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Ice Climbers FAQ

by TheIceClimbers

  *      *    *        *         *
   __________     *         *        *       *     *       *
* /\*********\ *    _______    ________
  \/\___   ___\    /* ___  \  /\*  ____\  *     *      *
   \/___\//\__/   /\**\_/\__\ \/\**\___/         ^
  *     \\  \   * \/\**\\/__/ *\ \**\___     *  ^^^         *
^    *   \\//\     \ \**\   ___ \ \** __\      ^^^^^  *
^^     ___\\  \___  \/\**\ /\  \ \/\**\_/ *   ^^^^^^^   ^
^^^ * /\**********\  \^*  \\_\  \ \ \* \_____^^^^^^^^^ ^^^    *
^^^^^ \/\__________\ ^^^________/^^\/\_______\^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^\/__________/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\/_______/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       *
^^________            *            *             *             *
 /  ____ /\   *             *              *           *             *
/\ /\__/\ /\       *                *          *             *          *
\ \//\ \ \__\  ___     ___   _____     _____   ______ * _____     *    ___
 \/\/ \ \/__/ /\ /\   /\//\ /\/ / \   /|*/* \ /\/ __*\ /\/ __\ ______ / _/\
  \ \ /\      \ \//\  \ \/ \\ \/*  \  ||/ * /\\ \/\ \ \\ \/\_//\/ __ \\/\\/
   \ \//\  *   \ \  \  \ \  \\ \ /* \*|| |*\/ \\ \/\ \/\\ \/\_\_\ \ \/\\__ \
^   \ \//\     _\_\//\  \ \//\\ \//* \   |\ \/ \\ \ \/ /_\ \  __\\ \/ // _\/\
^^   \ \  \   /\ /\\  \* \ \/ \\ \ \\ \__|^\ \ /\\ \/ __*\\ \/\/\ \  ./\/\__/
^^^   \ \ /\  \ \//\\ /\  \ \ /\\ \/\\/__/^^\ \ *\\ \*\ \ \\ \ \ \ \/\\ \/_/
^^^^^  \ \//\__\// /\\ /\____\//\\ \ \^^^^^^^\ \//\\ \/\_\/\\ \/\_\_\ \\/\
^^^^^^^ \/\/ ****   / \___/__\\__\\ \_\^^^^^^^\ \__\\ \____/^\ \____\\_\\ \
^^^^^^^^^\ \_______/^\/______//__/^\/_/^^^^^^^^\/__/^\/___/^^^\/____//_//_/

To access a section quickly, use your browser�s search function and type in the
characters inside the brackets for that section (e.g. to go to the Introduction
in Internet Explorer push ctrl+f then type "xintx" (without the quotes) then
hit enter until you reach that section)

Table of Contents:

Version Info            [xverx]

Intro                   [xintx]

Pros and Cons           [xpacx]

Moveset                 [xmovx]

Advanced Techniques     [xadvx]

Character Strategies    [xchax]
  + Beat Ice Climbers   [xbicx]
  + Mario               [xmrox]
  + Luigi               [xluix]
  + Peach               [xpeax]
  + Bowser              [xbowx]
  + Donkey Kong         [xdonx]
  + Diddy Kong          [xdidx]
  + Yoshi               [xyosx]
  + Wario               [xwarx]
  + Link                [xlinx]
  + Zelda               [xzelx]
  + Shiek               [xshix]
  + Ganondorf           [xganx]
  + Toon Link           [xtoox]
  + Samus               [xsamx]
  + Zero Suit Samus     [xzerx]
  + Pit                 [xpitx]
  + R.O.B.              [xrobx]
  + Kirby               [xkirx]
  + Meta Knight         [xmetx]
  + King Dedede         [xkinx]
  + Olimar              [xolix]
  + Fox                 [xfoxx]
  + Falco               [xfalx]
  + Wolf                [xwolx]
  + Captain Falcon      [xcapx]
  + Pikachu             [xpikx]
  + Pokemon Trainer     [xpokx]
  + Lucario             [xlucx]
  + Jigglypuff          [xjigx]
  + Marth               [xmarx]
  + Ike                 [xikex]
  + Ness                [xnesx]
  + Lucas               [xlcsx]
  + Mr. Game & Watch    [xmgwx]
  + Snake               [xsnax]
  + Sonic               [xsonx]
  + Ice Climbers        [xiccx]
  + Multi Brawl         [xmulx]

Legal Stuff             [xlegx]

Version Info            [xverx]

Version Incomplete
05/31/08 � Creation
06/01/08 - Submission to GameFAQs (rejected for incomplete character info)
06/02/08 - Begin character info Mario-Samus
06/03/08 - Character info Zero Suit Samus & Pit
06/04/08 - Character info R.O.B.-Olimar
06/07/08 - Character info Fox-Ice Climbers and Multi Brawl info
         - Version 1.0 Complete
Version 1.00
06/07/08 - Submission to GameFAQs
Version 1.01
06/09/08 - A few spelling corrections and update of a few final smashes
Version 1.02
06/10/08 - Update of Legal Stuff section, added to disply sites

Intro                   [xintx]

Let me start by saying that if you are reading this FAQ to learn how to play
Ice Climbers, you have selected the most dynamic and difficult player(s) in
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) to play. Before I scare you off though, your
work will be rewarded as they are quite possibly the most dangerous
character(s) in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

The Ice Climbers originated from a NES game in mid 1980s. They made their first
appearance in the Smash Bros. series in Melee where they received a 3D makeover
and were a very unique character and very different from the rest of the cast.
There was a rumor prior to the release of SSBB that they would be nixed from
the returning cast, but to the relief of many an Ice Climber fan, they are back
and better than ever.

The blue one is Popo and the pink is Nana with the default costume. You can
change which one is in the lead by changing costume color. The first, third,
and fifth costumes have Popo in the lead with Nana mimicking, the second,
fourth, and sixth costumes have Nana in the lead with Popo following.

I decided to make this FAQ for the simple reason that I came to GameFAQs to
find an Ice Climbers guide and there was none, so I did some further research
(primarily through gameplay) and compiled this FAQ myself. If you�ve come to
learn the basics and maybe a few nifty tricks to play Ice Climbers, you�ve come
to the right place. If you�ve just come to find out how to beat Ice Climbers,
forget it. I�m not giving out my secrets. What? This won�t be a legit FAQ
until I do�ugh. Fine, I guess if I have to.

A few more things first, I am writing this assuming you have some basic idea of
what is going on with the game (controls mainly). I highly recommend the
gamecube controller for playing Ice Climbers. The wiimote and wiimote+nuncuck
just don�t have enough buttons to control two characters at once. I do not own
a wii classic controller, but I would assume it would be second best just based
off of the control options in SSBB�s options. I will be writing all control
based instructions as if using a gamecube controller, if need be, you can make
adjustments as necessary for a separate controller. Another note about the
controller, it is best (because of some combos) to learn to jump with X and Y
instead of up on the joystick. I had to reteach that to myself when I began,
and that is easiest if you deactivate joystick jumping. I will also write
assuming Popo is in the lead, but you can switch the two and so switch what the
FAQ says accordingly. Anyway, enough introduction, let�s get to the FAQ.

Pros and Cons           [xpacx]

+ Two characters at once? Where will the possibilities cease to amaze and
   devastate the competition?
+ Many times, only one of the climbers will take damage while the other escapes
   damage free (Nana has a separate �invisible� damage counter)
+ Their smashes are very quick and easy to get out
+ Their recovery is extremely long range
+ Chain grabs�nuff said (more on this later, see Advanced Techniques)
+ Great edge guarding
+ Desynch defense can be almost impenetrable
+ They don�t slide on icy surfaces
+ They are difficult to grab (the free Climber can break the grab)

+ Nana is easy to kill once separated
+ Attack and launch powers are halved (or worse) if Nana dies
+ There is no recovery ability once Nana is gone
+ Did I say it�s bad if Nana is killed
+ Horrible aerial game
+ Food only heals one Climber

Moveset                 [xmovx]

All damages are offered as both Climbers or separate damage. All damages are
approximations. N is neutral, F is forward, B is back, U is up, and D is down,
in case you don�t quite understand what it is. Damages are only approximations.

Specials (B)
NSpec � Ice Shot: [6,4,2% dual, 3,2,1% solo] Two ice shots are fired toward
your opponent. They follow natural logic, slowing on upward slope, accelerating
on downward slope. They also deteriorate slowly as they slide along the ground,
and as they get smaller they do slightly less damage (3, 2, or 1 per block). At
high percentages, this move freezes opponents temporarily. Great after
desynching (see Advanced Techniques). These are great for knocking away low
projectiles or just annoying an opponent.

FSpec � Squall Hammer: [31% dual, 18% solo] The Ice Climbers spin around each
other creating a whirlwind of hammers. If you press B repeatedly while
performing this, the Ice climbers will rise in the air slightly. This can be
used for horizontal recovery or avoidance. It is the most effective approach
move when both Climbers are synched.

USpec � Belay: [17% dual] The Ice Climbers throw each other up. If this is done
close enough to a ledge, it serves as a tether with Nana grabbing on and
pulling Popo up to her. There is also a decent amount of knockback if you hit
the opponent with Nana�s head on her way up.

DSpec � Blizzard: [34% dual, 18% solo] The Ice Climbers shoot out ice crystals
that freeze and damage opponents. If on the ground, the Climbers face opposite
directions providing back protection. If in the air, the Climbers face the same
direction providing for a fair bit of damage. A short hop followed by Blizzard
can provide a very nice bit of quick damage.

Basics (A)
Jab � Hammer Swing: [5.5% (per hit) dual, 3.5% (per hit) solo] The Climbers
quickly swing their hammers back and forth. It has very quick hammer swipes
that do small damage with minimal knockback. Not always recommended but great
for breaking slow smashes that can demolish like Ike�s FSmash.

Dash Attack - Upward Hammer Swipe: [] The Climbers run at their opponent
and swing their hammers upward, knocking the foe into the air. This move is not
really all that impressive on its own, and it is quite possibly one of the
easiest approaches in the game to break. It is however, very easy to combo out
of. You can follow it easily with an UAir or wait a second for the enemy to
fall and use an UTilt for damage or USmash for the win.

FTilt � Long Hammer Swipe: [16% dual, 9% solo] The Climbers swing their hammers
horizontally in front of them. It is between the jabs and the forward smash in
damage, knockback, and speed. It is more effective than jabs when you have a
tenth of a second longer to get it out.

UTilt � Hammer Spin: [17% dual, 10% solo] The Climbers raise their hammers
above them and spin them around. It is great on any enemy it can reach. It has
trouble with shorter enemies like Squirtle and Olimar, but it is very quick and
a great way to do some damage. It has good priority and can be used to stop
approaches from the top.

DTilt � Low Hammer Swipe: [10% dual, 6% solo] The Climbers swing their hammers
toward the ground. It is faster than DSmash, but not as effective. Great for
some quick room or escaping some attacks. It doesn�t surround you like DSmash
does, it only effects in front of you.

Smashes (A+direction)
FSmash � Overhead Hammer Slam: [21-29% dual, 12-18% solo] The Climbers slam
their hammers over their heads onto the ground. It is a very effective and
quick smash attack. Great for killing off the sides or setting up for
edgeguarding/hogging. Can kill by 70% if fully charged or 90% no charge on
lighter enemies, higher for heavier ones.

USmash � Hammer Uppercut: [20-28% dual, 11-15% solo] The climbers swing their
hammers upwards over their heads. When combined with chaingrabs, this can be
devastating. It can easily kill floatier characters like Peach or Jigglypuff at
very early percentages off the top. It affects both sides (the front much
better though) and has good priority to stop approaches from the top if timed

DSmash � Low Circling Hammer: [20-42% dual, 12-16% solo] The Climbers swing
their hammers in a circle around themselves on the ground. This is a great
smash. It hits on both sides and has some decent killing ability. It doesn�t
hit quite as hard as the other smashes, but it hits on both sides of you. Use
this move often.

Aerials (A in the air)
NAir � Hammer Spin: [12% dual, 7% solo] The Climbers spin in the air with their
hammers out. The climbers spin and damage slightly with very little knockback.
This is really a very ineffective aerial and adds to the Ice Climbers� poor
aerial game.

FAir � Heavy Hammer Arc: [19% dual, 12% solo] The Climbers raise their hammers
and perform a circular swing. This is a decent aerial move. It has a fair
knockback and can kill in upper percentages but not very well until 110% or
higher. Nana�s FAir is a meteor and can easily kill by 40% on many characters
on the edge. Find more on this in the Advanced Techniques section under Chain

BAir � Reverse Hammer Swipe: [19% dual, 11% solo] The Climbers swing their
hammers behind them. This is a fair aerial move but no more. It does small
damage and some small knockback. It can get people away from you in the air if
performed correctly, but it isn�t really great for much more than that.

UAir � Upward Hammer Thrust: [17% dual, 10% solo] The Climbers poke at the area
above them with their hammers. This move is decent for knocking people up or
juggling and can kill floatier characters at higher percentages. It has decent
priority and can be used to stop aerial approaches, but the move doesn�t last
long, and the timing is difficult.

DAir � Pogo Hammer: [13% dual, 8% solo] The Ice Climbers hold their hammers
beneath them and fly downward on top of their foe. This move can be very
dangerous because there is a huge lag if you land on the ground. It can be
helpful to prevent further juggling if you time it right as it has a very
unexpected increase in drop speed at the beginning, but be sure to make
contact. If you miss, shield right away, you will be very open for punishing
and easy to hit for a little while.

Grabs (Z)
FThrow � Hammer Bat Slam: [8%] The Climber tosses up the opponent and swings
his hammer at the opponent like a bat. Can be chain grabbed.

BThrow � Reverse Throw: [6%] The Climber throws the opponent backward. Can be
chain grabbed.

UThrow � Upward Hammer Toss: [6%] The Climber tosses up the opponent then hits
him with the hammer. Can not be easily chain grabbed.

DThrow � Referee Slam: [6%] The Climber slams the opponent into the ground. Can
be chain grabbed.

FINAL SMASH � Iceberg: The Ice Climbers clap hands (or a lone Popo just raises
his hammer above his head) and a giant iceberg emerges covering a large portion
of the level and makes any surface it touches icy. It causes damage to all who
come too close to it and massive damage to any enemies that are unlucky enough
to touch its peak. This is near impossible to get over with both climbers (you
can send Popo over with USpec) on large stages, but on smaller stages, you can
get over with two quick jumps followed by a FSpec then spam B until you are
over its peak. This easily sets all foes up for an easy smash kill because they
will rack up some massive damage from the ice.

Taunts (Dpad)
UTaunt - The Climbers put their hammers down and jump up and down gleefully.

FTaunt - The Climbers swing their hammers in front of them in triumph.

DTaunt - The climbers skip in a circle happily.

Advanced Techniques     [xadvx]

Ok, this section is where the fun begins. Ice Climbers have some of the most
epic combos that are absolutely inescapable. Also, they have the unique ability
of two items at once. I will be discussing four things in this section: General
Technique, Dual Items, Desynching, and of course Chain Grabs.

General Technique:
	Since Ice Climbers have weak approaches. It is often best to play
opportunistically. Wait until there is a break in your opponent�s flurry then
approach with FSpec. You can also initiate the approach with FSpec, but one of
your Climbers is almost guaranteed to get hurt (and the other is almost
guaranteed to hurt the opponent). Shield grabs are great friends. Use your
shields generously and be sure to lead attacks as soon as you let up so you
keep your opponent on the ropes. If your opponent is trying to juggle you, the
best thing to do usually is time a DAir to throw off your opponents upward
strike and knock him away simultaneously. If you are approaching from above and
to the side, it's also good to come in with a DSpec. This can keep your
opponent from approaching or cause some good damage depending on how far away
you are. If you get separated, DO EVERYTHING to get back to Nana save kill
yourself because she is vital to an effective Ice Climber pro. One useful
technique if you are off the ledge and Nana is too low to use your USpec to
recover both of you, you can use a DAir to catch up to Nana then use your USpec
to tether. When opponents approach, you can use NSpec or short hop into a DSpec
to effectively stop their approach. You can combo out of NSpec easier, but
DSpec causes more immediate damage. If you get separated from Nana, it is often
best to jump off the stage after her (unless she is too far out). She will use
her solo USpec feebly; after she finishes, you can use your USpec and tether
the ledge with her or your FSpec to recover horizontally.

Dual Items:
	This is a very interesting aspect of the Ice Climbers. One advantage:
while using a hammer, you can pick up and use other items. You don�t have to
guard a pokeball or assist trophy until your hammer time is over. Pick it up
with Nana, use it, and continue chasing opponents with the hammer. Another
combo is dual cracker launchers. If you can find a way to desynch (I have not
found a consistent one while holding items) with the launchers, you will have
a constant stream of rockets that will demolish opponents. Another is dual
fans. If you use them and continually press A, you can trap most characters in
an infinite damage trap (in training I got 999 combo with it). Lucas can
strangely escape the infinite fan trap, but as of now I have not found another
one that can. Another demolishing combo is one fan with a homerun bat. You do
a FSmash then press A repeatedly. The fan will trap the opponent close to you
while the bat is charged to a KO. There are more combos, but these are some of
the best and my favorites.

	This is a very difficult technique, but when used correctly, it can be
devastating. Two of the easiest ways to desynch are as follows
Z+forward/backward and dash into back dodge. Both ways, Popo will backroll
while Nana will not. After doing this, you can then proceed to perform two
separate moves with each climber. You can use this to set up a wall of
Blizzards, Ice Shots, FSmashes, UTilts, and DSmashes (the most effective
desynch wall moves) that is near impenetrable by opponents. You can set your
opponent on attack in training to practice this. Another use, stand facing the
edge, z-roll back, and then dash forward. If you practice this a little, you
can have Nana hanging on the ledge and Popo standing above it (I call this
edgeguardhogging because Popo edgeguards while Nana edgehogs). Wait until Nana
stops blinking (the blinking is very subtle), then you can push Forward+A
(forward being off the ledge). Popo will Fsmash and Nana will Fair, float, and
regrab the edge (some levels she falls and rejumps to the edge). If you don�t
wait until Nana stops blinking, she will climb back up and you will have to
set it up again. This technique can be absolutely devastating because it
edgehogs and edgeguards at the same time if timed correctly. One note, if you
stop moving or move to slowly while desynched the Climbers will synch up again.

Chain Grabs: Now this is where the fun begins. These are unlimited combos that
cannot be DIed or escaped in any way by the opponent, only messed up by the
Ice Climbers (which you will do sometimes, they are VERY difficult). Spend A
LOT of time in Training on them. I train pretty near daily for about 20 minutes
at least and I still don�t have FThrow alternate chains mastered and DThrows
alternates only partially mastered.

DThrow chain: simply DThrow and run forward and regrab. It will only work up to
around 25%. It varies for different characters.

DThrow to Nana FAir: grab with Popo, push down and X or Y at the same time then
quickly press forward and A at the same time, then regrab with Popo. Nana hits
the opponent back to the ground where Popo can regrab. From 0% this can be
performed twice on most characters before they can DI out of it, but it
doesn�t work at all on Donkey Kong and is the timing window is tiny against
Yoshi. It will still allow regrab at 24% but it begins a small meteor at 25% on
most characters. If you catch a character on the edge, you can perform this
technique at about 40% damage, and Nana will meteor the opponent off the bottom
and they will die. You should test distances the characters need to be in
training because character sizes and grab animations vary considerably.

FThrow to Nana FAir: grab with Popo, press X or Y, then press forward+A. Popo
will FThrow and Nana will FAir. It will not allow regrab until 5% damage on
most enemies and won't allow regrab at all on some. It functions much the same
way as DThrow to Nana FAir but it works 1% earlier (23 and 24). It is slightly
more difficult then DThrow to Nana FAir (in my opinion) but also seems a little
more effective.

DThrow to Spec: either grab, push down on the control stick then forward+B or
down+B. The one that grabbed will perform a down throw, then the other Climber
will perform the special on the opponent. They can be hit with a Blizzard or
lone Squall Hammer that can rack up some very nice, quick, and simple damage.

Alternating Chain: grab with Popo, perform any but UThrow, then regrab with
Nana, do it again and regrab with Popo. From what I have found, FThrows are the
safest because the enemy winds up the furthest away, but DThrows are easier for
me. I can perform DThrow with a fair bit of ease, and FThrow chains with a fair
bit of difficulty. Much of this is personal preference and ability, but you
should try and practice all of the chains as each has uses that you will find
as you use them in battle.

Smashing while grabbing: either grab. Use the c-stick (hold A simultaneously to
charge) to smash the opponent with the free Climber. On the first smash attack,
if Popo is holding the enemy, and you don't charge, they won't escape yet, so
you can still follow with something else. If you smash a second time, after
charging, or if Nana has the opponent held, you will send the opponent flying.
You can also use two different smash attacks to confuse the opponent and cause
them to DI the wrong way (I don't know a whole lot about DIing but I have
noticed that this is quite effective).

Chain Smash: grab with Popo, Fthrow or DThrow chain to Nana, press Up+A on the
c-stick. Hold A to charge your smash, then BThrow with Nana right before you
release Popo�s smash. If you wait until the upper 80s to lower 100s this is a
great and inescapable way to smash kill an opponent.

Practice chain grabs very often and with varying characters. Try combining
different chains and even developing chains of your own. These are the most
dynamic and dangerous part of the Ice Climbers� moveset; use it often. It is
also good to take a look at desynchs very often and dual items in practice
every now and then.

Character Strategies    [xchax]

How to beat Ice Climbers[xbicx] is what I reluctantly must include. How to beat the Ice Climbers...
If I must... Well, first, separate. Separate, separate, separate. If Popo is
alone, he is not near as strong. Ice Climber is not as good as the Ice
Climbers. Be careful about the FSpecs when they approach. Often you can break
the FSpec of one Climber but the other will continue swinging and hit you with
it. Avoid this as much as possible because it can easily demolish a shield too
if used correctly. If you do get caught, though, don�t let your shield down
because that will only make things worse. If your character has any aerial
mobility at all, take the fight to the air. They have one of the worst aerial
games in SSBB. Abuse it or lose it. If you do take it to the air though, watch
out for Nana�s FAir while off stage, it can meteor you to an early death with
ease. Did I mention you need to separate them? Once you do spam smashes at Nana
until she goes flying offstage or Popo arrives to help her once again.

The next subsection focuses on how to beat certain characters using Ice
Climbers. The stars and lines are a meter where IC is the Ice Climbers and OP
is the opponent. The star will fall somewhere meaning that one has an
advantage. If it is in the middle, the matchup is equal. If it is further to
one side, then that character has an advantage (the further over the greater
the advantage).

As a side note, if the character has a 9c before it's description, it was
tested versus a level 9 computer as opposed to a human. I am still trying to
test against a human on each character, and should you have any that I do not,
(or anything else you think I got wrong) please let me know via the email at
the end of the FAQ. I will update this section as I get more information. Also,
much of this is subject to opinion and skill level so these may not be exact.

| Mario |               [xmrox]
IC --**|---- OP
Ice Climbers have a decent advantage over Mario. Their projectile game
dominates Mario's (2 projectiles vs 1). He does however have very quick and
easily accessible smash attacks that are good at killing separated Ice
Climbers. He has a better aerial game than Ice Climbers, but as long as they
remain on the ground, all of their anti-air moves have higher priority than
his aerial approaches. He can stop the Ice Climbers FSpec approach, but that is
with quite some difficulty. His final smash is not too hard to avoid. If you
stay close then dodge roll to the other side of him once he uses it, you should
come out ok. It is difficult, however, if he makes contact in any way, and I
have no advice for you there. Overall, stay on him. Watch for his smashes and
be prepared with a quick shield or spot dodge and a good combo out of it. One
very dangerous thing to watch out for, avoid your FSpec near the edge when he
has his water gun charged up. It can knock you off the edge while
simultaneously stealing all of your jumps if you get hit with the water while
using your FSpec.

| Luigi |               [xluix]
IC ---*|---- OP
Ice Climbers have a very slight advantage over Luigi, but it's not huge at all.
It's honestly very close to 52-48, but I like Ice Climbers, so they get a star.
Most Luigi's approach with their dash attack. If you try to break that, you can
only succeed if timed PERFECTLY. If you take the smart approach and shield
until he is done, there is a huge lag that leaves him very easy to punish with
a short hopped DSpec, chain grab, or other similar combo you can pull off. It's
very easy to start comboing him, and let him slip out. You will keep swinging
your hammers, and he will charge that icky little FSmash of his that has some
very surprising range and slip right between your hammers to kill Nana and leave
you floating back down to the stage alone. He's not great at knocking you into
the air, but if you let him juggle you, consider it game over. Luigi has great
aerial mobility. Get to the ground quick or that star up there on the
difficulty meter will quickly slide about 4 dashes to the right. His final
smash can be difficult to evade. If you jump quick and then USpec, you should
get one Climber out of the initial knock out. You can then usually wait a
second for the initial power of his circle thing to wear out then run in and
protect your poor little Nana from an uber uppercut using jabs until it stops.
Overall, he has some very effective moves that can demolish the Ice Climbers
if they connect, but they are very laggy afterward and easy to punish with epic
Ice Climbers Combos.

| Peach |               [xpeax]
IC --**|---- OP
In some senses, Peach is much easier than Mario, but in other's she's a little
more difficult. One great thing to do to her is get her in the air. Although
she is very mobile in the air, she is also very vulnerable. She is extremely
floaty and very easy to kill off the top with my signature Chain Smash (I
didn't really come up with it first but I use it a lot and love it so I call it
my signature). She does have very high priority over your approaches, but this
can be avoided by playing an opportunistic approach style. Wait until she lags
from an approach or other missed attack then throw on the FSpec to open her up
for a quick combo or use a Dash Attack to begin the juggling. While juggling,
remember that she can float away, so don't leave yourself stuck in place
charging an USmash unless she has already exhausted her temporary float
ability. If you can land a fully charged USmash, you can kill her very early.
Don't get above her though; her priority is much higher than your DAir. If you
do get stuck in her juggle, surprise her at the last second with an
FSpec+repeatedB to get away from her juggling. Her final smash cannot be evaded
as far as I know. She puts you to sleep and causes some damage. If you do wake
up early enough, though, there is a lot of food on the ground you can pick up
for a quick recovery. Overall, avoid constant approaches and play more
opportunistically. Keep her above you and you below her and you should win this
match very easily.

| Bowser |              [xbowx]
IC -***|---- OP
I gave Ice Climbers a three star advantage for the simple fact that Bowser is
far too slow. A simple dodge roll and a well timed shield followed by a flurry
of smash attacks or FSpecs can easily tear this beast apart. If you do not time
the shield well though, he can rack up damage on you very quickly. Your ice
blocks can very easily cancel his fire breath, and it is very easy to see his
smashes coming. His final smash is not too hard to avoid. If you hang off the
edge, he will have great difficulty hitting you. You can press down then jump
back up the edge and grab on again. If he follows you to the edge, press shield
and you will dodge roll up, then run to the other edge and hang on that one.
Overall, just work your way around him and quickly shower him with quick damage
moves followed by a series of smash attacks for the win and you should be able
to dominate this match.

| Donkey Kong |         [xdonx]
IC ----|**-- OP
This is where there are some difficulties for Ice Climbers. Donkey Kong has
strength pretty close to Bowser's, speed close to Mario's, and attack range
about as big as both of them combined. His smash attacks are ridiculously
strong and reach out to wazoo; watch out for those. Your shields will take a
beating in this match. He has an approach where he short hops then FSpecs
toward you that you need to be very careful about. This match is all about
timing and spacing. You want plenty of space. Watch his attacks as there is a
little lag after a large portion of his attacks. Flurry him quickly then return
to defense. It is often best to let him approach and dodge roll away only to
dash attack at him while he lags. Desynching can help you close the holes in
your defense but you need to be sure not to lose it as Nana can be easier to
kill once desynched. His final smash is a breeze to avoid. Just move away as
he starts his drums and you can get out of it with your eyes closed (but don't
literally try that). Overall, watch your spacing, and pay attention to timing.
This will be a very difficult match but with proper concentration and a chain
grab or two, you can prevail. A side note on Donkey Kong, from what I have
found, it is completely impossible to DThrow to Nana FAir on him at all. You
can FThrow to Nana FAir but it is extremely difficult.

| Diddy Kong |          [xdidx]
IC ----|*--- OP
Now that is one annoying monkey. He is a little difficult just because of his
sheer speed...and those dang peanuts. Most of his attacks aren't devastating,
they're just very annoying. Don't let him have too much control of the match
or you won't ever get it back. Stay on him often but keep your hand on the
shield trigger. He will probably start dodge rolling, so follow him with FSpecs
and DSmashes. His final smash is very annoying, and when used correctly is very
difficult to avoid. I have yet to find a way, and if anyone has one, please
tell me what you know. Overall, stay on him and don't let him get too out of
hand. Keep your shield ready as most of his moves can easily be shielded.
Follow up with a FSpec into a good combo and you should be able to take him
down easier than you did his Donkey buddy.

| Yoshi |               [xyosx]
IC --**|---- OP
Yoshi is a somewhat interesting match up. In general, it's not a difficult
battle, but he can give you a little rough patch here and there. If you just
stay on him, there's not much of anything he can do. He has a little bit of
aerial mobility, but he is also extremely vulnerable to USmashes. His egg
projectile can't be blocked by your ice shots (unless you're in the air), but
that's not enough of a threat to cause any worries. He can easily be smashed
and FSpeced to rack up damage and USmash can kill him with a good bit of ease
in the early 100s. It is extremely difficult (though it is possible) to FThrow
or DThrow to Nana FAir on Yoshi, but strangely enough, Yoshi is a very easy
character to grab. Most other combos are relatively easy like the alternate
chains. His final smash is avoidable but it's not easy. If you move quickly,
dodge roll a lot, spot dodge when necessary, and hang on ledges just to mix
things up, it is doable. Overall, this is fairly easy match. Just keep moving
and don't give Yoshi room to breath, follow shields with FSpecs or smashes and
it will be over before you know it.

| Wario |               [xwarx]
IC ----|*--- OP
I hate Wario...That really doesn't have anything to do with this part...I just
loathe Wario in this game. He's so blocky, heavy, and annoying. Anyway, he
provides a slight challenge for the Ice Climbers. He is pretty strong and some
of his attacks can be devastating. Most of those strong moves, though, are very
limited in range. If you work your spacing and don't let him get right above
you, it shouldn't be too awfully difficult, but it won't be easy either. He can
break your approach pretty easy, but you can also break his the same way. His
final smash gives him the one thing he didn't have before, ridiculous range on
his powerful attacks. You can avoid most of them with spot dodges or rolls or
even simple shields. Overall, just work spacing and keep striking. If he gets
you on the ropes, FSpec over his head and set up a quick defense. He is heavy
so it will take a while to build enough damage, but once you do, a quick smash
and you can come out on top of this one.

| Link |                [xlinx]
IC ----*---- OP
This is actually a fairly even match. Link has you far outmatched on the
projectile game, but you have him outmatched on the ground game. He has a
DAir that can demolish you. You have to moves that can protect you from it.
The best way is to keep him moving. You want to keep the pressure on him and
not let him have too much room to try to out projectile you. He can easily be
edgehoguarded by using the desynch dash method to cover the top and hog the
ledge. He isn't too heavy so it shouldn't take too long to get him KOd, and if
he ever goes for a grab and misses, there is a huge lag so go punish him with
a grab the likes of which he could never imitate (a.k.a. chain grab). His final
smash can be quite difficult to avoid on an even plain without much aerial
mobility, but one way you can is sacrifice Nana. If you predict it right, you
can dash dodge desynch to push Nana into the Triforce allowing Popo to run off
unscathed. That comes at a heavy price though so it's up to you how to handle
it. Overall, keep pressuring him. Don't let him have too much room to bust out
his projectile game, but be careful about staying too close as a few of his
moves to house some unexpected speed and/or power. Basically just keep
pressing, and it will be over soon enough.

| Zelda |               [xzelx]
IC ---*|---- OP
With Zelda as my second main, I know some of the viciousness that is housed
underneath that pristine exterior. If you don't play her right, you will get
demolished without laying a finger on her. If you do play her right, you can
easily end the game quickly without having too much trouble of your own. First,
do not give her too much room. She will spam Dyn's Fire at you (an unblockable
projectile apart from shielding) and Popo and/or Nana will be dead before they
have a chance to touch ground again. If Nana gets trapped and Popo does not,
dash at Zelda and break her reign of Dyn's Fire so Nana doesn't get killed too
fast. Be careful about her USmash because it will trap you, cause good damage,
and put you where you don't want to be, in the air. She can stop almost any of
your direct approaches so it would be best to do something indirect like use
NSpec or DSpec to open her up then rush in and reign over her with quick
smashes and maybe a grab or two if you can get it in. On a flat plane, her
final smash is not easy to avoid. It will hit anything in a straight line in
front of her and the air is not the Ice Climbers' strong suit. Overall, just
stay on her so she doesn't spam you with Dyn's Fire and keep her distracted
with specials so she cant smash you with her strangely powerful smashes and you
can end this with a success.

| Shiek |               [xshix]
IC ---*|---- OP
Although Shiek is as fast or faster than Diddy Kong, she lacks the power to
make herself a threat to Ice Climbers. It doesn't make this the easiest of
fights, but it definitely doesn't make it hard either. If she tries to charge
her needle storm, make a dash at her and break it up, those can be annoying.
Beyond that just keep your hand on the shield and special her to death. Shiek
is a little bit lighter than Zelda and far easier to KO because you can
edgehogguard her with great ease. Her USpec doesn't damage where she reappears
like Zelda's does. Do not sit on the edge with her there though. She will pull
out her chain and whip it around and you will be in great trouble. For final
smash info refer to Zelda's, it's the same thing. Overall, just stay on her and
don't let her charge needle storm, keep shield ready, and smash her early. This
match will be over quick.

| Ganondorf |           [xganx]
IC --**|---- OP
I almost gave this one four stars because Ganondorf is soooo slow, but he got a
little bit of his self-respect back just because of his sheer power. He is very
easy to dodge roll, jab, and smash while he is trying to accomplish his moves.
Just be careful not to let him hit you too much because he is capable of
killing at least one Climber after making two full contact hits. That's a big
thing to ask from someone so slow, but still, that is devastating if you miss a
shield. Be careful once you knock him off the edge though. His USpec will grab
on to any character it touches and do damage while still leaving him mobile
enough to grab onto the ledge. His final smash is very difficult for Ice
Climbers to dodge as well since it's hit field is similar to Zelda's. The only
real easy way to dodge it is to get behind him when he fires it. Overall, just
stay on him. Dodge roll, jab, smash, and all in all, keep hitting him quickly
and he won't be able to do a thing to you (or enough to kill you anyway) before
the match is over.

| Toon Link |           [xtoox]
IC ----|*--- OP
This match is a bit tougher than the regular Link because Toon Link is much
faster, but it's a bit easier because Toon Link is also lighter and easier to
kill. His projectile game seems better than yours, but all of his projectiles
at a low enough level to deflect with ice blocks. He comes at you quick, and
he is fairly difficult to catch off guard, but once you do, he can be taken
care of quickly. There are two ways to approach him. First, be ready with your
shield and always be ready with a quick retaliation combo. You will need to use
it often as he will make moves quick that you otherwise have no way to avoid.
Second, move a lot. He will move around a lot and try to hit you with his
speed, but if you keep moving around and mixing in some quick attacks, it will
be more difficult for him to hit you. For final smash see Link, it's the same.
Overall, stay on your shield and be ready for quick strike backs. He isn't the
easiest to beat, but if you get on him quick after he misses, you will take
care of this match too.

| Samus |               [xsamx]
IC ----*---- OP
This is a fairly difficult match. Samus has solid projectiles that are very
difficult for Ice Climbers to deflect except via shielding and is quite mobile
in some situations as well. She is also fairly heavy and difficult to kill in
her suit, and she has a great recovery to stop you from edgeguardhogging. If
you are on the ledge, she uses her USpec to trap you in her damaging glowing
ball thing, and take your place on the edge. Her final weakness though is her
mobility, she is not consistently mobile. Her final smash is very difficult to
dodge. If you're high or low you'll get sucked in. The only place to really
dodge it is behind her, and that is difficult to do when she has her smash
ready to come at you full strength. If you do manage to avoid it, though, there
is a very nice little lag after her suit falls apart that is great to
capitalize on Overall, stay close, keep a DSmash ready, and watch for the
considerable lag after her moves. If you catch her lag and avoid receiving any
massive blows, you will be able to end this match in good time with another

| Zero Suit Samus |     [xzerx]
IC ----|**-- OP
I would really only give the computer Zero Suit Samus an even match at most,
but as I fought the computer, I saw a few moves that looked like they could be
devastating. I'm not sure about her raw power, but that mobility issue that
regular Samus had is completely gone. She's not as heavy as Samus, probably
closer to an average character weight, maybe a little lighter, and can be KOd
much earlier than regular Samus. She is, however MUCH more agile. The range on
her smash attacks is ridiculous so don't let your guard down because you think
she can't reach you. Trust me, she probably can. It's best to either be close
so that you can hit her or ridiculously far away so neither of you can hit the
other. Her recovery moves are not near as effective and she can easily be
edgeguardhogged once you knock her off of the main platforms. Her final smash
is not too hard to avoid because you have to be right next to her for it to
hurt you. If you just run away for a while, you can wait until she just uses it
anyway, or you think you can knock the smash ball out of her with one effective
hit. Overall, try to get some quick, cheap, and easy damage in on Zero Suit,
pick your timing well (watching out for her ridiculous range), and go for the
FSmash or USmash.

| Pit |                 [xpitx]
IC ---*|---- OP
The first thing you should do to Pit is take the fight to the air...if you want
to lose and lose quickly. Beyond his great aerial game, Pit is not much of a
threat. He has no real knockback threats in any of his ground moves. The only
thing he does have, is quick, annoying damage causers that are easily spammed.
Even with that, though, he doesn't have the knockback power to kill you after
whatever damage he may cause. If you do finally get knocked off of the ledge,
watch out for those dang arrows. They can steal your jumps or separate your
Climbers leaving any of your recovery attempts pretty near useless. His final
smash is not too easy to dodge, but it can be done with a little bit of luck
and a lot of dodge rolls. Once he begins, dodge roll all over the place, and
you may get lucky enough to walk away from his reign of terror unscathed. 
Overall, just make sure to keep the fight on the ground. As long as you do that
he has no more than annoying potential while you have plenty of killing
potential housed in your dual hammers. Mix up your attacks, maybe throw in a
chain grab, and you will have this boy wonder down for the count soon enough.

| R.O.B. |              [xrobx]
IC ---*|---- OP
Ok, this one, I have honestly no idea what to say. R.O.B. does nothing but
confuse me. I tried fighting the level 9 computer, and it just confused me
more. It seemed like Ice Climbers had a decent advantage, but I also couldn't
tell how dangerous R.O.B. could be in the hands of a good human. I did notice
that his DAir and his FAir are both very effective moves with a good deal of
knockback and range. He also has a projectile that hits everything in a
straight line in front of him, but it can't be used too often. The FSpec is an
effective approach, and DAir can keep him from juggling too bad if you can
throw off his timing. His USmash is very effective at stopping your DAir, but
it is one that can be difficult to find the timing. His final smash...I don't
know what to tell you. Avoid being in front of him and let it just run out I
guess. Overall, I really don't know what to expect. Try to keep Nana and Popo
together and don't let him have too much room. He seems like a heavy character,
but he can be KOd fairly easily with a quick USmash. I guess just try him out
for yourself and see what you think.

| Kirby |               [xkirx]
9c (and a non pro human)
IC --**|---- OP
This battle can be difficult but if you just play him right, it will be very
easy. Kirby's main weakness, quite surprisingly, comes from his lack of speed
and mobility. He can move pretty fast if he has some time to get moving, but he
has no quickness or agility. His hammer move is very strong and can be very
dangerous, but your hammers are much quicker with just about any move you
choose and can throw him off. Most Kirbys like to get above you and use their
DSpec rock move. This can either work for or against you. If you shield it, he
has a big lag afterward that you can use to attack him with whatever combo you
see fit, but if you miss, you will go flying. If he stays in rock form, you can
run up and grab him and begin chain grabbing if you wish. His final smash can
be very difficult to avoid but it is possible. Dodge roll, hang on ledges, try
whatever comes to mind and you might get lucky. Overall, use quick, strong
techniques like FSmash and the like to build damage, and you can kill Kirby
very early with a well landed FSmash or USmash. Watch out for his strong moves
and break them with a quick but effective strike and you should be just fine.

| Meta Knight |         [xmetx]
9c (and a non pro human)
IC ----|*--- OP
This is actually a very tough match. Meta Knight is quick, great at splitting,
and kills Nana with ease once he does. He also has some of the best approaches
that can be used against Ice Climbers. He has a little bit of attack lag
afterward though and that is vital to capitalize. Some people say that this is
really an even match because both have moves that demolish the other, but it
seems more difficult than that to me. If you do keep moving though, you can
keep on top of him. Be careful about grabs because his spacing is difficult and
his moves are very fast. Approaches are difficult at best, but it's also a bad
idea to let him approach. This match is all about moving. Keep moving; keep
hitting when you get an opportunity; and keep careful spacing. His final smash
has range further than its animation so be careful. Don't stay to close while
he has it ready. Overall, keep moving, keep hitting, and keep spaced. He has
fast moves but you can be almost as fast if you know what you're doing. Mix up
quick jabs with short hopped DSpecs and quick FSmashes and you can beat him if
you keep moving and space yourself well.

| King Dedede |         [xkinx]
IC ---*|---- OP
This match isn't too hard. King Dedede has some extremely strong attacks, but
he (like most heavy characters) is very slow. Watch out for his jabs, though
because they are quicker and can cause quite a bit of damage. When you see him
begin his FSmash (it's long and you will see it coming), dodge roll or spot
dodge if you don't have time for a quick jab to break it. He has far greater
range than you and has some priority over your approaches, but his priority is
difficult to use because it's so much slower than your attacks. One advantage
he does have is his great difficulty to kill. Not only is he heavy, he recovers
similar to Kirby. If you can get him far enough out to need his USspec, though,
his USpec is very easy to edgehog. His final smash is say the least.
Keep jumping over his minions and moving around and you can usually make it
through. Especially the spiked ones. Overall, move quickly and be prepared for
shields and dodges. Use moves quicker than his and keep hitting, eventually you
will knock him far enough for another successful match.

| Olimar |              [xolix]
IC --**|---- OP
I love Olimar. He's so fun to play...sorry, that has nothing to do with this
either. Anyway, he isn't too hard. The only real thing to worry about is his
massive range on his smash attacks. He will barrage you with pikmin at low
damages. You should use surrounding moves to knock them off like FSpec. You can
also use FSpec or DSpec or good timing on other moves to simultaneously block
and kill pikmin he throws at you. If you have the opportunity, keep him from
picking pikmin as that is where all of his strength comes from. Also, if you
can separate him from his pikmin, he has absolutely no recovery ability. His
final smash is impossible to avoid once he uses it, but don't let him start it
right next to you. It will pitfall you and he will have an easy time coming
back down on you. Watch for the return of his ship as it hits similar to the
warpstar item. Overall, keep on him. He is light and easy to kill. Try to
separate him from his pikmin or kill them all together and this match will be
a very easy one.

| Fox |                 [xfoxx]
IC --**|---- OP
This match is not too hard at all, like most, if you just play it right. Fox
is very quick and will stay on the move so he is somewhat difficult to hit. The
best thing you can do, though, is stay on the move too. Your FSpec approach is
very efficient against him and difficult to stop. His ray gun is no less than
annoying, but it's no more than that either. Your NSpec is not very effective
against his raygun only because he can shoot his very quickly. You can, however
approach through his raygun, so it's not too much of a threat. Also, if you
approach during his ray gun, there is considerable lag when he puts his gun up.
This is a good time to capitalize with a dash grab into chain. His final smash
can be difficult to avoid if he is a good player, but it is still doable. The
easy way is to hang off the edge until he chases you. Push shield or grab to
dodge roll onto the ground, then run to another ledge, and you may survive with
time to spare. Overall, keep moving. Approach him often, and mix quick strikes
like jabs or FTilts with smashes. Don't give him too much room but don't ever
sit still. He's not too heavy so it should end quick enough.

+ Falco +               [xfalx]
IC ---*|---- OP
Falco is very similar to Fox and yet very unique. He is a little more difficult
just for the fact that many of his moves are a little more effective. The basic
strategy is the same, but the style you play needs to be slightly different. I
don't know how to describe it other than that. FSpecs still works well. One
thing to be more careful about, though, is his little shield. Instead of being
like Fox's shield, Falco takes his shield and throws it forward. It does have a
little more lag than Fox's though, so if you avoid it, that can help. He still
lags after his ray gun, so you can still chain grab to mess him up. His final
smash is the same as Fox's. Overall, keep moving, and approach often. Watch for
his shield throw, and be prepared for a good counterattack after his gun or
shield. It shouldn't be too hard if you just stay moving and keep on him.

| Wolf |                [xwolx]
IC ---*|---- OP
Wolf seems like he would be the same as Fox and Falco with some slight changes,
but he is actually different from both. He has a slightly similar style, but it
is far less choppy and more fluid. His attacks are completely different for the
most part. If you're careful about timing, you can smash him easily as he
approaches with a good DSmash or FSmash. His raygun is a little different and
from what little of it I've seen, it seems a little bit slower. It seems to
have a similar lag, though, that is very useful to capitalize on. He's slightly
slower than his similar counterparts, but he is also more fluid. If you get him
in a lull he is easier to attack, but once he gets going, he is more difficult
to get a strike on. His final smash is the same as Falco's and Fox's. Overall,
you still need to keep moving as with Fox and Falco. Differently, though, you
need to pick your timing more carefully. Once he gets moving, keep your
distance. After he comes to a break, approach, and begin your assault. Some
quick movement and well timed attacks will put you out on top of this match

| Captain Falcon |      [xcapx]
IC --**|---- OP
Fear the Falcon Punch. Beyond that, he has Falcon Kick for a strong approach,
but not much else. He is quite slow and plays like a heavy character, but your
USmash affects him more like a regular weight character. Mix up your attacks
and keep on him and he won't be too much of a threat. Break his Falcon Punches
and keep striking and he won't be too bad. Almost all of your approaches have
higher priority than any of his attacks except his fully charged Falcon Punch,
so you can use those generously. His final smash is much like Meta Knight's
with a range slightly larger than what you would think. Don't stay too close
for too long and don't be in front of him when he uses it, and you'll be ok.
Overall, keep on him. Keep moving, approaching, and hitting him when he tries
to charge his Falcon Punch, and you should be able to knock him out with out
too much trouble.

| Pikachu |             [xpikx]
IC ----|*--- OP
This is actually a pretty dang tough match. The computer wasn't too good, but
there were a few things that could be scary. First, that thunder bolt. Be very
careful with Nana, and don't let her get above Pikachu. He will end Nana very
quickly with a quick thunderbolt. Second, his smash attack is very strong and
has ridiculous range. He is very quick, so here is another match where it's a
good idea not to stay still. Your FSpec approach has higher priority than a
large majority of his attacks, so use it often. His final smash can be
difficult for him to control so keep moving around in circles. If it is someone
who knows how to use it well, though, there's not much chance of getting away.
Overall, don't stay still, approach often, and be very careful about his long-
range FSmash. Approach often into a good combo, and end with a good smash for
the win.

| Pokemon Trainer |     [xpokx]
IC ----*---- OP
This is a very interesting character because it is three in one. As they get
bigger, they get easier to hit, harder to kill, and can kill you easier.
Squirtle is very difficult to hit because he is quite possibly the most agile
and mobile character in the game. He has decent priority on his smashes and is
very difficult to approach because he has the speed to avoid it. What he lacks,
however, is the ability to finish what he starts. Against Squirtle, keep moving
and don't stay still. That will give him all the free space he needs to move
around you and rack up damage. If you do get the chance, however, he is very
easy to kill. After Squirtle comes Ivysaur.
Ivysaur has a good projectile and far better range than Squirtle. He is a
little slower and not near as mobile, and therefore easier to hit and damage.
Be careful, though, because he has more than enough power to finish what
Squirtle starts. Against Ivysaur, you should still keep moving around him since
he is not the fastest character. He is a little more difficult to kill, but
this will probably the easiest one to finish off just because he is fairly easy
to make contact with.
After Ivysaur comes Charizard. He is much heavier and hard hitting, but he is
also much slower and easier to hit. He has a good rock break move that can
cause a lot of damage, so be careful when approaching. He has some aerial
mobility and is very difficult to kill. Against Charizard you need to move
around him and avoid his strikes while striking back yourself.
Their final smashes are all the same. It's better to be above than below, but
better than that is to be behind them. It fires straight ahead so treat it like
Overall, it's a good idea to keep yourself moving against all three, but the
movement is different for each one. Move to match Squirtle's speed, move to
open up Ivysaur, and move to avoid Charizard's attacks. Hit hard when you have
the opportunity, and hit fast if you don't have the time. You have to read
which pokemon you're playing and adjust you're movement and attack style
accordingly. Beyond that, there's not much more I can help you with.

| Lucario |             [xlucx]
IC ---*|---- OP
Lucario is a very interesting character. He fights using auras (Zelda uses some
aura type attacks but not the same as Lucario's) and gets stronger as he gets
more damage. That means kill him quick once he gets high damage or he'll kill
you quicker than you expect. He can be kind of hard to predict because
sometimes his auras reach further than you would think they would, but other
times they don't reach as far as they look like they do. He can break your
approaches fairly easily, but he doesn't really have any moves to combo after
neutralizing you, so he's not too hard to approach if you spam FSpec. Many of
his attacks that are worth anything take a while to charge up, so you can
usually get in a FSmash or at least a jab before he can get it out. He has a
counter move similar to Marth's or Ike's, so don't hit him when he becomes
blurry. If you wait until halfway through that, though, his counter has failed,
and he is open for attack with a huge lag. Also, he will try to charge his aura
ball as soon as he gets a chance. Don't let him, especially at high damages. It
is very powerful. His final smash is very difficult to avoid. He goes to the
middle top of the screen and fires a huge aura beam down. If at all possible,
get above him. If that's not possible, move very far to one side or the other,
but don't cross the beam. Overall, keep pressing. Mix in quick jabs and the
like with some good smashes when you see his openings. Don't ever let him get
too much damage, or he will kill you very easily. Keep an eye out for his
counter and take advantage of his considerable lag after his aura attacks. If
you do that, it shouldn't be too difficult.

| Jigglypuff |          [xjigx]
IC ----|*--- OP
This is one interesting little puffball. Most of the time, she is in the air
(not Ice Climbers' strong suit) and has a good little reserve of aerial moves
to use against Ice Climbers. Another bad thing about her is that once she can
split you, she is almost guaranteed to kill Nana. She is, however, very light
and so easy to kill at fairly low percentages. One move that works very well,
though, is a jump (or shorthop depending on where she is) into a DSpec. A well
timed FSmash can also help give you a little breathing room. It's best not to
stay in one place for too long because the puff ball will float around you
causing all kinds of chaos or charge up a Rollout, separate you, and kill Nana.
Her final smash can be very deadly. One you need avoid her during this if you
can at all. One place that seems safer is the hanging on the ledge, but get
there quick or you will wind up being KOd before you know it. Overall, try and
keep a little bit of room between you and the puffball while you're not
attacking. If she gives you too much trouble, clear your air space with a good
hop into DSpec or a well timed FSmash to get some time to think. Don't spend
too long away, though, or she'll have a well prepared response to whatever you
can throw at her. Don't get separated, and if you do, get back to Nana as
quickly as possible or say goodbye to her. Rack up damage as quick as you can
while still being safe then send her packing with a good smash attack and this
match can be over before you know it.

| Marth |               [xmarx]
IC ----*---- OP
Marth is not too difficult of a battle, but you have to be careful. Marth is
very quick, has a counter move, and has a very nice range with smash attacks.
First, you need to keep moving. As with most quick characters, sitting still is
a very bad idea. If Marth cannot space right, his attacks are weakened as
almost all of them have a sweet spot that must be spaced right to be effective.
If you're careful about the counter move, it is extremely useful for you and
opens Marth up for a quick chain grab or something of the like. Marth is fairly
light and easy enough to kill at early percentages. His final smash is very
dangerous. He dashes forward, and if he makes contact, will just about kill you
no matter what percentage you have (though not always). Try to stay away from
in front of him. Keep moving. Beyond that, it's up to you. Overall, if you keep
moving, keep away from letting Marth space, and watch attack timing with some
good DSpecs and FSmashes, this match will be easy enough.

| Ike |                 [xikex]
IC ---*|---- OP
Ike is very similar to Marth except he's slower, stronger, and doesn't worry
about spacing the same way. He's really not that hard because almost all of his
moves are easy to break. If you see him begin to charge something with a kind
of whooshing sound, stay out from in front of him. He will dash forward and hit
the first thing he makes contact with fairly hard. Most of the time he is very
easy to keep on the ropes for the simple fact that his moves take to much time
to pull out. Be very careful though, because after about two FSmashes (he has
pretty near the strongest FSmash of the game) from him, Nana is pretty much
guaranteed to be gone. One of the best things you can do is mix dodge rolls
around his slow moves with FSmashes of your own to bring this power house to
his knees. One thing to be aware of, though, is that his USpec is very
difficult to edgeguard. You shouldn't try it. He'll probably kill you, Nana, or
both in the process. His final smash is kind of like Meta Knight's or Captain
Falcon's in spacing. Try to stay away from in front of him and you should be
ok. Overall, just keep moving around his slow moves and annoying him to death
(quite literally) with quick moves and smash attacks. Don't get too close to
the edge while he is recovering. As long as you don't get caught with too many
FSmashes from him, you're almost guaranteed the win.

| Ness |                [xnesx]
IC ----|**-- OP
Ness isn't really that hard of a character. The only problem is, he has the
same range you do, but higher priority. He is close to impossible to approach,
and is very difficult to consistently make contact with. This match is all
about timing. You have to be very opportunistic and watch his oncoming attacks.
You have to look for openings, and when you get a chance, do not ever let him
escape. One positive note, if he is off the edge and a little below it to where
you can hit him with Ice Blocks, he can't recover. If you hit him with an Ice
Block when he tries to jump and again in the middle of his USpec, he will stop
short of the ledge, and you will have gained one more kill. A well placed hop
into a DSpec can be very useful in this match. There aren't a whole lot of easy
opportunities you will get, but if you hit it right, that can create one. His
final smash is very difficult to avoid, but it can be done with a little bit of
dumb luck. Just move around a lot and stay away from the meteors as much as
possible and maybe you'll get lucky enough. Overall, be very careful about
timing. If you are very careful about timing and spacing, most of his attacks
have enough lag that you can get a few good shots in. Be very careful about
your spacing and timing, and with a lot of concentration and a little bit of
luck, you can dominate this match.

| Lucas |               [xlucx]
IC ----|*--- OP
Lucas is very much like Ness except he lack some of his quickness. He relies
more on fewer, stronger hits where Ness relies on a lot of small hits. This
match still must be played opportunistically, but it is easier to do so because
Lucas is not quite as quick. FSpec approaches actually work a little better on
Lucas as well. Dodge rolls into a good ground combo can be your best friend
here. He is not quite as easy to edge guard with Ice Blocks as Ness is but it
can still be done. Although you will get more opportunities in this match than
with Ness, a hop into a DSpec is still a great way to create more opportunities
while playing Lucas. His final smash is very similar to Ness' except there is
one odd little quirk that I have noticed. If you stand just to the right of
Lucas, it is rare for a meteor to fall right there. It is not a confirmed fact
but a strange quirk that I have noticed (though it may be wrong). Overall, keep
moving and watch your timing. If you're careful about spacing and place a good
dodge roll or a hopped DSpec, you can come out on top without too much P.K.

| Mr. Game & Watch |    [xmgwx]
IC ---*|---- OP
Mr. Game & Watch is a very odd character, but he does have very large hitboxes
that can make it difficult to make good contact. His movements, however, are
very choppy, and once you figure out the timing on them, that can be very easy
to punish. Be careful when he's above you because he has a great DAir, and
watch out for his Judgement Hammer; if he hits you with a 9, it's just as
effective as the baseball bat. Also, he has a good DSmash and some very
annoying projectiles. Be careful about projectiles because they will fill his
oil can thing which can kill at 30%. Your Ice Blocks don't fill it, though, so
use those often. Approaches work decently well on him, but he has one attack
that stops any approach you have. That one is difficult for him to combo,
though, so it's not a huge threat. His final smash is very odd but is possible
to avoid. If you hang off ledges, it is difficult for him to reach you. If he
does chase you right, though, there is no way to get away so be very careful.
Overall, just work your spacing. He doesn't have a great aerial game either, so
it's ok to take him to the air. If you just watch his odd movements and learn
his timing, he is really a very easy opponent to beat.

| Snake |               [xsnax]
IC ---*|---- OP
Snake. He is all about explosives. He has a good separating game and can kill
Nana fairly well. Do not ever approach him from the top. You will get
demolished by his grenade launcher thing. Many of his attacks are about placing
a bomb and then waiting for you to hit it, but they can also hurt him. If you
remember where he places his bombs, you can hit him back into them to hurt him
instead. His homing missile can be annoying, but it's not terribly difficult to
avoid. It can move very fast in a straight line, but it is awfully slow while
turning. His FSmash is pretty powerful but it takes a little while to get out
and lags a little bit. His final smash is not the hardest to avoid but it's not
the easiest either. Dodge roll a lot and keep moving and you may be able to get
away without being blown apart. Overall, he isn't too awfully hard. If you
remember where he puts his bombs and watch his timing, you can make him hurt
himself instead of you. Many of his attacks are fairly quick to get out and
pretty strong, but if you are able to avoid taking the hit, he has quite a bit
of lag afterward that is very easy to take advantage of. Mostly, just keep
moving, and stay away from his bombs, and you can walk away from this match
a winner.

| Sonic |               [xsonx]
IC ----|**-- OP
Wow, now that is fast. Sonic is very difficult just because of his sheer speed.
He doesn't have huge priority, so you can knock him off of almost any of his
attacks...if you can find the timing to make contact before he reaches you
first. Also, he is one of a very few characters that still has full mobility
after he uses his USpec. Anyway, first thing to do, keep moving. Movement is
vital here. Do not give him room to run all over the place while you stand
still and take a beating. FSpecs and DSpecs can be very helpful to hold him
still for just half a second. Another good move to use is DSmash to hit all
around you because he could wind up anywhere before you finish your move. It is
vital to capitalize on those moments of lag or those times he comes to a
momentary stop. If you don't you will take a beating. His final smash...ok
that's just dumb. He has the most rigged final smash and if the opponent can
actually use it, there is no way to escape. Basically, after he kills you, just
stay up in the temporary invincibility until it forces you down, usually if you
do that, you'll only get killed once from his final smash. Overall, move a lot.
Use attacks that hit on both sides of you, and take advantage of the temporary
lulls and considerable lags he has. You can try to get a grab on him sometimes
because he will be moving so fast that if you miss, he will already have gone
too far away to punish it, don't try too many grabs as he moves extremely too
fast and can punish an attempt easily if he can stop himself fast enough. If
you can land enough attacks, he's not too heavy, and you can kill him fast
enough to walk away with a win.

| Ice Climbers |        [xiccx]
9c (plus my previous Ice Climber knowledge)
IC ----*---- OP
...Four people in a 1v1 match??? One thing is for sure, Ice Climbers will win.
Well, this is very interesting. This match will be all about spacing, timing,
and proper use of technique. There's not a lot I can say. You know their
techniques, you know their abilities. Approach well, keep moving, watch your
spacing, and try to kill the opponent. If they have both Climbers, you can't
chain grab, but you can grab both at the same time. One thing you can do is try
to juggle. Although you don't have a great aerial game, theirs is just as bad,
so you can try that out all you want. Overall, just try different techniques,
find something good against what your opponent tries to do, and take it to
them. Eventually, Ice Climbers will win the match, that is for sure.

Multi Brawl             [xmulx]
Ok, in this section, I will give you a quick run down of what to do in multi-
man matches. First, your best friend is your FSpec. Move around a lot, and
don't stay in one place for too long. FSmashes are good to spam at any time.
They will be great for killing once you rack up some good damage. A short hop
into a DSpec will work wonders if you can place yourself right beyond where the
rest of the people are fighting in a crowd because you will nail all of them
with a good blizzard shot. Shields are very important. If you use it correctly,
you can shield grab, combo, or do whatever else you feel like out of it and
cause some major chaos. Overall, keep moving, use specials a lot, and throw in
some good smash attacks. Ice Climbers can rack up a lot of damage and walk away
with a ton of kills if you time and space well and use your shield right.

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have been unable to refind since. I learned about chain grabs from several
videos on including Snowstorm's Ice Climbers guide and Hylian's
videos. Also, thank you to Tom Sullivan for info on Jigglypuff's final smash.
Also, I must say thank you to Chris, Trent, and Hunter for being training
targets to fine tune my own Ice Climber skill. Finally, I would like to thank
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