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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom


Guide to slaying wyverns...MY WAY!

by monsterhuntaman

MONSTER HUNTER GUIDE BY MONSTERHUNTAMAN email is [email protected] OR [email protected] (this one is preffered)
This guide features the following
Beat The Lao-Shan Lung! search (ctrl+f) LSL
Easy Rathalos/Rathian Kills! search (ctrl+f) RRK
Beat The Yian Garuga! search (ctrl+f) YGA
History Of The Yian Garuga! search (ctrl+f) HYG
Gravios...The Easy Way To Kill It! search (ctrl+f) GEK

This is my 1st guide so bare with me please

///////////////////////////////////////////////Beat the Lao-Shan Lung!//////////

So first things first. Beating The Lao-Shan Lung can be a challenge for first timers like i was but now there is a easy way to beat this enormous wyvern.
So start the quest called "Giant Wyvern Invades" (or something like that) and watch the intro movie. Then when it starts you are outside but dont worry he cant hurt you untill he is at the fortress gates in area 5.
So grab what you need from camp then head out to area 2. Now the sword i used for this mission was the Eternal Schism which is a powerfull dragon attribute dual sword with blue bar sharpness (one away from the best which is white bar)
Now wait at the begining of the area and use two rations then wait for the Lao-Shan Lung to appear. Now when his head is over the rocks place either a small barrel bomb + or large barrel bomb + (i would use the small bomb) then wait for the BOOM! and then pull out your swords and start slicing under his head where there is a chin with 3 spikes on it and enter demonized form and press triangle+circle to excecute your special attack and keep doing this untill he leaves the area. Also like i said before he cannot harm you unless you are next to his feet or tail so i wouldnt bother with armour for this one as you wont need it.
Now move along to area 3 and do the same untill you get to area 4. Alternatively in area 3 you can ascend the ladders to jump on the Lao-Shan Lung and carve what you can but personally i wouldnt bother as it wastes time which is needed for this quest.
Finaly go to area 6 and use the whetstones and rations and first-aid meds if you need to.Then discard the map and any other items you wont need ready for the big carve up (do not get rid of bombs or whetstones or ballista S as these are vital for survival).
Now head off to area 5 and get the ballista cannon ready for him and when he is standing up shoot his neck. Then when he is on the ground again use the dragoniser (the big drills) and he should be weakened. Now go down and slice roughly where his stomach is and when he is standing go to him (this is his stomach) and do demonized form and hack away like a mad man untill he is down on the ground again and also you can plant bombs at his feet which makes him scream. When the fortress is about 50% go to his head and demonized form and slice his chin again.
Hopefully he should be dead when the fortress is at about 30%. If not then dont give up hope as you may have a chance.
If you win it will say "You have won the battle" and then it is time for the carve up. Start carving his tail then his feet to get; Lao-Shan's plate, sml Lao-Shan claw, Lao-Shan claw, Lao-Shan Lung scl, Lao-Shan Lung spine and there is some more but i forgot them sorry. And as rewards you will get some Lao-Shan stuff and a comendation ticket (for a display of bravery by slicing the Lao-Shan Lung close up)

///////////////////////////////////////Easy Rathalos/Rathian Kills!/////////

So start a quest where you have to beat the Rathalos/Rathian and use the following items; Devil Slicer,Monoblos helm,Rathalos mail S or U,Khezu Vambraces,Velociprey waist armour (forgot name) and Garuga greaves (if you dont have it then use Rathalos soul greaves as they have a earplug effect)
Ok so you have the items i hope now it is a simple matter of killing the Rathalos/Rathian which is quite easy. Start by paintballing it then wait for the Rathalos/Rathian to charge then roll then draw your sword and slice the tail and then block any other attacks that come your way. Wait untill it charges again then chop his tail and hopefully it will fall off.
Now is the tricky bit, start a combo attack (circle,traingle,cirlce ect.) Untill it gets mad then block as it will most surely spit a flame at you close range. Now follow this step again and as it is about to run away quickly flash bomb it so it doesnt fly away, then it is a matter of doing away with him with a perfectly timed special combo (triangle+circle,circle,triangle ect.) and hopefully it will die.

/////////////////////////////////////Beat The Yian Garuga!//////

So Yian Garuga is the most fearce wyvern and to beat it is easy as can be. Start the "Slay The Velociprey" quest then go to area 10 and wait for the cut scene and then chop the tail of him then run and finish the quest.
Now on the urgent quests (level 6 quests) there should be a new quest called "Rage Of The Yian Garuga" so start it and go to area two where he should await you.
Now the best weapon to have for this is the bullet storm and have loads of normal S lv3 and ice S which is effective on the Garuga.
Now all you have to do is shoot away while doging his attacks such as his back flip and flames and he should die quite easally after a few normal and ice rounds
If he runs away do not worry as he wont have recovered much health and do the same untill he is dead. 
Easy huh?
Now if you want the garuga armour you have to beat the Garuga 7 or 8 times to get it delivered to the crafting shop and also the quest will change to the "Revenge Of The Garuga" where you have to slay as many as you can before time runs out (at least that is what im told)

////////////////////////////////History Of The Yian Garuga!//////////

So why is the Garuga so grumpy all the time and how did it come about this earth...well that is why i, proffeser monsterhunta, is here for to tell you the truth
One day a Kut-Ku was having a fight with another Kut-Ku but was actually a blue Kut-Ku, the fight got feirce and it was taken to the swamp where some poisonus water was flowing, the normal Kut-Ku realised he was to weak for the blue Kut-Ku so it rammed the blue one into the poisonus water, the blue Kut-Ku sank in deep and then the other one waited and waited untill... the blue one came out black and was permantly stained this colour as it was in the water so long, the water gave the Kut-Ku poisonus powers and the Kut-Ku was mad with the normal one and that is the reason it was like this...but...your probably wondering why they call it Garuga and not a black Kut-Ku well i will tell you why... the reason is because it just so happens to be a Kut-Ku that was captured by a hunter called Garuga and when this hunter found out that his Kut-Ku was like this he named the the Kut-Ku  YIAN GARUGA!!!!!!   By the way the person that asks you to kill this beast on the "Rage Of The Yian Garuga" quest is actaully Garuga!

////////////////////////////Gravios...The Easy Way To Kill It!///////

Well if you are stuck on Gravios do not fear as there is a really simple way to beat it.
Start by having either the Guild Rapier or Guild Sabre which has a water attribute which is really effective on Gravios and have armour that has high defense, it doesnt matter about resistance as he only has poison and fire which is easy to dodge.
So now start a quest and when you find the Gravios all you have to do is demonized and slice the head multiple times and BAMN! he will die in a few minuits
Now that is a method that my mate gave me and i have tried it and works for me but i dont know if it will with others.

/////////////////////////final notes/////////////////////////

If you have any more questions about this game email me on the above address or talk to me on msn if you have it.
If you have anything i could add to this guide again email me.
If you would like to comment on this guide feel free
Im only giving this guide to as i am a member there and i like that website.
It took me a few minuits to do this guide so enjoy it please!
Also i will be online on monster hunter only on rare ocassions so if you want to fight alongside me in a quest to see how good i really am my name is Grant or on the game i am called Granty2.

/////////////////////boring stuff//////////////////////

This is a copyrite of ya-da-ya-da who cares about that S*** not me!