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Goku (Mid) FAQ

by Albjoker25


Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 
Goku (Mid) Faq Version Final



1. Legal
2. Introduction
3. Goku's Background 
4. SuperSaiyan Look
5. Basic Manuvers
6. Base Goku (Mid)
7. Super Saiyan Goku (Mid)
8. Strategies
9. Potara Setup
10. Thanks


                       1. <><><><(---Legal---)><><><>

Hi. I Albjoker25 wrotte this character guide, So I wanted to write about 
a game that I loved and I chose this game because i got it for christmas, 
and my one of favorite character to write about,Goku. I hope you enjoy this 
faq and find it helpful. By the way this faq is for Goku. 
You can contact me at [email protected]

                       2. <<<(---Introduction---)>>>

Hello. This faq was written by me Albjoker25, and is the first faq 
I've ever written in my life. So I wanted to write about a game that I 
loved and I chose this game because i got it for christmas, and my one of 
favorite character to write about,Goku. I hope you enjoy this faq and find it 
helpful. By the way this faq is for Goku (Mid). 
You can contact me at [email protected]

P.S. In the future i hope to write a Character guide for many more 

                       3.<<<(---Goku's Background---)>>>

Long ago there was a planet called planet Plant, which was occupied by two 
races: the Saiyans and the Tuffles. The Tuffles were an advanced race with
big cities and highly-developed technology. The Saiyans were strong savages 
who lived in wastelands attacking the Tuffles at times. Because of the 
Tuffles great technology, they were able to fight against the naturally 
strong Saiyans when needed. Then one day, the Saiyans banded together 
and attempted to overtake the planet. The war raged on for many years without
anyone clearly having the advantage. Advanced weaponry took on brute strength
resulting in a stalemate; that is until a full moon appeared. If a Saiyan 
looks at the full moon, they transform into a giant ape-like state called 
Oozaru. In this form their already great power grows tenfold. Luckily for 
the Tuffles, this event happens only once every seven or eight years. After 
this transformation had occurred, the Saiyans easily crushed the Tuffles out
of existence.  From then on the planet was called Planet Vegeta, named after 
the Saiyans ruler King Vegeta. But there was a problem. With their 
arch-nemeses gone, they had no one to fight but each other. Soon they met a 
race called the Arconians. These are people responsible for supplying the 
Saiyans with the technology they are so famous for using. In return for this 
technology the Saiyans would conquer planets for the Arconians, who worked 
for a being named Frieza. Lord Frieza was known as the strongest and most 
powerful being in the universe. He enslaved entire races, and forced them 
to do his bidding or be destroyed. When Frieza found out about the Saiyans, 
he saw their enormous power and used them as mercenaries to take over other 
planets for him. All Saiyans belong to special classes, which is passed down 
by blood types. When a lower class Saiyan is born, they are sent away to other 
planets, programmed to take it over when they get strong enough. Because of 
the ability to transform into an Oozaru, this usually didn't take very long. 
Saiyans with the higher classes are kept on Planet Vegeta for more direct use. 
One day, Frieza summoned Prince Vegeta who was around five years old at the 
time, and sent him to a dangerous planet along with the Supreme General of 
the Saiyan Army, Nappa. King Vegeta knew Frieza had to be stopped and 
revolted with several of his most loyal men. However, they were no match for 
Frieza and were defeated effortlessly. Around this time Frieza realizes how 
much stronger the Saiyans are becoming, and their great potential. Out of 
fear Frieza blows up the entire Planet Vegeta with a single energy blast 
from his finger. 

Moments before Planet Vegeta explodes, a ship with a low level Saiyan baby 
flies by to Earth. This baby's name is Kakarot. As Frieza destroys Planet 
Vegeta, he gets careless and doesn't notice this ship go by. However, an 
even stronger being lurks in the background watching, and this being is 
Frieza's brother. Although he notices the ship, decides to let Frieza clean
up his own mess.

When the Saiyan baby, Kakarot, lands on Earth, he is found by an old man 
named Gohan. Even though Kakarot is a baby, he has strength that could easily 
kill an ordinary human. Gohan is a master of the Martial Arts and tries 
to raise the Saiyan baby, soon naming him Goku. Gohan drops Goku on his head 
from a great height. Fortunately, Goku lives, and even better, his Saiyan 
programming becomes scrambled. Goku trains hard and eventually has a son, 
who he names Gohan after his adoptive grandfather.

When several of Goku's friends are killed by two of the surviving Saiyans, 
he is forced to go to a planet called Namek for help. On this planet there 
are items called Dragon Balls. When all seven Dragon Balls are collected 
together, a Dragon god will appear and grant you three wishes. Unfortunately, 
Frieza is after the same items and already has five of them in his possession. 
To make things even worse, the prince of all Saiyans named Vegeta is also 
after the Dragon Balls. After many battles, much destruction, and successfully 
gathering the Dragon Balls, Goku finally faces Frieza. When Goku is no match 
for the super villain he is forced to go to his last resort, and his most 
powerful attack. Goku nearly destroys the entire planet but Frieza survives 
with few wounds. Proving he cannot be beaten, Frieza kills Goku's best friend 
Krillin, and fatally wounds a close friend, named Piccolo. Seeing this happen 
enrages Goku so much that he undergoes a transformation legend of the Saiyans; 
a super Saiyan. While in this new level he grows far stronger than Frieza and 
easily defeats him. From then on Goku was a Super Saiyan. 

Note: All of the information I have stated above about the Saiyans comes from 
series American dubbed version, and is slightly different from the 
original Japanese version but all of the essensils are the same.

                      4.<<<(---SuperSaiyan Look---)>>>

Whats a SuperSaiyan without the look.

Transgressing oneself and becoming a Super Saiyan is triggered by an event of
incredible despair and anger. In the moments leading up to the change, the 
eyes become unfocused and the body rattles like an earthquake is welling up 
inside � after which, the transformation occurs like an instantaneous 
maelstrom of energy! Supposedly, one must have a power level in the 
multi-millions beforehand, and also have a pure heart 
(good, evil, or otherwise�) during the time of transformation. The power 
increase is relatively unknown, as it depends on the Saiyan, and how much 
training they have undergone.

A Super Saiyans look is severy changed. The hair stands up and turns a bright
yellow. and there are sparks of electricity arround him and if the change is 
brought on by severe anger (like in Goku's case) the eyes go blank and the 
Saiyan looses all control of himself and only thinks about one thing. 
Complete and utter destruction of the enemy with no mercy.
There is also a super Super Saiyan which is tougher than a Super Saiyan but 
weaker than a Super Saiyan 2. In this state the hair spikes further on end 
and is more defined. The aura for this state is rough, and much more energetic 
than that of the previous level. Muscle mass increases significantly. 
(Vegeta and Future Trunks during the Cell Saga are the only ones known to 
have ever reached this in between level)

                       5.<<<(---Basic maneuvers---)>>> 

I want to thank green_dragon21 for this section.

Now its time for me to tell basic maneuvers about the game. I mostly use the
classic controller because of the easier game play and some because of better
responsivnes , but I will try my best to not mention specific buttons from 
the type i use. P.S. I will try to include my opinion to help you choose 
which attacks are better suited to your type of game play.

Fast movement: Also known as teleporting. You press the block button right 
before an attack hits you.
In my opinion this is the most uefull best dodge teknique in the game.
It may take a while to get used to it but not to worry once you got it down 
you'll be untouchable (litteraly)

Z- Counter: Press up and attack the moment and attack hits you. You will 
block the attack and warp behind the opponent and attack them.
Although it sounds like a good move it is hard to pull of and wasts ki.

Z-sway: While being blocking attacks press the ki and block button. This will 
cause you to dodge many fast attacks and counter with an attack of your own.
This is a counter that will be less effective the more you use it (against 
humans that is) it will get extremmly predictable and should be used wisely
but other wise against the computer i will take a while but it too will 
predict you using it but only in those ridiculaously long battles.

Dragon Rush: Charge up ki and dash. This is when an aura envelopes your 
character and you dash at high speeds at the opponent. This is useful for 
getting close to the enemy fast.
This is one of the most used tecniques in the gaem and is great for both 
chasing and runnig away. And if your max power mod is almost up this is 
a great way to get it in before it runs out.

Dragon Homing: After you send the opponent flying with an attack, dash and 
you will home on to them. Other than that it's the same as a dragon rush.
I relly dont get the point of this and have no advice on the matter.

Reflecting ki: In this game reflecting ki is a little different from before. 
You have to hold block, then right before the ki blast hits you press left 
or right. This only works on small ki blast though. For ones that are big 
and are fully charged up, press block right before it hits you.
This is very useless the only reason to block or even launch a small ki blast
that does virtually no damage and the only use i can think of is when you far 
appart and your opponent is charging this will stop him and break the charge
of course this will not work on bigger opponents like Broly and Great Appes.

Vanish Attacks. After you send the enemy flying, press the ki button and you 
will appear behind them and attack them.
This is a great way to hain together attackes for biger damage and when you 
send tham flying they are left wide open for a B1 or B2 or even UB.

Perfect smash: Hold the attack button, and exactly when you start to flash 
white let go. You will the teleport ford and attack. 
This is basically a perfect move to do, but its hard to do and takes plenty
of practice and personaly i dont bother.

                         6.<<<(---Base Goku (Mid)---)>>>

Blast 1: Give Me Energy! 2 blast stocks
This move will increasse the damage your other moves do and each time you use 
it it will increasse the power even more.This is a great move to quickly 
finish the match.
This was brough to my attention by dyl45881.

Blast 1: I'm Getting Excited! 2 blast stocks

This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it, it will charge your body and 
temporarily boost all of your stats.

Blast 2: x20 Kaiken Kamehameha 3 ki bars

Goku's signature move. He will fire a big red beam of energy.This is one of 
the coolest moves in the game. 
Damage: 7320-8100 

Blast 2: Meteor Combination 3 ki bars

Goku's rush move. He flies at a high speed and does a pretty cool looking 
combo on the victim. This rush actually flies kinda far, so it can work from 
distances. It does as much damage as an uncharged Kamehameha. 
Damage: 7520

Ultimate Blast: Spirit Bomb

Goku fires off a huge spirit bomb. If it Hits the opponent it chages
the scenery to he total destruction looking one. 
This move is good if you do it when your close to the enemy because its 
huge and its nearly unblockable. This move goes great with Give me Energy!
Damage: 16040

                        7.<<<(---Super Saiyan Goku (Mid)---)>>>

Blast 1: Wild Sense 2 blast stocks
This is one of the best moves for characters who cant e bothered to dodge.
It will autoatically make you dodge and appear behind your oponent.
This was brought to my attention by master_ninja_of_the_shadows.

Blast 1: Now I'm Mad! 2 blast stocks

This is a good blast 1 move. When you do it succsesfully it will take you to 
max power mode.
Great if your low o ki and your oponent is almost finished. It will definetly
turn the tide your way. 

Blast 2: Super Kamehameha 3 ki bars

Goku's signature move. He will fire a big red beam of energy. You can charge 
this move up by holding down the ki button. When fully charge it does a lot 
of damage, but it takes awhile to fully charge it. Damage: 8520-12420. 

Blast 2: Meteor Smash 3 ki bars

Goku's rush move. He flies at a high speed and does a pretty cool looking 
combo on the victim. This rush actually flies kinda far, so it can work from 
distances. Damage: 8540. I 

Ultimate Blast: Angry Kamehameha

Goku fires off a huge one handed kamekame wave. 
This move is good if you do it when your close to the enemy because its 
huge and its unblockable. Damage: 15120.


I think im good but defenetly no the best so if anyone has found better 
strategies i will post tham here and give you credit for tham.
You can reach me at [email protected]

SO there are two ways you can go about this.
One is if you picked Base Goku (Mid) at hes beginging form in which case the 
whole strategy is arround his B2 the x20 Kaiken Kamehameha and his 
unstoppable finisher. The Spirit Bomb. When you start the battle you want to
get some space between you and your oponnt. Then immidiatly charge your ki.
There are some cases when you realy dont want your oponent to charge their ki
like Syn Shenron (which i hate by the way because of Blazing Storm) so you 
shoot ki blast at that just to break the charge than charge and immideatly 
attack and while they are getting up back of and recharge. Do this until you
win or choose to go to the second strategy for this character.
The second strategy is to do the strategy above this until you get one Blast
Gauge full and turn to a Super Saiyan. Now your moves revolve arround your
finisher as that is the quickest way to victory.This way the only two moves 
you really need are the super kamehameha and the angry kamehameha. You 
should use Now I'm Mad! If you are backed into a corner but otherwise
dont because it waste what i would thake to launch two UB on only one.

Ok in both cases Wild Senses will come in HANDY!!! This is one of the best 
B1's in the game so i strongly recomend using it no mater your strategy.

This is just my opinion because i personaly like to stick to long range 
beams and finishers without too much hand to hand.

                      9.<<<(---Potara Build---)>>>

Ok this section might seam kind of short but thats because as I stated 
previously I maily focus arround fast ki build up and wave attacks.
And again if anyone has a better build i will post it here and give ou credit.

Attack +3 & Super -1/ Or Deffense +3 & Super -1 
Warriors Will 
Ki +1 
Krillin Type 

I Hope My Body Can Take It 
Defense +3 & Attack - 2 / Attack +3 & Super -1
Light Body 
Master Roshi's Training 
Super +2 
Krillin Type

The Legendary Super Saiyan 
Ki +3 
Persistant Threat 
Quick Return 
Krillin Type 

This build was mail to me by: dyl45881

Secret Measures
Earth Power

On planet Earth your stats are boosted and Secret Measures will let you
do Give Me Energy immediately. I love this set up because when Goku uses
the Spirit Bomb after three Give Me Energy he does more damage than any
other character in the game.

This build was given to me by jason_r1888

Essence of sight (2)
attack up 1 (1)
Defense up 1 (1)
Ki power up 1 (1)
Super up 1 (1)
Rising fighting spirit (1)
Goku type (1) 

This build is a balanced build, and it works really well for me, but tends 
to be a up close melee type which I prefer.The essence of sight is 
excellent for up close combat and dodging without penalty to your energy.
The rising fighting spirit grants you max ki at the start of each battle 
which can give you an advantage early on by allowing you to use his galack 
gun, and final galack gun at the beginning of the fight without charging up.
The ki +1 is for Vegeta's slow charging and the goku type is for close combat 
as well. Under the right circumstances (Max power mode, and sayian soul) 
his UB Dirty fireworks can do right at 20k damage.
20k damage from his UB will only be seen when used against characters with 
weaker defense. Against a Lssj Broly with defense +3 it does around 12k


Most of these I got of the message boards and twiked a little. But as you 
can see they all revolve around attacking strategies.

                      10.<<<(---Special Thanks---)>>>

Thanks Akira Toriyama for making DBZ. I love this show. My Favorite Ever

Thanks to any one that has or will send me any 
new strategies or potara builds.

And thanks to you for reading that faq

FeedBack Is Appriciated

And a thanks to green_dragon21 whoose guide inspired me to to writte my own.

Thanks to wikipedia for providing the info for Goku's background.