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Follow the dark path or use the light

Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World Cheats for Wii U

We have 6 cheats on Wii U
We also have cheats for this game on:   3DS

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Co-Op Mode RC VehiclesAdded 3 Nov 2016, ID #469
Completing Omochao's missions or saving animals will enable you to unlock RC vehicles for use in Co-Op mode. For the first two vehicles in each category, clearing an additional mission in the 'How to unlock' column will increase the vehicle's level. The level for the last three vehicles in each category will increase by saving additional animals.

Balloon 1:
Complete mission 24, 56, 59, or 97.

Balloon 2:
Complete mission 32, 51, 64, or 81.

Balloon 3:
Save 13,000 animals.

Balloon 4:
Save 19,000 animals.

Balloon 5:
Save 25,000 animals.

Fighter Jet 1:
Complete mission 2, 14, 41, or 45.

Fighter Jet 2:
Complete mission 9, 47 ,80, or 95.

Fighter Jet 3:
Save 10,000 animals.

Fighter Jet 4:
Save 16,000 animals.

Fighter Jet 5:
Save 22,000 animals.

Helicopter 1:
Available at start. Complete mission 4, 42, or 84 for upgrade.

Helicopter 2:
Complete mission 15, 38, 53, or 71.

Helicopter 3:
Save 9000 animals.

Helicopter 4:
Save 15,000 animals.

Helicopter 5:
Save 21,000 animals.

Hovercraft 1:
Complete mission 29, 49, 72, or 94.

Hovercraft 2:
Complete mission 3, 31, 73, or 98.

Hovercraft 3:
Save 12,000 animals

Hovercraft 4:
Save 18,000 animals.

Hovercraft 5:
Save 24,000 animals.

Stealth Jet 1:
Complete mission 46, 50, 91, or 99.

Stealth Jet 2:
Complete mission 6, 54, 57, or 75.

Stealth Jet 3:
Save 11,000 animals.

Stealth Jet 4:
Save 17,000 animals.

Stealth Jet 5:
Save 23,000 animals.

UFO 1:
Complete mission 18, 30, 86,or 93.

UFO 2:
Complete mission 37, 74, 96, or 100.

UFO 3:
Save 14,000 animals.

UFO 4:
Save 20,000 animals.

UFO 5:
Save 26,000 animals.

Unlock Super SonicAdded 22 Apr 2014, ID #204
Collect ALL 140 Red Rings to play as Super Sonic in every level otherwise you need to collect 50 rings in the desired level and then tap on the Chaos Emerald that appears near the top right corner of your gamepad screen.
Unlock Super SonicAdded 12 Nov 2013, ID #152
Collecting ALL of the Red Rings in a area will earn you a Chaos Emerald for that zone. If you collect ALL 7 Chaos Emeralds you will be able to use Super Sonic in any stage by collecting 50 rings and tapping the icon on the Gamepad.
Chaos EmeraldsAdded 12 Nov 2013, ID #151
When you collect ALL of the Red Rings in an area a Chaos Emerald for that zone will become unlocked.
Red Star RingsAdded 12 Nov 2013, ID #150
The following extra levels become unlocked when you collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in the indcated area.

Desert Ruins Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Desert Ruins.

Frozen Factory Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Frozen Factory.

Silent Forest Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Silent Forest.

Sky Road Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Sky Road.

Tropical Coast Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Tropical Zone.

Windy Hill Zone Extra Level:
Collect ALL 15 Red Star Rings in Windy Hill.
Unlock Bonus WorldAdded 12 Nov 2013, ID #149
Complete Lava Mountain Zone 4 to make a bonus world appear at the top of the world map. This world is made up of ideas for special stages or bonus worlds that were cut from the game.

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