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Dungeon of the Endless Cheats for Switch

Cheats and Tips for Dungeon of the Endless


We have 1 cheats and tips on Switch. If you have any cheats or tips for Dungeon of the Endless please send them in here.

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Tips to Complete the First Dungeon

If you are struggling to complete the first dungeon on the Easy difficulty in Dungeon of the Endless the following tips will help you win.
Party Setup
Ideally your starting party should consist of:
- 2 Operators (Max and Deena from starting heroes)
- 1 Fighter (Gork from starting heroes)
- 1 Runner (Sara from starting heroes)
From the starting heroes, Max is 1st choice, it is important that you do not have Gork and Sara on the same team on the later levels as they will try killing each other. Who survives though is random.
Don't Level your Characters Evenly
It is a mistake to try and balance your party evenly when you start out in Dungeons of the Endless. The reason why you should not do this is that some characters become substantially more useful when they reach level 3-4 and get the Operate skill. The Operate skill enables you to work on a major module, such as science, food, or industry and add half of your wit to the amount generated per turn. In order to get the bonus you need 1 turn of setup where you will not be able to move, but the more turns you operate a module, the better.
- The following heroes get Operate at level 3:
Josh 'Ntello, Rakya Pulmoni, and Opbot DV8.
- The following heroes get Operate at level 4:
Nurse Deena Ratchet, Kreyang, Warden Mormish, Max O'Kane, Elise Ness, Hikensha, and Golgy Phurtiver.
Get Operate Skill Early
Get the Operate skill as early as possible for one of your characters by fully clearing the first few floors in Dungeons of the Endless. Once you have the Operate skill you should focus on reaching the exit as quickly as possible as you will not have enough light to safely explore all the floors.
Never have Three Consecutive Rooms Unlit
Make sure you never have three consecutive rooms unlit as doings will mean you will have nothing to stall, weaken, or damage monsters in those rooms and any defenses you may have set up in them will be quickly overwhelmed. As you do not have enough light to light every room you will need to break up the unlit rooms as much as possible. When you reach the later levels and you have a limited amount of light this will not be possible. You can however do the following:
- Place your active characters, those that are defenders for example in an unlit room. Doing this will stop three room's worth of monsters from gathering together and overwhelming you. Don't try to fight all the monsters in this room, just do damage and retreat to your choke point.
- Cut power to non-critical rooms or rooms that have a defendable point.
Placing Generators
Do not place generators 3 spaces away from your crystal. What you need to do if you are unable to find a module placement within 1-2 spaces in one direction is return to the crytal and go in another direction.
Always Use your Skills
Make sure you use your skills whenever they are not on cooldown. Don't be afraid to spam your skills as there are two ways in which you can reset them.
The first is a button in the character window which says 'Restore', this will reset your skills so you can use them again and will require science. You will find being able to reset a skill a game-changer in later levels when they are room affecting skills such as Skroig's Red Plume.
The second way is not so obvious, if you have rooms left over when you reach the exit or take the crystal each time monsters spawn and a room opens it will count as a turn. You will not get any additional resources (aside from light) but your skills will cool down for each room opened. This enables you to use the the skill before you take the crystal and then immediately reset it.
Offensive Modules
In general you should not waste your time researching or deploying offensive modules. The only ex..

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