy
                            weapon. Fires rapid bursts of superheated plasma,
                            but holding trigger for extended period can 
                            build a powerful overcharged plasma bolt. Becomes
                            temporarily unusable as it discharges excess heat.
                            Both Plasma Pistol and Rifle use power core we 
                            don't fully understand.

                            Originally in Halo, the Plasma Pistol was usually
                            preferred over the Plasma Rifle because of its 
                            overcharge ability and potential rapid-fire. 
                            (Depends on your finger-speed of course.) The
                            Plasma Pistol has been downgraded in the Halo 2 
                            with a slower rate of fire. Still, the overcharge
                            is still useful overtaking Elites' shields 

          Plasma Rifle ~
               Rate of Fire: 420-600 rounds per minute.
               Description: Favored by Elites, but used by many Covenant 
                            troops, is a directed energy weapon and capable
                            of both automatic and semi-automatic fire. 
                            Extended bursts of automatic fire cause weapon to
                            overheat, temporarily disabling gun and depleting
                            energy core. Once energy core has completely 
                            discharged, it is useless.

                            The Plasma Rifle has taken on a quicker rate of
                            fire. Shielded opponents will fall within seconds
                            as bolts of plasma rips into them by the dozens.
                            Overheating can become a problem with faster fire.
                            Brutes that appear later in the game also hold 
                            their own version of the Plasma Rifle. Red in 
                            color, the Brute Plasma Rifle is less effective
                            as it overheats faster.

                            While a single Plasma Rifle at a time may be 
                            deadly as it already is, dual-wielding Plasma 
                            Rifles can deal twice the damage in the same time.
                            However, going gun-ho with two Plasma Rifles will
                            make them overheat, and two overheated Plasma 
                            Rifles (in the midst of a large battle) gives you
                            a major disadvantage. 

          Needler ~
               Ammo Capacity: 30 rounds per magazine. 
               Description: Unusual magazine-fed weapon fires razor-sharp 
                            crystalline projectiles, using unexplained 
                            homing ability to center on soft organic targets,
                            to pierce flesh no matter the angle of impact.
                            Energy shields deflect them successfully, and they
                            ricochet from other hard surfaces. Ammunition 
                            explodes after it impacts flesh, causing further
                            The Needler is one of the few weapons in the 
                            original Halo that was actually upgraded rather
                            than downgraded. Now Needler rounds travel faster.
                            but they can still be easier to dodge. Because of
                            the fact that putting 10+ needles in an opponent
                            will create a large explosion, the Needler is 
                            useful against enemies such as Brutes or Elites.
                            The resulting explosion also sets off nearby 

          Covenant Carbine ~
               Ammo Capacity: 36 rounds per magazine.
               Description: Rare Covenant projectile-firing rifle, a powerful,
                            stocky weapon, and fitted with magnifying scope.
                            Fires single rounds with high degree of accuracy
                            and power. In some ways its technology mimics 
                            Covenant Fuel Rod Gun, although obviously on a 
                            smaller scale, but offers similar penetration to
                            UNSC Battle Rifle.

                            The Covenant Carbine is a great "sniper-killer."
                            Both in single-player and multiplayer, the Carbine
                            does great against those pesky snipers. Although
                            not automatic, rapidly pushing the trigger can
                            make the rate of fire very fast. 

                            The Carbine may not be the best Elite killer, but
                            against Sentinels, Jackals, and especially Flood,
                            the Covenant Carbine deals heavy damage. A great
                            long-range weapon similar to the Battle Rifle, I'd
                            prefer the Carbine over many other Covenant 
                            weaponry mainly for its precision accuracy. 

          Particle Beam Rifle ~
               Output Capacity: 18 bursts per charge.
               Description: Very precise, powerful weapon, uses relatively 
                            familiar particle beam acceleration method to
                            fire devastating beams of energy. Limited battery
                            capacity means weapon can fire only 18 bursts 
                            before depleting charge. Integrated scope enables
                            two levels of zoom, approximately 5x and 10x. 
                            Makes excellent sniper weapon.

                            The Particle Beam or "Covenant Sniper" has finally
                            made its appearance. As a long-range weapon, you
                            can expect it to have its limitations. The battery
                            is quickly depleted, and although the rate of fire
                            can possibly be higher than the S2 AM, overheating
                            is still a threat. Two shots fired right after 
                            each other will put the rifle in the "red-zone."
                            Firing a third shot directly afterwards will 
                            overheat it. 

          Brute Shot ~
               Ammo Capacity: 4 rounds per belt.
               Description: Type of grenade launcher used, as far as we can
                            tell, exclusively by Brutes. Grenades it fires 
                            from a 4-round belt can be deflected deliberately
                            for tactical reasons, such as firing around 
                            corners. One of the least precise Covenant weapons
                            yet encountered, limited ammunition capacity is
                            made up for by huge, razor-sharp bayonet 

                            Although incredibly inaccurate, the Brute Shot
                            can be very effective in dispersing large groups.
                            the bouncing capabilities of the shots are very
                            similar to bouncing a Fragmentation. The only real
                            difference is that the Brute Shot's grenades can
                            explode at any time so any impact might cause one
                            to explode, intentional or not. 

                            The melee is known to deal more damage in single-
                            player if you strike an enemy, but in multiplayer,
                            melee damage is unpredictable. Not yet confirmed
                            whether or not it deals more damage. 

          Covenant Energy Sword ~
               Length: 3 feet.
               Description: Initially thought to be purely ceremonial. Few 
                            have been seen in combat, but they are invariably
                            carried by high-ranking Elites. We don't 
                            understand how it functions, but it cuts through
                            any armor with ease. Press B for regular melee
                            attack and pull Right Trigger for basic undercut
                            attack. Or wait until reticule turns red to lock
                            on an enemy, then pull Right Trigger to perform a 
                            fatal lunge attack.

                            In Halo, the Energy Sword was very rarely seen. 
                            With Halo 2 however, not only does it become much
                            more apparent, but the player is allowed to wield
                            it! There are three possible slashes you can use.
                            The first two can be performed by pulling the 
                            Right Trigger or B Button indefinitely, but the 
                            third can only be used if you "lock" onto an 
                            enemy. The last is the only "one-strike" killer. 

                            You should also take note that the Energy Sword
                            does not last forever. There is actually a battery
                            that slowly depletes with the more enemies you 
                            strike. Taking down a Covenant unit will usually
                            take out roughly ten units, but ripping a Flood
                            Combat Form to pieces will take up only three. 
                            It just goes to show, the Energy Sword is very
                            useful against Flood. 

          Fuel Rod Gun ~
               Ammo Capacity: 5 rounds per clip.
               Description: Launching highly radioactive fuel rod projectiles,
                            weapon is effective against both vehicles and
                            personnel. Weapon is bulky, heavy and carries five
                            fuel rods per clip. Single 2X level of 

                            In many aspects, the Fuel Rod Gun is similar to
                            the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher with the fact that
                            each shot is high explosive and the cannon has a 
                            2X zoom. However, the Fuel Rod Gun is considerably
                            weaker. Therefore, a good five rounds per clip 
                            would do better than the standard two rounders 
                            that the Rocket Launcher holds.

                            Use the Fuel Rod Gun for large groups of enemies
                            or armored vehicles. Because ammunition can be
                            scarce, avoid wasting shots on single targets 
                            unless they pose a big nuisance (Commander Elites,
                            Brutes, etc). 

          Plasma Grenade ~
               Radius: 30 feet.
               Description: Using unknown technology that can apparently 
                            differentiate between strategic targets and non-
                            threatening surfaces, this grenade, when thrown
                            accurately, adheres to combatant or vehicle,
                            but not to a wall. Three-second fuse is activated
                            as soon as grenade comes to rest either on ground
                            or stuck to intended target. 

                            The Plasma Grenade is a set-timer device that also
                            has a set damage radius. The human Fragmentation
                            Grenade is a bit more unpredictable but it 
                            explodes much faster than the "three-second" 
                            Plasma Grenade. However, the Plasma is capable of
                            sticking to vehicles or enemy units which in turn,
                            will kill or destroy the vehicle anyway. A good
                            player knows when which grenade will be most 
      - Covenant Vehicles -

          Ghost ~
               Crew: 1
               Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
               Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons (100-250 kW range)
               Description: Standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle,
                            deployed by Covenant in all ground combat. 
                            Usually, but not always piloted by Elites, is 
                            highly maneuverable and fires twin bolts of 
                            superheated plasma in 100-250kW range. Vehicle is
                            also capable of sustained bursts of speed, 
                            although cannot fire and appears to be less 
                            maneuverable at such speeds. Pull Left Trigger to
                            boost speed. Possible that it uses energy from 
                            weapons system to achieve speed increase. 

                            The Ghost appears to have been upgraded from the
                            original Halo. Now faster, sleeker, and holding
                            a quicker rate of fire, the Ghost will be sure to
                            be problematic to any infantry. Speed boosts are
                            best used to squish enemies as they have no time
                            to respond. You can easily clear out a group of
                            Elites just by "boosting" through them. 

          Banshee ~
               Crew: 1
               Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
               Armament: Two Plasma Cannons
               Secondary Weapon System: Fuel Rod Cannon
               Description: Fast and maneuverable, a formidable aerial assault
                            vehicle. Well shielded against small arms fire,
                            Banshee can be crippled or destroyed by heavier
                            weapons. Fuel rod cannon makes it a dangerous 
                            bomber as well as fast fighter. Banshee has been
                            observed barrel-rolling and looping in turns and
                            arcs that would be impossible with conventional

                            The original air-assault vehicle is back from 
                            Halo, except this time, it sees much more common
                            use. All the weapons have remained intact and
                            some new features have been added. You now are 
                            capable of boosting (activate Fuel Rod Cannon
                            through B Button instead) with the Left Trigger
                            as well as performing air stunts to help evade
                            attack. To do barrel-rolls or loops, hold the 
                            A Button and use the thumbstick to roll or loop
                            in that direction. 

                            Banshees are pretty lightly armored so heavy 
                            damage will take one down easily. In multiplayer,
                            the Fuel Rod Cannon has been removed to even the
                            fields a little bit. 

          Wraith ~
               Crew: 1
               Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
               Armament: Plasma Mortar & 2 Auto-firing Plasma Cannons
               Description: Slow, bulky, and presenting a huge target, is 
                            nonetheless Covenant's most destructive mobile
                            armor. Huge bulk is well shielded; covering fire 
                            it provides from massive Plasma Mortar makes it 
                            an inestimably dangerous foe. Piloted by a single
                            occupant, who controls all vehicle and weapon 
                            systems, also features limited boost system for
                            enhanced maneuverability.

                            The Wraiths of Halo are still part of the Covenant
                            armor regime. Incapable of being piloted 
                            originally, the heavily armored Wraiths can now
                            be driven and used. At last, players can send out
                            those gigantic Plasma Mortars that had been the
                            pit of problems in the original Halo.

                            Because the main cannon is a Plasma Mortar, it's
                            impossible to hit enemies that are standing right
                            next to the Wraith. You should find it impossible 
                            to aim the reticule too far down. In that case, the
                            boost comes in a lot of handy as you can just 
                            "squish" those that are causing you problems by
                            boosting through them. 

          Spectre ~
               Crew: 1 + 1 gunner (+2 riders)
               Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
               Armament: Plasma Cannon
               Description: Multi-troop armored transport is small and 
                            maneuverable and while slow, can move with ease
                            in confined spaces. Main weaknesses are lack of
                            speed and acceleration, and that occupants are
                            fairly exposed. Rear-mounted plasma cannon is 
                            dangerous, and vehicle provides multiple firing
                            In many respects, the Covenant Shadow mimics the
                            Warthog in terms of design. The LAAG in the rear
                            is replaced by a equally rapid-firing Plasma 
                            Cannon. The only real advantage the Spectre
                            provides is the ability to carry two side-seaters.
                            Take advantage of the speed boost when driver as
                            enemies are easily taken down by running through

          Shadow ~
               Crew: 2 + 8
               Propulsion: Boosted Gravity Propulsion Drive
               Armament: Plasma Cannon
               Description: Covenant's main mode of moving large numbers of 
                            troops around on land. Can hold driver, gunner, 
                            and up to 8 occupants, depending on species of
                            Covenant. Seems to be outfitted to carry Elites,
                            Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals. Equipped with plasma
                            cannon, but main purpose is to deploy infantry.

                            When you meet one of these in combat, it will most
                            likely be riding away. Keep in mind that both the
                            driver and the gunner aren't really protected from
                            fire so if you concentrate your weapons on them,
                            you can disable the Shadow before it even gets 
                            destroyed. When destroying Shadows, be sure to 
                            watch out for any goodies such as vehicles that
                            they drop (and were once carrying). 

      - Forerunner Weaponry - 

          Sentinel Beam ~
               Rate of Fire: Constant
               Description: The laser-like weapons the Sentinels hold can now
                            be picked up and used. Using it is simple as a 
                            quick pull of the trigger will send out a blast of
                            it. Holding down the trigger will create a 
                            constant beam. Hold the beam on enemies and watch
                            as they fall.

                            Although it is useful in dealing with Flood, you
                            will find that the Sentinel Beam runs out of 
                            battery pretty fast. Either avoid holding the 
                            trigger down for too long, or use short bursts.
                            Besides, the Sentinel Beam isn't too effective
                            against Elites or other enemies. However, you will
                            find that it wreaks havoc against other Sentinels
                            and especially Flood as it burns right through

   ~-~ 6. Enemy List ~-~                                              [6000]

      - The Covenant -

          Grunt ~
               Difficulty: Easy
               Weaponry: Plasma Pistol/Needler/Fuel Rod Gun/Plasma Grenade
               Possible Rank: Orange (Recruit), Green (Trained), Red  
                              (Captain), Black (Spec.Op.)
               Description: The basic infantry unit of the Covenant, Grunts 
                            are dangerous in groups but present little threat
                            individually. Short, stocky, and relatively slow,
                            they will often panic when faced with superior
                            forces. However, if they are being led by an 
                            Elite, they will stand and fight.

                            Grunts are the cannon fodder of most battles.
                            With low stamina and no shielding whatsoever, they
                            can easily be picked off with a few shots. However,
                            watch out for Grunts occupying Plasma Cannons or
                            Turrets. The bigger firepower becomes much more

                            A single headshot with weapons like the Battle 
                            Rifle or Magnum will take a Grunt down. Different
                            colors appear to mean rank, but they really aren't
                            too different from each other than the fact
                            the lower ranks get killed much faster. Grunt's
                            aren't good at throwing accurate grenades, but
                            watch yourself when they do.

          Jackal ~
               Difficulty: Easy/Hard
               Weaponry: Plasma Pistol/Particle Beam Rifle (Sniper variety)
               Possible Rank: Blue (Trained), Orange (Major), Non-Shielded
               Description: Excellent shots, the Jackals seem to be higher
                            in status -- if not necessarily rank -- than the
                            Grunts. They often will be found in defensive
                            positions, fighting from behind their distinctive
                            energy shield. A well-used shield makes a Jackal
                            a difficult target, but the notch they use to 
                            return fire provides a weak spot that can be 

                            Attempting to take on a Jackal from the front 
                            where their shields are located is not a very 
                            smart. The shield can take a lot of fire and will
                            only be depleted to plasma fire (and a lot of it).
                            However, using the notches on either side of the
                            shield, you can stun the Jackal making them flinch
                            and following up. 

                            With the introduction of the Particle Beam Rifle,
                            Jackal snipers have become apparent. In many open
                            areas, you will find sniper shots zinging right
                            by your head. They deal a lot of damage (On 
                            Legendary, they can kill you in one shot) so you
                            you might find it best to watch out. Look for 
                            cover when up against snipers. Locate them and
                            take them out. They hold no shields so it's even

          Hunter ~
               Difficulty: Medium/Hard
               Weaponry: Infused Fuel Rod Gun/Metallic Shield
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: Hunters are incredibly dangerous foes, deployed
                            more like equipment than soldiers. They are 
                            brought in for demolition or heavy defense, and
                            always work in pairs. These massive creatures 
                            appear to be composed of multiple organisms that
                            exist within the Hunter armor, creating a bipedal
                            hive creature. Near-impenetrable armor and a 
                            devastating hand-held fuel rod weapon make Hunter
                            pairs very problematic.

                            The gargantuan behemoths from Halo are still here.
                            Although the "weak" orange spot on their back and
                            belly area can still be exploited to deal more
                            damage, you will find that the Hunter has been
                            upgraded. Previously, they were easily killed with
                            a simple Pistol shot to the back. Now you will 
                            need multiple hits to take one down.

                            While aiming for the orange spots, you'd still 
                            have to avoid the Fuel Rod Gun infused on their
                            armor. Note that the gun acts like a beam more 
                            than a projectile. Getting up close will make the
                            Hunter attempts to melee you. Sidestep to avoid it
                            and pour lead into their orange spot. However,
                            beware of their new back-hammer which sends their
                            shield behind them squishing you if you choose to
                            stick around for too long. 

          Elite ~
               Difficulty: Medium/Hard
               Weaponry: Plasma Rifle/Needler/Covenant Carbine/Covenant Energy
                         Sword/Plasma Grenade
               Possible Rank: Blue (Trained), Red (Warrior), Black (Spec.Op.),
                              White (Commando), Silver w/ Headpiece (Icon),
                              Gold w/ Headpiece (Honor Guard)
               Description: The Elites are the core of the Covenant military.
                            Excellent soldiers, brilliant tacticians, and
                            disciplined, aggressive fighters, they are the 
                            primary strength of the Covenant force. Faster,
                            stronger, and tougher than Humans, they fight in
                            relatively small numbers but often lead squads of
                            Grunts. Armor color seems to indicate rank, and we
                            believe Elites are promoted based on numbers of 
                            casualties they inflict.

                            Even the least trained of the Elites are fast 
                            and incredibly agile. The Elites are the only 
                            Covenant opponent that carry integrated energy
                            shields like yours. Capable of recharging them,
                            follow an Elite as he attempts to go into hiding
                            and recharge his shields. Elites can also dual- 
                            wield and throw grenades. 

                            Varied throughout are Elites with jump-jets and  
                            Covenant Energy Swords. Large forces of Elites 
                            will pose problems. Dual-wielding Plasma Rifles
                            against this class of enemies will knock out their
                            shields quickly. However, the stray grenade can
                            always knock an unexpecting Elite off his feet.
                            In short, you don't want to underestimate the
                            Elites' power.

          Brute ~
               Difficulty: Hard
               Weaponry: Brute Plasma Rifle/Covenant Carbine/Brute Shot/ 
                         Shotgun/Plasma Grenade
               Possible Rank: Non-Attired (Trained), Helmet (Major), Gold
                              w/ Headpiece (Honor Guard)
               Description: Not as readily understood as Elites, Brutes fight
                            together in a pack and are physically stronger.
                            Brutes demonstrate similar battlefield abilities
                            to Elites, and their numbers have demonstrably
                            increased since the conflict began. They carry a 
                            ballistic explosive weapon with an attached 
                            bayonet device. 

                            A brand new addition to the Covenant forces are
                            the Brutes. Larger and less agile than the Elites,
                            Brutes don't carry energy shields nor any real
                            intelligence. Nevertheless, an average Brute can
                            still knock you off your feet with incredible
                            stamina and the ability to take multiple wounds
                            without falling. Occasionally, a Brute will just
                            drop its weapon and charge you head-on. Watch out
                            for that. 

          Drone ~
               Difficulty: Easy/Medium
               Weaponry: Plasma Pistol/Needler
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: Like the Brutes, Drones appear to be new additions
                            to Covenant fighting forces and are being deployed
                            en masse. Apparently insectoid in origin, in 
                            addition to maintaining Covenant spaceships, they
                            have a limited ability to fly and are excellent
                            shots. Highly intelligent, their mastery of 
                            antigravity flight assistance has given them an 
                            almost insurmountable strategic advantage in 
                            The two new additions to the Covenant fighting 
                            force completely differ in battle style. The 
                            Brutes are large behemoths that rush toward you
                            without fail. The Drones however, are tiny, fast,
                            and easily killed. Their ability to fly makes them
                            much more difficult to take down, but that's 
                            nothing a good automatic weapon can't handle. 
      - The Flood -

          Flood Infection Form ~
               Difficulty: Easy
               Weaponry: N/A
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: The parasite grows itself through use of Infection
                            Forms. These tiny little buggers are really easy
                            to notice to their incredibly tiny size. Fast and
                            incredibly slick, Infection Form spread the Flood
                            by jumping onto prey and "infecting" them turning
                            them into a Combat Form or Carrier Form. They can
                            become incredibly lethal and difficult to shoot to
                            their small size.

                            Energy shields will just "pop" the Infection 
                            Forms. However, if an Infection Form touches an
                            unit without a shield, it will send a needle into
                            the victim to infect them. Grunts, Marines, 
                            Hunters, and basically all other forms apart from
                            Elites and Spartans will be killed with the first
                            hit. Keep in mind that once your energy shield is
                            down, you are vulnerable. The same goes for Elites
                            of which also lose their energy shields.

                            Compared to the first Halo, the amount of 
                            Infection Forms you meet in combat has diminished.

          Flood Combat Form ~
               Difficulty: Medium/Hard
               Weaponry: All
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: Savages in figure, the Combat Form looks nothing 
                            short of the average zombie you might find in 
                            some horror movie. A Combat Form is basically the
                            final result of a Marine, an Elite, or a Brute
                            getting stuck by an Infection Form. Once the
                            Infection Form takes control of the body, it can
                            use the body to its advantage.

                            Therefore, when you see a Combat Form, expect
                            resistance. Scrambling muscles and nervous system,
                            the Infection Form can allow an unit to jump
                            very high or smack an opponent with a strange 
                            claw-like growth on their arm. Their arm allows
                            for multiple melee combos which can be very fatal
                            especially on Legendary.

                            Watch out for Flood carrying Rocket Launchers or
                            other dangerous weapons. Sometimes, an infected
                            Elite Combat Form still holds a portion of their
                            energy shield. Don't be surprised when that 

          Flood Carrier Form ~
               Difficulty: Easy/Medium
               Weaponry: N/A
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: Balloon-ish in terms of looks, the Carrier Form
                            is what usually becomes of infected Grunts, 
                            Jackals, or any other unit that is either wounded
                            or incapable of adequate combat. Those are then
                            turned into walking blobs that spawn Flood 
                            Infection Forms in their gigantic girth. They
                            can explode if you get too close. 

                            When they do blow up however, multiple Infection
                            Forms can pop out and attack you. Not only that,
                            but the explosion (if it blew up right by you),
                            should put some punishment on your shields. With
                            your shields down and multiple Infection Forms
                            running their antennas on you, expect to be hurt
                            pretty bad. Do your best to avoid that, and use
                            projectile weapons from far away. 

      - The Forerunners -

          Sentinel ~
               Difficulty: Medium
               Weaponry: Sentinel Beam
               Possible Rank: Silver (Un-Shielded), Gold (Shielded)
               Description: Small compared to some other enemies, the 
                            Sentinels are machines built by the Forerunners
                            to enforce the Halo machines. Armed with a laser
                            that burns through flesh, the Sentinels can deal
                            heavy damage if they keep their sight on you for
                            too long.
                            Because of the fact that they are computer
                            controlled, Sentinels aren't very battlefield
                            strategic. They are easily brought down with 
                            Plasma weapons. While the Silver Sentinels are
                            not shielded, the Gold ones carry a weak shield
                            to deflect some fire. Nevertheless, it still won't
                            block a heavy barrage of plasma fire anyway. 

                            When you take a Sentinel down, be sure to step out
                            of the way as the Sentinel "explodes" when it 
                            touches the ground. The Sentinel Beam that these
                            carry can be picked up and used as a weapon.

          Enforcer ~
               Difficulty: Hard
               Weaponry: Gatling Gun/Missile Cannon
               Possible Rank: N/A
               Description: A new addition has been added to the Forerunner
                            forces. The Enforcer is a very intimidating 
                            machine that has been found defending portions
                            of the other Halos. Armed with a missile-barrage
                            system and a Gatling Gun-like weapon, they do
                            well in defending Halo installations from attack. 

                            You should have problems taking the Enforcers 
                            down as they hold two energy shields in the front.
                            Energy shields can be taken down, but a lot of
                            fire will be needed. Unless you have a Scorpion or
                            some Wraith at your disposal, taking down its 
                            shields will be a toughie. Therefore, you should
                            attempt to bring it down by hitting any area not
                            protected by the shield (side or back). 

   ~-~ 7. Multiplayer ~-~                                             [7000]

Halo 2's multiplayer is a great aspect of the game. If single-player wasn't
exactly enough for you, spend the rest of Halo 2's days with your friends or
online with Xbox Live. You can use this section both for Split Screen games
or Xbox Live games. 

       7.1. Maps                                                      [7100]

------------ Lockout ----------------------------------------------------------

   The only "winter" map in Halo 2. For those that have that "snowy" 
   multiplayer map fetish, I regret to tell you that maps like Sidewinder 
   will not be included in Halo 2. The best of the winter maps is the first
   on the list. However, the fact that its completely made up of ramps, 
   hallways, and a center platform really makes it entirely different from
   the open and wide Sidewinder. 

   Lockout is preferred for smaller games. Games like Capture The Flag aren't
   really popular in this map due to the lack of open space. However, Lockout
   is nevertheless, a great map to try out if you are new to Halo 2 and Xbox
   Live. Each weapon is easy to find, and you should have little trouble 
   getting at least a few kills. 

   Stepping off the edge of ramps will usually send you tumbling down into the
   snowy abyss. However, Lockout is made up of platforms and ramps stacked 
   above each other. If you ever fall off, just hope that there will be 
   some random ramp below to save you. If not... oh well. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - The Covenant Energy Sword is located in a small alcove along one of 
          the hallways. Holding the Energy Sword can instantly give you a good
          advantage, but if you surprise your enemy by only whipping it out
          when you get close (use another weapon to move in), the kill is 
          almost guaranteed.
        - The Shotgun is located in the green area by the main jumper warp. 
          Camp this location and take advantage of the Shotgun whenever 
          possible. Rain shells down on passing victims.
        - The jumper warp will be one of the more crowded areas of bigger
          games. Occasionally, throwing a random grenade down might actually
          hit someone if not "accidentally" kill someone.
        - There aren't really too many good sniping points in the game. I'd
          suggest the Battle Rifle over the Sniper Rifle. 
        - Dual-wielding Magnums is great especially in the tiny corridors as
          your opponents have less room to react. Aim at the head for maximum
        - There are many hallways throughout this map and people like to camp
          in small alcoves and jump out with Energy Swords or dual-wielded
          SMGs. Try to stay in the center area and only venture to the hallways
          to pick up ammunition or to get the Energy Sword at beginning of

------------ Ascension --------------------------------------------------------

   Judging by the map's name, you can probably expect Ascension to be fairly
   high in the air. Ascension is a strange map in terms of geographic 
   appearance. Here you are, on a rocky platform extending miles above the
   ground. Apparently, you are fighting on a constructed platform above a 
   gigantic rock column. Stepping off the side accidentally will send you
   tumbling down.

   The only real vehicle you will see is a single Banshee on a platform. 
   Fly it around and you should eventually learn the level's hidden walls. If
   you master them, using the Banshee will be much more advantageous, although
   in my opinion, is useless.

   The only really difficult weapon to find might be the Rocket Launcher. You
   will have to look below from a side of the level and jump down for it. 
   There, you will pick up the Rocket Launcher and step into either a 
   teleporter or a jump warp. Either way, you can get yourself back to the 
   main platform... or you can simply camp the Rocket Launcher area and take
   down those that try to pick up the prize.

   The Sniper Rifle can reign supreme, and if Gun Turrets are set, the middle
   of the map will become a living hell. The lack of obstruction in the middle
   of Ascension makes it a prime target for snipers. Also, you can climb to
   the top of that weird spinning thingy in the middle, but I strongly suggest
   against it if you don't want to become easy meat for sharp eyes. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - Always be aware when someone takes the Banshee. You should usually
          hear the familiar roar of a Banshee starting up. If you have a 
          Rocket Launcher on you, lock on and use it. Because the Banshee is
          the only vehicle in this map, expect to be ganged up on. Then again,
          having the only vehicle in the map can still be advantageous... just
          not when an opponent has the Rocket Launcher.
        - If you are sniping, always keep one eye on the spinning-thing in the
          center of Ascension. At times, people might climb up there... 
          stupidly. Although you can, just don't.
        - When going for the Rocket Launcher, watch out for people hiding out
          there with Shotguns or dual-wielded Plasma Rifles. At the same time,
          you can perhaps rack up a few kills by camping there and waiting for
          the crowd.
        - Short-range weapons are useless when your enemy is 50 feet away. 
          The Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Rocket Launcher all work wonders
          for long-range attacks. 
        - Rockets are very useful for putting those pesky snipers out of 
        - Against Overshield whores, use the Plasma Pistol (it spawns right by
          the Overshield). A single overcharged shot can seriously wreak havoc
          even on those that bear Overshields. I'd suggest dual-wielding a 
          Plasma Pistol and SMG/Magnum combination. 
        - If you use the Banshee to get on top of that fork-like structure,
          you'll find yourself an amazing sniping spot. 

------------ Midship ----------------------------------------------------------

   Midship is actually one of the few "smaller" maps of Halo 2 that are 
   actually fun to play. The Covenant-esque atmosphere adds a great touch to
   a beautifully designed level. Weapons are strategically placed with a 
   Shotgun placed in the middle and the Energy Sword on the highest possible

   If there's a good weapon there, expect riots to get to it. People like to
   camp the Energy Sword area. In fact, because of the shaky platform, you can
   just pick up the Energy Sword and stay up there slicing down any enemies 
   that try to "take" your platform. The lack of any legitimate sniping spots
   (let alone a Sniper Rifle at all) makes it so that you don't have to watch
   your every step.

   Dual-wielding weapons work incredibly well in this map. The Covenant 
   Carbine and Battle Rifle become useless when up against a dual-wielding
   Plasma Rifle maniac running gun-ho at you in a small hallway. The center
   area is the largest open area so most of the fighting will be taking place
   there. The Shotgun is also apparent, so you can expect a few brawls for

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - If you are going for the Covenant Carbine/Battle Rifle, be sure to
          isolate yourself from the rest of combat. You can also work as a
          scavenger by picking off units with lowered shields. 
        - Hoarding the Energy Sword at the beginning of games would be a good
          idea. Keep it hidden from combat and only whip it out when you catch
          your enemy in a good position for a quick lunge.
        - Dual-wielding Plasma Rifles or Needlers is a good idea in this map.
          The lack of space especially in the narrow hallways makes it so that
          your opponent will have little place to run.
        - Spawn killing is always fun. Aim at an opponent while they are stuck
          with the single Plasma Rifle. While it is cheap, it isn't exactly
          cheating either so there's nothing wrong with it. 
        - Most combat in this map will be close range (with exceptions to 
          Covenant Carbine/Battle Rifle wielders) so there shouldn't be any
          snipers around (if you have the default weapon set). Close-range 
          weapons are of course, a good idea. The best man for the job, the
          M90 Shotgun. 
        - Because games start off with Plasma Grenades (default set), instead
          of shooting sometimes, you can just stick an opponent and run away
          like mad. Not only do you get an easy kill, but you also get a medal
          for "sticking" someone. Don't rely on Plasma Grenade kills however.

------------ Ivory Tower ------------------------------------------------------

   Urban in theme, Ivory Tower is one of the few multiplayer maps that 
   actually locate themselves to Earth (at least in terms of appearance). Halo
   fans finally got one thing that they wanted, a multiplayer map with an 
   urban appearance. The original Halo only had maps of Forerunner areas on
   the Halo with a few Covenant overtones. Well built, Ivory Tower is one of
   the smaller maps, but definitely a good one overall.

   Ivory Tower contains the two weapons for destruction, the Energy Sword and
   the Rocket Launcher. Both of these gems in terms of combat superiority can
   be located, but they are hidden behind waterfalls or waterways. Scattered
   throughout the map, but most apparent in the center are various Rocket
   Launcher ammunition as only one Rocket Launcher can be active in the game
   at one point. Likewise, only one Energy Sword can be active at one point.
   Therefore, if you are caught whipping either of those two out, expect to
   be rushed.

   Because of the compactness of the hallways and the open feel of the center
   area, both short-range weapons and long-range weapons can wreak havoc 
   depending on your position. Therefore, I'd suggest you hold both a Shotgun
   and Battle Rifle just to be ready for attack. However, getting those two
   weapons simultaneously without being killed can be a difficulty. Although 
   getting prepared for the worst is a good idea, don't sacrifice your life 
   when you could just be shooting back.

   The map itself is multi-leveled with an Overshield in the rear section on
   a sloped hallway. The Rocket Launcher is exactly one story higher than the
   Energy Sword in a small waterway. The Energy Sword below is just behind a
   waterfall. This set-up will disallow picking up both of these monstrosities
   simultaneously. Don't even try to fit yourself through that tiny drain hole
   either! If you could however, there would be instant access to the Energy
   Tips & Strategy ~
        - The upper and lower floors of Ivory Tower can be a doozy to really
          memorize in terms of the passageways in and out. However, there is  
          an elevator that you can ride up to all three levels indefinitely.
          The upper level holds the Sniper Rifle, the middle level holds the
          Rocket Launcher, and the lower level holds an Energy Sword. Expect
          crowds in all three for these invaluable weapons.
        - In the yellow-tinted hallways, there are small rooms that you can
          enter into. They all hold some Plasma Grenades and the Magnum so you
          should know which is which. If you have the Energy Sword, you can
          just hide out there and whip it out against passing foes. Be sure 
          not to move before you hit an enemy to avoid popping up a Motion
        - The "air-warps" scattered throughout the level can take a player to 
          various weapons. Pick up the Shotgun or Battle Rifle by riding up
          a certain one. This can be used to your advantage by camping on one
          of those platforms. If you crouch, you are mostly shrouded from a 
        - The three levels of Ivory Tower also provide strategic placement.
          If you are using the Sniper Rifle or some other long-range weapon,
          hop up to the upper level and pick off passing players. If you are
          holding more "assault"-esque weapons, stay along the lower levels.
        - The last story is under the middle level's floor so players on the
          upper level won't be able to see players on the lower level. 
        - If you have the Rocket Launcher, keep it hoarded. Only use it when
          you have a clear shot. When more ammunition is required, hide the
          Rocket Launcher and run through the center (where the ammo is 
          located) subtly. The less people know about your prize, the less of
          a problem you will have. 

------------ Beaver Creek -----------------------------------------------------

   Beaver Creek is one of two Halo map remakes. You may remember Beaver Creek
   originally as Battle Creek. The two maps are remarkably similar with 
   exactly the same base locations with a creek running down the middle. 
   Changes include a small revamp in the base layout along with removing the
   ladder leading up to the two ledges on either side of the map. Instead, 
   ramps are placed there.

   One powerup change is the Overshield. Instead of being near the two 
   teleporters, it can now be found where the Active Camo was located in the
   previous Halo. This difference counters those "Overshield" campers that 
   like to stick by teleporters to kill off any incoming foes. Being in the 
   middle of the map, careful planning will be required to take it and use it
   to the highest possible extent. 

   The Rocket Launcher is still in the same location along with being as 
   difficult as always to pick up. Once again, players will need to climb the
   strange rocky structure up to the top where the Rocket Launcher can be 
   located. However, due to the lack of fall damage, players won't need to 
   carefully make their way back down the bridge. Instead, they can just jump 
   off without fear of damage. 

   Most of the action will occur in the middle of the map during Slayer or
   King Of The Hill matches. If you are caught in the crossfire, rush the 
   Shotgun. At close range, it deals incredible damage and holds the capability
   for one-shot KOs if aimed and used correctly. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - As soon as you see someone pick up the Rocket Launcher, run away to
          either base. You won't do too well against a Rocket Launcher foe at
          medium range so wait for whoever is holding it to slowly progress to
          your position. Then jump out with guns blazing. The closeness of the
          range will most likely disallow your foe to use his prize and force
          him to switch off.
        - The Overshield is good, but don't rely on it too much. Camping in the
          middle of the map is a very stupid thing to do. Whenever you pass 
          by it, then pick it up. 
        - In larger CTF games, you can lure your opponents into traps by 
          using grenades. The small confinement the hallways provide will be
          perfect in catching foes with the blast. 
        - Bringing a Shotgun into the bases and camping in a corner will be
          sure to rack up a few kills. Don't move a lot so you don't appear 
          on other's motion sensors.
        - "Plasma Pistol + Battle Rifle" combos wreak havoc in this map. Charge
          up a shot from the Plasma Pistol to quickly take down an enemy's 
          shields. Then pop a quick headshot to put them out of commission.
          The Plasma Pistol is also a good Overshield-killer as it takes down
          an entire Overshield with a single overcharge. 

------------ Burial Mounds ----------------------------------------------------

   Burial Mounds surely wins out in terms of visuals. The sky is full of 
   lively clouds and the atmosphere provides a rich, orange glow. In the
   distance behind large and deadly rocks, meteors fly and touch down far
   away. The battlefield is made up of rocky pieces from the destroyed Halo. 
   Hidden within the walls are small hallways leading to big things.

   Because of the general "unevenness" of Burial Mounds, you probably won't
   find it too great of a map if looking to play CTF or Assault. Sure, Single
   Flag or Single Bomb gametypes work well, but there has been a noticeable
   flaw in the level design. Besides, the Rocket Launcher on a platform will
   almost always be rushed. Whoever owns the Rocket Launcher in this game 
   really owns their opponent. 

   Scattered on the sandy ground are various weapons ranging from the standard
   SMG or Plasma Rifle to Shotguns and Needlers. There are a few Ghosts and
   Warthogs around as well, but the bumpy landscape makes driving through them
   a treachery. A Warthog stuck on a rock is an easy target for snipers or
   rocket hogs so only use a vehicle when you have to.

   People hate this level for some reason. I personally don't find it to be
   pretty good, but definitely not the worst. Especially when compared to the
   worst level in my opinion (Foundation), Burial Mounds is actually pretty 
   fun in Slayer or Juggernaut matches.

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - No matter which gametype you play, controlling the Rocket Launcher
          will give you a major edge. Grab at the start of each game and 
          pull off a few kills before everyone else.
        - The Sniper Rifle is hidden in a hallway. You can choose to grab it,
          but not too many vantage points present themselves.
        - While playing, watch out for vehicle drivers. Ghosts are dangerous,
          but they can easily be caught by the hills or rocks scattered 
          around. Whenever you see a struggling Warthog climbing a hill, chuck 
          a grenade or two and finish them off.
        - There aren't too many places to camp, but the hallway that holds the
          Sniper Rifle is a good place to stick around when your shields are
        - Take advantage of the "niches" in the walls of this level. They make
          great cover. The rocks and pulsating things that are around can be
          good covers.
        - In the center-ish area of Burial Mounds is a group of wreckage 
          pieces that appear to make a rib-cage pattern. This is by far one
          of the better places to take your battles to. Lots of cover here 
          can aid you well. 

------------ Colossus ---------------------------------------------------------

   This is a map that is entirely indoors. Although it looks big, it really
   isn't too large. Colossus is made up of three floors. Each of them have 
   a conveyor belt system running through it transporting both full and empty
   tanks of gas. If you shoot the pulsating blue ones, they will explode and
   usually take out the shields of anyone standing beside one. 

   Down the middle is a very large jump warp. From the very bottom floor, you
   can hop up to the upper-most floor just by stepping into it. This is a 
   great way to transfer from one end to the other and is even more useful in
   Assault games. If you are smart, you would be using this jump to your 
   utmost advantage in any team game. 

   One thing that Colossus has that other levels don't is an almost impeccable
   sense of symmetry. Although it might not be completely dead-on straight, 
   it is much more symmetrical than, let's say, Coagulation? Even the standard
   weapon set is similar to say the least. If there is a Plasma Rifle in one
   location on one side, you can bet'cha that there will be another Plasma
   Rifle in the exact same location on the other side. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - As suggested, use the blue containers to your advantage by shooting
          them when enemies are near. A full explosion will usually be enough
          to knock shields out completely which will indefinitely make the job
          much easier for you.
        - The conveyor belt systems are all connected with the final belt on 
          the lower floor leading to a bottomless pit. Jump down there and you
          will fall to your doom. However, the hole in the upper two floors 
          that the conveyor belt leads into simply lead into the next. You can
          jump through these down to the lower level.
        - Colossus has a lot of "connections," so to speak. The second floor
          has two bridges connecting it and there are countless ramps leading
          up and down. Apart from just jumping over the side to the lower 
          floor, you can just walk down a quick ramp or fall through a 
          conveyor belt hole.

------------ Zanzibar ---------------------------------------------------------

   The Blood Gulch of Halo 2, Zanzibar has instantly risen from a simple 
   multiplayer map to one of the most widely played Halo 2 levels. Zanzibar's
   design is very effective and makes it fun in Capture the Flag, Assault 
   matches, and even modest Slayer games. 

   A defending team for Capture the Flag or Assault will have access to the 
   Rocket Launcher before the opposing team comes in. Turrets are optional 
   along the deck and can be used to throw off attacks and mow down opponents
   as they come. In larger games, tactical strategy will be required to break
   through an enemy's defense or to protect a base from attack on the outside.
   There really are no cheap areas to be exploited.

   The single Energy Sword is hidden in the large wheel-like structure 
   outside. It is located in a niche facing the open sea. One can easily take
   it down with a grenade or a well placed rocket. However, unless you are 
   taking it inside the structure to cut down unexpecting foes, the Energy 
   Sword won't really be too effective outside. The rocky wall that overlooks
   the water provides amazing vantage points for those Sniper Rifle users.

   Zanzibar is not shy with vehicles. Included are Warthogs and Ghosts along
   the shoreline. If included, a Scorpion can be placed at the base entrance
   to blow stuff up. Various Gun Turrets along the building deck or the run-
   down wall can be deadly if a player happens to wander into one's sight. 
   Tips & Strategy ~
        - If you are playing a team game on defense, have one of your allies
          take the Rocket Launcher. It plays a major role defending especially
          against vehicles and its ability to lock on.
        - When assaulting a base, try to take the upper route by riding the
          wheel-like structure up. If the Rocket Launcher is right there, you
          can pick that up while moving. Once at the top, you can simply look
          down and find a good time to just jump down and capture the flag or
          arm the bomb. 
        - Scorpions are incredibly cheap vehicles. However, you can easily 
          counter them with a rocket or a well placed Plasma Grenade. If none
          of those are available at the moment, don't even try to engage the
          Scorpion if it's in the hands of a good driver. 
        - The Ghost is a great vehicle, but try not to get it stuck in the
          building area.
        - When transporting a flag, try to have a Warthog parked outside with
          a driver so the flag carrier can make a quick getaway. As long as
          you escape the area, the flag is as good as yours. 
        - The gate-opener is on the upper level. However, if you are playing
          on defense, don't be stupid and open the gate to make things easier
          for your opposing team. Once the gate is open, it's impossible to
          close again until the next round. 

------------ Coagulation ------------------------------------------------------

   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Coagulation map
   included in Halo 2 is a full remake of the original Blood Gulch. Most of
   the map's elements are still included with two bases in the middle of a 
   box canyon. However, it doesn't have that "desert" feel anymore as more 
   green is added along with rocks jutting out in random locations. Also, the
   bases have been revamped from a two-floor base of operations to a three-
   floor monolith. 

   One of the biggest vehicle changes would probably be relocation of the
   Banshee. Instead of being on top of each base (Halo PC version), it can 
   now be found in the basement of both buildings. Exit would require a 
   driver to fly out of a large opening in the back of each base. The top of
   both buildings are similar to the original Halo. You will find a Battle
   Rifle and a Sniper Rifle atop. 

   Apart from the Banshee, there are Warthogs and Ghosts as well. A Scorpion
   can be located beside each base. Because of Coagulation's open middle
   section, lots of vehicle combat can be expected throughout. Luckily, there
   are some Rocket Launchers hanging around of which you can use against 
   those pesky Scorpions. Even better, sending a rocket against an escaping
   Warthog (that has probably collected your flag) and blowing the utter crap
   out of it is still as fun as always. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - There are various sniping points, but the best would definitely be
          the Sniper Rock that can be found on the side of one of the bases.
          It's easy to notice as it looks like a stick jutting out of the 
          wall (talk about outta place). One can easily get up there with a 
          Banshee, but it is also possible to reach it through a Ghost or a 
          Spectre. You just need to use the boost.
        - The Overshield can be found in a cave inside a small puddle. The
          tunnels, as I said, have been revamped to include more stuff. Along
          the way, you might find a Brute Shot lying around... And we all know
          how much fun those things are!
        - A Rocket Launcher is the definitive anti-tank weapon. If you see a 
          player getting into one, send a rocket their way to quickly put
          that one out of commission.
        - If you need to get a few kills, take your Sniper Rifle and head over
          to one of the ledges of tunnels along the side of the level. The
          added rocks provide cover. Since most of the combat occurs in the
          middle of the map, aim your barrel in that direction and try to pick
          off some unexpecting victims. 
        - A Banshee is a good vehicle to use but while flying, remember to 
          watch out for incoming rockets. Banshees are favored by Rocket
          Launcher wielders. If you are locked, quickly fly away and do some
          aerial tricks while you're at it. 

------------ Headlong ---------------------------------------------------------

   Headlong is a well-sized map that locates itself to New Mombasa. As a big
   city, you can expect some pretty big buildings. That's partially true as
   both bases are inside large buildings. Headlong is pretty wrecked however.
   Roads are split and crashed vehicles line the streets. In fact, near the
   center is a large ramp composed of two broken roads. With a Warthog, one
   can perform some pretty nice stunts on it.

   This area of New Mombasa definitely has a few vehicles. At one end of the
   map are two Warthogs placed side by side. At the other end, a Banshee plus
   two Ghosts appear. Having control of the Banshee will allow a player to 
   fly to whatever building he'd like. Considering the amount of stair 
   climbing required to get to and fro up a building, a Banshee would be very
   helpful in cutting the time in half. Even so, the Banshee still makes a 
   great weapon.

   There are two Rocket Launchers in Headlong. One is at one end on a small
   incline and the other is at the other end. You will find SMGs, Plasma 
   Rifles, and Needlers littering the floors of each building. On the upper
   levels, you can find Beam Rifles and Covenant Carbines to rain fire down
   on your opponents below. Most games here can easily be won by just rushing
   an enemy's base. If you can take advantage of the Banshee first, the game 
   is usually yours.

   If you ever have the time, explore Headlong. You will find a bunch of signs
   around. Most noticeably, the "Hog" advertisement which is very interesting
   to read. 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - Gain superiority of the Banshee. However, while flying, watch out
          for Rocket Launchers down below. A rocket creeping at you from 
          behind can be difficult to avoid. If you know that you're being  
          locked on, fly your Banshee around buildings and try to get the
          rocket to crash into some wall.
        - Especially if your team has control of the two Warthogs, rushing an
          enemy base with two full Warthogs plus wielding a Rocket Launcher or
          two can easily break through defenses. 
        - The Overshield is located by the strange structure right by the 
          coastline. The team closest to it should immediately pick it up
          at starting points in games.
        - The tops of the buildings make for amazing sniping vantage points
          with the Beam Rifle or Sniper Rifle. Banshee hunters can stick 
          around in those high places and send rockets at an unsuspecting 
          Banshee flying up there.
        - Don't fall off the edge into the water with a vehicle. Because it
          won't get destroyed (most likely) and stay stuck down there, the
          vehicle respawn time will take almost forever.
        - Camp by the stairs in the buildings. Fragmentation Grenades work
          very well when thrown at players ascending stairs. It's very 
          difficult to escape dual-wielding SMGs after getting struck by a 
          Frag Grenade. 

------------ Waterworks -------------------------------------------------------

   Waterworks is a very large level with vehicles galore. To add to the 
   Ghosts and Warthogs, Waterworks also holds the Wraith tank along with a 
   Banshee on the upper deck of each base. The two bases are separated by a 
   large structure in the middle. To get from one base to the other, players
   must either go through this structure or take a pathway.

   The structure and the pathway connecting the two bases both have their 
   advantages. The large building has an Energy Sword that can be obtained
   after climbing a ladder. The decks can be good sniping points if used 
   correctly. The pathway that is closer to the blue base has a Rocket    
   Launcher sitting right there. Blue base players should always grab it
   before the reds do.
   Waterworks is one of the few maps where infantry rushes can work depending
   on the size of the game. One can easily send players through the tunnel  
   and into each base. However, Warthog rushes still work as good as ever. 
   I have found the the Wraith is best left to defend both bases. The Banshee 
   on each deck can also be used for rushes and can help counter Wraith 

   Tips & Strategy ~
        - Each base has vehicles for a reason. Send a fully packed Warthog in
          while using the two Ghosts as diversions. When your opponent is 
          busy taking out the Ghosts, send in a Warthog quickly plus a Banshee
          to provide air support. If you organize your offensives well enough,
          you can easily take down an enemy team.
        - The Rocket Launchers plays a big role for infantry rushers. Pick it
          up if you possibly can before taking the fight inside bases. Take
          advantage of small rooms by launching a rocket right into it.
        - The Energy Sword is really only useful when inside the bases. For
          the game, suggest keeping it hidden until you can actually make use
          of it. A base defender in CTF or Assault can really benefit by 
          holding an Energy Sword.
        - Because of the Wraith's large girth, try to keep it as a base 
          defender. If you are in a Wraith, beware of Rocket Launchers flying
        - You can find many sniper locations in Waterworks. One of the best  
          is on the seismic apparatus where you can find a bridge between the
          two bases. Get a Banshee up there and use it as an incredible
          sniping spot. 

       7.2. Gametypes                                                 [7200]

When creating gametypes, the following options are available to you 

          Match Options
          [ ] Number of Rounds -- A game can end after a single round, after
              a fixed number of rounds, or only after someone wins a number of 
          [ ] Score to Win Round -- Earn points by killing or doing something. 
              A way of earning points is different for each type. 
          [ ] Round Time Limit -- A round can be set to end after a set 
              amount of time has elapsed. Use this to prevent games from 
              lasting too long. 
          [ ] Rounds Reset Map -- A new round can either keep the map in its
              destroyed state from the previous round or reset it to its 
              original pristine state.
          [ ] Resolve Ties -- When resolves ties is off a game can end in a 
              tie. When it is on a winner will be chosen based on secondary 
              winning conditions. 

          Player Options
          [ ] Max Active Players -- This setting controls how many players are
              active in the game at once. In non-team games this is total 
              players, in team games players per team. All other players must
              wait their turn as active players.
          [ ] Lives Per Round -- The Lives Per Round setting determines how 
              many chances you'll have in the game. Once you're out of lives 
              you no longer respawn.
          [ ] Respawn Time -- Respawn Time controls the amount of time that a 
              dead player must wait before getting another chance at life. 
          [ ] Suicide Penalty -- When you kill yourself you will have to wait
              the time specified for Suicide Penalty in addition to any other 
              wait time before you respawn.
          [ ] Shield Type -- Shield Type determines whether players have
              energy shields, and if so whether they're normal strength or 
          [ ] Motion Sensor -- When the Motion Sensor is turned off, it no
              longer detects or indicates movement.
          [ ] Active Camo -- When Active Camo is on all players will be 
              invisible. Firing a weapon or taking damage makes you 
              temporarily visible again.
          [ ] Extra Damage -- When Extra Damage is on, all players will 
              inflict more damage than normal. 
          [ ] Damage Resistance -- When Damage Resistance is on everyone will
              be tougher than normal. 

          Team Options
          [ ] Team Play -- This setting determines whether this is a team game
              or a free-for-all. The maximum number of teams for this game is 
              determined by the map.
          [ ] Team Scoring -- A team's score can be the sum of all its member's
              scores, the score of its lowest player [minimum], or the score 
              of its highest player [maximum]. 
          [ ] Team Changing -- When Team Changing is on players are allowed to
              change teams while the game is in progress.
          [ ] Friendly Fire -- Unwary players can injure or even kill 
              teammates. Friendly Fire can be turned off so that teammates 
              cannot be directly damaged by each other.
          [ ] Respawn Time Modifier -- This setting determines whether players
              inherit dead teammate respawn time [inheritance], respawn 
              together at fixed intervals [cycling], or respawn at a set 
              amount of time after they die [none].
          [ ] Betrayal Penalty -- This setting determines an additional amount
              of time a team killer will have to wait before respawning.
          [ ] Force Even Teams -- When Force Even Teams is on each team will
              only have as many active players as the team with the fewest 
              players. All other team members must wait their turn to spawn. 

          Vehicle Options
          [ ] Vehicle Respawn Time -- Vehicle Respawn Time determines how 
              quickly dead vehicles come back to life. Times are relative to
              the default settings for the map.
          [ ] Primary Light Vehicle -- This setting allows you to override the
              map-specific primary light land vehicle with a vehicle of your 
          [ ] Secondary Light Vehicle -- This setting allows you to override 
              the map-specific secondary light land vehicle with a vehicle of 
              your choosing.
          [ ] Primary Heavy Vehicle -- This setting allows you to override the
              map-specific primary heavy land vehicle with a vehicle of your 
          [ ] Banshee -- This setting allows you to specify whether Banshees
              appear on the map that supports them.
          [ ] Primary Turret -- This setting allows you to override the map-
              specific primary turret with a turret of your choosing.
          [ ] Secondary Turret -- This setting allows you to override the map-
              specific secondary turret with a turret of your choosing.

          Equipment Options
          [ ] Starting Weapon -- This setting determines which primary weapon
              players start the game and respawn with.
          [ ] Secondary Weapon -- This setting determines which backup weapon
              players start the game and respawn with. A backup weapon is 
          [ ] Starting Grenades -- When this setting is on players will start
              the game and respawn with grenades.
          [ ] Weapons On Map -- This setting determines the set of weapons 
              that is available on the map. Weapons on map can also be turned 
              off entirely.
          [ ] Weapon Respawn Time -- Weapon Respawn time determines how much
              time it takes to respawn weapons. Times are relative to the 
              default settings for the map. 
          [ ] Grenades On Map -- If Grenades On Map is turned off there will
              be no grenades available for pickup on the map.
          [ ] Overshields -- This setting controls whether or not the 
              Overshield powerup is available on the map.
          [ ] Active Camouflage -- This setting controls whether or not the
              Active Camouflage power is available on the map. 

The gametype-only options will be listed along with the gametype. Pre-set
games will also be listed along with them. 


     Slayer ~
          Kill as many of your opponents as you can. The player with the most
          points wins.

          Here's your classic deathmatch... with a few twists. Not only can 
          you just play a regular free-for-all between as many players as you
          choose, but Halo 2 also allows you to play with teams or rounds. 
          Likewise, you can change the weapon set to make an all-Swords game
          or something similar. 

          Although simple deathmatches of free-for-all or classic teams may
          be fun, you may choose to broaden the Slayer aspect by adding 
          rounds. Tournament-esque games can be created by giving each 
          player one life per round. The winner of that match can move up 
          a tier and the loser gives up their controller, etc.

          Slayers with Rocket Launchers or Swords can be very chaotic. 
          Likewise, making everyone invisible can be even more fun. Vary
          your settings to get the best out of this FPS classic. 

          Slayer Options  
          [ ] Bonus Points -- When Bonus Points are enabled players earn 
              additional points for notable achievements like double kills and 
              killing sprees.
          [ ] Suicide Point Loss -- When Suicide Point Loss is enabled a 
              player will lose a point for committing suicide.
          [ ] Death Point Loss -- When Death Point Loss is enabled a player
              that dies will lose a point. Careful, this can lengthen games 

          Preset Games 
               Slayer -- Prepare for a classic Slayer duel to the death. 25
               points to win.

               Team Slayer -- Take on a small team of enemies in a straight
               Slayer throw down. 50 points to win.

               Rockets -- Get ready for an explosive game of Rockets. All
               Rocket Launchers, no motion sensor. 25 points to win.

               Swords -- Sharpen your Energy Sword and power up your 
               overshields. 25 points wins this game.

               Snipers -- Steady your shot and aim high. All weapons are 
               Sniper Rifles and there's no motion sensor. 15 points wins.

               Phantoms -- Everyone has active camo, so watch your back. 15
               points wins this game.

               Team Phantoms -- Everyone has active camo and you can organize
               into up to 8 teams. First team to 25 points wins.

               Elimination -- You have one life per round. The last player
               standing wins a round. First to win 3 rounds wins the game.

               Phantom Elim -- You have just one life and everyone is 
               invisible. Last player standing wins a round. First to win 3 
               rounds takes the cake. 

     King of the Hill ~
          Gain control of the hill to earn time. Keep your opponent off and
          earn the most time to win.
          This standard Halo variant is just as fun as the original. Players
          will do their best to run to the hill and keep it for themselves.
          To add even more to the chaos, you can try a "moving hill" or make
          the weapon set full of Rocket Launchers.

          Before you challenge the hill, try to get some good weapons. When
          you are on it, just remember that you are most likely the center
          of attention. Bring some good weapons up there and defend your

          King of the Hill Options  
          [ ] Uncontested Hill -- When Uncontested Hill is on you can only
              earn time on the hill when there are no enemies contesting it.
          [ ] Moving Hill -- When Moving Hill is on the hill will change to
              to a new random location at the set interval.
          [ ] Team Time Multiplier -- When Team Time Multiplier is on you
              will earn time faster when you have more teammates on the hill. 
          [ ] Extra Damage -- When Extra Damage is on a player on the hill 
              will be more powerful than other players.
          [ ] Damage Resistance -- When Damage Resistance is on a player on
              the hill will be tougher than normal.
          [ ] Active Camo On Hill -- When this setting is enabled a player
              standing on the hill will have active camouflage. 

          Preset Games 
               King -- Stay on the hill for a total of 2 minutes to win the
               game. Hill does not move.

               Team King -- Your team must take the hill and control it 
               uncontested for 1 minute to win. Hill does not move.

               Phantom King -- Control the hill uncontested to earn time. 
               Everyone has active camouflage and the hill oes not move. 1 
               minute wins.

               Crazy King -- The hill moves once a minute. Be the first to
               earn 2 minutes on it to take the crown.

               Team Crazy King -- Your team must earn just 1 minute uncontested
               on the moving hill to take the crown. 

     Oddball ~
          Find the ball and hold on to it to earn time. The player with the
          most time wins. 

          Here's another classic Halo gametype. It's a bit strange to say the
          least. The object of the game is usually to hold the ball (basically
          a skull) for a set amount of time. By adding rounds or making teams,
          you can make the game even more outrageous. Even so, smacking someone
          down with a skull is always as fun. 
          Oddball Options 
          [ ] Ball Count -- This setting controls the number of balls in the
              game. More balls equals more chaos, but that's not always a good 
          [ ] Ball Hit Damage -- The ball is a weapon. This setting determines
              whether melee attacking someone with it hurts a little or a lot.
          [ ] Speed With Ball -- This setting determines the speed that a ball
              carrier moves in relation to other players.
          [ ] Toughness With Ball -- When Toughness With Ball is On a player
              carrying a ball will be tougher than normal.
          [ ] Active Camo With Ball -- This setting determines whether a ball
              carrier can be seen by other players.
          [ ] Vehicle Operation -- If Vehicle Operation is off a player 
              carrying a ball cannot drive vehicles or operate stationary or 
              vehicle-mounted guns.
          [ ] Ball Indicator -- This setting controls if and when you see an 
              indicator revealing the location of the ball. 

          Preset Games 
               Oddball -- Get ready for a classic game of free-for-all 
               Oddball. Hold the ball for 2 minutes to win. 

               Rocketball -- This game of Oddball with nothing but rocket
               launchers is a real blast. Control the ball for 1 minute to 

               Swordball -- Tense rounds with swords and no motion sensor.
               Own the ball for 30 seconds to win a round. First to 3 wins.

               Team Ball -- Up to 8 teams can go head to head in this game of
               team Oddball. First team with 2 minutes ball control wins.

               Low Ball -- Team Oddball with a twist. Everyone on your team
               must hold the ball for at least 30 seconds to win.

               Fiesta -- An odd game of ball with random weapons. Earn 2 
               minutes ball control time to win. 

     Juggernaut ~
          Work together to take down the Juggernaut. Beware, you kill the
          Juggernaut, you become the Juggernaut, and only the Juggernaut
          can win.

          Here's a game which goes back and forth a lot. Players that kill the
          Juggernaut are awarded with being the Juggernaut, but then everyone
          will go after that player. The Juggernaut is then required to kill
          as many as that player can before going down. It's a fast-paced 
          game to say the least.

          While playing this gametype, expect a lot of action and a whole 
          lot of ganging up on each other. As a Juggernaut, the best word of 
          advice I can give would be to KILL EVERYONE YOU SEE. 

          Juggernaut Options 
          [ ] Betrayal Point Loss -- All players that are not the Juggernaut
              are considered teammates. When this option is on betraying a 
              teammate results in losing a point.
          [ ] Juggernaut Extra Damage -- When Extra Damage is on the 
              Juggernaut's weapons do more damage than normal.
          [ ] Juggernaut Infinite Ammo -- When Infinite Ammo is on the 
              Juggernaut will never run out of ammunition.
          [ ] Juggernaut Overshield -- When Overshield is on the Juggernaut
              has recharging extra powerful shields. This setting overrides
              the Player Shields setting.
          [ ] Juggernaut Active Camo -- When this optino is on the Juggernaut
              has Active Camo. This setting overrides the Player Active Camo
          [ ] Juggernaut Motion Sensor -- This setting controls whether or not
              the Juggernaut has a motion sensor. It overrides the Player 
              Motion Sensor setting.
          [ ] Juggernaut Movement -- The Juggernaut Movement setting determines
              the Juggernaut's speed relative to the other players in the 
          [ ] Juggernaut Damage Resistance -- When this option is on the 
              Juggernaut is extra tough. This setting overrides the Player
              Damage Resistance setting.

          Preset Games 
               2 on 1 -- One player is the Juggernaut, the other 2 are 
               teammates. Only the Juggernaut can score and 10 points wins
               the game.

               3 on 1 -- One player is the Juggernaut while 3 others are
               teammates. Earn 10 points as the Juggernaut to win the game.

               Ninjanaut -- The Juggernaut has active camo and a motion 
               sensor. You don't, so work together to corner him and take him
               out. 10 points wins. 

               Phantom Fodder -- You're invisible but you have no motion 
               sensor. You're being hunted, so watch out! 3 rounds wins, 5 
               points wins a round.

               Dreadnaut -- The Dreadnaut is an unstoppable beast. Fear him
               but work together to take him out. 20 kills as the Juggernaut
               wins the game. 

     Capture the Flag ~
          Invade your opponent's stronghold, heist their flag, and bring it 
          back to your base to score.

          A very popular choice in many shooter other than Halo. Basically, 
          you have two teams against each other. Each team has their own flag
          of which they must protect. Capture the Flag in Halo 2 can be set
          so two teams are both going for each other's flag or matches that
          work with one team defending and the other team on the offensive.

          There are many possibilities you can use here. Add rounds or use
          outrageous weapon sets to increase the fun.

          Capture the Flag Options
          [ ] Flag Type -- In Single Flag there is only one defending team. In
              Flag Per Team each team has a flag and must play offense and 
              defense at the same time. In Neutral flag there is a single 
              flag that any team can capture.
          [ ] Sudden Death -- When Sudden Death is enabled a round will not 
              end while a flag is being carried or contested. This can lead to
              exciting final moments.
          [ ] Flag At Home To Score -- When Flag At Home To Score is enabled
              you cannot score a point unless your flag is safely on its flag
          [ ] Flag Touch Return -- When Flag Touch Return is enabled you may
              return your flag to the base by touching it.
          [ ] Flag Reset Time -- The time that must elapse before a dropped 
              flag returns home. An enemy near a flag pauses this timer, an 
              enemy picking it up resets it.
          [ ] Slow With Flag -- When Slow With Flag is on the flag carrier
              moves at a slower pace than other players. 
          [ ] Flag Hit Damage -- The flag pole is a weapon. Flag Hit Damage
              determines whether a melee attack with the flag hurts just a 
              little or is deadly.
          [ ] Damage Resistance -- When Damage Resistance is on a player 
              carrying a flag is tougher than normal.
          [ ] Active Camo -- When Active Camo is on a player carrying a flag
              is invisible. 
          [ ] Vehicle Operation -- If Vehicle Operation is disabled a player
              carrying a flag cannot drive vehicles or operate stationary or
              vehicle mounted guns.
          [ ] Flag Indicator -- Determines if and when you have an indicator
              showing the location of your flag.

          Preset Games 
               Multi Flag CTF -- Defend your flag while launching a coordinated
               attack on your enemy's flag. 3 captures to win.

               CTF Classic -- Defend your flag while capturing the enemy's. 
               3 points to win, flag must be home to score, flag may be 

               1 Flag CTF -- Take turns on offense/defense. A capture wins a 
               round. Flag may not be returned. Rounds last 3 minutes. First 
               to 3 wins.

               1 Flag CTF Fast -- Intense 2 minute rounds of alternating 
               offense/defense. A capture wins a round. Flag may not be 
               returned. First 3 wins. 

     Assault ~
          Carry your bomb into the enemy base and arm it. Once armed, drop it
          on the enemy bomb post to score.

          Here's a new gametype that is both fun and fast. Assault is really
          something you might see out of CounterStrike rather than Halo 2.
          Your objective is to carry a bomb into an enemy base while your 
          opponent does the same. Once you arm it, run like hell before the
          thing blows up. Much of the time, the armer blows up with it. But
          hey! It's still a point. 

          Assault Options 
          [ ] Bomb Type -- In Single Bomb there is only one defending team. 
              In Bomb Per Team each team has a bomb and must play offense and
              defense at the same time. In Neutral Bomb there is a single bomb
              that any team may use.
          [ ] Enemy Bomb Indicator -- Determines if and when defenders have an
              indicator showing the location of an enemy bomb.
          [ ] Sudden Death -- When Sudden Death is enabled a round will not 
              end while a bomb is being carried or contested. This can lead to
              tense final moments.
          [ ] Bomb Touch Return -- When Bomb Touch Return is on you may reset
              an enemy bomb to its original location by touching it.
          [ ] Bomb Reset Time -- The time that must elapse before a dropped 
              bomb resets to its original location. Getting close to your bomb
              freezes this time, picking it up resets it.
          [ ] Bomb Arm Time -- The time it takes to arm the bomb after you've
              carried it inside the arming zone near the enemy bomb post.
          [ ] Sticky Arming -- When Sticky Arming is on you can pick up a 
              partially armed bomb and resume arming it where someone else 
              left off.
          [ ] Slow With Bomb -- When Slow With Bomb is on the bomb carrier 
              moves at a slower pace than other players.
          [ ] Bomb Hit Damage -- The Bomb is a weapon. Bomb Hit Damage 
              determines whether a melee attack with the bomb hurts just a 
              little or is deadly.
          [ ] Damage Resistance -- When Damage Resistance is on a player 
              carrying a bomb is tougher than normal.
          [ ] Active Camo -- If Vehicle Operation is off a player carrying a 
              bomb cannot drive vehicles or operate stationary or vehicle-
              mounted guns.

          Preset Games 
               Multi Bomb -- Defend your base while trying to deliver your 
               bomb into the enemy's base. 3 successful bombings win.
               Single Bomb -- Take turns on offense/defense. A successful 
               bombing wins a round. First to 3 wins. No bomb return. Rounds
               last 3 minutes.

               Single Bomb Fast -- Intense 2 minute rounds of offense/defense.
               A successful bombing wins a round. Bomb may not be returned.
               First to 3 wins.

               Neutral Bomb -- There's just one bomb that starts in the middle.
               Use it to bomb the enemy base 3 times to win.

               Blast Resort -- You have just 1 life and no motion sensor in 
               this single bomb game. 10 seconds arming, 3 minute rounds, 
               first to 3 wins. 

     Territories ~
          Find and control territories on the map. The more territories you
          control, the faster you earn time.

          Territories is similar to King of the Hill, except it uses multiple
          territories which you can capture and hold. Your opponents have the
          ability to contest your territories and re-capture them. The more 
          available territories, the faster your time meter goes up. Win with
          more time.

          Territories Options
          [ ] Territory Count -- This setting determines the maximum number of
              territories on the map. Note: Not all maps have this many 
          [ ] Contest Time -- Territory Contest Time determines the amount of
              time it takes to undo someone else's control of a territory.
          [ ] Control Time -- Territory Control Time determines how long it
              takes to gain control of a neutral territory. Enemy territories
              must first be contested, then controlled.
          Preset Games 
               3 Plots -- There are just 3 territories. Earn 3 minutes control
               time before your opponents by owning a majority of them.
               Land Grab -- Own a majority of territories to earn 5 minutes 
               control time before your opponents.
               Gold Rush -- Grab your pistol and load your shotgun! 2 minutes
               wins a round. Rounds last 3 minutes. First to 3 rounds wins.
               Control Issues -- Bring out the big guns to fight for control 
               of just 2 territories. Everyone has overshields, 5 minutes 
               control time wins.

               Contention -- There's just one territory on the map. Work with
               your team to control it for two minutes to win. 

       7.3. Look & Feel                                               [7300]

When creating a Player Profile, you have access to all of the following 

     Controls ~
          This section allows you to change your controller settings including
          look inversion and all that jazz. Pick the settings that suit you
          the best and provide the greatest control. Everyone is different so
          don't think there's some sort of "definitive" setting.
     Appearance ~
          This is a fun thing that has been revamped with Halo 2. Now instead
          of just being able to choose your colors, you have the option to 
          choose insignias and logos. Also, secondary colors are available to
          make your character as outrageous looking as possible.

     Voice Output ~
          During Xbox Live, you will be using a headset to talk with the rest
          of the gamers. Set your Voice Output settings here.

     Voice Masking ~
          This is for Xbox Live users exclusively. Choose to mask your voice
          to other players or not.

     Online Status ~
          This option allows you to toggle in-between appearing not signed on
          or appearing signed on.
     Subtitles ~
          Subtitles are only used in the campaign and cooperative mode. 
          During cutscenes, you will see them at the bottom if you choose to
          turn this option on. 

   ~-~ 8. Miscellaneous ~-~                                           [8000]

All the stuff that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else can be found here. Have 
fun. For a separate file that is written by Scooter McDue and me, check

       8.1. Easter Eggs/Glitches/Tricks                               [8100]

     Conveyor Belt Problem ~
          In the multiplayer map Colossus, if you get killed on the conveyor
          belt system, you will begin to move along with it. However, the
          conveyor belt moves faster than your body does. That's quite an 
          interesting glitch right there. 

     The Hippo ~
          When Halo: CE was still the big thing, Bungie set some Halo hunters
          out on a treasure hunt. The objective: find a Hippo. Well, people 
          did manage to find the Hippo on the shotgun shell. In Halo 2, you 
          can find the same Hippo. First, head to Headlong and find a yellow-
          tinted inside a building. It has a few designs on it. The panels
          will have all Hippos. Also in the panels are CDS-MA9 along with 
          a phrase, "PART OF THE SOLUTION." Very strange indeed. 

     Floating Warthog ~
          In the level Delta Halo, when you have to bring down that bridge to
          cross the chasm, you can have some fun with a Warthog. First of all,
          try to take out that pesky Wraith on the other side. Then, park your
          Warthog right where the bridge will lower, although not on the 
          actual bridge "area." When you lower the bridge, the Warthog will
          get scrunched up, but won't actually move. When the bridge lowers
          all the way, you will find the Warthog floating. 

     Blink If You Can Hear Me ~
          On the level Outskirts, you start off the level groggy and Cortana
          usually says something to wake you up which is different for every
          difficulty. On Easy difficulty, she says something along the lines 
          of "You all right, Chief?" On Normal difficulty, she says "Hey, wake
          up." On Heroic difficulty, she asks "Talk to me, do I start CPR?
          What's going on." And finally on Legendary difficulty, she says
          "Blink if you can hear me." 

     Giant MC ~
          Go to Burial Mounds with at least two players and some sort of 
          vehicle. You know the lava rock thingy, next to the Ghost and 
          plasma pistol? Go there. Have one player stand with his back against 
          it, and the other player crushes him with a vehicle. This can have 
          some strange results:
             a) The player dies
             b) The player is shot straight into the air. Fun, but not the 
             c) The player gets shot out to the side. See b)
             d) The player dies, and his body flies into the rock and through 
             the level

          For b) and c), this can be the result of having an overshield. You 
          want the player to die, so feel free to put on very little health. 
          If you get a) but not d), try again.

          If you achive result d), hopefully the glitch will work. It should 
          cause a giant hologram of Master Chief and/or his weapons to appear 
          in the sky. If it doesn't work, try making sure the weapons were 
          also pushed through the level.

       8.2. Skulls                                                    [8200]

I separated the Skulls from the main easter eggs section as it really is a 
very broad subject. Thanks goes out to UltimateGamer5000 for providing the 

     Unknown Skull ~
          Level: Armory
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: After the marine in the armory tests your shields and 
                       Johnsons comes, just wait. Johnson will say different 
                       things, wanting you to get in. After he says, "Would it 
                       help if I said please?" get in the elevator. While on 
                       the tram seat, move forward so you're touching the 
                       window facing Earth. Hold X. After you pass a pile of 
                       crates, which the skull is on, you will have picked up 
                       the skull.

          Effect: This skull will cause the Covenant to know your location, 
                  even when you have active camo.

     Thunderstorm Skull ~
          Level: Cairo Station
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: After you take out the second room of Covenant boarding 
                       the ship, the new chapter, "Priority Shift" will appear
                       at the bottom. Shortly after this you will go to the 
                       armory where you will have to take out a couple of 
                       Elites. The next room is "Commons B.01" ( a large room 
                       with trees and a window at the end on the second floor
                       that has a Plasma Turret. The skull is on the highest 
                       ledge behind you, above the doorway where you enter 
                       this room. Take out all the baddies and proceed to the 
                       window with the turret. jump to the left onto the ledge 
                       from the window. you will notice several diagonal 
                       supports that lead up to two thin rails that run the 
                       length of the room. Make a well timed jump/duck from one
                       of the diagonal beams to the rails. Follow the rails 
                       all the way to the other end of the room and you will 
                       see a ledge on the left with a trashcan. In between the 
                       trashcan and the wall is another cigar! Knock over the 
                       trashcan to reveal the "Thunderstorm" skull. 

          Effect: This skull will make all Grunts and Elites into Spec-Ops.  
                  It will give all Jackals their orange shields, and all the 
                  Flood will have shields.

     Blind Mode ~
          Level: Outskirts
          Difficulty: Any Difficulty
          Description: Right when you start out the level, after your vision 
                       clears, head into the door straight ahead. If you 
                       look up, you'll see a rectangular light right across 
                       from you. Using the crouch jump, jump up and then 
                       crouch jump up to the roof to your left. When you get
                       out, turn left and you'll see a long, dark hallway.  
                       Go down and you will see a skull, some grenades, and a 
                       camera. Pick up the skull by holding X. Once you pick 
                       it up, your screen will flash and the word "Blind" will
                       appear in the corner of the screen.

          Effect: This skull will cause your HUD and weapons to become 
                  invisible. Your flashlight will also not work. The camera 
                  right behind the skull might possibly indicate that this 
                  skull is used to take screenshots or something. It is also  
                  heard that it might mean "Search 4 Skulls" because of the 
                  camera thing being what the Marines use to scout ahead, the 
                  four grenades, and the skull.

     I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull ~
          Level: Outskirts
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: Get 7 checkpoints and make sure Sarge gets in the 
                       Pelican. Get on top of the level one way or another 
                       and after the part where there are millions of snipers, 
                       there will be two balconies opposite each other with 
                       laundry hanging on them. In the righthand one, there 
                       will be a Sniper Rifle, ammo, and a pool of blood.  
                       When you pick it up you are teleported to ground level 
                       and have to face off 6 waves of Elites, they go like 1  
                       Elite, then 2 Elites, 3 Elites, 4 Elites, 5 Elites, and
                       finally 6 Elites, when you kill all of them the skull 
                       will take effect and it will say "I Would Have Been 
                       Your Daddy."

          Effect: Effect is still unknown. Occasionally, the skull doesn't
                  even appear at all. 

     Catch Skull ~
          Level: Metropolis
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: When you come to the Large semi-domed area with the 
                       Scarab in the background and the 8-10 snipers, go to 
                       the middle of the area and grenade jump and walk up the 
                       big structure to where the two towers connect. go to
                       the left tower and walk around it. you will find a 
                       skull at the end of the walkway.

          Effect: This skull will cause your enemies to throw many more 
                  grenades as well as dropping more upon dying.

     Grunts Birthday Party Mode ~
          Level: The Arbiter
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: Progress normally untill you reach the Banshees. As 
                       soon as you are in one, fly straight down to the 
                       bottom of the station. You will see 3 massive 
                       cylindrical thrusters. Fly down to the middle one and 
                       circle the upper portion of the cylinder until you see 
                       some Grunts dancing in a circle. The Grunts are in an 
                       area where the cylinder connects to the horizontal 
                       support beam so they are somewhat hidden under the 
                       support. Once found land near the Grunts and pick up 
                       the GBP Skull.

          Effect: This skull causes every enemy that you headshot with a 
                  projectile weapon (exp. Magnum, BR, SR) they will explode 
                  like a grenade, damaging everything around them.

     Famine Skull ~
          Level: Oracle 
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: After you've killed your first few Flood, you'll come 
                       to a room where there is breakable glass separating you
                       from a battle between the Flood and the Heretics. You 
                       have to go down there to continue through the level, 
                       as after a set amount of Flood are killed here, the 
                       Heretics open a door so you can continue. Then, if you 
                       stay at the bottom floor of the "glass room" and stand 
                       on the lower part of the pillars that hold the glass on 
                       the second floor, and shoot the glass, you can crouch 
                       jump up to the OPPOSITE side that you first entered the 
                       room. Up here, there is the skull, surrounded by four
                       mutating Flood.

          Effect: This skull causes all preset weapons that are picked up to 
                  start at half ammo, like the ones that fall from the sky in 
                  those pods.

     Envy Mode ~
          Level: Delta Halo
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: Progress until you reach the area during the "Push 
                       through the Covenant held ruins" where you have to 
                       clear a landing zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. 
                       You'll know you are in the right area when Cortana 
                       tells you, "They're pouring out of the center 
                       building." That area has Plasma Turrets along its 
                       borders. A little bit after the left side Turret you 
                       will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door 
                       has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. 
                       Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door 
                       then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the 
                       building with the sealed door using a crouch jump. Atop
                       the building, you will find two dancing Elites and the 
                       "Envy Skull." 

          Effect: This skull will enable you to use Active Camouflage like the 

     Assassins Skull ~
          Level: Regret
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: Immediately after the gondola ride following the battle
                       with the Hunters, there will be a building with two 
                       Turrets on it. Enter the building and turn to your 
                       right. There will be a box. Jump on it. From there, 
                       jump to the adjacent light fixture, then to the ledge. 
                       The ledge leads to the area with the two Turrets. Once 
                       there use a grenade jump to get onto the roof area.
                       then, using crouch jumps and grenade jumps, follow the 
                       right side perimeter of the building. Once you have 
                       gone as far as you can go you will find a small, grassy 
                       area with, on Legendary, two cloaked dancing Elites and 
                       the "Assassins Skull."

          Effect: This skull will cause all enemies to have Active Camouflage.

     Mythic Skull ~
          Level: Sacred Icon
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: There is a semi-outdoor area which has the same type of
                       area right next to it. There is an Enforcer in front 
                       of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and 
                       you'll be in a very dark and dank Flood-infested area. 
                       There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxs as you enter the room, 
                       use them to jump up to the right ledge that is floating
                       above a dead Human Flood in a vent. 

          Effect: This skull will make human vehicles stronger.

     Sputnik Skull ~
          Level: Quarantine Zone
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: From the start of the level, look to your left for an 
                       Elite. To the left of the Elite, there is a tunnel. 
                       Head into the tunnel and go straight until you reach a 
                       cliff. Now turn left and follow the cliff until you 
                       reach a rock wall. To the right of the wall and the 
                       cliff is a narrow passage. The skull is at the end of 
                       that passage.

          Effect: Causes explosives (such as rockets, tank missiles, and 
                  grenades) and plasma shots from Ghosts and Banshees to have 
                  more force, and can knock you around more easily. It also 
                  gives your melee some more force so that you can push
                  around large boxes.

     Anger Skull ~
          Level: Gravemind
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: Fight all the way through the Covenant city until you 
                       reach the outdoor area. As soon as you are outside, 
                       stick to the right-hand side and walk along the wall. 
                       You should see a Covenant wall thingy with a red rail 
                       on it. Jump up to it (crouch jump helps) and at the 
                       end, there is the "Anger Skull" in a small grav-lift.

          Effect: This skull will cause the enemies to fire at a faster rate, 
                  but the effect won't be very noticeable on Legendary 

     Ghost Skull ~
          Level: Uprising
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: After the outdoor area with all the ghosts, there is an
                       L-shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is 
                       right after the "armory" room. Grenade jump up to the 
                       rafters and it should be up there. 

          Effect: Effect is still unknown.

     Iron Mode ~
          Level: High Charity
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: When you enter the final gravity lift, look up. A 
                       skull will pass through you very quickly so you must 
                       start holding "X" a bit before you actually pass it to 
                       grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, "Iron 
                       Mode" will be activated.

          Effect: This skull will make it so that on co-op, there is no 
                  respawn on ANY difficulty level just like the standard on 

     Blackeye Mode ~
          Level: The Great Journey
          Difficulty: Legendary
          Description: When you get a Banshee and defend the Scarab to the 
                       place that Johnson blows up the door, fly above it and 
                       onto a railing, don't go too far on it or it will send 
                       the Banshee flying. Now jump out. You should be on the 
                       railing of which if you look up, is aiming towards the 
                       middle of the big facility. Now go down a rail and 
                       head onto the spherical structure part and head to the 
                       pillar opposite of the one you were on; you can just 
                       walk on up and it is there.

          Effect: This skull will stop your shield from regenerating. When 
                  you melee someone and kill them, you get energy power 
                  back. So if you melee someone to death, you get a little 
                  bit of shield. So you can get a bit at a time all the way 
                  to overshield!

       8.3. Resources                                                 [8300]

Below are various sites that you can visit for Halo/Halo 2 resources. Whether 
you are looking for fan-art, screensavers, wallpapers, stories, movies, 
forums, or just something to do in your free time, check out the below sites:

Download Halo/Halo 2 resources here. You can actually find a Halo multiplayer
PC demo including Blood Gulch. However, you have to be a member (the basic
package still allows you to download). 

Play Halo online? Download GameSpy Arcade and play on their servers if you'd

Here's Bungie's official site. A very resourceful site in which along with
various features, you can also check Xbox Live statistics of your account if
you play online. 

A gigantic Halo resource. Run by the guys at GameSpy Arcade, it is quite a 
site. Look for videos, downloads, and the forum.

Quite possibly the biggest Halo/Halo 2 resource on the internet. You will find
a mother load of downloads, videos, and easter eggs around. Various contests
are held here often and the forums are very populated. 

Standard resource. FAQs, guides, and a lot of other stuff. When you are bored,
take a gander. 

Here is the home of the creators of the popular internet video, Red vs. Blue.
Download various videos and watch them all. 

Although covers FPS in general, it is still a good resource to
head to. While you are there, look for information on other amazing shooters
as well. 

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              a general idea on what this FAQ will cover. Walkthrough is 
              completed up to Outskirts. 108 KB

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