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Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom

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Full Review for Monster Hunter Freedom by ieatwyverns

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Monster hunter freedom is a hard hitting, kick-ass game. I thought I would write this review to tell you how great the game is. It is a hack 'n' slash game, that requires you to kill/capture certain monsters. The basic gist of the game, is that you start off as a novice hunter, in a small village called kokoto. The basic idea is that you have to grow in hunter rank HR and become a better hunter. This is determined by the no. Of quests you have completed, the no. Of monsters/wyverns you have killed, and (obviously) your HR. The futher you get into the game the stronger, more neumerous and difficult the monsters, that you are required to face, get.



Overall, I think that the graphics are pretty decent. It is not the best game, in term of graphic, I have come across for the psp though. I can say that there is attention to detail though. This is in both monsters, people and scenery. In fact the scenery, in some places, is pretty spectacular. The graphics are also realistic too. This gives an impression of being immersed into a world of your own, that you can easily imagine.



The sound, again, is realistic and pretty decent. Attention to detail is evident here too. It seems that there are many layers of sounds, no matter where you are. Though it is actually all on one sound track when you listen to it. You enter an area, and every sound will act on cue, exactly the same every time. This doesn't mean to say that the sound is poor, buti would prefer it to be more random, not just the same every time.



The gameplay, I have to say is extremely rewarding. If it your kind of game, then you will get hooked immeadiatly. There are many different things you can do, although it is actually based around one thing. There is not a main storyline, where you follow the story of a character through his life ect... It is more free than that. You can choose any quest that you have unlocked, and you wish to do, for whatever reason. The way you proceed is to complete certain quests to unlock new and harder quests. With this will bring new monsters and new item that you can obtain from them when you kill them. When you obtain items, whether they are monster part of plants or seeds you have gathered, you can create new weapons and armour sets from them. This is partly one of the reasons this game has rewarding gameplay. There must be literally thousands if items on the game, each new item bring the prospect of being able to make a new weapon or armour set. The other reason that this game is rewarding, is that you unlock new quests and new monster to fight as you go along. It can be, sometimes, difficult to complete a quests that you really need to do to proceed on the game, but it is the best feeling in the world when you do. There are four different types of quests. These are:
Gathering quests: quests where you are required to go and obtain and item that you can get from the field, not a monster
Hunting quests: simply go out and kill a specific monster. Sometimes you will be required to kill more than one of these
Capturing quests: these require you to weaken a specific monster/wyvern o near death. You have to put it in a pitfall trap and them put it to sleep to complete the quest. special quests: these quests can have any special conditions that you have to obay to complete the quest. An example is that you have to remove all your armour and kill a cetain wyvern to complete it.
There are many different wyverns that you can take on. Different sizes different shapes, different specialities(such as fire element) and different habitats.
There are five main areas that you go to fight monsters in. These are: forest and hills, swamp, jungle, desert and volcano. Diffeent areas will house different types of wyverns/monsters, depending on their specialities. Some will be found in more than one area, but never in all.



The game is never really "finished" as such. You do not have to complete every quest to "go as far as you can go". But if finishing off every single quest isn't enough you always have the prospects of discovering new weapons and armour,being sble to try them out and seeing what they look like. There are many hundreds of weapons and sets of armour to create, so you will not have mad every single one on them by the time you have "completed" the game. You can create three different file, each one you can go around completing quests in different ways. This can be done is several ways. Firstly you can choose to be either male or female. Each gender have completely different looking armour, so one set on the male character may look completely different on the female character. Secondly There are different types of weapons, there are many different types, styles, looks, attributes and uses for these weapons. There are seven different types of weapons you can have. These are: light bowguns, heavy bowguns, sword and sheild, duel swords, great swords, lances/spears and hammers. Each different type of weapon has different move sets, and so requires different tactics and item to pevail over your foe.



Overall I think that this game is a fantasically addictive game. It is deeply rewarding, has good graphics and sound, brilliant game gameplay, and lastability that is hard to find in good games. I would recommend this game to most, if not all, game enthusiasts. It will have you playing on it for hours on end, and is a brilliant game to come back to now and again. There is always something to do on it, and is always suprising.

Final Score: 88%

Review by: ieatwyverns


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