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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Pack Shot

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers



by Iheartpancreas

 _______ _________ _        _______  _       
(  ____ \\__   __/( (    /|(  ___  )( \      
| (    \/   ) (   |  \  ( || (   ) || (      
| (__       | |   |   \ | || (___) || |      
|  __)      | |   | (\ \) ||  ___  || |      
| (         | |   | | \   || (   ) || |      
| )      ___) (___| )  \  || )   ( || (____/\
|/       \_______/|/    )_)|/     \|(_______/
 _______  _______  _       _________ _______  _______          
(  ____ \(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|
| (    \/| (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (   | (   ) || (    \/( \   / )
| (__    | (___) ||   \ | |   | |   | (___) || (_____  \ (_) / 
|  __)   |  ___  || (\ \) |   | |   |  ___  |(_____  )  \   /  
| (      | (   ) || | \   |   | |   | (   ) |      ) |   ) (   
| )      | )   ( || )  \  |   | |   | )   ( |/\____) |   | |   
|/       |/     \||/    )_)   )_(   |/     \|\_______)   \_/ 

(  ____ \(  ____ )|\     /|(  ____ \\__   __/(  ___  )( \      
| (    \/| (    )|( \   / )| (    \/   ) (   | (   ) || (      
| |      | (____)| \ (_) / | (_____    | |   | (___) || |      
| |      |     __)  \   /  (_____  )   | |   |  ___  || |      
| |      | (\ (      ) (         ) |   | |   | (   ) || |      
| (____/\| ) \ \__   | |   /\____) |   | |   | )   ( || (____/\
(_______/|/   \__/   \_/   \_______)   )_(   |/     \|(_______/
 _______           _______  _______  _       _________ _______  _       
(  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ )(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/(  ____ \( \      
| (    \/| )   ( || (    )|| (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (   | (    \/| (      
| |      | (___) || (____)|| |   | ||   \ | |   | |   | |      | |      
| |      |  ___  ||     __)| |   | || (\ \) |   | |   | |      | |      
| |      | (   ) || (\ (   | |   | || | \   |   | |   | |      | |      
| (____/\| )   ( || ) \ \__| (___) || )  \  |___) (___| (____/\| (____/\
(_______/|/     \||/   \__/(_______)|/    )_)\_______/(_______/(_______/
 _______  _______ 
(  ____ \(  ____ \
| (    \/| (    \/
| (__    | (_____ 
|  __)   (_____  )
| (            ) |
| (____/\/\____) |
The Crystal Bearers.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers.
For the Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii






Use Ctrl+F and then the [#] to
find a specific spot in the guide


Capital Gate Hall [1]
Fountain Park Avenue [2]
Subterranean Ruins [3]
Eastern Wildlands [4]
Bridge Town Passage [5]
Eye of the Rock [6]
Winery [7]
Guild Ship Pathway [8]
High Tide Cove [9]
Costa Fagulte [10]
Queen's Garden [11]
Clock Plaza [12]
Shuttle Central Platform [13]
Cherry Checkpoint [14]
Eastern Wildlands [15]
Snowfields [16]
Chocobo Barn [17]

Yuke Sky City [18]
Cid's Workshop Zone [19]
Forbidden Falls [20]
Prison Sands Station [21]
Crystal Chamber [22]
Final Boss [23]









Hello, and welcome to my guide for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The
Crystal Bearers for the Nintendo Wii. The Final Fantasy franchise has numerous
titles and spin offs that hold it's name. One of the reasons for this is their
quality level, and charm. This game does things a little differently from the
norm, and in my opinion, they did things right. Please enjoy the guide, and
enjoy your travels and feats on your path to save the world.





As you start off after the opening sequence, aim the Wii remote and shoot at
the bird-like creatures. They'll do damage when they get too close, so take
them out from afar. You'll be done when the score prompt comes up. Watch the
scene and you'll soon be piloting the ship. Steer through the corner of the
gorge, heading left and right to avoid crashing into the sides.

Don't worry about moving up and down over the ledges and other obstacles, your
buddy will take care of that for you. Keep moving, and you'll eventually head
through a tunnel. Take a hard right and you'll be home free. After the little
scene, you'll assume control of your character, Layle. Take him out for a spin
by moving forward, and paying attention to the tutorial on screen, to get your

Capital Gate Hall [1]

Select mission from the menu screen like the tutorial tells you, and also take
the time to see all of the other options on the screen, and familiarize
yourself with them. Head up the stairs. You can pull and throw the large
boulders in the way with the Wii remote. Head behind the counter with the
receptionist and open up the chest behind for some cash. Head through the path
behind, you can move the boulders around to gain access to the sides.

Clock Plaza

After moving through the hallway, head behind the other receptionist and get
some more cash from the chest behind her. There's another receptionist nearby,
so head there for some more cash. Head downstairs, save your gave at the blue
crystal if you please, and after moving to the open space there will be a brief
scene. Grab and launch yourself at the structure in the middle, the great
clock, to get it moving again. From there head straight towards the open gate,
taking the two chests nearby first. Head down the stairs.

Shuttle Central Platform

Keep moving forward, and head into the nearby train to the left, by the clerk
and the moogle. It'll start moving, and after a while, you'll arrive at your
destination. You can grab the wanted poster on the notice boards nearby before
heading downstairs. Keep heading down, and eventually you'll see a scene of a
person running by.

Fountain Park Avenue [2]

Open the chest nearby and follow after the ferret. Grab it with your wii
remote, and it'll move to another spot. Keep doing this, and you'll get your
stuff back. There will be another scene to watch. After a weird turn of events,
you'll be in the back seat of a chocobo carriage. Aim and grab the guards that
will pursue you, and chuck them away. 

You don't have to worry about steering.
Grab the pillar and pull it down to slow the guards down. Grab the bridge after
you come towards it to make it collapse, and when the knights get a little too
close for comfort, shake your remote like the screen prompts and be ready to
grab hold of the glowing reticule to assist in the steep turn you'll eventually
come towards. Keep tossing the guards away as they come to you, and the path
after the turn should be a scene. After you romantic session with...the
chocobo, head along the path with Belle.

Cave in the cliff

Climb over the walls, and open up the nearby chests. After a little while, some
monsters will come to greet you. Take them out by throwing the nearby rocks,
and the monsters themselves at each other. After that, you'll have to close the
hole in the air they came from, just in case they can't get enough of you. Keep
moving along the path after heading upwards.

Subterranean Ruins [3]

Head to the blue platforms, grab, and thrust yourself to and from them to get
across the gap. Grab the one near the nears, and move through the path. Hook on
to the floating object over the little gap, and fling across. Do this with the
next ones, and turn left for some more.

Grab the chest and turn back. Head opposite the open gate that leads to
nothingness, and fling yourself into the area with a grapple point, and the
chest. Swing along to the empty chest, and move along. Head up the stairs after
Belle, and let off some steam by tossing the surrounding objects around. I
recommend throwing them at Belle for maximum enjoyment. There will be a little
scene, and some monsters to take care of. Aim your target at the middle door
until the marker makes a full circle. The enemies will fire projectiles at you,
so don't stand in one place for too long.

Crystal Chamber

After getting pushed back enough by the enemies who didn't want to play with
you, grab the chest in the crystal chamber. Head along with Belle, and move
past the wall that comes down. There'll be a scene with a familiar face. When
you assume control again, follow the path of floating blocks by grappling, and
be sure to pick up the chest. One will need to be pulled from its resting
place, and from there, you should here Belle. Move in that direction.

When to come to a seemingly dead end, turn around, and pull on the glowing
spit. Follow along the path. One of the pillars you'll walk on will split into
a blocky staircase. Grab the chest next to where Belle is lollygagging. Head up
the path leading up and you should find a chest. From there take the path that
leads to the glowing blue archway. Grapple onto it to open it.

Old Lett Aqueduct

After the scene head forward, and you should receive some mail. Climb over the
wall where the flowers are to the right. You should spot Belle running away.
Grab the chest to the left, and then the one in view. Head forward and save at
the blue crystal if you please.

Eastern Wildlands [4]

Grab the little critters and throw them at each other. You can toss the
skeleton to the large skeleton laying flat to take care of him quickly. Move
through and you should come across cacti. Toss them at the skeletons to take
them out. Throwing the skeletons at the walls only breaks them into pieces that
will reanimate. Take all the buggers in the area out and then close their spawn
hole and then move along.

Eye of the Rock

You can check out info in the news stand past the people loitering. Open up the
chest nearby and move through. There's a save crystal nearby.

Bridge Town

Head forward to the main gate with the guard, and activate the lever to the
left. Head through and move to the lower path. There's a lever to pull nearby
that will allow you access to the moogle shops. Look around if you please. The
third shop if for emblems you can get if you so desire.

The second has some gear you can buy. Gear up Layl with whatever you can
afford/ appears it would help you. For now there aren't any must have items, so
you can shop at your leisure or not. When you're done, turn back and head up
the stairs. Take the right path, and then head down to the area with the self
opening door.

Bridge Town Passage [5]

Follow the passage along until you get to the wide open area with the save
crystal in the distance.

Cid's Workshop Zone

Save up and pull the red lever to get to Cid's workshop. There will be a
cutscene involving Cid. When done, be sure to grab the chests in the workshops.
You can make accessories from Cid himself, but your goal is to head to the
poster of yourself for a cut scene. When you get control, head over to the save
crystal to save. Go to the the left and downwards onto your next mission.

Bridge Town Passage

Backtrack to the door that opens up by itself leading to Bridge town, and head
to the gate. Pull the lever and exit the town

Eye of the Rock [6]

Head along keeping an eye out for goodies, and head through to the Old Lett
Aqueduct. Head past the trees and move along and over the bridge.

Lett Highlands

There will be monsters in the area. Toss them at each other, and watch out for
the ones that charge. Be sure to keep your distance when you see the bombs
charging. The go out with a bang. Toss them away quickly when you have the
chance to avoid this. There's gun powder barrels near the water if you can't
find anything to throw the bad guys to.

A strategy when you're faced with solitary enemies is to carry them all the way
over to where the action is so you can throw them away. After the last guy has
been taken care of, close the the rift in the air up. When you're down, head
over the bridge near the waterfall, and drop down to the right into the shallow
water. Climb the flower covered cliff and pick up the goodies. Head back over
the bridge, and climb where you see the flowers.

Next to the pole like tree stump is a chest below, followed by another one. Hop
swing onto the latch near the oblong tree stump, and jump swing to the next
one. Spend too much time lollygagging and the enemies will come back, so keep
that in mind. You should be on top of the waterfall. Head along the path, and
take the left to get the treasure. Then head through the small tunnel and jump
swing onto the latch. Head along the path to the side of where the pole is a
house structure that hold a bell, or bird call, as it's called.

Hop over the little patches of earth above the water to pick up the treasure
chest. Here you can find a fisherman and join him in a game of fishing.
Continue land hopping for a couple more chests. When you're down with all of
that, move along the path on your map until you get to the house with the peep
hole. After you've been identified, you'll be let in.


Move forward and climb up the stairs to get the chest perched up there. Head
down and to the left of it there's a save crystal waiting to be touched. Moving
towards it will trigger a scene. Save up, and move through. Open the door and
head on through.

Winery [7]

Follow Goldenrod and pay attention to the advice that will pop on screen. Toss
barrels at her and chase after here when she runs off. Swing your way through
the door, and head through, making chase with your friend.

Forgotten Forest

Move forward and swing from vine to vine, activating the green glowing plant
life to obtain another vine to climb on the way. Grab the chests, and head back
down. Throw the roller bugs onto each other as you take out the enemies in the
area. Near the firefly fungus and hollow is a chest on a perch where a treasure
chest lies. Open the chest up, and move past activating the fireflies and make
chase. You'll near Goldenrod.

As you swing past the moss covered perches. Head up and collect the chest in
the distance before running off. Remember to activate the the fungi you find.
Take out the other enemies and move towards the glowing green and yellow light.
The green light is a firefly you must activate, the yellow is a gold nugget you
can break open for some more cash. Move through the green warp for a treasure
chest. Head through the hollow (it won't open if you haven't activated the fire
fly). There will be a cutscene eventually.

You'll now have to face Goldenrod's Bahamut. Grab the rusty sword in the area
and aim toss it as Bahamut. The enemies in the way may put your aiming off
track, so you'll want to take the nearby ones out. Watch out for the orbs of
energy Bahamut drops to the ground. It has a larger explosion radius. Get to
the rusty sword again and toss it at Bahamut.

You'll have to aim properly if you wish to do damage. Eventually, Bahamut will
be pissed, and you'll end up on a floating block of rock. Hook onto Bahamut's
mouth and leap from there to his arm and leg joints. You'll eventually be in
range of the pear on it's tail Grab it, and you'll be able to aim and fire it
at the beast.

Existence and Oblivion

Rush ahead and grapple onto the Zu. Land on the space with the two chests and
take out the skeletons. Grab the chests, and finish off the other enemies
bothering. Head on the nearby Zu and land on the next spot with two more
chests. Head on the next Zu going in the direction you haven't been, and drop
off at the area with the stairs. Head forward and you'll eventually catch up to

Forbidden Falls

Head forward steering through the jet, and swim over to where Keiss is
Head down to the edge from where you're standing and drop down the platform,
and then to the lower level to pick up the chest. From there, take the nearest
ladder up and move along the mast past the little moogle. Head from there along
and down, then onto the ramp path that leads up.

Guild Ship Pathway [8]

Follow the path that now starts to move downwards and you should come across a
save crystal. Save your game and head back and go to the lower level to collect
the chests before heading past the save crystal upstairs again for a scene.
Head over to where Vaigali's waiting. Head along the path near the blue save
crystal and head up the stairs. Watch your footing, there will be some barrels
that will drop down. Move in between them to avoid getting hit. Head around and
upwards to some fresh air.

Selkie Guild

Climb up the ladder where the guy's standing, and run along the mast. Drop down
and grab the treasure chest with the Wii remote, and place it on higher ground.
Then head around and up the ramp to pick it up. Climb up the ladder and walk
along the mast. Speak with your trusted moogle buddy and he'll lead you to
where you need to go. Head up the high tall ladder, and swing along the rope
with your bearer powers. Head up the ladder, and move through the cave like
area. Move along, and there'll be a cut scene.

Covenant Falls

Head along the path in the water slide minigame and don't touch any of the red
flags, as the game yells you to do. Grab as many white flags as you can, and
you'll soon land.

High Tide Cove [9]

There will be enemies in the vicinity. Take them out, note that you can toss
the torches at the enemies. Though that's one of the number of items you can
toss if you keep your eyes open. Some of the enemies can swim, so you may have
to go to lower ground to take them out. There's a treasure chest in the area
you should take note of. Grapple the sharks out of the water after getting
within reasonable distance, and toss them onto dry land/ at other objects.

Hush-Hush Pond

Swim along when the baddies are gone until you get to a cavern inside of the
cliff side. Move through the side and there will be a glowing light on the sand
where the people are sitting. Pull it out obtain a key. Toss it from where you
find it to the moogle shopkeeper to get him to open shop. Shop if you please,
and there is a treasure chest in the water nearby. Pull it out to get the
contents from within, and grab the other one in the area.

Costa Fagulte [10]

Head to the other opening and you should come across a wide expanse of people
lazying about. One can enjoy a vacation here, don't you think? There will be a
brief scene. Head into the women's dressing room for another scene. Don't tell
anyone that I told you to do that. In this mini game, you'll have to help out
Belle without anyone noticing. To do this, toss the items you see in the
background at the opponent of Belle, so that she tips towards her, and Belle
can butt her away. You'll have to grab Belle to keep her from falling, if she
gets too close to the edge.

You can also slightly move the opponent towards Belle. There's almost no
strategy to use here, as the mini game isn't designed for you to have full
control on where the balls go. Just slightly tip the opponent to the edge once
in a while. When you win watch the scene. Head to the save crystal and save up.
Head to the beach vendor, mess up her stand for some cash, and recover as she
kicks you away. 

You can browse the shopping selection if you please. When
you're done with all of that, (I recommend getting an item that increases your
attack or reticule range). Head to the side alley that leads to the trains.
Take the train to Grassland station and watch the cut scene that comes up. Now
you'll have to be all stealthy like. Wait till the guard moves his head, away,
and then pop out and move along. When there's any indication that he might turn
his head again, quickly shake the remote carefully to hide behind cover. Don't
take any unnecessary risks, if you think you can move up three aisles, but just
barely, it's best you just take your time and move past two and be safe. Wait
for the moogle carts to pass by before moving, because though they'll hid you
from the guard's view, you'll take steps back. 

When prompted, head down and
you'll go prone and you can be able to crawl under the seats. When you're at
the side view of the guard when you're really close, wait for him to have his
side to you for a little while to ensure he isn't going to move soon, then head
behind him and walk back to exit that cab. Move the boxes and pick up the card
near the corner. Turn and hide behind the side, and you'll spot a kid with a
soccer ball. 

Time it right so that you'll be able to grapple on to the ball,
and kick it full force at the guard. Head along and over the guard to the next
cab door. Kick open the chest to the right first, before you go on your little
espionage mission. Wait till the guard isn't looking, and then head right, and
then left, when you aren't being spotter, and head under the seats, moving in
the same fashion as you did before. Get behind the guard and use the seats as
cover again. When his back's to you, you'll be able to walk backwards, and then
head to cover before the guard moves again. Turn and head through the cab door
when the coast is clear. Head to the left and some kids will want your help
getting a balloon that's floated to the top of the train cab. Grab the balloon
and head on. 

Take the right at the door, and hang onto the ceiling. When the
guard lets his guard down, head away to the next door. After you've given the
guy his ace of heart,s head into the next cab when the coast is clear. Head to
the sides and pull the food cart to the middle of the road. A guard will move
to you, you can circle around him using the cart, head behind him, and move to
the seats. 

Hit the floor, and crawl through the seats. When you move through a
couple of aisles, you'll be behind the guard, walk backwards when his back or
sides are to you, and turn, for there'll be another guard coming. Pull down the
distraction to the upper left, and head to the right. Head to the bottom of the
seats and crawl until you're behind the guard. Watch the cut scene after your
little Metal Gear Solid montage, and head along the path.

Grassland Station

Head behind the shopkeeper counter and grab the chest. You can shop if you
like, but when you're done, head left to the save crystal. Head past the right
side of the sign post and move along, grab the chest that's past some walls,
and head back. Make your way to the closed door and open it. It reads garden

Queen's Garden [11]

Head up across the stairs. You can play hide and seek with the kids in the
garden if you please, but you've got Goldenrods crystals, and fugitives to deal
with, so keep heading forward, whatever your choice is.

Alfitaria Capital City

Head forward, and the door will eventually open.

Capital Gate Hall

Move up the path and take the side stairs up. Head past the receptionist desk
for some goodies, and then head to the side to get to clock plaza

Clock Plaza [12]

Head straights and then down to the train track path. Head on board and you'll
depart shortly.

Shuttle Platform 3

Head down the stairs, shop if you have the moola, and head to the royal

Royal Library

Grab the nearby chests to the left, and try to abstain from running. Head to
the greenery entrance for a scene. Head back up the stairs before the moogle
hushes you to death. Board the train, and you'll soon be off.

Shuttle Central Platform [13]

Head back up the stairs to clock plaza, and save up if you need to. Head
through the long side path, and through and past the capital gate.

Queen's Garden

Head forward and jump from the floating grass hedges. Take the one that moves
to the treasure chest and continue. Exit via the garden entrance, and move
forward. Head atop the chocobo and move along the sand path to...

Cherry Checkpoint [14]

The hue settings on your t.v. aren't messed up; it IS getting darker. Head off
the yellow bird, and take care of the enemies in the vicinity, the roller bugs
and such. Keep splitting the giant flan until it isn't giant anymore, and then
close up the enemy's spawn pod. Grab the chest near the stair case. Head
towards Grassland station to get another chocobo if you want the trip to be a
little shorter. Head back and towards chocobo circuit. Move to the banner and
follow the path. Take the right and move along, dropping down the hole you'll
eventually come across. Head through and there'll be a host of baddies waiting
for you. Take them out like a snake takes it's prey out...for dinner, and grab
the chest in the area when all's said and done. Head along the chocobo path,
climbing the pillars when you fall onto the ground to get to the other side of
the starting gate for the chocobo racers. 

Grab a nearby chocobo, and get ready
to race.  Head to the starting line, and follow the instructions give: Head on
and smash 20 of the rad flags you see, and then head back to the starting line.
It may take a couple of tries, but it's manageable. Should more enemies come to
face you on your way to the cavern way you're headed to, dispatch them quickly.
There should be numerous things laying about on the ground that you can throw
at the enemies if you are hard pressed for something to throw them to. 

you're done head right up from the sign post and it should take you to a path
that'll lead you to towards the desert area. Keep moving along until you get
there, and save up if you wish.

Eastern Wlidlands

Continue along, you should pass some chocobos and people, and you'll be in
Bridge town in no time. Grab the goodies, save up, and then head through the

Bridge Town

After pulling the lever, head upstairs, and head over to the lower path. Be
sure to grab the goodies. Scoot on over to Cid's place, and there should be a
scene. Head over to the entrance to Bridge Town, and you may care to do some
shopping at the three moogle lever-operated stand. Make your way out of the
town, and head back along the chocobo path.

Eastern Wildlands [15]

Head out and keep moving past the transition gate. Backtrack through Cherry
Checkpoint, and over to the Grassland station. Move, once again, through the
Queen's garden, and you'll be able to create a garden by speaking to the man in
the middle structure. Whether you chose to or not, your destination lies up the
stairs through the large gate, past the garden.

Alfitaria Capital City

Move along, and up the stair path. Move past the narrow way through clock
plaza, saving if you wish, and wait at the middle structure for your secret
admirer. You heard the message. Cid's waiting for you at Grassland Station, so
head on over there. Take the passage from Queen's Garden, and move on over.
You'll eventually come up to Cid. After the scene, head down the stairs and hop
aboard, and head to Red Leaf Station. Save up after heading up the stairs, and
you'll have the option of doing more gardening. Move along the stone path ahead
and grab the goodies. Head down the stream, and move along. You'll reunite with
Kiess shortly. Chase after Goldenrod when the scene ends.

Chasing Goldenrod again

There will be enemies that will hinder your progress to Goldenrod. Take them
out, there are some nice large tree stumps you can throw at them, and when
everyone's out of the picture, keep moving up and forward, you'll get to a snow
path eventually.

Pilgrim's Ice Cave

The path with lead you to a frigid cave, and grapple onto the lanterns overhead
and make your way through to the clearing where there'll be enemies to fight.
There's a couple of new foes, but they shouldn't give you too much trouble.
When you've taken out all of the enemies, head through the path behind the

Snowfields [16]

There will be enemies that will come after you. Some won't pay attention to
you, so you can use that opportunity to get the drop on them. Always have a
monster or item in hand in case some of them want to rush you, and then head on
over to the large purple monster in the distance. 

You can't miss it. It'll take
quite a few hits to take out the King Behemoth, so don't take out all of the
surrounding enemies just yet; use them on him. Stick towards the fire place and
you'll have an infinite amount of objects to throw at the over sized bugger.
When the coast is clear, head behind the wild adult chocobo in the area for the
chest, and make your way across the bridge.

Tribulation Bridge

Head across and save up at the blue save crystal. Keep moving and there'll be a
cut scene, you're hot on Goldenrod's trail. Move past a little further, and
there'll be another.

Rivelgauge Monastery

Open up the chest in the area, and shake up all of the pilgrims in the area. Be
sure to get the goodies you pass by. Whenever you actually do spot Goldenrod,
she'll take off again, and as such, you'll have to follow after the slithery
sunnuvagun. When she moves across the gated side, grapple onto the light way up
to and head through. Shake up the person you see, and you'll have a little
family reunion. Head through the door after the scene, and shake up the other
pilgrims. Grab the treasure and follow Goldenrod when you actually find her.
Keep moving and you'll find another familiar face. You'll meet up with Belle
again. When the scene's over, head up the stairs and open up the treasure. Head
into the water before heading back to meet up with yet another character. Head
along, like the superhero you are, after hearing the scream. Head through, grab
the chest, and exit towards the save crystal.

Chocobo Barn [17]

Grapple across the top perches to get through the fire. Head along and there'll
be another scene. Boss battle time! Grapple Blaze and toss him around to
interrupt his powerful fire attacks. There are some heavy objects in the
vicinity you can throw at him. 

Throw him at the oblong structures to take care
of him. Be sure to dodge, as he can catch you off guard with his fire attacks.
Remember to keep interrupting his attacks. Dodge right after tossing him, as he
likes to fire you once you let him go. The guy will go down eventually, and
shouldn't give you that much trouble. When you regain control, follow after
Goldenrod with your chocobo. The gusts will carry you higher over gaps, but you
don't have to touch all of them. Avoid them otherwise. Keep in close distance,
and you'll be done in no time. 

There's another scene waiting for you. Goldenrod
will aid you-for now- as the two of you run away from your pursuers. Roll when
you're under fire, and every so often, as you'll be chased as if you owe them
money. You should be able to see the fire that will be spit at you coming, so
move to the appropriate section of the screen to avoid getting burned alive.
After the monster leaves, you'll still be chased. Roll right when the airships
come your way to avoid getting sprayed by airship fire. Roll immediately when
the monster charges and leaps at you. Things get pretty hectic, but rolling's
your friend. Keep your spirits up and you'll be done running around.

Yuke Sky City [18]

When you fist chased Goldenrod to the snowy caverns, bet you didn't think
things would turn out this way, eh? Well, anyway, leap over to the blue save
crystal, and save up. Chat with the Yuke mongers if you wish, but leap your way
through to the path heading towards the sphere of energy. Speaking to one of
the Yuke there will allow you access to warping. Grapple the warp points that
lead back and leap from where the save crystal is to the warp point is.
Amidateilon wants you. ....Um.........yeah I'm gonna go ahead and keep calling
her Goldenrod. It's easier to spell.

Edge of Oblivion

Jump into the...warp soup, and you'll soon be in the moogle woods station.

Moogle Woods Station

Save up if you want, and check out the shops nearby to see if you can spot
something that catches your eye. When done, head onto the train and set stage
for the Prison Sands station. When you arrive, turn and collect the two
treasure chests nearby. Head through the columned archway that leads to a blue
save crystal. Head along the path.

Cid's Workshop Zone [19]

Cid's your destination now. Grab the goodies along the way, and then pull the
lever to enter Cid's place. There'll be a scene once you get there. Head to the
right of the save crystal, and hurry along. Move through the gate, and head to
Grassland Station. Head forward, and head left towards the blue save crystal.
Take the Queen's Garden route to the central.

Capital Gate Hall

Head up top, and grab the goodies near the receptionist desk. Head through the
side, and head towards the train station. Take the shuttle to the commerce
tower. You heard the game, dance your way closer to your main target. Follow
the color prompts that come up as you make your way along. You'll go through a
couple of women to get there, but there shouldn't be any trouble. Just don't
panic in the button prompts and you'll do fine. 

You're a great dancer at heart,
I know it. Anyway, when you eventually do get to her, there'll be a cut scene.
Save up and take the side entrance over to the train station. Head to Coasta
Fagualta and when you arrive, head forwards to the side of the bridge, and
through the cave way.

Hush-Hush Pond

Head around and through the passing with the moogle shop. Make your way through
the water and there are some new chests in the area. Some enemies may crash the
party, should they, there's a lot of walls to throw them to. There are also
torches in the area. Head over the net bridges, and head upwards opposite the

Forbidden Falls [20]

Take the express route, ala the waterfall, down to the Selkie Guild. Head
across one of the masts and you should come up to Belle for a cut scene. Head
up the highest point through the ladders like you did during your earlier
visit. Swing across, and head through the cave. Activate the portal to meet up
with Goldenrod. Turn back and grab the treasure chest once you land in prison.
There's a grapple point floating to the side that you can leap from. Head down,
grab the treasure, and then leap to the next few. Head towards the orange force
field and leap at the gloating point again. Grab the chest, then head through
the gray block platforms. Head up the pillar near the old man, and then leap
your way through to a floating platform. Grapple from there, collecting the
goodies, and  move along the pipe path . 

Head from the next grapple point and
walk along. You should eventually reach another floating platform. Leap from
there to the other grapple point where you can hang from. Slide along the pipe,
and head through the path way for a cut scene. Head through, and take out the
enemy combatants. The largely consist of robots, but are still prone to being
tossed around like a ceasar salad. 

Head over to the elevator when prompted, and
head in to see Jegran effin stuff up. Toss the items in the vicinity at Jegran
to slow him down. Turn and look around quickly for items to throw. Aiming isn't
a problem, just finding things to throw. Pull the pipes off, and keep an eye
out for ladders. There'll be a cut scene after you save the Selkies.
Unfortunately, a few of them will die in the process.

Prison Sands

Open up the chest, and head up. Hop over the gaps in the sand, and head forth,
opening up the treasure chests on the way. Turn back when you've got
everything, and head to the small cliff near the sign post and climb up. Move
through the gate to the station.

Prison Sands Station [21]

Head through the over hang, and save up at the blue save crystal. Your main
goal is this: Take the path to the Old Lett Aqueduct. Move forward, and over
the bridge to the Lett Highlands area. Keep moving, and drop to the lower level
on the left where the large door resides. Open it up. Goldenrod's giving you
quite the run around, eh? From Cid's workshop zone, head to the sands station
and take the train to the Grassland Station. 

When you arrive at the station,
head forward, and move up the stairs. Head towards the door to the garden a,d
you should spot Keiss. There'll be a cut scene. Follow him through the door and
past the garden.

Alfitaria Capital City

Head through the doors, and through the capital gate hall. Head through clock
plaza, and save up at the save crystal if you wish. Board the train and head to
Cid's place again. While in Bridge town, you can do some shopping at the lever
activated moogle shops. Head on a chocobo and make your way through the eastern
wildlands. Head through the old Lett Aqueduct and save up if you need to. Move
through and head to the left of the sign post to the ruins. Run forward.

Crystal Chamber [22]

Hop over the floating platforms, and head to the blue large glowing structure.
You'll meet up with Goldenrod again. Watch the cut scene....Jegran, that son of
a........bye Goldenrod. I always..kinda thought you were
a....metallic, copper kinda way. Anyway, when you gain control again, save up
and head over to the shuttle station. You have to meet up with Althea, and you
know just where to find her. 

Meet up with Keiss, and agree to leave. Swing the
Wii remote when prompted to keep the ship up right. Do so, your friends are
depending on you! No pressure, right? Evade the cannon once you control the
ship. Steer all the way to the side to avoid taking fire. Grapple onto the
marker when you head off.

Final Boss [23]

Grab the crystal weapons and throw them at the face of the enemy. Strafe while
doing this, and in a little while, Jegran will gain an arm up in the situation.
Aim your throwing at the arm now, and keep moving to avoid getting hit. You'll
then encounter Jegran's other form. Grapple the batteries, and Jegran's arm
that will come out in this bout. Aim, and dodge the fire that comes your way.
There'll be another form of Jegran you'll have to deal with. Grab off Jegran's
armor, and avoid the massive array of fire he'll send at you. It helps to have
your best equipment equipped. 

Before going for the shields, however, it's best
to deal with Jegran's arm first. Also know that you can grab the batteries up
top to aid you in this battle- it's not an easy one. If you prioritize dodging,
while not wasting any time while aiming, you'll be able to take this monster
out once and for all. When the core is exposed, give it all you've got and
Jegran will be no more.




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