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The Sims 2: Castaway


Other Stuffs Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

sims 2 Castaway for PSP
Sims 2 Castaway Other Stuffs Walkthrough
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright 2008 clarissasy03

1. Introduction

Hi! So this is my fourth time to wrote a walkthrough for Sims 2 Castaway on PSP. This 
time I will guide you to find all the treasure map pieces, Hieroglyphic Pieces and
many more just read this walkthrough to find out more. So, shall we begin?

2. Start of My walkthrough

           Treasure Map Pieces

- Found in a message bottle
- Found leaf pack from monkeys
- Dive for clams off West Beach
- Received when you dive from Ancient Theater down to Tidal Pools
- In the hot springs at Volcano Jungle
- Traveling up stairs to Volcano Summit from Volcano Overlook
- On Crystal Island in large circle
- Received when you catch tiger shark at Tidal Pools
- East River Plains at Hidden Lagoon Portal. Behind the Ancient Ruin you
  knock down

          Hieroglyphic Pieces

Deep Jungle - Near Shipwreck Lagoon Portal,where the path splits
Pier Beach - Beside ancient pier
Shipwreck Lagoon - On ship to the left of the ramp
Dark Cave - To the left of the Llama Crown door
Skull Rock Jungle - To the left of the skull rock
East River Plains - Left of the two Pilars(opening) that you can't cross
South River Jungle - Far left side of shoreline behind some stones
Volcano Jungle - To the right of the upper hot spring
Geyser Plains - To the right of the Llama temple door

          Raising Skill Points

Charisma - Interact with monkeys, crew members, and/or Sand Buddy
Mechanical - Build & repairing shelters. Crafting items on craft benches.
Cooking - Use the better stoves to cook. Allows you to combine foods and
          make "spectacular" recipes which really boost you skill points.
Body - Swimming. Climbing trees. Chopping wood, bamboo, vines, etc. Yoga.
Logic - Spear fishing. Finding hieroglyphs and statues.
Creativity - Make & use music shakers. Playing the monkey horn.

3. Unlockables

             Unlock List

- Building the workbench on First beach unlocks plans for shelter, bamboo
  fishing spear, shell axe, torch

- Going to Deep Jungle unlocks plans for clothes

- Harvesting Rattan unlocks Rattan clothes plans

- Building Tiny Shack unlocks plans for Shack Shelter & Improved Cot

- Building Improved Cot unlocks plans for Shack Furniture & new Bamboo Crafting

- Inspecting the ancient pier on Pier Beach unlocks raft plans

- Going to Airplane Jungle unlocks Hygiene & Room Motives

- Harvesting Ti Leaves unlocks Ti Leave Clothing Plans

- Going to Dark Cave unlocks plans for Obsidian Tools

- Building Table Goal unlocks plans for Improvised Decorations & Lamps

- Going to West River Plains unlocks plans for the Hut, Chicken Trap, Shell Hoe
  and Rope Bridge

- Picking up feathers unlocks plans for Feather Clothes

- Chopping or receiving Hardwood unlocks plans for Hardwood Craft Bench

- Getting to East Beach unlocks plans for home decorations and instrumentals

- Inspecting the ancient pier on East Beach unlocks Canoe plans

- Catching chicken unlocks chicken coop plans

- Reaching third island unlocks plans for Cabin shelter

- Collecting all the Hieroglyphic unlocks the Hieroglyphics Stele Plans

- Fixing the Forge unlocks Crystal Island & plans for Metal Tools & Glass

- Building Hardwood Craft Bench unlocks Stylish Clothes & Art

- Harvesting a crop unlocks plans for farming tools & umbrella, fish trap

- Doing the Ceremonial Cliff dive unlocks plans for clothes dye

- Chopping Sandalwood unlocks plans for Bungalow

- Exploring the Hidden Lagoon unlocks plans for tribal clothes

- Hunting a boar unlocks plans for Boar Clothes & Scarecrow

- Catching shark unlocks plans for Boar & Shark Clothes

- Llama crown unlocks the door inside the Dark Cave

- Finding all Treasure Map Pieces unlocks Treasure Map Wall Art plans

- Finding Beard Beard's Treasure Chest unlocks something special

4. Closing

So, my walkthrough ends here. Don't worry I will write again another walkthrough for the Goals 
in your Sims 2 Castaway. So stay tune and visit always for more information
about this game amd which I submitted a walkthroughs also so just wait for my another
walkthrough of this game. If you have anuy problems or questions about this game just 
e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] Free to ask me anytime. 
Thank you to all the people who helped me made this walkthrough. Thank you also to the people
who have a time to read this walkthrough which I made. Thank you so much to all! Happy reading
and playing! Good Luck!