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Pikachu FAQ

by sthswmr11

********     ************   **     **      ************    ************   **    
**      ** **
**      **        **        **   **      **   **
**       **       **        **  **      **     **
**       **       **        ** **      **       **
**      **        **        ***        ************   ******
*********         **        ***        ************   ******
********          **        ** **      **        **
**                **        **  **     **        **
**                **        **   **    **        **
**           ************   **    **   **        **
**           ************   **     **  **        **

    **********  **      **  **          **  ****
   ***********  **      **  **          **  ****
  **            **      **  **          **  ****
 **             **      **  **          **  ****
**              **      **  **          **  ****
**              **********  **          **  ****
**              **********  **          **  ****
**              **      **  **          **  ****
 **             **      **   **        ***  
  **            **      **    **      ** *  ****
   ***********  **      **     ********* *  ****
    **********  **      **      *******  *  ****

A) Introduction [AINX]

Hello, and welcome to my Pikachu guide! Please excuse my title, since 
there wasn't enough room for it to fit. Anyways, Pikachu has been one of 
my favorite characters and I hope that he will be used more often as a 
great fighter, instead of just a thunder spammer. He is available when you 
begin the game as well. This is my second FAQ, and it should be better than 
my last since I have a little more experience. I hope all my readers enjoy!

B) Table of Contents [BTAX]

For quick select, press control F, letters beside section, and then 
enter to skip to whatever section you desire to read.


B)---Table of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BTAX]


D)---Pikachu? Who's He?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[DPIX]


F)---Move List~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[FMOX]

G)---Specific Character Strategies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GSPX]

H)---Nonspecific Character Strategies~~~~~~~~~~~[HNOX]

I)---Strategies Against Multiple Opponents~~~~~~[ISTX]

J)---Target Test~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[JTAX}

K)---Boss Battles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[KBOX]



N)---Legal Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[NLEX]


P)---Contact Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[PCOX]

Q)---Closing Thoughts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[QCLX]

C) Updates [CUPX]

4-14-08: Thought of idea to start Pikachu guide. Completed a few sections 
and started others. .35 version complete

4-15-08: Finished Sections a few more sections and added one more(Target 
Tests). Also completed all sections except Moves, which needs Final Smash 
information. Version .99 complete

4-16-08: Fixed some minor mistakes in typing(Target Test Mode mainly). Added 
new section, Boss Battles. Also completed Moves section. Version 1.1 complete

4-17-08: For some reason, my guide has the format all messed up so I spent 
some time working on it. Guide remains version 1.1 

D) Pikachu? Who's He? [DPIX]

Pikachu, basically the main symbol of all pokemon games. I don't think I know 
anyone who knows about pokemon but not Pikachu. He's an electric type pokemon 
that evolves into Raichu after receiving the thunder storm. He's also the 
pokemon's main protagonist's, Ash, starting pokemon and life companion.

Pikachu appears in all the pokemon adventure games: Yellow, Blue, Red, Gold, 
Silver, Crystal, Saphire, Ruby, Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Diamond, and 
Pearl versions. In these games, the main character, you, enfolds off on a 
marvelous adventure throughout the Pokemon world, catching and training 
pokemon to become the Elite Four Champion, or strongest trainer in the world. 
These Japanese RPGs have been favored upon many.

Pikachu also makes appearances in the Pokemon Stadium games including: Pokemon 
Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Colloseum, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, 
and Pokemon Battle Revolution. These games aren't exactly adventure games like 
the game boy games, except for Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of 
Darkness. They earlier games featured minigames and the later games featured 
more battling.

Pikachu is also featured in these other games: Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon 
Channel, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Super Smash 
Bros., Super Smash Bros.: Melee, and my favorite, Super Smash Bros.: Brawl.

E) Pros/Cons [EPRX]


Pikachu has some pretty fast rolling skills that become very useful as you 
become more skilled with Pikachu. As a master with Pikachu, you will rely on 
this skill heavily, especially when fighting difficult opponents.

-Strong Attacks
Pikachu may be a lightweight, but he's electricity really packs a punch. 
Pikachu is a very powerful fighter and can K.O. opponents easier than most 

-Attack Range
Pikachu has exception attack range as a lightweight, which is very useful in 
battle. His FA Smash has great range and is a very good idea to use to quickly 
get an opponent while he/she is off guard.

Pikachu's recovery helps greatly in battle. Skull Bash sends you flying right 
back to the battle and if used correctly, quick attack can get you right back 
in if your enemies don't see it coming.

Pikachu's aerial battle isn't amazing, but it is pretty good. Most great 
Pikachu platyers will be able to take out enemies in the air as well as on the 

Pikachu is a small character and is harder to hit than those bigger characters 
who are slow as well as big, giving you a much greater advantage.

Pikachu is a pretty quick character as well as strong and small, making him 
incredibly difficult to defeat if using a heavyweight.

-Wall Jumping
Pikachu is also pretty good at wall jumping, which will help you in most of 
your battles if mastered.


Pikachu is another one of those lightweight characters I like to use and will 
die at lower percentages than other characters, especiall it hit by someone 
powerful, like Ike.

-Tempting to Spam
Pikachu's thunder move is incredibly tempting to spam and if you do, it can 
have deathly consequences. Try not to spam this move and use it at times I 
will later mention in this guide.

-Predictable Recovery
Pikachu's recovery may be great, but it is pretty obviously what you are going 
to do. When recovering, you will need to do something different to confuse 
your enemies, instead of giving them the chance to get you.

F) Move List [FMOX]


F- Forward

U- Up

D- Down

B- Back

N- Neutral

DI- Directional Influence(mentioned later)

//Ground A's\\

NAAA- Continuously 2%, Pikachu will jam his head into the enemy, and if the A 
button is held, he will keep doing it until you have let go of the A button. 
There is basically no knock back.

Tilt FA- 9%, Pikachu takes two feet and jams them into his opponent with 
little knock back.

Tilt UA- 7%, Pikachu will swing his tail in the air doing some damage and 
little knock back.

Tilt DA- 7%, Pikachu will swing his tail under and around him with some damage 
and little knock back.

Smash FA:
 Uncharged- 20%
 Charged- 28%Pikachu will drive voltage into his enemy to do very high damage 
and high knock back. Good finishing move. 

Smash UA:
 Uncharged- 13%
 Charged- 18%
Pikachu will swing his tail in the air, similar to his tilt UA, doing fairly 
nice damage and medium-high knock back.

Smash DA:
 Uncharged- 7 consecutive hits for 15% total
 Charged- 7 consecutive hits for 21% total
Pikachu spins with electricity flowing through him that brings opponents in, 
catches them in it in a trap sort of way, and does faily nice damage, which 
ends up sending them with medium-high knock back in the air, giving you a good 
chance to finish them with thunder.

Running A- 7%, Pikachu runs at the opponent and quickly rams his head into the 
foe with little knock back.Ledge Attack- 8%, Pikachu swings up quickly off the 
ledge and quickly hits the 
opponent with little knock back.


Nair- 12%, Pikachu spins around in a circular motion, hitting enemies with his 
tail, causing little knock back. Good move to use in boss battles.

Fair- 5 hits, doing 3% each for total of 15%. Pikachu tightens up and zooms at 
the enemy with electricity flowing through him. Little knock back occurs.

Uair- 5%/6%, Pikachu does somewhat of a front flip, hitting an enemy with his 
tail with little knock back.

Dair- 12% if opponent is hit in air. If you zoom down on opponent and smash in 
the ground, 4% done on ground with the 12% added if also hit in air. Pikachu 
quickly rushes down like a missile with electricity running through him. 
Possible 16% total with little knock back.

Bair- 8 consecutive hits, in which the last hit deals 4% damage with a total 
of 11% damage. Pikachu spins backwards hitting any opponents in his way with 
little knock back.

//Special Moves\\

NB(Thunder Jolt)- 6%, Pikachu sends out electricity that will travel on the 
ground and around ledges. It is useful for stopping enemies and messing them 
up on their recoveries. It stops opponents more than giving knockback.

 Uncharged- 7%
 Charged- 25%
Pikachu will zoom across the screen for recovering or sending floes flying 
away. It has medium-high knock back but is easily dodged.

UB(Quick Attack)- 3%, 2%(if used to go back and forth dealing damage both 
times) for a 5% total. No knockback and great for recovering. Also fairly 
useful when falling down and tricking a character who is good at juggling.

DB(Thunder)- 10% in the air and 17% if your opponent is touching you. This 
move is spammed a lot, causing you a lot of lag. Don't spam! Yes, it has high 
knock back but it is better used as a shield rather than an attack in most 

Final Smash(Volt Tackle)- 10%-20% if you ram into your foe. I did have 9% once. 
You will also have 10%-20% if you hit your foe with A, which causes sparks to 
fly everywhere. If you ram your foe while unleashing these sparks, you will do 
over 20% with greater knock back than before. In this move, Pikachu will 
enclose himself with immense electricity, which will unleash deadly sparks that 
fly across the screen with simply pressing the A button.

G) Specific Character Strategies [GSPX]

Mario is overall a basic character. He is pretty quick and strong. You just 
need to watch out for his cape. Keep clear from him reflecting you in the 
opposite direction so he can smash you. If you can dodge it and get around 
him, this battle should be pretty simple. Also, watch out for his smash moves 
since they come out quick.

Final Smash: Mario Finale
Avoid: This can easily be avoided by focusing on where your opponent is going 
and then you just need to go up or down(depending on your location), and keep 
away from it. It's pretty simple but if you get caught, you are usually stuck, 
so be careful!

This guy is way better in the air than you. He also has some pretty fast moves 
that will be coming out quick. Keep on your toes at all times and take him 
slow. I suggest grabbing if you get the chance and zapping him with your FA 
smash when he's coming in for an attack. A good suggestion for when he uses 
his running A attack, easily avoid it and use his lag to get him.

Final Smash: Negative Zone
Avoid: Stay clear of Luigi at all times during this period of time while he 
has this ability. If he gets you trapped in it, he will almost always kill you 
with his UB. If at all possible, nudge your way out and escape quickly, since 
he has to finish his little dance before he can attack.

Watch out for the smash attacks. They come quick and are strong. You may want 
an aerial battle here. Also beware people who spam her FB move. If they do, 
easily dodge and kill. Other suggestions include using NB to get her to dodge 
around it, giving you a chance to attack, or doing a little damage.

Final Smash: Peach Blossom
Avoid: Yeah right! You cannot avoid this move so just hope that you hit the 
smash ball out of her in time. If you're lucky, she may go for the peaches, 
but if it's someone who doesn't know half of what they're doing, you'll still 
get killed.

Okay, you're small and quick and powerful. This battle is extremely easy, if 
even necessary. I almost never see any Bowser users. Easily pull out a quick 
smash attack and zap him into an oblivion. 

Final Smash: Giga Bowser
Avoid: You're still quick so keep away until he becomes normal. He's big and 
powerful so if he gets a move, it will deal a good amount of damage, so 

//Donkey Kong\\
This guy is big and slow, like Bowser, and his recovery stinks, like Bowser. 
He should be no problem with someone with your speed and attack range. Get in 
close enough to dodge and shock him and then lay a few attacks. This battle 
should also be fairly easy.

Final Smash: Konga Beat
Avoid: Just run away from it and start taunting him if it's a one on one 
battle because it's just all laughs for you then, and pretty annoying for him, 
especially your down taunt.

//Diddy Kong\\
He is very similar to you, but you have good attack range. When you are going 
in for battle with him, use that range that he doesn't have to your advantage. 
When he brings out his banana peels, pick them up and use them against him. 
Even bring out the wall combo I mentioned in that guide where you throw one 
after the other that you catch and continuously use, if you read that guide 
and know what it is. It would be pretty difficult in this situation so it 
isn't necessary but fun getting to know it is his attack.

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage
Avoid: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. These peanuts will come at you fast 
and you need to be able to keep clear of getting hit because you will go 

Yoshi can be great in the hands of a great player. Unfortunately for him, he 
has no recovery move other than his second jump so when he comes in, hit him 
back out and he will fall to his doom. Easy enough.

Final Smash: Super Dragon
Avoid: Just watch out for his fire. It can be devastating for you. Bring your 
dodging skills to the test when coming up against this. He's invincible and 
pretty quick so just try your best to stay clear of him.

Wario has some strong moves but doesn't bring them out as fast as you. Take 
your speed and make him go through a quite "shocking" experience. Also watch 
out for his motorcycle since it comes out fast. Just get some type of attack 
on it.

Final Smash: Wario-Man
Avoid: Wario gets fast, a new costume, and Ike's strength. It isn't a good 
combination for someone your weight. Stay clear of his attacks and dodge 
anything coming for you.

//Link/Toon Link\\
This hero is going to have a bigger challenge than just saving the princess 
when it comes to you. At least Link. Toon Link is a different story. He's 
extremely fast and strong like you. He has better projectiles than you as 
well so watch for those. Keep in mind his grabs are long range also and that 
it creates lag when it misses. Opportunities like that must be used whenever 
possible. Anyways, watch out for his smash moves. They can be unexpected, 
quick, and powerful. You need to be on all your toes for this battle.

Final Smash: Triforce SlashAvoid: Keep out of his front side. He can bring 
this out quick and if your near him, it will almost guaranteed hit you. Go 
into the air or down, if possibly, and make sure you don't give him open 

She has some pretty strong smash attacks but she's slow. Take your speed and 
dodging skills and take her out. Also beware of her NB, which can reflect 
projectiles and stop you from coming in on her. Tricking her, as if you 
pretend to come in fast but slow down and then speed up(or something like 
that), can give you the upper hand when dealing with someone who uses the NB 
move to their advantage.

Final Smash: Light Arrow
Avoid: Stay away from in front of her always!! This will almost always kill 
you in one hit! I cannot stress this enough to some people.

Sheik is faster than Zelda but she has less powerful smash moves. She is good 
at bringing your damage up so be careful, as she may use Sheik to bring up 
damage and then change to Zelda to K.O. Remember to avoid her smash moves 
always, since they have pretty good range and do some nice damage. Sheik also 
has pretty nice long range attacks. I suggest making it an aerial battle for 

Final Smash: Light Arrow
Avoid: Harder to avoid than Zelda since Sheik is quicker but do what you 
would for Zelda since it's basically the same thing.

Should I call him Ganondorf, or Ganondork? He puts Captain Falcon to shame. 
The captain is an amazing character and Ganondorf just copied his moves. He 
only has strength and no speed. Use your dodge skills and speed to take him 
out with no damage. He is easily defeated but the masters of Ganondorf may 
sometimes catch me off guard. Don't let that happen! 

Final Smash: Ganon
Avoid: He will basically freeze you in fear in front of him, so you can go 
low or high to avoid it. When he uses it, you have a split second to either 
jump or go down and avoid this doomful fate.

She isn't too fast but she is powerful. Watch out for her long range attacks, 
as they are strong and can get you when you're off guard. Samus is considered 
a heavyweight, so using your speed and dodge abilities to take her out easily.

Final Smash: Zero Laser
Avoid: Get away from this move! It is very powerful and take you out to your 
death. Get up or down, if possible, to stay away from her final smash's 

//Zero-Suit Samus\\
When Samus is missing her suit, she is weaker and flies off easier. Although 
she is weaker, she has long range melee attacks that you need to watch for. 
They can catch you off guard easily and get you when you least expect it. 
Otherwise, she is pretty easy to defeat.

Final Smash: Power-Suit Samus
Avoid: There almost is no avoiding, unless you are close. Don't be close 
because you will get sucked into the vortex, though, it does very little 

This guy can be very annoying. Most people will take advantage of his FB move 
so watch out!! Also, don't use your DB ever, since if he does use his FB, you 
will receive the damage. The thunder comes right on you so it basically will 
hurt you whenever he does that in the air! Also stay away from the air, since 
he's good there. Make this battle close range combat and stay on his back 
side. Your DA smash will come useful in this battle.

Final Smash: Palutena's Army
Avoid: Sidestepping and rolling are useful in keeping these little old fairy 
guys away from you. Just watch out that Pit may come to attack you while they 
are going at you.

//Ice Climbers\\
Annoying!! When they are both fighting, they are really good. They have 
powerful smash moves and good at getting both sides clear with their DB. If 
you take out the second one, the first is much easier to defeat. You may need 
to use the thunder shield a lot in this battle, which I will explain in the 
Nonspecific Character Strategies, if you want to find out what it is. 

Final Smash: Iceburg
Avoid: Just stay off it! It will freeze you and only those two annoying ice 
climbers can be on it with no damage. 

This heavyweight is good with long range and short range attacks. If you want, 
easily dodge is long range and since it can't easily be spammed, send some NB 
at him for some quick damage, since each does 6%. When you go in, the DA 
smash, thunder combo is a good idea(later explained in Nonspecific Character 
Strategies). Also remember the power of your FA smash. It comes out quick and 
far with high knock back. Look at R.O.B. That character is huge and easily 

Final Smash: Diffusion Beaam
Avoid: Stay clear of R.O.B. the whole time, simple.

This puffball is small and weak, and he isn't too fast. Also, watch out for 
aerial DB spammers. All you have to do is grab them. Easy enough. Anyways, 
Kirby can easily be dodged. He isn't nearly as fast as you. Just roll dodge 
or side step. It's your choice. Then smash him. 

Final Smash: Cook Kirby
Avoid: Stay away from Kirby until he uses it on someone else or is stupid 
enough(if he is) to use it where it won't get you. I don't know what else to 
say about this one, he just has to hit NB somewhere near you.

//Meta Knight\\
This is an extremely fast character with quick attacks. Luckily for you, 
your FA smash move can take him out at lower percentages than most characters. 
Watch for one of his moves, like his FB move, dodge, and then attack him 

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness
Avoid: Watch out so that his cape does not hit you. If the cape hits one of 
any of you, you all will suffer the consequences of getting hit by his sword, 
creating a huge knock back.

//King Dedede\\
He is huge and slow but powerful, like heavyweights are. Take him out with 
your quick and powerful electricity. Going in for the DA smash, thunder combo 
is also a fairly good idea. Another thing to consider is that since King 
Dedede is a floaty character, when he comes in to recover, if he doesn't try 
to grab the ledge, use thunder to easily send him flying away without even 
leaving the ground.

Final Smash: Waddle-Dee Army
Avoid: Just try to stay away from those stupid, little guys. They will do 
damage on you most of the times, but if you can manage to stay in the air when 
theres a ton of them, you may be able to come out with not much damage done.

Destory those nasty, little pikmin! I cannot stress this enough! After they're 
dead, keep Olimar in the air so he can't make more. A thunder chain(later 
explained in Nonspecific Character Strategies section) is helpful but 
difficult to use on him. Also, watch out for his long range smash attacks, 
since they are very powerful.

Final Smash: End of Day
Avoid: Jump or something like that to keep off the ground when it happens. 
Also keep clear of the middle of the stage, since that's where he will land 
and blow you up at.

Fox is fast and powerful, with a good spam NB move and a nice reflection move, 
DB. Try to go in, thunder shield, and then get in for an attack. Also try 
using your FA smash when he comes at you quickly. Beware of his FB if he is 
coming at you, since you wont be able to get that smash on him if he does. In 
this case, you may want to jump, thunder shield, and try to get in again fron 

Final Smash: Landmaster
Avoid: Hope it goes for someone else, or just try to stay far away from it. 
It's easy to avoid sometimes but it can kill you sometimes.

Falco is strong but not as fast as fox. His reflector is also good for keeping 
enemies away. Try to go in, be quick, and dodge into him to get a good shot 
for your DA smash, thunder combo. If that doesn't work, try some quick but 
safe moves to get him up and send him away with your FA smash.

Final Smash: Landmaster
Avoid: Look at Fox

Wolf has a reflector as well, which is also useful for keeping you out. Also 
beware of his long range smash attacks. They come out quick and far and 
usually will get you if you aren't prepared. When fighting wolf, remember he 
is like a heavyweight that is just crouching down. Remember that he is 
somewhat slow like a heavyweight(excluding some moves definitely) and get in 
for some attacks.

Final Smash: Landmaster
Avoid: Look at Fox

//Captain Falcon\\
The captain is powerful once again and the second fastest runner, though, his 
smash moves aren't too fast. His FB and DB are quick and come fast so watch 
for those, but when those smash moves come out, use that to your advantage. 
Also remember that his recovery is weak and pretty obviously every time. Take 
that and defeat him with it.

Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Avoid: DEFINITELY STAY AWAY FROM HIS FRONT!! This is basically the most 
powerful final smash move in my opinion. It will kill you every time(unless 
you have walls that keep you from flying off.

Squirtle is somewhat quick and has fairly nice ranged moves. He is fortunately 
weaker than you and when using Pikachu, I like to remember how electric is 
super effective to water, though, I doubt that works in this game. Anyways, 
Squirtle's recovery isn't the best and can be predicted. Use that and gain 
your victory!

Final Smash: Triple Finish
Avoid: Stay away from his front side, like Zelda's final Smash

Slower than Squirtle and a little more powerful. Remember that he needs the 
edge open for his recovery, like Olimar, and he can be K.O.ed easily using 
that to your advantage. He has some long ranged moves but remember that you 
can easily go in and get him killed pretty easily.

Final Smash: Triple Finish
Avoid: Look at Squirtle

The heavyweight of the pokemon trio. He is the most powerful and slowest of 
these three and shouldn't be too difficult to defeat. Also remember of his 
recovery, which involves at first taking multiple jumps(giving you a chance at 
thunder if he's high) and using fly to get back to the stage, which is very 

Final Smash: Triple Finish
Avoid: Look at Squirtle

The aura pokemon. He needs to be taken out quick, especially if reaching about 
180%, I believe. He is slow and very powerful. Remember that you are quick and 
you also have power. Watch out for is DB, since if you try to just get him, he 
can use that and get you right back. Be careful for that move and don't be 
lazy, since getting a smash move on you with him is deadly.

Final Smash: Aura Storm
Avoid: You need to see if you can trick him into thinking you into thinking 
you will be somewhere else and get him to shoot in that direction. Then, all 
you need to do is go in the direction that it is not in.

Jigglypuff is pretty difficult sometimes when being used by someone good but 
remember she's a lightweight that can be zapped off the screen at fairly low 
percentages. Also take into consideration she has to float back to the stage, 
giving you another chance to use thunder to edge hog.

Final Smash: Puff Up
Avoid: Just run away from her and taunt if there aren't any enemies that can 
attack you. That's always funny.

Marth is a fairly quick swordsman whom uses his sword for long ranged melee 
attacks. He doesn't have an ranged attacks, so zapping him with your NB for 
some extra damage is a good idea and getting in at him quick, with a dodge 
here and there should give you a good chance for some attacks. Watch for his 
FB, since he can make it longer and change which way it's used. Another thing 
to consider is his recovery. He has no side recovery, so send him out towards 
the side to finish him off. Watch out for his DB, since it will be used to 

Final Smash: Critical Hit
Avoid: Definitely stay far from his front side. He will come in extremely 
quick and if he nails you when he does that, you are basically doomed. 

Ike is incredibly powerful and can take you out with his smash moves. He is 
slow as well, so use that to your advantage. Be aware of his FB and NB as well 
since they can come at you quick. Other than that, just remember about his 
strength and brawl him at your best. Watch out for his DB, since it will be 
used to retaliate.

Final Smash: Great Aether
Avoid: He has to hit you with his sword first to get you, so basically stay 
away from his front side. When he has someone that isn't you, stay away from 
where he will fall and blow his enemies away.

Ness is small, fairly quick, and pretty powerful at times. Using your NB is 
not suggested considering his DB. Also take into consideration his recovery. 
He has a nice jump that takes him far, but using his UB for recovery can be 
difficult sometimes, and it gives you a chance to get an attack on him.

Final Smash: PK Starstorm
Avoid: Just sidestep to keep from them hitting you. If you stay in one spot 
you won't have to avoid many, unlike when you move, you will have to dodge 
many more.

Lucas has more powerful smash moves than Ness but slower. Take that and use it 
to your advantage. Don't be using your NB on him either, since you don't want 
him getting recovery from something that easily avoided.

Final Smash: PK Starstorm
Avoid: Look at Ness

//Mr. Game & Watch\\
He is much better than Melee so be very careful. Also beware his juggling 
skills. Use your quick attack when falling to trick him and make it down to 
the ground. Also beware his FB, since if it's 9, it will most likely kill you.

Final Smash: Octopus
Avoid: At least try and run from it so not as much damage is done. Rolling 
under it may be possible but I haven't tried it. 

Snake will use his weaponry to try and destroy you with long range. Stay close 
so he doesn't have that chance. Also, when he uses his recovery move, he will 
fly right up into the air, giving you the perfect chance to use thunder and 
detonate. Try not to spam it afterwards, because if he gets his FA smash, 
you'll be blown to bits.

Final Smash: Grenade Launcher
Avoid: Roll around and dodge while trying to confuse him, making it tougher to 
hit you. Your size should be of some help here, even though they blow up. Try 
confusing him and not letting him get you at all.

This guy is really quick and will catch you if you aren't paying attention. Be 
aware that his moves look very similar, making it difficult to predict what he 
is going to use next. Try a thunder shield since he may try running at you and 
if you're lucky, he'll run right into it instead of getting into you.

Final Smash: Super Sonic
Avoid: Stay clear at all times. This can be very difficult to avoid if he's 
really good at it.

Pikachu v. Pikachu? This can be a tough battle if you ask me. It will almost 
always come to skill/knowledge of the character. Use all strategies you know 
and take your opponent out like any other.

Final Smash: Volt Tackle
Avoid: This is very hard to control and I don't know many who can. You can 
simply sidestep while it passes to avoid contact. Also watch out for the 
sparks that are sent flying! They are very deadly!

H) Nonspecific Character Strategies [HNOX]


I love coming up with combos and or techniques with Pikachu and here I will 
share a few with new(new ones possibly coming soon!)

-Thunder Shield
I love this one. All you have to do is jump and while going in that direction, 
use your DB(thunder) to cause a barrier between you and your opponent. It may 
not always work but it's pretty fun to use. Please do not spam this! It will 
not help you. I have tested some, and yes, projectiles were able to go through 
it, though, it doesn't last long anyways.

S-Pikachu Start
F-Pikachu Finish
*-Pikachu through air
T-Use Thunder
+-Stream of Thunder


         *    *
        *      *

If they move in, they'll experience Pain! 

-Thunder Juggling
This one is useful for one-one-ones. When you have your enemy in the air, 
simply use thunder under them, they'll go flying, then do it again and so on. 
If you are going against someone who is good, they'll air dodge it but if not, 
have fun! This technique can be practiced on sandbag in the practice stage.

1)    >+

   + ^<E

This hopefully gives somewhat of an example in which you will use to thunder 
juggle. It's simple against people who never air dodge but if they do, don't 
use this technique. 

-DA Smash, Thunder Combo
In this combo, all you need to do is get near enough to your enemy that your 
DA smash attack will hit, and if you get them high enough, get a quick thunder 
on them. You can add a few attacks before the DA smash to get some more 
percentage, such as a NA.

Pikachu has some very great recovery skills that can be used easily if 
practiced. All you have to do is when flying, charge your FB a while and let 
go, and if possible, grab the ledge like that. If you will not make it to the 
ledge, use your UB and DI skills to make it there. Mastering your UB and DI 
skills can take a little bit of a while if you haven't already. Anyways, when
making back to the ledge and using the UB, try to not make it predictable. You 
don't want your enemies knowing of what you're going to do. 


Same but some new-

C- Charge FB
=- FB(Skull Bash)
\- are both UB(Quick Attack)

                            V------\      V==============
                           V<       \   V<     
___________________________V         \V<
                           F          \

Okay, I did this one pretty terrible. Anyways, I hope it gives somewhat of an 
example on how you would reach the stage after being shot off an incredible 

//Final Smash\\

-Getting the Smash Ball
Well, let's begin on getting the smash ball. This part is pretty easy with 
Pikachu, since you can actually spam your thunder for once without me getting 
mad, GASP! Well, anyways, all you have to do is use thunder right when it's 
above you. It could take a few hits but you don't have to move(which I like) 
and it may hit some enemies while trying to get the smash ball. If that 
doesn't work for you, go in and get some Fair or Bair on it, since they get 
multiple hits. 


Same but one new-

O- Smash Ball

 ^<     +     >
   ^<   +   >^

This one isn't too bad and should be easily understandable on how to get the 
smash ball by using thunder. You may have to do it a few times but oh, well, 
at least you get to use your Volt Tackle.

-Unleashing Volt Tackle
I love this final smash! It can be very deadly. I think most people don't know 
of it, but when using this final smash, when you press A, you send sparks 
throughout the screen doing some pretty sweet damage. I don't think I can 
really give advice on controlling it since it basically takes great DI skills 
but once you have, this move will be great in getting K.O.s on most of your 
enemies. Anyways, most people will think you can't control it. Once, or if, 
you can, use that to your full advantage. It's a great move when you can. I 
recently learned that unleashing the sparks with A while ramming the foe will 
cause greater knock back and damage so that is highly suggested. Also remember, 
if you are off the stage and lose your final smash, you can still use your 
recovery! I've even been in the middle under Final Destination before and still 
made it back to the ledge! If you think oyu won't make it, then you don't have 
to try, just stay in a safe area.

//Battling with Special Moves\\
Pikachu has some pretty good special moves. I suppose most people know that 
already since a lot of people use thunder for spamming but that leads them to 
their own doom. When using thunder, I suggest using it for edge hogging or when 
you are falling. It can also be used for a thunder shield or thunder 
juggling, which was already explained. Thunder is powerful, but it doesn't do 
as much damage as your FA smash even does uncharged! Your FB move shouldn't 
not be spammed either! It is easily dodged. It does do good damage and is good 
to hit someone with while they are busy fighting someone else. Otherwise, 
they'll just easily dodge it and you'll be left open for being smashed. Your 
NB move is also pretty good, doing 6% damage each time it hits! This move is 
also great for boss battles, which thunder isn't, unless used as a finisher, 
which is pretty fun. Anyways, your NB should be used to keep enemies away, do 
some quick extra damage away from your enemy, or keep enemies off the stage. 
Then, we have quick attack. This move can be pretty fun to use after you 
master DI. Quickly maneuvering through battle over opponents and even through 
them for some damage. You should be careful, though, because you are left open 
for some attacks. 

I) Strategies Against Multiple Opponents [ISTX]

//Subspace Emissary Enemies\\
Well, the Subspace Emissary is the side-scrolling adventure mode in Super 
Smash Bros.: Brawl. There will be times where you battle multiple opponents. 
This part of my guide is where I will try to help you with these parts. When 
you face up with many weaker enemies, I suggest that you go in and take them 
out with some quick moves that are strong enough to kill them in one hit. For 
example, if I were to face a big bunch of gommba, I would go in dodge around a 
few, and zap a lot of them with my DA smash at once, which I would continue or 
switch the moves up a little until all the goomba were defeated, allowing me 
to move on to the next enemy. There are at times, for example, in the Subspace 
level, where there are many big enemies that can be extremely difficult to 
defeat on intense mode. Dodging will be your best friend, since many of these 
big enemies can destroy you in as little as one hit, considering you as a 
lightweight. The easier way to get through parts like this is by using a 
heavyweight, like Ike, but that's not why you're here. When using Pikachu, 
you'll need to dodge around all the attacks, until you have an open shot, 
which should do some pretty nasty damage to them. After this, just repeat 
until they are all dead but one, which you should take out fairly quickly. It 
could take a while but yeah, that's how you'll have to do it. If anyone has 
any concerns or needs specific help, just e-mail me.

//Multi-Man Brawl\\

-10 Man/100 Man Brawl\\
These are extremely simple with Pikachu. All you need to do in this is spam 
your DA smash, which should take them out very fast and bring some more in 
while you're already killing some. I don't think that could be much easier. 
And what's even better is that you'll kill them fast enough for challenged to 
be complete! From doing this, you could do as much as I believe 3 challenges 
and unlock falco! From doing something that easy!

-3 Min/15 Min/Endless Brawl
I like dodging around the 3 min and 15 min to get through without dying, but 
getting to use your DA smash spam is too fun to miss out on. You just need to 
do the same thing as you did in the 10 man and 100 man brawls. 

-Cruel Brawl
Okay, this is where everything jumps from easy to yelling and slamming your 
remote on the ground. Defeating the alloys in cruel brawl is much easier if 
you don't attack them, but get them to be used as a footstool(jumping on their 
heads) and getting them to fall to their doom. If you fight them face to face, 
they'll just kill you in 1 to 3 hits. Just jump off the edge and come back in 
with your recovery abilities, hanging on the edge and waiting for them to come 
out to you. It does take practice but everyone will be able to learn it 
someday, I hope.

//Team Battles\\
Either wi-fi or at home with your friends, team battles are definitely one of 
my favorite ways to play. Golden rule: NEVER LET YOUR TEAMMATE DO ALL THE 
WORK! You must do your equal share. If you don't, you will most likely 
lose(unless your teammate is waaay better than anyone else but what fun is 
that?) You have to work as a team! Working together is a necessary skill in 
life and Brawl so I suggest having it. Anyways, when battling in a team battle 
with Pikachu, always remember, if you are battling against heavyweights, don't 
get too far in the battle with just one person and let their other heavyweight 
demolish you. Take one person and have your teammate take one person so this 
doesn't happen. If you or your teammate happen to die, taking on both 
opponents is not suggested. If your teammate is gone in stock, use stock 
share, unless you are about to die, have 2 lives left, and you are a lot 
better than your teammate. Also, a quick thunder shield will never hurt you or
your teammate so those are suggested to be used sometimes. Keyword: sometimes! 
Don't start spamming(I will continuously mention this because this guide is 
supposed to help stop spamming and help spammers get better at using Pikachu 
for his real skills. Back to subject, another thing that can really help you 
in your team battles is by using smart team combinations. For example, I may 
use Pikachu and my friend could use someone like Ike, in which I will distract 
my enemies and he will blast them away to oblivion! Also be cautious about 
items you use during team battles. You can still hurt your teammate with bombs 
and smart bombs! Also, remember to use that blue atom type looking item to 
help your teammate because that will always help you win the battle! Also, 
good communication skills are good in team battles. Talking with your partner, 
you can come up with plans to take out your enemies. My brother and cousin 
once teamed up with two jigglypuff and made up their own little plan of both 
rolling at different times to the point of no escape for just little o' me, 
Pikachu. This is a fairly good example of how communication skills can help 
win team battles. Wow! Who knew Super Smash helped gain skills needed for 
daily life!

J) Target Test [JTAX]

//Target Smash Level 1(Easy)\\
To begin this Target Test level, you first must run to the left to where you 
are touching the edge and then press NB to hit the first target. Then, you run 
to the next and quickly use your UA smash attack to hit it. After that, run 
towards the edge, jump, and use Nair to hit the third target and a NB to get 
the fourth. Next, you need to jump over to the middle platform and use NB 
twice on it, hitting the fifth and sixth targets. Then, jump up, facing the 
right, and use another NB to get the seventh target. Quickly jump up(while in 
the air), using a Nair getting the eight target. Finally, jump over to the left 
off the middle platform, using a DB near the right side of the left target and 
left side of the right target, which should hit both of those targets.

My Best Time: 12.46 seconds

//Target Smash Level 2(Medium)\\
I came up with a really good plan for this one. First jump up and use quick 
attack to go through the first target in the up right direction and use the up 
left direction to reach the smart bomb really quick. Pick up the smart bomb 
and throw it in the air. Then jump across, using Nair to hit the next target. 
Okay, on this part, there should be one target left on the second floor and 2 
on the first. To get these, jump over and use quick attack, hitting the target 
by going left and then go down left to hit the box, which will fall to hit the 
two bottom targets. Finally, jump up to the bat and grab it, quickly jumping 
again to hit the target above you with a Nair, in which you will immediately 
throw the bat at the next target, grabbing the gun under it and quickly 
blasting the last target.

My Best Time: 10.31 seconds

//Target Smash Level 3(Hard)\\
I like this one even more. First, jump to the right and go towards the spring. 
While falling, use thunder to hit both those targets above and below you! 
Then, jump across and use quick attack to get the target that moves up and 
down, in which you will use Nair to hit the target beside it. After that, 
quickly move to the left, jump, and use NB to get the next target and while 
falling, use Nair to get those next two targets under you. Then, very quickly, 
use NB on the conveyer, and then jump, using quick attack to get up and hit 
the next target, in which you should fall on the right side where there are 
spikes that should hit you to the last target. Quickly use Nair at that point 
to hit the final target.

My Best Time: 13.68 seconds

//Target Smash Level 4(Very Hard)\\
First, run to the right, jumping and using Bair to get the first target. Then, 
run to the left and jump through the space open, using NB twice for those two 
targets at the sides. After that, quickly move to the right a little and use 
another NB to get the target that moves left and right under where you 
currently are. After that, go down where the target that moves left and right 
through the ice and it should be where it can be broken. Smash it and quickly 
run left hitting the target that circulates around the whole course and go to 
the left once more, using quick attack, left and then down, hitting the target 
that moves in a square type shape. Then, very quickly, rune to the right, 
falling in the space and jumping through it, while using Nair to hit the 
eighth target. Finally, jump to the right, use NB on the big ice wall, fall 
down a little bit and use quick attack up then up right to get the final 

My Best Time: 18.26 seconds (a new strategy would be helpful since I don't 
like this one much)

//Target Smash Level 5(Intense)\\
To start, use NB and thunder quickly getting the first two targets. Then, jump 
to the left a little, and use your NB to hit the target out left. After that, 
jump to the right, grabbing that gun to hit the far right target. Fall through 
the space, hitting the next target with that same gun and all down until you 
get close to the ground, in which you will throw that gun at the last target. 
It must be before you hit the ground for best results. Then, jump to the right 
use quick attack right then right down for speed, grab the laser sword, and 
throw it at the wall, in which it will bounce and hit the two targets beneath 
you. Now, you must jump over to the side and use your Uair to hit the ninth 
target and then very quickly fall to the left, using thunder to hit the last 

My Best Time: 16.31 seconds

With these strategies, you should easily get the challenges complete for 
times. Have fun with it! Also, if you have a better strategy, please send it 

K) Boss Battles [KBOX]

I quickly ran through Boss Battle mode to come up with quick and easy 
to beat every boss with little or no damage. I will include a move/moves of 
choice for each battle to help. I will go in alphabetical order. Also take in 
mind this, Thunder should be a finishing move only! Never use Thunder as an 
attack in Boss Battle Mode!

//Crazy Hand\\

Master Hand, and now Crazy Hand? He did appear in Melee but I believe we were 
all surprised. He is similar to Master Hand but prefers destruction over 

Between moves Crazy Hand will rest at the left side of Final Destination. Take 
this time to get in two-three Nairs. They take off a massive load of damage and 
you should easily defeat him. His moves are hopefully self-explanatory on how 
dodge. Simply air dodge on most or run over to another side for others.

Move of Choice: Nair


Duon, the hardest of the ten bosses. Simply just a twin robotic creature on 
wheels, right? NO! He has lasers on one side and swords on the other that were 
created to kill you!

Okay, I actually created a fairly simple way to beat Duon! Finally! Well, it 
still a little difficult, but I finally took about 1 or 2 hits. First and 
foremost, don't go in for melee attacks when the blue side is facing you. Spam 
your thunder jolt then. When he comes to ram you, jump, and get a quick quick 
attack up-towards Duon, and then down-away from Duon in the opposite direction, 
which will do little damage, but you'll sometimes be hit then so you don't have 
to. If the pink side is facing you, go up and get a quick FA smash or two on 
it, since it has great range and power! Then, you will have to quickly dodge a 
move so watch out and keep some distance since you have some range with that 
attack. My brother suggested Thunder while going over his head to get some 
extra damage but I haven't tried that yet so, who knows?

Moves of Choice: FA Smash/Thunder Jolt


This huge monkey, tank type boss should be fairly easy with a pokemon your 
talent. He's big and powerful, like a heavyweight, so fight him like one.

This guy is easy. The only moves you need to watch out for are his tank ramming 
move, missiles, and the move when he hits the ground so hard that the ground 
shakes and hits you. While he isn't attacking, go in and use your UA smash, 
since it's quick and deals serious damage to this guy. Also, watch for when 
he's under half health, I believe, when he uses his tank move, he'll try to 
fall on you, dealing some pretty bad damage for you, so beware!

Move of Choice: UA Smash

//Master Hand\\

The very first boss of Super Smash Bros. He has returned through all the games 
with basically the same moves, making it easy for any smash veteran to defeat 
him without any damage.

Like I just said, he's easy for any smash veteran. But if your new, here's the 
deal. Remember Crazy Hand? Master Hand is similar, except he stays at the right 
hand side. Take the Nairs to him like Crazy Hand. Which will deal tons of 
damage quick. Then if you want to, finish him with a nice easy Thunder. For his 
spin move, easily jump off the platform and when he hits the ground, use your 
DI skills to quick attack over him and back on the stage. If your good at 
dodging, right before he comes down on you, roll in the opposite 
direction(helps if your running first).

Move of Choise: Nair


The metal from of Ridley, but for some reason, he isn't much harder. I suggest 
defeating him quick, since he can kill you easily with some moves.

For this battle, in the beginning, he will use a move, almost right after the 
battle begins. If your quick, I got one Nair on him before he swept over, 
slightly missing me, so that isn't suggested for everyone. Before every attack 
afterwards(except a few that are extremely easy to dodge, he will move out of 
the screen, giving you the warning to jump off to the right and ready to air 
dodge. Also, when he uses the move where he grabs on to the back edge of the 
Stage, use your Thunder Jolt to knock him off.

Move of Choice: Nair

//Petey Piranha\\

The big o' nasty piranha plant that has always been in the Mario games. Except 
this one seems like a giant mutant, with a bad taste in clothing. Oh, well, 
that doesn't change the difficulty of the battle, unless his poka-dot underwear 
give you a head ache(don't we all suffer?)

This guy is the easiest boss, no question! He only has two moves(technically 
three if you include both different swing as different moves). For his swing 
move, jump up and use your Dair to bring down some good damage on the head and 
a cage of your choice(I suggest left since it just seems easier). When he 
jumps, simply jump up and come down hard with another Dair. When you are on the 
ground and want some attacks, get some quick UA smash attacks in, which will do 
some sweet damage.

Moves of Choice: Dair/UA Smash


I usually hate this good for nothing, fatty, who needs to use that stupid pider 
robotic machine to defeat his enemies. Luckily for you, it's weak against 

Okay, to defeat Porky, I can't believe I'm saying this, use any smash attack of 
your choice on him when your near. They do amazing damage, and they're 
quick(excluding DA smash, but it does even better damage, though, leaving you 
open). He usually just sits there or walks slowly. When he does attack, you 
better have some air dodging skills, or rolling skills ready, because they can 
come in quick(exceptiong of some that give you time to be ready). You shouldn't 
take more than two or three hits if any.

Moves of Choice: Smash Attacks


It's time for a Pokemon battle, but this time, Pikachu actually has a 
chance(since Rayquaza isn't super effective with dig, Ha!). 

Anyways, he will basically roar before most attacks, giving you the chance to 
stop nailing him. When you are nailing him, use your UA smash, since it's quick 
and does nice damage to him. When he roars, be ready for an attack that will 
come quick that you should easily be able to dodge. This battle is fairly easy. 
I don't know what else to say since that should basically wrap it up.

Move of Choice: UA Smash


It's time to fight another dragon? Geeze, don't they ever stop? Taking another 
one out shouldn't be difficult.

This battle is also simple, like Rayquaza, since, like Rayquaza, Ridley roars 
before most attacks, giving you the heads up of when you should stop attacking. 
I usually get two or three Nairs in before I need to run in the opposite 
direction to get ready for dodging practice for Tabuu. The moves that come real 
fast, like when he flies across or down on the screen extremely fast, should be 
evaded by jumping high and coming down for when he flies across the screen, or 
running across the stage for when he flies down immediately on you. This makes 
it much easier and safer than just dodging.

Move of Choice: Nair


Even in alphabetical order, Tabuu is still last. This guy reminds me of those 
kun-fu monks, except for the fact that he looks like a blue, computer generated
type thing. 

Using Nair again is suggested since Tabuu usually resides in the air during 
this battle. Dodging his moves should be your first concern, anyway. Most can 
be dodged by jumping, so your in pretty good shape. Now, for the red ring move, 
I can't say anything other than practice your side-stepping. Nothing is worse 
than getting killed by one after you already dodged the first two. Ouch! There 
goes my remote, and my television. Crap! Especially on intense when he's almost 
dead! So it's suggested that you be careful. Oh yeah, that didn't happen to me, 
in case your wondering.

Move of Choice: Nair

Boss Battle Overall Moves of Choice: Nair/FA Smash

Nair does great among most bosses, considering most are in the air and for the 
bosses on land, your FA smash has wonderful speed, range, and power. Use these 
moves and any others mentioned for defeating the bosses. Good Luck!

L) Pikachu's Costumes and Taunts [LPIX]


-Regular Pikachu with normal yellow color. Everyone's favorite pokemon!

-Blue: Pikachu wears blue rimmed goggles with a blue strap. His skin tone is 
slightly lighter than normal Pikachu.

-Green: I like to call this one "karate" Pikachu. Pikachu wears a green 
headband across his head. His skin tone has a detectable shade of green in it.

-Red: Pikachu wears a red cap upon his head with the front part white. It 
seems to look like Ash Ketchum's hat in the Pokemon TV series. Pikachu's skin 
tone is slightly darker than normal. 


-Up Taunt: Pikachu gets in a somewhat fighting sort of stance and sends 
electricity throughout his body to try and pose a threat to his opponents. He 
says, "Piiiiiiii" in a deep voice.

-Side Taunt: Pikachu waves at the screen with both hands. He simultaneously 
says, "Pikaaa, Pikaaaa" in a high pitch voice while waving.

-Down Taunt: Pikachu rubs his back on the ground, as if trying to scratch or 
rub his back, and says, "Pikaaaaaa" in a high pitch voice.

The side and down taunt can be very annoying to your enemies(if they are 
human, of course, so I suggest them over your up taunt.


Q. Why shouldn't I spam Pikachu's thunder move?
A. Well, Pikachu's thunder move may be powerful, but it leaves you wide open, 
giving your opponents the chance to kill you. And it's annoying.

N) Legal Info [NLEX]

Copyright 2008 Samuel A. Miller
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances. It 
may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advanced permission from me. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. I, Samuel, and only I may post
this guide on any website I desire. 

O) Thanks [OTHX]

-Thank you to Nintendo for this amazing game!

-Thank you to my older brother, Dave, for getting the 
game with me at 3:00 A.M. the day this game came out!

-Thank you to Game FAQs for making a cool website for 
awesome games and their strategies!

-Thank you to all readers!

-Thank you to I_C_Weiner247 for info on Meta Knight's Final Smash!

P) Contact Information [PCOX]

How was my guide?
If you want to e-mail me about anything wrong, any advice 
you have for my guide, questions, or just want to comment my guide, 
you can e-mail at one of my three e-mail 

[email protected]

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Please Note: Anyone who sends me information I use in my 
guide will be given full credit in the Thanks section. If 
more than one person sends me information for my guide, I 
will give credit to the first person unless another 
person gives more information that is also included in 
the guide. Therefore, both shall receive credit for their 

Q) Closing Thoughts [QCLX]

I hope all readers enjoyed my new guide! I may continue to update as I learn 
more from Pikachu and testing! And please, spammers, stop spamming with a 
really good character, you're just making it worse for yourselves. Thanks for