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Hints and Tips for Forza Motorsport

We have 9 hints and tips on Xbox

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What to do if you're losing in a race on the last lap.
Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #8162
When you are losing on the last lap of a curcuit all you need to do is to try and catch them up then on the last corner just lightly clip them so they will go flying off the course letting you have a well deserved win.

What to do once you've done the tEAm4za cheat
Added 23 Nov 2012, ID #8161
Once you've done the tEAm4za cheat,buy the Koiningsegg and upgrade it with the top of everything and when you start you will beat everyone.Thats how I'm now a level 46 with still 984,652,500cr.
Money Money Money
Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #7550
Get the Mazda AB Flug RX 7 and race it at the sunset penninsula speedway in the Rotory Cup. You'll Get up to 15,580 Per race. Easy Money
2 profiles
Added 18 Sep 2006, ID #6404
Make two profiles with these two cheats and switch between them both. One is nOsLiW and tEAm4Za or however there spellt. You will have a bigger advantage.
Can and can't do
Added 7 Sep 2006, ID #6321
On a lot of cars you will not be able to customize the frame of the car. Found this out the hard way.
Infinite money
Added 28 Aug 2006, ID #6273
To make this cheat work you need at least 80,000 credits in the bank to begin with. When you've got it, buy a VW jetta GLX VR6. Select it as your car and go to the engine upgrades section.

Next, you'll need to buy every level of every upgrade possible (except the engine itself). Once you've done this, buy the upgraded engine, then reinstall the stock engine.

If you've done everything correctly you should now be able to sell the upgraded engine for about 43,000 credits. Keep doing it as many times as you want and get as much money as you want
Bset starting car
Added 30 Mar 2006, ID #5488
The best starting car is the Audi TT
The way for $$
Added 5 Mar 2006, ID #5395
When you begin(it could be later on), when you are choosing your name, type tEAm4za, and then choose the asian area for your home. When you go to buy a car, you will have 900mil credits.

Buy the Mitsubishi FTO, then soup it up all the way, beat one race, then go buy the highest rank car thats unlocked in each region, soup them all up, and you'll beat a BUNCH of races, oh, and, don't worry bout what their class is, cause when you soup them up, they will be REALLY good.

I have 4 cars with 9.2-10.0 accel, and all of them are
S rankes class, so, you'll be fine.
Get alot of money IT WORKS
Added 25 May 2005, ID #3757
Struggling to keep up with the crowd? Well got melons has your back! Listen up.

You need a fair bit of money, Buy a Volkswagen Jetta (in europe the Volkswagen passat, useful fact) buy some engine upgrades 'as many as you can afford, With out changing the engine.

Go to the engine swap section buy the non-stock engine, then switch it to the stock one then sell the one you bought, and hey presto you sell it for more than you paid for. Now do it a couple of times till you get alot of money, then buy every upgrade (including the ones between stock and proffecional and the stuff that doesnt have effect e.g supercharger) now repeat the engine proses and you sell your engine for 44,000! You can do this as many times as you like.

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