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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW Pack Shot

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW

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Full Review for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW by LPD

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WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW, Truly the best WWE, or Wrestling game you will find, and I promice you all that! This is the Sixth installment of the ever popular WWE SmackDown! Series that started all the way back in 1999 on PlayStation 1, but this game seems to have a sence of excitment around that can only be matched by actually going to see WWE live.



In every WWE game the graphics seem to evolve into better things and this SmackDown! Does not dissapoint, the graphics are so good that you feel like you are actually watching the match at home, the graphics are also so good that you can just make out Triple H's 5 o'clock shadow. Everything about this game, from the wrestlers to the belts all have amazing graphics. Also the crowd is more advance, If you look at them you can see all crowd members jumping up and down as their favorate wrelter comes down to the ring, as with the past games people in the back just moved side to side.



This is the only SmackDown! Game to have voice overs but unfortunatly they are a little limited, alot of the time you get into the same fued with someone and that is only because they have a voice over, there are some wrestlers that you only have like one fight with (like Ric Flair or D-Von Dudley) and it is also a let down to see that the wrestler you use dosn't have a voice over. I can understand that with CAW's but if you use Triple H then maybe he should be able to speak, still Voice Over in season adds more brightness if you ask me.
Another great thing bout this game is that, for the first time in a WWE game it has actuall music written and performed by real bands, and not those THQ remixes, 3 of the songs in the game are also written just for the game.
Another thing I love about every SmackDown! Game are the Entrances, and whats best about this game is that all of the Superstars have their actual Music Entrances, expect Flair who uses and old version of his Tune.



So many moves to put on your superstar, it is just amazing, but what I love the most about this game is the Clean/Dirty Meater. This adds a whole new realm of WWE games, act like a good guy or a bad and get rewards for it. If you use the clean meter that means your a good guy and you have to jump off the turnbuckle, taunt, use your signiture moves and things that actual good guys do. The reward you get for acting like a Good Guy is a short time where you are invincible! You reverse every move no matter what, all of you attributes are as high as they can go and you finishers do double the damage!!!
But if you chose the Dirty meter that means your a Baddie and you have to do all the things that Baddies do like knocking out the ref, using wepons, and all the stuff that the Bad Guys do.
Another new meter to the game is the Ring Out meter, that can only be used in The Royal Rumble match and I love this meter because it makes the Royal Rumble match seem more realistic and you have to work harder at eliminating your oppontants
Another thing that is great in this game is the all new Start Of Match Mini Games, and this is where you play things like "Stare Down Battle" where you have to press X first, but becareful not to press it when X isn't on the screen, because your opponant will hit you first, not matter what.



This game won't ever get old, well not untill the next SmackDown! Game.
It has season mode again where you can challenge for the Secondary or Main Championship, and during season mode you will earn money to buy stuff like, new moves, new costumes and new Wrestlers!
Then there is the all new Challenge Mode, this is where you have to do certain things in a match, like defeat someone after reciving a finisher, or dive off a Hell In A Cell, and again you get rewarded for this, you get money as well as new costumes, moves and arenas. There is also the Create A Wretsler mode that NEVER fails to dissapoint along with the Creat A Moveset mode.
Then, making a return from SmackDown! 2 is Create a PPV, this is where you can re do past PPV's or make up your own one with RAW taking on SmackDown! In any arean that you like!!
Then when you have done everything you wanted, and you still have a some money left over, blow it all on a belt that you made! Thats right for the first time ever try out the new Create A Belt mode, this is where you can make you Dream belt and call it whatever you want! Then defend it in a PPV that you made!!!



Definatly the best WWE game so far, and I know that things can olny get better!
Some people say that this game is worse then Here Comes The Pain, to that I say "Did you buy the right game?" This game is MILES better then Here Comes The Pain, sure maybe Here Comes The Pain had a long season, but no way did it have better storylines!
The only thing I have to complain about this game is the lenght of season, bcause it was too short. Besides that, best WWE game out today

Final Score: 94%

Review by: LPD


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