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by vhayste

                    ==  H Y R U L E   W A R R I O R S  ===


                             LEGEND MODE (Normal)

                             W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


Illustrated guide (with screenshots and videos) can be found at:

                         [  C O P Y R I G H T  ]

  | This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste®. It is intended for    |
  | ~PRIVATE~ use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or     |
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  | document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and      |
  | criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent    |
  | possible under the law. Any characters, names, places, or           |
  | miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.  |
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  | Permission is required from the author in case any site or          |
  | individual will like to refer to, or use a portion of this this     |
  | document. Requests for posting this faq to other websites aside from|
  | the ones the author originally contributed to still needs to be     |
  | emailed to the author first. Expect a prompt response whenever      |
  | possible.                                                           |

                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

Kindly use the Find function (CTRL+F) then use the codes on the left column
to jump to the scenario you're looking for. 

001X --------------|| 01: The Armies of Ruin
002X --------------|| 02: The Sheikah Tribesman
003X --------------|| 03: The Sorceress of the Woods
004X --------------|| 04: The Sorceress of the Valley
005A --------------|| 5A:(Ocarina of Time) Land of Myth
005B --------------|| 5B:(Twilight Princess) Land of Twilight
005C --------------|| 5C: (Skyward Sword) Land in the Sky 
006A --------------|| 6A: (Ocarina of Time) The Water Temple
006B --------------|| 6B: (Twilight Princess) – The Shadow King
006C --------------|| 6C: (Skyward Sword) Sealed Ambition
007X --------------|| 07: The Sacred Sword 
008X --------------|| 08: A War of Spirit
009X --------------|| 09: Shining Beacon
010X --------------|| 10: Ganondorf's Return 
011X --------------|| 11: March of the Demon King
012X --------------|| 12: Battle of the Triforce
013X --------------|| 13: Enduring Resolve
014X --------------|| 14: Liberation of the Triforce

01: The Armies of Ruin
Map:Hyrule Field
Recommended Element: None
Heart Container: Link
Heart Piece: Link
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Defeat the first wave of enemies. During this point, a Fairy will join and
join Link. Your next objective is to help Impa. There should be an enemy
outpost nearby. Take it out to establish a bit of control in the area.
Defeat a few more enemies in your immediate area then head to the Abandoned

Here you'll face Volga. Lock on to this boss and evade/block his attacks
while chipping away his HP. One of his attacks will expose his weak point.
As part of the tutorial, this will be revealed and you'll have to keep
attacking it to deal extra damage. Once enough damage is dealt, a cutscene
will trigger. Volga will retreat afterward.

March past the Abandoned Fort and you'll get a new objective. You have to
rescue the Goron Captain by defeating the Lizalfos. This is larger enemy
but won't put up that much of a fight with you. Defeat it to complete this
objective. Continue wiping out more enemies in the area before moving

The Mine Entrance will be opened. Head inside and open the chest to get
some Bombs. This will be assigned to the ZR button. You can use this to
destroy boulders and damage enemies. Go back upstairs and use the bombs to
destroy the boulders blocking the entrance. Use the bombs again on the
boulder outside to reveal a chest. Open that chest to get Rupees.

Return to the first battlefield and destroy the boulders blocking the path
leading to Zelda. First, you have to capture the West Field Keep. Keep
killing enemies until the gauge decreases. The Keep Boss will appear
afterward. Defeat him to fully capture the Keep.

Once done, regroup with Zelda. Your next objective will be updated. Head
towards the next keep and make short work of the enemies there to capture
it. The East Field Keep may be captured by allied forces but head there
still. You should find a surviving Lizalfos there. Defeat it to get more
Rupees and possibly materials as well. Capturing the two bases will close
off the northern portion of the map. Before doing this, I suggest ignoring
the capture objective for the meantime and head north so you can get the
Heart Container and Heart Piece there. (See above)

Head to the south to join with Zelda in the Fairy Fountain. The Southern
Keep along the way has two Lizalfos and is under enemy control. It will be
better to capture it as well since you're already in the area. Now regroup
with Zelda and destroy the Fountain entrance. Step in the Magic Circle and
activate it. The fairy will gather the bombs your forces have and drop it
in the middle of the enemy concentration. This will wipe out most of the
enemy forces, raising the morale of your troops and giving your troubled
Keeps a breather. Before leaving the fountain, make sure to smash the jars
inside to get Rupees and to replenish your magic and SP gauge.

Leave the Fountain and shortly after, the Dark Wizard will summon a boss in
the battlefield, called King Dodongo. Head to its location and face it.
This boss has unbelievably high defense so don't expect this to be defeated
by normal means. To trigger its weakness, you have to watch out when it
stops to charge up it's fire attack. Stand in front of it then keep lobbing
bombs at its mouth. This will make it swallow the bombs and get knocked
down. Use this chance to attack it with all your might until the weak point
meter is fully destroyed. Repeat the same pattern as necessary to defeat
this boss.

After the battle, you'll unlock the other modes in the main menu and Impa
as a playable character.

02: The Armies of Ruin

Map: Eldin Caves
Recommended Element: Water
Heart Container: Impa
Heart Piece: Link
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

This location recommends using water element. Impa will be the suggested
warrior for this stage so let's just go along with it for now. Make sure to
make an Empty Bottle badge for her as well from the Bazaar.

From the starting area, smash the nearby jars to get some Rupees. Head out
and take control of the nearest outpost to the north. Once youve objective
is updated, head to the Hyrule Captain's position, to the northwest of the
map. To make it there, you have to break through the Stone Square keep in
the middle. There should be a breakable wall along the path.

Note: There's a boulder near the breakable wall. Don't destroy it
immediately. Kill 1,000 enemies first then destroy this boulder to reveal
the Skulltula underneath.

Use your bombs to destroy it then clear the Square's defenders to take it
under your control. This will allow Link and the allied forces to reach the
Hyrule Captain. You're still required to rendezvous with him so before
going to meet him, head south and capture the keep there.

After regrouping with the Hyrule Captain, you'll learn that you need to
destroy the stone spire to proceed across the lava. Dark forces will appear
and shortly after, an allied Bombchu will appear from the south. Head there
quickly and escort it. The Bombchu will make its way to the West Square.
Defeat the Lizalfos and the Keep Boss there to capture the Keep and allow
the Bombchu to pass safely.

Once the stone spire has been destroyed, continue north and regroup with
Link. After the cutscene, the Dark Forces reinforcements will appear from
the south and attempt to pursue you. You can head there and engage them in
battle. I would recommend doing this so you can get more experience and
material drops. You'll also be able to protect your Keeps and outposts
along the way. Once done, join your allies and take control of Tunnel

After putting the Tunnel Square under your control, a red chest will
appear. Open it to get a Sealed Weapon. Once done, the Tunnel Interior will
open. Head there and fight your way through to the straightforward path.
The Spirit of the Cave is located to the south end of the path. However,
the Crystal Cave to the northeast will be opened so might as well take out
the keep. Head south and defeat the Spirit of the Cave to open a Tunnel

Once done, keep killing enemies for the meantime and wait for the mission
objective to update. Once you got the objective to find a Bombchu, head to
the Central Keep and capture it. One Bombchu is there. After capturing the
Central Keep, Wizzro will appear. You also need to escort the bombchus to
the stone spires. Defeat all enemies surrounding the bombchus until they
successfully destroy large stone spire. Once done, you can clear all
remaining enemies. Capture the store room where there are several jars
containing a good amount of rupees and the area south of the Store Room has
a boulder in the corner that contains a chest that has a Heart Container
within (using Impa as the character). To complete the mission, you have to
reach the cave exit.

After the battle, you'll be able to play as Sheik. 

03: The Sorceress of the Woods
Map: Faron Woods
Recommended Element: Fire
Heart Container: Sheik
Heart Piece: Impa
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

For your first objective, you have to located and defeat all five Deku
Babas in the battlefield. But first, you have to find the Bow and Arrows
around the settlement. It's not immediately marked in your map and you need
this weapon to defeat the venomous Deku Babas. Once Lana reveals its
location, head to the southwest, behind the large tree to find the chest
containing it.

Backtrack and lock on the nearest Deku Baba then use the bow. It will only
take one shot to defeat it. Do the same to the others. Once done, Lana will
retreat to the Deku Tree. Shortly after, Gibdo forces will appear and head
for the Tree. Engage them and defeat them in battle quickly.

Once defeated, Wizzro will set fire to the Great Deku Tree, located in the
middle of the map. You have to make your way to the northeast to find the
Fairy Fountain. The entrance is guarded by a Gibdo. Defeat it to open the
door to the Fountain. Head to the Magic Circle and summon the Fairy. She
will make it rain and put out the fire on the Deku Tree.

There's also a large chicken inside the Fairy Fountain. (If you're familiar
with the Zelda franchise, you know what usually happens when you attack
chickens in the game) In any case, attacking this chicken will make an army
of chickens surround and attack you. They'll also follow you around. Keep
defeating them until Cucoo, the metallic chicken appears. This guy's
attacks are quite strong (about 3-4 hearts per attack) so evade it and
attack it whenever you have the opening. If you're low on health, run away
and defeat some enemy outpost captains or scour the other trees for some
item to get sure heart drops.

You can now recapture any fallen strongholds and kill large targets to get
their materials. Once done, you just need to head to the northwest and
defeat Wizzro. After getting his HP down to critical levels, Wizzro will
flee and he'll leave Gohma, a large spider.

Make sure you have your bow equipped. The boss's weakpoint is its eye.
However, you can't shoot it normally since its reflexes will allow it to
block your arrows automatically with its front legs. Lock-on to the boss
and keep evading its attacks. When it fires an upward beam, its eye will be
vulnerable for a few seconds. Another chance when you can shoot its eye is
when it stops moving and charge up for a powerful attack. Use these chances
to fire an arrow and reveal its weak point icon. Close the distance and
keep attacking so you can deliver a critical blow. After dealing enough
damage, the boss may relocate to the Great Deku Tree, which is your main
allied base. Do your best to kill the boss quickly; otherwise, you're in
danger of losing your base and losing the battle.

After the scenario, Lana will become a Playable character. The Bazaar's
Smithy will now become available as well. 

04: The Sorceress of the Valley

Map: Valley of Seers
Recommended Element: Lightning
Heart Container: Lana
Heart Piece: Sheik
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

For your main objective, you have to capture the two vital keeps to the
west and east. Meanwhile, Impa will encounter Volga and a darknut on her
way to the eastern keep. You can head there and defeat the two of them
instead for potential material/weapon drops. They'll reveal their weak
points right after their attack so make sure to evade and close the
distance immediately so you can take the opportunity to smash their weak
point and deal extra damage.

Once the two are defeated, move out and head towards the keeps. These Keeps
have Beamos emplacements, which are like laser turrets. Destroy them using
bombs. Capturing the West Keep will reveal a chest containing a Sealed

Continue killing enemies for the meantime until the objective is updated.
You'll have to escort the allied engineer on his way to cut down the dark
vines protecting the ruins entrance. Head towards the engineer's path and
take out the marked enemies that will intercept him.

After getting rid of the enemies, the engineer will be able to lower the
East Ruins Bridge. You can head there or spend some time reinforcing your
allied strongholds getting swarmed by enemies and darknuts. Head towards
the East Ruins Bridge and shortly after, a small group of Summoners will
appear. Backtrack and fend them off to help maintain your allied position
in the area.

You can approach the ruins from either the west or east sides since they
both lead to one of the keeps inside the ruins. Defeat all enemies inside
as well as the Keep Boss to reveal a chest. This contains a new tool, the
Boomerang. You need to use this to cut down the dark vines blocking the
way. You can also head to the middle of the ruins and defeat the
Gatekeeper. This will open the gate in the middle of the ruins.

Once you're ready, head to the Summit and confront Cia. After the scene,
the scenario boss will appear. While you're in the summit, you can capture
it to get more Rupees. Head to the middle of the map and fight Manhandla.

Equip your Boomerang and fight the monster. You need to hit it with your
boomerang when the heads turn green. This usually happens only when the
boss attacks. It's easier to hit the four heads at once when the boss
prepares for its bite attack. Once knocked the heads are all knocked out,
it will expose its core. Attack the core until you completely deplete its
Weak Point gauge. After that, the Manhandle will burrow and sprout 5
stalks. Head out and defeat all of them using your boomerang until the main
body appears. Repeat the same process until you completely defeat it.
Once defeated, the party will split into three scanario paths. Impa and
Sheik will take the top route, Lana will take the middle, and finally Link
will take the bottom path. These stages are different eras and dimensions
of previous Zelda games. 

5A: (Ocarina of Time) Land of Myth

Map: Death Mountain
Recommended Element: Water
Heart Container: Sheik
Heart Piece: Impa
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

The Goron forces will launch a boulder attack on the allied base. Fight
your way through either the West or East Keeps, kill the Deku Babas then
evade the rolling boulders uphill towards the East or West Boulder Keeps.
Capturing the East Boulder Keep will reveal a red chest containing a Sealed

Make your way to the other Boulder Bridge and capture it as well. After
capturing the two Keeps, clear any nearby outposts and kill the enemies.
Darunia will make his way to the allied base. Intercept him and engage him
in battle. You can attack aggressively; just remember to be ready to dodge
when he blocks your attack or he doesn't stagger. His Weak Point is
revealed after his every attack. Darunia's attacks are slow and predictable
so defeating him shouldn't be that much of a trouble. Once you defeat him,
he'll fall back to the chief's room.

After that, massive Goron forces will swarm your allied bases. Do your best
to defend them and defeat as many as you can. After a while, Darunia will
regain his strength and march out again towards your bases. He'll attack
the West Boulder Keep next.

Note: There's a fake stone wall that you can destroy, northeast of the E.
Boulder Keep. Inside lies a chest and a Cuckoo. This one summons a gold
cuckoo when attacked.

Defeat Darunia and defend the W. Boulder Keep until Impa arrives. If she
doesn't seem to move, make sure to head there and take out the Deku Baba
blocking her path. Once Impa reaches the Boulder Keep, she'll launch a
boulder attack on the Chief's room. The impact from the boulder will
destroy the base entrace. This will prevent Darunia from recovering his
stamina quickly and heading back again. Head inside and take out more Goron
strongholds. The full strength of the Goron army will march towards the
allied base. Use this chance to stop them and kill as many gorons as you

Shortly after, Goron Bombchus and their operators will make their way
towards your keeps. Intercept them and defeat the operators to seize the
bombchus and use them to bomb the Chief's room instead. Aside from bombchus
and operators, you have to watch out for another goron detachment led by
three captains. Take them out then proceed in assaulting the chief's room.

Once you're ready to fight Darunia, it will be better to lure the Big Poes
and defeat them before facing him to decrease his power. Once done, use the
same attack patterns to take out Darunia.

After the battle, Darunia will now be unlocked as a playable character. 

5B: (Twilight Princess) Land of Twilight 

Map: Twilight Field
Recommended Element: Water
Heart Container: Lana
Heart Piece: Lana
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Take control of the nearest outpost then head to the southwest. Once the
objective is updated, head there and rescue Agitha. After the cutscene,
stick with Agitha and escort her to her destination. Once you've reached
the Outskirts Keep, defeat the Dark Aeralfos to capture the Keep then
continue forth afterward.

After the cutscene, Agitha will fall back to the village. Engage Midna's
Forces and take control of the West Field Keep. This will display the
Twilight covering the area. Take control of the outpost to the northwest.
At this point, your main base will be under attack. Head over there quickly
and take out the attacking forces to give you peace of mind.

The objective will update to defeating Midna. Before you do that, you're
free to capture the other bases and outposes. This will remove the twilight
on these shadowed bases, as well as weaken Midna. Removing the twilight on
all bases will severely weaken Midna. Do this to your advantage. Midna's
weakpoint will appear after she swings her summoned arms and sending out
her panther. With all her twilight coverage gone, even your normal combos
should hurt her enough that you'll defeat her without exploiting her weak
point gauge.

After the scenario, Midna will be unlocked as a playable character.

5C: (Skyward Sword) Land in the Sky 

Map: Skyloft
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Link
Heart Piece: Link
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Fight a few enemies and wait for your objective to be updated. Head to the
Statue Keep to find Fi. You need to protect her since she carries the vital
"soup" needed by Levias. Escort her until she successfully delivers it.
Levias will push a large chunk of floating rock and connect the paths.

Note: Be careful not to destroy the boulder outside the statue base. This
is where the Golden Skulltula is located. Destroying it before you kill
1,000 enemies will prevent it from spawning.

Enemy forces will be attacking the allied base so quickly eliminate the
enemy forces around the statue and head back to stop them. You'll also
encounter the enemy commander named Ghirahim. He doesn't attack that
aggressively but when he starts his combo, make sure you evade and
counterattack. He doesn't reveal his weak point gauge that often but you
should be able to chip away his hp with continuous attacks. Once you drive
him off the battlefield, keep defeating enemies and capture the nearby
outposts and bases around the allied base.

While doing this, remember that you still need to keep an eye on Fi and
escort her. The Academy Keep needs to be captured but it is guarded by
three Aeralfos. Take them out and the Keep Boss. Next, follow Fi as she
makes her way to the southwest. There will be a Deku Baba guarding the
path. Destroy it using your bow to proceed.

Capture the West Town Keep and Fi will continue north. After successfully
delivering the soup, Levias will connect yet another path. You can now head
and take over the remaining enemy bases. However, Volga will apear and the
objective will be updated. To win the scenario, you have to deal with him.
Before doing that, make sure to capture the N. Rockface Keep; there's a
heart piece that will appear in the middle of the keep after capturing it.

Fi will be engaging Volga so its possible for you to make some quick trips
to kill large enemies for their materials. However, take note that if Fi
gets defeated, your mission will be over. Keep fighting Volga until you
critically damage him. His dragon form is quite annoying and threatening.
After enough damage was dealt, he will power up which will make it
difficult for you to defeat him. You have to make your way to the Fairy
Fountain to ask for the Fairy's help.

A couple of aeralfos and their goblin troops will appear outside the
entrance of the fountain. Defeat them then use the magic circle inside to
weaken Volga. Once done, intercept him and fight him. Volga's fast but his
attacks can be pretty predictable. Once you see him blocking your attacks
consecutively, prepare to evade. He won't be using his dragon-form that
much after being struck by Levias' lightning so you just have to anticipate
his spear attacks and his slow, fire-breathing attack.

His weakness gauge only appears briefly so you have to memorize his attack
patterns and make the appropriate countermeasures as necessary.

After the battle, Fi will become a playable character. 

6A: (Ocarina of Time) The Water Temple

Map: Lake Hylia
Recommended Element: Lightning
Heart Container: Darunia
Heart Piece: Sheik
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Start by taking out the larger targets nearby. Make your way to the south
and capture the outposts along the way. Ruto will be surrounded by enemy
forces to the south so head there and provide assistance. Defeat the two
Lizalfos leading the army against her. Once done, you have to escort her to
the Lakeside Keep.

Capture the Lakeside Keep and once Ruto reaches it, she will activate a
mechanism that will drain water and reveal the Water Temple's entrance.
Before heading towards the temple, clear the Temple Face Keep to the east
to reveal a chest containing a Sealed Weapon.

Ruto will be trapped in the temple's Central Hall so you have to find and
open all the floodgates to rescue her. One of the floodgate controls is
located in the southeast corner base. Make your way there while capturing
outposts along the way. Eventually, Summoners will appear to the south.
Make sure to open the nearby floodgate first then head straight towards the
summoners to defeat them. Otherwise, they'll just summon higher-ranked

By opening the floodgates, you'll also make the East and West Rooms
accessible. Clearing them is optional but will help your army gain foothold
inside the temple. Once you've opened the floodgates from the Southeast and
Southwest rooms, the Gatekeeper in the Central Hall will appear as well.
Defeat it to open the Central Hall and rescue Ruto. After regrouping with
her, she'll flee from the battlefield and your victory condition for the
scenario will change to defeating Zelda.

Capture all the rooms and outposts in the area before heading to Zelda.
Make sure to break the jars to restore your magic, SP, and hearts. Confront
Zelda and battle her. After a few moments, she'll summon King Dodongo in
the field. It is recommended to take out this threat first so leave Zelda
and proceed to the field to help your forces deal with the giant,
fire-breathing lizard.

Dealing with Dodongo is pretty much the same. Equip your bombs and wait for
it to open its mouth when it's charging for a firebreath attack. Once it
swallowed the bombs and detonated within it, the weakness gauge will
appear. Repeat the process until the gauge is depleted, allowing you to
perform a special attack that will deal heavy damage to the mini-boss.

Once Dodongo has been dealt with, head back to the temple and face Zelda.
This impostor's attacks are fast but she's not that aggressive. Keep
attacking but remember to fall back when she starts blocking your attacks
and she's moving. She'll reveal her weakness gauge after almost every
attack combo she makes but it's not recommended just staying beside her and
wait for the gauge to appear. Her combos usually end with a move that will
deal AoE (area-of-effect) damage around her, capable of knocking your
warrior out or pushing him/her away. If you want to exploit her weakness
gauge, time your evasion at the moment she activates her AoE skill. That
way, you'll avoid getting damaged but you're still in strike range from

6B: (Twilight Princess) – The Shadow King

Map: Palace of Twilight
Recommended Element: Lightning
Heart Container: Midna
Heart Piece: Lana
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Head to the east and capture the first outpost there. Your next objective
is to capture the lower levels. Defeat the enemies and Keep Boss in the
Lower Level East to get a Sealed Weapon. Proceed to the Upper Level East
and capture it as well to reveal a red chest containing a Hook Shot. This
is one of valuable tools in the game, allowing you to use it as a grappling
hook to reach higher and far away ledges.

After getting the Hook Shot, Argorok, an armored dragon will appear from
the west. Head back and intercept it. Equip the Hook Shot to reach the
upper ledges from the destroyed bridges. Midna will head towards West
Square. You have to help her reach it by defeating any of Zant's forces
that may intercept her.

Note: Using the Hook Shot against the Fiery Aeralfos while they're airborne
will bring them to the ground and reveal their weakness gauge.

While clearing the path for her, don't forget about some of Zant's forces
that will attack the main camp at the same time. Hurry there and defeat the
lead monsters to lessen the threat to your main base. Once done, rush
towards the West Square and capture it. Once Midna creates the magic
circle, step in the circle and activate it to damage the dragon.

Next, find Agitha's location and run towards her. Enemy commandos will
appear and will attempt to kidnap her. Intercept the commandos and defeat
them. If ever they successfully grabbed Agitha, she'll be taken to the
North Palace. Just head there and defeat all enemies to rescue her. Once
done, proceed with capturing more enemy positions and taking out
higher-ranked targets to farm their materials.

Argorok will attack again and this time, it will take control of the
Central Square. Head there and capture so Midna can deploy her magic
circle. Once the circle is deployed, activate it to damage the dragon.

Stay around the area since the Argorok will appear again for the third
time. This time, head to the east towards the Fairy Fountain. Activate the
magic circle there to prevent Argorok from fleeing. There's also a Cuckoo
here that you can ignore or instigate. (And fight an army of chickens while
dealing with Argorok

Now you have to defeat Argorok. To defeat it, you have to equip the Hook
Shot and wait for its tail to turn blue. Make sure you're locked on to it.
Once it starts to charge up, use the Hook Shot so your warrior captures
Argorok and slams it to the ground, revealing its weak point gauge. Keep
attacking it until you completely smash the gauge and deal heavy damage.
Keep repeating the process until you completely defeat it.

After taking out Argorok, Zant himself will leave his base and attack.
Zant's not that difficult to deal with. His attacks are slow and triggers
at a distance from him. It's possible to corner him and deal damage using
fast attacks. The attack that will reveal Zant's weakness is when he
summons an underground totem which also deals area damage. Other than that,
Zant is surprisingly weaker compared to Argorok so you shouldn't have
problems dealing with him. 

6C: (Skyward Sword) Sealed Ambition

Map: Sealed Grounds
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Fi
Heart Piece: Link
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Start off by cpturing the nearest keeps and outposts. After a short while,
some of your allies will turn on you. You have to hunt them down. While
you're doing that, more allied groups will turn traitor and to make things
worse, the enemies will receive more reinforcements from inside the temple.
Reinforce your nearby bases while you're hunting down the Turncoat Leader.

If you still didn't find the leader, the other traitors will attack your
allied base. Head there and defeat them to lower the threat in your main
camp. Fi will also narrow down the search area. If you still haven't
located the turncoat leader, he will lead an attack to your camp himself.
You can finish him off there. If you managed to find the Turncoat Leader
(he's in the main allied base when I found him but the location may vary
per game) Defeating the Turncoat Leader will force the other Turncoat
soldiers and their forces to withdraw so if you're after the materials,
it's better to hunt them down instead and save the leader for last.

After defeating the Turncoat Leader, Ghirahim will summon a large boss
called The Imprisoned. Head there and take it out first. To reveal the weak
point of this monstrosity, you have to attack its wobbly toes. Destroying
all of them will upset the monster's balance and will make him fall down.
Attack it while its down until you reduce its weak point gauge to at least
half. If you haven't captured the West Cannon Keep yet, head there first
and capture it. This will allow you to use an emplacement in that Keep
against The Imprisoned. When the Imprisoned reaches the West Cannon Keep,
it will float and charge up for a powerful attack. Head to the Keep and use
the catapult there to stop The Imprisoned from firing its blast.

The boss will make his way to the East Cannon Keep this time. You can still
intercept the boss and destroy its regenerating toes but be careful of the
powerful shockwaves released by his every step. You can attack then time
your evasion just in time before its foot hits the ground. If you still
haven't captured the East Cannon Keep, head there and clear it out.
Capturing the base will also reveal a chest containing a Sealed Weapon.
When the boss reaches the base, wait until the catapult becomes usable then
fire the final shot that will defeat the boss.

You'll now have to hunte Ghirahim. His forces will also march towards your
main base so it will be a good idea to stay near your base for the meantime
and take out the enemy forces. Once there are no more enemies attacking
your base, head to the Temple and engage Ghirahim.

He has a Moblin and a Stalmaster with him so if you want to get their
materials, destroy them both first. Ghirahim isn't that hard to deal with.
Wait for him to attack, move to the side while you have your shields up
then start your combo. He will reveal his weak point gauge when summoning a
magic circle. If you're able to defeat the Imprisoned without too much
trouble, defeating Ghirahim should be easier.

After completing this mission, you'll unlock Zelda as a playable character.

07: The Sacred Sword 

Map: Temple of the Sacred Sword
Recommended Element: Lightning
Heart Container: Zelda
Heart Piece: Lana
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Link is the only playable character for this story mission so make sure to
set him up by visiting the Bazaar. (After completing this scenario for the
first time, you can use any character afterward) Once the mission starts,
stay put until your objective is updated. You have to activate three sealed
statues. While searching for the statues, the Ghost Forces will appear in
the battlefield. Keep clearing their outposts and other occupied areas
while your allies search for the statues.

Impa will find outh to the south. Defeat the enemies around her so she can
activate the statue. Find the other two statues in the North and South
Squares. You need Darunia's fire ability to activate the statue to the
south while Midna need to activate the statue to the north. You need to
escort both allies (one at a time or at the same time) until they reach
their respective assigned spots.

After waking up all statues, more ghost units will appear. There are a
couple of summoners to the northwest and southwest squares. Take them out
to ease the burden to your troops. You have to find the commander of the
Ghost Units and it has disguised itself as Lana. Check your map for the
allied markers. If there's a lone marker that doesn't have any other
soldiers near them, there's a high chance that this is the impostor. You
should also take note of your allies location and if they're fighting
actively or not. Fake Lana is located in the middle of the map, near the

After defeating the impostor, the Ghost Forces will be free. The Main
Temple gate will also be opened. Capture any fallen outposts and Keeps then
head inside the Temple. Impa, Midna, and Darunia will leave the
battlefield. Once inside the temple, start capturing the bases. You can
also find a Sealed Weapon by capturing the South Temple Hall.

Fight your way through the Dark Forces until you reach the gate where the
Master Sword is kept. Defeat the Gatekeeper to gain entrance. Approach the
sword for a scene. After the scene, you have to fight Wizzro. You won't be
able to defeat him in this area so just fight him and deal enough damage to
force him to retreat.

Head outside the temple and regroup with Zelda. The Dark Forces
reinforcements will arrive and will attempt to attack her all at the same
time. Take out the leaders of the enemies so you can get materials and
weapon drops.

Zelda will abandon your keep to the west and will head straight to the
Temple. Intercept any enemies along the way and stand in their path to
prevent them from reaching Zelda. Wizzro will also pursue Zelda so do your
best in taking out as much enemies as you can before you encounter Wizzro

Once you encounter Wizzro, it's up to you if you'll defeat him quickly or
if you'll whittle his forces and farm materials from his other high-ranked
monsters. Once ready, defeat Wizzro to complete the scenario. 

08: A War of Spirit
Map: Temple of Souls
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Impa
Heart Piece: Fi
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

This story scenario is also limited to Link only. (After completing this
scenario for the first time, you can use any character afterward) Make sure
to get him some new badges and have a mixture prepared if you have spare
materials at hand. Link will also get the Master Sword, which has an
outstanding attack power and a skill that only unlocks after defeating
25,000 enemies.

Head inside the Temple and take out the enemies. Your immediate objective
will be capturing the Magic Keeps marked in the map to sever their
connections. Go to these Keeps and clear them off enemies. Shortly after,
ReDead Knights will appear and advance towards Zelda. These ReDead Knights
will keep coming even after you defeat them unless you sever the
connections of the Magic Keeps.

After severing the connections, the Sorceress' Room will be opened. Head
there and you'll have to defeat the Dark Link Cia summoned. This dark
version of Link has the same attacks as him so you just need to circle
around it with your shield up and counter attack as soon as Dark Link stops
its combo. Once you're able to stagger it, don't hesitate to be more
aggressive. Its weak point gauge appears shortly after finishing its attack
and destroying the gauge can be done in a few hits.

After defeating the first Dark Link, more of its clones will appear. While
engaging one of the Dark Links, Ganondorf will arrive with his own forces
to join the battle. Proceed with defeating the other Dark Links then engage
Ganondorf's forces. After defeating two Dark Links, the other two will
temporarily vanish from the map. Watch out where the third one will
reappear and rush towards it.

After defeating the third Dark Link, the entirety of the Hyrulean forces
will fall back to the West Garden. The fourth Dark Link is found in Cia's
room. Head there and defeat it. The trap in Cia's chamber will close all
doors. After defeating this Dark Link, more of its clones will appear. Just
when you're about to fight them off again, a cutscene will play.

Once the cutscene's done, it's now time to fight off Ganondorf's forces and
reclaim any lost Keeps. While you're at it, Cia will summon more monsters
to join the fray. Don't overextend yourself, just defeat the enemies in
your immediate area as they come.

The rest of your army will march towards the Western Rose Garden to escape.
Stay along their path and defeat all the enemies that may block off their
escape. While you're protecting them, keep an eye on Zelda's location.
She'll be cut off and will be surrounded by Ganondorf and his army. Quickly
dispose of the enemies near the escape point then quickly go to her rescue.

To finish the mission, you have to defeat Ganondorf himself. Since the
battle is pretty intense, it's hard to keep track of Ganondorf's moves.
Like the other small bosses, his weak point gauge appears after his special
attack/combo. Since there are leader enemies in the midst of the battle,
don't hesitate to use your Focus Spirit and SP attack to deal with the
hostile crowd quickly and effectively. Keep defeating enemies and you'll
most likely find Bomb power ups. Use this to your advantage since an
upgraded bomb deals tremendous amounts of damage to any enemy, with a
rather large blast radius. This is a good way to eliminate most of the
enemy forces while dealing damage to Ganondorf at the same time. After
defeating the leader monsters, the lesser peons shouldn't give you that
much trouble. Lock on to Ganondorf and defeat him. 

09: Shining Beacon

Map: Valley of Seers
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Link
Heart Piece: Midna
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Head to the nearest keep and capture it. Zelda will then discover the East
Sanctum and will instruct you to capture the sealed sanctums, marked in
your map. Your allies will make their move to the nearby Keeps. It's up to
you what Keeps you want to capture; wether you'll travel to the east to
assist Zelda or take care of the Western Sanctum yourself.

The Dinolfos enemies here increase the morale of their troops so expect
them move in to attack your captured outposts and Keeps. Defeat any of them
that you encounter along the way to make your job easier. Keep yourself
busy; after capturing a Keep, move towards the next. You also need to keep
an eye to your allies' HP. Go to their rescue whenever needed.

Cia will send powerful units towards your allies. They won't arrive
immediately so make sure to capture the Sanctums. Cia will also
continuously power up her units by boosting their morale. The last Sanctum
is located to the south. Once Lana finds it, head there and capture it.

After successfully capturing the Sanctum, regroup with your allies and
reinforce their positions by repelling any attacks towards them. Because of
the capture of the three sanctum's Cia's army will be weakened. This
advantage is short-lived since Cia will open a Gate of Souls to summon
reinforcements. Fortunately, there's a fairy fountain nearby.

Head to the fountain and so you can activate the magic circle to summon the
Fairy. Before you can reac hthe fountain, two Dinolfos will move in to take
over the West and Eastern Keeps/ Sanctums. You can intercept them. Volga
will also advance towards Zelda in the fountain. You can ignore him for now
and just proceed in summoning the fairy.

After luring Volga to the fairy magic's area of effect, you need to defeat
him in battle. His attack patterns are still the same, though he'll be a
bit tougher this time around. If ever you find yourself in a pinch and low
health, there's a destructible boulder in the vicinity, northeast of the
fountain's entrance, that contains a red jar with full HP recovery.

After defeating Volga, the main temple's gates will be open. Cia's
remaining forces will also attack your strongholds so intercept them and
prevent them from capturing your bases. Once done, make sure you're fully
healed before fighting off Cia.

For the first part of the battle, Cia will be able to summon Dark Links to
attack. These shadows will disappear after attacking and they don't seem to
have the ability to move on their own. This move will reveal her weak point
gauge. Remaining close to her is risky but should you be able to do it
correctly, you can attack her while she's summoning the Dark Links since
her blind spot is around her at very close range.

She can also fire fast dark projectiles. Don't bother blocking these since
they can break your guard instantly. If you see her hovering and dark
circles start to form on the ground in front of her, quickly break your
attack and dodge back. If you're able to evade this successfully, this is
another move where Cia will reveal her weak point gauge.

Once she's critically injured, she'll create three more clones of her, with
the same strength, weakness, attack pattern, with their own health bar.
Even if you defeat the original, the clones will still fight independently.
Lobbing bombs at them and keeping yourself at medium distance seems to be
effective since you're able to deal damage (albeit small) using the bombs
but if you time your throw right after Cia's specific attacks, it's
possible to damage their weak point gauge, and send them flying to you. You
can also air juggle them if you time your attacks right before they hit the
ground. If possible, use your SP attack when the Cias are close together.

After this scenario, you can now battle as Ganondorf. The 8-bit Wooden
Sword will also be unlocked. 

10: Ganondorf's Return 

Map: Gerudo Desert
Recommended Element: Darkness
Heart Container: Ganondorf
Heart Piece: Ganondorf
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

First, head to the southwest towards the marked Keeps. The path there will
be closed so backtrack and take the newly opened Keeps near the center of
the map. After capturing both Central Keep and South Oasis, the Monster
Forces from the South and North Settlement will leave camp and advance
towards your forces. 

There are also three prison in the map. These are colored yellow so you can
easily find them. Defeating the enemy gatekeeper outside will release the
prisoners, which will promptly join your army. Once you've dealt with the
advancing force, head to the specified settlements and capture them. 

After capturing the settlements, proceed with reinforcing any allies or
allied keeps in danger. The next missions will start shortly. Four Aeralfos
will appear to the northeast corner of the map. Head there but then, King
Dodongo will appear near the South Oasis. Head there and defeat it. 

After taking out King Dodongo, head to the northeast and take out the
Aeralfos in the Sacred Grounds. Once you enter the Sacred Grounds, the
doors will be shut. Defeat all the targets to unlock the doors and reveal
the scenario's real bosses. 

Manhandla and Gohma will appear to the south and west respectively. You
must engage them and defeat them before they team up. Ganondorf is
exceptionally powerful, especially with his Great Swords fully charged up.
Gohma is the nearest and it will move towards Manhandla so intercept it
with your bow equipped and defeat it. Finally, head over to Manhandla and
switch to your boomerang. Defeating it will complete the scenario. 

11: March of the Demon King

Map: Valley of Seers
Recommended Element: Darkness
Heart Container: Ganondorf
Heart Piece: Ganondorf
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

You'll be back again the Valley of Seers but this time, you'll be against
the Hyrulean army and the boss is Lana. Make your way to the West Ruins and
capture it. Wait until the mission is updated. Ghirahim and Zant will be
lured towards the East and West Temples respectively. Once inside, they'll
br trapped and some Hyrulean forces will march towards them to defeat them.

You can't take the shorter route because the Temples' southern gates are
closed. To reach the East Temple, head to the East and enter it through the
Temple's side gates. The West Temple should be approached from its northern
gate. You have to cut your way through the ruins to the north to reach it.
A summoner will appear, enabling the enemy forces to summon leader enemies.

Ghirahim will be in most danger at this point so head east first and take
out the enemies. Once done, rush over to the West Temple and rescue Zant.
After rescuing your faithful servants, Impa will arrive, including some
Goron captains. She'll also several clones in different locations. If you
manage to defeat the original Impa, the other phantom doubles will
disappear. Also, you'll get the objective to defeat all Goron Captains
within the ruins. 

Continue defeating the enemies and the real Impa will appear. Her phantom
doubles will still remain in the map. You can go ahead and hunt them all
down to get smoe extra Rupees and materials/ weapons. Meanwhile, the real
Impa will rush towards you and engage you to battle. You can run away from
her and take out the other phantom doubles and she'll still pursue you.
Fight her when you're ready. Her weakness gauge will appear after her
mid-air water daggers attack. 

After defeating Impa, the remaining Goron captains will advance. Intercept
them and defeat them all to face Lana. Since you've used Lana before,
you'll know what attacks she uses and how to avoid them. Her weakness point
gauge will appear after she uses her magic wall attack. This is very easy
to evade so just get behind her and attack. 

After defeating her in the ruins, she'll appear in the Fairy Fountain and
will attempt to escape. Head to the Fountain and enter it to find a red
chest containing a Heart Container. Lana will then split to two copies but
with half the HP. She'll also use the same attack patterns so don't
underestimate both of them. The two Lanas will head to separate escape
points. You have to defeat them quickly and prevent them from escaping;
otherwise, you'll lose the battle. 

12: Battle of the Triforce

Map: Hyrule Field
Recommended Element: Darkness
Heart Container: Ganondorf
Heart Piece: Ganondorf
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Once the battle starts, take out the nearby captains but don't go too far.
Stay close to Zant and defend him from the Hyrulean captains that will
attempt to intercept him. A summoner will also appear in the  Mountain
Keep. If you can, head over there and defeat it. After taking out the
captains, you'll get another mission update. This time, you have to defeat
Link to prevent your allied Lizalfos from fleeing. Head towards Link's
location and defeat him before he defeats all your Lizalfos deployed in the

Link's attacks have predictable intervals. Don't underestimate his damage
though; keep your guard up when trying to anticipate his attack, then evade
at the right time so you can counterattack immediately. His weakness gauge
can be depleted quickly so this battle shouldn't last long. 

After defeating Link, Impa will make her way to the Fairy Fountain. You
have to intercept her and defeat her before she reaches the fountain. Impa
will mostly ignore you and keep moving so chase after her and defeat her as
fast as you can. If ever Impa did reach the Fairy Fountain, you'll have a
bit of time to spare before she replenishes the magic circle. This is a
crucial plan that you need to stop because if Impa's able to summon the
fairy, your allied base will fall instantly, causing you to lose the
battle. Once she's defeated, Link will return and Zelda will rejoin the
battle too. 

The two of them will advance towards your main base so you have to
intercept and defeat them before they capture your base. Don't make any
delay because Link and Zelda are both powerful; they can easily capture
your Keeps without much trouble. If you're able to intercept one of them,
fight them until their HP is critically low. Once that's done, head towards
the other and do the same. If they haven't reached your base yet, wait for
them their while taking care of the ordinary soldiers. With both of them at
low HP, you should be able to defeat them together in a short span of time.

You have to defeat them together; otherwise, one of them will be fully
revived to join the battle. As much as possible, fight defensively. Don't
just attack blindly as their attacks can easily take out your hearts rather
quickly. Save your SP attacks when you're caught in the middle of their
combos or when their HP is very low. 

13: Enduring Resolve

Map: Gerudo Desert
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Link
Heart Piece: Lana
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

Make your way to the South Oasis where Ghirahim is located. (Note: You may
want to wait for the mission to appear first; otherwise, it will probably
cause a bug that will make Ghirahim immortal) Reduce his HP to critical
level to force him to flee. During this fight, you'll hear Lana complain
about the desert heat. This will reduce her HP to 1/2. Since you have to
protect her and Zelda, you need to concentrate on taking out any enemy that
will advance towards them. 

After dealing enough damage, Ghirahim will flee. A Big Poe will also
advance towards Lana. Check the Battlefield Info to learn the location of
this enemy and intercept it. You don't have to pursue Ghirahim for now
since his HP will be locked at critical level and you won't defeat him for
now, no matter how much you attack him. Let him flee for now and take care
of the Big Poe. Make sure to capture the South Oasis as well by removing
the two Deku Babas and defeating the Keep Boss. This will protect your
allied forces to the south from the heat. 

Head to Lana's location and capture the North Oasis. This will protect her
and your allies in that area from heat exhaustion. Next, head to Ghirahim's
location and defeat him. Lana will have doubts, especially how fast you
defeated him. The unnamed Keep's gates where you defeated him will close,
just in time as Zant appears. This will lower Lana's troops' morale and
will force them to rendezvous to the main camp. The only way to get out is
by following the path to the east then turn to the south to reach Clifftop
Keep. Defeat the Shield Moblin there and capture the base.

After defeating the Shield Moblin and capturing the keep, jump over the
ledge and engage Zant to battle. You won't be able to reach Lana until you
defeat him since he has locked down the southern desert area with the
Central Gates. Zant will also teleport in different locations in this area
in order to stall for time. Head over to his position and defeat him
quickly. Once the gates are done, rush towards Lana to trigger a cutscene. 

After the scene, the allied forces will turn the tide of battle with the
arrival of the allied warriors from other eras. At the same time,
Ganondorf's forces will also receive reinforcements. This massive army will
march towards the allied main base. You can choose whichever bulk of the
force you want to deal with first. 

After a few moments, you'll get the objective to hunt down Zant and
Ghirahim. Proceed with capturing enemy strongholds and defeating as many
enemies as you can along the way. The two of them are located in the Sacred
Grounds, in the northeast corner of the map. If you didn't have problems
dealing with them individually, then fighting the two of them at the same
time isn't that hard either. Just remain mobile and exploit the openings
they create after their attacks. Defeating the two of them will secure your
victory in this scenario. 

14: Liberation of the Triforce

Map: Ganon's Tower
Recommended Element: Light
Heart Container: Zelda
Heart Piece: Impa
Skulltula: Defeat 1,000 enemies

As soon as the battle starts, two Argoroks will appear in the battlefield,
and a Summoner in the Fairy Fountain. You have to engage and defeat the two
of them. You also have to be careful of the massive enemy force surrounding
them. While battling the Argoroks, Darunia and his bombchu will arrive. You
have to escort them to towards the West Field Keep. 

If you defeat one of the Argoroks, the other will make its way to the
bombchu, as well as a faction of Ganondorf's forces. Fight near the bombchu
and take out the Argorok as fast as you can. Keep escorting the Darunia and
the bombchu until they reach the destination. 

Once the bombchu destroys the wall, head inside and capture the West Field
Keep. After capturing it, Ganondorf will enter the battlefield. This will
raise the morale of his troops and he'll also summon random lightning
strikes in the battlefield. 

Ganondorf and his powerful units will be boosted by a tremendous amount of
power. Your allies will attempt to stall them but will fall one by one.
Fighting him at this state is very disadvantegous so ignore your allies for
now and head toward the Castle Keep. Defeat the gatekeeper outside to open
the gate then defeat the stalmaster and dinolfos inside. Make sure to
destroy the Beamos emplacements as well. Defeat the Keep Boss next until
you reclaim the castle. This will remove the giant sword that amplifies
Ganondorf's power, weakening him and his troops. 

The last objective for now is to fight Ganondorf and defeat him. For the
meantime, make sure to defeat the Summoner if you haven't yet; otherwise,
captain-level enemies will keep pouring in. It's also a good idea to go
there since the Gold Skulltula can be found under the boulder inside the
Fairy Fountain once you've defeated 1,000 enemies. 

Ganondorf will be so much easier to deal with without his power boost. You
have to be aggressive, at the same time careful since he doesn't seem to
stagger even when using your powerful combos. His weakness gauge usually
appears whenever he's using his charge attacks. The gauge will only remain
visible for a few seconds so you'll have to fight close to him and evade at
the right time so you'll be in striking distance once the gauge appears.
The exception in this tactic is when Ganondorf is releasing a flurry of
attacks while stationary; he'll be encased in a trapping bubble of slashes
and you'll get caught in it too if you don't move away immediately. The
annoying lightning strikes are still active so keep moving and immediately
evade if you see the ground under your feet emanating a purple circular

After defeating Ganondorf, the massive enemy, Ganon will appear. You need
to destroy some of its key parts using different tools before you can
reveal its weakness gauge.  To do this, you have to observe what type of
attack it's going to use then use the appropriate tool to stop that attack
and damage it. Its moves are pretty much similar to the previous bosses you
fought (that require tools to defeat) If you see it charging up for a fire
blast attack (King Dodongo's attack), throw some bombs on its hands to
destroy a part of its gauntlet. Once it hovers in the air and does a fire
breath attack, get around it and wait for its tail to turn blue (Argorok).
Use the hookshot to bring it down and destroy one of its tusks.
Successfully doing these counterattacks will prevent Ganon from using the
same moves again. 

If Ganon charges up blue energy on its left arm gauntlet (Gohma), get close
enough to it and wait for it to fire the blast. Fire an arrow to the
gauntlet's open eye to destroy it. Finally, wait for it to open the
appendages on its shoulders that will fire seed-like projectiles
(Manhandla). Use your boomerang to destroy both of them. 

Once all four key parts are destroyed, Ganon will switch to its basic
attacks. One is a continuous stream of red energy which is pretty easy to
evade, and the other one is a charging attack that will reveal make the
crystal on Ganon's forehead glow post-attack. Ruto will manage to upgrade
your bow with infinite light energy so you have to use it to hit the
crystal. This will knock Ganon out for a few seconds, revealing its
weakness gauge. Keep repeating the same method until you whittle down its
HP and defeat it. 

Completion Rewards

After completing Legend Mode, Hero Mode will be unlocked. Battles will much
harder but better weapons will drop from fallen warriors. 

Second Gold Skulltula will appear on each scenario stages. However, these
will only be available in Hard or Hero mode difficulty and for only
specific warriors or weapons. 


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