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Follow the dark path or use the light


by zeldamaster120

Written by Matthew Rimmer
E-Mail: [email protected]
Copyright 2006 Matthew Rimmer

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Story
4. Controls
5. Gameplay Mechanics
6. Weapons & Gadgets
7. Walkthrough
8. Co-op Differences 
9. Co-op Walkthrough (coming soon)
10. Acknowledgements
11. Legal Info

Welcome to my FAQ for Splinter Cell: Double Agent for the XBOX. I chose to
write it for this game because the splinter cell series is one of my
favourites. I just love all that sneaking around!
 Plus, Double Agent adds a whole new twist to the series with its trust meter. 
This means you have to balance out the objectives that you complete, as each
one effects the trust that both your agency (the NSA) and the terrorist group
(the JBA) have in you. It also accounts for 3 different endings, depending on
where your allegiances lie at the end of the game.
 It's not as realistic and non-linear as the previous game, Chaos Theory, but
Double Agent is still impressive nonetheless.

This is my first walkthrough so it obviously won't be 100% correct. If you have
any comments, suggestions or questions that HAVEN'T already been answered in
this guide, then feel free to e-mail me. ([email protected])

Note. This walkthrough aims to give a detailed description of how I progressed
through the game, aswell as give you some choices along the way. However, if
you want a full description of every possible different path through the game,
may I suggest VampireHorde's guide?

2. Version History
Current Version: 1.1 Started Co-op Differences section.
                     Added to authorized websites list
                     Added info about Kinshasa level.

Previous Versions:
1.0 Solo walkthrough is complete, Co-op will follow shortly.

3. Story
The NSA are changing, with no Grimsdottir or Redding in this new game, but
instead a new chief, Assistant Director Williams. He has completely different
ideas about where the NSA is heading, compared to Lambert, and they are both
trying to steer the agency in two different directions.
 Their enemies are also changing, finding new ways to overcome security and
bring terror to the world. The JBA are one of such enemies.
 After the death of his daughter, Sam Fisher's life is also in a mess. So,
Lambert comes up with a plan. To infiltrate the JBA from within. To use a
double agent. Sam Fisher.
 The plan is that it will sort out Fisher's own life, aswell as bring down the
JBA. Will it work? It all depends on you.

4. Controls
Basic Controls
A                  Action
B                  Crouch
X                  Gun
Y                  Jump
R Trigger          Lethal Attack
L Trigger          Non-Lethal KO attack
Black              Whistle/Call team-mate/Initiate Co-op action
White              Inventory (tap lightly to switch to previous weapon)
START              Pause
BACK               OPSAT
L Thumbstick       Move (click down to press Sam's back to a wall)
R Thumbstick       Camera (click down to access EEV)
D-Pad UP           EMF Vision
D-Pad DOWN         Sticky cameras
D-Pad LEFT         Night Vision
D-Pad RIGHT        Thermal Vision

With Gun Equipped
A                  Reload
B                  Toggle Crouch/Stand Up
X                  Put away
R Trigger          Shoot
L Trigger          Fire Non-Lethal Attachment (with pistol: OCP)
R Thumbstick       Click down to Zoom
L Thumbstick       Click down to switch hands (while zooming: Zoom Level 2)

Advanced Techniques
Crouch: Press B to crouch. You will move slower but will make less noise. More
or less essential to crouch at all times.

Roll: Hold B to roll. This is necessary to put out fires.

Back to wall: You can click in the left thumbstick when near a wall to press
Sam's back against a wall. This makes Sam more or less invisible, unless in
bright light.

Climbing: Press Y in front of an object to climb, or mantle, on top of it.
To climb a pipe or ladder, simply walk into it. Press B to fall off.

Lethal/Non Lethal Attacks: When standing close to a guard, press A to grab him
or press either trigger to perform a lethal or non-lethal move.

Hanging: Either fall off slowly from a vertical ledge or press Y to jump up to
one and Sam will hang from it. You can move left and right, and pull yourself
up onto the ledge.

Hand over Hand: Press Y to jump up to a horizontal pipe. From here you can move
along the pipe. Press Y again to bring your legs up. Here, you will move
slower, but will be less able to be seen. Press B to fall off.
 If you press X while hanging, Sam will equip his weapons.
Zip Wire: Press Y to jump up to a sloped wire. Sam will slide down it 
automatically. You can again press Y to bring your legs up and press B to drop 

Once you have picked up an object, press X to prepare to throw it. Aim as you
would normally and then press the right trigger to throw, and the left to lob
it, which has a higher trajectory.

Split jump:
In a narrow corridor, you can face either wall and press Y twice to perform a
split jump. Sam will suspend himself over the corridor. You can press B to get
out of this move.
 Press X to equip your weapon when performing a split jump.

Rappelling: To rappel down a vertical wall, go near the edge of the wall and
press A when 'Rappel on wall' appears in the action window. Press Y while
rappelling to jump off from the wall. You can also press X to equip your guns
while you are abseiling down the wall.

NPC Moves
NPCs are the enemies that you encounter throughout the game. There are a number
of fanciful ways to take them out:

Grabbing: Move up behind an enemy and when 'Grab character' appears in the
action window, press A to grab him.

Interrogating: While you have an enemy in your grasp, you can sometimes press
A (if the option is available) to interrogate him and find out useful

Human Shield: If you equip your weapon while holding an enemy, you will be able
to use the NPC as a human shield. Other enemies around you will be more wary of
shooting you when using a human shield.

Forcing: You can force NPCs to help you in your mission by taking them over to
an object, such as a retinal scanner, and pressing A.

Attacks: Once you have grabbed an enemy, you can knock him out or kill him by
pressing the appropriate trigger. If you hold down the left trigger you will
knock him out and carry him all in one, swift action.

Hiding Bodies: You need to hide bodies from other patrolling guards. Press A to
pick them up, and A again to drop them down. You can drop them off in a hurry
by pressing X.

Water Kill: While in water, sneak up behind an NPC on land. When you can grab
him, do so and you will drown him in the water (lethal attack)

Drop Attack: If you drop from a high ledge, pipe, or split jump position onto
the top of an  unsuspecting enemy, you will knock him out.

Pulling Over: You can also grab NPCs whilst hanging from a vertical ledge. Sam
will pull them down to their death. (lethal attack)

Inverted Neck Snap: Whilst hanging onto a pipe over the top of an NPC, you can
press the right trigger to kill him, or the left trigger to just knock him out.
Grabbing him also results in a KO.

Phew. That was a lot of moves. You think you can remember them all? Good. Lets
move on.

5. Gameplay Mechanics
The hacking system has changed since the last game. You are no longer
trying to match a set of numbers. This time the object is to match the green
wave to the red one. Use the left thumbstick to move the wave up down, left and
right. When the two match, they turn a yellow colour. When you think they are
well matched, press A. If they are correct, a green light will show and you can
move onto the next wave.
 If they do not match however, a red light will show and you will have to start
over with a different wave. You have to match 3 or 4 waves (depending on the
object you are hacking) before the timer bar at the bottom reaches 0.
 If it does bottom, an alarm will sound and you will have to start all over

Lock Picking:
To pick a lock, you have to rotate the left thumbstick until it starts
clicking. This means you have found the correct quadrant. Keep wiggling the
thumbstick inside this quadrant to find the correct position of the pin. 
 Once the pin is in place it will click, and you can move onto the next pin.
Picking locks is time consuming but it is quiet and enemies cannot detect a
picked lock, whereas they can tell if a lock has been broken.

Bomb Defusing:
To defuse a bomb, you need to first equip your EMF vision (D-pad UP). The
active wire will be lit. Switch back to normal view, select the active wire
and cut it. This will activate a timer. You need to cut the other three wires
using the same technique before the timer runs out or the bomb will go up and
yep, you guessed it... GAME OVER!
 Note. you can also tell which is the active wire by seeing which wire rumbles
when you highlight it. This is the active wire.

Trust Meter:
The trust meter is a fundamental part of Splinter Cell Double Agent. Every
objective you complete will affect the trust either the JBA or NSA has in you,
and if you stray all the way to one side, you will have to complete a timed
objective (which can be sometimes very tough). If you fail the task, guess
what? Game over. Again.
 Primary objectives will effect trust and you have to complete them no matter
so you have to try and balance it out by completing opportunity objectives for
the opposing side. There are also opposing objectives in the game, where you
can choose to follow the JBA's orders or the NSA's. These usually affect trust
big time, so be wary.
Trust is also affected by the amount of enemies you kill, or do not kill. The
JBA tend to like enemies dead, whereas NSA prefer them out for the count.
 The level of trust also effects the weapons and gadgets that you receive. The
NSA will give you more non-lethal weapons, such as sticky shockers, whereas the
JBA will hand you aggressive weapons, like a shotgun. Balance your trust

This is accessed by pressing BACK. It stores the following things:
-Objectives: A detailed description of each objective and whether it is
primary, opposing or opportunity.
-Trust: The trust meter
-Notes: All notes taken form interrogations, emails etc. such as door codes.
-Data: All data that is received during the course of the mission, such as
e-mails are stored here.
-Equipment: Information on all of Sam's current equipment and gadgets.
-Training Videos: View any training videos that you have picked up during the
solo campaign.
-Map: Displays a 3D map, with enemy locations and the locations of primary
-Profiles: Gives a profile of characters from the current level.

These are your goggles, and they can be used to scan any electronic device.
 They will then tell you if it can be affected by the OCP (a targeting reticule
at the bottom of the screen), whether it can be accessed from where you are (a
wireless symbol) and whether it can be hacked (a series of numbers).
 If it can be accessed, press A to do it from a safe distance and sift through 
all the data that you need.

This is the secondary fire on your pistol. It can be used to disable any
electronic device for a small amount of time. The devices affected range from
lights and cameras to TV screens and even Jamie Washingtonís pacemaker!
 Some OCP-affected objects can also be shot to permanently disable them, but it
may attract unwanted attention. Caged lights and cameras cannot be shot at.

In some levels (especially the earlier ones) you have a team-mate to help you
out. Unfortunately, they are more of a hindrance than a help, and will often
do stupid things such as wait in bright light, in full view of the guards,
which often results in their death, meaning you have to start over. You do
feel like sometimes shooting them yourself!
 The only times they do help is when you need to get up a high ledge or
something. All you need to do is walk up to the ledge and press A when the
appropriate action icon appears in the action window. That's all there is to
it, and sometimes you wonder what the point is of including them in the game at

In the JBA headquarters levels, guards will not shoot on site. Instead, they
will attempt to arrest you. To prevent this, you must follow a sequence of
buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen. These either grab the guard or
knock him out, depending on which one you choose.

Detection Devices
Cameras: The most common form of detection device. A quick shot from the OCP
will disable them long enough for you to sneak past them. Unfortunately, they
have an annoying habit of being able to see you in pitch black, so don't go
relying on cover from darkness, like you would in previous games.

Laser Trip Wires: These are the green and red horizontal beams that block your
path. the green ones set off an alarm, the red set off a bomb. You can either
deactivate them by aiming the OCP at the small sensors on the walls either side
of the tripwire, or avoid them by ducking under them or jumping over them.
 If an alarm is set off, additional laser tripwires and other security measures
may come online.

Infrared Cameras: These have a series of infrared beams protruding from a white
sphere on the ceiling. if one of the beams touches you, an alarm will sound.

Note. An alarm will also sound if a guard sees you and presses a panic alarm,
or if you bugger up one of the hacking mini-games.

Locked Doors
Yeah sure, you can pick locks, but some doors require more than just a good old

Keypads: Either hack it or find the keycode via interrogation or e-mails.

Card Reader: Again, can be hacked or find the correct keycard lying around.

Retinal Scanner: Hack, or force an NPC with the right authority to scan
themselves in.

6. Weapons & Gadgets
Sam has two main guns. A pistol, which is handy for shooting out lights and
it's secondary fire - the OCP . He also has a rifle with 3 attachments.

5-7 Pistol
Has a 20 round magazine and is fitted with a silencer. However, it is still
loud and stupid though it may be, fire anywhere near an enemy and everyone
around you will instantly know where you are, even if you are in pitch
 The OCP is the pistol's secondary fire and is used to silently disable all 
electronic devices for about 45 seconds, which is usually long enough to let 
you get by.
 Just aim at the device and pull the left trigger, but make sure your aim is
true, else you'll have to wait about 20 seconds while the battery recharges
before you can have another shot. A green light on the pistol will indicate a
successful shot, a red one means you've missed and you can't shoot again until
the light goes off.

SC-20K Rifle
A silent machine gun, which holds 30 rounds in a magazine. It has 3

Launcher Attachment:
 This allows you to fire several non-lethal weapons provided by the NSA (the
higher their trust in you, the more LTLs (less-than lethals) you will receive.
 The SC-20K launcher can fire the following weapons with the left trigger:

-Sticky Shocker: This instantly electrocutes, and knocks out, an enemy on

-Sticky Camera: This very useful camera can be used to look around corners,
create a distraction noise, and fire a knock-out gas that has a limited range.
 However, once the gas is released, the camera is destroyed.
 You can exit the camera and then press D-Pad DOWN to return.

-Gas Grenades: The gas grenades produce strong knock-out fumes seconds after
impact. The gas also has a very wide range, so it can take out multiple enemies
at once.

-Airfoil Rounds: These rounds act like a weak sticky shocker, and will
disorientate an enemy for a few seconds. A second shot will knock them out.
 A single hot to the head will also KO any enemies.

-EMP Ammunition: Fire these at any devices that are affected by the OCP.
However, these will disable the device permanently, without catching the
attention of nearby guards. Use them wisely.

Sniper Attachment:
 This allows you to zoom in on a target by as much as 3x. However, the aiming
reticule will become extremely wobbly once zoomed in, and the shot is louder
than the shotgun!

Shotgun Attachment:
 This is best used for close-quarter combat, as this is when it will cause the
most damage. However, like the sniper rifle, it is very loud so use it with
extreme caution.

SC-303 Compact Launcher
This is like both weapons moulded into one, except it can't fire any bullets.
Use the primary fire to fire any LTLs that you may have, as the secondary
fire is that good old OCP.

Other Weapons
Wall Mine: These are placed on walls and they flash green and red. To defuse
them, walk up to them slowly and press A when the light is on green. Red means
 You can also avoid them by walking past them really slowly.
 To plant them, equip them and press the right trigger when next to a

Frag Grenade: A few seconds after impact this will explode in a shower of
shrapnel, killing anyone within range. It is thrown like an object.

Smoke Grenade: Gives off a smokescreen a few seconds after impact. Guards and
cameras cannot see through this (even with night vision). It is thrown like
an object.

Flash Grenade: Temporarily blinds and disorientates an enemy seconds after
impact. It is thrown like an object.

7. Walkthrough
Finally, it's time to start the walkthrough. First though, some basics.
 You don't have to complete opportunity objectives. Only complete them if you
want to, or if your trust levels demand that you complete them. If you don't
want to complete them, obviously just skip the parts about opportunity
 Also, this walkthrough was written for the 'hard' difficulty level, so things
may differ on other difficulty levels.
 Note. if ever you get confused or can't work out where to go next, the map and
objectives on the OPSAT are extremely useful (the map even shows nearby enemy
locations! Not bad.)
Now, Letís start with the first mission. It makes sense, doesn't it.

Mission 1 - Iceland
-Infiltrate the factory                            NSA
-Acquire Buyers List                               NSA
-Extract                                           NSA


-Neutralise the Guards                             NSA
-Protect the Crates                                NSA
-Retrieve Weapon Schematics                        NSA
-Plant Explosive Charges                           NSA

Ice Cavern
Objective(s): Neutralise the Guards (opportunity NSA)
              Protect the Crates (opportunity NSA)

Turn around and walk through the tunnel. If you're new to the series, press A
to watch a couple of training videos. They're not worth the time otherwise.
 At the end of the tunnel, walk up to the sheet of ice and grab the guy behind
it. Interrogate him, knock him out and hide his body in the corner.
 Approach the tall ledge (past the broken snowmobile) and 'Initiate Dynamic
Hoist'. Hisham (your partner) will then help you up the tall ledge and you can
move on.
 About halfway through the tunnel, Lambert will call and tell you that there is
a helicopter inbound and that you need to make your way back to the start of
the level. Do just that, but be careful of any noise that you make.
 Back at the beginning, fire a sticky shocker into the puddle of water at the
two guards' feet to knock them both out.


Head all the way back to where you just came from.
 Carry on through the tunnel and carefully drop down the ledge at the end. Hold
B to soften your landing. Use your OCP on the light ahead and move on, saving
your progress when prompted.

Back Entrance & Service Tunnel
Objective(s): Infiltrate the Factory (primary NSA)

Slowly approach the area ahead to witness a guard shoot two of his fellow
comrades. Let him do that and then, when the time is right, sneak up behind him
and knock him out. You can use the plunge manoeuvre if you want, but that counts
as a kill, and kills are not considered to be stealthy.
 Climb up the ladder on the left and enter a small room. Flick the door switch
to open... guess what? a door! Leave the room and head on through.
 When you reach the fence, 'Invite Boost Over'. Hisham will leave you now
(thank God!), so you're going at the rest of the mission solo.
 Jump up onto the pipe in the next area. Bring your legs up and wait until the
guard passes underneath you. Grab him to knock him out. Carry on along the pipe
until you get to the end. Keep going though, because Sam will carry on climbing
up the vertical pipe.
 Follow the network of pipes up to the top. Ignore the prompt. Don't pull the
guard over the edge (that's a kill). Instead, wait until he walks away and then 
follow him (beware the camera - disable it with the OCP) until the time is
right to conk him. Once he's down, find the small ladder on the left of the
camera, climb it, and cut the material on your left.


Pump Room and Corridor
Turn the valve in front of you and descend the ladder to the right. Wade
through the water until you reach a pipe on the far wall. Climb up it and take
out the mechanic at the top.
Head into the next corridor to find another engineer bloke. Blow out his fuse
(ha!) and, as always, hide the body.  Around the next corner is another camera,
so OCP it. Watch for the lasers soon after. Disable the bottom 2 and proceed.

Turbine Room
Objectives(s): Plant Explosive Charges 1/4 (opportunity NSA)

Sneak left very quietly, being careful not to alert the two talking guards.
Head behind the pillars and down the ladder. Walk straight on and then around
to the right, using the cover of the generators. OCP the light ahead and climb
up the ladder.
 Whip out that trusty OCP again and disable the spotlight illuminating the next
set of steps (it's high in the ceiling, so look up). Next, ascend the stairs
and place the first explosive charge on the large computer in a cage. (bluey


Quickly but quietly go up the steps again before the light regains 
consciousness.  Disable yet another light at the top of the steps, and go 
through the door.

Laboratory & Laboratory Corridors
Objective(s): Retrieve Weapon Schematics (opportunity NSA)

Follow the hallway to the end and walk though the door. This will initiate a
cutscene featuring Emile Dufraisne. You will be seeing a lot more of him later
 After it's finished, stay in the darkness and, using your EEV, hack into the
PC on the other side of the bulletproof glass at the end of the room (the
one closest to you) to retrieve the weapon schematics.


 You can also access the other PCs in the lab for some (slightly humorous)
 When you've collected all the data, move on through the next hall, being
careful of the camera halfway through.

Turbine Room & Pump Corridors
The door at the end leads back into an upper section of the turbine room. Sneak
ahead (the generators provide enough noise for cover) and OCP the light above
the stationary guard's head. Next, drop down and hang on the railing to your
 Shimmy all the way round to the other side and climb back up. OCP the light
(again!) next to the door, and quickly pick the lock before that evil light
 This next room is tricky. Disable the lasers and the light around the corner.
Open the trapdoor on the floor. Easy part done.
 Wait until a guard comes past, turns round and heads back out of sight again.
Now's your chance to slip through the gap between the stairs and the wall.
 The first guy in here is relatively easy to knock out - just cruise up behind
him and give him a headache. The second however takes a little more work. It
also doesn't help that this corridor is surprisingly bright. Use your own
method to take out that second guy (split jumps work well here, but I prefer
sticky shockers) and move on.
 Two more lasers await you in the next hall (you can duck under the third),
before you stumble across the generator room.

Generator Room & Foundry Access
Objective(s): Plant explosive charges 2/4 (opportunity NSA)

Use the OCP on the light in here to get the two guards investigating. Grab the
fat guy at the back, knock him out and hide his body, before the other guy sees 
what's happening. Repeat the whole process for the other guard.
 Go up the mini steps and ascend the ladder on your left. Run to the end of the 
catwalks, place the charge and flick the door switch. Climb down the ladder and
press on.


Beware the camera as you charge down the stairs, and enter the next area. Head
left and, using the cover of the big thing in the middle, OCP the light next to
the door on the right. Where do you think you're going next? Yep! Through the
 Squeeze through the maze of pipes until you come to a room with water and yep,
ANOTHER fat electrician. Climb the pipe on the right and slide down it at the
end. Drop down, wade through the water, and grab the mechanic when you're on
dry land (if you grab him in the water, you'll drown him). Conk him, and move
on, tuning right after you leave.
 Ignore the room on the left, and press Sam's back against the window to
prevent being seen by the people inside (sounds stupid doesn't it, but it
 One more camera lies in wait around the next corner before you come across the 

Foundry & Comms Room
Objective(s): Plant explosive charges 3/4 (opportunity NSA)
              Acquire Buyers List (primary NSA)

Climb up the fence to your right and onto the box thing in the corner. Use the
pipes and ladders to climb to the top of the room, and then wait for the bridge
to slide into place. Board it and wait until it takes you to the other side.
 Head left until you come to a ventilation grid over a small control room.
There are several methods to infiltrate this room:
1. The doors on both sides
2. Hang from the roof and drop down to the ledge. Pull yourself up.
3. You can even try to shoot a sticky camera through the vent.
It's up to you. Once you're in, work out a way to take down the two men.
 I pick the lock on the left door to get in. Next, I grab the first guy and
pull him out of the room before snuffing him, so that the second bloke doesn't
see him. After that, I just have to take out the other guy.
 Anyways, once they're down, plant a charge on the next COC (computer in a


 Head out via the right hand door if you are facing the COC. Slide down the
ladder on the right and press the door switch at the bottom.
 While you are heading up the stairs, beware another camera, and head into the
machine shop. Don't go downstairs yet - enter the door on the upper catwalk -
off to the right.
 Disable the lasers one by one. Also knock out the camera at the end of the
hall. In the next room, grab the guard on the chair and put him to sleep.
 Access the computer to acquire the buyers list and a garage door code.


Loading Docks & Warehouse
Objective(s): Plant explosive charges 4/4 (opportunity NSA)
              Extract (primary NSA)

Lambert will chime in and tell you that something has happened to your
daughter. He immediately pulls the plug on the mission. You have to get out.
 Head back out the way you came (remember the camera above the door) until you
arrive in the machine shop.
 This time, go down the stairs and OCP the light at the bottom. Quickly plant
the final charge on the PC, and enter the garage door code you received from
the Comms Room.


 Move on into the loading docks.
 Jump up and over the stacks of cylindrical things and OCP the light. As you
proceed to the warehouse, sneak to the right of the fork-lift and OCP a second
light. Make your way between the crates and OCP a third and final light on the
right hand side of the room.
 Open the door on the right and head to the end of the hall.


That was a looong mission. But, they're about to get a whole lot longer yet!

Mission 2 - Ellsworth Penitentiary
- Get the Walkie-Talkie                            JBA
- Find an Adrenaline Syringe                       JBA
- Break out of prison with Jamie Washington        NSA
- Regroup with Jamie Washington                    JBA
- Release the lock to the gas chamber              JBA

- Help Jamie kill Barnham                          JBA
- Do not let Barnham die                           NSA

- Retrieve hidden information disk                 NSA
- Alter death records                              JBA

Prison Pipes and Guard Booth
Objective(s): Get the walkie-talkie (primary JBA)

First things first. You have no equipment for this mission. If you don't kill
Barnham later, you don't even get a gun. The only thing you have is a lockpick.
talk about high-tech!
 Right, turn around and enter the crawlspace under the bed. When you emerge,
jump up onto the ledge in front of you to meet your way into the JBA - Jamie
Washington. After your conversation is finished, let him boost you over the
pipes. Climb the ladder in front of you and open the trapdoor at the top.
 Notice the yellow pipe behind you. Climb it and proceed through to the next
area. Squeeze through the narrow gaps and jump over the yellow pipes at the
end. Don't forget to hold B to soften your landing.
 Next, you need to pick the trap, so do it and then drop down. Quickly pick up
the walkie talkie on the desk in this room, and hot foot it back through the
trapdoor before the guard sees you.


 You now have 1:45 to get back to your cell. Easy enough. Jump up to the first
pipe, and then just keep pressing UP to climb up the set of pipes.
 Once you're at the top, squeeze through the gaps again and traverse the yellow
pipe. Now, you need to hang off the edge of the catwalk you're on. Wait until
the guard passes underneath you and let go. Oof! That'll hurt in the morning!
 Drop down the ledge and back through the crawlspace to end up back in your

Courtyard & Infirmary
Objective(s): Help Jamie kill Barnham OR Do not let Barnham die (opposing)
              Find an adrenaline syringe (primary JBA)

A prison officer will arrive and tell you that you have a visitor. Fisher will
follow him before meeting his visitor, Lambert. He will explain a few useful
things about this level, so listen to him.
 When you're done, turn around, exit the room and go through the only open
door. Just follow the corridors until you come to the courtyard (don't worry
about the cameras).
 Fisher will then grab Barnham. You choose whether to let him live, or kill
him. The choice is all yours.


When you rejoin Fisher, you'll find he's wound up in another cell (arrested in
jail?!). Another officer will come in and Jamie will snap his neck. If you
killed Barnham you get the gun, if you didn't you get a... lockpick! YES!
 Anyway, once you're free (pick the cell door) you can then pick up the
adrenaline syringe on the table.


Exit the infirmary and approach the wall on the left. 'Invite dynamic hoist' to
get pulled up, and be on your way.
 The next part is tricky, especially when Jamie keeps standing in the light!
You need to hang off the ledge until the patrolling guard (he moves up and down
the cells)turns his back. Then drop down, conk the stationary guard, sneak up
to the back of the patrolling guard and take him out aswell, all before he
he turns round. This prevents either you or Jamie being seen.
 Boost Jamie up above the cells and he will open a door for you. Enter the
cell, nearest the entrance, and climb the well disguised stairs to the top.
 Follow the walkway to the end, and drop off to the right. Walk through the
gate in front of you.

Cafeteria & Beyond
Stay in the darkness to the left. You will then see a prison guard threatening
to shoot a criminal. Cruise up behind him and whack him before he shoots the
other guy.
 Head to the right of the criminal and follow the path around. When a fire
blocks your path, pick the lock on the door to the left to enter the cafe.
Figure a way to down the two men in here without any of them seeing you, or
each other's body (knocked out body, of course!)
 When they're both asleep, jump up on one of the tables on the right of the
room. From there, jump up onto the upper railings, and pull yourself up onto
the upper floor. Find the crawlspace up there and enter it.
 At the other end, take care of the enemy, and then access the PC to release
the gate locks so that Jamie can get through, and for the code to the door.
 Jamie will run off, so follow him through the halls and enter the left door.

Cell Blocks & Warehouse
Enter the next block of cells and, when the patrolling guard isn't looking,
sneak up the stairs to your left, all the way to the top. Next, look for a pipe
on the ceiling and use it to traverse the gap across to the second floor on the
other side.
 Again when the guards aren't looking, enter the illuminated crawlspace on the
wall to your right.
 At the end of it all, you'll arrive at a workshop. DO NOT pick up the carving
knife when you drop down from the crawlspace. Sure, you can stab people, but
it's metal and there are metal detectors at either exit to this room.
 The exit on the right just leads to an office with a PC but nothing important.
We'll ignore that. Wait until both guards patrol to the right and quickly 
tiptoe left and then right when you can. Try to avoid the light as much as
possible. Head through the metal detector (here's where resisting the knife 
pays off) and proceed into another hallway.
 Enter the first door on the left and squeeze through yet another crawlspace on
the left wall. This will lead you to the gas chambers.

Gas Chamber & the Morgue
Objective(s): Release the lock to the gas chamber (primary JBA)
              Regroup with Jamie Washington       (primary JBA)
              Retrieve hidden information disk    (opportunity NSA)

Wait for the two guards to finish their conversation and one of them will
position himself in front of you. Exit the vent and go give him a sore head.
Press the switch next to where he was standing to open the gas chamber.

Make your way between the seats and enter the door to the left. Descend the
stairs and bash open the door at the bottom to knock out the poor bloke on the
other side. Walk over to the gas chamber and open it to free Jamie (it's a pity
this is a primary objective. I can't stand him!)


There's another door further up ahead so go open it to be released upon yet
more corridors. There is a patrolling guard around here so make sure you take
him out before he sees you.
 Anyway, head straight, through death row, and into the morgue. The disk is in
one of the open lockers on the far side of the room. Take it.


Turn around and make your way back through the passage all the way to the end
(ignore the door you used to enter the passage, just keep going) and go up the
stairs to the top.
 Give Jamie a boost over the gate and he will open it for you. The door at the
end leads into the chapel.

Chapel & Extraction
Objective(s): Alter death records (opportunity JBA)
              Escape prison with Jamie Washington (primary NSA)

There are two guards in the chapel, one patrolling the ground floor and one
patrolling the upper floor.
 Take them out using your own method, and then enter the room off the ground
floor. Access the computer to alter the death records.


Next, ascend the stairs in the main chapel and turn right at the top. Look for
a pipe on the left wall, and use it to cross the gap to the other side. Once
you're there, detach the rope.
 Jump down and climb up the rope that you just detached to emerge on the roof.
 Take out the lone guard up here before picking the lock on the door. Head down
and open the first door you see to rejoin Jamie. With him in toe, head all the
way to the bottom of the stairs and go outside to the parking lot.
 There is a gaping hole in the wall on the left. Hoist each other up and then
drop down the other side to complete the mission.


That was a toughie because of the lack of equipment. Don't rest yet though... 7
more missions to go.

Mission 3 - JBA Headquarters Part 1
- Adjust 4 fuse boxes                              NSA
- Access the JBA's Central Server                  NSA

- Send info about Cole Yeagher to Lambert          NSA
- Send info about Cole Yeagher to Emile            JBA

- Scan Enrica's Fingerprints                       NSA
- Plant false information on Moss' PC              JBA

Alley & Loading Bay
Objective(s): Adjust 4 fuse boxes 1/4 (primary NSA)
              Adjust 4 fuse boxes 2/4 (primary NSA)
              Plant false info on Moss' PC (opportunity JBA)
Enter the door at the far left end of the alley. Adjust the first fusebox in
here. That was easy enough. The rest aren't though.


Open the next door to be faced with a brightly lit hall and a camera. OCP both
the camera and the light and follow the hall to the end.
 Once you open the next door, hide in the darkness and wait for the two guards
to finish talking. One will then walk off. Follow him into the loading bay.
 OCP the light ahead of you an then head off to the right. OCP another light
that is illuminating the steps leading up to the office. Make your way to the
office but beware that annoying camera at the top of the stairs.
 Once in the office, quickly adjust the fusebox before anybody sees you.


Hack the PC in here (sometimes it's best to wait in the darkness and use the
EEVs) to plant the false info.


Make your way down to the ground floor again and towards a second door at the
far end of the loading bay. There is another camera above it.

Warehouse & Roof
Objective(s): Adjust Fuse Box 3/4 (primary NSA)
              Adjust Fuse Box 4/4 (primary NSA)

Start off by rounding the corner and disabling the camera. Walk through into
the light and enter the door on the left. There's a steel pylon to the left of
the door. Climb it and then transfer onto a horizontal pipe to reach the upper
level. Wait until no enemies are eyeing you up and then go and adjust the fuse


 Drop back down onto the ground floor (in front of the entrance). Another
bloody camera is searching above a stack of crates in front of you. You know
what to do. Climb over those crates, and then use that OCP again (damn handy
isn't it!) on the next light.
 While the guard investigates, climb the boxes on the left and enter a large
vent at the top. This leads to the roof.
 After you exit a second crawlspace, look around to see a light and yep... a
camera! Disable them both and climb up the steps to the roof. The fusebox is in
plain sight and the darkness gives you cover from the sole guard up here.
Adjust it for Lambert.


Head into the door on the far side of the roof to access the next area.

Server & Quarters
Objective(s): Access JBA central server (primary NSA)
              Send info about Cole Yeagher to Emile OR Lambert (opposing)
              Scan Enrica's fingerprints (opportunity NSA)
              Return to public area (primary NSA)

Round the corner and disable a camera. Knock out the guard that patrols this
corridor and hide him somewhere where the camera will not see him.
 Next you need to enter the server room (with all the computers in it - it has
glass windows). OCP both lasers and then access the server.


Hack that same PC to find the info about Yeagher. Send it to Emile or Lambert.
Up to you.


Exit the server room and continue down the hall. Enter the last room (it has
'Enrica' scratched on the door. Bust out the fingerprint scanner and locate
the set of prints next to the second bed (they show up in the UV light).
Scan them.


You can access the PC if you want to read a couple of e-mails, one of which is
about you.
 Exit the room and go through the door at the end of the hall. Head down the
ramp, using the OCP on the infrared cameras along the way. Once at the bottom,
enter the door to find yourself in the room prior to the loading bay. You
should now be able to return to the beginning of the level with relative ease.
 Once your reach there, you've completed your 3rd mission. Congrats!


I hope you remember the layout of that place because you'll be coming back in a
while. Until then, it's so long New Orleans!

Mission 4 - Money Train
- Get the vault's access code                      JBA
- Get to the front of the train                    JBA
- Disconnect train's communications                JBA

- Leave the station chief alive                    NSA
- Kill the station chief                           JBA

- Isolate rear carriages                           NSA

Abandoned Tunnel & Electrical Rooms
You gotta make a decision about this level. If you kill the civilians, you will 
gain trust from the JBA. But, if you just knock them out, you'll get favour
from the NSA. Again, it's all your choice.

 'Initiate Dynamic Hoist' to pull both of you up the ledge on the right (surely
Sam should pull Enrica up, not the other way round? Never mind).
 Emile will chime in twice about your equipment (don't ask why it's twice) and
then you can carry on. Enter the door in here, and keep following the tunnel to
be faced with a fan and some orange netting on the right. Boost Enrica over the
netting and she will stop the fan rotating so that you can continue. Enter the
crawlspace under the fan.
 When you emerge, wait in the darkness for an engineer to arrive, checking the
electrics. I just ignored all guards completely on this level, and my trust was 
not affected.
 Anyway, either kill him, let him live, or ignore him altogether, and move on.
 There is another patrolling guard in the next area. Follow him when his back's
turned to emerge in the Restored Room.
 Tiptoe right, behind the welder (be careful as he gives off a bright light if
you're too slow), and enter the next door.
Maintenance & Sewers
Descend the stairs to the bottom, behind the station guard. OCP the light at
at the bottom and open the trapdoor on the left of the room. Jump down when the 
guard starts talking to another guy.
 Walk quickly through the vent (enemies can still see you through the grid
above). Turn right at the intersection and head towards what looks like a dead
end. But, if you jump up, you'll find yourself in another maintenance room.
 Work your way around the front of the train, taking out the lights along the
way (the back way is blocked). Unlock the door on the left with the knife or
a lockpick. Squeeze through the crates and proceed to the sewers. Nice!
 Rappel on the wall off to the left. At the bottom, turn around and enter the
crawlspace. When you emerge, climb up the vertical pipe and squeeze through the
crack in the wall. Enrica will then tell you that she has buggered the cameras
up for you. What a woman! Better than Jamie bloody Washington!
 Enter the crawlspace on the right, which leads through to the monitor room.

Surveillance Rooms
Objectives(s): Get the vault access Code (primary JBA)
               Leave the station chief alive OR kill him (opposing)

Once the two guards finish talking, one will leave the room. Exit the 
crawlspace and conk the remaining guard.
 In the next room, open the door but hide in the doorway. OCP the light and
then keep to the darkness as you make your way to the corridor off to the
 Quickly press your back against the dark far wall to avoid being seen by the
guard that emerges from the station chiefís room. Once he comes out, either let
him go and hack the card reader next to the door, or knock him out and use his
keycard on the door. Your choice.
 Once you break into the station chiefís room, find a way to grab him (the room
is surprisingly bright so be careful he doesn't see you.
 Interrogate him twice to receive the vault access code, and then either kill
him or knock him out, depending on who you want to gain trust for.


You also need to access the PC in this room to get the door code for the exit
to this room (there's also a copy of the vault access code on there, in case
you missed it).
 Open the vault-like door using the code that you just pulled from the

Train Station & Platform
Peek around the entrance to the next room to see two more guards having a chat.
Wait until one walks off and the other is leaning against a metal cage. Quietly
sneak into the cage behind him and enter a crawlspace (using the darkness
 At the other end, access the PC for another e-mail and head up the stairs
(there may be a guard at the top, so neutralise him).
 Open the door at the top and use the right hand side of this circular room to
make your way round to the other side. Head down the steps at the other end.
 At the bottom, head left and, using the darkness, board the back of the train.

Back of Train
Objective(s): Isolate rear carriages (opportunity NSA)

A train section. Great!
 OCP the first light in front of you and then shoot an airfoil round at the
next guy's head to knock him out in a hurry. Move onto the next car.
 In here, Enrica will call and tell you some info about this section. The next
challenge is to disconnect the train's communications, and you only have eight
minutes to do it. It's going to be tight! Get a move on!
 Grab the first guy when he has his back to you, then drag him out of view of
the camera before putting him to sleep. Airfoil the guard sitting down and move
 The next carriage poses a different threat. Not guards, lasers.
 You can squeeze under the first one without touching it, but you'll have to
OCP the one blocking the door.
 Soon after, there are 3 more that you can squeeze under, and then a grid of
them. You only need to disable the bottom one, as there is a crawlspace
underneath the pile of gold bullions. Take it to the other side.
 Before you enter the next car, detach the rear carriages.

Front of Train
Objective(s): Disconnect communications system (primary JBA)
              Get to the front of the train (primary JBA)
There is no conventional way through the next car, so you're going to have to
climb to the top and do it that way. (Pandora Tomorrow, anyone?)
 Towards the end, two guards will climb up too, so watch out for them.
 Drop down just to climb back up again. Another idiot will climb up, but this
time he will climb up much sooner. Drop off the side of the train (trust me!)
and Sam will grab onto a rail. You can then make your way up the train without
being seen.
 There is one more rooftop to traverse after this one. Once you've done that,
you'll notice that the door in front is locked. Turn around, though, and you 
can go through.
 The comms system is in here. But first you have to get to it.
 Disable the tripwire in front of the gold bullions and then sneak through the
crawlspace. When the guards stop talking, grab the guy of you and dispose of
him. You can then OCP the light further ahead. You need to do it twice to
distract the guard and get them up off their backsides.
 Then, find a way to take both of them out and disconnect the communications
by bypassing the circuit on the little grey box at the end of the carriage.


Exit, and approach the now unlocked door.
 I found that the best way to get rid of the two men in here was to distract
them, then OCP the farthest light and press my back against the right wall. I
then grabbed the guy at the back, quickly knocked him out and shot an airfoil
at the remaining enemy.
 It's tough, and you have to do it quick, but I found it to be the only way.
When you're done, enter the driver's cabin.


Great mission that wasn't it? Especially the train section. Anyway, 2 boat
levels await you. Yep, that's right, 2. In a row.

Mission 5 - Cozumel
- Help Enrica install Comm Relay                   JBA
- Help Enrica reach the Comm Room                  JBA
- Retrieve Bomb                                    JBA
- Deliver bomb and help Enrica reach fuel tank     JBA
- Extract via the service boat                     JBA

- Disable Enrica's cell phone                      NSA
- Protect Enrica's cell phone                      JBA

- Obtain Passenger Manifest                        NSA
- Disable Ship's Engines                           NSA
- Delete camera records                            NSA

Corridors & Music Lounge
Objective(s): Obtain Passenger Manifest (opportunity NSA)

Slide open the glass door on the right and head into one of the many cabins on
this cruise ships.
 Exit via the other door. Take your first right and OCP the light on the wall.
Turn right.
 Do not open the next door yet. Wait until the guard makes his way towards the
door and then bash it open to knock him out. Hide the body, and OCP the camera
in the room beyond the door.
 Enter the double doors soon after (on the right) and follow the hallway to the
end. Past another set of double doors are a patrolling and a sleeping guard.
Turn left and, from the darkness, use your EEV to hack the laptop in front of
the sleeping guy. Once it's hacked you'll receive the passenger manifest.


Once the patrolling guard walks away, carry on past the bar and the piano
before approaching the sliding doors and heading out to the pool.

Pool & Comm Tower
Objective(s): Help Enrica install Comm Relay (primary JBA)
              Help Enrica reach the Comm Room (primary JBA)

Sneak around the side of the swimming pool, using the trusty OCP on the lights
along the way. Enter the doors at the other end, but wait for them to close
before entering the light, else the pool guards will spot you.
 I recommend using the right hand stairway. Make your way to the top and OCP
the two lights that need it. Sneak through to the Comm Tower.
 Get to the other side of the big white structure and use the ladder to climb
it. Enrica is waiting for you at the top. 'Init. climb shoulder' to help her
plant the relay.


She will then run off. Follow her back down the ladder and into the room at the 
bottom. Boost her over the fence and she'll be on her way.


Next stop - the music lounge. Yep. You need to head all the way back there.
Hey, think yourself lucky. First time I did it, I went all the way back to the
music lounge, then realised I had not boosted Enrica over the fence, so I had
to go there and back AGAIN! What a pain in the arse!
 You there yet? Good. Go through a door on the right and follow the stairs down
to the second floor.
 Exit through the door, and traverse the deck to yet more doors on the other
side. Enrica will then tell you that the elevator works and also give you the
passcode for the elevator doors. Now that's what you call a team-mate!
 Enter the doorcode and drop down on to the top of the lift. Open the trap and
use the buttons.

Engine Room
Objective(s): Disable Ship's Engines (opportunity NSA)

Press your back against the wall to avoid being seen by the guard who will
round the corner any second now. When he's gone, head left and O... no, you
know what to do with the lights, so Iím going to stop mentioning the OCP from
now on. I bet you're glad of that!
 There is another guard in here, just sos you know. At the end of the corridor,
the engine room will greet you.
 Swing yourself over the railing in front of you, and then drop down to the
ground floor. The switch to shut down the engines is on the front row of
equipment, on the far right side. Disable them.


To exit the room, head to the right hand side of the room (if you are facing
the stairs) and open the gate. Move on through the door into the lower

Boat Dock
Objective(s): Retrieve the bomb (primary JBA)
              Delete camera records (opportunity NSA)

Follow the lower corridors until Lambert chimes in. Stop. Dispose of the guard
on the right and proceed.
 Once you emerge in the boat dock, note the little boat docked (in a boat dock?
How shocking!) in the corner. That's your next target. Make your way over there
 Once you board, pick the trap, open it and pick up the object inside.


Grab the rope that's dangling down from the roof onto the boat. Haul yourself
up to the upper floors and head over to the door on the far side.
 Hack the PC to delete the camera records.


Make your way all the way back to the engine room.

Engine room & fuel tank
Objective(s): Deliver the bomb and help Enrica over the pipes (primary JBA)
              Disable Enrica's cell phone OR protect it (opposing)
              Extract via service boat (primary JBA)

Once back in the engine room, you need to find a crawlspace. It's on the other
side of the room, halfway between the front of the room and the gate.
 Enter it when you've found it. Enrica will meet you at the end. Give the bomb
to her and then give her a boost over the pipes.


Enrica will then realise that she's dropped her phone. This is your one chance
to save thousands of lives, and it also sways your trust big time. Either
disable the detonator or let it blow. Big choice. It's yours to make.


Trail all the way back to the service boat in the boat dock. That's your
extraction point.


One down, one to go. If you saved the cruise ship you get to see a bonus
cutscene of Sam and Enrica being tortured. What a lovely bonus!
 Anyway, start preparing for the longest level in the game.

Mission 6- Okhotsk
- Disable mercenary communications (5 places)      JBA
- Neutralise all mercenaries                       JBA
- Board the Tanker and neutralise the captain      JBA
- Defuse the bombs                                 JBA
- Secure the bridge                                JBA 


- Find Encryption Key                              NSA
- Defuse bombs in ice                              JBA
- Identify ship's cargo                            NSA
- Install tracker in radar room                    NSA

Hills & Camp A
objective(s): Neutralise all mercs in hills (primary JBA)
              Neutralise all mercs in camp A (primary JBA)
              Disable mercenary communications 1/5 (primary JBA)

The snow is quite a loud surface to walk on, so be wary.
 Right, at the start, wait for the merc to turn around, cruise up to him and
dispose of him (this is another mission where your trust is affected by whether
you kill the enemies, or just knock them out, but this time you cannot just
avoid them).
 Follow the snowy path, and after you round the corner, look for a ledge on the
right that you can climb up. You can use it to traverse the passage without
being seen by the guys below and, when the time is right, you can fall on top
of one of the mercs to knock him out!
 Take down the other merc that you left standing before and you've neutralised
all mercs in the area. Brill job!


If you follow the path to the end, you'll notice a crawlspace in the ice. Take
it to emerge above camp A.
 A guard patrols the shelf up here. He will shine his light in the crawlspace
and see you, so don't think you're safe there. Wait behind the ice sheet, and
then when he walks past, grab him.
 Off to the right is a spot where you can rappel on the wall. Rappel all the
way to the bottom (don't 'jump in' as it will lead you to a completely
different area). The final two mercs in the area are down here. Deal with them.


Enter the tent in camp A to find a PC on the right. Access it to disable their


Head down the path on the left as you exit the tent, but be careful of the 
wall mine here.
 Approach it slowly and then disable it only when the flashing light is green,
else it will detonate.

Winding Path & Grotto
Objective(s): Neutralise all mercs in the winding path (primary JBA)
              Disable mercenary communications 2/5 (primary JBA)
              Neutralise all mercs in grotto (primary JBA)
              Disable mercenary communications 3/5 (primary JBA)  

Straight ahead are two laser beams, which, if triggered, will alert that turret
and you will be dead within seconds. Best not to touch it then! A merc will
also patrol past the laser beams, so use the OCP on the lasers, and then take
down the merc. The second merc and the communications PC both lie over to the
right. Go and complete your objectives.


The path to take to get out of here is just to the right of the PC (it looks
like a dead end, but you can go left).
 You will be greeted with yet more lasers and a stationary gun turret. Same
rule applies. Touch the lasers and activate the turret. Sneak on by.
 The lights in the grotto area are controlled by generators. There's one on the
left when you emerge. Either switch it (it's quicker, quieter, but not
permanent) or pierce it.
 There are 4 mercs in the grotto that need neutralising. Just follow the wooden
bridges and you'll see all four. Put them all to sleep.


The comms PC is about halfway through the grotto, on the left. Access it.


The way out is yet another crawlspace, located down a passage to the left, just
before you reach the comms PC. The crawlspace leads to camp B.

Camp B
Objective(s): Neutralise all mercenaries in camp B (primary JBA)
              Disable mercenary communications 4/5 (primary JBA)
              Locate encryption key (opportunity NSA)

The first enemy in camp B will be in front of you once you jump down from the
crawlspace. Conk him and move into the gap between the two tents. Two guards
will meet here and go off in opposite directions. Follow one and knock him out
in the darkness, before going after the other one.


The radar system is in the second tent. Access the PC to disable it.


The encryption key is on a piece of paper which is located on a table in the
third tent. Pick it up to complete the objective.


The exit lies behind the truck to the left of the third tent. Follow the path
to visit the ice fields.

Starboard & Port Ice fields
Objective(s): Neutralise all mercs in the starboard ice field (primary JBA)
              Defuse bombs in the ice 1/2 (opportunity JBA)
              Neutralise all mercs in the port ice field (primary JBA)
              Defuse bombs in the ice 2/2 (opportunity JBA)
              Disable mercenary communications 5/5 (primary JBA)

The three mercs in the starboard ice field can be seen clearly and are easy to
take out without alerting anybody else. I'm sure you can manage without me
telling you what to do.


The detonator for the bomb in the ice is at the far end (it looks like a
dynamite plunger). Bypass the circuit to complete the objective.


The crawlspace out (well, it wouldn't be anything else would it?) is just to
the right of the entrance. It leads to the port ice field.
 Jump up from the crawlspace to see a guard patrolling to the left of you. Wait
where you are, and when he turns his back to you, deal with him.
 The other two merc in this area are near the truck at the far end. Each
patrols a different side, so go after one, hide his body, and then take care of
the other one.


The bomb detonator is behind the truck. Again, you need to bypass the circuit.


The final objective for this area is in front of the truck. It's the comms PC
again. Hack the communications to finish the objective.

Thought it was over did you? No. You're only halfway there! Crawl back to the
starboard ice field and look for a dangling rope (it's to the left of the
detonator, on top of some crates). Climb up it to board the tanker. Yep. 
It's another ship.

3rd Floor Stern Deck & Quarters
Objective(s): Board the tanker and neutralise the captain

Note. At some points during the level, if guards see you they will shoot LTLs
at you, and you will be captured. You end up in the hold area, so if you want
you can make your way back to where you were captured. Or, you can just retry,
which is quicker and easier.
 See the guy to the right? Conk him when he's not looking. Simple as.
 Next, go left. Two men patrol this area. One will come and stand near the
barrels that are near your position, so knock him out when he does that.
 The second bloke patrols the corridor near the stairs off to the right. Again,
when he turns away take him down.
 Ignore the stairs and head through the door above them. Follow the quarters
round until you come to a long corridor, with an opening on the right. You need
to get into the opening, but first a patrolling guard will emerge. I find it
best to avoid him, because there aren't any places to hide his body.
 Pass through the opening, turn left and follow it all the way round until
'talk to' appears in the interaction window (no, Sam won't talk to the door,
he's not that mentally confused!).


The Four Bombs
Objective(s): Defuse the bombs

This part is timed. You have 10 minutes to get to the engine room, neutralise
all the guards, find and defuse all 4 bombs. Let's get going!
First, you need to get to the engine room. I discovered a handy trick that
saves about 3 minutes.
 Head back to that long corridor with the guard patrolling. Straight across
from the entrance is a crawlspace. When the enemy isn't looking, enter it. It
leads to the engine room. Just like that. Now, onto the guards.
 There's a camera above you right now, so disable it and head down the catwalk.
Do not defuse the bombs yet, as soon as the first one is defused, the
captain will reset the timer to 3 minutes, and we don't need that.
 Make your way to the middle of all the engines. A guard will patrol from the
camera on the far wall to the middle of the room and then back again. Wait
until he reaches the middle and take him down (the camera can't see you in the
 The next is under the catwalk that you entered the room on, so dispatch him.
 The final guard in this area (why do they always come in threes?) is on the
catwalk on the other side of the room. Sticky shocker or airfoil him (beware
the camera up there!).
 Now you can move on to the bombs.
 For info on how to defuse the bombs, check the 'gameplay mechanics' section.
The first bomb is located on a pipe next to the catwalk you used to enter the
room. You should have seen it on the way in.
 The second and third are on either side of the engine in the bottom right
corner of the room (if you have just entered). The camera will not see you, so
don't worry.
 The final bomb is near the conventional entrance to the room, up on the
catwalk on the other side of the room.


The Hold & 3rd Floor Stern Deck
Objective(s): Identify ship's cargo (opportunity NSA)
Exit the engine room via the conventional door on the upper levels. Head left,
all the way round until you reach some stairs. Just before the stairs, however,
there is a crawlspace on the right. It leads to the upper level of the hold.
 Your objective is in the room on the right, so shoot the light and pick the
lock on the door.
 Walk up to the crate and 'examine cargo'.


Note. This room is also where you will end up if captured. The next thing you
need to do is make your way back through the crawlspace and up those stairs.
 At the top of the second flight, however, is yet another mercenary. Coax him
down the stairs and sticky shocker him at the bottom.
Before you head up, OCP (sorry, I mentioned it again!) the light at the top.
 At the top jump up to a horizontal pipe. Bring your legs up, shimmy across and
drop down behind the second guard. Knock them both out from behind.
 Make your way around to the other side of the deck. This time, you're heading 
up the stairs.

4th Floor & Bridge
Objective(s): Install tracker in radar room (opportunity NSA) 
              Secure the bridge (primary JBA)

About halfway up the third flight of steps, turn around and look for a ledge.
Jump up, and sneak behind the turret. This way you can deactivate it without
being injured, or alerting any pesky guards! Move through the door in the
 Much like the lower floors, follow the corridors round until you come to
a long corridor with an opening on the right. Like the lower floors, there is
also a guard patrolling this corridor, so avoid him and move through the
 This is the radar room. There are two techies in here. One sat over a computer
screen and one on the other side of the big piece of machinery in the middle
of the room. Take out the guard over the PC first, before dealing with the
other guy.
 To complete the objective, bypass the circuit on the box that the
second bloke was examining.


Head back the way you just came, past the turret, to emerge outside again.
 Watch out for the wallmine and the merc out here, and make your way to the
 Climb up and wait for the guard to head past your position, to the
right. Quickly whip out the OCP and use it on the turret round the left corner,
before dashing quietly past and round the corner.
 Wait for the patrolling guard to near your position, then conk him. Use the
OCP on the turret and sneak carefully past the wallmines.
 Enter the door on the left and enter the next door.


Finally it's all over! What a mission! It took me over an hour first time and
over 45 mins second time! No more boats either! Hallelujah!

Mission 7 - Kinshasa
- Confirm intentions of other two groups           JBA
- Meet with Emile in room 901                      JBA
- Find your equipment in main elevator             JBA
- Clear extraction area of all hostiles & AA gun   JBA
- Extract from hotel                               JBA

-Save Hisham                                       NSA
-Kill Hisham                                       JBA

- Find additional info about Massoud               NSA
- Find additional info about Takfir                NSA
- Dispose of Hisham's body                         JBA

Car Park & Maintenance Access
Another bugger of a mission because you have no equipment. Again!
 You start off in a car park. Wait for the headlights to stop flashing and make
your way towards the door on the left at the far end of the car park. Pick up
any object in this area and chuck it at the light to bust it. You can now head
through the door.
 Before you continue, pick up another object in the storage room off to the
right. Exit the storage room and continue to follow the corridor. Slowly round 
the corner. Throw your object at the only working light in this room. Proceed
before the guards spot you with their flashlights.
 Around the next corner is a sleeping guard. (sleeping on the job. tsk tsk)
Sneak quietly past him, squeeze through the gap ahead, and 'call the elevator'.
The button to go up is at the far back. Press it.

9th Floor
When the elevator jars to a halt, jump onto the crate at the back, and then
onto the top of the lift. There is a crawlspace on the wall to the left. Take
it. Another maintenance room awaits.

Note. in this part of the hotel, the lights will periodically flash on and off,
as a result of a civil war in the country. Use the brief darkness well, as
it's all the cover you'll get without your OCP.

The door out of here is on the other side so, when the light flickers off, exit 
the room.
 There are three guards patrolling the 9th floor, one in the hall to the left
of your current position. Take care of him first.
 Cut across the lounge-type area, and head right to see another guard. There is
a camera above the lifts, so be extremely cautious when you decide to go after
him, and hide his body where it can't be spotted.
 There is still one more fellow in this area that's asleep (another one! Takfir
must be a really boring man, if his guards fall asleep this often!) but will
waken later.
Enter room 903, approach the lazy git on the bed and give him a longer nap by
just pressing the left trigger while next to him. Sam will knee him where it
hurts. Oof! That'll hurt when he pees!
 Exit the room and move on to 9th floor East. A solitary enemy patrols this
corridor, but it has a camera at the top. It's best just to wait until he walks
down to the bottom end, and then conk him.
 The suite where Takfir resides is on the right. You need a card to get in,
but it is on the tenth floor (thanks to Paul Strein), so you'll just have to
hack it for now.

Takfir's Suite
Objective(s): Find additional info about Takfir (opportunity NSA)
              Confirm intentions of other two groups 1/2 (primary JBA)

Dispose of the bloke on the ground floor first and hide his body in permanent
darkness. Next, you need to hack the computer in the kitchen area, but there's
no EEV, so either chuck an object at the light, or follow the below process
first. The PC contains the information about Takfir.

After that, head upstairs and grab, not knock out, grab the guy up here. Bring
him over to the retinal scanner in Takfir's (very plush!) bedroom and force
him to use it. Now you can knock him out and copy those plans while you're at
it. They seem quite important, being behind a retinal locked safe and all.


Now you can hack the computer in safety if you didn't do it before.
 Exit via the double doors on the second floor.

10th Floor
The 10th floor is more or less exactly the same layout as the one below it,
although the guards are in different places. The first one isn't though, he's
patrolling the corridor in front of you, with a camera on the right. Take him
down when the time is right.
 Moving into 10th floor north, enter the first room on your left - room 1001.
A guard resides in this room. You know what to do. Head through into the
adjoining room and pick up the keycard on the table. This is the pass card for
the 10th floor.
 Exit via the door in here. One more guard patrols this floor. Take him
 Massoud's suite lies where the service elevator that you used was, albeit on
the 10th floor.
 Enter using the keycard you picked up from the table earlier.

Massoud's Suite
Objective(s): Find additional info about Massoud (opportunity NSA)
              Confirm intentions of other two groups 2/2 (primary JBA)

First of all, you need to access the PC in the kitchen area to pick up the info
on Massoud.


Quickly head over to the bathroom, close the door, and use the optic cable to
see what's going on outside.  Two guards will meet and then walk off. When they
 both are not looking, sneak into the bedroom (the door on the left).
Close the door behind you, so that nobody sees you and you can sift through all
of Massoud's private documents and what he has in his bedroom (well, you can
search the filing cabinet).
 Searching the cabinet will complete the objective.


Again, use the optic cable on the door to see where the guards are, and when
the time is right, sneak out of the suite.

Room 901
Objective(s): Meet with Emile in room 901 (primary JBA)
              Find your equipment in main elevator (primary JBA)

Turn right once out of the suite and descend the stairs here. They lead back
down to the beginning of the 9th floor. Sprint all the way back to Takfir's
suite (there should be no enemies around anymore, presuming you gave them all
a whack).
 Now, you need to wait until the lights flicker off, as this also will disable
the cameras for a short while. Run all the way to the end of the hall
preceding the suite and turn left at the end. 'Knock on Emile's door,' and,
presuming there's nobody following you, Emile will let you in (if someone is
following you, go get rid of him).


Sam will be ordered to kill Hisham Hamza, the 'team-mate' from the first level.
It's another opposing objective, so you'll have another choice to make. First,
however, you need to find him.
 Exit the room, and head back 9th floor north. The elevators should be on the
right. Again, wait until it goes dark until you head in (there's a camera above 
the lifts). Pick up your equipment and you will also be taken down to the lobby
without pressing a button (magic, isn't it!).


Lobby & Kitchen
 Head left or right around the wall, and descend the stairs to the bottom.
There will be three soldiers down here, all shooting at some invisible target
outside the hotel.
 To dispatch them all, you first need to hide behind the reception desk. After
they realise they're shooting at nothing (well duh!) one of them will position
himself with his back to the desk. Climb up, silently, onto the desk and whack
him from there.
 Wait a while and one of them will climb the stairs. Follow him and take him
 Next, you need to deactivate the turret, which is on the ground floor, over to
the left. Make sure the remaining soldier doesn't see you while you do it.
 You can now knock out the remaining soldier with ease.
 The exit is over on the right, in the form of a hall.
 Take your first right and then stop. Another guy is round the corner, talking
in his mobile phone. When he hangs up, hang him. The next room ahead is the
 Wait in the dark corner to the left. Sneak, unseen, to the next patch of
darkness, further ahead. There is an object on a tray further ahead, in
semi-light. If you pick it up without being seen, you can use the strategy
below. Otherwise, you'll have to figure out something else, or just retry.
 Anyways, all you need to do is chuck the object at the light, and nobody will
bat an eyelid. This allows you to sneak through the door on the right

Pool Area 
Objective(s): Kill Hisham (opposing)

Make a left and then a right. Hisham lies on the other side of the door. When
the cutscene finishes, you have the choice to kill him, which is easier by the
way, or to help him escape. If you kill him though, you have to drag his body
through the remainder of the level. Your choice. Kill him or save him.


 Now, if you're saving him, he will follow you, if you've killed him, you'll
have to carry him.
Head out of the locker room to the right, and stay in the darkness. Pick the
lock on the door on the other side of the pool area and, when the patrolling
guard is not looking, sneak through with Hisham in toe.

East Gardens & Car Park
Objective(s): Save Hisham (opposing)
              Dispose of Hisham's body (opportunity JBA)
The east gardens are on your immediate right as soon as you enter the next
 The gardens consist of three squares, each watched by a soldier. There is also
a spotlight, and if it sees you it will stay on you, alerting all guards of
your position, but it will set off no alarm.
 The first bloke is in the top left corner of the first square. Quickly run up
to him (quietly, obviously) and conk him.
 The second is stationary, stood in the gap between the second and third
squares. I found the best way was to airfoil him, and then quickly airfoil the
third guard, patrolling the third square, before he sees the body. That usually 
works, just beware that pesky spotlight.
 Next stop, the car park. The door in the third square lead down to it.
There are actually two guards down here. One is running stupidly around the
car in front. The other is well hidden behind the open boot of the red truck in 
the distance. Sticky shocker the hidden one first (you can shoot it at his
legs). The maniac may become suspicious, but even if he does, he won't reach
the body before you sticky shocker him too, will he now?
 Hisham will then want a boost over the fence if you saved him. Give him the


If you killed him, drop his body in the red truck with the open boot. Place
the charge, run away, and detonate it.


If you saved Hisham, you can drop a guardís body in the SUV instead, but it
won't complete the opportunity objective.
 Make your way back to the corridor before you came into the gardens.

West Gardens
Objective(s): Clear extraction area of all hostiles & AA gun (primary JBA)
              Extract from the hotel (primary JBA)

The west gardens is located on the left of the door at the far end of the
corridor. It has a very similar layout to the east gardens, except this time,
one guard patrols the first and second squares and three patrol the final
square. Oh, and there's a spotlight again. Shouldn't be too hard then.
 The first bloke is easy to take care of. Just smack him when he's not
 The final garden is tricky. Try and figure out a way to stealthily take down
all three. If you can lure them all into one place, you could gas grenade them.
There's also a gap between the outer hedge and the wall that you can squeeze
through. Use that to your advantage.
 Once they are all taken care of, hide all bodies in the gap between the hedge
(or they will die when you blow up the anti-aircraft gun). Walk over to the
battery gun and place a charge on its backside. Run away and detonate the
charge. Goodnight Vienna!

Then, simply walk into the middle structure, and 'call for extraction'


I absolutely hated that mission. The first part had no equipment, the second
part seemed sloppy (you couldn't fake Hisham's death by putting the guard in
his car, or use the syringe that Hisham gives you), and it seemed to drag on
Let's hope they only get better (they do).

Mission 8 - JBA Headquarters Part 2
- Access underground bunker                         NSA
- Steal Emile's contact list                        NSA
- Sample Red Mercury                                NSA
- Return to public area                             NSA

- Strengthen Lambert's cover                        NSA
- Reveal Lambert's true identity                    JBA
- Prevent the bomb's defusal                        JBA
- Disable the LA bomb                               NSA
- Disable the Nashville                             NSA


Security Zone
Objective(s): Access underground bunker (primary NSA)

The first half of this level is full of security devices (you wouldn't know
from the name of the area), which means the OCP will be being used a lot this 
level. I'll try not to mention it too much!
 Turn around, head into the open door.


That has got to be the easiest objective in the whole game! Anyway, you need to
go down all the way, and you'll come to an infrared camera above a laser
tripwire. OCP the camera first, then the tripwire, and move on.
 Before you round the next corner, hide. A guard is about to walk out from the
room around the corner, and he can quite easily see you.
 When he walks on by, enter the corridor he just came out of.
 In here is yet another infrared camera. Just ignore it, and move on. OCP the
two lights (they're under a cage in the floor), to sneak by the security booth
without anybody seeing you.
 Head down the steps, and enter the first door you see.

Red Mercury Lab
Objective(s): Steal Emile's contact list (primary NSA)
              Sample Red Mercury (primary NSA)

Look in the top left corner of the lab. There are some computers, and a guard
standing on the upper level. Shoot the guard with your rubber ammunition (they
work just like airfoils).
 Next, head right, past the tripwire, and up some stairs. Use the optic cable
to watch the guard inside. When he turns away, quickly sneak inside the room.
Either shoot him with the rubber, or whack him from behind.
 The contact list is in a filing cabinet in this room. Go get it.


Exit the office, back down to the lab, and head up to the platform that the
guard was standing on earlier (watch the camera). Access and hack both
computers up to get yourself two codes for the lab.
 Down the stairs, use the four figure code on the red door. Push the button and
the door will open. Head inside, to the far corner, and enter the panel code
when prompted. You can now scan the red mercury.


Poisonous gas will now leak into the room, and Sam will begin to take damage.
Donít panic, just enter the trap door on the right of the door. It leads back
outside. HOLD IT! Before you exit the vent, OCP the camera, as it will almost
certainly spot you when you head out the vent.
 Right, now you can climb out of the vent and exit this room altogether.

Surveillance Rooms
Objective(s): Strengthen Lambert's cover OR Reveal his true identity (opposing)
Optional:     Prevent the bomb's defusal (opposing)
              Return to the public area (primary NSA)

Head right after the lab, and keep following the corridors until you are faced
with a door opposite and a set of stairs on the left.
 Take the stairs, disable the infrared camera, but don't go in the next room.
Use the optic cable to see where the guard is. When you think he is in a
position where you can sneak by (the exit is on the right of this door), then
enter the room and sneak by.
 If he doesn't stop in a suitable position, enter when he's not looking and
rubber him.
Follow the hall, but again, don't enter the next door just yet.
 OCP the light first (it's under the floor). Now you can enter the room.
Before you cross into the room, shoot out the nearest light. Now you can hide
in the permanent darkness and use your EEV to begin hacking the PC in the
 After you've hacked it and 'uploaded Lambert related info', then you are again
faced with a choice. Sacrifice Lambert to save your own hide, or protect your
lifelong pal. You choose.


Now, you have another choice, that determines the ending you get in the game
(don't get too excited, the only thing that changes is a news report during the
 For the bad ending, follow the steps below. For the good and normal ending,
skip ahead to the next area. All clear? Decided what you want to do? Good.

Right, all you need to do is head back to the previous security room (the one
where you used the optic cable on the door), and access the PC on the table in
the middle of the room.
 If you 'send communications to Emile's men', the bomb's will be shipped to
their targets, and there will be nothing you can do to stop them blowing up.


Head back the way you just came, and through the other door in the other
surveillance room. Recognise where you are? You should do.
 Even if you don't, just turn right and follow the corridors all the way to the
end, avoiding the detection devices. You will emerge back where you started.
 After you exfiltrate it's,


Objective(s): Disable the LA bomb (opposing)

The timer is ticking for this part. If you want the normal ending, just defuse
one bomb, and head back to the starting area. If you're going for the good
ending, hurry through these parts, because you don't have a lot of time.
 Anyway, exit the room using the door that you haven't used before. Recognise
where you are? You should.
 Even if you don't, head right and follow the corridors all the way to the end,
avoiding all detection devices, to emerge back where you started.
 Climb up the ladder onto the roof.
 The helicopter up here will provide you with all the noise cover that you
need, so there's nothing to worry about.
 Head up the steps onto the roof. There are two guards, one fixing the
satellite dish, another near the bomb (to the left of the dish). Take them both
out and get to work on the bomb. It is defused just like any other bomb.
 One down, er, one to go. Had to think about that one for a second!
 Now, if you are going for the normal ending just wait here until the timer
reaches zero, make your way down the ladder, and towards the door leading to
the bunker. Exfiltrate here to finish the mission.
 However, those of you who want the good ending have still got a lot of work to
do. Here goes.
 From the location of the rooftop bomb, head back down to the lower section of
the roof (with the light and the camera). Head into the crawlspace in the wall
of the building. Follow the vents to the end to emerge in the upper levels of
the warehouse.

Warehouse & Dock
Objective(s): Disable the Nashville bomb (opposing)
              Return to public area (primary NSA)

You'll drop down onto a stack of crates. Jump up onto the shelf on your right
before dropping down the other side. Bugger the camera, and make your way to
the door.
 Through the door, turn left up the sloped corridor. Use the optic cable on the
door with the exit sign above it, just to check that no blasted guards are
looking your way.
 Quickly open the door and disable the camera above it. Swing over the rail
and knock out the guy in the darkness. Persuade one or two more stupid blokes
in black coats (catchy eh?) over to you, and then down them in the dark.
 One or two more guards should be left up here. Take care of them like a spy
would (or not).
 Defuse the final bomb before time runs out and the whole of America is blown
to smithereens! ... well, not quite.
 Emile will now want to check up on you, so you need to leg it (again, you're
timed: 5 minutes!) back to the extraction point (the beginning of the level)
using the same way you came in. Not too hard.


Did you kill hundreds of thousands of people? Did you save your best friend? So
many life changing decisions were made during that level (I'm sure they were
life changing for you, personally aswell).
 One more to go. And the trust meter has gone. Forever! Why? You'll find out
very soon.

Mission 9 - Snowbound Rooftops
- Defuse first bomb                                NSA
- Kill BJ Sykes & Jamie                            NSA
- Make your way to side of tower                   NSA
- Kill Moss                                        NSA
- Defuse second bomb                               NSA
- Make your way to roof                            NSA
- Kill Emile                                       NSA
- Defuse third bomb                                NSA


- Neutralise Sykes' men                            NSA
- Neutralise Moss' men                             NSA
- Neutralise Emile's men                           NSA

First Rooftop
Objective(s): Neutralise Sykes' Men on the first rooftop (opportunity NSA)

First things first, if you watched the cutscene preceding this level you will
know that Sam's cover has been blown. This ultimately means that the trust
meter is now non-existent, and all objectives are NSA based.
 Also, the opportunity objectives require that you kill all enemies, so don't
just knock them out.
important come the last battle, and without them the fight is very hard.
 Right, now let's get on with the walkthrough. Use the cover of darkness until
the two guards off to the right turn and start walking away. Grab the back one,
pull him into the dark corner and kill him.
 Either drag his body through the tripwire, or OCP it to continue. There are
two guards that patrol this area. If you were quick during the last part, then
the first one will be up ahead, still walking away from you.
 The final guard in this area is patrolling up ahead. Shoot him or take him
down from close range.


Jump over, or disable, the tripwire at the far end of this rooftop, and head
through the door on the left.

Warehouse & Inner Rooftop
Objective(s): Neutralise Sykes' men in the warehouse (opportunity NSA)
              Neutralise Sykes' men on the inner rooftop (opportunity NSA)

Head through the wooden corridor and into the feather-filled room. Take care of
the guy in here, and walk up the ramp to the left. Crawl under the tripwire
and enter the main warehouse via the left door.
 Head down the steps and, sticking to the darkness, make your way to the left
of the caged elevator. Hopefully, the two enemies (one on the ground floor, one
on the catwalks above, but he will climb down) will have become suspicious.
Whistle them over to your position and take care of them, one by one.


Leave the warehouse using the door up the steps on the other side of the
 Follow the corridor down, and exit. Look around the corner to see when the
guard turns away from you (careful, he has very good eyesight, and can see you
from quite a distance). When he does, OCP the turret in the distance, sneak
up behind him, and kill him. Hide his body in the darkness at the far end.
 Don't forget to deactivate the turret before it comes back on.
 A second guard will appear from a small gap in the wall to the left of the
turret. Take care of him.
 The last of Sykes' men is guarding a door that is through the gap in the wall
that I just told you about. Take him out.


Head through that door, and descend the stairs until you see another door.

Final Rooftop
Objective(s): Kill BJ Sykes & Jamie (primary NSA)
              Defuse first bomb (primary NSA)
              Make your way to side of tower (primary NSA)

First, pick the lock on the door before using the optic cable. When Sykes and
Jamie stop talking, Sykes will climb the ladder in front of the door, and Jamie
will patrol the lower area. Wait until Jamie turns away from the door, and head 
 Sneak up behind Jamie, interrogate him if you want, and then kill him.
Note. There's also a fun way to kill him, according to the Gamefaqs message 
boards. Use EMF vision to locate Jamie's pacemaker, and then use the OCP on it.
It will ultimately disable his heart, and Jamie will die!
 To take care of Sykes, OCP the light at the bottom of the ladder that he
ascended before. He will climb down to investigate. Do what you have to do.


The bomb is on the lower area of the rooftop, it's quite obvious. It is defused 
like any other bomb, except you have a 12 second time limit instead of 20, so
work fast.


To reach the side of the tower in the distance, climb up the ladder to the
billboard. There is a wire protruding from it. You can just about reach it.
Jump up and Sam will zip across the gap.


Lounge & Office Space
Objective(s): Neutralise Moss' men in the lounge (opportunity NSA)
              Neutralise Moss' men in the office space (opportunity NSA)

Note. From this point until you kill Moss, all guards are wearing night vision
goggles, so stay in the bright light to avoid being seen. No, really.

Turn right and head up the sloped ramp and up the sloped pipe at the end. Climb
up the set of bars at the end.
 Pick the trapdoor on the roof of the elevator, and jump down to meet with
 After your meeting in the elevator, turn right in the lobby area. Enter the
first door on the left, to find Enrica has provided you with some cover by
turning the sprinklers on (I told you, she's damned helpful!).
 Hide behind the wall until one of the NVG equipped soldiers turn away. Sneak
up behind the other one, grab him and drag him back behind the wall. Take care
of him in the darkness.
 Next, follow the other guy that walked off before and, again, cruise up behind 
him and kill him.


Follow the hall around, taking care not to trip the wire.
 Now, press your back against the wall that's in the light to the left of the
door. Wait for a soldier to walk through the door, and then kill him while his
back is turned. You may have to wait quite a while, especially if you were
quick during the previous room.
 Move into the office space. Wait in the light to the right of the entrance
until a guard walks past to the left. Grab him and silence him.
 The final guard in this area patrols in the corridor behind the entrance, off
to the right. Wait in the light until he turns around, and then, as usual take
him down from behind, or shoot him.


Service Centre & Reception
Objective(s): Neutralise Moss' men in the service centre (opportunity NSA)
              Neutralise Moss' men in the reception (opportunity NSA)

Exit the office space using the door at the end of the corridor that the third 
and final guard was patrolling. Disable the wallmine on the (guess where?) 
 Again, a lot of waiting has to be done. Head into the room behind the counter,
crouch beneath the window and wait.
 After a while, a guard will enter the room. When it is possible, stand up, aim 
the gun through the window and shoot. One down.
 Continue on into the room that the guard just came from.
 The sole guard in here should be easy to kill because the room is full of


Once he's dead, go up in the world via the stairs through the next door.
 This next part is tricky. Use the map combined with the optic cable to
determine when there is only one guard in the next room on his own.
 When that time comes, and the poor bloke that is left is walking away from the
door, open it, creep up behind him, drag him back into the stairway, and take
care of him there. Don't forget to close the door.
 The above steps need to be repeated for the second guard, as he will renter
the room at a later stage, albeit on a different patrol pattern. Don't forget
to use light as cover.
 When only one remains, hack the keypad on the door that acts as the exit to
this room. The other guy is on the other side. Stab him.


Main Office
Objective(s): Kill Moss (primary NSA)
              Neutralise Moss' men in the main office (opportunity NSA)
              Defuse second bomb (primary NSA)
              Make your way to roof (primary NSA)

This part is one of the hardest in the game, but fortunately I have found a
secret route that makes it much easier. It is still extremely hard though, so
listen carefully to what I am about to tell you.
 When you are going down the steps after killing the previous guard, look above
them for a ledge.
 With a running jump, Sam can reach the ledge and pull himself up. You are now,
in effect, above the roof. Follow it around, and take the first right. Keep
 Once you emerge above the main office, head straight on, past the window
(don't worry, the henchmen inside will not see you). Walk into the tiny section
of light at the far end of one of the roof panels.
 Here is where you need to drop down onto the floor. Don't worry, there is
plenty of light. Climb the steps and stop at the top. Turn around and face the 
windowed room.
 Wait (again!) until the patrolling guard walks up to you, and then turns
Equip the gas grenades and fire through the window closest to you, about 1/3 of
the way up on the right hand side. If successful, you will knock out both the
patrolling guard and Moss, without alerting any nearby guards (knocking Moss
out will count as a kill).


 There are still two more enemies in the vicinity, however. If they are both in
the main area, it should be easy to lure them into the light (it sounds weird
saying that!) and kill them one by one.
 Sometimes though, one will wander off into the hall leading into this room,
the one guarded by a turret. If he buggers off down there, hack the turret
using the EEV. Peek round the corner to see if the guard is looking, and when
he's not, 'toggle off IFF' on the turret. Now, when he walks into range, he can
say goodnight.
 The guard that you gassed before will not be dead. You need to shoot him with
the pistol to kill him. That's all of Moss' men.


The second bomb is in the windowed area. Defuse it.


Head down the stairs and this time left at the bottom. Break the lock on the
door. Run up to the far wall and place a charge on it. Run away, and when the
option becomes available, detonate it.
 Head through the big hole you just created.


Ventilation Shafts
Objective(s): Neutralise Emile's men in the vent shafts (opportunity NSA)

Note. That's the end of those bloody night vision equipped guards. Normal rules
apply, darkness = cover.
 From your starting position, traverse the pipe and turn left when you can.
There is a vertical pipe on the far wall, so climb it, and follow it all the
way to the end.
 Head right and keep going until you see a circuit box. Bypass it to open a
door on the other side of the shaft, but also to release a guard.
 Make your way towards the door, using the OCP on both lights. Just before you 
get to the steps, however, swing yourself over the ledge. Grab the enemy when 
he walks past to throw him down to the depths below. 69 floors! OUCH!
 Climb back up and head through the door.
 Squeeze through the machinery on the left and disable the wallmine once
through the maze. Pick the lock on the door, turn around and OCP the light.

Central Greenhouse & Deck
Objective(s): Neutralise Emile's men in central greenhouse (opportunity NSA)
              Neutralise Emile's men in the central deck (opportunity NSA)

After entering the greenhouse, immediately look for the first spotlight (it's
small, and high in the rafters). Disable it.
 Next, grab the latter of the two guards that should currently be investigating
either your position or the knocked out spotlight. While you still have him,
shoot the other guy, and then stab the one that's in your arms (that sounded


STOP! There is a well hidden turret at the far end of the greenhouse, which is
responsible for many a frustrating time. Disable it before you continue.
 Use the optic cable on the door that leads to the central deck. When both the
guys outside walk off to the right, open the door and follow the one nearest to
you. Grab him and, again, shoot the other one while he is in your grasp.
Dispose of the one that you're holding.


Pick up the flashbang grenade near your position, and, if you ignored my 'no
flash grenade' warning earlier, certainly do not use this one.
 Head back inside (you can see the door on your map).

East & West Greenhouse
Objective(s): Neutralise Emile's men in the west greenhouse (opportunity NSA)
              Neutralise Emile's men in the east greenhouse (opportunity NSA)

Turn right at the junction, and kill the guy installing the wallmine, before
taking care of his handiwork (disable the wallmine dammit!) Enter the west
greenhouse, and grab the first guard when his back is turned. Use the same
technique of shooting the other guard, and then killing the one in your arms.


Head out the way you came in and proceed to the east greenhouse.
 Emile's final two henchmen, and incidentally the final two henchmen in the
game reside in here. The layout, and the technique to take care of the two
enemies, is exactly the same as the previous room, except for the tripwire
(which the guard will deactivate anyway).
 Just grab, shoot, kill again to down both the guards.


Exit the greenhouse (not the way you came in this time) by breaking the lock
on the door. Turn left, then right, and head through the door.

The Final Battle
Objective(s): Kill Emile (primary NSA)
              Defuse third bomb (primary NSA)

The final battle is incredibly easy if you know what to do. Using the cover of
the wall, equip the flash grenades that I told you not to use before.
 When Emile stops to reload, chuck the flash grenade to stun him. Quickly jump
over the two tripwires to reach Emile. You can either stab him or grab him and
listen to his lengthy interrogation speech. Your choice.


You now have 2 minutes 20 to defuse the final bomb, which again is ridiculously
easy. Defuse it to complete the game.


Congratulations, you just beat the game!
 You can now watch the (disappointing) ending, and a varying (and also crap)
news clip, depending on how many bombs you defused in the JBA headquarters.
 You'll also unlock Elite mode for a further challenge, if you want it.
 Co-op mode awaits, so get started on that, until I find time to write a guide
for it.
 For now though, it's congrats to you and goodbye from me.

8. Co-op Differences
There are a lot of difference between the single player and co-op aspects of
the game.
 The biggest difference is (obviously!) that you work as a two-man team with 
one of your friends over split screen (loners can use a sibling, or a parent,
if you're desparate!), or using XBOX Live, which I do not have btw (if there is
any fundamental differences, can someone please inform me)
 There is also a few new co-op orientated moves that you can perform that look
quite cool when pulled off, and that good old OCP also recieves a makeover for
this part of the game.
 Also, the ratings system from Chaos theory return in his part of the game,
which adds an extra challenge, and can lead to plenty of bust-ups, as your
clumsy mate gets spotted right near the end of a level, and buggers up your
100% run!
 First, I'm going to run through all the co-op specific moves that you'll
encounter in this part of the game.

Co-op Moves
Boost: This move will boost your partner up to a ledge, or over a short wall or
 To perform it, crouch at the base of the wall and press the black buttom. Then,
get your mate to come over and press black also. You will give him a leg up
over the obstacle.

Human Ladder: Whilst hanging from the ledge, using the process described above,
your buddy can press black again.
 If you then also press black whilst standing underneath him, you will haul
yourself up to the platform, before allowing your partner to join you.
This is a very handy and well used move.

Tomoe Nage: I have no idea what the name of this move means, but it has to be
one of the coolest looking moves EVER when pulled off correctly, especially
when you throw your partner on top of an unsuspecting guard! Oof! Instant pain!
 To perform this, stand up and face the opposite way from your intended
direction and press that black button again.
 You can now aim the reticule that appears. When you're aim is right, get your
partner to come over and press the black button. You will then chuck the poor
bugger a fair distance.

Persuasion: This is a useful move, although it's a little disappointing. If you
have a guard in your grasp, and you are trying to interrogate him but he won't
co-operate, call your mate over and get him to press A when 'persuade' appears.
 He will then flex his muscles and punch his fist into his hand.
 Suddenly, the guard is paralysed with fear and he spills the beans (big

Back to Back Climbing: When the two of you approach a vertical shaft, you can
climb up it, back to back. One of you needs to face one of the walls and press
A. Then the other must face the opposite wall and do exactly the same.
 To climb up fast, both of you must push the left thumbstick up the same

Shoulder Climb: When the option becomes available, one person can initiate this
move by pressing A, and the other one also simply presses A to complete the
 Up in the air, your partner can use the pistol and sometimes cut wires and
place charges.

Dual Rappeling: This can be performed when both you and your partner are at the
top of a vertical drop, or when one is at the top and one is at the bottom.
 When both are at the top, the one who wants to wait at the top initiates the
move. The one that's about to be hurled down the cliff then completes the move.
 When one is at the bottom and wants pulling up, the guy at the top must drop
down the rope, and the one at the bottom must grab it to complete the move.
 To move up and down, the guy on the rope must use the left thumbstick. But, if
you need moving to the left or right, the bloke at the top must use the left or
right trigger.
 You can also equip you pistol whilst climbing up the rope.

Hang Over: Yes, this is actually a move, and it doesn't involve alcohol of any
 If there is a gap in, say, a ceiling, then you can lower your buddy down into
the depths below, where he can pick up objects, knock out guards, or even
access PCs.
 Whilst hanging, you can also equip the pistol, and press the left trigger to
bring your legs up, which reduces visibility.
 To activate this move, the hanger must initiate it, and the holder must
complete it.

Gameplay Mechanics
As I said before, there are also some differences in the way the game is
 Here, I'll run through them for you.

Mission Ratings: The beloved mission ratings from Chaos Theory return in this
game. They really give an extra challenge, as anyone who wants to get a 100%
rating must reach the following targets:

- 0 times spotted by any guard
- 0 enemies killed (an infinite number can be knocked out)
- 0 civilians killed (again, you can knock them out)
- 0 bodies found
- 0 alarms set off (by detection devices or individual guards)

OCP: This lifesaving gadget from the single player game, is still present in
co-op mode, but it is used differently.
 This time, you must aim at the object that you want to disable (with the
pistol) and press and HOLD the left trigger. The object will stay disabled for
as long as the battery at the bottom of the screen has some juice in it.
 This should give your partner enough time to sneak past, and the he can aim at
the object, repeat the process, and let you past.

Healing: If your clumsy partner gets gunned down, you have 30 second to make it
to his body and administer an adrenaline syringe. if you fail to reach the body
in time, it's game over.
 Also, you can only use the syringe once per level, so use it carefully.

9. Co-op Walkthrough

10. Acknowledgements
Paul Strein - Informing me of the location of the keycard that opens Takfir's
suite on the Kinshasa level

11. Legal Info
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respective trademark and copyright holders.
 This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
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