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Follow the dark path or use the light


by IceQueenZer0

------------------------------- [ SONIC 4: EPISODE I ] ------------------------
-------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
------------------------------- [ Wii, PSN, XBLA, IP ] ------------------------


For the first time since 1994, the classic Sonic series has a true sequel that
is being brought to the table. As you can see by the title, it will be split up
into multiple episodes. With 4 zones per game. Unlike most Wiiware games, this
one carries a $15 price tag.


Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and its characters are trademarks of Sega and
all copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero (or the Zophar Queen if you prefer) and cannot be put on other
sites or posted without my given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper


From the official site:

Our hedgehog's tale begins as Sonic's animal friends start disappearing from
South Island. Soon after, Sonic discovers that the evil scientist Dr. Eggman
has been kidnapping them and turning them into robots - all as part of a plot
to collect a legendary treasure known the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic decides it's up
to him to save them, and embarks on a quest to free his friends. As Sonic and 
Eggman clash throughout many different zones, Sonic eventually pursues Eggman
to the Final Zone, where the first in many epic battles between them begins. 
In the end, Sonic is victorious, and Eggman's mecha flies away badly damaged.
A happy ending secured, Sonic returns to Green Hill Zone and reunites with his

Their reunion is short lived, however, as Eggman resurfaces and begins kidnapp-
ing Sonic friends again, now in an effort to create more workers to finish the
new plans for his ultimate weapon - the Death Egg! This time, Sonic has help in
the form of a two-tailed fox named Miles 'Tails' Prower, who dreams of one day
going as fast as Sonic. Together, the two embark on a new mission through West
Side Island in an effort to free their friends and ensure Eggman does not ob-
tain the seven Chaos emeralds to fuel the Death Egg.

Once the West Side Island is freed, Sonic and Tails board the Tornado, take to
the skies, and assault the Death Egg itself.  After destroying Mecha Sonic, 
Eggman flees and enters his final trump card - a huge robot modeled after 
Eggman himself! After a heated battle, Sonic defeats Eggman one-on-one, and the
Death Egg begins to explode.

Saved from his fall down to the planet by Tails, the two fly down and come 
across a mysterious island called Angel Island. Originally, the island was 
floating through the power of very precious stone called the Master Emerald,
but the Death Egg's impact with the island itself sent it plummeting into the
water. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and begins to explore, but is suddenly
attacked by a red Echidna named Knuckles - the guardian of the island, and of 
the Master Emerald itself.

Knuckles, tricked by Eggman into thinking that Sonic and Tails are the evil-
doers out to steal the Master Emerald, pulls a cheap shot and steals the Chaos
emeralds from Sonic. While Sonic and Tails are entangled by Knuckles, Eggman 
repairs the Death Egg and preps it for launch.

Sonic manages to jump on Death Egg just as it starts taking off. Here, Eggman
returns to defeat Sonic through excessive force - but that force proves to be 
his own undoing. As Sonic defeats Eggman once more, the battle has already 
taken its toll on the Death Egg during a critical point of its launch, and the
Death Egg plummets back to Angel Island.

Back on the ground, Dr. Eggman has not given up yet, and begins to proceed with
rebuilding the Death Egg. Feeling Knuckles has served his purpose, he sends 
EggRobo to eliminate this potential threat. EggRobo finds Knuckles relaxing in
Mushroom Hill Zone - and attempts to eliminate him with a bomb -  but Knuckles,
whether through luck or toughness, survives the attack. Enraged, the wild 
Echidna sets off to defeat EggRobo. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails explore the 
island to find traces of the Death Egg and discover Eggman's fate. After an 
epic showdown between Sonic and Knuckles, Eggman uses the opportunity to 
finally steal the Master Emerald and re-launch the Death Egg. With the power of
the emeralds, Sonic goes after Eggman, who has now taken the Master Emerald 
into space.

As Knuckles finishes his showdown with Mecha Sonic, the real hedgehog chases 
Eggman through space, ultimately destroying his doomsday plans - with it, the 
Death Egg saga comes to a close.

Sonic and Tails secure the Master Emerald and return it to Knuckles on Angel 
Island. With its power restored, Angel Island lifts off into the sky as Sonic
and Tails fly off into the sunset.

But this humiliating defeat only serves to further Eggman's rage, and he has 
determined once and for all to rid himself of Sonic. Eggman revisits - and 
improves - the very best of his creations to defeat our spiked hero.

And so a new Adventure begins...


The game is played with the Wiimote turned sideways.

2 button to jump
2 button while in midair for Homing Dash
1 button goes back to a previous menu or declines choice
Down + 2 button to Spin Dash
Left or Right to Move
Up to look up
Down to look down or crouch
A button, go to next zone after beating one
+ button pauses the game


Ring - protects you from one hit but you will lose all of your collected rings
and you will have to recollect as much as you can. Collect 100 of these for an
extra life.

Lampost - These are checkpoints for which you will start from when you lose a

10-ring box - Worth 10 rings.

1-up box - worth an extra life

Sneakers box - Run faster.

Invincibility box - can't be harmed for a limited amount of time

Shield box - protects you from one hit


**From Sonic 1**

Motobug - Very first Badnik to appear in a Sonic game. As a throwback to Sonic 
1, it is the first enemy you will meet in Sonic 4.

Newtron - It appears in the Splash Hill Zone and it can either spit a pink 
bullet at you or rocket towards you. You cannot harm it if it is firing at you
because the wall will block you.

Chopper - Pirhana robot that hops out of the waters in Splash Hill to chomp at
you in a sneak attack.

Burrobot - Appears in Lost Labyrinth and has its nose sticking out to show its
location waiting for you to get close before it springs out.

Orbinaut - As before there are two types. The red ones throws it spikes at you
one by one until it runs out. The green ones now spread their spikes away from
its body a little thus making it easier to hit safely.

**From Sonic 2**

Buzzer: Flies around Mushroom hill and shoots a bullet from its stinger.

Asteron - appears in Mad Gear and when you close, it will shoot it's bullets in
five directions by killing itself.

Shellcracker - uses its claw to try to catch you slipping. At least it gives
you a split second to dodge in this game.

Slicer - Praying Mantis robot that throws its arms at you like a boomerang and
they are hard to avoid.

Crawl - carries a bumper shield to repel you. Attack it from the back.

**From Sonic 3 & Knuckles**

Batbot - Appears only in Casino Street. They constantly follow you around from
screen to screen until they die or get a far enough distance.

Bubbles - They pretty much serve as obstacles that can help you get to higher
places but the red ones can hurt you if their spikes are showing.


Each zone is a throwback to a previous sonic level and the bosses even match
that zone.

Splash Hill = Green Hill from Sonic 1 with a little bit of Emerald Hill from
Sonic 2.

Casino Street = Casino Night from Sonic 2 with a little bit of Carnival Night
from Sonic 3

Lost Labyrinth = Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 with a little bit of Sandopolis
from Sonic & Knuckles

Mad Gear = Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 with a little bit of Hydrocity Zone 2
from Sonic 3.

E.G.G. Station = Death Egg Zone from Sonic 2.


-No matter how powerful you are, you will automatically die when smashed, time
runs out, drown, or if you fall down a bottomless pit.

-Sonic's rolling physics have been nerfed so you are better off, running up a
90 degree angle slope than rolling up.

-Gather 50 rings and a giant ring appears at the end of the stage. Jump into it
to go to the Special Stage.

-Each level after Splash Hill Act 1 gets innovative with new devices.

-Gather all 7 emeralds to see the true ending.


Since the levels have many different routes, I'm not going to be to thorough
with the walkthrough unless I have to such as with the later levels.

~~Splash Hill Act 1: The Adventure Begins~~

You don't really need much help in this zone since it is the first level and it
is supposed to be easy enough for you to handle but I'll give you some advice
on what to look for. 

-Use the homing attack sequence on the Bubbles gang to get to the Sneakers 
early in the level. 

-Some springs are hidden underneath rocks. Use the homing attack to destroy the

-Be careful where you stand, the Newtrons in this level will form on walls and
spit a bullet at you. You cannot harm them because the walls are solid.

-Another reason to be careful where you stand is because some spikes will come
out through the ground and hurt you.

-Towards the end, be careful not to land on the spikes after using the speed
booster. Same when the Buzzer after using the Spring past it.

~~Splash Hill Act 2: High Speed Athletics~~

Now things start to get more innovative where I can go into more details. At
the start of the level, you have to swing back and forth on the vine to get
enough leverage to swing over the hill. Get the 10-ring box and I find it easy
to take the low road. Run through the corkscrew and through the loop and you
will end up on the vine. Take a high swing and use the Homing Attack on the
two Bubbles for leverage to land on the ledge. Swing high twice. If you miss
the ledge, there is a swing where you can bounce back and try again but you got
to swing left to get on the ledge then get back on the vine. Use a homing boost
to make it easier.

You will touch a lampost and run through two loops and a corkscrew. There is an
invincibility box. Use it to get as far to the right as possible. You will more
than likely hit a sneaker box while still invincible. On the same token, the
invincibility should wear off by the time you reach a set of springs that will
bounce you straight up. The last spring will take you to the top of a hill, hit
the Speed Booster and you'll end up on a vine. Stay high and use the Bubbles to
reach the spring and go through a loop. Stay high as possible because you will
land in the spikes if you fail to reach the next hill. Use the homing attack on
the buzzer for leverage. The exit is to the right.

~~Splash Hill Act 3: Sunset Dash~~

Move to the right and you are going to take the high road. There are times when
you will use the zipline. After the first one, use the speed booster instead of
going up and watch out for the Newtrons that turn into rockets. Stay on this
path and ride two ziplines to a series of angled springs. Now you can start to
work your way up. Beware of the spikes and the Buzzer at the top. Ride on the
zipline and continue to work your way up and you will use two bubbles to reach
the next zipline. As you keep moving along the path, beware of the Newtrons on
the walls during dead ends.

Take the spring up and pull right to avoid the Bubbles and ignore the Sneakers
if you prefer and take the lower road. Kill some Bubbles and spring to the next
platform and use the ziplines. When you hit the spring, you must use the two
Bubbles to make it to the next platform or you will land in the spikes. Keep
riding the ziplines and using the Bubbles for leverage and you will reach the

~~Splash Hill Boss: Showdown with Dr. Eggman~~

A throwback to the first Sonic boss of all time. Eggman fights the same way as
he did before for the first part of the battle then after a number of hits, he
will pull in his wrecking ball and take a swipe at you with it. Eight hits and
he is done for.

~~Casino Street Act 1: Neon City Adrift in the Night~~

Ahh! The good old days of Casino Night Zone where you get to play a little game
of pinball complete with bumpers and jackpot slots. Get a speed boost up the
curves and work your way up. Get past the Crawl and run up the half pipe and
stay on there on the ground. You should end up on a pinball startup spring and
you hold the jump button to pull back and let go to release. You go through a
loop and hit a spring. Use the Bubbles to clear the spikes and be on another
pinball startup spring that shoots you straight up and into some triangular
bumpers. Use the auto flipper from the right side to vault to a manual flipper
and roll to the end of it and flip off. Hit the lamp post and go to the lower
region and use the startup spring to boost you to some manual flippers. You can
choose to play the jackpot slot for more (or less) coins or drop to the bottom
and get an invincibility box. 

Go all the way up and use the startup spring and go right and from here start
working your way down to the bottom. You will pass a 1-up box on the way. Get
past the moving column and use two startup springs and you are home free.

~~Casino Street Act 2: Road of Cards~~

Thanks to this level, there should be absolutely no excuse for getting a Game
Over for the rest of the whole game. This level just gives extra lives to you
by the dozens if you play for cards right. (no pun intended. Ti ji ji ^v^).
You will pass by lots of cards and they will either be a coin, Sonic head, or
an Eggman card. 3 Sonics gives you an extra life. 3 rings give you 10 rings and
Eggmans don't count worth anything so no worries about penalties.

Start things off by using the three glass bowls to get to the platform up top
then pass by 4 cards. Results will vary. Take the low road to touch eight more
cards total. Use the springs and start working your way upwards. Use the manual
flippers to flip a lot of cards around for potentially a whole lot of lives. Do
not drop down; just stay on your current level plane and get 4 cards and hop
on the next set of cards and hop off quickly to avoid being dumped. Use the
speed booster and kill two bubbles and pretty much stay on the ground as you
run until you reach a spring. Use three homing attacks on the pile of cards to
take a Magic Card ride. Spring up and bounce off the springs and I say just
fall past the Bubbles to the ground below. Use the two cards to get across, and
work your way to the spot where cards flip themselves back and forth. Fall down
the card with rings beneath them to collect them though they are nothing of any
specialty here.

Get the sneakers and flip over tons of cards as you run past them. You will see
a Crawl next to the Magic Cards. Get past it and take the Magic Card ride to
the next area where cards flip themselves. Stand in the middle and drop then
drop on the left and drop on the right that way you get all the cards in this
sequence and pull to the right. Just keep runnning to the right and along the
curves and you will hit more cards. More cards keep on coming as you bounce off
the springs to the top. Kill the batbots as you see them or they will keep on
chasing you. Get past the moving columns and wait for the cards to flip down so
you can use the flipper to spring past them. You will continue to stay on the
high path until you reach a spot where the cards flip like crazy. You better
time your jumps super carefully because one wrong step and its into the abyss
for you. Good you made it. Now run down the little path and get past the Crawls
here. Don't touch the auto flippers. Now this part is going to be a nightmare.
You must time the first three cards perfectly or you will fall to your death.
Make sure the first card flips up first then jump to the next and hope it flips
up too. Run down the card bridge quickly and make a leap of faith to reach safe
ground and end this level. Whew!

~~Casino Street Act 3: Casino Climax~~

The technology used in this level is a throwback to Carnival Night from Sonic 3
with the cannons being used to boost you to your destination. You will also see
the moving columns sequence from the Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1. I will use
bullet points here since you can play this level as you normally would and I'll
just give you some small tips on what to look for (I'm deviating from the path
that's drawn out).

-You can collect some rings by shooting straight up on the first cannon instead
of going the suggested direction first.

-When you see the Bubbles for the first time, don't use them for leverage. Fall
down instead and use the startup spring. You will go right at the end and you
will shoot up through some blocks. 

-From here, you can bounce off of the Crawl's shield and bounce of the spring

-With this path you are taking, you will eventually reach a Speed Booster that
leads to a cannon. Use it to go in the suggested direction then the next cannon
you can shoot straight up to get the items first then go in the suggested path.

-You will see an endless loop of curves. Jump down from the top curve path and
get the 1-up and jump to the next area.

-At the next cannon, shoot left and use the homing attack to hit the shield and
do it again to hit the spring above to the left and get the items there. Don't
go back down. There is a hidden path behind the left wall here. Use that as a
big shortcut through the level. After this path, you are almost all set.

-When you reach the cannon with two bumpers with a gap in between them, press
right once, and shoot out and hold right. You should be able to hit all three
Bubbles in succession and spring to the top.

-The final obstacle is two falling platforms. On the second one, carefully jump
through the bumpers and you are home free.

~~Casino Street Boss: Dr. Eggman's Party~~

Another throwback boss. This time he fights just like his Casino Night self in
Sonic 2. Only difference here is that he will start off trying to grab you with
his pincers and drop you into some spikes at the beginning but after a few hits
he will add electricty to his repretoire just like in Sonic 2. If you let him
stay on the screen too long he will use a buzzsaw spin.

~~Lost Labyrinth Act 1: Ancient Maze of Mystery~~

For all the curious cats out there, no you can't drown yourself by ducking into
the shallow water. There are three major shortcuts in this level. The first one
can be exploited by using some well-timed homing attacks on the Burrobots then
using the homing attack on the spring to boost you over the wall. Carefully
jump through the 3 sets of falling boulders. The first one is safe to fall into
the pit. The second major shortcut is here. Get a good bounce off the spring
and gather enough speed to be sent flying into the air to the right. Use the
Bubbles for leverage but be extra careful because there is a red one at the end
of the line and they'll hurt you if their spikes are out. Watch out for the red
Orbinaut and get past it. Here comes the third major shortcut and its a tough
one since you are going so fast. Run down the slope as two boulders chase you.
You should be able to land on some floating platforms but it is hard to stay on
them. If you stay on, you can climb to the top and skip the majority of the
level below.

You should come up across a boulder which you can push and take for a ride. To
ride it, press the d-pad in the opposite direction and keep it steady so you do
not fall off from the back of it. When you reach the lampost, go to the dead
end to avoid the boulder then zigzag your way to the spot above and run right
like hell so you will avoid the three boulders and get enough speed to avoid
the one that is chasing you. Bounce off the spring then duck into the pit to
avoid being hit. Wait for the boulder to pass a little bit then run to the edge
and use the spring. Now you can ride on three boulders in succession. The third
one has a Bubbles acting as an obstruction. Jump over or kill it and get on the
next platform. Blaze past the Burrobots and you got one last boulder to ride
and it runs on multiple rails. Careful not to fall to your death. Survive this
ride and the end of the level is to the right.

~~Lost Labyrinth Act 2: World of Darkness~~

I'll tell you now, this might be the level where you will suffer a time out
loss without any kind of horseplay on your part. It is just that difficult to
complete this zone in the alloted amount of time. You pretty much figured out
that the torch Sonic carries will light up other torches and act as a switch
activator. You also notice that you can use the torch to light up fuses to blow
up dynamite. When you do, don't stand to close or you will take damage from the
blown rocks. Now that this level is pretty straightforward for the first half
of the stage, I will skip to the part where you will need my help.

You will come across a set of four torch holders that activates five different
platform mechanisms. Leave the second one alone at all cost. Touch the last one
first and wait a little bit then touch the third and then go hit the first one
and in the process you'll jump over the first one without touching it. Jump on
the short platform and quickly jump to the right. The last torch holder should
burn out first so you can make it across. Now that was the part where I meant
you might get a time out loss because of it. Dash past the Burrobots and work
your way up. Light the torch holder on top to move the wall, and proceed to the
right. Ride the springs to the top, and maintain running speed on the left wall
to light the fuse at the end of the road. As you proceed, there are Bubbles
that will boost you to a falling platform that you can light the fuse as you
fall. You can jump off and take the higher path (both lead to same path but the
higher path is safer. Blow up one more block and you will take one last mine
cart ride. Hold right at all times and jump when necessary. You will not die if
you fail a jump, you just get sprung back up. You need to hold right so when
the ride is over, you have enough momentum to spring to the platform and end
the level.

~~Lost Labyrinth Act 3: Underwater Maze Escape~~

Now this feels more like the Labyrith Zone from Sonic 1. The level is filled
with water as well as Burrobots and Jaws with lots ofspikes. Do not stay under-
water too long without air or you will drown. Jump into air bubbles that form
on the ground to avoid drowning. When you come a part where you shift the back-
ground a little. Try to get into the gap so you get spit out onto the endless
water slide. Jump off to the right as soon as possible and hit the lamp post.
You come across a part similar to Hydrocity Act 2 from Sonic 3 where the wall
tries to crush you. Stay ahead of it at all times as the water levels rises
rapidly. When you make it out of the water, hit the lamp post. Get the shield
and invincibility and hit the switch. Time to go wild down there while you are
invincible. There is a shortcut past the Jaws where you can go through the wall
and stay near shallow land. As you proceed, the water level rises rapidly again
so make it to the top and gather some air as much as possible. There is a 10-
ring box with a switch underneath. Hit that to proceed and carefully rotate the
screen to loosen the block without touching the spikes. On the endless water
slide, you must jump off to hit two switches which are loacted on one side each
then jump off to the right to exit the level.

~~Lost Labyrinth Boss: Trap-filled Ruins~~

A two part fight. The first part is just like the Labyrinth Zone boss fight in
Sonic 1 where you have to chase Eggman through an obstacle course filled with
Orbitrons and spears as the waters continually rise. When you catch up to him,
he will not flee to end the fight. He will make some pillars rise on the sides
first then he will get into position somewhere at the top of the screen and try
to crush Sonic to death. There are many patters. 

Pattern 1: If Eggman is in the middle and pillars come in from the sides, get
ready to jump because anything above the third pillar is safe and you can get 
some hits in.

Pattern 2: If Eggman is in the middle, pillars come only from the top and the
bottom, get underneath him but get at least one hit in first.

Pattern 3: Eggman goes off to the side and only 1 pillar will come from each
surface to form a cross.

Pattern 4: Eggman goes off to the side and pillars come out from everywhere but
there is only 1 safe spot on the opposite side above the second sideway pillar.
That pillar in the third column will stop short.

Pattern 5: Same as Pattern 4 except the safe spot is around Eggman's spot.

~~Mad Gear Act 1: Dr. Eggman's Secret Base~~

Ride up the platform and use the steam to boost you high into the sky. The
level is a little straightforward at the start so I'll skip to the part where
you run into the pistons for the first time. Never stand underneath them or you
will be crushed. Always look above them to make sure you won't get spiked and
crushed to death. After the first pistons, ride past the Asterons and wait for
them to explode to avoid being hit by a stray bullet. Let the pistons come down
and make a break for it across them because the third one has twin spikes above
so no safe spot there. Enter the teleporter and get a big boost and run down
the slope through the walls and through the steam to boost high. Now use the
Bubbles to get to a high platform and kill the Shellcracker. Let the piston
come down and ride it up. The middle steam boost you the highest. You will use
the steam + Bubbles to go up constantly.

Hit the lamppost and use the steam and the Bubbles to get across again. Just
remember that there is a red Bubbles in the front this time. Get to the steam
behind the Bubbles set and use the next Bubbles set for leverage and kill the
Shellcracker if needed. You will come across a floor piston and several ceiling
pistons. Let the floor piston go down. As soon as the floor piston comes down,
rev up a Spin Dash and let go when it rises up and you'll avoid all the ceiling
pistons in rapid succession and end the level.

~~Mad Gear Act 2: Escape the Cog Trap~~

There are a bunch of cogs in this level. Jump through them and you should even-
tually come across a cog where you will run in the opposite direction to make
it move. Junp off at the end to bounce off the yellow rubberbands. Your travels
will lead to a another walking cog which will act as a gear to make a wall rise
up. Hit the lamp post and ride your way up to another invincibiity. Ride the
next cog down and get through some surfaces. You will be boosted up to where
you can hit some switches to make platforms appear. You will soon come across a
point where you fall through loose floors and ride a cog to the rght to move a
wall and bounce up a spring. Take the spring and ride it all the way to the
to the curve and hang left to avoid crashing into the Bubbles. Use a series of
homing attacks then ride one more cog upwards but beware of the Asterons and
the Slicers as they will throw projectiles at you as you ride it. Make it to
the top and you can exit stage right.

~~Mad Gear Act 3: Impending Doom~~

The kitchen sink has been thrown at you. This part of the game plays similar to
Hydrocity Act 2 on Sonic 3. Not only does the wall chase you but it has drills
that will damage you if you get too close or worse crush you to death against a
wall. My only advice is to run for your life. There are times when you can rest
a little bit when maneuvering parts of the level. I will go into some detail
since I don't want to leave ya'll hanging here.

Ride the steam upward and get an invincibility box and bounce back and forth
upwards. Careful not to get crushed and enter the teleporter. Now you got a
little grace period where you can jump up the cogs and roll down some tilting
platforms and hit the spring for a boost to the right. Get moving quick so you
can get two 1-ups. There is a switch you must hit past the second one to avoid
being trapped. Avoid being crushed in these parts and enter the teleporter. You
come across another grace period. Jump through the loose floor and land on the
moveable cog. Ride it to the right to and get past the pistons quickly, and
work your way down the tiltable platforms without hitting the spikes. After the
second set, the wall comes chasing you again. Use the Bubbles for leverage and
use the speed booster to avoiding being crushed as you run and jump past the
crushers. Step on the switch to remove the wall and you must use the speed
booster here or the wall will catch up to you and kill you. Roll down the
tiltable platforms while avoiding the spikes quickly then bounce off of the
springs to get a running boost because the wall will catch up if you don't. You
will reach the end of the level if successful.

~~Mad Gear Boss: Defeat the Real Dr. Eggman~~

Another 2-part boss. The first phase is just like the Metropolis Boss fight in
Sonic 2 where Eggman surrounds himself with eggs. However, the eggs hatch into
bombs that bounce towards you slow (black ones) or fast (blue ones) and these
cannot be attacked like before. The second phase is like the chase scene from
Sonic and Knuckles Mushroom Hill Zone and Death Egg Zone where you chase him
and try to hit him while he throws bombs back at you. Get close enough and use
a Homing Attack.

~~E.G.G. Station: Final Showdown in Space~~

For starters, you will be taking on all 4 bosses you took on the first time but
the good news is that they will only take 4 hits to defeat instead of the usual
8. There are a few notable differences I noticed from the round 2 fight. Eggman
#1 will try to do a double wrecking ball swipe if you haven't beaten him before
he gets a chance to do so. Eggman #2 will have the same pattern up until the
part where he will rest in upper right with his electric barrier on the bottom
and the spikes will stay onscreen until he is defeated. Eggman #3 doesn't seem
to have changed much. Maybe he uses the harder patterns in this fight only. The
last Eggman will cut to the chase portion where he adds a Mega Bomb attack that
is hard to avoid and he also throws a spike ball attack. Anybody looking to get
the Untouchable Trophy/Achievement will have survive Eggman #4 the most to get
a shot at it. The last boss ain't so bad compared to Eggman #4.

Final Boss: Mecha-Robotnik

After getting the last 3 rings of the stage, you face off against the Mecha-
Robotnik which is similar to its Sonic 2 counterpart. When the fight starts,
get in two quick hits and back off a little bit because Mecha-Robotnik will
extend its arm upwards and hit you if you get too cocky. It will do this each
time you hit it 2 times during its walking pattern.  It will eventually, rocket
out of sight above the screen. A crosshair will appear. Keep moving because it
will lock on and land where you were last standing when it did so. From here,
it will do one of these three actions: Blast off again to try to stomp you, Do
its walking pattern, or fire its arms at your current position. You need just
15 hits to complete phase 1.

Phase 2 sends Mecha-Robotnik into Overdrive mode where it goes berserk. Do not
even try to attack it in this mode. The electricity surrounding it will hurt
you. It starts off by playing hop-and-skip. Get in the far left corner and rev
up your Spin Dash so you can let loose when the boss is about to step on you.
Do the same for the other side but don't be so hasty to let er' rip since the
boss will sometimes pause and go straight to rocketing thus you may Spin Dash
into it by accident. When it finishes it stomp it may do 1 of these 3 actions:
blast off again, fire an arm at you that curves upward n' floats down, ir do 
the hop-and-skip (last one sometimes twice in succession). If he does option 2,
get to the side of it and attack the arm before it hits the ground. It will hit
the boss and stun it momentarily thus you can get some hits in until the boss
gets its limb back. As the fight progresses, the boss with fire some shots at
you during its actions to make things tougher on you and will occasionally fire
a ground laser which you must jump to avoid. After enough hits, it will attempt
one last rocket dive and fall flat on its face. You better hit it before the
floor collapses or you are dead. When it does fall on its face, jump in the air
before it lands so you won't be stunned by the impact. Congratulations! You
have just beaten Sonic 4 Episode 1.


During the Epilogue you can control Sonic's jumps to collect the rings. Collect
them all to see a different Sonic pose at the end. 

Failure (all emeralds or not): Sonic's pose at the end of Sonic 1.
Success (not all emeralds): Sonic's fist pose from Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 ending.
Success (all emeralds): Sonic becomes Super Sonic.

Pattern: Stay still, Stay still, jump, get on hill and come back down, jump,
get on hill n' run off. Total = 18 rings.


More on this next time.


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