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Follow the dark path or use the light

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds - Secrets and Fighting Gu

by UnSub

     |                               |
     |     Buffy: Chaos Bleeds       |  
     |                               |
     |   Secrets and Fighting Guide  |
     |                               |
     |           (Xbox)              |
     |                               |

By: UnSub ([email protected])
Date: 29 November 2004
Version: 1.20


 .1 Email Policy
 .2 Missing Secrets

 .1 Magic Box
 .2 Cemetary
 .3 Blood Factory
 .4 Magic Box Revisited
 .5 Downtown Sunnydale
 .6 Sunnydale Hospital
 .7 High School
 .8 Old Quarry
 .9 The Initiative
 .10 Sunnydale Mall
 .11 Sunnydale Zoo
 .12 The First's Lair

 .1 General Tactics
 .2 The Good Guys
 .3 The Weapons
 .4 Death and the Maiden
 .5 The Bad Guys
 .6 The Big Bad Guys

 .1 Notes
 .2 Thanks
 .3 Updates



Given the parsity of Buffy 2 guides out there I thought I would spend a bit of
time making life easier for those that came after me. Don't get me wrong - the
two guides currently up on Gamefaqs do a good job, espcially given the almost 
Sierra-esque nature involved in solving some of the problems (cooking oil to 
fix the elevator? How was I meant to work that out?). But for those looking 
to unlock everything (and perhaps then put the game away forever) or looking 
for help on how to play... well, that hadn't been done at time of writing so 
I thought I'd give it a go.

As for the review... the best I can describe _Buffy 2_ as is the better 
looking but more vapid sister of the original game. Sure, it looks pretty, 
but there are so many annoying problems (eg the camera and I had the game 
freeze on me a couple of times - that's inexcusable on console) that you 
question what happened and sometimes why you are playing it. _Buffy 2_ just 
lacks the charm of the first game in my mind and I'm sure it's not just 
nostalgia tinting my view that way.

Still, you're probably looking at this guide because you already have the 
game (hopefully on rental) so let's get on to business...

 - Here's the big one - if you are going to email me then please include a 
subject line about Buffy 2. I tend to delete emails with no subject. 

 - Don't email me if the information is already contained in this (or any 
other Gamefaqs) guide as the "how do I get past..." questions are stupid if 
time to look, I won't take the time to reply.

 - However, if I've been unclear in an explanation then I'm happy to reply 
and clarify what I've written.

 - No spam and no social emails thanks. 

 - I tend to forget games after I've finished and shelved them. Sorry if I
become vague about things a couple of months after this guide is released.

None. All of them have been found. Thanks to all those who contributed! 



1) As Willow or Buffy, press the action button on the left-most cabinet on 
the wall behind the counter (next to the blue vase). It will open and contain 
a medikit.

2) As Willow or Buffy, hit the lamp on the opposite side of the room from the 
basement door. It will drop some Holy Water.

3) As Spike, pick up the relic and put it into the statue's mouth in the same 
room. A secret spot will open up that contains lots of goodies.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Male Vampire 
          Multiplayer Character Female Vampire 
          Anthony Head Interview

1) In the mausoleum with the first piece of the sundial (where you have to 
push the urn over the button to open the door), there is a secret Hellfire 
in the grave where the zombie arose from.

2) After the first save point, there are a group of boxes in the mausoleum 
that is between the two metal gates. Break all the boxes inside and get the 
Holy Waters and Hellfires.

3) In the room where you have to pull out a coffin to stand and jump from, 
you will see two coffins that are movable. On the right side (on entering 
the room) up the top there is a medikit and other goodies for you.

4) Immediately after that last secret you will kick down a door and come 
across a ladder. See those zombies just standing there? Jump over and kill 
them (and the demon that appears as well), then run around the corner to find 
a Sword.

5) Having just emerged from the sewers (where you have turned off the steam 
valve etc) you will see some boxes in a recessed area to your left. Go 
towards that area - a demon will knock down a door and come at you. Kill it 
with your sword and enter the room it leaves to find a BattleAxe and a couple 
more things.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Zombie Skeleton
          Multiplayer Map Cemetary
          Amber Benson Interview

1) Go up the stairs with Xander (it's just before the area where you pull the 
filing cabinet aside in a nearby room). You will find a Soaker at the top.

2) As Willow: in the big area where there are the broken stairs, head around 
the shipping container you have to shift and turn right. Jump over the 
barrels and you will find a Crossbow to help you.

3) As Willow: in the area with the moving conveyor belt you have to shut off 
you can jump up onto the top of the truck. Jump up onto section between the 
cab and trailer, then up onto the cab and then to the trailer - you'll see 
the items on the end.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Tara
          Multiplayer Character Zombie Demon
          Nicolas Brendon Interview

1) Go down the stairs to the basement. In this first room go the area left of 
the big purple tapestry - there is a chest in a corner next to the red curtin.
Open it to get a medikit.

2) After rescuing Giles there is a short corridor you will go through. Open 
the chest in it to find another medikit.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Zombie Devil
          Multiplayer Character Bat Beast
          Robin Sachs Interview

1) After finding Spike, crush the box next to the pinball machine - there is 
some Hellfire behind it.

2) In the projector room run around the blue box (to the left of the 
projector) to find some Hellfire Soaker Ammo.

3) In the warehouse area with Xander, search behind the crates in the middle 
area for a Baseball Bat, amongst other things.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Materani
          Chaos Bleeds Comic Book

1) After protecting Sid and having dusted those vampires (near the start 
there's a box you can stomp to get a stake) don't follow him towards the 
door with the flaming barrels. Look for a boarded up door in this area - 
kick it down and open it for the goodies it contains.

2) When outside for the first time, climb the ladder then head to the top 
right corner. There is a ledge you can jump to that has some Hellfire.

3) Outside again. There is a bit in the stage where you have to jump across a 
section where both buildings' edges are missing. A ladder is there to let you 
up if you miss. Drop down to this lower area and have a look behind the box 
at the end for the last secret. Don't do this while bad guys are about as 
you don't want to be knocked off.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Sid
          Multiplayer Character Psycho Patient
          James Marsters V/O

1) Head past the Physics Lab and turn left. There is a locker at the end you 
can hit to open it.

2) You're outside. Upstairs there is a door blocked by the Murgos Vine Beast 
(or whatever). To the right of that is a ledge you can run on that will lead 
you to a raised area that holds Hellfire and a medikit, amongst other things 
(btw, this is a nice reference to the first game - I think there was a secret 
here too in _Buffy_).

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character S&M Slave
          Multiplayer Character S&M Mistress
          Anthony Head V/O

1) In the starting area, jump over the rocks in front of the blocked mine to 
find a medikit.

2) Also in the starting area, open the door to the boom gate control area 
(next to the big entry gates) to find another medikit.

3) In the house, under the stairs at the bottom is another medikit.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Faith
          Multiplayer Map Hanger (aka Initiative)
          Amber Benson V/O

1) After leaving the elevator and fighting the zombies / vampires in the first
 area, jump onto the barrels and then crates to get into a fenced off area 
that to your left as you entered. There's a Hellfire Ammo here to pick up.

2) From Jairo Gustavo Vargas:

"Hellfire ammo behind the top crates on the right side of the room (it's 
almost directly across from the ammo on the left side)." It's the crate pile 
to your right as you enter the room.

3) On the right side of the room (from the entry you came through) jump up 
onto some crates then jump and grab onto the ledge above. Move yourself over 
into another fenced off area (in the top right corner) and you will find a 

(Three secrets in the first real room. Now that's lazy level design! ;-)

4) After you've blown open a hole in the wall (ie the Machine Gun bit) run to 
the through the hole and to the end room. Fight the demons then have a look 
on top of the large gas cannister on the back wall - there will be some 
Hellfire Ammo here for you.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Kakistos
          Multiplayer Character Zombie Soldier
          Nicolas Brendon V/O

1) In the Sports Store there are some boxes in the second change room. Break 
them - the secret is behind them.

2) Open the chest that is opposite the Component Room for a medikit.

3) In the Library shift the ladder to the left hole in the ceiling - the 
secret is up there behind the boxes.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Chainz
          Multiplayer Character Abominator
          Robin Sachs V/O

1) In the starting area go left from the Reptile door towards the Africa 
entrance. Stay close to the wall. Behind the bushes in a corner towards the 
Reptile door is the secret.

2) Outside the Reptile Room, go right from the main door. In the slightly 
sunken area under the bushes are some more secret goodies.

3) In the area with the electric fence find the broken bench (it's on the 
left as you come in the door). Jump up that slope and over the bushes into 
an area with a Soaker (amongst other things). - Thanks to SeXiiQbAnBiiTch and 
Troi Towel for telling me where this was.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Zombie Gorilla
          Multiplayer Map Quarry
          Joss Whedon V/O

1) From the sundial area, go through the double doors, down the stairs a 
little bit, take the second door on the right, go right up the stairs and 
through the double doors at the top.

2) Jump on the platform in the well to find a secret that is also necessary 
to finish the level.

3) Once you've placed the sundial piece in the sundial, check it using the 
action button again (from a different angle if it doesn't work) to 
unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs.

UNLOCKED: Multiplayer Character Chris (Mutant Enemy)
          Multiplayer Character Joss Whedon



 - Keep moving. Given the camera it's very possible to get hit by an enemy 
you didn't see, especially on the levels where they just keep coming. If you 
keep moving there's a good chance that attacks from off-screen enemies will 

 - Listen to music changes to warn you of enemies you can't see. It isn't a 
perfect way, but it helps a bit. Also listen for doors opening / closing that 
weren't caused by you or for bad guy noises / comments.

 - It's better to kill one enemy and fight another at full strength than to 
fight two damaged enemies. If you knock an opponent down, stake them as a 
priority. You have the advantage in a one-on-one fight but this decreases 
rapidly in two-on-one or three-on-one fights.

 - When fighting more than one opponent, always try to keep them in front of 
you and close together. This increases the chance of you hitting two (or more)
with one blow and also of them hitting each other in going for you. This is 
easier said than done.

 - For vampires, staking them on the ground is almost always an instant kill. 
This makes throws very powerful as a throw (punch and kick buttons 
simulteaneously) and stake combo will kill even the strongest vampire. Ever 
wondered why you can't throw Kakistos?

 - However, you can't throw a blocking enemy, unlike the in first game. If an 
enemy is blocking a lot, make them run after you and hit them then.

 - I almost never blocked (using the White Button is awkward) the first time 
I played through and preferred to dodge out of attacks instead. If you see an 
enemy dodge away from your attacks attempt to pull your combo short (ie stop 
mashing the buttons) and run away from the attack they will execute on you. 
While they are swinging into the air, run behind them and hurt them lots.

 - That said, blocking can make one-on-one fights much easier. Hold on the 
block, let the enemy attack you then counter attack when the enemy has 
finished their combo. It's easy to dish out the damage this way.

 - Be aware you can't block if you are using the Soaker, the Crossbow or a 
Long Weapon (see below for what I'm calling Long Weapons).

 - Always watch your health. Your health can drop very quickly in fights and 
given the difficulty of using medikits (ie you can't use them on the ground 
or when grappled) you may have to run away to get some space for selection 
and use of a health item.

 - You will be able to wittle your enemies health down very quickly, 
especially with Slayer power hits. Don't spend longer on a fight than you 
have to.

 - One improvement this game has over the original is that you can stake an 
opponent during a combo. Beat them down to near death and then hit your 
action button (with stake or other weapon in hand) to finish them off.

 - Here's a trick if you've got the ability to set an enemy on fire (eg 
Willow's fireballs or a Soaker with Hellfire). Set the bad guy alight then 
rush in to attack them - if you can reduce their health to below zero while 
they are still on fire they will die automatically. This can be helpful when 
fighting multiple enemies or just to avoid wasting Hellfire ammo.

You will control six different characters in _Buffy 2_ and they fall into 
three categories - Kickers, Punchers and Others. I'm not going to list combos 
because 1) you can look at the Slayer Guide for two characters at any time 
and 2) you are unlikely to pull off the combo you want at the right time 
anyway. Stupid camera.

KICKERS: This is Buffy and Faith, ergo the Slayers. I've found that generally 
the best moves and combos these characters have come from their kicks. This 
isn't to say that you shouldn't punch with them; just that their kicks have 
better reach and more versatility than punching combos. I always try to 
finish a combo with a kick for the range - some kicks have a huge range on 

PUNCHERS: This is Xander and Spike. Both have better punch combos than 
kicks. Xander seems to be a bit slower than Spike, easier to damage and lack 
some fighting ability, but both have a four-hit basic punch combo that is 
very effective. For these guys kicks just seem less effective in terms of 
range and knock-down imo. Xanders ground punch (ie for attacking prone or 
short enemies) is much better than his stomp; don't know about Spike in this 

OTHERS: This is Willow and Sid. Willow has no kick, instead relying on magic 
to protect herself. This magic is pretty powerful, especially the Homing 
Missile (when you get it) or Sun Spell (that kills all vampires nearby). 
Practise the execution of your preferred spells and use Willow's ability to 
attack at a distance to your advantage. The Shield spell also appears to last 
indefinitely, only dispelling when it's taken enough punishment.

Sid only has a punch, a kick and a running windmill punch - just run around 
and press punch and see his little arms flail wildly at enemies. Both Sid and 
Willow seem to take lose health quickly when hit, but Sid is harder for 
enemies to hit so seems to last longer.

STAKES - Usually very available. Press the Black Button to whip out a stake. 
Almost all enemies need a staking to finally die (unless on fire). You can 
throw them, but given it's only at a short distance it probably isn't worth 
it. Stakes can break quite quickly, so make sure you've got one equipped 
when you need it and try to carry the max number of them (ie 5) at all times 
just to be safe.

HELLFIRE - You can use these like grenades... but this is probably is a bit 
hard given that most enemies will be too close by the time you've cycled 
through your inventory and selected them. Plus you can set yourself on fire 
too if used too close. Comes in Soaker Ammo packs as well.

HOLY WATER - Can be used like Hellfire, but won't set you on fire (even as 
Spike!). Holy Water won't harm all enemy types but is very effective against 
vampires. Comes in Soaker Ammo packs as well.

SOAKER - A more effective version of the water soaker in the first game. Can 
be filled with Hellfire or Holy Water and is great for taking on large 
numbers of bad guys. Fire it in bursts for greatest effectiveness. Remember 
you can still kick to damage enemies before using a Hellfire / Holy Water 
burst to kill them to save ammo. Soakers seem to pop up most as secrets on 
levels and they can make things much easier.

AVAILABLE WEAPONS - These come in two types: Long Weapons and One-Handed 

Long Weapons include the Shovel, Pitchfork, Pool Cue and Axe*. These weapons 
have the longest range but you can't block while holding them.  

One-Handed Weapons include the Baseball Bat, BattleAxe, Spike and Sword*. 
Although they look different, the combos you do with them are the same and 
you can block when holding these weapons. Although you do actually use these 
weapons with two hands for the most parts, occasionally combos will see you 
drop to one-hand (and I just really couldn't think of anything else to call 
this weapon set :-). 

Both weapon sets do pretty good damage and really help your killing-the-undead
hobbies. They will break through enemy blocks and have the range to hit more 
than one enemy at a time.

The best attacks to do with these weapons are generally the the big swings - 
One-Handed Weapon attacks are generally swings while attacking when running 
with a Long Weapon will see you swing away. With these big swings you can hit
multiple enemies and do lots of damage. 

Another big bonus of these weapons is they add range to your staking ability 
so you can dust guys from further away. Unfortunately you can't decapitate 
enemies in this game (unlike in the original _Buffy_) so you will have to 
finish off most enemies by staking them.

Try to use these Available Weapons in open areas - if you hit a wall / 
something solid (other than the bad guys) when attacking with them you will 
really sap your weapon's durability (that purple bar in your inventory) and 
break them more quickly*. When you reduce these weapons' durability to 
negative numbers it turns into a Spike (while a Spike turns into a Stake). 

As a side note I tended to notice bad guys were more likely to grab me when 
I was using an Available Weapon than most other times. Also, if you drop an 
Available Weapon the bad guys can pick it up and use it against you which can
really hurt.

Finally, Sid will get a Hammer as an Available Weapon. -Avoiding Easy Joke #1-
It's unbreakable and you only have it for a short period of time anyway, so 
go nuts. He also gets a Gas Cannister for a little while too that you turn 
into Flamethrower.

* Swords and the Axe are unbreakable. You only get the Axe in The First's 
Lair while there are only three Swords in the game (including Hope's Dagger),
so don't hold your breath in anticipation.

CROSSBOW - Fires bolts into enemies. It's generally best to kick an enemy to 
zero health before firing a final, dusting bolt into them. Sometimes required 
to complete puzzles.

EMP GRENADES - Found only in The Initiative level by Spike. They temporarily 
shut down cyborg soldiers / Adam and are required to get past the automated 
gun turret.

FUMIGATION GRENADES - Found only in the High School level by Xander. Makes a 
Bokemono come out of hiding.

TRANQUILISER GUN - Found only in the Zoo level by Buffy. It's like an 
unlimited Crossbow. You have to aim and shoot it at a Zombie Gorilla who is 
up high as part of a puzzle, but it also makes demon- and vampire-killing a 
snap. Ripper is immune to it however.

DYNAMITE - -Avoiding easy joke #2-. Faith gets access to this in the Old 
Quarry level. They are used to blow up scenery, not bad guys.

Okay, so having your health brought to zero won't kill you... so what does?

GRAPPLES: If you are on zero health and a bad guy grabs you, that is pretty 
much continue time. A vampire or zombie will bite your neck while some of 
those bigger demons will snap it, Bokemono bite your legs and I'm sure there 
are others I didn't see. If you do get to zero health avoid the enemies for 
a little while and use a medikit to avoid dying.

FIRE: If you get set on fire when on zero health you will die. This includes 
being hit by Hellfire and by fireballs (from the magic-using bad guys). If 
you know you are going to be facing fire-dealing bad guys be careful and 
watch your health.

POISON: Well, it's green and history tells us that green things are poisonous. 
Spiders and zombies both spit a green projectile in a short arc that will 
kill you when you are on zero health. Dodge this bullet as much as possible 
and kill the bad guys for the health you sorely need. Demons breathe a 
green mist at you that might also kill you on zero health - I don't know for 
sure since I've never got into that situation with it.

WATER: Again, Buffy or any of her friends can't swim. Don't fall in any large 
pools of water / other fluids.

MAGIC: Magic projectiles / waves will kill the zero-health hero. You only 
have to deal with this when fighting Ethan Rayne so dodge his bullets / jump 
his First-powered waves (this takes some practise) to avoid dying. Heal as 

VAMPIRES - Your standard enemy. Comes in the flavours of Male, Female and Big 
Male, each with assorted colours. Females seem to be a bit more acrobatic 
than guys and kick more and some of the Big Males won't take damage from a 
direct frontal assault, but the process is the same for each - get them on 
the ground and stake them. Beating them to zero health is optional but can 
make things easier. Vampires will sometimes throw Hellfire at you, but it is 
easy to avoid if you see it coming.

ZOMBIES - These guys are pretty weak but can be annoying, especially if you 
kick their legs off. For the most part though these guys are just health / 
Slayer power refills waiting to happen. Just hit them until they fall apart - 
a Slayer powered blow on the end of the first combo will usually do the trick. 
Watch out for The Initiative's zombie soldiers - they carry grenades and drop 
them when they die. Don't be in the blast radius when this happens.

SPIDERS - Very weak but their poison spit can kill the zero health character. 
Stomp or punch them to death asap.

DEMONS - These come in a variety of shapes and skins, but all are pretty 
quick and powerful. Beat on them until they reach zero health and then stake 
them. Don't play too long - demons can really wittle away your health if you 
let them.

BOKEMONO - Small demons found in the High School level. Punch them to death 
or use a weapon to wipe out a few at once. They don't do a lot of damage but 
can be problematic in numbers. They eat bunnies.

WEREWOLVES - Big, mean dogs. They are powerful but slow-ish, so get them on 
the ground and pound them to zero health before staking them. Be relentless 
in your attacks. Kicks seem to work the best for me to take them down.

GARGOYLES - Like Werewolves, but you need a special Stake to take them down. 
You will only fight two of them in the game.

 - Phil West wishes to add:

"Open the cage door but don't enter. Shoot one of the gargoles with the 
crossbow until its health zeros, then fire the remainder at the other. 
Then step in and fight them - as with all dog shaped foes, kicking works 
best. To keep Giles alive (and avoid fighting the gargoles yet again) - keep 
just ahead of him and be free with the use of your holy water and hellfire 
as the vamps come through doors."

CYBORG SOLDIERS - Unbeatable soldiers of The Initiative. Slow-ish but 
powerful. You can temporarily holt them with an EMP grenade, but this only 
gives you a few seconds. I prefer to throw them since it seems to take them 
slightly longer to stand up. You have to shut down the mainframe to finish 
them off for good - use an EMP to stop the two guards at the other end of 
the room before accessing the computer.

ZOMBIE GORILLAS - These guys move fast and have a long range of attack. 
I found just kicking them was the best way of beating them. You don't have 
to stake these guys to finish them off. 

MAGIC-CASTING VAMPIRES / SEEKERS - Like normal vampires, but can throw 
fireballs. Magic-casting vampires wear the red shirts (mostly) and Seekers 
are wearing monk robes. Kill them as you would any other vampire.

1) KAKISTOS' SPELL: That wacky vampire has cast a spell that raises the dead 
and perhaps even Joyce Summers. Buffy doesn't want that. Destroy all the 
zombies who arise (Spike helps a bit) and then pound on the spell ball until 
it explodes. Easy.

 - Phil West wishes to add:

"I found it easiest to get near Tara and then use "hip-shot" mode with the 
crossbow to pin cushion attacking vamps -once this empty resort to spells." 

2) ETHAN RAYNE vs WILLOW: Willow has got to protect Tara and dodge Ethan's 
chaos bolts at the same time. This isn't too hard once you've got the hang of
it. Cast Shield on yourself to help prevent damage to you, kill the vampires 
with Sun Spells and Fireballs and play dodge with Ethan until he gives up. 
Try not to hit Tara or let Tara get hit by Ethan's spells.

This boss simply relies on you to stay alive for a certain time. I've been 
killed and gone into the death animation but had the level end, so don't 
despair if Ethan is just about empty and then you die - you might squeak 
through to level end.

Final note - Tara can be very free with her Fireballs, so watch out for 
friendly fire (no pun intended).

3) ANYANKA: In the gym there are five pentagrams on the ground. Equip the 
Magic Hat and pull out a bunny when you are standing on a pentagram. Try to 
keep the camera focussed on Anyanka so you can see her fireballs coming.
She's also go some other stuff that stops you / knocks you down but doesn't 
seem to do much damage. Once all the pentagrams have bunnies in them, Anyanka 
is open to physical attack so hit her with whatever you have.

When Anyanka hits the floor two Bokemono will appear to attack the bunnies in 
the pentagrams. When a bunny dies, Anyanka turns invincible again, go around 
and kill the Bokemono to save any remaining bunnies and for health / Slayer 
power. Repeat until Anyanka is dead.

 - Sleet Wintergreen says, "[O]nce Anyanka's barrier is down, hitting her with 
one hellfire vial will finish her off." I haven't tried this, but it may help 
you with this fight.

 - Phil West wishes to add:

"What worked for me was to place the bunny in the centre pentagram last - 
this puts you close to her and as she lands you can switch to the weapon 
of choice. First time, hit her with any hellfires you have then punch and 
kick till she resumes power. Run away behind the wall that is to the right 
as you enter the room. Here she can't attack you, you can use a medic kit 
and you can switch back to the hat. Sometimes the bakemon will come after 
you here - in which case it is an easy kill for health and power and will 
give you a few more seconds to get your second lot of rabbits into place. 

The gym also has a balcony - accessed from stairs to the right of the 
entrance - don't think you can be attacked here, and there is a stash of
hellfires in the room at the back. 

On your second run, place the bunnies and smash any bakemon you run across.
Place the middle bunny last and attack her as she lands. Being out to 
hellfires I hit her with the shovel, and this did the trick."

4) KAKISTOS: Oh, is this ever irritating. To beat Kakistos you have to 
destroy the three spell balls supplying him with health and zombies. Kakistos 
is ever nasty with those Fireballs and Hellfire - keep the camera on him at 
all times to be able to dodge what he throws at you. Each spell ball is also 
only vulnerable at certain times, but I found it easiest to just run around 
and hit each spell ball as I passed. The spell balls also act as a shield for 
you against Fireballs.

You can kill zombies for health / Slayer power, but the rate of return isn't 
good - with three-on-one you will be hurting in no time. Try not to kick off 
the Zombies' legs as they are harder to hit on the ground than they are 

Once all three spell balls are destroyed, beat Kakistos down to zero health 
and stake him. Block to avoid his attacks and counter attack as the 
opportunity arises. You'll be happy to see the back of him and this painfully 
annoying fight.

 - : Sarah Podmore says, "there is (in my opinion) an easier way to beat 
Kakistos. On one wall in the cave, there is a large piece of wood sticking 
up from the ground. If you punch/kick Kakistos onto this, it will dust him, 
with no need to bother with the orbs." I tried and couldn't get this to work 
and Sarah admits that when she tried to do this intentionally she found it 
very hard to do. The bit of wood she used was "on your right as you go into 
the cave", so if you are having problems with the orbs, give this method a go.

 - Phil West wishes to add:

"This one had the potential to be really annoying - the secret is to know 
what is going on and prepare. Enter the final chamber with as many med-kits 
as you can carry, which means drop through the hole in the floor with at least 
three. Hoard them as you fight through the earlier parts of the level. 

Keep an orb between you and K' to avoid hellfires/fireballs, and be aware 
that you can only damage orbs when they dim. If they are bright fight the 
zombies or move around. By knowing this I got through the battle very quickly
- the orbs were gone before I realized it - also helps to have kept a shovel 
- a swipe will take out a zombie and knock down K at the same time, finishing 
the fight quick if you are low on health."

5) ADAM: It's Spike versus a very quiet Adam. Guess the voice actor was 
unavailable. This fight is pretty easy once you know what to do.

You will need 5 EMP grenades (there's a basket of them in a corner of this 
room). Equip them. The only way to damage Adam is to throw an EMP grenade at 
him when he has picked up a barrel over his head to throw at you. To 
encourage him to throw those barrels, run around near the two walls they are 
lodged in. At some point Adam will go into a slightly stilted walk to go and 
pick one up. Wait until he has raised it above his head, then throw the EMP. 
If it connects, Adam will drop the barrel on his head and take damage.

Spike is fast enought to evade Adam's punches, but if you see Adam start to 
prep his gun make a bee-line for the depressed area in the center of the 
room - Adam's machine gun can be quite painful if you catch the full load 
and he can also fire explosive mines at you. Kill the zombies for health / 
Slayer power, just keep moving and you will beat Adam pretty easily.  

6) EVIL TARA: Quit yer whining Willow - what did you expect to find waiting 
for you here? The Great and Powerful Oz?

This is also pretty easy. Hide behind a pillar to protect yourself from 
Tara's fireballs (cast Shield on yourself for protection too) and cast 
Possession on the vampires she sends across to you. While she is busy 
fighting off those vampires, cast Homing Missiles or Fireballs at her to 
wittle down her health. A couple of vampires and a couple of Fireballs and 
Evil Tara will be no more.

7) RIPPER: Ripper throws magic bolts at Buffy, can summon zombie gorillas, 
teleport and create illusions of himself. He can also move pretty quickly 
which makes landing the blows on him a little bit hard. I found landing a 
jump kick followed by another punch or kick is probably the best way to take 
out Ripper. Try not to come straight on when you attack him - move in from 
the side to avoid him teleporting away.

Try to kill the zombie gorillas he sends after you - they are often more 
annoying than him to fight. Keep the gorilla between you and Ripper so any 
Fireballs that come your way hit it and not you.

This fight isn't too hard and involves mainly chasing Ripper and landing a 
few blows here and there until he dies.

8) ETHAN RAYNE vs BUFFY: Another annoying fight. Equip Hope's Dagger and get 
used to going for medikits in your inventory. Ethan throws chaos bolts, 
ground waves and magic pillars (if you stand still for too long) at you. 
Seekers jump down from the ceiling and pray in the magic circles to give 
Ethan immunity from physical attack. You have to get rid of all three Seekers 
from the magic circles and then hit Ethan with a blow from Hope's Dagger to 
hurt him.

In general it is best to kill two Seekers and try to distract the third one 
out of their circle before hitting Ethan, but sometimes it's just easier to 
kill all three. I found the best move to attack Ethan is the jumping attack - 
you have a chance of jumping over any ground waves he might send out and it 
does the same damage as any other attack.

When you hit Ethan, Hope's Dagger will go flying across to somewhere in the 
room. Run and pick it back up and repeat the above process. Try not to run 
in a straight line to avoid those chaos bolts coming from behind you.

In this battle, keep moving - you are less likely to get hit. Jump every now 
and again and you might get lucky and avoid a ground wave. Watch your health 
- it can drop incredibly quickly, especially if Ethan does something poxy 
like hit you with a chaos bolt on the ground and then sends out a ground wave.

Hit Ethan enough (and it's not that many times, actually) and he will 
collapse. Congratulations on finishing the game. Watch the Epilogue and 
then return _Buffy 2_ to the video store.



 - All the standard copyrights apply. If you want to reprint and / or alter 
this guide please contact me about it. I haven't said no to anyone yet.

 - To the people who worked on this game. Sure, it wasn't the greatest, but 
it was fun for a while. The interviews were a nice touch.

 - I used Weendog's Buffy 2 guide to get past some parts of the game, so 
thanks to him for writing it.

 - To my rapidly-getting-sick-of-that-stupid-Xbox-I'll-smash-it-with-a-hammer 
gf: thanks for your patience ;-)

1.20 - Added in information sent by Phil West.
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Iniative level secrets.
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