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Follow the dark path or use the light
Agatha Christie: Evil Under The Sun Pack Shot

Agatha Christie: Evil Under The Sun



by jimfish

				     An FAQ for 
                                 "Evil Under The Sun"
                                 for the Nintendo wii

	Written by:

					     Uploaded by:

Note: Since this guide is not written by me, and I am instead simply hosting 
it at the request of another person, any questions you have about the guide 
or an individual part of the game should be directed towards its author.

            He can be contacted at flarefan [at] hotmail [dot] com. 
        Your email's header should ideally contain "Evil Under the Sun".

            If you have any questions for me, I can be reached at:
			        [email protected]
          Be sure to put "GameFAQs" in the email's header so I spot it.

So without further ado (or endless rambling from yours truely), I present his

1.a. Table of Contents

1.a. Table of Contents
1.b. Introduction
1.c. General Hints

2.a. Act One
2.b. Act Two
2.c. Act Three
2.d. Act Four
2.e. Act Five
2.f. Act Six
2.g. Act Seven
2.h. Act Eight

3.   Non-guide questions

1.b. Introduction

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first guide written for Agatha
Christie: Evil Under the Sun for the Wii.  While there already exists a guide
for the PC version, I feel that this guide is necessary for two reasons:

1.There are several differences between the Wii and PC versions.  While they
seem to be more minor than the differences between the Wii and PC versions of
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, nonetheless, a guide to the PC
version of Evil Under the Sun is not a perfect substitute to a guide for the
Wii version.

2.The guide to the PC version is a step-by-step walkthrough, whereas I prefer
something that helps the player out of tough spots while still giving room to
somewhat figure things out for yourself, instead of simply telling you what to
do.  Also, if a player happens to do things in any order other than the one
used by whoever wrote the step-by-step walkthrough, it can be tough to find the
place that explains what you need to do next.

I hope that this guide succeeds in helping you through whatever trouble spots
you run into.

1.c. General Hints

Here is some general advice that applies to all sections of the game.  If
you're stuck and none of the answers in the main section of the guide help you
out, try these:

1. Search every area you can reach and talk to everyone there.  Characters move
   around and sometimes turn up in unexpected places, and you must talk to them
   if you are to progress the story.

2. Check the list of Poirot's instructions.  Sometimes it will tell you what to
   do next when there is nothing in the game's story or conversations that
   suggests what you're supposed to be doing.

3. Look closely at every item you add to your inventory.  You can get a closer
   look by either double-clicking or pressing the "+" button on the item - but
   that's not all.  Remember to check the magnifying glass icon that appears
   when you take a closer look.  Clicking on this may extract necessary
   information from the item, or even yield a hidden item.

4. Run the cursor carefully over everything that looks like it could possibly
   be of interest.  The easiest way to get stuck in a point-and-click adventure
   game is by simply overlooking something.

5. Try the Finger of Suspicion.

2.a. Act One

Q: Poirot just told me a bunch of random stories, but I can't start the murder
   mystery. What do I do?

A: You need to collect four items from Poirot's room. If you want to know what
   you're looking for, just talk to Poirot. When you've gathered all four
   items, talk to Poirot again, and he'll instruct you to click on the portrait
   in the task bar.

Q: Yeah, well, I've searched his whole room, and I can't find that stupid

A: It's on his desk. The notebook is very slim from Hasting's POV and looks
   almost nothing like a notebook, so it's tough to spot... but keep running
   the cursor over the surface of Poirot's desk until you see the "Take" icon.

Q: What's in Poirot's files?

A: Nothing yet. Apparently in the PC version you can take out four files right
   away, but in the Wii version they aren't unlocked until Poirot mentions the
   file on the Parsons school.

Q: Okay, so I'm controlling Poirot. Now what?

A: Do what any good gamer would do when starting an adventure game: walk
   around, take every item that isn't nailed down, and talk to everyone you
   see.  And don't forget to click on the stopwatch whenever Poriot suggests
   timing the distance to Cutter's Cove.

Q: I'm not sure I've talked to everyone I should have...

A: If you cover the hotel and the island, you'll easily find everyone you need
   to talk to, but of greatest importance is to visit the tennis court and the
   abandoned monstary.

Q: Should I follow North?

A: Of course. Don't expect to get very far, though.

Q: I've visited both the tennis court and the monstary. Now what?

A: Maybe Arlena decided to go for a cool swim after that exhausting tennis

Q: How am I supposed to build that blind for Linda?

A: Given that building the blind is a requisite task for getting past the first
   act of the game, it is remarkably difficult to figure out how to do it.  You
   need two posts, two rocks, and a length of cord(just take them out of your
   inventory and click them on the brush Linda gathered).

Q: Um... So where do I find all that stuff?

A: To narrow your search, they're all at the shoreline.

Q: Keep narrowing...

A: The rocks should be easy finds.  The others are cruelly inconspicuous and
   out of the way.  The posts are at Cutter's Cove, by the ladder Poirot won't
   climb.  Make sure to get them both.  The cord is inexplicably lying in the
   sand at the bathing beach.

2.b. Act Two

Q: So I made it to Act Two.  What the heck do I do now?

A: Ignore Poirot's imperative to head out to town and meet the folks; this is
   the perfect opportunity to do some snooping.  Now that Gladys is elsewhere,
   you can scrounge through her cleaning supplies and pick up some sweet items.
   And Ms.Castle surely can't stay in her office forever, so see if you can
   sneak off with some of her stuff too.  Seeing as all the staff seem to be
   off duty, check the bar - perhaps even the barman left something unattended.
   Then wander around the outdoor balconies and see which rooms are unlocked.
   Finally, George the beach attendant is yet another employee not watching his
   stuff.  Grab some more goodies!

Q: Okay, but what's my objective for this act of the game?

A: Talk to the Gardeners.  They have a couple tasks for you.  Also, check in
   with Mrs. Castle up in the tower, and she'll have her own little chore for
   you in return for the use of her binoculars.  And be sure to check up on
   Linda to see how that blind is working out for her.

Q: Uh... I'm in the tower now, and Mrs. Castle is definitely not there.

A: The tower, like Poirot's apartment when you're controlling Hastings, is
   navigated by rotating the character's viewpoint to the left and right.  In
   other words, move the cursor to the left or right edge of the screen and
   click.  Look all around the tower and you'll find her.

Q: What do I do with the binoculars?

A: First, look out of the tower from every possible viewpoint.  Later, you may
   want to keep an eye out for a good view from the shoreline.

Q: How do I get into Mrs. Castle's safe?

A: Search her desk VERY carefully.  Some items can be examined at more than one
   point - very devious puzzle design here.  Whatever you do, don't give up;
   the key to the safe is on Mrs. Castle's desk, and you need absolutely
   nothing outside of that desk to get it.

Q: I think these coins I started with might make a good gift for Oakley, but
   Carrie won't open her door so that I can show them to her!  How long does it
   take that ditzy dame to get dressed for dinner, anyway?

A: First of all, let me assure you that those coins you have are too common to
   interest Oakley.  To find something rare enough to catch his interest, you
   need to look in a more unusual location... perhaps that cave near the
   monastary?  Oh, and Carrie will open the door for you when and only when you
   have the right gift.  A dumb way to run an adventure game, and it doesn't
   make sense story-wise either, but that's the way it is.

Q: How do I get into the cave near the monastary?

A: You just need a decent lever.  Try anything long and sturdy; so long as you
   checked all the places I suggested in the first question of this section,
   sooner or later you'll hit on the right object.

Q: How do I get Poirot to go into the deeper tunnels?

A: For now, you can't.  A gift for Oakley is right in this room, though.

Q: How can I catch that poor birdie for Linda?

A: Let's just say that you need to find Carrie's gift for Oakley before you can
   do that...

Q: Is there a way to get the life ring buoy that's visible from the bathing

A: Despite the lack of any urging from either Poirot or Hastings to retrieve
   it, you indeed can and must get that buoy.  But you'll need to ask someone
   who can swim to get it for you.

Q: Hey, Patrick says he can swim, but he needs his goggles fixed.  How am I
   supposed to do that?

A: The strap is broken, so you'll need a new strap to replace it.  (Hint: It
   doesn't have to be a goggles strap.)  Then you'll need something sharp to
   cut some nice rivets in the goggles.

Q: Where can I find a gift for Carrie?

A: Shop for one in town.

Q: Well, how do I get to town?

A: First you have to complete every possible event up to this point.  Then pick
   up the phone to call the sea tractor and someone will actually answer.  If
   no one is answering the phone, just keep wandering around the island and
   hotel and complete as many tasks as you can.

Q: I'm in town.  Now what?

A: The game is pretty self-explanatory for the next half hour or so.  Just
   enter all the buildings and talk to all the people.  There are a couple
   items you can take from the chemist's shop, and a brochure by the door.
   Nothing tricky.  

Q: Aaaah!  I don't have enough money to get Oakley a present for Carrie!

A: So go to the telegraph office and wire off a request to your bank.

Q: But I need that book today!

A: Sorry, nothing more you can do.  Just head on back to the island; it'll take
   more than a couple seconds for the bank to send that money to you.

Q: But what about that book on cleaning birds?  I need that to help Linda!

A: I know this makes me sound a bit like a broken record, but if you clicked on
   that sketchbook(thus automatically spending all of your current funds on
   it), there's nothing more you can do about it for now.  Both the knitting
   book and the bird book will have to wait.

Q: Well, that's just great.  Now what?

A: Come on, don't be a sourpuss.  At least you got the key to the Smuggler's
   End Pub, right?

Q: There's nothing interesting or useful in the pub.

A: True, pretty much, but you need to go there before the bank's funds can
   reach the post office.  And you may be able to get something from that keg
   if you have the right drinking vessel.

Q: So after searching the Smuggler's End Pub I can head back to town, get my
   money, and purchase those books?

A: In a word: yes.

Q: Time to wash a dirty bird, right?  How do I do it?

A: Read that book you got - it tells you everything you need.  Click on Linda
   to start the process.  The game walks you through it.

Q: Mineral oil?  Where do I get that?

A: Sounds like you didn't do a thorough enough job with your snooping at the
   beginning of this act...

Q: Look, just tell me where it is, okay?

A: Stephen Lane's bathroom.

Q: Fresh towels to dry the bird off?  Where do I get those?

A: You're in a bathroom.  Duh.  And didn't Gladys say she cleaned the towels
   for you at the beginning of this act?

Q: Wait... Shouldn't I also be talking to Linda about Will and Gladys?

A: Yes.  I have no idea why Poirot lets her run off without discussing this,
   unless of course the programmers were trying to artificially extend the
   length of the game.  Nor is Linda at the beach, returning the bird to its
   proper place, as you would expect her to be.  To settle the issue, you
   must go back to town and find Linda in the shop with the post office.  Now
   isn't that random?

Q: What the heck?  Every task on Poirot's list is crossed off, but Act Two
   still won't end!  What act must I yet accomplish?

A: There are a couple conversations you can listen in on.  One is taking
   place on the patio - you've probably already stumbled across that one.
   For the other, roam the balcony and check all the doors there.

2.c. Act Three

Q: Now I've got a stolen photo to find, on top of a stolen typewriter.  What
   am I supposed to do?

A: The hotel is the only building nearby, so pretty much the only place a
   thief could hide stolen goods is in his hotel room.  Check all the doors,
   and snoop about the rooms you can enter.

Q: Hey, Poirot hears voices coming from this room!  But the cursor won't
   change to the eavesdropping icon!

A: Didn't your friend give you a special tool for eavesdropping back in town?

Q: Jackpot!  I found a typewriter!  But how do I know if it's the one used to
   write those threatening notes?

A: Why not try using the typewriter for what it was made for?  (Poirot will
   compare the sample typed sheet to the threatening notes to see if it
   matches.)  Start by putting a blank sheet into the typewriter.

Q: Where do I get blank typewriter paper?

A: Tsk!  If you were doing your snooping properly, you would have found it
   well before now.  Think.  You know two guests who brought typewriters with
   them.  Wouldn't they have also brought typewriter paper?  And where would
   they keep that paper but in their rooms?

Q: Where the heck is that stolen photo of Arlena?

A: Think of all the places a pervert would hide a photo of a sexy woman.
   It's in the most obvious of those places.

Q: I've been caught snooping!  What do I do?

A: Stay calm.  Stealing a photo may be just a misdemeanor, but Kenneth
   Marshall isn't likely to see it that way, and the culprit knows it.

Q: Okay, now where to find Tom Cutter's ghost?

A: The same place he always appears.  Don't worry; this part of the game is

Q: Again, every task on Poirot's list is crossed off, but Act Three won't
   end.  What do I do?

A: Wander around the island and see where everyone has got to.  Despite the
   late hour, there's no place too odd for someone to be wandering about in.
   Check everywhere.

2.d. Act Four

Q: How do I start?

A: Step out of your room and check the doors of all the other guests.  This
   should be pretty routine by now.

Q: Poirot's task list says we still need to find the typewriter used for
   those threatening notes.  Where do I search?

A: By now you've eliminated both known typewriters on the island.  So perhaps
   it's not on the island at all.  Head to town.

Q: Wait a second, there's that North chap again!  What do I do?

A: Get Christine to do a sketch of him, of course.  You'll find her in the
   hotel foyer.  Since she can't produce a sketch instantaneously, go do your
   business in town after you've made your request to her.  (You might want to
   drop by the Smuggler's End and look at the upstairs dartboard before
   leaving the island, though.  If you have a shovel handy, this can save you
   time later.)

Q: I've tried every place in town that I can think of, and still no luck.  Do
   I need to do something else before I can find that typewriter?

A: So long as you're in Act Four, you should be able to find it.  Remember
   the building in town that was locked before?  You can go in there now.
   Someone's waiting there to have a long, illuminating chat with you.

Q: What do I say about the alibi for the Parsons case?

A: If you've been listening carefully to all the facts, you should realize
   immediately what is so suspicious about his alibi.  If you haven't, just
   go with your instincts.

Q: Will wants me to fix this car.  I'm not sure where to start.

A: First, read carefully over that article in the magazine you picked up at
   the beginning of the game.  Be forewarned that, unlike the bird-cleaning
   episode, the game will not walk you through this one.

Q: According to the magazine, I need some tools... Where do I get those?

A: Go ahead and take Will's.  He doesn't expect you to do the job without
   tools, silly.

Q: I'm trying to unscrew that nut, but Poirot just keeps twisting it back and
   forth!  Help!

A: Actually, the developers got lazy and rendered only two images each of the
   spanner and the screwdriver.  So contrary to how it looks, Poirot can only
   twist the nuts in one direction.  Keep at it and the nuts will eventually
   come off.

Q: Anything else to do in town?

A: You have an appointment with Major Barry at the pub, remember?

Q: What do I need to lure the dog into the shop?

A: What is the tried-and-true lure for any animal?  Food.  And what place
   provides food?

Q: That's not helping.

A: Fine.  Search the tables in the Monk's Hood Pub.

Q: What am I supposed to do with the lure?

A: Enter the store, and Poirot will automatically use it.

Q: Heh, look at that dog run.  So... what was the point of all that?

A: Nothing.  But it was pretty amusing, wasn't it?

Q: Well, I still need to solve the mystery of the missing mail...

A: This one really is ridiculous.  Carefully run the cursor over and around
   the post office shelves, and eventually you'll stumble on a spot you can
   click on.  When you do so, Adelaide inexplicably allows Poirot to climb
   over the post office counter, shove past her, and move the shelving around,
   all without so much as a word of warning!  There's your missing mail.  Don't
   ask me how the developers expected you to know to search there.

Q: She's letting me use her chemistry equipment.  What do I do with it?

A: Take whatever you want tested and click it on the rack of test tubes.
   Poirot will automatically pick up the test tube, which you should then
   click on the equipment.  And didn't you pick up something a while back that
   Poirot said you should have tested?

Q: I've done everything on Poirot's list, turned a sketch of North in to
   Weston, and yes, I've even talked to everyone multiple times.  Why isn't
   Act Four over yet!?

A: This is easily the biggest goof the developers made in this game.  There is
   absolutely no hint of what you're supposed to be doing at this point,
   neither in Poirot's list nor in any of the dialogue!  On top of that, there
   is scarcely any hint of how to do it.  Here's what you're supposed to do:
   work on finding Tom Cutter's treasure.  Right.  Don't ask me why the heck
   you need to do that now - or at all, for that matter.  Why couldn't they
   make this an optional puzzle, like the ones in And Then There Were None?

   Anyway, here's how you do it: Go to the Smuggler's End Pub and click on the
   upstairs dartboard.  Hastings will immediately make a deduction that he
   never could make before.  On your way to the island summit, you must pick
   up a shovel that was never there before.  After you reach the tennis court,
   pick up the green tennis ball that is indistinguishable from the grass it's
   sitting in.  Then head to town and ask the pub owner where the real summit
   is.  Then back to the island, go to the new summit, and pick up some darts.
   Now go to the downstairs dartboard and insert the darts into the groove on
   the upper quadrant of the dartboard.  (Having fun doing completely random
   things yet?)  Next, enter the tunnel and click the spatula on the upper half
   of the wall to your left.  ...Just kidding!  Observe the footprints and pick
   up the coat lying on the ground.

Q: What do I need to go further into the tunnels?

A: You can't yet, despite Poirot's task list commanding you to find the
   treasure.  Just head back upstairs.

Q: What the- All that and Act Four STILL isn't over, and I still have no
   idea what I'm supposed to do!

A: Have you done your daily watching for U-boats yet?

2.e. Act Five

Q: I need to get to the murder scene, but Poirot still won't climb that ladder!

A: Didn't Patrick or someone mention that you can reach Cutter's Cove through
   the bathing beach?  Try heading down there.

Q: I'm at the scene of the crime.  How do I proceed with my investigation?

A: The first two things you must do when investigating a murder are always
   (1)carefully examine the body and the area around it, and (2)thoroughly
   question the person(s) who found the body.

Q: Poirot says ribbon on the victim's hat "is certainly significant."  What
   exactly is so significant about it?

A: I don't know yet.  But if it's significant, maybe you should take a piece of
   it to hold onto for later investigation.

Q: I'm stuck!  How do I leave Cutter's Cove?

A: You can't leave Cutter's Cove until your investigation is finished.  When it
   is finished, talk to Emily Brewster, and she'll offer to row you back.

Q: Emily isn't offering to row, so I guess my investigation of the crime scene
   isn't finished yet.  What else do I need to do?

A: When you talked to Patrick, he gave you a hint on where you can find
   something important.  If you've already done that, be sure to check the
   entrance of Cutter's Cave VERY thoroughly.

Q: A glop of mud... What do I do about that?

A: Scrape it off, of course.  Don't you have something in your inventory that's
   good for scraping up messes from hard surfaces?

General Advice on the rest of Act Five:
This part of the game can be rather difficult, as the progression
of the crimminal investigation is very non-linear, and certain
conversations unlock without much apparent reason.  Just keep
talking to everyone.  If you think you're stuck, go through the
entire island and town and talk to everyone again.

Q: I'm supposed to test substances relating to the crime... How do I do that?

A: At the chemist's shop, just like you did before with Stephen Lane's tablets.

Q: I've tested everything from the crime scene that's at all test-able, and
   according to Poirot's task list, I'm still not done!

A: Not all the evidence is at the scene of the crime.  Search around the island
   and hotel in between questioning suspects.  You may find a few incriminating
   items among the suspects'(and even the victim's!) belongings.  Be sure to
   talk to Ms.Castle first, as she'll give you a key granting you (finally)
   unrestricted access to every room in the hotel!  Check every room
   thoroughly; if you haven't visited a room before, you'll find at least two
   things of interest in it, and likely more than that.

Q: How do I get a sample of that oil smear off of Horace Blatt's suitcase so I
   can test it?

A: Use the spatula again.  I know, I know - how the heck do you remove a stain
   from a suitcase using a *spatula* - but it works.

Q: I'm still not done testing substances, apparently, and I'm out of ideas.

A: By now you should be able to talk to George.  He can get the final item that
   you need tested.

Q: George says he needs something to... get him motivated, or something?  Where
   do I find that?

A: Haven't you already talked to someone who offered you something to ease the
   nerves?  If that doesn't ring any bells, think: Where might George go for a
   little pick-me-up?

Q: The barman says he needs dark rum and grenadine to make George's favorite
   drink.  Where do I get those?

A: There are two pubs in the game that you can check for dark rum; you should
   have found a glass to pour it into a while back.  A source of grenadine is
   sitting on the shelves at the chemist's.

Q: I have the dark rum and cough syrup, but Henry refuses to use cough syrup!

A: Just pour it into an old grenadine bottle and Henry won't be able to tell
   the difference.  You should have had such a bottle sitting in your inventory
   for a long time now.

Q: Where do I get the combination for Linda Marshall's box?

A: You can't find it until Act Six.

Q: I guess I'm supposed to compare hair samples now?  Where do I get those?

A: One is in Linda Marshall's room - again, search thoroughly.  The other
   sample is one known to belong to the victim.  To get it, look closely at an
   item in your inventory that you know belonged to the deceased.

Q: I've sent Gladys off to test if one of the ladies can open that jar for
   Poirot.  What now?

A: If you've already accomplished all your other tasks, just wander around the
   island and hotel for a bit.  Gladys will return to her same old spot once
   she's done what you asked, but I'm not sure exactly how to trigger this.  If
   you check back at Gladys's post and she's still not there, just go back to
   wandering around for a bit.  Eventually she'll return.

Q: Yikes!  Poirot is quizzing me on my conclusions on the mystery so far, and I
   haven't got a clue about any of it!

A: I don't think it's possible to really go wrong at any part of this
   interview.  In particular, don't worry about naming the mysteries you're
   supposed to solve, or identifying the most likely suspects, as you must go
   through every possible choice for those questions(even if you've already
   determined that several of the suspects listed did not have the strength to
   do the deed).

2.f. Act Six

Q: I'm not sure where to go next...

A: Check Poirot's list; it pretty much guides you through this act.  Don't
   neglect to talk to anyone who's in the area where you're completing a task.

Q: How do I solve Linda's puzzle box?  I'm not seeing any of those funky
   symbols in any of the stuff from Mrs.Parsons school.

A: You have four index cards, one from each of the voodoo girls.  And didn't
   someone mention that the girls are into astrology?  What info on those
   cards reminds you of astrology?

Q: Oh, I get it now.  Those symbols on Linda's puzzle box are astrological
   symbols, right?  Well, guess what: I don't know which days of the year
   correspond to which astronomical symbols by heart!!!

A: It is a bit odd that the game apparently assumes you're well-versed in
   astrology; reminds me of a 1995 game called D.  At least it's not as odd as
   the PC version, which actually had the names of the girl's astrological
   signs written on the cards, bizarrely enough.  But why they didn't include a
   book on astrology in the game for those of us who don't check their
   horrorscope everyday is beyond me.

   ...Anyway, there are lots of good astrology sites online.  Go find one.  You
   can even find the info you need on Wikipedia.

Q: I've read the above answers, but I still can't get the box to open.

A: Try putting the symbols in the opposite order of the one you just tried; if
   you're like me, you assumed that the innermost ring corresponds to the
   first card.  If that doesn't work, here's an extra hint: the innermost ring
   is on the correct spot before you do anything to the puzzle box.

Q: A key!  Uh... where's it go?

A: By now you should have stumbled on a keyhole and have been wondering for
   some time where the key to it is.  Think back.

Q: I don't remember seeing any such keyhole.

A: Try some deduction.  Linda's into voodoo, right?  Where besides Linda's room
   have you seen signs of voodoo rituals?  Search that area thoroughly.

Q: All the tasks on Poirot's list are crossed off.  What now?

A: Will must have given you the winch handle by now.  You have someplace you
   need to use that, remember?  Also, be sure to search the area where you must
   use it; there's something important there that wasn't there before.

Q: I've done all that, and Act Six still isn't over.

A: Snoop around all the rooms again.  You may find one or two things that
   weren't there before.  Also, be sure to do your daily u-boat watching.

2.g. Act Seven

Q: What am I supposed to do here?

A: Poirot gave you detailed instructions at the close of Act Six.  If you can't
   remember what he told you to do, load a save from Act Six and listen again.

Q: Uh oh.  Horace Blatt's not in his room or at the pub!  Where the devil is he
   so that I can give him back his busted compass?

A: He's sitting at the piano in the hotel bar.

Q: Colonol Weston's not at his post!  How am I supposed to spring the trap?

A: You need to have a talk with Will Jenks first.

Q: Poirot says to choose a code "that will be the joke on our adversary".  What
   on Earth does he mean by that?

A: Don't worry.  All you need to do is keep guessing signals until you hit upon
   the right one.  I don't know why the developers decided not to provide any
   clues as to what Poirot's plan might be, thus not even allowing you the
   opportunity of even an educated guess, but there's no penalty for answering
   this one wrong.

Q: Everything on my list's checked off, but the plot won't proceed.

A: Did you check in on Linda Marshall yet?  The poor girl could use a friendly
   visitor.  She might have some useful answers for you as well.  Once you've
   done everything else, go talk to Colonel Weston.

2.h. Act Eight

Q: Poirot wants to know if I want to solve the mystery on my own.  What do I

A: If you're in doubt about the answer, just ask for a few moments more, and
   you'll have the opportunity to save your game before deciding.  When you're
   ready to decide, just click on Poirot.  Basically, if you choose to solve
   the mystery on your own, you'll be asked to fill in the blanks at several
   points in Poirot's disclosure of the mystery's solution.  In most cases,
   you'll only have two possibilities to choose from.  Very little deduction is
   required, since the answers are all either obvious or rely primarily on your
   memory of the facts of the case rather than being able to make anything out
   of them.  So if you think you remember all the clues pretty well, definitely
   try solving it on your own. Even if you don't, I recommend giving it a shot.

Q: The murderer's getting away!  What do I do?

A: Remember the "joke" someone paid Will Jenks to play.  That someone couldn't
   have been Ms.Castle, since she had already fled.  And the smugglers wouldn't
   have needed Will to give them a ride, would they have?  That means our
   murderer is the one.  So perhaps he's now own his way to give Jenks the

Q: Back to playing as Hastings.  How do I finish the game?

A: You need to enter the right code for the telephone to control the Finger of
   Suspicion.  If you search Poirot's room, you should find a letter from the
   man who gave it to Poirot.  Read the letter and look for any words in it
   that stand out to you.  Try them all, and you should hit upon the code word.

Q: What about the boat varnish?  And the tennis ball?  And the bottle of bath
   salts?  And the broken pipe?  And...

A: Useless items, probably thrown in just to make it a bit trickier to know
   which item to use... which is a bit odd, though, considering that for an
   adventure game, very little of Evil Under the Sun's gameplay is a matter of
   knowing what item to use.  And no, the items do not have any use in the PC

3. Non-Guide Questions

Q: I already have the PC version of the game.  Should I get the Wii version

A: Unless you're an absolute fanatic for the game, probably not.  The Wii
   version does add in a number of puzzles where you must use some movement
   with the Wiimote to accomplish a task, much like the Wii version of And Then
   There Were None; however, unlike the Wii version of And Then There Were
   None, the game actually tells you exactly what movement to use, making the
   whole set of motion-sensing puzzles essentially pointless(though personally,
   I still find it a trip when, for example, I scrub the air with the Wiimote,
   and the brush in the game correspondingly scrubs a bird).

   Additionally, the Wii version did tweak the arrangement of a couple puzzles
   so that they make a bit more sense, but if you've already finished the PC
   version, that won't matter much for you.

   In short, getting the Wii version _instead of_ the PC version isn't a bad
   idea, but I advise against getting both.

Q: I see there are other Agatha Christie games for the Wii.  Are they anything
   like Evil Under the Sun?

A: I can't vouch for any others, but And Then There Were None is a LOT like
   Evil Under the Sun.  The two were made by the same developer, use identical
   gameplay mechanics, employ the same graphical techniques, and have voice
   actors of the same high quality.  The feel of the puzzles and game
   progression is somewhat different, but overall, I'd say it's a safe bet that
   if you liked Evil Under the Sun, you'll like And Then There Were None.