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Follow the dark path or use the light

Tricks Guide

by GPinzon

                ######    ######    ##  ##     ## ########  ######
               #######   #######   ##  ##     ## ########  #######
              ##    ##  ##    ##  ##  ##     ## ##        ##    ##
             ##    ##  ##    ##  ##  ##     ## ##        ##    ##
            ##    ##  #######   ##  ##     ## ########  #######
           ##    ##  ######    ##   ##   ##  ##        ######
          ##    ##  ##  ##    ##    ## ##   ##        ##  ##
         #######   ##   ##   ##     ###    ########  ##   ##
        ######    ##    ##  ##      #     ########  ##    ##
 __          __                    __                          __   __
|  \   /\   |  \     /\   |   |   |    |      |    || |\   |  |    /
|__/  /__\  |__/    /__\  |   |   |__  |      |    || | \  |  |__  \__
|    /    \ |  \   /    \ |   |   |    |      |    || |  \ |  |       \
|   /      \|   \ /      \|__ |__ |__  |__    |__  || |   \|  |__   __/
                           __  __  __   __     __              __   __
|   \      /|   / \      /|   |   |    |      |    || |   /|  |       \
|__  \____/ |__/   \____/ |   |   |__  |      |    || |  / |  |__   __/
|  \  \  /  |  \    \  /  |   |   |    |      |    || | /  |  |    /  
|__/   \/   |__/     \/   |   |   |__  |      |    || |/   |  |__  \__

(It was done what possible with ASCII art)

Unofficial "Driver Parallel Lines" tricks guide
Created by Gabriel Pinzón ([email protected]) desde Bogotá, Colombia
Inaugurated on Sunday, March 18th 2007
Last update: Saturday, February 21st 2009
         This guide can be found in the following Intenet addresses:


 0: Summary
 1: Introduction
 2: The game and the story
 3: Graphics of jobs/missions order
 4: Best order to complete jobs/missions
 5: Tricks on main jobs and missions
 6: Curiosities about Driver Parallel Lines
 8: Most recent changes
 9: My other personal links (conclusion)

 1: Introduction

Hi everybody, this is my second text about a video game, the first was an
extended Driver 2 (the best game of the Driver series) guide in Spanish. But
this time I didn't want to write another extended guide because it gets some
boring (like happened with a guide project for Driv3r, a game which besides
is actually bad) and I rather did a guide of the best tricks I have
found to complete the story mode more easily.

This tricks guide is based in the English version for Playsation 2 but it's
also useful for the Xbox one.

To see the guide's ASCII art graphics well, you must choose a monospace font
like Courier New o Fixedsys, although I recommend Lucida Console.

-If somebody wants to translate some of this guide to another language
 and put it in a website you are free to do so, but I put the condition of
 giving me the credit as the maker of this guide.

Gabriel Pinzón
[email protected]
Sunday, March 18th 2007

 2: The game and the story

Driver Parallel Lines was created by Reflections Interactive and released in
2006 under the distribution of the same French company which released the
other three games of the Driver series: in 1998 its name was GT Interactive,
between 1999 and 2000, Infogrames (infograms in French) and since December
2000, Atari (Infogrames has acquired this brand by buying Hasbro Interactive
which in his turn got it from JTS Corporation, which in his turn had united
with the former hardware division of the original Atari).

Driver Parallel Lines's story breaks with the series of adventure of the
"wheelman" Tanner and changes completely:

New York, 1978. TK is a driver who was earning a living from short jobs
until a friend called Ray who owns three car repair shops introduces him to
a sort of less trustworthy entrepreneur called Slink, who gives TK works
more and more important and later he introduces him to another guys of his
kind ("The Mexican" and Bishop) whom gives more jobs to TK till they
compromise him first in the release from prison of Candy (a guy who knows to
plan the job very well) and later in the kidnaping of a Colombian drug
trafficker for ransom, all that to the orders of the lately known boss of
the group, Corrigan. TK becomes the main executor of the kidnaping but also
the only one who falls convicted for it, to 28 years in prison, so when
getting freed in 2006 (he didn't even got a punishment reduction for good
behavior!) what he wants the most is to take revenge from those who used and
abandoned him as such a scum.

 3: Graphics of jobs/missions order
In Driver Parallel lines the missions were called Jobs, but I prefer to call
Jobs to the "missions" ordered by others and Missions proper to the "jobs"
we do on our own or as part of the 2006 revenge against those who betrayed


                           Nickel and dime
                           /             \
                       Wheelman        Gunman
                               Pay Ray
                              Hot Wheels
                     ________/    |    \________
                    /             |             \
                 Repoman     Last chance      Bread run
                 /                |               \
         Rosalita Racer  Turning the screw    Paddy wagon
              /      \             \______________/
   Circuit breaker  Air Mail_____           |
                \                \      Jail break
                             Gift wrapped


                          The Mexican
                    ________/  |  \__________________
                   /           |                     \
           Ram Raider      Rush hour            Guardian angel
             |    _________/  |   |              |         |
             |___/        ____|   |____          |         |
               |         /             \         |         |
               |    Shell shock   Gate crasher   |         |
               |         \_____________/         |         |
               |                |        Riding shotgun   Gauntlet
               |                |               \____________/
               |                |                     |
             Slink           Bishop                 Candy
                     /                     \
                Bear cage              Home wrecker

 4: Best order to complete jobs/missions

 1: Nickel and dime
 2: Wheelman
 3: Gunman
 4: Pay Ray
 5: Hot wheels
 6: Last chance
 7: Bread run
 8: Repoman
 9: Rosalita Racer
10: Circuit breaker [to get the Cerrano Racer]
11: Turning the screw
12: Air mail
13: Paddy wagon
14: Jail break [remember first to steal the prison bus]
15: Gift wrapped
16: Kidnap
17: Ransom

18: The Mexican
19: Tailgate
20: Guardian angel
21: Ram Raider [store car first]
22: Shell shock
23: Riding shotgun [store the car]
24: Rush hour
25: Gate crasher
26: Gauntlet
27: Slink
28: Bishop
29: Candy
30: Home wrecker
31: Bear cage
32: Corrigan

 5: Tricks on main jobs and missions

Note: in this guide, some tricks depend of having done earlier ones.


Does Slink say you failed this job just after you've shot both tires out?
This seems to be very common in the Xbox console because we confuse the
right lever with the "free aim mode" button that the game shows. Actually
when the game asks you to press the free aim button you must press that
unnamed black button which is near that also unnamed white button (or pause
the game and go to "Settings - Controls - On foot" in order to find the free
aim mode button).


Search for a Yamashita motorbike because porque it's the fastest (it exceeds
100 MPH); the Chopper is the slowest (you better avoid it).

Using a gun is not the only prohibited action in this job, you also cannot
take a car (even during the job) cause the game will require yo to drive a

There are two shortcuts in the climb curves, one of them is a piece of grass
you can cross... and then TK will say "Time to get some off-roading". And
soon after, another one, a narrow pass, when you enter there, TK will say
"I'm the man".


Go first to the farthermost club from the starting point, this way it will
be lesser the course you will have to do being pursued.


Near each requierd car there's a white sedan which passengers are actually
guarding it, it's strongly suggested to shoot each of those sedans before
attaching each required car to the tow truck, if there are on-foot
shooters you must kill them and meanwhile the sedans will flee, this way you
will be free to attach the required cars without more opposition.

-Note: the game will award you with the safehouse only when you complete all
 the "Last chance - Bread run - Repoman" trio of jobs.


The customized Andec Slink gave you is useful in this "job".

Before stepping the point where you finish this job, stay near there and
wait until the rival cars get closer, then step this finishing point and
later it will be possible to find one of those rival punk cars there, you
can store it at Ray's garage in La Guardia (the first time I preferred the
Cerrano Punk, later I drove all three cars by short distances and stored
-Another way to get the three cars stored: when any of the rivals stop to
take the Rosalita you can take the car he left, drive it quickly to the
Jersey garage (it's nearer to the Rosalita location than La Guardia) and
then store it before the Rosalita gets to the Mexican so you can restart the
job and race again until get the other two cars... three with the Mexican's
one (it will appear as "The Mexican's Ride") and then drive it to the goal.


When each race is about to finish, it's better to take a Cerrano Racer of
those parked on the pits, so that after the finish you have a car that will
be useful later. In fact, you will need the Cerrano Racer you take near the
finish of the first race to use it in the second one, and the other one you
take in this race will be useful for side races or jobs and you can discard
it when it's wrecked but you will have the Cerrano Racer you won by
finishing this "job".


Here it's needed to use the handbrake button to make the motorbike spins in
less space (in motorbikes the "handbrake" makes you spin with your leg
instead of the solely motorbike brake, which surprisingly is a handbrake).


Recommended cars: the Cerrano Racer and the Andec Slink gave you.

To avoid time delays, it's better to park the vehicle to the South in the
point where this job starts.

Instead of shooting against the convoy, it's better to crash another cars
against the leading cop car so that it will take damage, also this will make
the cop cars and the wagon crash from time to time against other cars and
obstacles till they will wreck and the wagon get jammed between the stranded
cop cars. Then Get in the wagon and that's all, job completed.


Before touching the area to enter the jail, enter on foot (leave the paddy
wagon outside the prison!) steal the prison bus, take it to Ray's Autos in
La Guardia and store it there. You'll have to restart the job later but
you'll have won the bus.


You have enough time to go first and store the pickup truck in La Guardia's


Before stepping the point where you start this job, get out by the little
space between this area and the exit of the building where your safehouse
is, then go to where the teleport area toward any of Ray's garages is and
there select the Cerrano Racer, later relocate yourself to your safehouse
again and being in the car now step the area of this job.

In the area where you have to detonate the first bomb, park toward South
so that you don't have to waste time making an U turn to continue.

There's an alley useful as a shortcut to the bridge where you diverted the
Colombians, to avoid they shoot you before arriving there it's better to
come first to this alley's entrance and from there detonate the pickup truck
bomb, this way you'll be able to escape by the alley and take a great
advantage to them to the next point where you'll have to put the third bomb.


Before stepping the point where you start this job, you should enter any of
Ray's garages and repair and improve all vehicles you have stored until your
money runs off because in the game all prices of 1978 get multiplied by 10
in 2006. Moreover, after completing this job and entering 2006, you lose all
the money you had in 1978 and start again with $0.


Before stepping the area where you start this mission, steal a standard car
(a sedan, although a sport car would be better) and drive into it to the
area where the mission starts. This way you'll be already inside a car when
the pursuit to the train where the Mexican goes starts.


The garaje is just to the left of the car you start this mission in, you
just must make two U-turns to enter and store it.


To be able to use the Ram Raider in later missions, you better go to Hunt's
Point garage to store it. You'll have to restart the mission but the Ram
Raider will be very useful in such later missions!


Enter completely to the garage to store the pickup truck of the weapons
before stopping in the point where this job finishes.


You have enough time to take the motorbike to Hunt's Point garage, store it
and after that do deliver it to Candy's client. This Antilli V03 Special is
the fastest motorbike of the game and can be very useful in some later


I recommend two types of vehicles for this job: the Ram Raider and the
Antilli V08 Special motorbike, just the vehicles you can win in two early

To avoid time delays, it's better to park the vehicle toward the street in
the place where this job starts.


For this mission I recommend the Ram Raider because it's the most resistant
car and the one that protects you the best from Bishop's men.

The fastes route consists in going first to Brooklyn's location and after
luring the police there, escape by the ship (it has another exit) and then
go to Manhattan's location and later to New Jersey's one.


The best car for this job is the Ram Raider.


Before stepping the point where this misssion starts, choose the grenade
launcher so that this is the first weapon that appears when you start
pursuing Slink.

When the pursuit starts, take the first turn with the handbrake, this way
you'll be closer enough to destroy Slink's van with the first shoot you

The "Pimp wagon" you start in is very rare, I recommend you store it.


Step the area where this mission starts riding the motorbike located in the
entrance of the forest, this way it's possible to complete the mission.

After killing Bishop, a pickup truck and two motorbikes will appear in a
garage of the mansion, the one of the right is an Antilli V03 Special, you
can use it in the next mission (the other one is a normal Antilli V03).


Get to Candy's in the fastest vehicle you have, this way is less hard to
reach Candy before the effect of the drug worsens. I recommend the Antilli
V03 Special because it passes better between the traffic and the obstacles.

If you decided to do this mission before "Slink" and/or "Bishop", the effect
of the drug will cease just after killing Candy.


You better pursue Corrigan's limousine in the Ram Raider, it will protect
you better than any other vehicle.


To go to Corrigan's safehouse, I recommend the Ram Raider and run over the
gunman guarding the entrance to the safehouse.

2009 update: now I recommend to go to Corrigan's safehouse in a motorbike,
running over the first gunman is optional but you should move the bike all
the way inside the safehouse, this way you will have it again in the second
part of the mission in order to bypass the cops outside the safehouse and
pursue Corrigan's helicopter inmediately.

After the tunnel part, I recommend to change cars to the white Zenda that is
forward to the right (unless you're going on a bike), and use the F70 or
SF10 to shoot the chopper.

 6: Tricks on side jobs

-If you have on-foot felony, the Demolition Derby which is in Bronx in 1978
 won't appear.

-Changes that the side jobs make on felonies:

Side job           On-foot felony        Car felony

(Jobs marked in purple)
Demolition derby  Prevent participating!
Getaway survival  Filled                 Filled
            Taxi  Erased                 Not erased
Perfect delivery  Erased                 Not erased
        Stick up  Erased                 Not erased
      Checkpoint  Erased                 Erased
       Driver GP  Erased                 Erased
(Jobs marked in red)
  Steal to order  Erased                 Not erased 
      Loan shark  Erased                 Erased
          Hitman  Erased                 Erased
     Street race  Erased                 Erased
    Circuit race  Erased                 Erased

 7: Curiosities about Driver Parallel Lines

-The game has only a reference to the historic reality: in the cutscene that
appears after the first 8 jobs, TK's clock radio wakes him with the news of
a Jimmy Carter's speech, although the radio is turned off quickly by TK.

-During the mission "Bear cage", in an office of the police department,
there's a sign which says "Driver 4" with a photo of Tanner, the main
character of the previous three games of the Driver series.

-In the second part of the mission "Corrigan", he's invulnerable even to the
grenades you launch to him. And in the third part, his helicopter is
indestructible (only it's destructible in the last part).

-Parallel lines is also the name of an album that the pop-rock group Blondie
released in 1978; one of its songs, "One way or another" sounds in the 1978
part. However, it was an error because the song was only released in the US
in 1979.

 8: Most recent changes

-Graphic of 1978 jobs corrected.

-In the job "Last chance" you cannot take a car.

-Redaction improved about the tip that you may not take a car in any part of
 the job "Last chance".
-Translated to english the introductory paragraph of the section "Graphics
 of jobs/missions order" (I had forgotten to translate from Spanish before).
-Added another way to store the rival cars of "Rosalita Racer".
-Several corrections.

 9: My other personal links (conclusion)

Until 2007, Gabriel Pinzón was more known for his following anime websites:

Las guerreras mágicas (about the series Magic Knight Rayearth) (Spanish)

Lista Cronológica de Anime de Televisión (Spanish)
English Version - Chronological list of television anime

La Lista de Bromas Internas de la versión en español de Sailor Moon (Spanish)

He also has a Driver 2 FAQ in Spanish available in

                            HECHA EN COLOMBIA