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Walkthrough and Star Keys Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

Ratatouille For PSP
Ratatouille Star keys Walkthrough and Walkthrough
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright 2008 clarissasy03

1. Introduction
Hi! guys, this is my first walkthrough.. i mean first walkthrought wrote here in this game.
I will guide you throughout the game to find the hidden star keys in this game. So just 
follow my guides and you will find all and happy hunting! Goodluck! So, shall we begin?

2. Version History
Version 1.0 - December 20,2008
= Submitted the Walkthrough.

3. About The Walkthrough
This FAQ was made by clarissasy03. Please be aware that this FAQ has the 
permission of some sites that this FAQ can be posted to. Sites that has this 
FAQ without the permission from me is a violation of copyright and or copyright

Copyright © clarissasy03

4.  Copyright Information
No part of this FAQ may be produced or published in any form or by any means, 
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any 
information storage or retrieval system without the permission in writing from
the copyright owner.

Copyright © clarissasy03

5. Contact Information
If you have some questions, suggestion and comments.. Feel free to ask me by e-mailing me
at [email protected] or if you want online contact just add me 
[email protected] Im willingly to help you out.

6. Information About The Game
Ratatouille for (PSP) begins where the movie ends. It bridges the gap from 
where Gusteau's is shut down in the movie to when Le Ratatouille the new 
restaurant opens. The game has you finding lost recipes, 
so Colette and Linguini can open the new restaurant.  There are a total of 
(40) recipes and (50) star keys to collect in order to achieve a score of 
100 percent.  There are (5) Missions and (34) levels to complete.  
There are (10) star keys to collect for each mission.  

7. Start of Ratatouille Star keys walkthrough and Walkthrough
Linguiniís Apartment

There are (2) star keys to get in this level but they are so easy to collect I 
will not list how to collect them.

Linguiniís Apartment

Key # 1   The first key is up on a shelf and books will block your access to 
the key.  You have to be on the shelf, jump off and turn quickly to re-grab 
the shelf without falling down. You have to make this jump twice then you can 
get the key.
Key # 2     The second key is also very easy to get so I will not list it.     

Linguiniís Apartment

Key # 1   when you're in the second level of the fountain, jump out of the   
water and up onto the lily pad, then jump on the sparkling stick and then jump 
up into the stone alcove and fight the snake. The first key is behind the 
Key # 2     The second key is on the opposite side of the fountain where that 
snake is. It's hidden in the flowers.   Where you found the first key, jump 
down into the water. As you swim forward, you'll see you can go up one level, 
into another alcove, and some flowers to the right of the alcove. Get on the 
Lily pad, RUN & jump up into the Flowers!

Linguiniís Apartment
Key # 1   The first key is in a tiny little side room with two spiders in it. 
The chef pops up and says "There's nothing in this room, I wonder why they 
put it here.  In the corner of that room, right next to where the spiders are 
waiting, was a plant if you look behind it against the wall you'll find a key 
Key # 2     Jump out the kitchen window and jump off to the RIGHT you 
fall down to the ground next to slanted wooden panels. The key is right at 
the bottom in the very back corner against the house when you jump off. It's 
easy to miss because if you jump off that way, you start walking forward and 
around the corner climb your way up and out, and donít even realize that the 
key is right behind you. 

Linguiniís Apartment

Key # 1   The first key is in a small room where you climbed up the broom 
handle and jumped onto wooden shelves.  The key was on the top shelf behind 
the cleaning bottles. 

Key # 2    Go up the six waterfall steps then jump on the hanging light 
fixture to your left.  Jump on a fan blade then jump on the second fan blade.  
Jump on the hanging light fixture to the right.  Double jump and then press 
the O button to climb up the netting.  Enter the next area and jump over 
the board turn right jump up on the board and turn around.  Jump up on the 
beam.  You will see a sparkling pole.  Do not jump on it yet.  Instead turn 
around you will see another piece of wood in front of you.  Jump on it turn 
left to get the key.  

Linguiniís Apartment

There are no keys to get in this level


New Mission      SEWERS
Key # 1   Gusteau will say:  Watch out. Remy, that water looks foul!  Youíre 
going to have to jump your way across! Get across the other side and enter 
another ducting shaft.  When you come out the shaft you will be in a room with 
several shelves. Climb to the top and the key will be on the top shelf by a 
box in the corner.

Key # 2    is on top of a set of pipes in the boiler room.


There is only one key to get in this level.  It is in the room where there are 
two EELíS in the water.  Jump in the water you will see another set of pipes 
under the first set of pipes.  Climb on these and follow them to the end to get 
the Key.  


Key # 1    Is under the water   where you move the coffee cup to turn the 
steam valve.

Key # 2    Is in the same room as Emile.  It is across the room on a set of 
pipes.  Make sure that you get the key first before you get Emile or you will 
have to go through the level again.


There is only one key to get in this level.  Pass the room where you have to 
turn all the switches on to let out all the water.  Enter the pink looking air 
duct.  When you come out you will be in a room with a sparkling pole.  Climb 
the pole and jump in the top air duct.  When you come out turn left do not 
take the right air duct.  You will see a wrench in this room.  The key is on 
top  the pipe.  


Key # 1    Is in the room where there is poisonous water. Gusteau will say:  
the water is poisonous be careful.  The key is on top of a pipe below the 
Key # 2     Is on the left side where you first start the level behind a stack 
of cheese cans.  You canít get to it till you fill up the water.  Make sure to 
get the key before you go back to Django (the Rat) Remyís Father  to end the 


Key # 1    Is in the water in the room where there are Bellows and conveyer 

Key # 2    Is a bit tricky. When you go into the 'pipe' directly ahead of the 
origin point, after getting the gear down that path, you will go down a slide 
to reach the origin point again. During that slide, you must jump in the air 
over a gap in the floor to obtain the key. 


You just have to fight a big turtle.   


New Mission   MARKET PLACE
Key # 1    Is in the room with the bags of JAVA inside a wooden skid.  
When you go into the wooden skid look to your left youíll see the key right 
behind the bag of java.  Go through the skids and do a u-turn and head back 
into the second skid and youíll find the key.

Key # 2    Is in the room at the very end of the level where you found the 
key to the truck.  The truck will be on your right and youíll see the racing 
rat down on the floor.  If you jump up on the boxes to your left you can 
jump up to the key.  If you jump down without doing that, youíll have to 
go through the level again to get back to that point.  There is no way back 
up once you jump down.     


Key # 1    Is in the room where you have to jump somewhat diagonally onto the 
box across the room on the other side. 
Once you find the key (in the spinney box room), you'll see that there are 3 
tall boxes next to each other that are too tall to jump up on.  The key is on 
the farthest one in the corner.  Right next to the 3 tall boxes is a brown 
tilt-y box with a black fence next to it.  Move forward a little on the brown 
tilt-y box next to the tall box and let the front start to tilt forward.  Let 
it go as far as you can (without letting yourself slide off!!!) then quickly 
run to the back of the box while it's up in the air and do a double jump up 
to the tall box.


Key # 2    Is in the cash register room. It is on the tallest stack of pink 
boxes.  Use the red crates with the bugs and jump up onto the shorter box, 
then use the cheese cans to jump up onto the pink boxes. DO NOT break 
open the cheese cans because you need them to get up on top of the boxes. 


There is only one key to get in this level.  It is in the room where there 
are lots of cakes on two spindle racks.  The key is behind the cake display 
case where the wall has red and white stripe wallpaper.


Key # 1    Is in the room above the mixers.  After you raise the mixers and 
jump back across, you jump onto a wooden shelf.  Use the cheese cans that 
are on this shelf in the corner to jump up onto the shelf behind the 
Key # 2    After you leave the room where the donuts are being fried in hot 
oil you go through a vent and have to walk on some wooden planks and then 
jump over to another wooden plank. Jump over to the other side and turn 
around you will see another ledge on the top.  The key is on the top 


Key # 1    Is under a blue and white-checkered tablecloth in the corner as 
soon as you start the level.

Key # 2    Is in the room where you have to push a switch to lower the 
boxes on the dog.  Itís on top of the blue box.


There is only one key to get in this level.  
It is behind the boxes on top of a white metal cabinet.  It is in the room 
where you have to jump on top of the spinning umbrella. Stand on the edge 
of the umbrella and jump on the corner of the cabinet.  The key is behind 
the boxes.


You just have to race Skinner backwards.   


New Mission   ROOFTOPS

There is only one key to get in this level.  After you fill up the sink with 
water jump out of the sink into another room.  Jump down in this next room. 
To your left you will see (3) bags that say soil on them.  The key is 
behind the bags of soil.  



Key # 1     When you first enter the room before you start jumping on the 
lamps.  If you look to your left you'll see a mesh grate on the wall.  Jump 
on it using the circle key and there's a ledge with the first key!  

Key # 2     After you leave the room where you jump on all the swinging 
lamps, you enter another area.  Jump on the cheese cans then jump on the 
ledge, then on the (3) vent caps.  To your right you will see a snake.  
Defeat him and the key is there.  


Key # 1     You will hear the key sound as soon as you start this level.  
Turn left and jump down the steps and look under the column, youíll see 
the passageway containing cheese and the key.

Key # 2     When you enter the room to the clock tower where the 
counterweights are you will see some cans of cheese on your right. Use 
these cans to jump up on the wooden ledge to the right of the cans where 
the stained glass window is. The key is here on this ledge.


There is only one key to get in this level. The key is in the area where 
you have to go up the ramps and jump over the steam vents coming out of 
the wall.  Donít exit the open area to your left.  You need to continue 
upwards to the last ramp to get the key.  


Key # 1    The First key is located in the room with the Mallet like 
stepping stones and large bells. After you slide down the ramp, it is 
located just above you over the door. When you land on the first 
mallet instead of going right to go to the next stage go left and jump 
onto the rope hanging from the beam. Continue on the beam and jump 
around the posts. Keep jumping between the beams and travel to the 
last beam and then across to the opening where you originally came in 
and jump on top of the doorframe to get the key.

Key # 2     The second key is located in the room where you speak to the rat 
on the floor that asks you to get the clock working again.  Jump up on all 
the gears and make your way to the passageway that takes you to the next 
room.  DON"T GO IN YET.  The gear that is flush on the wall to the right 
of the passageway has the key on one of the gear teeth.   


Key # 1     Is in the second "party" room.  It's on the floor behind the 
green curtains.

Key # 2     Is in the room where there are big vertical electrical 
conductors. One conductor has cables that lead to an open vent and one 
has cables that lead to a closed vent.  Climb the first conductor, walk 
across the cables into the first vent and get the key.




New Mission   RESTAURANT

Key # 1     Is in the first room.  Itís on the TV.  Jump onto the bureau, 
then out and around the TV and back onto the bureau.  Use the books to get 
on top of the TV. 

Key # 2     Is in the room after you get past all the bellows.  While 
you're on the floor, at some point, you will be able to look up and 
see the recipe floating in a doorway.  The key will be to your right, 
under the shelves behind some cans on the floor.


Key # 1     Is in the fountain. Go around the fountain to the left and 
look up above the bush. You will see a water faucet knob. Jump up to the 
ledge across from the bird feeder. Turn to the left on the ledge and 
double jump around the corner and land on top of the bush. Turn the knob 
and a cut scene will play, showing the fountain turning on and the key 
will appear from the mouth of the fountain. 

Key # 2     You will go through a hole in a wall and you're in a wooden 
pathway behind the wall.  You'll notice at one point that you need to 
make a jump to a sparkling cable that's up too high.  Go backwards up 
he wooden ramp and you'll see a cross beam that you can jump to.  Then 
jump to another crossbeam to your right and then you can jump to the 
cable then to another beam, then to the key.


Key # 1     Is on the top shelf in the second freezer room.

Key # 2     Is in the room after you jump on the ceiling lamp and go 
in the vent.  Jump down on the floor in this new room.  The key is 
to the right of the big wooden door behind some boxes.


Key # 1     Is in the second room after the one with all the boxes.  
When you enter the vent turn left and go down the stairs.  The key is 
under one of the pallets.  

Key # 2     Is in the room where you have to race the teen rat. It 
is on top of all the boxes in the far corner of the room.  


Key # 1     The first key is inside the oven.

Key # 2     Is on the very top of the stove in the last room where 
you have to get the recipe.  


You just have to race Skinner backwards. 


You just have to fight Skinner for the last recipe.

8. credits

I would like to thank you.... helped me made this walkthrough. 
                         .... you as a reader
                         .... supercheats for posting my walkthrough

And thank you to all of you and advanced Merry Christmas! ^_^