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The Sims 2


Cheats, Hints and Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

Sims 2 For PSP
Sims 2 Cheats, Hints and Walkthrough
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright 2008 clarissasy03

1. Introduction
Hi! guys, this is my first walkthrough.. i mean first walkthrought wrote here in this game.
I will guide you throughout the game. If you have a hard time playing this game you may
consult my made walkthrough! Good Luck and Happy Playing! So, shall we begin?

2. Version History
Version 1.0 - December 22,2008
= Submitted the Walkthrough.

3. About The Walkthrough
This FAQ was made by clarissasy03. Please be aware that this FAQ has the 
permission of some sites that this FAQ can be posted to. Sites that has this 
FAQ without the permission from me is a violation of copyright and or copyright

Copyright  clarissasy03

4.  Copyright Information
No part of this FAQ may be produced or published in any form or by any means, 
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any 
information storage or retrieval system without the permission in writing from
the copyright owner.

Copyright  clarissasy03

5. Contact Information
If you have some questions, suggestion and comments.. Feel free to ask me by e-mailing me
at [email protected] or if you want online contact just add me 
[email protected] Im willingly to help you out.

6. Information About The Game
In The Sims 2, you can control your Sims over an entire lifetime for the first time. With the addition of genetics, the game lets your Sims pass their DNA down through generations. Every life choice you make has a relevant and dramatic effect on the lifetime of your Sim. Now it's up to you to take your Sims from the cradle to the grave, while fulfilling their dreams and pushing them to extremes.

7. Start of Sims 2 Cheats
Perk Cheat
In the Buy Perks screen in the info menu hold L + R + Square simultaneously. A cheat perk will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. If you buy it you will get a money boost, add some skills, clean your urgencies and completely fill your Sanity level.

Code	                      Effect
Hold R + L + Square	Get the cheat perk

8. Start of Sims 2 Hints

-Walk/Run- Analog stick or D-pad
-Action- X button
-Back- Triangle button
-Rotate camera- L-shoulder or R-shoulder
-Camera zoom- L-shoulder and R-shoulder tap
-Perks and wants view- Square button
-Use perk- O button
-Goal, Sim, and Inventory screen view- Select button
-Start menu- Start button

Sanity and Urgencies

In the Sims 2 your Sims now have wants and fears. In the PSP version you also 
have sanity and urgencies. 

Sanity is basically what you know it is, your sanity. There are four levels of 
sanity in this game as represented by your crystal in the lower left corner: 
Red- Your about to freak out, Green- Mediocre, Gold- Good, Platinum- As good 
as it gets which also slows down most urgencies. If your crystal becomes empty 
you will go crazy and need to be sent to the mental box. When you come back 
you'll be out 500 $ and some urgencies will be messed up.

In order to keep you from a padded cell with a guy named Bubba, you'll have to 
fulfill your Sims wants. Your Sims wants are represented in the left corner by 
the four square boxes with icons within them. Your Sim will need to complete 
tasks such as making food or making whoopee with the local inhabitants of 
Strangetown. By completing tasks you're rewarded with a sanity mood boost and 
sanity ponts which are useful for buying perks.

Urgencies are basic insticts like going to the bathroom or breathing 
(sarcasm). There are eight urgencies which are view at by pressing the select 
button and viewing the Goal screen. It's best to keep all of them full and 
each on are as followed: Exhaustion which is kept full by sleeping.
-Hunger that is kept full by eating.
-Bladder which if you don't know is kept by going to the local toilet.
-Stinkiness is as to showering or washing your hands alot, Boredom is kept by 
watching TV or anything that will hold your attention.
-Nausea is kept by two methods such as vomiting or taking medication. 
-Finally Headaches and Debt. Now, the last two are actually synced together 
somewhat because when you are in Debt(such as not owning any money or getting 
instatutionalized by the crazy police and not having enough money to cover 
therapy classes) you will suffer headaches meaning you need to get some cash. 
Headaches are easily cured by medicene or a night on the bed.


There are six skills in the game which will help advance the story, unlock 
certain perks, or improve their social ablities. 

-Body: This skill helps enable the Iron Stomach perk which is useful for 
the 'Smack-a-Ghoul' minigame.
-Charisma: This is the best skill to help intimidate, flirt, or chat with 
-Logic: This skill is useful for hacking into keypads or searching for 
specific information.
-Creative: Useful for painting pictures and selling them for money or making 
-Mechanical: If you want to fix a computer or repair your toaster with a knife 
this is a useful skill.
-Cooking: Good for eating. Which you need to do.


Perks are tools and/or abilities that you gain after either buying them or 
obtaining them. Most Perks are obtained by buying them using sanity points 
that you get from completing your Sim's wants. The Perks you buy usually are 
passive such as Iron Stomach which passively resists Nausea. It is possible to 
trade perks with your friends if they also have a copy of The Sims 2 and Wi-Fi 
connect with you.


There are three types of interactions:
Chat: This is your everyday ordinary talking. It makes you better friends with 
whoever your trying to chat with pending that you suceed the mini-game.
Flirt: This is like hitting on another person.. And it gets creepy sometimes. 
Makes whoever your trying to flirt with 'good' friends and eventually leading 
to making the babies(which by the way, you cannot have babies in the PSP 
version of The Sims 2) pending you pass the mini-game.
Intimidate: Think of this as 'Interigating'. You basically smack someone up 
until they give you information. If you fail you lose a bitof sanity, but if 
you suceed you gain a secret but that person will hate you.


Too have whoopie or woo-hoo, have a level 4 love relationship with the person
and flirt with them or get on a bed and relax. Then invite whoever your trying 
to woo-hoo with and cuddle.. And basically it rolls on from there. Also works
with the hot tub. Having a love potion also helps. 


Have a level 4 friendship with the person(s). If you want a room mate they 
must be at this state.


There are many secrets within the town of Strangeworld. Many of which creepy, 
but thats okay people will actually buy your secrets for a pretty heavy 
ammount. In game, selling secrets is basically the best way to get money. 
Right besides actually completing the main storyline. Just so you know, this 
walkthrough tells where most secrets are as the story progresses so do not 
worry about collecting each one unless you are a perfectionest. They are 
small, blue, glowing, and have four pointy sides. 

Buying Furniture and Designing your Home

Buying furniture is accessed by using the phone in your home (not your 
cellphone). Because EA is lazy though you have a limit to how much you can 
actually stick into your home. You can design your home by also using your 
home phone. You will go through each room and have the ability to change 
the walls and flooring.

Changing Apperance

To change your clothes or buy new clothes use any dresser. You can press the 
square button to change colors or variations of the types of clothing.

To change any facial features, goto a mirror and primp. You should be able to 
change hair, glasses, en etc.

Tips, Tricks, en Hints

-Painting Simolians: The easiest way to make money is to first max out your 
creativity. Buy a painting easel and begin to work on a new painting but just 
as the white board appears, cancel and you should be automatically done. 
500$ easy.

-Roomate: There's a reason this is in the tips tricks etc section, I'm just 
lazy to explain why. To have a roommate you must clear your house of ghosts 
(except for Emily), the sim must be homeless(you'll just see them on the street,
 they do not go in or stay in homes), and you must have a level 4 love and/or 
friend relationship with a person.

-Aspiration Alteration: To change your aspiration goals, once you complete the
 game go touch Doctor Dominion's helmet once more. You'll be given a list of 
options and thusly the one you choose wil influence your new goals. You will 
also unlock new perks by changing aspirations.

-Freeplay: You automatically unlock this by beating the game. It is just 
playing as your current sim. It's not really all that good.

9. Start of Sims 2 Walkthrough
To actually start the game you will need to Create-A-Sim from the main menu.

Service Station

You start out driving your beater car on a dusty road across the desert and it 
breaks down because your Sim is too busy looking at the glowing green diamond 
overhead. Once you get past the cinematic your shown the controls screen for a 
brief moment. As you close that window your instantly immersed into the game 
and start out in the mechanics garage. Go over and talk to Oscar Del Fuego 
(the mechanic so-to-speak) and browse through your talk options. You'll ask 
him how much money it'll take to fix the car but he'll say it's more about the 
respect. He complains that your talking to him like a everyday ordinary 
mechanic and blather on with artistic misconceptions about the Mona Lisa and 
Michelangelo. He doesn't really want payment he complains, he wants to be 
treated like a human being and asks that you chat with him. 

After your done chatting with him(pending you suceed in doing so) you guys 
shake hands and he asks if that chatting wasn't so bad. He then claims he is 
going to give you a discount for being friends now. You can either take 
advantage of his offer or actually be a friend and do the whole 'you shouldn't 
have!' thing. Either way your out 500 simoleons. He'll tell you to head to the 
Curio Shoppe to hang out for awhile while he fixes your car and since your 
stuck in the desert you don't have a choice. He'll also tell you to see Mambo 
Loa the lady who mans the cash register while your at it. Finally he 
introduces you to the goal list via select button. Nice guy that Oscar now 
exit the building.

When you leave the garage go around the left and there should be three cars. 
Go behind the garage and pick up the blue glowing object hidden behind the 
tires. This is a secret which can be later used to obtain some cash. Also, go 
to the furthest red car parked right by a cactus. Search right by the cactus 
and there should be another secret. When your done go into the building with 
the red 50's double doors.

Wow it looks like a 7-11 in here does it not? You should see two people in 
here a Bella Goth in a red dress and Mambo Loa behind the cash register. First 
head into the bathroom and pick up the secret right across from the sink. Then 
go talk to Mambo Loa, there she will give you here special personality test. 
Basically it's a giant thing telling you what your aspirations and fears will 
be. You can let here choose or you can skip ahead and choose them yourself. 
When you're done she'll tell you about your wants but first pick up the secret 
to the right of Mambo Loa behind the cash register then go fulfill one of your 
wants. Take this time to fill your sanity meter to platinum while your at it 
also and return to Mambo Loa. She'll then persist to talk to you about sanity 
and secrets. Then Mambo will force you to pry a secret out of by chatting with 
her Bella and return to Mamboa. She'll tell you all about that jazz of secrets 
and that she buys secrets(Right now, do not sell any secrets to her, your 
wallet will thank you later) and get onto another subject; Love. She'll tell 
you to either flirt with Bella or the cop outside, Deputy Duncan. The choices 
are oh so heavily weighed are they not? When you're done flirting once again 
return to Mambo and she'll basically force you to buy something. That dirty 
sunnuva- Got off track. Go around the counter and buy something that won't 
spend all of your assets, like a ice cream and then talk to Mambo again. 
She'll begin to explain one of the most basic of things to you; Eating. Open 
up to your inventory menu and eat whatever you bought. Finally go back to 
Mambo one last time and she will tell you she has nothing else for you to do 
and to go check on your car. Leave the Curio Shoppe and head outside.

Go around the left and behind the shop. Building's gone? Good, your on with 
the story then and a cell phone will be left infront of the ruins of the 
garage. Go pick it up and you will be forced to talk to Doctor Dominic Newlow. 
Somehow he knows that your car and the building have been misplaced somewhere 
and he left his cell phone right where your standing yesterday. Moving onto 
his point, he needs a new assistant and wants you to do the job but you need 
a ride and place to stay. Go back inside the Curio Shoppe again.

Go talk to Bella, not chat. She'll tell you she needs to leave town because 
something horrible has happened to her. Ask her if you could have a place to 
stay and she'll actually wants to sell you her MANSION. You'll ask her how 
much she is asking for the place and you'll get a outrageous offer of 900,000 
simoleons. Thats not gonna work. Bella will tell you she will take whatever is 
currently in your wallet. She takes all your money but cannot give you a ride 
out of the Service Station. Then out of no where she tells you she is never 
going back to that mansion. Something's obviously wrong with it. Then she'll 
tell you she even sold you a maid with the mansion. Sweetness. Anyways, once 
your done having your conversation with her go over to Mambo Loa and sell her 
all of your secrets. Right there, right now. Get yourself some pocket scratch. 
Once your done, go outside again.

Look to your right and you'll see Deputy Duncan and his car, but first go 
behind his car and look at the bushes. They're sparkling. Go get the secret 
hidden there and talk to Duncan. You can get in his face(I did) or you can 
tell him your just killing sometime. Ask him if you could also get a ride into 
town while your at it. He'll tell you he's out of donuts, how.. Non-chilant. 
He'll ask that you go and smack Mambo Loa around because she is hoarding 
donuts from Duncan. Run back into the Curio Shoppe.. Again..

Go back around the counter and talk to Mambo again, except this time do a 
Social Game and intimidate her. Try to suceed though, because if you fail at 
intimidations you lose a bit of sanity. You'll find out she hides her donuts 
in the trash can in the bathroom. Nice. Go into the bathroom and start 
salvaging through the trash bin. You'll lose a part of your lunch most likely 
by doing this, but it has to be done. Once you have your dumpster-donuts, go 
back outside and hand them over to Duncan by asking him for a ride into town 
again.. He's not too smart about food though. He'll ask you if you got a place 
to stay. Luckily you got your place cheap from Bella. He'll tell you whenever 
your ready, get in the car. Que the music, NEXT PART!

Paradise Place

Here you are at your new neighborhood. Your now the owner of the Espirtu 
Estate, the place where Duncan parked his car infront of. Your character 
comments on how rich Bella must have been and Duncan comments that she took 
all your money and gives 800$ to you. Nice. Where Duncan gets it, we don't 
wanna know. Anyways Duncan tells you that you should meet your new neighbors: 
The Rossum's, the Dente's, the Beaker's, and finally Dr. Newlow. When your 
done talking to Duncan, run up into your house. 

As you enter your house, you are greeted by your new maid, Emily Emory. She 
kind of.. Screams at you. You tell her you are the new owner of the estate and 
she makes a back-handed comment on how something is wrong with the place. She 
says it'd be easy to show you the problem, rather then tell you. Walk inside 
your home and head to the room on the right. OMFGZ GHOST! Run to the right 
quickly and guess what? OMFGZ GHOST. Most likely they will scare the 
metaphorical crap out of your Sim. Run back and talk to Emily. Obviously your 
Sims tells her about the hauntings. She's not surprised and attempts to get 
you to stay in the house proclaiming that there are only three ghosts and 
they're nice. Obviously you cannot see the third ghost, thats a later secret. 
She'll tell you that the ghosts are just lonely and cannot move on until their 
unfinished buisness is done. She'll proceed to tell you about Dennis the Ghost 
who lies in your music room. She'll tell you about his mysteriously awkward 
death with the pool and the ladder and that Dennis never got a proper burial. 
Then your slapped with a new mission, get the ghosts out of your house. 
Preferably Dennis at the moment. (If you want to figure out where the third 
ghost is, chat with Emily enough and she will tell you.) 

Go outside your front door and go on the rightside around your fountain. Ping. 
Secret. Once you're outside make a left around your bushes and stop. Then make 
another left and you should see a secret hidden behind a tree. Then turn 
around and cut through the graveyard. You should be able to see another secret 
far away in the open. Turn around once more and run to Deputy Duncan's car 
placed right outside your door and turn left. You should see a house with part 
of the wall glowing purple. Run to the glowing while going around the bush and 
you should find ANOTHER secret.

Alright your done collecting secrets for now, go talk to Deputy Duncan. He'll 
explain he is having trouble and wants you to help. He will explain how the 
garbage man went missing and that he believes the Beaker family has something 
to do with it. Then you'll change subjects onto the graveyard problems and in 
the process you should earn a secret. Anyways Duncan will tell you how the 
dead are getting up out of their graves and if you want to earn a bit of 
pocket scratch you should try to put them back in each night.

The Beakers

Alright, to move the plot along go to the house that has a awkward red glow. 
This is your neighbors the Beakers. They basically hate you. Once you enter 
the house a message will pop up saying these are the people who kidnaped the 
garbage man. First go into the far back right room and research your logic up
to level two with the bookcase. When your done, attempt to hack that keypad
outside of the library next to the kitchen. Either Loki or Circe will come up
and verbally smack you for touching it. Once your done, go and talk to the
other housemate who did not stop you from using the keypad. Either way- Circe
will tell you she thinks Loki is keeping things from her like patents which
could cost alot of money and Loki thinks that Circe is having some marriage
problems. Lets start off with Circe's problems. Head off into their bedroom. 
Right by their dresser is a secret, pick it up. Now wait in this room for a
minute and Loki should come around poking his nose in his dresser all sneakly-
like which is creepy. Obviously somethings in that dresser, examine it. BAM-
Patent city, take them to Circe quickly. And prepare to feel used- Circe had
no intention of leaving whatsoever, just to make you go on a random goose hunt
but she'll attempt to pay you off. Accept it or leave it either way, move on
to pay her back. Intimidate her, because she has it coming. No seriously, do
it. She'll spill her guts and admit to having an affair. Go back and talk to
Loki about it. Loki and Circe will from there on end proceed to be unavalible
to stop you from hacking the keypad now. Go and rescue that garbage man but
get the secret in his captivity room while your at it.

-Take a little time for yourself to earn some money, work on your skills, buy
some perks, or raise your sanity at this point.

The Dentes

By now you've probably gone to Espirtu Estates to rest up a bit, I don't blame
you. I did. Were going to now start with the Dentes, whose house is directly 
left of Espirtu Estate and is glowing blue; go inside and talk to Hazel Dente.
She'll explain that she needs some help doing some tasks around the house and 
to talk to her fiance, Roland, about the jobs. First go into her backyard 
though and take a direct right. Once you reach the fence take another direct 
right and you should find a secret. Now go talk to Roland and you two will 
chat about how Roland and Hazel met and that they need some help preparing for
their wedding. Tell Roland that Hazle had some work for you and he'll give you
three jobs:

-Plant the garden with garlic seeds

-Scrub the bathroom

-And make hotdogs

Let's start with scrubbing the bathroom since that should be relativly easy. 
Go to their bathroom and scrub everything down. As you clean the sink though 
you'll find a ring lodged in Hazel's drain. Riiight, clean everything else and
pick up the secret by the bathtub. Report back to Roland.

Now lets begin the hot dog preperations. If you haven't already, go and pick 
up some cooking skills by watching the Yummy Channel on the telly for awhile 
so you can pick up a uncooked hotdog from a fridge. What's this? Inside 
Hazel's fridge is a note to the police. Creeeepy.. Go cook that hotdog and 
report back to Roland once more.

Now onto the finale, run to the Service Station and go buy some garlic seeds 
and a road map(for the future) from the register. Now rush back to the Dentes 
and head to their backyard. First go behind their pool and examine the object 
that looks like a propane tank connected to a box. This actually happen's to 
be Dennis the Ghost's remains..! First go to the far left plot in the garden 
which is to the direct right of the back yard entrance and plant the garlic 
seeds. Gasp, you find a pacemaker in the plot? That's just nasty.. Again go 
back to the plot where you planted your seeds and bury the remains of Dennis. 
He shall bother your music room no more. Report back to Roland once more then 
talk to Hazel to tell her about the things you found while working in her 
house. She'll explain that all of these things were accidents but it clearly 
looks like foul play and accuse her of it. Hazel will tell you she isn't 
telling you anymore and the only way you'll get anything more is to intimidate
her. Get to it. Once you suceed in intimidating her (pending you do suceed) 
she'll explain how she 'blacks out' sometimes and how she found all of her 
husbands dead. You'll point out how Roland needs to know but Hazel doesn't 
want him too because then he might leave her. You'll have to tell him 
yourself, so go do it. As a reward, Hazel will teach you howto garden which is 
really a sub-par reward.

-Return back to your home and Emily will annouce that Dennis is no more and 
you have a whole room to yourself but now you have to take care of the ghost 
in your Main Bedroom. She'll explain that the ghost is so depressed. Emily 
will explain that he had a girlfriend and how he was a test subject for Loki 
Beaker's nervous system project and how it fried him one day. She'll also 
explain the he had a little charm that his girlfriend Annie who is a waitress 
at the Nightowl bar in Deadtree and that you need to dig it up to give to her. 
Take time to decompress and up your skills(specifically mechanical up to four).

Doctor Newlow

As you leave Espirtu Estates, Doctor Newlow's home is direct right to yours 
and also the one that glows purple. Go inside his house and you should find 
him in his study; speak with him. Tell him your ready to work for him to get 
some pocket scratch. The job is pretty basic too, sell secrets. Give him five 
and he will give you a bonus. After all the secrets I have pointed out, you 
should be able to make five. Sell him all of your secrets and talk to him 
about the bonus. And he pulls out.. A GAT! RUN!- I mean, ahem.. He 
disappeared. How strange.. And so is that bookcase next to the window. Examine 
it. That bookcase seems to be a trick door! Attempt to open it and you'll be 
greeted by none other than the antagonist Doctor Dominion. There's nothing 
else to do but obey but pick up the secret behind his desk and the one stashed 
away by his piano on your way out.

The Rossums

As you leave Doctor Dominion's home, take a direct right and you'll be at the 
home of the Rossums. It glows orange just to fill your head with a direction. 
Enter the house and speak with Issac. He will explain how he is just leaving 
and that his wife, Roberta, needs a friend. Do it out of the goodness of your 
heart because this is a relativly easy task. Go and chat with Roberta then 
talk to her. She'll freak out robo-style. Roberta will explain how she is a 
robot and programed to do everything Issac tells him but she doesn't want to 
do that. Going on she also tells how Doctor Newlow(Dominion) had a program 
called liberator.exe to help her become normal. You'll have to hack it off his 
private computer. Go back to Doctor Newlow's home, hack the computer in his 
secret room, and return to Roberta. She'll ask for a simolian, give it to her 
because your nice. Yay, Roberta is now free from the clutches of being a 
robot. Go into the invention room now and look in the closet, you should find 
a secret. Issac is home now so go talk to him and he'll explain some long-
winded thing about real-intelligence and your phone will begin to ring. Anwser 
it and you'll be a slave to the green crystal again. Your now to go into the 
invention room again and use the green machine to make a cow. Once your done 
take it and pull the rod that is sticking out of the generator-esqe thing to 
the right of the cow-maker-thingy. Now goto Roberta and give her the items and 
you will be called one more time by Doctor Dominion to remind you the sentence 
order newsreader, waiter, trousers. Talk to Roberta once more and say the 
sentence about milk. Roberta will inevitably freak out again robo-style and 
leave the home. Talk to Issac and you'll explain that you were under control 
by Doctor Dominion and he has ROberta now. Issac wants you to goto Deadtree to 
find Roberta or what's left of her. Your basically 1/4th the way complete now. 

-Take time to save your data or whatever. Make some turkey or something..


To get to Deadtree you must go up the road of Paradise Palace and take the 
right turn. The left leads to the Service Station. When you reach Deadtree 
you'll recieve a phone call from Isaac instructing you onto using the tracking 
device. And just to start off go past the first two buildings on your right 
and then go around the pole, you should see a secret. Then keep going straight 
until you reach a dead end with a barn on your right and acouple of benches to 
your left. Look behind a tree on your right and you should find another secret.

Finding Roberta

-First go along the road until you see a merchant on the street. Go behind her 
and you should see a chest. Pick the chest's lock and you should find 
Roberta's torso. 

-Turn around so the exit of Deadtree to Division 47 is facing your back and 
head fowards and enter the Nightowl Saloon infront of you. As you enter, turn 
around the look left; that table's leg is a leg. Take it and go into the 
womens bathroom, you'll find a secret. Then leave the bathroom and enter the 
bar with the old guy in it who serves drinks, there's a secret. Now you can 

-Go towards the exit to Deadtree that leads to Paradise Place and stop at the 
church and go inside. Go past the benches and take a left and then a immediate 
right outside into the graveyard. Attempt to not make eye contact with 
zombies. Out in the open there should be one of Roberta's arms. Pick it up 
then goto the far left graves. You'll know which they are because you'll find 
a secret next to them. Check the graves and one should allow you to dig. Do 
it. Now leave the graveyard and church.

-Go directly across the street from the church and enter the library. Pick up 
the secret and attempt to take the arm off of the dish-thingy. You can't, hack 
the computer next to it and then snatch it. You'll be golden.

-Leave the library and head towards the Nightowl bar, but don't enter it. 
Instead talk to the guy in the white robe talking about cows. OMG its Roland, 
Hazel's ex-fiance and he's selling flyers for a cult(I call it a cult, deal 
with it). Sign yourself up, buy one, and read it. Now enter the building next 
to the bar with the cow on it's door. As you enter, go towards the guy who is 
next to the door. He won't let you in unless you anwser the for great pillars 
of the Kine Society. Luckily for you the anwsers are as follows: 1. Always 
stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket. 2. Always keep your 
eyes on the cow infront of you. Attention yields obdience. 3. Always look to 
the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure. 4. Always be warry ... 
the enemy tips the cow who sleeps. After you have anwsered them you should be 
allowed in. Go directly to the cow statue then turn right. Leg ahoy. The only 
thing that remains is to bring her remains back to Isaac since the head is 
really the only thing Doctor Dominion wanted and he would most likely not get 
rid of it so easily. Goal list complete.

Nervous Subject Ghost

If your doing this in order then you should currently have the charm. If not, 
keep reading. Go into the Meeting house which is right across from the Old 
Library. Go past the benches and take a left then a immediate right. Go into 
the far back right side of the graveyard and dig up the charm. Leave the 
meeting house and head to the Nightowl Bar. Talk to the girl with pig tails 
and only half of a complete outfit, you should be talkin' to Annie. Ask her if 
the good luck charm looks familiar and she'll explain that it was her 
boyfriends. It rolls downhill from here and you now have a whole master 
bedroom to yourself when you go back and talk to Emily and your now living in 
a technically ghost free household.

The Nightbeast/Werewolf/Pugwolf

To begin this, talk to the old guy who serves drinks to people. He introduces 
himself as Hoot and his little sister Annie. As you two go deeper into 
conversation Hoot will begin to talk about the Nightbeast and it scarin' away 
all his buisness. He wants you to find out how to get rid of it but to first 
find out who IT is(Tip: Watch a real-life werewolf movie). He'll tell you also 
how to make a taser to check the person who you believe it is to be the 
Nightbeast. Go outside purchase parts from the merchant(you may have to talk 
to her first) on the street and build yourself a taser. Now just wait for a 
Nightbeast attack. You'll know when it attacks because the music will change 
and be very imposing and loud. What do you notice about the Nightbeast? It has 
pigtail-ears and shorts just like Annie. Guess what? I like kittens. Oh, and 
Annie's the Nightbeast. Go zap it out of her and she'll transform and get 
angry with you. Annie will explain how everytime she gets even a slight bit 
angry she transfroms, and ironically the customers make her irratated every-
freakin'-day. Tell her she needs anger managment classes and that you will pay 
for them and she will go back to normal. Pay her off when she's a human and 
then talk to Hoot. He'll give you a free bottle of Cider and money.. Mmm.. 

The Will and The Viola

Starting off you should talk to the merchant on the street; her name is Pita. 
She happens to be the sister of the garbage man you saved and explains how her 
family used to own all the land of Strangetown. Now all her family owns is the 
cart she brings her stock to sell on. What is currently going on is that a 
squatter who has a supposed will, Ophelia, is in the Meeting House that Pita's 
grandfather built with his bare hands and she wants to make a claim on it 
believing that her family rightfully owns it because Pita believes the will 
does noy exist. She wants you to become best friends with Ophelia and ask her 
where the will is. As you enter the Meeting House take a direct right inside 
the curtains containing a bed and you should find a secret. Proceed to chat to 
Ophelia and then talk about her knocking over the bookcase to the will and 
proclaiming that some outside force told her to do it. Leave the Meeting House 
and head to the Old Library directly across from you. From entering via stairs 
turn right, right again and head towards the desk, turn left until you stop at 
the candle stick and turn left once more. Get the will from the fallen 
bookcase and head to Pita. Talking with her reveals that Ophelia really does 
own the Meeting House. Pita is disappointed but wants you to retrive a family 
heirloom from the graveyard so she doesn't have to worry about the Meeting 
House anymore. Go to the graveyard and search every tombstone until your given 
the option to dig. Do so and return to Pita, she will reward you. Coal 
Gomplete (switched letters..)

The 19th Century Vampire

Start by going to the Old Library which is opposite the Meeting House. Once in 
there, talk to the guy with the hover device. This is Lincoln Broadsheet, D-
Grade reporter that cannot support his own weight. He start out by saying he 
knows you but I assume like you guys, haven't talked to him until now. He'll 
employ you to get secrets for him but he wants dirt on a specific person, 
Virginya Feng, the redheaded girl who hangs out in the Nightowl Bar. First 
goto the Meeting House and check the far right graves. You should see HER 
tombstone dating back to the late 1800's. Go back to the library and tell this 
to Lincoln. You two will begin to search for info about her but you'll need a 
certain level of logic to do so. You'll find a old pictuire of her, show it to 
Lincoln. He'll tell you to ask acouple of street merchants. IE: Talk to Pita. 
She'll tell you she is not so good with female customer relations as her 
brother Gimi. Go search for a guy in a green suit and that'll be him. 
Intimidate the info out of him after talking to him. He's been selling plasma
(blood) to her..! Report back to Lincoln and tell him. He'll force you to get 
close to Virginya as either a friend or a 'friend'. Either way, successfully 
interact with her acouple of times and you'll get a chomp in the neck from 
her. Stupid vampires! And by the rules of vampirism, your one too. You need to 
go out to the Service Station and talk to Mambo Loa once more and she will 
tell you a cure. Now you need to go back to Deadtree and buy two garlics and 
two plasma packs. Then you need to use a workbench to create it and give it to 
her and yourself. Goal complete.

Kine Dairy 

Talk to the guy in the white robe talking about cows by the Nightowl Bar. OMG 
its Roland, Hazel's ex-fiance and he's selling flyers for a cult(I call it a 
cult, deal with it). Sign yourself up, buy one, and read it. Now enter the 
building next to the bar with the cow on it's door. As you enter, go towards 
the guy who is next to the door. He won't let you in unless you anwser the for 
great pillars of the Kine Society. Luckily for you the anwsers are as follows: 
1. Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket. 2. Always 
keep your eyes on the cow infront of you. Attention yields obdience. 3. Always 
look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure. 4. Always be 
warry ... the enemy tips the cow who sleeps. After you have anwsered them you 
should be allowed in. Go into the room and pick up the cow excrement first 
then to the direct left of where you enter the barn doors and you should see a 
secret. Now you'll need to talk to Sinjin Balani or the guy not in a creepy 
robe. You'll need to do three things to get into the Kine, he'll tell you. 
Listed below:

-Obtain a copy of Bovinomicon: The shop in the building is selling it in the 
front. Also, behind the counter is a secret.
-Gain sponsership: Chat with the woman in the brown cloak until you reach 
relationship 4 status with her.
-Learn the ritual: Ask the woman to teach you the ritual once you have 
befriended her. Then you need to go over to the cow idol and do the sunshine 

After that you need to talk to Sinjin once more to pass his inspection. He 
says you pass and that he needs your help with summoning the mighty 
Beezlebeef. You'll need to do three things again..

-Create Cowporri: Go buy some smart milk and pick up some cow doody and goto a 
craft bench. Once you create it, go to the cow idol and move it to the candle 
holder to the far left.
-New Cow Idol: Goto Isaac Rossum's and use the cow idol maker and make a new 
one. Bring it back to the Kine Dairy and give it to Sinjin.
-Beezlebeef Ceremony: Do the Kine Sunshine Ritual and choose Beezlebeef.

Once you have done these things, Doctor Dominion will show up and steal 
Beezlebeef..! Great, go talk to Sinjin and he will explain how HE was 
brainwashed and wants you to hunt Dominion down. He also got you a job in 
Division 47 which is like the rough equivlent to Area 51. End.

Division 47

Go along the road that you arrived upon from Paradise Palace and follow it 
until you get until the end of the road. You should arrive infront of Lazlo 
Curious, talk to him. After your done, head to the downed saucer that crashed 
into the gate and look left. You should see a secret. Then go towards the 
barracks and you should be able to see another secret right next to a hummer.

Litrene Duty

Head towards the barracks and talk to the guy in the general's outfit with a 
green beret. This guy is the General and he is a complete and utter pain-in-
the-membrane. He tells you there is a job open but not to anyone who he does 
not like. Que the befriending. Get to relationship level 2 with him and then 
he will give you the only job he has left, as a janitor. You have three tasks:

-Fix Tank Grunt's Computer: Basically go out of the General's office and fix 
the computer that is there. Once your done, talk to the Rambo guy beating up 
the cashier and try to calm him down.(Get the secret behind the desk in the 
General's office while your at it)

-Clean the Barracks Bathroom: Goto the bathroom and clean every thing related 
to tolietry and mop the floors.

-Pick up Trash in the Laboratory: Leave the Barracks and go into the 
Laboratory. Pick up everything that is in the white rooms.

Once your done, report back to the General. Goal complete.


In order to begin this set of goals you will have to talk to the alien in the 
Barracks. Johnny Smith here is a teenager and wants to escape from Division 
47. Obviously your help is needed to make everything go smoothly. He'll need a 
fake ID and to loop the security feeds on Tank Grunt's computer(the guy's 
computer you fixed). Basically all you do is sit his computer  and press the 
buttons depending if you have the skills to do so. Once you've done both the 
objectives, tell Johnny and he'll be gone in acouple of seconds in Deadtree. 
End goal.

The Photo Album

Tank Grunt is getting suspicious about the aliens that take resident in 
Division 47. Mister Smith specifically. He believes he is hiding something and 
wnats you to figure out what it is. Start off by befriending Mister Smith's 
wife to relationship level 4. Jenny Smith happens to be a human in the 
Barracks with a blonde ponytail with a green shirt and blue pants just so your 
not confused. You need to then talk to about her husband and she tell you how 
he is going out each night searching the flying saucer crash looking for 
something. She is worried that this might get them in trouble and wants you to 
find out what he's doing. You need to wait until 12 AM then go outside and 
confront Mister Smith outside near the wreckage. You have two choices: 
Intimidate him or relationship level 4 him. Either way he will tell you how  
Jenny was not his first wife and his friend had been delivering a photobook to 
him but got shoot down by the military. He wants you to fetch it now. Goto the 
Laboratory and head for the door straight infront of you while going down 
along the hall and picking up the secret on the way. Intimidate the Man in 
Black to give you the code to the Secret Sublevel. Use the keypad next to the 
door and go down. Exit the elevator and go around to the right to pick up the 
secret. Turn around and break open the safe to obtain the photo album. Go down 
the hall and take the right door first and pick up the secret in the curtains. 
Finally go and return the album to Mister Smith in the Laboratory. Smith will 
go on how General Grunt is a jerk but hey what can you do? Goal complete.


Start this by talking to the guy in the black shirt in the Laboratory. This is 
Pascal Curious and he'll tell you a long story about how he believes the Men 
in Black Suits took his son and that Lazlo or Vidcund have a hand in his 
disappearance. Obviously you're playing good cop, bad cop so begin to ask them 
questions.... I'll give you a minute to do this... Done? Alright now 
intimidate who you believe helped in the kidnapping. To make this short, it 
was Vidcund. He will explain how his research needed to be funded and that the 
Men in Black would help but they needed Pascal's son. Tell Pascal and he wants 
you to risk yourself to get him. Run down to the Secret Sublevel, go down the 
hall, and take the left turn. You should find Tycho in a crib so pick him up 
and return him to Pascal. He couldn't be happier and you're not going to burn 
in heck for this one.



You'll receive a call from Isaac and it will begin the goal. You can start 
anytime but once you reach the end there is no turning back. Get your sanity 
platinum, your urgencies pacified, and max your skills. Isaac will call you 
and tell you he found a code while rummaging through Doctor Dominion's 
belongings. He found a password,'or4ngut4n' and you need to use it for 
something. Go to the Division 47 Secret Sublevel and goto the end of the 
hallway and go through the door with the keypad. Interface with the computer 
to the right and input the code. Ask to have the teleportation device and it 
will make you go through an 'Identity Test.' Pass the test and grab the 
teleportation device to the left. You will be able to use it like a taser- do 
so and make it so you teleport to the 'Monument' (IE: The five dots in the 
lower right hand corner.). Now please, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PSP, say yes to 
Maxis' request and SAVE. You will finally come face to face in a climatic duel 
like Star Wars..! Kidding.. You have two minutes to hack a computer that uses 
Roberta's head as a control system and remove the magnet from the Beelzebeef's 
stomach which is used for fuel and THEN successfully complete a taunt with 
Doctor Dominion. You MUST do this all within two minutes or Doctor Dominion 
will take control of your PSP and exit the game for you. Don't pay attention 
to Oscar and get to the action..! Go do it, I'll leave the ending to you to 
see not read.

End of Sims 2 Walkthrough

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