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Follow the dark path or use the light

Crash Bandicoot M.O.M. Enemy/boss Guide

by lsa2013

Crash: Mind Over Mutant for Wii by LSA2013

Mutant Guide (Plus Boss info)

Remember, if you forget any controls that apply only to a mutant, hit Tutorials on the pause menu. 
(Selecting Tutorials as Crash brings up 13 tips for gameplay.)

Section 1- The average mutants. 
If the work "Hero" appears by the name, this means that: They have the key to the door in the 
desert (K-hero) or they have one of Uka Uka's Bones (B-Hero). The Heroes will only have a
location description. All heroes are stronger than a normal version of their species. 
1-1  Raticicle
1-2  Magmadon
1-2-1 Boss Magmadon (B-Hero)
1-3  TK
1-4  RhinoRoller
1-5  Spike 
1-5-1 Spike Boss (K-Hero)
1-6  Snipe 
1-6-1 Snipe Boss (B-Hero)
1-7  Sludge
1-8  Battler
1-9  Grimly 
1-9-1 Grimly Boss (B-Hero)
1-10 Stench

Section 2- The BIG guns.
2-1  Scorpzilla
2-2  Yuktopus

Section 3- the Bosses (and a guide to beat each of them).
3-1  Coco
3-2  Crunch
3-3  Neo Cortex

Section 4- Tips for high hit combos and maxing out mojo.

Section 5- Version History
Section 6- Contact and Credits
Remember, press UP on the + control pad to swap the mutant if you have one stored or to just 
store the one you're using. 
Press DOWN on the + control pad to jack the mutant.
"Away from the Screen" would be the same as moving the control stick UP.

Section 1-1: Raticicle
You will first see this blue creature in Wumpa Island, but mainly in the Raticicle Kingdom. 
But when you meet it for the first time in Wumpa Island (almost right after the final tutorial),
it will freeze water, jump across and start to fight you.  Remember the counter tutorial, as it is 
the most deadly attack aside from having a boxing glove, which gives 4x attack!
Jack the mutant, and you can now freeze steaming patches of water, as well as freeze 
enemies, and in 2 worlds surf on the lighter colored water. This allows Raticicle-only access to 
several great things including a Crash Doll in the R. Kingdom and some gold mojo!

Section 1-2: Magmadon
This guy will set you on fire! In the Raticicle Kingdom, after entering the door where you're told to 
travel to the Ice Prison, get all the way down to the bottom of all of the land shown in the little 
cutscene, then when you see 3 very tall pillars sticking out of the water, jump down to the land 
below them. Save the game before going over to the left after landing. When you go to the left,
you'll fight 5 Raticicles, then 2 Magmadons will pop out of the ice and fight you. Beat them both
and you can go on.

This mutant can use a Hellfire Stomp, similar to the Raticicle's "Freeze Punks!" attack but it 
does more damage. Also, you can do a spinning attack by holding C and either pressing B, 
then still hold C, or another option is hold C and then shake the nunchuk. Hold Z to stop, and 
release to go in the arrow's direction.

Section 1-2-1: Boss Magmadon! (Beat for an Uka Uka Bone)
To get to him, take the Mt. Grimly teleporter to the Frozen Coast. Climb the walls only Crash 
can climb, then once you have climbed the "backward S" shape wall, kill the Slap-E's 
(the robotic hands), press both buttons, and go through the opening. Get a Grimly if you don't
 have one, and keep it in your mutant storage. This is the climbing part, but be extremely 
careful, as the wind will be blowing and it does restart you at the last solid piece of land you 
touched. After getting through the climbing part, use the save mask, and go through the 1st 
opening on the left. Use the Grimily's slow time ability to jump on the ice slabs, and use the little 
smile face thing to get the purple wumpa fruit. After making it through that, you can get a new 
mutant, because you don't need a Grimly until you get back to Mt. Grimly. Go through the door 
that's past the evil girls. Get up the ledges, and defeat this guy! Only Magmadons can safely 
walk through the water here, and I haven't checked to see if a Raticicle can freeze this water.

Section 1-3: TK (The bird/chicken thing)
This guy is first found in the Ice Prison. Go to the place where the 1st Magmadons were.
After defeating/jacking the Mags, use the ice slabs to travel. Raticicles can surf on the
lighter colored water. Get to the save mask after this puzzle. Navigate to a place where
you see gates. Open both (find the keys for them), climb the wall, then kill the shooting things
by spinning back their shots. Hit the buttons, and then climb those ice walls. When you get near
a save mask, get close to the little creatures, and when it says mission complete about Nina's
School, go toward the opening. You will be in a room with this guy in an "ice hand". Freeze the
water coming out of the things on the side and hit the 2 buttons, and then get up to the purple
hand thing. Use a mutant to destroy it, then TK will fall out. This guy can move or throw most any
enemy or small object, and also pull Purple blocks out of the wall. Jump and press B to fire a shot 
of energy. Press Z to do a Heavy attack. Holding A while jumping also lets him hover for
about 2 seconds.

Section 1-4: RhinoRoller
After returning from the Ice Prison, get back to Wumpa Island and go back to N-Gin's hideout. Get
up to the pillar things, and "yank" the blue block to make the pillar fall over.  Get to the arena thing,
and fight until a huge creature (Scorpzilla) comes down. Jack this monster and use the Heavy
attack to bust through floors. (The Scorpzilla is described in Section 2-1.)  Get past the 2 floors,
and then walk into the desert. Get all the way to where you can go away from the screen instead
of to the left. Go over the 4 rock platforms, and then you'll see a Scorpzilla and Rhinoroller fighting.
The Scorpzilla is killed, but you must jack the Rhinoroller. Destroy the other R.R.'s and then make
sure the big rock structure is destroyed. The path you got there with is missing. The rhinoroller can
open doors that activate with a "Roll-lock," and also roll up steep places.

Section 1-5: Spike
After the first spotting of a Rhinoroller, go into the cave, and make your way to the top level of the
place where you first met the Rhinoroller.  Go right, and then go to the path away from the screen.
Enter the opening and you will find a small cave, go on to find a very large open area.
(Look to the left just after this cave, there is a balancing puzzle nearby.) Find the 3 keys to open
the door. Go inside, and talk to the bears. Eventually "Defeat Spikes!" appears. You can also find
2 pieces of gold mojo in this room as well as a Wasteland doll. Travel the path, and exit the room.
Defeat all 5 spikes.

Section 1-5-1: Boss Spike! (Defeat for the key to the door in the desert.)
Return to the place where you met the first Raticicle. Get it, then freeze the water in front of you. 
Now go left and freeze that water. Navigate to the arena, and kill all of the enemies to get the key.
You will immediately go to the place where the door in the desert is.

Section 1-6: Snipe
After getting a Rhinoroller, go all the way back to the roll locks in the Raticicle Kingdom. Get
through to Nina's School (you can't enter the school building ever again after talking to Nina
and leaving), then when you go back to the place where those roll locks were, you get told
that Wumpa Island's been invaded! Go back home and get to killing the enemies, but jack
a Snipe. (To get rid of them from Wumpa Island, beat the boss Spike mentioned in 1-5-1).
Snipes can shoot arrows and their special ability is non-stop fire for a short time! These guys
can run pretty quick too. If you've ever seen small red targets, TK and the Snipes are the only 2
that can destroy those targets. They usually lead to a Crash doll...

1-6-1: Snipe Hero! (Get an Uka Uka bone)
Remember that cave where those 3 bears were in the desert? (See section 1-4 and 1-5 if you don't) 
Go towards the right and you should see 2 cave openings. Take the top one and stay on the upper
path. Push the button in the next room and then in the room after that beat this guy.

1-7: Sludge
Go through the door in the desert and continue (mostly) left to enter the Junkyard. Eventually you'll
see a few pools of acid (green stuff). Only Sludges can go through acid safely. Crash, Coco, and
other mutants will lose health somewhat slowly. Jack this guy to be able to slip under some
surfaces, travel through acid safely, and have a guy who throws up for his special attack. Classy.

1-8: Battler
Oh brother. Bats. Big mutated bats. They appear in the first cave of Mt. Grimly. There's a save
mask all the way to the left so use it. Defeat them all, but I personally wouldn't recommend them
as a reliable mutant. Attacking is weird and... well if you really want to know how it is, try it for

1-9: Grimly
Yes. Flipping yes. The Grimly is the best mutant for getting your mojo multiplier up quickly
(see section 4 for tips on getting mojo quickly).  They will show up shortly after those first
Battlers. Keep hitting B for lots of punches, hold Z long enough to get souped-up punches, and
the special ability is slowing down time! Several places require you to use this ability to continue
through part of a level safely.

1-9-1: Grimly Boss! (Get an Uka Uka bone)
Go to Crash's house and take the path that is closer to that other house. Get through and now
look in the background near where a Grimly appears and you'll see that there's a dark colored
tree. Jump on the platforms and make your way through the Grimlys, then defeat this
super-Grimly to get one of Uka Uka's bones. Take the left path out of the room.

1-10: Stench
Oh goody. A mutated skunk. He can shoot his gun but he has to reload constantly and his
special ability is to spray the same stuff as a skunk. When you get back to where you first met
a Grimly, these guys ambush you along with some Slap-E's.
2-1: Scorpzilla
A freakish blend of a gorilla and a scorpion. Mainly hit B to swing those arms and obliterate
enemies. Z will do a Tail Attack, and B,B,Z will do a tail whip . After the one found in the
area just before the desert, I think they show up in the things where you talk to someone
and have to beat the enemies in a time limit, but only there. And you can walk right over the
small enemies.

2-2: Yuktopus
A bagpipe playing-octopus. Just when you thought you'd seen everything. You meet this guy in
Mt. Grimly and after that he shows up outside of Nina's School and at the Mt. Grimly battle thing
after you save Uka Uka. Use Z to stop mutants (including a partner's mutant) in their tracks.    
B swings the tentacle.  If you use the Z-button attack and then hit a mutant, you kill it instantly.
3-1: Coco
Basketball has never been so fun. Spin regular basketballs back at her, then spin the firey basketball
back and she will teleport to the pool of water. You need a Raticicle to freeze the water. This is
the only place where you can hurt her and only while she's frozen. Once you've beaten her, Crunch
gets away, but you now have 2 player Co-op mode with Coco. Before saving Coco, the second
player appears as "Carbon Crash." (You can change to this skin in 2 player mode after saving Coco).

3-2: Crunch
A TK is required for this part of the battle. Throw TNT boxes at the missle launchers when they're 
launching. Destroy all 5. Crunch then hides behind barriers. When he jumps out, grab him and throw 
him against the sides. When he's out of health, N.Brio will run around where Crunch was. Jack 
Crunch and shoot rockets at N.Brio. I think when you hit him once you're done. Don't forget to pick 
up the Junkyard doll in this room. Now if you go to the Doominator, you can now do one of the timed 
battle things.

3-3: Neo Cortex
Finally. After getting done with the first 2 rooms of the space head, hit the button that opens 
access to Cortex's room. Teleport there and get a Grimly. When the battle starts, slow down 
time and beat Cortex. When his health runs out, he'll go into his little attack frenzy. Ignore other 
mutants for now and focus on attacking Cortex. You will eventually have to jack him. Jumping
will cause a shock wave to damage almost all enemies on the floor. Just keep attacking 
(it gets annoying with how many enemies show up). Once you've defeated all the enemies, 
keep Cortex in your control, get on the spiral thing and use his special attack until you see a 
button pop out of the floor. Jump on this button and you win the game! I usually had about 
60%-65% of the game completed by this point.
This is an extremely helpful tip for getting maximum mojo, but it can only be used after rescuing 
Uka Uka (you don't have to collect his bones to use the teleporters mentioned.)

Get a mutant you want to max out on mojo and keep it in storage and get a Grimly from Mt. Grimly.
Now go to Wumpa Island (from the Mt. Grimly teleporter) and kill the 3 Slap-E's (robotic hands) 
but kill them with the time slowed down. This allows for many more hits to be made while they're 
down. Get the multiplier up to 20x. I highly recommend collecting the x2 powerup at Wumpa 
Island each visit to max the mojo collected. When the multiplier is maxed, use the Wasteland 
teleporter and destroy all the plants but DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WASTELAND 
AFTER DESTROYING ALL THE PLANTS!! Keep switching between Mt. Grimly and the Wasteland 
teleporters until you've maxed your mutant. Keep repeating until everyone including Crash is maxed. 
If you collect all the dolls and max all the mutants and Crash, you'll be much closer to a 100% 
completed game! Crash and Coco share the mojo collected, but will not share mojo multiplier. 
However if if a X2 pickup is collected it works on both characters. Collecting a X2 pickup while 
another one is in effect only resets the timer on the pickup. It will not "stack" (continually buld up).

2x multiplier- 3 hits
3x- 6 hits
4x- 9 hits
5x- 12 hits
6x- 16 hits
7x- 20 hits
8x- 24 hits
9x- 28 hits
10x - 32 hits
15x - 67 hits
20x- 117 hits
22x-40x multiplier: Must use a X2 pickup with an 11x-20x multiplier.
SECTION 5 History
0.35- sometime around Dec. 2009/Jan. 2010
I started this guide but never finished it. Wii stopped reading discs in June 2010 and had to wait until 
December to get a new one. Luckily I transferred all my save data to the new Wii so I didn't have to 
start over.

1.00- Jan. 29, 2011
I finally finished this guide and added section 4 today. The funny thing is the last time I played my 
main save file on my own Wii was Jan. 18, 2010. The reason for fresh data is because I started 
another new game. I just beat the Spike boss a few minutes ago.

1.01- Jan. 30, 2011
Added list of hits needed for some multipliers and changed some wrong stuff. Added partial 
multiplier/hits list today, may or may not add the full list.

1.02 - April 24, 2011
Read the guide online and saw that a few lines stuck way out width-wise, so I fixed that.
SECTION 6 Contact and credits
If you want to contact me to suggest something for or about this guide, e-mail me at
put Crash Mind Over Mutant guide or Crash M.O.M. 
if you want me to do anything. Replace the at and dot with the appropriate characters.

Only sites I allow can host this guide. Currently the only sites are
If you want to host this on your site e-mail me.

Me: Making of this guide.
Development team on the game: Making the game, duh.