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Follow the dark path or use the light
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Pack Shot

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards



by brandikins11

                    __   _ _     _            ____ _  _
                   |  | / (_)   | |          /  __| || |
                   |  |/ / _ ___| |___    __ | _  |__  |
                   |    | | | __\   \ \  / / \____/  |_|
                   |  |\ \| | | | |) \ \/ /
                   |__| \_|_|_| |____/\  /
                                      / /
                                    T H E
                         C R Y S T A L  S H A R D S
                               By Brandon Begg
                                Version: 1.00
                            [email protected]
                             |TABLE OF CONTENTS|
||               Name                 ||                 Code                ||
 || Introduction                      || ABFD                               ||
 || Version Histoty                   || FNXS                               ||
 || Game Info                         || GUHJ                               ||
 || Controls                          || TYRV                               ||
 || Characters                        || CGFX                               ||
 || Story                             || SDTY                               ||
 || Before You Start                  || BFYU                               ||
 || Walkthrough                       || OCQU                               ||
 || Pop Star                          || SDGC                               ||
 || Rock Star                         || RYTZ                               ||
 || Aqua Star                         || JAHD                               ||
 || Neo Star                          || NDSU                               ||
 || Shiver Star                       || SFSX                               ||
 || Ripple Star                       || RBSM                               ||
 || Dark Star                         || DKRS                               ||
 || Mini Games                        || MGBV                               ||
 || 100 Yard Hop                      || HBVR                               ||
 || Bumper Crop Bump                  || BCVD                               ||
 || Checker Board Chase               || CBGC                               ||
 || Bosses                            || BYOP                               ||
 || Contact                           || CNTV                               ||
 || FAQ                               || FAQP                               ||
 || Credits                           || CFDS                               ||
Hello and welcome to my Kirby 64 FAQ/Walkthrough. It has everything you can
think of from lists, mini games and more. Please note that this guide is 
fairly large, so I have put in a 4 letter code for every section. If your on
windows, then Press CTRL + F and type the code of the section. If your on a
Mac, then press Apple Key + F.

Please note that only questions that regard the game and/or where to buy it
will make it in the FAQ section. Any other non-related questions will not
even be answered at all.

Keep in mind that you can do whatever you want with this FAQ, print it, put
it on other websites, as long as you give me credit and don't claim it as
your own work. This could get you in legal trouble and I will not tolerate
it. If you need to contact me, please scroll down to the bottom of the guide.

Version History
0.10 Made everything from the top down to the end of Level 1 on Pop Star.
0.15 Completed Pop Star section.
0.30 Aqua Star complete.
1.00 Completed Guide.

Game Info
Name: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Year Published: 2000
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo 64, Virtual Console
Genre: Platformer

D-Pad: Move

- UP: Swims up
- DOWN: Swallows if mouth is full 
- LEFT: Moves Kirby Left
- RIGHT: Moves Kirby Right

START: Pauses Game

A: Jump, Fly

- A Jump
- A X2 Flys if pressed in the air

B: Inhale, Use Ability

- Inhale if there is no ability equipped
- Use ability (if you have one)

C Buttons:

- CUp: Places enemy or ability on top of Kirby
- CDown: Same as CUp
- CLeft: Throws enemy or ability toward the left
- CRight: Throws enemy or ability toward the right

Analog stick: N/A
Z: N/A
L: N/A

Z: N/A

Joystick: N/A


The star of the game! He is able to suck up enemys and eat them 
and use  there power. It is unknown of what he is and where he came 


A little Fairy from the Planet, Ripple Star. Her World is in dire need
of help from a mysterious force (read below).

Waddle Dee

A friend of Kirbys. He finds a shard shortly after the first level but 
then gets possessed by Dark Matter. Kirby must fight him to return him
to normal and get the shard.


A painter girl who's paintings can come to life. Like Waddle Dee, she
also gets possessed by Dark Matter, whom Kirby has to fight to save her.
She sometimes can be found in levels painting 1UPs or maxim tomatos for
Kirby, or she could be making a puzzle for Kirby to solve for a shard.

King DeDeDe

If you played other Kirby games, or ever watched Kirby Right Back at Ya!
You will think that DeDeDe is here to stop you. Actually quite the 
contrary in this case. He helps you through out the game after you save
him from Dark Matter.

In the Galaxy, there is a distant Heart shaped Planet called Ripple Star. 
It is the home to Serene and peaceful faries, and a Crystal with great 
power. That power has attracted the attention of Dark Matter. The black 
blob came to steal the crystal for it's own evil purposes.

As the faries see that the dark cloud is enveloping their home, they begin 
to panic. The Queen, sends a Fairy named Ribbon to take the crystal and get 
away. As she rides off she gets into space and Dark Matter notices. It sends
three pieces of itself to get the crystal. 

As the chace begins it starts to attack the crystal. It blows it up into 
75 pieces that flew everywhere and got scattered on the nearby Worlds.
As for Ribbon, she starts to fall after the impact and lands on a Planet
called Pop Star. 

Meanwhile Kirby is looking at stars on a clear night when a piece of the
crystal lands on his head. Then Ribbon falls and she notices the Crystal 
has shattered. Kirby gives her the shard that landed on his head and the 
two morph together. Then they run off into the Horizen at the morning's 
first light. The adventure begins!

Before You Start
Before you start, there's a few items you should know about:


Stars are used for getting extra lives. They come in yellow, blue, red and
green, they all give different ammounts.


Come in cake, meat, ect. Health.
Finally we have made it to the heart of the guide, the Walkthrough. The
Walkthrough focusus on beating the game. If you need anything else like
a list of enemies, the master list section is right after the Walkthrough.
Let's begin!

Pop Star
Welcome to Popstar! Here you will go through a Forest, a Castle, and fight
a tree with quite the temper. Let's begin!
                       WORLD 1: POP STAR - STAGE 1

#1: You can't miss it!
#2: Blow up the black rock at the end of the level via bomb power.
#3: Defeat Waddle Doo.

Okay, once you can move, keep running until you see a black enemy. You can 
eat it, or suck it up and spit it out as ammo. Here you can get an ability.
I suggest you suck up the fire guy and swallow him. Next you will see two 
wooden platforms in the air. There are two fire enemys here so I suggest 
you suck one up and spit it out at the other one and eat the double fire 
ability. Just for the record it's one of my favorites.

Shortly after you should see your first crystal shard in mid air on the path.
Just jump into it to grab it. After going through the ditch of water you 
Should be in front of a cabin with a maxim tomato. Grab it if you need health
and run in the cabin to face your first mini boss! This guy is basically a 
giant black enemy. All mini bosses in Kirby 64 are always bigger versions of 
enemys. Suck up his little friends and use them  as ammo on him, or use your 
fire ability on him if you took it. 

After the battle, if you have any abilities right now, get rid of them via
C-Up. Kill the throwing enemy, then eat the bomb throwing enemy and swallow
him. Now you should find yourself by two cannons. Destroy the blocks there
standing on, and jump across when the time is right.Okay you should be in a 
ditch of water now. There is a black rock in the middle of the ditch that 
can be blown up with bomb power. Grab the shard that's under it, and prepare 
for another battle...

One of Kirby's good friends, Waddle dee, is just minding his own business,
when he finds a shard. He picks it up, but Dark Matter comes and posseses 
him. Kirby must fight him to save him...

Vs. Waddle Doo       

Ok this fight is easy. If you have an ability you can just use that on him
until the fight is done. If you don't, then when he bumps the ground, or
smashes the wall, use the stars as ammo. Easy.

After the fight, Waddle Dee wakes up and agrees to help Kirby and Ribbon with
there little Quest. So he joins them.

After that you will play the ending game. This is at the end of every level.
It's at a mat with prizes on it such as food and stars. Kirby has to jump
to the prizes. If his arms are extended, he'll jump slow. If his arms are
down, then he'll jump far.

                      WORLD 1: POP STAR - STAGE 2

#1: In the gap when you go across the gap with Waddle Dee.
#2: Beat the Mini Boss.
#3: Defeat Adeleine.

Go right and kill the mole enemy. Jump over the Bomb enemy, or swallow it, and
proceed. Here you should see some moving spike balls that are trapped under
some blocks. Destroy the blocks, let them fly away and go.You should be inside 
a giant tree now. Jump into the suspended tree platforms to go through them. 
Watch out for the enemies on the way up and go through the door.

Waddle Dee will be on top of a big log platform attachted to a rope. When you
jump on he will start to move it. On the way when you see 3 stars going
downward, jump down to get a shard, and fly back up. After the ride, go into 
the next room and jump down the hole to face a mini  boss. Eat the little 
spring enemies and shoot them at the larger one. Collect the shard afterwards.

So you see a little painter girl named Adeleine. She's just painting a picture
when a crystal shard lands nearby her. She turns away from her painting to 
pick it up. Dark Matter appears in her painting and as soon as she notices, 
she gets tackled! Kirby must fight her for the shard...

Vs. Adeleine

This fight is a tad harder than Waddle Doo, but it's not hard. Destroy all of
the paintings she sends out. She will eventually send out a large frog like
thing. Her last painting will be an eye. Destroy it quick before it swoops
down on you. Adeleine will get so angry she'll jump down and try to kill you
herself. One hit and you win. Grab the shard.

Adeleine regains her body and she wakes up. Like Waddle Dee, she agress to
assist Kirby and Ribbon. 

                       WORLD 1: POP STAR - STAGE 3

#1: Below the Green box that can be destroyed via Big Boomerang.
#2: After the room with Adeleine, Jump above the door were you came from to
find it.
#3: Defeat King DeDeDe.

First, run along the path killing all enemies in your way, and get power ups
if wanted. Walk inside the Castle. Run up the stairs and go through the door.
Stand at the edge of the platform, and it will begin to move. CAUTION: There
are several Flying enemies here. You should be in a narrow room with spikes 
moving back and forth. Jump above them one at a time and make your way to 
the top and jump through the hole. If you have lost some health, then run to 
the left to get some.

You are now on the castle Walls. Avoid the enemys and watch out for the
falling ones. Jump through the hole at the other side. After the fall, you
will see a big green box on the floor. This requires the Boomerang X2 ability
to destroy. It has a shard under it.

In the next room, you will find Adeleine, where she will paint a Maxim Tomato
if you need health, or a 1UP if you already have full health. After that, jump
above the door where you just came from to find another shard! Make your way
up the stairs and avoid the Knights. After you get to the top, jump on to the
chains to get across them and climb up the one with a light coming from the

Enter King DeDeDe. Yes all Kirby fans must know that King DeDeDe is one of
Kirby's main enemys. He to, gets possessed by Dark Matter and finds a shard.

VS. Kind DeDeDe

Suck up the stars he shoots at you and shoot them back. After his health bar
runs out, he will resurrect himself and start shooting particles of Darkness.
Lather, rinse, repeat until he dies and grab the shard.

Kind DeDeDe will pretend that he is mad and tells them to leave. They go, 
except for Waddle Dee. The King looks back to see if there gone, but sees
Waddle Dee and looks away. Waddle Dee leaves and DeDeDe jumps down the Castle
to join them.
  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 1  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/___WHISPY WOODS___\___________________________/

- When Whispy Woods makes apples come out, try to suck up two. This will do
  twice as much damage to him!
- The Jrs. jump so shoot them right after they jump.

Before you can hurt Whispy Woods himself, you have to take out the Whispy 
Woods Jrs. You can do that by shooting the apples that Whispy Woods at them.
There's three and they each take two hits. After they all die, you can really
start the fight.

When all three of the Whispy Woods Jrs. die, Whispy woods gets really angry.
He'll make a bunch of apples come out of him that can hurt you if you touch
them, so suck them up! He can make four big roots come out of the ground, 
shoot the apples you suck up at them. Don't worry, you don't have to hit them
each a certain ammount of times, like the Jrs. Collect the shard when he dies.

On to Rock Star:
The crystal opens up a portal to Rock Star. The gang jumps in and prepares for
the next World!

Rock Star                                                                  
This World is a Desert. It has Temples, Caverns, and a UFO?! This World is
pretty hot, so make sure you wear a T-Shirt and shorts!

                     WORLD 2: ROCK STAR - STAGE 1

#1: Where the Eyeball blocks are, float up to find it.
#2: Defeat the mini boss.
#3: Break striped wall via Rock + Electric ability.

Off to the Desert! Kill the Parachute enemy and move on. Ahead destroy the 2
boxes and collect the star that's in one of them. Kill the Cactus and eat all
of the food. Kill another Cactus and destroy the boxes. Keep this up til you
go through an opening in a Building ahead.

A few eyeball anvils, how interesting. Float up above one of them to find the
first crystal shard. To get across them safely, I suggest you get close to make
them drop, then run across when there floating back up.

You will face a Cactus mini boss. Shoot the smaller Cacti at it a few times
and get the crystal shard afterwards. The next room will begin to fill with 
sand. Get as high up as possible and avoid being below the blocks because the
sand will come up and smash you and kill you. After getting to the top, Waddle
Dee will make a hole in the Ceiling so you can escape.

Jump down the Cliff and on the wall you will see a brown and yellow rock. The
third crystal shard is in there but it requires the Rock + Lightning power.
Make it to the top of the hill and avoid the enemys. At the bottom there are
a few giant Cacti that will try and smash you. Run at the right time and exit.

                      WORLD 2: ROCK STAR - STAGE 2

#1: In the center of the Rock structure, Stand right above the shard to fall
through the floor.
#2: In the room with fire throwing enemys, it's down in the pit.
#3: In the maze with King DeDeDe.

First, kill the cacti enemys. Then kill the Scarfy. There will be towers that
fall when you go under them. Careful cause it will kill you if crushed.
You will find yourself at a Rock structure. There is a shard at the bottom.
Stand on the floor above it to fall and get it.

Next there is a big room with a pit. The second shard is at the bottom so fly
to get it then fly back up. There will be gray blocks in the water. If you 
step on them they smash the ceiling so fly over them. Cannons, yay. Run 
across the room while avoiding the enemys and cannons. 

This last room involves Kirby on King DeDeDe. Destroy the brown walls with B.
The last shard is also here in the upper left corner of the room.

                      WORLD 2: ROCK STAR - STAGE 3

#1: In the big skeleton's mouth. Get Rock power and use it on the brown spot
of the skeleton.
#2: Defeat the mini boss.
#3: In the water filled room with falling bones, swim above the door to find

Get to the ground. You will see a big skeleton. In the mouth of it is the 
first shard. You can get it by breaking the brown bone in the back via rock
power. Kill the skull guys, watch out they fly. Watch out for enemys on the
way. Jump into the funnel of sand and land on another pile of sand at the

There will be two funnels of sand. one goes to a mini boss, one skips
it, but no crystal shard for you if you take the wrong one. If you take the
wrong hole, fly back up and take the right one to the mini boss.

Destroy the arrow via spitting smaller ones at him. Once defeated jump down
the funnel to get the shard. Make your way across the bridge and you will see
another funnel of sand. But wait! Jump on the platforms above it and get
across if you don't want to get eaten!

Jump into the pond with three stars in it and swim through the tunnel. You 
will now be completly under water. Go down while avoiding the arrow enemys 
and go through the hole. 

You will now be in a similar room except your going up, and there's giant 
bones falling. Beware, cause I think these things can kill you in 1 blow. At 
the doot at the top, go even higher and go left to get the last shard.

                      WORLD 2: ROCK STAR - STAGE 4

#1: Climb up moving blocks and get the piece in the center.
#2: Use Bomb + Electric power in room with Adeleine and press the correct
#3: Defeat the mini boss.

Eat the rocket enemy and swallow him (don't get rid of ability). Run across
the bridge and watch out for the pig enemy. Go towards the UFO and jump on
the platform to go inside.

The platform will rise up into the UFO. Cannons will shoot at you on the way
up so be careful. Once inside you have to jump on platforms coming out of
the wall. Careful not to get smashed and get the shard in the middle of the
room. Take out your bomb ability and throw it at one of the diamond guys to
get the light bulb ability. Use it in the next room with Adeleine. 

You will see three pictures on the wall. In the next  room press the switches 
of the pictures to get a shard. This next room is huge but I have a huge
shortcut. Fly up and you will land on a platform with a tomato. Fly more after
that to get to the last platform. Stand on it and it will go up.

You will now face the mini boss. Discard your light bulb ability as it won't
do anything here. Shoot the smaller enemys at it til it dies and snag the
shard. Climb the ladder. There will be two poles, but these weird enemys will
chase you up them. Jump off every few seconds so they go away and fly through
the hole in the ceiling to finish the level.

  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 2  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/___    PIXS    ___\___________________________/

- Once at the top, don't stand on the larger blocks cause that's where the
ammo appears.

These guys are basically three floating orbs. You are at the bottom of a 
statue on a platform that's going up. First the red one will come and attack,
then the green one comes too and finally the blue one. They will keep 
attacking til you get to the top, then the fight really begins.

Blocks will appear once you get to the top. This is what you shoot at Pix.
They will always do different attacks. When they fly together, don't bother
trying to hit them. Each one takes about 2-3 hits. Once one dies it cannot
attack anymore. Get the shard when they blow up.

Desert Desserts:
The gang is in the middle of the Desert and Kirby is starving. Adeleine paints,
yes she paints food and they eat it. Gross. The portal to Aqua Star opens up
and everyone jumps in except for Kirby, who hasn't noticed. King DeDeDe pulls
him in and they fly away.

Aqua Star
This is quite the opposite of Rock Star. You will go through a Beach, a brook,
an Ocean Trench, and face an Orca? Put on your swim trunks and head to Aqua

                      WORLD 3: AQUA STAR - STAGE 1

#1: Room with green bubbles.
#2: Defeat the mini boss.
#3: Destroy black and blue box via bomb + ice power.

Destroy the rock enemy. Watch out when you jump over the holes fish will pop
out of them. Eat the meat on the platform if you need it, and kill the 
boomerang enemy. Go through the opening. Jump into the green bubble with a
face. You will also find a shard to the left on the way up. On the wall there
will be a couple of holes. Jump over them unless you want to be swallowed
by a big grean toad.

You will now face the mini boss, a giant tick enemy. Eat the smaller ticks
below him and spit them at him. After he dies go below again and grab the 
shard. Adeleine will give you a tomato, or 1UP depending on your health in
the next room. I hope you have the bomb + ice power. Go to the bottom of all
of the pathways by pressing D-Down. Blow up the black and blue box with your
ability to get the third shard.  Watch out, the holes have enemys in them, 
so jump over the holes. 

                      WORLD 3: AQUA STAR - STAGE 2

#1: Defeat mini boss and blow up block via Rock + Fire power.
#2: In mid air above waterfall with Waddle Dee.
#3: After big drop behind a waterfall.

Kill the electric enemy. Note that this level has streams and waterfalls that
can have currents that can move you. Watch out for the spike balls and run 
across when the time is right. Go through the tunnel. There will be a bridge
made of rocks. Run cause it falls apart. Kill the penguin enemy after it.
You will face a giant crab mini boss. I hope you have the Rock + Fire power
cause if you don't you can get the shard. Kill the boss and go through the

Waddle Dee will be in a crate. Hop in and prepare for a rough ride. Note that
you will come across more of these rides later in the game. Jump over the 
rocks when you see them or you'll lose health. The second shard will be above
a waterfall so get prepared for that. After a while they will come across a
huge drop. Grab the lollipop at the bottom to become invincble! Don't get
carried away cause there is a shard inside a waterfall on the way down. There
will be a ton of enemys chasing you. Now your gonna be going up waterfalls. 
Careful on the way up there are a bunch of spikey logs. Make your way to the 
top and exit the level.

                      WORLD 3: AQUA STAR - STAGE 3

#1: Break green and black rock via Boomerang + Bomb power in mountain.
#2: Defeat mini boss.
#3: Break green and brown wall and climb up to it.

A day at the Beach... Too bad your not here to play. Keep killing the enemys
as you go and watch out for the claw enemy that comes out of the sand funnel.
There are enemys that pop out of the sand and they are the same color as the
sand so be careful. Exit the area at the big sand castle to the next screen.
You will see cannons in the background. Don't worry, there not for show.
Avoid them while avoind the enemys at the same time.

Coming across bridges? Some parts are loose and water will shoot from below.
Step on one of the last pieces to get to the top of a big mountain. Jump
through the hole. Break the green and black rock with Boomerang + Bomb power.
Get the shard and stand on the big pile you landed on to get back.

There will be spike balls above the next bridge. The bridge pieces below them
will fly up from water so run fast. You will find King DeDeDe. Stand on the
thingy or whatever next to him and he'll make you go flying. Big logs? Yes.
If you stand on one, it starts to fall. Move quick and avoid the water cause
it moves left. Fly to the top of the mountain and drop through the hole.

Defeat the mini boss. Make sure ur not right next to him cause he stands where
the hole appears and if you fall you'll miss the shard. After you will fall
down a big drop. At the bottom of the wall to the left there is a green and
brown wall. Destroy it via Rock + Boomerang ability. Keep changing forms with
the power til you turn into a little hamster thing. Hold down left and keep
pressing A against the wall til you get the shard. Watch out for the spike 
logs on the way up. They can do alot of damage. Drop down at the top and exit 
the level.

                      WORLD 3: AQUA STAR - STAGE 4

#1: Room with currents and spike balls, it's on the ceiling.
#2: Bottom of pole in current Tunnel.
#3: In a ditch on floor in last room.

You are at the top of a room. Swim downward will avoiding the enemys and bombs
and make it to the bottom. Go right. Eat the small school of fish and proceed.
Giant rocks will start falling. Tip: They may be bigger, but you can still 
suck them up! The next room has alot of currents and spike balls. Try to stay
as much to the left as you can on the way up, as it will increase your chances
to get the shard. Go right when you get to the Ceiling.

This is a Tunnel with a very strong current. There are enemys everywhere and
the tunnel is narrow height wise. When you get to a pole climb down to the
bottom of it and grab the second shard. Proceed through the narrow Tunnel.
Ah a giant blowfish mini boss with currents. How fun. Inhale the enemys on
the big rock in the center and shoot it at him.

This last room has fast rocks and a strong current. Stay on the floor to avoid
them and hide in ditches. The third shard is also in a ditch on the floor. At
the end of the room swim up through the door.

  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 3  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/___    ACRO    ___\___________________________/

- It's not smart to use a power in this fight cause your underwater and your

This orca, whale, whatever you want to call it, shoots stuff from it's mouth.
It also shoots spike balls to avoid those. Inhale what it shoots at you and
shoot it back. After a few hits it falls and pretends to be dead. The floor
then starts falling apart. Swim up into the big gap in the ceiling. 

Acro comes back. This time it shoots bombs from it's mouth. Shoot the enemys
at it until it dies. Get the Crystal Shard.

All Washed Up:
Kirby and the gang are skipping rocks on the Beach. Kirby closes his eyes and
winds up his arm for a long one. Everyone else runs cause they see a big wave.
Kirby gets hit by the wave, then they teleport to Neo Star.

Neo Star
Welcome to Neo Star! This place turns into a Jungle to a Volcano! Sha'll we 

                       WORLD 4: NEO STAR - STAGE 1

#1: In area with large stumps, it's under a trap between some stumps.
#2: Drop down off cliff in second room.
#3: Above first collapsing platform.

First kill the stone enemy. There are a bunch a traps here so be careful. The
traps usually have yellow spots on the ground where they are. Once trap has
a shard under it. In the second room with the cliffs, fall below the first 
cliff your on to get another shard. Climb the vines and fly while avoiding
the flying dinosaur enemys. Hop from rope to rope and don't look down.

The ropes farther ahead will move back and forth. Just jump into them to hang
on to them. This mini boss is a giant fire enemy. Shoot the spear enemys at
it til it dies and only shoot them when it's sleeping. This is a high danger
area. One drop and you die. You will come across thin logs attatched to vines.
These logs collapes with weight on them. The first one has the third shard
above it. After that go through the door and finish the level.

                       WORLD 4: NEO STAR - STAGE 2

#1: When you first start the level, go left while your falling to find it.
#2: Jump on to the higher track on the ride with Waddle Dee.
#3: Break Brown and Black wall via rock + bomb power.

While falling, fly to the left and fall to get the first shard. You will then
fall through a big pit. Hop into the mine car with Waddle Dee. Jump over the
rocks when an exclamation mark goes over their heads. When you have a chance
to go on a lower or upper track, go on the upper track to get another shard.
At the end of the track, the cart crashes, causing Kirby to fall in a pit.

Jump over the holes in the walls so the frogs don't swallow you. Go almost
directly under the eyeball anvils so they fall but don't crush you, then run
under them. Try to get the 1UP near the blocks. This next area isn't fun, nor
is it easy. The ground is wet so you can fall easier, these drop enemys hang
on the ceiling, and there's cannons above the pits.

Keep killing the cloud enemys, while collecting the food in the holes. At the
bottom you shoulf find a brown and black wall. Use the Rock + Bomb ability
to blow it up and get the thrid shard. This mini boss is a bunch of enemys,
rather than one big enemy. After you kill them all proceed to a dangorus room.
You can die here real easy, so watch out. Try not to get smashed, cause it can
kill you. Don't get the 1UP, too risky. 

                       WORLD 4: NEO STAR - STAGE 3

#1: Break floor with Needle + Rock power.
#2: Make blocks equal to Adeleine's picture.
#3: Drop down after you climb structure with food filled holes.

Eat the spikey enemy. Then eat a rock enemy to get the Needle + Rock power.
You are going to need it up ahead. Proceed killing all of the enemys, then 
when you see an orange and brown block in the floor, break it with your 
power to get a shard. You are going to do ALOT of jumping and flying in this
level just to tell you. Eventually you will find Adeleine. This is probably
the hardest shard in the whole game. You have to look at her picture, then
make the blocks in the next room shaped like the picture. She can have the

-Top Hat

The top hat is the easiest. Not just my opinion but it really is the easiest.
Just prey that you get the top hat.

There are floating platforms that will fall when you step on them. They look
like 3 thin stones stacked on eachother. Get to a structure where there are
holes in the wall filled with food. When you get to the top drop down the
ditch to get a shard. You will start going on rocks that say "KIRBY". The 
level will be complete after you go across them.

                       WORLD 4: NEO STAR - STAGE 4

#1: Break top piece of rock with king DeDeDe.
#2: Break large rock in ground with Ice + Ice power.
#3: Float up to left in room with rising lava.

Avoid the falling rocks while outside. They are bigger but you can still eat
them. Go inside the Volcano. Look out for the flying fire birds. You will go
across a few platfroms that move across the lava. You should run into King
DeDeDe. You will use him here to break rock structures to proceed. You can
only break the bottom half but in one of them you can break the upper half 
too and that half holds a shard.

You will come across several bridges with alot of enemys. Then one part will
have lava coming out of the walls. I recommend you fly over all three of them
rather than jumping over them 1 by 1. The next room has two enemys in the
background and a big rock in the middle? Use the Ice + Ice ability to break
it to get another shard. Walk forward (right) and a bunch of lava will start
to move towards you. Keep running away and exit the room.

In this last room, keep going up while staying to the left and grab the third
shard. Go through the hole in the ceiling and exit.

  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 4  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/___   MAGMAN   ___\___________________________/

 - When Magman makes rocks fall, suck up as many as you can cause the more you
   have in your mouth the more damage it does!
 - When he's doing his big fire breath move, get close in to him so it won't
   get you!

The first half of this fight your gonna have to shoot these little fire ball
enemys at the piles of magma he shoots at you. Keep doing that until he gets
brave enough to come out of the background and actaually fight you!

His face is his weak point. Shoot the birds and rocks that he makes at his 
face until he dies. Read above to find out how to avoid his fire move.

Hot Waddle Dwaddle:
Kirby and Friends are outside when the Volcano begins to errupt. The portal
to Shiver star opens up and everyone makes it in running. Except Waddle Dee
isn't fast enough to get in, so Kirby inhales him and they go to Shiver Star.

Shiver Star
Brr this place is cold! Hope you like shopping cause there's a big Mall here.
And an evil Factory below it!

                      WORLD 5: SHIVER STAR - STAGE 1

#1: On top of hill on bobsled ride.
#2: Defeat mini boss and break chamber on ceiling with fire.
#3: In the rightmost frozen lake.

Kill the Ice bird enemy and proceed. Eat the fire enemy. Recommended you get
the stronger fire ability. Keep killing enemys. In the next section climb up
a bunch of ladders and avoid the flying dinosaurs. Get on the Bobsled with
Waddle Dee. Jump on top of the big snow hills to find a crystal shard on one
of them. 

You will fight a mini boss. After destroying it use your fire ability on the
chunk of snow on the ceiling to get the shard. A bunch of frozen lakes. Some
have holes that go into them but some don't. At the second to last one go in
it and go through the tunnel to the last one, where you will find a shard.
The last area has enemies that push boulders down at you. Jump over them
when they roll down and finish the level.

                      WORLD 5: SHIVER STAR - STAGE 2

#1: Below a cloud in second room.
#2: Third room. Shoot North-West with green bubble.
#3: Get Needle + Electric ability and use it to get mini boss shard.

Run to the top of the hill and jump into the green bubble. This level has a
bunch of places where you can fall and die so be careful. Kill the enemys
while jumping from cloud to cloud. In the second room a shard is below a 
cloud. The next shard is in the third room. Aim the green bubble North-West
and press A to shoot yourself toward it.

This mini boss is a pain. Primarily cause it requires a power to get the 
shard. Needle + Electric power required to get the shard. The last room is
a pain. Enemies coming from the ceiling and floor, gaps with pinchers in 
them, sheesh. Exit this boring and long level.

                      WORLD 5: SHIVER STAR - STAGE 3

#1: On a ledge to the left in the second room.
#2: Defeat mini boss.
#3: Color Adeleines fruit with switches.

What the? A Mall? How fun. Enter the door in the Mall. Go up the escalators
and avoid the enemys, and keep checking the ledges above them to get a shard.
Basically you will be going up elevators, while getting through obstacles,
then going to the next floor. The mini boss is easy. Just shoot him when he's
hanging down. Yet another puzzle from Adeleine that's one of the hardest 
shards in the game.

You must press down the switches that match the fruit's color. Just for the
record the third one is always pink. You will arrive in a big circular room
with cannons. There are blocks to help protect you in some parts. Finish this
Mall and prepare for the worst level in Kirby 64...

                      WORLD 5: SHIVER STAR - STAGE 4

#1: Get Rock + Spike ability and break the boxes on the way down the hole.
#2: Break giant cage in mini boss room with Boomerang + Electric power.
#3: At a dead end in last room.

This level sucks. That's all I have got to say. There are alot of parts where
you die in one hit, and it's hard! Start by jumping down the hole.

Watch out for the spike balls on the way down. Go below a few floors and watch
out for bombs. King DeDeDe will come and Kirby will go on his back. King 
DeDeDe can destroy the doors blocking your path. But if the hammers smash you,
it's over. Get around the annoyance of the conveyer belts and the eyeball
anvils. The mini boss here is a giant fire bird ,and it's shard is in a cage.
Go figure.

This is the dangorus part. Smashers will go up and down and you have to run
and get some place safe where they can't smash. E.G a hole. The rest after
this level is easy. Keep going back and forth and up while avoiding the yellow
machines. The third shard is also here in a dead end.

  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 5  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/___     HR     ___\___________________________/
 - Stay in the middle of the stage to reduce the chance of it's laser hitting

A Robot? Nintendo sure is good at bosses. Inhale the missles it shoots at you,
and fire them at it's arms when it swings them. After a few hits it will get
on the platform your on. Shoot the black part of it and watch out for it's
clipper attack. Keep shooting the ammo at it until it dies.

Ripple Rescue:
The portal to Ripple Star opens up. Ribbon gets a sad look only to see that
Dark Matter has completly taken over her Home. Kirby falls and everyone uses
him as a trampoleon to the portal, except Ribbon. She picks up unconsious
Kirby and takes him into the portal to Ripple Star.

Ripple Star
A peaceful Planet. It has been engulfed by Dark Matter, so you've seen. It's
time to end Dark Matter's reign on the peaceful Faries!

                      WORLD 6: RIPPLE STAR - STAGE 1

#1: You can't miss it!
#2: Defeat the mini boss.
#3: Blow up the black and orange rock at the end of the level via bomb + spike

This place is an exact replica of Stage 1 on Pop Star. Just slightly different
enemys, the mini boss is a different enemy, and the rock at the end of the 
level requires a different power to break. 

Kill all going enemys, get the shard on the way (you can't miss it) then enter 
the House and kill the mini boss to get another shard. Destroy more enemies,
then blow up the rock via bomb + needle power to get the third shard. That
was easy.

Your probably wondering, why is this level so happy? I thought Dark Matter
took over the Planet. He did, just not all of it. It is only at the Castle 
right now. 

                      WORLD 6: RIPPLE STAR - STAGE 2

#1: In second room break yellow block via electric power.
#2: In very left side of water maze.
#3: Blow up green pillar via boomerang power in last room.

Now you are outside the Castle. It is covered with Darkness which makes it
impossible to get inside. But you can get inside from underground. On the
grass there is a big hole that leads to the basement. Jump in and use the
electric power on the yellow box at the bottom to get a shard. Jump down a
few holes and kill the enemys and jump into the water.

A boulder will block your path but then King DeDeDe comes in and breaks it.
You will be in another pit of water. Swim to the very left to get a shard.
Adeleine will make a invincability lollipop. Eat and run through the blocks.
Don't get carried away cause you get the third shard here via boomerang on 
the green pillar. Take the elavator up to the Castle.

                      WORLD 6: RIPPLE STAR - STAGE 3

#1: Defeat mini boss.
#2: Break red and orange carpet via Fire + Spike ability.
#3: Defeat another mini boss.

This is the longest level in the game. It consists of staircases and multi
enemy mini bosses. Can't really help you here. Just fight your way to the top
of the Castle.
  ___________________________|     BOSS     |_____________________________
 /--------------------------_|  OF WORLD 6  |_----------------------------\
 \_________________________/__MIRACLE MATTER__\___________________________/

This guy has 7 different forms which all resemble the powers you have obtained
on your quest. Each form takes 3 hits, making a total of 21 hits.

Miracle Matter may seem hard at first, but is easy after you get used to his
attacks. I have a strategy for every one of his attacks on how not to get hit:

 -Fire: Don't go under him.
 -Needle: Stay in a corner.
 -Boomerang: Corner.
 -Ice: Say hi to the corner!
 -Bomb: Try to pop a bubble with your breath.
 -Stone: Corner (after he starts rolling).
 -Electric: Stay in a corner and jump when he shoots.

Use these and your almost certain not to get hit! Notice that everytime you 
hit him one of his eyes dissapears. After you hit him 3 times in one form he
can't use it again. After 21 hits he's eyeless and he blows up. Collect the
big and final Crystal shard when he does and watch the ending! Or endings...
he he...

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you got 74 Crystal shards or less you will get this ending:

Fare... Well?
The crystal repels Dark Matter and it flys away. The sun is out again and 
Kirby and friends start to dance. The Queen thanks them and Ribbon shakes
Kirby's hand and they fly back to Pop Star. Then the Queen looks at Ribbon
with an evil smile, signaling that the game isn't quite finished.

But if you got all 75 shards, you will get this ending:

Darkness Calls:
The Crystal repels Dark Matter into space and it blows up. When everything
looks good for 2 seconds, the crystal shoots a beam at the Queen, cause the
Dark Matter possessing her to come out. The Dark Matter flys away and forms
a Planet in the center of the ring of Planets. Kirby pulls out a cell phone
with a star antenna. Adeleine and Waddle Dee exchange glances. A big star
flys down and they ride it to Dark Star where the real final battle will be

Dark Star
There is only 1 stage here, and it's the smallest one in the whole game. You
don't even need a guide for this one, it's that easy.

  ___________________________|  FINAL BOSS  |_____________________________
 /==========================_|      02      |_============================\

You will be equipped with a special power. Ribbon is holding you and you have
a crystal gun. You must shoot them at 02's eye while avoiding his attack.
After a while his eye will shut from the crystals you've been shooting. That's
when you shoot his Halo. His halo will change colors as you shoot it. Shoot
the band-aide on his head when it disappears.

Now you have to shoot the cactus on his butt. Now you actually start hurting
him. Repeat this process 2-3 times and 02 will explode.

Crystal Clear!:
Dark Star is acting all funny. Just 1 second before it explodes the Gang flys
away and barely makes it. Back on Ripple Star, Kirby and Company get medals
(pieces of the crystal) and Ribbon gives Kirby a kiss. He blushes and falls
down the Stairs. The game ends showing a picture of Kirby's friends trying to
save him. The End! But that's only the end of the Walkthrough!

Mini Games
There are four mini games in Kirby 64. You start off with three at first. But
after beating completing story mode (including Dark Star) then you unlock

100 Yard Hop
 - A = Hop 2 spaces
 - B = Hop 1 space
 - D-Pad = Move

You have to hop 100 yards before anyone else. There are puddles and frogs 
which slow you down. My personal favorite!

Bumper Crop Bump
 - A = Bump
 - D-Pad = Move

You basically have to catch fruit in your basket. Press A to bump someone.
That's it.

Checker Board Chase
 - A = Drop Blocks
 - D-Pad = Move

Press A to high light blocks and make them drop. Anyone that's on the high
lighted blocks will fall and lose a life. You have a few lives. I think 5.

After complety beating Story mode, you can unlock a small extra called Bosses.
This is nothing more than a feature Nintendo put in that gives you one more
thing to do after you beat the game. You have to beat all 7 bosses with only
6 pieces of health total and no powers. It's actually very hard. To this
day I still havn't beat it.
You can send me an email at:
[email protected]

Q: Where can I find the ROM to this?
A: There are several sites that have N64 roms. Try searching

 - HAL Laboratory for making this game.
 - Me for writing this guide.
 - Nintendo for publishing this game.

That's a rap!