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Achievements for Ravenlok

There are 50 Achievements for Ravenlok worth 1000 points
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10 Fun Guy
Defeat the Weeping Fungi
10 Tragic Brave
Defeat Buvador the Bison
10 Curtain Call
Defeat the Tweedle Twins
10 Piece of Cake
Defeat Ugsak the Glutton
10 Nightmare Fuel
Defeat Thorlaron the Hydra
10 Surprise!
Defeat the Harlequin ambush in the Mask Mansion
10 A Grand Visit
Meet the Queen in the Mushroom Forest
10 Kidnapped!
Witness the Queen's abduction
10 Frog Facts!
Complete Bob the Frog's quiz
10 Sword, Shield, Fight!
Complete Combat Training
10 Gooey Delight!
Open the slimy chest!
10 Little Shop
Open the Hedgehog's shop
10 The Guardian
Speak with Alina the Crane at the Labyrinth entrance
10 Awakened Spirits
Complete the 'Awaken the Spirits' quest
10 Teacups for Toppy
Complete the 'Tea Sets' quest
10 All Skilled Up!
Unlock 4 combat Skills
10 An Actor!
Wear the Masquerade Mask
10 It's Pointy!
Wear the Witch's Hat
10 Extraordinary!
Wear the Top Hat
10 Flower Power
Wear the Flower Crown
10 Final Showdown
Enter the Queen's Chamber
10 Spot of Tea?
Attend the final tea party
100 Going Home
Complete the game
20 Spellbound
Defeat Shani the Sorceress
20 Extinct Again!
Defeat the Woodlock Dodo
20 Bird of Prey
Defeat Eagleblade Prime
20 Stardust
Activate the Planetarium in the Clock Tower
20 Trick Question!
Solve the Animal Puzzles in High Garden
20 Ancient Wisdom
Solve the Runestone Puzzle in the Labyrinth
20 All That Glistens
Defeat Helios the Golden
20 Glimmer of Hope
Complete the 'Shining Emblem' quest
20 Stronger!
Level up to level 10
30 Pull the Plug
Defeat Flora Esmerelda
30 Soul Slayer
Defeat Yoth the Slayer
30 Take Heart
Get the first heart relic
30 Heartbreaker
Get the second heart relic
30 All Heart
Get the third heart relic
30 Mirror, Mirror
Unlock all Mirrors
40 The Downfall
Defeat Dreda the Caterpillar Queen
5 Once Upon a Time
Name your character
5 Waff!
Pet your dog!
5 Vibing
Dance for the first time
5 A Prophecy
Speak with Finn in the Stone Garden
5 Well Rested
Sleep in the Witch's bed
5 Into the Barn
Enter the Old Barn
50 Dance Master
Collect all 18 Figurines
50 Max Level!
Level up to level 20
50 Bombs Away!
Buy 20 bombs
50 Shopping Spree!
Buy 30 potions
50 Crowned
Wear the Queen's Crown