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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2



by Medalgod

  _________________  _________  ________      _____     ____ ___  _________
 /   _____/\_____  \ \_   ___ \ \_____  \    /     \   |    |   \/   _____/
 \_____  \  /   |   \/    \  \/  /   |   \  /  \ /  \  |    |   /\_____  \
 /        \/    |    \     \____/    |    \/    Y    \ |    |  / /        \
/_______  /\_______  /\______  /\_______  /\____|__  / |______/ /_______  /
        \/         \/        \/         \/         \/                   \/
 \      \ _____ ___  _____.__.
 /   |   \\__  \\  \/ <   |  |
/    |    \/ __ \\   / \___  |
\____|__  (____  /\_/  / ____|
        \/     \/      \/
  ____________________   _____  .____
 /   _____/\_   _____/  /  _  \ |    |      ______
 \_____  \  |    __)_  /  /_\  \|    |     /  ___/
 /        \ |        \/    |    \    |___  \___ \
/_______  //_______  /\____|__  /_______ \/____  >
        \/         \/         \/        \/     \/
___________.__                __
\_   _____/|__|______   _____/  |_  ____ _____    _____
 |    __)  |  \_  __ \_/ __ \   __\/ __ \\__  \  /     \
 |     \   |  ||  | \/\  ___/|  | \  ___/ / __ \|  Y Y  \
 \___  /   |__||__|    \___  >__|  \___  >____  /__|_|  /
     \/                    \/          \/     \/      \/
__________                            ________
\______   \____________ ___  ______   \_____  \
 |    |  _/\_  __ \__  \\  \/ /  _ \   /  ____/
 |    |   \ |  | \// __ \\   (  <_> ) /       \
 |______  / |__|  (____  /\_/ \____/  \_______ \
        \/             \/                     \/
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 faq by Medalgod
Author Name: Josh Keegan (Medalgod)
Started: 05/05/07
Completed: Incomplete
Version: 0.3
Email: [email protected]

Note On How I'm Going To Write This Guide

OK guys, I'm gonna go for a no crap that you can get from the manual approach
to this guide so if you're looking for in-depth rants about which weapon I
think the best and you want me to list all the weapons, there key features etc
then don't get your hopes up because I'm simply not going to! What I will
give you is an accurate, fool-proof guide to the main missions (the part of the
game you're going to get the most fun from). Some faq writers think that giving
missions a difficulty rating and a time scale that it should take you is a good
thing... I disagree. How hard you'll find a mission and how long it should take
you I would put down you're personal gaming experience and so on... For that
reason I won't be including innacurate difficulty ratings and other similar
rubbish / nonsense / load of s**t!

Note On Sending me Emails
I read all the Emails you send me. Just make it clear what you're Emailing me
about in the subject. My email address is at the top of the page.


Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. History
3. The Walkthrough
4. Copyright and legal information
5. Credit and Thanks


05/06/07-Began writing version 0.1
07/06/07-Continued writing (now version 0.2)
07/06/07-Published on
07/06/07-Submitted to
04/07/07-Ver 3.0 done, extra mission completed. Sorry for the delay, have been
very busy doing many things.

The Walkthrough

Walkthrough Contents

Note: To navigate the guide hold in [Ctrl]+[F] (For most modern internet
browsers and other text viewing programs). This brings up a search menu/thingy
which you can use to navigate the guide.

1. Eagle's Nest

1. Eagle's Nest

Note: Before you start this mission you are asked to choose your difficulty
level for the rest of the game. I will be choosing Commander (the standard
option) for the simple reason: I'd imagine most of you will also choose the
default option so it will make the guide easiest to follow for the majority of

2nd Note: Bdefore the mission beginsd you can change you're weapon loadout,
you're teammate. I'll make notes throughout the game reccomending weapons to
buy and use in every mission from there on. Generally you can start with an
M4A1 with M203 FRAG & Low Scope attached, leaving all others as defaults.
Now I suggest changing you're teammate to LONESTAR (who in my oppinion is by
far the best character as he adds some nice range to you're 'artilery 
collection'). Now lets take a look at his loadout. Take the Lt. Supressor
off of his SR-25 but leave everything else alone for now.


OK, now we've gone through the basic rubbish you need to know for the game
we can begin playing it! It'll ask you if you need help during this mission,
I'd recommend pressing yes as it will teach you all the controls and basic
commands that you need to know for the rest of the game. Press O (the
circle button) to bring up your team command menu, now tell Lonestar to
fire at will (we don't want to give the *BLEEP*'s a chance now do we?

Note: This will mean you will get the worst stealth rating possible but
i think it's a lot more fun & effective to go in all guns blazing and shoot
the crap out of them (and i've completed the game using this method so trust
me, it's effective).

Move forward killing all enemies you see. Welcome to point Charlie! Continue
to Delta. When you turn the corner in between Charlie and Delta you'll find
an open space with several hostiles, use short bursts of M4A1 fire and
let Lonestar do his stuff with his sniper and you shouldn't get so much as
Secondary Objective Complete: Secure Mountain Clearing.
Carry on to Delta. Move to the cliff face.
Primary Objective Complete: Locate Helicopter Crash site.
Now you're at the cliff face press --> (Right Arrow On D-Pad) to go into
freelook allowing you to locate the troops on the ground around the crash
site. Press Up ararow multiple times to zoom in. Use short bursts of fire
to kill the two enemies.
Secondary Objective Complete: Eliminate Crash Site Enemies.
Continue to Echo & then Foxtrot & then India & then Juliet & then Kilo & then
Lima. Lonestar will tell you that you've reached the Villiage, when he says
this head to the left and you'll find a door in to a house. Open it and
go inside. To the right there are some crates and on top is some intel. Go
and pick it up. Now open the door on the other side of the room and head
on outside. There'll be a few hostiles here, just run out firing like mad
at them, rifle but them while you're reloading and generally go awol! (Hey
this is the first mission you CAN go awol, it's not designed to kill you, but
to teach you the basic game functions). I felt like picking up an AK-47 here,
if you want to then hey go ahead (I personally think they're a good weapon
and on these earlier missions all the terrorists have AK's so you get almost
infinate ammo)!! Head to your left and make sure you've killed all the hostiles
'round the corner. Now go back to the building you just came from and stand
looking out of the doorway. Take a right and in a little inlet there will
be a Villiager. Restrain the Villiager so we can be on our way. 
Now head to point Papa (that's inside a building so go to
the door and go inside). Be sure to kill the terrorist inside the room or he'll
kill you! To you're left, behind the door there's a map on the wall, hold in
left on the D-pad to bring up the weapon menu. Select Photo Binoculars.
Point 'em at the map, when the little red circle in the top left corner goes
green, tap circle to take the shot and hey presto you've obtained more intel.
Continue through the closed door. Kill the two terrorists you can lock on to
and run after the Villiager until you have him cornered. Restrain him.
1/2 Villiagers restrained.
Go to the building where point Romeo is and open the door and get inside.
Kill the terrist inside. Put some C4 on the missile crates and run!
Primary Objective Complete: Destroy Missile Crates
Continue through the room and out the last door into the open again.
All of a sudden (on your right) loads of terrorists run into view. Kill them
all in our "SOCOM AK-47 Massacre" (what I like to call what happens when I
meet A hostile) :) Now run towards the armoured truck and plant a satchel
charge. Run! Now head over to point Victor & then on to point Whiskey XRAY.
Now turn to your left and you'll see a large number of enemy units moving in
on your position. use grenades and your gun to ensure your survival.
Now you get a Radio 'thingy' from Spector who's just let some enemy units
past (if you want a job doing properly you've got to do it yourself!
Spector is useless!!!!) This time I'd recommend doing the same again. Frag's
and machine gun.
Head to the extraction point (X on the Radar).

Mission Complete.

Note: As I predicted earlier i got a D in stealth, if you've been following
this you will of got that too. But overall I got an A so that D is really
insignificant and i see the all guns blazing method as beeing the best.

2. Last Harvest

Same loadout as last time (and every time from now on unless I tell you
there's an upgrade worth buying).

Don't tell Lonestar to fire at will just yet, kill the couple that are shooting
at you and now take out your Less-Lethal M490 and go and shoot a hostile a
couple of times (until he gives up). Now restrain him. Now you can tell
Lonestar to fire at will and switch back to your main weapon. Secure the
rest of the villiage.
Secondary Objective Complete: Restrain Hostile
Area Secured
Find Poppy Fields
OK, now enter the caves/tunnels. Continue along to the tunnels and out the
other side to point Delta. Before you get to point Delta you see a cut-scene.
Continue past Delta killing all hostiles, go to the shed and try to open the
door. The door is locked. Turn around 180 degrees and you'll see a ventilation
system. Hover your cross-hairs over it and press circle. Tell Lonestar to
sabotage the system. Now sit back and watch the cut-scene. Kill them!
Now head into there underground bunker. Kill all hostiles in the first room.
Take a left. DO NOT HARM THE VILLIAGER but kill the hostile. Restrain the
villiager and head back into the first room. Restrain the two villiagers
there. Look on the crates at the South of the room for the intel and grab it!
Head back to the second room and continue along the passage to the
right. Welcome to the third room! Restrain the two villiagers and take a
picture of the map on the wall. Continue along the passage. You'll see a
room with two villiagers in and a door to the right. Head to the doorway to
the right and kill the hostile that should be in your sight. Restrain the two
villiagers. Now continue into the next room and obtain the intel on the desk.
Turn to the west where a hostile should be in the passage. Kill him.
Continue along the passage to the west. Enter the room at the end of the
passage and use the boxes and crates for cover to get around the room whilst
killing the hostiles. Head to the far South-East corner of the room and
take a picture of the Opium. Now plant a C4 charge on the drugs. Head all
the way back to the surface. Watch the cut-scene.

Mission Complete!

3. Shift Change

Now we've got a bit more Command Equity (you shuld have more than 800) we
should spend it on a weapon upgrade. Buy the Vari. Scope and stick it on your
M4A1 and Lonestar's SR-25.

Head over to point Charlie. Continue a bit further, turn left around the corner
and kill the guard. Head through the door to the building on your left.
Kill the enemy on the stairs. Move through the building, killing all hostiles
you come across. When you reach the room with 3 guards in there are 2 options,
left or right (after you've killed the guards and head to the other side of the
room the corridor branches off). Take a right. Go through the door at the end
of the small passage. Welcome to the main room of this building! Proceen to
kill the guard on the platform, or let Lonestar do the job with his sniper.
You have now reached the point where the golden star is on the radar.
Head on to the raised platform that you just killed a guard on. When it
branches off into 4 take the North option. When you reach the ground, guards
will be all over the place, kill them all (Lonestar picks them off easily at
this range). Head towards Heroin Cache 4 (Slightly North) Note: don't go all 
the way to heroin cache 4 just in it's direction. Restrain the two
villiagers. Take a picture of the Heroin equipment. Head out through the
door to your east. Go up the stairs and kill the guard in the room at the top.
Head through the room and down the stairs at the other side. Continue forward
killing any hostiles you meet. You're now outside again. Look to your left and
there should be a container (slightly away from you) 2 guards are either behind
that or close by so go kill them. Head south towards the building
with a door you can go through. Enter and head on through the building killing
guards. When you reach a room with a fair few guards in kill the guards and
head to the 6th (1st large) cubicle on your right, there's a laptop. 
Pick it up. Continue through the room and eventually out into open air again.
Head north, turn round the corner so you're heading west and go the short
distance until you should see a door on your left. Enter it. Now take the
first door on your left into the room with the heroin cache. Plant some C4 and
get the job done. Now head out through the door you came in by so you're back
in the open. Take a right and head through thhe door that's almost opposite
you. Continue through the next door. Kill the hostile, take a left and keep
walking past the massive tanks. Move between the shelves to continue out of the
other side of the room and kill the guard. You should now have cleared the
warehouse. Move forward to Heroin Cache 5. Plant the C4 and... Ka-BOOM!
Head back out the way you came. Head west until there is some open space with
a burnt out car and some snipers on the roof of a building shooting
at you. Head through the door in that building. Shoot the guard and continue.
Enter the room on the right and kill the guard. Continue through the room and
into the next. Kill the two guards. Now they're taken care of head into the
previous room (with the shelves in) and head over to heroin cache 2. Blow
it up. Head out the door into the room we just killed the two guards in.
Continue until you're in the open again. Head east until there's a burnt out
car infront of you and an open door to the left (we've already been through it)
go through the door. Head north through the factory to the room where we took
the picture of the heroin equipment. Now go through the door to your north.
On your right there'll be the the heroin, you know what to do... before you
ask... you can't smoke it! Leave the room the way you entered. Head west until
you reach a wall directly infront of you with point charlie about 100m away.
Take a left. Once you've gone through the door, take a right. Continue through
this room until you see the door we entered by. Leave by that door.
Take a right. Keep heading forward... past the crack in the wall until
you evetually reach a door on your right which we haven't yet gone
through. Go through it. Go through the next door. Kill the guards and
blow up the heroin. Leave the building the same way we entered. Now go left and
through the large crack in the wall. Head on over to point Charlie.
Go around the corner and keep walking. Watch the cut-scene, they drive off
into the distance...

Mission Complete!

4. Dragon's Den

Remember to leave your weapon as the Less-lethal M4-90 (secondary that is).

Head forward, kill the two contacts and disable his boat (at the silver *).
Head slightly south and then east down the path to the Villa. Walk straight
up to the main entrance and open the door. Kill the guard straigh infront of
you and continua forward. Take a left and enter the main house. Here I was
seen by the sniper on the balcony (as I said I don't care for stealth). As
punishment for setting the alarm off i killed the guard who did it :)
Run forward and take a right to head upstairs. Take a right at the top of the
stairs. Kill the terrorist that comes out of the larger opening. Hangman is
through the smaller door. Take a left and head down the stairs to your right
(Lonestar describes this as a secret passage and it leads to the boat that we
sabotaged :) Kill all hostiles on your way but take care to not kill HANGMAN,
when you do catch up with HANGMAN take out your Less Lethal Shotgun and shoot
him with that until he gives up or if you chase him all the way to his boat
then you'll see a cut-scene in which you force him to give up.
Take note to C4 the drugs cache when you get to the place where the first 
hostiles are. Run straight through the waterfalland carry on (just a note to 
tell you the waterfall won't harm you). Now move to the X on the map for

Mission Complete!

5. Traffic Control

Move through the hole in the fence. Move round the 2planes & 1 helicopter
killing all enemies. Head to the * on the map and clear the hangar. Take 
photo of drugs in centre of hangar & the technical drawing on the wall to the 
left of the hanger. Obtain intel on south side of drugs table. Leave the
hanger by the North entrance. Enter the next hanger. Clear it, C4 the tanker,
photo the drugs and leave by the North entrance. Kill the guard in the alley
way and enter the next building. Clear the last hanger & photo the drugs.
Leave by the gap in the hanger doors. Turn south and kill the guard. Turn
the corner and C4 the truck east of you. Head south a bit and go through
the door to your east. Clear the offices obtaining all intel and restraining
all hostages. You'll get a message saying the area is secure when you've killed
all hostiles. Leave by the east entrance. Kill the hostiles guarding the planes
and continue to baggage claim in the north east (small red door behind the 
furthest plane). When you reach check in restrain the hostage. Head south
to the next room and kill the guards. In the next room, do the same, kill all
guards and restrain the hostage. Continue through the next door and...
Ooooooo.... Ok kill hangmans guards & hangman. Destroy the plane.

Mission Complete!

6. Cascade Effect

Coming Soon...
Copyright & Legal Information

This faq is copyright (c) of Josh Keegan, the author and may not be used for
showing to an audience or reproducing without prior permission from me.

This faq was written solely to be hosted at
It may also be found at: (this is my website, so if you want
to find the latest version, before it's even checked by game faq's then this
is the place to go).

I do appreciate feedback, and read all emails sent to me. 99% of the time I
will reply.

If you wish to put my guide up on your site just email me asking. Please
state the place where your site can be found e.g. There's a 99.99999999999999999999% chance
I'll say yes you can put my faq on your site (after all why would I write this
guide If I only want it to be on where only a small selection of
the people who need it will read it, I want it to spread far and wide, doesn't
everyone? I do, however appreciate knowing where my guide is. If you post it on
your site without my permission you're breaking copyright laws. Thank you.
Credit & Thanks

1. You, the reader for reading my guide.

2. The ASCII generator I used (for obvios reasons).

3. Zipper Interactive for making SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2.

4. and any other websites hosting this for hosting this guide
(with my consent).

That's all for the moment guys, if you want to help me out by sending in some
of your own works to be part of my guide, e.g. say you designed a list of all
the weapons, what attachments they could have etc... then please send it to me
and you will receive all credit for making it.

Any spelling mistakes?
Anything else you want to tell me?
Email me, [email protected]