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Follow the dark path or use the light

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden Cheats for Vita

We have 9 cheats on Vita

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Fight MargaretAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #406
Margaret is a hidden bonus boss on New Game +, to unlock this battle you must max out her social link, defeat ALL other optional bosses, be on the True Ending route on 3/20, obtain the Orb of Sight and visit the Velvet Room twice. Once Margaret has given you the Aqua Invitation, you will be able to find her on the 10th floor of the Heaven dungeon.

Unlock Ultimate WeaponsAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #405
Open 20 chests to have a chance of The Reaper spawning. When you hear rattling chains you need to find a chest in which you would normally find a shadow and try opening it. If The Reaper is inside, Rise will warn you and ask again if you want to open the chest. If you open the chest and defeat The Reaper it will drop Ultimate weapons for whichever characters are in your party.
Unlock Ultimate PersonasAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #404
It is possible to evolve ALL the characters personas to a third, ultimate form with unique skills. This is accomplished by maxing out their respective links and then speaking to them for another Social Link meeting at any point after 1/10. Yu's evolved persona is first unlocked by reaching the True Ending, but must be fused in New Game+ to be fully playable.

Max out Chie's Social Link, and meet her after 1/10.

Max out Teddie's Social Link, and meet him after 1/10.

Max out Rise's Social Link, and meet her after 1/10.

Max out Yukiko's Social Link, and meet her after 1/10.

Takehaya Susano-o:
Max out Yosuke's Social Link, and meet him after 1/10.

Takeji Zaiten:
Max out Kanji's Social Link, and meet him after 1/10.

Yamato Sumeragi:
Max out Naoto's Social Link, and meet her after 1/10.

Reach the True Ending.
Unlock Secret WeaponsAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #403
Almost every character has a secret weapon that can only be obtained by returning to a completed dungeon and defeating an optional boss which can usually be found by searching the dungeon.

Algernon (Naoto):
Beat the Extreme Vessel in the Secret Laboratory.

Bear Claw (Teddie):
Beat the Momentary Child in the Marukyu Striptease.

Chakra Ring:
Beat the Lost Okina in Heaven.

Gaia Sword (Yu):
Beat the Escapist Soldier in Void Quest.

Iron Plate (Kanji):
Beat the Intolerant Officer in The Steamy Bathhouse.

Skill Spanner (Yosuke):
Search through the Konishi Liquor area after Yukiko joins the party.

Suzaku Feather (Yukiko):
Beat the Contrarian King in Yukiko's Castle.
Unlock Hollow Forest Bonus DungeonAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #402
To unlock this bonus dungeon you must max out Marie's Social Link before December ends. Once you have done this ask Margaret to inform you of Marie's whereabouts throughout January and tell her you are not afraid of danger. The Hollow Forest bonus dungeon will then automatically unlock during a story event on 2/12 and you will have until 2/13 to beat it.
Unlock New Game +Added 9 Aug 2018, ID #401
When you have beaten the game once New Game + will become unlocked. This feature allows you to carry over Yu's personality stats, money, key items, the Persona Compendium, and any other items you may have gained during your previous run through the game.
Max Social Link PersonasAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #400
When you max out Social Links you will be given the ability to fuse unique and powerful Personas for Arcana.

Asura (Sun Arcana):
Max out Ayane's/Yumi's Social Link.

Attis (Hanged Man Arcana):
Max out Naoki's Social Link.

Beelzebub (Devil Arcana):
Max out Sayoko's Social Link.

Futsunushi (Chariot Arcana):
Max out Chie's Social Link.

Helel (Star Arcana):
Max out Teddie's Social Link.

Ishtar (Lovers Arcana):
Max out Rise's Social Link.

Isis (Empress Arcana):
Max out Margaret's Social Link.

Kaguya (Aeon Arcana):
Max out Marie's Social Link.

Kohryu (Hierophant Arcana):
Max out Dojima's Social Link.

Loki (Fool Arcana):
Max out the Investigation Team's Social Link.

Lucifer (Judgement Arcana):
Max out the Seeker of Truth Social Link.

Mada (Magician Arcana:
Max out Yosuke's Social Link.

Magatsu-Izanagi (Jester Arcana):
Max out Adachi's Social Link.

Mahakala (Death Arcana):
Max out Hisano's Social Link.

Norn (Fortune Arcana):
Max out Naoto's Social Link.

Odin (Emperor Arcana):
Max out Kanji's Social Link.

Ongyo-Ki (Hermit Arcana):
Max out the Fox's Social Link.

Sandalphon (Moon Arcana):
Max out Ai's Social Link.

Scathach (Priestess Arcana):
Max ou Yukiko's Social Link.

Shiva (Tower Arcana):
Max out Shu's Social Link.

Sraosha (Justice Arcana):
Max out Nanako's Social Link.

Vishnu (Temperance Arcana):
Max out Eri's Social Link.

Zaou Gongen (Strength Arcana):
Max out Kou's/Daisuke's Social Link.
Margaret's RewardsAdded 9 Aug 2018, ID #399
You will be rewarded with the following discounts and items when you fill out the Persona Compendium and finish Social Links.

Velvet Ticket (10% Off Persona Compendium):
Complete 25% of the Persona Compendium.

Velvet Card (15% Off Persona Compendium):
Complete 50% of the Persona Compendium.

Velvet Pass (20% Off Persona Compendium):
Complete 75% of the Persona Compendium.

Velvet VIP (25% Off Persona Compendium):
Complete 100% of the Persona Compendium.

Metal Bat:
Complete 50% of active Social Links.

Mandara Robe:
Complete 100% of ALL Social Links.
Secret Midnight ChannelAdded 7 Dec 2012, ID #58
If you set the system time to between midnight and 1:00 a.m. And then go to the television listings and select the blinking channel with the flashing lights you will be able to play a mini-game with Teddie.

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