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Follow the dark path or use the light
Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Pack Shot

Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Cheats for Wii

We have 7 cheats on Wii
We also have cheats for this game on:   PSP

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City CheatsAdded 2 Oct 2009, ID #3176
There are only a couple of cheats or glitches that can be accessed on City.

1. The rubble in the main area
Near the main centre of the level turn with the two story house on your right, go left and up a small uphill path. If you stand directly centre, to your right will be an alleyway. To your left will be large rubble where you are not allowed to go. Head to the rubble where the wire fence is and face the doorway with the rubble on your left. Crouch down several feet away from the steps of the door then stand up, run to the steps and move left once you get to the top step. If you can do this, you will notice yourself moving on top of the invisible boundary set up by the level creators. The objective is to hop over the boundary. Keep doing this until you can hop over the blocks and fence to the other side.

2. The other secret area behind the main house.
The main house is located pretty much in the centre of the level. It has two floors to it so it's the easiest house to identify. Go to the second floor of the house and run all the way to the path until it starts to slope down. Aim in with your pistol and tilt your nunchuck to the right as you move to the right against the rail. The objective is to get on the rail. If you start where the rail starts to slope down, you should be able to hop on the rail and go all the way to a secret area behind the house. From here you can see any enemies and anyone inside of the house.

Port Cheats or GlitchesAdded 2 Oct 2009, ID #3175
There are several cheat or glitches areas you can access in Port. They go as follows:

1. The Sub-Dock inside:
Inside where the docked submarine is, there will be a stairway which goes up but but leads to a dead end over the submarine. Go to the railway where the stairs go up on your right hand side and move left and up as if you are leaning against the rail. You should notice yourself walking above the ground. Once you come to a stack of boxes to your left you can either drop into those and hide from sight, or you can keep going. A warning though is that once in the boxes you cannot get out unless someone defeats you or you kill yourself. If you continue on, you can walk above the rail which leads out to the submarine. From there you can walk on the outside of the submarine or fall into the water.

2. The Guardhouse:
This glitch is a bit more tricky in as it requires some patience to do it. Go to the backside of the guardhouse (the big circular tower) and you should notice a stariway going down and into the guardhouse. Instead of going down, head right beside the guardhouse above the stairway. Zoom in with your pistol and tilt the nunchuck to the left (extremely to the left) and get right beside the guardhouse. You should notice, if you do it correctly, that you are walking above the door. You can continue all the way around the guardhouse but if you fall behind the guardhouse, you will have to use a grenade to start over.

3. The Guardhouse 2:
This glitch is extremely hard to do and I myself have only been able to do it once or twice. Head to the stariway leading down behind the guardhouse. On the third or fourth step, stop and face the medium high wall in front of you. Make an angled path to the left of your stair to the wall and then Sprint to the wall. The objective is to hop the small walkway and jump onto the wall. If you perform this correctly, you will be able to walk along the guardhouse inside of it, allowing you to see inside. Very difficult but it can be done.
Pistol CancelAdded 2 Oct 2009, ID #3174
This little tip is extremely useful for when you need to get a couple more bullets into the enemy. Once finished with the round of bullets in your pistol, when he is almost done reloading, tap the Z button to melee and your ammo will automatically go back to 7. Timing the cancel is tricky so it will take some time to get used to when it should be tapped.
monestary door glitch walkthroughAdded 10 Oct 2008, ID #2052
This is the glitch in the monestary in online multiplayer.Now what you do is 1st.throw the grenade on the bottom of you in front then push foward then when you jump push back to land youre supposed to land on the top highest part if you don't crouch and stand at bottom of the door peak and run up untill you make it on when you're on go to the right and hold a+c+z and push youre nunchuck control stick to the right and twist youre entire nunchuck controller to the right too and youre supposed to be facing at the red peak of the roff while you're pushing just keep on doing it until you make it ok thats how you do it my persona is AK Reaperx and l1nkking11 and AD Danny7x if you + me just send me messages saying thanks three times and ill know it's you and to comunicate with me better join the ak clan ( and say you were recruited by me in the chatbox so thnk you guys for reading
multiplayerAdded 25 Apr 2008, ID #1436
In multiplayer mode, use/try these:
Map:monastery team:any weapon:M1 bazooka type:DM or TDM

Map:village team:axis weapon:gwehr rifle type:TDM

Map:port team:allies weapon:springfield/thompson type:TDM for springfield, DM for thompson

Map:base team:axis weapon:M1 bazooka/gwehr rifle type:TDM
Special AwardsAdded 19 Dec 2007, ID #958
To unlock the following awards you have to earn them by completing a certain task during the game. Some of these awards will be easier to earn than others.

Endurance Award:
Complete a Mission without being critically injured once.

Unlock Green Survivor Award:
Complete a Mission on Green without dying once.

Unlock Veteran Survivor Award:
Complete a Mission on Veteran without dying once.

Unlock Hero Survivor Award:
Complete a Mission on Hero without dying once.

Unlock Heroism Award:
Complete Campaign mode on the Hero difficulty setting.

Unlock Participant Award:
Complete Campaign mode on the Green difficulty setting.

Unlock Veteran Award:
Complete Campaign mode on the Veteran difficulty setting.

Unlock Marksmanship Award:
Complete a Mission with 75% accuracy.

Unlock Grenade Combat Award:
Kill 25 enemy soldiers with grenades.

Unlock Rocket Combat Award:
Kill 25 enemy soldiers with the Bazooka or Panzerschrek rocket launcher.

Unlock Machine Gun Combat Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the MG42 machine gun.

Unlock Shotgun Combat Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the Shotgun.

Unlock Sniper Combat Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the scoped Gewehr rifle or the scoped Springfield rifle.

Unlock Pistol Combat Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the Colt .45 or Luger pistol.

Unlock Rifle Combat Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers with the M1 Garand or Karabiner 98K rifles.

Unlock Combat Basic Award:
Kill 100 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.

Unlock Sharpshooter Award:
Get 100 headshots on the battlefield.

Unlock LMG Combat Award:
Kill 150 enemy soldiers with the BAR or STG44 light machine guns.

Unlock SMG Combat Award:
Kill 250 enemy soldiers with the Thompson or MP40 sub machine guns.

Unlock Combat Senior Award:
Kill 50 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.

Unlock Combat Master Award:
Kill 500 enemy soldiers on the battlefield.
Map AwardsAdded 19 Dec 2007, ID #957
The following awards are earned when you complete the indicated task.

Unlock Sink U-Boats Award:
In the port area destroy 3 U-boats.

Unlock Base Demolition Award:
Permanently end the Furher's pet project.

Unlock Monastery Assault Award:
Penetrate the defenses and get secret intel.

Unlock Destroy the Guns Award:
Destroy 5 anti-air gun batteries to protect Allied bombers.

Unlock Destroy Train Award:
Advance through the battlefields to the train Station and destroy the train before it leaves.

Unlock Through the Sewers Award:
Take out the Germans that have holed up undergound while staying safe from Allied bombardment.

Unlock Beach Attack Award:
Land on the beach with the 5th Rangers and advance through the German defenses.

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