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Follow the dark path or use the light
Far Cry Vengeance Pack Shot

Far Cry Vengeance



by SPV999

                           Far Cry Vengeance 

Table of Contents 
1)- Getting Started
  1.1)- Controls 
  1.2)- HUD
  1.3)- Predator mode 
  1.4)- Saving the game
2)- Story mode 
  2.1)- Palace Hotel
  2.2)- Rebel Enclave
  2.3)- Anders Field 
  2.4)- Shanty Town 
  2.5)- Shanty Town Escape
  2.6)- Black Gold Valleys
  2.7)- Refinery Assault 
  2.8)- Canopy Forest
  2.9)- Rebel Fortress 
3)- Tips and Tricks
  3.1)- Alternate Endings
  3.2)- Cheat Codes 
4)- Version History
5)- Copyright/Contact information


Far Cry Vengeance is extremely glitchy. I cant list all of the 
possible glitches as most aren't consistent. Some things you may 
notice as you go through the game:

- Targeting reticule jumps all over the screen for a sec
- Framerate drops resulting in jumpy movement
- Game randomly freezes
- When you start up the game, it says your save file are corrupt,
  forcing you to restart the game. 
- When you shoot someone, they don't die
- When someone shoots you, you don't take damage 
- You enter an area where an event is suppose to happen, but it
  doesn't even though you meet all of the requirements. 

Yeah, that's a long list of very bad glitches. There isn't any way 
around them. The longer you play, the more likely you will run into 
one of these.

1)- Getting Started

  1.1)- Controls 

Controls. Do these need an introduction? 

  Up: Toggle secondary 
  Down: Changes Stance
  Left: Duel wield weapons
  Right: Cycle Weapons
A button: tap to Enter/Exit Predator Mode, hold to lock camera mode
- button: Feral Visions
+ button: Menu
1 button: Binoculars, Hold to Unhinge Mounted Weapons 
B button: Shoot/Install Branch Whip
C button: Reload Weapon/General Actions
Z button: Shoot fire secondary weapon 

Motions controls:
Melee Attack: Slashing motion with the Wii Remote
Zoom: point at the screen and push the Wii Remote forward
Jump: jerk up on the Nunchuk
Throw: Hold Z and make a throwing motion with the Nunchuk
Heal: wave the Nunchuk side to side

  1.2)- HUD

Your HUD, or Heads Up Display, is the games way of telling you what's 
going on. 

Top left of screen ----------------------------------------- Top right

                         1- OOOOOOOOOO

                       2- OOO 

     OO                                                     00l   
 3- OOOO                                               10- 0000l -11 
     OO                                                     00l
   <0000000> -4,5,6                             7,8,9- <000000>     

Bottom left --------------------------------------------- Bottom right

1- Compass. This tells you what direction (North, South, East, West) 
   you're walking. The dial will turn as you turn. Pay attention to 
   this, as your next objective will be marked with a blue V. I will 
   also use this as a marker when instructing you where to go next 
  (RE: walk north...)

2- Targeting Reticule. Your targeting reticule shows you where you are 
   aiming your weapon. 

3- Predator gauge. See the predator mode section for more details. 

4,5,6- From left to right: stance indicator, health, armor. 

        Stance indicator- this tells you if you are standing up, 
                          kneeling, or laying prone. Each of these 
                          stances will affect your accuracy and speed 
                          of movement. 
        Health- shows how much health you have left. When this reaches 
                0, its game over. 

        Armor- show how much armor you have left. Armor will absorb
               some of the damage taken from enemy fire, thus lowering 
               the strain on your health meter. 

7,8,9- from left to right: Ammo count, Clip count, Grenade count.

       Ammo count: the number shown is how much ammo you have left in 
                   the clip for the weapon you're using.

       Clip count: the number shown is how many clips you have left 
                   for the weapon you're using.  

       Grenade count: the number shown is how many grenades you have 

10- Radar. Radar will tell you where the other people are and whether 
           they are friend or foe. This will help you track down where 
           certain people are if you cant see them. 

11- Throw power gauge. The harder you swing the Nunchuck to throw a
    grenade, the more this bar lights up. Its useful to let you know 
    how hard to swing to get the grenade to land where you want. 

  1.3)- Predator Mode

You get predator mode near the end of the first level. 
To use predator mode, tap the A button. When in predator mode, you 
automatically heal yourself, you can run at incredible speeds, and you 
can use a special leaping melee attack by shaking the Wii Remote. 

You cant use predator mode at any time, however. You have to fill that 
pretty little gauge at the bottom left of your screen so that the claw 
in the middle turns red. At that point, tap the A button to active. 

When in predator mode, the gauge will slowly drain. When it runs out, 
you will be forced out of predator mode. You can willingly exit at any 
time by press A. 

Predator mode uses don't end there. If you even have the smallest 
amount of that gauge filled, you can heal yourself slightly by shaking 
the Nunchuck left and right.

To refill the gauge, simply kill enemies. A lot of enemies. The closer 
you are to them, the faster it fills. Melee kills fills the gauge 

Predator mode has some nasty side effects though. If you kill to many 
people while in predator mode, you will try to contain yourself and 
will be forced out of predator mode. The problem is, during this time 
of internal conflict your movement is slowed.

  1.4)- Saving the game

Saving is simple. The game features an auto save system, so you don't 
have to do anything. 

Check points that are seen throughout the game, however, are only used 
if you die between there and the next check point. 

Load points (marked as such in the guide) are points in the game where 
it is safe to turn off your game without losing any progress. 

2)- Story Mode

  2.1)- Palace Hotel

This game gets off to fun start doesn't it?
When you're first able to move, take this time to get used to melee 
combat and general movement. Use the options menu and adjust your turn 
sensitivity as needed.

Now exit your room and turn left. Walk out into the large room at the 
end of the hall, then exit through the door on the right. Turn right 
and pick up the glowing sword. Use it to cut through the glowing logs 
in front of you. Continue forward and enter the door on the right. 

Crawl under the pipes and continue. Use the sword to kill the guard 
and steal his 9MM. Walk around the corner and pick off the guard way 
off to the right near a broken car. Walk up to the gate on your left 
and enter the building to the right of it. Grab the armor on the table 
and exit via the same door. 

There is a guard in the building directly opposite you. You should be 
able to pick him off through the window of his building. Now go left 
around the building you should still be in and jump up on the glowing 
boxes. Use them as stairs to jump out of the compound. 

Walk out of gate and on the road. There will be one guard to your 
right, and 2 more around the bend in road. Snipe them and continue 
down the road. 2 more enemies await you at the clearing. Pick up the 
health and the armor that are in the open. 

Continue on the road and shoot the two guards you meet in the back. 
one of them has a new AM9 for you. Continue down the road and on the 
box is a second AM9. Pick it up and keep walking. 

Pick off the guard on the left side of the bridge. Jump into the water 
and walk right. Behind the rock is 2 enemies, some health, and some 
body armor. Kill and grab, then walk North east on to the shore. Turn 
right and continue up the path. 

In the next area, 3 enemies are all waiting to be shot on the left 
side of the path. Kill them then walk up on the glowing platform on 
the left. Practice with grenades for a bit, then continue along the 

3 enemies await you at the top of the hill. Kill and move on. 
At the next base, there really isn't any thing much to do. There is 
some AM9 ammo on a wall, and some body armor and health in the cage 
that can be reached by shooting the red drum. Anyway, walk up the 
ladder on the side of the building you saw.

Turn left and continue. Turn left at the top and enter the compound. 
Kill the enemy beside the truck. Enter the open door behind him for 
some ammo. Now exit and turn left into the ally. Enter the door on the 
right and go up stairs. Cross the bridge and go down stairs. Exit the 
house and take the 2 enemies by surprise. Go to the right and use the 
mounted weapon. Kill the hoards of enemies that come at you, then hop 
off and enter the first door on the left. 

Walk through the next door way and turn left. Enter the first door on 
the right and kill the enemy. Grab the health and melee attack the 
glowing barrel. Walk up and around until you are in a run down room 
with lots of ammo and health. Walk to the hole in the wall and kill 
all the guards. Jump down and use the ruble to the left as a ramp to 
reach the next window. 

Go to the right and get in the car. Plow through everything in your 
way as follow the path around. When you reach a guard post that you 
cant ram through, exit the jeep. Kill any guards that are left and 
enter the building on the right. 

Walk through the next door to exit, then shoot the red barrel under 
the guard tower ahead. Go through the new gap. Turn right and follow 
the path. Kill the two enemies and continue. 

When you reach a large guard tower, walk up it and kill the 4 enemies 
guarding it. Now walk back down and you should see some glowing vines 
on the right. Climb up them. Walk up the path and kill the 2 guards 
that don't even see you. Walk to the next outpost and kill the 2 
guards there. 

Follow the path down the hill. The next outpost has 4 people guarding 
it. Kill them and continue. 2 more guards near some creates. Another 2 
at the tent.  3 more to the left of the wooden structure. Now, walk up 
the wooden crane and pull the leaver. 

3 enemies attack as soon as the elevator stops. Walk down the path. 
2 more enemies sit just to the left a path a little farther down. Walk 
down the hill. When you reach a hut, shoot the red barrel just inside, 
then pick off the 2 guards to the right. Walk into the hut and grab 
the zip line. 

Walk down to the beach and kill the 3 guards there. Walk along the 
path. You'll find another enemy well hidden on right. Another 1 is 
just past the rocks. When you reach a hut, 4 more enemies are behind 
it. Kill the enemy working on the boat. 

When you reach a row of huts, there are only 4 enemies in this area. 
Follow the path and continue with a South/Southwest heading until you 
are past them (feel free to explore, though theres not much there.).

There are 2 snipers on the roof of the building under the large 
bridge. Continue forward until you get a cutscene. 

You can now use predator mode. Run at hyper speed through the cavern 
and jump into the water. Kill the 2 guards on the scaffolding, then 
climb up and enter the door on the south side. Kill the two inside the 
cave and continue. 

Ride the elevator down. Kill the guards at either side of the bridge, 
then walk across and enter the door on the top right. 

Use a melee attack to break the wood at the end. Kill the 2 guards 
that await you, then follow the path under the arch and kill 2 more 
guards. 3 more guards randomly patrol this area. You want to make your 
way to a building on the North side. Exit through the other side of 
said building, then turn East.

Walk around this building and kill the 2 guards that stand watch. Get 
back on the path and follow it. 4 more guards await you on this 
section of road. Go down the stairs on the right at the end of the 

There is 1 guard at the bottom of the stairs, and another just inside 
the compound. 11 more guards randomly wonder this compound. You want 
to make your way East and across the pool you'll find. Continue East 
down the path thereafter. 

A helicopter will drop off 5 guards. Kill them and walk up to the 


  2.2)- Rebel Enclave 

Load point...

Kill the guy in front of you, then the guy behind you. 
Walk off the pier and up the ramp on the house. Kill the two enemies 
that come out, then enter the open door they came from. 
Walk around in the house and up the stairs. Walk over to a shut door. 


Exit the house the same way you came in through. 3 enemies will 
assault you on your way out. Once outside, walk down the ramp and 
follow the path through the gate. 3 enemies will attack from the top 
of the hill. Kill and continue up the path.

As you approach a bunch of logs, 3 more enemies will attack from the 
East, while 3 more come from the West. Continue East up the path. As 
you crest the hill, 2 more enemies will attack. 

Down the hill and use a melee attack to break down the door. Follow 
the cave.


You now have the more or less useless binoculars. Kill the guy that 
breaks down the door and continue. Break down the door and kill the 2 
enemies on the other side. Walk forward and kill the sniper on the 
watch tower. Follow the path. 

AS you walk along the beach, 4 enemies will randomly attack. Cross the 
water and continue North. Kill the enemies at either side of the 
bridge. Continue North. 

When you reach a small encampment, kill the guard and walk into the 
small structure. Use the leaver to open a path. 

Walk through the now open gate, watching out for the 2 enemies on the 
other side. Swim to the East shore on the other side of the gate. 
Follow your radar to the far right blue dot (you'll have to cross the 

Once on the other shore, watch out for 2 squads of 4 men roaming the 
beach. Continue South until the blue dot starts blinking. Follow the 
path around the rocks and climb the vines. Continue to follow the 

2 enemies guard the plane wreak, and 1 more waits a few yards up the 
road. Follow the path. 

When you reach an enemy base, snipe the guard in the watch tower and 
walk into the base. 3 enemies patrol this area with unlimited 
reinforcements that come down the same path you did. 

Use the blue objective markers to find the boats, then hit them with a 
pipe bomb (in the grenade area of your HUD, it will look like a piece 
of TNT).

Once they are all destroyed, make your way to another river gate in 
the southeast. Again, use the crank to open it and walk through. 

This time, go to the East shore and follow the path to an enemy 
checkpoint. Kill the 4 people guarding it and continue down the path.

You'll meet up with 4 more enemies on your way. When you reach and 
open beach, jump in the water and swim toward the island in the 
northwest toward one of the blue dots. 

Follow the path North. You'll meet up with 4 enemies on a beach. Climb 
the rocks to the left of them and follow the path up (it winds around 
for a while).

When you reach an enemy base, use a melee attack to enter the building 
on the left and claim the C4. Now exit the building and go towards the 
blinking blue dot. Climb the ladder and drop through the roof. Use the 
handle to open the door to the right of the blinking boxes. Plant the 
C4 on the blinking boxes and run through the door. 

Kill the 3 enemies that attack and run far away. Wait for the building 
to blow, then return to find a zip line at the other side. Ride it 

*WARNING* the guards move around a lot in this next area, so I cant 
tell you where they are. 

Follow the beach line around to the left (a lot of enemies will attack 
you from both sides) and use the crank to open the gate. Swim left to 
a small beach on the opposite side of the river. Turn right and follow 
the path/water toward the final blue dot.  

Once on shore/across the bride, turn left and follow the path. When 
you see another beach across the river, swim over to it. Follow the 
path South. 

When you reach a large field, run to each of the guard towers and 
shoot the red barrel at the base. Once that is down, use predator mode 
if you can and race to the blue dot. Its pretty easy to find, just 
keep the blue dot centered on your radar and work your way around 
cliffs to find it. You shouldn't run into that many enemies on your 

Load point...

Kill the 3 enemies by the truck. Pick up a large amount of ammo around 
the truck. Now get in the truck and drive it down the path. When you 
reach an open beach area, go toward the blue dot and ram the wooden 
gate. Continue up the path. 

You'll eventually reach a couple of rocks that you cant get the truck 
through. Jump out and continue on foot. 


Jump over the gate. You job is to protect Kade as she hotwires the 
truck. Do just that, then jump in the truck when it tells you to. 

Now for some on rails shooting... 
Kade is in control of the truck. Your job is to protect the truck by 
shooting anything that moves. 


  2.3)- Anders Field 

Load point... 

You will be protecting Kade this mission. Follow the path up the 
stairs. Kill the guy camped there. Continue down the path. Go across 
the bridge and snipe the two guys below. 

Jump down and continue down the path. This area is heavily wooded. 
Make use of your radar and just keep heading toward the blue dot. 
You'll meet up (more or less randomly) with about 6 enemies on your 
way to the next area. 

When you reach a KEEP OUT sign, snipe the person in the tower and 
follow Kade. 


Again, your objective is to protect Kade. You're probably low on ammo, 
so make good use of melee attacks. After, follow Kade.

In the warehouse there are 4 people for you to kill. Inside the plane 
there is a mounted grenade launcher that you can use to kill everyone 
very quickly. After, go to the southeast corner and pull the switch. 

Now follow the plane down the run way and shoot anyone that tries to 
shoot it down. After, board the plane. 


You just knew that was way to easy...
Follow Kade. Kill the 4 enemies that attack. 


Head north through the gate. Take the left path and break through the 
2 wooden gates. Again, take the left path, follow it around, then take 
the next path on your left. Follow the path around till you reach the 
glowing fuel tank. You'll kill 4 guys on your way. Gather the fuel and 
head back. 

Now head south through the fence. There are 2 enemies guarding the 
first building you come to. When you reach a stream, turn right. There 
are 2 guard posts guarded by 1 guard each. When you reach an enemy 
base, walk into it. 

You should be able to walk to the other side more or less unopposed. 
When you reach the ship, look for some stairs on the right that will 
let you board. Head back to the tank. On your way back, you'll run 
into some enemies. Not many though (a helicopter will air drop 2 in 
the base, the others are back at their guard posts you past on the way 

Enter the tank. 

More on rails shooting. 
Just like last time, shoot anything that moves. At one point, you are 
told to destroy a helicopter. Don't waste any time, as that thing is 


  2.4)- Shanty Town 

Load point...

Turn right and go up the ramp. 3 enemies await you. 7 more enemies are 
scattered about in the following section. How many you run into 
depends on the path you take. There is a sniper rifle just ahead as 
well. Follow the planks southwest. At the end of planks, go up a ramp 
and head northwest. 

Pick off the 2 guys up ahead, turn left, and kill the third. Turn 
right and enter the tunnel. 3 enemies are in the tunnel. Use a melee 
attack to get out of the tunnel. Turn left and go out onto the pier.

This part is very confusing. There are around 15 enemies milling 
around here, and the area is just to clustered together to explain. 
Just kill everyone in the area, then work your way to the blue dot on 
your radar. When you reach the house marked, fall down underneath it 
and take the ladder up.


Use the windows to kill the hoards of enemies that come at you. After 
a while, the back door will open. Use it to escape. Head north and 
take the tunnel. Follow the tunnel then kill the one guy at the exit. 

Turn right and follow the path. There are 3 enemies at the enemy camp. 
Kill them, enter the house for some armor, then steal a ATV and drive 
down the path. 

When you reach a tipped over truck, get off and continue on foot. 

You can now use the predator sense ability. Follow the path around to 
the left and head toward the blue dot. 

After the checkpoint, pick off the two guys ahead and head north. 3 
enemies guard this point. Kill them and continue over the hill. Head 
up the hill to the right, Then jump up on the big rock ahead and to 
the right. Continue north to reach and enemy camp with 6 people 
guarding it. Kill them and continue through their camp to the east. 

Continue over the hill and through the field. 7 enemies await you in 
and around the field. There are 6 more enemies in the field over the 
hill. Continue south in any way you want. There are 15 enemies in 
between you and the blue dot. At several points, you may or may not 
meet up with some mounted weapons manned by enemies. Stay alert and 
take them out form a distance. 

When you reach the blue dot, take out the sniper across the river. 
Jump across and continue south. 5 enemies in the next area. Continue 
up the hill beside the river. 5 more enemies are in a hut there. Go  
up to the top of the hill. 

Grab the sniper rifle and pick the guy off on the other side. Go half 
way across the bridge and turn right. Pick off the sniper on the hut 
up in the air and continue across the bridge. 

Hopefully, you can use predator mode by now, as it's the easiest way 
to run the gauntlet of snipers ahead. If you don't, us your sense 
ability and radar to snipe them before they get you. Its very hard, 
and I cannot accurately describe their location. 

When you reach a cross roads, take the left path. 
Go up and around the winding stairs until you get a cutscene.


  2.5)- Shanty Town Escape 

Load point...

Hop down from rock to rock. Part way down, take out your sniper rifle 
and try to pick off a few guys. When you reach the town, carefully 
work your way from level to level. Use your radar and predator sense 
when needed. Enemies WILL come out of no where, so stay on your toes. 

At one point, it looks like there is no safe place to jump down. Go 
over to the left side of town to find an elevator. Jump onto it, then 
jump to the ground. Jump over the fence ahead. 

Jump up onto one of the building. Make your way to the only 2 story 
building. Enter, kill the guard, then look for a wooden door on the 
first floor. Break it down and enter. 


To exit the house, jump through the ceiling of the second floor. Now 
jump from roof to roof and boat to boat, making your way toward the 
blue dot. That's really the best I can tell you. Don't bother trying 
to fight anyone unless they get in your way. 

When you reach the base, kill the 3 guards and make your way through 
the building. There are 4 guards in the room with the ATV's. Kill 
them, then use the leaver in the rafters to open the door. 
Grab an ATV and follow the path (left, bridge, left, right, base, 
left, get out).

When you reach a burning fence, get out and jump over it. Kill the 5 
enemies in the base, the grab another car at the end. follow the path. 
When you reach a base and they raise the bridge so you cant cross, 
jump in the water and swim to the right around the cliff. Just past a 
water fall you'll find a cliff wall you an climb up. Climb and jump as 
high as you can go, then walk left to an enemy camp.

Kill all 6 enemies. Go west across the bridge. Kill the enemies on the 
other side, then walk into the enemy camp. Kill the 3 enemies in the 
camp (all on ground level) then jump up to the top of the structure on 
the left. Jump over the fence at the top. 

Go right and jump up another shoddy looking structure. This time, 2 
enemies await you at the top. Continue through the camp and over the 
fence to find a truck. Hop in and follow the path. When you reach some 
logs, hop in the turret and start mowing people down. When they stop 
coming, hop out of the truck and continue up the path. 

When you reach a bridge, snipe the two people on the other side and 
continue forward. At the next camp, snipe all 4 enemies if you can, if 
not, run in and blow everything up. 

When you enter the camp, a lot of people will come out of no where. 
This would be a good time to use predator mode if you have it. 
Eventually, a couple of trucks will come in. Kill the people in them, 
then run through the hole in the gate (you don't need a truck). 

Jump over the logs, then kill the 7 people in this camp. 
Jump across the fire on the bridge, the climb up to the checkpoint.


  2.6)- Black Gold Valleys

Load point... 

Walk north across the bridge. Continue jumping from bridge to bridge 
until you reach some climbable vines. 

Continue west/northwest. When you reach an enemy camp, shoot the 
barrels to kill everyone in the camp. Jump down into the camp. 6 more 
people will come from the south path. Kill them and move north. 

Cross the bridge. Enter the hut for some armor and continue. After you 
pass a waterfall, shoot the red barrels in the enemy camp ahead to 
kill the 2 people there. 

Now back track to the bridge before the hut. Look over the ledge to 
see some wooden platforms. A little farther south is the best place to 
jump onto them. Work your way to the path below. 

Follow the path north. When you reach some water, scavenge around the 
water fall for supplies. Go back and follow the path south. As you 
approach the end of the valley area, you'll find 4 enemies and a base 
just ahead. Kill the enemies and grab the ATV in the base. Follow the 
path east. 

Keep going with an east/northeast heading until you cross a bridge and 
come to an enemy base. Kill the 1 enemy in the base, then enter the 
hut where your blue dot is. Grab all the ammo you want, then exit and 
throw a grenade in to blow it up. Hop in the jeep waiting outside. 

Drive north/northwest through the camp to exit. Follow the path to a 
river area. Go toward the blue dot (east, then south). Continue until 
you find a large enemy camp with the flares. Shoot the red barrel to 
kill everyone in the camp, then grab the flares. 

Exit, and continue south/east to a beach area. 5 enemies are on the 
beach. Set off the flares at the designated locations in the shanty 
town(the blue dots). 

A boat will then appear and start shooting at you. Kill the 2 men on 
board, then steal the boat. Drive it northeast to enter a river. 
Follow the river around. 

Land on the west bank after reaching the large bridge and a dead end. 
Walk up the ramps. Continue until you are at the top of the cliff. 
Kill the 8 people at the top, then cross the bridge. 


Walk south down the path. An enemy camp just past a wooded area has 3 
guards in it. Kill and move on. The roadblock has 2 enemies behind it. 
The next base has 4 enemies standing by. Continue east. 

Turn right and enter the enemy camp via the truck stuck in the gate. 
There are infinite enemies in the camp until you turn off the 
generator. Kill the sniper on the roof of the building on the left, 
then follow your radar to the generator. Turn it off, then kill all 
the remaining enemies. 

Follow your radar to the dock. 


Kill all the enemies in the camp until a boat appears in the docks. 
Hop in and go south to the oil rig. 

Jump out of the boat and board the rig. Work your way around until you 
activate a cutscene.


Use your vision and jump onto the wall to the left. Get back on the 
rig, and use your senses to find a climbable wall in the north. 

Climb up and jump off at the top. There are a lot of enemies awaiting 
you up here. Kill them all and follow them up and around the rig. When 
you reach a dead end (a closed door with no sign on it, just up some 
stairs that are out in the open), kill all the remaining enemies in 
the area to open the door. Kill all 6 enemies inside, then defuse the 

Jump off the side of the rig and get back in your boat. Take it back 
to the docks you came from. Go North until you reach a dead end inside 
the woods. Use your senses to climb up the cliff. Continue north 
toward the dot.


  2.7)- Refinery Assault 

Load point...

Head east down the path. Keep east toward the blue dot. Infinite 
enemies will come out of no where for a ways. When you reach an enemy 
camp, there are 2 enemies guarding it. Keep going. Climb the vines in 
the water.

Continue east. Enemies will still come out of no where. Keep an eye on 
your radar and keep moving east. Along the way, you'll find a couple 
of enemy camps. 2 guards each, and a lot of supplies. When you reach a 
blockage in the river, jump over it and continue east. 

Follow the river around to the north, and you'll reach an enemy base. 
Kill the 3 guys there, and steal the ATV. Follow the truck. 

When the truck stops at a gate, get off and kill the 4 guards. In one 
of the guard stations is a switch to open the gates. Open them, then 
steal the truck and follow the road. When you reach another 
checkpoint, kill the guards and open the gate to continue. 

When you reach a large wooden gate, ram it, then jump out and kill the 
4 guards. Enter the large building. Work your way to the right side of 
the building to find your objective. 


Exit the room, turn left, then right, then right again. Go up the 
stairs. Walk around the corner and into the final room on the right. 
Throw a grenade in to blow up the computer. 

Go back towards the stairs and look for a catwalk. Go outside via the 
catwalk and make your way to the blue dot to your right. Throw a 
grenade into the glowing room hidden under the large silo to blow it 

Next, turn south and go up the stairs. Jump over the fence and go 
through the door into the building. Clear out the immediate area, then 
look for a ladder going down under the floor. Swim around to find 
another ladder that leads back up. Clear this area, then look for a 
valve to shut off the leak. Next, look for a ladder that goes up. 

Follow the walkway to the next blue dot. Throw a grenade to blow up 
the room.  Go back outside and toward the blue dot. 


Walk forward. 


Continue through the hall and down the stairs. Walk down the main hall 
until you are back outside. Follow the catwalk over to the valve. 


Take the catwalks down, and at a couple points you'll have to jump to 
the catwalks below. When you reach ground zero, the fight starts. 

Stay on the catwalk just above him, and hail him with grenades. When 
you run out of grenades, stay up there and pick him off. 

After, walk over to the river walk along side it to escape. 


Pilot through the river.

  2.8)- Canopy Forest

Load point...

You must now protect Kein Do. For the next few minute, kill everything 
that moves. 

Now head east toward the new blue dot. Make your way around the road. 
2 enemies guard the small outpost you come across. Keep going. When 
you kill a sniper that's overlooking a cliff, jump down to the camp 
below. 6 enemies guard it and will rush you all at once. 

Keep going across the bridge and toward that dot. When you come to 
another outpost, kill the guard then jump over the fence and onto the 
ATV. Drive it around inside the pen until you hear a wall crash down. 
Get off and turn around. The metal wall that was behind the ATV has 
fallen over. Go down into the cave to find a massive weapons cache. 
Come back out and follow the road. 

When you reach the next camp, head up a small hill to the left just 
before you enter the camp. Use this vantage point to kill as many 
people as you can (make sure to get the guy in the watch tower first)

When the alarm sounds, a lot of enemies will start flooding out of the 
building. Pick them all off, then head for the building marked on your 

Open the gate via glowing blue switch, then steal the boat and follow 
the river. 

Get out when you reach where kein Do was. You heard the game, follow 
the blood trail. When you reach a camp, you have to swim down the 
river. Follow the trail west. Continue to follow the blood. At one 
point, you'll have to turn northwest. 

Watch out for the enemy ambush in the swamp. 6 enemies will surround 
you out of no where. Kill and keep moving north. When you reach a dead 
end, turn around and go up a hill toward the blue dot. 

Follow the path around, but watch out! there are mines in the open 
sections of grass. Another enemy ambush just before the swamp after 
the mines. Kill and move into the swamp headed east. 

As you come over the hill, there is an enemy camp guarded by 5 people. 
Kill and continue down the path. 


Enemy ambush! Enemies, lots of them. Some of them are the equivalent 
of you when in predator mode, so be careful! After, continue 
north/northwest through the swamp. Jump up on the front left tree to 
climb up (user your feral vision).

Follow the platforms. Don't worry about the snipers, just keep moving. 
When you reach the first emitter, shoot it then grab the zip line.

Carefully jump to the dot in the northwest. There are several enemies 
in your way. When you reach the land, follow the path. 

When you reach the enemy base, there are a lot of enemies waiting for 
you. Pick off as many as you can before rushing them. There are 2 
snipers that will jump between trees and pick at you. Try to find them 

Once they are dead, move through the base and destroy the emitter. 
Follow the bridges toward the next one. take the high road to kill as 
many enemies as possible. Jump from platform to platform, killing only 
the enemies that are directly in your way. 

When you reach a broken bridge, jump up onto the creates to the right, 
then to the platform ahead. Jump onto the next platform, then use the 
zip line to reach the next emitter. 

Jump down onto the bridge below. 5 enemies await you on the other 
side. Kill and turn left up the ramp. 3 enemies at the top. Make your 
way down the next ramp and pull the red switch to lower the bridge.

Cross the bridge. A hoard of 8 enemies lay in wait. They will all rush 
you at once, so be careful. Go up and down the next series of ramps. 
When you get off the final ramp, 3 enemies will assault you. Kill 
them, then go through the tunnel made from a plane. 

Use your senses to find a climbable part of the tree. At the top, 
there is a large cache under some ruble. After, jump onto the elevator 
on the zip line.

Go toward your blue dot.


Cross the bridge and go up the mountain. There are 10 enemies 
stationed at the top of the mountain. After, use the helicopter blade 
to get across the gap and continue up. You'll meet with 4 enemies on 
your way up. 

  2.9)- Rebel Fortress

Load point... 

Follow the path. You need to jump up on the rocks at the top to go 
forward. Continue. When you reach another set of rocks, jump up on the 
first layer, then continue north. Jump up the rocks on the right, then 
turn and jump to the cliff across the gap. Use your senses to climb 
the rocks on the left. 

Jump up the large palace. 


Kill the 3 guards inside, then melee attack the left wall. Break the 
next wall and kill the 5 guards there. Go through the door at the 
opposite end of the room.

Walk through the hall and kill the 5 enemies in the next room. Climb 
up the stairs in the side room in the back right. Jump from platform 
to platform to reach the hole in the wall. 

Jump out to the right, then jump up the south wall. Use the second 
platform to jump across to the west opening. 3 enemies and 1 sniper 
await you in this section. Kill and move up the stairs. Enter the door 
to the right of the second set of stairs.

5 enemies will attack in this room. After, climb up the stairs then 
jump to the door in the northeast. Pick the guy out of the helicopter, 
then continue down and climb the wall on the left. 

Snipers rule this next area. Take them out, then walk down the right 
path. Climb the rock on the right, jump to the ledge to your left, 
then jump to the climbable wall on the right. Continue up the path to 
the right. 

You'll come across a group of 4 enemies. Kill them, then continue 
toward the red flag. You'll find another group waiting under it. Kill 
and jump onto the ledge ahead. Jump onto the rocks on the right, then 
springboard to the ledge opposite them. Jump again to the ledge 
opposite the red flag, then to the ledge with the flag. 

Follow the path. You'll need to do some wall jumping here. Use your 
senses and jump from wall to wall. There are 5 guards patrolling the 
area at the top. Make your way to the north wall, then wall jump to 
the top. 


Walk up the path and jump to the climbable wall. Follow the path. Take 
the high road and jump to the next climbable wall, then to the next 
path on the right. Keep walking.

Watch out for the rocket man on the building ahead. Try not to make 
him notice you as you climb the rock on the left. Jump over to him and 
kill him. Inside the church is a pistol. Follow the path. 

Kill the 6 guards and continue up the high road. As you walk through 
the door, kill the 2 guards and go through the next door. 2 guards in 
this area (one on the left and one on the right.). continue up the 

Enter the first house on the left and kill the 3 guards. Go up stairs. 
5 more guys. Continue north up the ramp. Go outside and jump to the 
rocks in the north. Fall down and enter the building ahead. 

Ambush! Kill the waves of enemies to make the door open. Follow the 
path. 3 enemies rush you at the end of the first bridge. 3 more after 
the second bridge. Another 3 after the third. Continue up the path. 

After the dip, you want to go east up on the cliff where 3 more 
enemies are. Follow the path. Pick the 2 enemies off the bridge, then 
one more on your left. Follow the path around and over the bridge. 2 
more at the top of the stairs. Continue into the cave. 

When part of the cave blows up, jump to a climbable wall on the left 
and continue. Jump across the gap. Then the next gap. Climb the wall. 


Fight your way up to the door. Stick around long enough to get full 
ammo for those big machine guns,then break it down with 4 melee 
attacks. Make your way through the castle. Time to fight the big man. 

Hopefully, you have that big weapon those... things like to use. Blaze 
a way what that. When he runs, use the window to go after him.

Use the same strategy. Its really easy. After a short cuscene, what 
you do depends on the ending you get. If you punch Kade and kill her, 
the game ends and you get the bad ending. If you don't do anything, 
cat man gets back up and you have to fight him again. Use the same 
strategy to drop him, and you get the good ending. 


3)- Tips and Tricks

  3.1)- Alternate Endings

As stated in the main guide, there are 2 endings to Far Cry Vengeance.
Which ending you get depends on what you do during the final cutscene. 

Good ending: Punch Kade less then three times.

Bad ending: Punch Kade all three times.  

  3.2)- Cheat Codes 

At the Main menu select "options" then "cheats" and enter a code 
Cheat            How to unlock  

GiveMeTheMaps    Unlock all maps

4)- Version History

1.0 05/22/2007

Ok, I pulled an all nighter writing this 'cus... I was bored >_<
Anyway, this is probably the final version, as its just an FPS and 
doesn't really have any extras to find and unlock. 

5)- Copyright/Contact information

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