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Helpful cheats for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Helpful cheats


These are just some secrets I found out while playing the game...

1.when on a custom stage and you build stairs with meta-knight do his over B move and point it through the stairs !(but you have to be underneath it and point up diaganal)! You can do this with some other people but I only know him.

2. The assest trophy metroid and staryu can be killed

3.suicide!! Get kirby. Swollow someone......jump off! King dedede can do it too

4. Be king dedede throw a waddle dee and a waddle doo out but don't let them die get the smash ball and use it the two stay super powerful and still attack for a little bit.

5. Just like on melee if you are peach and you pluck the sick veggie (you'll know if it is or not) and throw it at someone they will receive massive damage.

6. Peach & king dedede will sometimes throw out items.

7. If your peach (I know another one)and you pluck a beamsword and turn big it will be bigger too

8.sheik,diddy kong,lucario,and some other people can stay attached to the wall

9. If your capt. Olimar and pluck pikmen and wait a while the pikmen will have flowers and get stronger.

10. If you have a gooie bomb stuck on you at the last minute do a dodge.

11. If you have only food and smash balls on,be kirby and use the smash ball and even if there isn't any food on the field when you cook the enemy alot of food will pop out.

12. Assist trophys and Pokemon will break smash balls for you.

13. On the ice place and your opponent is sonic you are safe from his final smash attack (well when it's sliding down the side of the big mountian)he will not be able to catch up with the sliding arena...but if it's jigglepuff your dead.

14. You can destroy the terran on greens hills

15. I call it "dream land stargun" just swollow someone and shoot the star at someone.

16. On the pikmin stage the bulborb that comes to the stage don't hop on it's nose...chomp chomp chomp

17. If your wondering what to do with the flower things that grow on the pikmin stage chop them and throw them at the colored onion (the longer you wait the more items you get.

18. If your sonic and use your trampoline on the ground it will stay there for a little while and other people can jump on it.

19. If wario eats all three of the parts that samus leaves once used the final smash it will automaticaly give him a super fart.

20. I'm going to list the rest on this one to make it even.

R.O.B. Cam aim his lazer down and up and it will keep bouncing around. His top if you let it spin all the way if an enemy touches it he will get hurt.

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