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Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX


Story FAQ

by TrueBackLash

 Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX Storyline FAQ v1.0           
  PlayStation Portable, by Capcom (2006)                   
     Last Updated on March 1, 2010                               
   By TrueBackLash ([email protected])             
      Copyright (c) 2010 TrueBackLash

Table of Contents:
I.   [Legal]
II.  [About]
III. [Setup]
IV.  [Characters]
        * Adon
        * Akuma/ShinAkuma
        * Balrog
        * Birdie
        * Blanka
        * Cammy
        * Charlie
        * Chun-Li
        * Cody
        * Dan
        * Dee Jay
        * Dhalsim
        * E. Honda
        * Evil Ryu
        * Fei-Long
        * Gen
        * Guile
        * Guy
        * Ingrid
        * Juli
        * Juni
        * M. Bison
        * Maki
        * R. Mika
        * Rolento
        * Rose
        * Ryu
        * Sagat
        * Sakura
        * Sodom
        * T. Hawk
        * Vega
        * Yun
        * Zangief
        * Misc.
V.   [Special Thanks]
VI.  [The End]
I.   [Legal]

Before you go any further, read this:

The Street Fighter and Final Fight series and characters are (c) 
Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of America. All rights reserved. 
Do not steal this FAQ as a whole or any original input that I put in. 
If you want to use this FAQ, ask me first. Also, don't use the FAQ for 
profit, i.e. don't sell it.
II.  [About]

This is an all purpose storyline FAQ for Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX. 
I created it because I did not see a guide like this for the game on 
Gamefaqs. The FAQ will cover every character's name, personal data, 
beginning story, battle dialogue, endings and win quotes. All other 
information like, special moves, fighting strategy and cheats, are 
not a part of this FAQ.
III. [Setup]

The system for each character is a follows:

= C. Name =
Height: How tall is the character?
Weight: How much does the character weigh?
Blood Type: A, B, AB or O types? 

A short brief story that introduces the characters.
This happens before the start of the first match.

At there are 3-4 battles where the character talks to the opponent 
and usually advances the plot. There are two RIVAL BATTLES, one 
in match 5 and one in match 9. There is sometimes more dialogue after 
the rival battles. For this purpose I mark it with "= Post-Battle =". 
Some characters also have a MID-BOSS BATTLE which happens 
after the second rival battle. The opponent is always Balrog or Juni 
and Juli together. The FINAL BOSS BATTLE is just that, the last battle 
of the game for the character. Except for Evil Ryu, the final boss is 
always Bison. Evil Ryu's is Shin Akuma.

The characters ending after the final boss is defeated. This section 
is broken down into two parts:

= Synopsis =
A summary of what happened in the ending. I uses it to describe the 
actions that take place that aren't covered by the text.

= In-Game Text =
What the characters say in the ending.

- After non-key battles, the Character says a cool line.
- I'll be back.
- All your base are belong to us.
- Yada Yada Yada.
- This is the end of this section.
IV.  [Characters]

= Adon =
Height: 6. 0ft.
Weight: 161lbs.
Blood Type: B

He is Adon, the self proclaimed "God of Muay Thai".
After beating Sagat, his master, one thing has been on his mind.
Can Muay Thai stand against the power of the "Raging Demon"?

Ken: You are the worthy first pupil of Sagat, aren't you?
Adon: Shut up! He is no longer my master!
Adon: You studied with the one who has the "TEN" symbol upon his back?
Adon: I see... In that case, show me that technique!!

= Post-Battle =

Adon: You're overrated! You claim to be the "king of fighters"?! Ha!
Adon: That ultimate barrage attack... That's how I will identify him!
Adon: Then, I'll teach him that Muay Thai is truly invincible!

Rose: People are obsessed with power, which in turn, destroys people.
Rose: Can't you see it? Where your aspirations will lead you?
Adon: Ruin and destruction, right? I know full well what it is!
Adon: But Muay Thai's power is far beyond your comprehension!

M. Bison: You've changed. It's no surprise that your strength beat Sagat!
M. Bison: It seems... Well, it seems I underestimated you.
Adon: I don't need you. I'm just interested in "that power".
M. Bison: You want the secrets of the "Raging Demon" ...Right?
Adon:  ..!! How could you know about that?
M. Bison: And what could you gain from such a pitifully weak move?
M. Bison: I'll show you true strength! The awesome might of Psycho Power!

= Synopsis =
Adon has seemed to have defeated Bison, but Bison recovers and tells 
Adon that he will never die. Just as Bison knocks Adon down with the 
Psycho Crusher, a silhouetted figure of Akuma sneaks behind Bison 
and destroys him with the Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon. Adon 
recovers and knows that "the man bearing the "TEN" symbol" defeated Bison. 
He, now more than ever, wants the power of the Shun Goku Satsu as Akuma 
looks on from above.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: I see... Is that the best you can do Adon?
M. Bison: Hm hm hm... Ha ha ha ha!
M. Bison: No matter how many times I fall, my Psycho Power will never die!
M. Bison: Psycho Crusher!!
M. Bison: I fear nothing! Not eve death!!
M. Bison: ...?!
M. Bison: Why?!! You... You cannot overcome my Psycho Power!! 
M. Bison: What!?? Nooooooo!
Adon: Guh... (gasp).
Adon: It was the man bearing the "TEN" symbol, as I suspected. 
Adon: He obliterated Bison's Psycho Power in one deadly moment... 
Adon: I must have that power! For the new Muay Thai legend... I will!

- By fighting me, your weakness will become legendary!
- I felt your ribs and spine snap! I'm sorry I left you alive!
- Look into my eyes, and see what's left of your broken self!
- My existence is fury unleashed! You can't hope to contain me!
- That was a waste of my Muay Thai skills! You are worthless!
- What hurts more? The pain of your body or your self esteem?
- You'll appreciate that I held back during the fight!
- Your only destiny now, is to lie here at my feet!

= Akuma =
**Shin Akuma has the same info as Akuma**
Height: 5. 8ft.
Weight: 177lbs.
Blood Type: ?

Akuma... The supreme master of the fist.
This lone warrior is a wanderer, shrouded with "evil intent"...
He searches for challengers with enough potential to kill.

Adon: "The master of fists..." You must be Akuma!
Adon: Fight with me now... Show me your "evil intent"!
Adon: Your moves are nothing to me! Face the legend of Muay Thai!
Akuma: Don't talk... Just fight!!

Guy: My name is Guy... I am the successor of the Bushin style.
Guy: I am here for a good reason. I cannot allow you to see "him."
Guy  For the sake of Bushin... Listen to reason...!
Akuma: ...Your reason will fall before the might of my fist..

M. Bison: So you are Akuma; the one shrouded with "evil intent..."
M. Bison: You'll never defeat me, as long as my "Psycho Drive" exists!
Akuma: To stand in my way, is to feed your soul to the jaws of death!
Akuma: You are weak for not relying solely upon your fists...

= Synopsis =
Akuma promptly destroys Bison with the Shun Goku Satsu/Raging 
Demon. He gloats about the power of the technique and that Bison's 
death was very painful due to his past sins. Gen then appears as he 
and Akuma prepare to face each other in a deathwatch.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison:! How could I....
M. Bison: Ngwoooooh!!
Akuma: Messatsu...!!
M. Bison: N...Nooooooo!!
Akuma: The Raging Demon.... It's power is unequaled.... 
Akuma: It is not my fist, but your past sins that will kill you.... 
Akuma: The more evil your past doings, the more painful your death....
Gen: Each victory is a missed opportunity to die...
Akuma: ...Ha ha ha...mastery of your fist may well mean the same...
Gen: But don't worry.... Heh. Heh. You shall not be victorious again.
Akuma: Face me now.... Witness the death of your soul!

- ...............
- A weakling like yourself doesn't deserve fists to fight with
- Fade to nothingness! You weakness disgust me!
- If you are merciless, your soul will be slaughtered!
- It's time for you to experience a million deaths in an instant!
- Shall I dismember you to demonstrate your weakness?
- To challenge me is to respect chaos, and to respect death!
- You are permanently crippled! Accept your defeat!

= Balrog =
Height: 6. 5ft.
Weight: 225lbs.
Blood Type: A

Balrog is the former heavyweight boxing champion.
This Shadaloo executive worked his way up from the lower ranks.
Armed with the world's strongest punches, his ambition continues.

Balrog: White hair... Traditional Chinese garb... You must be Gen!
Gen: ...What do you want?
Balrog: I heard you've beaten up many of our dealers.  Isn't that true?
Balrog: Nothing personal, but my job requires me to end your life.
Gen: You will repent your foolish ways in the other world...

Birdie: No! You're here already?!
Balrog: I don't know what you did, but Bison ordered your execution.
Birdie: Ha! You only know how to punch! It is you who will be executed!

= Post-Battle =

Birdie: Curses! The Psycho Drive was almost in my hands...!
Balrog: ...Psycho Drive?  What is that?  Tell me or I'll punch you again!
Birdie: ...! No, please don't! I'll tell you now!
Birdie: With its power, you can...

M. Bison: Impressive job, Balrog. You're well qualified as an executive.
M. Bison: I expect a lot from you. Work hard for my ambition...
Balrog: I don't need a flashy title! Just give me the Psycho Drive!
M. Bison: So, you've learned something from that guy...
M. Bison: You would have lived longer, had you been faithful to me.
M. Bison: I will punish you for your greed! Repent in the hereafter!

= Synopsis =
Balrog defeats Bison, but Bison escapes to his Psycho Drive. Birdie takes 
Balrog to it intent on killing them both with it. After fighting off the Dolls, 
Balrog and Birdie make it to Bison who is recharging in the Psycho Drive. The 
two start to bicker between themselves, Bison interrupts and Balrog destroys 
the Psycho Drive with Bison in it. Birdie and Balrog escape the explosion of 
the base but Balrog laments about loosing the Psycho Drive. After Birdie 
reminds Balrog that he destroyed it, Balrog only thought of the machine as a 
way to get rich, not knowing its true power. Birdie calls him a fool and 
Balrog is even more angry for not getting paid. 

= In-Game Text =
Balrog: How was that?! My special blow with giga-ton power!!
M. Bison: Guh.... I was wrong, assuming you were all muscles with no brains.
Balrog: You are no longer my boss! Now, hand over the Psycho Drive!
M. Bison: If you want it, you'll have to take it! Follow me, if you dare!
Balrog: Oh!! He escaped !! ...What?
Birdie: Hey! Come on! I'll take you to the Psycho Drive!
Balrog: You're not so bad after all! Thank you for guiding me...
Birdie: (Fool! I'll destroy both you and Bison with the Psycho Drive!)
M. Bison: You...!
Birdie: Bison...look at the mess you are in now! 
Birdie: I've learned all of your secrets! Your life ends here!
Balrog: Hey, where's the Psycho Drive? Tell me, now!
Birdie: Shut up! I'm not done talking to this guy!  
Birdie: Hey Bison, I might let you live if you work for me. How's that?
M. Bison: Hmph...! That joke is not funny at all! 
M. Bison: (My Psycho Power will be fully 
recovered soon. Almost there....)
Balrog: Hey, listen to me! Tell me now or else!
Birdie: No! You fool! What do you think you are doing?!
M. Bison: You fools...!! I'll never forgive you!
Balrog: Die already!!
M. Bison: No...! How can I lose to you? Is my power not complete yet?!
M. Bison: Gwaaaaah!
Balrog: Darn!! I couldn't acquire the Psycho Drive, after all!
Birdie: Huh? What are you talking about? You destroyed it yourself!
Balrog: What do you mean? I thought it was just a way to get rich?!
Birdie: So, you had no idea what its true value was? You are a fool!
Balrog: Nooooo! Darn! I made a big mistake! Nooooooo!!
Balrog: Wait.... Bison still hasn't paid me for this mission! Nooooo!

- Get up!! I haven't punched you enough!
- Good and evil means nothing to me... Power is everything!
- I've met punching bags more fun and interesting than you!
- If you fight like that again, I'll bite you ear off!
- It was too easy! I feel guilty about getting paid for this!
- My fists still have your blood on them!
- Your face wore out my gloves! Buy me some new ones!
- Your teeth are everywhere! Pick them up before they get lost!
=  Birdie =
Height: 7. 1ft.
Weight: 245lbs.
Blood Type: O

Birdie is a member of Shadaloo.
But as a mere henchman, his daily life became very dull.
And so he gathered information to overthrow M. Bison.
Soon, he found the keyword... "Psycho Drive......"

Birdie: Hey you! I like your hairstyle!
E. Honda: The Mage is the hairstyle of the Sumo. You haven't heard of Sumo?
Birdie: Sumo?! What's that? Some kind of raw fish dish...?
E. Honda: Gwa ha ha ha ha! You can't eat it, but it's quite exciting!
Birdie: Then show me what Sumo is all about!

= Post-Battle =

Birdie: That was great! I see your hairstyle isn't just for show.
Birdie: You're strong enough to be in Shadaloo after I take it over!
E. Honda: Do you mean M.Bison's organization, Shadaloo?
E. Honda: That's a funny joke! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Birdie: Could he be a member of Shadaloo?
Blanka: Uwo? 
Blanka: Uwooooooo!! 
Birdie: He doesn't know me...
Birdie: It's no use trying to talk to this beast. I'll defeat him.

= Post-Battle =

Birdie: If such strong fighters really exist.....
Birdie: They must be in one of those buildings over there....
Birdie: The "Psycho Drive" must be in there too!

M. Bison: Ga ha ha ha ha!
M. Bison: Birdie... What are you looking for?
Birdie: None o' your business, mate! Get outta here!
M. Bison: No... It's time you departed, you treacherous vermin!
M. Bison: Now, Balrog.... Dispose of this rodent!

M.Bison: You defeated Balrog.... Impressive, but expected....
Birdie: Ya like a little entertainment before the main event, eh?
Birdie: Now ya better tells me... Where is this "Psycho Drive?!"
M. Bison: You know... You know too much...
M. Bison: You are a fool! One with no respect for his superiors....
M. Bison: Now I shall teach you what respect is!!

= Synopsis = 
With Bison defeated, Birdie finds the Psycho Drive in the base. He uses it 
but instead of becoming stronger, he becomes trapped in the machine. Charlie 
and Chun-Li track the "Psycho Energy emissions" from the Drive and find and 
rescue Birdie. To Birdie's horror, the Psycho Drive weakened him to the point 
where he can barely move. He then lets Bison's name slip out so Charlie and 
Chun-Li arrest him.

= In-Game Text =
Birdie: I won't be able to take over Shadaloo by defeating him.... 
Birdie: I'll poke around the underground base....
Birdie: So this is the entrance to the underground base.... Now then....
Birdie: I've found it at last! My information was correct.... 
Birdie: This must be the "Psycho Drive"...... 
Birdie: It hasn't been easy gathering this. 
Birdie: But without this, no one but M.Bison could operate it.... 
Birdie: Set! OK.... It's working! 
Birdie: If it works, I'll have M.Bison's power! ...Here goes nothing!
Birdie: Ugh...ugh.... I'm losing my strength. 
Birdie: Wh...why...? 
Birdie: I...I can't get out!! 
Birdie: Some.... me!! Stop this machine!
Charlie: The origin of the Psycho Energy emissions has altered....
Chun-Li: You're right! Set course for new location! 
Chun-Li: I'll head there by ground! 
Chun-Li: We'll rendezvous there!
Charlie: What is all this equipment...?!
Chun-Li: First Lt. Charlie! There's someone trapped in there!
Birdie: I'm...saved.... 
Birdie: I lost my strength instead of becoming like M.Bison.... Why?
Charlie: M.BISON! You! You know something about him, right?!
Chun-Li: He's too weak to run away! Let's take him in!
Birdie: I didn't do anything! Why did this happen to me?! 
Birdie: Blast it!

- Did you just call me something? Why don't you tell me again!
- Eh? What was that? Speak up. I can't hear you from down there!
- Hey! My clothes are stained with you blood! Help me clean it up!
- I am Birdie! The most rotten villain in the world... I hope!
- If my name is Birdie, then why are you saying, "CHEAP! CHEAP!"
- Oh, what!? ... Before? I looked pale because I was sick!!
- That was a pleasant snapping! At least four or five ribs...
- You were ugly before we met... Now I can't even bear to look!

= Blanka  =
Height: 6. 3ft.
Weight: 216lbs.
Blood Type: B 

Blanka lived as he pleased, deep within the jungle of the Amazon.
One day, he unwittingly hitched a ride on a poacher's car.
Curious and excited, Blanka now ventures into the outside world.

Dan: Jimmy...?! You're Jimmy!!
Blanka: Uwon!! Uwon!! 
Dan: Long time no see...! I owe you my life, you know!
Dan: How about a match? Let's see if you're as strong as you were!
Blanka: Uwho!! 

= Post-Battle =

Dan: Ahh! That's the Jimmy I know... You've got some stylish moves!
Blanka: Uwo uwo, uwo uwo? 
Dan: Huh?! What am I doing now? I've started my own dojo!
Dan: If you're in trouble, just come by! I'll help you anytime!
Blanka: Uwo uwo uwo uwooo! 

Blanka: Uwo...? 
Zangief: Oh, just a beast... I'm in the middle of a very important mission.
Zangief: I have no time to play with you!
Blanka: Uwooo, uwo uwo uwo? 
Zangief: No use talking to a beast. Looks like we'll be playing after all!

= Post-Battle =

Zangief: How could I lose such a fight?!
Zangief: Great Leader, I am very sorry...
Zangief: I've failed my mission... I could not destroy Shadaloo...
Blanka: Uwo uwo? 

M. Bison: Ha ha ha! You saved me time by defeating that Russian dog...
M. Bison: As your reward, you'll now have the honor of fighting Balrog!
Blanka: Uwoooooo! 

M. Bison: I don't know who you are, but you have great fighting power!
M. Bison: I am M. Bison, lord of Shadaloo! You'll do well as my guinea pig!
Blanka: Uwo uwouuu......!! 
M. Bison: You should be honored to help me conquer the world! Wa ha ha ha!

= Synopsis =
Blanka defeats Bison, but he escapes claiming he "won't be destroyed as long 
as (he has) the Psycho Drive!". Blanka regroups with Dan and his " #1 
disciple", Sakura. The three infiltrate the Shadoloo base and overloads the 
Psycho Drive with his electricity attack. The base blows up and Dan and Sakura 
say good bye to Blanka who goes runs off to the horizon.
= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: This.... This can't be.... I cannot be defeated!
M. Bison: But I won't be destroyed as long as I have the "Psycho Drive"! 
M. Bison: Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Blanka: Uwo uwo uwou...! 
Dan: I'm sorry, Jimmy.... I kept you waiting! 
Dan: But, I brought my number one disciple with me!
Sakura: Is he talking about me...?
Dan: Now, let's go and defeat the bad guys, Jimmy!!
Blanka: Uwhoo! 
Blanka: Uwho! Uwho! 
Dan: This place sure smells evil.... The bad guys must be here! 
Dan: Let's destroy the entire base!
Dan: Well, then again.... 
Dan: This place is enormous! How can we destroy it?
Sakura: Well, I suppose you could destroy it's power source. 
Sakura: That would be a start!
Dan: My number one disciple never fails me! Okay, let's find it!
Dan: Ha ha! This must be what we're looking for!
Dan: Jimmy! Let me see that move you always do!
Blanka: Uwhoo! 
Blanka: UWOOOO! 
Sakura: Master Hibiki.... It looks like it's going to explode....
Dan: Yahoo!! Let's get out of here!!
Blanka: Uwo! 
Dan: Hey, that was a pretty big explosion....
Blanka: Uwo! Uwo! 
Dan: Wait! ...Are you going already Jimmy? 
Dan: Well, I believe we will meet again.... Just like this time! 
Dan: Jimmy! The next time we meet, please spar with me, okay?
Sakura: Bye bye, Jimmy!
Blanka: Uwhoooo! 
Narrator: Blanka ran off to the horizon, as free as the wind.... 
Narrator: The outside world still has much to offer his curiosity!

- Woo.....? Wo Wo....?! (Are you okay?)
- Woo! Woow! Wow! Woooow! Wow! (Can you and I become friends?!)
- Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... (I don't like you!)
- Wooooo wo? Wow! Wow! (I'm feeling great!)
- WooooWoOwWow WoooWowWowWow! (It was exciting!)
- Wo! Ow! Wowooooow! Woooowow Wow! (Jimmy says, "Wowooooow!")
- Woooooooo! Wowowoooowoow! Woow! (Let's play again sometime!)
- Groarrrrwwll! Wow!! Wow!! (VICTORY!! Yeah! that was fun!)
= Cammy  =
Height: 5. 4ft.
Weight: 102lbs.
Blood Type: B 

Enhanced by biotechnology, Cammy is an assassin of Shadaloo.
She was made to be the perfect soldier and killer... However,
Shadaloo had not perfected their control over her mind...
She has no idea what destiny lies ahead of her...

Cammy: Target in range... Master of Yoga; Dhalsim...
Cammy: Standing by to measure his fighting data... Commencing...
Dhalsim: Is she an assassin of Shadaloo? Her aura is disturbing...
Dhalsim: Her eyes... They are not human. They are just like... a machine.
Cammy: Your words... Useless...!
Cammy: And now I will extract your fighting data from you!

= Post-Battle =

Cammy: Uhh... Ohhhh..... My head.......
Dhalsim: I can see inside your mind... Is that...confusion? Or fear..?
Cammy: I don't want to know! Never look into my mind!!
Dhalsim: I heard Shadaloo has technology that can control human minds...
Dhalsim: Perhaps your suppressed mind is trying to come out...?
Cammy: Shut up...! Go away...! Leave me alone...!

Cammy: Designation... VEGA. You are disgusting...
Vega: Heh heh... Just like a doll, yet so beautiful when in agony.
Vega: I was ordered to bring back the guinea pig...
Cammy: Guinea pig? I am an assassin of Shadaloo...!
Vega: Heh heh heh...! He doesn't need you anymore...
Cammy: What do you mean?
Vega: Resisting? Okay, let's see what the doll's blood looks like!
Cammy: Stay where you are... I don't want to have to harm you!

= Post-Battle =

Vega: I underestimated you. It's a shame you'll be destroyed...
Vega: You'll be terminated by the hit squad of Shadaloo...
Cammy: No! That can't be! You lie!
Vega: Heh heh heh... You will soon see the truth...
Cammy: I am to be terminated...? Why.....?!

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
M. Bison: I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!
Cammy: Master Bison!! Why me...?!
M. Bison: Answer this question first... Why didn't you finish Vega?
Cammy: B... Because....
M. Bison: You have become conscious of yourself! You are useless to me!
M. Bison: I'll leave these two dolls to eliminate you!!

M. Bison: Impressive! Most impressive!!
M. Bison: But it's just to annoying to see a mere copy of myself.
Cammy:  A copy?! Am I.... A copy... of Master Bison...?!
M. Bison: That's right. We have the same DNA. You're only a copy of me.
Cammy: !!
M. Bison: But, you are a worthless defect! And now I will break you!

= Synopsis =
Cammy destroys Bison, but he says he'll be back in her mind. Still in shock 
that she's a copy of Bison, Cammy heads to the base to rescue the other 
Dolls. She briefly sees Chun-Li who infiltrated the base. Suddenly, the 
base explodes and Chun-Li escapes, but there is no sign of Cammy or the 
other Dolls. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: How could I lose to a copy of myself...? I AM THE ORIGINAL!!
M. Bison: My body...will be lost.... 
M. Bison: But soon, I'll be back again.... your mind...!
M. Bison: Gwooooooaaaah!!!
Cammy: He'll be...back.... 
Cammy: Master Bison.... Same DNA.... Copy.... I am....
Cammy: Uh...uh. My head...! Something is creeping into my mind!
Chun-Li: This is the secret Shadaloo facility! It's the Psycho Drive!
Chun-Li: The gate opened!! This must be a trap.... But I have to go in! 
Chun-Li: Wait! Where is Bison? You're just a little girl...!
Cammy: Master Bison is no longer.... Psycho Drive.... Almost explode! 
Cammy: We are not...dolls...! I have everyone...!
Chun-Li: Wait!! Dolls...? What did she mean by that?!
Charlie: What is Chun-Li doing? She said she wouldn't investigate alone! 
Charlie: Is that the Psycho Drive facility? Did she sneak into it?
Chun-Li: I've got a bad feeling.... Are they trying to evacuate...?! 
Chun-Li: I'll never allow you to escape! Bisoooooooon!!
Cammy: Now...I
Chun-Li: I don't believe it! All the evidence is gone now! 
Chun-Li: I wonder is that girl managed to escape to safety?
Charlie: The base exploded! I hope Chun-Li is alright.... 
Charlie: Rats! Now we have lost track of Bison! Well, time to head back.
Narrator: After the collapse of the base, all Shadaloo activity ceased. 
Narrator: Even an extensive investigation by the I.C.P.O. and U.S. army.... 
Narrator: Could not place the whereabouts of M.Bison...
Narrator: or the girl whom Chun-Li insists she saw...

- Condition green! Motor functions operating at maximum efficiency!
- Data evaluated! Target exhibiting zero capability. Terminating...!
- Fighting data retrieved successfully!
- Life readings confirmed. Power readings are negative!
- Malfunction... Malfunction... Woah!? Did I just do that!?
- Minor damage... Memory error! What am I doing here...?
- Mission complete! Standing by for the next command!
- Target destroyed! Remaining in secondary combat mode!

= Charlie  =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 185lbs.
Blood Type: O 

Charlie is a First Lieutenant of the American Air Force.
His inquiries of drug activity all pointed back to "Shadaloo."
He gathered his comrades to form a strike team.  His objective:
...end corruption in the army, and punish the man responsible!

Cammy: Target in sight. Ready to execute primary combat mode!
Cammy: Commencing attack...
Charlie: Wait!! Stop...! Hold it!
Charlie: That's a Shadaloo uniform!! That little girl couldn't be...!

= Post-Battle =

Charlie: Calm down now! It's over...! You lost the battle!
Cammy: Let me go! Grrr... Master Bison!
Charlie: Wha... what?! I suspected something unusual...
Charlie: Her body was artificially strengthen...
Charlie: Shadaloo is inhumane! I'll make them suffer for their cruelty!

Rolento: Is it you who are so eager to destroy Shadaloo?!
Rolento: Well, too bad! It is we who will triumph over their army!
Rolento: Their armaments will help us to rebuild our new nation! Leave!
Charlie: You don't look like a member of Shadaloo...
Charlie: If you don't get out of my way, I'll make sure you regret it!

M. Bison: That you for meeting me here, First Lieutenant Charlie!
M. Bison: Up until now, I thought you men of justice were spineless...
M. Bison: But I've changed my mind...
M. Bison: It will be a pleasure exterminating you!
Charlie: Are you done with your speech? Your words mean nothing to me...
Charlie: Your sins and atrocities will now be judged... and punished!

= Synopsis =
Bison recovers from his fight with Charlie and flies back to the Shadaloo 
base. Charlie follows behind in his jet. Bison starts to recharge in the 
Psycho Drive, but Charlie bombs the base. Bison survives, but Charlie guns 
him down. He then vows to battle evil, uphold justice and flies off into 
the sunset.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: That was a surprise! Alas, your efforts were in vain! 
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
M. Bison: The Psycho Drive grants me immortality! You'll never win! 
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Charlie: I won't give up until I've finished you for good!
M. Bison: My Psycho Drive is stronger than ever! 
M. Bison: The Psycho Power will send all of you straight to your deaths! 
M. Bison: Now.... Realize the futility of your foolish heroism!
Charlie: There's no time to lose! I'm gonna nuke this place!
Charlie: It's over.... 
Charlie: ...?!
M. Bison: Gah ha ha ha ha ha!
M. Bison: It's not over yet! I'll show you the path to eternal agony!
Charlie: Don't bother, I'm already there. Now it's your turn to 
M. Bison: I am Bison.... You will die by my hand....
M. Bison: Guh.... Gaaaaaaaaah!!!
Charlie: Bison has been exterminated at last! It's done! 
Charlie: Only now is when the real battle begins.... 
Charlie: The roots of evil have been spread throughout the world. 
Charlie: Until every sin and atrocity has been punished by justice... duty will not be complete!

- Fighting skill depends on one's ability to anticipate visually.
- I'm sorry... Are you mad at me? Did I "tick" you off? Ha! Ha!
- Identify tactical inadequacies, then renew your strategy!
- If you lack essential skill's, you may gain them by experience.
- My conclusion: Your chances of winning a rematch are below 5%.
- Tracking a target precisely is a basic skill, critical to victory!
- You have no hope if you did not learn anything from our fight!
- Your unnecessary movements are openings that lead to your defeat!

= Chun-Li =
Height: 5. 5ft.
Weight: ?
Blood Type: A 

Chun Li is the ICPO's special detective assigned to Shadaloo.
With management corruption, she was powerless as an official.
So, she works in cooperation with Charlie to defeat Shadaloo.
Now they take separate paths as they attempt to find M. Bison.

Chun-Li: Excuse me... May I have a moment of your time, Mr. Birdie?
Birdie: You...? What does an agent of Interpol want with me?
Chun-Li: We have confirmed that you are involved with Shadaloo!
Chun-Li: Now... Tell me where the Shadaloo bases and M.Bison are!
Birdie: Heh, heh, heh... And what if I refuse?

= Post-Battle =

Chun-Li: This is what happens when you don't cooperate! Now talk!
Birdie: Blast it!!
Birdie: I'll never talk! Now bug off! I have business in Thailand...
Birdie: ...oops!
Chun-Li: I appreciate your cooperation, kind sir!

Chun-Li: ...?! Who are you?!
Cammy: You... must not interfere... We were born... to serve...
Cammy: serve... Master Bison...!
Chun-Li: What's the matter...?! Are you okay...?!
Cammy: No... I will... destroy you...! Fear... Death! Murder!

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
M. Bison: Hmmm... A problem has arisen... She has become aware of herself.
Chun-Li: How could you do such a thing to a little girl...!!
M. Bison: Relax my dear. The show must go on...
M. Bison: Now my pretty dolls... Entertain my guest...! Attack!

Chun-Li: These children... They are innocent! How could you?!
Chun-Li: Your acts are unforgivable, Bison!!
M. Bison: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! You amuse me child!
M. Bison: Ok then... I'll let you earn the right to be my guinea pig!

= Synopsis =
Just as Chun-Li thinks she can arrest Bison flies off with the intention of 
attacking a capital city. Charlie, in a jet, is in pursuit and Chun-Li 
infiltrates the Shadaloo base. She finds a control for a powerful laser in a 
Buddhist statue in Thailand. She fires the laser directly at Bison and he's 
destroyed. Cammy is discovered and she free of Bison's brainwashing. 
Chun-Li  vows to fight more evil.

= In-Game Text =
Chun-Li: Drug trafficking.... Illegal arms possession and manufacturing.... 
Chun-Li: That list of charges is enough. I'm arresting you now! What...?!
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I'm inmortal!
M. Bison: As long as hatred and fear exist.... I'll live forever...! 
M. Bison: Now is the time that you will be erased from existence! 
M. Bison: I will bestow terror upon the weaklings of this world! 
M. Bison: I'll prove my strength by destroying you with fear!
M. Bison: Mwa ha ha ha ha!
Charlie: Chun-Li! Can you hear me? This is Charlie! 
Charlie: It seems that our situation is critical! 
Charlie: Bison is planning to use Psycho Power to destroy the capital! 
Charlie: I'll pursue him....
Charlie: You sneak into the base and try to find a way to stop him!
Chun-Li: That is Shadaloo's top secret base. There must be something here! 
Chun-Li: There must be something I can do to stop this madman!
Chun-Li: Maybe...?! Maybe I can use this!
Bison: Mwa ha ha haa! You are weak! Witness your destruction!
Bison: Whaaaaaat...?! 
Bison: can't be...!
Bison: Noooooo!!
Charlie: Chun-Li, can you hear me?! This is Charlie! 
Charlie: We did it...! We did it...!! 
He couldn't have survived such a large explosion! 
Yes...! At last…We've destroyed him!
Chun-Li: Are you okay?
Cammy: Ugh.... Oh.... 
Cammy: What happened to me?
Chun-Li: It's okay now… 
Chun-Li: The nightmare has ended! 
Chun-Li: job is not yet 
Chun-Li: My fight to strike down individuals like M. Bison... 
Chun-Li:...has just begun.... Yes...this is only the beginning!

- Don't worry. I didn't damage anything permanently, I think.
- Fighting ability is important... handcuffs only go so far!
- I need a vacation! Being an inspector isn't easy!
- I'm just doing my duty... Please don't take it personal!
- My strength must have been something you weren't ready for!
- Oops! I'm sorry if I hit you there too hard!
- So do you have anything to say in your defense?
- Speed is something more important then strength!

= Cody =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 177lbs.
Blood Type: O 

Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro City.
Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and night...
Until he was jailed.  One day, he managed to break out of prison.
Wandering outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him.

Birdie: Hey! You used to be known for your strength around here, huh?
Birdie: But now, ya miserable! I guess life can be unpredictable!
Cody: Yeah, seeing that I have a date with a crazy guy like you today!
Cody: It looks like I'm out of luck. But it's gonna be your loss!
Birdie: I'll make today the worst day of your life!

Guy: I don't like to interfere in the lives of others.
Guy: Everything should be left as it is, but I want to ask you one thing.
Cody: This way of life is simply who I am. Can't you understand that?
Cody: Or would you rather hear the sad, sad story of an EX-hero?
Guy: That's enough... Now, it's time to fight!
Cody: Ha! I expected you to say that! I'm ready... GO FOR IT!

= Post-Battle =

Cody: And now, this is the result... Things never change...
Guy: I don't see why you can't do positive things with such skill.
Cody: Life was peaceful for awhile, but I kept fighting anyway.
Cody: Saying "I can't live in peace" would have been an easy excuse.
Cody: I had no excuse, and could not bear to live any other way.
Guy: Where are you going?
Cody: To the underworld or to heaven, I don't know. Nobody knows...

M. Bison: Hmm... What does the former hero of Metro City want with me?
M. Bison: If you want to join Shadaloo, show me your strength...
Cody: I'm not interested in such petty things.
Cody: The only thing I want to do is to kick your butt!
Cody: Prepare yourself... Defeat will soon have a new best friend!
M. Bison: Hmm... I accept your challenge. Let's see what you've got...
M. Bison: I wonder if you'll still be confident in about 10 seconds...

= Synopsis =
Cody has a good fight with Bison, but he retreats to his Psycho Drive 
to recharge. Guy says that Cody should help to stop him, but the thrill 
is gone for Cody so he don't care anymore. Disappointed, Guy enters the 
Shadaloo base alone. Guy is surrounded by Bison's Dolls, but is saved by 
Cody. The two head to the Psycho Drive with Bison in it and Cody destroys 
it, destroying Bison in the process. Cody and Guy then leave the base as it 
explodes. The two then go their separate ways on good terms.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Ha ha! You've entertained me by fighting well. 
M. Bison: But, no one can beat me...! I am the lord of Shadaloo, Bison! 
M. Bison: I can't die, as long as Psycho Drive exists to resurrect me!
Guy: You ought to follow him, Cody.... 
Guy: If he gets away, the world will be devastated by his evil acts. 
Guy: We should take this opportunity to strike him down! Cody!
Cody: I don't care about him anymore. The excitement is already gone. 
Cody: Where he goes is of no concern to me.
Guy: Fine. You disappoint me.... 
Guy: Sayonara!
Guy: Now, where would he be...? Yes, near the base's entrance....
Guy: He must be at the back of this base...
Dolls: You will go no further! 
Dolls: We will protect Bison at any cost!
Guy: Hm.... There are too many enemies. 
Guy: I have to find Bison quickly… 
Guy: !!
Guy: Cody! It's you! I knew you'd come.... HERO!
Cody: We have no time to waste on talking.... Let's go!
Guy: Right!
M. Bison: ...! How did you get in here?!!
Cody: This punk is mine! 
Cody: Relax…! I'm gonna take you downtown!
Bison: As long as I have the Psycho Drive device, I'm invincible!
Bison: Oh? ....Noooooo!!
Cody: Well, I guess invincible just isn't your style.... Ha! Ha!
Guy: Are you going back to the city? There must be some guy waiting for 
a piece of you....
Cody: Well.... What should I do? 
Cody: I guess I'll think about it, when it's time for me to go. 
Cody: Looks like we'll go our own ways now.... It was a lot of fun!
Guy: These are our lives.... Our fate. Until next time, my friend....

- After waiting so long, it feels good to do more than two moves!
- C'mon! Stand up! Don't let me down!
- I don't care if your human, beast, or car! I'll take you on!
- I saved a city, saved a girl, but couldn't save myself...
- I've got a lot of time on my hands how about a rematch?
- Just remember!! This could happen to you again! And again!!
- The world is full of bad guys! I have so much work ahead of me!
- With so much riding on my fists, this will not be my final fight!

= Dan =
Height: 5. 8ft.
Weight: 163lbs.
Blood Type: O 

Dan finally defeated the man who killed his father...
He made his own fighting style called Saikyo; "The strongest."
But his ambition will not rest until he achieves perfection...

Chun-Li: This man who dwells here... he is suppose to be a fighter...
Chun-Li: There he is! The tip was right! Hey you! You over there!!
Dan: Are you talkin' to me? You want my autograph or something?
Chun-Li: You're a member of Shadaloo, aren't you? Where's Bison?!
Dan: What?! Give me a break! I don't know anything about Shadaloo!

= Post-Battle =

Chun-Li: ...Ugh... How could I be beaten by such a pathetic style?!
Dan: I have nothing to do with Shadaloo! What is that, anyway?
Chun-Li: YOU! You are under arrest for assaulting an officer!
Dan: What?! It's not my fault! You attacked ME!!
Dan: Well, I guess there's just one thing left to do... RUN! Bye!!!
Chun-Li: Huh..? Wait a second! Hey! Stop! Come back here!!

Dan: You're better than I thought... Huh?! (Ack!) Sagat!
Sagat: You're the kid who pestered me the other day. What do you want?
Dan: You are a true loser! I've come a long way to demand something.
Dan: Learn my Saikyo style so I can teach you to fight!
Sagat: You don't know what you're talking about! I won't lose!
Dan: You want a lesson from me, and I'll give you one! Let's go!

= Post-Battle =

Dan: Yahoo! This is my Saikyo style! I am the real world warrior!!
Dan: If you want to learn my Saikyo style, just say "please!"
Dan: 'Cos I'm the kind of the world, I'll be nice and forgive you...
Dan: If you can't decide now, you know where to find me.

M. Bison: Hm Ha Ha Ha Ha... Good... You have defeated Sagat...
Dan: Who the heck are you?!
M. Bison: My name is M. Bison. I am the leader of Shadaloo
Dan: Shadaloo...? Bison...?! That reminds me!
Dan: The police were after me! I've been on the run because of you!
Dan: I'm ready to accept your apology... Or else!!
M. Bison: Did you come all this way for that? Now prepare yourself!

Dan: I just rung that guy's bell! Now it's your turn!!
M. Bison: You defeated Balrog... Impressive... Most impressive!
M. Bison: But soon you will kneel before me and call me "master!!"

= Synopsis =
Dan defeats Bison (this is not a typo) and destroys him with the Hissho 
Buraiken. He then makes the Shadaloo base  the Thailand branch dojo of his 
Saikyo style. After several days Blanka (Jimmy) learns some Saikyo moves from 
Dan and becomes a student. Neither have any idea that a squadron of jets 
led by Charlie intend to blow up the base. 

= In-Game Text =
Dan: I don't care if you're Bison or sheep! Saikyo style won't lose!
Dan: Do you understand? Yahoo!
M. Bison: Grrr...! How could I lose to a kid like you?!
Dan: You're finished! Say your prayers like a good little boy!
Dan: Orah! Orah! Orah! Orah! Orah! Yahoooo!!
M. Bison: Gwooooooooooo! How could I..........?!
Dan: This is my Saikyo style!! 
Dan: From now on, I'm gonna use your hideout.... 
Dan: For the Thailand branch of my Saikyo style dojo!!
Narrator: .....Several days later.....
Dan: Now, Jimmy! Do as I taught you!
Blanka: Wow! Wow!
Dan: No no no! Roll this way! Orah!
Blanka: Wow! Wow! Wowowwoooooooooo!
Dan: You got it Jimmy! I knew you could do it!! 
Dan: You're a student of Saikyo style, now!!
Pilot: "The target is on the scanner! 
Pilot: Commencing with the approach!"
Charlie: So this is Shadaloo's secret base.... We found it at last. 
Charlie: Today will be their last day on earth.... 
Charlie: Let's neutralize this area, and crush them all.... 
Charlie: With the latest bomb developed for the counterattack!!
Chun-Li: "Be careful! 
Chun-Li: We're detecting life readings within the base...!"
Dan: Yahooooooo! Rolling and rolling!!!!!!!!!!
Blanka: Wowowoooooooo! Wowowowooooooooooooooo!
Dan: Saikyo style will live forever! YAHOO!!!

- Anyone can fight... But no one can show off like I can!
- I win for you, father!!
- Now, you know who's really got the skills!
- So, now you know what it feels like to be a total loser.
- Sore loser! Don't go around beating up inanimate objects!
- Yahoo! Don't you just love that phrase!? YAHOO! YAHOO! YAHOO!
- You can't be a true martial artist without showmanship!
- You've never heard of me? Give me a break! I'm Dan Hibiki 

= Dee Jay =
Height: 6. 0ft.
Weight: 203lbs.
Blood Type: AB
Dee Jay is a young kickboxer, known as the "Southern Comet."
This cheerful fighter quickly rose to become a world champion.
In high spirits, he now searches the world for a good fight.

Adon: Who are you...? Are you looking for a fight?
Dee Jay: Yeeaahhhh! This is gonna be the bomb boy!
Adon: You are too happy for your own good. Don't you know who I am?
Dee Jay: Yessss! You be Sagat's little boy! Not a champ, just a chump!
Adon: What?! Sagat is no longer my master! I will crush you!!
Adon: Now, I'll show you... I'll show you what a true warrior is!

= Post-Battle =

Adon: Why did I lose? I thought that Muay Thai was invincible!
Dee Jay: Don't worry, mon! You're not bad... I'm just that good!
Adon: Remember... I'll pay you back for this... soon!

Dee Jay: The chest scar and eye patch... Yes! The Emperor! Bingo!!
Sagat: What do you want from me? I have no time to play or dance!
Dee Jay: Oh, I mean business, mon! Let's get it on!
Sagat: You are not afraid to die, are you...? Well then, come on!

M. Bison: You have an interesting personality... What a surprise!
M. Bison: I admire your courage, and am impressed that you beat Sagat...
M. Bison: Join Shadaloo... The world will be at your disposal!
Dee Jay: No way! I'm perfectly happy as I am!
Dee Jay: Only with hard work do dreams ever come true! Understand, mon?
M. Bison: I'm sorry to hear that...
M. Bison: You made the wrong choice. Now, all of your dreams will perish!
M. Bison: I will make sure that you perish most miserably!

= Synopsis =
Dee Jay defeats Bison, but Bison claims he's invisible "as long as (he) have 
the "Psycho Drive"!". He tries to use the Psycho Shot on Dee Jay, but Dee Jay 
counters with a flurry of kick. Bison is destroyed and all smiles. Back in 
Jamaica, Dee Jay's singing was heard by an agent of a music company. The 
agent, Bob, offers Dee Jay a chance to professionally produce his music and 
become a Latin America's biggest star. Dee Jay eagerly agrees, pummeling poor 
Bob in his excitement. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Fool...! 
M. Bison: It was fun, but I'm afraid you've gone too far.... 
M. Bison:  No matter how many times you beat me, I will not die...
M. Bison: I am invincible, as long as I have the "Psycho Drive"!
Dee Jay: Hey! You haven't felt the true beat of my groove yet! Here!
Dee Jay: Da da da da da da.... Da du du du du daah!
M. Bison: What power! It can't be! Could you really be that powerful...?
M. Bison: Noooooo!! Gwaaaaaaaaah!
Dee Jay: Could you fell the rhythm of my victory? Yeeeaaaahhhh!!
Dee Jay: ??`?`??~
Bob: Hey mon! Is you be the world famous fighter, Mr. Dee Jay?
Dee Jay: Yessssss? What do you want partner?
Bob: My name is Bob. I'm an agent from Jamaican Music Productions.
Bob: Your song is fantastic, mon! I got caught up in the rhythm! Let us produce 
your songs!! Please, mon!
Bob: We could make you the biggest star from Latin America!
Dee Jay: World's strongest fighter turned superstar.... Hmm....
Dee Jay: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That's a good idea!! I like it!!
Dee Jay:  To be the star of both music and martial arts! What a challenge!

- Chill out mon! Keep it real!
- Could you feel the rhythm of my victory? Yeeaaaah!!
- Max out the music within your soul!
- Maximum rhythm! Maximum power! Yeah!
- What rhythm! What a beat! I'm feelin' so fine!!!
- Yeah. Yeah! YEAH!!! Another day. Another chump!!
- You's got moves! But ya wasn't breakin', and now you're broken!
- Your problem is that you still don't have any rhythm!

= Dhalsim =
Height: 5. 8ft.
Weight: 106lbs.
Blood Type: O

The yoga master, Dhalsim, fights for his family and for the poor.
The increasingly evil energy forces him to decide....
That one day he will renounce the root of his power.

Dhalsim: Wait, young lady. You shouldn't live your life so carelessly.
Rose: You assumed that I was thinking of dying?
Rose: Is it because I looked sad? Hm.. hm.. hm..
Dhalsim: No, it's not your face. In your mind, you're ready to die...
Rose: !! Who are you?! How could you read my mind?!
Rose: Don't try to stand in my way! No one can stop this fight!

= Post-Battle =

Dhalsim: Hmm... So he is called M.Bison... I can feel an evil omen...
Rose: You can read others' minds, so you must know how evil he is.
Rose: I have to defeat him. I must defeat him...
Dhalsim: You cannot win if you give up the will to live....
Dhalsim: Do not be impatient. Wait for the right time.

Dhalsim: Birdie, I would like to ask you a question...
Dhalsim: Where is Shadaloo's hideout?
Birdie: Ha! Are ya out of your mind?! Why should I tell ya?
Birdie: Ya know... If you play with me, I might consider telling you...
Birdie: But now I got this urge to make a pretzel! Ha! Ha! Ha!

= Post-Battle =

Birdie: Blast it!! I lost!!
Birdie: Ok... I promised I'd tell you...
Dhalsim: So, the hideout is in Thailand. I read your mind...
Birdie: ?! What the heck?! Why didn't you read it in the first place?!

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
M. Bison: You have an excellent body...
M. Bison: You'll make a fine guinea pig for the Psycho Power...
Dhalsim: So you're M.Bison... What malevolent energy!
Dhalsim: So you're the one that is giving out evil energy!
M. Bison: You've taken the bait! I tricked you into increasing my powers!
M. Bison: The other maggots of justice did not help me in the way you have!
M. Bison: Seize him!

M. Bison: You didn't kneel before me! I'll make you sorry!
M. Bison: My patience runs short. I urge you to obey my will immediately.
M. Bison: It's such a pity that your power shall not be seen again.

= Synopsis =
Dhalsim defeats Bison, destroying his body. Dhalsim sensed that Bison's 
evil energy didn't disappear. He teleported inside the Shadaloo base and used 
his Yoga power to destroy the Psycho Drive. With Bison, destroyed for good, 
Dhalsim returns home to his village with no record of involvement in Bison's 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Ugh.... So it seems you have the ability to read minds....
M. Bison: matter...the nightmare has already begun! 
M. Bison: I alone control power of the "Psycho Drive"! 
M. Bison:Fools.... You'll all be sorry! 
M. Bison:Remember the name of M.Bison when you are full of fear and hatred! 
M. Bison: Gwaaaaaaa!!!
Dhalsim: That's strange.... The evil energy didn't disappear....
Dhalsim: YOGA!!
Narrator: Shadaloo underground base.
Dhalsim: The energy coming from this machine has the same feel to it. I must 
destroy it!!
Dhalsim: YOOOGAAA....
Dhalsim: YOOOGAAA....
Dhalsim: YOGA!!!
Charlie: An explosion coming from the direction of Shadaloo's base.... 
Charlie: What happened...?
Chun-Li: By the info on the radar.... 
Chun-Li: Psycho Power and a large amount of unknown energy is increasing.
Chun-Li: I can't detect M.Bison's vital signs, but there is another....
Dhalsim: Yes...that will do. 
Dhalsim: As long as the evil sources are completely destroyed.... I can 
return to my village.
Narrator: Thanks to the mysterious Yoga power of Dhalsim.... 
Narrator: The threat caused by the Psycho Drive was terminated. 
Narrator: However, there was no record of his involvement....
 - A friend, no matter how weak or poor... is worth dying for.
- Meditate now... Then the answers you seek will be revealed.
- My family... My friends... I will fight for their souls.
- Peace and tranquility... This is the way of Yoga!
- Shed your ego and become a part of what is around you. Awaken!
- The mind can often be a more formidable weapon than the body!
- To prove your bravery is to protect those who are innocent.
- Victory is to control yourself as well as control the opponent.

= E. Honda =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 302lbs.
Blood Type: A

Edmond Honda is the strongest Sumo Grandmaster, or "Rikishi."
He is so powerful, that no other Rikishi can compete with him.
"I'll find worthy opponents and show them the strength of Sumo!"
In the hopes of finding stronger opponents, he begins a journey.

E. Honda: Hey, you look strong! I've never seen such a devoted fighter!
Ryu: It's a rare honor to meet a Rikishi here. How about a fight?
E. Honda: Ga ha ha! That's what I'd expect a fellow countryman to say!
E. Honda: One cannot comprehend a Sumo's greatness, until he fights one!

= Post-Battle =

E. Honda: Ga ha ha! That was a nice fight! I feel refreshed!
E. Honda: Your Hado energy... is most impressive...!
Ryu: Your wrestling power is superb! Fight me again someday!
E. Honda: This feeling is new to me! The world sure is vast, isn't it?

Sodom: What the...! Hey!! Do you remember me?!
E. Honda: You're the one who volunteered to fight at that Senshuraku!
E. Honda: Have you improved since then? Want to try your Tsuppari on me?
Sodom: DOSUKOI!! Uhh... I mean GO FOR IT!!

= Post-Battle =

Sodom: "Domo crocodile!"... Umm... Aha! "Domo alligator!"
E. Honda: Ga ha ha ha! I don't know what you are talking about...
E. Honda: But your Tsuppari was great! You may be a true Sekitori someday!

M. Bison: Huh Ha Ha Ha! So, you are a Sumo wrestler... Interesting!
E. Honda: What a strange guy! Who... are you?
M. Bison: I'm M.Bison, leader of Shadaloo. Are you here to be a guinea pig?
E. Honda: Don't say things like that. It makes you sound like a bad guy!
E. Honda: I should knock some sense into you, with my Nekodamashi...!
M. Bison: Come then!! I'll take over your body to further my ambitions!

= Synopsis =
After Bison is defeated by Honda, he gets himself powered up by the Psycho 
Drive. Bison then flies down towards Honda to attack, Honda counters with his 
Super Zutsuki/Super Headbutt. Bison is destroyed and Honda finds the Dolls 
that Bison brainwashed. Honda takes them all back to Tokyo and trains them in 
sumo, until their memories return. 

= In-Game Text =
E. Honda: How was my Kimete?! Have you come to your senses yet?
M. Bison: This can't be.... How could the mighty Bison be defeated...?!
M. Bison: But, alas.... I will never die...! 
M. Bison: As long as the Psycho Drive exists, I am invincible!
M. Bison: Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 
M. Bison: Your power is great, but I'll show you more! You will join me!
E. Honda: That's only a Zutsuki! One of my favorites! DOSUKOI!
M. Bison: What?! I don't believe this.............! 
M. Bison: Gwaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!
E. Honda: Who the heck was he anyway? Ummm...?
Juni and Juli: Master Bison....
E. Honda: Who are you?
Juni and Juli: ............
E. Honda: You don't even know your names? 
E. Honda: I understand! You two were being controlled by him! 
E. Honda: Don't worry.... 
E. Honda: As they say "live and let live"! Join me so that I can train you!
E. Honda: Ga ha ha ha! You definetly have the talents to become Rikishi! 
E. Honda: You are welcome to stay here until your memory
comes back! 
E. Honda: Now! Try again! Once more!

- A Sumo Wrestler is big... But the world is much, much bigger!
- Eat chanko to build your body! Push the opponent out of the Dobyo!
- Good spirit! But you should push an opponent with more force!
- How was my Tsuppari? Stronger than you thought?! Ga ha ha ha!
- Nothing is as thrilling as fighting in such a vast world!
- Now you have learned the meaning of Sumo! DOSUKOI!
- What's the matter with you?! You should be more aggressive!
- You need more Keiko, if you want to be a true Rikishi like me!

= Eagle =
Height: 6. 0ft.
Weight: 165lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Eagle, a bouncer from England who is a master of Bojutsu.
He craves to experience all of the fighting arts.
His desire for the perfect duel has set his eyes on the world.

Eagle: You're Guile! The bravest man in the Air Force. I've heard of ya!
Eagle: Care to dance with me? It'd be an awesome battle for sure!
Guile: ...I'm on a mission. I have no time to play games.
Eagle: Really? It looks like you are moving into a battle stance.
Guile: Not going to listen to me? Alright then! Let's go!

= Post-Battle =

Eagle: That battle had a real sense of tension. I should thank you...
Eagle: But what is this mission that you were talking about?
Guile: Rumor has it Sagat has joined a narcotics ring called Shadowloo.
Guile: I wanted to confirm the rumor, and take him down if I had to.
Eagle: Sagat! How long has it been since I've heard that name?! 
Eagle: Interesting… Maybe I'll try tracking him down myself!


Eagle: It's been a long time... Sagat! You've got the same sharp stare.
Eagle: Just as I thought... You've always been someone else's goon!
Sagat: What are you talking about?!
Eagle: Is that all you've got to say?! Let's fight instead of a chat!
Eagle: The King of Muay Thai... Let's see if you can keep that title!

M. Bison: You're the one who defeated Sagat?
M. Bison: I knew he was no king... Good bodyguards are hard to find!
Eagle: Who are you? Another loon bent on world domination?
Eagle: World domination is beneath me. Just like fighting you!
M. Bison: You still haven't figured it out yet... you're nothing to me!!
M. Bison: I normally don't face trash like you! Let's finish this, Balrog!

M. Bison: This will be entertaining... You're stubborn, for trash...
Guile: Bison...! I'll finish you!
Guile: I don't deal well with debts! Get out of my way!
Eagle: I'm not going to get in your way, but I have a favor to ask...
Eagle: Let me take down Bison! I want to see his "all-powerful" moves!
M. Bison: Decide who will die first? A fitting end to your nightmare...

= Synopsis =
As Eagle defeats Bison fairly quickly, Guile asks him to help save Charlie. 
The two enter the base and see Charlie inside the Psycho Drive. As Bison 
recovers and uses the Psycho Drive to reenergize himself, Eagle destroys the 
Psycho Drive and indirectly destroys Bison in the process. Eagle goes his 
own separate way from Guile and Charlie, but not before Guile thanks him for 
his help.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: I'm an idiot! An idiot!
Eagle: Someone who has no understanding of true fighting can never win!
Eagle: Don't expect Sagat, or any of your other goons to save you!!
Guile: You defeated him...? That was pretty quick.
Guile: It seems you weren't in my way after all... I'm sorry.
Eagle: Don't worry about it.
Guile: I've got one more mission left... You want to come?
Guile: This is Shadowloo's underground base.
Guile: I believe my friend Charlie is being held in captivity here.
Guile: Charlie! Are you OK? 
Guile: I'm gonna get you out of there! ...? What was that shaking?
M. Bison: Muhahahahahah!!
M. Bison: I am reborn! Your lives will be power for my Psycho Drive!
M. Bison: Weaklings! Tremble with fear! Your energy will be mine!
Charlie: Gu!.... GUILE!
Charlie: Hurry! Destroy this thing before he snatches away the energy!
Eagle: Guile, before you go, will you help me with one last thing?
Eagle: Let's rid the world of this infernal machine!
M. Bison: Noooooooooo! This energy...?! What's going on!?
M. Bison: This...!? This wasn't supposed to happen!
M. Bison: Arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!
Guile: Desposing of Bison has made the world a better place...
Guile: Sorry I dragged into all of this. You were a great help.
Eagle: There is no need to thank me. I love exciting battles!
Eagle: If we ever meet again, we'll have to have another party!
Eagle: Farewell... My commrades in arms.
Eagle: Fiery battle. Exciting climax. Joyous victory. Isn't it great!?

- At last I meet someone who exceeds my expectations.
- You should figure out why you're fighting beforehand!
- Respect comes first. Victory and defeat are afterthoughts.
- I can't be complacent with opponents of this caliber.
- Do you see it yet? Your weakness and lack of skill?
- Sore losers should take a hike... This is a battle.
- How discouraging... It was such a messy ending.
- That was great! It definitely cheered me up!

= Evil Ryu =
Height: 5. 7ft.
Weight: 143lbs.
Blood Type: O

There is an evil energy that causes absolute destruction...
Ryu agonizes, knowing that he cannot control his power.
Will he still become a master, or will his journey end in ruin?

Evil Ryu: Why...? Why were you not fighting with all your strength?
Sagat: Why should I? You are not the Ryu who left a scar on my chest!
Sagat: A warrior wouldn't allow himself to be tempted by a cheap trick!
Sagat: I will wait for my true rival to return, and challenge me!

M. Bison: Ha ha ha! You've come a long way, kid...
M. Bison: You are only human... You cannot resist the evil energy within!
M. Bison: You plunge deeper into the darkness as your power grows...
M. Bison: Your darkness is powerful enough to be my source of energy!
Evil Ryu: Never! You will not succeed!

Evil Ryu: Do you know...?
Evil Ryu: Do you know what lies ahead, and what this energy will bring?
Shin Akuma: Words do not have any meaning to us...
Shin Akuma: Now, satisfy your rage and anger... Attack me!
Shin Akuma: Only the winner will know the truth...

= Synopsis =
Evil Ryu defeats Shin Akuma, essentially becoming him. He know seeks to find 
someone that can defeat him.  

= In-Game Text =
Evil Ryu: I won.... I defeated him...!
Evil Ryu: Only a true martial artist could have this invincible evil power! 
Evil Ryu: Gwaaaaahh!!
Evil Ryu: My fist is soaked with blood.... The blood of death!
Evil Ryu: !!!
Evil Ryu: ................
Evil Ryu: master.... The supreme master of the fist!
Evil Ryu:  Where...? Where can I find the one who can defeat me?!

- Absolute destruction is the only perfection possible!
- I see nothing but the destruction that I create!
- It is too late to go back, now...
- Nothing that stands before me will survive!
- The darkness seeks out those who need it the most!
- There is no place for the weak to exist!
- To lose is to prove that you are worthy to perish!
- Your life is not the only thing that you are risking in battle!

= Fei-Long =
Height: 5. 6ft.
Weight: 132lbs.
Blood Type: O

Fei-Long is a youthful, talented action star from Hong Kong.
He is the master of his own unique style of Kung Fu.
On the street, he seeks a good fight to sharpen his skills.

Balrog: Yo, hotshot! You wanna join Shadaloo?
Balrog: You can get rich dealing drugs, selling arms, and kidnapping!
Fei Long: Hey! I don't want to associate myself with criminals! Get lost!
Balrog: You just don't get it, do you? You don't have any choice!

= Post-Battle = 

Balrog: You think you can get away after you dared to defy Shadaloo?!
Fei Long: I won't yield to any threat! I'm always ready to fight!

Fei-Long: Are you a gangster, too? You were waiting? I feel like a VIP!
Vega: I'll only ask this once... Join Shadaloo and swear your loyalty!
Fei-Long: No way! I have no desires to join you villains! Now, get lost!
Vega: Hee hee hee... I thought so! I will enjoy slashing you!
Vega: I'll turn you into a statue of agony, painted with your blood!

Fei-Long: From the looks of things, you must be the leader of Shadaloo.
M. Bison: What do you fight for? For money? A girl? For the status?
M. Bison: You surely won't say that you fight for justice, or will you?
Fei-Long: What's with all these questions? I shouldn't have to answer them!
M. Bison: Well, then... This is your last chance. Join us, Fei Long!
Fei-Long: I'm sorry, but being a villain just isn't my style! And...
Fei-Long: I'm not very fond of you, either!
M. Bison: Ha! Your destiny has been decided! You will die here!

= Synopsis =
After a tense battle, Bison uses his Psycho Drive to receive a power boost. He 
knocks Fei-Long down with a Psycho Crusher, intending the land one final blow. 
Fei-Long recovers and destroys Bison with his "Super Move". Fei-Long's 
adventure was turned into a movie and he became a superstar. Though, he still 
yearns for real battle. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Guh! Not bad...your bite is as strong as your bark....
Fei-Long: You are also strong...but not strong enough!
M. Bison: You underestimate me.... Now, know what true fear is! 
M. Bison: As long as I have the Psycho Drive, I am INVINCIBLE!
Fei-Long: What?!
M. Bison: Muuuu!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Fei-Long: Gwaaaaah!!
M. Bison: Fei-Long, you are as good as ashes before my power!
M. Bison: It's all over for you! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!!!
Fei-Long: Not yet! It is time for you to see my Super Move! 
Fei-Long: Wa! Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Fei-Long: By depending on the Psycho Drive, you sealed your fate!
Fei-Long: Waa! Chaaaaaa! Waa! Taaaaaaaaa! Yeah! Chaaaaaaaaaaa!
M. Bison:'s impossible! Nothing can be more powerful...
M. Bison: than the Psycho Drive.... Gwaaaaaaah!!!
Narrator: The hit movie, "Street Fighter" was made, based on these events. 
Narrator: Now a superstar, Fei-Long stands in the center of the spotlight.
Narrator: Despite his achievements, he is not yet satisfied....
Fei-Long: If you reach the top of a mountain, climb yet another! 
Fei-Long: Ah! Chaaaaaaaao! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Narrator: His cries echo forth, as he continues as an action star....

- ...? Waa chaaaaaaaaa!!!
- A glass that is half empty is better than a full glass broken.
- Don't hesitate! That is the key to victory!
- It is not always a matter of effort, but a matter of skill!
- Learn to block, or you will feast upon the flavor of defeat!
- Make the match more dramatic by flowing with the action!
- Remembering why you lost is more important than winning...
- Your best move... is the move that you regret not doing!

= Gen =
Height: 5. 4ft.
Weight: 135lbs.
Blood Type: O

Gen is a wily assassin who uses legendary fighting techniques.
He continues to fight bloody battles, even though he is ill.
What he desires now more than anything is a "death match..."
And so he searches for a worthy foe...

Gen: I didn't think anyone could withstand my honed skills...
Gen: I see the world is yet an interesting place to live in!
Ryu: Your fighting style... It's used for killing people, isn't it?
Gen: And what if it is?
Ryu: You are strong! I can sense your power just by looking at you...

= Post-Battle =

Gen: I don't understand...Your style is pure... It is not like mine.
Gen: But why do I feel so empty when I look within...?
Gen: Perhaps it is because I use the "assassin's fist..."
Gen: Or... is it because of the power he has flowing through him...?

Gen: ................
Akuma: ................
Akuma: It's time to meet eternity old man...

= Post-Battle =

Gen: ................
Gen: It would be a great honor to die in battle with a worthy foe.
Gen: But now that I've defeated you, my wish can't be granted.

M. Bison: Are you the one who defeated the "Master of the Fist?"
M. Bison: Ha ha ha... I will grant your wish as a reward for your skill.
Gen: You are a big fool... You will be the next victim to fall.

= Synopsis =
Gen quickly kills Bison claiming he was weak. He then decides to not use his 
current fighting style again. He deemed Akuma (who he killed previously) the 
only person worthy enough for a fight to the death.   

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: No...Nooooo.... I cannot be defeated...!
M. Bison: Muuuuu!!
M. Bison: Nooooooooo...!!
Gen: The weak shall perish.... That is nature's law.... 
Gen: You are a fool.... I think those in the afterlife will agree.... 
Gen: There is no reason to use this fighting style any longer.... 
Gen: He is in the underworld by now...the "Master of the Fist". 
Gen: Akuma was the only warrior worthy of a "death match"....

- Death may come when one is at their best. Never forget that.
- I can defeat anyone with just one blow...
- The most deadly poison... It comes from within!
- The power within my hand is unrivaled!
- The wise one embraces silence... The fool can be heard for miles.
- We will all die. The question is when, why, and how painfully.
- You are a big fool!!
- You did not have the potential to retire me. What a shame...

= Guile =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 190lbs.
Blood Type: O

Guile, an ace air force pilot, received an order one day...
In the hard rain, Guile rushes to the heliport.
He knows nothing of the hardships that await him...

Chun-Li: Nice to meet you, Commander Guile...
Guile: Who are you? How did you know who I am?
Chun-Li: You were ordered to stop Charlie and bring him back, right?
Chun-Li: I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do that.
Guile: I'm sorry, too, sweetheart... But, you can't stop me...

= Post-Battle =

Guile: Charlie is too determined. I'm the only one who can stop him!
Chun-Li: PLEASE! Leave him alone! There is too much at stake!
Guile: Don't worry... I'll take care of the enemy, too.
Guile: As a soldier and a friend... I also can't let the enemy go.

Guile: Charlie... I found you, at last!
Charlie: Guile...?! I take it that you're not here to help me...
Guile: They'll start the bombardment in an hour. Get out of here, NOW!
Guile: A chopper is ready to take you out of here. Leave them to me!
Charlie: Why should I? If I leave now, he will surely escape again!!
Charlie: You can't stop me this time! I won't retreat!
Charlie: If you insist... I'll dispose of you so that I may proceed!

= Post-Battle =

Charlie: Gu... Guile...
Guile: Take it easy... I know about them and what must be done.
Guile: I'm not a hero like you, but I still cannot tolerate injustice!

M. Bison: What a heartbreaker... A hero dies in vain...
M. Bison: Then, his friend sacrifices himself in the name of honor!
M. Bison: Ha ha ha! Enjoy this! I, Master Bison, will finish you now!
Guile: Nice speech. You should have been a politician...
Guile: It goes without saying... Evil will perish...

= Synopsis =
Guile and Bison finish their battle and Bison escapes. Guile and Charlie 
follow him to the Shadaloo base. The find Chun-Li inside who tells them that 
the bombing of the base was called off due to Bison's influence. Chun-Li 
escapes the base as Charlie and Guile set timed explosive in the room with the 
Psycho Drive. The explosives are set but Bison appears and knocks down Charlie. 
He then turns his attention to Guile but Charlie grabs him and tells Guile to 
leave before he's caught in the collapse. Guile escapes and the base explodes, 
but Bison and Charlie are nowhere to be found. Chun-Li finds Guile and tells 
him that they have control of most of Shadaloo's facilities. She then tries to 
consoles him by saying that she believe that her father and Charlie are alive, 
somewhere. Guile, clutching Charlie's dogtags, also believes he's alive.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Your moves are sharp and your spirit is energetic...! 
M. Bison: But, even as a top fighter, you are only human....
M. Bison: We had a fun fight.... I'll give you a reward, now...
M. Bison: Now, you will feel the weakness of being human! Wa ha ha ha ha!
Guile: Hey, Charlie! Let's follow him!!
Guile: The "Psycho Drive" must be in here somewhere....
Guile: The Psycho Drive caused us a lot of trouble. We must destroy it!
Chun-Li: You...! Both of you...! Thank goodness you're safe! The 
bombardment was called off! Another one of Bison's tricks! 
Chun-Li:I'm not sure if we can blow this place up, but we should try. 
Chun-Li: Detonation begins in 5 minutes. You must escape quickly!
Guile: This must be the Psycho Drive Room….
Charlie: Where is Bison?! Did he escape?
Guile: Okay.... Let's fix this place so he won't want to come back!
Charlie: I'll set my explosives now! Make sure this room gets leveled!
M. Bison: I won't allow you to do that!
Charlie: Guhhh!!
Guile: Charlie?!
M. Bison: Pets are worthless if they begin to have their own will.... Ha ha! 
M. Bison:Sorry.... "Justice" is something only fools believe in!
M. Bison: Die in your misery! PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!
M. Bison: YOU!!
Guile: Charlie...? Stop! Stay out of this! I'll finish him!
Charlie: Just leave this to me! The base will collapse in time....
Guile: ...! But...!
Charlie: Now, go!
Guile: Charlieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Guile: ...................
Chun-Li: You made it, Commander....
Guile: ...................
Chun-Li: The base was totally demolished. Bison's Psycho Power is gone.... 
Chun-Li: Most of the Shadaloo facilities are now under our control.
Guile: ...................
Chun-Li: Yes! I believe my father is alive somewhere, like Charlie! The real 
goodbye will only happen when we stop believing....
Guile: Charlie.... I believe.... Yes, I believe that you're still alive, 

- Don't you want tougher training, Private?
- I came. I saw. I destroyed! Power. Skill. Strength. Period.
- I soar to destroy... I dive and am deadly...!
- Man enough to fight with me, but not man enough to defeat me!
- Motivation is sometimes a greater asset than power!
- No handcuffs!? Fighting isn't what it used to be!
- That was a Sonic Boom that hit you, not a tank!
- You're qualified for combat, but not for victory!

= Guy =
Height: 5. 9ft.
Weight: 159lbs.
Blood Type: O

He is the ninja who lives in the present.
He is heir to the Bushin Style, which has endured for centuries.
When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin.
These are the words Master Zeku left.  What do they mean?

Karin: Are you the legitimate successor of Bushin Style; Guy?
Karin: My father forbids me to fight, but I can't resist the call!
Karin: The Kanzuki family detests any unearned victories.
Guy: I'm afraid I don't understand... Do you intend to fight me?
Guy: If this is true, then I will fight with all my strength!

= Post-Battle =

Karin: I underestimated you, Guy! Your skills are amazing!
Guy: And what do you know of Bushin Style?
Karin: When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin.
Karin: This is a great opportunity to fight beside one such as you!
Guy: This "threat to the world." Do you know who this man is?
Karin: Yes, if I remember correctly, his present name is BISON.

Gen: Wait, lad! Are you searching for the villain named Bison?
Guy: Yes... What do you know of him?
Gen: Whether that man lives or dies is completely inconsequential.
Gen: But you risk interfering in my quest for the man of "Ten."
Gen: You will not interfere with the "death match" I have planned!
Gen: I will kill you before I allow that to happen!

= Post-Battle =

Guy: I can't imagine how dreadful the man called Bison must be.
Guy: Master Zeku predicted that I'd fight with Bison someday.
Guy: But there is still much I have to learn about Bushin Style...

M. Bison: Bushin Style... Ah. Now I recall what I've heard about that name.
M. Bison: Bushin is a threat to my Psycho Power. It must be exterminated.
M. Bison: You are disrupting our work... Leave here at once.
Guy: I can't. You are the "threat to the world" I was warned of.
M. Bison: I have gone by many different names throughout history.
M. Bison: But each has always been marked by fear and despair.
M. Bison: Get ready... the legitimate successor of Bushin Style!

= Synopsis =
Guy defeats Bison and then can sense that Bison was the threat that his master 
warned him about. He tells Bison to leave, but Bison attacks Guy. Guy counters 
and destroys Bison with his Bushin Musou Renge attack. Guy is slightly 
awestruck at the power of Bushin. He says that his master trusted him as the 
successor of the style so it is his burden with the task and everything it 
stands for. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Gu, gu.... Noooooo.... I'm.... 
M. Bison: Your Bushin style!! I underestimated it!!
Guy: I can sense the true nature of your spirit now, Bison. 
Guy: Indeed, you are the evil threat Master Zeku foretold! 
Guy: BISON! You had best leave this area quickly! 
Guy: Or else!
M. Bison: Insolent child! How dare you!
Guy: I will crush the name of Bushin beneath the weight of my power! 
M. Bison: 
M. Bison:  Wh...y......
Guy: So this is the power of Bushin. An awesome burden for one man. 
Guy: I literally hold the power of life and death before my fists. 
Guy: Questioning the morality of right and wrong is irrelevant. 
Guy: Master Zeku has trusted me as the successor of the Bushin Style. 
Guy: And so it is my destiny to be burdened with such great task.
Guy: It is my duty to train, continue, and strengthen and build
Guy: a mind capable of attacking without hesitation. 
Guy: This is indeed the heart of Bushin style!

- Perhaps you lack the discipline necessary for you to win.
- Senseless killing does not appeal to me. Leave my presence!
- The Bushin style tends to overwhelm an opponent...
- The eyes of a Bushin... No movement can escape them!
- There is a great burden behind the fighting skill of Bushin!
- There's something you should get to know better. Your limits.
- What a cool move... Your style possesses some worthy qualities.
- You know what...!? I've you on a chain!! Ha! HA! HA!
= Ingrid =
Height: 5. 0ft.
Weight: 85lbs.
Blood Type: ? 

Ingrid. A white haired beauty clad in a myserious aura.
She is in a hurry... She has a problem that must be fixed fast.
She is dashing towards the dark ominous clouds covering Earth,
"I've got to get it back before something terrible happens!" 

Evil Ryu: "Destruction... I'll destroy anything and everything!"
Ingrid: And Just what did you expect to happen here?
Ingrid: Where did you get that power? It is beyond your control.
Evil Ryu: "Silence!! Prepare to meet your utter destruction!"
Ingrid: I guess you I no choice but to teach you a lesson...

= Post-Battle =

Ryu: Unghh... Huh?! Wha... Where am I?
Ryu: You… you saved me... Thank you.
Ingrid: It seems someone was controlling you like an evil puppet.
Ingrid: Do you have any idea who it is? An evil like that is dangerous.
Ryu: Yes... something strange happened after I met Bison.
Ingrid: Bison?! I was told to look out for him.
Ingrid: I bet he's the one using that piece for his own purposes.
Ingrid: Farewell Ryu. Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge.
Ryu: What?! You know who I am?! How do you know so much?!

Rose: I can't see your future, or your past. All I see is a white hare.
Rose: Who are you? And why are you after Bison?
Ingrid: You have the power to read the streams of time, don't you?
Ingrid: If that is the case then wake up! The power he holds is dangerous.
Ingrid: That power has always been mine. I have to get it back!
Rose: That power is yours...? We'll just have to see about that!
Rose: My mission is to seal his power away forever! Stand aside!

= Post-Battle =

Ingrid: You shouldn't worry. We'll keep that power in our custody.
Ingrid: It shouldn't take me more than 15 minutes to get rid of Bison.
Ingrid: So don't worry, Rose. You can enjoy yourself now.
Rose: Who... who are you? I still can't see what's in your future.
Ingrid: Remember me as a messenger from the stars... Farewell, Rose.

Ingrid: That uniform... and that twisted face! There's no mistaking him!
Ingrid: Bison!! I'm going to seal away your Psycho Power forever!
Ingrid: So return that power now! You can't just take what you please!
M. Bison: You! Your seal! Your fate is linked to the Psycho Drive!
Ingrid: Psycho... what? You're even given it a ridiculous name!
Ingrid: You can never master that power! Return it before you get hurt!
M. Bison: Haha.. who do you think you are? You've just sealed your fate!
M. Bison: There won't be a trace left after you meet my Psycho Power!
Ingrid: Your power!?!? Is there no limit to your shamelessness?

= Synopsis =
Ingrid soundly whips Bison who refuses to give up his power. Ingrid reiterates 
that it was always her power. Bison retreats to the Psycho Drive inside his 
base and Ingrid follows. Bison recharges in the Psycho Drive and tries to 
attack Ingrid. Suddenly something in the Psycho Drive malfunctions and destroys 
Bison. Ingrid says that the machine had too strong of a catalyst and that the 
power were too much for and ordinary human to handle. In the end, Ingrid 
returns to the time of 201X along with the Buddhist statue/laser that Bison 
used for the Psycho Drive. On her way, she realized that she met Ryu in this 
time, who goes on to do something "interesting" in her time.

= In-Game Text =
Ingrid: Done and done! You can give it back to me now!
M.Bison: Arrgghhh! How did you track me down all the way here!?
M.Bison: I'll never give up my power! I'll never give up Psycho Drive!
Ingrid: How many times do I have to say it? It has always been my power!
Ingrid: ... There sure is no reasoning with him, is there?
Rose: The power... It's gathering! An unbelievably sinister energy...
Rose: What are you going to do? This is critical!!
M.Bison: Hahahaha! You're too late!
M.Bison: Human hatred and fear all feed into my Psycho Drive!
M.Bison: I'll never stop receiving this limitless and never-ending evil!
M.Bison: I have conquered death! No one can threaten me now!!
Ingrid: ...say what you like! I show you the very end of life itself!  
M.Bison: Is that a last request!?!  Dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
M.Bison: Huh!? This can't be...
M.Bison: How can this be! I can never be defeated! Impossible!!!!!!!
Ingrid: The catalyst you used was too strong for a machine like that!
Ingrid: This power has always been mine. No ordinary human can control it!
Ingrid: I've spent too much time on this one! Time to get back to work!
Ingrid: While I'm at it, I'll get rid of this terrible machine as well!
Rose: Bison's power is extinguished. It's finally over now...
Rose: But I still have no idea who that girl really was...-
Ingrid: Let's see... next up is the year 201X, and I'll be up against...
Ingrid: What!? That monk who just passed by!? ... Wasn't that Ryu!?
Ingrid: He sure is up to something interesting now! Hahahahaha!
Narrator: Shadaloo is destroyed... and it's leader M.Bison has vanished...
Narrator: has Ingrid, the Psycho Drive power back in her hands.

- Aww... too tough? You should go home. It's alright to cry.
- I'm going to tickle you now... You ready? Tickle. Tickle.
- That wasn't exciting at all! I can't believe this is the end!
- Ha ha ha ha ha! You got the short end of the stick in that fight.
- Hmm.... Not too bad. You should take that as a compliment.
- You'll have to excuse me... After all, this is just work...
- I know everyting you are going to do, even before you do.
- Oh my... that was too boring! Now what am I supposed to do?

= Juli =
Height: 5. 4ft.
Weight: 108lbs.
Blood Type: B 

Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology...
Juli, one of these soldiers, receives an order from Bison...
"Find and destroy the enhanced soldier named Cammy!" 

T.Hawk: You... Could you be...? Julia?! Julia!!
T.Hawk: I've been looking for you... Come home with me, now!
Juli: .........
T.Hawk: ...Julia? What's wrong?!
Juli: Commencing attack...

Juli: Target confirmed.
Cammy: You don't seem to realize it yet...
Cammy: I'm not like you anymore...! I've become my true self again!
Juli: Exterminating subject...

M. Bison: Well done...! Your mission has been completed.
M. Bison: Your enhanced metabolism has shortened your life span.
M. Bison: Now, rest in peace... You should be content, having served me!
Juli: ...Changing mode. Preparing to attack...
M. Bison: Ha ha...! Enhanced, indeed. Your will to survive is strong!
M. Bison: Interesting... I will destroy you as payment for your service!

= Synopsis =
Bison is defeated as he learns that Juli can use the Psycho Drive's power. 
Bison is destroyed, but not before making Juli's body in the process of 
destroying itself. Cammy arrives to rescue her and cures her using the Psycho 
Drive. Cammy says Juli will be the only Doll that will survive.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Guh...! The power of the Psycho Drive is weakening? 
M. Bison: How.... How could something disposable like you.... 
M. Bison: I thought I was the only one who could control the Psycho Drive?! 
M. Bison: It's too late, anyway! If I shall perish as well!
Juli: Brain waves… Abnormal...
M. Bison: Don't ever dream that you could a human. Gwaaaaaaah!
Juli: Blood pressure abnormal...exceeding limit...Guuuunnnh!
Cammy: ...Have you awakened?
Juli: Ah.... Where am I? Who...are you?
Cammy: I'm Cammy, an enhanced soldier, like yourself.... 
Cammy: Listen...your body's cells are on the verge of exploding!
Juli: ...What? you mean?
Cammy: To stop it, we have no choice but to use the machine. 
Cammy: Hurry.... Time is running out! 
Cammy: Everything is going to be okay.... 
Cammy: I'm the only one...who can activate the Psycho Drive now.... 
Cammy: And...only one can survive... 
Cammy: ...You will survive...and live...

- Code Red aborted.
- Enemy damage, level C.
- Maintaining basic defensive status...
- Metabolism at maximum.
- Mission complete.
- Sample obtained.
- Target destroyed.
- Vital signs undetectable.

= Juni =
Height: 5. 3ft.
Weight: 101lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadaloo's demonic technology...
Juni, one of thse soldiers, receives an order from Bison...
"Pursue a warrior named Ryu and collect his data as a sample!"

E.Honda: You... You seem to be new around here...
E.Honda: Your eyes and behavior... I can tell that you've been trained...
Juni: Accessing subject data... 28 seconds to go...
E.Honda: Sounds fun! Let's fight!
Juni: Judged as an obstacle... Commencing object disposal...

= Post-Battle =

Juni: Target deactivated. Subject data fixed. Resuming pursuit of Ryu.
E.Honda: Ugh... I was careless... You must be...
E.Honda: eating Japanese Chanko Nabe... Every day, right...?

Juli: Target in view. 98% similarity between object and sample data.
Ryu: ...Who are you? Do you want to fight with me?
Juli: Unique energy detected. Unable to analyze... Insufficient data.
Juli: Initiating sampling. Level 1 combat status activated.
Ryu: I don't know what you want, but I will do my best in any fight!

M. Bison: Ha ha... Okay, then. I knew this would happen.
M. Bison: Ryu's "Evil Energy" only emerges under certain situations...
M. Bison: I sent you, hoping for the best, but now your mission is over.
M. Bison: I'll be dealing with Ryu myself. You can die now, at my command.
Juli: ...Class A emergency. Class A combat status activated...!
M. Bison: This is interesting...! You dare to rise against me? Ha ha ha!!

= Synopsis =
Bison is defeated as he learns that Juni can use the Psycho Drive's power. 
Bison is destroyed, but not before making Juni's body in the process of 
destroying itself. Juni then sees Juli and asks who she is. The two Dolls 
embrace each other as they state that they are always Bison's. Sometime after, 
Charlie and Chun-Li attack the Shadaloo base. The couldn't find any living in 
the base, but none of the dead were the Dolls. Charlie wonders where they 
disappeared to. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Guh...! The power of the Psycho Drive is weakening? 
M. Bison: How.... How could something disposible like you.... 
M. Bison: I thought I was the only one who could control the Psycho Drive?! 
M. Bison: It's too late, anyway! If I shall perish as well!
Juni: BP value decreasing rapidly.... Life maintenance at jeopardy.... 
M. Bison: Don't ever dream that you could a human. Gwaaaaaaah!
Juni: Danger.... Dan...ger.... Guuuuh!!
Juni: Sir.... Sir Bison....  
Juni: ?! Who…who are you?!
Juli: ................
Juni and Juli: We are...we are....
Juni and Juli: al...always....
Juni and Juli: Sir...Bison's....
Chu- Li: ...Shadaloo's enhanced soldiers....
Chun-Li: What was the true reason why Bison created those girls...?
Chun-Li: They could have provided us with clues to help defeat Bison....
Charlie: There were no vital signs when we attacked Shadaloo's base. 
Charlie: We couldn't confirm those enhanced soldier girls, either. 
Charlie: Where did they disappear to?
Charlie: The truth, and the Psycho Drive, went up in smoke.... 
Charlie: All we have now, is fragmentary information on the mission file.

- BP increased by 200. Updating the data.
- COA-002 setup complete.
- Executing a mission at mode 095.
- Mission complete. Returning to base after reuniting with Juli.
- Remaining LP 0.01. Target dying. Damage adjust failed. Disposing.
- SCA-271 78% success. Retrying.
- Switching to mode 078. Conserving vitality.
- Target's fighting spirit down... Calculating BP, SP and DNN.
= Karin =
Height: 5. 3ft.
Weight: 106lbs.
Blood Type: B 

Karin Kanzuki is the only daughter of a corporate family.
She must honor her family motto, "Be the winner of everything."
To do such, she must battle the one girl who has defeated her...
To find Sakura, she will travel the world....

Karin: Wha...What?! A beast!
Blanka: Woooooooo!! 
Karin: Ho, Ho, Ho... All right!
Karin: I'll fight you and beat you, if that is your wish...
Karin: You'll fall pray to my fists! For they are the King of Beasts!

= Post-Battle =

Karin: I never thought such a creature existed. The world is so vast.
Karin: ?!
Karin: I think someone was watching my fight!....
Karin: .... Or was it just my imagination...?

Karin: I've found you at last, Sakura Kasugano!!!
Sakura: Karin Kanzuki?! What the heck are you doing here?!
Karin: I came here to fight you again!!
Karin: Our last match helped me to train!
Sakura: Yes.... I can feel your fighting spirit. I'm so excited!

= Post-Battle =

Karin: My mind feels refreshed....
Karin: I won by chance. You are the better fighter. I admire you!
Sakura: You're great, too! I hope we can fight again someday!
Karin: Ho, Ho! It's not the win or loss, but the moment of the fight...
Karin: That is what is important to me now!

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
M. Bison: Ha, Ha! I watched your match. You fought well for young girls.
M. Bison: Are you the girl who defeated Blanka?
Karin: How rude!! Who are you?!
M. Bison: If you beat my dolls, I'll tell you my name!
M. Bison: Now, my pretty dolls... Destroy her!!

M. Bison: How entertaining.... You are stronger than I thought...
M. Bison: I'm M.Bison, Leader of Shadaloo. You are a qualified fighter.
Karin: Shadaloo's M.Bison!!
Karin: You are less than a man!!
Karin: I'll use all my strength to defeat you!!

= Synopsis =
Karin defeats Bison, he threatens the Kanzuki zaibatsu (Karin's family's 
company) and retreats into the base. He starts to recharge in his Psycho 
Drive, but Karin calls her servant, Shibazaki. She tells him to fire the 
company's "killer satellite" laser beam at the Shadaloo base. Bison is 
annihilated with extreme prejudice and Karin and Sakura return to Japan. 
Sakura reads in the "headlines" about Shadaloo's destruction. Karin gloats 
about what she had done, Sakura has trouble saying the name of the satellite, 
Karin gloats again, then laughs. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: How can this be?! A man such as myself cannot be defeated!
M. Bison: I won't forgive you!! I'll NEVER forgive you!! 
M. Bison:Your zaibatsu was foolish to neglect my demands! 
M. Bison: Now, I'll completely eliminate you.
M. Bison: Muuuuuuuuuuun!!  
M. Bison: As long as the "Psycho Drive" saves me.... 
M. Bison: It'll be impossible to beat me! 
M. Bison: Fu ha ha ha ha ha!
Sakura: Karin!! I've got a bad feeling about this....
Karin: Ho ho ho! You don't have to worry about me, Sakura!
Karin: Are you ready? Do it as we planned!
Shibazaki: Yes, miss Karin!
Karin: Ho ho ho! I don't know what you're planning to do.... 
Karin: But you are a fool to fight against the Kanzuki zaibatsu!
M. Bison: Muu!!
M. Bison: Wha...what's happening here?!
M. Bison: I.... I've been defeated! I can't believe it!!!
Sakura: Did you see the headlines this morning, Karin? 
Sakura: Shadaloo's destruction a mystery. Is this about that man?
Karin: Yes...let me fill you in.... 
Karin: To tell you the truth, Shadaloo threatened our Kanzuki zaibatsu. 
Karin: I suppose they forgot how weak and powerless they are..
Karin: I used Kanzuki zaibatsu's killer satellite, the "Manjushage". 
Karin: And destroyed the underworld base completely!
Sakura: Ma...Manju? Killer satellite?!
Karin: Some people just don't know who they're messing with!! 
Karin: Oh ho ho ho! (lord laugh).

- "All you need is victory!" That is the motto of my family!
- How rude! You lack both manners and fighting ability!
- If you expected me to lose out of generosity, I'm truly sorry!
- It went as I expected. Thank you for making it nice and quick!
- Someone of your breeding could never stand a chance against me!
- To defeat an opponent is to get to know them intimately...
- Would you like to be my servant? You may start right now!
- You had your chance... Now it's time to pay up!!!

= Ken =
Height: 5. 7ft.
Weight: 159lbs.
Blood Type: B 

Ryu's eternal rival Ken Masters...
His title of "US martial arts champion" proves his strength.
Yet his mind has become unsound.  His friend's focus urges him.
Now he sets out to find the answer just beyond his fist...

Karin: You seem troubled, Mr. Masters.
Ken: Long time no see, girl. Sorry, I have no time for autographs.
Karin: You don't sound like the US martial arts champion...
Karin: I'll show you who is the champion! Get ready!!

= Post-Battle =

Karin: That was impressive... I didn't think I would lose again...
Ken: By the way, how is your rival doing, kid?
Karin: I hope both she and I find our next fight to be worthwhile.
Karin: That's why I'm training hard day after day...
Karin: I'm certain Sakura feels the same way.
Ken: You go, girl! I hope your next fight is exciting.

Sakura: Ken! Please fight with me!
Ken: Sure... but I thought it was Ryu you were interested in...
Sakura: I'd love to fight Ryu, of course, but...
Sakura: ...I'd like to find out how much progress we've made...
Sakura: Both of us... you and myself!

= Post-Battle =

Sakura: Thanks a lot, Ken!
Sakura: Whenever I fight a strong foe, I can't help but think...
Sakura: happy I am to be able to fight like this!
Ken: Yes... you're right... What have I been thinking...?
Ken: I can fight with "him..." That's what I need...
Ken: You woke me up! Thanks kid!

M. Bison: Ken Masters... the US martial arts champion and Ryu's rival...
Ken: Who the heck are you?!
M. Bison: I'll see how much difference there is between the two of you!
Ken: Don't get me wrong, I'm different from him...
Ken: I'll defeat you in my own way!

= Synopsis =
After a tiring battle, Ken defeats Bison. Bison attempts to finish Ken with a 
Psycho Crusher. Ken finishes Bison with a special Shoryuken/Dragon Punch that 
he was saving for Ryu. Bison is destroyed and Ken continues to train for the 
day that he fill fight Ryu again. 

= In-Game Text =
Ken: Huh, huh,'re a tough one to beat....
Ken: I'm exhausted....
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
M. Bison: Then allow me to rejuvenate you. Accept my Psycho Power, 
M. Bison: and you won't feel any weariness nor pain.
M. Bison: Nuuuoooooooooohh!
Ken: ...I'll finish this with the move I perfected with him!
Ken: Sho...Ryu...Ken!!
M. Bison: N...No way.....!! ...How could I......?!
M. Bison: Gahaaaaaaaaaah!!
Ken: Hee hee hee.... How did you like my Shoryuken? 
Ken:Ryu's didn't make you feel like dying, but mine did, didn't it?
Charlie: What...?! We have lost track of Bison's Psycho Energy! 
Charlie: What happened?! Could he be...?!
Ken: Wait for me, Ryu.... 
Ken: I'm not the fighter I used to be.... 
Ken: With my own way, I'll test my skill and...
Ken: improve myself! 
Ken: So the next time we meet we can remember every single moment 
Ken: of our fight! For those are the most precious moments of all....

- Fights like this brings out the best in me!
- Go back! I think you left your ego on the battlefield!
- I need a better workout then this! Where's Eliza?!
- In the heat of battle, the blood of the true fighter runs hot!
- Rivalry can often inspire one's skill to become its best!
- Shoryureppa...! Shinryuken...! Feel my burning vigor!
- Strong fighters such as yourself make it worth staying in shape!
- True strength is something money and credit cards cannot buy!

= M. Bison =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 212lbs.
Blood Type: O

Bison is the leader of the secret organization "Shadaloo."
His inner power is about to exceed what his body can hold.
Psycho Power needs a host that can trap its demonic strength.
A new body that only the strongest of warriors possess...

M. Bison: So, you're the master of fists...
Akuma: ...What do you want?
M. Bison: To see if your "evil intent" can hurt me!
Akuma: Do not mock me... I will destroy you!!

= Post-Battle =

M. Bison: So this is your "evil intent..." ...It is less than nothing!
M. Bison: There is no one who can stop me...!
M. Bison: Ryu... Just you wait! Your body will soon be mine!

Sagat: You!!! What are you planning to do with Ryu?
M. Bison: Just know that your rival will be used to further my purposes.
Sagat: So, you can't fight without someone's help...? Pathetic...!
M. Bison: Fool! The body I have now is more than enough to crush you!
M. Bison: If you interfere, you will be the first to perish!

M. Bison: Ryu, your existence has been critical to my ambitions...
M. Bison: My ambition to rule this world forever...
M. Bison: And to be honored as the mightiest of all time!
Ryu: All I care about... Is to battle and crush worthy opponents...
Ryu: Now... It begins!

= Synopsis =
Bison puts Ryu in the Psycho Drive and uses his Buddhist statue Laser to 
destroy a city. He exclaims no one can stop him and as long as he has Ryu, 
no one will forget Shadaloo.  

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: At last! You are finally in my hands, Ryu....
M. Bison: You.... Your power.... I will use it well! For my ambition! 
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha! Perish! All you fools shall perish now!
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha! Magnificent! The ultimate destructive power!
M. Bison: Nothing can stop my ambition! 
M. Bison: As long as Ryu's power and body are in my hands, I am supreme!
M. Bison: Let the name of "Shadaloo" echo for all eternity!

- Fear and respect... the supreme energy that is Psycho Power!
- I torment you, hoping you will return to better entertain me!
- I will CRUSH YOU!!!
- I'm happy you are alive. You are still capable of feeling pain.
- If you wish to live, make your vow of servitude to me... Now!
- My every victory signifies the crumbling of justice!
- The feelings of terror only prove your inferiority.
- What strikes horror into your heart, is simply humor to me.

= Maki =
Height: 5. 5ft.
Weight: 115lbs.
Blood Type: B
Maki... a modern ninja and master of the art of Bushin.
She has traveled the world to find Guy. Her fellow student.
She must determine if she is the true successor to Bushin Style!

Sakura: My next opponent... It looks like she's got a strong weapon!
Sakura: I wonder if she's one of those female gangsters?
Maki: You're pretty brave to be speaking to me like that!
Maki: Weapons are a perfect accessory for battle... let's finish this!

= Post-Battle =

Maki: Whew! You really fight hard! You handled my moves well.
Sakura: Yea. You use the same move as someone I fought before... Guy.
Maki: GUY?! You fought with Guy!? Do you know where he is now!?
Sakura: Well... he said the next place he was going was...

Maki: You! Wait! Well, well, Guy! I found you!
Guy: You... You are Maki.
Maki: Enough chatting! Who is the successor of the Bushin Style?
Maki: Let's decide this here! Once and for all.
Guy: Beating you would mean nothing to me... It's to be expected...

= Post-Battle =

Maki: You... You can't be serious!? Why would it be expected!?
Guy: Because there is no way I can lose when evil is on the loose!
Guy: Therefore, I don't have time for trivial things like this.
Maki: Hmmm... I suppose that is a pretty good excuse.
Maki: So I will go and put an end to this evil...
Maki: But when I'm done, there's still one more fight! Don't forget it!

M. Bison: Haha! A mind full of memories. Come to stop my ambitions...?
Maki: I don't know why, but you're causing a lot of trouble!
Maki: I hate to rain on your parade but it's time to taste defeat!
M. Bison: Hahaha. Wait a few more minutes! The fun is just about to begin!
M. Bison: Until now it's been a parade of weaklings! This'll be wonderful!

= Synopsis =
Maki defeats Bison quickly, but Bison decides to fight seriously and hits her 
with a Psycho Shot. Guy then steps in and destroys Bison. Guy then tells Maki 
that he didn't need her help. The two then go their separate ways agreeing to 
settle their issues the next time they meet. Disappointed that Guy showed her 
up, Maki wants to show Guy she is the true successor of Bushin, the next time 
the meet.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Noooooo...! I wasn't ready...!
Maki: For being "The Power of Evil Incarnate." that was pretty quick!
Maki: With you out of the way, now I can take on Guy and settle this!
Maki: You should learn from this experience and forsake evil!
M. Bison: Ahh. I got carried away thinking you were just a little girl!
M. Bison:  I'll never forsake this power! Your life is mine!
Maki: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?
M. Bison: You're finished....!! Die!!!!!!!!
Guy: In the name of Bushin, I shall vanquish all who disturb peace!
M. Bison:! Bu..bu..bu...BUSHIN STYLE!?
M. Bison: Ggggahhhhh! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Maki: That was too close! Definitely a dangerous encounter.
Guy: What are you doing? You're getting in the way here!
Guy: If you're trying to help me, stop! I don't need your help!
Maki: .......Hmph. What a disappointment.
Maki: You may have gotten the best of me this time...
Maki: But the next time we meet, we'll put this to rest. OK Guy?
Guy: .... Agreed.
Maki: It's a shame, but this time he had more power than I did.
Maki: However, next time we meet, I'll show him a thing or two!!
Maki: The true successor to the throne of Bushin is... ME!

- C'mon! Try again! ...I'm still going to dodge it all!
- Don't regret loosing at all... I wasn't really trying...
- Hey! Don't worry about it! You know... being weak and all!
- Yep! Mr. Runner-Up! I'll fight you if we ever meet again.
- Have you heard of this style? It's called Bushin Style.
- Huh? You want some more? Sigh. I'm tired of the same goons.
- Hahaha! You fought harder than I expected.
- Yep! That's the end of it!

= R. Mika =
Height: 5. 5ft.
Weight: 137lbs.
Blood Type: O

Rainbow Mika is ready to make her debut as a pro wrestler.
She thought of the perfect promotion to make her a star...
She would travel the world and fight famous Street Fighters!
Mika takes her first step to becoming "Star of the Ring!"

Karin: Well, well, well... Training to be a pro wrestler? Hm hm hm...
R. Mika: Hey! That was mean!! Why are you laughing at me?!
Karin: Can't I laugh at something I find to be funny? Ho ho ho ho!
R. Mika: What's so funny about pro wrestling?! Take that back!

= Post-Battle =

Karin: Oh...ugh... I didn't think you were this strong...
Karin: I guess I didn't study enough about pro wrestling...
Karin: If you make it to the top, my zaibatsu will be your sponsor.
R. Mika: My sponsor?! Thank you so much!! I can't believe you're so nice!

R. Mika: Are ... Are you THE Zangief?!
Zangief: Yes. I am Zangief, the "Red Cyclone!"
R. Mika: This is so exciting!! name is Mika...
R. Mika: I admired you so much that I too, became a pro wrestler!!
Zangief: Hmm... That's a very nice thing for you to say.
Zangief: If you're a professional, how about having a match with me?
R. Mika: Really?! You mean it?! No joke?! Alright! I'd be happy to!!

= Post-Battle =

Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! How surprising! You've beaten me!
R. Mika: Oh no!! I'm sorry! It was an accident!
R. Mika: I'll tell my children about this someday! It was so exciting!
Zangief: Gwa ha ha ha ha! Your name's Mika, right? Most impressive!

M. Bison: Ha ha ha!! Master and pupil... A happy couple... How pathetic!
M. Bison: Zangief... I thought you wanted to speak to me...?
Zangief: Wha?! M.Bison!
M. Bison: Your fight was very entertaining.....
M. Bison: But instead of paying you, this man will guide you to heaven!
R. Mika: Zangief! Please let me fight this man!
Zangief: ?! Alright... To face a deviant style might be good practice.
Zangief: Do your best!!

M. Bison: You're a very strong girl... But your luck has just run out!
M. Bison: You will regret your inexperience in the next world!
Zangief: What?! No!! Mika! Look out!!

= Synopsis =
Mika defeats Bison, but Zangief says that his leader sent him to destroy the 
Psycho Drive. They enter the base and Zangief destroys the machine. As they 
evacuate the base before it explodes, Mika falls and is almost crushed by 
falling debris. Zangief protects her and they both escape the blast unharmed. 
Back in Japan, Mika is training. She wonders if she'll see Zangief again, 
only to guarantee herself that she will, when she becomes a famous pro

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: I was defeated by a mere girl.... How.... How can this be?!
Zangief: Mika...! Are you alright...!!
R. Mika: Zangief.... Who is this M. Bison?
Zangief: I'll explain later. First I'll destroy the "Psycho Drive"!
R. Mika: Uhh.... Zangief? What IS that Psycho thingy?
Zangief: "Psycho Drive"....
Zangief: It is a weapon that Russia must never be tainted by. 
Zangief: The great leader told me to destroy it.
R. Mika: This.... This is the "Psycho Drive"..............?
Zangief: Yes.... This is it. I'll have to destroy it quickly! 
Zangief: Stand back Mika.... Here I go.... Iyaaaaaaaaaa!!
R. Mika: Oh...! Look! The system is all sparkly!
Zangief: Alright.... That's enough! Let's get out of here!!
R. Mika: Aiya!!
Zangief: Mika...?! Oh no!!
R. Mika: AIYAAAAAAA! The ceiling is....
Zangief: This is nothing to me!! Muuuuuuuuunn!!!
R. Mika: Zangief! You.... You saved me!
Zangief: It would be a shame to see your skills perish here.
Zangief: Don't worry. My hard body is too strong to be hurt by mere rocks.
Zangief: Are you alright? Great! Let's go!
R. Mika: Yes sir!!!
R. Mika:
R. Mika: I wonder what Zangief is doing right now.... 
R. Mika:  I wonder if he's out on another dangerous mission.... 
R. Mika: Maybe I'll see him again someday.... 
R. Mika: Wait, I KNOW I will be able to see him again.... 
R. Mika: When I'm a famous wrestler, standing in the spotlight! 
R. Mika: I'm sure of it!!

- Don't underestimate me! I believe in my dreams!
- I know I can do more! I was just warming up!
- I'll get better and better with more practice, right?!
- I'm learning more and more! The experience is exciting!
- Power, technique, and beauty! I've mastered the basics!
- The superstar of the ring... That's what I wanna be!
- Wow! Perfect execution! I might make it, after all!
- You need to work on your personality! For your fans!

= Rolento =
Height: 5. 9ft.
Weight: 179lbs.
Blood Type: O
Rolento's goal is to build the most powerful military nation.
He realizes he needs powerful allies to strengthen his cause.
He remembers a man named Cody, a fighter who was once his enemy.
Will Rolento fulfill his idealistic ambitions?

Rolento: I'm ready to forgive you despite your rudeness in the past!
Rolento: Join me! Help me build the ideal military nation! Well?
Sodom: No! What I seek is my true spirit! I trust nothing else!
Sodom: Mad Gear... They have already lost their souls!
Rolento: It's a serious crime to oppose my noble ideals!
Rolento: I no longer consider you to be a blood brother!!

= Post-Battle =

Rolento: You imbecile... Now you've learned! Power is everything!!
Sodom: Oh... ...Rolento! You've changed...
Sodom: Money... Power... Before, you Didn't care about such things...
Sodom: All you cared for back then was the perfect peace!
Rolento: ..... My ideals do not contradict that goal!

Rolento: What?! Cody!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!
Rolento: Have I come all this way to scout someone this corrupted?
Cody: Hey there! Long time no see... I'm not corrupt!! I'm a loner!
Cody: Hah! So you're still playing your stupid military games?
Rolento: How rude! It is your dead spirit that reeks of stupidity!
Rolento: Now I'll show you! Prepare to be punished!

= Post-Battle =

Rolento: ...After all, you are not a warrior!
Rolento: Control... Discipline. Achieving a goal, no matter what the cost!
Rolento: That's what first-class soldiers are all about! Remember that!
Rolento: Now, I must concentrate on enhancing our armaments...
Rolento: ...and try to compensate for the lack of soldiers with weapons.

Rolento: You must be Bison, the leader of Shadaloo!!
Rolento: Give all of your armaments to me!!
Rolento: That's the best possible way to put this world back into order!!
M. Bison: You want the "Psycho Drive?" Shadaloo's secret weapon...?!
M. Bison: I doubt a dog like you possesses the intelligence to operate it!
M. Bison: Balrog... Sweep this garbage out the door!

Rolento: I expected more. Do you only hire amateurs around here?!
Rolento: A boxer doesn't stand a chance against the ultimate strategist!
M. Bison: ...Strategist? You must be joking!
M. Bison: You're dreaming if you think you will survive after defying me!

= Synopsis =
Rolento sneaks into the, surprisingly deserted Shadaloo base. He manages to 
find the Psycho Drive, but decides that mind-controlled citizenry does not 
utopian nation make. As he leaves the base, Sodom picks him up in his 
semi-truck. Sodom is interested to see how Rolento will achieve his goal. 
Reunited with his comrade,  Rolento the Psycho Drive and Shadaloo base 
remotely. Rolento is more adamant than ever to making his utopian nation a 

= In-Game Text =
Location: Shadaloo underground base.
Rolento: Sneaking in here was too easy! Where's the security here?! 
Rolento: According to my information, it's got to be back here....
Rolento: Proceeding with the mission! 
Rolento: So this is the "Psycho Drive"! Hmm.... 
Rolento: It's foolish to control a nation by brain-washing people! 
Rolento: A weapon with no political value is useless in my utopian nation! 
Rolento: This must be destroyed immediately!!
Rolento: Dawn is approaching.... I must leave now.
Rolento: ............What?!
Rolento: Sodom?! What are you doing here?
Sodom: You did not use that weapon, after all.... 
Sodom: Your dream...! It must still be possible to create a utopia! 
Sodom: I'm interested in seeing how you will achieve that goal!
Rolento: Mission complete!! 
Rolento: My comrade Sodom! Follow me! 
Rolento: I'll achieve the ideal union and yes, the perfect peace! 
Rolento: My noble ideals will bring forth the coming of a new era!

- Encountering you has had no effect on my glorious destiny!
- Follow orders, and you may become more difficult to defeat!
- Hey! You!! Stand tall! Speak up!
- In my ideal nation, there would exist no one as weak as you!
- Judgment! Grade C! You are in need of supplementary training!!
- Judgment! You are not qualified to be a soldier!!
- Me... dictator? Me... insane? Negative! Absolutely negative!
- Your alternatives to defeat... Retreat, or total obedience.
= Rose =
Height: 5. 8ft.
Weight: 119lbs.
Blood Type: ?
Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic "Soul Power."
She feels that Doomsday is fast approaching...
She must seal Bison's power away even at the cost of her life...
What fate awaits her in the end...?

Guy: You are Rose, are you not?
Guy: It's not right to give up your life, even for your mission.
Guy: Risking life and surrendering it are two different things.
Rose: My mind is made up. Is it your place to try and help me?
Rose: Even if so, your help is not anything that I need nor want.

= Post-Battle =

Guy: "Soul Power..." Most impressive!
Guy: But never underestimate his power.
Guy: He's a man of such evil energy, even my kindred fear him.
Rose: Thanks for the advice, but I must continue on my path...

Rose: Vega! Warrior of Shadaloo! I've finally found you!
Rose: You know where Bison is, don't you? Tell me!
Vega: I have no reason to do such... However...
Vega: As your name implies you possess the beauty and thorns of a rose.
Vega: So I shall adorn you in a pure red to suit your name better.

= Post-Battle =

Vega:  Remember... Bison looks forward to your challenge...
Vega: I don't understand his thinking, and I probably never will...
Vega: Why would you dare to go to him, only to be slain in the end...?
Rose: By reading your mind, I now know where Bison is...
Rose: Once divided, two separate fates unite. This is our fate...
Rose: I don't know what awaits us... And neither does he...

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
M. Bison: You arrived earlier than I had anticipated...
M. Bison: Sorry, but I have another appointment... Come back later.
Rose: Bison! You can't avoid this... You know you can't...
Rose: Since the day we met, fate knew it had to end in this way...
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha! Don't be so melodramatic!
M. Bison: Why don't you play with them if it's a challenge you desire?
M.Bison: You have nothing to lose... Except perhaps your life...

Rose: Did you truly believe they could defeat me?
Rose: There's no escape... for either of us...
M. Bison: A rose without thorns means friendship... Come now...
M. Bison: I should never have allowed you to grow thorns...
Rose: No! That obedience is what caused all this tragedy...
Rose: The game is over... Let's finish this now!!

= Synopsis =
Just as Rose is going to destroy Bison, he hits her with one final blow. He 
mentions that he'll do what they always wished and that two lives share a 
soul. His body is then is destroyed. Moments later Guy finds an unconscious 
Rose and motes that she is alive but needs to be taken care of. He briefly 
senses Bison's presence, but knowing Bison died, wondered about a 
"sudden chill".

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Guwaaaaaaaahh!!!
Rose: You are finished, Bison....
Rose: It wasn't supposed to end like this.... 
Rose: You were my master.... Now I must destroy you with my bare hands....
M. Bison: Guh.... You impressed me.... There was no other way to end this.... 
M. Bison: "soul" will not be extinguished just yet!
Rose: Haaaaaaa!! 
Rose: Ugaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
M. Bison: Just imagine your future...! 
M. Bison: Can you see it?! 
M. Bison:Can you see who truly wields the power granted to us? 
M. Bison: It is YOU who stands victorious in the world of eternal doom!
Rose: ....!! ...What.... What is this...! 
Rose: This will.... No...I myself...will....
M. Bison: Right...we'll return to where we was our wish!
M. Bison: Two separate lives share the same...soul.... 
M. Bison: Guwaaaaaaaaahh!!!
Guy: Hmm.... I was wise to come here quickly.... 
Guy: I felt something unsettling.... 
Guy: Her wound does not seem fatal but... 
Guy: ...she needs to be taken care of immediately….
Guy: Hmm...! Was it all in my mind...? 
Guy: That man is gone.... He is no longer a threat to this world.... 
Guy: Then.... What could this be...? What is this sudden chill...?

- A life shrouded in darkness is spent searching for the light...
- Every action has the potential to fill or empty one's heart.
- Fate is fate, whether or not you choose to accept it!
- I must continue on this path... Even if I must sacrifice myself!
- If existence is a nightmare, one can only hope they are dreaming.
- The twinkling of the stars speak of you future...
- Win or lose, you only achieve victory if you keep your soul!
- You may know your fists, but how well do you know your heart?

= Ryu =
Height: 5. 7ft.
Weight: 143lbs.
Blood Type: O
Ryu is a man following the path to become a true martial artist.
What is the meaning of the "evil energy" building within him?
He continues his journey to find the answers, and new challenges.

Rose: Ryu... You are not strong enough to win the battle with that man.
Rose: Or should I say, you COULD win, but at the cost of your soul...
Ryu: ...?! Who are you? And who is "that man?"
Rose: Fight me now... And defeat me, if you can!

= Post-Battle =

Rose: You must fight with your soul, not with your power!
Rose: To become a true martial artist is to understand that.
Rose: You try in vain to look for the answer. But, it lies within you.
Rose: Keep that in mind... even when you confront that man!

Ken: Ryu... It's time! Fight me!
Ken: Now you will finally see that I am the strongest! Not you!
Ryu: Ken? What's wrong? Your eyes... What's happened to you?!
Ken: Shut up!! Don't assume that I'm what I once was! We fight!!!

Ryu: Ken!!
Ryu: ?! Who... are... You?!
M. Bison: Huh ha ha ha ha ha! You're as strong as I had hoped, Ryu!
M. Bison: Ken was too afraid that you'll be a master, and that he won't.
M. Bison: I gave him great power, but only at the cost of his mind.
Ryu: What?!
M. Bison: Now it's your turn! Prepare to be seduced...
M. Bison: my Psycho Power! I will reveal your dark nature!

= Synopsis =
After his battle with Bison, Ryu realizes that the man Rose was talking about 
him facing was Bison himself. Bison tells him that Ryu is going to be his body 
and attacks him. Ryu'S evil energy started to take control as he's remembering 
what Sagat, Rose, Chun-Li, Sakura, Akuma and Ken have said to him. He destroys 
Bison with the Shoryuken/Dragon Punch. Chun-Li and Charlie learn that Bison's 
energy is gone and there was no sign of him in the Shadaloo base. Charlie goes 
to destroy the base and his squad. In Japan, Ryu meets with Ken, telling him 
that he owed him. Ryu is becoming more fearful of martial arts but is in awe 
of its vastness. As he and Ken go their separate ways, with Ken saying that 
he still owed Ryu a fight.

= In-Game Text =
Ryu: The man Rose mentioned.... Is that the man? 
Ryu: Wha...? What?!
M. Bison: Muuuuuuh! Haa! Haa! Haaaaaaaaaaa!
M. Bison: Ryuuuuuuuuuu!!! 
M. Bison: You are destined to become my next host body! 
M. Bison: Even if this body is vanquished.... 
M. Bison: My soul is eternal...!! Now, die...!!
Ryu: Gw.... Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Chun-Li: This is Chun-Li, Special Inspector of I.C.P.O.! 
Chun-Li: We're detecting a huge burst of energy.... It must be Bison! 
Chun-Li: What's happening down there?!
Charlie: How should I know?! Just don't take your eye off that monitor! 
Charlie: We've cornered him at last... We won't lose him this time!
Ryu: Gwooooooooooooo!! 
Ryu: Is true nature? 
Ryu: The power is building within. It wants me to destroy everything! 
Ryu: The evil energy Akuma mentioned.... 
Ryu: Can it be the same...?!
Sagat: I welcome your challenge anytime you so desire a match!
Rose: Keep that in mind...even when you confront that man!
Chun-Li: You will be stronger when I see you next.... Won't you?
Sakura: Would you give me the honor of another match? Please?
Akuma: Show me...your true power!
Ken: One more round! Let's go, Ryu!
Ryu: ...!! Wooooooooooooooohhh!!
M. Bison: Why...? You have the power.... 
M. Bison: Power that is evil itself! Yet, you refuse my command!
M. Bison: I don't believe it...... This is impossible.......! 
M. Bison: THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE......!!
Charlie: ...What? It's gone? I believe Shadaloo's secret base has been 
Chun-Li: I don't detect Bison is anywhere in the base. 
Chun-Li: Let's take this opportunity to find out, shall we?
Charlie: Roger! I'll be back in 2 hours! 
Charlie: ...Now! Let's move! Let's exterminate those cockroaches!
Narrator: Two days later....
Ken: Are you leaving, Ryu?
Ryu: I owe you more than I could ever repay you this time, my friend....
Ken: Oh.... Forget about it!
Ryu: I've found a new awareness! I thought I was finished....
Ryu: But there are so many things I had never thought possible. 
Ryu: The more we study martial arts, the more fearful it becomes.... 
Ryu: But it is so magnificent in its unlimited vastness!
Ken: Ha! Ha! That's you alright.... Old pal! 
Ken: Ryu…. Just remember next time, I still owe you!

- I see a strong will to fight in your eyes! Don't give up yet!
- One fight. One more step on the path to becoming a true warrior!
- Sometimes the most important battle, is the battle within...
- The only  a true warrior can suffer, is by not fighting!
- True victory is to give all of yourself, without regret.
- Whatever you find worthwhile in life, is worth fighting for!
- Whether we win or lose, all of our battles make us stronger!
- Your strength is equal to that of your will to win!

= Sagat =
Height: 7. 4ft.
Weight: 240lbs.
Blood Type: B

Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai."
The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat.... Ryu and his Shoryuken!  He fights for vengeance alone...
But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited. 

Dan: Sagaaaaaaaaaaat!! You killed my FATHER!!
Dan: Remember my name before you die! I am Dan Hibiki!!
Dan: I am the strongest martial artist! Feel my wrath!!

= Post-Battle =

Dan: I don't believe it! Why couldn't I beat him with my mighty power?
Dan: One more chance... I must fight!
Sagat: I can't bear to watch... He is just like the way I was!
Sagat: I need something... Something other than hatred...

Sagat: ...!! WHAT'S THIS?! What have you done to Ryu, Bison?
M. Bison: Hmm... What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted?
M. Bison: I charged Ryu with Psycho Power to make him stronger.
M. Bison: This is everything you could have ever asked for!

Sagat: Did you really think that I would appreciate this?
Sagat: I wish to fight Ryu when he uses his true power from within...
Sagat: I have no need for your tampering and cheap tricks!
M. Bison: Hah! Then perhaps you'll never be a great fighter after all...
M. Bison: Your pitiful pride will lead you to your own destruction...
M. Bison: I'll show you your weakness!

= Synopsis =
Bison starts to drain the power Ryu's body to recharge himself. Sagat calls 
out to Ryu to tell him that he's his rival and to not let Bison use him. Ryu 
listens and turns Bison's power against him, overloading and destroying him. 
In Japan, Sagat tell Ryu that he's not ready to face him yet. Ryu agrees and 
tell him to wait for him until he's worthy. Ryu walks into the sunset and an 
excited Sagat will be waiting for that day and will not let anyone interfere. 

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha...! Even if my body is destroyed.... 
M. Bison: My Psycho Power will not die! 
M. Bison: The power deep within Ryu is the ultimate form of Psycho Power! 
M. Bison: Witness it now...!
Ryu: Gwooooooooh.....!
M. Bison: Ryu's body will be mine, once it gives in to the Psycho Power! 
M. Bison: After I finish Ryu, I'll finish you, Sagat! 
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!!
Sagat: Ryu.... Is this your true potential? 
Sagat: You've always been my rival! Don't let him use it like this! 
Sagat: Is this all you're made of?! Ryu!
Ryu: ...! Sagaaaaaaaaaaaat!!
M. Bison: That's impossible.... A man cannot control such power! 
M. Bison: Psycho!
M. Bison: Gwooooooooaaaaah!!
Sagat: Ryu.... I have something to tell you. 
Sagat: You were almost destroyed. You are not a master yet. 
I've trained to defeat you, but you're not ready yet, are you?
Ryu: Right.... 
Ryu: But, if there is weakness in me, I must someday overcome it. 
Ryu: I've chosen my destiny.... I have no regrets.... I won't turn back.... 
Ryu: Wait for me, Sagat, until the day I'm worthy to be a master.
Sagat: Why...? I used to be praised as the Emperor of Muay Thai! 
Sagat: But now, I feel overwhelmed with excitement.... 
Sagat: are the one I need to defeat...Ryu!!! 
Sagat: My final are the only man worthy of it! 
Sagat: I'll be waiting! I won't allow anyone to interfere next time!

-  Defeat has brought me anger... Anger which leads to victory!
- Hatred spares no one!
- How does it feel to have your body torn by my fist?
- I promised this scar that I would never be defeated again!
- Man, beast, or god... My punch smashes all into nothingness!
- Pathetic... Will you know beg me for your worthless existence?
- Your flesh is soft. My fists are invincible. Realize your agony.
- Your weakness will not satisfy my vengeful rage!

= Sakura =
Height: 5. 2ft.
Weight: 92lbs.
Blood Type: A
Sakura is a young girl who is fascinated by street fighting.
"What is a street fighter?" She asked herself one day.
I want to see him, and fight him again!  I want his answer!
She sets off on a journey of new meetings and old reunions.

E. Honda: Oh! Are you a street fighter, too little girl?
E. Honda: Then you must spar with me just this once!
Sakura: Sure! No sweat! I want to fight you, too!
Sakura: Hm, hm (shy smile). It will be great to fight a sumo wrestler!

= Post-Battle =

E. Honda: Ouch! I need to train harder! I once fought a man who wore...
E. Honda: a headband like yours. He was strong, but you seem stronger...
Sakura: What?! Whe... where did he say he was going?!
E. Honda: He mentioned many places... India... Thailand...

Sakura: ?! RYU!!!
M. Bison: Huh? Annoying girl! We are in the middle of a ceremony!
Sakura: What have you done to Ryu?!
M. Bison: Hmph! I shall test your power...
M. Bison: Ryu! Kill that young girl!!

M. Bison: Aha...! Even after I charged Ryu with Psycho Power, you beat him.
Sakura: You violated Ryu's mind forcibly! I won't forgive you!!!
Sakura: That wild man is not my Ryu! He would never be like that!
M. Bison: Hm, hm, hm... Bring him back by knocking me down... If you can!

= Synopsis =
Bison is defeated by Sakura and seeks Ryu's body to make him more powerful. 
Sakura tries to stop him but he knocks her down. Ryu gets up and starts to 
tap into his evil energy. Bison goads him into using it, by Ryu instead 
refuses it and destroys Bison. Feeling disgraced for using the evil energy, 
Ryu still considers himself unskilled. Sakura and Ryu decide to fight the next 
time that they meet, both agree that they will be ready.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Wha...What?! I was defeated?!
M. Bison: It's impossible! I can't believe this!! 
M. Bison: Unless I make Ryu's body mine.... 
M. Bison: I will never achieve true power!
Sakura: GET AWAY!! You'll never get him! You'll have to kill me first!!
Sakura: Uaaaagghh!
M. Bison: Insolent gnat!! Get out of my way!!
M. Bison: Hm, hm, hm.... Did you get mad? Do you care for this girl? 
M. Bison: Yes! Hate me! Detest me!! Your secret power.... 
M. Bison: "Hado of Murderous Intent". Show me this move, Ryu!!
Sakura: "Murderous Hado"...?!
M. Bison: What?!
M. Bison: The "Hado of Murderous Intent" is kindred to Psycho Power! 
M. Bison: Why does he refuse it?! 
M. Bison: W...Why?! I don't believe this!
M. Bison: Oh.... Noooooooo!!
Ryu: I'm sorry you missed it.... 
Ryu: I feel as though I disgraced myself back there....
Sakura: Ha, ha (shy smile). I thought so, too.... But, it's no big deal. 
Sakura: I believe you have true power.
Ryu: I'm still an unskilled fighter. I have much to learn. Can you wait to 
fight the next time we meet?
Sakura: Yes, and by that time I'll be ready! 
Sakura: I'll become ten times stronger than I am now!
Ryu: Right! And so do I!

- Did I impress you! I really hope I did!
- How dare you claim to be a true streetfighter! You're pathetic!
- I like street fighting better than sparring in rival schools!
- I'll be late for class, but it's okay! A good street fight is worth it!
- Oh, no! I was suppose to go to the mall with Kei!
- Okay, I'll skip class to fight you again! But only this time!
- That must have been a real street fight! I could feel it!
- That's it? I wanted a harder fight!
= Sodom =
Height: 6. 8ft.
Weight: 238lbs.
Blood Type: A

The Kabuki Fighter, Sodom, seeks to achieve true "Japanism."
How will he reach a higher level of cultural worship?
He now wanders the world, in search of his "brothers."

Rolento: I'm trying to accomplish a vital mission!
Rolento: Join me right now, and you will be rewarded handsomely!
Rolento: Otherwise... I'll assume you are just an obstacle to my plan...
Rolento: ...and I will eliminate you!

= Post-Battle =

Rolento: I never imagined my plan would end in such failure!
Sodom: Your plan...?
Rolento: Shadaloo is said to have constructed an underground base.
Rolento: We planned to take it over and make it into our own!
Sodom: Oh, that is a nice plan! I'll take that base for myself!
Sodom: I'll make it the headquarters of the new "Mad Gear!"

Chun-Li: You there! I'm in the middle of a very important mission!
Chun-Li: Please do not interfere!
Sodom: The Shadaloo base... It's going to be perfect for Mad Gear!
Sodom: Then, everything will be mine!!
Chun-Li: There seems to be no point in talking to you. Get ready...!

M. Bison: Oh well... Another day, another piece of trash...
M. Bison: Look... Garbage such as yourself has no place here!
Sodom: I'm not trash! I really have class I tell you!
Sodom: And... now I'll show you my super special move, too!
M. Bison: I see. Worthless trash came here to spew more garbage. Show me.

= Synopsis =
Sodom defeats Bison, who retreats to his base to recharge in the Psycho Drive. 
Suddenly, Sodom rushes the base in his semi-truck. The truck blows up the 
entire base with Bison, in it. Charlie and Chun-Li give their condolences, 
with Chun-Li admitting she was wrong about him. Rolento thinks he's alive.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Ha ha ha! You fool! Don't think for a moment that you've won!
M. Bison: However many times I'm beaten, death will never touch me.... 
M. Bison: Thanks to the miracle technology of Shadaloo's "Psycho Drive"!
M. Bison: Ha ha haa! In moments I will be recovered stronger than ever! 
M. Bison: There's no way to defeat me, the mighty Bison!!
Chun-Li: I see.... So our information was correct. 
Chun-Li: The "Psycho Drive" is controlled by Bison's Psycho Power...and it 
can recover his vital energy at the same time!
Charlie: That means he's invincible until the Psycho Drive is destroyed!
M. Bison: Ha ha haa.... Ha ha ha ha ha!
Chun-Li: ...? What is that? 
Chun-Li: A huge truck is approaching the Shadaloo base?!
Sodom: This is the most exciting moment of my entire life! 
Sodom: This is my big chance to do the "Kamikaze" attack! 
M. Bison: can't be...! 
M. Bison: Nooooooooooo!!
Chun-Li: I guess I was wrong about that guy all along! 
Chun-Li:He wasn't just a sad Japanese wanna-be after all!
Charlie: Yes.... Sodom proved himself to be a true Samurai!
Chun-Li: ...Yes, he did!
Rolento: Hmmm.... That guy Sodom.... He wouldn't die that easily.... 
Rolento: I believe.... He must still be alive!!
Narrator: The Shadaloo base and the Psycho Drive have been destroyed. 
Narrator: Behind the destruction was one man.... One shining star.... 
Narrator:We can never forget the soul of Sodom.... A "true" Japanese guy.

- Boku wa itchy bun desu!! (I am the best!!)
- I am the inspiration of all game fans! No... Really I AM!!
- Kick on see mat show! (We are good friends!)
- Meet saw, show you? (How do you want it?)
- My moves are quite special, aren't they?
- No, you've got it all wrong; I don't hate you! I like you!!!
- Oretachiwa mutt achy da! (We are dogs in pain!)
- Please don't thank me. In fact, "Don't touch my moustache!" 

= T. Hawk =
Height: 7. 5 ft.
Weight: 358lbs.
Blood Type: O

T. Hawk is the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe.
Recently, many villagers have disappeared mysteriously.
Sensing something ominous, Hawk leaves the village...

T. Hawk: Tell me what you know about the people who vanished recently...
Charlie: A novice's involvement will not improve the situation.
Charlie: The Shadaloo are much tougher than you think they are.
T. Hawk: "Shadaloo"? What is that?! Tell me!
Charlie: It's better if you don't know a thing. You'll have to force me!

= Post-Battle =

Charlie: Not bad, but it's too dangerous to stand against them.
Charlie: The power of their boss, M. Bison, is literally demonic...
T. Hawk:  M.Bison... I've heard that name from my father before...
T. Hawk: The evil man was called "The man who wields the blue beam."

Juli: Target confirmed.
T. Hawk: ...! You're... Julia! Why are you here?!
Juli: Object verified as T.Hawk.
T. Hawk: ...? What are you talking about? Let's go back to the village!
Juli: Level 2 combat status activated.
T. Hawk: I see... This must also be the work of Bison!
Juli: Commencing extermination of the object...

M. Bison: Just as I thought... You are the son of Arroio Hawk...
T. Hawk: You drove my father away, and now you use Julia! You will pay!
T. Hawk: But, why... Why do you do this?!
M. Bison: ...For my Psycho Power, which rises from negative emotions...
M. Bison: The more you hate me, the more power I will possess!
T. Hawk: Is that it...? You disgraced my sacred land, just for that...?
T. Hawk: My land... Grant me your power, your sacred power... Please!

= Synopsis =
T. Hawk destroys Bison and carries away Juli from the battlefield. With 
Juli still affected by Bison's influence, T. Hawk promises to saver her. 
They escape before Charlie bombs Bison's base and T. Hawk takes Juli back 
to his homeland.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: How could I...lose...?! 
M. Bison: Gwaaaaaaaahhh!!
T. Hawk: The demons are gone.... Now, Julia.... Let's go home....
Juli: Ugh...ah.... Aaaaaaaah...Bison...Sir...Bison....
T. Hawk: Julia.... 
T. Hawk: However long it may take, I promise that I will save you. 
T. Hawk: Like myself, sacred blood must be running through your body.... 
T. Hawk: I'll save you.... No matter what the cost!
Charlie: I'm in the destination zone now. Chun-Li, what's on the radar?
Chun-Li: Bison's Psycho Energy has vanished.... 
Chun-Li: I wonder why it disappeared so suddenly? 
Chun-Li: I guess this is our chance! It's time to attack their base!
Charlie: Okay.... There is no turning back, now! 
Charlie: We must destroy the base. Chun-Li, watch for any vital signs!
Chun-Li: Roger.... There's a building at 2 o' clock.... Go there!
Charlie: As soon as I find the base, I'll begin the bombing!
Chun-Li: ...Bombing complete. The base was completely destroyed. 
Chun-Li: No vital signs.... However, it seemed that someone just left.... 
Chun-Li:I sense no Psycho Power.... Could it be one of Bison's henchmen? 
Chun-Li: Somehow, I feel that we'll have to fight them again.
Narrator: The warrior returns to his homeland as the sun sets.... 
Narrator: He believes that hope may one day reach the girl's heart.

- I'll accomplish my mission for the pride of my tribe!
- If you listen, you can hear the sounds of victory...
- Look to the heavens for unlimited power!
- Look up to the sky to heal the wounds of your soul.
- My sacred land, Thunderfoot, stay with me, always...
- Never defy the elements of nature!
- Peace is something that can be wished for and fought for.
- Sacred blood and mother earth lead me to the battlefield!
= Vega =
Height: 6. 1ft.
Weight: 159lbs.
Blood Type: O

Vega is a masked noble with blood red eyes of insanity.
By order of M. Bison, the leader of the Shadaloo organization,
he must find a girl named Cammy, and report on her experiences.

Zangief: I know you! You're Vega! You belong to Shadaloo, don't you?!
Zangief: I won't let their drugs infest my mother country Russia!
Zangief: I, the Red Cyclone, will crush you on behalf of our leader!
Vega: ...What? I've no affiliation with that organization!
Vega: But... I'm still interested in seeing the color of your blood!

Vega: You're the experimental subject. I've finally found you.
Vega: He requested that you be brought to him alive... in one piece.
Cammy: Experiment...? What do you mean? I'm under Bison's direct orders.
Vega: Hm hm... You're pathetic! You have no idea what you are...
Vega: And now... you will die without understanding why...

= Post-Battle =

Vega: ...Why, she is nothing more than an enhanced human! A mere doll!
Vega: Why...? Why should I care?
Vega: Why did Bison want her? What is he going to do with her...?
Vega: I thought I cared only for worthy foes, but...
Vega: I suppose I should ask him about this girl...

M. Bison: Excellent work Vega...
M. Bison: I'll arrange a worthy foe for you as promised.
Vega: Tell me... That girl... What are you going to do with her?
M. Bison: She is my substitute body made during the Psycho Power study.
M. Bison: But the substitute should never exceed the original.
M. Bison: A doll should never have its own sense of self.
Vega: ...Will you kill her because of that?
Vega: Out of self preservation?! You coward! You can't do that!

= Synopsis =
Vega defeats Bison, who tells him he's making a big mistake. He tells Vega 
that Cammy was made from Bison's DNA. Before he could go into the 
ramifications this would have on the Psycho Drive, he intentionally destroys 
his own body, implying that he can use Cmmy's to return. Vega goes into the 
Shadaloo base to kill Cammy but he decides he's content with having a strong, 
beautiful, regardless of who is controlling the body. He carries Cammy out of 
the base and blows it up. A stunned Chun-Li and Charlie, who were also going 
to blow up the base, implying that Bison may have lived.

= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: Vega.... You are making a vital mistake.... 
M. Bison: That a human weapon with the same DNA as myself.... 
M. Bison: Losing control will cause the "Psycho Drive" to run wild and....
M. Bison: Hee hee hee.... Never mind.... It's about time.... 
M. Bison: It's about time to say goodbye to this body. Until next time.... 
M. Bison: Possibly with a different name and appearance than now...!! 
M. Bison: Gwoooooooooooaahh!!
Vega: ...Underground?
Vega: Bison's substitute...his DNA.... 
Vega:No…this girl could be reborn as a.... 
Vega: ............... 
Vega: …Well, that could have interesting possibilities, too. 
Vega: All I need is a beautiful and strong foe, no matter who it is. 
Vega: This place is worthless now....
Vega: ...Come with me...beautiful soldier...!
Charlie: We've located Shadaloo's base. Ready for attack! 
Charlie: ...?!
Chun-Li: The scan picked up some very potent energy. What happened!?
Charlie: ...The base just exploded.... Everything's been leveled.... 
Charlie: A faint vital sign slipped through. It must be Bison's.... 
Charlie: Blast! He escaped again....

- Mmmm… That's tasty... Just like red wine...
- Only I understand the pain of being too strong and beautiful!
- This place looks old... I know, I'll use you to paint it red!!!
- Your cries of agony... They are music to my ears!
- Your humiliation will only add to my beauty...
- Your moment spent with beauty is over... Adios!
- While I taste my victory, you will agonize in defeat.
- Why are the ugly so willing to be shared repeatedly?

=  Yun =
Height: 5. 6ft.
Weight: 137lbs.
Blood Type: B
Yun and Yang, Kung-Fu brothers from the streets of Hong Kong.
One day the two heard a rumor about Hong Kong star Fei-Long.
"He's mixed up with some drug dealers!" If that's true...
They left the streets to find the truth about Fei-Long.

Dee Jay: Hey, boys! You got any business with Dee Jay?
Yun: You! Didn't you work with Fei-Long?
Yun: So you know him!? You know where he is!?
Dee Jay: Cool down! Don't be in a hurry!
Dee Jay: You gotta lay down the rhythm before the words! Let's rumble!

= Post-Battle =

Dee Jay: You're strong! I'm the loser, man!
Dee Jay: Why are you chasin' Fei-Long? C'mon boys! Tell me!
Yun: We heard a suspicious rumor that he's in with drug dealers!
Dee Jay: Fei-Long is a nice guy! There is no way he is a criminal!
Dee Jay: I don't know where he is now... but I do know where he's going!
Dee Jay: He's off to a place where strong fighter's gather. You know where!

Yun: I found you... Fei-Long! This is where you practice!
Yun: We knew you'd come back here!
Fei-Long: What do you want? I suppose you're members of Shadowloo!
Yun: Huh? Before you start spouting off accusations, let's fight!
Yun: I'm not going to my waste time asking a coward questions!
Fei-Long: This is a misunderstanding... But fine! Let's fight!
Fei-Long: You have no business sticking your nose into my work!

= Post-Battle =

Yun: I don't get it... there's nothing in your hands!
Yun: What kind of connection to drugs are they talking about?
Fei-Long: It is true that there were drug dealers in my offices.
Fei-Long: I didn't know about them... it was a group behind the scenes.
Fei-Long: I went out along to find the truth and chase down Shadowloo.
Yun: I can tell you aren't lying just by looking into your eyes.
Yun: If that's the truth, then I have nothing left to say...
Yun: Hong Kong is our town. We can't forgive criminals ruining it!
Fei-Long: We have the same spirit. Let's fight this battle together!

MID-BOSS BATTLE: Juni and Juli
Fei-Long: ...! It seems they have detected our movements!
Fei-Long: I'll knock out the bouncer! You go fight the female soldiers!
Yun: Hey Hey! I can handle these guys myself!
Fei-Long: I said we should work together! That means fight together too!
Fei-Long: Let's show these guys the real meaning of justice!
Yun: I'll make you even more famous! Let's make history!

Yun: ...!! Fei-Long!!
M. Bison: The perfect ending for a third rate actress like Fei-Long!
M. Bison: C'mon kid... Finish him off for good!
M. Bison: Finish him and join in the infinite power of Shadowloo!
Yun: Don't make me laugh, fool! Get away from Fei-Long!
Yun: Prepare yourself! There won't be a trace of you left after this!
M. Bison: Fool! You should have accepted my gracious offer!
M. Bison: Well, I guess I'll have to ask you to leave... this world!

= Synopsis =
Yun and Fei-Long finish off Bison and his body is destroyed. Fei-Long thanks 
the twins for their help in stopping Bison's drug ring. He asked if there was 
anything he could do. Yun asked if they could get parts in one of his films. 
Fei-Long complied and Yun and Yang starred in "Street King 2: Three Dragons", 
where they get to whoop Bison again. It also stars Charlie and Chun-Li, or at 
least lookalikes. Afterwards the twins still defend the Hong Kong streets.

= In-Game Text =
Yun: You used up all your luck when you crossed us mad!
Yun: Alright! Fei-Long! Let's finish this!
Fei-Long: Let's go!
M. Bison: Nooooooo!! I can't be defeated!!
M.Bison: Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....!!
Fei-Long: ....We took care of the leader of the narcotics ring.
Fei-Long: Yun. Yang... We took him out thanks to the two of you.
Yun: Huh? Really...? It was nothing...
Fei-Long: I would like to express my thanks. Is there anything I can do?
Yun: I see... well. how about giving us a part in one of your movies?
Yun: Just once. we want to see what it is like to be movie stars!
Narrator: So it was decided that they'd star in Fei-Long's new movie.
Narrator: After many months of shooting, the movie wrapped successfully.
M.Bison: Muhahahaha! My Psycho Power is immortal!
M.Bison: Thanks to the Psycho Drive, I am reborn!
Charlie: It's a ghost...! There's no other way! It's impossible!
Charlie: We have no choice but to use the Harrier to bomb that base!
Chun-Li: You have to wait! Yun and Yang are still down there!
Chun-Li: If these two are down there, they'll surelly finish off Bison!
Charlie: Understood. Aborting attack. It's up to you two... Yun. Yang.
Yun: BISON... This is the end of the line for you and your schemes!
Yun: It's time to reap what you sow! "Hitenfutaryujin!"
M. Bison: Nooooooo!!! It can't be...!! I can't be defeated.......!!
M. Bison: Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!!
Yun: Now how about that! 
Yang: Our Kung-Fu is invincible!
Narrator: And so, Yun and Yang's film"Street King 2: Three Dragons"
Narrator: became an enormous box office smash hit!
Narrator: Their exploits can be seen any time calamity hits the streets!

- Wasn't it clear that you were beat even before we started?!
- Next time you pick a fight, be more careful who you choose!
- This is how things usually work out! Where's your arrogance now?
- Honor!? Nope. Just the taste of some Hong Kong Kung-Fu!
- You give up!? You couldn't hold out even a bit longer?
- Maybe you should ask for divine intervention...?
- Been too busy to prepare I see...
- This is how it's done!

= Zangief =
Height: 7. 0ft.
Weight: 237lbs.
Blood Type: A
Known as the "Red Cyclone," he is the Russian hero, Zangief.
He targets the secret organization "Shadaloo..."
A power that threatens the security of his country.

Zangief: I understand you were in an organization known as Mad Gear.
Zangief: Do you know anything about "Shadaloo"?
Rolento: What do you want with them?
Rolento: They are my target. If you stand in my way, I'll eliminate you...

= Post-Battle =

Zangief: Hmm... Shadaloo has made enemies of everyone...
Zangief: My Great Leader's judgment was sound, after all...
Zangief: I must destroy Shadaloo, for the glory of mother Russia!

Chun-Li: Where are you heading?
Chun-Li: Shadaloo isn't an organization you can defeat all by yourself.
Chun-Li: You'd better leave it to the I.C.P.O.!
Zangief: But... I fight for the pride of my great country!
Zangief: I won't be disgraced by backing out! Allow me to prove myself!

M. Bison: What does the "Red Cyclone" of Russia want with me?
Zangief: You're the one who oppresses the people of my country with fear!
Zangief: I will use all my might to put an end to your misdeeds!
M. Bison: Hm hm hm... These visits are beginning to amuse me!
M. Bison: The very thought of you crushed, crippled and bereft of all hope!

= Synopsis =
Zangief defeats Bison and starts to lecture him about changing his evil ways. 
He then remembers he has to destroy the Psycho Drive. When he heads into the 
base, he finds Edmond Honda, who came to stop Shadaloo's arms and drug trade, 
but got lost in the base. Honda knows where the Psycho Drive is and the two 
head back to the room. Bison recovers due to the Psycho Drive's power, which 
causes the machine to move. With no time to shut it off manually, Zangief 
gives Honda repeated Spinning Pile Drivers as a way to crush the drive with 
his weight. Bison is destroyed, Zangief completed his mission and he and Honda 
compliment each other and laugh.

= In-Game Text =
Zangief: Whoever commits evil acts will be destroyed in the end! 
Zangief: If you repent now, the people of Russia may reconsider.... 
Zangief: It is not too late! You can still make amends! 
Zangief: Oh! How could I forget? I must take care of the facilities....
Zangief: So, this is the underground base of Shadaloo....
Zangief: Huh?! Who are you?! 
Zangief: You must be a member of Shadaloo...!
E. Honda: No...! Wait! My name is Honda.... 
E. Honda:I've come to teach these criminals a lesson! 
E. Honda: I heard they're selling arms and drugs.... But.... I'm lost!
Zangief: So, you're my comrade! If so, would you assist me? 
Zangief: I heard that there is a machine called the "Psycho Drive".... 
Zangief: Awicked weapon that threatens both Russia and the world...
Zangief: My mission is to destroy that weapon with my bare hands!
E. Honda: Could it be what I saw in the room back there? 
E. Honda: Something strange was placed in the middle of that room....
Zangief: Guide me there!
Zangief: Yes!! This must be it!! 
Zangief: I'll cut the power to this thing immediately…. Huh...?!
M. Bison: ...Hm hm hm.... Ha ha ha!!
M. Bison: My Psycho Drive is invincible!!! 
M. Bison:  As long as I have Psycho Power, death has no meaning to me!
E.Honda: Uh-oh.... It's moving!!
Zangief: There's no time.... The only way to stop it is.... Yes! 
Zangief: You! Help me with this!!
Zangief: Are you ready?!
E. Honda: Anytime!!
Zangief: Ha ha ha!! My destructive power combined with your weight...! 
Zangief: Together, there is nothing we cannot destroy!
M. Bison: ...?! Nonsense!! 
M. Bison: Why did the Psycho Drive stop?
M. Bison: can't be...!
E. Honda: Hey! You've really got something there!
Zangief: You are quite impressive yourself, my friend.
Zangief and E. Honda: Wha ha ha ha ha!! Gwa ha ha ha ha!!
Narrator: This is how Zangief, the hero of Russia, completed his mission. 
The heroism of Zangief, and Honda, his comrade of Japan... 
Narrator: ...will be admired and praised by all of the people of Russia.
- Consider yourself lucky! At least you can still walk!
- Flesh! Bone! Viscera! My body of steel knows no weaknesses!
- I'll dedicate this fight to the people of Russia!
- I'm like a cyclone... If you get too close you'll be sucked in!
- If you had a stronger body, you might not have been paralyzed!
- It is not too late to build your body! Strengthen those triceps!
- Nothing can escape my deadly swirling attacks!
- Spun uncontrollably skyward... Driven brutally into the ground!
= Misc. =
This is the ending you get if you lose to Bison in Final Battle mode unless 
you are Ryu or Evil Ryu, which Bison's regular ending is used.  

= Synopsis =
Bison puts his victim in the Psycho Drive and uses his Buddhist statue Laser 
to destroy a city. He exclaims that he will live forever and that no one will 
forget Shadaloo.  
= In-Game Text =
M. Bison: You should be happy.... I have a use for you.... As my pawn!! Ha!
M. Bison: Your power should feed my ambition nicely....
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Perish, you pathetic wretch!
M. Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What incredible power! 
M. Bison: My name will live forever!! As long as I have the Psycho Drive in 
my hands....
M. Bison: No one on earth will ever forget the name Shadaloo!
V.   [Special Thanks]

* Capcom for making a sweet game and the series itself.
* Sony for putting said sweet game on the PSP.
* GameFAQs for such great recourses.
* Users Kao Megura (RIP), MTroupe/SDumas, RIu, KLantis and Ryouga for 
inspiring me to make this.
* TextEdit to help save all my changes.
* My family for their patience and support (oh and the Mac).
VI.  [The End]

…nothing left to see here.