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by lighterfluid6

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

This guide was written, contributed and copyrighted by me, known here as 
lighterfluid6. Don't plagiarize, or use this guide giving yourself credit. 
This guide is not to be posted in any website other than, 
and associated websites. To contact me, email me at [email protected] or 
IM me at redshift71388 (do not contact my previous addresses, ChaosUnit22). If 
you do contact me, do it only to ask for help that you feel isn't covered in 
my guide, or for any constructive criticism and appraisal. Do not, under any 
circumstance, contact me asking me to join your special forum, be part of some 
special group, or make small talk. If you ask a question about the game, make 
sure the guide doesn't cover that. That is all.



The galaxy is at war. Forces of iniquity have united to spread chaos across 
the stars. The avaricious Space Pirates, an alien race that seeks domination 
in the universe, have inexplicably joined forces with Dark Samus, the vengeful 
rival of bounty hunter Samus Aran. They have begun to overtake planetary 
systems using mighty dreadnaught vessels known as Leviathan Seeds, used to 
distribute corruptive Phazon wherever they land. One by one, each system will 
fall under their might unless they can be stopped. To this end, the Galactic 
Federation has summoned the most seasoned bounty hunters in the galaxy and 
given them the task to defend and reclaim the fallen worlds. Samus will join 
forces with these bounty hunters and the Galactic Federation's wondrous Aurora 
Units to accomplish her objectives. However, they face danger from not only 
their enemies, but from themselves as well....



This section of the guide provides a full and detailed game walkthrough. 
CAPITALIZED words indicate important objects, such as power-ups, new Logbook 
entries and Energy Cells. There are twelve chapters to the walkthrough: 

1.	The G.F.S. Olympus.
2.	Light Corrupted.
3.	Land of Lizards.
4.	The Leviathan Seed.
5.	Eye of the Storm.
6.	New Discoveries.
7.	Building the Ultimate.
8.	The Pirate Homeworld.
9.	The Nova Beam.
10.	Resurrected Nemesis.
11.	Dark Origins.
12.	Twilight.


Chapter 1: The G.F.S. Olympus.


The game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption takes place after the events of Metroid 
Prime 2: Echoes. The war between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates 
is already well underway. Samus Aran is flying towards the Galactic Federation 
fleet above the planet Norion. You begin your game at the seat of her gunship, 
controls at the ready. 

Look down and press the orange panel flashing in front of you. This will 
direct the ship towards the Galactic Federation fleet. In moments, you will 
receive a transmission from them. You must input a security code in order to 
dock safely with the vessel. Look upwards towards the round, green panel above 
you, and press it. A small screen will appear in front of you. There are four 
green symbols within the screen, as well as several more orange ones around 
the edge of it. Locate the orange symbols that match the green ones and input 
them in their correct order. Once you've been cleared, you'll be told to dock 
with the G.F.S. Olympus. To activate your ship's thrusters, look to your left 
and hit the button that is now flashing. A lever will extend in front of you 
now. Grab it and push the Wii Remote forwards to activate the lever. The ship 
will finally begin heading towards the Olympus, escorted by a few GF fighters.

Samus will emerge from her gunship within the Olympus's Docking Bay 5. You 
will be asked to calibrate your weapon as soon as you set foot on it. All you 
have to do is shoot the four targets ahead of you. It's as simple as pointing 
and shooting, but you can also lock on to the targets in order to hit them 
easier. Once that's done, one of the Federation Marines at the end of the 
walkway will welcome you to the flagship, and tell you that an Admiral Dane is 
waiting for you in the briefing room. The marine will then upload the room's 
location to your map. 

Now that you have full control over Samus, familiarize yourself with the basic 
controls. Make sure you know how to use the Morph Ball and the Scan Visor. 
Speaking of which, you can use the Scan Visor now to collect plenty of data 
for your Logbook. Turn around and scan Samus's HUNTER-CLASS GUNSHIP. You can 
save and restore energy and ammo by reentering it. Next, scan the four 
flashing LANDING BEACONS beneath it on the landing platform, which indicate 
places where the gunship can land. Now make your way across the walkway, but 
scan one of the two FEDERATION MARINES as you go for additional data. Turn 
(these can be shot and destroyed to uncover health pickups) and the FLEET 
MECHANIC working on the nearby cargo truck. The marines, mechanics and anyone 
else you meet can be talked to for information or pleasant conversation in 
addition to being scanned. Afterwards, turn and start heading back towards the 
north end of Docking Bay 5. You may notice a large cargo-bay door on the west 
wall, but there's no way to open it right now. You can, however, scan the 
inactive HALBERD-CLASS TURRET just above it. This turret will only attack you 
if you open fire on any nearby ally. While easy enough to evade and destroy, 
there's no reason to provoke the turret's attack. Also, stand on the glowing 
yellow pad next to the landing walkway to make two TRAINING DRONES appear. 
They are also good for a scan, and you can play a sort of training mini-game 
with them by juggling them with your Power Beam. Continue up the ramp at the 
north end of the room to reach a glowing GALACTIC FEDERATION BLUE DOOR. Blue 
doors can be opened with any sort of weapon, so shoot it and step through to 
the next room.

The next room is the Docking Bay Access. Keep updating your Logbook by 
scanning the MALE FLEET TROOPERS and the FEMALE FLEET TROOPER standing in 
front of the west-side windows. There's another trooper on the other side of 
the room, and he's got important information for you. He says that the 
mechanisms controlling the walkway to the upper level are jammed, so you'll 
have to clear them up. Just above this trooper is a pair of red switches. A 
strong blast will get them working again. Target each of them and charge your 
Power Beam to deliver a stronger hit. Once both of them have been loosened, 
the ramps on either side will reposition themselves. Use them to get to the 
upper level, and then use the north blue door.

The Docking Bay 4 walkway has a lovely view of a federation craft docked 
outside. Walk forward to where the troopers are and turn left to face a door. 
This door, unlike the previous ones, is blocked by a BLAST SHIELD (scan it). 
The Blast Shield cannot be destroyed by any of your weapons, but it can be 
removed if you input the correct access code into the terminal to the left of 
it. To find the access code, turn around. There's another terminal directly 
across from the door that will tell you the code. Scan and approach the 
terminal. When you get close enough to interact with the screen, press the 
button to make the numerical code flash up. Now return to the input terminal 
to punch in the code. Once you have removed the Blast Shield, go through the 

The Security Station, which is next, is where you have to be cleared before 
proceeding. HUNTER GHOR is already being cleared as you enter. Immediately 
scan him now, because opportunities for his Logbook entry won't come around 
very often. After he's finished, your turn will come. You'll be told first to 
enter the containment area by pulling a lever to the left of the door. Walk up 
to the lever and follow the instructions on how to activate it properly. 
You'll need to pull it outwards, rotate it, and then push it back in. When you 
enter the containment area, let the troopers do what they have to do. All 
you're required to do for the biohazard scan is approach the terminal when 
asked. After you've been cleared, exit the containment area by rotating a 
lever similar to the one you used to enter, located next to the opposite 
entryway. Before exiting through the blue door, scan the computer screen along 
the wall for Logbook data on the OLYMPUS-CLASS BATTLESHIP.

There's nothing to do in the Security Access except have a friendly chat with 
the patrolling marine. You'll need to jump in order to get past the ledge 
halfway through. When you enter Command Lift A on the other side, press the 
nearby blue panel to activate the lift. The lift will take you upwards once 
you step in the blue hologram that appears. When you get to the top, enter the 
Flag Bridge Access. This room is also devoid of anything interesting, so use 
the door to the west.

The Flag Bridge offers a splendid view of the Galactic Federation fleet. There 
are a few Fleet Troopers working diligently inside, but nothing else too 
important. Turn and walk to either side of the room and use the ramps to get 
to the balcony above. There are three doors up here: the one on the left is 
guarded by a marine, the one ahead is sealed off by a gate, and the one on the 
right is unblocked. Head towards the right-hand door first. The passage beyond 
this door has another door at the end sealed by a Blast Shield. However, 
there's a second door along the right wall blocked by some crates. Use a 
charged Power Beam shot to destroy the crates, and go through the door. Inside 
is a SAVE STATION. Step into its light to save your game and heal damage. 
Don't forget to scan it either. Now return to the Flag Bridge and talk to that 
marine in front of the left-hand door. He'll step aside and tell you that 
Admiral Dane is waiting just ahead. Walk down another passage similar to the 
one you were just in, and use the blue door at the very end.

Samus enters the Ready Room, where Admiral Dane and three other bounty hunters 
are already waiting. One is Ghor, the cybernetic hunter you saw earlier in the 
Security Station. Another is Rundas, a hunter who can manipulate ice in 
various ways. And the third is...another Samus!? Admiral Dane spots Gandrayda's 
tricks and tells her to knock it off. Gandrayda, who is a shape-shifter, 
switches back to her normal self. Now that everyone is here, Admiral Dane 
introduces Aurora Unit 242 through a holographic projector. 242 is the ship's 
AU, which is a biological supercomputer. The Federation's core network is 
comprised of these technological wonders. They serve as the network's master 
control; however, the network is currently down because of a mysterious virus 
that incapacitated all of the other Aurora Units. Unit 242 is the only one 
that has been purged of the virus. The virus, which is believed to be of Space 
Pirate origin, is still infecting the other units. Admiral Dane explains that 
the pirates boarded a GF training vessel known as the G.F.S. Valhalla. They 
eliminated the crew and took control of the onboard AU, Unit 313. Admiral Dane 
believes they used this unit to hack into the network and upload the virus to 
the other Aurora Units. Because the network is still down, the Galactic 
Federation is still vulnerable. The admiral wants the four bounty hunters to 
travel to each of the systems where Aurora Units are located and deliver the 
vaccine to them. Suddenly though, a boom rocks the ship. Unit 242 announces 
that the Olympus is under attack! Space Pirates have arrived, and are headed 
towards the planetary defense base, Sector Zero. Admiral Dane orders Samus, 
Ghor, Rundas and Gandrayda to get down to the planet and prevent the pirates 
from disabling the defense system.

Exit the Ready Room and return to the Flag Bridge. Admiral Dane, who is 
waiting there, tells Samus to get to her ship immediately. Just then, one of 
the other flagships visible from the bridge window is decimated. You'd better 
hurry. As soon as you can, scan FLEET ADMIRAL DANE for a rare Logbook entry. 
If you want to save now, head towards the Save Station you used earlier. The 
door at the end of that hallway is still sealed however, so your only option 
is to go back through the Flag Bridge Access. The door is located at floor 
level in the Flag Bridge.

Federation Marines and PIRATE MILITIAS are already battling within the Flag 
Bridge Access. They will shatter a part of the window across from the door, 
allowing you to use the southeast one. First though, scan and defeat the 
Pirate Militias. Militias are the weakest of the pirate forces, and are 
lightly-armored. The room's Halberd-Class Turret will also help you take them 
down. After they have been eliminated, gather up any health pickups they may 
have left behind. Keep in mind that you can use your charged beam weapon to 
draw in nearby pickups. Now use the southeast exit.

The next passage, the Port Observation Deck, is a new one. Walk until you see 
a group of marines fending off a pair of militias that just crashed in through 
a SPACE PIRATE BOARDING POD. Defeat the pirates before any friendly forces get 
killed, and continue towards the other end of the room. There's nothing 
valuable inside the boarding pod, but you should scan it before exiting.

In the Xenoresearch Lab, turn left along the passage to find a few CRAWLTANKS 
firing upon a marine. Try to defeat these machines before they kill the 
marine. Like the pirates, they can shoot energy pulses at you from a distance, 
but don't take long to destroy. Now go to the end of the passage and enter the 
Lab Access. Here, more Galactic Federation and Space Pirate forces are in 
conflict. Before you can get too far in though, a Galactic Federation fighter 
smashes into the hull of the ship, leaving a gaping hole into space. The 
marines and pirates are killed, but the emergency doors shut before you are 
sucked out. Unfortunately, that also means you can no longer use the blue door 
at the end of the passage. Return to the Xenoresearch Lab.

As you reenter this room, a small band of Pirate Militias and ARMORED PIRATE 
MILITIAS break into the lower part of the room. They remove an Energy Cell 
from the device in the middle of the room and try to make off with it. Access 
ramps will now allow you into the lower part of the room, where the pirates 
will try to play keep-away with the Energy Cell. Find the one carrying the 
cell and take him down. The Armored Pirate Militias take longer to kill, since 
you have to shoot their armor off before they become regular militias. After 
you defeat the pirate carrying the Energy Cell, another one will use a tractor 
beam to draw it in before you can reclaim it. That just means you'll have to 
defeat them all before you can restore the room's power. They often like to 
move between the lower and upper parts of the room, so try to kill them 
quickly so that you aren't chasing them all over the place. After the last 
pirate is defeated, pick up the dropped Energy Cell. Return it downstairs and 
place it in its designated socket. You must push it in and then twist it to 
lock it into place. Doing so will bring back the power to this room. That 
means that the access ramps can no longer be used, and you're stuck down here. 
What's worse, an angry horde of CRAWLMINES will enter through vents in the 
walls and ceiling. Crawlmines aren't as aggressive as Crawltanks, but they 
explode on contact. Their sheer numbers make them just as dangerous as their 
larger counterparts. After a few seconds, three Crawltanks will join the 
attack. Concentrate on them. After they are all destroyed, another pair will 
enter through grating panels on the floor. This is your way out. Head over to 
an exposed hole and roll into your Morph Ball. Now drop into the channel 
beneath the floor and exit through the north side.

As you roll through the rest of the Morph Ball tunnel, you'll get to see 
Rundas making short work of a few pirates in a hallway above. Your tunnel is 
blocked by a small turbine, but it can easily be removed by a Morph Ball Bomb. 
Continue rolling down until you get to another obstacle barring your path. 
This time, it's a capsule containing an ENERGY TANK. Bomb it open and collect 
this power-up. Energy Tanks fully restore your energy, but more importantly, 
increase your maximum energy capacity by 100. Roll past and let the orb cannon 
shoot you through the rest of the tunnel.

The tunnel will deposit you in the Disposal Chamber, a dingy room full of a 
foul-looking green liquid. A security lock prevents you from moving on, but 
this can be removed if you scan the terminal at the other end of the chamber. 
The lock will fall off the exit door, exposing a BOMB SLOT. Bomb Slots are 
round devices that power certain mechanisms when a Morph Ball Bomb is set 
inside them. To do this, roll into the Morph Ball and use a bomb to propel 
yourself into the slot (this is called a bomb-jump). Set another bomb once you 
are secured within the slot. This Bomb Slot will cause the Disposal Chamber 
door to open. Unfortunately, it leads into open space! You'll get sucked out, 
along with the other contents of the chamber. 

Samus tumbles through space along the underside of the flagship, but 
fortunately manages to grab a hold of an access hatch before she is doomed. 
She reenters the Olympus through this hatch, emerging in a room called the 
Repair Bay A. Go through the blue door ahead.

The Repair Bay is within sight of Docking Bay 5. You can see several pirates 
and marines doing battle in front of your ship. Before you can get through 
this room though, the gates close and a trio of Pirate Militias enters. 
Dispose of them and the Crawltanks that follow. Now head to the south end of 
the room and climb onto the walkway ramp there. Thanks to your Space Jump 
Boots, you can use a space jump (a jump followed by another in midair) to 
reach the upper walkway. Keep making your way around the room, using space 
jumps when necessary. When you reach the east walkway, turn towards the 
Galactic Federation fighter hanging in the middle of the room. You can leap 
over to that, and then to another ledge on the other side. It's likely you'll 
have to deal with more Pirate Militias and Crawltanks up here. Now turn along 
the west walkway and head towards the southwest door.

The Munitions Storage chamber is tiny, but it contains your first true 
upgrade, the MISSILE LAUNCHER. This weapon lets you fire concussive missiles 
from your Arm Cannon. Missiles are about as powerful as a charged Power Beam 
shot, but have homing capabilities on locked targets. Be careful though, as 
you don't have an unlimited number of them. If you find ammo pickups, collect 
those to restock you supply. Take your prize and go back to Repair Bay A. Now 
that you have missiles, you can properly exit the room. Walk over to the 
sealed gate on the east side and locate the pile of debris blocking the 
control terminal. Shoot a missile at the debris to get it out of the way. Now 
activate the control terminal and go through the opened gate.

The Repair Bay Shaft has a large chasm below. If you fall, you will restart 
from where you fell with three less energy points. To get across, shoot the 
four red nodes on the wall ahead of you. This will extend a bridge to the 
opposite side, but it will also alert a few pirates and a swarm of AEROMINES 
to your presence. Aeromines are explosive drones that always fly in 
synchronized groups. They are constantly protected by blue energy shields, and 
only drop them to launch an attack. Each Aeromine will randomly fire off an 
energy blast from time to time. When you see one drop its defense shield, 
shoot it down before it can use its own weapon. You can also destroy the mines 
by making contact. However, this isn't advisable, as it will cause damage to 
you as well. After you destroy the Aeromine group, head to the other side of 
the bridge. The gate ahead can be opened by a control panel next to it, but 
don't go through until you use the Save Station off to your left. When you're 
ready, enter Docking Bay 5.

As you approach your gunship, a Federation Marine is brutally thrown from a 
window above you. The culprit is an enormous BERSERKER LORD. The beast leaps 
from the window ledge and prepares to attack you. The Berserker Lord is the 
first mini-boss you have to fight. Since you will rarely see one after this 
encounter, it's important that you scan the beast immediately so that you 
don't miss its Logbook entry. Scanning it will also reveal ways to defeat this 
imposing beast. Berserker Lords are severely-mutated creatures that are highly 
resistant to damage. Their main weak spot is their head, but it is protected 
by plating made of durable Phazite. This substance can only be destroyed by 
the Berserker Lord's own projectiles. In the meantime, you can target the 
Lord's other weak points; its shoulders. Lock on to them and fire away, but 
make sure you dodge the creature's attacks. It can shoot a concentrated beam 
of energy from its mouth, which it will sweep over the ground. Jump into the 
air to avoid getting hit. The Berserker Lord can also spit out a stream of 
vile liquid that you can dodge by dashing around it. Once the two shoulder 
pads are destroyed, the Berserker Lord will start firing stronger energy 
blasts. It will also shoot off purple orbs that can be rebounded to their 
originator if you shoot them. They will hit the Berserker Lord's Phazite 
plating and damage it. After some time, the Lord will regenerate its shoulder 
pads. Repeat the process so that you can continue damaging its Phazite 
plating. After the plating is destroyed, the Berserker Lord's main weak spot 
will be exposed and you will no longer have to shoot at its shoulders. Target 
the new weak spot and start shooting to drain the creature's energy bar. To 
defend itself, the angered Berserker Lord will unleash new attacks against 
you. It will sometimes generate a powerful shockwave that will travel along 
the ground. Jump over this to avoid damage. Also, remember to circle it 
constantly so that you don't get cornered. Just keep shooting at the Berserker 
Lord's weak spot and the battle will be over in no time.

After you kill the Berserker Lord, it will fall into space and get hit by a 
passing fighter. Your gunship will reappear, so you can heal and save right 
away. Enter your gunship and hit the navigation panel in front of the seat to 
select a new destination. You can now land on Norion, so go there to help 
defend against the Space Pirate assault.


Chapter 2: Light Corrupted.


Sector Zero is a Galactic Federation base located on planet Norion, which is 
where the Olympus is orbiting. The base is set within a deep canyon that runs 
through the planet's characteristic forests. When you touch down at Docking 
Hub Alpha, a Federation Marine will meet you. He tells you that the pirate 
attack has knocked out the base's generators and disabled the defense system, 
and asks you to restore power to these generators. The marine will upload the 
locations of these generators to your map. After he gets out of your way, walk 
south towards the door with four red locks. This door can be opened by 
destroying all four of the locks. After it opens, walk into the small passage 
and shoot open the second locked door. This one only has a single lock to 
destroy. The small chamber it guards has a GRAPPLE LASSO waiting for you. This 
Grapple attachment can be used to forcibly yank things backwards. These 
objects will be identified by the Grapple icon that appears on them. Inside 
the same room that held the Grapple Lasso is a computer terminal that can be 
scanned for Lore data on HUNTER RUNDAS. Now exit the small room and proceed 
down the adjacent passage until you reach a sealed door. Scan the terminal 
nearby to reveal the lever that will open the door. Grab the lever, pull it 
out, twist it counterclockwise, and then push it back into its socket. The 
door will open. Take the small lift on the other side up a blue door, leading 
to the next room.

A Crawltank will attack you as soon as you enter the Hub Access. Gun it down 
and proceed down the passage to the main part of the room. There are two more 
Crawltanks on the walls, as well as a Pirate Militia up ahead. Shoot them all 
and go around the bottomless pit to reach the back hallway. Make sure you jump 
across the gaps in the walkway. When you reach the next door, you'll find that 
it has a MOUNTED BLAST SHIELD on it. As indicated by the Grapple icon, this 
type of shield can only be removed with the Grapple Lasso. Lock on to the door 
and thrust the lasso outwards to grab it with the beam of energy. Now yank 
back hard to rip the Mounted Blast Shield off. You can now use the door 

Enter the Cargo Hub. This room consists of a long, curved hall with multiple 
doors. Walk in a little and locate the hatch along the right wall that is 
concealing a control panel. Yank the hatch off with the Grapple Lasso and then 
scan the panel. The panel is shut down until the enemy threat in the room is 
taken care of. This enemy will become apparent as you walk further into the 
room. Three groups of Aeromines will pop out from around a corner and begin to 
advance. Destroy them and the panel will be operational again. Walk back to it 
and press it to raise a vent cover next to it. You can enter the hidden tunnel 
here using your Morph Ball. When you get behind the wall, roll to the left 
before the fan on the floor pushes you back out again. Bomb your way past the 
first obstacle, then use the second fan to reach the next part of the tunnel. 
Fans that blow horizontally will push you back, so wait for them to shut off 
before continuing. Bomb-jump up the tunnel steps and destroy any obstacles in 
your way. As you get further into the tunnel, a hovering battle drone will 
start attacking you. There's nothing you can do about it except dodge its 
energy blasts. Continue onwards and let the next vertical air jet push you up 
to the top of the loop. The next fan, a horizontal one, will push you sideways 
into the next tunnel if you time your fall correctly. Lastly, use a bomb-jump 
to receive the yellow MISSILE EXPANSION. This power-up increases your maximum 
missile capacity by five, and is the first of many. Now you can carry up to 
ten missiles. Roll back out of the tunnel so that you can continue through the 
Cargo Hub.

At the end of the room is a pile of debris. The loose pieces that are glowing 
yellow indicate pieces that you can remove with the Grapple Lasso. There are 
three of them piled on top of one another, blocking another Morph Ball tunnel. 
Since the other doors in the room are sealed, this is your only way out. Get 
your lasso going to clear your path, and then go through. You will emerge in 
front of a door with three red generator symbols. This door will open once the 
power to the generators has been restored. For now, turn and use the blue door 
on your right.

The floor ahead in Substation East is laden with heated energy coils, making 
contact with it painful. Luckily, there's a Morph Ball tunnel along the outer 
wall that lets you pass safely. The entrance is just before the start of the 
hazardous floor, and is marked by a free ENERGY TANK. Bomb-jump into the 
tunnel to claim it, but don't go through just yet. The walls of the tunnel 
have automated pistons that will push you back out into the heated floor if 
you have bad timing. Wait for them all to retract before going through as fast 
as you can. The pistons alternate every five seconds. When you make it across, 
unroll and go through the door.

There is a firefight raging in the next hallway. A blast will kill most of the 
Federation Marines, but the pirates will still have to be killed by Arm Cannon 
weaponry. Blast the crates if you need health. When you get about halfway 
through the room, look for an alcove on your right that leads to a red door. 
This is a door sealed with a RED BLAST SHIELD. These can be destroyed with 
missiles. When you get inside the Munitions Storage chamber, step into the 
hologram to download a full map of Sector Zero. Also, don't forget to scan the 
computers here for Lore data on the VALHALLA INCIDENT, HUNTER GHOR and HUNTER 
GANDRAYDA. Exit the room and follow the previous passage up to a u-turn. The 
path will loop back around to the other end of the passage, and then once 
again back this way. As you walk, beware of falling debris from the ceiling, 
flame spouts from the sides and JUMPMINES on the floor. Use missiles if you 
need to blast away any debris in your way. The Jumpmines may take you by 
surprise; they spring up from the ground and start shooting rapidly before 
falling and detonating. If you missed their scan entry, there is another group 
up ahead. You can shoot them before they notice you to prevent getting hurt. 
Past the Jumpmines is another red door. Spend a missile and go through it.

Cargo Dock A is on the other side. This open-air room is filled with spare 
crates, perfect cover for a pirate ambush. Sure enough, two Pirate Militias 
and two PIRATE TROOPERS will attack you. Pirate Troopers have Phazon-enhanced 
armor that makes them tougher to defeat. Nevertheless, they aren't much of an 
improvement over the militias and should be less than a match for you. The 
pirate assault won't stop there though. Two SHIELD PIRATE MILITIAS will sneak 
up from behind, where you came in. These pirates use handheld shields to 
protect themselves against you. However, their ability to defend themselves 
with them is only as good as their ability to hang on to them. You can use the 
Grapple Lasso to easily rip away a pirate's shield, leaving it as vulnerable 
as ever. Once the shielded militias are done in, a pair of deadly AEROTROOPERS 
will arrive. These much-feared pirates use jetpacks to fly agilely through the 
air. They don't use melee weapons like ground-based forces, but they can shoot 
rockets as well as the usual energy blasts. Aerotroopers can dodge missiles, 
but not all the time. They take longer to kill, and when they finally do give 
in, they may try to dive-bomb you before their jetpacks explode. The final 
pirate wave consists of a single SPACE PIRATE ATC (short for Armored Tactical 
Carrier). This craft is well-armored and quite dangerous. While formidable, it 
is not without a weakness. The red heat vent at the front of the ATC is its 
weak spot, so concentrate your fire there. Dodge its cannon blasts and try to 
gather pickups when you can. After a while (unless you get lucky and manage to 
hit the ATC with missiles or charged shots a few times), the craft will go 
down. You can tell it's about to be destroyed if it starts smoking around the 

In the cut-scene that follows after the destruction of the Space Pirate ATC, 
several more of the crafts appear and surround the platform. This battle seems 
lost until Rundas arrives, gliding through the air on a trail of ice. He 
destroys the ATCs with ice blasts before turning to Samus. He tells her that 
the Federation has allowed for ship-command devices to be used. You can now 
use the Command Visor to call your ship to this site. Rundas leaves to take 
care of Generator B, while Generator A, which is just ahead, is left in 
Samus's capable hands. Anyway, pull up your Command Visor (the lower right 
selection in the Visor Select screen). You'll notice that four Landing Beacons 
have appeared on the platform, and a landing icon can be seen with the Command 
Visor. Scan the icon to call in your gunship. Use it to heal and save, then 
continue east.

Take the door into Generator Access A, a short, twisting passage crawling with 
Crawltanks. At the end you'll find a sealed door. The type of blast shield 
covering this door is new to you, but doesn't have its own proper Logbook 
entry. To destroy it, you have to shoot the three colored nodes that appear on 
it in quick succession. After that, the shield turns into an ordinary Mounted 
Blast Shield. Rip it off with the Grapple Lasso and then go into the generator 

When you enter Generator A, you will take two Aerotroopers by surprise. They 
set off an explosion to cover their escape. The generator itself retracts into 
the ceiling, so you must find its manual override controls. As you step onto 
the round center platform, a group of "JOLLY ROGER" DRONES appears. This is 
the type of drone you probably saw earlier in the Morph Ball tunnel with the 
Missile Expansion. Jolly Rogers are weak and easy to destroy, but something of 
a nuisance when in groups. They circle you at high speeds, trying to confuse 
you. Instead of falling for their plan and spinning wildly around to try to 
get a shot at one, stay still and watch your radar. You'll be able to use the 
radar to see when a Jolly Roger stops circling you. At this time, locate it 
and shoot it before it shoots you. Repeat this process to destroy all of the 
drones. Now you can jump to the back platform, where the override controls are 
located. Find the lever on the back wall. After you pull, twist and push the 
lever handle, the plasma generator will return to its original position. All 
that remains to be done here is restore its power. Return to the front of the 
room where the exit is and find the computer terminal bay nearby. Among the 
screens is a control panel that can be pushed. Doing so will reactivate the 
generator. Your work here is done.

Just then, in a cut-scene, a wormhole appears in space above Norion, and a 
strange, Phazonous object emerges from it. Admiral Dane contacts you, saying 
that the pirates are intending to smash this large object, whatever it is, 
into the base. That doesn't sound good. You must hurry to get those other 
generators back online so that the defense system can destroy the object. 
Retrace your steps to Cargo Dock A.

You'll see a few Federation soldiers battling Space Pirates near your ship. 
One of the soldiers suddenly begins to glow with blue energy. He uses his 
enhanced powers to eradicate the pirates. Once he gives the all-clear, scan 
him. This is a FEDERATION PED MARINE. He's using a PED (Phazon Enhancement 
Device) to boost the powers of his battle armor. It looks as if the Federation 
has finally begun to take advantage of the useful properties of Phazon. Start 
walking towards your gunship to save and heal. Suddenly, something big and 
ferocious swoops by. It looks disturbingly similar to a foe who was supposed 
to have died on planet Tallon IV.... 

Continue backtracking through the base. Conduit A, the hallway just before the 
Cargo Dock, is infested with Crawlmines, along with the usual Jumpmines. You 
may also run into a SHIELD PIRATE TROOPER, but it's likely that the PED Marine 
he is battling will kill him before you get a chance to scan him. Don't worry 
though; there are more to come. Go through Substation East to reach the Cargo 
Hub. Now use the Morph Ball to slip underneath the debris so that you are in 
the main part of the room. 

Here, you will witness Ghor, outfitted with a giant battle suit, sparring with 
a Berserker Lord. They will crash in through a door at the south end of the 
bend. After Ghor defeats the Lord, approach him. He tells you to go after 
Generator C, which is located at the end of the path from which he entered 
from. Remember to scan Ghor if you didn't before. This is your second-to-last 
chance for that particular entry. Anyway, the door you must use is covered by 
another specialized Mounted Blast Shield. This one is held in place by four 
cables. Shoot the cable attachments to turn the shield back to normal, and use 
the Grapple Lasso to get in.

In the Maintenance Station, Aurora Unit 242 will give you an update about the 
meteor, as it is being referred to as now, that is approaching Norion. It is 
filled with Phazon, and Unit 242 believes it may be some kind of bomb. You 
have little time to spare. Run through to find more Shield Pirate Troopers. 
Once again, you don't have to do much to fight these guys with the PED Marines 
here, but you have more time to scan them. Also scan the WHITE BLAST SHIELD 
covering a door on your left. Although it can't be destroyed now, it's never a 
bad idea to scan.

Conduit C is similar to Conduit A, looping around several times before you 
actually reach the exit. It too is also patrolled by Crawlmines and Jumpmines, 
as well as Jolly Rogers. Thankfully, the drones are much easier to kill here 
because they lack room to maneuver in. Anyway, when you get to the portion of 
the room with the glass floor, make sure you clear the gap in the middle. 
Otherwise, you'll have to go all the way around to get back to where you just 
were, through a passage below. When you get to the other side of the gap, roll 
into the Morph Ball tunnel on your right and take that to the exit.

Enter Cargo Dock C. Stay in Morph Ball form and roll towards the closed hatch 
in the structure ahead. A Morph Ball Bomb can destroy it, letting you into the 
tunnel. The winged form of Ridley will swoop by, much closer than before, but 
don't worry about him just yet. Bomb-jump up to a new piece of tunnel and 
start following that. At this point, Ridley will decide to drop by and deal 
with you. He lands on the tunnel, trapping you within a small space between 
his feet. He'll try to shoot beams of plasma at you, or else bite you, but 
both attacks can be avoided. When Ridley bites, he might get his jaws stuck on 
the sides of the tunnel. Bomb his head when this happens to stun him. If you 
do this enough, Ridley might lift his leg up in pain. Take that opportunity to 
wiz by him before he recovers. Now continue traveling through the tunnel. 
Ridley will trap you one more time before you reach the end of it, so do the 
same thing again to free yourself. After you leave the tunnel, unroll and go 
through the door.

Rundas will get in touch with you now and inform you that he was able to get 
Generator B back online. That means you only have to do C before your 
objective is complete. Walk through Generator Access C and shoot the 
Crawltanks inside. The door on the left side leads to a Save Station. Use it 
before going through the end door. This one is sealed by a blast shield 
similar to the one that blocked Generator A. Shoot the five colored nodes as 
they appear on the shield before yanking it off with the lasso. Enter 
Generator C now.

Pirate Troopers are here to defend the generator, but you don't have to fight 
any of them. As they advance, one of them suddenly turns on his bewildered 
fellows and kills them all. This rogue trooper turns out to be Gandrayda in 
disguise. She claims to be inept when working with machines, so she'll leave 
you to get the generator back online. Cross the room and approach the manual 
override lever. Pull, twist and push it onto place so that a Morph Ball tunnel 
reveals itself along the generator's walls. There are Bomb Slots throughout 
the tunnel, so you must use them to repower panel that will in turn recharge 
the plasma generator. Head back to the other end of the room and enter the 
Morph Ball tunnel near the computer terminal bay. The tunnel contains jets of 
energy that will push you upwards when needed. The jets activate periodically, 
but can be forced with a bomb. Such a jet will allow you to reach the first 
Bomb Slot, located a short ways into the tunnel. A catwalk will extend above 
you when you activate it. Jolly Rogers will show up as well, having waited to 
appear until after you made yourself vulnerable. Dodge their shots as best you 
can. Soon you'll get to an electrical hazard. You can stay safe from it by 
rolling across the jet streams that blow from it. Otherwise, you'll fall and 
get hurt. Afterwards, go up, over and then down, but then try to go back up 
into a passage on your left; another Bomb Slot is hidden there. Use it to 
extend another portion of the catwalk up above. Eventually, after crossing 
another electrical hazard and bombing another slot just after, you'll be 
pushed up into the catwalk you extended. If you didn't miss any Bomb Slots, 
the catwalk will let you reach the next portion of the tunnel. Be careful as 
you cross, as there are parts with no sides to them. At last, the tunnel will 
put you into another Bomb Slot located on the plasma generator itself. Bomb it 
to lower the generator. Suddenly, as Samus unrolls from the tunnel, Ridley 
swoops down from above and grabs her! Together, they tumble down the enormous 
shaft below.

A boss fight like no other will commence as you and Ridley continue to plummet 
down the seemingly endless shaft. The dragon-like Ridley is the military 
leader of the Space Pirates. He was first encountered by Samus during her 
operation on the planet Zebes, and was then met again on Tallon IV. Both 
times, Ridley was seemingly destroyed, but revived through Space Pirate 
technology. Ridley still has the cybernetic enhancements that made him into 
Meta Ridley before, as well as new Phazon-based infusions. You'll be able to 
scan META RIDLEY as soon as the battle begins. The shaft is about 17,000 
meters deep, and you must defeat Meta Ridley before you reach the bottom. As 
you fall, you can move around so that you don't hit the sides of the shaft. 
Ridley will be below you, so start shooting at his only weak spot, his mouth. 
In return, Ridley will fire off jets of plasma and small explosives up at you. 
Don't stop shooting at his mouth for anything. You should see a decent drop in 
his health before long. The next phase of the battle will being when Ridley 
swoops up to grab you in his claws. You'll be face-to-face with him now, and 
it will be easier to hit his mouth when he opens it. First, Ridley may try to 
take swipe at you with his free hand. It will glow when he's about to do this. 
Shoot at his hand to stop him from attacking. When Ridley opens his jaws, fire 
away to deal damage. If you're too slow, Ridley will shoot his plasma beam at 
you. Repeat until Ridley lets go of you. Next, Ridley will be above you, and 
you'll be looking up at him. The advantage to this is that you'll be traveling 
as fast and in the same direction as the plasma blasts he shoots at you, so 
they'll seem slower and thus be easier to dodge or shoot down. Keep hitting 
his mouth as you did during the initial phase. Ridley will grab you again 
before long and the close-up battle will start anew. Keep your eye on the 
distance you have left before you hit bottom. If Ridley's health isn't past 
the halfway point at around 8,500 meters, you're in trouble. The final phase 
will be identical to the first; you falling above Ridley. Keep shooting until 
the last of his health is gone. In the cut-scene that follows, Samus shoots 
Ridley in the mouth at point-blank range. As the pair tumbles into the depths 
of Norion, Rundas shows up and rescues Samus once again while Ridley is 
swallowed up in darkness.

Back at the generator room, Rundas drops Samus off and tells her that she owes 
him one. He'll leave you to get this generator back online, and tells you to 
meet him in the control room afterwards. All you have to do to get this one 
working again is press the terminal near the door. After that's settled, leave 
the room. Now all three generators are up and running, but Unit 242 has bad 
news. All efforts to stop the meteor have failed, and it is set to crash in 
four minutes. You have that much time to get to the control room. Race back 
through Generator Access C. When you step out into Cargo Dock C, the meteor 
will be clearly visible in the sky. Use the Morph Ball tunnel to the right of 
the one you used previously to get through the room. Now dash through the 
other 'C' rooms until you get back to the Cargo Hub. Don't bother fighting 
anything that gets in your way. In the case of the Aeromines, you can just 
roll beneath them with the Morph Ball.

When you reach the hub, head to the northeast end. Roll through the debris and 
activate the panel on the door with the three generator symbols. This opens 
the way to a lift. Ghor, Gandrayda and Rundas will join you inside. This is 
the only chance you get to scan HUNTER RUNDAS and HUNTER GANDRAYDA as Galactic 
Federation entries, and the last chance to get Ghor's such entry too if you 
missed the last two opportunities. Don't miss any of them! 

When the four hunters reach the top, they begin to ready the controls for the 
defense cannon. Just then, a ball of Phazon energy smashes through the tower 
window. The ball reveals itself to be none other than Dark Samus, a creature 
of pure evil that, like Ridley, has fought Samus countless times in the past. 
As an entity originally known as Metroid Prime, Dark Samus first tried to use 
Phazon to devastate the planet Tallon IV. After she stole Samus's Phazon Suit 
and became Dark Samus, she stalked the planet Aether, searching for Phazon to 
sustain herself. Now, despite conflict with them in the past, it seems she has 
joined forces with the Space Pirates (or perhaps is controlling them). Samus, 
Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda open fire on Dark Samus, but their attempts seem to 
do nothing. Dark Samus releases a burst of intense Phazon energy, and all 
three hunters are incapacitated. Samus retains her wits long enough to finish 
activating the defense cannon and save the planet from the Phazon meteor, and 
then loses consciousness....

A month has passed since the assault on Norion. Samus wakes up in the G.F.S. 
Olympus's MedLab Delta. The female trooper attending Samus tells her that 
after the battle, the four hunters were found unconscious. After a medical 
examination, it was found that their bodies had begun producing Phazon energy. 
Strangely, this corruption seemed to have no negative impacts on their health, 
so the Federation decided to put that to their advantage. You, along with the 
other hunters, have been given a PED SUIT. These devices were used by the 
Federation PED Marines you saw on Norion. While they had to rely on external 
Phazon reserves, the Phazon you are producing in your body will allow you to 
use the PED Suit more efficiently. With it, you can enter a state known as 
Hypermode. To do this, you have to inject a whole Energy Tank into the system. 
While in Hypermode, you won't take any damage, and you will have access to 
Hyper weapons. The only one you have at the moment is the HYPER BEAM, but it's 
much stronger than the ordinary Power Beam. Hypermode lasts as long as you 
have Phazon energy to spend; a meter will replace your health bars and tell 
you how much Phazon you have left. Using the Hyper Beam will deplete your 
Phazon stores. You can enter and exit Hypermode by pressing and holding the 
Plus Button. Exiting Hypermode will replenish some of the energy from the 
Energy Tank you injected to initiate it. Hypermode also automatically ends 
after 25 seconds. You will now be put through a brief tutorial so that you can 
test the PED Suit. A ball comprised of Phazon plates is assembled in front of 
you. You have to destroy them using the Hyper Beam. Start by entering 
Hypermode. Now start shooting at the Phazon ball. You'll have to destroy all 
of the pieces in order to finish the tutorial, but it's unlikely that you'll 
do it in one go. After each session, your health will be fully restored so 
that you aren't wasting any Energy Tanks. Try again until the last pieces of 
the Phazon ball are destroyed. Once you pass the tutorial, your attendant will 
tell you that Unit 242 wants to meet with you. The Aurora Chamber is located 
off the Flag Bridge. Feel free to exit the room now, but don't forget to scan 
the side panels for Logbook data on PHAZON and the PHAZON ENHANCEMENT DEVICE.

As you traverse the Gunnery Station, you can use Hypermode to destroy the 
Phazon plates that have been set up along the corridor. These will release 
pickups. Notice that you can no longer find regular Energy Unit pickups. 
Instead, you'll see Phazon Units, which are essentially the same thing. Use 
the door along the right wall of the station to get to a small lift. This will 
take you to the hallway with the Save Station, right next to the Flag Bridge. 
Save your game before continuing.

Go into the Flag Chamber and turn right to find the center door, guarded by a 
Federation Marine. Talk to him to get clearance into the Aurora Chamber. The 
door behind him will open. There's a lift on the other side that will take you 
up. Ride it and let the marines at the top open the next door for you. When 
you finally enter the Aurora Chamber, walk up to the computer terminals in 
front of the AU's tank and activate the panel in the middle.

Unit 242 will appear from the hazy liquid within her stasis tank. After her 
welcome, she informs Samus that during the attack on Norion, two other planets 
nearby, Bryyo and Elysia, also suffered similarly. The meteors, now dubbed 
Leviathans, impacted the planets and began spreading the Phazon from within 
their massive bodies. They must be destroyed. Rundas and Ghor have already 
been dispatched to Bryyo and Elysia, respectively, while Gandrayda was sent to 
locate the Space Pirate stronghold. They too were given PEDs, but contact with 
them was lost a week ago. Unit 242 wants Samus to go to these planets and 
finish the other hunters' missions, as well as try to find out what happened 
to them. Samus hurries off to her gunship to begin her mission. Good luck 


Chapter 3: Land of Lizards.


While in your ship, Unit 242 will tell you that the fleet is moving out of 
orbit from Norion, so you will no longer be able to visit the G.F.S. Olympus. 
Now it's time to get going to planet Bryyo. Call up the navigation panel and 
select the new planet labeled Bryyo. Currently, it has only one landing site. 
Select it to be on your way. Note that you could go back to Norion or even to 
Elysia if you wanted to, but it'd be pointless without the necessary suit 

Bryyo is a planet that is aligned in orbit so that the same side always faces 
its star. One half of the planet is a scorching desert, while the other lies 
in perpetual darkness. Only a thin band in between the two halves is temperate 
enough to harbor life and it is there that the ancient Reptilicus civilization 
rose and fell. The planet is important to the Galactic Federation because of 
the large amounts of Fuel Gel found on it. You will land at the Cliffside 
Airdock. Off in the distance ahead, you can see what Unit 242 will point out 
to you; the Leviathan Seed is protected by an energy shield. There isn't 
enough information for 242 to figure out how to get by it yet, so she wants 
you to investigate the wreckage of a downed Federation vessel in the area. 
After she sends you the coordinates, set off down the path. There are some 
things you can scan here. Try, if you can, to get one of the fast-moving 
NIGHTBARBS that fly overhead. Also, scan the cactus-like KASHH PLANTS and the 
larger MATURE KASHH PLANTS growing on the walls of the path. They sometimes 
contain pickups, and the only way to get them is to shoot the plants open. At 
the path's end, scan and open the BRYYO BLUE DOOR.

Signs of Rundas's recent presence are evident inside the Gateway Hall, with 
pieces of ice and frozen Bryyo natives here and there. Turn left at the end of 
the hall and start crossing the bridge made of ice. The GRAGNOLS here can 
easily be destroyed by a few well-placed shots, but that's only because they 
aren't fully-grown yet. They can still shoot Phazon pulses at you though. 
Cross the bridge and enter the temple. Jump down into the pit ahead and turn 
so that you can make a way to get back up if you need it. Just use the Grapple 
Lasso on the base of the platform to pull it outwards and make a step. Now 
head towards the south exit, but scan the SMALL BRYYO COFFER and the LARGE 
BRYYO COFFERS (non-biological versions of the Kashh Plants) before you go 

Enter the Gateway. A short cinematic will introduce Bryyo when you enter, as 
well as show you the door you need to use. The said door is sealed and is 
engraved with dragon symbols. Turn left and jump to a platform in the corner, 
and then to another one to its right. Use it to reach the south part of the 
room. Now walk across the crumbling stone bridge towards the dragon symbol 
door. The bridge is clearly unstable, so try not to stay on it for too long. 
Once across, turn around and use the Grapple Lasso on a section of stone from 
the wall to the right of the bridge. When pulled out, the bridge will give way 
at last, but the stone wall will become a platform back to the other side. 
Turn left from the dragon symbol door and jump to another platform nearby. 
From it, jump to the center structure and enter the Morph Ball tunnel around 
its base. The tunnel will take you to a Bomb Slot. Bomb it to lower a set of 
platforms from the top of the room and unlock one of the two dragon symbols on 
the door. Less rewarding are the swarms of PHAZON NIGHTBARBS that also make an 
appearance. Unlike the relatively harmless Nightbarbs, the Phazon strain is 
quite vicious. They fly around in small groups, attacking by firing a ball of 
collective energy. They are hard to hit individually, but you can destroy all 
in a group by shooting the ball of energy they form right before they shoot it 
at you. Since the Phazon Nightbarbs will continue to appear indefinitely, it's 
not a bad idea to ignore them. Go back to the platform that you made by 
pulling it out with the Grapple Lasso. Use the nearby ledges to reach an 
inclined walkway overlooking the room. Go to the end of it and jump to the 
nearest of the two platforms that you lowered with the last Bomb Slot. From 
the second one, jump to the very top of the central structure. There's a new 
Morph Ball tunnel entrance up here that lets you reach the second Bomb Slot 
that controls the locks to the dragon symbol door. Activate it to release the 
lock. To get back to the door quickly from the northern doorway, jump to the 
southeast platform that was just made when the piece of metal fell away. Watch 
out for the two GEL PUFFERS there. They explode when ruptured and leave behind 
a corrosive cloud of Fuel Gel vapor. Wait for the cloud to dissipate before 
walking through. When at last you reach the dragon symbol door, or rather, the 
now open doorway, you'll see a Morph Ball tunnel up ahead. There's a metal 
sphere stuck along the right path that must be pulled out before you proceed. 
Use the Grapple Lasso to yank it along the path until it gets to the tunnel 
opening. Give it one final tug to pull it free of the tunnel and smash it. Now 
go into your Morph Ball and bomb-jump into the tunnel. Take the right-hand 
path. When you exit from it, head towards the door up ahead. Before you can go 
through, gun down the two HOPPERS coming at you. Hoppers are well named; they 
hop around everywhere. They aren't difficult to destroy, so finish them off 
and enter the small Reliquary II room. Inside is another easy ENERGY TANK. 
Also, use the Grapple Lasso to rip off the piece of metal covering the panel 
on the back wall. This will expose the Lore piece GOLDEN AGE to your Scan 
Visor. Once that's been scanned, return to the Morph Ball tunnel in the 
Gateway and take the left path from the entrance. When you unroll, a group of 
BRYYONIAN SHRIEKBATS will dive-bomb you. Shriekbats are well-known for 
sacrificing themselves in order to defend their territory. It is difficult to 
scan these short-lived creatures, but there will be more opportunities later. 
Use a missile to destroy the Red Blast Shield on the door ahead so that you 
can exit the Gateway.

Go into the Grand Court Path and hop up the stone steps. Creatures called 
SHELBUGS roam the walls of this passageway, and they're actually quite common 
on Bryyo. They don't like you being near them though, and will fire Phazon 
spines at you if you get close. At the top of the steps, turn around and find 
the statue in an alcove on the wall filled with Fuel Gel (your Scan Visor will 
help). Fire a missile at it to make it explode, leaving behind a small ledge 
to jump over to. Turn around on it and leap across the main path into a hidden 
passage in the wall. Follow it and leap over to an alcove where a MISSILE 
EXPANSION is waiting. Now return to the main path and go up to the top. The 
way is blocked by a strange group of Phazon vines. You need to use the Hyper 
Beam (while in Hypermode, obviously) to destroy it. Switch to Hypermode and 
shoot the four blue globs that are the vines' weak spots. The vines will then 
dissolve, so deactivate Hypermode immediately to get as much energy back from 
the spent tank. Kill the Hoppers in the next chamber and go through the door 
at the end.

The Grand Court has a short drop coming in, making it impossible to return to 
the Grand Court Path just yet. Go down to where the giant stone golem is 
lying. Two REPTILICUS HUNTERS will suddenly ambush you from the alcoves above. 
Reptilicus Hunters are native warriors who have been corrupted by Phazon. They 
are tough to beat and have unusual powers. Primarily, they'll use their energy 
whips and throwing chakrams against you, but can also leap great distances and 
make themselves invisible for short periods of time. Moving around helps to 
avoid getting hurt. A path to the west will be revealed after you bring the 
Reptilicus Hunters down. Take it and turn left. There is a panel on the wall 
with a glowing red spot. Shoot the spot, and the three others that appear, to 
make the panel shift into another piece of Bryyo Lore (AGE OF SCIENCE). Now 
take the door at the other end of the path.

Leap down to the rocky ledge when you enter the Hillside Vista and scan to 
locate a piece of cracked Talloric alloy rock set along the base of the wall. 
Use a bomb to blast it apart. Now enter the Morph Ball-sized tunnel. This 
tunnel is home to two strange Bryyo creatures that are never found apart. The 
small, glowing wormlike things are SNATCHERS while the creature clinging to 
the rock above is a KORBA (you'll be able to scan them shortly). When the 
Snatchers stick to you, they accumulate and inflate themselves. When that 
happens, you'll float up like a balloon towards the feeding Korba. You can use 
a Morph Ball Bomb to shake off the Snatchers, but they're actually useful for 
getting to the top of the tunnel. If you go up the narrow left shaft, you can 
find a MISSILE EXPANSION. Go to the lower left path to get to the exit, which 
you'll have to bomb yourself through. When you unroll from the tunnel, turn 
around to scan the Snatchers and the Korba. Now face the statue behind you and 
use the Grapple Lasso to yank off its chest plate. You can then shoot it and 
make it explode like the one in the Grand Court Path. Use the doorway 

Reliquary I contains the GRAPPLE SWING upgrade. This thing increases the 
abilities of the Grapple feature. Now you can swing from special Grapple 
attachments to reach new areas. Back in the Hillside Vista, you no longer have 
to use the Morph Ball tunnel to get to the other side of the cliff. Just use 
the GRAPPLE SWING POINT (a scan-able) hanging over the chasm to trapeze 
across. Climb up to the door and reenter the Grand Court.

The Grand Court has three Grapple Swing Points that will let you reach the 
exit, but they're out of range from the ground. Take the north path from the 
clearing and head left up a set of steps. The final platform is close enough 
to the Grapple points. Before going across, shoot the Gel Puffers floating 
around the points. They may make things hard for you if you leave them alive. 
Swing out to the first point, then let go at the end of the swing and 
immediately reattach your Grapple beam to the next one. Repeat this to reach 
the east ledge. The wall in front of you is covered in eight metal panels. 
They can be pulled away with the Grapple Lasso to reveal a tunnel in the wall. 
Use your Morph Ball and its bombs to ascend this tunnel and reach the exit.

There's nothing Grapple-related in the Grand Court Path, but you will find a 
new enemy, a REPTILICUS. A standard Reptilicus appears to be no different from 
a Reptilicus Hunter, except for one thing. A Reptilicus doesn't waste time 
making itself invisible; it can actually teleport from one spot to the other. 
Luckily, there really isn't enough room in the Grand Court Path for this one 
to pull off its trick effectively, so just waste him. More of them, along with 
native Nightbarbs, now reside in the Gateway. If you need to get across the 
room from the eastern part of the room (to return to your gunship, for 
example), you can use the Grapple Swing rather than having to jump all over 
the place. Anyway, head into the southeastern hallway and go to the north end 
so that you can climb onto the back ledge. The door up there hasn't been used 
yet, so go through.

Enter the Crash Site and try to scan the Shriekbats if you didn't scan them 
earlier. If you did, then by all means avoid getting hit by them. Use the 
Grapple Swing to cross over to the wing of the crashed G.F.S. Theseus. There's 
a door to the north, but you can't get through it. Instead, bomb your way into 
the Morph Ball tunnel farther down the wall. The tunnel splits into two paths, 
but you can only take the lower one right now. Use it to gain entry into the 

The first thing you should do inside the G.F.S. Theseus is kill the ATOMIC. 
The Atomic is only vulnerable to charged beam shots, but it gets dangerously 
excited whenever you charge your beam. Shoot it quickly before it touches you. 
The Atomic is also capable of dropping explosives, so don't go underneath it. 
After you destroy the Atomic, turn towards the north wall. The panel covering 
it is held in place by two locks, so shoot them with charged shots to get it 
down. This will reveal the workings behind it. Use the Grapple Lasso to 
connect the disabled power rods above and below the active pair. You have to 
couple each pair at a time before doing the other two. When all six power rods 
are active, the satellite interface unit will pop up. Approach the lever on 
its side and twist it around to give the unit power. Once that's done, the 
unit will send out a broadcast, and your objective will be complete. Two more 
landing sites will also become useable on Bryyo. Unit 242 will tell you that 
the satellite data has revealed that two energy signatures are powering the 
Leviathan Seed's energy field. These energy signatures must be destroyed for 
the shield to be removed. Their locations will be uploaded to your map. It's 
time to return to the Cliffside Airdock. Use the door taking you back to the 
Crash Site.

Wait, was that Rundas flying away from the cliff? It seemed so. Anyway, before 
heading back across the chasm, reenter the Morph Ball tunnel you used to get 
into the Theseus. Now that the power is back, you can take the path that goes 
upwards. However, that also means that there will be electrical hazards to 
avoid inside the tunnel. Go through and bomb-jump your way up to a ledge next 
to a moving piston. When the piston goes all the way up, you can perform a 
double-bomb-jump to get to the ledge above. To do this tricky maneuver, set a 
bomb and wait until it is just about to explode before setting the second. At 
the time you do that, the first one will blast you upwards a bit. Set the 
third bomb when you reach the height of your jump. When you fall, the second 
bomb will push you back up. And, if you timed it right, you'll hit the third 
bomb and be pushed even higher. After you master the double-bomb-jump, go 
right to exit the tunnel. From this part of the Crash Site you can walk up and 
grab the MISSILE EXPANSION sitting above the Grapple point below. You will 
also be harassed by some GRAGNOL ADULTS. These bugs are immune to your Arm 
Cannon weaponry, but can be killed quickly by shooting the Grapple Lasso at 
them. After you have the expansion, leap down to the doorway into the Gateway. 
Cross it and reenter the Gateway Hall.

As you try to cross the ice bridge Rundas made, a new enemy will shut you in 
for a battle. Meet the two ALPHA HOPPERS. These creatures are rare, so don't 
do anything to them before one is scanned. Fortunately, Alpha Hoppers require 
no change in strategy to defeat when compared to regular Hoppers. They have 
more health, but are vulnerable to any kind of weaponry. Watch out for their 
venomous spit and sharp claws. After you defeat them, more will emerge from 
the nest hanging above. You may think to shoot the nest to stop more Alpha 
Hoppers from emerging, but that won't really work. Just keep killing them 
until there are no more left, then continue heading back to the Cliffside 

When you get to the landing site, climb aboard the gunship and get ready to 
fly to a new location. The two new landing sites are the Fiery Airdock and the 
Thorn Jungle Airdock. You must go to the Fiery Airdock first, which is within 
the Bryyo Fire region of the planet. As you land in this area, you'll see how 
different the environment is here. Large quantities of Fuel Gel make this 
place very hot, and the types of creatures found here are better adapted to 
live in such conditions.

Exit your ship and look around. Rundas's Phrygisian-Class Gunship is parked 
nearby, so he must be in the area. Avoid touching the caustic FUEL GEL all 
around the landing platform, but scan it for a Logbook entry. Afterwards, take 
the only door out of the Fiery Airdock.

Turn left inside the Imperial Hall and shoot the gel spout on the stone disk 
blocking the path with a charged shot. The spout will ignite and push the disk 
sideways. Jump over the pool of Fuel Gel and do the same thing to the second 
stone disk. Afterwards, turn right and exit.

The Gel Refinery Site is a spacious, open room with lots of Fuel Gel in it. 
There are also two Reptilicus in here. Defeat them before heading towards the 
eastern part of the room. To get to the door on the high ledge there, you'll 
have to create a platform that will let you reach it. To the right of the door 
is a rotational valve with two gel spouts coming out of it. Ignite these 
spouts quickly to make the valve flip over. It can be used as a platform now 
to reach the east door.

Enter the Main Lift. Before going into the tunnel ahead, look to your right 
and use the Grapple Lasso to expose the data of AGE OF SCHISM. Now roll up and 
enter the Morph Ball tunnel in the wall. This tunnel is home to another colony 
of Snatchers and a Korba. To proceed, you'll simply need to have the Snatchers 
float you up to the nearest ledge on the left side of the tunnel. However, 
like last time, you can obtain an expansion by exploring the other path. Rise 
up as far as you can go until you are almost at the hungry Korba. Shift over 
to the topmost ledge and free yourself from the Snatchers so that you can take 
the path. It will bring you to a MISSILE EXPANSION located in the next part of 
the room. After you have it, return through the tunnel and bomb the little 
plant so that you can get to where the Snatchers are. Use them to reach the 
end of the tunnel. When at last you exit, turn left and walk to the end of the 
path. This is a lift that will take you to the next room, but it is held in 
place by a lever. Simply use the Grapple Lasso to loosen it and be on your way 
down. The door to leave is protected by a Red Blast Shield, so use a missile 
on it.

You'll be attacked by Hoppers inside the Corrupted Pool, but they shouldn't be 
a problem. Turn the corner to find a large pit full of blue Phazon, and an 
enormous growth of Phazon vines blocking the way across. Activate Hypermode 
and go after the vines' blue weak points. Then, after a few seconds of being 
in Hypermode, something strange will happen. Your Phazon meter will climb to a 
critical level, and you'll be at risk of being completely corrupted. Quickly 
fire the Hyper Beam repeatedly to vent off the excess Phazon. When you get 
your Phazon levels back down to nothing, Hypermode will deactivate normally. 
Unit 242 will message you and begin analyzing the situation. Whatever just 
happened didn't look good. As it turns out, the Phazon levels in your body 
have reached a point where you will no longer be able to use the PED Suit like 
you used to. After being in Hypermode for more than a few seconds, you will 
become corrupted and be unable to abort the mode manually. Your Phazon levels 
will climb steadily, and as a result of enemy attacks, and your game will end 
if you become fully corrupted. As you did just now, using Hyper weapons can 
keep your Phazon levels in check. You can even use corruption to your 
advantage by letting the rising Phazon levels continue to fuel your weapons. 
However, Hypermode will still end after 25 seconds. Just be careful and watch 
your Phazon meter when you decide to use your PED Suit from now on.

Well anyway, now that the Phazon vines are gone, you can swing across the 
Phazon pit via Grapple point. Given Samus's past experiences with Phazon, you 
may be keen to avoid the glowing pool below, but contacting it will actually 
heal you and recover you energy. If your health is low, take a quick Phazon 
bath before continuing (exit the pool using the steps on the north side). 
After swinging across, locate the exit on your right.

Enter the next room. This is the Gel Processing Site. The door you want to 
take is up at the top, where Rundas just went through. Mysteriously, he seems 
to be trying to avoid you. The only way to get to the exit is by crossing the 
room. Before you reach the back ledge however, three fierce WARPHOUNDS will 
enter the scene. These are the beasts the Reptilicus use as guards. They share 
a few of their masters' traits, including the ability to warp from one 
location to another (hence the name) and their resilience. They also shoot 
fire balls from their mouths. Warphounds are weak to cold-based weaponry, but 
currently you have nothing of the sort in your arsenal. Missiles, charged 
Power Beam shots and the Hyper Beam are the way to go. They will go down 
eventually. Return to the back of the room and hop up to the ledge. After 
scanning AGE OF WAR, face the Bomb Slot. It is inactive at the moment, but 
igniting the two gel spouts on either side of it will fix the problem. When 
the device is used, a large metal platform will rise up from the floor of the 
room. Space jump over to it and eliminate the Gragnols. Now face the west side 
of the room. Use the Grapple Lasso to pull out a rail set it the wall to 
connect it to the center platform. Do the same on the east side of the room. 
The rails form a tunnel that the Morph Ball can get through, but you have to 
find its entrance first. Jump over to the platform on the east wall and find 
the pumping station inside the small alcove. Grab the pump's handle and start 
pumping (pushing it in and out) to charge power. When it is fully pumped, 
spouts of Fuel Gel will turn on behind it. Ignite these to expose the entrance 
to the Morph Ball tunnel. Now go through it so that you can get into the 
alcove on the west side. This one has a Bomb Slot similar to the one on the 
ground. Ignite the spouts to give it power. Now use the slot to raise a part 
of the center platform even higher. Go back through the tunnel and unroll so 
that you can jump over to the top of the platform. This time, you'll have to 
fend off some Gragnol Adults that were disturbed by the platform's activities. 
Remember to use the lasso on them. You are now almost at the top. Face south 
and use the Grapple Lasso on the little green valve underneath the large Fuel 
Gel vat. With the valve gone, Fuel Gel will spill freely from the pipe. Shoot 
it to make another small stream of gel begin flowing. Now, when you shoot this 
one, an explosive reaction will occur and the gel vat will be out of your way. 
Jump over to the ledge and enter the Morph Ball tunnel on the right side. The 
tunnel is fairly typical, but there are PHAZON PILLBUGS roaming the inside of 
it. These creatures roll around the tunnel's loops, looking for food. A few 
bombs will be enough to destroy one. Avoid the jets of Fuel Gel as well. Just 
above the first one is a cracked stone block. Bomb-jump up to the path next to 
the block. Use another bomb to destroy it and make the sturdier one on top of 
it fall down. Now you can safely continue through the tunnel. At the end, 
unroll and scan the Pillbugs. Finally, activate the Bomb Slot on the ledge to 
raise the last piece of the center platform (and summon a few Gel Puffers). 
Jump back to the platform and face west. The ledge you saw Rundas on before 
still seems too high up to reach, but there's a green GRAB LEDGE there that 
lets you get up. Jump to the Grab Ledge to hoist yourself up to the doorway. 
Exit at last.

The Gel Hall is almost completely filled with searing Fuel Gel, and there 
doesn't seem to be any way to cross safely. However, notice the revolving 
golem statue spewing Fuel Gel from its mouth in the middle of the pool. 
Shooting the gel will make a fire jet erupt horizontally from the statue's 
head. Wait for the statue to be facing left before igniting the gel stream. 
The jet of fire should destroy the yellow fuel line hanging there, and a 
platform will come down. This platform not only lets you get across to the 
door, but it also has a MISSILE EXPANSION on top of it. Claim your prize and 
head towards the west door, but don't go through yet. Turn back and watch the 
Fuel Gel's surface for the occasional leap of a GEL RAY. Gel Rays are 
completely harmless unless touched, and aren't worth the effort to kill. They 
are also a pain to scan because they are visible for only a few seconds when 
they leap and appear in a random spot each time. It will take a few tries to 
get a full scan of a Gel Ray. When you have its Logbook entry, use the exit.

You can save inside Save Station A and recover your energy. Get out through 
the opposite end of the room after you are done. The next room is the Cavern 
Entry. Just shoot the Hoppers and go right through to the next room. The Gel 
Cavern is another thin passage, but you have to watch out for the Fuel Gel 
pouring from above this time. When the cascades stop, jump across before they 
begin again. There are some Gragnols near the end too.

The Temple Access tunnel is home to many GELBUGS. These creatures are filled 
with volatile Fuel Gel, and will start bouncing around if disturbed. Try to 
shoot them before they hit you. Walk through the tunnel and use the door at 
the top to reach the next room.

This is the Temple of Bryyo. It starts as a small tunnel, but opens up into a 
much larger clearing. As soon as you go out into the open, a massive Space 
Pirate war cruiser will fly across the sky and bombard the temple with laser 
bolts. Don't worry too much about the cruiser, as there are more pressing 
matters at hand. Two Space Pirate ATCs have also shown up, and will deploy 
their squads of ARMORED PIRATE TROOPERS straightaway before flying off. This 
leaves you to fight the troopers. Armored Pirate Troopers are a new type of 
pirate, but don't require a new strategy. Like the Armored Pirate Militias, 
the troopers are equipped with stronger armor that prevents damage to them, 
but is not indestructible itself. Missiles are the best way to destroy the 
troopers' armor. After that, they become regular Pirate Troopers. Watch out 
for the Phazon grenades they use too. Getting caught up in a blast will force 
you into Hypermode corruption and can catch you off guard. The good news is 
that you won't be forced to spend an Energy Tank (but the blast itself will 
still damage you) and you will be able to kill the pirates quickly with the 
Hyper Beam. After you defeat them, more trouble approaches. But as an 
additional wave of pirate forces shows up, help also arrives. A giant block of 
ice appears from the center of the floor and the pirates scatter in fear. 
Rivers of ice track them and freeze them in place. After the pirates are taken 
care of, Rundas makes his appearance from the large block of ice. You can now 
scan Rundas to make the unnecessary confirmation that he is who he is. After 
that though, Rundas will generate a new ice flow, aiming not at a hostile, but 
at you! It's clear that Rundas isn't his usual self at the moment. He's being 
controlled by Dark Samus, and unfortunately you're going to have to battle 
your ally in order to get by. 

As soon as you begin fighting, scan RUNDAS once more to add him to your 
Logbook as a Space Pirate entry. As you have witnessed in the past, Rundas can 
manipulate ice in a variety of ways. Now that you have been forced to battle 
him, you'll see just how skilled he is. The very arena is shaped by the ice he 
has created, giving both of you plenty of cover. Like the armor-wearing 
pirates, Rundas is invulnerable as long as he is protected by his armor, but 
he can be stunned after enough punishment. Target him immediately and give it 
your all. While you may be tempted to charge the Power Beam in order to do 
more damage to Rundas's armor, his speed will make hitting him with that 
difficult. Use missiles instead. Rundas gets around in two ways; he can fly 
through the air by ice-surfing, and he can run around on the ground. 
Obviously, because he's faster while airborne, you'd be better off attacking 
him while he's on foot. Once you manage to stun Rundas, you can use the 
Grapple Lasso against him. Yank his armor off to expose his vulnerable body. 
Start shooting immediately, because Rundas will regain his senses once his 
armor is off and resume his attacks. While his body is exposed, you may want 
to switch to Hypermode in order to do more damage quickly. As always though, 
don't overuse it, or you may find yourself with less health than desirable. It 
won't be long before Rundas's armor regenerates, but you should have enough 
time before then to dent his health bar. Reattempt to stun him so that you can 
take his armor off and continue damaging him. All the while, you're going to 
have to avoid his attacks. Most of the time, Rundas will fire blasts of icy 
vapor at you, and they'll freeze you if you take a direct hit. If you get 
trapped in ice, the only way to free yourself is to tap the B Button 
repeatedly. Other times, Rundas will shower you with similar blasts while he 
zooms around the room. And, if your foe perches himself on top of an ice 
formation, he may be trying to hurl ice boulders at you (three or four at a 
time; they can be shot at and destroyed for pickups) or swing a massive ice 
club around to demolish anything nearby. Rundas will use this latter attack 
when he enters Hypermode, using his own PED. Your own Hypermode weapons will 
be more effective against him then. Keep up the attack until Rundas takes his 
last hit.

Once Rundas has been defeated, shards of ice will impale him. Then, like a 
phantom, the true villain appears. The shadowy form of Dark Samus absorbs 
Rundas's remains and then glides away. She leaves behind a prize for you; the 
ICE MISSILE upgrade. This weapon gives your missiles freezing capabilities. 
Missiles can now freeze enemies and other objects solid, as well as open White 
Blast Shields. After you grab the upgrade, collect the pickups left behind 
from battle and use the lift indicated by a hologram in the center of the 
temple. Take it to a door and go through.

The eastern energy signature is just ahead, but first you have to get through 
the Fuel Gel-filled Temple Reservoir and the room after it. From the bank of 
the gel pool, scan a SCORCHBUG ahead of you. Scorchbugs explode when hit with 
something, but are otherwise unexciting. You can also scan a Gel Ray if you 
didn't earlier, since they appear here more frequently than in the Gel Hall. 
Now the question remains as to how to cross the Temple Reservoir's Fuel Gel 
pool. The answer is to use an ice missile. Shooting the Fuel Gel with a 
missile now will freeze some of it and make a temporary platform of solidified 
gel. Make a platform to jump across to, and then shoot another missile ahead 
to make the next one. Keep doing this (it should only take around two 
platforms to reach the other side) until you get to the next blue door.

Enter the Temple Hall. On your right is a pumping station that is used to 
control the flow of gel from the spouts along the sides of the chasm ahead. 
Pump it four times to turn it on. Now Fuel Gel will pour from the three 
spouts. Use missiles to freeze the gel flows so that they form solid 
platforms. Like the ones you made in the Temple Reservoir, these formations 
will last only a few seconds. Jump from one to the other until you get to the 
other side. Use the door here.

You've finally reached the Temple Generator. On the other side of the 
structure ahead, through a large window, you can see one of the shield 
generators that keep the Leviathan Seed protected. You must destroy it 
somehow. Go back to the front of the room and use the control panel with the 
Space Pirate handprint on it. A hologram of the shield generator will show up, 
but nothing else will happen. Soon, Unit 242 will speak to you. She says that 
since the generator is made of durable Maldium metal, it cannot be destroyed 
by any of your weapons. You must find a weapon that will do the job for you. 
It isn't in the Bryyo Fire region, so you'll have to backtrack all the way to 
the Fiery Airdock and return to the first part of Bryyo you explored. Before 
you leave the Temple Generator room, scan the side panel for data on DOWNFALL.


Chapter 4: The Leviathan Seed.


Start making the long walk back to your gunship. The rooms you have to go back 
through may have different enemies this time. The Temple of Bryyo, for 
example, is inhabited by Hoppers now. When you reach the Temple Access, shoot 
at the Gelbugs to send them tumbling towards a lone pirate near the end. The 
Gelbugs should blow up in his face and kill him. Make your way back through 
the next two rooms until the Save Station is reached. Note that in the Gel 
Cavern, there is a new shortcut that lets you skip right to the Imperial Hall, 
but taking it now will make you miss out on expansions you could do with. Head 
towards the Gel Hall instead.

Enter the Gel Hall and hop over to the round platform that you cut loose 
earlier. Face south and shoot missiles into the Fuel Gel down the corridor to 
make icy platforms. You can use them to reach a hidden ledge where the room's 
second MISSILE EXPANSION rests. Now go back to the main chamber and use more 
makeshift ice platforms to get to the north door, covered by a White Blast 
Shield. Another missile will get the shield down. Use the door afterwards.

This new room is the Gel Purification Site. It connects to the Gel Refinery 
Site, saving you the trouble of having to backtrack through three extra rooms. 
To cross this room, shoot the red switch ahead of you. A Grapple Swing Point 
will appear to its left. Use it to begin swinging. To get to the next swing 
point, shoot the next red switch before swinging over. Repeat one more time 
and then go through the blue door at the end.

Don't jump down from the ledge when you enter the Gel Refinery Site. Turn 
right and use the Grapple Lasso to rip a few pipes away. This will make the 
larger one next to them collapse. Now you can walk on the pipe to reach this 
ledge from below whenever you come back through. Also, walk to the end of the 
ledge and pick up another MISSILE EXPANSION. Now return to the Fiery Airdock.

During the walk back to your gunship you will have received a transmission 
from Unit 242. Your next destination is the Hangar Bay, a Federation outpost 
and landing site located near the place where the G.F.S. Theseus went down. 
You'll be able to upgrade your ship somehow when you get there. You can't fly 
to this new landing site directly because its beacons aren't active yet, so 
you'll have to reach it on foot. Fly to the Cliffside Airdock instead.

Nothing has really changed in any of the rooms from the landing site to the 
Theseus, so zip through them until you get to the downed ship. After entering 
it, head directly across to a new door that takes you into the Falls of Fire. 
You couldn't go through this room previously without the Ice Missile upgrade. 
Now you can freeze the gel streams coming out of the wall spouts to create 
platforms, exactly like you did in the Temple Hall back in Bryyo Fire. Before 
making your way across though, blow up the Gel Puffers. They have a knack for 
getting in your way. Proceed down a short hallway after the chasm and check 
out the golem standing guard at the end. It has a Bomb Slot set into its 
stomach, so roll up and use a bomb-jump to get inside. The Bomb Slot will 
energize the golem and make it come to life. Each golem you find is 
preprogrammed to perform a specific task when activated, and this one will 
charge through the wall behind it and drop down a long shaft. It will power 
down and release you at the bottom. Fire a missile at the exit door to get it 

The Hidden Court is the next room. It is dominated by a war golem even larger 
than the last one, but restrained by several thick vines. Before you can worry 
about the golem though, two Warphounds will pounce. Use Hypermode if you want 
them dead quickly. After they are gone, a hole will appear on the floor in 
front of the golem. This acts as the Bomb Slot used to power the golem, but it 
can't do anything useful with those vines restraining it. You have to get rid 
of them before setting the golem to work. However, as the golem struggles 
against its bonds the first time you try it out, a hatch will loosen where the 
vine connected to its right leg is attached to the wall. Shoot the pockets of 
Fuel Gel at the base of the vine to burn it down. Now one of the golem's legs 
is free. Go after the left leg attachment next. The vine tied to it is 
connected to a Morph Ball tunnel along the north wall. The problem getting 
into it is that there is an active gel spout near its entrance. You can fix 
this problem by freezing the spout solid with an ice missile. Hurry into the 
tunnel and get across the frozen spout before it melts again. Work your way 
through until you find a hole that takes you behind the wall. The Fuel Gel 
attachment is located there. A bomb will set off the chain reaction to 
disintegrate the vine. Now only the arms remain. Roll back out of the tunnel 
and look towards the upper east wall. There is a gel spout burning near 
another vine. This one is simple to destroy; shoot the spout so that the 
intense flames ignite the vine. The left arm of the golem is now free. The 
last vine is attached to the wall near the entrance, but its base is covered 
by a chunk of Brinstone rock. This mineral is susceptible to your missiles, so 
use one to destroy the rock and expose a small alcove. Jump into it and locate 
the vine's base. Destroy it to free the golem once and for all. Go back to the 
golem's Bomb Slot now and activate it to power up the golem. This one will 
pick up an entire section of the floor (with you still inside) and place it in 
the wall behind it, which will in turn retract (this will be important later). 
The golem will step to the side and deactivate, while the place where the Bomb 
Slot used to be now leads to the room's exit. Listen to Unit 242's report on 
your Hypermode condition before entering the next room.

Drop to the bottom of the Ruined Shrine when you get inside and look for the 
arm of another golem. Age has damaged the alloy that the arm is composed of, 
making it weak to Morph Ball Bombs. Use one to uncover an ENERGY TANK hidden 
beneath the arm. Now use the steps to get back up to the ledge. To both sides 
of the ledge are large golem statues. The right-hand one has a strange gel 
crystal formation on it. Though solid, the Fuel Gel is still volatile. Shoot 
it and a bridge above the golem will fall into place as a result of the blast. 
The bridge has a Grapple Swing Point beneath it. Use the Grapple Swing to 
reach the opposite ledge. Now turn back around and jump to a ledge on your 
left, near the golem's head. It will put you on top of the new bridge and 
allow you to cross. Jump onto more platforms on your left so that you are 
level with the upper west ledge across from you. You should be able to see 
another Fuel Gel crystal there. Destroy it to sever the vine attached to a 
stone pillar on your left. There is another vine holding the pillar in place. 
This one can be destroyed by shooting the gel crystal located near the base of 
the pillar. When both vines are burned away, the pillar will fall and make 
another bridge with a Grapple Swing Point underneath it. Swing over to the 
west ledge and turn left yet again. Ascend the stairs to reach the top of the 
bridge and start walking across. Use missiles to kill the Gragnols and get the 
pile of rubble on the other side of the bridge out of the way. Make a final 
left inside the short passageway and use the blue door there.

This room is the Hangar Bay; you've reached your destination. Head to the back 
of the room, where a lone control panel sits within a semicircular enclosure. 
When you approach it, enemies will appear to stop you. You can't interact with 
the panel until the room is clear. Start with the pair of Warphounds. As 
before, Hypermode is the quickest way to deal with them. Four Reptilicus 
Hunters will replace the hounds after they are killed. Kill them in turn to 
return the room to normal. Now there is work to be done. Go back to that panel 
and press the button with the upward-pointing arrows. This will raise the 
missile racks around the landing platform. They will be used soon to upgrade 
your ship. Now head to the room's northeastern corner. There is a lift here 
you can use. Activate the control panel in front of it to power up the lift 
and take it up to the second floor. From the ledge up there, jump over to the 
central missile rack and then leap again to reach a Grab Ledge. Once on top of 
the ledge, face east and lasso out a platform from the wall. Jump onto it and 
then over to the southeastern platform. You can use it to get back to the 
highest part of the central missile rack. Then, jump from there over to a 
ledge on the northwest side of the room. Use the Morph Ball tunnel there to 
enter an enclosed control room. A control system is waiting for you in front 
of the window. Grab the lever and pull back, and then slide it to the right 
before pushing it forward again. The bay doors above will open up. It's time 
to bring in your ship. Exit the control room and drop back down to the ground. 
Return to the panel that raises and lowers the missile racks and press the 
downward-pointing arrow button to clear the landing zone. Everything is ready 
for your gunship now, so pull up the Command Visor and call it in. From now 
on, you can fly from any other landing zone to this one. You're not done here 
yet though. Go back to the panel one more time and set the missile racks back 
up. With your ship already docked, the devices will immediately begin 
upgrading your ship. After they are finished, your ship will be able to fire 
missiles. Hurray! SHIP MISSILES can be used in open locations using the 
Command Visor. The gunship will fly overhead and bombard any enemies and 
obstacles in the area. The best news of all is that these missiles are 
particularly effective against Maldium objects, which is what the Leviathan's 
shield generators are made of. Enter the ship and return to the Fiery Airdock 

Back in Bryyo Fire, start heading towards the Temple of Bryyo. If you took the 
shortcut through the Gel Purification Site earlier, you can use that to save 
some time. If you didn't take that way before, or if you used the other 
shortcut from the Gel Cavern, you'll be less fortunate. Not only can that 
shortcut not be used from the Imperial Hall end, but you'll also be unable to 
get to the Gel Purification Site from the Gel Refinery Site because you didn't 
pull out the loose pipes from the ledge that make the walkway. Many of the 
native enemies in most of the rooms have now been replaced with Space Pirates 
and their drones, but nothing major to worry about. Eventually you'll get to 
the Temple of Bryyo again.

The Space Pirates have been hard at work remodeling the temple to suit their 
needs. They are building an anti-aircraft turret to prevent people like you 
from doing exactly what you're planning to do with your gunship. They've left 
the project under the guard of a few ARMORED AEROTROOPERS. This is a different 
type of pirate, so scan it for your Logbook. The pirates won't stop appearing 
no matter how many of them you lay to rest, so ignore them unless they are 
directly in your way. The armor these have make them tougher to kill than 
regular Aerotroopers anyway. Locate the two jamming beacons on either side of 
the turret base. These beacons prevent you from calling your gunship for a 
bombing run, so they must be deactivated. Use the Grapple Lasso to yank down 
the lever on the beacon to shut it off. Repeat this quickly with the other 
beacon, and then use the Command Visor to call forth the ship for attack by 
scanning the icon in front of the turret base. If you aren't quick enough, the 
beacons will reactivate themselves. But once your gunship is on its way, this 
pirate operation will be ended. The gunship will destroy the turret and the 
remaining pirates, exposing the lift that will take you to the Temple 
Reservoir. Before leaving, scan the cone-shaped SPACE PIRATE CRATES and LARGE 
SPACE PIRATE CRATES near the ruined turret base.

Watch out for the Aeromines as you try to go through the Temple Reservoir. It 
isn't easy to fight them without getting hurt while standing on an unstable 
ice platform. Go through the Temple Hall as usual and enter the Temple 
Generator. Two pirate troopers are inside. Take them out, but be careful of 
their Phazon grenades. Now go to the back window and use the Command Visor to 
call your ship for another bombing run. This time, the ship's missiles will 
destroy the shield generator helping to protect the Leviathan Seed. The energy 
field around it is weakened now, but not yet finished. Start heading back to 
the Fiery Airdock once more.

In the Temple of Bryyo, take the lift back up to the main area. Pirate 
reinforcements have arrived to inspect the damage you've done to their 
precious anti-aircraft turret, and are none too pleased that you wrecked it. 
Look out for the ADVANCED SHIELD TROOPER in their midst. This trooper has 
additional protective armor like an Armored Pirate Trooper, but carries around 
a deflective shield as well. Use the Grapple Lasso to take his shield away and 
then attack with missiles to crack his armor. After he no longer has his 
shield, the trooper becomes an ADVANCED PIRATE TROOPER. You can scan him now 
for another Logbook entry. When you defeat the pirates, keep moving through 
the region.

Stop when you get to the Gel Cavern. Unless you didn't already get the two 
expansions in the Gel Hall and Gel Refinery Site, there's no reason not to 
take the shortcut here. You'll earn a bonus just for using it anyway. Halfway 
through the room is a continuous Fuel Gel cascade blocking a side path on your 
left. Shoot an ice missile at the top of the cascade to freeze the gel. The 
short path revealed by this has a statue facing you. Roll into your Morph Ball 
and bomb-jump into the statue's mouth. The statue will warp you all the way 
back to the Imperial Hall, saving you even more backtracking then the Gel 
Purification Hall passage. Again though, this shortcut can only be used one 
way. Enter your gunship in the Fiery Airdock and set a course for the only 
available landing site on Bryyo that hasn't been visited, the Thorn Jungle 

This section of Bryyo is characterized by dense vegetation and heavy pirate 
activity. The western energy signature is located at the end of this rugged 
jungle trail. After landing, enter the Overgrown Ruins ahead. An Armored 
Pirate Trooper will charge at you, activating his own pirate-based Phazon 
Enhancement Device to enter Hypermode. Enemies in Hypermode are very tough to 
kill unless you activate your own PED Suit. Defeat the first pirate and then 
find the second one further down the path so that you can destroy him before 
you get corrupted or run out of Phazon. Now look for the Fuel Gel crystals on 
the right-hand side of the path. Shooting them will cause an explosion that 
reveals the pathway to the hidden Vault room. There is an ENERGY TANK inside, 
so shatter the Red Blast Shield to go through. Now go back to the Overgrown 
Ruins and head to the end of the main path. The door ahead is blocked by a 
shimmering blue energy shield. The controls seem to be somewhere up above, so 
you must find an alternate way around. Go back to the path leading to the 
Vault and look across from it. Another hidden path can be uncovered by 
shooting the gel crystals on the wall there. Jump on the stone block next to 
you to reach the path and then go into the Morph Ball tunnel at the end. This 
tunnel will take you to the energy shield's controls. Activate the control 
terminal to deactivate the shield. Now go back through the tunnel and take the 
new door.

The room ahead is the Ancient Courtyard. There is an ATC there, as well as a 
few troopers and a jamming beacon. The pirates obviously don't want you 
destroying that wall in the back. Use the Grapple Lasso to disable the jamming 
beacon, and then command your ship to attack the wall. The gunship will 
destroy the wall and the pirates, but also release the fresh wave of pirate 
forces from the back of the room. These enemies are all new to you. Scan the 
hulking BERSERKER KNIGHT and the ASSAULT PIRATE TROOPER bobbing in its wake. 
Also, if you didn't scan the Advanced Pirate Trooper after you took his shield 
away in the Temple of Bryyo, scan the third pirate for that entry. Assault 
Pirate Troopers have energized armor that deflects missiles, making them 
vulnerable only to beam weapons. They are tough to take down, but not as tough 
as the Berserker Knight. Although weaker than the Berserker Lord, the Knight 
is still a formidable force to be reckoned with. You can only hurt it by 
shooting the purple energy spheres it shoots at you so that they bounce back 
at its head. After the Phazite armor cracks open, the creature's softer flesh 
will be exposed. Defeating these new enemies will be tough, but there is a 
simple and effective way to get rid of them all. Use the Command Visor to 
bring your ship back for yet another airstrike. Even though there are no icons 
to scan, pressing the Z Button will still let you call your ship and attack 
the enemies. They will all be obliterated by the bombardment of missiles. Keep 
in mind that you are limited to the amount of airstrikes you can perform (this 
amount can be viewed when you wear the Command Visor). Look for gunship-shaped 
ammo pickups and expansions to increase your ship missile capabilities. 
Anyway, proceed to the back of the room and exit.

Destroy the Crawltanks in the Enlightened Walkway and continue to the end to 
find another door. You will enter the Jousting Field next. Two Aerotroopers 
spot you and seal off the exits. Take them out with missiles. Then, something 
far more threatening than even an Aerotrooper enters the clearing. This 
hideous creature is a KORAKK BEAST, a new mini-boss. Space Pirates use them as 
cavalry mounts. This one is under the control of a PIRATE HUSSAR wielding a 
deadly energy lance. Both the rider and its mount will only appear this one 
time, so scan them before you start fighting. Take out the Pirate Hussar 
first. His energy lance can hit you even from a distance. Fortunately, it 
doesn't take long to kill him. The Korakk will continue to fight you even 
after its master is defeated. Its head is protected by Phazite armor, but its 
mouth remains vulnerable. Most of the time the beast will try to slash at you 
with its sharp claws or trap you with its long tongue. If it gets a hold of 
you, shake your Wii Remote to free yourself from its grip. Try to hit the 
Korakk's mouth whenever it opens it. If you do enough damage, the beast will 
be stunned. As it sways dazedly on the spot, roll into the Morph Ball and lay 
a full salvo of bombs under the belly of the beast. This will stun the 
creature further, but none of its health will be lost yet. After the Korakk 
regains consciousness, repeat the process so that you can bomb its fleshy 
stomach. Eventually, the Korakk will no longer be able to stand and will fall 
on its side. Immediately target its tail with the Grapple Lasso and pull on 
it. The Korakk won't like that at all. It will stand up on its hind legs, 
exposing its true weak spot at last. Unleash your might upon the Korakk's 
underside to inflict massive damage. You may even defeat it in one go if 
you're good enough. If not, do the whole process over again until the Korakk 
finally dies. The shields blocking the exits will disappear, but a pair of 
outraged Shield Pirate Militias will enter to try to avenge the fallen allies. 
Kill them and exit through the south door.

The Field Access passage is filled with Jolly Rogers. Take the right path up 
ahead to reach Save Station B, which you'll need an ice missile to get to. 
After saving, take the left path to get to another door. The room further 
along is the Jungle Generator. Inside it, start by shooting the panel ahead of 
you so that you can scan THE HUNTED and grab a MISSILE EXPANSION. Now go 
around to the window where the shield generator and the Leviathan Seed can be 
seen. It's time for another airstrike. When you try to call in your gunship 
though, anti-aircraft turrets nearby open fire on your ship. Woops. You'll 
have to find a way to disable the turrets before calling another airstrike. 
Try to head back to the previous room. At this point, Armored Pirate Troopers 
will appear through two side doors and seal off the west one. Take them out, 
and then go through the south door.

Enter Generator Hall South. Although the ledges on the side are too high to 
reach, the walkway above you has a pair of Fuel Gel tanks strapped to it. Blow 
them up to destroy the walkway, thus exposing the Grab Ledge on the right 
side. Use it to reach the upper ledge. Some pirates will attack you from the 
other side. Shoot them down and jump across. Now walk down the path that the 
pirates emerged from. The door at the end is guarded by a pair of REMORSE-
CLASS TURRETS. The good thing about them is that their accuracy is very poor, 
despite being a supposed improvement over the "Humility" turrets the pirates 
used to use. You can beat these turrets the regular way (lock on and shoot), 
or you can shoot one of the Fuel Gel tanks that goes by every so often to 
destroy them. Before exiting, also scan the SPACE PIRATE BLUE DOOR you must go 

The path ahead leads to the South Jungle Court. The passage before the 
clearing is guarded by another turret, but this one's accuracy is as bad as 
any other one. One of the anti-aircraft turrets is sitting in the middle of 
the clearing, and it's up to you to destroy it. The pirates guarding the 
turret will spot you before you can come in too far, so take care of them 
first. Now scan the turret to learn that it has an underside valve. Go 
underneath the turret and use the Grapple Lasso to pull out the valve in 
question. This will force out the turret's Fuel Gel canisters from vents on 
the side. Locate one of the three canisters and blow them up before they 
retract again. Now fight off the pirate reinforcements as the underside valve 
is placed back into its socket. You won't be able to approach the valve again 
for a few seconds because of the intense wave of heat it releases. After the 
heat has dissipated enough, repeat the process twice more to destroy the 
remaining two Fuel Gel canisters. The last canister will cause the turret to 
overheat and explode. That's one turret taken care of. Exit the South Jungle 
Court through the east side.

Shoot your way through the turrets and drones in the South Jungle Hall. Near 
the end, scan one of the blue blobs, which is a PHAZON FUNGUS. Phazon Fungi 
serve no real purpose, but can be shot for pickups. Now enter the Auxiliary 
Dynamo. To get through this tiny room, go left around the center structure and 
use the Morph Ball to roll under the beams and cables. If you want a new 
expansion, go to the west side of the room and use the Grapple Lasso to bring 
down a piston on the side of the center structure. The piston will only stay 
down for a few seconds. Go back to the entrance of the tunnel (in front of the 
door you came in through) and use the Morph Ball to get in. When you get to 
the piston, wait for it to push you back up. Continue down the path and get 
the SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION at the end. This increases the number of missiles 
your gunship can carry, and therefore increases the number of airstrikes you 
can perform. Now exit the room. The North Jungle Hall is another short 
passage. There are Aeromines inside, as well as a few proximity mines the 
pirates left out for you. Shoot them before you get too close. Take the door 
at the end when you make it through.

The North Jungle Court contains the second anti-aircraft turret. The underside 
valve on this one is held down by three clamps, so you'll have to activate the 
release mechanisms for all three before you can go about destroying the 
cannon. An Aerotrooper will demonstrate how this works; three levers located 
on ledges around the room have to be pulled back in order for the clamps to 
release. This is easier said than done thanks to the Aerotroopers. Not only 
will they attack you, but they'll also try pushing the levers back on you 
after you get them down. They are unlimited in number, so you have to try to 
kill all the ones in sight and work quickly before more arrive. To get to the 
ledges where the levers are located, jump onto one of the two platforms on the 
north and south side before jumping to the turret platform itself. From there, 
jump to any one of the ledges with levers on them. Use the Grapple Lasso when 
you get behind them to pull them back. You will have to watch the Aerotroopers 
and make sure they don't head back towards a pulled lever. If you see a dot on 
your enemy radar heading away from you rather than towards you, shoot the 
pirate down immediately. When you manage to release all three valve clamps, 
the three Fuel Gel canisters will be exposed. Circle the turret's base and 
destroy the canisters one by one. It too will overheat and explode. Both anti-
aircraft turrets are now permanently offline. Go west to exit and take a lift 
up to the door.

Generator Hall North takes you back to the Jungle Generator. Kill the Shield 
Pirate Trooper and the Jolly Rogers inside. Before you leap down to where the 
exit is, look up towards the raised walkway next to the opposite wall. As a 
line of Fuel Gel tanks passes, shoot one of them to release the walkway. Now 
go across and use the pumping station to rotate a section of the Morph Ball 
tunnel on your right. Follow it to obtain the MISSILE EXPANSION. Now jump down 
to the lower path and exit.

Reenter the Jungle Generator and take out the opposition. Now move in front of 
the window and use the Command Visor to call another airstrike. With the anti-
aircraft turrets gone, the gunship will have no trouble blowing up the shield 
generator. Behind it, the Leviathan Seed's energy shield will disappear. 
Return to the Thorn Jungle Airdock and enter your ship so that you can select 
the Bryyo Seed as your next destination.

You can see as you enter Landing Site Delta that the Leviathan is very much a 
living thing, not just a meteor. Each Leviathan has a core deep within it, and 
upon reaching a new host planet it uses a local life-form or other semi-
sentient being to protect its core. After leaving the ship, walk ahead and use 
the series of floating platforms to reach the door at the top of the room. If 
you fall into the pit below, avoid touching the platforms' tentacles or the 
many Scorchbugs milling around. At the top, scan the LEVIATHAN DOOR for a 
Logbook entry, and then shoot it open like a regular door.

The Core Access is blocked by a large organic mass with a glowing blue center. 
The mass will be destroyed if you shoot the center with the Hyper Beam or 
charged Power Beam blasts. Plenty of pickups will be released from it as well. 
Now proceed and destroy the two additional organic masses that block the way. 
At the end, go through to enter the Bryyo Leviathan Core.

The Bryyo Leviathan's core is protected by a corrupted Reptilicus war golem, 
known as MOGENAR. Jump down to the floor of the core arena and approach 
Mogenar. It powers itself up and starts moving. Next, Mogenar extends its arms 
and summons two energy orbs from the edges of the room. These energy orbs are 
placed into sockets on the golem's body, giving it more power. After inserting 
two additional orbs into the remaining sockets for a total of four, Mogenar 
attacks. This golem is the second true boss in the game, and like any boss it 
should be scanned immediately. The boss is powered by the energy orbs in its 
sockets, so destroying them will bring Mogenar down. This is a simple 
strategy, but Mogenar is still a very dangerous and difficult enemy to beat. 
Its main attack is a powerful shockwave released along the ground whenever 
Mogenar jumps up into the air. The quakes are sometimes so strong they can 
cause pieces of the ceiling to collapse and shower you with debris. The boss 
can also stomp a single foot in order to send a more focused shockwave towards 
you. For both variations of this attack, use a space jump to avoid getting 
hit. Also watch out for the blue Phazon hands that Mogenar will shoot at you. 
As they fly towards you, shoot them and grab the health they leave behind. The 
last attack you must try to avoid is the laser beam Mogenar can send out of 
his mouth. Now, immediately start shooting at any of the three red energy orbs 
visible on Mogenar's front. It sometimes uses socket covers to protect them, 
but they won't remain closed for very long. As the energy orbs sustain more 
damage they begin to glow with white energy. Mogenar's other strategy to 
protect its orbs is to shuffle them around in their sockets. However, the more 
damage you do to them, the easier it will be to tell which one is already 
damaged. Keep shooting at the orb until it shatters and Mogenar recoils. Now 
the orb's Phazon core is exposed. Switch to Hypermode and start hitting the 
core with Phazon energy so that it overloads. After enough damage, the core 
will be destroyed and start burning with yellow flames. During your assault on 
the exposed cores, if you see Mogenar extend its blue hands towards the sides 
of the arena, abandon whatever you are doing and start shooting at the new red 
orbs it starts pulling in from the sides. If these orbs reach Mogenar's body, 
they will restore any damaged orbs already in the sockets. Fortunately, they 
can't be used to replace the orbs that have been completely destroyed. After 
Mogenar loses an orb, it will produce Phazon crystals around its feet and go 
on a rampage, charging you down whenever possible. To stop the golem so that 
you can resume hitting its energy orbs, use Morph Ball Bombs to break the 
crystals on its feet. Wait for Mogenar to charge so that you can dodge it and 
bomb its feet before it turns around again. After you destroy the foot 
crystals, go after another energy orb. You can destroy all of the energy orbs' 
red shells first before attacking any of their cores, or you can take each of 
them out completely one at a time. It may be easier to do the latter because 
of the golem's constant attempts to restore the damaged orbs, but destroying 
them all at once will reduce the amount of times you need to go into 
Hypermode. You will have to pause to destroy Mogenar's Phazon crystals every 
time one is destroyed though. After you destroy the three frontal energy orbs, 
you'll have to find a way to get to Mogenar's back orb. This one is much 
harder to get to because Mogenar will usually try to face you at all times. 
Strafe constantly and shoot whenever you see an opening.

After a long and difficult struggle, Mogenar's last orb will be destroyed. Its 
body overloads with Phazon and explodes, sending out a wave of energy that 
hits Samus full force. This triggers a surge in the Phazon energy within her, 
and her corruption worsens. She is left shaken, but not in any imminent 
danger. Grab the power-up Mogenar left behind. This is the HYPER BALL, a new 
Hyper weapon. When the Hyper Ball is used, the Morph Ball will fire off 
tendrils of Phazon energy and strike any susceptible targets in the vicinity, 
making you look like a novelty plasma lamp. This weapon is more destructive 
than Morph Ball Bombs as it can strike multiple foes simultaneously and has a 
much greater range. However, like the Hyper Beam, it consumes Phazon when 
used. After you get the new upgrade, Phazon growths will sprout on the grounds 
all around you. You will still be in Hypermode, and unable to exit it (the 
yellow Phazon meter indicates that you temporarily have an unlimited supply). 
Enter your Morph Ball and use the Hyper Ball ability to fire off a continuous 
barrage of Phazon bolts. Roll around the immediate area so that all of the 
Phazon growths are destroyed. After this, Phazon energy from below will shoot 
upwards towards the Leviathan's core. The hideous beast within it, the true 
core of the Leviathan, emerges. Press the A Button one more time to send a 
flood of Phazon energy from your body into the creature's face. The energy 
will overload and destroy it. The Bryyo Leviathan Seed is finished.


Chapter 5: Eye of the Storm.


Aurora Unit 242 will next contact you in your gunship as it cruises through 
space. Your next target is the Leviathan Seed on the planet Elysia. The seed 
has landed deep within Elysia's cloudy atmosphere, so you won't be able to 
reach it directly. Instead, you will land on the Federation spy base called 
SkyTown, which was originally built by the Chozo but left behind as an 
automated station. Aurora Unit 217 is somewhere in SkyTown, but hasn't yet 
been purged of the Space Pirate virus. Unit 242 will upload a vaccine to you 
for you to use when you meet Unit 217. You should also be on the lookout for 
Ghor, who was assigned to the base but hasn't been in contact with the 
Federation for some time.

SkyTown is an awe-inspiring place floating high up in Elysia's atmosphere. 
While the birdlike Chozo who built it have long since left, the Elysians they 
created still operate it with the aid of Aurora Unit 217. After touching down 
in the Main Docking Bay, prepare the Scan Visor and download the HEAVY SKYTOWN 
STORAGE UNITS and smaller SKYTOWN STORAGE UNITS lying around to your Logbook. 
Also scan one of the passing TRANSPORTATION DRONES. Go inside by walking 
through the doorway beneath the large Chozo statue. An AERIAL REPAIR DRONE can 
be scanned here for another entry. Follow the walkway up and around to a large 
window overlooking the landing platform. A DATABOT can be found up here. 
Databots, in addition to being Logbook entries themselves, can be shot to 
reveal the Lore data found on Elysia. Whenever you see one, shoot it and then 
scan the hologram projection it puts up. This Databot gives you the CREATORS 
record. Lastly, scan and use the SKYTOWN BLUE DOOR on your left.

The Main Docking Access is blocked by the statue of a Chozo elder. You can 
roll into its hands by entering the Morph Ball-sized hole in the glass panel 
in front of it. Now activate Hypermode and use the Hyper Ball to destroy the 
Phazon vines tangled around the statue. Afterwards, the glass and the statue 
will disappear. The chasm ahead can be crossed with the Grapple Swing. First 
shoot the glass panels hanging from the ceiling ahead to shatter them and get 
them out of your way. Something strong like a missile will break them. Swing 
across and use the exit.

Now that you're back outside you'll get to see more of SkyTown's splendid 
sights through a brief cinematic. Zipline Station Alpha is so named because of 
the ZIPLINE CABLE that stretches between the two sides of the station. This 
system makes use of your Grapple Swing. Attach it to the cable and let it pull 
you along at high speeds. Be prepared to shoot the many locking panels so that 
they don't knock you off the line. After the ride is over go into the next 
building through the blue door.

The Arrival Station is patrolled by a pair of TINBOTS. Tinbots carry laser 
guns and are programmed to attack intruders, but are a far cry from 
technological wonders. They are slow and fragile and can easily be mowed down 
with a few simple beam shots. Walk through the room and climb up onto a 
smaller passage to get to an outside area again. To your left, three more 
Tinbots will march towards you. A single missile can blow them all away. Jump 
over to where they were and look for an opening in the wall on your left 
(ignore the Grab Ledge). Enter the small room to find a Databot holding the 
GIFT entry. Use the door in here after you scan it.

Enter the Hub Access and turn left. An odd, cape-wearing drone will hover away 
from you down the hall. Don't worry about scanning it yet; you'll fight it 
properly in due time. Walk to the end of the passage and use a door on the 
right side.

The Transit Hub doesn't have a Zipline Cable to connect it to the next room, 
but you can still cross the gap by using the KINETIC ORB CANNON on the floor 
in front of you. Roll up into the Morph Ball and touch the hologram at the 
center of the cannon. It will launch you all the way over to the other side of 
the gap. Enter the Morph Ball tunnel there and bomb-jump your way up. Using a 
double-bomb-jump will let you reach a MISSILE EXPANSION after the first 
regular bomb-jump. Afterwards, go through the rest of the tunnel and unroll. 
Take note of the contraption in front of you, even though you can't do 
anything with it yet. Jump across to a ledge on your left so that you can use 
the zipline. This time, as you zoom along, watch out for the flying drone that 
drops energy mines in your path. Shoot them before they hit you or else you'll 
fall. There are also more locking panels to shoot open. At the end of the 
zipline, go through the door.

You'll spot the weird caped drone once again when you enter the Barracks 
Access. It'll vanish into thin air when you get too close. Up ahead you'll see 
that the path contains a laser beam field that moves back and forth along the 
hall. The lasers will damage you if you touch them, but can be avoided if you 
use the Morph Ball to slip underneath them. When you enter the pit that they 
move over, roll back into a hidden niche to get another MISSILE EXPANSION. 
Unroll from the Morph Ball when you get past the lasers and leave through the 
next door.

When you enter the Steambot Barracks, activate the Chozo hand panel to 
energize the lift. Take it down to the bottom and go into a Morph Ball tunnel 
on the side. As you continue through the maze, avoid the crushing pistons and 
blow apart the obstacles that block your way. When you finally exit the maze, 
be prepared for a fight as you make your way towards the east door. Metal 
gates will bar the exit and the cape-wearing STEAMLORD will confront you at 
last. He summons several STEAMBOTS from the capsules around the room. 
Steambots are sturdier versions of the Tinbots, and can be revived by the 
Steamlord when he zaps them with his energy beam after you destroy them. The 
Steamlord is your primary target, but he must first be lured out of hiding by 
attacking his faithful gang of bots. His ability to vanish into thin air makes 
him tough to hit. When he appears to bring a fallen Steambot back to life, 
fire at him until he disappears again. He can take a beating, but your weapons 
will get the better of him eventually. After you destroy the Steamlord, his 
Steambots will follow suit and an ENERGY TANK will be left behind. The exit 
won't unseal however until you use the Grapple Lasso to destroy four safety 
valves located inside the Steambot capsules. After you've done that and 
collected the Energy Tank, exit.

Walk through the Barracks Lift and shoot the local Databot for the DISCOVERY 
entry. You can use the door at the end, but it's pointless because you don't 
have the suit upgrade needed to get through the next room. Instead, find the 
control panel on the left side of the Barracks Lift and activate it to power 
up the actual lift. Take it up to the room's upper hallway.

Zipline Station Bravo will take you directly to the room where Unit 217 is 
kept. Getting through the station will be tougher than before thanks to the 
additional hazards thrown at you as you cruise through the skies. This time, 
red aerial mines will get in your way. They come in groups, so shoot them all 
quickly before you run into them. When you make it across enter the Aurora 
Lift passage. Scan the roving REPAIR DRONE here and walk to the end of the 
hallway to find a door with a White Blast Shield mounted on it. Destroy it and 
use the Save Station on the other side. Now go back outside and activate the 
nearby lift's control system so you can take it down to the lower level. Turn 
right when you get there and walk to the end of the hallway to find the exit.

Enter the Aurora Chamber. Unit 217 is out of reach and clearly still suffering 
from the viral corruption. You cannot bring the unit back online yet since its 
chamber is sealed by a kinetic lock. Unit 242 wants you to keep exploring 
SkyTown so that you can find something that will help you get to the AU. 
Continue to the end of the perimeter hall and use the exit.

Enter the Maintenance Shaft AU passage and jump up onto the ledge ahead of 
you. Scan one of the SKY PUFFERS floating nearby and then shoot them all so 
that they explode. Like other Puffers, Sky Puffers release deadly gas when 
killed that lingers in the air for a few seconds. After you eliminate them, 
leap across the gap and use the door on the left at the end.

The Spire Dock is an enormous structure that joins three parts of SkyTown 
together. To get to its central platform, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon in front 
of the entrance. Note that there is no active return cannon so you won't be 
able to go back until you find the next power-up. When you reach the platform, 
you'll see Ghor's battle suit being serviced by a few drones. Ghor himself is 
nowhere in sight, but surely he must be nearby. Now face the southwest and use 
the zipline to reach the next door.

When you reach the doughnut-shaped Junction go either left or right around the 
room and locate the white door. Shoot the Tinbots and use a missile to get 
through. You'll enter Skybridge Hera and immediately see another Steamlord 
drift away from sight. Up ahead, there's an ornate gate that you can open by 
pulling it away with the Grapple Lasso. Three "DRAGOON" BATTLE DRONES will 
come after you for this. Dragoons are airborne drones that shoot missiles at 
their targets. Although they can be taken down the conventional way, it's much 
easier to rip off their thruster controls with the lasso. After they fall, 
walk into the area ahead. There's another gate blocking the path, but turn 
away from it for a moment to inspect the small pillar in the middle of the 
platform. There's a small hole on one side that you can use while in your 
Morph Ball to get inside. Once there, bomb-jump to get a MISSILE EXPANSION. 
Now go back outside and rip away the gate with your Grapple Lasso again. Jump 
down onto the wobbly bridge and try to get across as fast as you can. The 
trashed Steambots on the way will attack you when the Steamlord shows up 
again, but ignore them all. Simply proceed to the end of the bridge and use 
the Grapple Lasso once more to destroy the third and final gate. As a result, 
the unstable bridge will collapse along with the Steambots. Congratulate 
yourself for your stylish kill, then fend off the Dragoons and follow the 
walkway to the end.

Maintenance Shaft GP is relatively boring and short. Hop from one platform to 
the next until you get across and use the door to get to the Construction Bay. 
This place has a series of platforms and other systems that will help you get 
to the far door. Jump up to the top platform, just before a Grapple Swing 
Point. Before using it, shoot at the damaged safety clamp on the left side of 
the structure to flip down a platform with a Grab Ledge on it. Use it to reach 
the platform. Now go into your Morph Ball and bomb-jump up to a small tunnel. 
Use the three Bomb Slots found throughout the tunnel to release the panels 
hanging below the structure. Once the Grapple Swing path has been cleared, go 
back to the swing points and use them to get to a platform on the other side. 
Watch out for the Shriekbats aiming to knock you off as you swing (they're a 
new breed, but you can't scan them yet). When you reach the platform, roll 
down the Morph Ball passage to another larger platform, but don't exit the 
Morph Ball yet. Look for the entrance to yet another tunnel on the other side 
of the platform's support column. Bomb-jump up through it and use the air 
bursts to help you reach the exit. At the very top, unroll and fight the 
Dragoons. Now find the control panel next to an extended crane and press it so 
that the crane shifts to the right. Use the Morph Ball once again to roll down 
it and reach the exit.

The Ballista Lift looks like any other lift passage in SkyTown. Before 
activating and using the lift to the lower area, shoot the Databot with the 
SLUMBER entry. At the bottom, turn left and exit through a door at the end of 
the hallway.

The Ballista Storage holds the next upgrade. It's sitting in the middle of the 
room in plain view, but you can't get it that easily. When you go for it, the 
upgrade with disappear from view and a metal cage will form around you. You'll 
be brought down to a larger part of the room to do battle with a DEFENSE 
DRONE. The Defense Drone isn't a difficult boss, but it's the only one of its 
kind. After you've scanned it properly, go to work on damaging its fragile 
antennae. These will eventually disappear and overload the drone. When this 
happens, use the Grapple Lasso to pull its dome apart. Now you can shoot at 
the delicate inner workings of the Defense Drone to damage it. Keep this up 
until the drone is destroyed. Try to avoid the projectiles it launches at you 
(which include rockets, plasma balls and adhesive explosives), as well as the 
damaging shockwaves it generates as it leaps around the room. After the 
battle, grab the BOOST BALL that the Defense Drone died trying to protect. 
This handy Morph Ball feature lets you charge up energy and then release it 
get a boost of speed. It is also needed to power up certain devices or access 
certain areas. Last but not least, the Boost Ball can be used to damage weaker 
enemies. You'll need it now in order to exit the room. Scan the SPINNER on the 
floor and roll into the hologram to use it. Charge up the Boost Ball and 
release to power up the Spinner. It'll take two or three good spins to 
activate it fully. Once that's done, you'll drop into a kinetic circuit below 
the floor. Start boosting around the loop to build up an electrical charge. 
Keep boosting around and around until the circuit opening is lined up with the 
glowing arrow. This will reactivate the lift platform. Once out of the 
circuit, touch the hologram to ascend. 

Exit the Barracks Storage and take the lift up to the Construction Bay. This 
time, instead of taking the long way through the room, turn left and walk 
along the path there. Enter a Morph Ball tunnel at the end and use a bomb to 
get rid of the obstruction inside. You'll be dropped down a shaft that 
deposits you in front of the other door. Lasso down the Dragoons into the 
Maintenance Shaft GP and reenter the Skybridge Hera.

The Kinetic Orb Cannon in front of you needs power, so enter the Spinner 
device so that you can charge the circuit just like you did in the Barracks 
Storage. After that is finished, use the cannon to launch yourself across the 
ruined skybridge. On the opposite side, give power to the other Kinetic Orb 
Cannon in case you ever need to go back. Now go through the Junction and use 
the Boost Ball to bowl over the Tinbots if you want (you'll earn a prize if 
you hit three or more in one boost). Take the east door out. Zip over to the 
Spire Dock platform and look for the Kinetic Orb Cannon that will take you 
back to where Unit 217 is. Go through the Maintenance Shaft AU and enter the 
Aurora Chamber. 

If you're thinking about saving, you'll have to wait until you restore the 
Aurora Unit because the door at the end of the hall is locked. Walk up to the 
security door in front of the Aurora's chamber and enter it with a bomb-jump. 
Now start charging the kinetic lock. After the lock disengages, the door will 
open. You can now approach the Aurora Unit. Try to interact with the panels 
that would normally allow you to speak with the unit. You'll be told to enter 
the maintenance tunnel to the left of the unit's stasis tank in order to 
repair it. Roll through it in your Morph Ball to get into the maintenance 
chamber. Before you can explore too much of it, several Tinbots enter through 
side compartments. Start blowing them apart one by one. Even though they will 
continue to show up, they will stop coming eventually. Afterwards, locate the 
terminal on the south side of the room. Use it to upload the vaccine into Unit 
217's system. Now the unit will be completely cured of the virus. But your 
troubles aren't over yet. At this point Ghor will enter the chamber and begin 
wreaking havoc with his plasma cannon. Samus manages to repel him, but not 
before he succeeds in severing the communication cables that allow Unit 217 to 
interact with the rest of SkyTown. Your worst fears are confirmed; Ghor, like 
Rundas before him, has turned against the Federation. Get back to the main 
Aurora Chamber by going through the Morph Ball tunnel you used to come down. 
Walk up to the terminals in front of the unit's tank and press the center 
panel. Meet Aurora Unit 217. This unit is programmed with a male voice, unlike 
Unit 242. He'll tell you that he has already established contact with 242, but 
the attack by Ghor has left him unable to connect with the SkyTown network. 
The units have a plan for destroying the Leviathan's shield, but you'll first 
need to repair the communication cables Ghor severed using his plasma gun's 
fusing abilities. And to do that, you'll need to find Ghor himself.

Ghor could be in any number of places around SkyTown, and your initial 
intuition might be to check the Spire Dock where you saw his battle suit 
earlier. However, you're going to get a transmission from your ship soon, 
warning about an unknown entity approaching its location. It seems Ghor is 
going after your gunship. He's playing dirty. Hurry back to the Main Docking 
Bay as fast as you can, but remember to stop at the nearby Save Station. You 
will continue getting transmissions en route to the landing site, saying 
things about hull damage and whatnot, so don't dawdle. Fly through Zipline 
Station Bravo and remember to shoot down those pestilential aerial mines. 
Enter the Barracks Lift and use the lift to get to the lower hall. Take the 
north door out.

Upon reaching the Steambot Barracks, cross the room and enter the charge 
circuit on the wall. Boost until the mechanism reveals an opening in the floor 
from which a half-pipe-shaped structure emerges. HALF-PIPES are smooth 
channels with a distinctive u-shape that let you use your Boost Ball to get to 
high places. While in one, charge your Boost Ball and boost from one side to 
the other. Keep this up so that you build up momentum and are eventually able 
to get to the top of the formation. To exit, boost up to the right side of the 
half-pipe. The path up there is barred by a gate with a new type of control 
panel. Stick your Arm Cannon in and rotate it around so that the little 
notches on the control gears match up with the slots. Now ride the lift up to 
the door.

Roll under the lasers in the Barracks Access and reenter the Transit Hub. 
Instead of using the zipline to get across, activate the nearby Kinetic Orb 
Cannon and blast yourself over to the other side. Now go through the Hub 
Access, fighting off the attacking Dragoon drones.

Exit the small chamber in the Arrival Station so that you are out in the open. 
Blast away the Tinbots and turn around at the top of the walkway to find a 
Grab Ledge. Use it to reach a hidden Kinetic Orb Cannon that requires power. 
Spin the circuit to activate it, and then use the cannon to launch yourself 
over to the communications satellite tower off in the distance. The ENERGY 
TANK up ahead is certainly worth the detour. Now launch yourself back and head 
down the Tinbot-infested path towards Zipline Station Alpha. Unfortunately, 
there is no easy way to get across. You'll have to brave the zipline and 
anything that comes with it. After that, use the Grapple Swing to get through 
the Main Docking Access. 

You will finally reach the Main Docking Bay. As you look out from the wide 
window overlooking the outer landing zone you'll see Ghor pummeling your 
gunship with his battle armor fists. How dare him. Turn to the right and run 
down the passage to get to the outside area. When Ghor sees you, he lifts the 
gunship up into the air and hurls it at you. The ship is then sent away to 
safety, but the same cannot be said for you. Ghor has one thing in mind and 
that is to finish the job Rundas was unable to. 

Immediately scan GHOR before he smashes into you. Ghor's battle armor is an 
impressive piece of machinery, armed and protected by a wide array of deadly 
weapons and defenses. His arsenal consists of his famed plasma beam, a rocket 
launcher and rapid-fire energy blasts. Do whatever you have to do to avoid 
these attacks. When Ghor leaps into the air, be prepared to jump over the 
seismic shockwave created on the return impact. In defense, Ghor deploys a 
pink energy barrier to prevent any damage from the front, but his back is 
still unprotected. It's hard to get a clear shot at him there, but there's an 
easy way. You'll notice pools of Fuel Gel spilt across the platform. You 
should avoid them at all times so that you don't get burned, but they can 
still help. Shoot them with missiles to freeze them into sheets of slippery 
ice. When Ghor decides to tackle you, he'll slide uncontrollably over the ice 
and crash. Shoot at his back while he's stunned. With any luck this will 
deactivate his energy barrier and you can start attacking the weak spot by his 
face. Keep up with this strategy until Ghor decides to change tactics. During 
the second phase of battle, the Fuel Gel will be gone and Ghor will have a new 
weak spot in the form of a flashing orb between his legs. He will spin around 
like a tornado and slam into you with devastating power. Whenever he stands 
still for long enough, enter the Morph Ball and boost through the flashing orb 
to bring him to his knees. Start attacking his face again now that it is 
vulnerable again. Avoid his usual attacks and watch out for the new grappling 
hook he uses to grab you and slam you to the floor while you're in your ball. 
After this, Ghor will enter Hypermode. His attacks will become Phazon-based 
and it will be much more difficult to do damage to him unless you enter 
Hypermode as well. Fortunately, you don't have to uncover a new weak spot; 
just shoot at Ghor's face with the Hyper Beam. You should be able to finish 
him off with a single Hypermode session.

The battle ends and Ghor's armor explodes, leaving him at the mercy of the 
shadow that is Dark Samus. Samus tries to stop her from taking Ghor's body, 
but it is too late. She glides away, leaving behind the PLASMA BEAM. Walk over 
and pick up this new item. The Plasma Beam is an upgrade to the Power Beam, 
much as the Ice Missile was an upgrade for the Missile Launcher. The shots you 
fire will be streams of pure plasma, hot enough to melt metal and reduce 
opponents to ash in seconds. It can open orange doors and even has a fusion 
feature that allows you to weld together damaged circuitry. This is just what 
you need to get Unit 217 back online with the SkyTown network. After the 
battered gunship is called back in, go inside to save.


Chapter 6: New Discoveries.


You can't fly the ship at the moment because of the damage it has sustained, 
but you have no need to just yet. Use the Plasma Beam to melt away the chunks 
of metal blocking the way inside, which fell there when Ghor tossed the 
gunship around. When you get to the top of the wide windows, look for the 
small piece of heat-susceptible metal within the middle pane. Melt it away and 
use the Morph Ball to grab the MISSILE EXPANSION behind it. Now exit through 
the door up here.

The Main Docking Access is now the home of a small group of ELYSIAN 
SHRIEKBATS. These were the mechanoids you saw in the Construction Bay, but 
couldn't scan then. Get their Logbook entry before using the Grapple Swing. 
It's also a good idea to get rid of them before going across. After that, make 
the perilous journey across Zipline Station Alpha and enter the Arrival 

Those poor Tinbots, ever unsuccessful in their attempts to thwart you, now 
have your Plasma Beam to add to their list of fears. You can watch them melt 
into little puddles after you hit them with a fully-charged shot. After you've 
had your fun, follow the path to the door taking you to the Hub Access. The 
Dragoons in here are now as easy to kill with the Plasma Beam as with the 
Grapple Lasso, so bring them down however you'd like. Keep in mind that the 
Plasma Beam sets enemies on fire if it doesn't outright kill them, so they'll 
continue to take damage as they burn and smolder.

At the Transit Hub, use the cannon to fly across to the other side. Roll up to 
the second platform as you did before and locate the pieces of heated metal in 
a pile by the next Zipline Cable. Melt them away to reveal a dated-looking 
cannon. Use a bomb-jump to get into it and let it shoot you over to Zipline 
Station Bravo, where you can use the door to enter the Aurora Lift. It's 
always nice to find a shortcut. Save if you want, then head down to the Aurora 

In here, go into the Morph Ball tunnel that leads to the maintenance chamber 
beneath Unit 217's stasis tank. Using your Plasma Beam, you can repair the 
damage done by Ghor by fusing the circuitry pieces back together. Stand in 
front of the nearest circuit board and interact with it as you would with a 
control panel. This transforms the Plasma Beam into a welding torch. Trace the 
beam across the damaged section to reconnect the halves. Try to get it done 
neatly so that the welded metal sticks. After you repair one circuit board, 
find the next one and fuse it back together. There are three damaged circuit 
boards in all; two are near the entrance tunnel while the third is in the 
middle. Finish up and return to the AU chamber above.

You need to speak to Aurora Unit 217. Activate the computer panel in front of 
the tank to talk to him. Unit 217 is now back online with the SkyTown network, 
and is ready to begin with his plan to destroy the Leviathan Seed on Elysia. 
Since the seed's shield generator is below the cloud atmosphere and impossible 
to reach, the only way to bring it offline is to attack the energy shield 
itself with something powerful. A thermonuclear explosive may do the trick. 
The components for building such a device are all here in SkyTown, but you 
will need something to lift and assemble them as they are too heavy to be 
moved around unaided. To help you, Unit 217 tells you about a Federation 
landing site in the eastern part of SkyTown. You'll be able to find something 
to your benefit when you get there. Lastly, Unit 217 uploads the map data for 
SkyTown to you. After the conversation ends, scan AURORA UNIT 217 for a 
Logbook entry.

If you look at your map, you'll see a small unexplored region to the east with 
a landing site. This is a good place to start your new mission. Head for the 
Spire Dock. When you get to it, your gunship will announce a full recovery, so 
it'll be ready for use when you reach the next landing site. Use the southeast 
zipline to get to the new area, then turn down a short passage and use the 
door at the end.

Enter the Security Station and use the SKYTOWN ORANGE DOOR in front of you to 
get into a tall room with two green wall surfaces running parallel to each 
other (which is still part of the Security Station). This room leads to the 
skytram that will take you to the Federation landing site, but the item you 
need to get up there is not on this planet, according to Unit 217. This item 
is on a planet you explored previously, so you need to head to your ship 
again. However, there is that other landing site just next door, so let's keep 
exploring this room. Go back through the orange door and turn left. There are 
a bunch of Sky Puffers wafting throughout the corridor, so shoot them. Next, 
hop over to a ledge on the left side to avoid the bottomless gap. Walk to the 
end where the heated metal shard is lying and use the moving lift platform on 
the right to get up to a green Morph Ball tube. When you exit out the other 
side you'll see a door in front of you. This leads to the Escape Pod Bay. 
Don't worry about this area yet. Turn around and look for the other door in a 
lower area near the Morph Ball tunnel. There's also a control panel and a 
piece of heated metal nearby. First activate the panel so that the wall behind 
it opens and you have a way through the room without using the Morph Ball 
tube. Next melt the piece of metal to expose another tube. Enter it and work 
your way to a SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION at the end. Now go back and use that door 
to the south. 

The lift up ahead in Landing Site A leads to the landing platform. First scan 
the ALONE entry from the Databot hovering around. Now ride the lift up to the 
platform. The security locks placed over the platform will prevent you from 
commanding your ship, but Unit 217 will take care of that by enabling the 
manual override Bomb Slot. Use it to make the lock flaps slide away. Now dock 
your ship here, enter it and prepare for departure. The power-up that will 
help you reach the skytram is obviously either on Norion or Bryyo. Since you 
now have the Plasma Beam, you might be able to uncover a few hidden secrets 
under all that ice Rundas left around. Head to where his gunship is parked, at 
the Fiery Airdock.

Enter the land of fire once more and make your way through the Imperial Hall. 
That expansion on the ledge at the end is about to get what's been coming to 
it, but first you have to go into the Gel Refinery Site. Clear the room of the 
Reptilicus and head towards the back wall. You can plainly see pieces of ice 
blocking sections of the Morph Ball maze carved into it. Fire off a couple 
rounds of plasma to melt it, and then enter the maze through the entrance to 
the right of a small pool of Fuel Gel. Roll to the left and drop onto of a gel 
vent. Bomb it so that it sends you up to the top path. Keep using the gel 
vents to push yourself along the maze until you reach a track cutting through 
the room. Watch out for the active flame hazards as you go. You'll soon be 
stopped by a damaged pipe. Set a bomb to make it collapse. Now roll back to 
the last gel vent and set it off so that it launches you through the pipe and 
you land inside another piece of it instead of simply dropping down. Roll out 
the other end and exit the Morph Ball. Use the Plasma Beam to melt the hunk of 
ice there. Behind it is a BRYYO ORANGE DOOR. Blast it open and go through.

The Refinery Access is a new room, but it only leads to the Imperial Hall. 
Shoot the panel ahead so that it reveals the Lore data titled PROPHECY. Jump 
up and follow the short path to another orange door, but watch out for the 
Shelbugs. You will find yourself on a ledge at the west end of the Imperial 
Hall. Locate the Morph Ball tunnel on the right side and roll through it to 
reach a smaller ledge with a Reptilicus statue ahead. Look across from it and 
use the Grapple Lasso to pull down two large metal panels from the wall. From 
them, space jump over to the east ledge and grab the MISSILE EXPANSION. Now 
return to the Gel Refinery Site.

Head east and enter the Main Lift. Use the Snatchers in the tunnel to get 
through it. On the other side, start melting the ice chunks with the Plasma 
Beam. You don't need to melt it all but you do need to thaw out the large 
statue so that you can go through the tunnel in its mouth. There's an orange 
door on the other side. Use it.

Warp Station Alpha looks more like an ancient shrine, complete with a 
Reptilicus golem ready do work for you. First defrost the column suspended 
from the ceiling. Now activate the golem's Bomb Slot and watch it go to work. 
It'll use the column to bang a large gong, which will reveal a Spinner on the 
floor. Go into it and spin around to make the walls rotate. Stop when the gap 
aligns with the cracked portion of the north wall. Now reactivate the golem so 
that it uses the stone column like a battering ram to smash through the wall. 
Enter the small space beyond and walk into the swirling warp portal.

This portal is a strange device that will whisk you away to a completely 
different region on Bryyo. You have discovered an area known as Bryyo Ice, 
which quite unlike Bryyo Fire is a very cold place half-buried beneath ice and 
snow. It also once held some significance to the ancient Reptilicus 
civilization, for apparently they had received a treasured gift from the Chozo 
here. This just might be the item you're looking for. Walk down the icy path 
of Warp Station Bravo and use the door at the end.

The room ahead is the Imperial Caverns chamber. There is another green wall 
here similar to the ones you saw in SkyTown, meaning you must be on the right 
track. Stand on the icy floor in front of it and shoot the Plasma Beam 
downwards so that you fall through. Repeat this two more times until you drop 
to the very bottom of the room. Scan OUR PLEA from the wall next to you and 
take the door across from it.

You'll get a transmission when you enter the Imperial Crypt, but local 
interference will prevent you from getting anything out of it. Since the door 
at the end of this passage is sealed, blast through the sheet of ice on the 
floor to find another door down below. You may want to activate the Kinetic 
Orb Cannon here because you'll need it to get back up. Do that and then use 
the door.

You will next enter the magnificent Hall of Remembrance. This enormous chamber 
is dominated by two towering statues that represent a Chozo handing down a 
gift to an ancient Reptilicus emperor. Take the trail that runs between them 
and grab the power-up resting on the palm of the Reptilicus emperor. This 
upgrade is the SCREW ATTACK. It is an advanced movement system that lets you 
cross great horizontal distances. After performing a space jump, jump again a 
third time to start doing Screw Attacks, which are energized spins that thrust 
you forward. You can continue to Screw Attack five consecutive times before 
having to land. When performing Screw Attacks, you become invincible and can 
damage or destroy foes that touch you. However, the Screw Attack is a movement 
system first and a weapon second. After you obtain it the walkways around you 
will fall way, leaving you with only one option. Use the Screw Attack to cross 
over to the east side of the hall. Go through the door when you get there.

Enter the Tower. There is another green wall surface up ahead. This is a WALL 
JUMP SURFACE, which you can only use to ascend the shaft if you have the Screw 
Attack. Screw Attack into the green wall and then push off from it right when 
you touch it. Continue Wall Jumping back and forth between the surfaces until 
you get to the very top. You'll get another fuzzy transmission here. Anyway, 
use the blue door.

You're back in the Hall of Remembrance, but at a greater height than before. 
Target the Chozo statue's hand up ahead and shoot it with a charged Plasma 
Beam shot or a missile to flip it sideways. You can now use it as a platform 
and Screw Attack over to it. When you reach the statue's hand, turn to the 
left and jump onto the Reptilicus statue's head for a SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION. 
Go back to the other statue's hand and Screw Attack over to the upper door of 
the Imperial Crypt. To remove the door's lock, use the Grapple Lasso to pull 
down a lever next to it.

Since the Imperial Crypt no longer has a floor up here, you'll need the Screw 
Attack to get across. If you end up falling, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon down 
below to return. Reenter the Imperial Caverns and Screw Attack out to the Wall 
Jump Surface on your right. It'll get you back up to a platform midway through 
the shaft. Utilize the Screw Attack again to perform more Wall Jumps up a 
second set of green surfaces ahead of you. Now exit the Imperial Caverns and 
take the warp portal back to Bryyo Fire.

As you start your journey back to the gunship, Unit 242 will contact you at 
last and report an important finding. A reconnaissance probe has located the 
missing flagship G.F.S. Valhalla, which was attacked by Space Pirates months 
ago. Unit 242 requests that you investigate the ship in case anything 
concerning the pirates and their master plan is discovered. The ship's 
location will be added to your galaxy map. The Valhalla is now open for 
exploration. However, that can't be done properly until you've acquired 
certain items known as Energy Cells, much like the one you saw on the G.F.S. 
Olympus. You may already have one, but you certainly don't have enough at this 
point to make it far into the Valhalla. You're better off ignoring the ship 
until you have all the Energy Cells, but knock yourself out if you want. When 
you're ready to continue with the game, head back to SkyTown's Landing Site A.

Start heading back down the lift to the Security Station. Use the orange door 
on the other side to reach the two Wall Jump Surfaces. Now start Wall Jumping 
up to the top. When you get there turn left along a corridor to reach a door.

The next room is the Security Tube. There is a cluster of Phazon vines 
blocking the path ahead, and a window sealing them from attack. There's also a 
Bomb Slot in front of it on the floor. Simply entering the slot will retract 
the windows, but using it will just shut them and bounce you back out. Switch 
to Hypermode and enter the slot so that you can hit the Phazon vines with the 
Hyper Ball attack. Once they are destroyed, the window will stay open and 
you'll be able to go down the tunnel. Use the door to exit after you get out.

Skytram West is ahead. The skytram is inactive at the moment, but it can be 
powered by using the Spinner device and charge circuit on the tram platform. 
Now a new hologram will appear. Step into it to activate the tram. It will 
speed you away to a new section of SkyTown, called Eastern SkyTown. This area 
is built similarly to the rest of the base, but the Space Pirates are much 
more active here. Upon arriving you will see two Space Pirate ATCs take off. 
Ignore then and just use the door ahead of you.

Enter Concourse A. A spooked Aeromine will retreat down the hall here. Follow 
it, using the Morph Ball to roll underneath the obstruction ahead. Break the 
pirate crates if you need health. Now enter the Concourse and chase the 
Aeromine into the large chamber ahead. It led you into an ambush. Several 
troopers and militias will enter from the walkways and passages in the room 
and open fire. Some of them use Hypermode to enhance their strength, but you 
may also end up getting hit with a Phazon grenade and be able to counter them 
appropriately. Fight off the pirates and head to the northwest end of the 
room. One pirate will retreat down the hall up here and close a pair of gates 
behind him. Use a missile or charged Plasma Beam blast to smash them apart. 
Now ride the lift behind them up to a walkway. Cross the walkway carefully 
(don't touch the beam of energy coming from the nuclear containment unit) and 
take a right into a final hallway. Be aware of the turrets hanging from the 
ceiling, and destroy any gates that block your way. At the end take the door 
to your right.

Walk to the end of Concourse Ventilation and activate the Bomb Slot on the 
left wall. This will open the floor and allow you down. If you want to return, 
use the Wall Jump Surfaces. And don't worry about the expansion behind the 
window yet. Use another slot after the first drop to continue to the bottom of 
the room. Head down the passage and turn outside to face a Space Pirate ATC. 
You can fight it, or you can head south towards the exit.

Maintenance Shaft OB is crossed using the Grapple Swing. You will be attacked 
by a Pirate Militia on the way out. Now enter the Chozo Observatory. Before 
you worry about whatever is in this room, fight the ADVANCED AEROTROOPERS that 
take flight. Remember to scan one, since it's a new type of pirate. You should 
be quite used to fighting Aerotroopers, even if these do have additive armor. 
Now drop down to the lower area around the central projector and locate the 
lift controls. Activate them and take the lift down to the exit corridor and 

Enter the Observatory Lift and use the Plasma Beam to repair the circuit board 
that operates the lift platform. Now ride it down to the lower passage and 
exit through a door to the northeast. Watch out for the Jumpmines on the way 

Step out into the Grearworks. Expect to be attacked by a cloud of SWARMBOTS 
here. These flocking enemies are similar to Phazon Nightbarbs. You can destroy 
them by shooting the energy they collectively summon to attack you. Be careful 
though, because the stragglers may try to dive-bomb you like a Shriekbat. 
After they are taken care of, Screw Attack out to a platform to the right of 
the gearworks up ahead. There's a Sky Puffer nearby, but it shouldn't bother 
you. Screw Attack over to the next door before the passing ATC hits you with 
its cannons.

Enter the Broken Lift passage and shoot down the six Aeromines. Now head to 
the end and use the door to get to the Turbine Chamber. Destroy the ceiling 
turrets and walk all the way to the end of this passage. The main chamber is 
closed off by a fragile glass door. Shoot it out of your way and enter the 
chamber. The spinning object up ahead will be important soon, but for now it 
is simply in your way. Shoot the red power cables on the walls securing the 
object so that the mechanical arms release it. The object will stop spinning 
and open up. Jump across the gap and smash the glass door up ahead to get out.

Use the Screw Attack to shred up the Sky Puffers in the Maintenance Shaft TR 
that hover over the chasm. There's also a Databot among them with the 
FEDERATION entry. Now exit and start crossing the Skybridge Athene. It's 
overloaded with Tinbots, so use the Boost Ball to send them flying in every 
direction. It's really quite fun. Anyway, head through the door once you get 

The Landing Access takes you right to the new landing site. You have to use 
the Screw Attack to cross it, but first spend a few missiles so that you can 
blast the glass panels out of your way. Now enter the SkyTown Federation 
Landing Site. Before using the lift to reach the landing platform, scan the 
area Databot's hologram for AGREEMENT. 

As you step onto the landing platform, Unit 217 will disengage the locks and 
allow you to use the Bomb Slot to retract the flaps. Use the Command Visor to 
bring the gunship in. Now go to the nearby control panel in front of the 
doorway and press the button there to initiate another gunship upgrade. The 
service racks will fix a new SHIP GRAPPLE BEAM to its underside. This will 
allow it to tow certain heavy objects around the place. You now have 
everything you need to begin assembling the thermonuclear superweapon known as 
the Theronian bomb.


Chapter 7: Building the Ultimate.


The three components of the Theronian bomb are now marked on the map. They are 
all in rooms you have already been in before, and two of them are close by. 
The closest is in the Turbine Chamber, and it must be grabbed first. Start 
heading back that way, and expect to find pirate forces in some of the rooms 
you went through previously.

You'll see when you get to the chamber that the bomb part that you need (the 
transport module) is too tall for you to be able to see the command icon at 
the top, but there is another door you haven't used yet that is level with it. 
You'll have to find a way around. Continue backtracking.

You shouldn't have any trouble with the next few rooms until you get to the 
Gearworks. A Space Pirate ATC will show up and destroy the platform that you 
used to Screw Attack to the first time you came through. But it will also 
destroy the gearworks themselves, exposing a direct route to the exit and a 
MISSILE EXPANSION. Screw Attack through it and continue moving through 

The next major room you will get to is the Chozo Observatory. Ride the small 
lift in the entrance passage to reach the main room. Jump onto the hologram 
projector and scan the SHIP GRAPPLE POINT in the center of it. This looks like 
something your ship could handle. Use the Command Visor to call it in. It will 
enter and use its new Grapple attachment to lift the projector up into the 
air, revealing what was inside: a bunch of spiderlike creatures and the 
projector's power source. The spiders will likely be gone before you can scan 
them, so go down to the power source and start repairing the circuit board on 
it with the Plasma Beam. You can do this one in sections rather than having to 
trace the line in one attempt. This will feed power to a Bomb Slot on the 
north wall. Using it will do nothing unless you put the projector back into 
place. Command the ship to drop its cargo, and then reenergize the Bomb Slot. 
The projector will extend upwards, forming a platform to a doorway above. You 
may also notice additional Bomb Slots near the top of the room. It isn't 
necessary (or possible) to activate all of them, but the ones that are within 
reach will help you greatly. There are two entrances into the walls where the 
slots are found; one is near the southwest side of the room and the other is 
closer to the southeast. You can't enter the southwest one yet, so jump up and 
enter the other one. Every time you use a different Bomb Slot, the data 
satellite beneath the Chozo statue will be launched into space to collect and 
transmit data. Each launch will provide you with different information. The 
first slot gives you the map for Eastern SkyTown, and the rest that you are 
able to reach give you new expansion maps for Norion and Bryyo. These handy 
tools show where each and every expansion on those worlds is located. The 
white Xs indicate expansions that you've already found, but the large white 
dots point out ones you still need to get. When it comes down to collecting 
all of the game's expansions for a completed game, these maps will be your 
best friends. You'll have to return later to use the other slots in the room. 
For now, exit the wall and use the ledges to help you climb to the uppermost 
part of the projector. Jump to the bluish-green ledge and use the orange door. 
This is a shortcut that further connects to the Turbine Chamber.

This is the Botanica. Go up ahead and shoot down the Dragoon welcoming 
committee. You now have a choice between the path on your left and the path up 
ahead. The left path just leads to a Save Station, so you should go there 
first. Now go back and use the Grapple Lasso to pull out a large box from the 
other path. Use it as a platform to get up. Turn left up ahead and lasso out 
the second box so that you can reach the back ledge. Before going through the 
white door up there, turn around and Screw Attack all the way to the south 
ledge. Now turn west and Screw Attack to the MISSILE EXPANSION. Return to the 
north door and use an ice missile to open it.

Enter the upper part of the Broken Lift and force the AURORA entry out of the 
Databot moseying around. Walk to the end and enter the Turbine Chamber once 
more. From this part of the room you should be able to use the gunship to move 
the first bomb component, the transport module. However, the pirates aren't 
going to let you take it that easily. They've sent a foe from the distant past 
to deal with you. It's another Berserker Lord, and it looks angry. Don't worry 
too much about this thing though, since your weapons are much more powerful 
than before, whereas the Berserker Lord's arsenal and strategy haven't really 
changed. Recall that you must first attack its shoulders before it starts 
lobbing the purple spheres of energy at you. These should be shot so that they 
return and hit the Berserker Lord's armor plating. Once the Phazite plating 
breaks, start attacking the Lord's new weak point until it is finished. Avoid 
the usual plasma balls, shockwaves and energy beams and you'll do fine. After 
you kill the beast, go around and use the four Spinners in the room to release 
the locks holding the transport module in place. Now power that control panel 
to the north to open up a portion of the floor. Everything is set for the 
gunship now. Command it down so that it picks up the transport module. You 
should be aware that while the gunship is carrying something, it can't do much 
else. If you try to call it back to a landing platform it will have to drop 
its cargo from where it got it first. Anyway, it's time to go to the next 
Theronian component. Go back to the control panel to learn that it has turned 
itself into a Morph Ball tunnel entrance. Roll up and enter to find a new 

Start walking through the Turbine Access, shooting the Crawltanks in your way. 
There's really not much else to this room. Next is the Piston Hall. When you 
turn the corner, you'll find yourself next to a large chasm. There is a 
platform on the other side, but the rotary hatch around it is malfunctioning 
so you can only get to it by Screw Attacking at the right time. Start your 
jumps as the platform is closed off so that it opens by the time you get 
there. Now just walk out the left side when the hatch rotates again. Enter the 
door at the end of the thin passage.

This room is the Concourse. It looks unfamiliar to you because you are inside 
a passageway beneath the main chamber. Use the Plasma Beam to fix the circuit 
board on your left, then go to the other end of the passage and fix another 
circuit board on the right. This will energize a lift platform in the center 
of the passage. The lift takes you up to the main part of the Concourse. This 
is where the second Theronian component is found. However, it can't be 
retrieved just yet. Head through the orange door at the end of the lower 
passage instead.

You'll be straying from the main part of Eastern SkyTown to fetch the next 
suit upgrade. Enter Maintenance Shaft CC and jump out to a Grab Ledge. You'll 
automatically roll into the tunnel behind it. Follow this path to get to the 

Step out into Zipline Station Delta and begin the shoot-off with the Armored 
Aerotrooper up ahead. Afterwards, Screw Attack to the floating platform 
nearby. Then repeat to reach one out to your right. You'll have to stop here 
to deal with a Space Pirate ATC. Now continue to the next platform, but watch 
your timing; it has a partial wall around it that rotates. Once you make it, 
finish up the journey to the opposite door.

Ew. Opening the door into Transit Tube A will cause the pirate carcass on the 
other side of it to disintegrate into dust. This entire hallway is littered 
with more corpses, foreboding danger. It's even creepier when you shoot them 
and they make an odd ringing noise. Scans indicate that these pirates were 
finished off by some sort of parasitic life-form. You'll get your chance to 
see them soon enough. Take the path with the orange door at the end on your 
right to get to Save Station C. Return to the Transit Tube and use the blue 
door at the other end.

In the Research Pod Lift, there's a door at the end with five locks. All five 
of the targets must be hit simultaneously to open it. Since you lack the 
weapon for that, take the blue door on your right instead. Enter Xenoresearch 
Lift A and press the lift control panel to activate the lift. Take note of the 
Parasite Queen carcasses behind the glass walls, which haven't been seen since 
Samus's Tallon IV mission. Step out of the lift and check out the Energy Tank 
trapped inside the stasis tank here. Ignore it for now and exit the room.

Xenoresearch A consists of a few mazelike passages filled with rows of stasis 
tanks. As suspected, some of them contain live Metroids. These creatures are 
prized by the Space Pirates for their Phazon mutation experiments. They 
originally came from a planet called SR388, but have since been taken by the 
pirates to many other planets such as Zebes, Tallon IV, Aether and obviously 
Elysia. They can't hurt you right now, so feel free to point and laugh. 
Continue up the first hall and make a left at the multi-lock door. Up ahead, 
use a Spinner to close off the passage you came from so that the one to 
continue opens. Make a few more turns and then use the blue door at the end.

Use the lift in Xenoresearch Lift B to reach Xenoresearch B. Here, rather than 
taking the main path that goes to the right (and a dead-end), locate the Morph 
Ball tunnel between the two Metroid tanks and bomb-jump into it. At the 
circular loop, drop a bomb between the cables and fall through the exposed 
hole. Exit the Morph Ball and take right turns through the passages until you 
find a hatch on the floor made of damaged Talloric Alloy. Reenter the Morph 
Ball, drop a bomb to destroy the hatch and roll through. This will take you to 
a long but straightforward passage that leads right to the next power-up. 
Unfortunately, it's trapped inside a stasis tank. The only way to get it will 
be to take out the power source that keeps the stasis energy barriers active. 
That will also mean deactivating all the barriers that held the Metroids back 
in the other passages. To do this, look to the left of the stasis tank to find 
a loose panel. Rip it away with the Grapple Lasso to uncover an ENERGY CELL 
placed in its socket. This device plays an important role in the game, both 
now and later on. It's one of the cells that you need to fully explore the 
G.F.S. Valhalla. First scan it so that you have the ENERGY CELL Research entry 
in your Logbook, then pull it out of its socket to add it to your inventory. 
With the power out, the stasis tank can be shattered with a single missile. 
Step inside to grab the SEEKER MISSILE upgrade. When you use missiles, hold 
down the button and move the cursor across any viable target so that you can 
hit up to five things at once. You can also lock on to a single target and 
shoot them with five missiles simultaneously. You must use the seeker missiles 
to get out of this room, since the way in was sealed by a multi-lock door. 
Target the five yellow locks and shoot them all to make it retract into the 
floor. On your way out, scan one of the STEAMSPIDERS (the things you saw in 
the Chozo Observatory previously) crawling around. 

Make your way back through the Morph Ball tunnel to get to where the other 
stasis tanks are kept. You'll see that the stasis tanks have been broken out 
of. This certainly doesn't look good. A few of the escapees will be seen 
traveling underneath the glass floor; don't worry about them and make left 
turns until you spot the multi-lock door ahead. The first Metroid will attack 
here. The PHAZON METROID is a strain capable of phasing in and out of the 
locale timespace. It behaves like a typical Metroid; it will try to latch on 
to your head and begin feeding on your life force. You can only shake one off 
by entering your Morph Ball and planting a bomb. The Metroid will also try to 
zap you with Phazon energy while it is in its state of partial existence. The 
best way to fight a Metroid is to exploit its traditional weakness to cold. 
Shoot it with an ice missile to incase it in ice, and then hit it with the 
plasma beam to shatter it. Now open the multi-lock door and keep moving. Go 
right, then left and then straight. Fight off the second Phazon Metroid and 
leave through the door up ahead.

Take the lift down to Xenoresearch A and stay alert for more Metroids. Some 
will pass beneath you, while more will come into the passageway and attack. 
Keep navigating through the labyrinth until a second pair of Phazon Metroids 
shows up. Deal with them, then make the next left turn. The end of this path 
has another multi-lock door. Open it with seeker missiles and head for the 
exit. No less than four Phazon Metroids will block the way. If you'd rather 
not fight them just roll underneath them and exit quickly. In the Xenoresearch 
Lift A, you can use a missile to obtain that trapped ENERGY TANK you passed on 
the way in. Take the lift down to the Research Pod Lift room and open the 
multi-lock door on your right so that you can finally exit this hellish area 
through another small lift (or, if you want to save first, turn left and brave 
the Metroid in Transit Tube A to reach Save Station C).

Transit Tube B contains an Armored Pirate Trooper fortunate enough to escape 
the Metroid attacks. His luck will run out when he faces you though. The door 
at the end takes you to Zipline Station Delta. This time you can use the 
actual zipline to reach the opposite door. Don't worry too much about the 
pursuing Metroids and enter Concourse Access B. Remember to scan the LOSS 
entry from the Databot here before moving on through the white door.

You're back in the Concourse again, this time with the Seeker Missile upgrade. 
Enter the tiny Morph Ball tunnel on your left to find a MISSILE EXPANSION. 
From where it rested, look out towards the Theronian containment until and use 
seeker missiles to destroy the first of three locking mechanisms holding it in 
place. Go back through the tunnel and head down the passage. Use another four 
missiles to activate the lift at the end and take it down to the middle level 
of the room. Step out onto the walkway and release the second locking 
mechanism. The final one can be reached by standing at the end of the walkway 
on your left. The roof will now open up. Call in the gunship with the Command 
Visor. It should still be towing the transport module. The module will attach 
to the containment unit and lift it out of the room. You are finished in 
Eastern SkyTown now. Take the exit ahead and return to Skytram East so that 
you can head back to where the final Theronian bomb component is located.

Remember that you can't save at any of the landing sites until you have 
finished assembling the Theronian bomb, but you can use Save Station A near 
the Aurora Chamber. Since the next bomb component is in that direction anyway, 
trek through SkyTown until you are in that general area. Head out of the 
Aurora Lift passage afterwards to reach Zipline Station Bravo. You can use the 
Seeker Missile upgrade to free a cannon near the entrance. Use it to get to 
the Transit Hub.

When you land at the Transit Hub, turn left and hop over to the ledge under 
which the second Theronian containment unit sits. The locking mechanism 
underneath it can be undone with seeker missiles. Use the Command Visor to 
find the command icon beneath the component and call in the ship for one last 
pick-up. The Theronian bomb is now complete. Unit 217 wants you to place the 
superweapon in the Spire Dock. That's the giant structure where Ghor parked 
his gunship before. You really can't miss it, as it can be seen from just 
about any outdoor room in this part of SkyTown. If you didn't save before at 
Save Station A, now would be the time to do that.

Get to the Spire Dock platform and use the Command Visor. The gunship will 
come in and load the Theronian bomb into the spire. The weapon is in place. 
Return to the Aurora Chamber so that Unit 217 can give you a pep talk. When 
you reach him, he'll go over the final phase of the plan. The bomb pod must 
now be moved directly over the Leviathan's shield. When that happens, the 
engines will have to be shut off manually so that the pod falls onto the 
shield and the bomb detonates. It's up to you to complete this dangerous 
mission. Unit 217 will be able to relocate the whole of SkyTown closer to the 
Leviathan, but it will have to stay well enough away to avoid the 
thermonuclear explosion. Once you shut off the bomb pod's engines, you'll be 
able to get out of there using an escape pod. You must head back to the Spire 
Dock now so that Unit 217 can release the connection cables.

All set? Unit 217 will release the Spire Pod from the rest of SkyTown once 
you're on the main platform. The enormous structure will begin its course 
towards the Leviathan Seed down below. It won't be long into the journey 
before the AU contacts you again. He tells you that he has detected numerous 
enemy signals approaching the bomb pod. The pirates know what you're up to, 
and will put in a great effort to stop you from reaching the seed. If they 
destroy the pod, all hope for Elysia will be lost. As it moves into the thick 
clouds, the pirates will appear. The forerunner of the attack is a SPACE 
PIRATE ASSAULT SKIFF. This craft is faster and packs more firepower than the 
smaller ATCs. It will circle the pod, launching devastating tribeam cannon 
blasts from its front. You'll see a new meter at the top of the screen labeled 
"Spire Structure", which indicates how much damage the spire can handle. The 
assault skiff's brutal attacks will dent this meter considerably, so bringing 
it down should be your top priority. Like an ATC, it can be destroyed by 
shooting at the frontal vent. The skiff will usually move around in between 
attacks, but will have to stop to fire off its cannons. This is when it is 
vulnerable. Use the Plasma or Hyper Beam to take it down. More pirate forces 
will join the assault, including Jolly Rogers, Aerotroopers, ARMORED SHIELD 
TROOPERS and more. Keep an eye for the shield troopers so that you can scan 
them. Another Space Pirate Assault Skiff will show up after the first is 
brought down. Fend off the pirates in the vicinity, and then start attacking 
the skiff immediately. A third and final skiff will follow the second one. Its 
destruction will mark the end of the pirate assault. 

The pod has reached the Leviathan. Go to the control panel that shows up and 
press all three buttons on it to shut off the engines. The Theronian bomb will 
detonate in five minutes. Your job is done, so it's time to get the heck out 
of here. The escape pod will appear in the center of the platform. Enter it 
and press the control panel inside. A resounding automated voice will tell you 
that there is an escape pod malfunction. Not good. Get out of the pod quickly 
and enter the repair access tunnel that has been revealed with your Morph 
Ball. The tunnel brings you into the Podworks. A piston will take you down to 
the room. Unroll and melt the metal out of your way so that you can get to the 
damage circuit boards. Go left to find the first. A steady hand is needed to 
weld this board back together as the bomb pod shakes and shudders. The next 
board is on the opposite side, but you must first use the Grapple Lasso to 
yank away its covering. Weld that one back together and look for the final one 
within the central structure. Use the lasso again to break off the covering. 
After you fix this circuit board, return to the Spider Dock via the access 
tunnel. Watch out for the Steamspiders on the way. Now reenter the escape pod 
and try again. This time it'll work. A lever will appear in front of you. Grab 
it and thrust it forwards to activate the escape pod's engines.

The Spire structure crashes towards the Leviathan Seed, but Samus's pod 
escapes in time. The Theronian bomb detonates, creating an enormous shockwave 
that rips through the cloud layer. The seed's shield is destroyed as planned. 
Now the escape pod will land in a room called the Escape Pod Bay. Use the lift 
to get to the Security Station and then head for Landing Site A nearby. Call 
in the ship and enter it so that you can fly to the Leviathan Seed.

The seed on Elysia is almost identical to the one on Bryyo. You must once 
again use a series of floating platforms to get from the landing area to the 
door up at the top. The difference here is that the enemies crawling around in 
Landing Site C are not indigenous to the planet as they were in Bryyo. You 
should scan these PHAZON LEECHES before going to the next room.

The Core Access tunnel has the same fleshy masses blocking it as last time, 
only now they are protected by bony structures that function just like a 
multi-lock door. Target the five weak spots and use the seeker missiles to 
destroy them. Now shoot through the fleshy mass normally using charged shots 
or the Hyper Beam.

Enter the Elysian Leviathan Core and jump down from the doorway. The Leviathan 
core employs a particularly nasty corrupted Elysian drone called HELIOS. This 
core boss doesn't look intimating at first, but looks are certainly deceiving. 
Helios is even tougher than Mogenar thanks to the large cloud of Phazon-
charged Swarmbots that he commands. These bots will generally fly around him 
and protect him from damage, but can assume different formations for both 
offensive and defensive purposes. At first, Helios will create a Swarmbot ball 
and begin careening through the chamber like a giant bowling ball. He'll 
readjust his direction to try to hit you every time the ball rolls up the 
sides of the arena. Do your best to sidestep out of the way while Helios rolls 
around. Firing shots at his body may inflict stunning damage to him, and soon 
he will change tactics. The next attack formation Helios may try is a spinning 
disk of Swarmbots. Try to avoid getting carved up, but make sure you stay 
focused on Helios's body. He will have five glowing red spots within the disk 
that can be hit simultaneously to stun him. Ready the seeker missiles and wait 
for the Swarmbot disk to stop spinning around so that you have a clear shot at 
the red spots. If you manage to do it correctly Helios will be momentarily 
stunned and you can continue shooting at his body. This cycle will repeat 
until Helios's armor overloads and he drops to the floor. Now this Phazon core 
is vulnerable, but only for a short time. Immediately switch to Hypermode and 
start blasting Helios. He is temporarily without Swarmbots, so he'll try to 
use his own razor-sharp mechanical arms to harm you. You should be able to 
inflict a respectable amount of damage to Helios before he recovers. Now all 
you really have to do is repeat this as many times as necessary until Helios 
is destroyed. However, it won't be as easy as it sounds because of the boss's 
many different attack styles that may distract you from his body. Other than 
the ball and the disk, the Swarmbots have two other distinctive formations. 
Sometimes they will divide into many small groups and begin charging up 
individual energy strikes. Like a regular Swarmbot formation, they can be 
overloaded when the energy is hit with a charged beam shot. Look for the 
formations that are glowing brightest (indicating an imminent attack) and go 
after them first. Keep holding them off until Helios decides to switch 
attacks. Later on the bots will turn into arms and legs for the boss and allow 
him to use different kinds of attacks. He will be able to stomp one of his 
feet to create a shockwave along the ground. You've had plenty of experience 
with this type of attack so you shouldn't have trouble avoiding it. Helios 
also shoots purple globes of energy at you. Shoot them as they approach to 
neutralize them. You may notice red spots on his arm and leg joints. Fire at 
them individually when they begin glowing brightly to sever Helios's Swarmbot 
connection. You can make him fall over and expose him to more damage. Rarely, 
Helios will assemble the Swarmbots into a tornado-like formation and tear 
through the room. The whirling Swarmbots will deflect attacks, but the 
formation is still vulnerable to Morph Ball Bombs. You can leave them in 
Helios's path to disrupt and stun him. Once his Phazon core is exposed again 
use Hypermode to finish him off. If you run low on health look for pickup 
units released by the Swarmbots you destroy.

The defeated Helios explodes, sending Phazon energy everywhere. The Phazon 
strikes Samus and enters her body. Her corruption worsens even further and the 
change in her appearance becomes more pronounced than ever. After the cut-
scene, walk up and claim the HYPER MISSILE. This weapon delivers an 
extraordinarily powerful blast of Phazon that can utterly destroy most 
enemies. There are also certain Phazonous substances that can only be 
shattered with a Hyper Missile. Growths of such a substance will appear in the 
upper corners of the room. Test out your new toy by destroying each one of 
them. You will once again have an unlimited supply of Phazon to use. 
Destroying the growths will release the Leviathan core. Like before, kill it 
by overloading it with Phazon energy. The Leviathan will plague Elysia no 


Chapter 8: The Pirate Homeworld.


Unit 242 commends you for your performance. Now both Leviathans in Federation 
space have been destroyed. But your mission is not over yet. The Federation 
has picked up an emergency GF communication capsule from the Pirate Homeworld. 
It was sent by Gandrayda before she lost contact with the Federation. Data has 
revealed that the Prate Homeworld has a Leviathan Seed of its own, suggesting 
that the pirates are using Phazon to enhance their military forces further. 
The corruption on this planet is so severe that the planet itself seems to be 
transforming into a body of Phazon. You must now travel to the Pirate 
Homeworld and stop the last Leviathan. You're also going to have to keep a 
look out for Gandrayda. If history tells you anything about your fellow bounty 
hunters, she'll most likely be in a less-than-friendly mood towards you now. 
Check the navigation panel and select the new Unknown Solar System as your 

Even without the Phazon corruption spreading across it, the planet of the 
Space Pirates is a dangerous and unforgiving place fit only for creatures as 
foul as they. There are three primary facilities that you will be exploring, 
the first being the Pirate Command. You'll enter the command center through 
Landing Site Bravo. There are no hostiles here, but you can scan the PIRATE 
CARGO DRONES drifting around. They are used by Space Pirates to carry HEAVY 
PHAZON CANISTERS and other supplies throughout the facility. After scanning 
the two new items for the Logbook, use the exit directly ahead of the ship.

The Lift Hub Access has two Crawltanks inside that are capable of using 
Hypermode. Defeat them as quickly as possible before they enter it. If they do 
they will fire much more rapidly and powerfully, and be very hard to destroy 
unless you use the Hyper Beam. After you're done with them continue to the 

Enter the Lift Hub. The lift platform is up ahead in between two inaccessible 
side chambers. Take out the Remorse-Class Turret above the doorway before it 
causes too much damage. The ones found on this planet are sturdier and 
stronger than the previous versions, but they still lack accuracy. Scan the 
red disk on the right side for the Space Pirate Lore entry, OUR MISSION. Now 
enter the lift platform and punch the upper orange button on the left to 
ascend to the third level. Get out and turn left to get to a SPACE PIRATE 
ORANGE DOOR. Scan it and open it.

Watch the brief cut-scene in the Command Courtyard to see an Assault Pirate 
Trooper using a gate to the north. Unit 242 will give you additional info on 
the facility as well. It seems that there is a cargo supply route that 
connects directly to the Leviathan Seed, and the gate you just saw the pirate 
use appears to be the entrance. However, you still have a while before you can 
reach the seed. As you may have noticed, the Pirate Homeworld is showered 
perpetually with deadly ACID RAIN (this Research entry will automatically be 
added to your Logbook after the AU speaks to you). Walking into it will cause 
severe damage and death in less than ten seconds with full energy! You have to 
find a way to protect yourself before going out into the open. Look for the 
splashes of rainfall on the ground to know where not to walk. Take the dry 
pathway directly in front of you to stay safe. The bridge overhead will block 
the rain, but it won't take you to the north gate. Turn right instead when the 
bridge changes directions, then hug the wall and proceed to the northwest 
corner. Here you will find a tunnel blocked by spinning ventilation fans. The 
fans must be stopped before you can enter it. You can see the power cables 
leading into another tunnel up on your left. Now, how to get up there? To the 
right of the fans is a Grab Ledge. Leap up to it to enter the upper Morph Ball 
tunnel. The tunnel goes under the walkway, taking you beneath a squad of 
unsuspecting pirates above. Follow it until you get to a short floor maze. 
That expansion there is inaccessible from this side, but you'll get to it 
soon. Go up to the next section of the floor and take the left path when they 
split. This will eventually take you right to that MISSILE EXPANSION. Now go 
back and use the other path to reach the exit. Bomb-jump out of the floor maze 
and unroll into a small round chamber directly above the ventilation fans. The 
power cables coming from the wall connect to another ENERGY CELL. Pull it from 
its socket to shut off the fans. You should be carrying two of them now. 
Anyway, use the cable tunnel so that you can make a quick return to the 
ventilation area. Now that the fans are halted you can go through the tunnel 
behind them.

The Flux Control contains more Hypermode Crawltanks. Blast them out of the way 
and proceed to the end, where you'll drop down to a lower passage. Turn around 
and head back the other way. At the end there are two Morph Ball tunnels side-
by-side. The hatch covering one can be flipped around with the Grapple Lasso 
so that you can enter the other. Use it once to expose the left path. Navigate 
through the wall tunnel to reach the next room.

You will enter the Command Station through the Morph Ball tunnel. You can't do 
much here yet except continue rolling under the feet of several oblivious 
Pirate Troopers. Go right to reach a MISSILE EXPANSION, but go left to proceed 
to a piston that pushes you up a shaft and onward. 

You'll finally exit the Morph Ball tunnel when you get to the Command Vault. 
You cannot go back up through the tunnel until you have the upgrade that lets 
you travel across magnetic rails. Speaking of a new upgrade, use the seeker 
missiles to destroy five locks that hold up the X-RAY VISOR power-up capsule. 
The X-Ray Visor is your first and only new visor. It allows you to see through 
Phazite objects, among other things. You will now be able to interact with the 
new type of control panel at the south end of the room. The center display of 
the console shows the code symbol combination needed to activate it. The 
symbols are found in the outer displays, but can only be seen with the X-Ray 
Visor. Press the buttons that correctly match up to the code to power up the 
console. This will drop a supply line at the other end of the room. Phazon 
tanks will begin moving along it. When a tank passes directly over the sealed 
Morph Ball tunnel below, shoot it down. The explosion will destroy the Phazite 
cover. Now go through the tunnel.

You'll be dumped into the Defense Access. The path to the east will seal 
itself with a Phazite gate before you can reach the door at the end. It 
doesn't matter anyway, since you can't use the door yet. However, using the X-
Ray Visor, you can use the control panel ahead of the tunnel exit to open a 
lift to the right of it. Ride it up to a blue door.

The door takes you back into the Command Station, but once again you are cut 
off from the main part of the room. Scan the STOWAWAY Lore entry and approach 
the window. There is a large generator outside that provides power to the 
planet's defense shield. There's nothing you can do about it now, so go back 
down to the Defense Access. Turn right from the lift and walk towards the blue 
door at the west end of the passage. There are two Assault Pirate Troopers 
waiting for you there. It seems your presence here hasn't gone as unnoticed as 
hoped. Remember not to use missiles against these guys. Go through the door 
after you've wasted them.

As you enter the Security Air Lock, a Federation trooper will send you a 
transmission from elsewhere on the planet. His story is that he was taken 
prisoner during the attack on Norion, but has managed to escape. He has 
information about getting past the acid rain, but will need you to rescue him 
first. The trooper manages to send his coordinates before cutting out. He is 
all the way in another region of the planet, the Pirate Research facility. 
Anyway, head into the room and grab the MISSILE EXPANSION wedged next to the 
security gate. To move the gate, pull up the X-Ray Visor and shoot the five 
flashing locks around it. This will activate a hologram in front of you. Enter 
the Morph Ball and place yourself into the hologram slot. The gate will rotate 
and allow you to use the exit.

This door leads back into the Lift Hub. Currently you are on the second level. 
Enter the lift and ride down to the first level. When you get out, look to the 
right and use the X-Ray Visor to tinker with the control panel there. This 
will deactivate a shield blocking one of the side chambers. Enter it to 
download the map for the Pirate Homeworld. With it also comes the availability 
of a new landing site at the Pirate Research facility. You can go there now to 
rescue the trapped Federation trooper. Make a speedy return to Landing Site 
Bravo and fly to the new landing site.

Landing Site Alpha has two doors out, but one is blocked by a blue energy 
field. Enter the other one to reach the Scrapvault Lift. Once activated with 
the control panel, the large lift will carry you up to a short passage. Use a 
missile or charged shot to blow up the hatch covering a Morph Ball tunnel on 
your left. It will take you to a control chamber. Look out through the window 
and shoot the button on the wall. The gate that blocked the main passage will 
lift up. Go back through the tunnel and pass through to the exit door.

Enter the Scrapvault and get the Scan Visor ready. As you pass underneath the 
enormous dead organism ahead, a flock of URTRAGIAN SHRIEKBATS will swoop down 
on you. Since you can't see them until they begin flying, start backing up as 
you begin to scan so that you have more time before they destroy themselves. 
The Urtragian Shriekbat is the rarest type of Shriekbat, appearing only in 
this room and disappearing from the game completely later on. If you didn't 
manage to scan one in time, backtrack to Landing Site Alpha and return to 
reset them. Other than their rarity, Urtragian Shriekbats are completely 
unremarkable compared to the other types. Anyway, go left at the turn. You'll 
soon see Phazon vents on the floor expelling blue vapor. The second one will 
also release PHAZON GRUBS. They aren't much of a threat, and should be dead 
before the end of this sentence. Jump onto the platform on the north side and 
use it to reach another one farther east. Go around this walkway cautiously; 
more Urtragian Shriekbats will attack here. Leap over to a pathway that cuts 
through the carcass of the dead animal and continue leaping across the 
platforms around the walls. You'll then get to a Grab Ledge. Don't jump to it 
yet. Screw Attack over to a high platform along the north wall, then turn 
towards the center of the room and use the second Grab Ledge there to get a 
MISSILE EXPANSION. Now return to the first Grab Ledge that puts you inside a 
Morph Ball tunnel.

Into the Scrapworks you go. This tunnel is infested with Phazon Grubs, but 
there's also a turret whose purpose it is to eliminate such pests. Go to the 
end and activate the Bomb Slot to open a path on the other side of the wall. 
Now go back a little and bomb-jump up to the next part of the tunnel. Go 
quickly past the red strip, which is the target range for the turret. At the 
end of this path is a magnetic rail, but before that is another shaft with 
moving platforms. When the nearest one comes down, bomb-jump onto it. Roll 
over to the next one when it rises above it, and then enter the next path. 
There are more grubs up here. A single bomb is enough to destroy one. Bomb-
jump up to the next path and go left all the way. You should see an ENERGY 
TANK above. Use the double-bomb-jump method to reach it, and then do a regular 
bomb-jump to proceed. In the next part, bomb the grub apart and avoid the 
turret blasts. You'll then drop down a shaft. Use a bomb to destroy the 
obstacle and then activate the Bomb Slot at the end. You can now go through 
the tunnel below to reenter the Scrapvault.

Roll through the glass tube until you exit into a control chamber. The control 
panel needs power, so you'll have to weld the left-hand circuit board next to 
it together first. Once you fix the panel, use the X-Ray Visor to interact 
with it. A gate outside will open, but you have to go back through the 
Scrapworks to reach it. Roll back through the Morph Ball tube. When you get 
back to the Scrapworks tunnel, go right. You'll drop into a half-pipe 
formation. Use the Boost Ball to reach the very top of the other side of it. 
Drop down at the first shaft to find another Bomb Slot. Using it will open a 
path at the bottom of the half-pipe. Roll back to it and bomb-jump up to this 
path. You will come out at the Scrapvault again. Plant one more bomb to get 
the obstacle out of the way, then exit the tunnel and unroll. 

Suddenly, all hell will break loose. A security drone will spot you and raise 
an alarm, summoning a squad of fierce-looking pirates to the room. The 
commander with red armor will disappear, but his COMMANDO PIRATE underlings 
will be left to take care of you. These guys are tough to bring down. Not only 
do they have improved armor and weapons, but they can even become invisible 
and teleport around the room. Using the X-Ray Visor will allow you to keep 
track of them if they do this. Don't hold back when fighting them. Once their 
armor breaks, finish them with a Hyper weapon blast. Now go to the east side 
of the room and climb up the newly-opened pathway to an orange door.

The Processing Access is equipped with a security laser system. Use the X-Ray 
Visor to detect the beams. If you trip them, a security beacon at the other 
end of the passage will alert more Commando Pirates. Just use the Morph Ball 
to avoid the lasers altogether. Halfway through the passage you can look to 
the left to scan the FIRST DISCIPLES data entry. Proceed to the end and use 
the exit.

The pirates are hot on your tail. When you enter the Metroid Processing 
chamber, another Commando Pirate and two ASSAULT SHIELD TROOPERS will attack. 
Be sure to scan the troopers before you rip their shields off and they become 
regular Assault Pirate Troopers. They are tough, but the Commando poses a 
greater threat. If you feel the need, don't hesitate to enter Hypermode and 
make this a quick battle. The pirates' defeat will cause a control panel along 
the north wall to become active. This one works similar to the twist panels 
you have seen before, expect you need to use the X-Ray Visor to see what 
you're doing. This one will activate a lift next to it. Take the lift down to 
a passage beneath the floor. Up ahead, go right to reach a damaged circuit 
board that powers the piston within the central specimen tank above. After 
welding it back together, go down the left passage and take your third ENERGY 
CELL at the end. The Metroid holding chambers will deactivate so be prepared 
to fight a few of them off when you go back up. After dealing with them, 
inspect one of the empty holding chambers for a MISSILE EXPANSION. Now go 
around the central tank and use the Morph Ball to enter the small hole at the 
base. The moving piston will carry you up to a walkway above. From there you 
can either go right to a white door or left to an orange one. Go orange for 

In the Airshaft, use seeker missiles to hit the four switches ahead of you. A 
Wall Jump Surface will fall into place in front of the one in the back. Before 
going out to it though, shoot the approaching horde of Crawltanks and scan one 
of the PUFFER MINES floating around. Now Screw Attack out and Wall Jump up to 
a ledge, destroying the Puffer Mines as you do so. From the ledge, jump up to 
a path that leads to a Lore entry called THE SOURCE DISCOVERED and eventually 
a blue door. If you make it to the orange door instead, you'll have to Wall 
Jump back up.

The next room is the Craneyard. This small passageway overlooks the main part 
of the room. From the window you can see what's going on down below. One of 
the capsules being moved around has a new upgrade. It's the Hazard Shield that 
will allow you to resist acid rain, but the only way to it seems to be the 
magnetic rail line behind you. You must move on for now. There's another door 
at the end of the passage.

Enter the Proving Grounds Lift. The trapped GF trooper is up ahead, holding 
off a small group of Armored Pirate Militias. Teach them a lesson by firing a 
missile and a couple of Plasma Beam shots at each. Now the trooper will come 
out and thank you for saving him. He wastes no time in telling you about the 
special shielding that he's seen some pirates use to protect against the acid 
rain. He gives you the coordinates of the room where one of the shield units 
is kept. Of course, since you just saw the Hazard Shield in the previous room, 
you already know where it is. Luckily, the trooper knows a back entrance to 
the Craneyard, but he'll need your help to get there. The controls for the 
lift here must be used by both of you simultaneously. Go around to the 
opposite lever and follow the trooper's precise instructions ("pull", "twist" 
and "push"). The lift up to the Proving Grounds will activate. Join the 
trooper on the platform and go up.

Samus and the GF trooper ride the lift up to the Proving Grounds. As the 
hunter steps off the platform, the GF trooper suddenly turns on her, firing 
shots that she narrowly avoids. The trooper's abrupt change of heart is 
explained immediately. With a girlish cackle, he transform into Gandrayda. 
Gandrayda too has become irreversibly corrupted and brainwashed by Dark Samus, 
just like Rundas, Ghor and the Space Pirates. Gandrayda mocks Samus for 
falling for the GF trooper costume, and then starts the battle.

The third and most extraordinary of the corrupted hunters, GANDRAYDA will 
prove her combat prowess in this intense and incredibly fun battle. Start, as 
with any boss battle, by scanning her and downloading her new Logbook entry. 
In the first phase, Gandrayda will use her metamorphic gift to take the form 
of certain minor enemies you've faced in the past, but she will also attack 
you in her regular body. She will change into a different selection of enemies 
with each passing phase of the battle, but her standard form will be used 
throughout it and thus be what you should become most accustomed to. Gandrayda 
is very acrobatic and can move around the arena much faster than you can. 
Normally she'll send off purple disks or pulses of energy to damage you, but 
sometimes she may try to leap on you and drain your health. Shake her off when 
this happens. If you want energy pickups, shoot at the purple disks before 
they hit you and they'll release some. You should use your Plasma Beam for the 
most part, but don't hesitate to enter Hypermode if you get the chance to do 
major damage. Keep Gandrayda at bay until she shifts her shape. She'll most 
likely lead off with the form of a Berserker Knight, the creature you've faced 
only once before. When she fires the spheres of energy at you, send them back 
to her so that they hit her Phazite plating. Attack the weak spot to get some 
damage in before she switches back to her normal form. She may also change 
into an Aerotrooper, which you can attack as you would a regular one. The 
third form she uses during the first part is that of a cloud of Swarmbots. 
Destroying the individuals may release health and ammo. As Gandrayda's health 
meter begins to drop below the three-quarter line, she'll initiate the next 
battle phase by opening the roof of the Proving Grounds. It's important not to 
stray beyond the boundaries of the arena because the acid rain will chew 
through you quicker than anything Gandrayda throws at you. The huntress will 
abandon her former copied guises and begin fighting as Rundas or Ghor. While 
she takes on Rundas's form, fight her just as you fought Rundas himself. 
Attack Gandrayda until you manage to stun her, then rip off the protective 
armor and begin damaging her. Remember to avoid Rundas-G's ice blasts so that 
you aren't frozen. If it is Ghor Gandrayda copies, avoid the brutal contact 
attacks and try to hit the weak spot at her face. She'll use most of Ghor's 
regular attacks, such as the plasma beam and rapid-fire energy blasts. Also be 
on the lookout for the flashing orb that appears underneath her so that you 
can stun her long enough to do more damage. Keep fighting as Gandrayda cycles 
between her normal, Rundas and Ghor forms until you take her down to half her 
total energy. Things will get interesting now. Gandrayda will use her ability 
to become Samus-G, complete with a pseudo-Chozo-made Varia Suit! In this form, 
she can even roll up into the Morph Ball and boost around the room, bouncing 
off objects and making it hard to avoid or hurt her. She'll also use a very 
powerful energy beam that you probably don't remember ever having. 
Fortunately, Gandrayda has no real way to protect herself from your attacks. 
Keep up the pressure with a relentless barrage of Plasma Beam shots. Soon 
enough the battle will progress to its fourth and final phase. Gandrayda will 
no longer change forms, but she has developed a new trick. She can now make 
herself invisible. To keep up with her you'll need to switch to your X-Ray 
Visor. It'll still be hard to hit Gandrayda as she flips and twirls in the 
air, sending off her energy strikes every now and then. Switch back to the 
Combat Visor when Gandrayda overloads the X-Ray Visor. During this phase 
Gandrayda will also use Hypermode to try to gain the upper hand, but you can 
enter it yourself and inflict more damage to her than normally. This phase may 
take the longest because of Gandrayda's increased aggression, but if you keep 
pressing on the attack you'll eventually emerge victorious.

The finishing blow will cause Gandrayda to shift uncontrollably between her 
forms before collapsing to the floor. Sadly but inevitably, she dies like 
Rundas and Ghor before her. Samus can only watch as the evil shadow of Dark 
Samus descends and absorbs her body. All that remains is the GRAPPLE VOLTAGE, 
the final Grapple augmentation. The Grapple Voltage lets you draw or channel 
energy to and from certain mechanisms with your Grapple beam. Face south and 
target the control panel next to the energy field with the Grapple beam. Use 
the voltage feature to drain the console's power and transfer it right into 
your own energy reserves. If the pickups left behind by the Gandrayda battle 
didn't fully heal you, this should. Anyway, the energy field will shut down 
and the elevator will once again be useable because of the retracted pistons. 
Use the blue exit door now.

Transit Station 1-B is one of many underground stations that connects the 
homeworld facilities together. To use this one, scan the green terminal on the 
far wall and then press the hand panel next to it. The transit train will come 
in and open its doors for you. Step inside and use the lever to get it going. 
The train will speed away towards Transit Station 1-A. Get out and scan the 
entry for THE LEVIATHAN, then head out using the passage on your right. You 
will next reenter Landing Site Alpha. Your ship is waiting for you on the 
other side of the energy field. Use the Grapple Voltage to deactivate it like 
the previous one, then save your game.


Chapter 9: The Nova Beam.


You have taken care of Gandrayda, but now what? You can't do much else in the 
Pirate Homeworld without the Hazard Shield, and for that you need a way to 
travel across magnetic rails. Luckily Unit 242 has good news. She tells you 
that Unit 217 on Elysia has discovered evidence of a Chozo artifact in 
SkyTown. Your suit does well with Chozo technology, so this may be just the 
thing you need to continue your mission. Fly to SkyTown's Landing Site A.

You can see by checking your map that there is one small area in SkyTown that 
hasn't been explored yet. That is where you'll be headed. Make your way out of 
Landing Site A and through the Security Station. The Spire Dock is there no 
more, but that doesn't mean you can't make it across the gap. Use the Kinetic 
Orb Cannon on the southeast platform to launch yourself west towards the 
Junction. Now go left inside this room and roll underneath the wreckage to 
reach the south door.

The door takes you out into Zipline Station Charlie. Currently the zipline 
cannot be used because there is an ornate gate blocking access to it. It 
requires more power in order to unlock. You can use the Grapple Voltage to 
transfer some of your own energy into the device in the center. It will hurt a 
bit, but it won't be anything serious. Now use the Zipline Cable to get 
across. You'll have to shoot a few gates open as you go. Near the end, a few 
Aerial Repair Drones will cause the zipline to fall apart, leaving you 
stranded on a floating platform. Simply use the Screw Attack to make the rest 
of the journey. Use the blue door on the other side to enter the next room.

The Powerworks Access has an energy field inside blocking the way through. 
Drain its power source with the Grapple Voltage and then roll into the tunnel 
behind it. After you get out, use the door on your right. The Powerworks 
chamber is also blocked, this time by a lock covering the Morph Ball tunnel 
ahead. Use the Seeker Missile ability to hit the four nodes next to it. This 
will restore power to the energy grid above the lock and open it. Enter the 
main chamber through the tunnel.

The Powerworks is inhabited only by a Databot that will relinquish the DEFEAT 
entry to you. You still have to figure out how to solve the puzzle to get the 
next upgrade however. The power-up is protected by a metal barrier that the 
Databot floats around. To open it, you'll need to restore functionality to the 
gears up above. The gearworks are missing a gear that has fallen to the floor. 
You need to get it back up there. Using the Grapple Lasso will make the gear 
jump up a bit, but it won't be anywhere near where it needs to be placed. Look 
for a higher location to get a better angle. Jump onto the east ledge and try 
from there. This time the gear will flip up into the air several times, but it 
will then just fall back down to the floor. The trick is to hit the airborne 
gear with a charged beam shot while it is at its highest point to knock it 
backwards onto the metal barrier. It will somehow fall back into place 
perfectly and resume functioning. As a result, the metal barrier will lift to 
reveal a Chozo statue holding the SPIDER BALL in its hands. This ingenious 
little device lets you stick to magnetic rails and travel along them. This is 
just what you need back in the Pirate Homeworld. 

You can exit the Powerworks through a hole revealed beneath the Chozo statue. 
Hop down to the bottom of this area and enter the next Morph Ball tunnel. This 
path is laden with magnetic rails, which are referred to as SPIDER BALL 
TRACKS. Scan them for a Research entry whenever you get the chance. To use the 
Spider Ball, hold the Z Button while in the Morph Ball. Navigate up and around 
the track until you reach a small gap with periodically-erupting flames. Just 
release the Spider Ball when the flames aren't there and then reattach 
yourself at the next section. Keep travelling and remember to avoid the 
flames. You don't need to worry about the falling rubble (it may even leave 
behind pickups) but you should try to avoid the repair drones buzzing around. 
When you reach the end of the track look for another one directly across from 
it. You can start following this one, but you'll have to use the Boost Ball 
now. While clinging to Spider Ball Tracks, using the Boost Ball will cause you 
to launch outwards. In most cases this is done to reach another part of the 
track. Just be careful not to boost out when there is no safe place to reach. 
Anyway, climb and boost your way to a MISSILE EXPANSION, then return to the 
platform where you got off the first set of tracks. Roll into the back corner 
and find another track next to a spinning turbine. This will take you upwards 
towards the exit. You'll have to use the Boost Ball again to bounce back and 
forth between the sections of track before reaching a tunnel. Roll along until 
you find yourself by the blue door.

Roll through the Powerworks Access tunnel to reach Zipline Station Charlie 
again. Screw Attack back to the platform that the zipline dumped you on, which 
is to your right. There is a Spider Ball Track here that goes upwards and will 
allow you to get back to the Junction entrance. Start traveling up it and use 
the Boost Ball when it is necessary to reach the next path. After two boosts 
you'll have to drop a short distance and then land on a regular Morph Ball 
path. Up ahead, reattach yourself to the track and prepare to boost through 
the electrical hazard. Wait for the electricity to flicker out before boosting 
across or you'll fall out of the sky. In the next bit of the path you'll see a 
circular loop of Spider Ball Track above you. Use a double-bomb-jump to get up 
there and then drop from the top of the loop to get the ENERGY TANK in the 
center. Now continue traveling through the main path. After several more 
boosts you'll finally get to the end of the track. Screw Attack the rest of 
the way to the Junction door.

You have what you came back to SkyTown for, but you may as well do a bit of 
treasure hunting before returning to the Pirate Homeworld. In the Junction, 
loop around to the west door, which is left of the one you should've just 
emerged from. This takes you to Skybridge Hera. Use the Kinetic Orb Cannon 
here to launch yourself across. Now enter Maintenance Shaft GP and cross it to 
get to the Construction Bay.

Enter the Construction Bay. You can use the Grapple Voltage on the device next 
to you to reenergize a Morph Ball lift within the tunnel. This is a quicker 
way to the next door, but you may want to go the long way for a new enemy 
encounter. There is a creature floating around one of the round platforms 
called a PHAAZOID. It looks like a floating sphere of light. The Phaazoid can 
only be damaged with Hypermode weapons. Even when you destroy it, the Phaazoid 
will only split into smaller Phaazoids until it is too small to continue. The 
remnants will then just float at you and detonate in your face. The difficulty 
in defeating them notwithstanding, Phaazoids are very annoying because they 
will start following you if they notice you nearby. They attack by emitting 
circular shockwaves that cut through the air. The Phaazoid also has another 
trick up its sleeve. Sometimes, when a Phaazoid splits, one of the new 
entities becomes a RED PHAAZOID. This is a rare strain that can take more hits 
than a normal one, but can't split again. The reward for beating a Red 
Phaazoid is a gold credit. Just be aware that the gold credits dropped by Red 
Phaazoids must be physically collected like a pickup, rather than being 
granted automatically. The first blue Phaazoid won't produce a red one, but 
the one found after the Grapple Swing Points will. Remember to scan both forms 
for the Logbook. Defeat the Red Phaazoid and grab the gold credit it leaves 
for you. Now make your way to the other door leading towards the Ballista 
Storage. Before going in, look out towards the structure with the Grapple 
Swing Points. You might see a small ledge about halfway across the top of it. 
Use the Screw Attack to get to it. Here you will find a MISSILE EXPANSION and 
a Databot with the PHAZON entry. Return to the other side now and use the door 
Ballista Lift door.

Take the Ballista Lift down to the Ballista Storage. Use the cage platform to 
get to the bottom where you once fought the Defense Drone over the Boost Ball. 
The drone isn't back, but the Steamlord is. He's got six of his Steambot pals 
to fight you with. The Steamlord and Steambots shouldn't pose much of a 
problem. Remember to use the X-Ray Visor to track the Steamlord if he tries 
his vanishing trick. After he falls, start using the Grapple Voltage on two 
fan gratings on the west side of the room. Overloading them with your own 
energy will cause them to malfunction, and the chamber in between them will 
open up. Step inside and grab the ENERGY CELL there. This one doesn't really 
do anything relevant by removing it, but you'll still need it. Now return to 
the Construction Bay and make your way back to the Junction.

You may as well finish up using the Junction's doors and go out through the 
north one. There are two more expansions to be found in this part of SkyTown 
before you return to the Pirate Homeworld. The Hoverplat Docking Site is the 
next room. Cross to the floating platform up ahead using the Screw Attack. Go 
to the next one and prepare to fight a Phaazoid. This one will split into a 
Red Phaazoid, so beat it for another gold credit. To proceed, use the Spider 
Ball Track near the longer platform. This track twists and bends into weird 
formations, but it's not that complicated. You'll have to boost a few times to 
make it through. A SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION will be yours by the time you get to 
the end of the track, as you'll have to boost through it at one point. After 
unrolling, scan the Databot hologram for INVADER. Turn left and Screw Attack 
to the next set of round platforms down below. From here you should have no 
trouble reaching the other side.

Enter the Barracks Lift and head to the other end of the passage to use the 
door. You'll now find yourself inside the Steambot Barracks. Use the half-pipe 
to get to the top. Now find the entrance to the Morph Ball tunnel (near the 
lift) and navigate through the maze in the wall until you find a stretch of 
Spider Ball Track. Crawl to the top to find a MISSILE EXPANSION. That was the 
final Elysian expansion in this part of SkyTown. It will be better to wait for 
a few more upgrades before exploring Eastern SkyTown. Go to the nearest 
landing site and fly your ship back to the Pirate Homeworld.

Your next objective will be given to you by none other than Admiral Dane. The 
Federation fleet is preparing to launch an attack against the Pirate 
Homeworld, but the defense shield protecting the base is impenetrable. They 
need you to disable this defense system before they can attack. The control 
center's coordinates, courtesy of Unit 242, will be given to you. That looks 
like the Command Station. But first there's the matter of the Hazard Shield to 
attend to. Land your ship at the Pirate Research facility. From the landing 
site, take the east door and head up to the Scrapvault. 

Before exiting towards the Metroid Processing chamber, jump into the Morph 
Ball tunnel that takes you into the Scrapworks. If you go right then bomb-jump 
up to the second path and go all the way left you'll find a Spider Ball Track. 
It lets you get to the other end of the maze quickly. Use the upcoming half-
pipe to reach the top of the left side. While boosting, keep the Spider Ball 
active so that you cling to the new track when you go up. From the track, drop 
down into the center section onto a tiny platform. Don't fall or you'll have 
to boost up to the track again. Very carefully, bomb-jump from the platform 
over to a higher one next to it. Your target is so small that it will probably 
take an attempt or two to land safely on it. From this one, double-bomb-jump 
and grab the SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION. Now use the tunnel at the bottom of the 
half-pipe to escape the maze.

Avoid raising the alarm in the Processing Access unless you'd rather kill the 
Commandos. You just might, since beating twenty of them gives you a bonus. 
Anyway, proceed to the Metroid Processing and kill the Phazon Metroids flying 
loose. Ice missiles are as excellent as ever against these parasites. Make 
your way up to the top, but this time use the Spider Ball Tracks along the 
wall get to the upper platform quicker. Use the orange door again to get into 
the Airshaft. Finally, ascend that room to reach the Craneyard.

Locate the Spider Ball Track in the Craneyard passage to reach a Morph Ball 
tunnel above. Roll through the red tube. After dropping into a small chamber, 
bomb-jump into a side tunnel to continue. You'll soon reach the base of a 
large routing tower. The tower is composed of two sections that can be rotated 
with the two Spinners at its base. There is also a small shaft that takes you 
into the tower's sections. The object is to line up the sections so that the 
path connects and you can go through. However, there are multiple paths you 
can make. Start by using the Spinner on the right until the path without any 
Spider Ball Track lines up. Use the air vents to push yourself along this path 
and roll to the end to get a MISSILE EXPANSION. Now return to the base of the 
routing tower and use the left Spinner to make the next bottom path line up 
with the entrance. Finish up with the right-hand Spinner so that the Spider 
Ball Track path leads up to the left-hand exit. Follow the tube to a control 
station. Just press the hand panel to make a mechanical arm bring the capsule 
outside into the room. The HAZARD SHIELD is yours to take. You can now 
withstand the acid rain environment of the Pirate Homeworld. You won't be 
harmed by Fuel Gel anymore either, but that won't matter until you go back to 
Bryyo. Lastly, you'll be better protected against enemy attacks. Anyway, the 
Space Pirates aren't pleased that you took their shield unit. Two ASSAULT 
AEROTROOPERS will shatter the control station windows with missiles and 
attack. Assault Aerotroopers are the most difficult variation of Aerotrooper 
to defeat. Their armor protects them against the missiles that their brethren 
fear. Use the Plasma Beam instead until the armor is removed. After you beat 
them, find the control panel near the router tower and press it. The window 
from the first passage will open up, and an Assault Pirate Trooper will jump 
in. His alarm will also bring in a few Commando Pirates. Dance with them and 
then use the platforms on the west side to reach the exit. Now return to the 
Metroid Processing.

From the orange door, head directly across to the white door you've been 
ignoring. Bust it open and enter the Creche Transit passage. Turn and use a 
Morph Ball Bomb to destroy the cracked Talloric Alloy covering on the tunnel 
ahead. Follow the path to a Spinner. This Spinner rotates the circular 
platform around it. You can alter the path by spinning this platform around. 
Once you do that, go to the end and bomb-jump up to a MISSILE EXPANSION. 
Return to the main path the same way. Now cross through the acid rain to the 
Grab Ledge up ahead. You may have to eliminate a few Jolly Rogers first. After 
climbing up to the ledge, turn left. The next part of the path is blocked by a 
mass of Phazon crystals. These are very similar to the ones you saw in the 
last Leviathan Seed. You'll have to enter Hypermode and use a Hyper Missile to 
destroy it. Now walk ahead and scan TAKING VALHALLA from the wall. Use the 
door on the right now.

Enter the Metroid Creche. The floor here has three large holding cells that 
probably contain things you'd rather be kept contained. The far one has a 
Spinner in the center though, so head that way and use it. The Spinner will 
release the air pressure inside the cell and push you up to a Bomb Slot above 
you. Activate it to reenergize the Spinner on the first holding cell. Repeat 
this process again to make the Spinner hologram appear on the third cell. It 
won't last long however, because suddenly the creature inside will burst out 
in rage. This horror is a METROID HATCHER. It is a mutated version of the 
Phazon Metroid that has developed a hard shell around its head to protect its 
heart. The Hatcher's only weaknesses are its tentacles. It also attacks with 
them. Usually it will just flail around and try to whip you with the 
tentacles, though occasionally it might try to use one to sap your energy. 
Should this happen, shake it off. Lock on to the Metroid Hatcher and begin 
firing rapidly at the glowing ends of the tentacles. After a few hits, each 
one will be retracted into the body. The Hatcher will wave them around 
constantly, so it's somewhat difficult to hit them properly. The Seeker 
Missile can help, but it will still take more than one hit. Once all of the 
tentacles are withdrawn, the Metroid Hatcher will fly off to another part of 
the room and prepare to release a Phazon Metroid. To prevent it from doing 
that, attack its mouth when it opens it. Look for the purplish glow indicating 
this. If you manage to hit it in the mouth enough, the Hatcher will be stunned 
and let down his tentacles again. Use the Grapple Lasso to rip one of them 
off. Do this four times until you have ripped off all four tentacles. This 
will be fatal to it. When the Metroid Hatcher dies, the Spinner on the third 
holding cell will reactivate. Use it like you used the other two. This one 
will launch you into the Morph Ball tunnel system above. You'll wind up in a 
tube near the back of the room. Roll to the right until you find a piece of 
Spider Ball Track above you. Bomb-jump up to it and navigate to the end (using 
the Boost Ball every now and then) for an ENERGY TANK. Now you'll drop into 
the room again, so use the third Spinner to reenter the Morph Ball tunnel 
again. This time, follow it to the end to get to a Bomb Slot. Activate it so 
that the Wall Jump Surfaces beneath you are freed. Drop down and Wall Jump up 
to the exit door.

Transit Station 3-A is ahead. Before calling the transit train, use the door 
on the right to find a Save Station. If you're set, scan the circular terminal 
on the station wall and use the hand panel to summon the train. Go inside it 
and activate the controls like last time. The train will speed off towards the 
Pirate Command center's Transit Station 3-B. When you get there, exit through 
the east passage.

Welcome back to the Lift Hub. The chamber ahead is exposed to acid rain, but 
that is no longer a problem. Go ahead and use the Bomb Slot to rotate the gate 
so that you can go through this part of the room. Go into the lift and ride 
down to the first floor. The only thing left to do down here is use the 
Grapple Voltage to open the chamber on the right side of the lift platform by 
feeding power into the console. There is another lift on the other side, but 
it's broken. Step into it to make it drop a bit, but go back out afterwards. 
Now stand outside the lift and use a missile to sever the cable holding it up. 
The lift will fall down its shaft with a crash. Jump across the gap and take 
the MISSILE EXPANSION. Now return to the functioning lift and ride back to the 
third floor. Use the orange door there.

You'll enter the Command Courtyard. A team of Assault Troopers will enter and 
set up Phazite ramparts. You could shoot through them if you had the next beam 
upgrade, but you'll have to go around them for now. Destroy the pirates, and 
then take a detour into the Flux Control tunnel. This room is now equipped 
with security lasers, so watch your step. Go to the very end of the bottom 
passage here to find that hatch covering one of the two Morph Ball tunnels. 
Flip it over with the Grapple Lasso so that the right-hand tunnel is exposed. 
Now use it to enter the power generator chamber. There's a Spider Ball Track 
nearby that you can use to get a MISSILE EXPANSION. Also, if you take the 
track all the way to the end you'll be able to use another Grapple Voltage 
control panel to activate a lift for easy travel between the two floors. 
Anyway, go back to the Command Courtyard. You can finally go through the north 
gate here by using the Grapple Voltage to shut off the energy field. Do so 

The Courtyard Passage has drain pipes that pour acid rain into the room. If 
you try to go through without the Hazard Shield you won't survive. Even though 
you have that now, you'll still take damage if you touch the SCRITTERS. These 
little bugs travel in swarms throughout the facility. Scan them, but don't pay 
too much attention to them otherwise. Go through the door at the end.

You will enter the Skyway Access. The door that is supposed to take you to the 
Leviathan is dead ahead, but you won't make it before raising an alarm. Heavy 
gates will close off the door and prevent its use. Next, pirate forces will 
begin to flood the room. The first enemies are Commando Pirates. After you 
kill them, Crawltanks will enter through vents in the walls. All of these 
enemies, even the commandos, are capable of using Hypermode against you. Tough 
it out until the second wave of Crawltanks appears. These newcomers will 
emerge from a tunnel on the right side of the room. You can use that to escape 
now. Don't miss the PURIFICATION entry next to it though. The Kinetic Orb 
Cannon inside the tunnel will launch you to the next room.

Somehow you've ended up at the Defense Access. There's a Spider Ball Track 
nearby, but you should first use the Grapple Voltage to bring down the energy 
field behind you so that you have access to this spot from the rest of the 
room. Now take the Spider Ball Track all the way up to a blue door.

Enter Transit Station 4-A and bring in the train. This line leads to a new 
region of the planet, the Pirate Mines. Your stay here will be brief, but 
perilous nonetheless. If you're hurting, take the blue door in front of you in 
Transit Station 4-B to reach a Save Station. Now go back out and use the other 
exit to continue.

The Phazon Quarry is next. As you walk into this large room, an Assault Pirate 
Trooper will run out from a passage in the back and raise the alarm. You'll be 
left to fight two or three troopers and commandos each. Afterwards, if you 
want health, destroy the large Phazon containers sitting around to release 
several pickups. Now run into the passage that the first Assault Pirate 
Trooper came out of. Turn left in here and walk to the end to find a control 
terminal. Press any part of it to bring in a large mining drill. Now the 
terminal will change to display the drill and the two mineable rock sections. 
Select the left section and the drill will go to work cutting through the rock 
at the north side of the room. This will make a ledge that you can reach a 
MISSILE EXPANSION with. Now set the drill on the southern rock section. It 
will carve out a half-pipe formation in the rock, making it possible to reach 
the upper ledge. Go back outside and get that expansion, then use the Boost 
Ball to reach the left side of the half-pipe where the exit is.

The Mine Lift has a weakened fixture preventing you from entering. Use the 
Grapple Lasso to rip it off, and then fight the two Crawltanks on the shaft 
walls. Afterwards, use the Spider Ball to climb up the track in the back. It 
will take you up to another track that goes to either side. Both ends of the 
track lead to small drops with Spinners at the bottom. Using them will release 
the clamps holding the lift platform in place. Release the first set and then 
repeat to release the second. The lift will plummet to the bottom of its shaft 
and crash. You can use the long Wall Jump Surfaces if you feel the need to 
return to the top. Head for the exit and scan VANGUARD on the way out.

The Phazon Harvesting room is under the rule of a mighty PHAZON HARVESTER 
DRONE. It looks like a Metroid, but it is actually a modified Space Pirate 
assault drone used to collect Phazon. It cannot be destroyed, and it is armed 
with a devastating beam cannon for defense. If you see a bright white 
spotlight shining around, get away from it immediately before the drone blows 
the spot to pieces. It can make short work of the room's walkways, but you 
should still be able to use the Screw Attack or Grab Ledges if you are left 
without one. You can also simply stun the drone temporarily by shooting at the 
blue sphere on its underside until it emits orange sparks. Anyway, take the 
paths across the room and stun the Phazon Harvester Drone when necessary. Use 
the blue door at the very top of the path.

Enter Drill Shaft 1 and shoot down the Jolly Rogers. Some of the drones may be 
smitten by the room's mining cannons. These devices fire beams of green energy 
across the path and cause as much pain as the Phazon Harvester Drone. Wait for 
the first beam to shut off before leaping to the Grab Ledge ahead. Now turn 
left and do the same to cross the next gap. When you reach the exit door, look 
to the left to find a ledge with a few crates and the VICTORY AND LOSS disk on 
it. Now exit the room.

Follow the path in the Main Cavern to a wide window showing you the next 
power-up. Go around the containment area and scan the SPACE PIRATE GREEN DOOR 
for a Logbook entry. You can't use it yet, so go left and activate the hand 
panel at the end to energize the nearby lift. Ride it down to the lower 
chamber. An intense fight will break out as you reach the bottom. Several 
Assault Pirate Troopers and Commando Pirates will enter the room and trap you 
in with a Phazite gate. Although you'll be aiming at them, your target is the 
threatening drill cannon on the ceiling. This one cycles between a beam phase 
and a suction phase. It will first use its energy beam to break up the Phazon 
ore underneath the floor then begin sucking up the broken pieces for 
processing. You don't want to be anywhere near the beam or the suction column, 
but the only way to stop the mining cannon is to get one of the pirates to do 
just that. As the cannon blasts away with its beam, gun down all but one of 
the attacking Space Pirates. When the suction begins, the pirate will grab a 
ledge on the floor and try to hang on for dear life. You'll have to struggle 
against the force of the suction as well, but you can still shoot at the 
pirate in the process. When you kill him, the pirate will be sucked up into 
the mining cannon and explode, forcing it to reveal four orange hologram 
projections. Target one and shoot it until it is destroyed. The cannon will 
now cycle back to its beam phase and more pirates will enter. Repeat the same 
process three more times to destroy the mining cannon entirely. During this 
battle, use the metal pillars that appear during the beam phases as cover 
against the relentless pirates. They often enter Hypermode, so you may want to 
(or be forced to with a Phazon grenade) to enter it as well and make things 
easier. When the cannon is destroyed, it will fall to the floor and crush any 
remaining pirates. The power-up you saw in the upper part of the room is 
sitting on top of it. Take any pickups floating around and then claim the NOVA 
BEAM. Sweet. The Nova Beam fires high-frequency beams of green energy and has 
the ability to pass right through objects made of Phazite. The beam is 
practically made for the X-Ray Visor, and many puzzles that involve one cannot 
be done without the other. This includes escaping from the room. The lift is 
still sealed off by that Phazite gate. Turn on the X-Ray Visor to see the two 
control nodes on the other side of it. Use the Nova Beam now to hit these 
nodes and make a control terminal appear. Keep the X-Ray Visor on while you 
work on it, or you won't know what to do. With the gate down, enter the lift 
and ride back up to the top. Step out of the lift and use the X-Ray Visor 
again to see through the small piece of Phazite on the wall ahead of you. 
Shoot the node beyond it and then activate the control terminal to open the 
Phazite plate. You can now use the blue door on the other side.

Use the X-Ray Visor in Drill Shaft 2 to see through the mining drill's Phazite 
covering. You can see the drill bit working away inside. Shoot the spherical 
center when it lowers into view to bring the mining drill up. Avoid the Phazon 
Leeches and drop to the bottom to find a green door.

You'll enter the Phazon Quarry. Turn left along this passage and walk to the 
end to find an ENERGY CELL. While in place, the cell keeps the window next to 
it shut. Take it so that you have access to the rest of the room. Now go back 
through the green door. In Drill Shaft 2, use the Grab Ledge to get out of the 
hole. Reenter the Main Cavern and walk down the path until you reach the green 
door in the northeast corner.

The Phazon Mine Entry contains a wall made of Phazite on your right. Look 
through it with the X-Ray Visor and shoot the four control nodes to get it out 
of the way. There is a MISSILE EXPANSION, the BRYYO FALLS entry and a Phazon 
Metroid on the other side. Phazon Metroids are now quite easy to destroy. 
Target this one and use the X-Ray Visor to zoom in and detect the nuclei 
within its head. Fire a Nova Beam shot for a quick and painless kill. You can 
now use the other Phazite wall to shoot at the advancing army of Crawlmines in 
the outer passage before going there yourself. Take the exit at the end.

You've reached Landing Site Charlie. It hasn't been used in quite some time, 
so there are pieces of rubble everywhere. Luckily, the Nova Beam still retains 
the properties of the Plasma Beam so you will be able to melt it all away with 
a few quick shots to each piece. Now command the gunship to come and pick you 


Chapter 10: Resurrected Nemesis.


The Federation wants you to take care of that planetary defense shield right 
away so that they can begin their invasion, but it's a good idea to be as 
prepared as possible for what awaits you in the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan 
Seed by gathering all the remaining expansions and power-ups in Norion, Bryyo 
and Elysia. It's up to you which to do first. If you want to get the ball 
rolling on the invasion, go to the Command Station in the Pirate Command 
center. Otherwise, fly your gunship to Norion and land at Docking Hub Alpha.

Before you start the treasure hunt make sure you have downloaded the expansion 
maps for Norion and Bryyo at the Chozo Observatory (in Eastern SkyTown). This 
will make your task much easier. Anyway, Sector Zero is still recovering from 
the pirate assault, so you'll see many Federation crewmembers working 
diligently to restore it. Your first new expansion can be found in the Docking 
Hub Alpha itself. Go behind the gunship and use the walkway on the left side 
to find a hidden alcove. Use the Grapple Swing or Screw Attack to reach the 
MISSILE EXPANSION sitting on the other side of the gap. Now swing back and use 
the door to the south.

You can chat with a few Federation Troopers and Fleet Mechanics on the way to 
the Cargo Hub, but some might actually get annoyed if you interrupt their 
work. Anyway, when get to the hub, go to the south door and enter the 
Maintenance Station. Although the route to Generator C is inaccessible now, 
you can still use a white door inside the station to find a small nameless 
chamber with a MISSILE EXPANSION inside. Return to the Cargo Hub now and look 
for the marine standing near a door with a Blast Shield on it by the western 
end. There is a damaged circuit board near this door. Even with the Nova Beam 
you can still use the welding feature to repair the cracks in the board. Doing 
so will unlock the door. This part of the base leads to the third generator, 
but you never had to take this route before because Rundas took care of it for 

Substation West is similar to its eastern counterpart, except you can simply 
walk to the other door instead of having to use the Morph Ball path along the 
outer wall. Nevertheless, you'll have to go that way if you want another 
MISSILE EXPANSION. Remember to avoid the erratic ventilation pistons that will 
push you into the heated floor if you aren't careful.

Now enter Conduit B. Go left down the passage and look for the rapidly-
advancing puddles of LIQUID PHAZON. This Phazon has a very lifelike quality to 
it. As it oozes around the passage it will spawn Phazon Grubs. If you manage 
to hit the fast moving puddle a few times, you can defeat it. Follow the 
winding path all the way down to the bottom. You'll see a white door on your 
right that conceals the Data Storage chamber. Just scan the Federation Lore 
entries of PLANET BRYYO and SKYTOWN. Also, if you missed the Olympus-Class 
Battleship entry from the very beginning of the game, scan the third panel. 
Now return to Conduit B and follow the path to the exit.

When you enter Cargo Dock B, the door will seal behind you and you'll be set 
upon by several HOPPING METROIDS. Hopping Metroids have evolved small legs and 
get around on the ground as their name implies. The ones in here have a 
biological connection to the Phazon mass blocking the opposite doorway. 
Destroying all of them will destroy the mass as well and let you through. It 
isn't that difficult to defeat the Metroids, but they can use Hypermode 
occasionally. From a distance they can also shoot Phazon at you. Once the 
Hopping Metroids and the Phazon mass are gone, Landing Beacons will appear on 
the platform and Liquid Phazon will be left behind. Use the Command Visor to 
call in the ship if you want. Start walking up the ramp near the entrance and 
turn back towards the west door. You can Screw Attack to a ledge above it and 
find data for PLANET NORION. Now jump down to the west door and inspect the 
Blast Shield covering it. This is a MULTI-LOCK BLAST SHIELD. You don't get 
many opportunities for this Logbook entry, so don't forget to scan it before 
using the seeker missiles to destroy it.

The right-hand path in Generator B Access is blocked, so go left and use the 
little Morph Ball tunnel to go around. Use the door on the other side to enter 
Generator B. The place is overrun with Phazon growths. As you advance into the 
room, a heavy steel gate will block your exit and a Metroid Hatcher will 
emerge from the generator shaft. It wasn't that long ago that you fought the 
first Metroid Hatcher, but now you can use a completely different strategy to 
dispose of it. Rather than going through the process of stunning it and 
ripping its tentacles out, just use the X-Ray Visor to get a peek at the 
creature's vitals. Since the Hatcher's armor plating is similar to Phazite, 
the Nova Beam can pass right through it. One shot and it's lights out for the 
ferocious Metroid Catcher. All of the Phazon growths will crumble away now, 
revealing a Morph Ball tunnel along the wall. Roll into it and follow it to 
the end. You'll emerge in front of an ENERGY CELL socket. Pull out the cell 
and roll back through the tunnel. The steel gate will open when you take the 
cell, so head back to Cargo Dock B.

Get back in your gunship and make the short flight to Cargo Dock A. You can 
wrap up the expansion hunt on Norion by locating the Spider Ball Track to the 
left of the entrance, just around the corner. Bomb-jump up to it and enter the 
tube at the end. This will take you to another small stretch of track. Ride it 
up to a MISSILE EXPANSION. Now enter your gunship and set a course for Bryyo's 
Cliffside Airdock.

Bryyo will take the longest time to finish up, mainly because of its size and 
because you should've already gotten most of the expansions on Elysia and the 
Pirate Homeworld throughout the normal course of the game. Not to mention, the 
puzzle involved for getting one of the Energy Cells here is the most complex 
in the game. Don't worry about that yet though. Just head to the Gateway.

Defeat the Reptilicus in the Gateway and jump to the ledge on your right. Walk 
over to the western doorway that leads to the Morph Ball tunnel. Go into it 
and take the right path to emerge in front of the door to Reliquary II. You 
should see a chunk of ice stuck to the wall across the north bridge. Melt it 
with the Nova Beam and enter the newly-exposed Morph Ball path. At the end of 
this is a MISSILE EXPANSION. Now return to the previous Morph Ball tunnel and 
go to the other end of it to reach the door taking you into the Grand Court 
Path and the Grand Court itself.

When you reach the Grand Court, hop down into the clearing and use the X-Ray 
Visor to activate the control terminal on the golem's head. The golem will 
suddenly burst from its slumber and go to stand by a wall nearby. This exposes 
a small puddle of Phazon underneath, from which two Phaazoids come out. One of 
them becomes a Red Phaazoid, so tackle it and collect the gold credit. You can 
use the Phazon pool to heal afterwards. Now run along to the northwestern 
pathway so you can use the Grapple Swing Points. Swing out to the second one 
but then turn to the right so that you can reach a ledge with a white door on 
it. Open this door and enter Reliquary III to find a MISSILE EXPANSION. Also, 
Logbook hunters will find a lonely GEEMER crawling around. This spiky creature 
can only be destroyed with missiles, but it isn't aggressive anyway. Go back 
to the Gateway when you finish here.

Now head south through the G.F.S. Theseus and get to the Falls of Fire. Screw 
Attack past the first passage and use the golem on the other side to reach the 
bottom. You'll notice a Wall Jump Surface down here. This isn't to get back 
up, but rather to reach another hidden MISSILE EXPANSION on a ledge. Take it 
and use the door at the bottom.

You'll enter the Hidden Court. One of the remaining Energy Cells is found in 
this room, but you have a lot of work to do before you can claim it. A scan of 
the Fuel Gel pumping crane that it's located on will tell you that it needs 
some sort of large battery to operate. You must find and return this battery 
before you can obtain the cell. The first step is to get to the orange door in 
this room. Jump onto the platform near the bottom of the crane and use it to 
reach the rocky ledge on the north side with a Screw Attack. Head west and 
look for an orange door on your right. Go through it.

Destroy the Hoppers in the Hidden Court Path and use the tunnel up ahead to 
reach the other half of the passage. Run your Scan Visor across the wall on 
your left for the SALVATION entry. Now just take the door at the end.

The Fuel Gel Pool contains what appears to be a massive tusked golem 
headpiece. Use the Command Visor to find a command icon on it. Scan it so that 
the gunship comes in and lifts it from the Fuel Gel with its grapple beam. You 
need to find the rest of the colossal golem so that you can reattach its head. 
There's still more to do here though. Remember that you are able to enter the 
pool of Fuel Gel without getting hurt. Wade through the gel and go to the back 
to find a hidden cavern with a MISSILE EXPANSION in it. Now return to the 
eastern shore. There's one more expansion located on a high ledge to the west. 
To reach it, use ice missiles to freeze the gel streams pouring into the room. 
Target the one on the left first. Stand on it and quickly shoot the next one 
before it melts. From the second one, jump to the northern ledge and freeze 
one last stream of gel to get to the western ledge. Grab the second MISSILE 
EXPANSION, and then return to the Hidden Court. For now just use the west door 
to get to the Ruined Shrine, and then go through that to enter the Hangar Bay.

Don't call in your ship now because it will be forced to drop the golem 
headpiece and you'd have to return to the Fuel Gel Pool to get it. Anyway, 
you'll notice that there's an orange door in the southeast corner of this 
room. It's blocked off by an energy field. To remove this field, take the lift 
in the northeast corner up to the walkway. Walk along the ledge and locate the 
ventilation ducts in the walls. Use missiles to destroy the grating covering 
them, then enter the right-hand one while in Morph Ball mode to reach an 
enclosed control room. The other duct can be used to return, since the wind 
blowing through them makes each a one-way tunnel. Inside the control room is 
an ENERGY CELL. This is the easier of the two Bryyo cells to obtain. Its 
removal will deactivate the energy field down below and allow you to use the 
orange door. Don't forget that the GALACTIC FEDERATION ORANGE DOOR is good for 
a scan entry as well. Go through it and the next door to reach a new area.

A few Hoppers live inside the Hangar Bay Hall. Other than that though, there 
isn't much to this room. Enter the Hall of Golems next. This cavernous chamber 
is named so because of the three golems that will help you get to various 
doors and expansions. Start by facing south and going over to the two golems 
standing on either end of the wall. Between them is a wall panel containing a 
Lore entry called VICTORY. After scanning it, turn to the golem on the right 
side and use the Grapple Voltage to energize the security clamp covering its 
Bomb Slot. Now use the slot so that the golem takes you over to the west wall 
and uses its hands to energize a Spider Ball Track there. You might want to 
get rid of the FARGUL HATCHER on the nearby rock platform before trying to 
navigate the track, because the FARGUL WASPS it releases will swarm you and 
knock you down. Just know that the Fargul Hatcher is immune to missiles and 
can only be destroyed by shooting its open mouth several times or Screw 
Attacking through it. Anyway, be careful while traveling through the Spider 
Ball Track because there are electrical hazards placed throughout it. You'll 
also be faced with the usual gaps that you have to bomb-jump, drop or boost 
through. There's even one part near the southeast corner that requires a 
double-bomb-jump to proceed. The reward is a MISSILE EXPANSION. From the 
crevice where the expansion was found, drop down to land on a platform with 
another golem on it. This one has a security clamp on its Bomb Slot that is 
vulnerable to cold-based weapons. Fire an ice missile to release the clamp, 
and then use the Bomb Slot. The golem will blow out a stream of icy breath 
that will freeze the Fuel Gel falls permanently solid. You can use them now to 
reach the upper north doorway, but don't head there yet. After the golem 
returns to its perch, jump down to the lower south wall and check out the 
left-hand golem. Use the Nova Beam to melt its clamp. Now energize the golem 
so that it melts a path to the southwest orange door with fiery breath. This 
is the door you want to use.

Enter the Colossus Vista and scan DECLINE before moving out into the open. The 
golems in the last room are nothing compared to the behemoth towering over the 
passage. However it seems to be missing its head. Your gunship just happens to 
be carrying around a golem headpiece at the moment that's just the right size 
for this one. Use the Command Visor to order the drop-off. The colossal golem 
will come to life and slam its giant fist into the ground in front of you. 
This will destroy the obstructions blocking off a SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION 
nearby and a door to your right.

Now enter the Machineworks Bridge. It connects this part of Bryyo to the 
jungle area where one of the Leviathan's shield generators used to be located. 
However, the bridge in here must be put together from both ends before you can 
move freely between areas. Use the Spinner in front of you to rotate the cage 
and the bridge section. The cage has a hole in it that you can pass through 
with the Morph Ball. The bridge will extend halfway through the room. To 
connect the other half you'll have to come in through the thorn jungle side. 
You can get an ENERGY TANK in here right now if you want by going to the end 
of the bridge. Use the Screw Attack to Wall Jump up the pair of surfaces to 
reach it. They move apart every few seconds, so wait for them to close in 
before beginning the Wall Jumps. After taking the tank, return to the Hall of 

It's time to use the north door in the Hall of Golems. Stand on the Fargul 
Hatcher's platform and Screw Attack to one of the frozen Fuel Gel ledges. Jump 
from one to the next until you reach the door up above. Take it to enter the 

The Burrow consists mostly of a long Morph Ball maze. When you enter the 
tunnel, roll as far as you can and use a bomb to blow up the Fuel Gel crystal 
there. You will drop to a bottom path. Go left through the liquid gel and jump 
up to the small ledge right afterwards. There is a strange plant that lives in 
the next section. You can use its jaws as a platform and the leaves next to it 
as a pathway. However, the leaves flip and retract after a few seconds of 
sensing you, so go quickly across them and use a bomb to reach solid ground. 
Roll across the second plant and bomb-jump to another crystal. Destroy it to 
make a path above you that goes left. This is actually the first part of the 
tunnel, but you can now drop into the little gaps and bomb the crystals to 
make a new path. Drop down to the bottom of this shaft and you should find a 
Phazon Pillbug nearby. Kill it before bomb-jumping into the golem hand it was 
crawling around. Now you must use a double-bomb-jump to reach a MISSILE 
EXPANSION on a ledge above you. After you get it, destroy more crystals near 
the bottom of the path to exit this section. Go to the right as far as you can 
go and bomb your way through to another path. Drop at the end and keep rolling 
to the right. Eventually you'll exit the maze. Don't miss the entry of 
STRUGGLE OF EXILES behind you as you leave.

You'll end up back in the Hidden Court. Get access into the rest of the room 
by shooting the red locking mechanisms on the gate in front of you. You can 
now use the Grapple Swing to reach the north ledge if you need to. Before you 
head back to the Docking Bay, go west and jump into the half-pipe formation. 
Use the Boost Ball to get to the right-hand side of it and locate the MISSILE 
EXPANSION hidden inside a small crevice. When you make it back to your ship, 
fly to the Thorn Jungle Airdock.

Head through the jungle path until you get to the Ancient Courtyard. Phaazoids 
have the run of this place, but none of them turn red so don't bother entering 
Hypermode and just try to ignore them. You can use the half-pipe halfway 
through the room to reach a MISSILE EXPANSION on the left side. The 
Enlightened Walkway also has a Phaazoid, but you won't find a Red Phaazoid 
until you get to the Jousting Field. Take the gold credit and then continue 
through this area until you get all the way over to the North Jungle Court. On 
the way you can take advantage of some uncommon scan opportunities when you 
see the Bryyonian Shriekbats and Atomics.

The North Jungle Court is empty save for the remains of the anti-aircraft 
turret and the object you came here to get. Look towards the northeast ledge 
to find an energy generator sitting there. This looks like it could be used to 
restore power to the crane in the Hidden Court, and you can use the Gunship to 
carry it. The only problem is that you can't fly back to the other region of 
Bryyo and still be carrying around the generator. You still have to connect 
the two areas through the Machineworks Bridge. Start by commanding the ship to 
pick up the generator. There's a hole underneath it. Jump over to the ledge 
and use the Morph Ball inside the hole to go through a tunnel. After you get 
out, use the blue door.

You'll enter the Machineworks Bridge. Finish the connection by using the 
Spinner in front of you. If you didn't get the Energy Tank in here earlier, 
get it now but otherwise cross to the other door and begin walking back to the 
Hidden Court.

Step out into the Hidden Court and command the ship to place the power 
generator next to the pumping crane. The base will twist around and the Energy 
Cell will be revealed. To get to it, jump up to the half-pipe and boost to the 
left side of it. Follow this path and jump to a low tunnel that leads right to 
the ENERGY CELL, but watch out for the Gel Puffers. Finally, after all that 
work, the cell is yours. It's time to finish up Bryyo by going to the Fiery 
Airdock. Return to the Docking Bay and fly there.

Your return to the Bryyo Fire and Ice regions will be quick, but entail a lot 
of walking. Start by going through the Imperial Hall, Gel Refinery Site and 
Main Lift to get to Warp Site Alpha. Take the portal here to Bryyo Ice's Warp 
Site Bravo. Make your way through the frozen ruins until you reach the Tower, 
which is the farthest room from the warp site.

At the bottom of the Tower there is a Spider Ball Track. Take this track up a 
small distance and then boost to the next path. Use bomb-jumps and boosts to 
get to the half-pipe formation. Boost up to the other side and then continue 
crawling along. You'll soon drop into a shaft next to the Wall Jump Surface. 
Use Morph Ball Bombs to blow up the blocks of ice in your way. There's also a 
'half' half-pipe up ahead. You can't really build up momentum on both sides 
because you'll just fall off the track, but you can still make it to the next 
path. Keep working your way through this maze until at last you reach an 
ENERGY TANK. Now, unless you still haven't gotten the Ship Missile Expansion 
in the Hall of Remembrance, leave this area and return to Bryyo Fire.

To get the very last expansion on Bryyo you need to walk all the way to the 
Temple of Bryyo (there's a Red Phaazoid in the Gel Processing Site if you're 
interested). Get to the temple and start by clearing the room of Warphounds 
and Reptilicus with an airstrike. Now go to the far end of the room to find a 
piece of Phazite. Use the X-Ray Visor to detect four nodes behind it. Shoot at 
the nodes in the order they light up to make the section of floor grating next 
to the wall open up. Roll up into the Morph Ball and dive into the Fuel Gel. 
The area under the floor seems like it has many different paths, but it's more 
straightforward than it looks. The only trouble might be finding the actual 
expansion underneath the layer of Fuel Gel, as it barely breaks the surface. 
Listen for the distinctive hum that expansions make. You'll find the MISSILE 
EXPANSION somewhere along the northwest edge of the pool. Grab it, get back 
out of the floor and then return to the Fiery Airdock.

The next stop is Landing Site B on Elysia. This is where you got the Ship 
Grapple Beam, in Eastern SkyTown. Go there, but then start making your way to 
the Chozo Observatory. Nothing has really changed in Eastern SkyTown so you 
won't have any detours along the way.

Enter the Chozo Observatory and defeat the blue Phaazoid in here. Now look 
around the room. Remember the Bomb Slots within the walls that were used to 
launch the satellite in the room? With the Spider Ball you can now reach the 
ones you couldn't before. Enter the wall path through the southwest entrance 
and use the Spider Ball to reach two slots. These give you Logbook data for 
PLANET AETHER and PLANET TALLON IV. Now enter the other part of the wall where 
you got the expansion maps for the first two worlds before. Use the Spider 
Ball inside to activate the slot that gives you the Elysia expansion map. All 
that's left is the expansion data for the Pirate Homeworld. There is no slot 
for it, but that doesn't mean the data isn't there. Exit the Morph Ball path 
and jump down to the bottom of the room. Next to the lift, on the base of the 
hologram projector, you should see a small square of Phazite. Use the X-Ray 
Visor and Nova Beam to hit the diamond-shaped switch inside the projector. 
This will open the top part of it, revealing a hand panel. Go up and activate 
it to get the Pirate Homeworld expansion map. 

A quick check of your map should show just one remaining expansion here on 
Elysia. It's in the Concourse Ventilation, which is near the Chozo 
Observatory. Go through Maintenance Shaft OB to get there. Once there, take 
out the Phaazoids and the Red Phaazoid and then look for a Spider Ball Track 
to the right of the first window. Simple boosts and bomb-jumps will help you 
reach the end of this track. Drop down onto the platform and grab the MISSILE 
EXPANSION. Unless you missed anything else on this planet, return to Landing 
Site B and prepare to fly back to the Pirate Homeworld.

At this point you are armed with the most powerful conventional weapons the 
game can give you, and have enough expansions to hold you over for the Pirate 
Homeworld Leviathan Seed. The Federation is ready to launch their assault on 
the planet, but they still need you to bring down the planetary defense 
shield. You already know that the room you need to go to now is the Command 
Station, which is in the Pirate Command center. However, the only door you 
haven't entered that room from is a green one that connects to the Defense 
Access. Fly your gunship to Landing Site Bravo.

There are a few expansions around the homeworld that you can collect, but they 
are a bit out of your way at the moment and there are still some things that 
must be done on this planet after you destroy the seed anyway. Therefore, 
while you have the option of collecting the remaining expansions here now, it 
may be better just to wait. When you get to the Defense Access (ride the lift 
in the Lift Hub up to the second floor), walk towards the east end and use the 
X-Ray Visor to see and shoot the four nodes behind the Phazite wall. The wall 
will lift and allow you to use the green door.

The Command Station is the site of the planetary defense shield generator. 
Thus, it is heavy guarded. Remorse-Class Turrets, Assault Pirate Troopers and 
Assault Shield Troopers will attack as soon as you come in. Fight them off and 
start climbing to the top of the room via the platforms. At the very top, 
activate your X-Ray Visor and use the code terminal to open panels along the 
shield generator column. The Phazite sections behind them conceal the energy 
cores within the column. All of them must be destroyed. However, they will be 
defended by the squad of Commando Pirates that enters. Keep your X-Ray Visor 
active throughout this operation. Firstly, you'll need it to see through the 
Phazite sections on the shield generator. Secondly, you can detect the weak 
spots through the commandos' Phazite armor and kill them with just a single 
well-placed shot. Move down through the room and shoot at the three groups of 
energy cores you see. Like the Commando Pirates, they'll stand out against the 
blue-gray surroundings of the X-Ray Visor. Once the energy cores are destroyed 
you'll be able to use the Bomb Slot at the very top of the column. Climb back 
up to the top and use it. Just like that, the shield covering the entire 
planet will shut off and the Federation armada will launch their assault. Well 
that's that. Jump back down to the bottom and use the Grapple Voltage to suck 
away the energy on a control terminal to open the way into the Morph Ball 
tunnel beneath the floor. Head through the Flux Control for a quick return to 
the Command Courtyard.

Admiral Dane now wants you to rendezvous with him in the Skyway Access, the 
room north of the Command Courtyard. There's also a Lore entry in the 
courtyard that is pretty easy to miss. To find DISASTER AT ELYSIA, use the 
Grab Ledge you used during your first visit here to reach the upper walkway. 
The red disk is found in the northwest corner. Anyway, go through the 
Courtyard Passage next to reach the Skyway Access.

Dane will make his grand entrance through the ceiling, accompanied by a squad 
of Demolition Troopers. He goes over the plan with you. You'll have to follow 
the cargo supply line to the Leviathan Seed, but you must escort the 
Demolition Troopers as well. At least four are needed to open the gates at the 
end of the supply line, so you must ensure that they are kept alive. You'll 
start with twelve, but only a few of them will move together at a time. If you 
see pirates ahead, take them down before the troopers are hurt. After the 
admiral leaves, a Demolition Trooper uses an explosive charge to open the back 
gate out of the Skyway Access. It's time to get going. Remember to scan a 
DEMOLITION TROOPER before leaving.

The path to the seed consists of several transit stations labeled with various 
letters and numbers like 1104, P69 and so forth. In the first one, use the 
Grapple Voltage to feed power into the console ahead. Now jump up to the path 
above it and turn right. Slay the Space Pirate in this corridor and use the 
door at the end.

The next station has more pirate forces in it and a transit train that cuts 
through the center. Enter Hypermode if you want to kill the pirates quickly 
before they kill and Federation troopers. Watch out for the Aerotroopers and 
try to finish them off with something strong so that they explode in midair 
rather than crash-landing towards any allies. The gate ahead will now open but 
the train will thunder through again at that moment. Avoid it and shoot the 
pirates on the other side of the gate. Now follow the troopers up a ramp on 
the right side to get on top of the gate. Screw Attack across the gap or wait 
for the gate to close and then follow the path to the exit.

Run into the next passage and shoot the Crawltanks on the floor before they 
enter Hypermode. Turn the corner and destroy the turret and Armored Pirate 
Trooper that show up. Now turn left at the end and go into the next station.

Two Demolition Troopers will run along ahead of you here. They'll take you 
into a larger room. Try to get ahead of them so that you can cover them from 
the Advanced Pirate Troopers that show up on your right. Go into the passage 
that they emerged from, but look out for the pirates on the ledge above. Now 
wait for the demolitionists to blow up the gate beneath it. More Space Pirates 
will come out from the room on the other side. Play it safe and activate your 
PED. After you have eliminated the enemies here, walk to the end of this room.

There are Jumpmines in the next passage. Shoot them out of the way before 
going down to the area below. Now kill the group of Armored Pirate Troopers 
and jump up to the ledge where the exit is. You can get health from the crates 
lying around this room.

You're almost done. The next station (0205) is the last one that you'll have 
to escort the Demolition Troopers through, but it's also the most intense. Gun 
down the pirates in the first area to begin with. Just then, a Berserker 
Knight will pound its way through the steel gate up ahead. It can very easily 
take out your allies in short order, so you have to get rid of it right away. 
Fortunately you don't need to worry about bouncing its energy spheres back at 
it. Bring up the X-Ray Visor and shoot the Nova Beam through his Phazite armor 
for an instant kill. Don't stop there though, because there are still some 
Advanced Pirate Troopers to deal with on the other side of the gate. And then, 
as if that weren't enough, the red-armored Pirate Commander you saw when you 
first fought the Commando Pirates will show up. He will call in three 
commandos, but then disappear like last time. Waste the commandos quickly 
before your troopers are hurt. With the room cleared, the demolitionists will 
go to work bringing down the steel gate on the east side. Their explosives 
destroy the security clamps placed on it. Now all you have to do is activate 
the control panel to the right of the gate.

Go past the gate and jump into the gaps in the floor of the next passage. The 
Phazon below will restore your lost energy. Also, you can complete the Space 
Pirate Data section of your Logbook by scanning the red disk that gives you 
the MISTRESS GANDRAYDA entry. Lastly, activate the panel on the ledge closest 
to the exit gate to make it open. Go through after you finish healing.

Enter Transit Station Leviathan. Go to the either side of the room and use the 
ramps there to get to ledges from which you can leap to the center structure. 
From there, turn towards the north side of the room and jump to the Grab 
Ledge. Just then, the PIRATE COMMANDER, fully clad in eosin-colored Phazite 
assault armor, will show up and backhand you off the ledge. This time he means 
business, but he won't fight you alone. He's brought along a squad of Commando 
Pirates as well, and will continue to summon reinforcements if you kill all in 
the first group. The Pirate Commander is the highest-ranking pirate left among 
the Space Pirate military, save for Ridley and Dark Samus. He fights very much 
like any other pirate, expect that his personal teleportation device allows 
him to warp from one spot to the other. His armor is made of the toughest 
Phazite available, making him very resistant to damage. Look for the red 
figure amid the blue and start doing some damage. If the commandos get in your 
way, switch to Hypermode and finish them off quickly. You can use the Hyper 
Beam as well when the Pirate Commander enters Hypermode himself. During that 
time you won't be able to use the X-Ray Visor in case you had been using that 
against the commandos. It will take a while a while for the commander's armor 
to break, but when that happens you will only need to shoot him a few more 
times before he dies. Round up the surviving pirates after their commander 
falls. Now, with the help of the Federation troopers, the center structure 
will return to its original place and you'll be able to use it to reach the 
Grab Ledge. Head directly to the wall when you get to the upper ledge and pull 
the lever on the control station. This will open the roof of Transit Station 
Leviathan. The Landing Beacons on the floor indicate that you can now land 
your ship. But first, use the Command Visor to have the gunship fire its 
missiles at the east Maldium gate. The path to the Leviathan Seed is open. Get 
in your ship and fly down the tunnel to the seed's landing site.

This seed is shaped just like the two you destroyed before. Jump from one 
platform to another in Landing Site Delta to reach the upper door, and avoid 
the Scritters bumbling around on the floor. The Core Access passage requires 
that you use your most recent upgrades, just like the others. The sinister-
looking black tentacles blocking the path are impervious to damage but have 
vulnerable interiors. Use the X-Ray Visor to see their weak points and use the 
Nova Beam to hit them through their black armor. There are two guarding this 
passage. Destroy them and use the door at the end.

Are you ready to face the final core protector? Jump down from the doorway of 
the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core and walk towards the center of the arena. 
The homeworld boss, who is none other than the resurrected OMEGA RIDLEY, 
swoops in and advances aggressively. Samus's nemesis somehow survived the fall 
into Norion's depths, but now he's back and stronger than ever with new 
Phazon-enhanced armor. However, right away you'll notice that Ridley's chest 
seems vulnerable. His mouth is also still one of his weak points. Target him 
and start pounding away at him with the Nova Beam. Ridley will counter with a 
variety of attacks, including slow-moving plasma balls, an intense stream of 
flame from his mouth and a powerful shockwave he creates when he jumps and 
lands hard. His other attack is a physical one; he'll spread his wings to the 
side before launching himself forward. Each time Omega Ridley uses any of his 
mouth attacks or prepares his forward lunge, he'll open his mouth. Fire a 
charged shot at him then and you may stun him or cause him to recoil. Once 
stunned, Ridley's chest plates will be vulnerable. This time use the Grapple 
Lasso to latch on to his armor and pull it off. He'll rear up on his legs and 
show the weak spot in his chest. Enter Hypermode immediately and attack as 
many times as you can before he recovers. Keep up this routine until Ridley's 
health drops to about 75%. At this point his attack style will change, and 
Ridley will produce Phazite-enforced plates to cover his chest. This looks 
like a job for the X-Ray Visor. First though, you have to stun him again. You 
can do this the way you have been before, but there's another way too. When 
Ridley uses one of his new attacks, he'll generate white spheres of energy in 
each hand. In a few seconds these spheres will extend into a net of energy 
that radiates outwards and damages you. However, if you manage to shoot them 
both before this happens he will be stunned again. Activate the X-Ray Visor 
and locate the two armor joints near his chest. Hit them repeatedly until they 
are each destroyed. It will take more than one cycle to do this. You'll also 
have to avoid a new tail swipe Ridley uses. His tail will glow with Phazon 
energy and he'll sweep it around in a circle. You can space jump over it to 
avoid getting hit. Sometimes Ridley will combine this move with his 
flamethrower attack to make both of his ends deadly. Anyway, once the Phazite 
chest plates are removed, Ridley's chest will become vulnerable to Phazon 
attacks again. However, he'll begin flying in and out of the room through the 
enormous openings in the core walls. Use your radar to know where he'll be 
coming from. Ridley will launch fiery projectiles as he passes overhead. You 
can't do anything yet expect try to avoid him and wait for him to land again. 
Even when he does land, Ridley will crouch low to the ground to protect 
himself. You have to get him to rear up again by hurting his mouth. Then just 
enter Hypermode again and go for the heart.

When you eventually defeat Omega Ridley, his body will burst in an explosion 
of Phazon. The blast hits Samus, but it barely affects her this time. The 
HYPER GRAPPLE is left behind. This is the game's final suit-upgrade. Quite 
simply, it works just the Grapple Voltage but only works during Hypermode. Use 
the Hyper Grapple to overload the dangling tentacles that appear after you 
obtain it with your Phazon energy. Normally this would affect your Phazon 
levels, but once again you temporality have an unlimited supply. After you 
destroy each tentacle, kill the creature that emerges from the seed's core. 
The last of the Leviathans is finished.


Chapter 11: Dark Origins.


The Federation is saved! The spread of Phazon corruption has stopped and the 
Pirate Homeworld has fallen. But for Samus, the danger has not passed yet. 
There remains an enemy still, one who must be erased for good. The galaxy 
won't truly be safe from the Phazon plague until Dark Samus is killed. And to 
do this, you will need to travel to the place where Phazon arose. The message 
Unit 242 transmits to you in your gunship tells you that Unit 217 on Elysia 
has discovered the origin of the Leviathan attacks. It is a planet beyond the 
borders of this galaxy that the Federation has dubbed Phaaze. This must be 
where Dark Samus and the remaining corrupted Space Pirates are stationed. The 
Federation wants to launch a full-scale attack, but Phaaze is so far away that 
it cannot be reached conventionally. They must use a wormhole to reach it. 
Luckily, the pirates were in the process of constructing a Leviathan 
battleship in orbit above their homeworld before the Federation attacked. If 
the Leviathan could somehow be controlled, it could be used to forge a 
wormhole back to Phaaze. Unit 242 will give you the coordinates of the room on 
the Pirate Homeworld that is used to access the Leviathan. Fly back down to 
the planet straightaway.

To advance in the game you'll have to go to the Command Station again, which 
is in the Pirate Command region. First though, fly your ship to the Pirate 
Research facility and land it in Landing Site Alpha. Head up to the Scrapvault 
and use the orange door there to get to the Processing Access. The reason for 
the detour is of course an expansion. Destroy the Phaazoid here and locate the 
two Phazite panels about halfway through the room on each side. Activate the 
X-Ray Visor and hit the control switches behind them. The roof will open and 
reveal a tall shaft with Wall Jump Surfaces on either side. Wall Jump up to 
ledge to find a SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION contained within an energized stasis 
tank. Shoot the tank with missiles three times to remove it and then grab the 

That does it for expansions on the Pirate Homeworld, but there are a few more 
treasures left for those seeking credits and vouchers. Red Phaazoids can now 
be found in the Proving Grounds, Metroid Creche, Phazon Harvesting and Transit 
Station 0204. Also, you can earn a friend voucher by destroying the Phazon 
Harvester Drone (also in the Phazon Harvesting room) with a gunship airstrike 
after getting rid of the Phaazoids. Return to the Command Station after you 
finish getting what you need.

The Command Station is quite devoid of anything living, expect for a strange 
Phazon growth at the bottom. It's blocking the only door in here that you 
haven't used yet, but it can't be destroyed with normal weapons. You must use 
the Hyper Grapple to overload the festering mass with Phazon energy. After the 
growth bursts, use the door behind it to enter Transit Station 2-A. Bring the 
train in like in any other station and ride it to a new part of the command 

Exit Transit Station 2-B and go into the Leviathan Access Portal. This room 
will let you reach the Leviathan battleship in orbit above the planet. The 
blue energy shield is blocking the warp portal station however, so go behind 
it and use a Morph Ball Bomb to destroy the grating covering a tunnel in the 
wall. This tunnel takes you right to a control terminal. Activate the Grapple 
Voltage and suck the power from the terminal so that the energy field 
deactivates. Walk back up to the Leviathan hologram and step into it to use 
the transportation portal.

The portal brings you right into the orbiting Leviathan's skull. The Leviathan 
seems to be controlled by a terminal in the back of this chamber, in front of 
the glowing blue eye of the core. Go up to the terminal and try to use it. 
Nothing happens. Unit 242 explains that there're certain command codes needed 
to operate the Leviathan terminal. The only place they could possibly be is in 
the wreckage of the G.F.S. Valhalla. You are to fly to the Valhalla and search 
for the command codes there. Return to the planet via the portal and head back 
to your gunship. When you get inside, activate the navigation panel and choose 
the Gaflar System as your next destination.

The derelict remains of the G.F.S. Valhalla hold the secret to origin of 
Phazon and the motives behind the Space Pirate attack on the flagship. The 
ship also contains the Leviathan command codes, but to get to them you'll have 
to use the Energy Cells you have been collecting throughout the game. These 
cells can be placed into new sockets within the ship to allow you to proceed 
further. It takes only five Energy Cells to reach the command codes, but 
you'll need all nine to fully explore the ship and obtain the last few 
expansions. You should have eight Energy Cells at this moment. 

The gunship will land in Docking Bay 5. You may notice something bright green 
glowing on the floor next to a crashed GF fighter up ahead. It's the ninth 
ENERGY CELL! Take it and walk to the gate directly across from the landing 
platform. The panel to its right is used to open it, but it has no power. You 
have to use one of your Energy Cells to give it some. Place the cell into the 
red Energy Cell station to the left of the gate. It will turn blue and begin 
providing the panel with power. Press it to open the door.

The Hangar A Access contains a floating data terminal nearby. You can scan it 
to get information on the Energy Cells. There are eight more data terminals 
scattered throughout the Valhalla. If you came here earlier before acquiring 
all of the cells, these would have helped you locate them because they contain 
clues as to where they were found. By the way, they aren't really Logbook 
entries even though they indicate otherwise. Move ahead and scan one of the 
passing MINIROIDS. These cute little guys travel in large swarms for 
protection. They are infant versions of Phazon Metroids, but don't have 
aggressive natures. The other enemy in this room is the PHAZON SHRIEKBAT. A 
few of them are roosting on the other side of the gap. Scan one before they 
all self-destruct. You can use either the Grapple Swing or the Screw Attack to 
cross the chasm. Use the hand panel next to this gate to open it.

Go into the Repair Bay and start destroying the Phazon Metroids. You have to 
watch out for the short-circuiting conveyer arm up above sending bolts of 
electricity through the room as well. And lastly, be careful when you shoot 
the crates in this room because some contain Liquid Phazon. Go to the right 
side of the crashed fighter and use the door near the back behind a large 

Enter the Stairwell. One of the Energy Cell data terminals is in this room. 
Now look to the right to find large pieces of metal blocking access to the 
Energy Cell stations on the wall. Melt them with the Nova Beam and insert a 
cell into each of the stations. The ramp along the back will lift into place 
when you do this, but a pair of PHAZ-ING will emerge from under it. The Phaz-
Ing are like puddles of Liquid Phazon, except they can take a more corporeal 
form to shoot you with energy attacks. They can be killed easily with the 
Grapple Lasso. Climb up the ramp after you finish with the Phaz-Ing and then 
Screw Attack to the southwest ledge. The Federation Lore data of the TALLON IV 
INCIDENT is here. Now Screw Attack to the north door and use it. 

The small Weapons Cache has a MISSILE EXPANSION and a data terminal inside. 
Return to the Repair Bay after you take the missiles. Go to the Repair Bay's 
southwest corner and hop onto the small platform. Turn north now and jump to a 
walkway. Follow it all the way around the room until you are near the south 
side. You must now jump to the crashed fighter and then to the opposite 
walkway, but be careful of the electricity and Miniroids. Follow the new 
walkway to a blue door.

Jump through the cracked window in the Security Station after using a missile 
on it and look to the left. A portion of the second window (near the corpse of 
a Space Pirate) is also cracked and vulnerable to missile fire. Shoot it to 
create an opening just big enough for the Morph Ball to fit through. Avoid the 
Phaz-Ing and move on.

The Security Access passage goes two ways. Go to the right end first and use 
the door next to the floating data terminal. Enter MedLab Alpha. There's 
another data terminal found hovering near the entrance. Now go to the back of 
the room and shoot missiles at the piled debris until it is all cleared away. 
You'll uncover a small group of PHAZON HOPPERS. They aren't very different 
from Hopping Metroids. A few strong shots will destroy one. After you finish 
off the last hopper, go back to where they emerged from and find the piece of 
metal blocking a Morph Ball tunnel. Grapple it away and enter with your Morph 
Ball. The path will lead to a MISSILE EXPANSION trapped beneath the floor. 
Exit the tunnel and head back to the Security Access now. 

This time, use the east door in the Security Access. The next room is the 
Auxiliary Lift. Use the Grapple Lasso to remove a piece of metal from the back 
wall. Behind it is an Energy Cell station. Place one of your remaining cells 
into it to activate the lift controls. At the top, enter the glowing Morph 
Ball tunnel and drop back down to reach the game's final MISSILE EXPANSION. 
Your total should be 255 now. Anyway, let the pistons push you back up the 
tunnel shafts and use the door once you get out.

You'll now enter the Port Observation Deck. Roll under the debris ahead to 
find a blue door that leads to the rest of the passage. Four or five Phazon 
Metroids will appear from the back end. Blast them one by one as they come 
towards you. There's a Blast Shield door to your right that looks as though it 
could be used by inserting another Energy Cell into the station there. First 
though, go to the far end of the passage. A multi-lock gate seals the exit. 
Use four seeker missiles to bring it down and use the door behind it.

Turn right at the Xenoresearch Lab. Walk around the edge of the room until you 
see a cell data terminal. Next to it is a metal shutter that has taken a lot 
of damage. A missile will be enough to get it out of your way. Jump into the 
central area now and defeat the Atomic and several Phazon Hoppers. There's 
also another data terminal down here. Now use the Grapple Lasso to rip off two 
metal panels from the inactive generator in this room. Behind each panel is an 
Energy Cell station. Place two cells into the generator to restore its power. 
A Morph Ball tunnel will show up at its base. The expansion inside will be 
blown deeper into the tunnel by the air current. Chase it through the 
Ventilation Shaft and MedLab Alpha until it comes to rest before an obstacle 
blocking the tunnel. This is your final SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION. You can now 
bomb the obstacle behind it out of your way and continue following the tunnel 
back to the Security Access. 

Avoid the electrical hazards and bomb anything in your way to make it through 
the rest of the tunnel. Exit and use the Auxiliary Lift to return to the Port 
Observation Deck. Turn right here and use the Energy Cell station to remove 
the Blast Shield covering the north door. Go through it now.

More Phaz-Ing dwell within Junction A. There's a GALACTIC FEDERATION GREEN 
DOOR up ahead, but first use the blue one on your right to find the Munitions 
Locker. It contains the fourteenth and final ENERGY TANK. You should now have 
100% of the game's items. Return to the previous room and use the green door 
now. Weave through the twisted wreckage in the Aurora Access and avoid the 
Liquid Phazon spreading grubs around. You'll find a door at the end leading to 
the ship's Aurora Chamber.

The ruined Aurora Chamber once housed Aurora Unit 313, but it seems that the 
Space Pirates abducted it when they raided the vessel. The last two Energy 
Cell data terminals and Energy Cell stations are in this room. The stations 
can't be used yet until you remove their security hatches. Climb the thin ramp 
near the back of the room to reach a ledge where one of the data terminals is 
found. You can turn around from here and shoot at the jammed control mechanism 
above the stations. This will remove the security hatches. Go back down and 
use up your last two Energy Cells. Two walkways next to what is left of Unit 
313's tank and one near the exit door will fall into place. You can follow the 
path around the room to reach the door, but first an old foe will rise from 
the room's depths to challenge you. You should have enough experience with 
Metroid Hatchers at this point to know how to deal with this one. In case you 
forgot, the X-Ray Visor/Nova Beam combo can be used to destroy it in one hit. 
Now walk across the ramps and pathways to reach a lift in the corner. It will 
take you up to the final walkway. Jump or Screw Attack to clear the gap and 
use the exit.

The Control Room Access is filled with Phazon Metroids. Destroy them just like 
you destroyed the Hatcher and move through the room to get to another door.

You've reached the Valhalla's Control Room. There's a code terminal on the 
left side that will reveal a hidden data log left behind by Unit 313 before it 
was captured. The code needed to hear the log can be obtained by scanning the 
small PDA next to the dead GF trooper in the southeast corner. You'll receive 
a bonus and a friend voucher just for listening to the message, but that isn't 
what you came here for. The Leviathan command code terminal is near the back 
of the pirate vessel at the west side of the room. Use the Grapple Voltage to 
feed power into the second terminal, which you need the X-Ray Visor to 
activate. Once you do that, you'll acquire a pirate command code. It should 
work on the Leviathan battleship. Don't leave without scanning the terminal 
along the Control Room's north wall for the final Lore entry (ANHUR INCIDENT), 
but backtrack to Docking Bay 5 otherwise. Fly back to the Pirate Homeworld 
when you reach your gunship.

Land in the Pirate Command center and start heading towards the Command 
Station again. Use the blue door there to get to Transit Station 2-A and B, 
and then take the Leviathan Access Portal up to the Leviathan battleship. 
Approach the terminal and upload the command code into it. Admiral Dane will 
contact you next and tell you that the fleet is ready to use the Leviathan to 
warp to Phaaze. They will go as soon as you rendezvous with them in orbit, so 
return to your gunship. In Dane's words, it's time to end this.


Chapter 12: Twilight.


It all comes down to this. Once you join the Federation fleet and enter the 
wormhole to Phaaze, there will be no turning back. Make sure you are prepared 
for the dangers that await you on Phaaze, especially the final battle against 
Dark Samus. This is the last opportunity to obtain any expansions or Logbook 
entries you may be missing. You ought to have 14 Energy Tanks, 255 missiles, 
11 gunship missiles and a full Logbook save for two Space Pirate and four 
Phazon Creature entries and two Research entries. If you are good to go, fly 
to the G.F.S. Olympus, now in orbit around the Pirate Homeworld.

The Leviathan battleship leads Samus and the Galactic Federation armada 
through space. Admiral Dane orders the Leviathan crew to fire the portal beam. 
A wormhole appears and the ships enter. The striking blue glow of the planet 
Phaaze looms into view, but there isn't much time for anyone to take in the 
sights. The Space Pirate fleet is waiting in orbit, and an epic space battle 
ensues. While the battle storms on, Samus steers her gunship through the chaos 
and heads for the surface of Phaaze, where her dark rival is waiting.

Phaaze is an eerie planet home to bizarre and extraordinary life-forms. The 
spread of Phazon has turned the planet into a semi-sentient being over the 
course of many years. Phazon levels are so intense here that when Samus exits 
her ship she is overtaken by her internal corruption right away. You will have 
to vent all of your Energy Tanks in response to this emergency. All of your 
energy will be combined into a single Phazon energy meter. You will also be in 
a permanent state of Hypermode, but your Hyper weapons will no longer affect 
your Phazon levels and can be used freely. Your Phazon meter starts out empty, 
but gradually fills when you are damaged by Phaaze's native life-forms or 
through exposure to the atmosphere. The more Energy Tanks you collected 
before, the slower your Phazon levels will rise. If the meter fills 
completely, you will die. The way to bring down your Phazon levels is to find 
Anti-Phazon Unit pickups, which appear here in place of regular health 
pickups. And, since your Phazon corruption is so severe, the gunship will no 
longer recognize you as its owner and you won't be permitted to enter it. Walk 
up the path from the Landing Site and use the PHAAZE DOOR to exit. 

The Entry Canyon contains a JELSAC. This creature is filled with raw Phazon. 
If you get too close to it, the Jelsac expands and bursts. Anyway, jump into 
the canyon after passing the first Jelsac. Several Phazon Hoppers and Hopping 
Metroids will emerge from their burrows. Fight them and go to the end of the 
path. The exit is blocked by a Phazon growth similar to the one that was in 
the Command Station. Use the Hyper Grapple to overload it with Phazon. This 
will also bring your Phazon energy back down. After the growth is destroyed, 
drop down the enormous shaft and use the door.

Cavern Alpha starts out as a narrow passage filled with Phazon tendrils. You 
will get caught in them if you try to walk through them. The only way to avoid 
getting tangled is by going through with the Morph Ball, as the tendrils are 
unable to grasp its smooth surface. Unroll after you get past the first 
passage. The area that follows contains Phaz-Ing. Using the Hyper Grapple on 
them will keep your Phazon levels down. Hike up to a ledge near the back and 
scan the BLACK PHAZON CRYSTALS on the wall. These should give you your final 
Research entry. Now face north and blast the crystalline mass ahead of you 
with a Hyper Missile. Jump across and continue down the Phaz-Ing infested 
trail. Make sure you jump across the gaps so that you don't have to start 
over. A door at the end will take you out.

Use the Morph Ball in Cavern Beta Access to slip into the tunnel on the left 
side. The tunnel is filled with red Phazon growths. Activate the Hyper Ball to 
destroy them as you go. You'll need to destroy all of the smaller ones before 
the big one blocking the next path is destroyed. Repeat this further down to 
exit the tunnel. A PHAZON PUFFER can be seen floating near the exit. This 
curious member of the Puffer line actively attacks by absorbing all Phazon 
energy in the surrounding area and then releasing it back at you. You can take 
advantage of this by letting it drain your Phazon meter. Just be sure to kill 
it or exit the room before it unleashes its attack and all that Phazon returns 
to you.

There are more Jelsacs and some Phazon Metroids in Cavern Beta. Don't linger 
for too long because the Metroids will continue to appear even if you kill 
them all. At the bottom of the first ledge that surrounds the deep pit, shoot 
a Hyper Missile at the Phazon crystals on your right and Screw Attack to the 
new ledge. Further down, use another missile to destroy the second crystal 
mass. The exit is on the other side of it.

Enter the Drop Shaft. Destroy the crystals if you wish, then enter the small 
hole in the wall with the Morph Ball. The second area is filled with Hopping 
Metroids. You can destroy their burrows on the ceiling to prevent any more of 
them from showing up after you kill them. Now scan the TANGLE WEED growing 
around. This plant isn't dangerous, but it slows you down if you move through 
it. Anyway, enter the Morph Ball again and use the Hyper Ball to zap the five 
red growths near the walls of the chamber. This will in turn destroy the main 
growth (and anything else in the room) in the center. Drop into the revealed 
hole and do the same thing again in the next chamber. There are more growths 
to destroy this time, as well as more Hopping Metroids. Go through to a third 
chamber and repeat. This time you'll find a few Phazon Puffers floating 
around. The last hole makes you fall down another long shaft. You'll land 
directly into the maw of something unpleasant. The beastie is hungry, so feed 
it Hyper Ball bolts when it swallows you. Exit the Drop Shaft once it is 

The Metroid Cavern is the nest site for hundreds of Phazon Metroids. An 
endless number of them will come out as long as you stay in the room. Jump 
down to the floor and run to the other end of the nest. The path at the end is 
blocked by an unknown creature. Shoot at the antennae that emerge from sockets 
around its eye. Enough damage will prove fatal to the organism and destroy it. 
In the next part of the cavern, you'll no longer have to fear the Phazon 
Metroids, but you will have to get through a horde of Phazon Hoppers. If you 
recall the first Hopping Metroids you encountered on Norion, you'll remember 
that they were biologically connected to a Phazon mass blocking the exit. 
These hoppers share a similar connection to the blue mass in the back. Once 
all of the Phazon Hoppers are destroyed, the organic mass will burst and 
you'll be able to exit. Kill the Phaz-Ing near the end as well.

Jump into the dark hole at the end of the rocky passage inside the Hatcher 
Shaft. You will fall a considerable distance until something grabs you. The 
ugly creature will try to pull you into its mouth, so shoot at it until it 
releases you. Fall to the bottom and exit. In the Hatcher Tunnel, destroy the 
Metroids and use a Hyper Missile to blow apart the red crystals on the floor. 
Drop down into another shaft and exit through the door at the bottom.

The Genesis Chamber is where Leviathans are born. The womblike structure in 
the middle holds and nurtures a developing LEVIATHAN INFANT. To see the 
infant, use the Grapple Lasso to tear off the thinner tissues on either side 
of the womb. Now you must destroy the Leviathan Infant. Battle the Phazon 
Metroids and Jelsacs first before aiming at the Leviathan. As it swims around 
in its womb, it will only be visible on one side at a time. It will shift 
sides sometimes if you start attacking it. For an infant, the Leviathan can 
take a lot of damage. You'll constantly have to switch sides to be able to hit 
it, and you'll have to pause every so often to kill more Metroids. Until you 
kill the Leviathan, avoid touching the floor of the chamber and stay on the 
rocky ledges, because the Phazon it emanates will damage you. One observation 
to be made in this room is that there are dead Metroid Prime husks lying near 
the bottom of the chamber. This isn't really relevant to your task, but 
interesting nonetheless. Anyway, when the Leviathan Infant is destroyed, the 
womb will burst and blow a hole through the floor. It also leaves behind a 
cluster of Anti-Phazon Units. Grab them before dropping into the hole, because 
when you do you'll come face-to-face with the game's final boss.

The Sanctum.... The lair of Dark Samus. Two rivals confront each other for the 
last time, and the final battle commences. DARK SAMUS is the most powerful 
Phazon entity in the universe, but her weakness to it has always led to her 
downfall. Overloading her unstable body with Phazon energy is the key to 
defeating her. Be sure to scan Dark Samus, but immediately begin firing the 
Hyper Beam at her afterwards. Dark Samus is fast and vicious, so don't stay in 
one spot for too long. She leads with a barrage of Phazon blasts that home in 
on you. You can block them with your own shots before they reach you. Harder 
to avoid is Dark Samus's rapid spray of Phazon bullets. She'll sweep her Arm 
Cannon from one side to the other when she uses this attack to increase its 
range. Next she may fire a concentrated beam of yellow energy. She'll also 
conjure enormous Phazon pillars that can be used by both of you as cover 
against the other's attacks. Whenever she rises into the air, be prepared to 
jump over a Phazon shockwave when she comes back down. Stay locked on to Dark 
Samus and attack relentlessly with the Hyper Beam. Charged shots are 
recommended, as the stream of Phazon energy that issues from your cannon is 
still fast enough to hit Dark Samus. She's very good at dodging your attacks 
though, so don't use the Hyper Missile unless you have a clear shot. Don't get 
too close to Dark Samus, or else she'll retaliate by creating a wall of 
damaging liquid Phazon around her. Stay at a distance and keep up the pressure 
until Dark Samus decides to show off one of her new tricks. The boss will rise 
into the air and enshroud herself in a sparkling sphere of Phazon. She's using 
this technique to recover energy. Fortunately, Dark Samus is vulnerable in 
this state, so keep shooting her to stop the healing process. This is a great 
opportunity to use missiles. When she lands again, resume fighting normally. 
It won't be long before she displays another new ability. She will twist in 
midair and split into two separate Dark Samuses. The new 'Dark Echo' can fight 
and move just like the true Dark Samus, but it can be destroyed with a few 
good shots. You can use the X-Ray Visor to identify which Dark Samus is the 
real one. The only problem with this is that the Dark Echo will be difficult 
to see and avoid now since it doesn't stand out against the background as the 
real Dark Samus does. You may find it easier just to shoot at a Dark Samus and 
see if she/it breaks. If it does, go for the next one. Later on Dark Samus 
will start producing more than one Dark Echo. They can coordinate their 
movements and overwhelm you with new attack patterns. What's worse, when Dark 
Samus tries to recover energy again, her echoes will follow suit. You'll have 
to find the right one straightway to prevent her from getting more health. 
Sometimes Dark Samus will merge with her echoes again and cause the X-Ray 
Visor to overload. If Dark Samus is glowing a bright blue, that means she is 
invincible for the moment. Wait until she recreates her echoes and take the 
opportunity to grab any floating pickups. As the battle progresses, Dark Samus 
will use more dangerous attacks as well. She will sometimes rise into the air 
and try to slam into you with considerable force. Make sure you dodge this 
brutal attack. Avoid anything else she throws at you and keep hammering away 
at her until her health meter empties.

Dark Samus is knocked backwards and her facsimiles vanish. She has been 
repulsed, but the battle has only just begun. The floor opens up and something 
large and menacing comes out of it. At first the creature is unrecognizable 
due to its extreme corruption, but this is in fact AURORA UNIT 313. It was 
stolen by the Space Pirates on Dark Samus's orders and returned to Phaaze to 
serve her and corrupt the other AUs with the Space Pirate virus. Phazon 
exposure and weapons affixed to it by the pirates have given it combat 
capabilities that make it a very dangerous foe. Dark Samus starts by fusing 
her essence with the Aurora Unit, which is in turn symbiotically connected to 
Phaaze itself. If you destroy Aurora Unit 313, you destroy Dark Samus and the 
source of all Phazon. Scan the Aurora Unit first to complete your Logbook. 
This boss is protected by heavy armor and shielding, so damaging it will be a 
challenge. As it sways on its support stalk, watch for the tentacles that pop 
out of the four holes on the Aurora Unit's head. Shooting these tentacles 
enough will cause the holes to glow yellow briefly. You can fire into them now 
to hurt (but not damage) the boss. You will eventually be able to stun the 
boss after enough hits. There's a quicker way to stun the Aurora Unit though. 
Sometimes a small antenna will poke out of one of the holes but disappear 
almost immediately. This antenna is sensitive, so if you manage to hit it you 
can force the Aurora Unit to make all of its head holes glow yellow at once. 
It's very hard to do though, so stay alert if you plan on stunning the Aurora 
Unit this way. Once you stun Aurora Unit 313, its head will fall to the floor. 
Rush up to it and use your Grapple Lasso to pull away the cranial armor. The 
Aurora Unit's core will be exposed. Don't hesitate to attack, even after the 
AU picks itself up again. Pound away at the core until the armored hatch 
closes again. To attack, Aurora Unit 313 will fire beams of concentrated 
purple energy at you from its front. The tentacles that come out of its head 
will also shoot pulses of energy if they are left untouched for too long. Dark 
Samus can even contribute to the fight by summoning more Dark Echoes to 
distract you with. Fortunately, you'll have no trouble distinguishing them 
from your main target. However, they should still be destroyed since they can 
boost around the room inside Morph Balls and hit you. After some time the 
Aurora Unit may also bring cannons up from the floor to launch balls of red 
light that slowly move towards you. Shoot them down before they reach you. 
Repeat the process of stunning Aurora Unit 313 and attacking its exposed core 
until it is defeated.

Or not. The Aurora Unit isn't finished with you yet. Its head disconnects from 
the support stalk and begins moving around the room freely. The cable junction 
at the back of the unit's head is now its only vulnerable spot. It is possible 
to damage this glowing weak spot at any time, but you can stun the Aurora Unit 
to make it easier for you. The unit's new attacks include an underside cannon 
that fires energy downwards. The blast causes a shockwave to expand. Jump over 
it to avoid the damage. If you manage to hit the cannon before the blast is 
fired, you can stun the Aurora Unit right then and there. Strafe around to the 
back side of the head and attack its weak spot right away. When the boss snaps 
out of its daze, work on stunning it again or simply hitting its weak spot. 
Unit 313 has other attacks as well. From its nose the Aurora Unit can fire 
basic energy blasts. Be ready to dodge the shot when the nose starts to glow. 
If the Aurora Unit begins firing four yellow lasers to each side, go directly 
under it so that it can't hit you. It may also try a spinning attack. During 
this attack, the boss flies low to the ground and spins rapidly. You'll take 
damage if it slams into you. Dodge the unit and keep shooting in hopes of 
hitting the back of its head. Aurora Unit 313 doesn't leave any pickups on the 
battlefield, so you'll have to defeat it quickly before you succumb to your 
corruption. As long as you can keep hitting the back of the Aurora Unit's 
head, you will defeat it in due course. The unit's death marks the end of the 
game. Congratulations, you've beaten Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!

Aurora Unit 313's defeated head falls to the floor and implodes. Dark Samus 
emerges from the ruins and bursts violently. Samus begins to writhe as well. 
With Dark Samus destroyed, the corruptive Phazon in Samus's body disappears. 
Phaaze begins to collapse around her. Samus stands up and begins her escape 
from the doomed planet. Above Phaaze, the Space Pirate warships begin to fail 
as their Phazon power sources shut down. The planet is growing more and more 
unstable by the second. Admiral Dane orders the fleet to retreat immediately. 
The Leviathan battleship fires its portal beam and the Federation makes its 
escape just as Phaaze explodes with a terrific blast. The Space Pirates and 
the Leviathan are caught up in the shockwave and disintegrate into dust, but 
the Federation ships make it out in time. After fifty years of darkness, 
Metroid Prime has been killed at last and the Phazon crisis is over! Samus 
rejoins the fleet and transmits one final message to the Olympus: "Mission 
Complete". By beating the game with 75% of the items or more, you'll see an 
extended ending after this. Samus returns to SkyTown and reminisces about the 
friends she made and lost on this mission. She removes her helmet, giving the 
player another glimpse of her face. The credits will now roll. Afterwards, 
you'll get one final cinematic treat if you managed to collect 100% of the 
items during the game. Samus leaves Elysia and disappears into space, but she 
is tailed by a mysterious four-winged starship....

Beating the game unlocks the Hypermode difficulty. When you first play you can 
choose the Normal and Veteran difficulties (the latter being slightly harder 
than the first and recommended for those who played Metroid Prime and Metroid 
Prime 2: Echoes) for your save file, but now you can pick the incredibly 
challenging Hypermode difficulty. Whether you choose to play again on a 
different difficulty level or not, saving your file after the ending will 
start the game over. However, your Logbook data and any credits and vouchers 
that you obtained the first time through will be saved. You cannot earn the 
credits/vouchers you already got during the first play again, with the 
exception of the gold credits you won from boss battles if you play on 
Hypermode difficulty. Dedicated gamers should try to earn all of the game's 
bonuses and beat the game on all three difficulty levels, collecting 100% of 
the items each time.



As you play the game, certain special actions and achievements will earn you 
bonuses. They vary in difficulty and sometimes take a lot of dedication and 
patience to earn. These bonuses grant you either a bonus credit or a friend 
voucher. Credits are used to purchase bonus content, and differ in value 
depending on their color. A red credit is the least valuable of them all, and 
they can be earned simply by adding a new Creature entry to your Logbook. Blue 
credits are also fairly easy to earn, as you receive one whenever you scan a 
new Lore entry. However, some blue credits are granted when you earn a bonus. 
The gold credits and friend vouchers (which can be traded to friends for the 
green friend credits that are impossible to get otherwise) are all earned this 
way as well. This section will provide instructions on how to earn each type 
of bonus, how many times you can earn it and what kind of credit/voucher you 
receive by earning it. They are listed in numerical/alphabetical order.

-20 Commandos Defeated-
Kill twenty Commando Pirates throughout the course of the game. You really 
don't have to work to get this bonus since there are plenty of opportunities 
to fight commandos. Of course, if you always run away when you trip the Pirate 
Homeworld's alarm systems, you might have a problem. You'll earn a friend 
voucher for this.

-100 Kills-
These are self-explanatory. Defeat 100 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend 

-200 Kills-
Defeat 200 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-300 Kills-
Defeat 300 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-400 Kills-
Defeat 400 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-500 Kills-
Defeat 500 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-600 Kills-
Defeat 600 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-700 Kills-
Defeat 700 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-800 Kills-
Defeat 800 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-900 Kills-
Defeat 900 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-1000 Kills-
Defeat 1,000 enemies to earn this bonus and a friend voucher.

-All Troopers Survived-
During the Federation assault on the Pirate Homeworld, you must keep all 
twelve Demolition Troopers that travel with you to the seed alive to earn this 
bonus. This isn't terribly difficult to do, especially on a Normal difficulty 
game. Fortunately you don't have to protect all twelve at once since only a 
few of them are present at any given time. Stay alert for pirates and use 
Hypermode as much as possible (it's worth the lost energy if you're trying to 
get the bonus). The trickiest part might be in the last transit station where 
the Berserker Knight appears. This monster is a serious threat to the 
Demolition Troopers, so use the X-Ray Visor/Nova Beam combo to eliminate it 
quickly. After you defeat the three Commando Pirates shortly afterwards and 
all troopers are still alive, your mission will be complete and you'll earn a 
gold credit.

-Aurora Unit 313 Defeated-
Complete the game on Normal/Veteran difficulty to earn this and a gold credit 
a first time, then again on Hypermode difficulty for another.

-Berserker Lord Defeated-
Each time you kill a Berserker Lord, you get a gold credit. There are two in 
the game (one on the Olympus and another in Eastern SkyTown), so with the 
Hypermode difficulty you can get this bonus four times.

-Bowling for Bots-
Any time after you get the Boost Ball, find a group of Tinbots and use the 
Boost Ball to destroy at least three of them in one boost. A good place to do 
this is Skybridge Athene in Eastern SkyTown. This bonus is worth a friend 

-Commander Squad Defeated-
Defeat the Pirate Commander and his team of Commando Pirates in Transit 
Station Leviathan to earn this bonus and a gold credit. Do it again on 
Hypermode difficulty for another credit.

-Crash Landing-
After getting the Plasma Beam, use it to set an Aerotrooper's jetpack on fire. 
Quickly target it with the Grapple Lasso now and rip it off. This bonus gives 
you a friend voucher.

-Dark Samus Repulsed-
Finish the first phase of the battle against the game's final boss to earn 
this bonus. On Hypermode difficulty, Dark Samus is arguably one of the most 
difficult bosses to defeat, but you can get the bonus once more. Like all boss 
battle bonuses, this one earns you a gold credit each time.

-Defense Drone Defeated-
Destroy the Defense Drone in SkyTown's Ballista Storage, once normally and 
once in Hypermode difficulty, to earn this twice. You'll get gold credits.

-Defense System Obliterated-
When you disable the Pirate Homeworld's defense shield by deactivating the 
generator in the Command Station, you'll earn this bonus and get a gold 

In any of the three Leviathan Seed landing sites, kill every single enemy 
(Scorchbugs, Phazon Leeches or Scritters) crawling around the pit to earn this 
bonus and a friend voucher. A quick way to do it is with the Hyper Ball. You 
can only get this bonus once, even if you try it in more than one seed or if 
you leave the room and come back after getting it.

-Flawless Escape-
Earning a Flawless Escape bonus is very difficult. You have to get past Ridley 
in the Cargo Dock C tube without taking any damage. You must avoid not only 
his attacks but his feet as well. The plasma beam blasts he shoots are easier 
to predict and dodge, but his bites are sudden and hard to avoid. Keep in mind 
that you must escape Ridley's clutches both times in Cargo Dock C to earn the 
bonus, and even if you get hit but don't take damage (which is possible) you 
still won't get this bonus. There isn't a saving point immediately preceding 
the encounter, so only the most dedicated will have the patience to get this 
bonus and its friend voucher.

-Gandrayda Defeated-
Defeat the third and final corrupted hunter in the Proving Grounds to get this 
bonus. As usual, you'll get a gold credit. Do this on Hypermode difficulty to 
earn another one.

-Generator Destroyed-
Each time you destroy one of the Leviathan shield generators on Bryyo, you'll 
get this bonus. Since there are two (one in the jungle region and another in 
the Bryyo Fire region), you'll get this bonus twice and a gold credit both 

-GF Trooper Saved-
The GF Trooper Saved bonus is the only one that offers more than one kind of 
credit/voucher. That being said, you can earn it three times. The first time 
you can get it is when you enter the Xenoresearch Lab during the initial 
pirate attack. You'll see a marine hiding behind some crates while a few 
Crawltanks try to take him down. Destroy the tanks before they get through to 
the marine and kill him. You'll get a blue credit. The next instance occurs in 
the very next room, the Lab Access. This is the most dramatic of the heroic 
trooper saves. When the GF fighter crashes into the side of the passage, 
everything will be sucked out into space. One trooper will manage to hang on 
to a ledge, but his grip won't last long enough to save him before the 
emergency doors automatically close. You must instead close them prematurely 
by shooting the red button just above them. You will get a friend voucher 
rather than a credit. The third and final time to earn the bonus is right 
after you get the Missile Launcher. In the Repair Bay Shaft you'll see a 
trooper being attacked by Aeromines. To save him, exit Repair Bay A after 
getting the Missile Launcher and immediately shoot the four red nodes ahead of 
you to lower the bridge across. If you do it fast enough the Aeromines will go 
for you instead and the trooper will live. This gives you a blue credit.

-GF Troopers Saved-
This bonus has the same idea as the GF Trooper Saved bonus, expect you get it 
when you save more than one trooper in the same instance. This occurs only 
once and you get a blue credit for it. During the beginning of the game, when 
the Space Pirates attack the Olympus, you'll go through a room called the Port 
Observation Deck. A Space Pirate Boarding Pod will slam into the passage and 
release a few Pirate Militias that will begin firing upon the two Federation 
troopers here. Kill the pirates before they kill any of the troopers to earn 
the bonus.

-Ghor Defeated-
This is your sixth boss battle bonus, taking place on Elysia after you restore 
Aurora Unit 217. Beating Ghor on Hypermode difficulty gives you another gold 
credit as well.

-Harvester Destroyed-
Return to the Phazon Harvesting room in the Pirate Mines after you disable the 
planetary defense shield. Without the shield, the Phazon Harvester Drone is 
vulnerable to a gunship attack. Use the Command Visor to call an airstrike and 
destroy the drone to earn a friend voucher. Note that if you try to destroy 
the drone after the Leviathan Seed is destroyed, the room will be filled with 
Phaazoids instead. Defeat them and then reenter the room some other time to 
make the harvester reappear.

-Helios Defeated-
Beat the boss of the Elysian Leviathan Seed to earn this bonus twice (if you 
do it again on Hypermode difficulty). Worth gold credits.

-Icy Reptilicide-
This bonus can be tricky to obtain. You must defeat a Reptilicus by freezing 
it solid with an ice missile after it throws its chakram at you so that the 
weapon returns and shatters its helpless owner. It takes careful timing and 
preparation. Try getting this in the Gel Refinery Site, where there is only 
one Reptilicus to worry about. A Reptilicus is strong enough to resist total 
freezing at full energy, so you have to soften one up first. Fire the ice 
missile as soon as the Reptilicus reaches for its weapon for best results.

-Juggling Bonus 10-
Juggle a Training Drone in Docking Bay 5 ten times to earn this and get a gold 
credit. This shouldn't be too difficult to achieve with practice. (See 
Juggling Bonus 20 for more information).

-Juggling Bonus 20-
Juggle a Training Drone in Docking Bay 5 twenty times to earn this and get a 
friend voucher. It may be tough to do, so you'll have to practice before you 
get good enough. One method in doing this is rapidly shooting the Power Beam 
at a fixed height and moving from side-to-side so that the steady stream of 
energy bolts hits the Training Drone and bounces it back up every time it 
crosses paths with it. This can get tiresome however, so you could also try 
aiming each individual shot at the tumbling drone.

-Korakk Defeated-
The Jousting Field is where you will fight the Korakk Beast and Pirate Hussar. 
Beating the pirate doesn't do anything towards your credit system, but 
finishing off the Korakk gives you a gold credit. Repeat on Hypermode 
difficulty to get another one.

-Leviathan Humiliated-
When you are inside the Leviathan battleship (the one used to get to Phaaze), 
shoot at one of the two large eyes on either side fifty or so times. You're 
not aiming for the blue eye of the Leviathan core behind the command 
terminals; the ones you want are brown and on the side of the Leviathan 
chamber. They actually twitch when you shoot them, unlike the core eye. You'll 
get a friend voucher for this bonus.

-Meta Ridley Defeated-
The first major boss in the game is Meta Ridley. If you survive your ordeal 
with him in Norion's Generator C, you'll earn a gold credit. You can get a 
second one when you beat Meta Ridley on the Hypermode difficulty.

-Metroid Hatcher Defeated-
You can earn this bonus (and a gold credit each time) six times because you 
have three opportunities to fight the Metroid Hatcher in both Normal/Veteran 
difficulty and Hypermode difficulty. One Hatcher is in the Metroid Creche 
(Pirate Research), another in Generator B (Norion) and a third in the Aurora 
Chamber (G.F.S. Valhalla).

-Mogenar Defeated-
Mogenar is the boss of the Bryyo Leviathan Seed. Defeat him on a regular 
difficulty and on Hypermode difficulty to earn a gold credit twice.

-New Area Discovered-
Uncommon for a friend voucher bonus, you can earn this one two times. That's 
because there are two new areas in the game that you can 'discover'. One is 
Bryyo Ice and the other is Eastern SkyTown.

-Omega Ridley Defeated-
Ridley likes his bonuses, doesn't he? Bring down the resurrected form of 
Samus's long-time nemesis in the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core on the two 
different difficulties to earn two gold credits.

-Perfect Execution-
When you try to disable the anti-aircraft turret in the North Jungle Court on 
Bryyo, pull down all three levers that control the valve clamps with the 
Grapple Lasso before any Aerotroopers reset them. This is difficult to do, and 
you don't have a save point right before it that you can come back from if you 
fail. Use Hypermode whenever Aerotroopers appear to vaporize them quickly and 
work fast. If you succeed in pulling down the levers uninterrupted, you'll 
score a friend voucher.

-Red Phaazoid Defeated-
This is the bonus that can be obtained the most often. Whenever you defeat a 
Red Phaazoid it will leave behind a gold credit pickup. Collect it to earn the 
credit and the bonus. Although the Red Phaazoid is not a boss and therefore 
only one bonus can be obtained between Normal/Veteran difficulty and Hypermode 
difficulty, you get one for every Red Phaazoid that you defeat within the 
game. In total there are ten Red Phaazoids, found in the following locations: 
Grand Court (Bryyo), Jousting Field (Bryyo), Gel Purification Site (Bryyo 
Fire), Construction Bay (SkyTown), Hoverplat Docking Site (SkyTown), Concourse 
Ventilation (Eastern SkyTown), Transit Station 0204 (Pirate Command), Proving 
Grounds (Pirate Research), Metroid Creche (Pirate Research) and Phazon 
Harvesting (Pirate Mines). Keep in mind that Phaazoids only appear in areas 
after the planet's Leviathan Seed has been destroyed.

-Rundas Defeated-
Poor old Rundas will provide you with a gold credit when you kill him and earn 
this bonus in the Temple of Bryyo, once during Normal/Veteran difficulty and 
again in Hypermode difficulty.

-Secret Message Discovered-
Reach the Valhalla's Control Room (where the Leviathan command code is 
obtained) and look for a small data log terminal near the left side. It 
requires a numerical code to access its information. Go to the southeast 
corner of the room and scan the dead trooper's PDA to get the code you need. 
Input the numbers and listen to Unit 313's last transmission before its 
corruption. You will earn a friend voucher for this.

-Seed Shield Destroyed-
This bonus is obtained when you use the Theronian bomb to demolish the 
Leviathan shield on Elysia. It does not work when you bring down the Bryyo 
shield because that shield isn't technically destroyed directly. Anyway, 
you'll get a gold credit for accomplishing this task.

-Short-cut Discovered-
After you get the Ice Missile upgrade, go to Bryyo Fire's Gel Cavern. Freeze 
the cascade of Fuel Gel that's found halfway through the room to expose a 
path. Entering the mouth of the statue back here with the Morph Ball will warp 
you to the Imperial Hall. You'll earn the bonus for doing this, and a friend 

-Steamlord Defeated-
This bonus is only granted when you beat the Steamlord in the Steambot 
Barracks. Subsequent battles in Skybridge Hera and the Ballista Storage will 
not count. However, you can get the bonus a second time when you fight the 
first Steamlord in the Hypermode difficulty. Each bonus will provide a gold 
-Stylish Kill-
When you first cross Skybridge Hera (on the way to get the Boost Ball), a 
Steamlord will appear with a group of Steambots. Instead of killing any of 
them, make the bridge collapse with your Grapple Lasso. This is good for a 
friend voucher.



HYPER BEAM: Default Hypermode weapon. Can destroy certain objects that are 
susceptible to Phazon energy and is effective against enemies in Hypermode. 
Drains small amount of Phazon energy. Charged shot fires continuous stream for 
a few seconds.
HYPER BALL: Used while in the Morph Ball in Hypermode. Can destroy certain 
objects that are susceptible to Phazon energy and is effective against enemies 
in Hypermode. Damages any targets within a limited range. Constantly drains 
Phazon energy.
HYPER MISSILE: Uses missiles while in Hypermode. Very powerful, and can 
destroy certain objects that are susceptible to Phazon energy and is effective 
against enemies in Hypermode. Drains large amount of Phazon energy.
HYPER GRAPPLE: Grapple feature used in Hypermode. Allows Samus to draw in 
Phazon energy or transfer her own Phazon energy into some Phazon objects.

POWER BEAM: Default beam weapon. Has high rate of fire and distance. Used to 
open blue doors.
MISSILE LAUNCHER: Fires concussive missiles that home in on locked targets. 
Missiles destroy Brinstone objects and Red Blast Shields, but use limited 
ammo. Use expansions to enhance the Missile Launcher's capacity.
ICE MISSILE: Retains abilities of Missile Launcher, and can destroy White 
Blast Shields. Can also freeze enemies and certain liquids.
PLASMA BEAM: High-temperature beam weapon that can ignite foes and melt 
certain objects. It can also be used to repair damaged circuitry. Used to open 
orange doors. Retains abilities of previous beam weapon.
SCREW ATTACK: When Samus space jumps, she can leap again to perform a Screw 
Attack, up to five times in succession. Screw attacks can damage enemies and 
they allow Samus to travel great horizontal distances. Use the Screw Attack to 
ascend Wall Jump Surfaces and reach new areas.
SEEKER MISSILE: Charge Missile Launcher to acquire up to five targets. Use 
this weapon to open hit/defeat multiple targets/enemies and destroy Multi-Lock 
Blast Shields.
NOVA BEAM: High-frequency beam weapon that can shoot through Phazite objects. 
With X-Ray Visor, it can also hit hidden targets and internal weak spots in 
some enemies. Used to open green doors. Retains abilities of previous beam 

Morph Ball.
MORPH BALL: Turns Samus into a ball, allowing for access into smaller spaces.
MORPH BALL BOMB: Small explosives that can destroy Talloric Alloy objects. 
Allows Samus to perform bomb-jumps and double-bomb-jumps.
BOOST BALL: Morph Ball can be charged and released for a boost in speed. The 
Boost Ball can damage enemies, operate Spinner devices and be used to travel 
on half-pipes and boost off from Spider Ball Tracks.
SPIDER BALL: Allows Samus to travel on Spider Ball Tracks to reach new areas.

COMBAT VISOR: Default visor. Shows heads-up display, enemy radar and mini-map.
SCAN VISOR: Allows Samus to scan objects for information. Objects that can be 
scanned are highlighter in red, blue or green. Can be used to activate some 
devices and collect Logbook data.
COMMAND VISOR: Allows Samus to call her ship by scanning landing or attack 
X-RAY VISOR: Allows Samus to see through some objects and detect certain 
objects that are otherwise invisible. Can also detect internal weak spots in 
some enemies.

VARIA SUIT: Samus's Chozo-made battle armor. The default suit is equipped with 
specialized visor technology, beam and concussive weapons and Morph Ball 
SPACE JUMP BOOTS: Allow Samus to jump again in midair after a first jump. 
Space jump to reach higher places.
PED SUIT: Allows Samus to enter Hypermode.
HAZARD SHIELD: Protects against acid rain and Fuel Gel. Also raises defense 
against enemy attacks.

GRAPPLE LASSO: Can pull away loose objects and enemy shields. Destroys Mounted 
Blast Shields.
GRAPPLE SWING: Used to swing from Grapple Swing Points to reach new areas.
GRAPPLE VOLTAGE: Allows Samus to draw in energy or transfer her own energy 
into some devices.

ENERGY TANK: Increases maximum energy capacity by 100.
MISSILE EXPANSION: Increases maximum missile-carrying capacity by 5.
SHIP MISSILE EXPANSION: Increases the number of missiles Samus's gunship can 
carry by 1.
ENERGY CELL: Used as a power source in Federation technology.

SHIP SAVE STATION: Use gunship to save game and replenish energy and restock 
SHIP MISSILE: Use Command Visor to lock on to viable targets and attack them 
with the gunship. Destroys objects made of Maldium, but uses limited ammo. Use 
expansions to enhance the Ship Missile capacity.
SHIP GRAPPLE BEAM: Use Command Visor to lock on to viable heavy objects and 
have the gunship tow them or place them elsewhere.

SMALL ENERGY UNIT: Replenishes 10 units of energy.
MEDIUM ENERGY UNIT: Replenishes 25 units of energy.
LARGE ENERGY UNIT: Replenishes 50 units of energy.
ULTRA ENERGY UNIT: Replenishes 100 units of energy.
SMALL PHAZON UNIT: Replenishes 10 units of Phazon.
MEDIUM ENERGY UNIT: Replenishes 25 units of Phazon.
LARGE PHAZON UNIT: Replenishes 50 units of Phazon.
ULTRA PHAZON UNIT: Replenishes 100 units of Phazon.
MISSILE AMMUNITION-5: Adds 5 ammo to Missile Launcher.
MISSILE AMMUNITION-10: Adds 10 ammo to Missile Launcher.
MISSILE AMMUNITION-25: Adds 25 ammo to Missile Launcher.
SHIP MISSILE AMMUNITION: Adds 1 ammo to Gunship Launcher.
SMALL ANTI-PHAZON UNIT: Absorbs 25 units of Phazon.
LARGE ANTI-PHAZON UNIT: Absorbs 50 units of Phazon.
GOLD CREDIT: Earns 1 gold credit.



The Logbook is used to store information on certain things that you encounter 
throughout the game. While scanning things is important for gathering 
information, only certain things get recorded in the Logbook. Filling the 
Logbook is mainly just a fun challenge, but it can be rewarding. You get a red 
credit every time you get a Creature entry and blue credit for every piece of 
Lore you scan (see the Bonuses section for more information). Note that some 
Research entries are put into your Logbook automatically without having to 
scan them. Lastly, keep in mind that if you play the same save file again 
after beating the game, you'll keep the Logbook information from the first 
game. This section lists every entry in the Logbook, categorized and arranged 
as it would be in the game.

Galactic Federation.
1.	Aurora Unit 217
2.	Demolition Trooper
3.	Federation Marine
4.	Federation PED Marine
5.	Female Fleet Trooper
6.	Fleet Admiral Dane
7.	Fleet Mechanic
8.	Halberd-Class Turret
9.	Hunter Gandrayda
10.	Hunter Ghor
11.	Hunter Rundas
12.	Male Fleet Trooper
13.	Training Drone

1.	Alpha Hopper
2.	Atomic
3.	Bryyonian Shriekbat
4.	Fargul Hatcher
5.	Fargul Wasp
6.	Geemer
7.	Gelbug
8.	Gel Puffer
9.	Gel Ray
10.	Gragnol
11.	Gragnol Adult
12.	Hopper
13.	Korba
14.	Mogenar
15.	Nightbarb
16.	Reptilicus
17.	Reptilicus Hunter
18.	Scorchbug
19.	Shelbug
20.	Snatcher
21.	Warphound

1.	Aerial Repair Drone
2.	Databot
3.	Defense Drone
4.	"Dragoon" Battle Drone
5.	Elysian Shriekbat
6.	Helios
7.	Repair Drone
8.	Sky Puffer
9.	Steambot
10.	Steamlord
11.	Steamspider
12.	Swarmbot
13.	Tinbot
14.	Transportation Drone

Space Pirate.
1.	Advanced Aerotrooper
2.	Advanced Pirate Trooper
3.	Advanced Shield Trooper
4.	Aeromine
5.	Aerotrooper
6.	Armored Aerotrooper
7.	Armored Pirate Militia
8.	Armored Pirate Trooper
9.	Armored Shield Trooper
10.	Assault Aerotrooper
11.	Assault Pirate Trooper
12.	Assault Shield Trooper
13.	Aurora Unit 313
14.	Berserker Knight
15.	Berserker Lord
16.	Commando Pirate
17.	Crawlmine
18.	Crawltank
19.	Dark Samus
20.	Gandrayda
21.	Ghor
22.	"Jolly Roger" Drone
23.	Jumpmine
24.	Korakk Beast
25.	Meta Ridley
26.	Omega Ridley
27.	Phazon Harvester Drone
28.	Pirate Cargo Drone
29.	Pirate Commander
30.	Pirate Hussar
31.	Pirate Militia
32.	Pirate Trooper
33.	Puffer Mine
34.	Remorse-Class Turret
35.	Rundas
36.	Scritter
37.	Shield Pirate Militia
38.	Shield Pirate Trooper
39.	Space Pirate Assault Skiff
40.	Space Pirate ATC
41.	Space Pirate Boarding Pod
42.	Urtragian Shriekbat

1.	Hopping Metroid
2.	Jelsac
3.	Leviathan Infant
4.	Liquid Phazon
5.	Metroid Hatcher
6.	Miniroid
7.	Phaazoid
8.	Phaz-Ing
9.	Phazon Grub
10.	Phazon Hopper
11.	Phazon Leech
12.	Phazon Metroid
13.	Phazon Nightbarb
14.	Phazon Pillbug
15.	Phazon Puffer
16.	Phazon Shriekbat
17.	Red Phazoid
18.	Tangle Weed

1.	Acid Rain
2.	Black Phazon Crystals
3.	Blast Shield
4.	Bomb Slot
5.	Bryyo Blue Door
6.	Bryyo Orange Door
7.	Energy Cell
8.	Fuel Gel
9.	Galactic Federation Blue Door
10.	Galactic Federation Crate
11.	Galactic Federation Green Door
12.	Galactic Federation Orange Door
13.	Grab Ledge
14.	Grapple Swing Point
15.	Half-pipe
16.	Heavy Galactic Federation Crate
17.	Heavy Phazon Canister
18.	Heavy SkyTown Storage Unit
19.	Hunter-Class Gunship
20.	Kashh Plant
21.	Kinetic Orb Cannon
22.	Landing Beacon
23.	Large Bryyo Coffer
24.	Large Space Pirate Crate
25.	Leviathan Door
26.	Mature Kashh Plant
27.	Mounted Blast Shield
28.	Multi-Lock Blast Shield
29.	Phaaze Door
30.	Phazon Fungus
31.	Planet Aether
32.	Planet Tallon IV
33.	Red Blast Shield
34.	Save Station
35.	Ship Grapple Point
36.	SkyTown Blue Door
37.	SkyTown Orange Door
38.	SkyTown Storage Unit
39.	Small Bryyo Coffer
40.	Space Pirate Blue Door
41.	Space Pirate Crate
42.	Space Pirate Green Door
43.	Space Pirate Orange Door
44.	Spider Ball Track
45.	Spinner
46.	Wall Jump Surface
47.	White Blast Shield
48.	Zipline Cable

Galactic Federation Data.
1.	Phazon
2.	Phazon Enhancement Device
3.	Planet Norion
4.	Planet Bryyo
5.	SkyTown
6.	Hunter Rundas
7.	Hunter Ghor
8.	Hunter Gandrayda
9.	Olympus-Class Battleship
10.	Tallon IV Incident
11.	Valhalla Incident
12.	Anhur Incident

Bryyo Data.
1.	Golden Age
2.	Age of Science
3.	Age of Schism
4.	Age of War
5.	Downfall
6.	Victory
7.	Struggle of Exiles
8.	Salvation
9.	The Hunted
10.	Decline
11.	Prophecy
12.	Our Plea

SkyTown Data.
1.	Creators
2.	Gift
3.	Discovery
4.	Alone
5.	Slumber
6.	Federation
7.	Agreement
8.	Aurora
9.	Loss
10.	Phazon
11.	Invader
12.	Defeat

Space Pirate Data.
1.	Our Mission
2.	Stowaway
3.	First Disciples
4.	The Source Discovered
5.	The Leviathan
6.	Taking Valhalla
7.	Purification
8.	Vanguard
9.	Victory and Loss
10.	Bryyo Falls
11.	Disaster at Elysia
12.	Mistress Gandrayda

Copyright 2007 Ryan N. Parra-Merrell.