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In-Depth FAQ/Walkthrough

by pantsman523

                       __  __      _             _     _ 
                      |  \/  | ___| |_ _ __ ___ (_) __| |
                      | |\/| |/ _ \ __| '__/ _ \| |/ _` |
                      | |  | |  __/ |_| | | (_) | | (_| |
                      |_|  |_|\___|\__|_|  \___/|_|\____|
                       ____       _                  _____ 
                      |  _ \ _ __(_)_ __ ___   ___  |___ / 
                      | |_) | '__| | '_ ` _ \ / _ \   |_ \ 
                      |  __/| |  | | | | | | |  __/  ___) |
                      |_|   |_|  |_|_| |_| |_|\___| |____/
                 ___                            _   _             
               / ___|___  _ __ _ __ _   _ _ __ | |_(_) ___  _ __  
              | |   / _ \| '__| '__| | | | '_ \| __| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
              | |___ (_) | |  | |  | |_| | |_) | |_| | (_) | | | |
               \____\___/|_|  |_|   \__,_|  __/ \__|_|\___/|_| |_|
                             An In-Depth FAQ/Walkthrough
                                   Version .35


Hi.  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.  This is my
first guide. I have been a GameFAQs member for a long time, but I never had the
time or determination to make a guide.

Anyway this guide will a complete walkthrough that has the location of every
upgrade and has summaries of cut scenes.  In addition, it will have general
game play tips and information about all the extras.

Version History

Version .35
Guide spellchecked, edited, and expanded- Up reconneting 217 to the network
Extras expanded
Credits given
Updated list of site allowed to host this FAQ/Walkthrough

Version .25

Walkthrough edited and expanded- Up to Elysia
Controls and Options done
Extras started

Version .1

Layout done 
Intro done
Controls and Options started 
Walkthrough started- Up to Firey Airdock, Bryyo
Legal done
Credits done (well so far)

Controls & Options

Here are the controls in the game.  They will take a little getting used to,
but they work great.  They can be swapped around in the options.


 Control stick - Move Samus
 C - Toggle Morph Ball Mode
 Z - Toggle Lock On

 Grapple Lasso- While locked on, cast the nunchuk forward, and then back

Wii Remote
 D-Pad Down - Missile
 A - Fire (Hold to charge), Bomb
 B - Jump (Press again to Space Jump)
 - - Visor Select
 + - Hyper Mode
 1 - Map/Logbook
 2 - Hint

 Aim - Point a screen
 Jump (Morph Ball) - Pull Wii Remote upwards
 Interact - After interacting with A, you are able to twist the Wii Remote and 
           move it closer and farther away


Here are the different options that can be set in the game. * means default.

 Sensitivity- How sensitive the pointer is
    Basic- Low sensitivity & Lock-On Free Aiming Off. For beginners.
   *Standard- Standard Sensitivity.
    Advanced- High Sensitivity.  For people familiar with First Person games on
              the Wii

 Lock On/Free Aim

 Swap Jump/Fire
   *Fire A, Jump B
    Fire B, Jump A


 Swap Visor/Hyper Mode
   *Visor -, Hyper +
    Visor +, Hyper -

   How Bright the screen is *50

 Helmet Opacity
   Opacity % *100

 Visor Opacity
   Opacity % *100

 HUD Lag

 Hint System

   How loud Music is *75

   How loud Speech is *75

 Sound FX
   How loud Sound FX is *75


Coming Soon!

Story & Characters

Coming Soon!

Here is the walkthough.  Here is a key for the markings.

(Planet or Ship)


-------Objective: (Objective)-------

------Boss: (Boss)------

-----Upgrade: (Suit Upgrade)-----

----Upgrade: (ET, ME, or SME)----

---Energy Cell #---

--(Save Room, Map Room, Ship Landing Dock)--

-(Shortcut, Stylish Kill)-

You start in your ship and bring the controls online.  Use the helm controls on
the bottom to set a course. A radio transmission will appear and it will tell
you to switch to a secure frequency.  Use the radio controls on the top to
switch to the frequency.  Choose them in this order from the left: 2,7,5,1.  A
transmission will tell you to go to the docking bay.  On the left side of the
ship, open and activate the thruster controls.  Enter the G.F.S. Olympus.

G.F.S. Olympus

Get off the ship and head down the path.  Approach the marines and they will
tell you to calibrate your weapons by shooting the targets.  He will then tell
you to report to the briefing room to meet with Admiral Dane and he will upload
the location to your map.

-------Objective: Go to Briefing Room-------

Go right and head up the walkway.  Shoot the door to open it.  Go to the next 
room and go left.  The man tells you that the walkway gears are jammed. Above
him there are two red circles.  Shoot at both of them, then go upstairs.  When 
you go up, go through the door on your right.  Head to the left side of the
pillar and scan the blue info terminal.  It will give the access code to
the door behind you as well as show information about things such as the

Turn behind you and interact with the panel next to the closed
door.  Enter the code 13576 and go through that door.  In the next room, you
will see Ghor being bioscanned.  When he is done enter the chamber by 
interacting with the control.  Enter the room and be DNA scanned, then approach
the terminal.  Your status is clear. Head out the doors and go to the next 
room. Continue through the next hallway.  Don't forget to jump to get on top of
the ledge. In the elevator, active the panel  with your hand and touch the icon
in the middle on the elevator. Ride it up and get to the next room.  Head 
through that room to reach the bridge.  Head up the walkway and talk to the 
marine.  He tells you to go to the recharge station to save and to restore your

--Save Room--
Go to the door opposite the marine and blast open the nearest crates 
with a charged blast.  Enter the door to save and restore.  

Head back to the marine and he will let you go past him so you can get to the 
briefing room. Head down the hallway and open the door. 

-------Objective Complete-------

As you enter the room you will notice the Admiral, a few men, Ghor, Rundas, and
a second Samus. The Admiral tells Gandrayda to knock it off, and the other
Samus now switches back to her true form.  You are introduced AU (Aurora Unit)
242.  242 explains that the network is currently down due to a virus that
infected all of the AUs.  Scientists were able to make a vaccine and it was 
administered to 242.  He no longer carries the virus.  He explains that Space 
Pirates attacked the Valhalla and took control of AU 313, which explains how 
they were able to hack the network and plant the virus.  He explains that it is
all of your missions to bring the network back up by getting rid of the virus 
in all the AUs in this system in addition to keeping an eye on the Space 

All of a sudden a Space Pirate fleet appears and the Olympus and Home Zero,
the planets home base, come under attack. The Admiral tells you and the other
hunters go get down to the planet to aid the ground troops to keep the pirates 
from disabling the defense system.

Head out to the bridge and Admiral Dane tells you to keep going.  Drop down to
the lower section and head to the door you came through.  Here you will
encounter your first enemy, Pirate Militia.  Shoot them to kill them.  They 
aren't that tough.  When they are dead go through the busted wall and though 
the door on the right. Head down the hallway and a Pirate boarding ship will 
burst through the wall.  Kill them and head through the door.  In this next 
room you will encounter Crawltanks.  Shoot them, but don't be shot.  Go through
the door.

In the next room you will see the marines fighting some pirates.  A ship slams
into the side of the room and the air starts rushing out.  A blast door will
close, so head back the other way.  When you enter the previous room you will
see the energy cell being pulled from the generator.  Kill the Armored Pirate
Militias and the unarmored one.  The armor will fall off if shot enough.  You 
can jump down, but you must use the walkway to get back up.  After they are 
dead, head downstairs an put the energy cell back into the generator.  When
this happens you will be locked in the room.

Fight off the Crawltank and the Crawlmines until you see a Crawltank break
through a grate on the floor.  Switch to Morph Ball Mode and fall in the gap.
Roll out of the room.  You will come into another room, but just keep rolling.
Use the Morph Ball Bomb to destroy the fan. 

--Upgrade: Energy Tank--
This is the first energy tank in the game.  It gives you a new tank, 
effectively giving you an additional 100 health.  You can't miss this one so
use bomb to break the case and grab it.

Continue on by using a bomb to reach the ledge.  A machine will shoot you
futher ahead and you will land a room.  Switch out of Morph Ball and turn
around. Scan the panel.  On the other side of the room, a slot will glow blue.
Switch into Morph Ball and jump into it and plant a bomb.  Since this is an
airlock, you will be forcibly thrown into space.  Luckily you find an open
hatch and climb through.

In the next room, you see the marines and hunters fighting off the pirates.
The doors will then close and debris will fall in front of the panel.  Kill the
pirates that shooting at you and head up the walkway.  Kill the Crawltanks and
the pirate as you jump from section to section.  When you jump onto the ship, a
couple of pirates will jump you.  Kill them and move on.  Jump onto the walkway
on your right, and kill the Crawltank.

-----Upgrade: Missiles-----
That's right.  It's upgrade time.  Grab the Missiles in the next room.

Jump down to the ground floor and use your new weapon to shoot away the debris.
Activate the panel and Head through this door.  Shoot the 4 targets and any
pirates you see.   The bridge will open and the door will too.  You then see
the marine get shot by some Aeromines and they will start coming for you.  The
key here is to shoot them when they bring their shield down to shoot you. 

-Save Room-
Across the bridge, the door on your left is a save/recharge station.

When that's done, come out and activate the panel on your left side.  You will
see your ship so head towards it.  But someone has a different idea.  A marine
is thrown out a window and a monster follow him.   You call your ship away and
prepare to fight.

------Boss: Berserker Lord------
Your first boss fight. This one is pretty simple.  You want to damage him.  I 
told you!!  Okay to do that you need to shoot the projectiles he shoots at you
back at him. This will destroy the plating on his head, allowing you to damage
him.  For him to shoot the projectiles, shoot both of his blinking red
shoulders.  Repeat until plating fall off. It should take 4 of the purple 
balls to make it fall off.  Then just shoot the red spot on his head like
crazy!  His main attack is a laser that is easy to avoid.  When you beat him he
backs away in to the electric barrier and falls.  He gets hit by a ship below.

You call your ship back, so get in it and set a course for Norion!!

When you land at Docking Hub Alpha a Marine will tell you that the Pirates have
knocked out the generators and thus, the planetary defense system.  This was 
their only defense against orbiting ships, so you and the other hunters need to
get the generators back online.  He gives you coordinates of the 3

-------Objectives: Get Generator A Back Online-------
                   Get Generator B Back Online
                   Get Generator C Back Online

Shoot the 4 targets on the door to open it.  He straight and shoot the 
target to open the door to the little room.

-----Upgrade: Grapple Lasso-----
The grapple lasso allows you to do things such as pull things off walls or 
pull shields off of enemies.  It's cool.  Just walk into the room to grab it.

Head out of the little room and head down the hallway.  Scan the panel then
interact with the controls.  Head up the elevator. Go through the door and head
down the hallway kill all the Crawltanks and Pirates.  Head up to the door and
you will notice a thing like a claw on the door.  Use the grapple to pull away
the barrier, after locking onto it of course.  Go through.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
This is available once you clear out the pirates.  As soon as you walk into 
the room, pull of the cover of the panel and activate it.  Head down the 
uncovered hole in Morph Ball and follow the maze.  Blow up the fans with a bomb
and use the air to go up long stretches.  Other times, you will need to go when
the vents are not on to be able to get through

Oh man, this next room is a wreck.  You will notice damaged walls and hurt 
marines.  Ignore the door on your right and fight off the Aeromines.  Pass the
big center door and grapple the debris on the left side of the room away. 
Go through the hole in Morph Ball and then go back to biped form.  There is a 
large door in front of you. This is the door for the Cannon Control room.  You
will notice there are 4 red panels.  3 are generators and the last is the 
control for the door.  This is where you come when all 3 generators are back 
online.  Head through the door on your right.

In this room the floor has broken away, exposing the heating coils.  Do not 
touch them, or you will lose health. 

----Upgrade: Energy Tank----
Switch to Morph Ball and either jump or bomb yourself up to the tank on your 

To cross this room, wait until the closest panel moves up.  Get right next to 
it so when it retracts, you can go left without being pushed off.  Get to the 
end, go out of Morph Ball, and open the door.

Head down the hall and you will see marines falling back.  There are explosions
and the you see a space pirate. Kill him.

--Map Room--
Approach the door on the right.  You need to shoot a missile at the door first.
Enter the door and walk up to the map data to get it.

Leave the room and head right.  Follow the path up, and down.  When coming down
some debris will fall. Shoot a missile, at it and keep going.  You will meet 
some Jumpmines along the way, so either shoot them, or back away.  Go through 
the missile door and come onto the bridge.

When you come down, the door behind you will lock.  Space Pirates will appear
at the other end.  There will be some Troopers, and they are a little tougher, 
but it's nothing you can't handle.  Kill them and some Militias with shields 
will appear.  Lock-on and grapple the shields off.  Then kill them like you 
would any other enemy.  You will now meet Aerotroopers, Pirates with jetpacks.
Use a missile while locked or the Power Beam to take them out of the sky. A 
pirate ATC ship will appear.  Shoot the front of the ship where it is 

4 more ships appear.  Things are not looking good.  But then Rundas appears, 
and saves your behind.  He tells you the Federation is allowing ship-command 
devices to be used by all bounty hunters.  You can now bring you ship here.  
Rundas tells you to activate Generator A while he does Generator B.

--Ship Docking Point--
Bring up the visor select and choose the right side.  Scan the ship icon to 
land your ship.  You can now save, restore, or go to any other available 
docking point.  The best part is, if you leave planet, you can come back to the
same spot.

When you done with that, head through the next door.  Shoot the Crawltanks and
jump over the ledge.  This next door is a little different than you've seen.
You must shoot the color that is lit, and shoot the next one that lights up.
You have to shoot the next color quickly, otherwise it will cycle back to the 
previous color.  So shoot the 3 sensors then grapple the door off and go 

When you enter the generator room, you will see two Aerotroopers flying off and
the generator going crazy.  Head towards the other side of the room.  In the 
middle, the ledge on the other side closes up and "Jolly Rodger" drones 
surround you.  Shoot them all down.   They are quick, but lightly armored.  
There are 2 waves of 3 each.

The barriers will fold down now, and you can jump across to the other side.  
Use a missile to move the debris and activate the manual override.  Walk over 
to the other side and go to the controls.  Activate the generator with you 

-------Objective 1 Complete-------

The admiral will radio you and tell you that a meteor is on a crash course with 
the planet.  The only way to destroy it is with the cannon.

Head back out to the bridge to witness the power of the PED suit.  As you cross
the bridge, a giant dragon like thing crosses over you.  Don't worry.  You will
learn what it is later.

Head back up the walkway and go through the hallways.  A marine will kill the
Shielded Pirate for you.  Keep going and kill the Jumpmines and Crawlmines.  Go
through the door to get back to the room with the heated floor.  USe the same 
strategy as you did to get here to get back.  Head out and go through the hole.
Walk to witness Ghor beat a Beresker Lord.  He tells you to go to Generator C.

Walk over to the door and blast off the power links.  A transmission tells you
that the meteor has Phazon in it, and it probably a bomb.  Go through the door 
and help the marines.
----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Notice the white door in this hallway.  Inside is a Missile Expansion.  This 
gives you more missiles.  You can't open it yet through.  You need a new weapon,
 Ice Missiles.

Go through the door and enter the hallway.   A "Jolly Rodger" will attack you.
If you jump down and go behind you there are some crates, a "Jolly Rodger", and
a few Jumpmines, as well as a glass wall.  So anyway jump on to the ledge with
the Crawlmines.  Shoot them and move forwards.  Jump across the gap and go into 
Morph Ball and follow the path.  If you miss, you appear near I was talking 
about above with the enemies.  Just go back up and try again.  Enter the door
at the end of the hall way.

When you come here, you receive a radio transmission telling you to hurry up.  
In front of you there is a hole that is blocked.  Enter Morph Ball and Bomb it.
Go in the tube and keep rolling.  Jump up to the next section and keep going.

All of a sudden the dragon you saw earlier swoops down onto the tube.  His 
talons keep you from going further or back.  Dodge the beam from his mouth.  
When he bites with his beak, use a bomb next to it to hurt him.  3 successful
bombs should make him move his leg away allowing you to go through.  He attacks
you again, this time I have done it in 2 bombs.
Go through the door and Rundas will radio you, telling you he got Generator B

-------Objective 2 Complete-------

Head down the hallway and shoot the Crawltanks.

--Save Room--
The first door on your left is a save room.

Keep going along, killing the Crawltank.  You will come to another door with
the color sensors.  Do what you did before to open this one.  This time there
are 5 colors.  Go through the door to reach the generator room.

Enter to be met by 5 Pirate Troopers.  The start to approach you when one of 
them starts to attack the others, kill them.  Gandrayda changes out of the 
Pirate form and greets you.  She tells you to put the machine on.

Go across the room and activate it like before.  But this time you need to do
something else.  The generator gets stuck so you need to give it a boost.  Near
the controls, an access hole opens up.  Go inside with our Morph Ball.  A 
"Jolly Rodger" will shoot at you so keep moving.

When you come to purple gas, use your bomb to ignite it, shooting you up the 
tube.  When you come to one of the points, use a bomb to get up, then use a 
bomb to activate it.  This moves a walkway into place.  Keep going until you 
do a big drop.  Use a bomb and go to the left and activate the second point.
Then go right. Activate the third one and go all the way to the top.  Use a 
bomb whiled locked in place to move the generator.

You come out and look up.  It's the dragon from before.  You start to shoot 
at him and he comes down at you.  He grabs you and both of you are now making
a free fall down the shaft below.

------Boss: Meta-Ridley------
This boss fight is a little different.  First off, you have a timer.  You must
beat Meta-Ridley before you drop 16800 meters.  Second you field of view 
changes.  When you start, you are above him.  He grabs you so you are even.
Then you are below him when he lets you go.  He grabs you, and then you are 
above again.  You can move forward, back, left, and right when he is not 
holding you. Keep shooting at him.  When you are above he will fire pieces of 
the shaft at you, as well as fire a beam.  Just shoot him in the mouth.  When 
he is holding you, he had 3 attacks.  1 with his mouth, two with his hand.  
Just shoot it when it glows to hurt him  and stop the attack.  When you are 
below, he will launch fireballs.  Shoot his mouth. 

When you drain his life, you will fall on him and shoot him point blank in the
mouth.  After that Rundas will save you. Yay!!  But you now owe him one. He
tells you to activate Generator C and meet him in the cannon control room.
Activate the panel with your hand and get out of there.

-------Objective 3 Complete-------

-------Objective: Head to the Control Tower-------

You now have four minutes to get to the control room.  Go through the hallway 
and run past the Crawltanks and go through the door. You are back to the tubes
where your first fought Meta-Ridley.  You can see the meteor about to hit.  
Switch to Morph Ball and head in the tube to the right.  Use a bomb to boost 
yourself up and roll along.  The coordinates of the room will be transferred to 
you, but you should know where the room is.  It is near Generator A door, with
the four panels on it. 

Go through the tube and the door.  Shoot the "Jolly Rodger" and keep going.  You
will come to the glass wall, but a Pirate will break it.  Shoot him and go 
around the corner.  Shoot the enemies and turn around.  Double jump to the
platform behind you and keep going. Head down the hallway and kill the 

Go through the door and go to the main room. Go right and go through the hole.
The big door is now unlocked so go open it go in.  It's an elevator, and all
the other hunters are there.  You talk as you go up.

-------Objective Complete------

You run into the control tower and start trying to use the cannon.  All of a 
sudden something breaks the window.  All the hunters fire at it.  They fail.
It aims for you and you dodge it.  Its Dark Samus!  The other hunters get up,
but Dark Samus charges up and hits you with powerful blast.  You all fall on
the ground, and Dark Samus leaves.

You are able to get enough strength to move to the controls.  You activate the
cannon, then you collapse after the cannon destroys the meteor.

One Month Later
G.F.S. Olympus
You wake up to a screen.  Status: Corrupted.  The woman explains that you were
asleep for a month, and Norion is now safe.  She says that all of you have 
self-generating Phazon inside your bodies, and there are no negative effects.
She explains that soldiers on Norion had Phazon Enhnacement Suits, PED suits.
They had to remove the Varia suit to repair it, but integrated a PED suit into
your armor.  She explains that you can fuel the PED from your internal energy,
instead of a backpack, like the soldiers.

You are now asked to try the PED suit by entering Hyper Mode.  This drains 1
complete energy tank.  Shoot at all the targets.  Cool huh?

She explains the Hyper Mode turns off after 25 seconds.  But for now, report to
the AU chamber.  Walk out of the room and through the next.  Go up the elevator
and out the door.  Go to the end of the hall. Note: This is the hallway with
the first save room.  Go out to the bridge and turn right. Talk to the marine,
who will let you inside the AU chamber.  Go up the lift and press the panel to
talk to AU 242.

The AU explains that in addition to Norion, planets Bryyo and Elysia were also
attacked.  The meteors or "Leviathans" planted themselves into the planet, and
are spreading the Phazon.  He says that they needed to be destroyed, two weeks
ago Rundas went to Bryyo, Ghor to Elysia, and Gandrayda went to the find the
Space Pirate stronghold.  They also have PED, but the lost contact a week ago.
The AU wants you to finish their missions.  He wants you to go to Bryyo, the
closest planet.  Try to find out what happened to the other hunters.

You run back to your ship and leave the starship.  AU 242 says the fleet is
moving and you will no longer be able to land on the ship.  They will keep in
contact through.  Onward to Bryyo!!

NOTE: At this point, you can go back to Norion to get the Missile Expansion


Clifside Airdock, Bryyo Clifside

While landing at the Cliffside Airdock. You will notice a giant shield 
around the Leviathan. You will also notice another creature on the cliff, but
then he disappears.

As you walk, you get a transmission telling you that they have no way to take
down the shield.  They need more info.  They give you the coordinates of a down
Federation vessel.  They tell you that you can use the satellite uplink to give
them more info.

-------Objective: Activate the Satellite Uplink-------

As you go to the next room so see a patch of ice on the wall, and as you go 
around the corner, you see an ice bridge.  You will meet with 3 Gragnols.  They
are quick, but weak.  Kill them and jump down.  Go through the door.

The two most prominent things in this room are the tower in the middle, and the
door with the green and orange symbols.  Double jump to the left onto the 
platform then keep going around.  Go under the orange archway.  Jump up onto 
the ledge and go straight.  The door to your left goes to the ship, but you can
not get there yet anyway.  Climb the ledges and jump off the cliff towards the 
big door.  Land on the cracked walkway, so it will move, giving you a shortcut
back.  Go to the right of the door and jump up, then onto the pillar in the 
middle enter Morph Ball and go in the hole.  Plant a bomb at the end of the 
track.  You will activate the orange symbol and two platforms.

Get out of Morph Ball and go to the left go onto the cracked bridge. You will
notice groups of enemies called Nighbarbs.  The only way to destroy them is
to shoot a shot at the middle when they charge an attack.  Anyway on the 
bridge scan the platform outlined in red.  Use the grapple to pull it and
immediately jump on it.  The bridge will crumble.  Climb up the ledges.  Turn
to  the right and jump on to the platforms that were put down with the orange 
symbol.  Then jump onto the platform in the middle and go in the Morph Ball 
hole.  Plant a bomb at the end.

Shoot the Gel Puffers and go to the ledge on the right.  Make your way to the
big door which is now unlocked.

----Upgrade: Energy Tank----
To get the energy tank you must grapple the metal ball out of the track, then
go into Morph Ball and go right.  Kill the Hoppers and go though the door to
get the energy tank.

Make your way back into the track and go left.  Head towards the door and 
open it with a missile.  Kill the Shellbugs and make your way up the ledges.  

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
In this room when facing the viness turn around and scan looking up. There's a 
rock with fuel gel inside of it.  Destroy it, then jump up to a platform and 
jump around to reach the ME.
(Credits go to  Robert Tobeck on this one:^) 

Enter Hyper Mode and shoot the growths off the vines to your right with your 
beam.  Kill the Hoppers and go though the door.

Jump down the ledges towards the giant golem on the ground.  Then Reptilicus 
Hunters will attack.  Kill them.  Go to the door way where the stone head 
receded and make a right and go though the door.  Kill the Gragnols at the 
bottom, then turn around.  At the base of the ledges, there is a rock (you can
see it with your scan visor). Bomb it and go inside.

When you go though there are 2 types of creatures, Snatchers and a Korba.

----Upgrade: Missle Expansion----
To get the missile expansion, have the snatchers hold on to you.  Hold to the 
left to avoid the Korba and when you reach the top of the ledge, make a bomb.
This will kill them, freeing you.  Then just grab it.  To get out, jump out
to the right.

If you didn't get the expansion, you can just jump up the ledges or the
snatchers to carry you, make sure to bomb the rock.  Either way get out and 
change back to Biped.  Scan the panel, and rip it of with the grapple.  Shoot a
shot into the gel to explode the statue.

-----Upgrade: Grapple Swing-----
This a a cool upgrade.  This allows you to throw your grapple onto the little
yellow triangles and swing across gaps.  Now you can get out of here and get
onto the federation ship.  Just come in, grab it and leave.
Use the grapple swing to get back across the gap and climb the ledges.  Go back
to the Golem in the ground.  On the left side of the room, the is a hole in the
wall.  Go though it and climb the ledges.  When you reach the top, shoot the 
Gel Puffers and swing across.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Behind the white door to your right is a missile expansion.  When you get the
new weapon, you are able to come back here to get it.

Land on the ledge near the door you came from and scan the panels in front of
you. Rip them all of and go up in Morph Ball.  GO though the door and go though
the room.  Head down the ledge and kill the Reptilicus.  Head thought the 
Morph Ball track and go to the big room.  Kill the Reptilicuses and go left.  
Head under the green arch and look towards the pillar.  Use the grapple to 
swing towards the orange arch and go up the ledge.

Enter the door to your left that we ignored before.  Grapple across the gap and
go into Morph Ball.  Follow the track and land in the room.  Turn Morph Ball
off and kill the atomic by charging a full shot.  Shoot missiles on the lock at
the top of the panel.  Use the grapple to pull the remaining 4 connectors 
together to restore power. Yay power!  

--Map Room--
Manually activate the uplink. Ya that's right.  It gives you the map too.

-------Objective Complete-------

-------Objective: Destroy Eastern energy signal-------
                  Destroy Western energy signal

The deal is that the are two place giving energy to the shield.  We are going
to deal with the east one.  One door in the ship lead to Fire Falls(we can't go
any further, yet) go outside.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Now that power is back, go back into the Morph Ball hole.  Instead of going 
left go up.  Be careful not to touch the electricity.  The idea is when the 
piston is not moving up and down to bomb jump up.  You need to place a bomb, 
then place another before the 1st explodes.  When the first explodes, place one
at the peak of the jump.  You fall the 2nd puts you to the third, and the third
will put you on the ledge.  Yeah it's a little confusing, but try it you will 
see what I mean. Follow the path to the end.  Grab the Missile Expansion at the
end of the glass.

Either way get back to the other side, away from the ship.  Go though the door
and kill the Reptilicuses.  Go to the green arch door and start to go back to 
your ship.  Pull the bottom statute to get back up and go on the ice bridge.

The door will lock and you will have to face Alpha-Hoppers.  The easiest way is
to use Hyper Mode. Easy.

When that is done go back to your ship and set a course for Firey Airdock.

Firey Airdock, Bryyo Fire

As you leave your ship, you will notice Rundas' ship on a cliff to your right.
Head through the door.  As you head down the hallway, you will encounter stone 
discs.  Shoot the gel spouts to ignite the gel and move the discs.

There is a stone head in front of you.  You can use this a short cut once the
other side is activated.

Head up to the door on your left and go though.  Inside there are two
Reptilicuses.  Kill them both then jump over to the other side of the room.  
Follow the path until you reach 2 gel spouts.  Shoot them both to flip the 
platform.  Jump up to it, then turn and jump up to the door and go though it.
Switch to Morph Ball and go though the hole.

Ah you good friends Snatchers and Korba.  

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Use the snatchers to go up near the Korba.  Head left and make a bomb.  Jump 
the ledge and use the top hole to get to the Missile Expansion. Then leave and 
drop to the bottom.

Use the snatchers to go to the first ledge.  Use the a bomb to kill them and 
roll into this lower hole. 

NOTE: In this room there is a stone head blocked by ice.  Come back when you 
have the Plasma Beam.

Head left and manually activate the elevator by using the grapple.  Shoot a 
missile at the door and go though it.  Kill the hoppers and then enter 
Hyper Mode.  Shoot the growths like you did before.  About halfway though, your
suit should start going crazy.  You have just entered corrupt Hyper Mode. 
Quickly keep shooting to expel the Phazon.  You will the get a transmission
from the AU asking if you are okay.  They will run diagnostics and get back to
you later.

NOTE: You can jump into the blue Phazon and it will be absorbed by you and fill
your energy.

Grapple across to the other side and go to the door.

This next room is big.  And complicated.  I will try to explain this the best I
can.  As you enter, you will see Rundas way up high on your right.  
Head forward towards the other side.

All of a sudden, the room will lock and you will be attacked by Warp Hounds. 
They are tougher than any regular enemy you've faced yet, but they are a piece
of cake.  Kill them anyway you see fit.

Head over to the pedestal and shoot the gel spouts.  Then go into Morph Ball 
and plant a bomb in the lit hole.  The center pillar should start to rise.  
Jump on it and kill the Gragnols.  Pull both rails with the grapple and head 
towards the one that fell, not slid.  Jump to the platform and look left.  
Interact  with the machine and it will star pumping gel.  Shoot both the 
spouts and go into Morph Ball.  Head into the opening and go to the end.  
Activate this control like you did the other.

Go back into the Morph Ball track and pop out the other side.  Jump on the top 
of the platform and fight the Gragnol Adults.  They have a shield, so use the 
grapple to destroy them.  Face where you activated the original control and 
scan the little red box.  Use the grapple to pull the cap.  Ignite both gels
and jump across.

Enter the Morph Ball hole and avoid the enemies and fire. At the second enemy,
go up and bomb the cracked block.  This will block the fire, letting you pass.
Go to the end and activate the 3rd control.  Shoot the Gel Puffs and jump onto
the pillar.  On the right side, there is a green ledge.  Double jump at it and
you will automatically pull yourself up. Go though the door.

-----Upgrade: Missle Expansion-----
In this room there is a spinning stone head.  When it is near the vine, shoot
at the spout to ignite the gel.  This will break the vine amd drop a platform
and the missile expansion with it.

Use the platform to safely cross to the other side.

--Save Room--
The only thing of interest in this room is the save room. Use it and keep

Kill the hoppers in the next room and keep going.  In this room wait to time
your jumps.  When the gel stops, jump.

There is a stone head that will put you back in the room after your ship.  You
need to get a new weapon in order to get past the gel though.

Keep jumping over the gel pools and get to the door.  In this next room, kill
the Gelbugs and head up to the door.  In the next room head to the open area.

It's another Space Pirates fight.  This time it's a little tougher.  They will 
deploy Armored Troopers.  Use missiles to take off the armor.  But its the 
same.  Don't worry about the ship.  If you kill the Pirates, it will leave.

Just when you thought it was over, more ships come.  They drop many more 
troopers.  Guess who comes to save you Rundas! He freezes them all.  As you 
approach him he tries to freeze you!  You take good look at him and you can 
see a very faint image of Dark Samus behind him.  You have no choice but to 

------Boss: Rundas------
This is a difficult fight if you do not know how to approach it.  First off,
Rundas has ice armor on.  When he is on the ground, use the power beam.  When
he stars flying, use missiles.  You have to do enough damage to him to stun 
him.  Then use the grapple to rip the armor off.  When you do this, enter 
Hyper Mode.  Then shoot the bejusus out of him.  Rinse and repeat.  Oh and if 
you are running low on missiles and health, break the ice balls he shoots at 
you.  Also dodge the ice blasts.  If you get caught rapidly press jump to free

After you beat him, he will fall to the ground.  It will shake and a huge ice
stalagmite will piece though his body.  His body will dissinigrate into the 
darkness, and then will leave.

-----Upgrade: Ice Missiles-----
Grab the Ice Missile upgrade.  They are now more powerful and an freeze enemies
and liquids (gel anyone?) for short times.

NOTE: You can now open the white door in Norion, and the one in the first part
of Bryyo.  Both have Missile Expansions.

Touch the icon in the middle to head down the elevator.  Go though the door.
Use the ice missile to create TEMPORARY platforms on the gel. Jump on to it and
make another until you get across.  In this room activate the pump.  Use the 
ice missile near the spout to freeze the gel.  Like before it is temporary and
when you jump on one make the next one.

In the room you can activate the hologram by scanning and placing you hand on 
panel.  It tells you the shield is up and the hologram is not accessible by the

Go to the end of the room and scan the generator and the shield.  You will 
receive a transmission telling you that you a need a new weapon in order to
destroy it.

Turn around and head back the way you came, doing the same things you did to
get here.  Head up the elevator.  At the top, kill all the hoppers to 
reactivate the elevator and then head towards the door.  Kill all the enemies
in this room and move on the next.  In this room you can now freeze the 
constant gel flow to get to the stone head, but don't do it just yet.  Go back
to the save room, and then into the room where the vine was cut.

In this room use the ice missiles to go down the tunnel.  Open the door with an
ice missile. In this hallway, shoot at the red dot.  The grapple swing on to
the point and use you beam to hit the next red dot.  Then jump to that one and
do it one more time.   

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Turn right and use the grapple.  This allows you to get to the expansion and
a shortcut back to that lava room.

-------Objective: Travel to the Federation Landing Site------

At some point, you will receive a transmission about a Federation Landing Site
on Bryyo.  It is accessible from Fire Falls, the place with the gel after the
satellite uplink.

Any head back to the first room or go back to the shortcut.  Either way, you 
will end up in that room.  From there, go to your ship and go back to the 
Cliffside Airlock.

Clifside Airdock, Bryyo Cliffside

Head all the way to the ice bridge.  Here you are attacked by the Gragnol 
Adults, so don't forget to grapple.  Keep going until you reach Gateway, the 
big room.  Kill the Reptilicuses and grapple swing to the orange arch.  Go 
through the door and grapple onto the G.F.S. Theseus.  Go in the door and go 
through the other side.  Kill the gel Puffs and freeze the spouts like before.
Go into Morph Ball and jump into the statue. Plant a bomb.

Open the white door with a missile and enter the room.  A few Warp hounds will 
attack you.  Show them what ice missiles can do! Then the pedestal will fall 
and reveal a Morph Ball spot.  Get inside and plant a bomb.  Follow the wire 
from his right foot and shoot it where it connects to the wall.  Follow the one
on his right arm.  Shoot the rock in front of it with a missile.  Jump inside 
the hole and shoot the connection.  The one for his left arm should go right in
front of a gel vent.  Shoot the vent to burn the wire.  The last one is on the
far wall.  Stop the gel with a missile and go into morph ball.  Go all the way
left and jump into the hole. Go to the end and plant a bomb.  Come out and 
jump the gel.  Get into the glowing hole and plant a bomb.  You now have a 

As you open the door, the AU will tell you about the Phazon.  It says that it
overreacts after several seconds, but you need the PED suit to beat Dark Samus.

----Upgrade: Energy Tank----
Drop down the ledge and scan.  There should be a golem arm on the ground.  
Shoot a missile to destroy it, revealing a tank.  Go into Morph Ball mode to 
get it and climb back up.

Fire a shot at the golem to have a bridge fall down.  Grapple across and climb 
up.  Look across and fire at the orange crystal.  Then look to you left and
on top of the platform is another crystal.  shoot it too.  Grapple across and 
keep climbing.  Destroy the enemies and their hives.  When you get to the top,
destroy the debris and go though the door.  You finally reached the landing 
site.  Head left over to the panel to activate the security.

Warp Hounds and Reptilicuses.  Ya.  Hyper Mode is your friend.  So are ice 
missiles.  Take them on one at a time. Easy.  The control panel should come 
back up, so click the up arrows.  Head over to the elevator and go up.

---Energy Cell 2---
You can also use a bomb to remove the grates on the 
vents right after you  come up the elevator.  You can then grab an energy cell
and disable the shield for the orange door.  Head down the other vent.

Then jump to the equipment.  Jump up to the grab ledge and then grapple the 
platform forward.  Jump on it, and take out the Gragnol hives.  Then jump to 
the higher platform, and back on the equipment.  Jump diagonally and then go 
into Morph Ball.  Go into the room and activate the controls for the bay door.
Get out and jump down.  Bring the equipment down, land the ship, and then press
the glowing button on the panel.

-------Objective 3 Complete-------

Now that we have more firepower, Let's fly back to the Firey Airdock.

Firey Airdock, Bryyo Fire

Land go though to the next room.  Kill the "Jolly Rodger" and go to the next
room.  Kill the Space Pirates and head to the next room via the grapple hallway
Use your ice missiles to cross and head to the save room.  Kill the pirate in
this room and go to the next.  Get to the end of the room and kill the
Crawltanks on the way.  Kill the pirate in the next room, and get to open 

You can see that the pirates are building a cannon.  Time you use your new
weapons from your ship.  You must disable the two jamming beacons on the sides
of the room first.  Ignore the Aerotroopers and head to a switch.  Pull the
lever wit the grapple and quickly run to the next.  Pull this one too.  Then
switch to command visor and call the ship for a bombing run.

-------Objective 1 Complete-------

Go down the elevator and into the next room.  Use a missile to go across the 
gel, but watch out for the Aeromines.  In the room freeze the gel and keep 
going.  In this next room, there are PED Troopers.  If you are hit, you will
be forced into Hyper Mode.  Fire repeatedly to expel the Phazon.  But kill 
them.  Order a bombing on the shield generator.

Head back up the elevator, watch for a "Jolly Rodger" along the way.  Kill the
pirates and keep going on.  Kill the Crawltanks, 1 missile will kill them all.
Kill the Crawltanks and take the shortcut back. Otherwise use the grapple to 
get back to the ship.  I guess we have one more place left to go on this

Thorn Jungle Airdock, Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Fly here and go though the door.  Kill both of the Troopers and blow up the 
rocks with gel crystals.  One of them has a red door.

----Upgrade: Energy Tank----
Ya.  Open this red door and grab it.

Another rock is a little higher.  Blow it up and use the box to climb in the
hole.  Enter Morph Ball, and activate the switch.  Head out and open the door.
Kill the Pirates and close the jammer.  Have the ship bomb the wall.

You will now encounter a Berserker Knight, same idea is the Lord you fought
way back.  Be careful.  The Space pirate behind him reflects missiles.  After 
you kill them, two more pirates will come. Kill them too.  Head though the next
hall while killing the Crawltanks.

Take out the Aerotroopers in this room and then get ready

------Boss: Korrak Beast-------
First kill the pirate riding him.  Then dodge his attacks until his mouth 
glows.  Shoot it and go into Morph Ball.  Plant bombs under his belly and get 
out.  Do this process again and then get behind him.  Grapple his backside and 
go into Hyper Mode. Shoot the belly.  Do all of this until he is dead.

Kill the pirates that come out and go though the door. Kill all the Jolly 

--Save Room--
If you go right at the T intersection, there is a save room behind the white

Go down the other hallway and go though the door

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
Shoot the red dot in the middle, and then quickly shoot the other red dots.
Jump up there and grab it.

If you try to bomb the generator, you ship will be shot, you must disable the 

-------Objective: Destroy Anti-Aircraft Turrets-------

Try to leave.  The door will lock and you will be attack by pirates. Kill them.
Take the right door and go though to the South Hall.  Blow up the bridge by
hitting the fuel tanks.  Ledge grab the green ledge and kill the pirates.  Jump
to the other side.  Destroy the turrets (the fuel tanks that pass in front can
help) and go in the door.  Head down the hallway and watch out for the turret.

You finally come to the first AA gun.  Ignore the pirates.  Run under the 
cannon and pull the middle thing with your grapple.  Run outside and shoot the
fuel that popped out of the side.  Do this three times.  After you blow up the 
fuel, a shield will go up.  Use this time to kill the pirates.

When you are done, kill the remaining pirates and head to the next door.  In
This room, kill the Jolly Rodgers and go to the next room.  Come in this room
and jump over a black tube to the left.

----Upgrade: Ship Missiles----
To get this upgrade, out the piston down with the grapple.  Jump back over the
black tube and go into the Morph Ball track.  Have the piston pull you up.  
Roll and grab the upgrade.

This will get you to the other side, or you can roll under the wires.  In the
next room kill the Aeromines.  Watch out for the regular mines on the ground.
Blow them up from a distance.

In the next room is the other Tiamat.  This one is a little different.  Kill
the Aerotroopers in order to keep them from pulling the lever down again.
Jump up the platform and on to the cannon.  Jump across to the lever and pull
it with your grapple.  Jump back to the cannon and pull the other two.  Make 
sure to kill the Aerotroopers as you go along.  Use your missiles or Hyper 
Mode!!!  After that is done, destroy the fuel tanks on the cannon.

-------Objective 4 Complete-------

Go tough the tunnel and up the elevator.  Kill the pirate and the Jolly Rodger.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----

Use the fuel tanks on the machine to blow open the locks at the top of the 
bridge.  Use the pump to rotate the stone.  Use Morph Ball track to get it.

Head back to the room where you can destroy the generator.  Call in your ship
to bomb it.  The shield is now gone.

-----Objective 2 complete-----

-----Objective: Destroy the Leviathan seed-----

Head out the door towards the save room.  Kill the "Jolly Rodgers" and go 
though the door to the next room. Kill the pirates in this room.  Use Hyper 
Mode.  Then kill the Crawltanks in the next room and keep going on.  Ignore 
the Pirate ship and head though the door.  Get to your ship and fly to the

Bryyo Seed

Land your ship and jump to the door.  Destroy the vines by shooting the center.
Make your way to the door.  Jump down and get ready for a fight.

-----Boss: Mogenar------
This guys power sources are the orbs.  The first thing he will do is jump and
send a shock wave.  Jump it.  Now you must shoot his 4 orbs.  Save the back 
for last.  After you shoot on until it bursts enter Hyper Mode.  Shoot that 
spot.  Otherwise he will try to get a new one.  Blow itup or you have to do it
again.  Once that is blown up, he will make armor around his feet.  Go into 
Morph Ball dodge him and blow up the armor with bombs.  Then you can hurt the 
orbs again.  When there is one left, he will start charging at you.  Dodge it 
and jump around to hurt his 4th orb.

Once you beat him, you will see the Phazon in your body grow larger, and you
will fall to the ground.

-----Upgrade: Hyper Ball-----
Grab it.  You are now in hyper mode.

Switch to Morph Ball and kill the plants. Press Fire to release the Phazon into
the seed.

-------Objective 5 Complete-------

Now go to Elysia.  You must land on a research facility above the planet and
purge corruption from AU 217.


Main Docking Bay, Skytown

-------Objective: Get Aruora Unit Back Online-------

Enter the building and head up the hallway.  As you near the door, you will be 
to locate the AU.  He will help you destroy the seed.  You must also watch out
for Ghor, as his location and disposition are unknown.  You will the coordiates
for the AU Chamber.

Enter the door.  Go into Morph Ball and enter the hole.  Enter Hyper Ball and
press Fire.  YOu will attack the plants and bring down the wall, letting you
advance.  Grapple swing onto the yellow diamond and use your weapns to take out
the barriers in your way as you move down the hall.  Enter the door.

You will get a good look around the outside of SkyTown.  USe the zipline to get
to the next area by using the Grapple Swing.  Use a weapon to disable the 
barriers.  When you get to the end, enter the door.  Kill the Tinbots in the
next room.  They are extremely easy.  Whne you come outside, turn left and kill
the Tinbots.  Out here you can reach the communications satillite if the cannon
had power.

Keep heading down the path until you reach the end,  In this room, the 
projectors are displaying Ghor's image.  Head into the door on the right.
In this room you will the what looks like a ghost robot, then it will 
disappear. Head through this room and exit it via the door on the other end.

Enter Morph Ball and hit the hologram.  YOu will be shot out of a cannon.
When you land on the other side, go into the Morph Ball track.

----Upgrade:Missile Expansion----
Here you have to double bomb jump for it.

Get to the end of the tack and get out Morph Ball.  YOu will notice a machine
with laser on it.  The locks need to be hit simultaneously.  ANyway head to the
platform on your left and there will be a cannon that is able to be move on the
debris has been melted.  USe the zip line for now.  Shoot down the obstacles 
and enter the door.

You will see the same ghost robot (Steam Lord).  Head into Morph Ball and go 
under the lasers.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
To get this ME, as soon as you go off the ledge in Morphball turn around.  It
is right undr this ledge.

Make your way too the end and come out of Morph Ball.  Jump onto the ledge and
go into the next room.  Go down the elevator.  The path in front of you is shut
so turn behind you and enter the Morph Ball tunnel.  Here avoid the machinery 
and use bombs to clear your way.  Note the oddly colored track.  Come out of
the tunnel and try to exit the room.  Get ready for a battle

The Steam Lord has the ability to repair broken Steambots.  Destroy the 
Steambots to get him to appear.  When he does, hit him with missiles.  I would
not recomend Hyper Mode as he teleports and when he does, precious time will be
lost in a target not being there.

----Upgrade: Energy Tank----
When the Steam Lord dies, he leaves an energy tank.  Lucky you!

Now that the enemy is gone, notice the giant wheel.  Come back later.  Scan and
grapple the 3 valves and head through the door.  In the next room, there is a 
door at the other end.  It is a dead end, so activate the hand scanner and use 
the lift.  Head through the door.  Take the zip line.  Shoot the obstacles in
your way.  Note the cannon here.  Enter the door.

--Save Room--
At the other end of the room, there is a save room behind the white door.

Head down the lift.  Enter the door into the AU Chamber.  You will notice that
AU 217 is corrupt.  It is also protected by a kinteic lock, or big wheel.  Scan
it and Just head into the next room.  We will come back when we have a new 

In the next room be wary ofthe Sky Puffers and jump across the ledge and enter
the next room.  USe the cannon and end up near Ghor's battle suit.  There are
2 ziplines here.  There is nothing for us to do on the East building so head 
West (or if you ar still facing the way you came, right).  Enter the building.

The East door, is the one you came though.  The North door has a platfrom 
leading outside.  The South door has a zip line, but it needs more power.  So
kill the tinbots and head throug the West door (it's the white one).

Here, you will see a Steam Lord.  Scan and grapple the gate
Then "Dragoons" will attack you.  Kill them by ripping their thruster apart 
by using the grapple.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
In the middle pillar, there is a hole jump into it and use a bomb to shoot 
yourself up to get it.

The the steam Lord will raise 4 steam bots you can kill them or

-Stylish Kill-
RUn past them and grapple the gate.  This will drop the whole bridge and kill
the Steambots too.
(Credits go to HunterFett.  Thanks!)

Either way, pull the gate and head to the door.  Kill the "Dragoons" that 
attack and open the door.  Jump across the platforms and exit the room.  Jump
across the floating platforms until you come to a big one.  USe the scna visor 
to look for a place to shoot a missile at to release the hatch.  Ledge grab up
and enter the hole in Morph Ball.  Jump up and plant a bomb to release the 
barrier.  Do this twice more, once for each of the other 2 bomb slots.

Get out and grapple across.  USe Morph Ball to cross the bridge and enter the
big pillar.  Climb to the top and take out the "Dragoons".  ACtivate the hand 
panel to move the crane.  Go through it in Morph Ball and take out the 
"Dragoon"  waiting for you.  Jump to the platform and enter the door.

Activate the lift and go down.  GO though the door and pick up the boost ball.

-----Upgrade: Bo....

So close  looks like its time for a boss battle first.

------Boss: Defense Drone------
This is not a hard boss fight at all.  He has two attaacks while on the ground.
He will shoot missiles, which you can get health and missiles from, and he
will send shockwaves.  YOu target are the 3 antennas sticking out of him.
SHoot them rather soon, if you wait too long, they will grow back.  Once you 
have shot all of them, the drone will stall.  Run up to his front and grapple
him.  THe core will now be exposed.  HW will start hopping around and start
shooting mines at you.  Shoot him in Hyper Mode or with regular shots.  Do this
all over until he is dead.

----Upgrade: Boost Ball-----
Grab the boost ball in the center.

Fall in the hole and keep boosting until the arrows line up.  THe elevator will
work again and bring you up.  Leave the room and go up the lift.  Go outside
and kill the "Dragoons". Go left and enter the Morph Ball Track.  USe a bomb
to destroy the obstacle then fall down.  Enter the door,

Jump across the platforms and kill the "Dragoons".  Exit the building.  
Activate then cannon like before and use it.  Enter the building and go to the
East door.  Kill the Tin bots and go though the door.  Use the zipline and
then head to where the North zipline was.  USe the cannon.

Enter into the AU chamber and activate the lock.  Interact with the conrols and
head down the hatch.  Kill the tinbots.  Enter the middle alcove to upload the

------Objective Complete-------

Ghor will then come and sever the connection to the network.  Go back up the
Morph Ball track and talk to the AU.  He says that Ghor's weapons will repair 
the network. That is the only way to execute the plan to destroy the seed.

-------Objective: Hunt Down Ghor------

Head to the next door and go up the lift.  Head out the door and take the 
zipline.  SHoot down the obstaces in your way.  At the end, head inside.  When
you enter, you will recieve a notice about your ship being attacked.  Head down
the lift.  Head to the right, to where you fought the Steam Lord.  Activate the
kinetic lock.  Then use the halfpipe to reach the top.  Start rolling one way
then boost.  As you come down, boost to go up that wall.  Repeat until you 
reach the ledge.  Unlock the door by using the control and go up the lift.

Exit the room and use Morph Ball to go under the laser.  Jump upto the ledge.
You will receive a message saying your ship is still under attack.  Exit the 
room.  Power up and activate the cannon.  Enter the room.  Kill the "Dragoons"
and move through the room.  Head outside and kill the Tinbots.

----upgrade: Energy Tank----
Here you can ledge grab and activate the cannon to get to the Communications
satellite.  Garb the energy tank and use the cannon to come back.

Head through the hall and kill the Tinbots.  You ships condition is now bad.  
Exit the room and use the zipline.  Keep shooting the obstacles and head 
through the door.  Your ships armor is off.  Grapple swing across the room and 
enter the door.  When you enter you will see Ghor beating your ship out the 
window.  Follow the path outside to engage with Ghor

------Boss: Ghor------
You will call what's left of your ship away. He will have a shield.  He will 
attack with shockwaves, spilling gel, shooting a laser, and by charging.  Dodge
him and shoot at his back to bring down his sheild after he charges.  After a
it is down, a weak spot will appear on his head.  Shoot it (Hyper Mode or 
Missiles).    After his shield is broken, he wil start to shoot lasers and 
missiles.  Shoot down the missiles for missiles of your own as well as health.
When he useshis laser, switch to Morph Ball and go under him.  Plant a bomb.  
Shoot at the weak spot again on his head to move him to a third and final form.
He activates Hyper Mode, but his weak spot is now hittable without doing 
anything else.  Dodge his attacks and attack him with Hyper Mode.

Ghor's battle suit will explode.  The Darkness starts absorbing Ghor, you try 
shooting at it with no luck.  It will again disappear.

-----Upgrade: Plasma Beam-----
This will appear once the darkness leaves.  You now have Ghor's plasma beam.  
You can now melt and weld stuff.

-------Objective Complete-------

YOu call your ship back.  You are able to save, but not enter it.  We have to
head back to the AU and weld it back to the network.  USe the plasma beam to 
melt the metal and head up the hall.

----Upgrade: Missile Expansion----
You are able to melt the metal that has flown into the glass at the end of the 
hall.  Jump in to grab the ME.

Enter the next room and grapple across.  SHoot down the enemies.  Use the 
zipline and enter the next building.  Kill the Tinbots and move on through.
Head on through the next room and kill the "Dragoons".  Use the cannon and
enter the Morph Ball track.  Hop across the platforms and melt the metal around
the Cannon.  Use it as a short cut to skip the Barracks.  Enter the door and go
down the lift.  

To be continued...


Here is where I talk about all the extras that can be "bought." Every time you
scan a creature, Lore, or beat a boss, you a red, blue, or yellow medal.  These
can be used to unlock the different Extras of the game.  Below are names and
prices and description of what is in it. ? is I don't know.  If someone could
tell me it would be appreciated.

Concept Gallery
 Samus Package                     3R 2B 1Y
   1/12  Front and Side view of Samus in Varia
   2/12  Morph Ball 
   3/12  Front and back view of Samus in PED
   4/12  Samus PED suit ideas
   5/12  Samus using Grapple
   6/12  Arm cannon
   7/12  More Morph Ball
   8/12  More Samus in Varia
   9/12  Samus without helmet
   10/12 More Samus without helmet
   11/12 Even More Samus without helmet
   12/12 Gunship
 Creature Package 1                3R 1B 1Y
   1/12  Ghor
   2/12  Warp Hound
   3/12  Berseker Lord
   4/12  Crawltank
   5/12  Federation Male and Female
   6/12  Reptilicus Hunter
   7/12  Rundas
   8/12  Hunters' Gunships
   9/12  More Ghor?
   10/12 Even more Ghor?
   11/12 PED Trooper
   12/12 Enemy ?
 Creature Package 2                3R 1B 1Y
 World Package 1                   3R 1B 1Y
   1/12  SkyTown
   2/12  Bryyo Gateway Room
   3/12  ?
   4/12  ?
   5/12  ?
   6/12  ?
   7/12  ?
   8/12  ?
   9/12  ?
   10/12 ?
   11/12 ?
   12/12 ?
 World Package 2                   3R 1B 1Y
 Storyboard Package 1              3R 1B 1Y
   1/12  Samus in Ship
   2/12  Samus entering AU 242 Chamber
   3/12  ?
   4/12  ?
   5/12  Samus entering Elysia
   6/12  ?
   7/12  Spacefight
 Storyboard Package 2              3R 1B 1Y

Bonus Gallery
 Ship Bumper Stickers              3R 1B 3Y 2G
 Screen-Shot Tool                  3R 1B 3Y 2G
 Mii Bobblehead                    3R 1B 3Y 2G
 Diorama 1                         3R 1B 3Y 1G
 Diorama 2                         3R 1B 3Y 1G
 Diorama 3                         3R 1B 3Y 1G
 Diorama 4                         3R 1B 3Y 1G

Soundtrack Gallery
 MP3 Title Music                   4R 2B 1Y
 In the Cockpit                    4R 2B 1Y
 GF Battle Theme                   4R 2B 1Y
 Bryyo                             4R 2B 1Y
 Bryyo Thorn Jungle                4R 2B 1Y
 The Corruption                    4R 2B 1Y
 SkyTown                           4R 2B 1Y

Friend Vouchers
 This screen shows all you Friend.  If they are black name, they have MP3 save
 data on their console.  You can sent them a Friend Voucher, good for 1 green
 medal.  IF they send you one, you can get a green medal too, so make friends.
 You get 1 friend voucher for each 100 enemies you kill.

Configure WiiConnect24
 This is how you friends know if you have MP3 data.  Turn it on to enable the
 Friend Voucher sharing (see above).

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HunterFett for pointing out a stylish kill

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