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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D Pack Shot

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D


yugioh tag force 5 start up walkthrough (heart point guide) vers


Yugioh Tag force 5 FAQ
Version History: - There isnít any history really just that the old one was quite shocking or really shocking though people actually thought it was helpful
Introduction: - This FAQ is re uploaded from my previous, since it was pretty poor 
Well technically isnít my first but I just want to say I found a fantastic FAQ for booster pack card list and a item like and dislike for lots of characters and I will put the link at the end of this FAQ .Heads up that whole f8 search function key turns off your computer and puts it in hibernation
Content page
0.1 Finding main characters and normal characters
0.2 Tips on how to get characters mood up
0.3 How to raise heart points quickly without using dp
0.4 Who story mode unlocks what card 
0.5 Item like and dislike link 
0.6 Booster pack link (these are links  since I donít have permission)
0.7 Feed back and review email address 
0.1 Finding main characters and normal characters
You can find blister by going to the alley way now donít dive in and pay him the money straight away (some friend charging you great guy)
First of all if you are looking for a normal character you must first put a tracer on them then give blister the second highest price as he can be stingy and not give you anything if you give to low (if you give him to low he says is that what my serviceís is worth to you and takes your money my response is usually ďpolice, police sector security help thief ď
Blisters services only last for 7 days and you must beat normal duelist a couple of times before you can place a tracer on them 
0.2 Tips on quickly changing character mood
0.2 Alright a real pain is the fact you canít pair up with someone because they are in a bad mood seriously just because I havenít spoken to you in a week donít mean you have to turn cold hearted on me luckily thereís a trick to this first you may want to duel the talk then ask for duel after that give them food I discovered that a trick to get to a manís heart is through his stomach (so if food is the key to menís heart does that mean womenís is diamonds )
After you give them food talk to them until you canít no more, then itís time to kick there ass in another duel which they seem to feel pain in (so then what happen in a shadow duel) any way after that try your luck and ask them to partner with you if not the next day they should be cool but just in case duel them again the next time you see them 
0.3 Raising heart point quickly
 Raising heart points is really easy and you donít even need money all you do is talk to blister make sure that you can see everyone on the map letís take this in steps 
Steps 1 get your partner and head to a area where loads of the main characters are 
Step 2 talk to everyone in the area and select the 4th talk option A.K.A the interest option 
Step 3 kind of the same as the 2nd but just use up all the talk options until you canít talk no more this works better on main character (be careful you donít max out 2 characters hearts at once )
Step 4 duel them duel, duel, duel (why is my answer to everything duel) you can either do solo or tag I prefer solo since the computer is rubbish then move on to the next area and do the same thing
Step 5 watch your heart points go up 
Character story unlock list
Jack Atlas Ė                                             Beat Lazarís story
Kalin Kesler Ė                                           Complete Leoís story
Lazar Ė                                                       Complete crowís story
Lester Ė                                                     Complete Lunaís story
Mina Ė                                                       Complete Tetsu Trudgeís story
Primo (Placido) Ė                                     Complete Vizorís story
Sherry LeBlanc Ė                                      Complete Akizaís story 
Vizor Ė                                                        Complete Yuseiís story 
Card unlock list
Ancient Fairy Dragon -                                                                      Beat Luna's Story Mode
Black Rose Dragon -                                                                           Beat Akiza's Story Mode
Black-Winged Dragon -                                                                     Clear the game with Crow
Chevalier De Fleur -                                                                           Clear the game with Sherry LeBlanc
Dark Armed Dragon -                                                                        Finish Mina's Story Mode
Dark Highlander -                                                                               Beat Fake Jack's Story Mode
Future Visions -                                                                                  Beat Carly's Story Mode
Goyo Guardian -                                                                                Beat Trudge's Story Mode
Infernity Doom Dragon -                                                                  Finish Kalin's Story Mode
Jester Queen -                                                                                   Beat Lazar's Story Mode
Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity -                                             Finish Jakob's Story Mode
Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity -                                                   Finish Lester's Story Mode
Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity -                                                 Finish Primo's Story Mode
Power Tool Dragon -                                                                       Beat Leo's Story Mode
Red Nova Dragon -                                                                          Beat Jack's Story Mode
Scrap Dragon -                                                                                Beat Poncho Yusei's Story Mode
Shooting Star Dragon -                                                                  Beat Yusei's Story Mode
Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon -                                   Beat school girl Luna story 
Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000 -                                  Beat Vizor's Story Mode
Ultimate Axon Kicker -                                                                  Beat school girl Akiza story
Wattchimera -                                                                                Beat Leo(Academy)'s Story Mode
Iíd like to give most of the credit to me heck all the credit to me since I didnít copy write any on this if you need more info just send a message to me my email address is [email protected] and Iíd like to thank konami for the game and hope maybe in tag force 6 they can allow us to see our partners deck and include turbo duels also make the others characters in the game acknowledge that youíre the best duelist there not yusei who I seem to beat like in 3 turns maximum and here are the links for the item and booster pack FAQ good job you guys
1st link to the booster pack FAQ 
The second is for the item likes and dislikes 
this is copyrighted all violators will be prosecuted to the full extent on of the law
D44copyright) © enjoy your game