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Follow the dark path or use the light
Tales of Destiny 2 Pack Shot

Tales of Destiny 2


Translation Guide

by Tales-Umbreon

Tales of Destiny 2
Translation Script
Original Italian script by Kirameki
Changed to English and fixed by Sair Lenneth

Alrighty ! So to get started, this website translated Tales of
Destiny 2 from Japanese into Italian
I did not translate all of this myself, there for the credit
goes to them.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. So I donít
want to see this posted anywhere other then GameFAQís without
giving the proper credit to the original translators and

So here's what I've done:

-I took the Italian text and processed it all through Google
Translate, so it would turn into English.

-I Re-ordered the text to make sense.

-I also changed the wording some, so as not to be so

 I went through this several times to work out all the Italian
words that didnít translate. When I got really stuck I guessed
slightly, not enough to damage any story though. I think
overall though, its great, I love that they translated most
of the Various NPC. I also understand that some sentences
might be off, so if you want go ahead and correct me, by
emailing me, and Iíll fix it.

Table of contents:

1. Introductions
2. Questions and answers
3. Contacting
4. Story script
5. Credits

1. Introduction:

This is a translation script for Tales of Destiny 2, the sequel
to Tales of Destiny. I was originally just going to use the
rough text  translated straight from the Italian one into
English, but I decided that it was far to confusing, and it
gave me a headache while playing the game, trying to
understand it all. So I decided to go ahead and fix everything
taking my time. I tried to keep the characterís wayís of speech
in-character, which wasnít easy, considering the Italian text
made them very formal, and not how their attitudes really are.
I will also be keeping the character and town names, the same
as the Japanese version. For example, Woodrow, from the
previous Tales of Destiny game, had his name changed to Garr
in English. So I will be sticking to the Japanese names,
considering this is a Japanese game and follows the original
Japanese names.

2. Questions & Answers

Q. Will this work with the PS2 version ?

A.  It  should do fine for the PS2 one as well, but there may
be some text in this that wonít appear in the PS2 version.

Q. Are skits included in this translation script?

A. Yes they are, as well as most the Various NPC.

Q. When will you finish this script?

A. I hope to have it done by the end of April 2012, but I may
end up taking a couple monthís.

3. Contacting me

If you need to contact me hereís my email :
[email protected]

4. Story script


Txt version

/ Cutscene \

Stahn: Dymlos ...
Dymlos: Okay, Stahn.
Dymlos: We have already lived long enough.

Since then ... It's been eighteen years ...


/ Dialogue \
Cinnamon: Quickly, quickly!
Basil: Kyle, hurry!
Yunie: Kyaah!
Kyle: Are you all right!?
Cinnamon: Hurry up, Kyle!
Kyle: I know!
Kyle: Can you stand? Quick, let's go!
Yunie: Alright!
Cinnamon: Uwaaaah!
Basil: Wha-what can we do ...
Kyle: We're surrounded!
Kyle:  These beasts were near our village ...
Cinnamon: Let's go you guys! Let's join forces and fight together with Kyle!
Basil: No, we'll never succeed!
Yunie: Aah! Look out, Kyle!


Basil: Uwaaaaiiih! I won, I won, I won the gaame!
Cinnamon: What are you doing, grr! If  Kyle had stayed dry, we wouldnít have
been in trouble!
Cinnamon: You are the son of the legendary hero Stahn, right? You could at
least have a little bit of resistance! Damn ...
Kyle: Hehe, sorry, sorry! It'll take a while I become just like Daddy ...
Cinnamon: Anyway, we only pretend to fight every day, how boring! And it
always ends with you, Kyle.
Cinnamon: ... Right! Let's go for a real adventure today!
Yunie: Ah, how nice! I agree ~!
Basil: B-but outside the village there are monsters, right?! If we go out
of  town, it could be dangerous ...
Cinnamon: No problem! If a monster pops out, then we'll get it in the legs!
Cinnamon: And then, if things go wrong, Kyle will protect us! Huh? Am I right,
Kyle: Yea! Leave it to me, the Legendary Hero of the Future, Kyle Dunamis!
Kyle: Alright, let's get out of the village, and go on adventure! Kids, don't
ever go away from me! Okay?

Yunie: I'm afraid, Kyle ...
Kyle: It's okay! Whatever happens, I ... I'll be able to save you all!
Kyle: Gwaaah!
Cinnamon: Kyle!
Kyle: ... I'll save you, absolutely ...
??: Dear God ... That was a close one, huh Kyle!
Kyle: Huh?
??: After so long, I'm back in town,  ... and that's what you say, "huh"?
Kyle: ... Loni!
Cinnamon: Aah,  big brother Loni!
Loni: Hey, you guys, stay away from here for a while '.
Loni: Kyle, we'll talk later. First, let's take care of these beasts!
Kyle: y-yeah!

Cinnamon: Big brother Loniii !
Yunie: You should have told us, you're back!
Loni: I kept it  hidden to surprise you.
Loni: But, anyways, that surprised me. Damn, I got chills!
Kyle: Loni ... thank ... goodness ...
Loni: Oh, hey, are you okay?! Kyle! Kyle!

~Bridge in Cresta~

/ Dialogue \

Kyle: Mh ... Uh-uh, w-where are we...?
Loni: Have you woken up, Kyle? Relax, we're in Cresta now. The kids have
already gone home.
Loni: Oh yeah, I won't say a single word about what's happened just now. If
she knew Mrs. Rutee would be angry ...
Kyle: ... Forgive me, Loni. I regret having to cause you so much trouble,
after it's been so long since we were last together...
Loni: Forgive me? Hahah! What's with the formalness, Kyle. We're friends,
Loni:  After I joined the Holy Order of Atamoni, I left you all the
responsibility of
the orphanage ...
Loni: It was the least I could do to help. Something like this isnít  a problem
for me. I don't mind.
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: What do you think, before returning to the orphanage, let's take a
stroll in the village?
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
Kyle: All right, let's do that. ... And uh, Loni, would you mind putting me
Loni: Hmm? No problem,  it's good enough for me! You know, I didn't even feel
your weight on my shoulders!
Kyle: J-jerk! Don't treat me like a child!
Loni: Hahahaha! Okay, okay!
Loni: Anyways, come on, Kyle!
NOTICE: Loni's title changed to "Bravo Big Brother".
NOTICE: By pressing the SELECT button on the map screen will activate the
"Chat Screen"
NOTICE: From now on, via the "Chat Screen" will be possible to have several
conversations in certain areas
with the characters of the party and to obtain suggestions.
NOTICE: Try pressing the SELECT button in different environments.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's take a walk through the village, and then go back to the orphanage.
Kyle: Why won't you come back now? When Mom sees you, she'll definitely be
Loni: I  would love to come back right away, but there are other important
things ...
And terribly difficult to explain. Let's say there are people who would like
to see me.
Kyle: Hmmm ... is that so?
Loni: When you've been gone from here for a while, youíll understand.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle, has anything changed while I was gone?
Kyle: Something different? Now that I think about it, momís often worried
Loni: Ehh?! Mrs. Rutee? Don't tell me that the administration of the orphanage
is in danger ...
Ahh! That someone wants to shut it down!
Kyle: No, no, no, she just complains, "I've gotten more wrinkles."
Loni: Huh, wrinkles ... You spoke so excitedly, it seemed that something big
had happened!
Kyle: Well,  for her it's something big.
Loni: Idiot! The beauty of a woman certainly will never fade, even if there
are more than a few wrinkles.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's take a walk through the village, and then go back to the orphanage.

/ & Various NPC \

[Sign at the entrance]
"There is a sign: 'This is Cresta, the place where it all begins.'"

[Monument near the entrance]
"There is a monument corroded by time: 'In memory of world peace and the
reconstruction of Cresta.
Signed, Woodrow Kelvin '. "

[Bell near the monument]
"Itís a alarm bell . If something should happen to the city, you have to play
NOTICE: "Do you want to play it?"
"Let's Play!" or  "Better not,"
If you play it:
Old lady: KYLE! Stop this fooling around!!

[Garden to the south of the screen]
" vegetable's that look delicious. They should be ripe to perfection."

"It's an irrigation canal. It draws from the fountain to get water to the

[Woman in orange]
Lady: Oh my goodness, to be able to see you again, Loni, this must be a gift
from the,
 God of Atamoni!
Loni: The Sacred Order of Atamoni ... huh. Itís not all that great,
(Talking to her again)
Lady: Now that your in Cresta, Rutee will also be very happy.

[Man in orange]
Old Man: Muooh, Loni and Kyle are here! Stupid brats! Always making mischief!
Loni:  Enough of this 'stupid brats'! I'm not saying I admit to this but,
do you still hold the "The Strange Case of the missing
Dentures " against us?...
(Talking to him again)
Old Man: Thereís another thought that came to my mind, but you entered the
Holy Order of Atamoni, so I won't tease you.
Kyle: Donít tell me that you still remember when we put a snake in your pants,
seven years ago, as a joke...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: Oh, look who's here, Loni! Welcome back! Have you come to visit your
hometown, after so long?
Loni: It hasn't changed at all since I left. However, I must say that it makes
me relieved.
Girl: Yeah, there arenít many changes, but it's only thanks to Kyle's parents
that in this country we all can live in peace.
(Talking to her again)
Girl: Itís because of Mr. Stahn  and Mrs. Rutee, saved the world, we're all
here now.
Girl: I will never stop being grateful for that.

[Blond boy]
Joe: Fwhahahah! It's been long, my dear "Loni Girandolone"!
Loni Girandolone: Grr! Knowing exactly that name, you must be ... "Flip the
skirts Joe"!
NOTICE: Loni was awarded the title "Loni Girandolone"
(Talking to him again)
Joe: Flip the skirts Joe, Nelson the Lightning, and Loni Girandolone.
Joe: We are the three that have moved in the direction of skirt flipping.
Loni Girandolone: Hmpf, now that weíve become adults ... It's just nostalgic
memories ...
( Man Loni, I'm not sure even Zelos did that.. although you never know)

[Man in the south]
Man: Yes! The wood is easy enough to chop, so it's best to try to get around
as much as possible!
(Talking to him again)
Man: There are ruins where the trees have grown huge, but theyíre dangerous,
donít approach them you guys!

[Man next to the water mill in the south]
Man with bucket: Rutee is one of those who were called "Legendary Heroes"
after the battle of eighteen years ago.
As a rule, she wanted to have a quiet life.
Man with bucket: But no, those guys have chosen to rebuild the orphanage in
the village.
Damn, how many tunes can someone pick.
Kyle: You think so, but mom is a fantastic person. ... It 's just that,
sometimes, she has a bad temper.
(Talking to him again)
Man with  bucket: Kyle, Loni, if Rutee is having problems,  tell me what it
Man with bucket: Managing an orphanage all by herself, must be exhausting.
Iím going to lend a hand.

[People in the square to the north]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'Melee Attack'. Do you want to listen?"
( If you said Yes)
Veteran: Alright, we will begin our adventure, but are we sure to we've
learned all the basics?
Greenhorn: Yes, of course, by pressing the "O", you can mount an attack with
Veteran: Yes, it's also unlimited to, combining it with the arrow key's you
can make four different types of attacks!
Veteran: First of all, for now try to use them several times, and then attempt
to learn their speed and
the range.
Greenhorn: How do I perform chain attacks?
Veteran: Just press the button "O" twice in a row while you're unleashing
a attack,
and of course, pressing the arrow keys, you can change the techniques of the
Veteran: When attacking, the Spirit Gauge is lower (itís the blue bar of SP
during the battle),
if you get it too low you can not attack, and you have to wait for it to
Greenhorn: And why is that? Is it best to stick to the burst?
Veteran: If the Spirit Gauge is low, the effectiveness of the blow and evasion
is lower, so you go and create a
situation even more disadvantageous. Care must be taken.
Veteran: By SP parades will restore a lot, it's often important to use the
"Square" button
for parades.
( If you said No)
Kyle: I'll be on my way!

[Fountain in the square]
"There is a fountain that uses wind energy. Itís the symbol of Cresta."

[Man with pipe]
Man: My daughter was married in this village.
Man: Aigrette is much better than this desolate place, thatís clear.
Man: For the happiness of my daughter, I have to bring her back to Aigrette,
the city blessed by the god Atamoni.
( Talking to him again)
Man: If you want to live in comfort, it would be better to live in Aigrette,
itís blessed by the God of Atamoni.
Kyle: But I'm glad I live here all the same, you know?

(House near entrance)

[Woman in the kitchen]
Woman: I came from Heidelberg to get information on the birthplace of one
of the four legendary heroes.
Woman: I thought it was a big city fit for a hero, but it really is an idyllic
(Talking to again)
Woman: I also met Mrs. Rutee, and loved it, she is a modest person.
Woman: I am sure, that woman is certainly a legendary hero! She's a wonderful

[Pot in the kitchen]
"Itís curry beans!"
Kyle: V-very good! (Food snitcher lol)

[Woman in purple]
Old lady: Saint Gods, Loni, is that really you, fascinating!
Loni: Nice to see you too, Grandma, as always, you're a beautiful woman!
Old lady: Hohoho, well I never! I'm fifty years to old to accept your advances!
( Talk to her again)
Old lady: I thought you'd left and gone away forever, though, you're also
getting to be a nice man!

[Bottles to the north]
"There's wine. Wine fermented by Aquaveil - Saints Kill , Alcohol 80%'."
Kyle: I can't even drink wine, but ... I have no idea that I'd better even
drink this ..

Child: Hehe ~ Look here, Loni! I found a lens a while back ago.
Loni: Hmm, a lens, huh. When I was a kid, the company Oberon traded for useful
Loni: But now you can't use lenses for anything except by giving them to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
(Talking to the child again)
Child: The lens that I picked up long ago, I wonder how the heck you use it?
Booh ...
Child: Here in Cresta they donít have any value, who knows, I guess there
priceless ...

"It's a nice and clean toilet, but beyond that, there's nothing special about
it."  ( Always good to know'...)

( Weapons and items shop)

[ Weapons Seller ]
 Weapons seller: Hi! Buy something!
Weapons seller: You haven't bought anything, that's my dog's life!

[Sack to the south]
"It says, 'Miso provided by Aquaveil - 298 gald a bag"

[Items Seller]
Items seller: Oh, welcome! Do you need anything?
Items Seller:  Next!
(If you donít buy anything)
Items seller: Not buying anything?

( Inn and Ingredients Shop)

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare a hamburger?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make a hamburger.
NOTICE: "Have you learned how to cook Hamburgers."
(Talking to the Chef again)
Chef: Want to make a hamburger?

[Chubby guy]
Nelson lightning: Oh?! Look over there, why if isn't Loni Girandolone what
a sight!
Loni Girandolone: Yo, Nelson! How have you been! Always going in search of
petticoats with Joe?
Nelson Lightning: Hahahaha! I've settled down, I cant play like that anymore!
Loni Girandolone: No way. .. You're married?!
NOTICE: "Loni was awarded the title 'Loni Girandolone'."  (whichever of his
friends you talk to first, you get that title)
(Talking to  again)
Nelson Lightning: Loni, you're a bachelor, as usual?
Loni: Aaah! What do you think? Shit! Me, Joe and all of us, had promised to
remain bachelors for life, instead!
Nelson Lightning: Don't make me think of nasty things ...

[Ingredients Seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome Kyle! Have you come to buy a snack?
Ingredients seller: Thanks!
Ingredients seller: Next!

[InnĎs keeper]
Innkeeper: Itís 10 Gald night,  want to stop for a rest?
Innkeeper: We will wait for your return.

[Man on the second floor]
Old Man: I want to adopt a child from the orphanage, but I can't decide which
one to adopt ...
Old Man: Separating children who love each other like brothers, it seems a
horrible thing to me ...
(Talking to him again)
Old: Rather, I was thinking of moving to this village ...

[Woman on the second floor]
Rich woman: My daughter was married in this village, but ...
Rich woman: I never thought it was a little town like this! Why should we
deprive ourselves of our luxurious Aigrette, for a life here?
Rich woman: There are so many other countries where life is good ...
(Talking to again)
Rich woman: I donít know why, but it is too rustic ... It's a place that is
not suited to a person like me who is so refined.

[Going to the terrace]
NOTICE: "It seems that there's something in the bottom ...?"

[Treasure chest on the terrace]
NOTICE: "You got a wedding dress."
Woman: Hey, you! Don't touch the things of others!
NOTICE: "You have returned the wedding dress."
Woman: In return, you can have this.
NOTICE: "You got a "Skin Cloak."
(Talking to the woman again)
Woman: Kyle! You know I don't like kids who aren't listening to what I say!

[Woman on the terrace, again]
Woman: For Aigrette, you just have to have some lenses, and the Order of
Atamoni will run to your rescue with their miraculous powers.
Woman: But in this place I have to force myself to rely on my own, right?
It's more fun!
Kyle: Hmmm ... Working hard is more fun than taking it easy? I don't understand
(Talking to her again)
Woman: And the inhabitants of this village are so nice, this place is really

~Near the Orphanage~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: How long has it been since I was last here...
Loni: ...It's a disaster, as usual!
Kyle: It's not quite as  bad as usual, Loni.
Kyle:  On the one hand, we only had one leak in the roof,  now we have  three
and sunk floorboards...
Loni: ... Aaah, if only the rumors were true. You could fix everything in
a flash.
Kyle:  What rumors?
Loni: Nearby are the ruins of Laguna, right? There seems to have been spotted
a giant lens on the top floor!
Loni: The news has come down to the Sacred Order, and already reached a platoon
inspection from Darilsheild. And I've offered as a spare.
Kyle: But then, what does this have to do with the orphanage?
Loni: Heheh ... Listen and marvel. The value of the lens is ... 3 million
Gald, even!
Loni: And therefore, if we can get it, we could fix the orphanage, and let
Lady Rutee
lead a comfortable life.
Kyle: Great, let's go, Loni!
Loni: Come on, huh ... Hey, you said that you're going to ruins?!
Kyle: Yeah!
Loni: But you know ... This is only a rumor, RU-M-OR!
Loni: And even if we were to miraculously find it. The Sacred Order of Atamoni
is already going!
Kyle: But you want to look right, Loni? Then why did you agree to act as a
Loni: Uhh!
Kyle: But, since you're not, Loni ...
Kyle: "I don't want to disturb Ms. Rutee and Kyle"
Kyle: ... You would have said so, and you would have gone to look for it alone,
Loni: Urrrrghhh ...
Kyle: Now you're doing the formal thing! Aren't we friends, Loni?
Loni: ... my my, it's true that a long tongue is the source of all grace ...
Loni: All right, Kyle. I'll take you with me.
Kyle: So you will!?
Loni: But! Just as long as Lady Rutee gives you permission.
Kyle: I see, I see! Well, let's got right now to tell Mom. Come on, Loni!
NOTICE: "Kyle and Loni have been awarded the title 'Family Dunamis'."

-> Skit
Loni: Alright, hurry up and go find Mrs. Rutee. By the way, don't tell her
right away of our
next adventure, ok?
Kyle: Sure!

~Dunamis Orphanage~

/ & Various NPC \

[Yunie, girl with teddy bear]
Yunie: Aah, Kyle, Loni, Welcome back! Don't tell Rutee of our adventure
outside the village!
Kyle: Waah! You're raising you're voice too loud! Mom will hear!
(Talking to her again)
Yunie: It would be bad... We must keep it a secret from Rutee.

[Cinnamon, with Bear T-Shirt]
Cinnamon: Hehehehe! During the adventure we had a little while ago, I picked
up a lens!
Loni: What, are you picking up the lens for? To make a contribution to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni?
Cinnamon: Wrong! I'm going to sell this lens, and then I'll give the money
to Rutee!
(Talking to again)
Cinnamon: If we had tons of lenses, we could make this place a castle!

[Basil, in baby blue tank top]
Basil: Oh, from here on the floor is crumbling. It looks like  it will go
down at any time.
Kyle: I thought that mom and dad had fixed this orphanage, but we're talking
about eight years ago ...
Loni: We could fix it ourselves. If we had that lens worth three million Gald,
that would put it all right again!
(Talking to again)
Basil: There are so many old things in this building. It's Dangerous ...

[Salt, child with a brown jacket]
Salt: Kyle, you're full of wounds! How would you like to stay in my room and
read from time to time?
Kyle: I like reading, but I enjoy playing more under the sun!
Salt: Noo ... I don't. I like to sit alone to read books ...
(Talking to again)
Salt: Noo ... I don't. I like to sit alone to read books ...

(First Floor)

[Hamster in the cage]
"The hamster raised by the orphanage. His name is ..."
"Name the hamster" (name the: Hamster) "Enter, Back, Cancel"
"Select", "Default" "Delete"
NOTICE: " you called it 'xxx'. All right?"

[The shelf in Kyle's room]
"On the shelves there's old toys of Kyleís ..."

[Cabinet in the room to the south west]
"Written tasks of long ago, crammed together. Loni: Mathematics, 35 points.
Kyle: History, 28 points"

[Desk in the room to the south]
"There is a book looking rather suspicious ... 'text on the science of lenses
- Elucidation of their mysterious power.'"

[Child Rhym, in Rutee's room]
Rhym: Big brother Kyle, your clothes were all filthy, so the laundry was
Rhym: ... You're Mom? She's on the terrace, stretching our mattresses. I'm
helping with the laundry.

[Rutee's clothes hanging in the room]
"Some of the clothes hanging have fallen"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Oh, there's mom..
Loni: Wait, Kyle. Give me a second and listen.
Kyle: Great, I love it! Let's do it, Loni!
Kyle: One, two ...
Loni & Kyle: BOOO!
Rutee: Kyaaah!
Rutee:  Kyle! Damn it...!!
Rutee: ... Loni!?
Loni: Hehehehe ... I came back, Mrs. Rutee.
Rutee: Grr, damn you, stupid, kid! You've never sent a letter to me since
you went to the
Sacred Order of Atamoni ...! I was worried as hell for you, idiot!
Loni: W-wait, a m-minute! Lady Rutee! Hmm, mmh fuaah oww ...! Gaaaahhhhh ...!!
Rutee: Ahahahah! Typical of you! But, your superiors won't be pissed?
Loni: Yeah, itíll be bad, bad, bad, as well! Anyways, I've gotten used  to
Loni: But, by golly, how I was wrong ... Other than prayer, and healing from
disease ...
Those people, the only priority to them, is to those who have lenses.
Loni: The Sacred Order of Atamoni shouldnít they provide assistance to
everyone, without distinction.
Rutee: That ...
Loni: And then that woman came, Elraine ... It was then, that the Holy Order
was changed ...
Rutee: Loni ...
Kyle: Well, Loni, get to the point, how about talking about that?
Rutee:  What?
Kyle: You know, Loni is going  to the Ruins of Laguna! And, and I want to
go with him!
Rutee: Huh?
Loni: Well, I tried to stop him once, but this here is not the type who listens
when you talk to him ...
Kyle: Well, can I, then?
Rutee: Of course not! You donít want to create problems for Loni! Even if
I go with him, you would only be a burden!
Kyle: Not at all!
Kyle: You, Mom, at my age you became a Lense Hunter, and like you, many others
Kyle:  In my veins runs the blood of my father! I could never be a  burden
Rutee: ... And thatís exactly the thing that worries me most! The fact that
in your veins flows the blood of my Stahn ...
Loni: Mrs. Rutee ...
Rutee: AnywayĎs, this conversation has already ended! It's too early for you,
to go on adventures!
Loni: ... There you go. I knew that this would end this way ...
Kyle: No, I will ABSOLUTELY go to the ruins of Laguna !
Kyle: I decided that I'll protect this place, until my father returns.
And therefore, Iíll return here with the lens!
Loni: .......

> Skit
Kyle: For now ... Let's take a nap.

-> Skit (out)
Kyle: The preparations can wait for tomorrow ... For today I'm sleeping. (
Still so early...)

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: Nothing to do ... I told you, you couldnít come with me to the ruins

Rutee: It's too early for adventures for you, young man!

Basil: When I saw that just now, I trembled a little ..., I'm a coward don't
you think?
Kyle: But you also have many advantages, Basil.
(Talking to him again)
Basil: Typical of me ... Although I understand the problems of others, I don't
understand anything about myself...

Yunie: I am so glad that Loni has returned!

Rhym: Pheeew, today I ended up with the laundry!
Rhym: You better not have made more dirty laundryyy, I had to work hard!

[Bed in Kyle's room]
Kyle: Well, now what?
"Go to sleep" or "I still don't want to sleep"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: A lens that's three million Gald ... huh. If you come home with that
much, surely thatíll surprise everyone ...
Kyle: Even if Mom told me so, I'm sure that one day I could prove to become
as legendary of a
hero just like my father ...
Kyle: Ok, so, tomorrow ...

?????: Rutee and Stahn, huh. Two of the four legendary heroes who saved us
from the disaster ...
Stahn: What do you want?! Do you want money, Lenses?!
??????: I want your, miserable life ...!
Rutee: Kyle, Loni! Escape, both of you!

Rutee: Gyaaaah!
Kyle: ... Huh? ... Mom?
Rutee: Man, you made me startled! You suddenly started screaming!
Rutee: Well, that saved you the trouble of having me wake you up.
Rutee: But that is unusual! You've never woken up in a hurry like this before
... I know that today ... rain!
Rutee: ... Haah. In the end, it always goes like this ...
Rutee: It begins ... Secret technique, Raise the Dead!
Kyle: Uwaaaahh! Wh-wh-wha-what's going on ...!!?
Rutee: Come on boy, wake up, wake up! You don't want to skip breakfast right!?
Rutee: Ah-huh, Loni has already been up for a while . He was waiting for you
to wake up ...
Rutee: KYLE!
Kyle: Y-yes! I'll get up, I'll get up!
Rutee: ... Ok GOOD .
Kyle: Yawwn ... I wonder what it was, that dream ...
Kyle: ... yawwn ... Mnnhaa mhaaah ... ... First, I'll try to go find Loni
NOTICE: "Kyle earned the title 'Sleepyhead' ."

-> Skit
Kyle: Yawwn ... Mmmhh ... Today, me and Loni ... Where should we go?

/ & Various NPC \
Salt: Kyle, brush your teeth for once. Its time for breakfast.
Kyle: Hmmm ... then I have to go buy a new toothbrush ... Zzz ...
(Talking to him again)
Salt: Kyle, before you brush your teeth, maybe you'd better help wash my face

Basil: Ouch ouch ouch, Kyle, don't push. I'm doing my morning exercises ...
Kyle:  We should get that lens first. Come on, Loni ...
(Talking  to again)
Basil: Aaaah, don't push me for fun, Kyle ...

Cinnamon: Oooh, Kyle, are you all right? You look a little strange.
Kyle: ... Zzz ...

Yunie: Huh? Kyle! It's really strange to see you up already.
Kyle: N-not true ... I really have to eat everything, I can't leave the carrots
out ...
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Kyle, I know you're sleeping ...

Kyle: Morning ... Rhym. Zzz ...
Rhym: Hey hey, big brother Kyle, you're drooling!
(Talking to again)
Rhym: Damn you, Kyle, you're such a slob!  (Poor Kyle lol)

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Yawwwn ... ... morning, Loni ...
Loni: Hey, Kyle! This time you've gotten up quicker than usual! Maybe you're
getting less sleepy ...
Kyle: .... * snore *
Loni: And maybe not then ... ?
Loni: Alright.  I'm ready now, I'm going to the Ruins of Laguna ...
Kyle: Ruins of Laguna ... RIGHT! Loni, where are you going?! You're leaving
Loni: ... As I always say, a long tongue is the source of all misfortune.
Loni: Alright, Kyle! I'll take you with me!
Loni: But! When I say enough, you'll have to go back, you hear?
Kyle: Okay, okay! I got it!
Loni: I hope so ... Well, let's start right away, so we can get ready.
Loni: It would be better if you sell things at the store, you know, Kyle?

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, you' done getting yourself ready?
Kyle: J-just wait a second ... One, two, three, here, and two, three,  here!
Loni: Not with the warm-up exercises! I asked you to "Gather all the weapons
and items"!
Damn, those ruins are full of monsters, you know!
Kyle: Oh ... Hahahah ... But noooo, from up there to get there! (not sure)

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, I'm good to go to the Ruins of Laguna, on the hunt for lenses,
but if you caught up with the Sacred Order, wouldn't you be kicked out?
Loni: Eheheh, donĎt worry about it!  ( I think)
Kyle: But if they find out, what will you do? I thought you were happy, now
that you can become a Knight ...
Loni: I thought that by becoming a knight, I could protect people in need,
like you or Mrs. Rutee ...
But, in reality the only people who can protect, are the members of the Sacred
heh ... In this case, I leave even when it seems that it's better!
Kyle: Got it! Well, even if they discover us, no problem!
Loni: Idiot! It's obvious that it would be better if werenít found out!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's go find the huge lens worth three million Gald, in the Ruins of
Loni: The Ruins are south of Laguna Ridge.  You can see the tower in the woods,
Here we come Laguna Ruins.
Kyle: Yeah, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

Rutee: Ooh, you woke up quite early today. How strange!
Kyle: Yes .. It's because .. I'm going to get that giant lens...
Loni: Uwaaah, no, no! Nothing happened, Mrs. Rutee!
(Talking to her again)
Rutee: Alright, that's okay. Try not to be too late.

~Out side of Cresta~

-> Skit
Kyle: Hmm hmm ~
Loni: Hey, Kyle! Wait a second!
Kyle: Huh? What is it?
Loni: Your walking to quickly, are you sure you know where the ruins are?
Kyle: Yeah! I used to play near those ruins all the time!
I left bread crumbs to mark the way, if we find those,  we'll surely get there
Loni: Idiot! Thereís no reason why the bread crumbs would still be where you
them years ago!
 Just look at that map! The map! .... Okay? The ridge is here, and, from there
go south-east,
There are the ruins of Laguna. Got it?

-> Skit
Kyle: Mom told me that when she was about my age, my father left on a adventure
Which means, I can very well become a legendary hero in the same way!
Loni: Too eassyyy, too easy! You're  mistaken if you think you can become
a great
hero so easily, Kyle.
Kyle: Grr! What did you say! Are you saying I can't become one?!
Loni: I never said you couldn't become one. I'm just saying that youíll need
much, much more exercise.
Well, try to think a little ? If it were so easy to become a hero, then everyone
would be!
Itís just because no one can, that all those who wish to become legendary
Kyle: Yeah. It's just like that ...
Loni: In short, if you want to become a hero, you have to train 100 times
more than the average person.
Kyle: 100 times more! Alright! Since I decided, Iíll go right away to the
ruins and do everything in a hurry! TEEHYAAAAAHHH!
Loni: Heh, hey! Don't go alone! ... Damn, if I don't follow him at once it'll
be bad...

-> Skit
Kyle: By the way, how big are the ruins, inside?
Loni: Hmm. Well, to hold a lens so huge, they should be quite large.
Kyle: Hey,  maybe, besides the lens there's something else! There might be
treasures and hidden secrets of ancient times, ah, machines, from a earlier
era, that would be great! If we brought them to life , the amazing things
that no oneís ever seen before, what would happen? Uwa!
But even if we discovered something like that, can we take them home with
just the two of us, alone? Guuuuh!
It would have been better to bring larger  bags ... Ahhh! But if we turn back
now ...
No, while I go get more, the Sacred Order could find those treasures  first
Loni: Ye gods, why are you so excited. We're not even at the ruins yet ...

-> Skit
Kyle: Aaaah!
Loni: What's the matter, Kyle?! Did monsters come?
Kyle: Look, Loni! It's the first time I've seen a bird that color!
Loni: What the hell, don't go and yell something like that! Got it?
 You'll see things like that a lot from now on ...
Kyle: Uhyaaahhhaaahh! There's a rare lizard that nobody can ever catch!
Loni: Hey, listen to people when they talk to you, hey, hey! Where are you
going! That's the opposite direction of the ruins ...
Hey, eeeh, Kyle! wait a minute, idiot ..!!

~ Laguna Ruins ~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: You said there was a platoon coming for inspection, but I don't even
see a shadow.
Loni: It seems that we managed to arrive before them, in fact ... Oh, I didn't
even finish saying it, and theyíre already arriving. Kyle, hide!
Captain: Are these the ruins where the Great lens is?
Soldier: Yes!  I got a glimpse of it, long ago in these ruins!
Soldier: It's thought that this place was once the capital where they were
creating lenses.
Captain: So that's why it's no secret that, there are lenses here? ... I
understand everything now.
Soldier: Considering what we were told, we just have to believe it. The lens
is located here.
Soldier: Hey, Sorcerer Brooms! (?)
Kyle: What do we do? If we don't hurry, they'll get the lens!
Loni: Anyways, it would be too dangerous to enter the main entrance. We would
end up face to face with these guys.
Kyle: Well, what about that cave over there?
Loni: Mh, I say that we  give it a try. Kyle! Hurry up!

-> Skit
Loni: Shit! According to my plans, we should have taken possession of the
lens before, the Sacred Order arrived.
Kyle: Well, now unfortunately we have to abandon your plans, Loni.
Loni: Guah! You're the last person I wanted to hear that from!
Kyle: That's right! Hey they could take a shortcut and end up falling in a
trap!  ( Something along those lines)
Then by doing that, we should be able to take the lens first !
Loni: Trap, eh, so what kind of trap, exactly.
Kyle:  I know, a pit in the floor ...
Loni: Thatís what you said to do to catch monsters when you were eight years
old, but that never actually fooled anyone except for you!
Kyle: We could lose them, by making false attack signals ...
Loni: You did the same thing when you were 10 years old ... And no one has
ever got lost by that.
Kyle:  T-then ... Weíll ambush them and run away!
Loni: Well, letís go with what I say ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, you did remember to get the equipment, right? If we couldn't
heal ourselves when we get hurt, it won't be a joke.
Kyle: What are you saying, Loni. You could give me some credit every now and
then ...
Look, you'll be fine! Mh? You'll be fine ... right?...  It's okay, right?
Loni: Fine then don't listen to me!

-> Skit
Loni: We need to get the lens before those of the Holy Order, and give my
legs a rest!

/ & Various NPC \
[Main Entry]
Kyle: It seems that you enter here but...?
If we get discovered we'll be in trouble, we have to enter through the cave.

/ Dialogue \
Captain: What? This side of the road is broken!
Soldier: We could go first ... The road must be collapsed in some way. In
fact it was so old ...
Captain: NORMAL ruins are OLD! Damn it, we came here for nothing ... We are
looking for another way in!

Kyle: Look Loni its a treasure chest! I wonder what will be inside, maybe
a lens?!
NOTICE: "You've got an Apple Gel."  (wooohhoooo ! JK, they are handy in the
Loni: Well, not that they aren't great treasures, theyíre just found so
Kyle: What was that?
Loni: Oh, ouch ouch ouch ... Hey, Kyle, are you all right?
Kyle: Yeah, I think so ...
Kyle: ... Wow! What a bad fall we took. Aaaah, this is some bad luck ...
Loni: What the hell is this place for? We fell on a lot of stuff, but ...
Kyle: Really ... There's  seriously a lot of stuff .
Loni: In the midst of all this stuff, maybe we could find something that will
help us climb.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uuuh ... What's with this place, a treasure in one place and then a
pit below!
Loni: These are the kind of places, which usually build these things ...

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What's this? It seems like it's still running.
Loni: This is ... A device from the time of the battle between Heaven and
I saw it long ago in a book at the temple.
Loni: You should be able to analyze a machine, or see through things.
Kyle: Analyze? See through things? What are you talking about?
Loni: We'll, see what happens. Now let's insert this bandanna, . ..
NOTICE: "Bandana. Normally this is equipped on the head."
Loni: If you enter anything in this slot, it will tell you what it is.
Loni: Using this, maybe we can find something that helps us to get back up
Kyle: Haha! Loni, I want to try!
Loni:  Kyle, then align "the boxes that can be moved" out here and press the
Loni: You can move them by holding the "O", and dragging. Next, enter them
in this machine.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, align "the boxes that can be moved" out here and press the "O".
You can always move them by pressing the "O", and dragging.

[Blue box]
Kyle: What if it contained some kind of item, that might get us out of here!
*After dragging it into the machine*
NOTICE: " you got a rope"

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Maybe if we tie the rope to that branch, we should be able to get out.
Kyle: Gotcha, let's try!
Kyle: Alright!

-> Skit
Kyle: Soon the lens worth three million Gald will be in our hands!
If I had three million Gald, then mother could live in luxury!
Loni: Yeah, definitely.
Kyle: Also, how about plans to build another 50 the orphanage's?
Loni: Stupid! If we did something like that, we'd only ever clean the whole

/ & Various NPC \
(Passing over the canal)
NOTICE: "There is a cavity in which it seems you might catch something."
"You can pass on the rock"

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: The passage is blocked?
Loni: This is the end, it seems.
Kyle: ... Maah, what a pointless hike.
Loni: ... Kyle look out!

-> Skit
Loni: Those from the Sacred Order may have noticed the battle a while ago
... Kyle, let's hurry and find the lens!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: That would be ... it!? ItĎs.. huge!
Loni: Cabbages, not kidding, when they said it was worth three million Gald
Loni: What, what the heck!?

/ Cutscene \
Loni: "Are you crazy!"
Kyle: "Th-the lens ...!"
Kyle: "Ah, ah, hey, look, who  are you ...?"
Reala: "A hero ... Yes .. I am looking for a hero."
Reala: "A hero who is a legend ... Or rather, a hero who is able to change
Kyle: "A hero ...? A HERO! If so, you've just found one!"
Reala: "Oh ... And you are ...?"
Kyle: "Yeah, not really right now, but probably one day ... No, I'll certainly
become a legendary hero!"
Kyle: "And to prove it, look! Look at this mole! It's the same place as my
Kyle: "I am Kyle Dunamis! Nice to meet you! Who are you? Where are you from?"
Kyle: "Oh ... Well ... So, what do you want from the great legendary hero
of the future?"
Kyle: "Perhaps, to save someone ..."
Kyle: "Hey, hey, wait a minute!"
Reala: "You, you're certainly not a hero."
Reala: "I understand."
Kyle: "I understand ... But how?"
Reala: "You're not the hero that I'm looking for."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Hey, wait a bit! I told you wait!
Loni: What the hell was that. She came suddenly out of the lens, did nothing,
destroyed it, and now she's gone!
Loni: And what's more, she says she's "Looking for a hero ', huh?
Kyle: Let's follow, Loni!
Loni: Follow it ... That girl there?
Kyle: Come on, hurry up!

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's follow that girl! If we go to slowly, we won't be able to find
her anymore!

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Uwaah! My head ...
Captain: Who are you people? And what are you doing here?
Soldier: This is terrible! The lens has disappeared!
Captain: What! What do you mean?!
Soldier: I'm sure I saw the lens  in this place before! But it's not even
Captain: Where did you put the lens?!  Tell me now!
Kyle: As if we'd know! We don't even understand anything that's happened!
Kyle: A girl suddenly  just jumped out of the lens and now its broken ...
Captain: What ... Don't say such stupid things, it's not possible, that lens
was huge and precious ...!
Captain: Hey, stop that guy! And the man who's with him!
Soldier: Ca-captain! This is Loni Dunamis!
Loni: ... uh, oh!
Captain: Damn ... Your job was to be a escort, what are you doing with a thief?
Kyle: Thief, you're talking about me?
Captain: Who else would I be talking about?
Kyle: I'm not a thief!
Captain: What are you saying, you're all the thieves! Now come with us. That
applies to you to, Loni!
Loni: ... But ... ... grr!
Captain: I've got, Loni Dunamis!
Loni: ... Aaah,  this is the last straw!
Loni: Now we'll have to hit the road by force! Follow me, Kyle!
Kyle: Loni!
Captain: Take them to Darilsheid. The toad will spit out where the lens is!
Soldier: Yes sir!

 ~Darilsheid Prison~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: Wretches, you can't put us in a cell without even listening! What rules
are these?!
Loni: Oh, damn! Bring out the guy in charge!
Loni: Shit! We screwed up big time. To know it would end like this ...
Kyle: Hmmm ... Do you know where we are ...?
Kyle: So, we went to the Laguna Ruins, we found the lens, but then it broke,
and the Holy Order of Atamoni captured us ...
Kyle: Uh? ... And then what happened?
Loni: ... How are you so naive, lucky you!
Loni: As you can see, weíre locked in a cell. Maybe we're in the dungeons
of Darilsheid.
Kyle:: Ahaha.
Loni: And you laugh ...
Loni: He-Hey, Kyle, what's gotten into you? You hit your head? Show a little..
Kyle: Not at all, Loni. Right now, I'm so happy! Because you know, I just
started my adventure!
Loni: Adventure ...?
Kyle: The moment I saw  that girl, I thought, well, that my adventure has
just begun!
Kyle: And then, when  she came out of the lens and said "I'm looking for a
Kyle: It's something that only happens  ... No, not even in fairy tales, do
these things happen!
And then she just woke up right before my eyes!
Kyle: Alright, Loni! When I get back to Cresta, I'm going to travel.
Loni: Travel ...?
Kyle: Yeah, on a journey, a adventure, and I'll become a legendary hero!
Kyle: He who is looking for that girl, it's me! Maybe not right now, but ...
In the future I will be!
Kyle:  I have go and tell her ... No, I have to make her understand!
Loni: In the future, huh... Eh. Hmm ... I wouldn't mind something like that.
Loni: Alright well! I'll accompany you, on that trip too!
Kyle: Ehh? But, Loni, you're a member of the Sacred Order of Atamoni ...
Loni: Those people will be too angry now that I'm here! But this time I really
understand! My place is not there.
Loni: My place ... is next to you, Kyle ... So, I'll go with you.
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: And also, I'm thinking about how I can pay back Mr. Stahn ... your
Loni: From that day ... All I do is think about it.
Kyle: ... From that day?
??: Uhuhuhuh ... hahahahah!
Kyle: Wh-who's there?!
??: You say, you want to become a legendary hero? When you're to be commended.
Kyle: Hey, why don't you think I could become a hero?
??: Hmpf, simple.
??: A hero is a title earned by the people, because of past merits.
??: It's not something you get for yourself, let alone something that you
can become at will.
Loni: You talk as if you mean it, huh. Like you're saying your, a hero.
??: ..........
??: I'm not a hero. But at least I can say I know people who have been
designated as
the four legendary heroes.
Loni: The four? Ahahahah, aahh ... We not only know them, but we're in close
contact with two of them!
Loni: Why, they are the parents of this guy!
??: Your parents ... Heroes?! ... ! Of course, those two have ...!
Loni: Heheh! As they say, You're so surprised that you can no longer speak!
Kyle: Hey, Loni. Let's hurry back to Cresta! Otherwise, our adventure ...!
Loni: I know, I know. However, this cell seems pretty solid ...
??: Hey, you two.
Loni: What do you want? Don't you see, we're committed here.
??: Do you want to get out of here? If so, I have a great idea.
Kyle: Really? And what is this great idea?
Loni: Hey, hey, Kyle,  don't trust what this guy says to much!
Loni: Who would trust a guy who covers his face with a mask? How can you tell
what he's thinking?
Kyle: If we stay here we'll turn into mold, and that girl is getting away!
I want to start my adventure, immediately!
Loni: ... I see. Do as you please.
Kyle: Alright then! Then tell us, uh well, uh ...
??: Want to know my name? ... Name and identity, those things are totally
meaningless to me.
??: You can call me what you prefer.
Kyle: So ... Judas! (wth ok then)
Judas: Judas ... huh. Okay, pleased to meet you then.
Loni: Well, Mr. Judas. How do you plan to get us out of this place?
Judas: It's simple. You go out the exit.
Loni: From ... HEY!
Judas: Stand back.
Judas: HAHH!
Kyle: That's so cool!
Judas: What are you looking at? Hurry, hurry.
NOTICE: "Kyle has got the title: 'Aspiring Hero'."
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: 'Wrestler Tramp'."
NOTICE: "Judas joined the party."

-> Skit
Judas: For now, let's get away from here.
As things are now, you're a criminal more than a hero.
Kyle: Yea, nice to meet you to, Judas!
Judas: ............
Kyle: Mh? What's wrong with you, Judas. Do I have something on my face?
Judas: No, itís nothing ...

-> Skit
Loni: Let's get out of here before the troops on watch find us

/ & Various NPC \
[Monument to the north out of the cell]
"With the prayer that Darilsheid be rebuilt. From Philia Phillis of the
Straylize temple."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: It's no good, there's a guard. We can't continue beyond this point.
Loni: But there's no other way out. What do we do? Make our way out by force?
Judas: ... Wait. This way, follow me.
Judas: That was the villa of "Hugo", the founder of the Oberon company.
Judas: It was confiscated because it served both as a villa for the founder,
and the headquarters for his company, it
has been adapted into a temple, but there should still be the secret passages.
Judas: ... Here it is. Oh, if you want to use it, try pressing the symbol.
NOTICE: "You got the Sorcerer's Ring."
Kyle: This is?
Judas: It's a tool worked by extracting energy from the lens, it's able to
shoot Fireballs and electricity.
Judas: You can release heat waves by pressing R2, but every time you use the
do not use it carelessly.

-> Skit
Kyle: I use the ring to hit the wall on the symbol of the Witch, so, I need
have careful aim ...

/ Dialogue \
Judas: By using the Sorcerer's Ring, you can press switch's located in places
that you can not reach.
Judas: Of course, using the Fireballs, there is the risk that a fire could
brake out, so use it with caution.
Kyle: Got it. ... By the way, Judas, how come you know about this secret
Judas: ... Why would you need to know that?
Kyle: No, I guess I don't need to know...
Judas: Then let's go.
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title 'Teacher of the SorcererĎs ring."

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Judas. How did you know about these secret passages?
Kyle: Yea, yea! And also, if you helped us escape so quickly, how come you
never escaped before?!
Judas: A secret passage like this would be easy to find for anyone.
And since I could run at anytime, I did not feel the need to escape quickly.
Kyle: Uuh ... You already had an answer , huh.
Loni: Don't be fooled, Kyle. This guy is a masked suspect!
Judas: Mhpf. Go ahead and think as you like. However. Would you two, alone,
ever have been able to escape from here?
Loni: Ghhh ...!!
Judas:  If you've realized that, let's keep walking.

-> Skit
Judas: We've reach the bottom, using the Sorcerer's Ring, now we can exit
From that point we should be able to take the exit to the sewers.

-> Skit
Loni: Let's get out of here quickly, before the guards find us!!

~Darilsheid Sewers~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwah, it's dark!
Judas: Following this path, we should be able to emerge from the underground.
Loni: There's no light in here? I don't see one anywhere.
Judas: Don't panic. We can light it using the candles, right here.
Judas: Alright, let's go. Follow me if you don't take too long.
Loni:  Look who's talking, you better not become dead weight, Mr. arrogance!

-> Skit
Judas: Kyle, do you remember how to use the Sorcerer's Ring?
Kyle: Yep, I sure do! Using it will light fires, right?
Judas:  Not only that. Don't forget you can also shock things and press the
Loni:  You're forgetting another important thing. When you use it, your
wasting a lens.
If you press it for fun, you'll end up penniless in a heartbeat.

-> Skit
Loni: I wonder if there really is a exit below. You can't trust to much...
Judas: If it doesn't look good to you, you can leave us here ...
Go spend the rest of your life wandering lost in the sewers.
Loni: How dare you tell me that!
Judas: I don't think you two alone would be able to get out of here.
Loni:  It only takes a few comments for things to turn ugly ...!
Kyle: Uwaah! What's the matter now?! Hey, Loni, that's huge! I thought I just
saw the shadow of a fish! You don't think it's ...
The giant trout that lives in the sewers?! Woooow that's awesoome!
Loni: .... Haah ... Let's go, let's go.
Judas: Yeah.

-> Skit
Loni:  What a shame. If only we could have taken the lens worth three million
Gald, we would be with
everyone doing exciting projects, and yet for some ill fate we're groping
around in the dark
sewer in this mess ... Plus, we have to be stuck with a guy who has arrogant
Kyle: Hey it's just as well! Because he knows so much about great adventures!
Besides, Judas isn't a bad person.
Loni: ... Hah, and since when did you become so optimistic...?

-> Skit
Judas: The drain should be at a intersection. If we continue down this road
we should find it shortly, the only problem is the monsters, that will

-> Skit
Judas: After leaving the underground sewers, we'll reach the surface.
Let's hurry and leave this place.

/ & Various NPC \
"Itís all black and dark."
NOTICE: "Itís all dark, you can not see anything."

NOTICE: "It's a box of tools. Inside are several items, which one do you like?"
Next page:
"Rubber Duck"
(If you take the rubber ducky)
Judas: Kyle ... Do you think this is really the time to be playing with toys?

* You need the Stone-Cutter*

NOTICE: "There is a stone statue. The foundation of the stone was laid on
the ground, but if you could separate it, it would be possible to move and
drag it. "

[A substance is preventing you from entering the passage]
Kyle: Uwah! What's this sticky stuff?!
Judas: It won't wash off ...

[Using the Sorcerer's Ring against the substance]
Kyle: Uh?
Judas: It seems that there's not enough fire power from the Sorcerer's Ring.
We need to find something that can burn it.

/ Dialogue \
Judas: ... Wait. Something's coming! Be on your guard!

Judas: This is the drain. It leads to the outskirts of the city.
Judas: However, it took us more time than I thought.
Damn, I would have gotten out much faster if I were alone ...
Loni: Yea, yea, say whatever you want, damn ...
Loni: Kyle, forget this guy, and lets get back to the orphanage, quickly.
Kyle: Oh, alright.
Judas: What is it? I'll leave you here, and you can continue your trip.
Kyle: I really want to thank you, Judas!
Judas: There is no reason for you to thank me.
Kyle:  I'm grateful anyways. You really saved us!
Judas: ....
Kyle: See-ya, Judas. It would be nice to meet again, sometime!
Judas: Kyle ...
Kyle: What?
Judas: I, want to go with ...
Judas: ... No, it's nothing ...
Judas: If you want to become a hero, you must try your hardest, good luck.
See you.
Kyle: ... You know, this Judas is really mysterious.
Loni: Mysterious? I wouldn't say mysterious, more than anything he's what
I'd call "weird."
Kyle: Now you're just exaggerating, Loni. Judas is a good person.
Kyle: He could have easily gotten away from here alone, yet he took us with
Kyle: And then, he even encouraged me!
Loni: ... Uh, Kyle, that was sarcasm, he wasn't encouraging you.
Kyle: That's what you say ...
Loni: Anyways, let's hurry back to the orphanage. We're terribly late, let's
get a move on.

-> Skit
Loni: Judas, who knows why the guy wears a mask ...?
Kyle: I bet he's "Wanted, and very famous! And that's why he covers his face.
Loni: Idiot! Covering his face that way, would attract to much attention!
According to my thoughts, he is ...
Kyle: Yea?, yea!?
Loni: He does this, because ...
Kyle: Because...?
Loni: ... Because he's really damn ugly.  ( oh nice Loni, really well put,
actually its quite the opposite)


Txt version

(Alright time for a night time trip, not often you get that in Tales, and
heyyy looky you can see the moons, ahh the sound of crickets, makes me wish
it were summer and not winter.)

~Outside of Darilsheid~

-> Skit
Loni: Wow! If Iíd have been able to get that lens I would've come home right
away, but thanks to all that crap, weíre crazy late ...
Kyle: Mom is going to be so furious.
Loni: Asoblutelyyy, no doubt about it. I can just imagine all the lines that
will appear on her beautiful face...!
Uhg, we're going to get a hard round of slapping ... for this!
Kyle: The problem is what happens after. We can't tell her that we're leaving
on a trip.
Loni: Well, for starters, we should see how it goes... Right now we need to
rush back to the orphanage, to reduce the upcoming slaps were gonna get.
Kyle: Yeah ... If we get smacked to much, we could end up passing out before
we even get the chance to talk to her about it.

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder if everyone will miss me, when we go away ...
Loni: I'll bet so ...
Kyle: I wonder if... they'll be ok?
Loni:  You don't need to worry about it.
Kyle: H-how can you say that?
Loni: I thought the same thing when I left the orphanage.
"I wonder if it was the right thing, leaving Kyle like that  ..." .
Kyle: You're so cocky!  I've gotten along just fine!
Loni: Yeah, exactly. You did very well ... And for that, I tell ya. They'll
be fine ... Don't you agree?
Kyle: Hmm ... Yeah ... That's 'true!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, when was our first adventure?
Loni: The first adventure? I think ... It was when you were five years old?
When you convinced me, that when you wet your bed
it was a treasure map, and you were so set on finding it, saying:
"We must find the treasure!".
Kyle: Uwaah! Why do you still remember a thing like that?!
Loni:  How can I forget it! I thought that I'd be forced to dig a hole forever,
from paying attention to your nonsense!   (wow.....Poor Kyle, sure that's
one thing he doesn't want known)

-> Skit
Kyle: It was definitely fate I met that girl!
Loni: Whether it was fate or not, you don't have to go making friends with
Kyle: Anyways, one way or another I'm going to find her!
"Not a hero, so hurry and become one!" and I will!
Loni:  If anything, that was sarcasm, with Judas ... You could at least make
an effort to better understand these things...
Kyle: When Dad met his Swordian Dymlos, he became a hero almost right away,
and for me, meeting that girl is a first step in the right direction!

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, do you remember the way home? Sure brings back memories..
Kyle: Are you talking about the time, when we went to look for a lost cat,
and we got lost.
Loni: At least we were able to return to the orphanage, in the dead of night
Kyle: And mom was more than happy to slap us alot.
Loni: I'll never forget those blows as long as I live ... at least there's
still someone who cares about me ... When I think about it, I can't hold back
the tears.

-> Skit
Kyle: Wow, we're so late! We've gotta hurry back to the orphanage!
Loni: From Darilsheid, head to the East ridge. Then go around the mountains
to the south
Kyle: I got it, let's hurry!

~Near the orphanage~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: It looks like Mrs. Rutee's still awake.
Kyle: ...
Loni: What are you going to do Kyle? If you're the one who talks about the
journey then that would be bad for you, so I guess I'll...
Kyle: No Loni don't. I'll be the one to say it. Otherwise ... It just wouldn't
make sense.
Loni: ... You're right, forgive me. Well! On you go then!

-> Skit
Loni: You should try to get lady Rutee to understand how you feel with all
your strength.
If you don't tell her honestly it'll just go bad.
Kyle: I won't lie at all... It's just I'm a bit nervous.
Loni: You're to nervous, calm down! ... Okay, listen, just talk it through
and it'll be fine.

/ & Various NPC \
Loni: What are you doing, Kyle? Let's go talk to Mrs. Rutee.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: I'm back, Mom. Sorry I'm late ...
Kyle: And, uh you know. There's  something I want to talk about ...
Rutee: ...........
Kyle: Hey, Mom ...?
Rutee: .......
Kyle: Look, Mom. I have something to tell you!
Kyle: Uh!
Rutee: What time do you think it is right now?
Rutee:  I thought I told you it was too soon for you to go on adventures ...
You've made us all worry about you!
Kyle: I know it was wrong to leave home and go to the ruins without telling
you anything,
but thanks to that I realized something!
Kyle: Mom! I, Loni, and ...!
Rutee: Enough! For now go to sleep!
Kyle: No! Listen to me, Mom!
Rutee: I told you it's over!
Rutee: ...!
Kyle: ... I want to be like my father! A great hero, just like my father!
So ...!!
Rutee: ...
Kyle: Mom ...
Loni:  You all right, Kyle?
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: Today wasn't quite the right day. Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Loni: Don't worry, come on. If you talk about it right, I'm sure she'll
understand that your feelings are sincere.
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: Now go to sleep. We've done so many things just with today, aren't you
really tired?
Rutee: Today, Kyle forced me to smack him... But this time, things went a
bit differently.
Rutee: How did, how could I go against that boy, who's so wonderful to me!
Rutee: That guy, wants to become a great hero, just like you ... Heís your
son after all.
Rutee: Aah, if only I paid more attention... I'd never say such stupid things
Rutee: ... hah now you'll be laughing, eh? Heheheh!
Rutee: Don't worry. I will ...  strength.
Rutee: Tomorrow, when he comes to talk to me again, I ...
Kyle: ... In the end, I couldn't even sleep last night.
Kyle: Anyway, I better go talk to mom, and begin my journey!

-> Skit
Kyle: I won't give up ... I'll get make my mother understand that we're

/ Various & NPC \
[Rhym out on the terrace]
Rhym: Damn ... Big brother Kyle, you're back and have dirty clothes!

[Salt, in a room on the second floor]
Salt: Oh, Kyle ..., I had a frightening dream ...
Kyle: How? We're all here with you. There's nothing to be afraid of, right?
Salt: Yeah .. I know ... I know, but ...
(Talking to again)
Salt: The one where I really agree with you, Kyle. All other ...
Kyle: But you're saying. As long as you get close to them, and everyone will
Kyle: And then, not that I'll stay here forever. You've had it alone, sooner
or later.
(Talking to again)
Salt: You're right ... And as you always tell me, Kyle. I'll do my best ...
Kyle: Right, don't give up!

[Basil, in a room on the second floor]
Basil: Uuuuhm ... I'm still sleepy ...

[Cinnamon, in a room on the second floor]
Cinnamon: Ooh, Kyle your not being sleepy. You're up early today!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Good morning, Mom.
Rutee:  Good morning son ...! And what miracle has happened, to make you wake
up on your own?!
Rutee: What do you have to say? Don't just stand there, go, sit at the table.
Kyle: What's wrong with you? Mom, you look like your in a really good mood.
Kyle: Look, Mom, I want to talk. You know, I ...
Rutee: It's delicious isn't it? The wife of Mr. Gazel taught me to make this.
The secret is to put in onion.
Kyle: Mom ...
Rutee: Oh, we need to get Loni up right away. Should I go get him?
Kyle: MOM!
Rutee: Your leaving with Loni, right ?...
Kyle: Ehh ...!? What, really?
Rutee: Who do you think I am? I havenít raised you for fifteen years, for
Rutee: This was something that your father used a long time ago.
Kyle: Dad ...?
Rutee:  And then ... here.
Rutee: This is the money sent to the orphanage by Mr. Daddy Long Legs.
...  You have similar handwriting.
Kyle: So you know, mom? But, we can't accept so much ...
Rutee: Ah accept it, no making a fuss! It's normal for a child, to live at
the expense of the parents!
Rutee: ... Because that's what makes us happy. The parents ...
Rutee: Hey, Kyle. Do you remember your father?
Kyle: Dad left on a trip more than ten years ago, right? ... To be honest,
I can't  remember much about him.
Rutee: Yeah ... That's what you've been told.
Rutee: I'm sorry, Kyle ...
Rutee: At a time like this, I don't know how to say this...
Rutee: Go and show them all what your made of! That you can overcome ... Even
him, Stahn!
Kyle: ... Mom!
Kyle: ... Mom. I'm going!
Rutee: ... Have a good trip, Kyle.
NOTICE: "You've got:  Scale Mail."
NOTICE: "You've got:  World Map."
NOTICE: "You've got: Bestiary."
NOTICE: "You've got 1000 Gald."

-> Skit
Kyle: I should tell everyone that I'm leaving on a trip, now ...

/ & Various NPC \
Rutee: Kyle, can you hear me? After starting your trip, you'll get a lot
maybe even more then your father!
Rutee: ... However, you should stop chasing the shadow of your father. Because
you're you, and that's that.
(Talking to Rutee again)
Rutee: Well, Loni is waiting for you, don't you see? Go with him now.

/ Dialogue \
Loni: ... You talked to her.
Kyle: ... Yeah.
Loni: ... Alright, let's go.
Kyle: ... Yes!

-> Skit
Loni: Well, Kyle, your long-awaited adventure has finally begun!
Kyle: eheheh! Let's,start right away!

/ & Various NPC \
Rutee: Loni, your stuck with Kyle. You're going where ever this guy goes.
Rutee: ... And of course, I'll see you back safe and sound! You won't lie
to "your mother" right!
Loni: ... Yes! I'll, come home safe and sound.
(Talking to Rutee again)
Rutee: Beee good kids, off you go!

Salt: Kyle, where are you off to so early in the morning? Don't go anywhere
Kyle: Don't worry. I'll be fine!
(Talking to again)
Salt: Kyle, don't go anywhere dangerous.
Loni: Loni will be with me to watch out, so relax!

Cinnamon: Oh, Kyle your not being drowsy, today you got up early!

Basil: Wah, if Kyle's already up, that means I over slept! (Poor kid)

Yunie: waah ... uuuh? Kyle, are youíre leaving?
Kyle: ... Yeah. I won't be back for a while so don't miss me to much. And
you be good while I'm not here!
(Talking to again)
Yunie: Have a good journey, both of you ... waaah ...

[Rhym out to the terrace]
Rhym: You've got paper towls, and tiolet paper right? You havenít forgotten
anything have you?
Kyle: Rhym, your acting just like mom!
Rhym: I'm just saying this because usually you never end up doing it, big
brother Kyle!
(Talking to again)
Rhym: Kyle, you'll have to do your own laundry!
Kyle: Yeah ..

[In process]
NOTICE: "You have rescued an Apple Gel."
Kyle: Is this still be good?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah ...Look Loni, the weather's great !
Loni: So basically, its the perfect time for an adventure! By the way, Kyle,
do ya have everything all settled for the trip?
Kyle: Yep, we can sell any items we don't need at the store.
Loni: That's not what I meant. ... Here, look. 'Starting here you won't be
back to the village in this for a long time.
Loni: Everything from here on will be a memory, understand no one might see
you again.
Kyle: EH!?
Loni: Adventures  don't come without the price of perils. If luck isn't on
your side, you might lose your life.
Kyle: No way...
Loni: Hahaha!  You didn't even see my wink, ha!
Loni: Unfortunately, this is reality. ... Are you afraid?
Kyle: ... Loni, you know. Right now, my hearts pounding!
Kyle:  It's pounding some from fear, but also ... It's not just that!
Kyle: When I saw that girl in the ruins of Laguna, I knew it was the start
of something!
Kyle: And since what happened there ... In the end, I was able to begin the
adventure that I've always dreamed of!
Kyle: A the journey to become a hero just like dad ...
Kyle: Ah I think, I feel my heart beating in my throat!
Kyle: To the point where I want to shout "WAAAHH"!
Loni: Heheh ... Hahahah! Now I know this is my Kyle!
Loni: No worries, I'm here to protect you. Whatever happens, we'll be fine
for sure
Kyle: Loni ...
Loni: Well you comin or not? Let's start the adventure of a lifetime!
Kyle: You mean: "Of the journey to become heroes," Loni!
Loni: Hahahaha!  Yea, that's what I meant.
Loni: Come on let's go now, Kyle. May your journey to become a hero begin!
Kyle: Yeah!
NOTICE: "Kyle was awarded the title of 'Swordsman'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, are there any girls your going to say goodbye to?
Loni: Mwhahahah! How long do you think I've lived in this village?!
I have already tried to say goodbye to all the special one's, but I just got
the cold shoulder!
Kyle: It's not something to be proud of ...
Loni: From here on, I'll be searching for new love! Mwhahahahahah ... haha.
NOTICE: "Loni was awarded the title of "Searcher of Love'."

-> Skit
Kyle: Hehe, I wonder if others will be surprised, when I tell them I plan
to become a hero!
Loni: Why should they be surprised. They'll think your just up to the same
old stuff as usual.
Kyle: What do you mean, same old stuff?!
Loni: If this is bothering you, then just prove it to them by coming back
one day.
I'm sure then they'll definitely be surprised.
Kyle: Alriight, you better be watching! I'll come back here right after
becoming a hero.

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. You'd better burn the memory of this place into your head.
Kyle: No problem! I could never forget it!
Loni: Look, just do what I say for once! When things get bad...
This could end up your only thought of comfort.

/ & Various NPC \
[Joe Skirt Flipper, the blond boy]
Joe:  I was first called "Joe the skirt flipper", now I'm a man at the inn.
Loni Girandolone: Though weíre not kids anymore, we're still friends ...
(Talking to again)
Joe: Go, pass down the wonders of our legend.
Kyle: Flipping girl's skirts is nothing to pass on ...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl:  I finished my walk! I'm going home, right now, I have to prepare meals,
and after that, I have to do laundry and then go to the store ..
Loni: Hey, beautiful, your one amazing lady.
Girl: What are you talking about! I'm all covered with soot and I'm not wearing
any makeup, I look terrible!
Girl: Loni, you always do nothing other than harass girls randomly !
(Talking to again)
Girl: Hey, don't look at me so closely. I'm all covered in soot, this is
Loni: You don't understand ... I just want to make you feel pretty...

[Man in the south]
Man: Oh, Kyle, is it true your going on a adventure?
Kyle: Yep, I'm going away to become a hero!
Man:  Listen to me, Kyle!
Man: .........
Man: ... I forgot what I had to say.
(Talking to again)
Man: I can't remember.

[Man next to the water mill in the south]
Man: If you leave, it will bring bad luck to the Orphanage. How about giving
me some help?
Maybe rebuild the place ?
Kyle: Thanks for the offer, but that won't be necessary. Mother like's that
Man: True, Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee built that place together.
(Talking to again)
Man: No matter how bad it is, there are irreplaceable things. Even though
that building is so ...

[Man in orange]
Old Man: Your preparing to leave ... And this time, it seems your not  joking
Old Man: ... Hmpf, I knew this day would come. You are the son of the great
hero Stahn.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: At the time during the revolt of Hugo, I lost my home, and my way,
I arrived in this village ...
Old Man: After my family had died, I lost the will to live.
It was thwm who returned the joy of life to this poor old man ...

[Woman in orange]
Lady: Kyle, you're leaving ...?
Kyle: EH! How did you guess?
Lady: You're being so secretive, that I could see it in your  face.
(Talking to again)
Lady: I knew it, the son of a hero, is a hero. Do your best, Kyle!

[Warrior near the entrance]
Mysterious Warrior: I have taken part in many bloody battles.
I'm the one who wants to become a hero. And to you, what is a battle?
"A easy win ," Or "Normal" Or "Painful"
*If you pick Easy*
Mysterious Warrior: Houhou, so, you have accumulated some wonderful scores
in battle.
* If you pick Normal*
Mysterious Warrior: Well, take care of yourself.
*If you pick painful*
Mysterious Warrior: In other words, you are a novice.
-> Yes
Mysterious Warrior: So, anyone can easily call you "Beginners, Beginners"!
-> Yes
Mysterious Warrior: Heh, everyone is afraid at first. You just have to get
some 'experience.
NOTICE: "Kyle and his team have earned the title of 'self-proclaimed
-> No
Mysterious Warrior: You can't escape from a battle! If you are a warrior.
-> No
Mysterious Warrior: You can't escape from a battle! If you are a warrior.

[Maid near the monument at the entrance to Ridge]
Maid: Would you like me teach you the way to Darilsheid in exchange for 5
" I want her to" Or  "I can go it alone"
(Picking No)
Maid:  If you don't want to know anything then you're missing out!

(People's House)
[Woman in purple]
Old Lady: Kyle, your father was a handsome man, very sexy ...
(Talking to again)
Old lady: I will pray to the Goddess Atamoni you will have a good trip.

Child: Kyle, we're pretending to be heroes! I'll be Stan and you can be Lion
Kyle: Eeeeeh! No I don't want to, I don't like Lion. (Ouch poor him)
(Talking to again)
Child: Urgh, I wonder why nobody wants to be Lion.
Child: Well, I guess nobody wants to play the part of the traitor.  (sheesh,
looks like pick on Lion day)

(Inn and ingredients shop)
[Nelson, chubby guy]
Nelson Lightning: Joe, Loni, and I were once a great legend.
Nelson Lightning: But now the days of youth are over. Soon I'll be a father.
Loni Girandolone: Chee! Why did you have to go and settle down like that!
Filthy traitor!
(Talking to again)
Loni Girandolone: Someone my own age has already become a father ... It's
hard to explain how I feel.
Lightning Nelson: Well, maybe it's because it's something you never plan to
do in life.

[Girl on the terrace]
Woman: Oh, Kyle, are you going out to play? Sometimes it's good to check in
at home though.
Kyle: I'm not going to play! This time it's a true adventure!
Kyle: I'll be back after becoming a hero like Dad!
Woman: Hmmpf. Before becoming a hero, learn to do some of the cleaning.
(Talking to again)
Woman: Kyle, don't overdo it. Loni, you should stop playing around with Kyle,
its just weird.
Loni: Zero trust in me, huh ...

(If you sleep at the inn in Cresta)
-> Skit
Loni: Hey, Kyle. Hey, ok that's it, wake up already!
Kyle: Uuuuhmmm ... Come on, just a little more.
Loni: Damn ... Every day you use all of your strength, and you can't even
wake up in the morning.

~Outside of Cresta~

-> Skit (auto)
Loni: Hey, Kyle, what are you doing?!
Kyle: What do you think? I'm looking for that girl!
Loni: That's not something that your just going to find like that! Do you
think your going to find her by searching through bushes!?
Kyle: Well how else, am I going to find her! Do you have any better idea's
Loni: You've gotta use your head a little at times like these. Let's see,
she said she was trying to find a hero right?
The people who are alive and considered hero's are,
the four legendary heroes who saved the world from destruction long ago. So
first of all, your parents,
Mr. Stan and Mrs. Rutee, and  Mr. Hero King, the King of Phandaria Woodrow.
Finally, Miss Philia, from the Great Straylize Temple , also a member of the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
Kyle: Yeah, yeah.
Loni: I bet she went to see one of these four.  We can already exclude two
among them. One is Mr. Stan, who's still missing. It's not Mrs. Rutee.
So we can forget that one.
Kyle: So then that leaves ...  only King Woodrow and Miss Philia .
Loni: And that's where the problem is. How do we get to Phandaria, where King
Woodrow is?
Kyle: We could get there by ship,  let's go from the port of Aigrette ...
All right!
Loni: Yeah. I guess we'd have to pass through there, if we wanna meet both
the Miss Philia, and King Woodrow.
Kyle: Alright, let's get to Aigrette!
Loni: If you've finally decided, then let's start. If we're going to Aigrette,
we need to cross the
 Bridge west
of Darilsheid, and then I guess we move through the valley of Harmentz.
Kyle: So, for now we should go to Darilsheid! Alright! Come on, Loni.

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, why do you have to keep chasing that girl? Let's see, I'll judge
on whether it will be worth it.
There's no doubt, in another 10 years she'll become a beautiful woman. But
you know, this world is full of great women,
much more beautiful than her even!
Kyle: That's your only interest, Loni! The reason I'm chasing her is because
I had a vision!
Loni, "Present" ... Don't tell me, its a vision of love! Hah ... Yeaahhh,
you've finally entered that age!
I seeee, I totally understand! And now that I know that, I'll be rooting for
Kyle : Y-you've got it wrong! It was a "vision of adventure"!
I think  chasing that girl , means taking the road to becoming a hero!
Loni: Alright, that's what we're doing. Well, if you need advice about your
little crush,
leave it to Loni the Great!
Kyle:! But I told you that it's a vision of adventure!

-> Skit
Loni: Aah, the time's come, the time I can no longer taste the home cooking
of Mrs. Rutee.
How I wish I could eat a little more of that "mashed game."
Kyle: Did you know ? Mom learned that from a old friend?
Loni: Yeah I knew that. And I think her name was Mary, right?  She's said
to be very good in the kitchen, a older and beautiful woman!
I would love to meet her at least once!
Kyle: But if she's older than Mom, by now she'll be an old hag.  (>< Bad Kyle
!! Rutee hardly looks any older, no clue on Mary yet, but still!!)
Loni: Kyle, you don't understand anything. When a woman is really, really
beautiful, and the years pass,
her beauty only increases more!  But, your just a kid still, you don't
understand these things.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Loni, since you were in the Holy Order of Atamoni, you should have
met, Mrs. Philia, the
legendary heroine.
Loni: Yeah, but I've only glimpsed her from afar. We were always to busy so
the chances of meeting here weren't often.
Kyle: And? So? What kind of person she?
Loni: An intellectual beauty, the glasses type ... Heh ... Women like Mrs.
Rutee are
fascinating, but the intellectual ladies, are much, much more, well,
challenging ...
Kyle: That's not what Iím talking about! Isn't there something else?
You know, did the aura of a hero surround her, or did you feel some kind of
great spirit?!
Loni: How should I know?.
Kyle: "How should I know!"?  Loni, isn't it really likely that your
evaluation of her is based only
because she's a beautiful woman!
Loni: That's not the only thing ! There's more I care about, more!

-> Skit
Kyle: I don't know why, at this moment, I feel like we're in the past again.
When we had fun pretending to be adventurers.
Loni: Yeah ... Pfeh ...  thinking back on it, I did nothing but look after
you all these years.
and you still havenít changed one little bit ...
Kyle: That's not true! Then it was just fake adventures, but now it's
This time we're on a real adventure, and it's the beginning of my journey
to become a hero!
Loni: Okay, okay. In that case, by all means show me just how much you've
grown since then.
Because I'm sick and tired of it when you still whine at me when we get lost.
Kyle: Hey ! You talk like it's always my fault!
If that's what you think, you can just stop following me, and tell me how
and where to get to the next place, alright?!
Loni: Man, if only you'd listen to me, Kyle, my life would be so much simpler
... Hahaha, all right, all right,
don't look at me like that. We'll both follow that girl, alright?
However maybe you should put a nice little speech together for her...

-> Skit
Loni: Now we have a bad reputation in Darilsheid. If it werenít for that idiot
in disguise,
Who knows how things would have ended...
Kyle: Judas...I wonder what he's doing now ...
Loni: Who knows. Maybe he's off cleaning his mask very, very far from here.
Kyle: What's wrong with you, Loni? You sound like you're in a foul mood.
Loni: That little show off bugs me! I know he just covers his face with a
mask because he's really hideous, it's all so he can get girls!  ( Uhg...'
poor guy, Itís just a bad week for him, isn't is?)
Kyle: Ah-ha ... I see what your saying, Loni, you just don't like people who
are more successful at getting women than you!
Loni: Hey! Whatís that supposed to mean? ... And that's why ... Oh well, I
give up.

-> Skit
Loni: For now itíd be better not get too close to Darilsheid ...
Kyle: Eh! Why?
Loni: You idiot! To them we're escaped prisoners.
Kyle: That's right! We're escaped prisoners! Heheh, Yeah!
Loni: What ... How can you be so happy about this?!
Kyle: Hey, isn't this great?! Before we've even set off, we already did
something worthy of being hero's!
Uuuuuhhh that's so cooool!
Loni: ... You know, Kyle. I envy that mind of yours so much ...

-> Skit
Loni: Hey, you've finished shopping right? While in Darilsheid we certainly
aren't in any position to wander around whistling as if nothing happened,
so who knows when the next time we can shop will be, so you better get what
you need.
Kyle: Yeah. This is just a mess.
Loni: Yeah. Of course the people, arenít having a great time, if we could
... eh oh! We'd be in trouble!
This is no time to worry about others!

-> Skit
Loni: I think this is the first time you get to go to Aigrette, huh?
Kyle: Yeah, it's a really big city, right?
Loni: For you who's been in Cresta all his life, you wonít miss it, with all
that goes on there!
Kyle: Heeeeh. I can't wait! Let's hurry up and go!
Loni: Idiot! Don't run! How the heck can you just forget like that! Stop,
Kyle you idiot!

-> Skit
Loni: What do you think, Kyle? Is the soup really great and delicious?
Kyle: ... Hmm, it's good! I didn't know you were so good in the kitchen, Loni.
When did you learn to cook so well?
Loni: That's easy! When I left the orphanage, and having to live alone without
a girlfriend,
living off of nothing, and then you know you have to learn... I'd say its
my strong will  ...
But ... That's the only way to become good at it.... Sigh ...
Kyle: Uwaah ... Your tears and snot ... They're getting in the soup!

-> Skit
Loni: Darilsheid is located half way between Cresta and Aigrette. South-west
of Aigrette, just North of the Ridge.
It's better to stock up on equipment there. However, given that we're most
wanted in Darilsheid now we can't go around quietly.

-> Skit
Kyle: Aigrette is north of the Ridge, right?
Loni: Yeah to the north-east after crossing the bridge to the west of
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

~On Bridge~

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni. Have you ever tried to throw a coin in the fountain in Cresta?
Loni: Yeah. If you throw a coin while from the back of the fountain, you'll
get lucky in love, right? So for that reason,
I threw a lot in the fountain. Itís so easy to get love using money.
Kyle: So, how was it? We're you lucky ?
Loni: If I had, at this very moment, instead of being on this journey,  Iíd
be happily living with
 my beautiful wife! ... If only that one time had gone better ... Uuuuh.
Kyle: Whoooops! I think I just touched a sore spot ...

-> Skit
Loni: Too bad your Daddy Long Legs has been blatantly exposed.
Kyle: Hmm. And I thought they did well to keep me out ...
Loni: Oh, well, having been part of the militia, itís normal that Mrs. Rutee
is one or even two times more clever than you.
Plus, if he wanted to give her some money, he would have given her the benefit
to help many, and many more ...
Man what a fool.
Kyle: AnywayĎs, that's fine! When you become a hero, weíll get twice the
amount ... Maybe, a hundred more!
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Do you think that once you become a hero, that money
will rain down from heaven?
If it were really so, then Mrs. Rutee wouldnít lead the terrible life that
sheís forced to now!


/ & Various NPC \

(Entering Darilsheid)

(T^T Why is it always my favorite cities that get messed up, in Tales games)

[Maid on the right of the screen]
Maid: Shall I take you to Aigrette in exchange for 5 lenses?
"I want to go" or "No thanks"
Maid: Fine then, miss out!

[Statue in the middle of the road]
" The General of Seven Statue: A statue depicting the 7 leaders who fought
against the revolt of Hugo."
"With the break of the Eye of the God, it's fragments rained down upon us
and destroyed along with it, the Seinegald castle. "

[Woman in orange]
Lady:  We used to be able to sell lenses and live in luxury, but now times
are hard for our society.
Kyle: Right, that agency was the first, I-can't-remember-the-name, to
manufacture and sell lenses, right?
Loni: It was called Oberon. When I was a kid, it had a lot of goods.
(Talking to again)
Lady: Now it's even hard to keep the fire going. How I miss the old days ...

[Man next to the statue]
Man: Damn! This statue is just in the way, it's his fault they cut the buying
of alcohol!
Kyle: Sir, itís useless to blame a statue. If you don't have the money for
wine, you should get to work.
Man: Never mind. I don't know any other methods to drown my memories if I
don't drink ...
(Talking to again)
Man: Right now, whatever I do, always ends in failure. Why should I change
something ...

[Old Man in the cabin]
Old Man: Uga uga! I canít hide anything, I have grown up with the legendary
hero Stahn!
Kyle: Ehh!? Are you serious!?
Old Man: Yes it's true! I was a guide when he was lost in this city! Gahahahah,
Loni: Gramps, your a bit to old, saying that you grew up, then ...
(Talking to again)
Old Man: Uga uga! It seems some of the members of the Sacred Order of Atamoni,
are the fugitives!
Old Man: It seems this is a band of only two members, one 15 and the other
roughly 23.
Loni: Heh, heheh! I bet it's just  two ugly mugs who were opposed to the Sacred
Old Man: You said it, son! Gahahahah, cough cough!

[Inn Keeper]
Inn keeper: 20 Gald a night, want to stay?
Inn keeper: We will await your return.

Chef: Want learn the recipe for a sweet parfait?
Chef: I'll teach you how to prepare a sweet parfait.
NOTICE: "You have learned to prepare the sweet parfait."

Waitress: Aah, not a single customer has come to stay today. It's so boring,
when you never have work.
Waitress: When the port was still open, the lobby was full of customers.
Kyle: So it's not only our orphanage that has financial problems ...
(Talking to again)
Waitress: So, I'm free ... and I have nothing to do, this is really terrible.

(Second part of the city)

/ Dialogue \
Greed: ...  Why not?! We are  very strong, and a absolutely invincible band
of lense hunters, we are the "Dark Wings"!
Greed: Why people like us, can not live without relying on the soup kitchen!
Milly: We'll starve to death, if we don't eat! This job is not worth it.
Greed: What are you saying, Milly! We are proud gentlemen thieves correct?
Do not talk as if we're poor!
John: Just what the boss says, yes and yes! If you can't even stand being
it'll make our ancestors turn in their graves, right right?!
Greed: Well said, John! You are a worthy member of the "Dark Wings"!
Greed: We must carry on the tradition, started by the previous generation,
active during the disaster from eighteen years ago!
Greed: Hah! There are those who will insult our name!
John: Just like that. Hunger! Indeed indeed.
Greed: For what reason,  do we not use the soup kitchen! Come on, you bunch
of villains!
John: Hey, Chief!
John: ... I was going to tell you that I'm starving, and that there's a helmet
on the ground, we could sell that,  right right?!
Milly: Don't be stingy! Pay good and you'll get more food.
Milly: Alright,alright.... now, hurry up and let's go eat!  Eat until we
( Those guys I swear, are never in the least bit normal)

/ & Various NPC \

[Monument in the courtyard of the villa]
" Villa of, Oberon Company's former President, Hugo. Currently, this building
is under the control of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. "

[Table with food]
"Prepared for the soup kitchen, by the Straylize Temple ."

[Woman next to the table with food]
Miss: Don't go to far to please, the soup kitchen is where there's something
for everyone!
Miss: The people of this city aren't fully recovered from the accident that
happened eighteen years ago.
Miss: But do not despair! We of the Order of the Sacred Atamoni, one day,
we shall rebuild this city!
Loni: It's not that, could you take care of my poor heart, thatís full of
love wounds?
(Talking to again)
Miss: The goddess Atamoni will certainly lead us into a new era of peace!

[Girl near the woman in blue]
 Ingredients seller: The rich people have to make a deposit.
Ingredients seller:  Buying anything?

Items seller: What do you need?
Items seller: Until next time.

Knight: We strive day and night to make this city more livable.
Knight: Though, maybe sometimes some of the methods we use are abrupt. Still,
everything is always for the good of the city.
(Talking to again)
Knight: At times the methods we use are little too rough. Still, everything
is always for the good of the city.

[Man with hat]
Man: I am a member of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. They told me I could help
by recruiting new members.
Man: But even though they say they want to rebuild, it's no good, we don't
even know where to start.
Kyle: But, if you don't start someway, nothing'll ever change, right?
(Talking to again)
Man: However I really like this city, and I want it to come back to life,
like it was before. But, can we do that...

[Man in north-west over the destroyed bridge]
Old man: One time, I lead a comfortable life, thanks to the manufacture of
lenses and paraphernalia.
Back then there was still the Oberon firm.
Old man: But they were corrupted by their own tremendous power, and nearly
caused the destruction of this world.
Old man: All that's prosperous one day will cease ...  that's how the world
As a result, the world is on the road to ruin.
Kyle: I know! That's why Dad and Mom saved the world back then.
(Talking to again)
Old man: In this city, the castle that once had been so prosperous ...
Now is nothing but rubble. So lifeless.

[Couple talking at the crossroads]
NOTICE: "They are discussing  'Special Skills'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: However, learning these skills, you are able to expand your
strategy, right?
Greenhorn: I continued to press "X" for skill, but my TP fell quickly, so
you have to stop and wait patiently for it to return?
Veteran: Exactly. Whatís important to remember now is, you press the "O" and
make a basic attacks.
Each time a basic attack is successful, your TP recovers.
Greenhorn: Alright, so I just make basic attacks using "O"!
Veteran: ... But you donít do anything about all of the TP. Why to use the
techniques you will also need SP, be careful how you use it.
Veteran: A small part of TP recovers when enemies are defeated, and also,
when you defeat a higher number of enemies, youíll recover even more TP .
-> No
Kyle: Iíll be on my way!

* Note: Recap on SP aka Spirit System: Goes down when your attacking and fills
when you defend. If you attack, if you continue attacking after its down it
harms you.  I figure at this point most will have figured this out, but I
just wanted to add this in.

[Going towards the north-west]
NOTICE: "The Imperial Castle is nothing more than rubble now. You can not
go any further ..."

(Weapons/Armor Shop)
[ Weapons seller]
 Weapons seller:  Welcome.
Weapons seller: Come back again.

[Armor seller]
Armor Seller: Welcome.
Armor seller: Come back again.

[Girl in orange]
Girl: You know, my older brother went to work for Aigrette. He asked me why
I don't eat at the soup kitchens.
Girl:  To be honest, I would love to return to my normal life with my brother
(Talking to again)
Girl: Thanks to my brother we eat every day,
but actually I would love to be able to live with him again ...

Priest: I would like to restore the vitality of this city, that's why I became
a priest of the
Sacred Order of Atamoni.
Priest: For now, we're still focusing on the soup kitchen.
(Talking to again)
Priest: If we reconstruct this city, we should be able to accumulate a large
number of lenses
very easily.
Priest: By doing so, through the power of the goddess Atamoni, this city will
once again be even more wonderful.
Loni: Hah ... In the end it's all for the lenses. It looks to me, you guys
can't do anything with out them..

[Man on the stairs]
Guard: In the basement there is a bank for the, Sacred Order of Atamoni. The
simple of faith can not access them.

[Objects in the north of the second floor]
"Something is written on the bag: Items for the poor to be removed from the
list, following the usual method.'"

NOTICE: "There is a organ, which once belonged to the former Oberon, company.
Try to play the organ?"
"Play it"
"Don't play it"

~Harmentz Valley~

/ Dialogue \
Merchant: Oh, poor you, you have such bad luck! As you can see, the bridge
is down!
Kyle: No way ... If we don't hurry, we'll lose that girl!
Merchant: Girl? By any chance are you referring to a girl dressed in pink?
Kyle: Huh? Sir,  did you see her?
Merchant: Yeah, and I was scared! When she realized that she couldn't use
the bridge,
she just suddenly jumped off the cliff!
Loni: Old man, tell us, where did that girl jump?
Merchant: Uh, I think it was that way. ... Oh no, you aren't getting any idea's
of going over also, are you?
Kyle: Of course! We have to hurry, or we'll lose her!
Merchant: Hah ... Well, I guess that doesn't make you too bad. Oh, if you
want to buy some medicine, just give me a whistle.

/ & Various NPC \
Merchant: You want to buy some items?

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Let's go!
Loni: Uhyaah!

Kyle: Use the "O" button to jump. Use the "X" button to cancel.

Loni: I don't want to jump and end up landing in the wrong spot.
Loni: Kyle, You alright? We're looking for places where you can reach easily
by jumping,
places where it would be difficult to fall, and then go up from there.

Loni: Hey, what's that?

Kyle: This ... I bet it's the charm that girl was wearing!
Loni: Maybe she dropped it while she walked through here, or maybe when she
jumped off the cliff.
Kyle: Huuuuuh!
Loni: The hell, you make no sense, why do you have that happy look on your
Kyle: I have something that girl lost... It's definitely fate!
Loni: ... Ah, why do you always think everything that happens to you is a
good thing?!
Loni: Anywayís, keep it safe. If we meet up with her, we can return it.

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni ...  I want to ask you something now. Don't you have a
girlfriend in the Holy Order?
Loni: Uuh! What are you saying, young Kyle? I joined the Sacred Order to become
a Knight,
 n-not going there for something so indecent.
Kyle: Ah, yeaahh. You've been turned down as usual!
Loni: You're wrong! You're wrong! I was the one who turned down all of them!
Almost all of them, were from Atamoni, and this fine piece of man, who was
so kind as to
Invite them to go out, and send them flowers,  they refused me, such snobs!
They don't understand the value of a man when they see one, their minds are
too narrow,
there nothing more than a bigotĎs... Hah!
Kyle: Eh, sorry Loni, sorry I asked...

-> Skit
Kyle: This is the first time I've heard of  "Aigrette". Tell me what kind
of city it is.
Loni: uhhh, let's see ... To put it in one word, it's the "Center of the World."
 You can find all kinds people and all things to do. Know what I mean? Kyle?
Kyle: Heheh ... Not so much.
Loni: Pf .. To say no, if there are so many people, probably half of all of
those people are also
beautiful women! I can't wait! And you? Eh? Eeeh?
Kyle: ... At the end its always the same. And I also feel that I was ...

-> Skit
Loni:  Kyle. Hang on tightly to that pendant we found, so you can return it
in person.
Kyle: Eh ... Why?
Loni: When you find something, you've gotta return in person. The best way
to get intimate with a girl.
Kyle: I-I wasn't thinking like that! I just thought it would be a problem
for her, having lost it ...
Loni: Ok, ok, you don't need to apologize. Let's  move quickly and find her!

-> Skit
Loni: If you put your foot in the wrong place and fall off the cliff, there
will be serious trouble. Here, let's find a place that seems safe
and go from there ... Kyle, don't go and run like you usually do, okay?

-> Skit
Kyle: I wonder if we can jump from here to the opposite side ... No, no, better
not to. However,
if I fell from that height, I'd  be in serious trouble. There's nothing left
to do but go slowly ...

/ Dialogue \
????: It's not ... Even here ... Why did I ...
Kyle: I'm sorry?
????: Why can't I ... I can't find it anywhere ... Without that, I ...
Kyle: I said I'm sorry!
????: Huh ...
Kyle: ....! You ... Were you crying?
????: ... What is it? I donít have the time to talk to you.
Loni: Hey, we're grumpy! And to think that we've found something you lost
????: Eh?
Kyle: This is yours, right? Here!
????: ...!
Loni:  Hey hey,  aren't you going thank us?
Loni: It should be a precious thing,  judging those tears.
????: Ah ...
????: ... I, thanks.
Kyle: Naaah, it's natural for a hero, helping people in trouble!
????: A Hero ...
????: ... As I thought, itís not so.
Kyle: Uh, what?
????: I have thanked you for what youíve found for me.
????: But I would ask you to leave me alone from now on. Goodbye.
Kyle: Hey, wait a minute, hey!
Loni: ... Che how rude. Look Kyle, it's not worth the effort, to keep following
that girl!
Kyle:  No! I have to make absolutely sure that, that girl sees me as a hero!
Kyle:  Let's go now! If we stay here, we'll lose sight of her !

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, hey, Loni, Hurry! That girl may already have gone to Aigrette by
Loni: Truee, you can't resist the tears of a woman!
Kyle: Eh?
Loni: When I see such a little face torn by tears, I'm a man on fire! I want
to see you soon,
and hold you tight my arms! "Let your tears flow out on my chest," ! GHH!
Kyle: L-Loni ... ... Really!
Loni: I understand, you don't have to say any more! Running after the woman
so coveted, its the eternal romantic dream of every man!
Well, let's go Kyle!
Kyle: The woman ...coveted ?

-> Skit
Loni: Hey Kyle, what did you do to your arm? It's bleeding.
Kyle: Mh? Aah, your right. Maybe I scratched it as we climbed the cliff.
Loni: What did you say?! You'll get a infection!  I'll take care of it. Let
me see it.
Kyle: Eh ..........? Uwah! Eh-enough! Don't lick me, your tickling me!
Loni: Even if it  tickles, it'll get better after a while.
I won't let my precious Kyle have painful memories. Be strong, all right?
Kyle: Hey, someone HELP!!!

-> Skit
Kyle: We'll follow the girl, and go to Aigrette!
Loni: After going through Harmentz Valley, we'll come to Aigrette!
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

 ~Aigrette~ ( Grand Bazzar)

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: ... Uwah!
Loni: This is Aigrette, the holy city. The capital of this continent.
Loni: It's also the headquarters of the Sacred Order of Atamoni. The great
Straylize Temple is here also.
Loni: What do you think, Kyle? Isn't it way bigger than Cresta?
Kyle: Yes, yes! How awesome ...
Loni: Anyway, let's take a walk through this beautiful city, and then look
for an inn.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uwaaahah! What a city full of life. I wonder if there's a county fair?
I feel dizzy just walking ...
Oh, I saw something there that looks interesting! Let's go, Loni!
Loni: Mwhaaah! Calm down, Kyle! Don't go run around. You'll get lost! Come
on, take my hand!
Kyle: What are you saying! Don't treat me like a child!

-> Skit
Loni: Anyway, let's walk through this beautiful city, and then look for an

-> Skit (out)
Loni: Hey hey hey hey! Where do you think your going? For now let's stop at
an inn, in Aigrette.
We havenít come here to camp outside, I sure as hell don't want to!

/ & Various NPC \

(At Entrance)
[Girl near the entrance]
Girl: Welcome! This is the candy store "Sweet-sweet"! The sweet things that
free you from trouble!
Girl: See you.

[Seller with a band on his forehead]
Peddler: Ooh! You're not allowed to sample whatever you please!
Peddler: Come back again!

[Young guy in the shop]
Guy: Look, to this day I have always been honest and made fun of for it,
but this time it's my turn to set the traps on the next person!
Guy: ... So you people, why not buy this suspicious-looking item...
Loni: You're not really cut out for the job ...
(Talking to again)
Guy: I, bought this vase! Now it will make me rich ...
Guy: I ...

[Man on the stairs]
Scholar: It is said that after the disaster, that occurred more than eighteen
years ago, those who had gathered at the Temple for salvation, ended up
building this great city.
Kyle: Heeeeh, so the city of Aigrette is really new.
(Talking to again)
Scholar: It's been eighteen years since the fall of the enemies who raised
the eye of the goddess ...
Being able to build a great city like this, it really makes you admire human
strength ...

" The bags are packed with ingredients to cook with, from Aquaveil."

[Blond boy]
Boy: Everybody makes so much commotion about Elraine. Elraine, let me tell
you, there's no miracles from her, it's just a trick.
Boy: You just pray and heal diseases, and babies grow up healthy.
If you can do something like that, then you have to endure it.
(Talking to again)
Boy: It's just a gimmick, nothing miraculous about her. I understood that

[Items on the first roof]
"There's a barrel as tall as a person. ... The contents should be ingredients
for cooking."

[Boxes on the second roof]
"Itís a sack of flour. Something is written on it ' From Bridge '."

[Blue Man]
Man: You know, I'm opening a shop here.
Loni: Hmm. So what do you sell?
Man: I'll get a set of items that recently sold nearby, and sell them at higher
These are the basics of a business, the basics!
(Talking to again)
Man: When I'm done with getting this shop ready, come and buy here! Don't
let me down!
Loni: Suure we will!

(Ingredients shop)
[Ingredients seller]
Ingredients seller: Welcome.
Ingredients seller: Come back again.

Chef: Want me to teach you how to prepare the widow?
Chef: I'll teach you how to make the widow.
NOTICE: "You have learned to prepare for the fishermen."  (<---No clue sorry)

[Woman is cleaning]
Mom: We have several kittens, right? We usually take them to "Gramps the Lover
of Cats."
Mom: No one knows his real name, though, he says: "I am the old man, who loves
cats, and will take care of them, as if they were my children."
(Talking to again)
Mom: At the time of the enemies from eighteen years ago, several people saw
the thing in the heavens sucking the life force of the earth  ... Of course,
the animals knew right away ...
Mom: The cats who lived with "Gramps the Lover of Cats" were all wiped out
then ...
I wouldnít have wanted to be there, to hear the sorrows of the old man ...
Mom: But, since the restoration of peace in the world, the old man has started
to take care of cats.
Mom: These cats we have with us are probably the grandchildren of those who
he had first ...

[Girl with cat hat]
Girl: My mom was always sick.
Girl: But the Wondrous Elraine healed mother with her miraculous powers!
(Talking to again)
Girl: When I grow up, I want to be like Our Blessed Elraine!

[Man with beard and hat walking in the middle of the square]
Man: Did you know? The reason Aigrette has grown so much in just over ten
years is that ...
Man: Many people come here from other regions to get miracles performed by
the Wondrous Elraine.
Just like me.
(Talking to again)
Man: How I wish I could meet the Supreme Elraine, it would certainly be

[Boy with hat and bag]
Traveler:  Are you here to give lenses?
-> Yes
Traveler: Heeeh,  then you get a miracle. What's that, oh I envy you!
-> No
Traveler: Oh well, then you're just a group of tourists come to admire the
(Talking to again)
Traveler:  Soon I'll gather lenses, So I can get a miracle from the Supreme

[Woman in green]
Woman: Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but perhaps we met somewhere?
Woman: Please excuse me, I have bad eye problems. I can't see your faces.
(Talking to again)
Women: Since I've come here, I've hoped that my vision will improve. Maybe,
I'll see if Elraine can fix it...

[Old lady in purple]
Oldie: The Holy Supreme Elraine, head of the Holy Order of Atamoni, does have
supernatural powers ...
Oldie: Even those who are suffering from incurable diseases, thanks to the
Supreme Elraine,
she never fails to heal someone in no time at all.
(Talking to again)
Oldie: Oooh, although I'm to old for certain things, my heart is bursting
in my chest.
Who would not be Worshipful to Elraine!

[Lord to the southeast]
Lord: The port of Aigrette is on this side.
Lord: The road leads straight to the port, there is no way of getting lost.

[Old Man in orange]
Old Man: I'm old, I quit being a sailor and now I'm retired.
For some reason, every day I find myself going to the port.
Old Man: Once a day to smell the scent of the sea, and I can't explain, but
it makes me calm.
(Talking to again)
Old Man: Back when I was at the Darilsheid port, every time we went there
we had fun, starting from this port.
Old Man: But it's been abandoned now, its activity is no longer even a shadow

[Young Blonde]
Boy: This week I made a donation of 30 lenses to the Sacred Order of Atamoni!
Boy: Just giving them the lenses, we can receive happiness! It's that easy!
(Talking to again)
Boy:  Next time I'll try to make an effort to give them 50 lenses! Ah!

[Girl with pigtails]
Girl: If you bring them a lot of lenses, it seems that the Sacred Order of
Atamoni makes you a member!
(Talking to again)
Girl: I was only able to give them 5 lenses ...
Girl: I want to donate to mooore! I want to enter the Sacred Orderrrr! I want
to live in luuuuxury!

Palace Guard: Halt.
Palace Guard: You can't go any further on the day of prayer.

(Weapons and Items shop)
[ Items Seller]
Items seller: Welcome.  We also treat tools here.
Items seller: Come back again.

[Weapons seller]
Weapons seller: Welcome. We also treat weapons here.
Armor Seller: Come back again.

-------------------------- To be fixed later, when I donít want to kill this
[Pair speaking]
NOTICE: "They are discussing  'Magic.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: I also learned some Magic.
Greenhorn: ... And, what is magic?
Veteran: Um, in simple terms, they are "skill, techniqueís or spellís you
have learned,  that you are able to customize at will. "
Veteran: First you have to continue to serve and to increase the number of
By doing so, you will be able to get different Magic skillĎs.
Greenhorn: Well, then Iíll use one technique like crazy, Right?.
Veteran: Even that would be a method. Only you will still not change in  Magic
Many skills involve various Enchant, and this is not bad.
Veteran: Attacks enemies with weapons after using techniques that reduce
their ability ...
That way, you do your skills and abilities that will enable you to enrich
your strategy ...
Make sure that your teammates do the same.
Veteran: By the way, if you take away from Enchant a shortcut, the number
of uses will remain unchanged,
Proven so many times.
Greenhorn: My favorite technique does not get many results to compensate for
its shortcomings we'll add the shots
of 'Enchantment.
Veteran: ... In your case, the problem is that your shots are not going to
sign. Since it is not going to sign,
not increase the number of uses, it is all a waste of time!
Veteran: In addition, the use of healing spells will increase only when a
target heal
with less than 50% of HP, does attention!
Greenhorn: So even though I use it for scratches, will not increase my
experience, yes.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Goods on the second floor]
"There's some broken armor. It seems to be second-hand and bartered ..."

[Knight on the second floor]
Knight: The Holy Elraine, huh ... She work's miracles for the people, but
who the heck is she?
Knight: If you prove to be an imposter who does nothing but make fun of human
I will arrest you with my bare hands.
(Talking to again)
Knight: I don't get charmed so easily. I don't trust things as suspicious
as her miracles.

[Child out on the terrace, on the second floor]
Child: My dad is a sailor. One day he went to sea and never returned.
Child: But I'm sure he'll return one day, and tell me the stories of all the
places he's been!
Kyle: Heeeh. Sounds like my dad!
(Talking to again)
Child: I always pray that the Goddess Atamoni will make Dad come home safe
and sound.

[Green trunk on the second floor of the items shop]
"There is a book called: 'Instructions on how to prepare tempura'.
Apparently the original recipe of Tempura is in the region of Aquaveil. "

[Refrigerator on the second floor of the items shop]
"A line of products traded by the former Oberon Company. It's a refrigerator

[Man who walks in the items store]
Rich man: Seeing how the Sacred Order of Atamoni always supportís us, I would
like to give them something other than lenses.
Rich man: However, the merchandise here is quite cheap ... I wonder if there
is something more refined and more classy...
(Talking to again)
Rich man: Don't you see, Mr. Shop Owner, I need something that fits to a "Holy
But there is not anything that works,  don't you even have  jewels?

[Items seller]
Items seller: Welcome.
Items seller: Come back again.

"It's a monument carved on the pedestal of the clock.' For the growth of
Aigrette, formerly the city of Armeida.
A donation of the mayor. '" (O_o. .Armeida, that does make sense but,  I liked
it how it was before. )

[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: The city is full of pilgrims ... I think I'll stay here to rest
a while till the day of prayer.

[Blond Man]
Man: Ah ... Owwww ... M-my stooomaccchh hurts!
Man: ...Owwww It must have been the cheese that I ate before ... Or maybe
it's because of that apple?

[Woman looking at her watch]
Woman: Soon I will become a mom  ... I came to the temple to pray for an easy


Txt version

~Aigrette inn~

/ Dialogue \
Innkeeper: Welcome, good travelers! Are you both staying?
Innkeeper: Welcome, good customerís. Thanks to all the pilgrims who've come
to visit the Temple,
I've been making tons of money, so hand over the money first!
Kyle: Oh, no, we're ...
Innkeeper: Even with simple lenses and offering a prayer, every desire will
be satisfied!
I can very well understand the feelings of the rest of you pilgrims.
Man: The Supreme Elraine! The Supreme Elraine is coming here to visit, right
Innkeeper:  Having the honor of meeting the Supreme Elraine ! I'm really
happy to have lived so long!
Man: I've come here from far away, Snowfreer, and now I will be able to see
, Elraine!
Woman: I ask of you to help me give birth to a healthy baby. And if it's
possible, a boy!
Man: I want to see the mysterious Holy powers at least once with these eyes
Innkeeper: Oooh, I have to go! I'll show you your rooms later,
please wait for me'.
Kyle: W-what? Something's going on!?
Loni:  Elraine arrived. ...  Strange, she doesn't usually appear in public.
Kyle: Elraine? Who's that?
Loni: She's the head of the Sacred Order of Atamoni, now. It's called the
"Holy Blazing"
and apparently she has the power to make miracles.
Loni: She makes miracles before everyone's eyes, and also to convert people.
Loni: ... But I don't like it at all. And since she's appeared,  the Sacred
Order of Atamoni's
 become ridiculous ...
Kyle: Miracles!? Holy? Really!? But that's great, right?!
Kyle: Hey, do you think I can ask for an autograph!? I bet it will be difficult
...  then again maybe just a handshake!?
Kyle: Ah, we can't just stand here doing nothing! Let's also go meet her,
Loni: ... Haah. I'm what a idiot, I was trying to talk seriously with you...
Kyle: Hey, what're you muttering about?! Hurry, hurry!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Elraine, is she really that amazing of a person!? Let's go find
Loni: Alright, Alright, we'll go see her, man try not to get so revved up,

-> Skit (going up)
Kyle: This is no time to wander. Let's go!

/ Dialogue \
Elraine: May the blessing of the Great Goddess Atamoni rain down upon the
people of this city ...!
Man: Uh, UUUH? Until recently I had stomach pain, but now I no longer feel
Old Man: Ooooh, amazing! I see the light, it's been more than thirty years
since my eye's have seen so good ... I see the light!
Child: Yaaay, Mom! Look, I'm walking! I can walk back!
Kyle: W-wonderful ... She really performed a miracle!
Loni: Things like that are a breeze for her. It's just a rumor, but she seems
to become even more powerful each time she does this.
Loni: ... Hey, Kyle. Did you notice that pendant?
Kyle: Pendant ...? Aah! I see it!
Loni: It's the same charm that we brought that girl. They really look alike.
It can't be. Is it possible that ...
Loni: ... What the...  H-hey, Kyle!
Kyle: Give me that pendant! It doesn't belong to you!
Elraine: ... Eh?
Palace guard: Damn! Are you in the presence of the Supreme Elraine!
Loni: I-I beg your pardon! This guy here doesnít know how to express himself!
Heheheh ...
Loni: You idiot! Don't you understand, that pendant, can't be the same one
that girl had!
Elraine: Wait.
Elraine: You said ... that girl? I might know of her, who would you be talking
Loni: No, it's only we know a girl with the same pendant...
Elraine: Same pendant?
Elraine: ... I see. So this is why.
Elraine: Even if you have heard of it before, I would like to state that this
pendant is mine.
Elraine: It is a means, for all those who are part of the Sacred Order of
Kyle: Huh really?
Loni: I told you, fool, didn't I?
Kyle: F-forgive me! It's just that girl, she wanted that pendant back very
Elraine: I see, if this were to be stolen, I'd do everything in my power to
get it back, I suppose...
And you?
Loni: See you didn't have to shout "Give it back." Who do you think she is,
a thief?
Kyle: I, thought...
Elraine: It's okay. You just wanted to be honest.
Elraine: You are ... A kind person. I shall descend on you the divine
Kyle: Ehh, huh, really? ...
Elraine: I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Elraine, I serve as the
leader of the Sacred Order of Atamoni .
Elraine: If you wish, please, tell me your name?
Kyle: Oh yeah, I'm Kyle! Kyle Dunamis! This is Loni!
Elraine: Kyle and Loni, right? I'll remember.
Elraine: I'd like to meet you again, sometime. By then, I hope to also meet
with the owner of that pendant.
Elraine: ... I feel we could have some good conversations. Heheh ...
Kyle: ...
Elraine: Well, now if you'll excuse me. See you, Kyle.
Loni: Damn, you made me lose thirty years ... Hey, are you listening to me,
Kyle: You know, that ... Elraine she looks like.
Loni: Eh? Who are you talking about?
Kyle: That girl. Didn't you see it Loni?
Loni: I was so freaked out I didn't bother looking at her face... And look
who's to blame for that?
Loni: Well, let's go to the inn now. I feel pretty tired now...

-> Skit
Loni: The Holy Elraine ... huh. I heard that she was traveling around to save
people, but now she's back in Aigrette.
Kyle: Hey, hey, Loni, let's get back to the inn. I'm so hungry, I'm dying!
Loni: Yeah. Me too, and looks who's made me so TIIIRRREEED! We need to return
to the inn!
Man you've made me so TIIIRRREEED!
 Kyle: Alright, sorry, come on...

-> Skit
Kyle: That, really surprised me!  That Elraine had the same pendant that we
took to that girl.
Loni: Why should we be surprised! You were in the presences of the Holy One!
Dammit it was a good thing I was there to take up the situation, because if
we were considered ordinary tourists, we would
have been convicts again! Of course it's the principle that you ...
Kyle: I-I already apologized! Next time I'll pay more attention! ... But,
who knows why they wear the same pendant.
Maybe  this girl has to do with the Holy Order!
Loni: Uuhm ... I don't think I ever even saw it, while I was in Holy Order,
though. Then, did she really jump out of a lens, or not it?
... Oh, I don't understand anything.

-> Skit
Kyle: About Elraine. Meeting her gave me the same feeling, as being around
that girl.  You know?
... Hey, Loni, what do you think?
Loni: Right ... Elraine is a beautiful woman, I admit.
Kyle: Huh?
Loni: But anyway, she doesn't do for me. I just can't understand that way
of thinking "The Goddess
first of all. "Though, of course, if she came and asked me to go out, I would
say YES right then and there.
She is after all, a beautiful woman.
Kyle: ... I won't even bother asking more, Loni.

-> Skit
Kyle: For the moment, let's return to the inn.

/ & Various NPC \

[Young Blonde]
Boy: You! Look at this stone! It's wonderful, right?
Kyle: It's just a rock.
(talking to again)
Boy: Wow, you just have to go and be rude about the Supreme Elraine,  even
this simple stone has the smell of her nobility ...
Kyle: That's not possible.
Boy: Aaah ... Sumpreme Elraine ...

[Man on the stairs]
Scholar: It's the first time I've gotten to see the power of the Supreme
Elraine ... I was so surprised ...
It's exactly what is called the divine power.
Scholar: I thought that human power was immense, but the divine power, it
is even more amazing.
(Talking to again)
Scholar: This city was built by those who gathered here in search of divine
power ...
Scholar: As it turned out, humans can not live without relying on a god.

[Construction workers]
Construction worker: Aah, Sumpreme Elraine. What a sublime figure ...
Construction worker: I've decided, I will come and  live in this city! Maybe
so I can meet the Supreme Elraine again!

[Woman in green]
Woman: Thanks to the Supreme Elraine, I have gotten back my sight!
Woman: Aah! She is so wonderful, the Supreme Elraine!

[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: Oh my God ... When she appeared  like that out of nowhere, It
startled me so much!
Old lady: Being able to forgive such a lack of respect ... That was to be
expected, of the Supreme Elraine.

[Old Man in orange]
Old Man: The Power of Supreme Elraine is great. How can she do such miracles?
Old Man: He who witnesses these miracles, can't help but believe in the
existence of God!
(Talking to again)
Old Man: I'd better hand over these lenses too. I enjoy these privileges,
that would affect the land.

[Blond Man]
Man: When the light of the Supreme Elraine enveloped me, my stomach pain's
just disappeared completely.
Man: In gratitude, I will from now on, make numerous donations of lenses to
the Sacred Order.
(Talking to again)
Man: From now on I will make numerous donations of lenses to the Sacred Order.

Dialogue \
Innkeeper: Oooh, I'm sorry for what happened a while ago. Now I will show
you to your rooms.
Innkeeper: By the way, just you two are sleeping, right? What about that other
Loni: The other girl ...  who are you talking about?
Innkeeper: That girl who had the same pendant as the Supreme Elraine. You
know who I mean, right?
Innkeeper: She is indeed pretty! So who's girlfriend is she?
Kyle: Nice huh... Sir, have you met her!?
Innkeeper: I have saw her just a little while ago, while I was out shopping.
I remember her because the pendant she
has, is very special.
Kyle: Hey, hey, where did she go then?
Innkeeper: She was headed towards the Great Straylize Temple. What is, if
you don't mind my asking, is the urgency?
Loni: Stop, stop! Where are you going?
Kyle: What? I have to go after her, isn't that obvious!
Kyle: If we stay here and go to sleep, she'll get away! Come on, let's go
Loni: Heh, hey!

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey, Loni, hurry! If you stay here just to sleep, I'll never forgive
Loni: Hey I said wait! You're so hyperactive! ... You know, women hate men
like that.
This is another plus point to keep in mind ...
Kyle: This time I'll find her, and convince her that I'm a hero!
Loni: Ah, you just don't listen to me ...

-> Skit
Kyle: The Great Straylize Temple, huh. I know it by name, only in letters,
I never thought that one day I would go there.
Loni: Well, except for the faithful, itís not a great place. The masses of
lenses have made this temple luxurious, itís just not worth the effort.
Kyle: Loni, you were a Knight of the Sacred Order of Atamoni, do you think
it's fair to say such things?
Loni: Quite right. I only wanted to become a Knight, to have to deal with
this Atamoni, is another matter.
However, for others, itís more important than the rest of Atamoni.

-> Skit
Loni: You listening to me Kyle? Once we're in the Temple, avoid doing anything
that'll attract attention. Remember that we're
still  wanted. If we even get spotted once, we'll end up being caught, and
Kyle: Even if we do get caught, we can always run away! Just like in
Darilsheid, right?
Loni: haah ... You're so naive. We got saved that time, because of that masked
jerk, remember?

-> Skit
Loni: Aah, chasing that little girl again, we'll have to get into the Great
Straylize Temple.
Kyle: What are you saying, Loni? You sound so logical!
Loni: I know it does ... But, you know. I've abandoned the Sacred Order. No
one wants to see me here now, not even her.
Kyle: Noooowaaay! You'll be fine! I'm sure she remembers you, Loni!
Loni: ... Look, don't follow me anymore, huh Ö.

-> Skit
Kyle: Loni, I wanted to ask you something ... what exactly... is a...  saint?
Loni: Right ... A Saint is, say ... Yeah ... A holy woman. A woman capable
of doing miracles.
Kyle: So, how do you become a saint?
Loni: Huh? Hmmm ... It takes ... A great effort! Yeah, a great effort!
Continuing to strive ceaselessly, day after day, to become saints!
Kyle: Eeeeeh. So then it's the same as becoming heroes!
Loni: E-eh ... Well, not exactly the same, and um, completely different ...

-> Skit
Kyle: If what the man at the inn said is true, the girl went to the great
Straylize Temple!
Let's hurry and follow her!

-> Skit (taking different routes)
Loni: To get to the Great Straylize Temple we need to take the path leading
from the city.

(Taking the road behind the houses)
Kyle: It seems that this is the end of the city.

/ Dialogue \
Palace guard: What are you doing here!? Today is the day of prayer, got that?
Kyle: Hey, did a girl come up here? One with a pendant!?
Palace guard: ... A girl with a pendant? I donít know a thing!
Kyle: Huh?
Palace guard: Like I said before, today is the day of prayer. Go home!
Kyle: How can we see, if we can't pass!? The manager of the inn was sure she
went in this direction of the Temple ...
Kyle: Hey, Loni, are there any other ways to reach the Temple?
Loni: No, this should be the only ...
Loni: ... Oh no, wait. Right, I've heard something from the Captain of the
Loni: That somewhere in this city, there are ancient ruins. That are connected
to the Great Temple.
Kyle: So the girl went from there!
Loni: But you know those ruins, even in the Holy,  theyíre the same as any...
I donít think that girl knew them ...
Kyle: Okay, let's go anyway! Hey, how do you get to the ruins!?
Loni: I don't know the exact location, but I know the entrance should be
somewhere in this city.
Kyle: Alright, let's find her!

-> Skit
Loni: It's just something I over heard, from the head in the Order of the
Knights. Somewhere in the ruins you
can enter the temple without going through the main door. But don't tell
anyone. It's a secret between you and me!
Kyle: Ah, I've go it! "We can go to the Temple through the ruins," Alright!
I wont tell anyone!
Loni: You idiot! You're yelling to loud! Those guards at the gate will hear

-> Skit (taking different routes)
Loni: It's said that the entrance to the ruins is somewhere in this city.
Let's search!

/ & Various NPC \

(Cave entrance)
[Old lady in purple]
Old lady: First it was just ruins.
Old lady: Aigrette grew more and more, and eventually was abandoned.
Old lady: I live right there, around that hill.

Lord: Oh no, I packed too much luggage. Itís hard effort to close the door
of the store with all that stuff inside!
Lord: Hah, if someone would give me a hand to tidy up the store. I could put
it all in order,
perhaps by affixing a label to identify the items above ...

[On the walkway to the north-west]
"Itís a dock for boats used to transport luggage. There is a lift to carry
bags of great value."

~ Straylize Ruins ~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: hhhmm ... It looks like these are the ruins connected to the Straylize
The pilasters and the method of construction are identical.
Kyle: Hey Loni, so then this corridor leads to the Straylize Temple?
Kyle: It's possible that this is place connects to the Temple?
Loni: Maybe. However, be careful, Kyle! It looks like this place has become
home to a bunch of beasts.

-> Skit
Kyle: Uwah! Why are there monster's in this place!? ... Oh, I know! It must
be a new method of monitoring!
Loni: Of course not.  It's very known that monsters live in ruins. Stop
talking crazy, and let's go!

-> Skit
Kyle: These ruins are connected to the Straylize, right?
Loni: As far as I know, Hopefully.
Kyle: Alright. Let's go!

-> Skit
Kyle: I don't think these ruins are going to be easy. There's a bunch of
machines here and there...
 I wonder what will happen, if we press them? I don't get puzzles very well...

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "It seems that it can break through an impact."

NOTICE: "The letter D is Blue."

NOTICE: "The letter E is White."

NOTICE: "The letter S is Green."

NOTICE: "The letter T is Yellow."

NOTICE: "The letter I is Red."

NOTICE: "The letter N is Heavenly."

NOTICE: "The letter Y is Purple."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What's this room? There's designed "Letters" in front of these and
"Colored Stones".
Loni: Hmm, the "yellow" is in front of the "4" ...
Loni: This means "something yellow"  makes " a quarter", right?

/ & Various NPC \
NOTICE: "The design is still there."

NOTICE: "The design has faded."

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaah! Look Loni! It's a huge lens!
Loni: ... Look closer, it's just a fake. It's a smaller version of the "Eye
of the Goddess."
Loni:  "Eye of the Goddess" it was a huge lens with a diameter of 6 meters,
and had an incredible power.
When that guy used it selfishly, the world went into crisis.
Kyle: And that's when Mom and Dad destroyed it to protect the peace of this
Loni: Yep.

~Straylize Temple~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: B-beautiful ...! So this is the Great Straylize Temple?
Loni: We're in the Grand Shrine located at the center of the Grand Temple.
Only priests of a high rank can come here.
It's my first time being here.

-> Skit
Kyle: Heeeh. I never thought we'd get into the Straylize Temple. It was pretty
Loni: Damn, where the heck are the guards? I mean, this is the place where
you can find the treasures and
most desired wealth in this world. Thieves could get in so easy...

-> Skit
Loni: Kyle, don't wander too much. We've come in like thieves. Let's find
that girl before guards find us!

-> Skit (taking different paths)
Loni: Hey hey! We came in here like thieves! Quit looking around, and try
and find that girl!

/ Dialogue \
??: How can I meet a hero? I beg of you, tell me, Miss Philia!
Kyle: This person ... she's!
Philia: ... First of all, I have a question for you. Why are you looking for
a hero?
??: For the power... I need a power that is able to change the world.
Philia: Power?
??: A hero who has the power to change not only people, but the fate of this
??: I want to know who has the source of that power.
??: And I would like to get that power.
Philia: ... In my eyes, you seem to already have a great power.
?: No, not at all! The power I have right now is absolutely not enough!
Philia: ...
Philia: There's another thing I want to ask you.
Philia: What will you do, once you meet this hero and get this power?
??: ...
Philia: ...I see, It's something that you can not talk about. And because
I'm not the hero you're looking for?
??: ... Forgive me.
??:  I will not try to use that power for evil purposes! Believe me!
Philia: Yes, I understand. I just wanted to know this.
Phil: That is, what do you wish to do with this power and conviction.
Philia: ... To me you are surely ... (not sure)
??: You're one of the four legendary heroes who broke the Eye of the Goddess
... Philia Philis?
Philia: Oh, who are you ...!?
??: It wouldn't make sense for you to know the name of the person who will
kill you. ... Get ready!
??: Miss Philia!
Philia: Don't worry about me! Run away, hurry ...!
Loni: Man, it's bad, Kyle!
Kyle: Come on, Loni!
??: ... Weak, too weak. Would this really be, the power of a heroine from
the past? Somewhat disappointing ...
??: If nothing else, I will let you enjoy the last moments of your agony ...
Kyle: Don't move! Leave Miss Philia alone!
??: ... You people, who are you?
Kyle: Miss Philia! How could you ...! I'm the next ... I am, the Great Hero
of the Future, Kyle Dunamis, here to challenge you!
??: Hero, eh ...!?
??: A worm like you who dares to call himself a hero ...! Do you want to die,
Loni: WATCH it, Kyle!
Loni: What ...!?  What is this guy, a ghost?
Loni: It's bad, Kyle! He's very strong ... We've got no chance against him!
Kyle: Well, I'm not backing down! I'll show him!
??: I admire your determination, Kid. Assert proclaimed a hero in front of
me ... Twist into the abyss of death!

After Battle

Kyle: What did I say, you see!
??: Huhuhuhuh ... I see.  You were able to get me off guard. For this, you
deserve my respect!
Kyle: Ugh! H-he's strong ...!
??: I'm sorry, I'm going to destroy your career as a hero, huhuhuh ...
??: Guaaah! Wh-who the hell ...!?
Judas: Take this, Kyle!
??: Mgwaaah!
??: ... Huhuhuh. So there is a opponent in this world worth my time...
Barbatos: My name is Barbatos Goetia. Kyle Dunamis ... I will keep your name
in mind !
Kyle: There, we did it ...
Kyle: That's right! Miss Philia!
??: Still breathing ... And alive!
Loni: Excellent! Let's get Miss Philia to a room inside the Temple. Let's
go now!
??: ... Yes, that's better. Her breathing has calmed down.
Kyle: Thank goodness ...
Kyle: But, what a show! You were able to heal that deep wound in no time!
??: ... It's not a show. In addition to involving Miss Philia, I wasn't even
able to save ...
Kyle:  B-but! You were the one to heal that wound! You shouldn't get
??: Not at all ... Not at all ... With my power, I can not protect anyone.
With this power ...
Kyle: ... You know, this is something my mother said.
Kyle: "Think about what you do, and have no regrets."
Kyle: Think about something that's linked to the future, but don't let regret
tie you to the past.
??: ...?
Kyle: So, here, let's say ... It seems to me, that you only have regrets.
And that's no good...
Philia: A-as he says.
??: Miss Philia ..!
Philia: The High Priest stole the "Eye of the Goddess" with the ambition to
rule the world.
And without knowing it, I even helped him ...
Philia: After having discovered it, I was miserable with regret. I didn't
want to do anything but cry.
Philia: And it was then that Mr. Stahn held out his hand, saying: "It's wrong
to just stand there crying."
Philia: Having nothing but regrets won't help anything. And he taught me this,
and it's thanks to that I'm where I am now.
Philia: Unfortunately, I don't know of a way to meet a hero.
Philia: However, I know what you need.
??: What do I need ...? What is it?!
Philia: They are companions. For me, those are people like Mr. Stahn, or Mrs.
Philia: They believed in my strength, I even trusted them myself  ...
And that's what got me going.
Philia: I think you need to have people like them.
??: Companions ...
Kyle: Like father, and mother ...
Kyle: Alright! It'll be me!
??: Huh?
Kyle: I'll become your friend! I've decided, We'll always, always be
Kyle: If you come with us, you'll see yourself as a hero to!
??:  M-Miss Philia. I ...
Philia: Still can't find an answer, am I right? Then maybe after a while you
will understand what's best to do.
??: ... You would come with me?
Kyle: Of course! You don't even need to ask!
??: Thank you ...
Kyle: That's right! What should I call you? I can't exactly keeping saying,
"You" forever.
Reala: ... Reala.
Kyle: Reala, well then ... Nice to meet you, Reala!
Reala: ... Yes! My pleasure, Kyle!
Loni: ... Hey, I'm still in the group, right?
Kyle: Oh! L-Loni forgive me, I didn't mean...
Loni: Eheh, so what about me?! Why you tell them right away? Were "Comrades,"
Reala: Huhuhuh ... Aahahahah!
Kyle: Oh! Wait, Judas!
Loni: The poor fellow, he's escaped!
Kyle: Oh! Miss Philia, see ya!
Kyle: Reala! Come on!
Loni: Miss Philia, take care of yourself!
Loni: ... Hey, wait, Kyle!
Reala: Be, well, Miss Philia, I'm going now...
Philia: Miss Reala.
Philia: Can you hear it, Miss Reala. Thump, thump, it's the beating of my
Philia: This sound ... It's my life, that you've protected.
Reala: Miss Philia ...
Phil: You definitely have a gift. And the power to save others ... So, you
believe in yourself more.
Reala: ... Yes!
Reala: Well, Miss Philia. Please excuse me. Thank you very much!
Philia: ... What a mysterious young girl. Reala ... And Kyle.
Philia: Huhuh! That hair, face, and what he says, he is exactly like ...
Philia: ... Kyle? Right! He must be the son of Stahn and Rutee...!
Philia: ... Reala. What you're looking for,  may be much closer than you
(Didn't they keep in touch at all?!)

Kyle: Wait, Judas.
Kyle: It's not nice to run away so suddenly! And I still havenít thanked you
for saving me.
Judas: You do not need to thank me for that. I was going that way by accident,
I saved you only because of where I was going.
Kyle: How can you say it was a accident! It's obvious that you came to my
Judas: ... If you think so, you are free to do so. Farewell.
Kyle: Wait! Judas, why did you save me?!
Judas: I am at risk of being annoyed.
Kyle: So why don't you come with us, Judas!
Judas: WHAT?
Kyle: You're angry because you have to keep an eye on us from afar. But if
you're closer, it'll be easier.
Kyle: And, you heard what Miss Philia said. Reala need's companions. So, even
you, Judas ..
Kyle: Judas?
Judas: ... Stop it. There is no point in counting me as a companion.
Kyle: In what way, is there is no point?
Judas: ... There's nothing more to discuss.
Palace Guard: Hey, you guys!
Palace guard: Have you seen a suspicious person around here?
Palace guard: It seems that the robbers have entered the great temple. Did
you know?
Loni: Crap!
Palace Guard: What, do you know something?
Loni: No, no! Nothing! Robbers then eeeeh! How frightening!
Palace guard: ... By the way, why are you guys here, isnít it a day of prayer?
Kyle: Um, uh, we're here ...
Loni: No, nooo,  we were only walking down the street,  and we got lost, and
ended up in this place...
Loni: Given that our presence isn't welcome, we'll just shoo away! See ya!
Palace guard: ... Hey, wait a second! Who is that standing behind you looking
this way?
Judas: ...
Palace guard: What did I suspect ... Hey, I told you to look back on this
Kyle: W- wait, please! That guy is our friend!
Judas: ...!
Palace guard: Friend ...?
Kyle: Yeah! Isn't that right, Loni?
Loni: Oh ... Yeah, that's right!
Loni: Naaah, it's really just that his stomach hurts so much ... isn't that
Reala: Oh, uh ... That's right! Walking was bothering him, and he was resting
Palace guard: Is that true ...?
Loni: Aah! I saw the shadow of a guy, look!
Palace guard: Huuh, where!?
Loni: There, there, on the other side! Hurry and chase it or you'll lose him!
Palace Guard: Alright, I'll get him!
Kyle: Hey, Loni, where he is!? Where did he go!?
Loni: Idiioot, that was a lie. If I hadn't said that, they would have started
asking us questions!
Judas: ... Why did you cover for me? You even lied about the fact that we
are friends.
Kyle: Because you're a comrade of ours, Judas. It's normal to help a friend.
Judas: I'm not your friend ...! (Give up Judas you'll never escape them)
Loni: So help me understand,  just why did you stay silent when Kyle said
you were?
Loni: If you aren't going to be our partner, you should explicitly deny it.
That's your character right?.
Judas: It's just that I did not have the time to say ...
Kyle: Do you remember what you were going to tell me, when we left
Kyle: You were going to say "Let's go together", right? I'm sure I'm right!
Judas: I really ...
Judas: ... It may be such matters, like what just happened will come up again.
Judas: And in spite of everything ... you're alright with that?
Kyle: A hero can't be afraid of hard things! So, we'll see!
Loni: So we have to travel with this jerk? For me this trip has been difficult
right from the start. ( I think)
Loni: The hard things will only improve from here on. So I don't care.
Reala: It's hard not to be involved with troubles, I think the same way. So,
I don't care either.
Judas: ... What a bunch of idiots. If you regret it, it's not my fault.
Kyle: So that's it! Welcome, Judas!
Loni: Well, weíve over stayed our welcome. Let's leave!
Kyle: But where should we go? Reala, do you have a goal?
Reala: I have just one. The hero that I have not met yet ...  King Woodrow
of Heidelberg.
Loni: One of the four legendary heroes, King Woodrow. Certainly, when
compared to Mr. Stahn, he's one that fits
the title of hero more.
Judas: To get there, take a ship from the port in Snowfreer. From there we'll
head to Heidelberg.
Kyle: A trip on a ... shiiip!
Loni: Alright, let's head there right away! It looks to me that the port is
located east of Aigrette.
Kyle: Alriight, first let's get to the port in Aigrette, and from there we'll
aim for Snowfreer!
NOTICE: "Reala joined the party."
NOTICE: "Judas joined the party."

-> Skit
Reala: So Miss Philia wasn't the hero ... And if King Woodrow, isn't the hero
that I'm looking for ...
Kyle: That's when I'll come into play! I'm still learning, but surely one
day I'll become a great hero! Leeave it to me!
Reala: I'm sorry, Kyle. I was speaking seriously...
Kyle: Eeeeh! But I'm serious! Believe me, Reala!
Reala: Fine... Well, then I'll wait patiently for that day, oh Great Hero
of the Future!

-> Skit
Kyle: The Hero King Woodrow, huh. And the King of Phandaria, right? "Is a
great sovereign, beloved by his people,"
That's what Mom told me.
Judas: He likes to wander.
Loni: Mh? King Woodrow likes to wander? And how did you know that?
Judas: It's just something... I've heard.
Loni: Hmm, its a kind of gossip, then? What interesting news  ...

-> Skit
Kyle: That man who said his name was Barbatos. Why did he attack Miss Philia?
Loni: Heh, maybe he's just a lousy maniac that attacks only beautiful women!
Kyle: EEH, then he's the enhanced version of you, Loni!
Loni: Don't be stupid! If it were me, I would've attacked much more elegantly.
Don't compare me to that weirdo.

-> Skit
Loni: Barbatos was really tough. If it weren't for that masked stalker, we
would've been done for...
Judas: "Masked Stalker", you mean me? Just by looking, you come up with a
strange nickname .
Kyle: Come on, come on. We escaped from prison, I don't care if you're a Masked
Judas: ... You're supporting it as well?
NOTICE: "Judas was awarded the title of: 'Masked Stalker'."  ( Haha poor guy)

-> Skit
Judas: The port of Aigrette is east of the city. If we take the exit in the
neighborhood south of the temple and head east,
we will see it right away.

-> Skit
Kyle: Let's take a ship from the harbor and set sail towards Heidelberg!
Loni: The port of is located in North-East of Aigrette. Sail along the coast.
Kyle: Alright, let's go!

/ & Various NPC \

Priest: During the revolt of Hugo, the giant lens called "Eye of the Goddess"
was placed in the innermost room of this building.
Priest: Now there is nothing. That place was sealed, and along with it his
abominable memories.

(Philia's room, ground floor)
[Book on the round table]
"'The truth about the unrest caused by the Eye of the Goddess'. Put on the
market immediately after the revolt,
it has become a best seller. It's a novel of the day. "
"The author must be the same scientist who collaborated on the development
of weapons called 'Guns Earn lenses'."

"'Philia Bomb - Information about elimination ... It seems to involve the
destruction of something that mass-produced young. " ( Such a frightening

Philia: Praying for your health, I give you the Combo Command.
NOTICE: "You've got: Combo Command."
(Talking to Philia again)
Philia: Heheh. When I look at you, I remember the old days.
Philia: I left the temple without knowing the outside world, on a journey
around the world with my friends...
Phil: There were some sad moments, also some terrible moments, but I enjoyed
it ...
(Talking to Philia again)
Philia: All of you, be careful on the road. I will pray that it is safe.

[Library on the stairs to the left]
"This must be Philia's collection. Several different volumes of the
possibilities of gender." (....)
"'Essay on the Chemistry of lenses", 'Origins of the Creed of Atamoni', 'The
Legend of Dr. Harold',
'How to Fight The Hate of Gels' etc. etc. "

(First floor)
[Library wall to the left]
"Provided texts on geography. Itís, 'The Troubles Caused by the Eye of the
Goddess', shows a topography of how the world was wider before. "

[Library wall to the right]
"Provided texts on geography. ... It's reported that on the continent of
Fitzgerald there is a mountain range renamed the 'Chain of White Clouds'
because of the thick haze that has shrouded it. "

[Book on the left table ]
"' Calvalese Walk' ... The story of an adventurer who traveled on foot across
the continent of Calvalese, which has a some what harsh temperature. "
"He collected many treasures abandoned in the desert, and made a fortune,
so to speak. ... It may be that there are
still many treasures scattered in the region of Calvalese. "

[Book on the right table]
"'Culture of the different worlds - Aquaveil' ... A book explaining the
special customs and traditions and the history of Aquaveil."
"The archipelago located in the north-east of the world is called, in other
terms, Aquaveil. If you get the chance, visit it."

(Second floor)
Scholar: I'm doing a research on lenses.
Scholar: It says lenses are likely to have arrived from a falling comet, that
hit the ground long ago..
(Talking to again)
Scholar: I'd really like to conduct research on the weapons that exploited
the lenses, and the Swordians,
but it seems that they became untraceable eighteen years ago.
Scholar: The one who created them, Harold Berselius, is a genius without a
(Talking to again)
Scholar: I hope one day my research will help the Supreme Elraine.

[Library, wall to the left]
"Provided words on the great figures of the past.
'Lydon Bernhardt', the High Priest who started the unrest caused by the Eye
of the Goddess. " ( Greybum, if I'm not mistaken)
"He stole the eye of the Goddess and fled, but had to succumb to the four
legendary heroes."

[Library, wall to the right]
"'Provided words on the great figures of the past.
'Hugo Gilchrist', the president of the Oberon company, also started the riots
caused by the Eye of the Goddess. "
"Eye of the Goddess seized, Hugo revived the Weapon of the Past, 'Belcrant'.
Almost reached the point of destroying the earth, he fell at the hands of
the four legendary heroes. "

[Decoration on the walkway above the bottom]
"There is a decoration with an elaborate design. If sold, it would be of great
value..." (Taking after Rutee are we?)

[Book on the table on the left]
"'Special Patrol - Dark Wings' ... A book about the Dark Ali, during a patrol
special, active in the era of wars between heaven and earth. "
"It says that, there was a special patrol of land, it's duties were to escort
infiltration's and important people. "

[Book on the table right]
"'Military transport vehicle - Radislowe ... It's reported that the ship was
used as a flagship by the land troops
 during the period of the war between heaven and earth. "

[Pendulum Clock]
"There's a big old grandfather clock, a little large. It seems to be the kind
old ladies like."

[Priest on the stairs to the left]
Priest: It seems that someone has got in! It appears to be what is commonly
known in this day, as a  "robber"!
Loni: I think it's better if we sit somewhere else!
(Talking to again)
Priest:  You aren't one of those "dangerous people" of which I'm speaking

[High Priestess]
Priestess: Bad people do evil things to feel happy.

[Priest at the center]
Priest: It seems a thief has gotten into the temple, and attacked  Miss
Priest: To go against the temple ... This is what I say, don't be afraid of

[Crystal on the middle of the stairs]
"It's a crystal that radiates a mysterious light. And very huge, who knows
what in the hell it's used for..."

[Statue of the Goddess]
"There is a statue of the Goddess Atamoni. Atamoni is believed to be the patron
Goddess of Peace."

(Path to the temple)
[From the look out high up]
"You can see the Great Straylize Temple, immersed in the luxuriant nature."

 ~Port in Aigrette~

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: What kind of person is King Woodrow?
Loni: Well, the one who calls himself the Hero King, is not like any other
Reala: This time I'd like to meet a true hero ...
Judas: When you meet him, you'll know. However, we have to buy the ticket.
Kyle: Oh, I'd completely forgotten! Hurry, let's buy it!

-> Skit
Judas: We'll go to Phandaria via the sea route. Are you all ready?
Kyle: Ah, damn it! I still havenít bought it! If I don't buy it, we'll be
in all kinds of trouble!
Reala: Huh? What should we buy?
Kyle: Heheh, Super Glue, of course! It can repair anything that gets broken!
If we don't have it, how can we go on?!
Loni: ... Listen to that kid. Judas means the "sea route", it means "by sea"!
(Translator's note: Unfortunately I had a hard time with the linguistic
boundaries on the concepts of the translation in this skit.
In fact it is based on a funny play on words between 'Kairo'-and-sea route
'Kairo'-a tool that serves to
heat pockets. Are homophones in Japanese, so when he spoke of Judas about
the sea route, Kyle thought of
 this instrument, and is not cultured enough to know the other meaning of
the word.
Also, since it happens Heidelberg is located in a snowy continent, wanting
to buy this property it makes sense!)
(^ not from me, from the original translator, so why'd it translate to glue
? This one confuses me a bit)

-> Skit
Kyle: That's right! Before we leave, we should go buy something!
Loni: Hey hey, we're not on a school trip! I bet you wanted to buy a snack.
Kyle: Hehehehe, you hit the mark! Can we, can we, get one? Reala, how about
you, want something?
Loni: Kyle. The tea here costs about three hundred Gald and up.
Kyle: Huh? Then, how about a banana?

-> Skit
Kyle: Hey Judas, I've got so much to learn about you, are you really sure
about going to Heidelberg?
Judas: Hm ... For now, I'm afraid, I have no choice. I am not only going because
of my worries though.
Kyle: Don't you have any family thatís worried about you?
Judas: ... Family ... heh ... Don't worry, I don't have any. (...)
Loni: I get it ... why you wear that ridiculous mask, because, your suffering.
Judas: "Ridiculous Mask" that's excessive!

-> Skit
Loni: Hah ...  sea voyages ... don't understand them...
Kyle: What's wrong, Loni? You don't look so good.
Loni: Never mind that, we'll go! But how is this huge thing floating on the
water! If we take it, who knows if we'll ever see ground again!
Reala: It's okay. Look, there are many women and children who are getting
Loni: R-really?! What kind of women!? Beautiful women!? Or at least pretty!?
Well!? Well!? BEH!
Reala: Huh? I mean, there ...
Loni:  Alriiight this is not the time to mess around! Come on, people! Those
women ... er, I mean, the sea is waiting for us!

-> Skit
Kyle: Look, there are the ships! We can use them to get across the sea. Alright
ready guys!
Let's see who arrives in Phandaria first!
Loni: We're all going on the same ship, so we'll all get there first...!

-------Doing these later--------
/ & Various NPC \
[Couple talking at the entrance]
NOTICE: "They're talking about 'normal attacks.' Want to listen?"
-> Yes
Greenhorn: By now I'm used to just pressing "O" button to do a lot of normal
Veteran: Don't get used to that.
Veteran: To tell you the truth, the damage and the accuracy will drop after
the second or third time in a row, and even the same
combined attack power will drop.
Greenhorn: Cheeeee?! So what should I do?
Veteran: Um, the first step would be to change the alternating combination
attacks executed with "Down + O, O, Up + O".
Greenhorn: And so what is the next step?
Veteran: Press "O", it is possible that the attack power and accuracy will
decrease, with "Down + O",it decreases
the accuracy of hitting upwards, with "Left + O" increases the accuracy down,
and finally
by pressing "Up + O" will not diminish the values of attack and accuracy.
Veteran: Remember what was said just now! Pressing "O", will widen the sphere
of effectiveness, is more likely to
center, however this will not be valid if I wanted to make a chain of attacks.
Veteran: This will also influence the next attack, with "Down + O, Down +
O, O" and "Left + O", "Left + O", "O"
change the numerical values of the three chained attacks.
Greenhorn: Well, for enemies with high evasion, I will use the combination
"Left + O"..
On the contrary, with the enemies with low evasion begin from "Down + O".
Veteran: Yes, let's say you can go as an example. Well, changes are valuable
in themselves insignificant, trying to
combining also remind the other rules I told you, and do not overdo it.
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Young girl with pink hat]
Young girl: Wow you're ripped! Oh my and what a gallant mask! You people are
Kyle: Wh-what, what, what?
Young girl: That means you are fit to sail. You are young, strong and you
seem, then, wait is that
gliar the mask-ed-guy...!
Loni: I don't understand what connection there is between the stalwart masks
and going to sea ... (This one confuses me some I fixed what I could)

[Sailor next to the man with the hat]
Sailor: Today I'm on vacation. I don't know why, but I came to the port
Sailor: Hah, you see that I am a man of the sea to the core, gwahahah!

[Man in green on the right of the screen]
Lord: Well until the next shipment of letters, I'll take in some fresh air!
Lord: Once you go out to sea, you're forced to stay there for a while . I'm
having a good time on the mainland, as long as I can.
(Talking to again)
Lord: Wellll until the next trip at sea, what can I do? Go and eat some nice
Or maybe I should go and look for a girl ...

(Sneaking on the ship)
Ticket: We will leave after you've bought the tickets.

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Sir, we would like tickets for the ferry heading to Snowfreer. There's
four of us!
Ticket man: Yes, I see there are four of you! That will be 400 Gald, Alright?
"Get on the ship" Or "Don't get on"
Ticket man: You're welcome! Hopefully you'll have good luck, gentlemen.
Alright then we're done here.
Kyle: Yeah!? Hooray, what luck! maybe some time in the future we really will
have good luck?

-----------Stopping my revising for the night.

~On board the Ship~

/ Dialogue \
Loni: On the ship we can go wherever we want, right? Well, after you Kyle!
Kyle: Where should we go, Loni?
Loni: Kyle, since you probably don't know, I'll explain it myself.
Loni: Traveling makes you want to open up to people.
Kyle: Hmm.
Loni: It's the only way for lovers to meet by chance ...
Loni: So, since you won't have another chance, the flame of love burns
stronger! Do you get it?
Kyle: ... In other words, your going to go find women, Loni.
Loni: Don't look at it that way! It doesn't necessarily mean it makes me want
to open doors for that.
Loni: Just test it out, how about inviting Reala? This could create a good
situation ...
Kyle: I-I don't do those kinds of things!
Loni: When you see her, tell her that you were looking for her. See-ya!
NOTICE: "Loni got the title: Stories of Love Hunter"
Judas: ... Damn it. What a noisy and disrespectful guy.
Kyle: Uh? Judas, are you going too?
Judas: I want to sit a while alone to think. Don't follow me.  ( mehaha "Think"
sure Judas..)
Kyle: So then what do I do...?

-> Skit <-
Kyle: Being on my own is no fun, I could and find Reala. Mh ... But who knows
where she went.

[Table with books and notes]
"It says something about this notebook ... 'I hate gels to death! I'll never
even eat them in battle, never, never!
And that was how I got the title ...'"  ( Random moment: You know I've always
wanted to eat a Gel/Gummi....)

(Cabin side)
[Table with books and notes]
"There are scattered borrowed books from within the ship."

Passenger: I am the great prophet Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: According to my predictions, in a little while something
unpleasant should happen ... (Greaaat, so lemme guess  a monster comes on
board ? or hopefully just a upcoming world destruction thing )
Passenger: Upp ... Oeeeeh!
Kyle: Yeah, it's something bad  ...

(In front of cabin)
[Couple speaks]
NOTICE: "They are discussing the 'Battle Strategy'. Do you want to listen?"
-> Yes
Veteran: In order to compete with multiple enemies at the same time, you will
need to choose a good strategy
battle, all right! How do you do if you have "enemies with a stiff defense"?
Greenhorn: Using techniques ball with all the others, yes.
Veteran: It's not a bad idea to use the techniques, but they are all busy
preparing a spell,
you will be beaten for good, so it is better that it remains at least one
active in the front rows.
Veteran: When is the case of "use powerful spells on the enemy rear guard"?
Greenhorn: Yesterday, I learned the hard way, yes. There are spells that are
not intended,
because we make a life charging, yes.
Veteran: Well, we say yes.
Veteran: It 'can choose between three types of battle strategies
simultaneously, and you can fight exchanging them
quickly during the course of the battle. Try a little ', and you'll see that
Veteran: The frequency of attacks, the percentage recovery of TP and the
abilities of the characters will change
Depending on the type of enemies, and you can hope for more satisfying
-> No
Kyle: I'm on my way!

[Baggage south of the screen]
"There's a pretty big bag. ... The content seems to be iron ore."

[Sailor on the stairs]
Sailor: A girl? I seem to have seen one on the bridge.
Mariner: Being on a ship, you happen to see a lot of things.

(Large cabin at the bottom)
[Cabinet right of the screen]
"In the cabinet there are bottles of wine lined up. All of them seem to be
high class stuff."

Girl: Hey, big brother, have you ever been to Phandaria?
Kyle: Actually this is the first time I'm going there. I hear it's so cold
that you could even break a nail.
, right?
Girl: Hahaha, that's silly! If you beat nails they should would break into
immediately in pieces!
(Talking to again)
Girl: If you want to know something about Phandaria, come and ask me, if you

[Woman with orange skirt]
Mom: We're going back to my parents, in Phandaria.
Mom: My daughter is very happy to be reunited with her grandmother.

[Passengers dressed in white]
Passenger: Oh Heaven! Are you here to ask my hand in marriage to?
(Talking to again)
Passenger: I'm up on this ship to see my love.
Passenger: But there was this guy who insisted on marrying me. It's giving
me problems.
(Talking to again)
Passengers: If you want to marry me, I'm sorry but I refuse.

[Blonde woman in the north]
Passenger: Ohohohohoh! I would be the leader of the  Good Cooking World Club!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: There is a story about the specialties, in the continent of cold
Passenger: Ah, I imagine it's only going to give me goosebumps!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: I'm touring this ship looking for gourmet dishes from around the

[Turtle in Aquarium in the north]
"This looks like a turtle decoration. Who knows what's bred in this aquarium

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: Pay attention, boy! Wind, pirates, ghost ships, the sea is full of
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Get it, boy? Standing on the sea means to be always in danger!
Sailor: But you have nothing to fear ... Why do you say,  because the great
man here in front of you is on board!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: When I get noticed, any danger runs away with it's tail between his

(Captain Hall)
[Sailor left of the screen]
Sailor: Aaah ... I was scolded again by the Captain ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor: I'm still a beginner in swimming, and I suffer from seasickness ...
As I feared, I'm not cut out
for the sea!
Kyle: And if you knew, then why did you decide to be a sailor?
Sailor: Maybe because ... I love the sea.

[Sailor blocking the stairs to the hold]
Sailor: Below is the hold. Sorry, but customers can not pass.

[World map on the wall]
"the world map. ... According to the map"
"In the North West there is the 'Continent Calvalese'. In the South West there
is the 'Continent Fitzgerald'. In the North East is the 'Continent
of Aquaveil '. And at the center of the world is the 'Central Continent'.

"It's 'a hammock. It seems that the Captain uses."
Kyle: Hm? Something fell. And here is a letter ...
The letter from the Captain: "a rabbit foot, a gift I received by mail order,
but it does not work at all. (I did not win the lottery!) Is it true that
luck that this is lucky when you equip it?
Had no effect with me, so I'll give it back. "
Kyle: ... Well, it might be, but ... If you don't need it, I could take it
NOTICE: "You've got: Symbol of the Bunny." ( oh very nice Kyle just steal,

[Shelf in front of the captain]
"It's full of navigational charts on which were scribbled arrows and specific

Captain: Hail, youngster. I am the captain of this ship. Are you enjoying
your stay on board?
Kyle: Yes! I'm enjoying it a lot!
Captain: If there is anything you ail, please come and report, whatever it
On board, I am the law.

/ Dialogue \
Reala: Kyleee! Look, over here, over here!
Kyle: Hey, it's dangerous, Reala! If you fall you'll get hurt!
Reala: Uhuhuh, I'm fine, I'm fine! Even if I fell, you would save me, Kyle!
Reala: Why you are the Great Hero of the Future!
Reala: Hey Kyle, how about getting it too? The smell of salty air is so
Kyle: Wait, Reala! I'll be right there!

-> Skit <-
Kyle: Reala seems mature, but she's also really beautiful. ... Well, this
isn't the time to think about that now!
I have to hurry to go to Reala!

/ Dialogue \
Kyle: Uwaaah ... magical! You don't see anything but the sea!
Kyle: And the wind blows so hard ... it feels like you can fly in the sky!
Reala: I know? How cool is that?
Kyle: It's amazing. Reala, I thought you'd be afraid to come to a place like
Reala: Why? This sea breeze is just fine!
Kyle: No, it's just that I thought you would say: "How scarryy!" climbing
up so high.
Reala: PHH! Ahahahah! What's, with that "How scarrryy!" you just said, were
you trying to mimic me? That didn't sound like me at all!
Kyle: No, it wasn't a laughing matter!
Reala: S-sorry, Kyle ... but still "How scarryyy!"... Ahahahah!
Kyle: ... Yeah, it was strange huh? He-heheh ...
Kyle: ...  I feel so relaxed with you now, it feel's funny.
Reala: You think I'm not the same, Silly Kyle!
Kyle: Because the first time I met you, whatever you said you had the same
Kyle: To be honest, I thought you were a really cold girl.
Reala: ... Well, then, my head was filled with nothing but the need to find
a hero ...
Kyle: Oh, yeah ... So for that matter.
Reala: ... Look, Kyle. Why do you want to become a great hero?
Kyle: I think it's because I want to be like my father.
Kyle: My father was big and strong, but gentle and warm ... He was always
Kyle: And then, when I was little he left  on a trip. Since then he hasn't
returned. I don't remember him very well.
Kyle: But, I hope to become just like him one day. ... A truly great hero,
just like my father.
Reala: ... A truly great hero.
Kyle: By the way, why are you looking for a hero, Reala?
Reala: ... The reason ... The reason I'm looking for a hero, ...
Kyle: Wha-what was it?!
Sailor: Everyone! It's the lord of the Devil's Reef!  (Aah so yep, a monster
on board, knew it... DX)
Sailor: Hiiiiih! E-every man for himself! I don't want to die yet!
Sailor: Stop shaking like a leaf! Go and inform the captain!
Sailor: And then increase the number of watchmen! Checkand make sure there
are no injuries on board! Move!
Loni: Hey, you two lovebirds! I don't think the the sailors are fit for this
case of cool!
Kyle: Aaaah, it's not, Reala! I had no intention of ... Aaaah!
Reala: Kyle, are you all right!?
Judas: Don't worry. We noted at the outcome, and that the idiot has a hard
Kyle: What! Don't be so mean!
Loni: Ok, ok, afterwards! First of all let's check and see what's going on!
Let's go on ahead!

-> Skit <-
Reala: Kyle, are you okay?
Kyle: Huh? No, hahaha! Reala it's nothing, don't worry.
Reala: But ..
Loni: I'm glad that you two can talk so much, but don't you think we should

/ & Various NPC \

(Captain Hall)
Captain: Nuuuuh! I knew nothing of this Lord of the seas, but don't let him
do this with my ship!
Captain: ... Would you go and report what I just said to the captain of this
Loni: Tell him yourself ...
(Talking to again)
Captain: Ah! If only I could, bring down that monstrous creature with my own
hands ...!
Captain: However, it's my duty to watch over the safety of those traveling
on the ship ...

[Sailor farther east]
Supply Officer: I'm the supply guy.
Supply Officer: Head back whenever you want.

[Sailor in front of the supply guy]
Medical board: Do you want emergency care?
"Yes (100 Gald)", Or  "No"
Ship's doctor: Come back whenever you want.
Medical Board: I will have emergency care.
Medical board: Now you're set.

[Sailor in front of the staircase leading to the hold]
Sailor: Below is the hold! But, now we are fighting against the lord of the
seas! Aah ... what to do...

[Sailor to the west]
Sailor: Pay attention please! Follow the directions of the auxiliary ...
Judas: Alright, let us reassure the other passengers.

(Cabin side)
Passenger: I am the great prophet Sabadeicho!
(Talking to again)
Passenger: the Lord is sure to destroy the Devil's Reef, oh my ...
Passenger: And in fact, I ask you please, destroy-loooh!
Kyle: It's not clear if that was a prediction or not ...
(Talking to again)
Passenger: It's not my destiny to die in a place of gener-Reeh! (Ehh.... not
a clue)

Sailor: All of you, at a time like this, stay calm and dont panic. Follow
my instructions!
Sailor: Ehhhm, the first thing to do, make sure to turn off the source of
fire ... And then, and then ...
Loni: You're the one who's in a panic ...

(Large cabin at the bottom)
Girl: Hey ... I'm afraid. Mom ... Mammaaa ...

[Woman with orange skirt]
Mom: And here is ... What the heck is going on ...!?

[Passengers dressed in white]
Passing: Aah ... If this continues I'll never hug my love again!
Loni: If you talk to me, don't worry ... I will return safe and sound.
Kyle: I don't  think she was referring to you, Loni.
(Talking to again)
Passing: O Goddess Atamoni ... Lead me safely into the arms of my beloved.

[Blonde woman in the north]
Passing:  T-this Lord of the Seas, Is he good to eat?
Loni:  '"Lord of the Seas", not "Taste of the Sea"!
Passing: There are ways to eat this  Lord of the Seas?
Loni: What I don't know, but I can certainly teach you how to be eaten by
the Lord of the Seas.

(Bow Bridge)
Sailor: It, has appeared the lord of the seas! Ohohoh, I was speechless, I'm
no man of the
Sea's is what I am!
Kyle: It seems to me that he is speechless, but ...
(Talking to again)
Sailor A-attacked the ship where he boarded, a man of my caliber! That is
very unlucky.
Sailor: L-look at me now! With my superb steel harpoon, I will become a mix
of fried fish!
(Talking to again)
Sailor: Wait for me, oh monstrous creature! W-when I've passed this stomach
ache I will come for you!