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Rise of Kingdoms Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Richard
Rise of Kingdoms Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile MMO real-time strategy game inspired by history where you fight with 14 Civilizations and 100 millions of player worldwide. Take a look at our cheats and tips to get help in the game. Rise of Kingdoms is available on Android and iOS.

Rise of Kingdoms Trailer

Rise of Kingdoms Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Below is a collection of cheats and tips that will help you to progress in Rise of Kingdoms.

  • Pick the Right Civilization
  • The civilization that you choose will affect your in-game progress so it is important that you pick the best one for your play style. There are 13 civilizations in the game and each of them will have their own unique bonuses and benefits like special units or starting commanders. Keep in mind that you can change your civilization later in the game if you meet the requirements.

  • Regularly Upgrade your Best Commanders
  • Don't fall into the trap early in the game of thinkng that upgrading all your new commanders will increase your power. This is not the case, it is more beneficial to focus on upgrading one or two of your best Rise of Kingdom commanders as much as possible, even if they have an epic rarity. Basically having one or two commanders almost fully upgraded is much better than having multiple weak commanders.

  • Build a Strong City and Economy First
  • When you begin playing Rise of Kingdoms you should focus on building up your city and its economy first instead of attacking and trying to gain a lot or resources from raiding and plundering which is not worth the effort early in the game. If you focus on building a strong economy for your city first you will save a lot of time and resources as this will allow you to create powerful units and accumulate resources more quickly.

  • Don't Waste your Speedups and Gems
  • Speedups and Gems in Rise of Kingdoms are two items that enable you to complete buildings fast or at least reduce the time needed for their completion. Make sure you put them to good use by only using them during specific events that give you decent rewards. The Now or Never event is a good example of when to use your speedups as it offers you great rewards for doing so.

  • Don't Forget Quick Rewards
  • If you are a new player you will be able to get some quick and easy rewards by simply by following Rise of Kingdoms on social media. You will be rewarded 200 gems for following the game on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Discord. You will also get some rewards when you level up your city. Rewards include wood, food, speedups, and gems and will be sent automatically to your in-game mail where you must claim them.

  • Link your Game Account
  • If you link your game account to Facebook or Google you will be rewarded 300 gems for doing so. The benefit of linking is that you will be able to switch between different devices, as your game progress will be saved in the cloud.

  • Take Advantage of your Peace Shield
  • When you start as a new player in Rise of Kingdoms your city will be protected for 2 days by a Peace Shield. Make sure that during the time it is up you take advantage of this to build up your city and economy. Continuously upgrade the City Hall, Wall, and Storehouse, which will increase your city's defense and enable you to protect more resources.

  • Join an Alliance
  • It is recommended that you join a strong alliance as soon as you are able to. Not only will you be rewarded 300 gems the first time you join one. Joining an alliance will help you to build your city faster, protect you against enemies, and provide you with resources and daily rewards.

    Pro Tips for New Players

    Take a look at the video below to see a collection of pro tips for new players of Rise of Kingdoms.

    Rise of Kingdoms Pro Tips for New Players

    0:00 - Intro

    1:28 - Alliances

    3:43 - City Hall Upgrades

    5:09 - Palm Trees

    6:21 - Save Speedups

    7:45 - Research Troops

    8:53 - Level Up Buildings

    9:52 - Gathering Speed Boost

    12:09 - Peace Shield

    13:19 - Kingdom Rules

    14:52 - Commander Spending

    16:52 - Commander Skills

    18:21 - Peacekeepers

    20:32 - Max Skills

    Rise of Kingdoms Tips and Guide

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