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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom


Yian kut-ku guide

by wazzaa

Yian Kut-Ku guide 
For novices by Joe Davies email:[email protected]

0.1-about me

0.2-about kut-ku

0.3-recommended stuff 

0.4-slaying kut-ku

0.5-other wyverns

0.6-stuck on 1* or 2*?

0.7-legal stuff
0.1-about me

Hey everyone, my names Joe Davies been playing mh for a while now, I’ve given up a few times coz I got stuck but now I got back into it =D. just beaten the rathalos on the urgent mission now I’m writing this guide to help others out on there way to slaying kut-ku! Anyway enough of this boring stuff…
0.2-about kut-ku 

As we all know kut-ku is the easiest wyvern in the game but do not be ashamed if you cannot defeat him for all new players he can be a real challenge putting up a hefty fight there is two colours of kut-ku red and blue once you defeat the red one in jungle you unlock a quest to defeat a blue one in the forest and hills the blue one is slightly harder only because he has a slight more amount of health.
0.3-recommended stuff

For all wyverns I recommend using great swords, I used the great serpent blade to slay kut-ku and I still use it now to slay rathalos it is simple to make if you know what
 you are doing, buy a bone blade make it bone blade plus at the man next to the shop
then you should be able to make the vile serpent blade, gather the materials for this
by doing the formidable velocidrome a few times. Once you have made it this weapon can slay the kut-ku on its own but if you want to fly past it get the great here’s how you get the stuff, formidable velocidrome for 6 claws, gathering hall 2* volcano gathering quest kill the monsters like on the raw meat quest for some med monster
bones, then keep doing the raw meat quest then mining at kokoto farm until you
get a lightcrystal then do some quests if you need money and there you have it! A sword worthy of slaying rathalos!
0.4- slaying kut-ku

Once you have the sword it is incredibly easy, firstly grab the flash bombs and potions
Don’t worry about wet stones it wont blunt I assure you, find the kut-ku and paintball him to keep him on track then flash bomb him and smash him on the head with the
Circle, circle + triangle, circle etc combo also watch out for the tail spin when it wears off flash him again if you run out just run in between his legs and do the combo if succeeding you should be done in seconds!
0.5-other wyverns

I have slain these wyverns: kut-ku, gypceros, cephadrome and rathalos 
If you wish to see any information on these email me with the sub as 
Mh walk through wyvern or something like that 
0.6 stuck on 1* or 2*

Here’s an easy solution re start the game and state your not a beginner when it asks then you can skip all of 1* and most of 2* 
0.7-legal stuff

This guide is protected by the copyright law and if stolen you shall be fined it is permitted only for super cheats. If you wish to gain this site for use on your own email me address at top of  FAQ