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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Valkskorn

|Donkey Kong Country Returns    |
|By: Valkskorn			|
|[email protected](dot)com	|
|Copyright 2010 Valkskorn	|
|Version 0.25 November 23, 2010 |

Table of Contents
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1. Introduction.......................#01
2. Copyright..........................#02
3. Contact Info.......................#03
4. DKCR Introduction..................#04
5. Controls, Gameplay, and Enemies....#05
5.01 Controls.........................
5.02 Gameplay.........................
5.03 Enemies..........................
5.04 Items............................
6.01 Jungle...........................
6.02 Beach............................
6.03 Ruins............................
7. Extras.............................#07
7.01 Image Gallery....................
7.02 Music Gallery....................
7.03 Diorama Gallery..................
8. Versions List......................#08
9. Credits............................#09
1. Introduction #01

Hello, I'm Valk (Valkskorn) also known to some as TFU. The Donkey Kong Country
games were some of the first video games I ever played, and I still have my
SNES and the carts, as well as the GBA ports, all of which I play every few
months. When Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced, I was thrilled, and now
it's finally here.

I hope that the guide can help you with any and all of your questions.

2. Copyright #02

This guide may not be placed on any other site besides GameFaqs, Neoseeker, or
Supercheats. Any other public or private online usage is against copyright.

Sure, you can print it or save it to your computer. I don't mind, but don't try
to sell it for money or pass it off as your own.

Also, if you're from a site other than the three listed above and would like
to place this guide on your site, send me a message and I'll see what I think.

No matter what, may never use my guide.
3. Contact Info #03

If you've got a question, information, or anything else that concerns
this guide and would like to contact me about it then just e-mail me at the
above listed address and I'll answer you. I can't assure you that it will be in
a fast period of time, but it will happen.

I'd also like to ask that you don't email me any information, unless it
involves something that I've somehow missed in the sections I've already put up
as I will be constantly working on getting the rest of the guide written, and
will come to the later sections as I reach them.
4. Donkey Kong Country Returns (DKCR) Introduction #04

Donkey Kong Country Returns is the fourth installment in the Donkey Kong
Country series. The original Donkey Kong Country trilogy games were developed 
by Rare for the SNES. The series is known for outstanding soundtracks composed 
by David Wise (DKC 1/2/3), Eveline Fischer (DKC 1/3) and Robin Beanland (DKC 1)

As a result of Microsoft's acquisition of Rare in 2002, they no longer were
involved with developing games for Nintendo consoles. Because of this, DKCR was
by Retro Studios. Although Rare was not involved in development, the music from
the first DKC game has been included in numerous levels as entire remixes, or
for certain segments of gameplay.

Kremlings, the antagonistic horde of reptiles from the original trilogy were
not included in DKCR. Instead, DK and Diddy will fight the Tiki Tak Tribe, a
group of Tikis, as well as the unfortunate animals they've hypnotized across
DK Island. The Kongs probably wouldn't mind the Tikis, except that they've
forced the animals to steal all the bananas. Apparently they aren't aware of
how these plans failed in the past, as they've been stuck in a volcano for
(presumably) the events of the first three games. Then again, maybe they
assume they can do things better than K. Rool. Either way, the bananas are
gone, and DK's mad.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will adventure across DK Island, on a quest to
recover the stolen bananas, with the help of Cranky Kong's item shop, and some
familiar animal faces who did not fall prey to the Tikis' powers.
5. Controls, Gameplay, and Enemies #05

The following sections detail the general gameplay such as collectables, as
well as the controls, and the enemies fought throughout the game.
5.01 Controls

DKCR can be controlled with the standard Wiimote+Nunchuk, or with a sideways

In the standard configuration, the Joystick on the Nunchuk is used for movement
and the Z/B buttons are the action buttons, used to interract with the
environment, barrels, or the other Kong in 2-player mode. The A button is used
to jump or use Diddy's jetpack when both kongs are together.

The sideways Wiimote configuration differs as the D-Pad is used for movement,
and the 1 button must be held down to run. 1 is the action button, and 2 is the
jump button when using the wiimote sideways.

Both configurations can be paused by pressing the +/- buttons.

The motion sensing capabilities of the Wiimote are very simple for DKCR and are
the same regardless of control scheme. Shake the controller(s) while stationary
to pound the ground. Shake them while moving to roll. Shake them while crouched
to blow air.

When using the Wiimote+Nunchuk, some actions are easier such as continuous
rolling and ground-pounding, because you can alternate shaking the Wiimote and
5.02 Gameplay

Each level in the game has three things to be done to have 100% completion for
it. You must collect the four KONG letters. You must obtain all of the puzzle
pieces. Lastly, you must obtain a gold medal in the Time Attack mode, unlocked
by completing a level for the first time. A fourth circle above the level
appears once you unlock Mirror Mode by completing the special temple, you must
complete a level in mirror mode for that circle to be filled.
5.03 Enemies


1. Awk - The Bird

   Awks are avian enemies, there are different varieties of Awks, the most
   common are not hostile and simply patrol set areas. However, there are more
   aggressive Awks identified by their red colouring which will run towards DK
   if he gets in range.

2. Frogoon - The Frog

   Frogoons are unusual creatures. In some areas they jump in place, other
   times they leap forwards towards DK. In some cases, they sustain some sort
   of pseudo-flight by inflating themselves and floating.

3. Snaggles - The Shark

   Snaggles has an appetite for apes. Always jumping out of the water trying to
   catch DK as he passes by. His teeth almost look like he's smiling. In most
   cases Snaggles are easy to avoid, just wait for them to jump before crossing
   over them.

4. Squiddicus - The Octopus

   Squiddicus' name is misleading. But more important is his destructive nature
   and actions. Squiddicus features primarily in Stormy Shore.

5. Squid Shot - The Squid

   Squid Shots are fired out of cannons spread throughout the beaches. There
   are two varieties of them, regular squid and electrified squid. Electrified
   squid cannot be jumped on and must be avoided. 


1. Screaming Pillars

   Screaming Pillars seem like just a part of the background, that is until
   someone gets to close. Then they collapse forward, attempting to crush
   anyone in the way.
5.04 Items
6.01 Jungle
6.01A  1-1 Jungle Hijinxs

Puzzle Pieces - 9

Time Attack:

Gold - :57
Silver - 1:17
Bronze - 1:45

Begin by shaking the controller vigorously to expel the Tiki who failed to
hypnotize DK, once he's thrown out into the jungle, the level starts. Jump up
to the tire and jump once you land on it to get back to the treehouse. Press up
to go in. Pick up the extra life, and do a ground-pound next to the TV to turn
it on and change the music. Go back out and drop to the jungle floor, enter the
cave on the left. Pick up the puzzle piece (1/9) then exit. Walk a short 
distance and blow away the dandelion as prompted. There is a bird in front of 
you, kill it and keep going. Jump onto the block when you come to it and you'll
be prompted to pound it. Combo the next group of birds for a coin. Continue to 
the next blocks, don't destroy the first one, instead use it to jump to the 
tree above to your left. Pick up the K and keep going left, you'll come to a 
gap you must roll-jump across. Roll and jump while in the air to land on the 
next tree and get another coin, then blow the plant on the last tree to get 
another puzzle piece (2/9). Head back to the blocks now. There's a tiki walking
around in front of you, take it out and walk up to the edge of the totems in 
the background to bait them into dropping, then destroy them and the block 
column after them for a puzzle piece (3/9). Pick up the banana bunch and cross
the bridge until you come to some yellow plants in the background. Pound while
standing in front of them for a puzzle piece (4/9). When you pound the ground
in front of the third plant you will drop through for six more bananas, an 
extra life, and another coin. Jump up and don't forget to kill the pair of 
birds. Jump over the frogs and onto the large flower and the statues will come
to life. Keep jumping to collect all 40 bananas and you'll get a puzzle piece
(5/9). Take out the third frog and the bird and when you see a balloon run and
grab it before it floats out of sight. Pick up the nine bananas spread amongst
the platforms and the tiki, and walk over to the stall with a Pig standing at 
it, when confetti comes out and a check mark appears, the checkpoint is 
activated, now that you don't risk losing your progress, go back and roll into
the pit for the O letter and jump out before you fall.

Pick up the barrel with DK on it and throw it to get Diddy Kong. Jump across 
the pit for seven bananas. Jump on the DK platform and start pounding until it
goes down all the way. Leap into the barrel that appears above you to get blown
into the background. Roll-jump to the narrow platform on the left and blow the
plant for a puzzle piece (6/9), then jump back. Take out the birds, and get the
N and heart from the platforms before jumping in the barrel. The barrel trails
earn you another 16 bananas. Pound the middle of the platform to drop into a
bonus game. You have 30 seconds to collect all of the items without falling.
Jump into the barrel and shoot yourself up for the items. Once you collect all
of them, time stops and you can get a puzzle piece (7/9). Back outside before 
long you'll encounter a new type of bird, these are red and are aggressive, 
running towards you when you come in range. Dispose of them and jump to the 
platform above and head back to the left for a puzzle piece (8/9). Jump back 
and to the platform on theright and jump off for the G, keep going. Ignore the
flowers and the barrel above you, and walk off the right side of the screen to
reveal the last puzzle piece (9/9). Now go jump into the barrel, whatever is on
the barrel when you land in it is the prize you receive, if you get the DK
symbol be ready to shake because you can earn a lot of bananas if you get that
many shakes in the short amount of time you're given.

For getting all 9 puzzle pieces in Jungle Hijinxs you unlock Hut Exterior in
Extras-Image Gallery-Kong Gallery.
6.01B 1-2 King of Cling

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:21
Silver - 1:39
Bronze - 2:16

Use the green material on the ceiling to climb over the pit, getting nine
bananas. Jump up for the DK barrel if you need it, then jump off that platform
to the right wall where the K is, to reveal a secret alcove with four bananas
and a puzzle piece (1/7), drop down and walk down the slope to the enemy plant
and wait for it to duck down before jumping over it to another secret spot with
three bananas and a coin, head back across and this time climb across on the
roof again. There's a bird, and a heart with seven bananas on the wheel you can
grab onto, jump off to the platforms on your left, and jump into the left wall
for a hidden puzzle piece (2/7). Before heading down the next slope, do a roll
jump off the platform over the spikes, to the wall on the upper right. Two more
bananas and another puzzle piece (3/7) are hidden there. Now go down the slope.
There are fifteen bananas on the green ceilings, as well as the coin at the top.
Be sure to wait for the huge enemy plant to drop before crossing. Pick up the
heart if you need it, and drop to the platform, advance past the bird and frog.
Grab the eight bananas from the ceiling and drop down once more. Now cross the
first bridge. Pound the plant to spawn a barrel, and take it to the background.
There are eight bananas on each wheel, and the O on the upper section, ignore
the other plant on the ground for now, climb up to the top, and jump in the
barrel. This bonus game is relatively easy, the moving platform lets you bounce
into the circling items, get puzzle piece (4/7) before being returned to the
background area. Open the plant and take the barrel back, cross the second
bridge and get the bunch from the platform. Among the 12 bananas on that
stretch of ceiling, is a plant directly above the giant enemy plant, if you
pound it will spit out a puzzle piece (5/7), grab it without getting hit, and
drop down to the checkpoint on the other side.

Jump over the enemy plant in your way. Up ahead at the base of a wall is
another enemy plant. Jump over it and climb up the wall with four bananas and
jump to the wheel when a green part of it passes by, ride it over and jump off
the other wall, climb up it and jump past the bird and enemy plant to the next
wall with another four bananas. Jump off to the subsequent platform, then to
the wall above which has six bananas. Walk past the yellow plant to the right
of the platform to discover a puzzle piece (6/7). Climb up the wall to flat
ground once more. Climb around the wheels and onto the long wall to the right,
climb down for the N and back up to the top, drop onto the platform and ride it
across, back up to the ceiling, and over to the next wall, this stretch in
total should net you 25 bananas. Walk across the flower and into the wall for
two bananas and a puzzle piece (7/7). Now jump off the flower to the wheel for
eight bananas, ride it around to the ledge and climb up the wall for nine
bananas, cross over the platforms under the enemy plant for three banana
bunches, and then climb up the wall, jumping over for the coin midway up, and
get 18 bananas. Jump back and forth to avoid the enemy plants in the walls, and
once to the top climb the left wall and jump to the flower. Carefully jump onto
the flower with the G on it, which is guarded by a new floating enemy. Jump up,
past one more enemy to a barrel and launch yourself to the end barrel.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in King of Cling you unlock Frogoon in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.01C 1-S Cranky Kong's Shop

Beating 1-2 unlocks Cranky Kong's Shop in Jungle. Buy the key for 20 coins to 
unlock the path between 1-3 and 1-4 in this world. You shouldn't need to buy
any other items from him unless you're somehow dying so much you need lives.
6.01D 1-3 Tree Top Bop

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - :54
Silver - 1:25
Bronze - 2:07

From the start, there's a bird patrolling three banana bunches, and another
bunch above a block shortly thereafter. Leap to the next platform with a bird
for three more bananas. Jump down and you'll see a set of three enemies, two
birds and a new big tiki. This type of tiki takes three hits to kill, so to net
the best profit from it, try and combo the enemies into five jumps, from bird 1
to bird 2, to three jumps on the Tiki, each of which will award you a coin.
Jump onto the ledge on the right and up to the rocking platform on the left for
three bananas and two coins, wait for the platform to tilt and jump off the
high edge, or roll-jump from the other side. Head back to the right and keep
going. Ignore the platforms for now, go past the DK barrel, and roll-jump over
the chasm. Pick up the puzzle piece (1/5) and roll-jump back. Now get on the
tilting tree platforms. Each tree has three bananas, and there's a bunch
between them, it's best to roll-jump from one to the other. Now jump into the
barrel, but don't launch yourself into the next barrel right away, since it's
obvious you need to get that K floating in the middle, wait until your barrel
passes under and launch yourself, then launch yourself into the next barrel.
This barrel trail has a massive 65 bananas in it, all yours for no work at all.
On these trees are a few frogs, jumping towards you, so be careful. The bottom
tree has three bananas and a heart at the end, the top one has a banana bunch
out of reach. If you can't jump to it off of a frog, wait until one end of the
tree tilts up and roll-jump from the edge, if you jump at the right time towards
the bunch you'll graze it. The next couple trees have three bananas, and a
bird. Jump into the barrel and it will launch you through nine more bananas.
Climb the three bird platforms for three bananas, jump over the spike pit, and
wait for the frog to jump before crossing over, or you can jump up, and jump
off the side and onto him as he comes down. Now jump (roll-jumping may be
easier) for the O in the air. Pass the second frog and jump over the other
spikes to reach the checkpoint.

Pound the first platform in the ground, and then the crate you drop onto. While
riding Rambi, you can still ground pound, and if you attempt to roll, Rambi
will charge through walls. He can also step on and destroy spikes. Charge
through the walls and use the barrel to get out. Walk into the blocks on the
left to destroy them, now time to backtrack, yes, head left. Let yourself walk
onto the spikes and see how they are simply destroyed under Rambi's weight.
Jump over the frog pillars and back to the trio of platforms with birds. Walk
over the spikes and destroy them, then pound the unusual blocks in the middle
to enter a bonus game. This game is a tough one, the items at the top are
difficult to get, as it is hard to get the middle ones without rolling, and the
platforms are hard to stay on when rolling. Try for all the bananas on one side
first, then climb up and get all the bunches, and quickly drop off and finish
the other side. Once you're done, go back up and collect the puzzle piece (2/5)
Head back to where you got Rambi now and go on to the platform, there are three
bananas and a bunch above the platform. Stand on one end to tilt the platform
up, then run and jump to grab the bunch. Drop down to the spikes and charge the
blocks on the right end of them. The blocks release a puzzle piece (3/5) up on
the platform above, get the piece and both bananas. By the way, if you need the
DK barrel on the pillar above, tilt the platform on the left so that it acts as
a ramp, then charge up it and jump off, it might take a few attempts. Do a 
charge-jump off the next platform for a coin, and off the next to reach the
tree with three bananas. Continue across the trees, wait until the frogs float
down before jumping off them to grab the N, and get both bananas and the heart
from the last tree with a bird. Ahead of you is a new enemy, it is a flaming
tiki, and unlike the other enemies, it is very dangerous to Rambi, you do not
want to touch it. Jump over or drop under the flaming tiki, get the three
bananas, as well as the three bananas on the next ledge. Go past the bird and
jump off the frogs for the G and two banana bunches. Go back and walk onto the
spikes and break the blocks to walk into another bonus game. Time the barrels
carefully and be sure you don't launch yourself off the screen. Pick up the
puzzle piece (4/5) and you're returned to the level right after the frogs where
you got the G from. To the right is a trio of platforms with 12 bananas
underneath, and some frogs. Ignore the end barrel for now. Break the blocks at
the right wall to reveal a whopping 18 banana bunches, and the final puzzle
piece (5/5). Now you're free to go back and jump in the barrel.
For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Tree Top Bop you unlock Jungle Waterfalls in
Extras-Image Gallery-Worlds Gallery.
6.01E 1-4 Sunset Shore

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - :53
Silver - 1:03
Bronze - 1:45

This is an unusual level, as it happens during sunset, all you see are
silhouettes of the objects. From the start go left through the wall for two
banana bunches and a puzzle piece (1/5). Now begin the level proper, head right
and break the cracked platform to get the K, then keep going right past the
frog, and pick up the 20 bananas above the sort of bridge. Break the next
platform for a heart, and go on past the frogs and birds. On some blocks are
some bushes, four bananas, and two coins. The rightmost of the three bushes is
an enemy which will stand up and run at you once you get close, be ready for it
when you try pass. Collect the eight bananas in a circle and a coin will appear.
There's another bush enemy beneath the circle. Go past more frogs and when you
reach a vertical platform with a coin above it, do a ground-pound and jump for
the coin before the platform tilts down again. There are two more platforms you
must tilt, with an O, and a heart above them. (Alternatively, you can jump off
of the frogs while they're in midair). Break the next cracked section and fall
off the side of the hole to reveal a hidden area with two bananas, two banana
bunches, and a coin. Climb out, the next two bushes are enemies, and there are
20 more bananas drifting about in lines up the next slope, after the bananas
is the checkpoint.

Climb the steps past the tiki, and jump onto the blocks, wait for the sun to
flash and you'll drop into a pit with ten bananas, nine banana bunches, and a
puzzle piece (2/5), jump into the barrel to exit. Head back left a short way,
and jump off the ledges with tikis for the N letter. Head back right and
collect another circle of eight bananas to make a bunch appear. Walk right
under the platform with a frog through the wall for a puzzle piece (3/5). Jump
up past the frog, the third bush is an enemy. Pound the platforms into place
so you can procure your puzzle piece (4/5). The next platform has a banana
bunch, and past the hole with a frog is a hole to break open with G in it, grab
the six bananas and the heart in an arc above the hole and keep avoiding the
frogs and tikis. There's yet another banana bunch on a platform, and past that
another coin on a set of two platforms. Between two frogs is a third circle of
eight bananas, this time they spawn a heart when picked up. Keep going past a
pair of blocks and jump on the block column and up to the top right. Walk down
the hill and jump past the frog, into the alcove where the tiki came out. Pick
up the puzzle piece (5/5) and return to the block column. Pound it down, slide
through the tunnel, and make your way to the end barrel.

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Sunset Shore you unlock Screaming Pillar in
Extras-Image Gallery-Tiki Gallery.
6.01F 1-5 Canopy Cannons

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:02
Silver - 1:13
Bronze - 1:35

Make your way past the enemies at the start and jump into the barrel. Start
firing. The barrel firing to K gets you five bananas, incidentally if you
somehow miss K for whatever reason and fall, it shoots you back into the barrel
so you can't die. (Found this out while trying to suicide). Keep shooting from
barrel to barrel, you get seven more bananas, then wait for the circling coin
to be in position before you shoot to the next barrel, then three more bananas,
then seven as you land on ground. The yellow plant on your right has a puzzle
piece (1/5). There's a DK barrel up ahead near some enemies, enter the next
barrel and launch when it's pointing up towards the O, then to the next barrel.
Shoot straight down to what seems to be certain death, but is instead a puzzle
piece (2/5) and two bananas, now launch yourself back across and into the wall
with the coin and you'll bounce back, now up to the platform above for three
bananas. Dispatch the two angry birds and go pound the platform in the ground
to land in a barrel and be blown into a bonus game. This type of bonus game is 
pretty annoying, it's relatively easy, but you have to have good timing. Make 
sure you only launch yourself from the barrels when the barrel in the middle is
at the top or bottom. When the puzzle piece (3/5) appears in the middle hit the
moving barrel to obtain it. Backtrack slightly when you come back to the level
for four banana bunches on top of a platform guarded by birds, and go to the
yellow plant to the left of the birds, pound it for a puzzle piece (4/5), now
you can go back to the right and continue to hit a checkpoint and DK barrel.

Jump on the flowers now, each flower has four bananas and a banana bunch, at
the end jump into the barrel and shoot yourself through under the giant spiked
bouncing block. As before wait for the coin to circle around before shooting 
yourself. Next you'll see a balloon circling around a barrel, the angle of 
rotation is odd, so take your time. Once you get there, the next barrel has the
N letter circling it. Shoot yourself under another barrel, and then through a
set of barrel paths totalling nine bananas. When you come to a barrel with
bananas extending off to the top right, instead of towards the barrel it seems
you should shoot to next, wait and when the barrel slides up to the top, shoot
towards the bananas. You get seven bananas, a puzzle piece (5/5) and then five
more bananas. Now you'll fly towards the background, through some towers and
from this barrel, you can get four more bananas, and the letter G. Make sure
you launch yourself when the floating barrel above you is out of the way, so
you can get G before getting launched further. The next sequence of barrels
involve screaming pillars, rapidly launch yourself out of the first few barrels
as soon as they turn, the last two barrels however must turn twice, the first
increment points them up, you must wait until they point to the right to avoid
being crushed. Jump up the ledges and get two bananas and a banana bunch. Once
more we have a set of three flowers, each with four bananas and banana bunches,
at the end jump into the barrel and wait for the barrel in the statue to come
out before launching. You get nine bananas on the way, once you're in that
barrel, launch four times inside the statue and then make a final blast under a
block to the end barrel. 

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Canopy Cannons you unlock Awk in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.01G 1-6 Crazy Cart

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:46
Silver - 1:58
Bronze - 2:21

From the start, walk off the left of the screen and jump for a puzzle piece
(1/5). Head down the path past the frogs and pound the DK platform into the
ground. Jump up the platforms and jump to the left into the wall for a bonus
game. This game involves some moving platforms, it's simplest to get everything
on the bottom, then the top. The only problem is you must jump off the top
twice to get those coins on the sides. So don't miss any jumps or it will cost
you. Once you have the puzzle piece (2/5) go back across the platforms, and
pound the platform above the banana bunch. You'll fall into a bunch on the way
down, walk forward and jump into the barrel, then launch yourself to the mine
cart. There's a stream of six bananas coming up, after them jump off the third
mine cart to grab the K and get the banana bunch and coin from the next jumps.
When you come to a floating platform tiki, jump into the trail of six bananas,
and bounce off it to grab a banana bunch. Jump over the second tiki and grab a
coin, now when you come up behind a mine cart, get very close and do a short 
jump over him, so you don't bounce or land on the track above. Pick up the
trail of seven bananas and the puzzle piece (3/5). Jump from the top of the
steep slope coming up for the O, and grab the trail of five flying bananas. As
the tunnel begins to end, make an early jump to pick up the puzzle piece (4/5).
The camera begins to zoom in, be ready because there's a trail of six bananas,
a banana bunch, and then a puzzle piece (5/5), followed by another trail of six
bananas. Lastly, a trail of five flying bananas. As you collect those, you pass
the checkpoint above you and must jump over a flaming tiki.

Jump over the top parts of the platforms to pick up an extra life, when the
path dips down again through a tunnel, be prepared for a late jump, wait as
late as possible to jump to pick up the N. As the tunnel emerges into daylight,
dodge more mine carts and flaming tikis, jump over a gap with three banana
bunches, jump off a tiki for a trail of five flying bananas, and bounce off
another tiki for three more banana bunches. Near the end of the tracks, is a
slope downward with the G on it. As before, jump near the very end to get it
and land safely, keep going and make a final jump after a huge drop to get
three coins, and the end barrel.

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Crazy Cart you unlock Jungle Statues in
Extras-Image Gallery-Worlds Gallery.
6.01H 1-K Platform Panic

{To unlock Platform Panic, you must collect all the KONG letters in each level
of Jungle.}

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:13
Silver - 1:30
Bronze - 1:47

One thing you may notice right away, is that there are no KONG letters to
collect in this level, only puzzle pieces. Platform Panic is almost entirely
composed of platforms rising from the depths of the temple, which will shudder
and disappear in a few seconds once you step on them. From the start, cross the
trio of platforms to your right and pick up the banana bunch, the second of the
next three platforms appearing in front of you carries a tiki, tikis will be
carried up by platforms throughout this level, so be aware. As you jump to the
next set of platforms, you'll get another banana bunch. These platforms have
three tikis on them, combo-jump to the big tiki for some coins. You may also
notice that as long as you don't step on the platforms directly, they do not
disappear, so if you jump on an enemy instead of the platform, it stays there.
Leap over the spinning wheel, and jump to your high right, around the wheels
for three bananas, drop off the edge to the narrow platform for another bunch.
Jump across the few narrow platforms, over a tiki for another banana bunch,
then bounce off of the big tiki to land on the group of four flying tikis and
snag a puzzle piece (1/5). Make your way under the wheels, making sure not to
jump too high. When narrow platforms with golden circles on them appear, jump
on the golden tires to bounce over the enemies, getting three bananas. Bounce
off the three tikis on the next platforms going down for a coin, and land on
safe ground. Pound in front of the urn in the center to reveal a puzzle piece

Keep advancing along the platforms now, run off the edge under the large wheels
for the banana bunch, and quickly jump to the next set of platforms. Once you
make a jump to a higher platform on your right, a set of platforms rise up
revealing two banana bunches and a puzzle piece. Stay on the first platform and
wait carefully for it to drop, once it's low enough jump to the puzzle piece
(3/5) and banana bunches, then proceed. On the next set of high platforms, a
platform coming out of the ceiling blocks your path, wait for the one you're on
to drop and keep going, pick up the banana bunch and jump to the small gap
underneath some purple spikes. Run to the edge and jump out, then edge your way
down the slope for three bananas and a banana bunch. Jump to the tire and up to
the flying tikis, bounce along and drop for three bananas and a bunch, then to
the platform and tire. Immediately jump from the tire up to the left for a
puzzle piece (4/5) and jump back off the tire as it's falling out of sight to
go up and around, getting three bananas. Go from the next tire to a tunnel, and
drop off the edge to bounce along the tikis. Safe ground once more.

More platforming incoming! Bounce off the tikis to go around the spikes for
three bananas, once in a narrow passage under some spikes, run off the edge to
bounce off the tiki back to safety, at the end of this passage wait for your
platform to drop and keep going. Jump across the pit and advance under more
spiked ceilings. Rapidly jump up the slope that appears for four bananas, then
bounce off the tikis and drop for three and a banana bunch. Jump off the tire
to the tiki on the left for a puzzle piece (5/5) and then all the way over to
the other tikis, as the tire drops almost immediately. Down another slope now,
three bananas and a bunch, over the tikis, a total of seven bananas and two
bunches here, and finally bounce into the barrel. The barrel blasts you through
41 bananas and to the end. Walk to the pedestal and jump to the orb.
6.01I 1-B Mugly's Mound

Health - 9

Time Attack:

Gold - :56
Silver - 1:23
Bronze - 1:57

Pick up the DK barrel to get Diddy if you need him and enter the stadium. Meet
Mugly, another one of the tikis' minions. Mugly has two attacks, he will make
some biting motions and charge towards you, trying to eat you. Or, he will 
shake his head a few times, and jump into the air trying to crush you beneath
him. To injure Mugly, you must jump onto the exposed portions of his back not
covered in spikes. To avoid his charge, jump over him and land on his back. For
the jump, run underneath him and jump on him when he drops. You can sometimes
hit him two or three times if he jumps, as you can bounce off of him, hover in
the air, and land on him when he drops again.

Once you hit Mugly three times, he changes colours to a more orange tinge. The
only difference now is that he is slightly faster. Hit him thrice more and he
will turn a violent shade of red. Deliver three more hits and he passes out. A
tiki emerges now and control is returned to you. Dash towards the tiki and jump
into it, then when prompted shake the controller to get as many hits in as you

For defeating Mugly you unlock Jungle Hijinxs, King of Cling, and Palm Tree
Groove in Extras-Music Gallery-Jungle Music. If you have obtained all puzzle
pieces in Jungle and defeat Mugly, you will also unlock Jungle in
Extras-Diorama Gallery.
6.02 Beach
6.02A 2-1 Poppin' Planks

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:03
Silver - 1:25
Bronze - 2:20

Starting out, head down the beach and pick up three bananas. There's a new type
of enemy on the beach, these enemies are crabs. They're relatively harmless, a
single jump will kill them. A bit further on is a barrel underneath a flying
tiki, jump on the barrel and pound it to make a new barrel appear to your left
with a banana. Jump on the barrel and up to the platform with three bananas,
then to the next platform on your left for a puzzle piece (1/5). Go back to the
right and jump on the tiki for two bananas and a banana bunch. Advance to the
right over some spikes and bounce off the crab for the K, or jump to the higher
ledge on the right, and back across for K, then to the higher platform for two
coins. Drop down and pound the chest for an extra life, then jump on the next
barrel and pound it to make a launch barrel appear. Jump in and get blown to
the sunken ship in the background. In the ship are two new crabs, these crabs
are red and are much more of a nuisance. To kill them you have to jump on them
and then roll into them, or ground pound to flip them over, and then jump to
finish them off. Once you kill both a puzzle piece (2/5) will appear, get it
and leave through the barrel. Back on the coast, jump off the crab or barrel
for the banana bunches, and pound the barrel to make a chest appear, pound the
chest for a puzzle piece (3/5). Get the two bananas and banana bunch on your
way right, as well as the heart. Get the banana and banana bunch from above the
barrel, then pound it to create a platform for the other two bananas and coin.
When the new barrel comes out of the ground, a red crab comes with it. Jump up
to the ledge and down to the DK platform, pound it and a whale will spit out a
plethora of bananas onto the bridge in front of you. When the bridge is struck
by a wave and throws you into the air, collect as many bananas as you can
before they disappear. Wait for the bridge to throw you onto the swaying
platform, then jump to the platform with two crates. Keep jumping, to the
platform with the crab, banana, and bunch, then to the horizontally moving
platform under five bananas. Jump off the end and go get the heart if you need
it, then dispatch the red crab on the left platform. Jump on the right side to
weigh it down, find a good balance and jump on the left platform when it's just
high enough and quickly jump off for the O. Return right to the next platform
with crates, wait for the crane to drop the next platform and jump to it. There
are five bananas and a coin moving along with the lift, once at the top hover
if you've got Diddy with you, and the items will drop into you. Ride back up
and leap to the group of barrels. Pound the platform and it will drop into the
ocean, ride it past some flying tikis and two groups of two bananas and bunches
and to the checkpoint.

Pound the chest immediately after the checkpoint for a puzzle piece (4/5), and
pound the cannon the crab's walking in front of. Get the five bananas on the
path ahead and jump up past the crabs to the ledge with the DK barrel, and into
the ship you blew up. Time for another exciting game of shoot between two
barrels for 30 seconds, but accomplishing it earns you 2 coins, 80 bananas, and
the last puzzle piece (5/5) for this level. Jump onto the floating ship
fragments ahead, wait for the sharks to jump and retreat before jumpin across.
Pick up three bananas, the N, two bananas and a coin, and three more bananas.
Above the bridge ahead are 16 bananas, a coin, six banana bunches, and a heart.
There are spikes on the bridge though, which are flipped over each time a wave
strikes them. The next platforms are similar to the ones from earlier, let the
bridge throw you up to the first one, and advance past a few crane-powered
lifts, they've got five bananas and a banana bunch at the top of each. Bounce
off the flying tikis and ride the horizontal platforms for seven, and then
eight bananas, before jumping to the swaying platform with a banana bunch. The
brown sharks can jump higher than the others, wait for them to drop and jump a
few more banana bunches, and the G. From the last swaying ship fragment, jump
to a trio of platforms being dropped towards jumping sharks, each with a banana
bunch, and then into the end barrel.

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Poppin' Planks you unlock Mugly in
Extras-Image Gallery-Boss Gallery.
6.02B 2-2 Sloppy Sands

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:11
Silver - 1:26
Bronze - 1:57

From the start you'll notice a puzzle piece behind the wall to your left, we
can't get that quite yet so head right instead. Pound the barrels and climb up
past the crab and pick up the DK barrel, jump back down to your left and walk
to the puzzle piece. Throw the barrel at the wall to break it, then go pick up
the piece (1/7). Head back to where you picked up the barrel and continue down
the slope. Now you run into a new enemy, these squids are fired out of cannons
in Bullet Bill fashion. Jump over the squids and pound the trio of barrels to
uncover a heart, a banana bunch, and a puzzle piece (2/7) on the platform
above. Pound the cannon in front of you to get that chest in the background
which holds four coins. Pick up five bananas on the other side of the squid
cannon, and blow on the plant for a puzzle piece (3/7). Bounce off one of the
squid to land on the next cannon. There are 12 bananas in two lines down to
your right, with squid being shot at them. Some of these squid are charged with
electricity and will shock you should you try and jump on them. Get on top of
the next cannons, wait for the cannon to the bottom right to shoot two electric
squid towards the chest, and then go pound it for an extra life. The next
platform has two bananas and a heart beneath it, and a puzzle piece above it.
Wait a moment or walk a bit to the right and back and some squid will fly
towards you, jump on them and get the puzzle piece (4/7). Go pound the barrels
ahead, and once the squid have been shot out, jump up quickly and over the
cannons, then hit the checkpoint.

Jump over the first two sharks and pound the crate, jump in the barrel and when
you're in the background, roll into the pillar so the K falls to you, then jump
in the other barrel to be returned to where you were. Past the next cannon,
bounce off the crab for four bananas and two banana bunches, and at the end of
the platform, drop off and pound the cannon. Scurry across the new platforms
for a puzzle piece (5/7) and then back across. Up ahead jump through the squid
to collect eight bananas and the O, then bounce off the upper squid to land
above, jump over that cannon and bounce off the regular squid to grab the N
from above the checkpoint. Get the four bananas from underneath the platform on
the left, and roll into a bonus game. This game is another bouncing platform
game, after the puzzle piece (6/7) is yours you can go hit the checkpoint.

Walk over and pound down the DK platform to raise the tower in the background
and spawn a barrel. Might as well jump in, you can see the end barrel from
there. Once inside, jump up past the cannons and grab three bananas, then ride
the sand bucket for another eight and a heart, before grabbing onto the ceiling
and climbing up. Jump across to the right and wait for three squid to be shot
before climbing down for the G, then back up past three more cannons and a
heart. Ride a series of sand buckets up the tower for 11 bananas and a coin,
then jump past some more cannons, and climb the walls and around the wheel for
14 bananas. Once you climb past the next cannon, grab all three banana bunches
and walk past the barrels on the right for a puzzle piece (7/7). Jump over a
bucket and into a barrel, wait for the squid to leave a gap and blast yourself
to the top of the tower, then jump in the end barrel.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in Sloppy Sands you unlock Pinchly & Pal in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.02C 2-S Cranky Kong's Shop

Beating 2-2 unlocks Cranky Kong's Shop in Beach. As before, buy the key for 20
coins and it opens the path between 2-3 and 2-6.
6.02D 2-3 Peaceful Pier

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:50
Silver - 1:51
Bronze - 1:58

Blow the first plant right in front of you for a puzzle piece (1/5), then walk
forward and you'll encounter a flaming tiki on the ground, blow it out as
prompted and then it's safe to jump on. Go across the platforms and launch
yourself through the barrels until you land in one with a red rim, press A/1
a few times to start the barrel. Hold down that button to fly higher, release
it to drop. After the large grid of bananas, collect all seven bananas in a
trail to spawn a puzzle piece (2/5), then keep collecting items in your way for
a K. If you let the barrel drop too close to the ocean, a shark will jump out
and attack. Follow another long trail of bananas and there's an O at the end.
Soon you reach a checkpoint, and shortly after a pirate ship sails up behind
you. The ship fires cannonballs which blow up, creating spots that will hurt
you if you fly into them, dodge the explosions and when the ship sails out a
bit, follow a banana trail for the N. When the ship comes back closer, it will
fire multiple cannonballs at once, fly quickly up after the first barrage for
a puzzle piece (3/5) and then drop down after the second barrage for another
puzzle piece (4/5). Finally, fly through the middle, between two sets of
explosions. Once the ship draws even with your barrel, the captain will raise
a huge cannon and a crosshair will appear on your screen. Fly around until it
starts flashing and beeping rapidly, then dodge. The anchor will miss, the ship
will blow up, and you can follow a short banana trail for the G. Once you're on
land again, walk past the end barrel and pound the platform to drop into a
bonus game for a puzzle piece (5/5). With that done, jump in the end barrel to

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Peaceful Pier you unlock Snaggles in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.02E 2-4 Cannon Cluster

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - :50
Silver - 1:01
Bronze - 1:23

Walk forward and jump on the first barrel you see for a banana bunch, then
pound it down for another, climb on the next barrel and grab a third bunch,
then pound the barrel down to make the first one come back up for a puzzle
piece (1/7). Up ahead you'll see a fleet of ships unleashing a barrage of
cannonballs upon the shore, make your way quickly across, jumping over any
explosions if you need to. This level is the first to feature the jellyfish
enemies, you can't touch them so you just have to avoid them. Jump over the
first jellyfish and blow the plant between them for a puzzle piece (2/7), go
get three bananas, and then pick up the four bananas and coin from the platform
above the K. Walk back down to the left of the K, and jump across for it,
bouncing off the tiki to avoid death. (Or you can roll-jump for it, just don't
collide with the tiki) Jump over the next gap for a banana bunch, and bounce
off the next floating tiki for a coin. Pound the first barrel to create a new
one on the platform you just jumped off on your left, climb on and jump off to
the right for a puzzle piece (3/7). Roll-jump or bounce off the crabs for two
banana bunches, then pound the next barrel. Climb on the new barrel and keep
blowing at the windmill until the pillar on your left has risen, jump onto it
and into the barrel for a bonus game. Unfortunately there are very few
different types of bonus games in DKCR, so it's nothing you haven't seen before
now, but at least you get a puzzle piece (4/7). After the next jellyfish are
some crates being hit by cannonballs. Wait for the explosions and when a set of
them occur, run down and break the crates open quickly to explose a puzzle
piece (5/7), then jump to safety under the platform with the O. During a gap
in the attack, jump up and get O, then jump across to the shipwreck on the
right, drop down to the next platform, and hit the checkpoint.

Pick up the barrel to the immediate right of the check point, and double back
a short way to throw it at the wall of the shipwreck. Jump in the ship for the
puzzle piece (6/7) there and keep going on your way. Jump over the jellyfish
and get three bananas, jump off the crate to get the N, and get three more
bananas before returning to land. Cross the next war-zone and jump off the
crates for G, then pound them down while dodging explosions and pick up eight
bananas. Now for the tough part, kill the crabs ahead of you, then go back and
pick up the barrel and start to make your way forwards. Keep your eyes on the
background so you know when the cannonballs will be coming towards your area.
If you get across without getting hit and have your barrel intact, blow open
the wall in front of you for a bonus game with puzzle piece (7/7). Jump off the
edge of the ship into the end barrel for finish.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in Cannon Cluster you unlock Ship Attack! in
Extras-Image Gallery-Worlds Gallery.
6.02F 2-5 Stormy Shore

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:11
Silver - 1:26
Bronze - 2:00

Jump over the first barrel and pick up three bananas, then pick up a barrel,
get four bananas and a bunch, and jump over the jellyfish to climb the wall.
Get four bananas, jump across for K, and climb up for eight more and a puzzle
piece (1/5). Before going back, climb down the wall on the left for three coins
and then return and jump down to the DK barrel. Pound through the platform in
front of the barrel and walk into the bonus area. This game is slightly
different, still simple though. Get the items at the top first and work your
way down, you don't even really need a plan, just don't waste time and get the
puzzle piece (2/5). Double back up the hill on the left for six banana bunches
and four bananas, jump off the squid to collect them, come back and jump off the
squid where you came out to collect a coin near the ceiling. Walk forward and
hit the checkpoint.

Jump up to the next platform and then roll-jump back to the left for the O. The
octopus in the background starts moving around now. Jump across the next
platforms for four bananas, two sets of three bananas, and then three more
bananas with a cluster of 20. Dash forwards or jump across the squid for an
extra life. Jump for a banana bunch and land in the barrel, wait until the wave
rises and the barrel is pointed straight up, then shoot to get a puzzle piece
(3/5). Wait once more for the barrel to rise and before it points away, shoot
out and get the second banana bunch, then land on the next platform. There's a
DK barrel in front of a barrel you must pound, a puzzle piece (4/5) shows up on
the uncovered barrel. Back to ship fragments now, a banana and banana bunch are
on the first, two bananas and a coin on the second, and a bunch of stuff on the
wide third segment. As you cross, if you spend too long on a fragment the
octopus will smash it into the ocean, so don't dawdle. Jump onto the top half
of the third fragment for N, then pick up the seven bananas underneath. The
next parts have the same banana assortments as earlier, single banana and bunch
followed by two bananas and coins with an extra life at the end. Jump to land
and go hit the checkpoint.

Jump over the tentacles when they drop down for two banana bunches, and climb
the wall for four bananas and another bunch. Jump back and forth between walls
when the tentacles show up. The top of the left wall has another four bananas
and a bunch. Drop down and pound the chest for a puzzle piece (5/5), jump past
the rest of the tentacles for two banana bunches, and down the walls for eight
bananas and two bunches, divided up as before. At the bottom, jump across under
the tentacle for a coin, then back again. Pick up the barrel and throw it at
the bag hanging above the crabs to expose a chest full of treasure. Hold onto
the roof and climb over the octopus for a banana bunch. Drop down and jump back
up around the tentacles, pick up four more bananas and a bunch, then drop down
and jump to the swaying ship fragment. Jump to another three bananas and a
bunch, and then jump to grab onto the underside of the mast and swing along for
nine bananas, once you jump down, make your way over to yet another checkpoint.

Squid come flying towards you when you start to traverse the subsequent
platforms. Bounce off the squid for the coin and G letter. Pick up two bananas
and banana bunches while jumping over the last jellyfish, then jump to the
barrel and blast your way to the end barrel. If you take more than a second or
two to launch yourself, the octopus will smash your barrel or you'll hit his

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Stormy Shore you unlock Squiddicus in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.02G 2-6 Blowhole Bound

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 2:10
Silver - 2:17
Bronze - 2:30

{If you ground pound the blowhole of the whale in this level, it will blow
water out and propel you upwards to items.{

After the first few crabs is a platform with two bananas and K up for grabs. 
Advance past the next crabs and pick up four bananas and a heart, then pound
the platform beneath some more crabs and blast yourself from the barrel into
the ship in the background. Finish the bonus game as usual for the first puzzle
piece (1/5) in this level. Once you return from the bonus, go down the slope
and past the tikis, walk up to the anchor in the Whale and pound it out. The
whale starts to move, as it does bounce off the squid for coins and items.
There are three banana bunches and six bananas on some platforms you must jump
from the whale for, as well as a heart on a platform leading back. Jump on the
next platforms for five bananas, then two above a crate, then five and the O.
Bounce on the crabs that jump up to collect some bananas in a grid that fly
past, and then jump over a series of electric squid. Once on land, you'll see
some birds which if you roll through all at once like bowling pins, will reward
you with items. Pass a checkpoint once you reach it.

While standing at the checkpoint, pound the ground so the tree behind you
shakes, after a while a puzzle piece (2/5) will fall out. Walk to the end of
this stretch and jump onto the whale once more, getting four bananas and a
bunch on the way down. Almost immediately a group of squid fly towards you,
jump off the regular squid to secure a puzzle piece (3/5). Soon there are four
bananas and a bunch, and then four more leading to a barrel you must jump to as
the whale dives. The barrels shoot you over some jellyfish to platforms coming
out of the water. Jump over for two bananas and a bunch, then for five more. Go
past a couple more crabs and back to the whale as it emerges. Pound the hole as
you pass under the N to get it and two bananas. Leap to the next barrel and
make your way along the next series of platforms. The first has two bananas and
a bunch, the third has two and a heart. The next barrel trails award 23 bananas
before depositing you on some more platforms. Pick up six bananas, two banana
bunches, and a puzzle piece (4/5) on your way across. When you're finally back
on the whale for good, a grid of items comes along, in front of you. Avoid the
crabs and pound the blowhole to pick up a puzzle piece (5/5) and the letter G
near the end of the bananas. Ride the whale to the finish now and jump up to
the end barrel.

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Blowhole Bound you unlock Squid Shot in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 2 Gallery.
6.02H 2-7 Tidal Terror

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - :53
Silver - 1:20
Bronze - 1:42

Tidal Terror is a gimmick level, a wave grows in the background and crashes
down onto the level every few seconds. If you're not behind cover you get swept
away along with enemies and items. For that reason, I'll only be mentioning
KONG and the puzzle pieces, as other items can be swept away before you get to
them. From the start pound the chest for a puzzle piece (1/5). Wait for a wave
to crash and run along the path until a wave is about to crash down, when it is
you need to find cover. Once you come to the K, quickly bounce off a crab to
grab it before retreating to cover, otherwise the crabs are swept away. Keep
going forward, I assume you know how to get behind cover so this level is
fairly straightforward. Some walls that are cracked will be destroyed after one
wave, others are solid and permanent. If you pound the red switches cover will
emerge over you for a short period of time. Jump over a hole and keep going,
take cover behind the second switch wall and then make your way to a tunnel.
Climb on the ceiling over the shark and pick up O, then emerge, jump over the
hole, and run to the ship hull. It looks rickety but it will keep you safe from
the waves, so pound the barrel and pick up the puzzle piece that emerges (2/5)
then pound the platform to enter a bonus game for puzzle piece (3/5) and when 
you come out, run past the crabs and hit the checkpoint.

After a wave crashes, run along the path until you reach a tunnel. Climb across
the roof avoiding the sharks until you're above a chest. Drop down to the chest
and pound it for a puzzle piece (4/5) then climb past the next three sharks.
Drop down and roll-jump for N. There's a DK barrel conveniently placed before
you have to leave cover. Jump over the holes and exposed platform to the next
sheltered alcove, pound the metal tub repeatedly until a puzzle piece (5/5)
comes out. The instant the next wave crashes, start rolling as fast as you can,
jump over the red crab near the switch, and keep rolling to get behind some
cracked cover before the wave crashes. Hitting the switch earlier on is very
difficult as the red crab is in the way, it's much better to keep a quick pace
and skip it altogether. Keep rolling after the wave crashes and once you're
safe behind the ship jump over the squid and jump to the left from the last
cannons for G. Head down to the big chest on the right now, pound it open, and
jump into the end barrel.

For getting all 5 puzzle pieces in Tidal Terror you unlock Undersea Adventures
in Extras-Image Gallery-Worlds Gallery.
6.02I 2-K Tumblin' Temple

{To unlock Tumblin' Temple, you must collect all the KONG letters in each level
of Beach.}

Puzzle Pieces - 5

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:13
Silver - 1:21
Bronze - 1:33

This temple level has a lot of lava in it, as well as new enemies. Jump onto
the first platform and hit the bone dinosaur, its head will fly off which can
also be jumped on and destroyed. Most of the platforms in this level will start
to sink after you step on them, so be quick with your platforming. Jump across
the next platforms and collect the banana bunches, jump on the new bat enemies
flying above you, then jump down and run along the platform for 15 bananas. On
the next platform, jump up the sections as it sinks and grab the puzzle piece
(1/5) at the top before advancing to the next section. Jump up as bats fly
towards you, and then jump to the next part. Use the trio of flying tikis to
bridge the gap and collect an extra life. Keep going and jump to the
horizontal platform, pound the urn for a puzzle piece (2/5) and pick up the 
four banana bunches before jumping across the nextset of tikis to the small
platform. As it sinks a large spiked block falls in front of you, wait for it
to drop and avoid the bats on a collision course with you, then jump on the
next platform that falls. The next platform has three banana bunches, but
more importantly there is a puzzle piece (3/5) floating above the lava.
Roll-jump for it and onto the next platform before it sinks too low. Get the
banana bunch and quickly grab onto the ceiling and climb across picking up
seven bananas, and another bunch on the other side. Use an oncoming bat to
bounce up on top of the platform you were just on, run back and pound the urn
for another puzzle piece (4/5) and escape to the right. After the flying tiki
the camera will stop moving momentarily as you jump from one small pillar to
the next, as you do, a new platform drops to your left, climb up the wall and
pound the urn behind the banana bunch for a puzzle piece (5/5). Pick up the
next banana bunch on your way up and jump to the new section on your right and
climb up it, avoid the bats and pick up two banana bunches, then keep going
right and jump to another set of climbable walls. Jump to the left when forced
and then back to the right, jump up the platforms for a final two banana
bunches, then to the roof to climb around before you're crushed. Jump off to
the right and climb up to safety as the platforms finally stop sinking. Jump
over and walk up to the second orb.
6.02J 2-B Pinchin' Pirates

Health - 4 (For each crab)

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:11
Silver - 1:18
Bronze - 1:29

Pinchin' Pirates is a relatively simple fight. Grab the provided DK barrel and
walk down the platform to a cutscene. You'll be fighting all three crabs, but
it goes Yellow-Blue-Red and then all three at once. Flip the single crabs over
by jumping on them when their pincers are down and then pounding, or by
pounding when their pincers are up in the air. Once you jump on each crab when
they're flipped over, they all attack at once in a tower. Wait for them to put
their pincers up to protect from your jumps and roll into them. Jump on each
crab when they're sprawled out across the floor and they retreat, starting the
cycle again. Just repeat the above a second time and you win. Then jump into
the tikis and when prompted shake the controller.

For defeating Pinchin' Pirates you unlock Poppin' Planks, Aquatic Ambiance
Returns, Tidal Terror, and Sloppy Sands in Extras-Music Gallery-Beach Music. If
you have obtained all puzzle pieces in Beach and defeat Pinchin' Pirate, you
will also unlock Beach in Extras-Diorama Gallery.
6.03 Ruins
6.03A  3-1 Wonky Waterway

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:13
Silver - 1:33
Bronze - 2:32

Roll-jump off the left end of the pier to find a puzzle piece (1/7) and a tiki.
Jump back and walk forwards into a.... bird with stilts? Jump on it and it will
lose its stilts and feathers, then hit it once more to finish it off. Keep
going past the tikis, and when you reach the DK platform, jump off it and
bounce off the flying tiki to your left to grab the K, then pound the platform
down to open the way. On the other side you'll encounter a blue flaming tiki
which shoots fireballs out either side of it, recall your encounter with a
flaming tiki earlier on, and blow it out before jumping on it. Bait the pillars
into dropping and then blow out the set of candles between them, when the vine
appears above you, jump and grab onto it to release eight bananas, two banana
bunches, a coin, and a puzzle piece (2/7). Continue on and grab the vine above
another flaming tiki to create a platform, then use it to get to the ceiling.
Climb around to the left and jump in the barrel for a bonus game, you know what
to do for your puzzle piece (3/7) and soon enough you're back where you were
just a little bit earlier, go back and get onto the ceiling again, but this
time climb around to the right. Pick up the O at the top before jumping off for
the checkpoint.

Past the DK barrel are some more pillars, after they drop break open the center
one for a puzzle piece (4/7). Up ahead, ignore the hanging vine and jump down
for a puzzle piece (5/7) then go back and pull it and deal with the birds
running at you. Jump in the barrel and get blasted away for 11 bananas, the
platforms you will be walking along now will be destroyed if you take too long
to cross them. Run to the next barrel and shoot yourself across when the wheel
is moving away from your landing spot, hop over it and pick up the N, then jump
in the third barrel. As you land on the next set of platforms, quickly make
your way back left, avoiding all the spinning wheels flying around, jump in the
barrel at the end and get ready to run back to the right. At the end of those
platforms is a barrel which will blast you to the foreground and a checkpoint
with DK barrel.

Pull on the rope to open the tunnel revealing four banana bunches and two coins
along with it, but run through quickly before it crushes you. Bounce off one of
the birds to land back on top of the tunnel for a banana cluster. Blowing the
candles behind the birds reveals a vine for some bananas and coins if you want.
Head forward and pound the urn for a puzzle piece (6/7), then once the pillars
are down pick up the G. Up ahead is a slope you can slide down for 18 bananas,
and then some more pillars that will fall in your way. Climb the next hill and
roll-jump past the end barrel to the vine above the tikis, grabbing it makes a
puzzle piece (7/7) appear, collect it and jump back and into the barrel.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in Wonky Waterway you unlock Scurvy Crew in
Extras-Image Gallery-Boss Gallery.
6.03B  3-2 Button Bash

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - 2:24
Silver - 2:35
Bronze - 2:49

Walk under the edge of the statue to your left and pound the planks, run out
before it collapses on you and go grab the puzzle piece (1/7). Now go right and
jump in the barrel, blast up and then into the next area. When you land, go
left and pound the plant for a puzzle piece (2/7) then walk past the bird and
pound the switch down three times to create barrels in front of you. Jump in
the first and guide yourself into the second and from there grab onto the
ceiling on your left, climb down and left for a puzzle piece (3/7) and then get
back in the barrels and launch yourself up to the next platform. Take a look at
the tiki walking around under the K, he's protected with armour and you can't
kill him, but you can bounce off his head to grab K. Jump in the barrel and
wait until it's pointed at the switch, once the wall is down blast over to the
right and it will rise up and push you into the next room. Jump on the
hummingbirds before they can attack you and jump in the barrel that spawns when
they're dead. As the barrels rotate the circle in the middle you must wait for
them to align with the lit up portions and shoot yourself across. Once you do
this a few times shoot yourself into the barrel and it blasts you down through
the floor. Walk over and jump to the next barrel, wait for the spinning wheel
to move before you launch yourself, then wait for the barrel to point towards
the switch. After the switch is hit, wait and shoot down from the barrel to the
new one, and when it floats up launch yourself to the next barrel. Keep going
until you're in the last barrel, but don't fire just yet. Wait for the barrel
to go down and shoot when you're pointing at the cracked wall for a bonus game
and puzzle piece (4/7). Upon exiting wait for the bird to come along and bounce
off it for the O. Walk up and pound the DK platform down and take the barrel to
the checkpoint in the background.

Jump onto the ceiling ahead and climb up to the left, pound the plant to make a
barrel and ride it to a bonus game with puzzle piece (5/7). This time climb the
ceiling around to the right and drop to the barrel, from the next barrel shoot
all four buttons to make them recede and expose the next piece of ceiling.
Climb across the ceiling to the platform and extinguish the tiki, after the
next section of ceiling drop off and go past the second flaming tiki and climb
down the wall for a puzzle piece (6/7). Head back up and continue climbing the
wall as you were meant to, hit the switch from the barrel, and keep climbing up
to the top. Slide down the ramp to the barrel and blast your way to the barrel
under the switch. Hitting the switch changes the pillars and barrels, letting
you shoot to the barrel on your right and then up for the N. Shoot back up to
the left and take the only path available across for a coin and the checkpoint.

Kill the four birds running around ahead and pound the switch that appears.
Jump up the platforms as they come out and go in to make your way to the top.
Jump off to the top left corner for a puzzle piece (7/7), then grab the G on
your way back across to the right. Jump in the barrel and you'll be shot up to
the top. Shoot into the statue and you'll be shot back out and one mouth will
close, your goal now is to shoot yourself into the other two statue faces as
they revolved. If you miss you'll be shot back with one of three barrels that
are destroyed each time you use them. Wait until the spaces between heads is in
front of your barrel and when you fire you'll fly right through the mouth. When
you're finished, the end barrel appears.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in Button Bash you unlock Stilts in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.03C 3-S Cranky Kong's Shop

Beating 3-2 unlocks Cranky Kong's Shop in Ruins. You know what to do, pick up a
key for 20 coins. This one opens the path between 3-1 and 3-4.
6.03D  3-3 Mast Blast

Puzzle Pieces - 7

Time Attack:

Gold - 1:37
Silver - 2:06
Bronze - 2:40

Go ahead and jump in the first barrel and make your way down the path. Pick up
the banana between tikis and be ready to jump up the hill in front of you, if
you try to walk up it you'll slide down, you need to jump repeatedly to get to
the barrel. After that barrel run left and blow the plant, then jump to the
puzzle piece (1/7). Head back right and slide down the slope for six bananas
and jump over the gap for K. Slide down the short section after the tiki for
four more and jump in the barrel before you fall, then keep sliding for six
bananas and jump in yet another barrel. This time you're deposited directly on
top of a sloped platform with four bananas, the last barrel blows you over to a

Wait for a crab to climb out of the sand on your right, and walk back to the
crates on the left, when the crab comes close enough bounce off of it to the
crates and pick up the banana cluster before pounding the crates open for a
puzzle piece (2/7). Go past the crabs this time and pound the crate open for a
puzzle piece (3/7), then roll-jump off the next hill over the spikes for two
bananas and a coin. Hop on the explosive crate and pick up the O before a
cannonball blows it up, then jump from the barrel to the other crates. A bit
further on are two explosive crates over a barrel, stand on them to attract
cannonballs and jump off so they can blow up safely, then jump in the barrel to
enter the ship. Once inside the ship roll into the red door twice to open it,
pick up three bananas and take out the four crabs coming towards you, advance
left to the next door and roll it down as well. Use the door as a platform to
pick up the banana bunch and climb upwards and onto the deck for three more
bananas. Jump over the cannonballs to the swaying platform and then onto the
top deck, go past the crabs and jump over the gap for a banana bunch, then to
the slightly higher portion of the deck after the mast breaks. Before the
checkpoint is a red section of the floor, pound the floor open and run left for
the N, then go back and hit the checkpoint.

That lone bananas seems to be an incentive to climb in that barrel, why not?
You're blown back to the next ship, obliterating the obviously oblivious
captain. More cannonballs start raining towards you from the next ship over,
hide under the cover for a moment and then roll into the wheel a few times. Go
over the crab, drop down, and wait on the explosive crates so you can get a
banana and a bonus game. Pick up puzzle piece (4/7) and return to the murderous
mayhem above deck. Now climb along the mast for six bananas and take the barrel
to the next platform. Stand on one end and quickly roll-jump to the other so
you can jump to the ceiling for two banana bunches and the G. Jump off the
right side and jump off the explosive crates to the high ledge on your right.
Go grab the puzzle piece (5/7) and back onto the platform. Jump off the left
side now to the top of the mast where you can bounce off a crab for three
bananas and two coins before rolling under the barrel and onto the narrow ledge
to the left. Jump across the part of the ship where you landed and run to the
tip for a puzzle piece (6/7), then go jump in the barrel you avoided and land
on the next platform with a three bananas and a bunch. Run off the right edge
of the platform and stand on the explosive crate so a cannonball blows it up to
reveal a puzzle piece (7/7) then head back and this time tilt the platform to
the left so you can jump onto the swaying platforms. Grab the rope with the
coin and jump into the barrel, picking up the lone banana on your way. Let the
barrels blow you to the other ship and the end barrel shows up right above you.

For getting all 7 puzzle pieces in Mast Blast you unlock Humzee in
Extras-Image Gallery-Critters 1 Gallery.
6.03E  3-4 Damp Dungeon

Puzzle Pieces - 9

Time Attack:

Gold - :56
Silver - 1:30
Bronze - 1:51

Run past the bird near the start and jump onto the first set of rotating
platforms, collect three bananas and a coin from them while avoiding the shark.
Don't throw that DK barrel on the next platform yet, pick it up and jump onto
the big platforms wheel and ride one around past the shark, be sure to avoid
the fireballs being shot out from the tiki in the middle. (Alternatively go
dispatch the tiki first and then return for the barrel.) When you reach the
top of the wheel, toss the barrel at the hanging sack to release a puzzle piece
(1/9) which falls to the path below. After you pick the piece up, go climb onto
the ceiling and pick up nine bananas, beneath you on the platforms are two
coins and the letter K, those platforms however will crumble beneath you should
you remain for more than a second. Jump over the sharks to pick up the items
and get to safety on the next ledge, pound the unusual part of the ledge three
times to reveal a puzzle piece (2/9). Run and jump off the bird if you can to
snag the extra life before it's gone. There are three banana bunches and a
heart on the next set of platforms, ride across to the bottom right and break
the urn for a puzzle piece (3/9), then ride them up to the top to the pillar.
After the pillar drops jump onto the next couple platforms with two bananas
each, and jump to the next pillar platform. Pound the pillar once it falls to
reveal a puzzle piece (4/9) and the banana bunch it fell on. There are four
more bananas on the next platform duo, as well as the O floating in the center.
Keep going past another pillar trying to crush you and drop down past the
platforms. Blow the plant down here for a puzzle piece (5/9), pick up the
barrel and jump onto the platforms for yet another set of four bananas (you'd
think they could maybe change up the item assortment once in a while, wouldn't
you?) Roll the barrel at the birds or off them on the next stretch for six
coins, then hit the checkpoint.

Drop down to the lower platform after the checkpoint and climb along the
ceiling into the wall to discover a bonus game. This game is my favourite type,
bouncing for 30 seconds for a bunch of items and a puzzle piece (6/9)? Yes
please! When you exit head right under the DK barrel for eight bananas, jump
down and kill the bird, and drop down under the barrel so you can blow the
windmill. The windmill raises a platform with a puzzle piece (7/9) in the back,
jump in the barrel now and it gets you six bananas on the way to the next
platform, roll-jump to the left for the puzzle piece, then pound the urn for a
barrel that takes you back to the right, the barrel trail misses one of four
bananas and two banana bunches for some reason though. Take out the birds on
this platform and pick up the barrel, wait for the wheel platforms to come your
way and jump on. There are three banana bunches on these platforms, and a coin
in the middle, the next wheel has a barrel should you screw up your upcoming
task, as well as a heart, another coin, and another banana bunch. Get on the
rightmost platform and ride it up so you can chuck the barrel at the hanging
sack for a puzzle piece (8/9). The next wheel platforms have three more banana
bunches like the first, but instead of a coin there's a fireball-shooting tiki.
Jump to the barrel and get two bananas and N on your way, then launch yourself
to pick up another seven bananas. Climb along the ceiling for five bananas and
wait for the bird to walk under you, pick up the G and drop down to pound the
platform beneath you for a bonus game. With the puzzle piece (9/9) reward in
hand, continue on and get the last five bananas from the ceiling. The final
huge wheel has two platforms, one has a heart and the other has a banana bunch.
Jump off a platform when the gigantic shark isn't in the way to land in the end

For getting all 9 puzzle pieces in Damp Dungeon you unlock Ruins in
Extras-Image Gallery-Worlds Gallery.
6.03F  3-5 Itty Bitty Biters

Puzzle Pieces - 

Time Attack:

Gold -
Silver -
Bronze -
6.03G  3-6 Temple Topple

Puzzle Pieces - 

Time Attack:

Gold -
Silver -
Bronze -

7. Extras #07

The extras section is comprised of the Image Gallery, Music Gallery, and
Diorama Gallery. Each Gallery has sub-galleries with individual rewards
unlocked for completing different objectives throughout the game.
7.01 Image Gallery

Critters 1 Gallery

1. Frogoon - Complete the puzzle in 1-2 King of Cling.

2. Awk - Complete the puzzle in 1-5 Canopy Cannons

3. Pinchly & Pal - Complete the puzzle in 2-2 Sloppy Sands.

4. Snaggles - Complete the puzzle in 2-3 Peaceful Pier.

5. Squiddicus - Complete the puzzle in 2-5 Stormy Shore.

6. Stilts - Complete the puzzle in 3-2 Button Bash.

7. Humzee - Complete the puzzle in 3-3 Mast Blast.

Critters 2 Gallery

1. Squid Shot - Complete the puzzle in 2-6 Blowhole Bound.

Tiki Gallery

1. Screaming Pillar - Complete the puzzle in 1-4 Sunset Shore.

Boss Gallery

1. Mugly - Complete the puzzle in 2-1 Poppin' Planks.

2. Scurvy Crew - Complete the puzzle in 3-1 Wonky Waterway.

Worlds Gallery

1. Jungle Waterfalls - Complete the puzzle in 1-3 Tree Top Bop.

2. Jungle Statues - Complete the puzzle in 1-6 Crazy Cart.

3. Ship Attack! - Complete the puzzle in 2-4 Cannon Cluster.

4. Undersea Adventures - Complete the puzzle in 2-7 Tidal Terror.

5. Ruins - Complete the puzzle in 3-4 Damp Dungeon.

Kong Gallery

1. Hut Exterior - Complete the puzzle in 1-1 Jungle Hijinxs.

7.02 Music Gallery

Jungle Music

1. Jungle Hijinxs - Defeat Mugly.

2. King of Cling - Defeat Mugly.

3. Palm Tree Groove - Defeat Mugly.

Beach Music

1. Poppin' Planks - Defeat Pinchin' Pirates.

2. Aquatic Ambiance Returns - Defeat Pinchin' Pirates.

3. Tidal Terror - Defeat Pinchin' Pirates.

4. Sloppy Sands - Defeat Pinchin' Pirates.
7.03 Diorama Gallery

1. Jungle - Obtain all puzzle pieces in Jungle and defeat Mugly.

2. Beach - Obtain all puzzle pieces in Beach and defeat Pinchin' Pirates.
8. Versions List #08

Version 0.1 November 21st, 2010: Started guide. Wrote out my estimated outline
for the guide. Finished up through Crazy Cart. Submitted WIP.

Version 0.2 November 22nd, 2010: Finished Jungle, finished Beach. Expect to do
one world a day, as I'm not a hardcore guide writer in any way.

Version 0.25 November 23rd, 2010: Breaking from any semblance of a plan I may
have had, I spent most of the day watching TV, movies, and getting my weekly
cardio in at the same time as shaking my controllers vigorously in rage at
missing time attack golds by single seconds. Did half of Ruins, cleaned guide
up a bit.
9. Credits #09

Myself for making this guide.

CJayC for creating this site, and SBAllen for running it.

Retro Studios for developing the game. 

Rare for developing the original trilogy.

David Wise, Eveline Fischer, and Robin Beanland for composing the DKC music
used in DKCR, as well as those responsible for remixing it.