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Toon Link

by Vamper62


TTTTTTTTTTTTT                               L       I          K   K
     TT        OOOOO    00000   N NN        L          N NN    K  K
     TT       0     0  0     0  NN  N       L       I  NN  N   K K
     TT       0     0  0     0  N    N      L       I  N    N  KKK
     TT       0     0  0     0  N    N      L       I  N    N  K  K
     TT        00000    00000   N    N      LLLLLL  I  N    N  K   K
                   Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide
                                By Vamper62
                        [email protected]
                                Version 1.8

Version History:

        1.0- March 23, 2008 - Complete guide layout and info filled in.
	1.1- March 24, 2008 - Added more to the guide and made some edits, 
			      Rejected again.
	1.2- March 25, 2008 - MAJOR grammer and spelling fixes as well as more
			      edits. Rejected again.
	1.3- March 26, 2008 - Added character matchup guide section as well as 
			      Pros and Cons section. Started Character matchups
			      Rejected yet again.
	1.4- March 27, 2008 - Completed Character Matchup section. Accepted!
	1.5- April  2, 2008 - More Q&A added as well as weapon descritions in 
			      the Weapon Items section. Ness/Lucas section edit
			      as well as link vs. toon link section. Bomb jump
			      jumping added to Exclusive Tech. Some minor edits
			      here and there as well.
	1.6- April  9, 2008 - Some minor fixes and more added to the Midair 
			      Hookshot and Hero's Bow sections. Snake's Matchup
			      guide gained a very large edit.
	1.7- April 23, 2008 - King Dedede, Pikachu, and Lucario character 
			      matchup edits, as well as spiking caution fixes 
			      for the Blade Drop (dair). Boomerang gets more
			      credit than bow, yet again (I'm pretty sure I 
			      said the Boomerang was better than the Arrows
			      in my past versions...)
	1.8- August 7, 2008 - The biggest update. Fan Throwing Combo added, 
			      Bomb invincibility added to Bomb Clouding, edge
			      guard breaks added, and Countering a Counter
			      Character specific strategies added, hope you 
	  		      like it people.

|Table of Contents|

I.    Introduction
II.   Background 
III.  Pros and Cons
IV.   Standard Attacks
V.    Special Attacks
VI.   Smash Attacks
VII.  Aerial Attacks
VIII. Throws
IX.   Final Smash
X.    Toon Link Exclusive Techniques
XI.   Advanced Techniques
XII.  Weapon Items
XIII. Strategies and Tips
XIV.  Character Match Up Guide
	-Counter the Counter Strategies.
XV.   Q&A
XVI.  Special Thanks
XVII. Legal Stuff

***If you wish to skip to a certain section, hold ctrl+F to pull up a search
bar, type in the desired section's number and there you go!***

|   I. Introduction  |
     ***How this Guide Works***

This Guide is explained using the Gamecube Controller and Classic. Nunchuk
controls (buttons) are not explained but all strategies can be used on any

        Hello, by the looks of what your doing right now, it looks like you
want to learn how to play Toon Link. Well I'm happy that I can help. Toon
Link is a fairly simple character to play, but there is still a lot of things
that you should put into mind when playing this character. Toon Link is a
fairly rounded character being fast, strong, and versatile in both a projectile
game as well as a physical game. He is placed in the lighter group of
characters, but that doesn't mean that he's easier to K.O. In fact, Toon Link
has some incredible recovery options, and falling speed if you use him right.
This guide covers all the basics, every move at his disposal, how much damage
potential he has in his attacks, even how much damage he does holding a weapon
based item like a beam sword. Below is how this guide is laid out for move

Name of attack and button controls

***At a first look***: <-- this will tell you what this attack looks like, and
                            how it is performed.

***Type of attack***: <-- is it physical, special, or a projectile move.

***Damage***: x% <-- this will tell you how much damage it does, as well as
                     total damage from each part of the attack. If it is a
                     multiple hit potential attack it will describe what each
                     part of the attack does.

***Move Strategy***: <-- This will describe the attack in more depth, based on
                   its start up time, attack speed, reach, direction, K.O.
                   potential, usefulness, and how and when you should use this
                   move. It will basically tell you if this move is good or

 Unlocking Toon Link
        To unlock Toon Link, you must either complete the Sub Space Emissary,
then return to the Forest stage and enter the first door that is above the
ground. If you find the correct door there should be a small cut scene of Toon
Link. You must then defeat him. The other way is to have the SSE cleared and
finish Classic mode with Link and beat him. The final way is to play 400 VS.
matches then defeat him.


| II. Background and Pros and Cons  |


        Toon Link is originally from, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and
can only be sourced to this game and Phantom Hourglass for the DS. The reason
is that one of his taunts has the Wind Waker in it, making games with similar
art to those games, such as the Minish Cap, and Four Swords, not where the
character as a whole comes from. This boy was born on Outset Island in the
Great Sea. When it was his 12 birthday, the tradition was to have boys
who reached this age to wear the Tunic of the Legendary Hero of Time. Strangely
on that same day his sister was captured by a large bird called the Helmeroc
King, mistaking her for a pirate by the name of Tetra. Link, in despair, heads
off with the mysterious pirates in order to save her sister at the Forsaken
Fortress, Link takes a sword from Orca, the village swordsman, and a shield
that was the family emblem in his home. The story goes on and eventually he
gets the master sword and is then set off to defeat Ganondorf, and save Zelda
and the Great Sea. The end of this game is by far the most epic of all the
Zelda games combined, (sword in Ganondorfs head anyone?).

        Toon Link was then put in a spin-off game called the Phantom Hourglass.
Since the Windwaker, the artwork for Toon Link was put into many games in the
series and has been used to this day, except for in the Twilight Princess.


|  III. Pros and Cons (Link Vs. Toon Link   |

 Pros and Cons
-Versatile in both projectile and physical matchups
-Long reach
-Long Grab reach
-Can fight long distance
-Fairly Strong
-Good Jumps
-Two stage recovery options
-Hard to predict moves

-Mid-lightweight character
-Grabs have slow recovery times if they miss
-Few attacks can KO at low percents
-Vulnerable when finnishing midair attacks
-Throws don't deal much damage or distance


        Some of you might be thinking, "what is the difference between Link and
Toon Link?" Well there is a huge difference, while most of their attacks may
seem the same, they really are different.

1. Toon Link can Run much faster than Link.
2. Links sword reach is slightly longer
3. Links held shield is bigger.
4. Toon links up smash only attacks once, not three times in a row like link.
5. Toon Links Up Special brings in characters and pushes them out in the end
   rather than pushing all enemies into the air immediately.
6. Toon Links boomerang does not suck in foes with a hurricane like Links,
   It does damage as well and knock opponents back.
7. Links arrows fly faster
8. Toon Link is smaller and lighter, making him harder to hit but easier to KO
9. Toon Links bombs create a thicker smoke after exploding (the smoke is funny
10.Toon Links hookshot is slightly shorter.
11.Toon Links attacks are slightly weaker than links.
12.Toon Link can jump higher.
13.Toon Links Sword Drop (dair) falls faster and bounces up more than Links.
14.Toon Links bombs have a larger blast radius.

        While many of these may seem very small in difference, in reality
they are much bigger factors than one may notice at first.


|   IV. Standard Attacks   |

*This guide assumes you know all basic techniques such as running, grabbing,
and shielding/ dodging.

 Standard Sword Thrust (A)(x3)

***At First Look***
This attack starts with a quick slash, and if followed up with A again, a
second slash, and if A is pressed a third time, Toon Link does a stab. The
attack does minimal damage.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

First Slash   (3%)
Second Slash  (2%)
Third Slash   (5%)

Full attack (10%)

***Move Strategy****
This is Toon Links basic attack. Being so, it is very fast but does little
damage or push back. This attack is fairly useful due to the fact it is really
fast and hard to predict. It also has decent range and can hit multiple enemies
at once. The final thrust is the only part of this attack that can send
enemies flying back, but even at high percents, the attack will never KO. Use
this move often when on the ground to start combos as well as get a few hits
in quick. This attack is a good choice when pinned down, as it is able to
intercept, however dodging is also a good option. To spam this move, try
doing single strikes and then pulling a rolling dodge with a follow up attack
and repeat. When facing other sword users, you can use this attack to stop
and incoming basic sword thrust.

 Forward Thrust (A) + (<) or (>)

***At First Look***
This attack does a single sword slash that comes down like a hammer would do.
This attack can knock foes back.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Full Attack (9%)

***Move Strategy***
While not quite as useful as the basic thrust, this attack can knock foes back
and had KO potential at higher percents. It is a fairly solid move, but does
not provide the same effectiveness as other attacks. If your looking to get
a good hit to knock back a foe, this is one option, but not the best.

 Sword Leg Swipe (A) + (v)

***At First Look***
This attack strikes the opponents legs in one small swipe. It does little push,
but hits foe up.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Full Attack (9%)

***Move Strategy***
This move will be rarely used, due to the fact is doesn't have much strength
and can very rarely knock foes back far. This also hits only at once direction
and has little total hit range.

 Upward Swipe (A) + (^)

***At First Look***
This attack does a single swipe into the air and has launch potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Slash (9%)

Total (9%)

***Move Strategy***
This move is a little faster than the up-smash, and does a decent upward launch
capable of KO's at high percents. This move is good and unpredictable, but all
in all the up smash is better. When your looking for a ground up attack that
does decent launch at high speed, use this. Also if you are holding (^) and
tap (C^), you will do this attack rather than a smash.

 Dashing Slash (A) + Running (<) or (>)

***At First Look***
This attack is performed while running and thrusts forward to slash the foe.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Slash (10%)

Total (10%)

***Move Strategy***
This move is good, but also has a slower recovery like all running attacks. It
does have some push back and it can hit foes into the air. The reason this is a
good option is that a running attack is hard to block. While the attack itself
isn't extremely powerful, it is useful when trying to rush an opponent. Use
this move fairly often. This has almost no KO potential just to note.


|  V. Special Attacks  |

        This is where Toon Links projectile arsenal comes from!

 Hero�s Bow (B)

***At First Look***
This attack has Toon Link knocking an arrow and then shooting it. The move can
be charged by holding (B), and will fly straighter and farther the longer you
hold it.

***Type of Attack***

Uncharged      (4%)
Fully Charged  (12%)

Total Damage (4-12%)

***Move Strategy***
This is one of the better projectile attacks in the game. It can shoot fast and
can also be charged for good damage. When playing your run away game, using
this will be one of your main weapons. It can even be charged in midair. Use
this when the battle is far off and you are in a safe place. Also use this
attack when you know a foe will recover from off the stage to deal some extra
damage as they are recovering. The fully charge arrow will deal a lot of damage
for a basic projectile and will also fly fairly far and a lot faster then an
uncharged one. You can also shoot an arrow midair faster if you make a short
hop and shoot when you just about land. The animation should just show Toon 
Link shooting an arrow withour fully pulling out his bow. It can be used but
midair hookshot attacks are better. Use the Bow often if the game becomes too 
distant. Arrows may be good but the other projetile options are better. But if
you can get a fully charged arrow in, please do it, it's good damage.

 Boomerang (B) + (<) or (>)

***At First Look***
This attack has Toon Link throw a boomerang at the foe, and comes back when
it makes its full length. It has flinch potential.

***Type of Attack***

Hit from the throw (11%)
Hit from a return  (3%)

Total (3-11%)

***Move Strategy***
Yet another good move. The boomerang has good strength when you hit the foe
from its initial throw, and makes then flinch. It doesn't KO, but can hit
foes back a little. When trying to get away from a foe, use this to hinder
them a little. If the boomerang doesn't get caught on its return, you can't
use it for a few seconds. When throwing the boomerang, jump and move to change
its return direction. The boomerang is your main projectile for most of the 
matches as it does great damage and has good knock back. When trying to get 
back on the stage or blocking someones recovery, a boomerang can have good
results. Use the boomerang often and use it in any style you like, as it has 
many uses and tactics. The Boomerang is most likely the best projectile in 
Toon Links arsenal and should be used much more than any of th other
projectiles. It is almost key to use the Boomerang in every match and often
to master Toon Link. The Boomerang has some great uses and has almost 
unregretable results. Use very very often.

 Bombs (B) + (v) + direction and (A) to throw)

***At First Look***
Toon Link pulls out a bomb that can be thrown like an item. The explosion
creates a thick cloud of smoke and temporarily stuns foes. It will explode
after a couple of seconds if not thrown and damage Toon Link.

***Type of Attack***
Explosive Projectile

Bomb explosion (5-7%)

Total Damage (5-7%)

***Move Strategy***
This is probably the most useful projectile Toon Link has as it can be thrown
in any direction. The fact it stuns is very useful and it can also hurt foes
who attack you if you are still holding it (but it hurts you too). Use this
move wisely and strategically, and throwing down from midair can help start a
clean down midair. It has little KO potential and the damage is little but it
also creates a nice thick cloud for a couple of seconds that makes it hard for
foes to see for about 2 seconds. To throw with better accuracy, use the c-stick
to throw it in the corresponding direction. Use these in every match and use
them smart. Use the bombs everywhere and anywhere, they are pretty damn good
if I do say so myself. The Boomerang is still more useful but, bombs are better
for setting up combos.

 Hurricane Blade (B) + (^)

***At First Look***
Toon Link Spins his sword around in a circle pulling in all nearby foes and
then pushing them back at the final hit. It also has KO potential on the
final hit if used in midair. It can also be charged.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Ground no Charge (12%)
Ground Charged   (19%)
Midair Initial   (4%)
Midair Full Hit  (14%)

Total Ground (12-19%)
Total Midair (4-14%)

***Move Strategy***
Don't let the midair percent deceive you. The end of this attack in midair
actually hits the foe far. On the ground, it is a quick move and can stop foes
when being ganged up on. Use the fact the final hit of the midair attack to
knock the foes out of the sky and KO them. A very Useful move and it also
serves as Toon Links 3rd jump. It is one of his recovery moves and the best
option in many situations for midair strikes. Charging the attack is a waste of
time usually, as when you charge it, foes are able to easily detect the move
coming and then dodge. It is only predictable when charged, but if it does hit,
it does good damage. This will be one of your main attacks in a match. 


|   VI. Smash Attacks   |

NOTE**** There is two ways to do a smash attack. One way is to tap the joystick
        and press (A), and you can also hold (A) to charge up the move. The
        other way is to use the (C)-Stick in the desired direction.

 Double-Strike (C)-Stick/ Tap(A) + (<) or (>)

***At First Look***
This move has Toon Link attack with a slash and can be followed up by pressing
the (A) or (C)-stick again in the same direction to make a second strike that
has a powerful launch potential. The move can be used as a Single or Double

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Uncharged Initial Strike (10%)
Uncharged Second Strike  (14%)
Charged Initial Strike   (13%)
Charged Second Strike    (18%)

Uncharged Total (10-24%)
Charged Total   (13-31%)

***Move Strategy***
This is by far a trademark Toon Link move. It is great because it is
unpredictable; will he strike once or twice? The initial strike is quick to
start and hit the foe, but doesn't launch them, the second strike however, is
a quick follow up and has large KO potential. Use this move often as it is very
effective and can hit many foes at once. This move will be one of your
finishers, and will be used primarily to knock the foes off the stage on the
side. The move has good start up time, but it also has a delay at the end,
which may leave you vulnerable if you don't hits the foe. Try to get in that
second hit so you can knock them away. A must use move.

 Front-Back Swipe (C)-Stick/ Tap(A) + (v)

***At First Look***
This move has link do a quick leg swipe to the front and then behind him. It
has good KO potential and sends people flying up.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Uncharged Front Strike (6%)
Uncharged Back Strike  (8%)
Charged Front Strike   (11%)
Charged Back Strike    (15%)

Uncharged Double Hit (14%)
Charged Double Hit   (26%)

***Move Strategy***
This move is good in that is hits both in front of you and behind. Use this
when you are surrounded and send the foes flying up and follow up with another
attack. This move has less power than Toon Links other smashes, but it does hit
foes hard. The KO potential is good as well. Use this move when you feel like,
as it works well in a lot of situations, but don�t overuse it because it is
slightly more predictable than his other smashes. High priority move.

 Power Up-Slash (C)-Stick/ Tap(A) + (^)

***At First Look***
Similar to the Upward Swipe, however this is performed with a small spin, and
more power, sending foes flying upward. High KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Uncharged Strike (15%)
Charged Strike   (21%)

Total (15-21%)

***Move Strategy***
This move is your primary upward striking attack. When a foe is coming
straight down from above you, perform this to send them flying. The damage
is good and it has a good start up time. Also, since it is more of a counter
move, charging is much safer to do with this attack, although not always
recommended. This is another one of Toon Links main weapons, and should be used
often, as it has the largest KO potential of all his attacks. The best part
is that it is a slashing upward strike giving it a high priority in attack, so
it is hard to attack you with this move being used, as your attack will strike
first and send them flying instead.


|    VII. Aerial Attacks    |

        Ah, Toon Links greatest moves come from here, all of which are great
attacks and powerful tools. Learn to short hop so you can crush your foe with

 Basic Aerial Backspin (A)midair

***At First Look***
Toon Link, while airborne, performs a swipe that first attacks forward, then
behind him, providing two sided strike. Low KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Front Slash (10%)
Back Slash  (10%)

Total (10%)

***Move Strategy***
A fairly decent midair move, but it does provide both front and back strikes,
so if you have a couple of foes jumping around close quarters, this is an
option but his hurricane blade is better, but if you plan on making multiple
midair attacks, this is for you. This is most definitely one of Toon Links
better aerials. Its ability to KO is decent but no matter how hard you try, you
will never land both front and back slashes on the same opponent in one attack,
making 10% the only viable damage possible with this attack. However this
attack has very quick startup and end times making it a quick choice for midair
battles. The backslash has more push back then the forward, so use this to your

 Air Strike (A)midair + Forward direction

***At First Look***
Toon Link, while airborne, throws out a strong slash forward knocking foes far.
Has good KO potential, but slow recovery time.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Slash (13%)

Total (13%)

***Move Strategy***
This move has power, but not the amount of damage you would have expected. This
attack is a fantastic midair attack to short hop with, as it has great KO
potential. The only problem is that the end of attack recovery is slow so you
have to wait a second before you can use it again. This attack has good range,
and is a great anti air attack. Also this will really also serve as your
interception attack, as it sends foes a good distance to the right or left, but
does not strike down like most interception attacks. This will be one of the
more difficult moves to use right and timed perfectly but it can also be one of
the better attacks at your disposal, and use it when the opportunity arises. 
Don't overuse it though, it's not the best midair, the other aerials are much
better overall but this one is better at KO's.

 Back Air Strike (A)midair + Backward direction

***At First Look***
Toon Link, while airborne, will slash behind him that ends with the sword
tilted at a upward angle giving the push an upward angle direction. Decent KO

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Phsical

Slash (10%)

Total (10%)

***Move Strategy***
This move just as good as Toon Links Air Strike, but it has less power, more 
speed, and less knock back distance. It does however have faster recovery time,
thus can be used in succession faster. This attack is a good option if you need
to get damage in a much faster attack than the Air Strike and has the main 
objective to knock foes away from you rather than a interception. This attack 
will find its use a lot during matches. Using this move is a good idea if you
need that midair attack to hit foes behind you. It's also easy to set up good
quick hits, and has a great potential to be used in succesion twice. Good move 
all in all and should be uses as your main midair side move.

 Blade Drop (A)midair + (v)

***At First Look***
Link, while airborne, will quickly turn his sword facing directly down and fall
on top of foes at very fast speeds. Does have the chance to score multiple hits
as Toon Link, after hitting the foe, will bounce up a little allowing a second
strike. Decent KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

First Strike (13-16%)
Second Hit   (8%)

Total (13%-24%)

***Move Strategy***
This move will be your new best friend. It is a ridiculously fast attack if you
know how to fast fall, and it has massive strength and it bounces for multiple
hits. Whenever you are directly above a foe or are trying to stop flying upward
, use this to get either a strong hit or get back on the stage. DO NOT USE THIS
can spike with it, it is just very impractical as the chance a good player will
air dodge it is likely enough to screw you. Spiking with a thrown bomb before
ensures you hit as the bomb will stun the foe making him unable to doage 
midair. Use the spike cautiously and daringly, it may end bad. Also the great
thing about this attack is that even if it doesn't hit, anyone near where Toon
Link lands will be pushed away from him, clearing the area. Nice huh? This
attack is your main weapon for quick, powerful, and hard to avoid damage, as
well as a recovery move to stop upward flies you will encounter. This move is
fast to start and fast to end if it hits a foe, so spam it at you bounce.
However, if you miss, when you land the sword will get stuck in the ground and
Toon Link will have to pull it out, creating a bad recovery. Usually the push
back will give to time to get up again but some times it wont be enough. The
most hard to avoid combo with this attack is to have a bomb set, and while
midair, throw it down on the foe to stun them for a short while and quickly
move into this move to score are perfect hit. Use this trick a lot, its fun to
do, and has great results. The only problem is that this attack can only KO at
very high percents, so use this only as a damage building attack. Fast falling
is a critical skill to do with this attack to get maximum speed.

Edge breaking is also an option to stop edge hoggers, but don't fall on the 
foes hands but use a drop to strike near the hands that will land on the stage
as they can either try getting up and still get hit or just full from the 

 Blade Spire (A)midair + (^)

***At First Look***
Toon Link, while airborne, will point his sword directly up, knocking anyone
who impacts with it flying upward. Fantastic upward KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Spike (14%)

Total (14%)

***Move Strategy***
Yet another extremely useful move. This move can KO at very low percents if
used right. Whenever a foe is above you or falling, use this to send them
flying up again, and repeat. By repeating this you can KO a foe very fast. Use
this move often as an anti air attack, at it is the most effective off all the
midair attacks. The amount of time Toon Link holds the position is great, as
it makes it easier to time hits. The startup time is fast, and it also ends
fast. A must use key attack for quick KO's. A bad player will fall for this 
almost every time and never get back on the ground. 

 Hookshot Jab (Z)midair

***At First Look***
Toon Link is special in that when he uses his grab attack midair, he can hurt
foes with the hookshot. The damage is low and the speed is decent to start, and
but there is little to no KO potential at all.

***Type of Attack***

Jab (4%)

Total (4%)

***Move Strategy***
After more testing with this move, I have found this attack actually more fun
than it initialy appears. If you are just not quite at swords length in midair
for a slash attack use this to jab the foe. It does decent knockback and best
of all, a good flinch for the foe. This attack is hard to block but is also 
dangerous to Toon Link if he misses, as the end time to this attack is slower
than the start up. Use this move to confuse foes as well as have another option
in a projectile game, as the Hookshot is classified as a projectile. The damage
is low, but the amount of fun you get out of using this attack is worth while.
The main thing you need to watch out for is to not overuse this move, as it 
isnt the best aerial out there. It is good for a mixup game though, so throw 
one in all of a sudden so the opponent doesn't expect it. This move is not the
best option for a very competitive game. It is only used as a mixup move.


|   VIII. Throws   |

        Toon Links throws are unique in the fact he uses a hookshot to grab
foes. It has farther reach for grabs, but horrendous recovery time when it
misses. Time it and measure you grabs perfectly to avoid these issues. Also you
can grab foes when their shield is up, providing an anti shield attack. Use 
this knowledge wisely.

 Forward Throw (Z) + Forward direction

***At First Look***
Toon Link grapples his opponent then rams the foe sending him flying a little.
Decent KO potential.

***Type of Attack***

Ram (4%)
Hit (3%)

Total (7%)

***Move Strategy***
Okay, now we are getting into the throws. None of Toon Links throws are great,
but the ability to damage people who are shielding is good so listen up. This
throw is decent, but for Toon Links throws, its all based on where you want the
opponent to go. In this case forward. Good option but there is better throws.

 Backward Throw (Z) + Backward direction

***At First Look***
Toon Link grapples his opponent then does a summersault kick, kicking the foe
behind him. Decent KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Kick Physical

Kick (4%)
Hit  (3%)

Total (7%)

***Move Strategy***
Okay, this ones a little better for continuous grabs as the foe is usually only
sent flying near the ground giving you a chance to grab again and throw. Still
there are better throw options. It rarely KOs but it is still viable.

 Down Throw (Z) + (v)

***At First Look***
Toon Link grapples the opponent then rams the foe into the ground sending him
flying upwards.

***Type of Attack***

Ram   (3%)
Throw (4%)

Total (7%)

***Move Strategy***
This is the kind of throw you can spam. Its a little harder than most
characters down throw to spam, but it gets the job done.

 Up Throw (Z) + (^)

***At First Look***
Toon Link grapples the foe then throws him up and slashes him with his sword.
Good KO potential.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Throw (3%)
Slash (4%)

Total (7%)

***Move Stratagy***
This is Toon Links best throw as it actually can KO opponents. Its not always
the best option to throw, but if a foe is above you, you can throw the guy into
him dealing some damage to both. Cool huh? Same with all other throws, players
who get thrown are basically like items, but not as powerful.


|   IX. Final Smash    |

 Triforce Slash (B)with smash ball power

***At First Look***
Toon Link sends a short arrow of light that if it connects with a foe, he is
sucked into a Triforce barrier and is hammered with slashes, until finally, 
Toon Link Hits him and almost always KOs him. Anyone who got stuck in the 
Triforce barrier is also hit but less likely to be KOed than the one who was 

***Type of Attack***
Special Final Smash Slashing Physical (DAMN!!!)

Initial Hit (5%)
15x Slash   (4%)x15
Final Slash (18%)

Total Damage (83%)

***Move Strategy***
All I can say is that it is hard to connect but you can activate it midair, so
if you do get the smash, you basically won a KO. If you see a smash ball, get 
it so no one can use it against you. One note to add is it is best to use this
after the foe has about 40-50% so the final smash can almost always ensure a 
clean promising KO.


|   X. Toon Link Exclusive Moves   |

Here are the goodies you all might want to look at. These moves are all
exclusive to Toon Link (kinda) and have their own uses!

 Hookshot Tether Recovery
        Sometimes it is a better idea to use your hookshot when trying to get
back on the stage by pressing (Z) when you are close to the edge of the stage.
This recovery grabs on to the edge of the stage and allows you do a ledge
attack. Also, edge guarding is viable but not recommended. Also if you want a
double check recovery use the hookshot to see if you can grab the stage, and if
you miss then do a hurricane blade up. That way may be hard to pull off
sometimes, but it could also be very unexpected and fool opponent to thinking
you are falling.

 Sword Parry
        As mentioned earlier, sword users have the ability to block other
slashing attacks by using a basic sword swipe. this is another way to block
attacks instead of shielding, although it is harder to do and can not always
turn in your favor.

 Toon Links Shield
        It may be tiny, but it is able to block some projectile attacks, mostly
arrows. The only way to block though is not to move or crouch. It can be nifty
in some situations.

 Bomb Tricks
        Sometimes holding an active bomb is a good idea. If someone hits you
it will explode and hurt both you and the foe. Also there is a technique some
people use called "Bomb Clouding", where when a foe gets close to press (C)
+ (V) to have the bomb explode at your feet creating a smokescreen for a second
stunning both you and the foe, resetting the attack patterns.

	In addition to the bomb clouding trick, the throwing of the bomb to the
ground hurting yourself will also grant you very short invincibility. So in a
ganged up attack always consider a bomb as a way to get out of the problem.

	Another trick I have recieved numerous emails about is Bomb Jumping. 
Bomb Jumping is where you pull out a bomb and when your falling off the stage 
and have used all your recoveries, the bomb may explode in time to allow you
to pull off another Hurricane Blade to get back on the stage. It can be very
tricky to time and plan so its usefulness is limited, but if you do infact pull'
it off at the right time, it may just infact save you. 

 Wall Jump
        When ever Toon Link jumps into a wall, you can follow up by pressing
the jump button again to get an extra leap off the wall. You can do this as
many times as you want as long as Toon Links jumps into a different wall than
the previous one.


|   XI. Advanced Techniques   |

These techniques are technically called advanced moves for reasons unknown. 
Only new players should look at these really.

 Throwing Items
        A completely viable strategy is to throw items such as beam swords. Why
a beam sword you ask? Well throwing a beam sword is like intercepting from any
direction. Beam swords fly far and straight and have power to knock people off
the stage. Want to kill the guy who is below the stage and about to recover.
Jump over him and throw a beam sword down by using the (C)-stick(V). That 
should KO him. Try using items like beam swords, home run bats, and other such 
pole items to get some other ways to use items other than just attacking with 
them. Intercept. Beam swords in my opinion were made to throw. Try it.

 Short Hop
        Short hopping is important to use. All you do is tap (^) really lightly
and Toon Link will jump a little. While in midair, try a midair attack or throw
something. a short hop is a way to basically pull a midair move while not
leaving the ground to much. Use this often.

 Midair Dodges
        While in midair, you can dodge an infinite amount of times by pressing
(R) or (L). If someone is throwing something at you or are trying to do a
midair attack, make a dodge, it could make all the difference in surviving.

 Ledge Attack (while on ledge, press (A))

***At First Look***
Toon Link will get up from the ledge while making a sweep with his sword,
hitting all nearby away from him.

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Slash (8%)

Total (8%)

***Move Strategy***
Okay, if you are on a ledge, you can get back on the sage by either jumping up,
or you can attack. Attacking is always a good idea, cause it gives a few points
of damage to nearby foes for just getting back on the stage.

 Running Grab
        While running, press (Z) to sling out the hookshot to grab a nearby foe
, which will be a very unexpected move. This technique is used basically every
time you try to make a grab. Use this a lot, as it is hard to predict.

 Grab Punches (Z) + (A) any number of times

***At First Look***
Toon Link, while holding on to the opponent, punches him repeatedly.

***Type of Attack***

Punch (2%)

Total Possible damage (2-8%)

***Move Strategy***
Sometimes you have less foes to deal with so instead of a quick throw, throw in
one or two punches and then throw them. Any extra damage is always good. But
don't hold on too long, or the foe will get free.

 Dashing Up Smash (C)-Stick (^) while running

***At First Look***
Toon Link will be running then transition into an up smash while sliding a

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Physical

Slash (15%)

Total (15%)

***Move Strategy***
Yes, while running you can quickly turn into a up smash. It's like another
option for dash attacking except this one can KO a lot easier!


|   XII. Weapon Items   |

This section goes over all the pole weapons, and Toon Links attacks with them.
Since all the attacks are all the same, I'm just going to give what type of
attack it is and how much damage.

1. Beam Sword
2. Fan
3. Home-Run Bat
4. Lip's Stick
5. Star Rod

[[[[Beam Sword]]]]

	Beam Swords are the most physicaly ranged of the weapons. It is also a
very good throwing item. For most cases, throwing a Beam Sword to intercept an
opponents recovery is the best way to use it. It also gains more reach 
depending on the attack, so smashes generally make the beam much larger. As for
KO potential, it is only decent but thrown it is fantastic. The reason for the
Beam Sword being thrown is that it is light and strong, which makes it easier
to throw far and accurate while still providing the damage you desire.

 Basic (A)

***Type of Attack***
Energy weapon physical

Swipe (4-5%)

Total (4-5%)

 Forward (A) + (<) or (>)

***Type of Attack***
Energy weapon Physical

Swipe (7-8%)

Total (7-8%)

 Running (A)

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Energy Weapon Physical

Beam         (7%)
Link's sword (8%)

Total (7-15%)

 Smash (C)-Stick + (<) or (>) or Tap (A)

***Type of Attack***
Energy Weapon Physical

Uncharged (11-12%)
Charged   (15-16%)

Total (11-16%)

 Thrown (throw)

***Type of Attack***
Energy Projectile Physical

Hit (9-15%)

Total (9-15%)


	The Fan is usually only used to rack up damage, not KO. It should also
be noted that fan attacks generally send the foe towards you rather than away, 
so hitting a foe hard can be difficult. It isn't extreamly powerful being 
thrown like the Beam Sword but it is still an option. However throwing a fan 
will cause the foe to bounce up a little leaving them open for a combo. 	

 Basic (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon physical

Swipe (2%)

Total (2%)

 Forward (A) + (<) or (>)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Swipe (6%)

Total (6%)

 Running (A)

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Weapon Physical

Fan          (8%)
Link's sword (8%)

Total (8-16%)

 Smash (C)-Stick + (<) or (>) or Tap (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Uncharged (10%)
Charged   (14%)

Total (10-14%)

 Thrown (throw)

***Type of Attack***
Projectile Physical

Hit (3-6%)

Total (3-6%)

[[[[Home-Run Bat]]]]

	The Home-Run Bat is slower than the other weapons but it is oh so good
at dealing damage. A thrown Bat wont go far but it is very powerful and can
potentialy KO foes at high percents. As for the smash, yes it is a 1 Hit KO,
but it is so slow and hard to set that it almost never works. But hey, if you
use a freezie on a guy making them frozen, then pick up a bat, smash them for
a free KO. It isn't likely to happen but it is always possible. The bat is just
as fast being attack with but it loses the beams reach which in turn makes it 
not always better. It does kill though so use them if you see it. 

 Basic (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon physical

Hit (7%)

Total (7%)

 Forward (A) + (<) or (>)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Hit (12%)

Total (12%)

 Running (A)

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Weapon Physical

Bat          (12-16%)
Link's sword (8%)

Total (12-24%)

 Smash (C)-Stick + (<) or (>) or Tap (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Smash (30%)

Total (30%)

 Thrown (throw)

***Type of Attack***
Projectile Physical

Hit (12-22%)

Total (12-22%)

[[[[Lip's Stick]]]]

	Lip's Stick doesn't do much except make a kind of "poison" on the foe which 
does more damage the larger the Flower which can generally be grown by many 
hits from the flower. Just as weak as a fan, and doesn't provide good damage.
The best option here is to throw it at a foe to plant a flower and continue as

 Basic (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon physical

Swipe (4%)

Total (4%)

 Forward (A) + (<) or (>)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Swipe (7-8%)

Total (7-8%)

 Running (A)

***Type of Attack***
Slashing Weapon Physical

Flower       (6%)
Link's sword (8%)

Total (6-14%)

 Smash (C)-Stick + (<) or (>) or Tap (A)

***Type of Attack***
Weapon Physical

Uncharged (11-12%)
Charged   (15%)

Total (11-15%)

 Thrown (throw)

***Type of Attack***
Projectile Physical

Hit (6-7%)

Total (6-7%)

[[[[Star Rod]]]]

	The Star Rod is just as strong as the bat but it has a special long 
distance projectile it throws in certain attacks. The rod only can summon a 
star a handful of times, so use them sparingly. The Stars won't KO, but a hit
by the rod can. In every way it is the same as the bat almost but it doesn't
have a 1 Hit KO attack but rather a projectile. Throwing these can also work
but only do it when the rod is low on "star power".

 Basic (A)

***Type of Attack***
Special Weapon physical

Swipe (10%)

Total (10%)

 Forward (A) + (<) or (>)

***Type of Attack***
Energy Weapon Physical or Projectile

Swipe (13%)
Star  (8%)

Total (8-21%)

 Running (A)

***Type of Attack***
Energy Slashing Weapon Physical or Projectile

Rod          (15%)
Link's sword (8%)

Total (8-23%)

 Smash (C)-Stick + (<) or (>) or Tap (A)

***Type of Attack***
Energy Weapon Physical or Projectile

Uncharged (18%)
Star      (8%)
Charged   (25%)

Total (8-33%)

 Thrown (throw)

***Type of Attack***
Projectile Physical

Hit (10-16%)

Total (10-16%)


|   XIII. Strategy and Tips   |

-ALWAYS HAVE A BOMB IN HAND WHEN YOU CAN!!! So many options become available 
 with a bomb in hand, for offensive, deffensive, counters, and evasive actions.
-Use your shield to block attacks
-running is always good
-Try to keep enemies guessing
-Don't keep using the same moves over and over. It's predictable.
-Throwing weapons is sometimes better than using them
-If they have their shield up, grab them
-Dodge when ever you are in danger or to keep people guessing
-Dodge to get away from the battle if being pursued
-when being hit, point the joystick in the direction you want to go, you
 control where you fly
-Don't let your shield break
-Survival is always top priority in Stock matches, and KO's in timed
-Play either a certain strategy in certain situations, the guide bellow will 
 help explain these game strategys.


The Genius of Toon Link is his versatile range of attacks. He can play a
projectile game, a hit and run game, a physical game, and a defensive game.
You can play Toon Link in any fashion you want, but if you want some basic
battle structures, here they are. These will also help as different strategys
in different match scenarios like stated in the Character Matchup section 


        Playing a projectile game, you main range of attacks will be your bow,
boomerang, and bombs. Grabbing is also used to get away from the chaos. When
playing a projectile game, keep your self distanced and try to sneak small
points of damage when you can. When the foe is high percent, play aggressive
by bringing him to the edge of the stage and smashing him out. If the player
decide to use his shield a lot, switch to grabs when a projectile fails, but
make sure hookshot connects, because a miss is an open shot on you. Bombs
should be used to get away from foes, and boomerangs to knock them back a bit.
Arrows should be your main source of damage as well as basic attacks if someone
gets close. Basic attacks are good because you don't want to play slow and you
want to get a few points in and then get away and start spamming projectiles.

==Hit and Run==

        Hit and run games consist of playing slightly aggressive but also 
evasive by using midair attacks and dodges. Just keep on going back and forth 
from the battle to out, by using some midair attacks then running back and 
preparing a next strike. Also bombs are very useful in this tactic to hit foes 
running at you. When in close quarters, use the shield and dodge technique to 
roll behind foes, get a hit in, then roll to the other side, hit, and then
either run or continue this process. Hit and run games also tend to have 
players throwing items to get damage in and then using a strong smash to finish.


        In a physical game, you want to dish out a lot of damage fast and be
in the center of the battle. Use smashes, shot hops with midair attacks,
Bomb + Blade drop technique a lot, and just keep using those high impact moves
that are fast and strong in the flight department. Also use dodges a lot to 
keep your self from being the punching bag like most inexperienced physical 
players. Toon Link just wants to dish out damage with strong quick strikes, 
just keep the foe guessing too. Forward smashes and Blade Drops are you main 
arsenal of attacks, basic attacks to get small hits followed by various combos.
Find what works for you.


        A combination of hit and run and physical game tactics. Stay in the
center of battle but keep your guard up by shielding often, rather than slowly
dishing damage and running, shield, dodge, then hit hard. Be a Tank, defensive
but powerful. Play like you would in a physical game but keep yourself more
protected and less aggressive.


        You can play a combination of all of these as well, try different
tactics throughout the match and keep the foe guessing. A player who can do it
all is one to admire. The most common instance of using this is in a diverse, 
four way battle where many strategys may need to be used. 


|   XIV. Character Match up Guide   |
	Here are some character match up strategys, starting from Bowser to 
Zero Suit Samus. Remember the play styles from above to get a better idea of 
how to approach some of these characters. In version 1.8 I added the counter 
the counter section to help players face people using counter character 
strategies against Toon Link to further improve their gameplay. If the foe
is using a counter character strategy, look below the basic counter strategy
for a counter a counter strategy. The first strategy is for a player playing
a character with skill but not using counter strategies. The counter a counter
is for stoping players from using any changed game strategies they may pull off
to play Toon Link. 


	Bowser is a heavyweight character, thus his speed is greatly hindered.
On small stages he can be nasty as he is hard to get away from. The best 
strategy is to use projectiles such as arrows and bombs to stack up damage. The
best play style to use against him would be "Hit and Run" as he is slow and can
have a hrad time catching up to Toon Links speed. Also, his large size makes 
him a much easier target to hit so grabs and midair attacks are easy to land.
When he gets close to you try to get away from him by either attacking him
with a boomerang, jumping over him or on his head, or use dodges. Since his 
attacks are slow, know his attacks and learn to sidestep them when he uses
those slow heavy hitting attacks. Dodging is your best option in a small stage

****Counter the Counter****
Bowser has a touch time countering Toon Link, but one move Bowser has to stop
hit and run attacks is his firebreath. If the oppentent decides to counter 
frontal attacks with firebreath, shield, use aerials more or just use a 
projectile game. Bowser can really counter Toon Link well, so don't overthink
it too much.

 Captain Falcon

	Captain Falcon has both speed and power, but what he lacks is ranged
attacks. Abuse those projectiles as much as you can as he has almost no way to
stop them. If he gets close run, don't jump, as Captain Falcon has many anti
air attacks and is very good at intercepting. If you plan on jumping, spam 
those air dodges to keep yourself from getting hit hard. Anytime Captain Falcon
is recovering from a powered attack like falcon punch, attack the hell out of 
him and try to knock him out. Just watch out for his fast attacks and running
speed. Arrows are your best friend in this matchup.

****Counter the Counter****
Captain Falcon will try to play counters using evasive techniques and high 
KO potential moves as Toon Link is fairly light, thus easier to KO. If he is
being a dodge fiend, bomb him to hell as bombs have good detonation power and
are harder to dodge. Play knowing he is going to dodge and fake him out with 
projectiles followed by a bomb throw during his recovery. If he tries smashing
you, you need to keep your distance like you should always do with him. Bombs
can intercept charged attacks beautifully so take advantage to this.

 Diddy Kong

	Diddy is more a hit and run character, so when fighting him, try to 
stay close. Play a "Physical" game when playing him as he has good jumps and
is good at dodging long distanced attacks. His light weight makes him easier
to KO at lower percents, so keep hiting him with good launch diatnce attacks
like the Forward smash and Sword Spike (Up Midair). Just keep close to him and
he is an easy target. Run whenever you move so you can catch up to him. Just
beat the hell out of him. Toon Link has superior projectiles so use them 
againt him if he trys to play a projectile game, you can out damage and out
speed his peanuts with arrows, bombs, and boomerangs.

****Counter the Counter****
The only real effective way for Diddy Kong to counter Toon Link is to do 
rolling dodges behind you and attept a Forward attack or smash. How to counter
this? Always keep Hurricane Blade and Toon Links Down Smash at the ready to
keep the chimp from hiting you in the back. If he starting rolling prepare a 
move that hits both sides. Problem solved!

 Donkey Kong

	Use a "Projectile" game on DK, as he is slow and has no long distance 
attacks. Just keep your distance like you would with Bowser and use similar 
strategys against him. "Hit and Run" is also a good strategy to use on smaller 
stages. Make sure your distance from him is always more than one DK armlength
away, because at close range, DK has good reach. Use basic attacks as they are
quick and deal good damage. When midair, use the down midair to keep him on the
ground. Dodging is also a good idea to keep in mind just like bowser.

****Counter the Counter****
Donkey Kong counters with the Down (B) and his up smash. Those two cover ground
and air. So if your "hit and run" strategy fails, switch to a projectile game
and keep bombs at the ready to stop any sort of arrow or boomerange counters 
he may pull. When using Blade Drops make sure he doesn'e use an aerial when he
bounces up. So in the case he does try to counter Sword Drops, just cancel the
second bounce and move on with the game.


	Falco is good against projectiles and is an increadible midair fighter,
so try to keep the battle on the ground and close. Most of Falco's attacks are
good anti airs and projectiles. Grabs will be a good idea for here, as well as
using dodges and your shield. If you have a "good" opportunity to land a good
strong midair attack that may KO Falco, use it. Falco has a quick drop speed
so using fast drops in this match up are improtant if you plan on using any 
midair attacks. Smashes and sword swipes should be your main attack sources and
just play either a "Physical" or "Defensive" game. 

****Counter the Counter****
A Falco playing a counter will try to stay above you to keep away from Sword
Drops, so if he tries this either Up midair or use a bomb thrown up followed
by an up midair or hurricane blade. Falco will try to play interception Short
hop attacks at close combat, so play smart and figure a way to counter this, as
there is no real fullprood counter I can find, but usually in a close match up,
Toon Link prevails as champion of the "physical" and "defensive" games vs. 


	Unlike Falco, Fox's midair game is much weaker. Fox almost always 
depends on his ranged attacks, so a close fight is smart. Don't ever let Fox 
spam the blaster as it can truely be disasterous for you. If he does decide to
spam it though, pull up the shield and roll towards him to avoid hits. Always
be next to Fox as he is much weaker close combat. Do nice quick and string 
attacks and keep following him and try to get in as many combos as you can. 
Avoid using projectiles due to his reflector, even bombs aren't the best idea.
Midair attacks work well as well as basic and smash attacks. Just keep the 
pressure up on Fox and try to keep him cooped up in a hurt corner. Sword Drops
are very effective as Fox fall faster than most characters thus making him 
easier to connect more than one hit with it. Play "Physical" or "Defensive".

****Counter the Counter****
Fox players will try to counter similar to Falco by staying above Toon Link to
avoid Sword Drops. As before, keep Up aerials ready or a Bomb thrown up with a
followup Up air or Hurricane Blade to keep the Fox from getting above you too
much. If he is a above you and uses Fire Fox at a down tilt, dodge, thats all
I can say. He is a little more tricky close up when he intercepts than Falco
but always remember those quick hitting moves are smart and any slower moves 
may not be wise. Bomb Clouding is key if he gets smart close up to keep him
from continuous interceptions.


	Ganondorf is slow and not very good at long range battles. That means a
"Projectile" strategy is the best option. He us fairly big and can't jump high
so Arrows are much easier to time and land on him. Bombs do some justice by 
shortly stunning him (very short time but still viable to use for advantage). 
A "Hit and Run" strategy is also a good idea but watchout for some of his anti
air attacks such as Flame Choke (< / > + B) and Dark Dive (^ + B). He has very 
slow recovery time, so take advantage of this and hit him with smashes when he
is doing so. Try to keep your distance though and since he is very slow, he can
easily be out run and avoided.

****Counter the Counter****
Projectiles are key as gannondorf can't counter them. He has many aerial 
counter options so if you play aerial games and have trouble, stop playing it
and stay grounded. Gannondorf isn't touch just play normaly and it shouldn't 
make him a dangerous counter.

 Ice Climbers

	The main problem here is that there is two, so any type of grab is 
basicaly pointless, as the other will just hit you to let go. They are much 
weaker when they are not together so try to either keep one of them away from
the other or try to kill the second one (not the player controlled one). When
close to them, their attacks can deal massive damage and double hits, so watch
out for their smashes. Try to play more projectiles to keep the distance while 
also comming in and doing some physical damage. Playing a "comboed" strategy is
almost required for this.

****Counter the Counter****
Ice Climbers aren't really given any Toon Link counters really, but in the case
they dodge your projectiles enough, switch to Sword Drops and Bomb throws. Bomb
throws rule here and try to avoid getting frozen by any Freezie or Blizzard 
attacks at high percents. They lack aerial counters so if they get to be a pain
just play them in the sky. 


	Ike can be a pain in the ass, and the only good way to play against him
is to attack with moves with little recovery time. Basic slashes and Hurricane
Blade attacks are good choices. Try not to use attacks with slow recovery time
because Ike can KO characters at very low percents. Watch out for counter as
well. Projectiles, especially bombs are a good option to use, so every chance 
you get pull out a bomb and throw it at him. Dodges are your main source of 
victory however because Ike's attacks are slow to start and are easy to predict
so dodge often and get any strikes in when ever you can. Play a "Defensive"
match against Ike to keep Toon Link on the stage. Watch out for Aether spammers
and just shield when ever he does it and try to follow up with a grab to 
stop him. Also grabbing him before he does Aether is a good idea.

****Counter the Counter****
Ike has a counter move for everyone. It's called counter, his down B. Bombs are
always a good choice as they explode anyways so as far as my experience goes,
I've never seen Ike able to counter a bomb. Watch out for Aether spam and time
your moves to get strikes on his downtimes. Watch out for aerial (>) (B) as it
has good reach, but your boomerange knows a thing or two about stopping 
incoming traffic. Bombs work like a wonder against Ike and should become your
best counter the counter friend for Ike and almost any other matchup as well.
When midair, Ike can counter with a (B) fire sword spike than can send you 
flying. This is hard to counter but is slow too so keep Toon Link out of that
midair recovery stage and try to work with Back aerials and basic aerials as
well. Being a fairly regualar Ike player myself in addition to Toon Link has
given me some knowledge of his hits and misses, and one thing to always keep in
mind is that he is very good at not flinching so moves that actually stun are
always good, thus boomerangs and bombs are mainstream weapons in a counter. 
Also using the sword parry technique is always something you should remember in
a sword vs. sword matchup.


	Jigglypuff's finess is her midair game, so don't play one with her, she
will likely out do you. Try to keep your distance and play an early 
"Projectile" game then when the damage gets past the 60% play a "Physical" 
ground game with smashes and basic attacks. Hurricane Blade attacks are a good
plan as it can be charged and can also stop a good deal of her attacks. Jiggly
is easy to KO because she is light, so always try to give good launch distance
attacks on her.

****Counter the Counter****
Strangely I have found Jigglypuff counters playing dodge and grab games. So
if the baloon is playing to near ground start playing some aerials to pop this
pink puff. Always use a bomb + Sword Drop combo rather than a Sword Drop only
move to ensure a clean hit. Spiking a baloon is more fun with explosives right?
All I can say is short hops with aerials are fun and effective if jiggly is 
attempting any sort of counter game out there. Projectiles work wonders always
remember this.

 King Dedede

	Another biggie, and he is also pretty slow. "Hit and run" games work 
the best here as a good DDD player will spam waddle dee/doo and keep 
projectiles away from DDD. Bombs are really the only logical projectiles here.
Aerials work well in the "Hit and Run" tactic as he really doesn't have much 
antiair moves. He has multiple recovery jumps making him slightly better at 
getting back on the stage than most heavy weight characters. Bombs and Sword 
Drop comboes shine in this match up with great results. His reach is scary so 
keeping enough distance to make a side dodge is improtant. 

****Counter the Counter****
The King can't counter the Toon. Thats all I can say. The only counter move I
know of from DDD against Toon Link is to Dodge incloming Sword Drops. What 
does this mean? Add a bomb to the drop and watch the magic happen. I don't have
much else to say. Bombs are king!!!


	Kirby is pretty easy personally. He is easy to KO, small, can hardly
apply any distance pressure at all. He is good at falling with his Stone attack
and you should keep that in mind when directly below him. Roll dodges are smart
when he trys to use stone, and it also procides you with good time to dish out
some quick damage. Try to play "Projectile" games as he isn't hot at dodging 
quick projectiles like Toon Links arrows. When he is around 70%, start trying
to smash him off the stage. Sword Drops are smart too, as he actually gets 
a good launch from it unlike most mid weight characters.

****Counter the Counter****
Play as normal, Kirby shouldn't be countering you too much. If you can't stop
him, I don't know what to tell you. Bombs are always there, remember this.


	Link is slower than Toon Link, giving you almost every advantage 
available. Stay close, use midair attacks, and dodge his smashes. Link isn't
as good as Toon Link at aerial attacks so use this to your advantage. Arrows
are useless because his shield blocks most of them (annoying). Hit him fast
and hard as well as playing a very "Physical" game. Projectile games will hard
to do with Link so keep to close range at all times. Roll dodges are important
and you should learn to dodge his attacks with ease as they are similar to Toon

****Counter the Counter****
Your faster than him, and have similar attacks... I think you can handle it. 
Just play the faster moves and you will be fine. 


	Lucario is a ranged and close range fighter, making him hard to play
against. For lucario, the thing you need to remember is the higher the damage 
he has, the more damage he does, so try to KO him asap. His projectile game is 
fairly weak until he is in his 100% and above so playing a "projectile game" 
early works decently well. Pull out a bomb whenever you are not attacking so 
you can throw it at him anytime you might need to. Play close for most the 
match and use quick strikes with standard attacks and forward smashes. The 
forward smash is most likely your KO tool for this match up. Boomerang when 
ever you return to the stage to stop him from intercepting you and sword drop 
often, as he isn't to fast at blocking attacks from above him. Don't overuse 
Sword drops as they might rack up to much damage for him, creating a beast of 
power. Try to KO him every chance you get. Play aggressive.

****Counter the Counter****
Lucario has a counter move, Double Team, which actually counters attacks. Bombs
work but Double Team I believe can actually dodge them (OMFG!!!). What to do,
what to do? Well, try setting up combos with a projectile then a physical 
attack so that lucario counters the projectile but not the real strike. Bomb
Clouding is always a suprise but make sure to use it sparingly as it hurts
you too. If he's using double team a lot, don't attack with physical strikes
first, always start with a projectile before running in to hit hard.


	Lucas like to use those special and projectile attacks alot. So what 
this means is that a close range "Physical" game is the best option. Beware of 
his up smash, it is  slow but it is extreamly powerful, so avoid that attack at
all costs. Just keep hitting him with side smashes and basic attacks to get him
weak and then just try to score a KO. His midair game is good so aerials aren't
the best option but Sword Drops still work well for most occasions. You can 
also use projectiles against Lucas as his PSI-Magnet doesn't absorb physical
projectiles, so use boomerangs and bombs as well as your close range moves.

****Counter the Counter****
A Lucas playing a counter game will use the small quick hits on you. Luckily
for you, you have bombs and faster fast moves. Use them and BAM! You have a
counter counter.


	Luigi is a King at aerial games, as his air karate chop (midair side) 
and down spiral (midair down) are both very, very good aerial moves. So don't
play a aerial game. Try to play some projectiles mixed in with ground basic 
attacks. Whenever Luigi is vulnerable, smash him hard while you can. Play
"Deffensive" and shield or block most of his attacks. Watch out for missfires
and Super Jump Punches because both basically mean instant KO. So don't get to
close to Luigi, just enough to hit him with your sword. Hurricane Blade attacks
work well as a anti air move after Luigi does a Super Jump Punch, but remember
to do them mid air to get more launch power from it.

****Counter the Counter****
Luigi has a hard time countering any character with a sword and always will. 
If he is breaking you down close range switch to a "Projectile" game. Watch out
for his grabs and stay some distance. This lack of traction is an advantage 
when hs is shielding so always be observant and try not to follow up attacks
if he slids back as that will just give him a chance to hit you under your down


	Mario's Cape can relfect your projectiles so a projectile game is not 
a good idea. Try for a "Physical" game. Mario is a pretty basic character, and
should just be delt with by using any combo of midair, smashes, and basic 
attacks. Just keep applying pressure and play aggresive.

****Counter the Counter****
Err. I don't know of any counter moves for Mario vs. Toon Link. Mostely because
he is the most basic of basic characters. Just watch his game and figue the 
player not the character out and counter with that.


	Marth isn't good at blocking explosives, so bombs are essential. Spam 
these as well as play a aerial game as marth has a bad aerial finess. He is 
fast so try to keep the battle controlled and keep away from his combos. Watch
his moves and don't fall for a counter. Down aerials with bombs combo is golden
and will probobly end up helping you knock him down. Smashes are good but look
out for his forward smash as it has good range, power, and speed. Whenever 
Marth trys to counter use a grab to stop him. Be very observative when playing
against Marth.

****Counter the Counter****
Like Ike, Marth has a counter move called "counter". Like above, you have two 
options to stop a counter move. 1. Use a bomb, they explode anyways or 2. Grab
him as you can't counter a grab with counter. Sword parrys are available in 
this matchup, keep this in mind, so if he tries a quick sword hit, use your 
quick sword attack back to stop it in style. Besides the cool *ching* sound
is always fun. If Marth starts to utillize his superior speed, play a more 
"deffensive" game and try to get him when you can. 

 Meta Knight

	Meta Knight has very fast close range attacks but is poor at long 
distance fighting. "Projectile" games are the best option and should be your
first choice. He has some tricks for midair battles, so try to keep the midair
battle limited when fighting him. Use arrows, bombs, and boomerang strikes to
weaken him and then when you feel up to it play "Defensive" and try to land a
powerful smash to knock him off the stage. He has many recovery options so be 
ready to knock him again if he recovers back to the stage. Shielding is good to
stop some of his quick basic attacks.

****Counter the Counter****
Watch out for Dimmensional Cape, as it is a very tough move to predict and hard
to counter. If you see it comming, SHIELD. That is all I can say for that move.
He has fast sword action and Toon Link's sword is almost as fast, and parrying 
is an option as always with sword duels. Metaknight is going to try to utilize
his speed to his advantage so Bombs are a good way to stop his comboes and also
as a way to slow him down for a bit. Keep projectile moves at your ready and 
if he starts dodging them, play a mixup game to dissorient the player as to how
you are playing then switch back to either a "projectile" or "deffensive" game.

 Mr. Game & Watch

	MG&W is a light character and is therefore easy to KO at low percents.
Smashes are the uptmost effective moves you can use on him as he really can't
do much to stop them. He is good at combos, so watch patterns of his attacks
and learn to counter them. He has a down midair that is similar to your Sword
Drop so keep away from being directly below him. Just keep playing "Physical" 
and use all those strong moves.

****Counter the Counter****
Mr. G&W is stuck with almost no moves to counter Toon Link, and his counter
move, the bucket, can't catch any of Toon Links projectiles leaving him almost
hopeless. If he tries to get above you in order to keep from being under you,
use a bomb thrown up followed by and Up aerial or a Hurricane Blade. Mr. Game 
& watch has many high priority moves but Toon Links bombs and Sword Drops are
also high priority. Use the Bombs + sword Drops if he tries to counter someway
on the ground. 


	Ness is a lot like Lucas, but he has many more physical options. Ness
is a character that uses a lot of physical and special attacks. Try using basic 
attacks and quick midair strikes to weaken him. Then when you feel confident,
try to smash him off the stage. Just be careful for his Bat and PK Fire, which 
are both solid attacks. Fire will stop you for a bit, so avoid it. Play 
"Physical" and hit hard and fast. Projectiles also work as his PSI-Magnet 
doesnt absorb physical projectiles, so use boomerangs and bombs as you would in
any other match.

****Counter the Counter****
Like Lucas, Ness counters Toon Link with quick small hits. Well use your quick
small hits and Bomb Clouding to run supreame in a counter matchup.


	Olimar is nothing without pikmin, so try to kill his pikmin and hit 
him in the same attack, so Hurricane Balde attacks are very smart, both on the
ground and midair. His only long distance attacks are pikmin throw and his 
Pikmin Chain, which you should avoid at all costs, as the Chain can have very
long reach when he has a lot of pikmin. Play a "Comboed" match by using both
projectiles to abuse his lack of long distance attacks and physical attacks
to keep him distanced and also pressured to pluck more pikmin. Play smart.

****Counter the Counter****
Well, all Olimars counter moves involve Pikmin. What does this mean? Well of 
course, kill the little vegetables. Use sword strikes and bombs to kill 
multiple pikmin at once and when olimar is pikminless he really can't do much
to stop you. Avoid a the pikmin chain as its reach is broken when, as I will
call it, fully pikminized. If you get pikmin thrown on you, hurricane blade or
Bomb Cloud them off, that simple. It's kind of like in the windwaker when those
little spiky things latch onto you. Just spin them off. 


	Peach is pretty weak close range, and is much more feirce midair and
at a distance with her Vegetable throws. Projectiles can be blocked by her
Toad attack so a "Physical" game is the best option. Use throws and basic 
attacks to weaken her an then finaly use side smashes and up smashes to KO her.
Just keep attacking her fast and she should he easy.

****Counter the Counter****
Players who play peach know very well that her turnips are like Toon Links
bombs, in that they are hard to dodge. The biggest threat is the vegetables 
intercepting your bombs as the toad can't do it. Scary she can counter the 
bombs, but that doesn't render them useless. She will throw turnips on you
if she is grounded and you are midair, so thats not going to work. I recommend
you get very close and personal and teach that bitch a lesson or two with a
very sharp object. She can't counter swords for shit as far as I know, so quick
small or strong sword strikes work best to stop the turnip madness. Also bomb
clouding is an option if you get stuck. Just don't let vegetables be the end 
of you.


	Annoying as hell. Pikachu has 3 moves that can be abused the hell out 
of, Volt Drive (side smash), Discharge (down smash), and Thunder (down special).
So the best thing you can do is to keep out of range of these attacks, and 
discharge can be spammed the hell out of, so almost never stand next to pikachu,
as thunder is also viable here. Using Boomerang throws to knock pikachu back as
you jump around playing a "hit and run" "projectile" game is key. Throwing 
bombs is also very important. Sword Drops (down midair) are slightly harder to 
connect as thunder can interrupt it, but very rarely, this is where 
�bomb drops� are used. A bomb drop is jumping above the foe with a held bomb 
throwing it down to stun the opponent and then do a sword drop to get a square 
hit. This should work well. The tip of volt drive is weaker than the start 
shock from pikachus face, so staying further back is good. Midair fighting, 
Toon Link gains the advantage, so an aerial game may work if pikachu doesn't 
do thunder jumps (jumping forward and casting thunder but the bolt never hits 
pikachu to stun him for a few seconds). Arrows are good for racking up damage, 
and sword spins are a good idea if pikachu closes up on you as its startup time 
is great.

****Counter the Counter****
Thunder counters everything aerial and can be used in a fancy way by jumping 
then summoning the bolt of lightning down and continuing moving forward in the
air to ignore the bolt feedback on the little yellow pokemon which can help it
set itself up for another aerial. If that bolt is flying, you better run for 
cover. If you are playing on a stage with platforms that can stop the bolts,
use this to your advantage to stop pikachus thunder madness and then you can
work with aerials again. Thunder shock can be blocked with Links tiny shield
as far as I remember to if that little spark is comming towards you stop and
let the shield take the bolt. Bombs are a great tool to use to stop any sort of
combo pikachu may start. Always remember to have a bomb in hand at all times
in any battle to open up millions of counters and options. Bomb Clouding can 
be your best friend... Even though it hurts you a little.


	Pit is annoying and should never be fought from a distance. Watch out
for players spamming his Angel Ring. Aerial attacks are your best bet and fight
close to keep him slighly more limited. Just keep bashing away and dodging his
attacks and victory should be easy. Also keep clear from a foe who spams his 
ultra fast Palutuna's Arrows's, as they can also be altered in trajectory by
using the joy stick.

****Counter the Counter****
Pit can angle his Angel Arrows, so be cautious of this as the fact they can be
fired a high speeds. A pit player will use evasion and smashes to stop Toon 
Link, so lets use stun items such as the boomerang and the bombs. Every time
he tries to run past you throw a bomb in his direction to stop him and then 
run in for a good hit. (C) stick is good for aiming the bomb throws so use
this if you are using the gamecube controller or the classic controller.

 Pokemon Trainer

	Pokemon Trainer has three movesets...


	Charizard is the heavy weight so fight him like any other slow big 
character, use "projectiles" and "Hit and Run" strategys. Aerials are good for
beating up charizard and bomb comboes work well. Just keep distance, apply
projectile pressure and hit hard when the opportunity arises. 


	Ivysaur likes projectiles so a "Physical" strategy is the best option.
Keep hitting him with quick basic and smash attacks as well as throwing in 
some grabs. Just keep close and play grounded and Ivysaur should be a piece of

	Squirtle is fast and his up smash is powerful. But that doesn't mean
a projectile game is a good idea. He is quick enough to dodge many of those 
kinds of attacks. So keep close and hit him with your fastest moves and keep
a "Physical" game going. 

****Counter the Counter(s)****
Most likely you will be seeing Ivysaur the most in this counter matchup. 
His bullet Seed is an insane aerial counter even for Blade Drops. Well bombs
counter this, Bomb + Sword Drops can stop the seeds and allow you to get that
nice clean hit in. Razor Leaf is a pain as a projectile so try to keep the game
close range to stop the leafs. Squirtle has a little move called withdrawl
which can stop most attacks from doing anything. If you don't know which move
this one is, its the one where he swirls around in his shell like a red shell
and is his (B) + (<) or (>) move. Charizard's Earthquake (Down smash) is a pain
as it interputs all grounded foes. Why not shot hop to avoid this pain if the
opponent uses it too much. When charging any moves, be aware that squirtle can
counter these slow to start moves with a fully charged Water Gun, which will 
almost always be charged up to be used. So quick hits instead of charaged ones
are better to stop the squirtle counter moves. Squirtles down smash has a lot
of priority, and is the move that shows two burst of water exploding from the 
ground one on his right side and another on his left. If you so your oppenent 
using this too much, start using projectiles instead despite his small size.
Bombs can be used to stop squirle from charging a water gun, so use them when
he starts charging it.


	R.O.B. is a projectile player, so a "Physical" game is a good idea.
Most of his close range attacks aren't too dangerous so keep hitting him with
quick basic and smashes. Boomerang and bombs work too but try to keep them at
a minimal. Rob is also not too hot at aerial combat so midair attacks work well
as well as antiair ground attacks. Just keep applying physical pressure.

****Counter the Counter****
Watch out for that gyro top thingy. That thing at full charge is hella annoying
and works wonders for counters. Also his recovery move has a lot of gas and 
will help him dodge all sorts of attacks. One thing to notice is that when he 
uses his midair attacks his character actually stops midair. So this is almost
like him being stunned while attacking. Use bombs and boomerangs to stop his
run aways maddness and use projectiles to stop the gyro top as that thing can
be a pain in the ass. Toon Link doesn't like that gyro top as it is fast and 
hard to counter.


	Samus is good with projectiles but very poor at aerial combat, so 
aerials are really good for this match up. Keep close and play either a 
"Physical" or "Defensive" game. Watch out for her down basic as it has
fantastic power and launch power, and that should be your most feared close
range attack from her as well as her side and down smashes. Just keep close and
don't let her use missiles or power beam attacks. Sword Drops also work well 
here and bomb comboes are also viable. 

****Counter the Counter****
Guess what, a samus player may find using projectiles a good counter, but for
you, standing still and leting the small shield take the missile works. Sadely
a fully charged charge beam cant be blocked, so take note on this. Samus was
the character that invented the Bomb Clouding and she is good at it. She will
use bombs over and over again and when using it she rolls into a small morph
ball which makes her harder to see and hit as well. Don't let her bomb cloud 
you, as she doesn't have anything to lose doing it unlike you who takes damage.
Try to keep some distance but also try to stay in close. Watch out for samuses
down standard (A) attack which has her aiming her connon to the ground then a
big burst of explosion comes out which has extreamely high KO potential and is
quite likely one of her best moves, by a longshot. If you face a player using 
this move a lot, stay aerial to avoid it.


	Sheik is fast and being so she is good to stay close to. Her attacks
may be faster but if you play a "Defensive" game, you should have the upper 
hand. Beware of her needle attacks as they can iflict a good deal of damage.
Just keep dodging and hiting back. This is a basic stratagy but really there 
isn't much else to say except that aerials also can work well in this matachup.

****Counter the Counter****
Shieks needles can be countered with a stand still small shield block, so 
if she plans on using them, don't move let the shield take it. Her chain can
be annoying, but if you are holding a bomb, your in luck, it will explode and
get you out of the chain frenzy and let you hit her when she tries to recover
by pulling the chain in. A player who really plan to counter Toon Link will use
a hit and run type of strategy, so lets stop it with some up (A) moves, bombs,
boomerangs, and down smashes. problem solved.


	Snake is hard thing to deal with, as he is both good at ranged and 
close quarters combat. His up smash is highly spamable and when charged had 
amazing vertical reach. First he can use the up smash to have the mortar hit
you up into the air above it and then the bomb comes out and hits you with a 
good chance of a KO. Try not to play too close to Snake as this single move 
combo can be a bitch. His forward smash is very slow but also very very strong
and can KO at very low percents. Dodge if you see it comming. His grenades and 
rockets are annoying if they hit you, so try to stay a decent distance away 
from him and try to play a "hit and run" game while also using projectiles to
dish out damage. Snake is only decent midair, but Toon Link has much better 
aerials than him, so fighting midair can also be ideal. Just avoid all the 
explosives and you should be fine.

****Counter the Counter****
His mortar cannon can counter your aerials, so if your foe spams them, don't
jump on top of him and try to hit him, he'll just blast you out of the sky.
snake can also short throw his grenades so be warry of this and be ready to 
shield. Really, snakes only counter attack is the mortar so just stop jumping 
if he spams it.


	Sonic is fast, and hard to hit, but he is also very bad at knocking 
foes off the stage, so stay close and use running grabs, smashes, and running
attacks. Do this and he is pretty much hindered to play a speed game. Just keep
adding pressure and hit hard and fast. Boomerangs are good choice to stop his
running and short hop aerials can work as well. Just use fast attacks.

****Counter the Counter****
A sonic player countering Toon Link will utilize his rolling moves. So learning
to side step these are important. Also, his homing spin is annoying and I 
really don't know much to say about it. Bombs are great to stop the rushing 
demon and boomerangs do well to stop those rolling attacks as well.

 Toon Link

	Er, this is tough, just try to hit before him and play a more aerial
game. Facing yourself is tough but if you can do everything the opponent can
but better, you can win. Projectiles are not the best option, smashes are! Use
strong attacks as well as basic and aerials. Play a "Physical" game, and you 
should be able to hold on and beat him.

****Counter the Counter****
....Read above....Seriously....


	Wario is a heavy weight but is also a very bad at playing against a 
"Hit and Run" strategy. Aerials and projectiles work amazingly here so just 
keep spaming them and dodging. Try to avoid and close range fighting unless
you are going in for a short hop aerial. Sword Drops work well here and any
combos you can think of should work good too.

****Counter the Counter****
Wario's Bike can stop most of Toon Links projectiles. So if you opponent knows
about this, your match up will be a bit harder. Try to knock him of his bike
with Sword Drops and bombs, I believe can still deal damage to the bike. If
his bike is on the ground, go ahead and throw it on him for laughs. His chomp
attack (basic (B)) can swallow up thown items, even bombs (eww, sulfur in the
system can't be good for you Wario, bad choice...) So if the jaws open dont 
throw stuff at it. However if the object is large enough, it takes him a while 
to digest it, giving ample time to smash the hell out of the large jawed freak.


	Wolf is slower than Fox and Falco, but he is still quick and strong.
His side smash has almost no start up time so watch out for them. His basic
attacks are also good, but by appling Hurricane Blade attacks to suck him in
and end his attack frenzys will help you dearly in the long run. Playing aerial
is also good but watch out for his Wolf Flash as it can be used as an antiair
attack. Just keep playing a "Physical" game and avoid using projectiles as he
still has the ability to use a Reflector.

****Counter the Counter****
Wolf can counter projectiles, but we already knew this... Use the same stategy
for wolf as fox and falco, if he is above you, thow a bomb up and chain it with
a up Aerial or a Hurricane Blade. Wolf's > smash is annoying so try to play 
more hit and run if your opponent is a fan of this move. 


	Almost any strategy will work. So try many things out, Yoshi doesn't
excel in any one area but he is still a all around decent player. So watch for
how your foe plays him and try to play off of that. Yoshi counts as a mid heavy
weight so he can be a little hard to KO at some times. Watch out for his Yoshi
Bomb attack as it has good power like bowsers Bowser Bomb.

****Counter the Counter****
Yoshi has no counter except he can throw eggs to stop bombs, but that takes 
extreame skill to do. Other than that he has nothing to threaten Toon Link.


	Zelda is a long range fighter and uses projectiles. So a close fight is
good, but her smashes also have a lot of power so, playing "Defensive" is the
best option for this scenario. Also, Zelda isn't too great in the aerial 
department so try and hit her with a lot of aerials. Basic and smashes are both
your primary options and should be used the most. Projectiles are worthless
as Nayru's Love can reflect any projectile. Her Din's Fire can be aimed to hit 
far or close, high or low, so keep an eye out for that attack as well.

****Counter the Counter****
Nayru's Love counters all of Toon Links projectiles, so only use bombs for 
sword drops. A smart Zelda player will try to stay very far away from you and
use Din's Fire to hit you at extreamely long range, and it can be aimed.
My advice to stop the little ball of fire... Jump. Yes, jump is a good idea.
If the player is trying to be a projectile Zelda, get in close and give the 
bitch some of your blade. Aerials work wonders as they make din's fire hard to

 Zero Suit Samus

	She can be tough, and at close range she dominates. Play a "Projectile"
game and steer clear from all her plasma attacks especially the Plasma Wire
as it pulls you in. Just keep using bombs, arrows, and dash attacks. Stay 
clear from any of her paralysis attacks as they can equal doom to you. Use 
your shield often to keep the plasma attacks from hiting you. Hurricane Blade
is also a good choice but time it well when using it. Grabs can work but you
have to be very careful. When she is at a high percent try using smashes to KO
her. This can be a hard match up, but practice makes perfect.

****Counter the Counter****
Again like I stated above, all her paralysis attacks are key to stoping Toon
Link and they are by far some of the best attacks in the game. Her whip has
some crazy range and never say she doesn't have antiair counters because, if
you are above her, she can either hit you with a up midair or a plasma wire
that sucks you in to her area where she can follow up with a stun then a nice
clean kick or zap. Keep bombs going and use them to stop her from using a 
plasma wire to counter a Sword Drop. I recommend using bombs to start attacks 
then rushing in to get the nice hit in. That is a safe way to go.


|   XV. Q&A    |

Question: What tier is Toon Link in? Is he on top or underused?

Answer: There is no official tier and I expect there won't be one for a while.
        But personally, Toon Link, IMO, would be in the Top 5 characters of
        Brawl, but I'm sure others would think so otherwise.

Question: Why do you think Toon Link is better than Link? Link is way better!!!
          Your retarded!!!

Answer: I never said Toon Link was better than Link. Based on statistics and
        the boards, Toon Link is better, but still, all the characters in Brawl
        are balanced, and no character is better than the other. It's really
        based on the player using the character.

Question: Dude, what�s your friend code?

Answer: I don't know you...

Question: Hey some of the shit you said was sooooo wrong! ~ is way better than
          you say! And ~ doesn't do ~ thing.

Answer: Really! Well if you know something I don't, send me an email via
        [email protected] and tell me about it, I�ll look into it
        and possibly add it to my next edit. I will also put full credit on the
	find to you! Good deal, really...

Question: This guide SUCKS!!! WTF, ROFLMAO!!!

Answer: You suck...

Question: There are some Techniques that you didn't cover that are all over the
          boards... Why don't you have them in this guide?

Answer: Well if there is a new technique I haven�t heard of, email me, I'll 
	look into it and possibly add it to my next edit.

Question: I don't agree with your character strategy, there are much better 
	  ways to beat __________!!!

Answer: Hrm, well email me about it and I'll cheak it out. If it works I'll add
        it to my next edit and put full credit from you in the guide under
        that characters section! I'll keep mine up but there will also be yours
        to think about as well. I'm also looking for experienced players with 
	other characters to give me more tips on fighting their character.

Question: Is Toon Link like the Young Link for Brawl?

Answer: By all means no. They are way different. Young Link was basically the
	same as Adult Link in Melee, but young link could run in a trade for
	weight and strength. He also had fire arrows. Toon Link is much more
	different in that most of his projectiles, namely the bow, fly much 
	straighter and farther. His boomerang does a lot more than young links,
	and his general attack range (his sword) is much larger. In a way, I
	guess you could call him a buffed up Young Link. Toon Link runs faster
	as well. If you were a fan of Young Link in Melee, I would still say 
	that you would probobly like Toon Link more than Link, but if you liked
	Adult Link in Melee, Link is still for you. 


|   XVI. Special Thanks   |

-First of I would like to than Nintendo and HAL Lab's for creating this great
 game! I can't wait for the next Super Smash already!!!

-I would like to thank Gamefaq for hosting this guide as well as any other
 websites that are hosting this guide as well, you guys rock!!!

-I would like to thank Eskimomario550 for his email about Ness and Lucases, PSI
 Magnet only absorbing special projectiles not physical. I fixed this and am
 glad you pointed out my mistake. Also thanks for giving me more info on the 
 midair hookshot. It's much better than we initialy thought and I am glad you
 emailed me about this.

-I would like to thank Tenks, Paul Choi, and Jordan Lovato for emailing me 
 about the Bomb Jumps. I am glad to add it to my guide and thank you for your

-I would like to thank Ron Baumsteiger for emailing me about the boomerang and
 Nair's usefulness. I have added more about them in edit 1.5 and am glad that
 you pointed out the usefulness of these moves more than I intitialy described.

-I would like to thank Shreeram for emailing me about me saying Toon Links 
 arrows are faster than Links. I made a typo and fixed it in edit 1.5. Thanks
 a lot!

-I would like to thank James Jelin for emailing me about adding more to the 
 Link vs. Toon Link section. I have added the bomb radius and Dair bounce and
 speed to the section in edit 1.5. Thanks again.

-I would like to thank o0frozen for emailing me about editing my Snake matchup
 section. I made this a large edit in 1.6 so my thanks are unlimited.

-I would like to thank Rundogrun1189 for the Dedede advice. Projetile games
 arent the best option, thanks for the background DDD experience and telling me
 about the Waddle Dee/doo's being used as a sheild of sorts.

-I would like to thank Gary O'donnel for the fan throwing combos idea.

-I would also like to thank Kenneth Li for advising me to add the Bomb 
 invincibility to the bomb clouding technique.

-I would like to thank the boards for being so damn fast at retrieving info,
 so that I could get some of my facts straight.

-Thanks to some of my friends at home for helping me get all the statistics for
 Toon Link.

-I would also like to thank all those who have found this guide useful, thanks
 for being supportive.

-I would also like to thank all those Toon Link fans out there. TOON LINK FTW!


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