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The Sims 2: Castaway


Shipwreck Island Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

Sims 2 Castaway for PSP
Shipwreck Island Walkthrough
E-mail- [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright clarissasy03 2008

1. Introduction

Hi!, I wrote this FAQ for the people have a hard time looking places. Now that I am
here, I will help you in the whole game. Everyday I wrote walkthrough for this game because I made it by part. So, just check often to my latest walkthrough. Don't worry I will help 
you everyday in this game. So shall we begin?

2. Start of My Walkthrough

If you start the game you should create a sim first. So create first... And I will guide
you there..

Starting Out

Starting a new game you need to make an important decision right away. Do
you want a crew? These will be people you will eventually meet up with
during the game. They can be a help with gathering and making things to
survive and are also good company. Or if you are the type that prefers to
fly solo crewmates can be a pain to have to look after. All depends on your

Then you can customize your sim as you like. You can choose a male or
female. You can then either randomize or customize your sim. Customizing
allows you to alter their appearance somewhat to your liking, choose a name,
occupation and personality.

Occupation - Serves no purpose other then to give you skill points in a
particular area. You will start out with zero skill level for all skills
except the one that pertains to the profession you choose.

Mechanic  - Mechanical Skill
Chef      - Cooking Skill
Doctor    - Mechanical & Logic Skills
Executive - Charisma Skill
Musician  - Creativity Skill
Ranger    - Body Skill
Teacher   - Logic

Personality - Pick a zodiac sign for your sim. You can also tweak these
settings. May want to give this some thought if your chose to play with a
crew. You don't need a bunch of grumpy sims who won't get along with each

Cue the cutscene.

Once your done adding the crew a cut scene plays. After that you get two pop
up messages. The second one tells you that you've found Moneywell's Big Book
of Survival and will ask if you want to do the tutorial. I suggest doing the
tutorial even if you have played other sims games before.

3. Shipwreck Island
Location: First Beach

Where you wash up and start out the game.

Food Available - Coconuts, Clams, Fish

Items Available - Driftwood, Bamboo, Nautilus Shell, Large Clam Shell,
                  Palm Fronds

Other - Moneywell's Big Book of Survival - Automatically found on arrival.
      - Emergency Fire Pit - Becomes available here but can used anywhere
          on the islands. Go to Start Menu-> Plans & Ideas-> Object Plans->
          and select it, place it somewhere, then walk up to it & build it.
      - Workbench - Look around for a pile of stones. Walk up to them to
          trigger the "Build" option. You will use the workbench to "craft"
          various tools and items so remember its location.

Location: Deep Jungle

On arrival you find your clothes are torn to shreds by brambles. Nice!

Food Available - Bananas, Long Beans, Guarana, Rumberries, Starfruit,
                 Cucumbers, Snowberries, Almonds

Items Available - Vines, Rattan, Banana Leaves, Bamboo, Mandrake Root,
                  Privet, Manchineel, Hardwood

Other - Where you first discover the monkeys (talk to them to increase your social)
      - Hieroglyphics Piece

Location: Pier Beach

Ancient Pier here that you will sail from to reach the next island.

Food Available - Coconuts, Bananas, Ginger, Blackberries, Almonds, Fish,

Items Available - Grass, Bamboo, Clam Shell, Palm Fronds, Banana Leaves,
                  Privet, Driftwood

Other - Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywyck - found on arrival
      - King LoofaLava Sculpture
      - Hieroglyphic Piece

Location: Shipwreck Lagoon (last island before the new island)

Food Available - Coconuts, Raspberries, Bananas, Cherries, Almonds, Fish,

Item Available - Driftwood, Softwood, Palm Fronds, Nautilus Shell,
                 Bamboo, Snowberries, Cowry Shell, Cockle Shell

Other - Second Workbench
      - Hieroglyphics Piece


Ok! It is the end of the first island. But don't worry I will write again a walkthrough
for the next island so just check often in If you have any 
questions just contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] Just
enjoy playing and reading it. Thank you to all the people who read my walkthrough. 
And I want to thank also to the people who help me with this walkthrough. Good luck!
Happy Reading!!!

Copyright clarissasy03 2008