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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mega Man 9 Pack Shot

Mega Man 9



by LatiosXT

Mega Man 9 Walkthrough (Vers. 1.2)
Written by: LatiosXT

   Using this Walkthrough
This walkthrough was designed to conform to format standards. It is
also best viewed with a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher.

This walkthrough uses indexing, which should make it easier to navigate through
using your browser's search feature (CRTL+F,Command+F or F3). Scroll down to the
table of contents, type in the four character index tag, and search twice. It
should skip straight to the section you want.

   Version History
1.2 9/30/08
- Last major update until Donwloadable Content comes out. Otherwise incremental
  updates will be done.
- Updated:
  - Added indexing. This should make skipping to a section easier.
  - Changed Eddie's description, since I actually used the item.
  - Added submenu description in the Interface section
  - Eddie's item description was changed, others were cleaned up.
  - Added stage maps and enemy lists to stage walkthroughs
  - A simple map for to show where the holographic blocks are in Wily Stage 3
    have been implemented for harder parts
  - Cleaned up some stage walkthrough sections
  - Wily bosses were tested with every weapon now.
  - Enemy lists now include descriptions
  - Updated damage list to reflect recent findings
  - Added comments to challenges
1.1 9/27/08
- Massive cleanup. I pretty much rushed the last one.
- Made changes to:
  - Added Rush in Cast of Characters
  - Added 480i note in System Requirements
  - Added Interface section in Gameplay chapter
  - Added additional information to weapons
  - Deleted WE usage data (since it's included in additional information)
  - Added enemy data sheet
  - Added basic damage of weapons to damage chart
  - Added Downloadable Content section in Data and other info chapter

1.0 9/22/08
- Initial Release
- This'll be basic until I can figure out what the other options are

   Table of Contents
i. Preface
1. Introduction to Mega Man 9 [IMM9]
  - What is Mega Man?         [WIMM]
  - Story of Mega Man 9       [SMM9]
  - Cast of Characters        [CSTC]
  - System requirements       [SRQM]
2. Gameplay                   [GPLY]
  - Controls                  [CONT]
  - Interface                 [INTF]
  - How to Play               [HTOP]
  - Items                     [ITEM]
3. Walkthrough                [WLKT]
  - Galaxy Man                [GXMN]
  - Jewel Man                 [JLMN]
  - Plug Man                  [PGMN]
  - Tornado Man               [TRMN]
  - Magma Man                 [MGMN]
  - Hornet Man                [HRMN]
  - Splash Woman              [SPWM]
  - Concrete Man              [CNMN]
  - Wily Castle 1             [WCS1]
  - Wily Castle 2             [WCS2]
  - Wily Castle 3             [WCS3]
  - Wily Castle 4             [WCS4]
4. Data and other info        [DATA]
  - Enemy data                [ENMY]
  - Damage Chart              [DMGC]
  - Challenges                [CHNG]
  - Downloadable Content      [DLCT]
5. Legal                      [LEGL]

   WHAT IS MEGA MAN (Take three)?  [WIMM]
Mega Man (abbreviated MM) is a 2D action platformer developed by Capcom. It
started in 1987. To date it's created six other series (X, Legends, Battle
Network, Zero, ZX and Star Force) and numerous games. Mega Man 9 is part of the
Mega Man Classic series. Supposedly there's a correlation to all of the series.

The basic premise of Mega Man is a battle between two robot creators in the 
future (20XX last I checked). The good guy is Dr. Light, the bad guy is Dr. 
Wily. Dr. Wily since 200X has either reprogrammed robots or built his own to do
harm to people in an attempt to take over the world. One of Dr. Light's robots,
Mega Man, is the only robot up to the task of fighting Dr. Wily

In the year 20XX, Dr. Wily is finally put away in jail and the world is in
peace. However, eight robots have suddenly been going on a rampage. Wily however
denies that he's involved and it's really Dr. Light's robots. Wily asks for
donations to build robots to counter this threat. However, Mega Man knows that
Dr. Light won't build any evil robots, and gets to the root of this.



   Mega Man
The main hero, the Blue Bomber, etc. He's a robot with a strong sense
of justice. He has the ability to use other robot's abilities (or in this case,
the Robot Masters)

Mega Man's "sister" robot. She stays behind in Dr. Light's home to help Mega Man
by building items for him.

An assistant to Dr. Light. He plays more or less an analysis role.

   Dr. Light
Creator of Mega Man, Roll, and Auto. Once thought of as a creator of kind
robots, is now accused of making evil robots.

Rush is Mega Man's dog robot companion. He helps Mega Man by doing various
things for Mega Man. In this case, he helps Mega Man reach higher places and fly

A small helper robot created by Dr. Light. Mega Man can call him using an item
to drop a power up.

A bird robot created by Dr. Cossack (MM4). He helps Mega Man by picking him up
from pits should Mega Man fall into one.

   Proto Man
Mega Man's "brother" robot. He's a bonus character.


   Dr. Wily
The once-thought evil genius, he's now innocent in this mishap. Or is he?

  The Robot Masters
Eight robots designed by Dr. Light that have somehow gone rogue.

   SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (Yes there are those for consoles!) [SRQM]
1000 Wii points ($10)
66 blocks free for the actual game
2 blocks free for save files (one is created for eight in-game saves)

Since a Wii block is 128KB, this may mean the PS3 and Xbox 360 version will
require ~8.5MB total for game and saves. Both versions will be $10.

Just for good measure, the Wii version of the game defaults the video resolution
to 480i, there is no way to change this. Make sure your TV supports this mode.


Mega Man 9 uses the Wii Remote or Wii Classic Controller. The buttons for jump
and shoot depend on the option the game is set to. Cancel and Accept however are
the same regardless.

Wii Remote controls (Hold it sideways as if you were playing an NES title)
Control pad: Move Mega Man; Move Cursor
1: Shoot/Jump; Cancel
2: Jump/Shoot; Accept
+: Start the game; Enter submenu
-: Show achievements list
Home: Home menu

Wii Classic Controller
Control pad: Move Mega Man; Move Cursor
Left control stick: Move Mega Man; Move Cursor
B/X: Shoot/Jump; Cancel
A/Y: Jump/Shoot; Accept
+: Start the game; Enter submenu
-: Show achievements list
Home: Home menu


While I understand that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are not available, it's
most likely Capcom will use these control schemes (let me know if they're 

Control Pad/Left Thumbstick: Move Mega Man; Move Cursor
Square: Shoot/Jump; Cancel
X: Jump/Shoot; Accept
Start: Start the game; Enter submenu
Select: Show achievements list

   Xbox 360
Control Pad/Left Thumbstick: Move Mega Man; Move Cursor
X: Shoot/Jump; Cancel
A: Jump/Shoot; Accept
Start: Start the game; Enter submenu
Back: Show achievements list


   MAIN MENU (After pressing +/Start on the title screen)

Game Start -> Go to game starting options
  New Game -> Start a new game
  Load Game -> Load a previous game
  Time attack -> Play a stage while being timed. The rules are as follows:
               - You can only play a stage that you've previously beaten
               - You have all special weapons available
               - The game ends if Mega Man dies or if you defeat the boss.
  ??? -> Downloadable content
  ??? -> Another downloadable content

Challenges -> See the challenges you can accomplish in Mega Man 9

Ranking -> See how your Time Attack or Game Clear times stack up to other

Options -> Change some in-game options
   Control Type -> Switch the shoot and jump commands.
   Legacy Mode -> When on, graphical glitches and slow downs will happen.
   Player Name -> Change your player name (this shows in rankings)


There's really only one thing to note in the game play screen. On the top left
is Mega Man's life energy (LE) bar. When this empties, Mega Man dies. When Mega
Man equips a special weapon, another bar, the weapon energy (WE) bar appears 
next to Mega Man's LE bar. When Mega Man fights a boss, another LE bar appears.

   SUBMENU SCREEN (After pressing +/Start during gameplay)

When you open up the submenu, you'll see three sections. The large main section
displays obtained weapons and energy left in them. The bottom left section 
displays all your items and how many you have. These items however are split
into two sections, the left half being items you manually use, the right half
being items used automatically. The bottom right section displays Mega Man's
health, his lives, and how many screws you have.

To use an item, press A or +/Start. To exit the screen, press 1, X, or A. An
alternative is to select a weapon. 

Mega Man 9 is an action platformer that requires some skill and reaction. You'll
be controlling Mega Man as he runs, jumps, and shoots his way through stages.
There are some common elements you'll find in the stages:

Mega Man uses this to climb up and down parts of the stage. To climb a ladder,
get Mega Man in front of it and press up or down. To get off in the middle,
press the jump button. Mega Man can grab onto ladders even if he's in the air.

Pits are empty places in the floor. This is an instant death hazard should Mega
Man fall in without a Beat Whistle.

Spikes are pointy, and they hurt, a lot! These will instantly kill Mega Man and
are only survivable with the Shock Guard item.

   Boss Doors
These doors leads to the Robot Master, or other boss. A level may have more than
one set of boss doors.

Stage specific elements will be explained on that stage. The goal in Mega Man is
to get him to the end where the boss doors are and defeat the boss. If you 
defeat a Robot Master, you get his or her weapon. If you defeat any other boss,
you simply move onto the next stage.

Throughout these stages, Mega Man will encounter enemies trying to hinder his
path. Mega Man can shoot them down or ignore them. Not all enemies are defeated
the same way. When enough damage has been done to the enemies, they'll blow up
and may drop an item. 

When an enemy hurts Mega Man, he'll take damage and "flash". During this flash
period, Mega Man is invincible (even to spikes). However, if the enemy does 
enough damage to Mega Man, he'll blow up and you'll have to restart the stage at
one of three places depending on how far you were in the stage. When Mega Man 
loses all of his lives you get a Game Over, at which you can either start the 
stage over, select another stage, save your progress, or return to the title 

While traversing a stage, press the + (or Start) to bring up the sub-menu. This
displays various stats about Mega Man such as Weapon Energy, items, lives, and
life. Press + to exit the sub-menu. If you press - (or Select/Back), you'll
open up the achievements list, which will show you a list of challenges Capcom
has provided while playing Mega Man. Doing these challenges has no impact on
the game.

If you're a fan of the original series, Mega Man cannot charge up his Mega
Buster or slide.

   ITEMS (What will I find?) [ITEM]

  Items Mega Man has or will obtain automatically

Mega Buster (M. Buster): Mega Man's primary weapon. It'll only shoot out single

Rush Coil: When you need to jump to higher places, call Rush in this form. While
it consumes WE, it'll only do so if you actually use Rush. When Rush is deployed
Mega Man can fire his M. Buster.

Rush Jet: Need to cross a large gap? Call Rush Jet! Once on Rush, he'll go
forward automatically. You can control if he goes up or down. However, if Mega
Man gets hurt, he can fall off Rush! Mega Man can also use his M. Buster to fire
away at enemies. Obtained after defeating the fifth Robot Master.

  Items found in stages or dropped by enemies

Life Energy (LE) Capsule: A white circle with a smaller white circle. Restores 
Mega Man's life energy. Comes in two sizes that refill 2 or 10 LE.

Weapon Energy (WE) Capsule: A blue oval with blue circle in the middle. Restores
Mega Man's wepaon energy. Coems in two sizes that refill 2 or 10 WE.

1UP: An item in the shape of Mega Man's head. Gives you an extra try at the 
stage should Mega Man die.

Screw: Currency to buy items from Roll. All enemies that drop screws are small
ones that are worth 2. You can find larger screws in stages worth 20, and are
normally rewards for taking harder paths in the stage.

E-Tank: Restores all of Mega Man's LE. Can be used at any time from the submenu.
You are allowed 9 total. This is not an enemy drop.

M-Tank: Restores all of Mega Man's LE and WE for every weapon. It can also
transform any weaker enemy on screen into a 1UP (Thanks to the8thark at 
gmail). Can be used at any time from the sub-menu. You are allowed only one. 
This is not an enemy drop.

   Items available from Roll

1UP (20): An item in the shape of Mega Man's head. Gives you an extra try at the
stage should Mega Man die. 

E-Tank (30): Restores all of Mega Man's LE. Can be used at any time from the 
sub-menu. You are allowed 9 total.

M-Tank (50): Restores all of Mega Man's LE and WE for every weapon. It can also
transform any weaker enemy on screen into a 1UP (Thanks to  the8thark at Can be used  at any time from the sub-menu. You are allowed only 

Eddie Whistle (50): Call Eddie any time you like! Eddie will drop in and give
Mega Man a random item which can be one of the following: LE capsule, WE capsule
1UP, or E-Tank. You can only have one, it can be used only once, but you can
repurcahse as necessary.

Beat Whistle (50): When Mega Man falls into a pit, Beat will come and save him.
You are allowed only one and only one use, but you can repurchase as necessary.

Energy Balancer (100): If you have full WE for an equipped weapon or are using
the Mega Buster, any WE capsule you pick up will be automatically transferred to
the weapon with the least WE.

Guard up(100): Mega Man takes half damage for the rest of the stage. You are
allowed one and only one use, but you can repurchase as necessary.

Shock Guard (50): Prevents Mega Man from dying when he touches spikes. When he
does touch spikes, it's treated as if an enemy hurt him (but no damage is taken)
You are allowed only one and only one use, but you can repurcahse as necessary.

Roll Costume (200): Change the outfit that Roll wears while in the shop.

Book of Hairstyles (20): You can play a stage without Mega Man wearing his 

You are given a choice of eight bosses. Starting from the top left and going
clock-wise we have: Concrete Man, Jewel Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Splash
Woman, Magma Man, Galaxy Man, and Tornado Man. The order I suggest is: Galaxy 
Man Jewel Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man, Magma Man, Hornet Man, Splash Woman, 
Concrete Man.

This walkthrough is set up so that each room (when the screen does a scroll 
transition) is a paragraph, unless there's a part in the stage that needs 


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
s - 2 Screw
C - Capsule (LE or WE)

         [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]   [C][ ][ ][ ][!][B]
         [ ]         [C]   [s]
[ ][ ][s][ ]         [!][ ][ ]

   Enemies: UFO, Mettool (Met), Drop Grabber, Green Blob, Yellow Blob

The stage starts off going to the right. You'll be greeted with a UFO. Make your
way through the twisted path. You'll soon encounter a Mettool (Met). These will
only take damage when they peak from their helmet, which is also when they 
shoot. To get past the set of spikes, you'll need to fall and immediatelly hold 
right. This trick will come in handy later. For now, go right and upon the next 
bed of spikes, head for the ladder. There will be some more UFOs so watch out. 
Continue right and you'll find some more Mets and UFOs. If you're having trouble
with the last Met, you can either shoot it while going towards it, fall down, 
and shoot, or you can get as close as you can from the bottom, then jump towards
it and shoot.

The next room features the stage's gimmick: portals. Portals are two way as you
can see. A thing to note is that portals don't have random exit points. If you
go in one portal and come out the other, it works the other way around. To solve
this one, go in the left portal, Mega Man will jump out of the right one. Go 
back to the right one, and Mega Man will jump out of the left one. 

This next part is a surprise area. Tread carefully, and you'll see an enemey
fall down. If it grabs you, you lose control of Mega Man except for jumping. 
This is merely a preview of the next obstacle. If you get caught by the second
enemy, jump over one bed of spikes and JUMP LEFT when it goes to the next. It
will drop you into spikes. Shortly before the next bed of spikes, another enemy
will come down and you have to jump over two spike beds in succesion. After that
is another drop down enemy and a ladder. If you were picked up by the third or
fourth drop down enemy, HOLD LEFT when they drop you down to the next room.

And you'll see why pressing left was a good idea. Capcom decided to drop spikes
right below! Take care of the Met and go down.

The next room will contain some portals. When you get to them, jump in the 
first one, then you'l come out of the higher one. Drop down into the one just a
bit to the right. When you come out of the last one, hold left a bit to miss it
on the way down, then press right immediately to get to the next place.

In this next room, you'll find a new enemy. This one splits after two shots into
three of itself, though smaller. These smaller versions won't split up further 

The next room has a yellow version which splits into four. You can snag a 1UP
using Rush Coil.

The room after that has more yellow splitters plus two Shield Chargers. You can 
only hurt the Shield Chargers from behind.

In the next room, you'll find that grabby enemy. Note where it is as you pass
the bottom floor. There's no deathtraps on the other side of the room, but
you'll see why you need to pay attention. When crossing the middle level, tread
lightly and let the enemy drop before going on. Mets will also be in here.

The next room has some satellites. Pick up the screws at the corners!

The next room has another drop-in enemy, but only if you go left. Then you're
treated to another set of portals. To get the big screw, go in the first portal,
then go back into the portal you get shot out of, then move a little to the
right then left. The portal you want to get into to reach the boss is the one
to the right of the portal that's higher than the rest. So in other words: Go
into the first one, go right one, then go left. You'll reach the boss doors and
finally to Galaxy Man

Weakness: Concrete Shot
 - Charging into Mega Man
 - Launch a Black Hole Bomb
 - Teleporting
 - Dive onto Mega Man

Galaxy Man is actually a really easy boss to start with. He may start by jumping
and floating around at the top of the room, either using Black Hole Bomb or dive

Black Hole Bomb will zero in on Mega Man's position, but it will explode just
above his head. If you keep walking away from the bomb, you won't get hurt. 
Galaxy Man will also teleport right under the bomb (a better reason to get away
from it). If you're brave, you can get a shot in on Galaxy Man. He'll return to
the top of the room afterwards. He'll then drop down. From there he may go back
up and launch another Black Hole Bomb or stay on the ground and charge into Mega
Man. You can tell if he's going to charge into Mega Man when he throws his arms

There's really no real strategy here. Attack him when you can while dodging his 
attacks. Remember to keep walking away from his bomb when he launches it.

   Damage: Instant Death (4 damage otherwise)
   WE usage: 4 per shot (7 uses) 

Black Hole Bomb is a remote detonation weapon. That is, Mega Man will first
shoot the bomb (which moves slowly). You can aim the bomb up or down as it
travels. When you think it's the right time to detonate, press the Shoot button
again. Black Hole Bomb sucks most enemies and all projectiles into itself. The
range is a few Mega Man steps in radius.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
M - Mini-boss: Boulder Face
C - Capsule (LE or WE)

   [ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                  [ ]
                  [ ]
                  [ ][ ][ ][ ][M][!]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ][ ][C][ ][ ]
                                             [ ]
                                             [ ][ ][ ][ ][!][B]

   Enemies: Mettopl (Met), Mine Cart, Spike Spinner, Ceiling Spider, Crystal 
            Floater, Pit Shooter

Start off by dropping down.

You'll be greeted by two Mets. Continuing on you'll find a floating green enemy
that will zoom across the floor once it lands. Also you'll find a mine cart 
enemy that isn't too bad to take care, just watch out for the debris it spits.
And you'll run into a turret. Turrets will track where Mega Man is and the 
projectiles are explosive. The safe spot is right next to and under it. This
room is basically going through these enemies.

Next up is a room has two spiders. They'll drop down if you go underneath and
then hop towards Mega Man. They take two shots to kill. 

The next room will also have another set of two spidesr.

The next room has this stage's gimmick: a swing. Get on and it'll start swinging
To increase momentum, walk in same direction as the swing. You'll use this to go
across the pitted floor until getting the to mini boss door. If you have trouble
with the jump, get the swing as closs to the spiked wall as possible and do a 
low jump off.


This room starts off with boulders falling randomly, then Boulder Face will
drop. It is imperative, if you want to beat this guy, that you jump just before
he hits the ground. If Mega Man is on the ground when Boulder Face lands, he'll
be stunned and Boulder Face will run Mega Man over. If you avoid the stunning, 
Boulder Face will charge towards Mega Man before hiding in the boulders above. 
You can predict will Boulder Face will come out when the dirt trail on top ends.

Just try and anticipate the boulders and jump before Boulder Face hits the 
ground and you'll be fine. If you're having trouble avoiding getting stunned,
jump all the way up as Boulder Face reaches the same height as the boss doors.

Drop down and in the next room, you'll find a Met-like crystal enemy. Take care
of the three and move on.

In this next room, before you go across pits, look before you leap. After taking
care of the first mine cart enemy, go as close to the edge of the pit as 
possible and wait for the enemy to pop out. If you were to jump, the enemy would
hit Mega Man and send him to his death. The best way to get across these is to
shoot the enemy as it comes out, then use the "recover" time to jump across. 
You'll find yourself with another swing. The first low swing should be enough to
clear the gap and avoid the spikes. Do a low jump to get across. You'll find 
more of the Met-like crystal enemies and a slider. Dropping down...

This is one thing Capcom loves doing. To get past this, get the swing to swing
so you can drop down. Remember, hit detection isn't lax. You can appear to not
even touch the spikes and still die.

In the next area you'll find some more spiders and falling enemies. At the end 
you'll encounter a commonly used robot in the old Classic games. It hops around,
takes massive damage from Mega Man, and does a good bit of damage to Mega Man. 
But you can walk under it during its jumps. Congrats! You made it to Jewel Man.

Weakness: Black Hole Bomb
 - Walking around
 - Jump when Mega Man does
 - Use Jewel Satellite

Jewel Man is very easy if you have Black Hole Bomb. Otherwise he may be harder
as he starts off with his Jewel Satellite. His attack pattern is easy: walk left
to right, setting up Jewel Satellite when he feels like, shooting it later. He 
will also jump when Mega Man jumps.

If you have Black Hole Bomb, release and detonate near him to get the most
damage out of it. Black Hole Bomb will also suck away his jewels. To bypass him
when he's coming towards Mega Man, jump straight up, then walk under him. If you
do not have Black Hole Bomb, shooting at his jewels will launch it towards Mega
Man. So you can nick Jewel Man's shield away to get at Jewel Man.

   Damage: 2
   WE usage: 4 (7 uses)

This is a shield type weapon. This will destroy any enemy that doesn't require 2
shots to destroy. It can also protect against most projectiles. To launch the
shield as a projectile, press the Shoot button after you've set it up.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
S - Large screw (20)
1 - 1UP
E - E-tank (there's small screws around it)

            [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][S][1]                        [ ][ ][!][B]
            [ ]                  [!]                        [ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][S]                  [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][E][C][S][ ]

   Enemies: Barrel Floater, Spark Slider, Mettool (Met), Turret, Shadow Mega Man
            Large Jumper

Go right, and you'll find some enemies that spawn infinitely from tubes. These
are a great source of items if you need to harvest power ups. Most of this room
is crossing a bed of spikes. I would recommend using J. Satellite, since it can
kill every enemy in the room. At the end, you'll see a large screw. You need
Hornet Chaser to get it.

The next room just has two spark enemies and stairs to the next ladder.

Pass the next room, and you'll be greeted with Mets and a turret. This part of
the level introduces appearing and dissearing blocks. If you want an easy time
with this, equip Jewel Satellite or Black Hole Bomb. Also, it helps to stop at
the beginning of the blocks so you can get a basic pattern down. The first set
is easy, it's just going from left to right. There's a Met at the end, so use
either Black Hole Bomb or Jewel Satellite to kill it (or at least prevent it
from knocking Mega Man into the spikes). In the next set, DO NOT GO UP. Go down.
If you go up, you'll be pushed out and fall into the spikes. Just go down and 
follow the path to the end. At the next set, it's to a large screw and 1UP, so 
it's worth getting. If you miss the jump use Rush Coil to get back up. Go down 
when you're done

In this section, you'll face a shadow Mega Man. Just keep walking left to avoid

Now this part you'll hate. It's the blocks again. The pattern is straight 
forward, but you should still sit back and see how it works. Remember, timing
is key. It may take a few tries at this, but be patient with it.

In case you want help

[2]   [3]        [2] 

Get to 1 and stay there until the 2's come up.


             [4]   [5]
[1] [2]  [3]

You'll be going over a low ceiling. The last two are spaced farther than the

               | [5] [5] [5] 
        [1]    | [4]
    [ ]               [3]
[]         [2][ ][2] 

Get to 1, drop to 2. Go to 3, then wait for 4. 5 will appear around when 2 
appears (so you have to jump when 4 dissapears). You can loop back to 2 if you
miss the jump.

Your reward is screws and an E-Tank, but watch out for Shadow Mega Man! You may
want to equip Jewel Satellite, as it can take the clones as well as what else is
about to come up. The rest of this part is easy, so go on until you reach the

In this place, use Jewel Satellite and mine for a WE capsule. While you do so, 
watch the pattern of the blocks. 

You'll then be greeted by sparks and that hopping thing at the next screen 
before the boss doors.

Weakness: Jewel Satellite
 - Shoot Plug Ball
 - Jump towards Mega Man

Plug Man will slowly jump towards Mega Man, then fire a few Plug Balls. These
will trail the ground, walls, and ceiling. At some point, Plug Ball drops down
onto Mega Man's last position.

If you have J. Satellite, Plug Shot will be deflected. Just remember, you have 
JUST enough WE for the boss, so don't go trigger happy with it! If you do not
have J. Satellite, Plug Ball may be harder to dodge than Plug Man himself, so
watch out for it!

   Damage: 2
   WE usage: 1/2 (56 uses)

A weapon that trails the ground, walls, and ceiling if connected. An example
would be if you used it in a boss room, it'll traverse the entire room. 
Otherwise you'll find it trailing the ground mostly.


! - Continue Point (there is a large LE capsule at he first point)
B - Boss
1 - 1UP
S - Large Screw

   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
   [ ]            [ ]   [ ]         [ ][1][ ][S][ ][!][B]
   [ ]            [ ][!][ ]

   Enemies: Balloon shooter, Mettool (Met), Shield Crasher, Sniper Joe, 
            Umbrella Diver

To start, go up the ladder. 

You'll then see a balloon enemy. If you shoot the bottom, you can kill it. If 
you shoot the balloon, it'll blow away and towards Mega Man (with great 
accuracy!). The next level is what this stage is about.

Dispose of the two Mets and jump on the platform. As you notice, Mega Man spins
when he's on it. Press A to dismount the platform. If Mega Man is pointing down
when you dismount, he'll drop. Likewise if he's pointing up, he'll jump. Master
this platform now, because you'll need it soon.

After the balloon enemy, it's time to put that platform skill to use! Here's a
sketch of what you'll be going through

   *====* *===* *==*    *===*
*===*  *===* *===**=====*

If you see spikes, you have to actually jump into them for them to kill Mega
Man. The platforms also go in a uniform pattern. In other words, if you're 
waiting for a set of platfoms to give you good jumping leads, you're better off
taking a leap of faith because they're not going to give you that.

Next two will introduce slippery platforms (jump to stop!) and some Shield 

After dropping down, you'll find a pair of Shield Crashers.

The next room, the half way point, has a large LE capsule.

In the next room, you'll find a good ol' enemy: Sniper Joe. If anyone is a fan 
of the old games, you'll be familar with these. If not, Sniper Joe is a shielded
enemy that stays behind his shield. When he attaks is the only time he'll lower
it. And his attack has changed from a single shot to rapid fire. Time your 
attacks to avoid getting hurt.

The next screen will have a Sniper Joe and a Met, along with a large screw.

This next part may frustrate you. Mega Man will lose some forward jumping
distance due to the rain and wind. He moves just as fast as he does normally
however. Top that with umbrella enemies and this may be a problematic part.
When you get to the platforms, the gray clouds hide platforms (at least the ones
on the bottom do). Time your jumps. When in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to 
get Mega Man standing with one feet on the platform, then jump. At the end, 
you'll find the platforms you probably dreaded earlier.

Now notice the wind's going in the other direction, meaning Mega Man will jump
FARTHER than he normall does. This next part might be easier, but just keep
in mind that Mega Man will jump farther. Also, don't trust the clouds this time.

Weakness: Plug Ball
 - Use Tornado Blow
 - Float or dive into Mega Man

There's one thing to notice, there's spikes on the ceiling. Tornado Man will
start off by using Tornado Blow which will create four tornados. They will also
increase Mega Man's jumping height, so whatch out for those spikes. Tornado Man
will also either go up to the ceiling, or float in the air. After some time,
he'll drop down on Mega Man.

Tornado Blow is somewhat easy to dodge if you have plenty of room. The tornados
don't come up at once, but sequentially, and usually they go up in the last
place Mega Man was. Use Plug Ball and you should be able to hit Tornado Man 
fairly easily. The only time you won't be able to hurt him easily is if he's in
the air. With the M. Buster, try to lead his T. Blows so you can dodge the
tornados as they come up.

   Damage: Instant Death (4 damage otherwise)
   WE use: 7 (4 uses)
This weapon affects the entire screen. Weak enemies will get blown away while
stronger enemies will take damage. Projectiles can also be blown away.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
M - Mini boss (Flame Dragon)
1 - 1UP

         [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]         
         [ ]         [ ]         [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][!][B]
   [ ][ ][ ]         [M][!][ ][1][ ]

   Enemies: Heli Flamthrower, Flame Roller, Flame Totem, Flame Dragon

As you jump the platforms, you'll notice an enemy charging towards you. Just
jump towards them (or rather, keep going forward) and they should pass right
under Mega Man. After a brief break from jumping over lava, you'll find small
enemies that spout out flames. They can't do much, but if they get close to Mega
Man, they'll start jumping all over. The last jump to the ladder is possible,
but you have to jump at the last second.

Then you'll fight two totem pole enemies, nothing too hard.

Next up, after some flying flame throwers, you'll find another instant death
hazard. The beam of lava will come back to haunt you. But in any case, cross
when it's safe. Watch out for flying flame throwers though. 

Then drop down to fight another totem enemy. Make sure to grab the screw. When 
you drop down again you'll fight the mini boss.


Shoot its head. However I'm sure there's a pattern to the flames he drops, but
I can't figure it out. Note that the flames he drops will shoot another flame
on the ground towards Mega Man's direction.

If you want an easier time with this mini boss, use Black Hole Bomb. Not only 
do you need four shots, but it can suck up the flames that make up it body. If
those flames are sucked in, it can't shoot out flames until the next pass. 


After the mini boss, continue on. Watch out though, you'll be chased by one of
the small sliding enemies from the first screen. When you see a branch in the 
path, take the top one as it'll lead to a 1UP. Fight off the totem enemies then
go back. Drop down to the bottom path and continue on. Again, that last jump is 
possible, just very hard. 

You'll end up in room with another instant death lava dispesner. Nothing too 
hard to pass.

The next section is a barrage of lava beams and small enemies. Keep going until
you reach the boss doors.

Weakness: Tornado Blow
 - Use Magama Bazooka
 - Jump towards Mega Man

The room is staircased, making a V shape. This makes things more or less 
interesting. Magma Man will jump, usually over one step or to the next one,
while firing Magma Bazooka (a three way shot). If you use Tornado Blow, it'll
weaken his flames and send any he already shot into the air.

Just be careful in using Tornado Blow, you have just enough to hurt him
severely. You can't actually defeat Magma Man with Tornado Blow. When you run
out of T. Blow, switch to the M. Buster and just rapid fire away. Despite how
menacing his attack looks, he actually can't hurt Mega Man too well.

   Damage: 1 regular, 3 charged up
   WE usage: 1 regular, 3 charged up (28 uses, 8 uses)
Fires a three way fireball. If you hold down the Shoot button, Mega Man will 
charge it up at the expense of more WE consumption.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
C - Large capsule (WE and LE)
S - Large screw
1 - 1UP

         [S][ ][ ][S]
         [ ]      [ ]
   [ ][ ][ ]      [1]
                  [ ]
                  [!][ ][ ][s][ ][ ]
                                 [ ][ ][C][s][ ][1][!][B]

  Enemies: Minecart, Flower Pot Missile, Scissors, Plant Shooter, Raging Flower
           Large Jumper

The first section is fairly straight forward with minecart enemies and flower 
pots that shoot flower missiles at Mega Man. 

Go up the ladder and you'll find a new element. Get on the platform and shoot it
to extend it. You may want to find out what happens when yuo wait a bit, it'll 
be useful knowledge.

The next room is laid with spikes and strange scizzor enemies that come at you.
Take it easy and you'll go through just fine. Use J. Satellite to make this part
easier. If you want that screw in the beginning of the room, place Rush just 
right of the ledge, then jump left as you hop up.

This next part has an interesting enemy. Shoot it and it'll shoot back. But its
shots destroy the flooring. Use that to your advantage! You can't kill it and 
the only way is down. Make it blow up the floor near the screw, the drop down.

The next set of paths don't matter, but try to aim for the middle path.

When you're at the next room, shoot so that you can hit the enemy. It'll start
shooting so you can get the 1UP. If you miss, you can use Tornado Blow to hit

The next room is another plant shooting enemy, this time over spikes with a path
in the middle. Go to the path.

MINI BOSS: Raging Flower

The flower will pop out out of one of eight platforms while a string of deadly
flowers rotate clockwise. Just move around and shoot the flower when you have
the chance. You might want to wait a bit on a platform you don't want it to
appear on if you can (like the bottom platforms if you're going up). It won't
occupy the same one as Mega Man.

The next part, after that short room, is the unwinding platforms. This is where
timing is important. If you don't get on another quickly, you'll be pushed back
into spikes! It helps to have J. Satellite on as scissor enemies will come out
but remember that the shield will dissapear if you hit a platform roll. 

After a long hallway past some those missile pots, it's the boss doors.

Weakness: Magma Bazooka
 - Launch Hornet Chaser
 - Walk to the other side of the room

Hornet Man's pattern is easy. He'll jump up, release three Hornet Chasers which
can be destroyed, and walk to the other side of the room while the hornets go
after Mega Man. Don't bother charging up M. Bazooka, since it can't go through
enemies. Rapid fire M. Bazooka to take care of the hornets and get to Hornet Man

Even if you don't have M. Bazooka or you ran out, just make sure to shoot the
Hornet Chasers. Otherwise you'll have a harder time. 

   Damage: 1
   WE Usage: 1 (28 uses)
Launches hornets that first picks a target then goes into it kamikaze style. You
cannot control which enemy this goes after. However, if the enemy is hiding but
not behind a shield, the hornet will float around until the enemy reappears.

Hornet Chasers can also be used to get out-of-reach items.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
C - Large capsule (LE)
S - Large screw

                                 [ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][ ]                        [ ]   [ ][!][B]
      [ ][ ][S]                  [ ]
            [ ]                  [ ]
            [1][ ][ ]      [S][ ][ ]
                  [ ]      [ ]
                  [C]      [ ]
                  [ ][ ][ ][!]

   Enemies: Mine, Shell Octopus, Jet Shark, Wall Shooter.

Start by going to the right (as usual). There will be a mine enemy, it'll follow
if you get too close or if you shoot it. 

In the next screen are octopi. These enemies are invincible while in their shell
and the only way for them to get out is to shoot the shell. Then you have to
shoot the head. If you get caught in the ink, it'll turn Mega Man completely
black, but it doesn't have any adverse effects. There's a large screw at the end
of the room. When you drop down, hold left.

And the next room has a split with spikes in the middle!

When you land, pick up the 1UP and conintue to the right where some fish enemies
will come at you at high speed. At the end is another mine enemy and a wall 
turret enemy that shoots a six way shot.

Drop down to the right. Use the fish enemy to get hit and the invicibility time
to just go into the right shaft.

Pick up the LE capsule if you need it (hold left while falling). Drop roughly
so you're at the center, the continue on.

You'll find another wall turret and octopus, just keep going. What out for a
fish and a mine.

In this next section (taken from Wave Man from MM5), ride the right big bubble.
At the next screen, get to the left one (use the smaller bubbles as temporary 
platforms). Watch out for fish enemies though. On the next screen, stay left and
jump to invoke the fishes. At the top, jump out to get the screw and if you can,
jump to the right. If you don't make it, just go on the right next time.

Another six-way shooting turret and a ladder is up next. You're not out of the
woods yet!

The next set of rooms features a platform that comes out of the walls and 
dissapears. Take out the turret and watch the pattern. If you need help:

1. Comes from the right, slow
2. Comes from the left, fast
3. Comes from the right, medium
4. Comes from the right, fast
SOLUTION: Just jump onto one then the next

The next room features... spikes!

1. Comes from the bottom right, fast
2. Comes from the bottom right, fast
3. Comes from the middle right, fast
4. Comes from the middle left, medium
SOLUTION: You have to jump towards the first one, it will dissapear once it 
reaches the ground on the left. So jump right, then quickly to the right, then
to the next piece of ground. Then jump towards the ladder.

And the next room gets trickier.
1. Comes from the bottom left, fast
2. Comes from the bottom left, fast
3. Comes from the middle right, medium
4. Comes from the middle left, medium
5. Comes from the top left, slow.
SOLUTION: Like the last room, you have to jump towards the first two. The second
one quits when it gets under the floating spikes. From there it's easy. Just be
careful if you fall!

After some more mines, fishes, and a turret, you'll reach the boss doors.
Weakness: Hornet Chaser
 - Summon fishes
 - Use Laser Trident
 - Drop down on Mega Man

Splash Woman will start off by summoning some fish enemies as she rises to the
top of the screen. They'll come in groups of three, going across a section of
the room. When she reaches the top, she'll fire Laser Trident at Mega Man before
trying to dive down on him. Then she repeats.

Using Hornet Chaser in this battle is tricky, as the Hornets may go after the
fish Splash Woman summons instead of her. As a way to overcome this, jump 
towards Splash Woman before the fish arrive, then fire a Hornet Chaser. Even if
the fish come out, as long as the Hornet goes after Splash Woman, you'll be
fine. Also you have plenty of ammo for the fight (she only needs 7 hits).

   Damage: 2
   WE Usage: 1/2 (56 uses)
A simple weapon that shoots laser tridents! It has low LE consumption, so fire


! - Continue point (First one has a large LE capsule)
B - Boss
c - Small LE capsule
C - Large LE capsule
M - Mini boss (Elephant)
S - Large Screw
1 - 1UP

            [1][M][M][M][!]      [ ][c][s][C][ ][ ][!][B]
            [ ]         [ ]      [ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][ ]         [S][ ][ ][ ]

   Enemies: Boulder Bird, Pit Shooter, Turret, Spike Slider, Ceiling Spider,
            Hopping Tree, Elephant

Start by going right (as per Mega Man usual way). There will be some birds that
drop stones. These stones will break and their debris can cause damage. You can
shoot either the bird or the stone. However, when you get to pits, tread lightly
as those enemies that pop out are there. 

In the next room is just climbing up platforms while avoiding the sliding 

Grab the 1UP if you need it in the next room. You'll now fight a succession of 
three mini bosses.

The elephants (you fight them one at a time) have a basic pattern. Push a ball
away, suck it in. Their sucking will also lure Mega Man in as well.

The first one has a ladder, grab on and just blast away. 

The second one, go towards it until you're in front of the ball. Then let it
push the ball over Mege Man so you can shoot it, but watch out when it sucks the
ball back.

The third one has two pits. It's the same pattern as the first one but you just 
have to be more reactive to this one. Don't get hurt at a bad place, or Mega Man
will recoil into a pit!

In the next part, if you go across the blocks with the :: pattern, note which
one you fall through. It looks like the bumps sticks out, rather than in. This
is the stage's gimmick. And there happens to be a spider.

Drop down some more until you reach a water way. The waterfall hides parts of
the flooring, but it won't hide something over a pit. If you're too paranoid,
you can always jump over the section. Over the bed of spikes is some more ::
blocks, but watch the sliding enemy, and notice how it stops in the middle of
the bridge. That's where the hole is. Continue on and go up.

Alright, time to see if you can find the fake :: blocks without an enemy. One
of them isn't over the spikes, another is. If you've found the ones that are
fake, you can pass this part with ease.

In the next room is some more platforms with :: blocks. The top floor leads to
screws while the middle leads to LE capsules. As the last gimmick of the stage,
you'll find platforms with arrows. These go in the direction once Mega Man steps
on them. Traverse these carefully and you'll find the boss doors.

Weakness: Laser Trident
 - Shoot three Concrete Shot
 - Shoot one Concrete Shot
 - Charge towards Mega Man
 - Jump and dive down

Concrete man is kind of hard. His Conrete Shot will freeze Mega Man in place 
(wiggle left/right to get out of it). Normally after Concrete Shot, he'll either
charge towards Mega Man or drop down. If he drops down, he usually charges 
towards Mega Man. Be aware, when he crashes down on the ground, it'll stun Mega
Man for quite a while (much like when you fought Boulder Face).

You're going to need to dodge quite a bit. If you keep your distance, he'll
likely miss his Concrete Shots. Just be sure to jump when he dives down. Laser
Trident will go through any concrete blocks Concrete Shot makes. NOTE: Laser
Trident will only do 3 damage to Concrete Man, doing the death blow will be
when he has 1 HP left!

   Damage: Instant Death (4 damage otherwise)
   WE Usage: 2 (14 uses)
Mega Man launches wet concrete that'll form into a block. The block crumbles 
soon afterwards. Most weak enemies will turn into blocks. It can also be used to
freeze the lava beams found in Magma Man's Stage.

I would highly recommend getting at least the Energy Balancer, an M-Tank, and
as many E-Tanks as you can get. If you need screws, Plug Man's stage is the best
place to get them as you can stand below a tube where enemies spawn infinitely.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
c - Small capsules (LE and WE)
C - Large capsules (WE)
E - E-tank
M - Mini boss (Flame Dragon)
1 - 1UP

                                 [ ][!][B]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ]
                                 [ ]
                           [M][!][ ]
                           [ ]
               [C][ ][ ][1][ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

   Enemies: Boulder Bird, Pit Shooter, Shield Pusher, Hopping Tree, Barrel 
            Floater, Flame Dragon

The castle starts off with those fast rolling enemies from Magma Man's stage
followed by the birds that drop boulders. Remember, pits aren't to be trusted
here! At the end of the pits is a shield enemy. To have him lower the shield, 
shoot at him then stand close and back away when it shakes.  At the end is a
lift that's powered by Tornado Blow.

Use Tornado Blow again to power the two lifts, don't bother with the capsules.

Pick up the large WE capsule and use the next three lifts. Stay on the top path
to get a 1UP, then drop down. Use T. Blow again, but jump before the platform
gets anywhere near the ceiling.

Next we have two shield enemies. Take care of the first one. To get the second
one, shoot it, then drop so you're under it. Defeat it as normal. 

After the hopping trees, you'll fight the fire dragon mini boss.

Use Hornet Chaser to get the 1UP. Now if you need to restock WE, there's an
infinite enemy spawn ahead. You'll find this nifty. In the next room, we have
something Capcom was devious about. Equip Rush Coil before you go.

This part isn't bad, it's a single lava beam going sideways. Now there are two
approaches to this next set of rooms:

EASY WAY (but more WE cost)

Climb up to the top of the ladder, shoot the lava beam with Concrete Shot as it
comes out. If you did it right, you should be able to jump on it and walk to the
next ladder. If the beam starts flashing, shoot another C. Shot to freeze it.

In the next room, go to the platform in the middle and wait for the lower beam
to pass. When the beam comes out another time, use C. Shot. The next beam should
start coming out, shoot it and jump on that one. Then the next one should come 
out. The beams always come out in sequence. Just remember to refreeze the beams
when they're about to unfreeze.

On the next room, simply go up, freeze the beam, and use it to go to the next
ladder (left or right, depending on where you went).

HARD WAY (but less WE cost)

Use Rush Coil to pass the first room, keep it on.

The next room has three lava beams, once it fires up, you can't proceed. To get
through this:
1. You'll need to hold right as you go up the ladder
2. When you're at the room call Rush and jump
3. As you jump, hold right and grab onto the middle ladder
4. Use Rush Jet in the next room to go to the right ladder

There. If you need an extra E-Tank, grab the left ladder. When you're clear, go
up and up until you find the swing from Jewel Man's stage with two portals. Go
to the right one, it'll shoot you up out of the left one.


The next part you need Rush Jet. You'll want to be on the left edge though,
so you can jump and grab the ladder before Rush hits the wall.

If you die before you reach this sentence, you'll start after you've fought the
dragon, so refill on WE for all weapons before you try again.

After the bouncing trees and another shield enemy, it's the boss doors.

Weakness: None
 - Push the spike ball with shots
 - Fire at Mega Man

This boss is interesting, but can be frustrating. There are four enemies trying
to push spike balls to the left (these are lethal on contact!). When the ball
reaches all the way to the left, it'll go back to the middle and the enemy will
focus on shooting towards Mega Man. When one dies, it'll be replaced with
another, usually a red version which can push the ball farther per shot. There
are 14 total enemies.

You can opt for a few things. One is to focus just on one level, that way you
won't have to worry so much about keeping other balls away. Another is to try
and get two at the same time. The middle is perfect for this. If you're really
good or insane, you can do three or four. All of the weapons except B. Bomb and
T. Blow push the balls back at the same rate. B. Bomb doesn't do anything and
T. Blow pushes all of them back farther than a single M. Buster shot.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
C - Large capsules (LE or WE)
M - Mini boss (Raging Flower)
1 - 1UP

                        [B][!][ ]
            [ ][ ][ ]         [ ]
            [ ]   [ ]         [ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][ ]   [M]               [ ]
   [1]            [!]      [ ][C][C][C]
   [C]            [ ][ ][ ][E]

   Enemies: Mettool (Met), Green Blob, Sniper Joe, Projector, Spike Slider, 
            Shell Octopus, Jet Shark, Mine, UFO, Wall Shooter, Large Jumper,
            Raging Flower

Grab the large WE capsules to refill your weapons. It doesn't matter what ladder
you take, but the right one will require you to use Laser Trident.

In the next room, you'll find some Mets, a 1UP, and another ladder going up. Go
to the ladder.

In the next room, simply use Rush Coil to bypass jumping through the blocks. 
Really, it's not worth trying this!

In the next room, use Laser Trident on the block while taking care of the green
enemies. You'll be greeted with two Sniper Joes later. Going up the ladder at
the end will take you to the next room.

The projector enemies are not blocking the path! They're creating holograms. So
you'll just have to remember where they were. I would suggest going to the 
second level using the left most hole because you won't have to take out the
Sniper Joe, or do any guess work. The left most hole should be near the ladder.
Note where that spark enemy is going, so you know where the next hole is.

Again, more projectors trying to confuse you. Just remember to not rely on the
platform under the spikes.

In the next room, you finally have a chance to destroy the projectors before 
they do more damage. Try to do that to help you traverse the room.

PLATFORM LAYOUT ([ ] real block, < > fake block)

         [ ]  < >  < >

    [ ]  [ ]  < >  [ ]   < >   < >

The room with all the spikes requires Rush Jet. Concrete Shot works too. But
seriously, what's with that? 

You'll fight the Mad Flower from Hornet Man's stage again. Note if you die, you
have to start from the beginning!

Grab the power-ups and jump into the water. You'll find some more octopi. Go
on and you'll find a split path. Don't go on the bottom one! Spike haven and it
just leads to an E-Tank.

Go up and you'll find a room with a spike ceiling. Two fishes will charge at you
when you go the larger section.

In the next room, it's a slight maze with fish enemies coming out. Use Laser
Trident to take care of the blocks. When you reach the one at the top, destroy 
it, then use Rush Coil to get to it (don't try to jump across!). When you reach
the end, you'll find a ladder.

Watch out for the fish enemies as you get to the next ladder.

More projector enemies trying to confuse you. Shoot them before they can cause
mass havoc if you can.

PLATFORM LAYOUT ([ ] real block, < > fake block)

    [ ]< >< >   < >[ ]< >   < >< >

       < >< >[ ]         < >[ ]< >

    [ ]      [ ]   [ ]       [ ]

In the next room, you'll find some UFO enemies. Shoot them and go up the ladder.

Keep going up until you can drop down. When you do, hold right so you can skip a
good bit of the part. 

Go up and to the left, but make sure to kill that hopping enemy fast! And 
finally, the boss doors!

Weakness: Laser Trident, Tornado Blow
 - Launch homing missiles
 - Launch ground chasing enemies
 - Shoot lasers

This is actually a three-part battle, taking on one section of the ship. The 
first is the tail, which will fire out homing missiles that can be destroyed. 
The second part of the ship, the belly, has enemy dispensers that release ground
based enemies. The belly is also rigged with spikes which will hurt. The last
part is the head, where the mouth opens up to reveal a laser cannon. It opens up
at random intervals to shoot.

Use Laser Trident throughout the fight, as it does the most damage (as well as
Tornado Blow). If you want to conserve WE though, M. Buster does lots of damage
as well. When fighting the tail, you don't have to hit it when it's open, but if
its closed, hit the center of the missile hatch. For the belly, shoot the pods
on either side. Each one consists of 14LE of the whole. So if you use T. Blow
you actually hit both which looks like 8LE of damage. The last section is easy
enough, but you have to hit the boss when its mouth is open.


! - Continue Point
B - Boss
c - Small capsule (LE or WE)
C - Large capsule (LE or WE)
M - M-Tank

                                 [1][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                                 [M]            [!]
            [ ][ ][ ][c]         [ ]            [B]
            [ ]      [c]         [ ]
            [ ]      [C][ ][C][!][ ]
            [ ]      
   [ ][ ][ ][ ]

   Enemies: Large Jumper, Green Blob, Yellow Blob, Shield Crasher,
            Crystal Floater, Sniper Joe, Turret

Going right, you'll find two hopping enemies. You can avoid them by standing
close to them and go under when they jump.

The next part is the level's gimmick. Mega Man will float up but you can't
control his left or right movements directly. To move, you shoot, and he'll move
in the opposite direction of the shot. Shooting in one direction, then the other
will cancel however many shots you fired. So if you fired twice to the left, you
have to shoot twice to the right to stop Mega Man.

The next three rooms are just those splitting enemies, so nothing to worry about

The next room has a Shield Crasher and the crystal enemies. There's also spikes
laid around. If you want a cheap method of getting past some of those hard 
jumps, just get hurt by the crystal enemy. At the end, you can get a small LE

And the junction, go right, but hold left. You'll be able to pick up some small
WE capsules. Take the right ladder for a larger one, then go back up and drop
down on the left side.

After passing the Shield Crashers and Sniper Joes, you'll find the most annoying
part (as if this stage wasn't annoying enough) of this stage. It's a revisit of
the levitating device, but with spikes.

In the first room, DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT. That enemy from Galaxy
Man that grabs Mega Man and hurls him will come down and take Mega Man to the

The next two rooms going up are fine, but are laid with spikes and splitting 

The last room is horrible, it basically looks like this:
|     ********       |
|             *******|
|                    |
|                    |
|        ****        | 
|    ****            |
|****              **|
|                    |

There is an M tank, but don't get it. Also, there's a grabbing robot to the 
left, so you have to control Mega Man well. Also since you're constantly going
up, you are running under a time limit as you try and make it to the ladder. If
you die, you'll start before this section of the stage. A trick I found to get
through this is try to align yourself between the bottom spikes. Once you're 
clear of the left, shoot four times to the right, then when you get about 1/3
from the left of the screen, shoot to the left four times quickly. Hopefully you
won't run into that grabbing enemy.

If you got passed that, you'll be greeted to three 1UPs! Actually the right two
are Mets (clever). But if you thought that last part with the levitation was 
bad, this is worse. You'll have to traverse pits with turrets guarding the 
platforms! And at the end is a low ceiling with spikes you have to navigate
through. You'll also find a Sniper Joe or two. Don't grab any more 1UPs if you
see any just lying there, those are Mets! 

And finally, the boss doors.

Weakness: Black Hole Bomb
 - Move across the room

This is a really weird boss. There are pits at either end of the platform. Bio
Devil will simply throw chunks of itself and the other blob across in an L shape
pattern. Its pattern that it throws its chunks out is the side closest to Mega
Man to the other side, top to bottom. The boss has no other attacks.

Stand in the middle and wait for a moment to jump (when the green throws the
bottom most two peices). If you jump just right, you'll jump over both the green
and orange pieces. The eye, the part you can actually damage, will be the 6th
piece to go, and it's always the 6th piece. So prep a Black Hole Bomb when it
shoots the 5th piece. If you run out, Mega Buster does 2 damage to it (although
you can probably get more hits with the M. Buster than B. Bomb).

One of the last of the bottom pieces you need to jump off to the side to avoid
getting hit by another piece.


B - Boss rooms (Continue point here)
c - Small capsules (LE or WE)
1 - 1UP

   [ ]
   [ ]
   [ ][ ][ ][1]
            [ ]

   Enemies: Mettool (Met)

Finally! The last level. Grab the WE capsules and head down.

Now, there's laser beam shields. To stop them, use Concrete Shot to put a block
over it. It'll only work for a few seconds so act fast. You'll find Mets and
some more WE capsules along the way, so don't worry too much about running out
of C. Shot. Even if you run out, the beams don't do much damage. To get past the
one that guards a high ledge, shoot C. Shot somewhere in the middle to make a

After collecting some power ups, it's time to go down for a boss battle barrage!

Hatch Layout

[GM]           [PM]
[CM]           [TM]
[SW] [JM] [HM] [MM]

Each boss will gie you a large LE capsule for defeating them. Try to conserve
C. Shot and Hornet Chaser if you can though. Once they're all defeated, Wily's
teleporter will show up.
Weakness: None
 - Launch an egg

Wily will just move back and forth, launching an egg that bounces. That's about

To hurt Wily, you have to shoot the egg back at him three times. However, the
last time it goes towards Wily, the egg has to hit the ship's lower jaw.
Anywhere else and it won't matter.

Weakness: Concrete Shot
 - Launch fire chains
 - Stomp on Mega Man

There's two things Wily will do. Wily will attempt to charge into Mega Man, but
stop just enough so Mega Man will be safe. However, because you can't move 
around, Wily will shoot a fire chain. the second thing Wily will do is go up
to the top and float towards Mega Man for a bit before dropping down. He'll then
shoot a fire chain that you can jump over.

Use Concrete Shot on the lower jaw. You have to be close because Concrete Shot
has a low arc. When Wily goes up close, you can actually manipulate how he fires
the chain. If you time a jump just right, he'll fire too high and Mega Man can
safely stand beneath.

Weakness: None
 - Teleport
 - Shoot four shots that home in on Mega Man
 - Shoot three ground shots and three air shots that home in on Mega Man

Wily will appear, do an attack, then dissapear. He will do a fake out so don't
attack unless he attacks. His attacks do low damage as well. The shot with four
energy balls will come out, then go towards Mega Man. These are relatively easy
to dodget. However, the attack where three shots trail the floor and three that
comes from the air isn't that easy to dodge.

Use Hornet Chaser, it does one LE of damage, but you don't have to worry about
being accurate. If you run out of H. Chaser, switching to M. Bazooka is a good
idea as it does a spread shot.
<Name of enemy> (usually fits the description if official name is not known)
DES: Description of the enemy
LE: How much health the enemy has. If -- and "use an instant death weapon" is
    after, you need to use either Black Hole Bomb, Tornado Blow, or Concrete
DMG: How much damage (in LE) the enemy does if it has an attack. -- means it
     attacks by collision only.
COL: How much damage (in LE) the enemy does if Mega Man collides with it. --
     means Mega Man can't get hurt by it.

Divide all numbers by half and round up if you're using Guard Up.


Mettool (Met) (same applies for the 1UP version)
DES: Small enemy characterized by a yellow hard hat. Is protected while in its
     hat, and peeps out to shoot.
LE: 1
DMG: 2
COL: 2

DES: A large turret that shoots out explosives. It can shoot accurately up until
     a certain close range distance.
LE: 6
DMG: 4
COL: 2

Sniper Joe
DES: A red robot with a white shield in one hand and a machine gun in the other.
     Much like the Met, it's protected until it shoots.
LE: 6
DMG: 2
COL: 3

Spike Slider
DES: A small enemy that has two spikes pointing out. Slides along the floor.
LE: -- (Use an instant death weapon)
DMG: --
COL: 2

Shield Pusher
DES: A large enemy with a shield in front of it at first. Is also on treads. It
     will push its shield when disturbed. Will attempt to crush Mega Man with
     its shield, then starts shooting.
LE: 10
DMG: 4
COL: 5

Large Jumper
DES: A large enemy that has a suction cup for a leg and is rounded on top. Just
     hops around.
LE: 10 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: --
COL: 8


DES: Looks like a flying saucer! Flies in a weird arc.
LE: 1
DMG: --
COL: 2

Drop Grabber
DES: A pair of eyes with arms. It drops down to grab Mega Man and take him to
     somewhere that's probably fatal.
LE: 1
DMG: --
COL: --

Green Blob
DES: A medium sized green blob with an eye. Splits into three smaller versions
     of itself when shot twice.
LE: 2 (2x3)
DMG: --
COL: 3

Yellow Blob
DES: Like the Green Blob, but yellow and splits into four.
LE: 2 (2x4)
DMG: --
COL: 3

Galaxy Man
DES: Looks like a UFO with arms and legs!
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


Spike Spinner
DES: A small green enemy that floats down. Once it reaches the ground, it begins
     sliding across the room at high speed.
LE: 1
DMG: --
COL: 2

Mine Cart
DES: A mine cart enemy! Shoots debris when shot at.
LE: 6
DMG: 4
COL: 2

Ceiling Spider
DES: A yellow spider that hangs in the ceiling. Drops down when Mega Man is
     close enough. Will continue to jump towards Mega Man.
LE: 2
DMG: --
COL: 3

Pit Shooter
DES: A green orb that comes out of a pit, shoots, and drops down.
LE: 1
DMG: 2
COL: 2

Crystal Floater
DES: A diamond like enemy. When closed, it's protected. It will float towards
     Mega Man's direction before firing.
LE: 1
DMG: 2
COL: 2

Boulder Face
DES: A large boulder with a face on it.
LE: 14 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 3 (from boulders)
COL: 4

Jewel Man
DES: A guy with a suit made of pink jewels.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


Barrel Floater
DES: Comes out of tubes and floats towards Mega Man. Looks like a barrel.
LE: 1
DMG: --
COL: 2

Spark Slider
DES: A spark that glides along the ground, walls, ceilings, etc. Much like Plug
LE: -- (use an instant death weapon or Jewel Sattelite)
DMG: --
COL: 2

Shadow Mega Man
DES: Looks like Mega Man, but black and gray!
LE: 2
DMG: --
COL: 3

Plug Man
DES: A purple plug looking guy, he has a plug for a right hand.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


Balloon Shooter
DES: A balloon with a face on the bottom that fires shots. If you shoot the
     balloon, it flies towards Mega Man.
LE: 2
DMG: 2
COL: 3

Shield Crasher
DES: A red shield with rocket boosters for a back. It's protected in the front
     but not in the side or back.
LE: 4
DMG: --
COL: 3

Umbrella Diver
DES: Umbrella with eyes!
LE: 2
DMG: --
COL: 2

Tornado Man
DES: A man in a green costume, has a funky helmet design.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


Heli Flamethrower
DES: A small enemy that looks kind of like a fire extinguisher. Flies in and
     lets out a stream of fire.
LE: 1
DMG: 4
COL: 3

Flame Slider
DES: A small enemy, looks like an eye with wheels. Will spit out flames when
     rolling along magma.
LE: 1
DMG: 4
COL: 2

Flame Totem
DES: A totem pole that shoots out flames
LE: 4
DMG: 2
COL: 2

Flame Dragon
DES: A dragon made of flames. You can suck in the flames to reduce it's power.
LE: 14 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 3
COL: 3

Magma Man
DES: A red man that looks kind of like a pot with fire inside.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 2, 4
COL: 4


Flower Pot Missile
DES: A flower pot that shoots flowers as missile.
LE: 4
DMG: 3
COL: 3

DES: Starts off as half a scissor, then combines.
LE: 1, 2
DMG: --
COL: 3

Plant Shooter
DES: A pitcher plant that just hangs around.
LE: --
DMG: 4
COL: --

Raging Flower
DES: A small flower that shoots its petals out.
LE: 14 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 3
COL: 3

Hornet Man
DES: Has a honeycomb shape body. Shoots hornets from them.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


DES: Starts off a small black sphere, but when disturbed, it turns red and
     chases Mega Man
LE: -- (Use an instant death weapon other than T. Blow)
DMG: --
COL: 3

Shell Octopus
DES: A red octopus in a shell.
LE: 4
DMG: 2
COL: 2

Jet Shark
DES: Comes out of no where, zooms from one side of the screen to the other.
LE: 1
DMG: --
COL: 4

Wall shooter
DES: A cannon on wheels on a wall. Also has eyes. It shoots a six way shot.
LE: 4
DMG: 2 (Damage depends on how many shots hit Mega Man simultaneously)
COL: 3

Splash Woman
DES: A mermaid with a trident.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 4


Boulder Bird
DES: A bird that carries a boulder. The boulder breaks up when it lands on the
LE: 1
DMG: 3
COL: 4

Hopping Tree
DES: A green tree enemy, hops when approached.
LE: 6
DMG: 3
COL: 4

DES: Looks like an elephant, but it has a ball.
LE: 14 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 5

Concrete Man
DES: A large yellow robot. Sort of looks like Guts Man.
LE: 28 (Immune to instant death)
DMG: 4
COL: 6


Shot Pusher
DES: Looks like safet cones with faces.
LE: 2x14
DMG: 4
COL: --

Shark Ship Tail
DES: A large ship in the shape of a shark!
LE: 28
DMG: 4
COL: 4

Shark Ship Body
DES: A large ship in the shape of a shark!
LE: 28
DMG: 4
COL: 6

Shark Ship Head
DES: A large ship in the shape of a shark!
LE: 28
DMG: 4
COL: 4

Bio Devil
DES: A green and orange blob
LE: 28
DMG: --
COL: 4

Wily 1
DES: Wily, in a large dinosuar robot.
LE: 28
DMG: 6
COL: 4

Wily 2
DES: Wily, in a large dinosuar robot.
LE: 28
DMG: 4
COL: 4

Wily 3
DES: Wily, now in a small space ship.
LE: 28
DMG: 4
COL: 4

MB - Mega Buster
BB - Black Hole Bomb
JS - Jewel Satellite
PS - Plug Ball
TB - Tornado Blow
MGB - Magma Bazooka
HC - Hornet Chaser
LT - Laser Trident
CS - Concrete Shot
SP - Special Case
-- - No effect or impossible to hit with weapon

* Magma Shot does cumulative damage depending on how many shots hit at the same
** Instant death weapons include Black Hole Bomb, Tornado Blow, and Concrete 
   Shot. If the enemy is immune to instant death, the damage it actually does is

                | MB | BB | JS | PB | TB | MGB | HC | LT | CS | SP |
Base            | 1  | 4  | 2  | 2  | 4  | 1:3 | 1  | 2  | 4  | -- |
Galaxy Man      | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 4  | -- |
Jewel Man       | 1  | 4  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Plug Man        | 1  | 1  | 4  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Tornado Man     | 1  | 1  | 1  | 3  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Magma Man       | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 6  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Hornet Man      | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 2:6 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Splash Woman    | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 4  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Concrete Man    | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 3  | 1  | -- |
Shot Pusher     | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | --  | -- | -- | -- | 2  |
Shark Ship Tail | 2  | 2  | -- | -- | 4  | 1:3 | 1  | 4  | -- | -- |
Shark Ship Body | 2  | 2  | 2  | -- | 4  | 1:3 | 1  | 4  | 1  | -- |
Shark Ship Head | 2  | 2  | 2  | -- | 4  | 1:3 | 2  | 4  | 1  | -- |
Bio Devil       | 2  | 6  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |
Wily 1          | -- | -- | -- | -- | -- | --  | -- | -- | -- | 4  |
Wily 2          | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 4  | -- |
Wily 3          | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1  | 1:3 | 1  | 1  | 1  | -- |

01. WALTZ - Beat the game in 120 Minutes or less
02. TANGO - Beat the game in 90 Minutes or less
03. JITTERBUG - Beat the game in 60 minutes or less
   - These can be done over time. Just keep playing the game and you'll get

04. BUST A MOVE - Beat the game without missing a shot with the M. Buster
   - Very hard to do, you might want to use boss weapons instead of the M.
     Buster or avoid any unnecessary confrontation.

05. HEADBANGING - Defeat all 8 bosses without a helmet
   - I believe when you fight the bosses again (Wily stage 4), it'll count.
06. BUNNY HOP - Clear any stage jumping 50 times or less
   - Galaxy Man or Splash Woman's stage seems best for this.

07. MR. TRIGGER HAPPY - Clear the game with more than 500 M. Buster shots fired
   - If you use the M. Buster a lot, this will be easy.

08. DOUBLE TROUBLE - Visit all stages twice and clear the game
   - When you have access to Wily's Castle, just go back to each stage and redo

09. MR. PERFECT - Clear the game without getting hit
   - Very hard to do. Can't really explain it more.

10. INVINCIBLE - Clear the game without dying
   - This is almost easy if you've played the game a lot.

11. ALMOST INVINCIBLE - Clear the game without continuing
   - Should be easy to do once you've beat the game a few times.

12. NO COFFEE BREAK - Don't use E-Tanks
   - Hard to do. You'll most likely need a ton of practice with Wily.

13. AIR SHOES - Don't fall down any pits
   - Sort of easy to do. Using Beat won't negate this.

14. MEGA DIET - Collect 8 or fewer LE capsules
   - Since each time you re-fight the bosses, you get an LE capsule, this means
     you can't pick up any LE capsule otherwise.

15. ENCORE - Clear 4 stages using the same special weapon
   - I believe this clearing a stage includes beating the boss. Best used if you
     have L. Trident or M. Bazooka.

16. PEACEKEEPER - Clear the game shooting the least amount of enemies.
   - Basically, you can only defeat mini bosses and bosses.

17. CONSERVATIONIST - Clear the game using the least amount of WE.
   - You can only use weapons when you need to. An example would be in Wily 
     Stage 1.

18. FAREWELL TO ARMS - Clear 4 stages without using a special weapon
   - Pick four bossses you know you can defeat with the M. Buster!

19. GAMER'S DAY - Clear the game 5 times in 1 day
   - As it says. You need to devote about 6 hours to this.

20. DAILY DOSE - Play the game once a day for 3 days
   - I think this means clear the game, because I played it once for four days
     and I haven't got it.

21. WHOMP WILY! - Clear the game
22. TRULY ADDICTED! - Clear the game 10 times
23. TRULY HARDCORE! - Clear the game 30 times
   - Easy enough.

24. CONQUERE - Defeat 100 enemies
25. VANQUISHER -  Defeat 500 enemies
26. DESTROYER -  Defeat 1000 enemies
   - This is cumulative as you go.

27. WORLD CHAMPION - Defeat every type of enemy
   - Not only does this mean enemies you find, but projectiles that can be
     blown away.

28. TRUSTY SIDEARM - Defeat all 8 bosses using the M. Buster
   - I believe this works either beating the bosses the first time or the second

29. PACK RAT - Get 999 screws
   - This isn't cumulative.

30. VALUED CUSTOMER - Buy every item
31. SHOP A HOLIC - Buy 30 items or more
   - I think this must be done in one game.

32. LAST MAN STANDING - Defeat all 8 bosses with 1LE
33. SURVIVOR - Defeat a boss with 1LE
   - Use the enemy stats to figure out how much LE you should go in and how many
     times you should get hit.

34. HARD ROCK - Get to a boss room without getting hurt
   - Best done in Plug Man's stage, where almost every enemy can be defeated
     with J. Satallite.

35. HEAVY METAL - Get to a boss room without shooting
   - Best done in Galaxy Man's stage. Although any stage without a mini-boss 
     (Galaxy Man, Tornado Man, Plug Man, Splash Woman) will work. You can't do
     this on a Wily stage as they either have a mini-boss or require shooting.

36. SPEED METAL - Get to a boss room without stopping
   - I got this without trying. Basically don't stop for a second.

37. FANTASTIC 9 - Get 9 lives
   - Buy some from Roll to get this,

38. FULLY UNLOADED - Use every special weapon on a boss.
   - Best used Galaxy Man when you fight him a second time.

39. BLUE BOMBER - Defeat a boss without getting hit
   - Jewel Man is easiest to do this with. Galaxy Man is second.

40. ECO FIGHTER - Defeat a boss using the M. Buster
   - You have to do this anyway in the start of the game.

41. MARATHON FIGHT - Have a boss battle last 10 minutes or more
   - Do this with Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, or Bio Devil. Or Shot Pushers when
     there's one left.

42. QUICK DRAW G - Defeat Galaxy Man in 10 seconds or less
43. QUICK DRAW C - Defeat Concrete Man in 10 seconds or less
44. QUICK DRAW S - Defeat Splash Woman in 10 seconds or less
45. QUICK DRAW H - Defeat Hornet Man in 10 seconds or less
46. QUICK DRAW J - Defeat Jewel Man in 10 seconds or less
47. QUICK DRAW P - Defeat Plug Man in 10 seconds or less
48. QUICK DRAW T - Defeat Tornado Man in 10 seconds or less
49. QUICK DRAW M - Defeat Magma Man in 10 seconds or less
50. QUICK DRAW X - Defeat Dr. Wily in 180 seconds or less
   - No real explanation for this. Galaxy Man will be the toughest since he can
     waste time in the air.

Information obtained from Rockman Perfect Memories (

1. Endless Attack
Wii Points: 300
Description: Play one stage after another without dying. The goal is to get the

2. Hero Mode
Wii Points: 100
Description: Enemies will be placed in "harder locations".

3. Superhero Mode
Wii Points: 100
Description: Like hero mode, just harder

4. Proto Man Mode
Wii Points: 200
Description: Play as Proto Man, whose abilities include his shield. There's no
change in the story if you play as Proto Man

5. Special Stage
Wii Points: 100
Description: lay a secret level in the game (as evidenced in Time Attack Mode 
there another stage.

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