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Follow the dark path or use the light

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - Online Play FAQ

by thehitman47

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Online FAQ

Author: thehitman47 (GameFaqs)
AIM: Sc12seconds32
Date: July 27, 2005
Version: 1.05
Email: [email protected]

The Delta Force series started on PC, and I started playing with Delta Force 2, 
my first online experience. I have played many online games since then, but my 
favorite is the Delta Force series because I believe it is much more real and 
fun than any other games I have played online. 

I have been playing Delta Force Black Hawk Down on PC for more than 2 years. I 
have developed a lot of strategies that I think some of you may find useful. 
Also, the addition of 32-50+ players and voice chat for Xbox and Ps2(something 
not found in Delta Force BHD pc) adds even more great strategies. This is my
first In-Depth FAQ, so any recommendations would be great! Thanks.

Table of Contents (use control+F to find what you need)

Before you start......................................(FD23)
Vehicles/Fixed Weapons................................(FD26)
Game Types............................................(FD28)
Legal Things..........................................(FD33)


Before you start...........................(FD23)

I'm not going to waste space putting down control's like I would with the PC 
version, it's pretty straight forward and I don't know any tricks regarding 
controls. But, you should be thinking what class you want to be. Snipers, CQB 
(Close Quarters Battle), Medics, and Gunners are what you will choose before 
starting. Also, this is mainly for online play. If you need help for any 
single-player missions, feel free to email me or look for any of the FAQ's for 
the pc version and Xbox version. also has a very active forum for 
any questions regarding any of Novalogic's games. This guide has nothing about 
online "Cheating" so please don't ask for any Glitch's or Cheats. This guide is 
to help you with strategies for the game.



Snipers are, of course, your long-range men and women. They can shoot great 
distances, have great cover fire, and are generally known as the "Campers". 
It's ok to be a sniper, don't shy away from it in fear of becoming a "Camper", 
this game encourages it. Lag can sometimes be an issue with snipers in big 
player battles, but generally you should be fine. I will tell some strategies 
for all the classes later in the guide. Snipers run the 2cd slowest, their 
knife reach is not good, but they are the only ones who can use the sniper 

CQB (Close Quarters Combat)
CQB's are the most common in games. They're range for the knife is excellent 
(don't scoff at the knife either, as explained later) and can wield most 
firearms including the assault rifles with grenade launcher attached. Good in 
some instances, but please, don't become obsessed with this easy kill method. 
They run 2cd fastest and have the longest reach for the knife. They become the 
fastest class in the game when carrying a flag also.

Medics! This is what I have been for the last 2 years. I know a lot about this 
class and have quite a few tricks for them. They are the fastest in the game, 
have pretty good reach for the knife, and of course, can heal shot players and 
revive shot players from where they went down. A very useful tool a lot of 
med's can forget. Don't forget. A game can be won with the clever use's of 
med's and spawn points (explained later). However, they can't carry any 
explosives except grenades, their gun selection sucks, and they are the slowest 
runners when carrying a flag. 

Gunners are also commonly used by guys who have been playing Halo too much. 
Remember, this game is not Halo, it's very easy to die, so don't act like Rambo 
even though you have a huge gun that can mow down people. Gunners are the 
slowest class, and an easy target in the open unfortunately. Always stay with 
someone (a med preferably) and stay behind cover. They are 2cd slowest when 
carrying a flag, and have limited knife reach. Gunners also have the most 
health, meaning you can get shot more than a couple times (depending where) and 
still live.


The deadly Assault Rifles

CAR-15 Colt 5.56mm AR
The CAR-15 is the most used weapon in BHD. It's laser scope and lightweight 
make it accurate and maneuverable. Medics should use this weapon! CQB's can 
also use this weapon, but I recommend using it with the attached grenade 

Ammo Type: 5.56MM
Muzzle Velocity: 990 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 30
Rate of Fire: 11.6 RPS
Rounds Carried: 300

M16A2 Colt 5.56mm AR
The M16 has two fire modes: Single and 3- Round Burst. The Scope is a little 
awkward, but it is accurate. If you can master the M16, it can be very useful. 

Ammo Type: 5.56MM
Muzzle Velocity: 990 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 30
Rate of Fire: 11.6 RPS
Rounds Carried: 300

M203 Grenade Launcher
Attaches to CAR-15 and M16. Moderate blast-radius, all CQB's should have this 
option if just starting out. 

Ammo Type: N/A
Muzzle Velocity: N/A
Rounds Per Clip: 6
Rate of Fire: N/A
Rounds Carried: 1

Powerful Sniper Rifles

A lot of people dont know how to zoom in for the Sniper Rifles. It's easy, just
hold down the right thumbstick untill you have the zoom where you want it.
If you want to zoom back, you have to press it again and start over. 

*Sniperfox is credited with this info, thanks man :-) *

MCRT .300 Tactical
This McMillan bolt-action sniper weapon is chambered for the Winchester .300 
Magnum round giving it excellent accuracy and damage on impact. The Mcrt is the 
most accurate, but only holds 4 bullets per clip.

Ammo Type: .300 magnums
Muzzle Velocity: 911 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 4
Rate of Fire: .6 RPS
Rounds Carried: 180

M21 7.62mm
This sniper rifle has a medium scope range and not as powerful velocity. I 
recommend trying this rifle for short-range sniping (like in the city).

Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
Muzzle Velocity: 777 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 20
Rate of Fire: 2 RPS
Rounds Carried: 200

M24 SWS 7.62mm
This bolt-action sniper rifle is powerful and just perfect for starting out. 

Ammo Type: 7.62 x 51mm
Muzzle Velocity: 792 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 6
Rate of Fire: .6 RPS
Rounds Carried: 180

Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal
The Barrett M82A1 is the most powerful sniper rifle. Shoot a guy in the chest 
or head and he's out. Also looks pretty cool.

Ammo Type: .50 BMG
Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 10
Rate of Fire: 1 RPS
Rounds Carried: 100

The Machine Guns

M249 SAW 5.56mm MG
SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) has been used in armies everywhere. I recommend 
this gun for new players or those who want good power with some recoil. 

Ammo Type: 5.56mm
Muzzle Velocity: 990 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 200
Rate of Fire: 8.33 RPS
Rounds Carried: 600

The M240 is a standard machine gun. Very powerful, high recoil. Out of all the 
machine guns, the least accurate but best stopping power.

Ammo Type: 7.62mm
Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 200
Rate of Fire: 12.5 RPS
Rounds Carried: 600

M60E3 7.62 GPMG
The M60 is a gas-powered machine gun. Not as powerful, most accurate out of all 
the machine guns.

Ammo Type: 7.62mm
Muzzle Velocity: 915 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 200
Rate of Fire: 8.33 RPS
Rounds Carried: 600

Side arms in DF: BHD

MP5A3 H&K 9mm SMG
Ok, not a side arm, it is used as primary weapon, but not a lot of newcomers to 
the Delta Force series use this gun. It is extremely weak, and in a firefight 
between someone using this, and someone using a machine gun, guess who wins. 
However it has very good accuracy for medium range. It is the number one gun I 
have gotten head shots with (besides sniper rifles). It is good for being 
stealthy, don't use this gun unless you plan to be on your own or just prefer 
to use it.

Ammo Type: 9mm
Muzzle Velocity: 285 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 30
Rate of Fire: 13 RPS
Rounds Carried: 300

Colt M1911A1 .45
The colt, while it is powerful, only holds 7 bullets per clip. Not the best 
thing to have equipped, but if you run out of ammo, meds and CQB's should 
almost always be carrying one.

Ammo Type: .45 Automatic
Muzzle Velocity: 253 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 7
Rate of Fire: 4 RPS
Rounds Carried: 30

M9 Beretta 9mm
The M9 is the standard sidearm of the U.S. Army. It is more accurate than the 
Colt, and holds more bullets. Not as powerful though, if you prefer this to the 
colt, it's all yours.

Ammo Type: 9mm
Muzzle Velocity: 341 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 15
Rate of Fire: 4 RPS
Rounds Carried: 30

Remington 780 Shotgun
The shotgun is fun to use. Very powerful close up (only powerful close up) and 
can kill someone with one shot if close enough. If I get close enough to 
someone to kill them with the shotgun, I usually take out my knife, but if you 
prefer to have fun with the shotgun, knock yourself out.

Ammo Type: 00 Buck
Muzzle Velocity: 388 m/s
Rounds Per Clip: 7
Rate of Fire: 2 RPS
Rounds Carried: 14

A portable, over your shoulder rocket launcher. Gunners, this is a must to 
have. Don't waste it on killing one person however. This is best for either 
groups of people, or that pesky guy in the Helicopter/Fixed Weapon. It will 
make quick work of them, and it is pretty accurate for long distances. 


M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Has a delayed fuse, very powerful and can clear rooms very well. 

XM84 Stun Grenade
This does actually work on your enemies. Very useful grenade. Throw it, watch 
them panic, and take them out with well-placed headshots.

AN-M8 HC Smoke Grenade
I have never really used this in online battles (only single player). If anyone 
has any tricks regarding this or any weapons for that matter, please email me. 
This grenade causes a lot of smoke to come out, and basically hides you from 
enemies. Problem is, hides them too. 

*Kevin (soccerdude9109) has helped me out with this tactic of his, and I think
it's brilliant.*

"I don't use smoke that much but it can be VERY useful to medics like you and 
me. I was once in a warehouse with 3-4 teamates when they all went down and 
since the medic isn't that great to take on several enemies at once, I simply 
popped a smoke in the doorway through a frag to scare them and healed my 
teammates and we ended up making an awesome counter attack and getting out 
of it with no deaths."

Thanks Kevin, great info!

*Sniperfox also add's this great stategy for Smoke Grenades and FixedWeapons.*

"Although i personally find smoke grenades best used for snipers, they can be
used by anyone. One way I personally use smoke grenades, that HAVE been 
EXTREAMLY effective a bunch of times, is when I'm being pinned down by someone 
on a stationary, emplaced weapon, such as a machine gun. When this happens,and
you have nowhere else to go, take out a smoke grenade and throw it AWAY from 
you. not too far, about 15-20 meters, but make sure the attacking opponent can
see the smoke. about 70% of the time, if the bad guy is smart, he will divert 
his attention to the smoke and start shooting at it (to prevent enemies using
it to conceal themselves while they flank.)while he's destracted is the perfect
time to lean out and take the perfect headshot. 

I have done this LOTS of times, and almost every time it worked like a charm, 
as long as the enemy doesnt see you physically throw the smoke grenade"

Thanks Sniperfox. I have tried this strategy and everytime I have, it has been


Watch out for these. Claymores can be scattered throughout the area, green 
looking boxes. If your team did not set it down, stand back, take out your 
pistol, and shoot it. Set one down where you think someone will walk, and 
instantly kills them. Very useful, CQB's should usually have them equipped. 
Place them around Fixed Weapons, Vehicles, Objects, Flags, any place you don't 
want someone from the other team to be.

Satchel Charges
Search and Destroy missions require them, as well as Attack and Defend. Never 
really used them to kill anyone though since it's hard to predict where someone 
will be at any moment. One trick you can do is put them on a Fixed Weapon, like 
a machine gun. If you or one of your teammates is shot at with the weapon, blow 
up the satchel charge for the kill. 

Finally, the Knife
The knife makes you run faster. So, when there is no immediate danger, always 
equip it. It is deadly when you can get close enough to someone undetected. 
Also gains more points at the end of matches. Don't underestimate anyone using 
a knife either, I'll explain in the strategy section.


Fixed Weapons and Vehicles........................(FD26)

There are a number of Fixed Weapons in DF: BHD. There's one on a Humvee, 2 on 
the Helicopters (Blackhawks), and more scattered about the different levels. 
Use the stand alone ones for defense. Trust me, if you're in these fixed 
weapons for too long, it's an easy kill for someone who knows you're in it. A 
quick AT-4 shot at you will end your trigger-happy session at a fixed weapon. 
If you're going to go into a Humvee, I have some suggestions. Don't turn 
around, this way and that, looking for people to mow down. If a gunner sees the 
Humvee coming with the top gun waving around, he's going to throw a grenade or 
worse, At-4 your way. Look straight ahead and just watch for people that come 
across your path. Then take your shot and LEAVE the Humvee. Chances are, after 
someone dies from a Fixed Weapon, they are going to tell everyone. 

In the PC version it was easy to get away with multiple killings with a fixed 
weapon, but due to the Xbox Live headset, things are different. Now, if you 
ever want to use that powerful mini-gun in the chopper, you're in for a kill. 
If your lucky, you can get multiple kills before an At-4 hits you. If someone 
sees a Chopper flying around overhead, that = easy kill for a gunner. So be 
prepared for that. 

You can trick people with the chopper although. Go into the chopper, and then 
wait until it takes off. As soon as you see it leave the ground jump out before 
it gets too high. Gunners on the other team will waste AT-4 rockets on an empty 

If a guy is in the chopper, and you don't have an AT-4, tell your gunners about 
him or her, then find cover. It's very hard to snipe someone so high up in the 
air, and your assault rifles bullets wont be able to get to him. If anyone 
knows any more tricks, please email me.

*Sha3ow11 emailed me this hint*
If someone is in the Humvee, a grenade in the path of the traveling Humvee will 
usually take him out. An AT-4 defiantly will kill them, and a shot to the 
unprotected part (behind) the player will kill them. If you see any of these 
vehicles, assume someone is them and take cover and look for any signs of 
someone in them.



There are multiple game types in BHD. Flag Games, Deathmatch/Team DM, Base War 
Games, and my favorite, King of the Hill/ Team KOTH. Most game types have 
points at the end for what you have done during the game (kills, capturing the 
flag, etc.). 

One thing you must know. When you die, a map pops up. Look at it to see all the 
players and Spawn Points owned by your team. Select your teams spawn point 
instead of your starting point when you die to save you time. Don't just go 
hitting the respawn button. 

Terrain is a big part of the DF series. A lot of the time, maps will be in 
close quarter cities with narrow passageways. When running through these 
passageways, have out either the knife or shotgun. Machine guns and assault 
rifles stand no chance against one of these weapons in tight passageways. When 
a player sees another player with a knife, running at them, most people 
generally panic. It's very interesting, you should try it out. They will fire 
randomly if you are close by, usually missing you by a mile. That's your chance 
to easily go in for the knife kill. 

Now, if you're the one holding the gun, and another player is coming at you 
with the knife, it may seem sensible to fire wildly around. Don't. Instead, 
strafe side-to-side (if your in the passage way it will be kinda hard to circle 
him, but moving backwards is pointless since he will be running much faster 
than you) and just aim higher than normal. If you're lucky, you'll come away 
with a headshot, if not, a knife to the back. 

If you're a Sniper in this terrain (the city), then you must first find a place 
to camp out. There's no sense in running around, trying to find people. Machine 
guns will tear you apart before you can set up your scope. Memorizing where 
ladders are (which lead to the top of roofs) will greatly decrease the amount 
of times you are killed. A rooftop that overlooks a spot where many players can 
be seen in the open is a great chance at some headshots. Go prone, and don't 
stick so far out that your easily spotted. One problem that many snipers face 
is, people taking your roof, sneaking up behind you, and an easy kill. One 
thing you can do is face a spot where you can see the ladder you came up on and 
the open area without your scope on. When you see someone down in the open 
area, take out your scope and shoot them. Then take off the scope so you can 
still see the ladder. If someone is unlucky enough to come up, you can try 
taking them out with the sniper, but I prefer using the Colt or Beretta pistol 
since they will not be expecting to see you and you'll have the upper hand.

Supporting your team is very important. If people are calling for back up, get 
to a place where you can take out enemies before they see you or your team. If 
that means going prone on the ground, so be it. There are many places to hide 
out on the ground so your not seen. The roof should not be your only option in 
the city terrain. 

Gunners in the city terrain. Pretty much straightforward. Your machine gun is 
great for leading your team. In tight areas, if you have the shotgun, it may be 
wise to switch to that. If not, don't worry; always have your machine gun at 
the ready. If you run into several players, switch to your At-4 and take them 
out by aiming in the middle of where they are. Machine guns, because of their 
high rate of fire, loose accuracy firing from far away. If you see some people 
far away, inform a sniper or CQB to where they are. This is a team game, so 
work together. Gunners also run very slow when carrying flags, so be careful 
and don't bring attention to yourself if you do have a flag. Since the gunner 
runs the slowest of all the classes, being in open areas without anyone to back 
you up can be bad. Easy target for snipers or CQB's camping out. Stay close to 
walls, and never cross an open field unless it's clear. 

CQB's are one of the most used classes in BHD. They are fast, have a long reach 
with the knife, can run the fastest when carrying flags and have access to 
assault rifles + grenade launchers (deadly combo). If you're just starting out, 
this is the class to choose to get used to the game and how it plays. In City 
terrain, always use your knife when running with no enemies around or running 
through tight corridors within the city. If you run into a person carrying a 
gun, your knife will hit them first before they can get a shot off at you. 
Scaring a person by charging forward with your knife (moving from side to side) 
will sometimes make them shoot wildly, so use that to your advantage as well. 
Just don't charge at them when they are a good 10-15 feet away, they can take 
you out easily. Using your grenade launcher to get multiple kills with enemies 
traveling together is a good strategy. Aim towards two or more and the ground 
in front of them. Remember, your grenades lob, so over long distances aim 
slightly higher. 

If you're using an assault rifle, yes it has a scope; no you shouldn't always 
run around with the scope on. The CAR-15 is an example of this. It is very 
accurate with the scope, and if you see an enemy, I recommend using the scope, 
but if there are no enemy's around, it limit's your field of vision and makes 
you run slower. Take out the knife or just take off the scope and you'll be 
fine. If you don't have enough time to take out the scope when you see an 
enemy, don't worry about it, try your best without it. It can still be 

Medics. Medics are the most interesting class in DF: BHD. When it first came 
out on pc, no one wanted to be a medic. I mean, lets see, they are weak, have 
poor weapon selection, run slowest when carrying a flag, can't carry satchels 
or claymores. Boo. However, they are arguably the most useful class and I 
encourage you to try them out. Now, in BHD on PC, tons of people use this class 
to their advantage. No, you can't bring yourself back to life or heal yourself, 
but you have the power to bring people back to life from where they went down 
(instead of a spawn point or starting point). They are the fastest runners 
(except when carrying flags) so they can reach their shot teammates very 
quickly and capture spawn points first. When meding someone, stand over them or 
very close to them and set your sights on them. Press shoot with your med pack 
out and they will be brought back to life. If you practice, you can get so good 
you can just run, and med them while you keep running. 

As a medic, you have a very important job. Some medics forget their job and 
just pass over their dead teammates without stopping. If you see someone with 
the blue nametag and countdown timer, run towards them and get to them at any 
cost. You get points for meding people, you don't need to capture flags or 
destroy objects. Your job is important as it is, leave your teammates to do 
those things. If there is no one to med, go ahead with whatever you want, but 
if someone needs you and you're the closest med, go to him or her. This does 
not mean run across an area with a ton of enemy's around just to get to them. A 
dead med is no use to the guy on the ground. Wait until they leave or if it's 
only a couple, kill them, and then med your teammate. 

Medics, when traveling with groups of people, should always be in the back, 
protected by his teammates and also offering cover-fire. If someone goes down, 
a med can be there quick and heal them. If you're a gunner, or CQB, and want to 
travel in a group to get something done, usually gathering up one or two medics 
is the first thing you should keep in mind. The Xbox Live Communicator makes 
these things so much more easier than typing everything you want to do, use it 
to your advantage. City Terrain is easy to hide in also, so stay out of the 
open, and move in groups, you should be fine. 

What about all the other Terrain? Other maps with wide-open spaces, mountains, 
and large landscapes that can sometimes be dark? That's another issue. 

Snipers, this is your chance to shine. These maps are easy to spot enemies, and 
provide cover for your team. The mountains surrounding your starting point 
should make for good hideout spots. If your playing King of the Hill, make sure 
you get a good spot that makes the KOTH zone visible. If your team is 
dominating the zone, then you might think about another hideout where you can 
provide cover for teammates who are trying to take over spawn points. 

CQB's are still good, even with wide-open maps. Capturing flags, getting spawn 
points, and destroying objectives should be your goal. Moving in groups, or 
just having a med nearby is a good strategy. CAR-15 and M16 with grenade 
launchers are accurate and you shouldn't have any problems. Knives here a 
pretty useless unless there are no enemies around, or you manage to sneak up on 

Gunners can work together to stay alive in big maps such as these. A group of 
gunners is a powerful team, and can usually take down any other enemy group. 
Don't stay too close, but you can easily clear a path towards whatever your 
team is trying to accomplish. The SAW and M60 are the more accurate machine 
guns, so I recommend those in wide-open terrains. 

Medics are very useful in these maps also. They are fast, can cover a lot of 
ground, but they still are weak. Stay close to CQB's, groups of gunners, or 
even snipers if they are having a hard time. Remember, medics are not always 
helping out with main objectives (flags, kills, etc.) but they are a huge help 
in keeping a team together. If you want, you can try a group of medics in Team 
Deathmatch. Just have 4-5 meds travel together, killing any enemies you see. If 
2 or more die, it's easy to med the whole group and keep moving. I've seen this 
happen a lot during Team Deathmatches, and it really works to get your team 
some needed points.

*My friend FieldMedic21 on DF: BHD sent me this*

"Please, gunners, CQB's, and snipers, do one thing. When you are hit, look at 
that map that pops up. It shows you PSP spawn points, and other players close 
to you on your team. If you die, and you see a med shaped square heading your 
way, don't respawn. Chances are they are doing everything they can to get to 
you, so just wait a little longer and let them med you. It saves you time, and 
the medic's time who is trying their hardest to get to you. Thanks."

*A good recommendation from Sparta3d1*

"Remember Snipers, lead your target. Coming from someone who used to snipe with 
56k, I would sometimes aim 3 feet ahead and still manage a headshot. It's all 
about timing. If someone is running straight at you, aim down some. If someone 
is running to the right or left of you, always aim a little in front of him or 
her. If someone is running away from you, aim higher than them. Practice and 
you'll be great in no time"

Armories. These building's are the only way to change your loadout if you join
durring the middle of a game, or are just running around, looking for a place
to change weapons. Watch out for satchel charges or Claymores lying around.
The only way you can change your loadout is when a new map is loaded and at the
beggining of a game, select your loadout. Choose wisely, as the enemy could use
your armory as a safe place and catch anyone who's off guard.


Game types.................................(FD28)


DM is basically a free for all. No need for meds here, so change to either 
gunner, CQB, or sniper. Gunners are more commonly used in DM since they are 
strong, have big guns, and there are generally Halo type players in DM. This is 
defiantly not Halo, you can still die easily being a gunner and shooting wildly 
everywhere. If you are in a shootout with another gunner, do things he normally 
would not expect. Strafe right, then left, then jump, do crazy things to get 
the upperhand. Always watch your back too. So many players in the game means 
more chances someone is going to take you out. You might get frustrated when 
you get shot in the back 3 times in a row, but that's your fault. Stay out of 
the open, always turn around every now and then, and just be more stealthy. 

CQB's will also be a danger. Using grenades more often than they should, they 
can easily get on your nerves. Don't let them. If you see a nader (someone who 
always uses grenades instead of guns), come up close to him. He cant nade 
anywhere near him, so get up closer and then make your shot. If you are a CQB, 
use grenades for multiple enemies, but please, don't over use them. You can 
make a fair number of enemies that way and it kinda makes the game no fun. 
Anyway, up close, always use your knife for more points.

Snipers are also a danger to watch out for. Snipers can be anywhere, literally. 
These big maps are not for show. There are a million places to hide, and 
snipers will discover clever spots so they can kill undetected. Move randomly 
to avoid them. Even if your not being shot at, run side to side, strafing. This 
not only makes snipers hard to get a shot off, but anyone else that has you in 
their scopes. If you are a sniper in a DM, find a spot fast. You don't stand a 
chance against gunners in a firefight. There are plenty of hiding spots, use 
your imagination. 

Team Deathmatches

The same thing above applies here, except meds are very important in TDM. If 
you are a med, instead of killing people, you have to look out for your team. 
Sometimes, getting killed to save a gunner can be good, if that gunner suddenly 
spawns near a group of enemies, he can take them out easily, netting your team 
more points. Always think about how your team and others will benefit from what 
you do, instead of thinking solely about yourself. Killing enemies is fine too, 
but remember to always med a downed player and not forget about what class you 

Flag Games

Capture the Flag
Two teams, two sets of flags, first to get all flags wins. Everyone is familiar 
with this game type, but it is different in BHD. Your radar tells you where 
flags are, so there are no flags that are "hidden" or impossible to get too. 
Your class plays an important part in this game type. Gunners can capture 
flags, but they move the 2cd slowest when carrying one, so be careful of that. 
Groups of gunners and CQB's should easily capture flags. Snipers usually defend 
their own flags. Sooner or later, the other team is going to grab your flags, 
and it's good to have Snipers defending them. CQB's will be the mainly flag 
grabbing. They run the fastest when carrying one. Finally, medics. Med's can 
grab flags, but they run so slowly, they are easy targets. Med's are better 
sticking with CQB's and healing them if they get shot and providing cover. A 
tactic that really works well when capturing flags is getting together 2 CQB's, 
a Gunner or 2, a Medic, and maybe a Sniper covering them. Spread out and let 
the CQB's/Gunners grab flags, then run back while the medic heals everyone hit. 
Note to snipers, if your carrying a flag, and you go prone, we see you even 

If you kill someone who had the flag, run into it and you will have saved that 
flag (returning it to it's original location). Don't take other peoples flags 
that someone on your team killed unless they die and cant save the flag. If you 
see someone running at the flag, it's theirs and you shouldn't worry about 
saving it.

Flag Ball
Not that popular, but fun. One lone flag sits in the middle of 2 team spawn 
points. Get that flag, return it no matter what. Use the same tactic I 
mentioned above and you should be fine. Watch out for snipers covering the flag 
spawn (a new one gets spawned as soon as someone scores). The team with the 
most flags captured wins.

Base Games

Search and Destroy
Both teams set out to destroy objects with satchel charges. Team who gets them 
all or more than the other team wins. Since medics cant carry satchel charges, 
not a lot like to play Base games. CQB's and Gunners really take advantage of 
the easy points. Plant a satchel charge next to the object that is marked in 
your teams color and blow it up to get points. I never played many base games; 
any tricks or strategies would be appreciated. 

Attack and Defend
A lot like search and destroy, except only one team is sent out to plant 
satchel charges on objects, while the other team mainly defends them, then the 
teams switch after the Defending team successfully defends their objects, or 
the attacking team destroys them all. Again, any tricks or strategies you have 
come up with you can email me.

King of the Hill, Team King of the Hill

Everyone loves King of the Hill. Basically, there is a small circle portion 
(usually in the middle of the map) that your team must occupy for a set number 
of time called the KOTH zone. It's usually always frantic; with one dominate 
teams holding down the fort, while the other comes up with plans to take over 
and reset the clock for the other team. You see, as long as one of your 
teammates is alive in the KOTH zone, your teams timer will remain going up. If 
all of you die, it's back to 0. A great strategy is the room-clearing tactic 
since the KOTH zone sometimes is set over a building (sometimes).  Let someone 
throw a flash grenade into a room that is occupied by one or more enemies. 
Then, move in a kill everyone that's shooting blindly (or you could throw in a 
couple frag grenades, whatever you want). Have a medic come in and heal those 
who are hit. For wide-open terrains, use snipers to take control of the KOTH 
zone and other snipers in the area, and clear a way for other players on your 
team to occupy the zone.

Spawn points (PSP) are very important as well. The nearer you are to the KOTH 
zone, the easier it will be for you to come up with ideas to take control of 
it. If the enemy takes the spawn point, take it back no matter what. This goes
for all game types, PSP's are important, so make sure your team controls them.



Novalogic games have always had Stats. These track your kills, deaths, medic 
saves, how many times you used a weapon, a bunch of stuff. A lot of people will 
be worried about stats, and that's understandable. You'll want to be in the top 
100 or so, but sometimes, you have people that play 24/7, and it's really hard 
to compete with them. Just try and keep your deaths and kills as equal as 
possible and you will be fine.

In the Stats section, it'll look different than this, but by looking at 
someone's stats, you can tell what they play, how they play, and how often. 
I'll show you my stats from playing for 2 years. 

Overall Statistics
Base Targets Destroyed.....................74	
Flags Captured.............................254	
Flags Saved................................109
Killed 2 for 1.............................44
Login Count................................865
Medical Saves..............................3,106
Minutes in Koth Zone.......................1,977
Minutes Played.............................18,322
PSP Takeover Attempts.......................202
PSP Takeovers...............................812
Saved by Medics.............................2,709
Team Experience Points......................149,810
Team Losses.................................670
Team Wins...................................902
Total Head Shots.............................4,332
Total Kills..................................12,005
Total Team Games Played......................1,572

These stats are just from Novalogic games, player made games don't receive 

Then it shows your character and last Weapon used. And there is also some 
weapon usage stats.

Weapon                Uses   Hits  Kills  Headshots  Accuracy 
Assault Rifle                                               
Emplaced Weapons
Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
Submachine Gun

Then you have your regular stats for each game type, like Deathmatch, Capture 
the Flag, etc. You have different levels for each one; it's always good to keep 
them even unless you prefer some game types to others. 

Then you have your rank. When starting out, you're a private. But you get 
promoted as you progress and play online more often. There are 18 overall 
"titles", the highest is a 5-star General. If you play a lot, and keep up with 
your stats, you'll reach General in no time. 

Now the awards. There are many rewards you can get, if you shoot a lot of 
people in the head, you get headhunters award. Med a lot of people, medical 
badge, and so on. These are not really important unless you want to try and get 
them all. Just keep moving up in rank and you'll eventually have them all. Most 
of this is bragging rights and just to see your progress, don't become too 
obsessed with perfect stats.



Wrapped around the Horn of Africa, Somalia is struggling to become a unified 
Nation after centuries of foreign occupations and internal clan fighting.

This "Police Action" was written down in the book "Black Hawk Down" which
then became a movie which then became a Video Game to honor those who
were involved.

Thank you Novalogic for making this great game that honors those who fought in 
Somalia, Africa, and giving some of the money to the Warrior Foundation, where
families of fallen soilders are supported.



If you know any Tricks, Strategies, Suggestions, or anything that will make my 
guide more helpful to those who need it, please email me at 
[email protected] . I will put you in the FAQ along with your name and 
your Strategies. Thank you.



v. 1.0: Wrote this guide in 4 hours, using past and present experience. Also 
some help from guys over at Any more help from you the readers 
is appreciated. 
v. 1.01: Added Stats section. Thanks Sha3ow11 for the reminder!
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