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Follow the dark path or use the light
Valkyria Chronicles 3 Pack Shot

Valkyria Chronicles 3



by NarrowElf

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles Faq

12-Free Missions

0. Hello, this will be my first faq so I want everyone to be aware of that.
 I will be doing Valkyria Chronicles 3 which is a new game, currently, from
 Japan. I will cover many sections of the game. I'd be happy to answer and
 update my faq through Q+A. Send your questions to [email protected]
 Updates will be mentioned here. Enjoy!

Version 0.0: Set up 0 and 1 and have the layout planned.
Version 0.01: Added the basic gameplay section. Also put in Mission 1 of the 
Version 0.02: Finished the demo and updated the credits and extras sections.
Version 0.03: Filled in the Nameless section and corrected Alphonse as
Version 0.04: Added all orders.
Version 0.05: Started Main Guide.

1: Tutorial
1-1-Introduction to section.

1-1. This is the tutorial section of the faq. I cover the classes and how 
to play the game. Read this if you don't understand the gameplay ahead of
time and don't understand Japanese.

1-2. Scout:The scout is good for exploring the area, conquering flags, and
     defeating weaker enemies. However, due to brutal interception fire, 
     the scout is not reccomended for combat. Scouts also have 1 grenade. 
     Eventually aquires a grenade launcher.

     Shocktrooper: Lower AP than a scout, the shocktrooper is more tuned 
     towards combat and can survive more than 1 round of interception fire 
     with their higher defense. Eventually aquires a flamethrower 
     although a good gun is better than any flamethrower attachment.

     Gunner: With more damage and bullets, the gunner shoots from left to 
     right but other than that, similair to the shocktrooper in stats but 
     does not get a flamethrower due to their similair style in firing. 

     Lancer: This unit is more adept to taking down tanks, turrets, towers, 
     etc. They can take a bit more interception than a scout like 
     shocktroopers but are not good for anti-personelle. They can eventually 
     equip a mortar but unless you are in some desperate need for it, it is 
     rather useless.

     Sniper: With lower stats, the sniper is super accurate and does heavy 
     damage to personelle. Reccomended to clear a path for a scout or even 
     a shocktrooper, the sniper can be very handy at times.

     Engineer: Even with a rather high amount of AP, engineers fall quickly
     and are no good in combat. They are best used for restocking anf 
     healing other units. Engineers even have the ability to revive units.

     Armored Tech: These units have a great defense and can block shots for 
     other units with their shield. While their attack is rather weak they 
     deactivate land mines and repair bunkers WHICH WILL BE HANDY!!!
     Fencer: Similair to Armored Tech with their shield. Fencers have 
     greater attack power but weaker defense. They don't have any side 
     abilities like the tech but are good for clearing a base in one 
     nice swing.

     Tank: Your tank is fully customizable and can shoot machine gun shots, 
     mortars, anti-tank rounds, flames, and other handy things. They have 
     a wide range of abilities which will be covered in strategies.

     APC:  Used to carry units better than a tank. The APC has more AP but 
     a lower defense stats which means protection is key for this unit. 
     APCs are equiped with a weak machine gun.

1-3. The gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles 3 is an original idea. You take 
turns between you and the enemy. You use CP to select units. When a unit 
is selected they can move in a 3D world until their AP bar runs out. Enemies 
can fire at you. Pressing square freezes everything allowing you to aim. It 
is stat based but headshots count. Capturing bases is key. You can retreat a 
unit for 1CP but if they are in a camp, 0CP.There are multiple areas. 5 
units can be in one area and 9 in the whole map. The objectives for each 
mission vary. New to the franchise is SP that allow specific units to use 
special abilities.

     Kurt Irving: Kurt is allowed to bring along two units but I believe 
     this can be upgraded to 3, I THINK, please contact me to help me out 
     for this one.

     Riella Marciellis: Riella can become an invincible valkyria and use 
     her lance to take down units.

     Imca: Imca is allowed to use her lance to shoot everything on screen. 



4: Guide

4-1: Chapter 1

Mission 1: This mission is easy. There are about 3-4 scouts. What you need
to do is send a scout to each side using 1CP per kill. Easy S.

Mission 2: This one is a bit trickier. I reccomend taking out the first few
enemies with a shocktrooper and sneaking in to capture the base with a 
scout. In the next area take out frontal troops with a shocktrooper and
than use a scout to sweep in and take the base. If you want to be 
precautious, use a shocktrooper but this can only get you an A.

Mission 3: This is the final Chapter 1 mission. You will need to eliminate
all enemies to get a victory. Imca should take out the tank and Gusurg 
should use mortars to defeat troops in his area. Use Kurt and Riella to
capture the camp in their area. Defeat the enemies in Kurt's initial area
and swoop them into Gusurg's area to finish the job.

Chapter 1 END

4-2: Chapter 2

Mission 1: In this mission you must defeat the enemy boss tank. Use area 2
or 3 to get to area 1. I reccomend a scout/shocktrooper rush and using 
Gusurg to take out the tank.

Mission 2: To win this mission you will need to destroy the enemies' supply
box. I reccomend clearing a path in the tank area and using that camp to 
get to the box. From there, clear a path for an armored tach unit and smash
that box with a good swing.

Mission 3: In this mission, victory is acheived by defeating the enemy boss
scout. I reccomend using area 2 and 3 simultaneously. Have a shocktrooper
and lancer in area 3 and a standard team in area 2 which is mentioned in 
tips. For 2 turns make progression to the movement camps in areas 2 and 3.
By turn 3 you should have captured both camps. (Take another turn if you
need to.) Warp your tank over and move him to the scout attacking him with
mortars and if need be missles. This should lead your squad to victory.

Mission 4: To win the 4th mission in Chapter 2 you must capture the enemy
base camp. If you want you can use Imca and take out the easy to kill tank 
for a bonus scene but capturing the base camp in area 3 is not reccomended.
I prefer taking the camp in area 2. Scout/lancer rush to the first camp in
area 2 and than use a shocktrooper and lancer, maybe sneak in a scout for
a faster movement to get yourself to area 4. Use Gusurg to take out any 
armored units and capture the camp with a scout. Mission complete.

Chapter 2 END

4-3: Chapter 3


6: Demo

6-1. Mission 1- I reccomend for your 2 empty spots to select Annika and 
Serge. When the mission begins, SP select Imca and aim at the 2 gatlings 
on the vehicle. Get to a bunker and reselect Imca twice to take down both 
gatlings. SP select Riella and use friendly fire to take down the scout and 
lancer, use your lance to shoot the tank's ragnite box. After that, SP 
select Kurt and bring along Annika, kill the shocktrooper to your right and 
head towards the next scout. Select Annika and shoot the scout with Kurt, 
hopefully killing it and than you should be at the mission complete screen 
with an S rank and only having done it in 1 turn.
     Mission 2A- (Capture the enemy base camp.) In the tank section you can
put anything you want. All you need is in the other area is to put Kurt, 2
other shocktroopers, and Alfons. When the mission begins SP select Kurt
and bring along 2 other shocktroopers. Dodge the first enemy without dying.
Now, this mission randomly generates enemy placement so I will give a vague
description on how to capture the camp. On your first turn, use Alphonse at
least twice and make sure he doesn't have to face too many enemies. You can
use SP twice but leave 1SP for later. On the 2nd turn make sure most of the
enemies are gone. Get Alphonse to the base and capture it. In the 
corresponding area select Riella and head to the base camp. When she begins
to take fire end her movement. Than SP select her and get to the base camp.
Save your attack for the enemy at the base camp and with ease capture it,
earning your 2 turn S rank. 

     Mission 2B- (Defeat Dahau.) Look at my description for Mission 2A.
Basically do what I say to capture the camp where Kurt is. (Only use up to 
1CP.) When you do that select a lancer in the corresponding area and go
to the enemy camp to your right. Use land mines to cut AP usage and 
defeat the enemy capturing the camp he was protecting with the lancer.
Now in the corresponding area to this base, select Valkyria Riella and head
to Dahau. Strike him with your Valkyrian Lance. SP select again and finish
him off for good. You should earn your 2 turn S rank and a better ending
for the demo than Mission 2A.

     Warning: Make sure to save for extras in the main game. Mission 2B
has a better ending than Mission 2A if you were curious.         
7: Nameless
   0. This part of the faq is organized by character, primary class, 
   secondary class, and when you aquire him or her. Also, it is numbered by
   their 422 number and not ordinary numbering.
   7. Kurt Irving: Shocktrooper, Sniper (Initial)
   13. Riella Marcellis: Scout, Engineer (Chapter 1-3)
   1. Imca: Lancer, Fencer (Chapter 1-3)
   6. Gusurg: Tank Driver (Chapter 1-3)
   32. Giulio Rosso: Lancer, Engineer (Chapter 2)
   21. Felix Cowley: Shocktrooper, Lancer (Chapter 2)
   11. Alfons Auclair: Scout, Armored Tech (Chapter 2-2)
   56. Deit: Armored: Tech, Sniper (Chapter 2)
   45. Serge Liebert: Engineer, Sniper (Chapter 2-2)
   15. Amy Apple: Scout, Machine Gunner (Chapter 2)
   23. Leila Pieroni: Shocktrooper, Lancer (Chapter 2-2)
   24. Annika Alcott: Shocktrooper, Fencer (Chapter 2)
   3. Gloria Durrel: Lancer, Machine Gunner (Chapter 2-2)
   12. Valerie Aynsley: Scout, Engineer (Chapter 2-2)
   57. Zahar Alonso: Shocktrooper, Fencer (Chapter 6)
   58. Shin Hyuga: Scout, Fencer (Chapter 4)
   25. Cedric Drake: Shocktrooper, Machine Gunner (Chapter 7)
   33. Margit Ravelli: Lancer, Scout (Chapter 5)
   46. Clarissa Callaghan: Engineer, Armored Tech (Chapter 3)
   18. Elliot Oates: Scout, ? (Chapter 9 Route A)
   17. Illmari Gasotto: Engineer, Sniper (Finish the game.)
   16. Ada Ansorge: Lancer, Sniper (Cedric's Character Mission)
   26. Gisele Fleming: Shocktrooper, Fencer (Chapter 9 Route B)
   19. Frederica Lipps: Scout, Shocktrooper (10 Medals)
   63. Carisa Contze: Tank Driver (Chapter 11)

8: Orders

  1. ???? 1CP-Heal one unit.
  2. ????? 2CP-Heal all units in an area.
  3. ???? 3CP-Fully heal one unit.
  4. ???? 4CP-Fully heal all units in an area and restock ammunition.
  5. ?????? 2CP-Restock one unit's ammunition.
  6. ???? 1CP-Increase one unit's accuracy.
  7. ?????? 2CP-Increase the accuracy of all units in an area.
  8. ?????? 3CP-Increase the accuracy of every unit in every area.
  9. ???? 1CP-Increase the evasion of one unit.
  10. ?????? 2CP-Increase the evasion of every unit in an area.
  11. ?????? 3CP-Increase the evasion of every unit in every area.
  12. ???? 1CP-Increase the defense of one unit.
  13. ?????? 2CP-Increase the defense of every unit in an area.
  14. ?????? 3CP-Increase the defense of every unit in every area.
  15. ???? 1CP-Increase one unit's attack power.
  16. ?????? 2CP-Increase the attack power of every unit in an area.
  17. ?????? 3CP-Increase the attack power of every unit in every area.
  18. ???? 1CP-Increase anti-armor power to a unit.
  19. ?????? 2CP-Increase the anit-armor power in an area.
  20. ?????? 3CP-Increase the anti-armor power in all areas.
  21. ????? 2CP-Increase side and rear defense for one unit.
  22. ?????? 2CP-Infinite ammo for one unit.
  23. ???? 1CP-Remove all negative status effects on a unit.
  24. ???? 1CP-Increase resistance to negative status effects on a unit.
  25. ???? 2CP-Reduce interception fire to a unit.
  26. ???????? 1CP-Improve ragnite healing.
  27. ???????? 1CP-Improve grenade damage.
  28. ???????? 2CP-Improve a unit's chances to cause negative effects.
  29. ???? 2CP-Allow a unit to ignore defense power when attacking.
  30. ????? 2CP-Unit does not receive interception fire.
  31. ???? 2CP-All shots fired from a unit are criticals.
  32. ???????? 1CP-Reveal the location of all enemies in an area.
  33. ????? 2CP-Get medic to a unit.
  34. ???????? 3CP-Reveal the location of all enemies.
  35. ?? 4CP-Increase your morale.
  36. ?????? 3CP-Retreat all units in an area.



11: Extras

11-1. Upon completing the VC3 demo you can create save data which can be
used to unlock a mission in VC3 with the link data option in the extras

12: Credits

KojiSakujin- Through your videos I learned about several Link Data extras.

Sylphier- Thanks for translating the Nameless, potentials, and orders
for GameFaqs.