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Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny


Kratos Guide

by CloudyFF7


Character Guide - Kratos

By: BlackHowling_CloudStrife
Email: [email protected]
Released Date: 3/22/10

Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1. Legal Stuff

2. Introduction

3. About Kratos

4. About the Guide

5. Legend

6. Move List

- 6.1 Horizontal Attacks
- 6.2 Vertical Attacks
- 6.3 Kick Attacks
- 6.4 Simultaneous Press Moves
- 6.5 8-Way Run Moves
- 6.6 Throws
- 6.7 Special Moves

7. Combos

8. Strategy

9. Closing Remarks

1. Legal Stuff

Before getting started please read this first.
This guide is copyrighted 2010 BlackHowling_CloudStrife.
You can use this FAQ anyway you want as long as you do not reproduce 
any of the contents and claim it as your own. It is also prohibited to 
post this FAQ in other sites without my consent.
Doing so will result in legal action.

2. Introduction

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny is a fighting game in the Soul series for 
PSP. It has almost the same feature as Soul Calibur 4, including the 
Critical Finish. The most unique about Broken Destiny are the new 
characters - Kratos from the God of War series and Dampierre, a new 
original character.

It's great that Namco made the effort of making Soul Calibur for the 
PSP. My only concern is that there are no story or arcade mode. There 
are only quick matches and missions. I think Broken Destiny is like a 
mini-game version of Soul Calibur 4 wherein you have easy access and 
portable. Nonetheless, Broken Destiny is a game that will be loved by 
the fans.

Playing video games is a part of my life. My favorite genres are rpg, 
fighting, and action-adventure games. I just recently started making 
guides for the games I played and this is supposed to be my first 
official guide to be released. Please enjoy. 

3. About Kratos

A legendary Spartan Warrior who killed Ares, the God of War, and took 
his throne. Using the devastating Blades of Chaos, he slaughters all 
who stand against him with deadly long chain strikes and powerful short 
range stabs. Other than the Blades of Chaos, Kratos also make use of 
the Blade of Olympus for his Critical Finish and the Icarus Wings which 
enables him to fly and perform aerial strikes. Both of this equipment 
were taken from the God of War 2 game. As for his moves, Kratos retains 
his signature moves with some new additional attacks to help him adapt 
in the world of Soul Calibur.

Kratos originally came from the game series, "God of War".
Like Yoda and Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4, Kratos is a guest 
character specially made for Broken Destiny. I personally believe 
Kratos is a great addition to the roster. With his unique weapon and 
brutal moves, any opponent will tremble before his godly might.

For more detailed information about Kratos, refer to the internet or
play the God of War game series.

4. About the Guide

This guide contains all the stuff you need to know about Kratos in Soul 
Calibur: BD. The things included in this guide are move lists, combos 
and strategies. First of all, the move list contains all of Kratos 
moves with definition, effectiveness, damage dealt and how to perform 
them properly. With regards to combos, I have put all of his combo 
starters and underneath them are the possible moves that could be 
chained. Lastly, I have provided some strategies to help you out in any 
situation you may encounter.      

Refer to the table of contents for easy navigation.
NOTE: Damage results may vary depending on your position, distance and 
impact of attack. 

5. Legend

These are the key button and terminology guides you need to know in 
understanding my guide.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

1 - Down/Back
2 - Down
3 - Down/Forward
4 - Back
5 - Neutral {Do not move the directional button}
6 - Forward
7 - Up/Back
8 - Back
9 - Up/Forward

A - Horizontal Attacks
B - Vertical Attacks
K - Kick Attacks
G - Guard

WC - While Crouching {Hold 2 for a while}
WR - While Rising {Recovery from crouch or downed position}
Face Away - While your back is facing the opponent.
Turning Around - Recovery from Face Away position.
Downed - Lying on the ground.
Hold - Hold down button for a prolonged time.
Delay - Press button after a slight delay.
Just - Press button just as the attack is about to hit.
Attack Throw - Turns a throw when the attack lands.
8-Way Run Moves - Tapping the same directional button twice.
Guard Break - Breaking the opponents Guard.
Wall Damage - Additional damage received when knocked to the wall.
_ - Or {Alternative move}

6. Move List

6.1 Horizontal Attacks

Plume of Prometheus - A, A, B = 31dmg
- Kratos makes 3 consecutive strikes.
- Effective in mid range and pushing the enemy.

Spartan Slash - 6A = 16dmg
- Just a simple high slash move.
- Can be used for quick attacks.

Spartan Stampede - 3A, B = 36dmg
- A mid to high strike move.
- Stuns the enemy on counterhit.
- Effective in any situation.

Spartan Offensive - 2A = 10dmg
- Just a simple low sweep.
- Can be used for quick low strikes.

Olympic Onslaught - 1A, A = 30dmg
- A quick low to mid strike.
- Great move if you want to push the opponent.

Olympic Slash - 4A = 28dmg
- Quick thrust and stuns the opponent.
- Great move and allows you to make a follow up attack.

Ares Slash - WC+A = 12dmg
- Same as Spartan Offensive.
- Good quick low strike while in crouch position.

Hyperion Assault - WR+A, B = 20dmg
- Strikes the enemy and puts them on downed position.
- Great when rising from crouch position.

Spartan Aerial Slash - Jump A = 22dmg
- Just a simple jumping slash.
- Makes the enemy turn around.

Reverse Spartan Slash - Turning Around A = 16dmg
- Still the same as Spartan Slash.

Reverse Ares Slash - WC Turning Around A = 12dmg
- Still the same as Ares Slash.

6.2 Vertical Attacks

Tartarus Rage - B, B, B = 47dmg
- 3hit strike that puts the enemy on downed position.
- Effective when enemy is in crouch guard.

Tartarus Wrath - 6B, B = 33dmg
- A 2hit quick thrust move.
- Commonly used during close range battles.

Gorgon Strike - 3B = 22dmg
- Slightly puts the enemy in mid air.
- Allows you to make an additional attack.

Gorgon Strike ~ Spartan Ascent - 3B during hit/guard 8
- Lets you fly after hitting the enemy with Gorgon Strike.
- Allows you to make aerial combos.

Apollo Slice - 2B = 17dmg
- Kratos makes a downward slash.
- Effective move for downed opponents.

Achilles Strike - 1B = 22dmg
- A quick low strike move.
- Use this for surprise low attacks.

Achilles Strike {Hold} -1B hold = 22dmg
- Same as Achilles strike but has more power.
- Use for long range attacks.

Spartan Jab - 4B = 16dmg
- A high quick thrust move.
- Use this to counter attack your opponent.

Divine Might - 236B = 88dmg
- Kratos climbs up his chain and drops down with a powerful impact. 
- Powerful but requires proper timing and accuracy.
- Unblockable move.

Ares Slice - WC + B = 19dmg
- A simple mid strike crouch move.
- Connect with Ares Slash {WC + A} for more effectiveness.

Orion's Lance - WR + B, B = 50dmg
- Throws the enemy in mid-air and smashes him to the ground.
- Great opening move when recovering from crouch position.

Orion's Lance {Additional Attack} - WR +B, B during hit B = 63dmg
- Still the same but instead of smashing the enemy to the ground,
Kratos finishes it with a powerful punch.
- Great combo with high damage.

Athena's Wrath - Jump B = 29dmg
- A normal jumping strike.
- Use this if you want to push the enemy away.

Reverse Spartan Slice - Turning Around B = 16dmg
- A simple slice attack.

Reverse Ares Slice - WC Turning Around B = 19dmg
- Same as Ares Slice.

6.3 Kick Attacks

Spartan High Kick - K = 14dmg
- A normal high kick.

Breakthrough Kick - 6K = 18dmg
- A strong mid kick.

Breakthrough Kick {Hold} - 6K {Hold} = 28dmg
- Stronger than the ordinary Breakthrough Kick.
- Effective for guard break.

Spartan Middle Kick - 3K = 18dmg
- Simple mid strike.

Spartan Low Kick - 2K = 12dmg
- Normal low kick.

Atlas Stomp - 1K = 18dmg
- Kratos stomps on the ground.
- Effective for downed opponents.

Hyperion Knee - 4K, K {Just} = 42dmg
- Two consecutive knee strikes.
- Good for pushing the enemy into ring out.

Satyr Kick - WC + K = 14dmg
- Simple crouch kick.

Hyperion Rise Kick - WR + K = 16dmg
- Quick rising mid strike.
- Effective recovery from crouch guard position.
- Stuns opponent upon counter hit.

Spartan Aerial Kick - Jump + K = 14dmg
- A jumping high kick.
- Great for hitting enemies in mid-air.

Reverse Spartan Kick - Turning Around K = 16dmg
- Same as Spartan Kick

Reverse Satyr Kick - WC Turning Around K = 14dmg
- Same as Satyr Kick with an additional sweep effect.
- Effective sweeping attack.

6.4 Simultaneous Press Moves

Rage of the Gods - A+B+K = 40dmg
- Kratos attacks the enemy using the Blade of Olympus.
- Effective for Guard Break.
- Use for Critical Finish.

Rampage of the Furies - A+B, B = 30dmg
- Kratos unleashes a flurry of strikes.
- Use this to put pressure on your opponent.

Chaos Rush - B+K
- Kratos swings in the air using his chain.
- You can use this to close in on long range opponents.
- Depending on your drop, you can also be in a Face Away position.

Orion's Harpoon {Attack Throw} - 8B+K = 40dmg
- Using his chain, Kratos grabs the opponent in mid-air and slams him 
into the ground.
- A great move but should only be used when the enemy is in mid-air.

Orion's Harpoon {Attack Throw} {Add Attack} - 8B+K, B {Just} = 58dmg
- still the same but instead of slamming the opponent to the ground,
Kratos delivers a strong punch.
- Deals more damage than the regular Orion's Harpoon.

Poseidon's Rage - WC, 8A+B = 40dmg
- Kratos unleashes a powerful aura that hits the opponent multiple 
- Great move for Guard Break.

Reverse Chaos Strike - Facing Away B+K = 18dmg
- Shoulder bash that launches the enemy in mid-air.
- Great surprise attack when your back is facing the opponent.

Reverse Chaos Strike ~ Chaos Rush - Facing Away B+K, B+K = 44dmg
- After a shoulder bash, Kratos swings with his chain for another hit.
- The enemy bounces off the ground allowing you to make another attack.

Taunt - K+G
- Kratos does some neck stretching.
- Don't bother using this unless you want to show off.

6.5 8-Way Run Moves

Athena Slash - 66_33_99 A = 32dmg
- Sways the opponent away.
- Good for pushing your enemy into Ring Out.

Chaos Storm - 22_88 A = 20dmg
- Kratos delivers a quick low strike and stuns the opponent.
- Great surprise move.

Chaos Storm {Hold} - 22_88 A {Hold} = 20dmg
- Same as Chaos Storm with an additional charge.
- Effective Guard Break for crouch guard opponents.

Chaos Storm ~ Spartan Ascent - 22_88 A, 8 = 20dmg
- Lets you ascend after hitting the enemy with Chaos Storm.
- Great chain move after Chaos Storm.

Cyclone of Chaos - 44_11_77 A = 20dmg
- Spins the opponent in place.
- Useful during long range battles.

Olympic Ascension - 66B = 30dmg
- Raises the opponent high in the air.
- Great opportunity to perform aerial combos.

Hand of Thanatos - 33_99 B = 58dmg
- An attack throw in which Kratos stabs the opponent.
- A nice high damaging and quick move.

Atlas Slam - 22_88 B = 33dmg
- Kratos slams the opponent into downed position.
- Use this only if you are close to your opponent.

Tartarus Assault - 11_77 B, A, A = 49dmg
- Kratos bounces the enemy off the ground and 
delivers two mighty blows.
- Effective for Guard Break.

Tartarus Assault ~ Spartan Ascent - 11_77 B, A, A, 8 = 49dmg
- Kratos ascends after hitting the enemy with Tartarus Assault.
- Chain Spartan Ascent moves for continuous attack. It may
not hit but will still put some pressure on the enemy.

Might of Hercules - 44B, B = 50dmg
- Kratos raises the opponent in mid-air and finishes
with a powerful slam.
- Great attack and high damage. Effective for close and
mid-range fights.

Might of Hercules {Hold} - 44B, B {Hold} = 76dmg
- Still the same, except Kratos finishes it with a charged slam.
- Became more powerful, but also has become slower.
- Unblockable move.

Hyperion Kick - 66_33_99 K = 32dmg
- Kratos delivers a powerful that stuns the opponent.
- Effective during mid range battles.
- Also hits downed opponents.

Atlas Quake - 22_88 K, K = 36dmg
- Kratos stomps on the ground two times.
- I don't find this move useful.
- This is meant for downed opponents but it's slow and easy to dodge.

Atlas Quake {Hold} - 22_88 K, K {Hold} = 62dmg
- More powerful than the regular Atlas Quake.
- This is only effective if you are aiming for a Guard Break.

Cyclone Kick - 44_11_77 K = 31dmg
- A high kick that flips the opponent away.
- Effective for Ring Out.

Spartan Sliding Kick - After running some distance K = 26dmg
- Kratos slides underneath the opponent.
- Use this if you are closing in to your opponent from some distance.

6.6 Throws

Wrath of Kratos - A+G = 52dmg
- Kratos stabs the enemy and raises them in mid-air.

Medusa's Embrace - B+G = 55dmg
- Kratos impales the opponent by the neck.
- Great throw if you want to change places with your opponent.

Brutal Rage - Left Side Throw = 65dmg
- Kratos brutally smashes the face of the enemy on the ground.

Revenge of Olympus - Right Side Throw = 60dmg
- A simple stab and sweep throw.

Gorgon Crush - Back Throw = 72dmg
- Kratos puts the enemy on downed position and stomps on him.

6.7 Special Moves

Chaos Slash - B+K, A = 30dmg
- Kratos swings and knocks down the opponent.
- Use this for long range attacks.
- Puts the enemy on downed position.

Chaos Slice - B+K, B = 23dmg
- Kratos swings and launches the enemy high in the air.
- Use this for long range attacks.
- Allows you an additional attack.

Chain Kick - B+K, K = 47dmg
- Kratos swings and kicks the enemy away.
- Great for pushing the enemy to Ring Out.

Chaos Rush ~ Icarus Rise - B+K, 8
- Kratos swings and flies to the air.
- You can use this to confuse your enemy.
- Can be delayed.

Spartan Ascent - 3B, 8 {Or Similar Attacks}
- Kratos ascends after hitting the enemy.
- Allows you to perform aerial combos.

Icarus Slash - Spartan Ascent A
- Kratos slashes through the air.
- I find this usable only if your opponent guards.

Deadly Ascension - Spartan Ascent B, B
- Kratos delivers two slices in mid-air.
- Usable only during aerial combos.

Icarus Slam ~ Icarus Rise - Spartan Ascent B, 8
- After slicing, Kratos flies to the air.
- I prefer using Daedalus Divider rather than this.

Daedalus Divider ~ Icarus Rider - Spartan Ascent B, B, 8
- Same as Icarus Slam, but with an additional hit.
- Great chain combo for Icarus Rise.

Helios Kick - Spartan Ascent K = 12dmg
- Jumping kick attack.
- Nothing special.

Icarus Rise - B+K, 8 {Or Similar Attack}
- Kratos flies high to the air.
- Lets you perform aerial moves.

Icarus Fury - During Icarus Rise A, K {Just}
- After hitting the enemy in mid-air, Kratos finishes
it with an attack throw.
- Perfect finishing move for an aerial combo.

Helios Blow - During Icarus Rise B = 68dmg
- While in mid-air, Kratos delivers a powerful strike to your
enemy on the ground.
- Effective aerial strike while your opponent is grounded.
- Causes Guard Break and if the attack hits it chains to
Poseidon's Rage.

Icarus Dive - During Icarus Rise K = 40dmg
- From mid-air, Kratos makes a knee dive to the enemy.
- Great surprise attack from mid-air.
- Causes Guard Break.

7. Combos

I have provided a list of combo starters and underneath them are
some sample moves that can be linked.

A, A, B
- 2B = 42dmg          - 66B = 57dmg
- 2K = 39dmg          - 66K = 54dmg
- 22_88 B = 52dmg

- 2B = 44dmg          - 22_88 B = 55dmg
- 2K = 40dmg          - 22_88 K = 46dmg
- 1B = 47dmg          - 66B = 53dmg
- Jump B = 49dmg      - 66K = 50dmg

B, B, B
- 1B = 55dmg          - 66B = 61dmg
- 22_88 K = 53dmg     - 66K = 60dmg

- Jump K = 32dmg

While Rising B
- A, K = 43dmg        - B, WC K = 67dmg
- K, 2B = 48dmg       - B, B {Just} = 68dmg
- B, 2B = 71dmg

6K {Hold}
- 66B = 58dmg
- 66K = 60dmg

WC Turning Around K
- 2B = 48dmg
- WC K = 29dmg

22_88 A
- 2B = 31dmg          - 66B = 42dmg
- 2K = 29dmg          - 22_88 B = 43dmg
- 1K = 33dmg          - 22_88 K = 34dmg

22_88 K
- 2B = 35dmg
- 2K = 33dmg

66_33_99 K
- 2B = 50dmg          - 66B = 62dmg
- 1B = 55dmg          - 66K = 62dmg
- 1K = 50dmg          - 22_88 B = 63dmg
- Jump B = 55dmg      - 22_88 K = 52dmg

44_11_77 K
- 2B = 41dmg          - 66B = 55dmg
- 2K = 38dmg          - 66K = 55dmg
- 1B = 46dmg          - 88_22 K = 49dmg
- 1K = 45dmg

B+K, A
- 2B = 41dmg          - 66B = 51dmg
- 2K = 38dmg          - 66K = 52dmg
- 1B = 45dmg          - 22_88 K = 44dmg
- 1K = 42dmg          - 22_88 B = 52dmg
- Jump B = 46dmg

B+K, B
- Jump B = 53dmg      - 8B+K, 2B = 71dmg 
- A, A, B = 59dmg     - 8B+K, B {Just} = 69dmg
- B, B, B = 77dmg     - WC, 8A+B = 72dmg
- A+B, B = 65dmg      - 11_77 B, A, A = 76dmg

66B, 8
- B, B, 8, B = 74dmg
- B, B, 8, A, K {Just} = 87dmg

Facing Away B+K, B+K
- A+B, B = 81dmg
- 8B+K, B {Just} = 82dmg

8. Strategy

These are some strategies I made to help you adapt in
any situation.

[Close Range]
During close range battles guard or evade your opponents attack and 
counter him. Quick attacks are your best counter move to make an 
opening for your powerful attacks. I have listed the most effective 
quick attacks: 4A; 4B; 6K; 3K; 3A,B; 6B,B; 1A,A.

[Mid Range]
Kratos is at his best during mid range battles. You should maintain 
this distance and keep the pressure on your opponent. Some of the best 
moves are A,A,B; B,B,B; 44B,B; 66B; 11B,A,A.

[Long Range]
Although the Blade of Chaos can adapt in any range battles, Kratos may 
encounter some difficulty during long range fights. So as much as 
possible you may want to keep the battle at close to mid range. To 
close in on your opponent the best moves to use are B+K, K; B+K, A and 
B+K, B. But if just in case your opponent prevents you from closing in, 
you can rely on your long range attacks such as 1B{Hold} and 44A.

[Guard Break]
There are some opponents who are good at blocking and are quite 
troublesome. So your only option is to break their guard to make an 
opening. These are the best moves for inflicting Guar Break.
- WC 8A+B; A+B+K; 6K{Hold}; 11B,A,A; 22K{Hold} K. 

[Facing Away]
You might think you are at a disadvantage when your back is facing the
opponent, but Kratos has surprising moves for this kind of situation.
Use B+K, B+K while your back is facing the opponent to launch him in 
the air and make him bounce off the ground. You can also use 2K to make 
a low sweep.

[Recovering from Crouch and Downed Position]
Use these following moves to counter attack your opponent while you 
recover from being crouch or downed position.
- WR B,B,B {Just}; WC 8A+B; WR K; WR A,B.

[Recovering from being cornered]
Being cornered at the wall or at the edge of the ring will give you a 
disadvantage. You have to escape fast otherwise you might receive a 
wall damage or even fall out of the ring. Your only chance of escaping 
is either sidestepping or pushing your enemy away. Sidestepping can 
easily be done by vertically moving to the left or right side. To push 
away your opponent, guard his attacks and perform quick counter 

[Ring Out]
If your aiming for a ring out, there are a lot of ways to do it. These 
are just some tips to help you out. First, you have to pressure your 
opponent and keep pushing them to the edge of the ring. Then perform 
your ring out move. These are the moves most efficient for the job.
- 4K,K{Just}; 44K; B+K,K; 66A.

[Air Strike]
Unlike other characters, Kratos has the ability to fly temporarily due 
to his Icarus Wings which gives him the advantage to attack freely from 
above. To start off, press 66B to launch your enemy. You can choose 
between these two aerial combos, 8,B,B,8B or 8,B,B,8A,K {Just}.
If by any chance your opponent was able to dodge or block it, you can 
do 8,B,B,8K for a powerful knee dive and may cause Guard Break upon 

9. Closing Remarks

Thank you for reading my Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny - Character 
Guide: Kratos. I hope you found this guide useful. If everything goes 
well I will make another guide. For any questions, comments or 
suggestions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thank you also to Namco for making such a wonderful game. Let's all 
hope the next guest character would as great as Kratos. In my opinion 
it should be someone from Final Fantasy or Castlevania.

Copyright 2010 BlackHowling_CloudStrife