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Follow the dark path or use the light
MediEvil: Resurrection Pack Shot

MediEvil: Resurrection


Medievil Resurrection

by BintangBuzz

MediEvil  Resurrection  Walkthrough                  
After viewing the half written attempt on this website I wrote my own. Hopefully you can understand it and I will reply to any honest questions about the game.
Cheers and have fun with it

C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S 
PLAYING THE GAME                                       
    DAN'S CRYPT                                              
   DAN'S CRYPT REVISITED                                    
    GALLOWMERE PLAINS                                        
   RETURN TO DAN'S CRYPT                                    
   ZAROK'S LAIR  unfinished beat him yourself
Welcome to my guide to MediEvil. This walkthrough will help you in most parts of the game, from Weapon Locations, to beating the bosses.
MediEvil Resurrection is a remade version of the original MediEvil for PS1,
just with some new levels and remade locations. The game allows you to play as
a dead warrior who has been 'Resurrected' to achieve a true hero status, and
defeat the evil Zarok who killed him. Along the way, you will have to 
complete 'missions' to open new paths and find special items to allow you to continue on your journey.
Email the following address with no gaps
m n e l h a m s @ s h i f t r e l o a d . c o m . a u
The Legend of Sir Daniel Fortesque'
For generations, children have been told the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque, the hero who died courageously at the Battle of Gallowmere saving the land from the evil sorceror, Zarok. In fact Dan was a bit of a coward, forced into battle and falling in the very first wave of arrows.
One hundred years later Zarok has returned, turning day into night and raising an undead army to conquer the land. But Dan has also been resurrected and given a second chance...
Is evil finally about to triumph over good?
Will Dan be a convincing hero or a complete coward?
Can he ever earn the respect of the true heroes of Gallowmere?
And is Al-Zalam really a powerful genie or just a hustler squatting in Dan's head?
It is time the past was consigned to the history books once and for all.
The answers lie only in the future...
[From the MediEvil: Resurrection Handbook]
Before you become Sir Dan, you might want to learn how to master the basic controls, and learn what things in Gallowmere do. So read through this, and to make sure you are prepared for the adventure ahead...
      Left Shoulder Button (held with shield)                 Shield from damage
                        Right Shoulder Button (tap)                  Re-Centre camera
                        Right Shoulder Button (held)                 Retain Mode
                        Select Button                                           Inventory
                        Start Button                                              Pause Menu
With the Right Shoulder Button held down, Dan enters Retain Mode, where he will stay facing the same direction until the Button is released.
This mode is useful when facing enemies behind you or to your sides, or when near particular obstacles.
               Analog Stick Right/Right Direction Button                    Sidestep Right
              Analog Stick Left/Left Direction Button                          Sidestep Left        
             Analog Stick Up/Up Direction Button                              Forwards             
             Analog Stick Down/Down Direction Button                    Retreat
             Circle Button                                                                      Jump
             Cross Button                                                                      Cut Attack/Fire
             Square Button                                                                    Slash Attack
            Triangle Button                                                                   Charge/ Return to  Game
On the Left side of the Game Screen is the green Life Bar, where you can see Sir Dan's current Health. Try to avoid the bar becoming empty as that will result in Dan dying. Again.
        On your quest, you will find three types of Health Objects:
           LIFE BOTTLES
Collecting a Life Bottle results in you gaining a 'second lifebottle’ so if your Life Bar empties, the Life Bottle if full will refill your health to the amount of health contained in the Bottle. There are a fair few to find, so if you follow this guide you should find them all!
           HEALTH VIALS
Running out of Health on your quest? Need a bit more energy? Then pick up a Health Vial! Using one of these will restore 50 units to your Health bar. So keep an eye out for green vials.
These are also sold by Shop Gargoyles for 100 GC – but the Gallowmere Plains imp sells them for a bargain of 50 GC...
Stepping into a Health Fountain will restore a lot more of Dan's health than a Health Vial, but they have a limited amount of energy. Look for green circular wisps.
Use these wisely! And once they're gone, they won't regenerate until you leave the level...
         THE CHALICE
One of the most important parts of Dan's quest is to make amends for his cowardly past and prove himself a true hero. So, the Legendary warriors of Gallowmere have set up the Chalice Quests which will allow you to gain their respect and their weapons. Really they just need wine cups. You will be able to find a Golden Chalice - though they are hidden away, so only those who are good explorers, or those using this guide will be able to find them all. The  Chalices can be found In all levels except Gallowmere Plains, Dragon Island and Zarok' Lair
The Chalice Quests involve defeating enemies to free the souls that Zarok has stolen to fuel his vile henchmen. Every time an enemy is defeated, their stolen soul is added to the Chalice. You must also find the Chalice in the levels and fill it up to 100% to allow  you to access to the Hall of Heroes.
The Hall of Heroes is the final resting place for the bravest heroes of Gallowmere where their exulted souls spend an eternity reminiscing about their greatest triumphs.
Since Sir Dan isn't a true hero just yet, he can only earn the right to enter the Hall by completing the Chalice Quests. Each time access is granted, Dan will be confronted by one of the True Heroes of Gallowmere who will give him new items.
On your regular Journeys to the Hall of Heroes, you will meet some of Gallowmere's greatest heroes. There are 9 Heroes in the Hall, 
        Canny Tim                                                                    Crossbow, Heroes Crossbow
        Iron Hewer                                                                    War Hammer
        Bloodmonath Skull Cleaver                                       Battle Axe        
        Karl Strunggard                                                           Gold Shield, Health Bottle
        Imanzi Shongoma                                                       Spear
        Megwynne Stormbringer                                            Lightning
        Dirk Steadfast                                                             Long Sword
        Prince Ravenhooves                                                  Longbow, Flaming Longbow,         Magic Longbow
        Woden the Mighty                                                       Magic Sword
Gold Coins are all over Gallowmere - mainly due to the fact that they are the main currency. Collect as much Treasure as possible – to use to buy supplies for your quest. But watch out some of the coins are in red bags which can be dreadfully hard to see in some levels.
The shifty wheeler-dealers of Gallowmere; these Gargoyles are easy to notice due to being a noticeable red, unlike their green cousins.
To do business, simply give the Gargoyle a whack. 'Supplies' allows you to purchase health and ammo, while 'Services' can be chosen to repair your shields.
And so we enter the most important part of any Guide - the Walkthrough.
Each Section will tell you how to master that level - including the
'Chalice Quest' and secret items/areas. Remember Save often 
not just when the walkthrough tells you!
        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."
       Items and Weaponry to collect: Health Bottle 1, Wooden Sword
       Artifacts:                       None
       Runes to collect:          Time Rune
       Money:                         50 GC
After watching the FMV Intro, you will enter Dan's Crypt, where Part 2 of the intro will start. After watching it, run forward into the Main Hall. You will see that you are surrounded by many glowing books, so walk over to each one and press X or to read. Once all are read, face the Rune gate and go into the left room. You will then acquire HEALTH BOTTLE 1! This will now be replaced by a Health Vial every time you revisit. 
In this room you will find Dan's Diary, The Artifact Guide and The Enemy Guide. Read through each one, then cross the main hall into the right-hand room. Stepping through this door will get you a WOODEN SWORD. The right-hand room is the Training Area - along the walls you will find guides to each weapon - more made available for each weapon you collect - some books on the types of attacks and some training dummies.
Read up on each book, and if you want practice some attacks on the dummies. Then head to the room that is behind the dummies. This room has a lava river. At the moment, Lava will kill you, so jump over it and collect the TIME RUNE. Then walk into the chest to get 50 Gold Coins. Jump back over the Lava, and walk up to the Rune Gate. The Gates Claw will snatch the TIME RUNE from you and now open, and you are free to go. Talk to the Gargoyle before leaving though for another tip. Then, exit the Crypt.
"The Graveyard- You wouldn't catch me digging Graves in my Yard.
Spoils the ambience."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Short Sword, Club, Throwing Knives, Health Vials x2 Health Fountains x2
Artifacts:         None
                 Runes to Collect:        Earth Rune, Moon Rune
      Money:       287 GC
Welcome to the Graveyard! Start off by going down the hill, then veer just of to the right to an open crypt. In here lies the SHORT SWORD! (Note the red circular mist these spots all have weapons)Equip you SHORT SWORD straight away, then pick up the 3 coin bags to get 30 Gold Coins. Head back out into the main area and your first group of enemies will literally pop-up! Take out the coffin Zombies, and have the Short Sword area to your left again. The right lead to a dead end, while straight ahead is the way to go. Talk to the Gargoyle for some information about what’s going on. Go through the gate and carry on down the hill taking out a few more zombies. Watch out for the new type of zombie wearing the grey jacket. These guys are a bit stronger than your average zombie and need a couple more hits to take out. (Ignore the severed hands for now, they cannot harm you) When you get to the two wooden bridges take the bridge on your right one with the fattest zombie I have ever seen on it. The Zombie Guard, are the fat ones, these guys are very strong, and take a bit more to kill After beating him, pick up the EARTH RUNE. Head back over the bridge, and take the other Bridge. Kill the two zombies as you cross the bridge and take out the next 2 coming you way. Hows your health going? There is a Health Vial in front of you, Beware there are 2 more Coffin pop ups and 4 others in the area just past the vial. Grab the HEALTH VIAL if you need it, for the moment, follow the path and go to where the wall at the end is. There in the red mist you will find the THROWING DAGGERS. Note the Round boulder blocking your path, for later. Go back to the EARTH RUNE gate, as you can see more zombies defeat these and over to your right in the red mist is a CLUB. Head back to the bridge and there is another one of those round boulders. Give it a whack with your CLUB take out the zombie in there and you find a HEALTH FOUNTAIN. (Note: The club has a life span 100% and counting down each time you hit a boulder or enemy)Now you have the club you can go back if you want and smack those annoying severed hands, they each hold one coin. Return to the first round boulder you saw, give it a whack to enter zombie alley (8) in all. You see a statue before you each time you hit her she opens a gate. 
Gate 1:  2 Zombies, 2 red coin bags and a Red Trade Gargoyle
Gate 2:  CHALICE for the 82% of souls you have captured
Gate 3:  2 more zombies
Gate 4:  The Way-out
Gate 5:  HEALTH VIAL   (If you get this vial you will have to hit the statue until gate 4 opens again)
The Way-out you have one zombie and a boulder to your left smash the boulder and follow the path down to an open area with 4 more zombies, cross one of the bridges, (the right one is easier) there is another HEALTH FOUNTAIN to your right and 2 more zombies and a zombie guard to your left. take them out enter the room to pick up the MOON RUNE, chat with the gargoyle next to the Stain Glass gate, he tells you that you need to defeat the Stain Glass demon at the Hilltop Mausoleum to open the gate. As you leave hit the chest to gain a BRONZE SHIELD. Head back over the bridge to the MOON RUNE gate and we’re near the end of the level. (Note the chests inside the fence to your left) Drop down and take out the 3 zombies and 1 more coffin pop up at the end of the big slab of rock, head back to where you dropped down and jump up the stones to get over the fence, collect the 2 Chests and head back to the 2 zombies, another hand and 3 bags of coins. Use the rock here to jump back over the fence, and (If you haven’t used up the life fountain up go back and use it if you need to) then go over the wooden bridge jumping the missing gap bash the last hand talk to the gargoyle and into the green mist to the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: Talk to the Gargoyle do what he says and you will gain the Crossbow, head up the stairs and straight ahead to the exit, and you return to the main map save your game and we’re off to Cemetery Hill
        "Cemetery Hill- An excellent name for a blues singer."
       Items and Weaponry to collect: Club, Health Fountain x2 Health Vial
       Artifacts:                   Witches Talisman               
 Runes to Collect:           Moon,       
       Money:                     100GC
Ok now that you have been insulted by Zarok, we can get on with it head over the bridge where you will face a new enemy Skeletons with swords these guys can do some real damage so aim your crossbow and let loose. Just make sure you have a red aiming dot otherwise your arrows are flying harmlessly past. Take the Bridge to the right and take out the zombie guard and continue down towards the  gate take out the 3 zombies ignore the chest to your left as it holds lightning and that hurts but the one to the right has a coffin zombie guarding it and holds another CLUB   see you now have 100% again. Head back over the bridge and to your left. Al-Zalam will tell you to note the loose soil on the grave to your left, Bash boulder to open the next area and here comes 3 more skeletons. Just inside the gate you can see up on the ledge a STAR, now were off to get our hands on it you will need it in future levels, read the book and enter the mine, watch out for the HEALTH FOUNTAIN in the centre of the room, arm yourself with the WOODEN SWORD bash the bookcase in front of you which will show a switch and hit the switch to open the door to your left, Head RIGHT first to a room with a fire, arm your CLUB and  Square put the club into the flames, (Don’t get to close or you will burn also once lit  the club will only burn for a short time) quickly exit the room and run over to the entrance you opened, go through and light the font in the centre, this opens all the gates, quickly arm yourself with the SHORT SWORD to defend yourself from the Mummies (4) which can cause you some real damage, once dead go around and pick up the MOON RUNE and a shovel surrounded by a yellow circular mist. Exit via the stairs to come out on the ledge with the Star head left, this is the WITCHES TAILISMAN. Jump down and use the HEALTH FOUNTAIN if you need to. Head back to the grave just outside the gate, stand on it and equip yourself with the shovel; Dan will automatically dig and reveal a Chest with 100 GC. Go back to the Moon Gate (next to where you found the Club) and go through to a skeleton, coffin zombie and a New enemy the Headless Zombie, these guys are tough if you can use the throwing knives or the crossbow go for it. Visit the Red Gargoyle for ammo or shield repairs. Head down to your right where there are lots of skeletons, zombies and headless zombies, continue into the trees to find a HEALTH VIAL and CHALICE, move back out of the trees and you can see a guard zombie on a bridge, as you head over there is another coffin zombie take out the guard zombie and head over the bridge. A little to the right is a path with giant boulders rolling down, Al-Zalam will tell you that some of the rock will crumble so arm yourself with the club and lets see if we can make it to the top. You will find gaps in the walls to run into to miss the solid boulders (the solid boulders have a rope around them) and just bash the normal boulders until you get to the top. Visit the HEALTH FOUNTAIN unless you were extremely agile and exit into the green mist to the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: This time we gain the WAR HAMMER, exit the same way and you will return to the main map where we return to Dans Crypt.
        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."
       Items and Weaponry to collect: Health Vial, Wooden Sword   
Artifacts:   None              
       Runes to Collect:          Time Rune
       Money:                           50 GC
Upon entering Dan's Crypt, equip your club, go forward into the Main Hall, and then walk towards the wall on the left of the Rune Gate. Smash this wall with your club, then equip your best weapon and your shield if you still have it. Beat up the mummy in this room to get 100% in the Chalice. Then equip the Spade, and dig up the grave to find the Chalice. Simple really. Then go back through the Training Room and get the TIME Rune Key, read up on some weapon combos in the books, grab the Health Vial in the entrance to the study if your low on health, read Dan's Diary for some updates, maybe read the Enemies Handbook if you want. Then, head back to the Time Rune Gate, go through the gate and leave Dan's crypt to enter the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: Here we gain the LONG SWORD and exit to the Hilltop Mausoleum
        "The Hilltop Mausoleum- Think of it as a kind of pet shop. But with 
         less fragrant purchasing choices."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Throwing Daggers, Health Bottle, Heath Fountain
Artifacts:                Music Sheet, Song Sheet
Runes to Collect:  Earth Rune, Moon Rune, Chaos Rune
Money:                   300 GC
Move forward into the church, Al-Zalam warns you about the imps, rotten little thieves. Clear out the church and near the front you find a chest containing a CLUB, return up to the graves and pound them with your WARHAMMER, from the front  1 left has GC 2nd Left has the way into the mausoleum, the top right & left have GC 100 in total. Jump down the hole and watch your weapons because there are more Imps down here. One thing though if you can get in 2-3 whacks with the war hammer they’re toast. Continue down the passage until you reach a circular room with 3 different colour doors, Hit them with the war hammer to open, Blue will give you a passage containing crystals these will hurt but can be smashed with the War Hammer or Swords. Grab the EARTH RUNE and run like hell, Al-Zalam will warn you that the floor is collapsing. Use the Red door next and run down to the Earth Gate, drop down and fight off the 3 imps head towards the stairs and hit the wall at the beginning of the stairs, in here you will find another HEALTH BOTTLE 100 GC in 4 Red Coin Bags, any weapons that the Imp have stolen and a Red Gargoyle. (Make sure you have a full complement of crossbow arrows) Go up the stairs to 3 more Imps a HEALTH FOUNTAIN and a switch, hit the switch use the health if you need to and continue into the room (you will find you are in the front of the church, watch out for where the light comes in from the window for later) Grab the MOON RUNE and continue into the other side room. Speak with the ghost playing the Piano. He will give you your next task, Continue out to the main body of the church and jump back down the hole back down to the circular room and hit the Green door. Green will give you another passage containing crystals like the first one do the same as the last passage then using the MOON RUNE to open the gate, grab the SHEET MUSIC from the Yellow mist and return to the ghost and equip the SHEET MUSIC from your Artifacts, the Gate will open to the CHAOS RUNE grab it and head back down stairs to the gate, enter and stand behind the box (more crystals that can make a mess of Dan) as you walk forwards the box will move, while lighting your way, at the end walk carefully to the left of the box and then continue forward, the fire on the top of the box will set the heart above pumping until it shatters Now what has Dan done? Grab the song sheet in the Yellow mist to the left go around the back of the box and grab the chest 100GC, get back behind the box and walk back out, this time going carefully to your right  at the first stop and at the end jump out to you right and head back upstairs. Avoid the light pool and give the ghost the SONG SHEET from your artefacts collect the CHALICE, Again make sure you have plenty of Crossbow ammo then Step into the light, and the fun starts.
STAIN GLASS DEMON: Well the stain glass window has shattered covering Dan in stained glass and the demon has appeared. 
STRATEGY TO BEAT THE DEMON as the Demon draws it self up to charge up fire your Crossbow at the red heart at its head, as Al-Zalam will tell you. Keep yourself at the outer reaches of the room and try to avoid its stained glass fire; once it has fired it will throw a second wave at you, which you can jump to avoid, before it tries to jump on you (5 times) so keep moving around the outer edges of the room while you are running around you will find THROWING DAGGERS just in case you run out of Crossbow ammo. The demon will also fire rounds which you can jump to try and miss, each round of the demon charging you have time for 5-6 shots before you need to avoid being hit. Once the demon is half dead it will fire a lightning beam which surrounds Dan in glass where for a half baked skeleton he cannot breath, I didn’t know skeletons needed air anyway keep firing to break this shell and get ready to avoid the next round of  fire. When you have beaten the demon run towards the broken window and after Al-Zalam has a chat you are returned to get the Stained Glass Key (Remember the door in the graveyard) Jump through the window and you are off to the Hall of Heroes. That wasn’t hard was it?
HALL OF HEROES: This time go up the stairs towards the exit but turn right at the top of the stairs, here you will be given the SPEAR
        "Return to the Graveyard- We went there earlier. If you have 
         reasonable short-term memory you might remember it."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Throwing Daggers, Health Fountain x2, Health Vials x2
Artifacts:                Anubis Stone Base
Runes to Collect:  Moon Rune, Earth Rune, Star Rune, Chaos Rune
Money:                  330 GC
Go forward to the bridge and at the gap wait for a floating coffin, drop or jump on one and immediately try to face right and get ready to jump at the steps, equip the Stain Glass Key and watch the short movie of the gate we saw the first time around opening. Jump back on a coffin and exit off on your right where you will find a HEALTH FOUNTAIN (where you got your first bronze shield) top up only if you really need to. Read on for kills you need to make and a Health Vial. Take out the zombie guard and 2 others grab the MOON RUNE from in the room, then return to cross the bridge, 2 zombies just across the bridge and 1 coffin at the gate again. Open the gate and grab the HEALTH VIAL and the 2 Chests 200 GC. Take out the 4 zombies and grab the THROWING DAGGERS and head back over the fence for the 2 zombies and 3 bags of coins 30 GC. Go back towards the Moon Gate and use the steps to jump over the fence and return to the opening made by the key. Follow the path down 6 zombies, then 4 at the open area at the end. Watch out for the new enemy, wolves (6), shooting these is the most effective way of taking care of these pests, if you don’t have health to spare if not a couple of whacks with the Long Sword works well to. The Earth Gate here will not open yet, where on earth can the rune be? Caution those chests up near the forest edge are traps one exploded and the other 2 contain zombies continue around to the back of the building where we find the Red Trade Gargoyle and another Shovel in Yellow Mist. As you exit here go around to the left where the 6th wolf a HEALTH VIAL and 2 more Chests one with 100 GC and the other with another BRONZE SHIELD. Jump up and grab the HEALTH VIAL, then jump onto the roof, follow the roof up to the loft where you can see an EARTH RUNE drop down inside, grab the rune and drop out of the loft and head right to the Earth Gate. Enter and talk to Death, then hit the switch in the shed behind Death which will open the gate at the rear of the Undertakers. On this path we have 2 headless zombies, a Skeleton with arrows, another with a dagger, then 2 more with arrows, one more with a dagger and 2 zombie guards. Before you stands a Hill with 2 paths around it. Take the path on the right 2 skeletons with daggers and 2 headless zombies, continue up to the statue and hit her once to grab the STAR RUNE, hit her again to face a coffin zombie and get your CHALICE, then once more to open a gate on the Hill. Watch out for the coffin on the way down. Take the left hand path one headless, 1 Coffin and hit the statue to open the gate on the hill. Fight you way to the top of the hill and dig up the grave, her Dan finds the first piece of the Anubis Stone, go down to the bottom of the hill taking out any enemy as you find them and head out to the stone spit and one more coffin, then on the end you find THROWING DAGGERS, jump across and use the HEALTH FOUNTAIN and pick up the Chests 200 GC. Head back to the left hand path to get the CHAOS RUNE and open the gate to the Chaos Gate, take out the enemies on the path and open The Chaos Gate, through the gate and we find You guessed it more enemies 4 wolves to be exact, Make sure you have all the Health possible and save the game before walking through the gate that miraculously opened. Do you think it’s a trap, to right Help! Wolves protecting Giant Shadow Wolves.
SHADOW WOLVES STRATEGY: At the first lot of wolves, move out into their path and slash away. Once they are dead the Big ones come out, these Shadow Wolves only appear when they are attacking and can only be hit while solid stand to one end and wait for them to leap at you, check both sides, as a red target with a dark spot/shadow under it appears start slashing away. Don’t worry about the other one walking around you if there is no shadow it is not attacking and cannot be attacked back. When one is dead stand your ground until the other one makes it’s final attack.
After a short movie a gate will open to the Hall of Heroes
HALL OF HEROES: Back upstairs for the Longbow
        "Gallowmere Plains- The less beautiful relative of Gallowmere 
        "Gallowmere Plains- Big flat and home to a Circus! What are you waiting for?”
       Items and Weaponry to collect: Woden's Brand
       Artifacts: Carnival Tickets (8) to exchange for Woden’s Brand
       Runes to Collect: None
       Money: Not known some of the games give GC and then there’s the severed hands
Welcome to the cross junction! Gallowmere Plains may appear like a very small place at first, but you haven’t gone to the Undead Carnival yet! If you want to, you can just run straight to your next location, but if you decide to follow this guide, we're going to go and take a look at the carnival. Run towards what looks like an open barn this is the where you find the Red Trade Gargoyle this shop will sell you your Health vials for 50 GC instead of 100 GC, all the rest costs the same, pick up what you want and as you leave stop, and look straight ahead for the tiny orange tent. Seen it? Good. Run into it and you'll arrive at the carnival. The severed hands will appear each time you exit a tent and hold 1 GC each. So bash them when you go in and after each game you try, just stand there they come to you. In most levels we nearly always go right lets make a change and go left to the Arrow O’ Fate, Weapons Master, Guardian O’ the Bell, Pit O’ Death, Whack-A-Zarok, Trebuchet O’ Terror, now there are 6 games to play through and 8 tickets needed, maybe we need to complete the farmers tasks as well?
Also, visit the last tent on just right from the entrance/exit to find the Voodoo witch! She will tell you about secret areas in each of the levels, so listen to her. She's good. Done in the carnival? Return back through the tent.  Either try to complete the Lazy Farm Farmers Tasks one is Herding, damn those chickens and the other is Pest Control remember all those rats and hands you have been playing with? Complete the tasks and Carnival event to get the tokens for Woden’s Brand, it is worth it as Woden’s Brand dispatched nearly all enemies with one strike. Now we have 2 ways you can go the Scarecrow Fields or Sleeping Village.  So we are off to the Scarecrow Fields straight across Gallowmere Plains we go from the Carnival entrance.
        "Scarecrow Fields- Prepare to be scared. If you're a crow."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Club x 2, Health Vial x 4, Health Fountain
       Artifacts: Combine Harvester Part
       Runes to Collect: Star Rune, Earth Rune, Chaos Rune
       Money: 500 GC
As you go down the path beware there are 2 Scarecrows each side of the gate first then Equip you club and light it in the fire, and run into the next paddock hit the Haystack to your right, with your burning Club and a Chest will appear 50 GC, don’t get to close remember you will burn. Turn around and hit the wagon with your club and it will move out of your way. In here we meet another new enemy a Haystack Monster (2), these guys are hard to kill, take them out from a distance or 10 hits from your Long Sword. Run back and refire you club for the Haystack, quickly continue down and to your right to light a second haystack, go back to the first stack for a Chest with 50GC, then head down between the first 2 buildings and there is a door to you right, enter and in here is a chest with another club. As you head back and around to your left there is a Red Trade Imp in a small shed at the end, visit if you need to if not, Lets go down the path that Haystack opened up for another Chest 50 GC and the STAR RUNE to open that gate.
Go back to the gate save your game and Stay On The Path; the fields contain what someone calls a Wheat Demon. Who knows? You cannot kill it, but it will take half you health each time you fall of the path. Head down the path and there is a Scarecrow to your left and 2 red bags 25 GC each continue down around to your right where there is another scarecrow and a HEALTH VIAL. Now let’s turn around and head for that big thing in the next paddock. This is a Mecha Imp these things can only be taken out by Crossbow/Longbow fire and do not let it walk over you, instead run through its legs and use retain mode to face it to aim again. Once it’s head has blown off the Mecha Imp can only be attacked from the back so use the run through, re aim and follow it to kill it of quick and the next gate will open for you. Head towards the windmill and duck through the vanes towards the left, beware if the vanes touch you they will take 10 Health. Once through follow the path down towards another Mecha Imp, there are 2 more Haystack Monsters on the way. This Mecha Imp can fire at you so get behind him and fire from there safely, getting behind him is tricky as this Imp turns on you as you run through so you will lose some life here. After beating him exit through the gate and towards the farm building. There are 2 more Hay Monsters here, beat them and head forwards into the hay maze. Keep on the path, head to your right and kill the scarecrow, dog leg left to a fire, light your Club and head out to your right and straight down to a haystack hiding an entrance in here is a scarecrow you can take out easily with ranged weapons before collecting the Chest 50 GC and 3 bags 25 GC each. As you return to the fire you can see another haystack to your right and a scarecrow straight ahead, take the scarecrow out and then back to light your Club and take out the Haystack, in here you find a Chest 50 GC and a HEALTH VIAL, grab them and then collect the last chest containing another Club. Head back towards the farm building we have a chore to do for the farmer, hit the wagon to reveal an opening read the book and the farmer will ask you to find him a spare part for his Corn Cutting Machine and to fix it. Part A finding the spare part head back out past the wagon to your right and hop over the stile, See the 3 piles of grain, we need chickens, follow the path down to the end and herd them back to the grain. (You may be lucky enough that the chickens are already there) One grain pile holds a Red Coin Bag 25 GC, one contains a HEALTH VIAL and the third contains the Corn Cutting Machine part. Head back to the book and enter the doorway to your right. Play with the rats if you must, but then get behind the hay bale and walk forwards to push it up to the box in the centre of the room, jump up to the top of the box and then over to you right , run up her to find a switch to lower the Combine Harvester, short movie showing it lowered. Jump down run onto the Harvester platform and equip the Part from your artifacts to fix it. A short movie will show you the path out, run out the door and you find yourself looking towards ruins and an Earth Rune, Go get it. Here you find a HEALTH FOUNTAIN, the EARTH RUNE and a Red Trade Gargoyle so grab whatever ammo you need. Okay back to the farm building and follow the path to your left, head through the wheat/corn where we were earlier towards the next windmill, Save your game as some tricky bits are coming. Duck through the vanes to the Earth Rune Gate and just follow the path to the first obstacle, in you go and jump right avoiding those horrible blades your first opening in will give you 2 Chests with 50 GC each, back out and continue right to the next opening and the next obstacle. Follow the rolling stone and miss the first exit to your right (this is the way out), the next opening will take you down a path to the CHALICE, back behind the stone heading right and another opening containing a HEALTH VIAL, back behind the stone heading right miss the next opening (this is where you came in) and take the next one to exit. (all of these opening are grouped close together so as you run in behind the stone keep yourself heading right and you just fall into the openings) The next obstacle is fairly easy keep to the outer of the circle head right and keep going out the first opening to the next obstacle. UGH I hate this one! This time head left, jumping just when the blades have passed the blocks, the blades will pass over your head in the gaps. Exit left to the next obstacle, hey its not moving? Head hard right to activate the switch we’ll get it moving, right again following one of the blades miss the first opening (Chaos Gate) 2nd opening CHAOS RUNE, back in and head right missing the next 2 openings (where we came in and switch) and take the 3rd opening to the Chaos Gate. Where we exit to the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: This time go up the stairs towards the exit but turn left at the top of the stairs, here you will be given a GOLD SHIELD
        "Pumpkin Gorge- Not George. Gorge. Pumpkin George hasn't been around
         these parts for years."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Throwing Daggers x3, Health Vials x 3, Health Fountain x1, Health Bottle
       Artifacts: Pumpkin Key, Anubis Stone
       Runes to Collect: Time Rune
       Money: 1005 GC
Head down the path hitting the bouncing Pumpkin Bombs as you come upon them, avoid the Pumpkin Spears as they thrust themselves out of the sides of the path.  When you come to the end of the path in the open area a new enemy awaits, the Pumpkin Plant which spits at you, How Unhygienic. Take them out any way possible, long ranged weapons work well. Go forward to the hut and hear the plight of the poor farmer then head towards your left and pick up the THROWING DAGGERS. Head through the gateway and take out the 2 Pumpkin Plants re arm yourself with a sword and head up the wooden ramp into the windmill, through the doorway to your left and you enter a circular room with a flat wheel in the centre run around on this wheel like a hamster in an Anti Clockwise direction and down you go. Keep running until the door at the bottom opens and through you go. Here we find 2 Pumpkin Plants, 2 Pumpkin Bombs, a HEALTH VIAL and your objective the Pumpkin Plant root. Take out all of them, grab the Health Vial and when you sever the root a short FMV will show you the vines coming off of the villagers fence. Head back into the windmill and this time running in a clockwise direction you return to the top. Go through the door up the ramp to your left and out to where we started. From the top of the ramp we can see a Health Fountain to our left, a little forward of that the Pumpkin Gate and another doorway forward left. Go through this doorway 3 more Spitting Pumpkins and through the doorway to your right, where you will come out near the farm house. Move forward to the fence, turn left and enter the building, run clockwise on the treadmill and grab the Red Coin Bags 50 GC at the top. As you exit be ready for Pumpkin Bombs (3) and Pumpkin Plants (5) take out the root, FMV more vines falling of the fence pick up the Red Bag of coins 25 GC, and return to the treadmill anticlockwise down and exit the building. Head back through the doorway to your right and head up the pathway in front of you killing any Pumpkin Bombs as they appear. Take the wooden ramp up and jump down the hole. Take the treadmill up clockwise and grab the TIME RUNE then treadmill down anticlockwise and go through the door, here we find a Chest 50 GC and another HEALTH BOTTLE, Hurray. Go up the stairs and we find 4 Red Bags 25 GC each, and head out through the door. Go to your right to the Time Gate and up the path, avoiding the Pumpkin Spears, wait until they pull in and dash past, keep an eye out for Pumpkin Bombs and Pumpkin Plants on the way up the path and you find yourself at the top with the final root, a Chest 50 GC and more THROWING DAGGERS. The final FMV show the vines falling off of the fence and The Well, releasing the Pumpkin Bombs into the open. So let’s carefully head back to the Farmer to collect our reward. The farmer will give you the PUMPKIN KEY, take this and raid her farmhouse Jackpot 6 Chests 50 GC each, leave the farmhouse and head for the Well, Yes the Well, jump in and we find the CHALICE, rats if you need the practice and a Red Trade Gargoyle, (Hint: load up your Longbow) then exit through the door and up the path, use the HEALTH FOUNTAIN and jump down to the Pumpkin Gate. Equip yourself with the Pumpkin Key; you may want to save your game around here. Head up the path taking out whatever comes your way then take the Left fork, you will come across some Giant moving Toadstools, use these to jump your way to the top, the Yellow gas below them will harm you so time your jumps carefully. The path up is jump up toadstool one and two, right onto path 3 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each, run up the path to toadstool 4 then jump back to 3, then onto the left hand path 3 Red Coin Bags 10 GC each, toadstool 5, 6, 7 and onto the right path for a HEALTH VIAL, over to toadstool 8 and over to the Witches home. Al Zalam will tell you to summon the witch, go over to the cauldron and use the Witches Talisman, in a FMV she will tell you what needs to be done, Kill the Pumpkin King for a piece of the Anubis Stone. You can raid the witches house now or later, 2 Chests 50 GC each and a Red Coin Bag 25 GC, Exit her home and head down the toadstools, follow the path above in reverse. Go on down the path and take the fork to your left through a stone archway, follow the path down 4 more Pumpkin Plants, read the book at the gateway if you want. Go inside and grab the THROWING DAGGERS, take out all the Pumpkin Bombs and Pumpkin Plants then head back to the gateway where we came in, grab you sword and take out the root to your left, continue left go inside the gate and there are 2 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each, hit the root until it breaks, continue left until you reach a small cabin take out the root and 2 Chests 50 GC each, (note the vines here) jump up on the boxes to the roof HEALTH VIAL. Jump back down and hit the other root behind the cabin, keep heading left and take out the root in the middle of the fish pond. Disappointing that the pond doesn’t refill. There are 2 more Red Coin Bags 25 GC each near the wall. Then over to the barn near the entrance to hack at the last root. Did you see the little bald spots in the earth to your right these will fence you in once you cross into it to take on the Pumpkin King. 
PUMKING KING STRATEGY:  Really hit him with any ranged weapons (Throwing Knives and Crossbow) and don’t bother to try and dodge the limb he throws out occasionally to smack you over the head. If you get to close he will throw out a lot of flailing arms which do a lot of damage. The worst thing is he spits out Pumpkin Plants which you have to destroy before taking the King on again, by the time he is 3/4 dead he will change tactics and spit Pumpkin Bombs at you and they are easier to kill at least. This fight is totally frustrating but you should be able to beat him with at least 2 full Health Bottles.  GO back up to the Witches’ cauldron summon her and get your reward the ANUBIS STONE, then back to behind the small cabin where the vines have disappeared and exit to the Hall of Heroes
HALL OF HEROES: head to your right to Will Canny for the HEROES CROSSBOW
        "Welcome to Sleeping Village- Where Zombies gamble like poorly 
         co-ordinated Spring Lambs."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Silver Shield, Throwing Knives, Club, Health Vial
       Runes to Collect: 
       Money: 150 GC
Take out the first 3 Boiler Guards and collect the SILVER SHIELD and THROWING KNIVES note the broken wagon and rubbish blocking this exit for when we return (Sleeping Village 2), straight ahead and a little to your right, then turn around and continue toward the opening to the church yard, kill the 2 Boiler Guards, grab the CHALICE, a Chest just round the corner to your right 50 GC and another Chest near the first open gate 50GC. As you come out of the Churchyard you find yourself at a fork straight ahead there are 3 more Boiler Guards, if you health is fine take out these guys first (note the fountain), then back up and take the street with the Red Trade Gargoyle and face off 2 more Boiler Guards once they are dead as you come out of this street you will see a HEALTH VIAL to your right, a closed gate to your left and a CLUB straight ahead, take the club and head upstairs (not the rubbish to your left) to your left there is a Chest 50GC hit the switch jump down go through the open gate take out the last guard and exit to the Hall of Heroes
HALL OF HEROES: Head to your left for the HEROES SWORD (Note arm yourself with this before leaving the Hall of Heroes)
        "Inside the Asylum- here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls
         and... oh actually no, that's somewhere else. This is the one with 
         the mad people in."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Club
       Artifacts: Mayor Key, Forest Key 
       Runes to Collect: Chaos Rune, Moon Rune
       Money: 450 GC
Dare I say it this level will drive you mad? Save as often as possible. After the intro you drop into a pit of zombies one hit with the Heroes Sword and they’re out. Once they are all dead the door opens to your right go on through. This next room is more of the same except do not stay in one spot for long as there are a couple of cannons firing into the pit, exit right where the door opens. There are more zombies and a couple more of those cannons in this room so keep moving and there is a HEALTH VIAL as well, this time drop down the trap door that opens. You are now in a red room there is a HEALTH VIAL straight ahead where the first zombies appear from, after that the slide down each side of the wall after a couple of wave of Normal Zombies we get 3 waves of 4 Headless Zombies, when the trapdoor opens wait 4 Chests will appear with 100GC each, jump down to the next level once you’ve collected them. This level has those pesky cannons again don’t bother fighting these guys just keep running and jumping backwards and forwards over the river and they will drown themselves for you there is a HEALTH VIAL here as well. When they are all dead another trapdoor in the floor jump down and be ready to start slashing we now face Head Bangers, Zombies and Headless Zombies as you run around this level you will notice a Red Trade Gargoyle behind a gate, this gate will open after you have kill a few Headless Zombies, then you can jump inside and pick them off with a ranged weapon, if you cant hit anything jump out gain their attention and hop back into your hidey hole. When you are finished killing them all drop down and be ready for another fight with all you favourites this time they don’t play fair and attack in groups, when you finish this level we have a fight with a madman there is a HEALTH FOUNTAIN on this level, Note unless you have a fair bit of health go back and replay the asylum levels until you feel you have enough to beat the madman.
MAD AXEMAN STRATEGY: And so the battle against a deranged psychopath begins. The simplest way that I found was to stand back for the first attack, as he launches his axe on a chain so dodge this then go and get him from behind while he attempts to pull his axe out. Try to stand behind one of the posts, moving out of the way when he attacks, then when his axe gets stuck in the ground begin your own attack against him. I find that attacking from behind is the better option as you miss his axe handle. Be careful though, as when he gets the axe free he spins around. Finally when he is nearly done, he starts to charge at you, hide behind one of the spiked pillars and attack while he is holding his head. Do this for all four pillars and he will then die.  So that’s the end of ‘Mr. Axey’.
Once you have beaten him the gates will open and we can get the CHAOS RUNE, and a CLUB Upgrade, all the while listening to the Mayor whinge “he’s not supposed to be in here” Exit through the doorway and head to your right there is a Chest here 50 GC and the Chaos Gate, open the gate enter and bash the wall to your left to get the MAYOR KEY, also if you hit the wall to your right in here you will be able to see the Chalice, as yet (unless we have the Dragon Armour) I haven’t worked out how to get it. Go over to the Mayor cell and Equip the key to open. We go to a FMV and when the Mayor has finished enter the cell to get the FOREST KEY on your right and the MOON RUNE to your left, head back out of the cell towards your left and exit through the Moon Gate back to the Sleeping Village.
        "Sleeping Village- Where you can buy the mayor off for the pie."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Health Fountain, Health Bottle
       Artifacts: Crucifix Cast, Landlords Bust, Crucifix, Safe Key,Shadow Demons Claw 
       Runes to Collect: Chaos Rune, Star Rune, Earth Rune
       Money: 225
DO NOT KILL THE VILLAGERS! Now that’s clear we can proceed to knock off those nasty wolves if you are careful with your shots, your Heroes Crossbow will take care of most of the enemies. Watch out for Naughty Nellie Mad she is slowly taking you life each time she hits you with her axe, she also will get in your way when you trying to kill your real enemies, there are 3-4 Nellie Mads and each have their own territory. On with the mission, exit the graveyard and head over to the now open gateway and run down through the trees to your left and read the book which will tell you the gate will not be opened until you take care of those psychotic Ducks, so turn around and  get close to the red & yellow striped pavilion, and it will ask you to start the Duck Shoot, Commence Sir Knight 30 ducks with 100 arrows, It’s a good job you got some practice on Gallowmere Plains, Hints: 1 Don’t try and do this level in full light it is that dark and the PSP cannot handle it  2 : Keep your bow aimed just above the centre rock and scan left and right for the ducks also don’t fire more then 3 shots for each duck. As you leave here the gate behind you has opened, head on through and head to your left past the building (this is the Mayors House) straight ahead you will see the CHALICE for this level go ahead and get it as you exit here, to your right there are some steps these lead to a HEALTH FOUNTAIN. Now back down the stairs and ignore the boxes next to the rotunda for now, head slightly right and around the building and enter the arch here, You will find 3 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each, exit here and head left and hit the switch on your left. As long as you stay just inside this gate no one can touch you, so go out and wake up the 3 wolves and dash back inside to take them out. Describing the next part can get tricky so I will do my best; On top of the fountain is a Chaos Rune, so we need to stop the water, (well that’s what the book at the fountain will tell you) From the gateway head to you right past the Chaos Gate, the next side road is the way out, we don’t need this one but take the next right towards the stairs (the Red Trade Gargoyle is to your left if you need him guarded by another Nellie)  and enter where all the rubbish was earlier, (once just in the doorway you are safe from attack) not too fast you will end up in the river. Take the stairs to your right and there are 2 wolves to your left at the bottom of the stairs. Turn around and take the large steps up Beware there are gaps to these steps you can fall in, at the top, hit the switch to turn off the water, head right and straight to the boxes jump up them (the exit is to your right) and head to your left back to the fountain. Get the CHAOS RUNE and still turning to your left to face the Chaos Gate open it and enter. Damn that Nellie is a pain. Equip your club, take out the bookshelves and find the CRUCIFIX CAST, read all the books if you really want to. Head straight across the street to the lighted window and enter this home, avoid Mrs Mad and her frying pan, hit the switch in the corner which opens a door, just near the switch. In we go, Jump right, straight ahead, right, straight ahead, left for a HEALTH BOTTLE, then back across to the other side jump down to collect the STAR RUNE and trace you jumps back to the door, back out we go to face Mrs Mad well lets just jump over her and out the door. Turn to your left and head for the doorway across the street, with panelled wood, in here jump to your left up onto some boxes while you look around. Straight ahead is the Star Gate, but we need to activate that panel on the floor, so lets bite the bullet and move one of those barrels onto it. While you are doing this just jump to avoid Mrs Mad and the Gate will take the rune as you get near it.  Enter quickly and down the trapdoor in the floor avoiding Mr Mad, arm yourself and as you head back past the stairs there is a hole in the wall. Oh No more wolves, when you have kill this lot the door to the next room will open, enter here and quickly head over past the Earth Gate avoiding Mr Mad and up the stairs, in this room we have the Landlords Bust and another Mr Mad, avoiding the trapdoor in the floor head go straight ahead and slightly right and trough that doorway, here we have another Mrs Mad and some barrels, Head forwards and jump up onto the box with a largish wooden X over it and you will see panel in the floor, we need to get a barrel onto it. Jump down towards the switch head left past the bookshelf, jump over the barrel and head it back towards the floor panel, once Mrs Mad is onto you clamber back up to your safe place and wait for her to leave before jumping back down and pushing it onto the floor panel. Jump back onto your safe place and facing to the left of the door jump to the next shelf and up onto the top of the bookshelf, facing to the left again jump towards the opened mesh you can just see to your right jump and collect the EARTH RUNE. So now we need to dash back downstairs to the Earth Gate. Enter the Earth Gate and hit the switch to your left to lower the Landlords Bust, FMV. Now head back upstairs and let’s grab it and get out of here.  Okay now head back out the way you came in. As you leave this building a FMV shows and we need to take out some more Boiler Guards, 3 immediately, then head up the stairs in front of you again (from the first time you were here) and activate the switch, Take out the 4 Boiler Guards that block you path out, then turn back towards the fountain and run straight forwards towards the graveyard head left and enter the building with a light in the window. This is the Blacksmiths, jump onto the bellows and equip first the Crucifix Cast, then the Landlord Bust from your Artifacts, Jump up and down 4 times and the CRUCIFIX will appear (Note: On each jump allow the bellows to completely deflate) Take the Crucifix and leave and go over to the now open Church (In the Graveyard) to your right.
Go up to the Altar and equip the Crucifix from your Artifacts and get the SAFE KEY, now back to the Rotunda outside the Mayors House. Jump up the boxes to the rotunda roof and then over to the Mayors House roof, keeping a right hold on your movements walk around the left hand side of the Mayors Roof continuing to the right, see the Chimney with the light coming out , keep going onto the flat part outside a window and Jump yourself towards the Chimney. Inside the Mayors house, there are 3 Chests 50 GC each a HEALTH VIAL on top of the Safe and the SAFE itself, with the Shadow Demons Claw. Use the table to reach the Health Vial and use the Safe Key from your Artifacts to open the Safe get the SHADOW DEMONS CLAW then, head for the exit and the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES:  We visit upstairs to get another HEALTH BOTTLE from the woman who gave you the spear earlier, and back onto Gallowmere Plains. 
        “Gallowmere Plains- Big, flat, and home to a circus! What are you waiting for?”
        “Gallowmere Plains- The less beautiful relative of Gallowmere 
Once back onto Gallowmere Plains visit the Red Trade Gargoyle, for anything you need, (straight ahead), Now you have a couple more weapons you may want to try your luck back in the Undead Carnival, If not as you exit the Trade Gargoyles hut head over towards the left where you can see some toadstools, Equip the key you got from the Mayor in his cell and off we go to the Enchanted Forest and another annoying level.
        “Enchanted Forest- You need a very specific micro-climate and a loamy 
         soil to produce an enchanted forest.”
Items and Weaponry to collect: Silver Shield, Health Fountain, Health Vial
       Artifacts: Enchanted Net, Anubis Stone,
       Runes to Collect: Earth Rune, Moon Rune
       Money:  375 GC
Enter a read the book, the first time I went through this level I had a hell of a time as I though the book meant do not kill the Dragon Toads, WRONG Kill the suckers otherwise they will make this level hell with the spitting and the biting. Run all around where you can access and KILL those Dragon Toads, once they have been taken care of return to the beginning.
As you head into this level, turn sharp left and you have found the Witches Cauldron equip the Witches Talisman and find out what she wants, you find out she really is plotting against her sister the Pumpkin Witch, still who cares we need her to reveal the Shadow Demons Lair for us. As you leave the witch head to your left and the first fairy FMV will show arm your net from your Aritifacts and let’s get the sucker. Charging (Triangle) then swiping with the net (Cross) seems to work. Return to the start again and take the path to the right, (Or while you were killing toads the Moon Gate path) the Shrubbite (cut log) will follow you as long as you are not facing it, a little way down this path to your right you can just see a cut out in the bank get your Shrubbite near this cut out careful he doesn’t swipe you, and use him to hop up for your next fairy. There are 3 Red Coin Bags with 25 GC each up here as well. So let’s get that fairies fungus, this fairy is a little easier as he will keep to this small area. Jump down once you have him and we need to head left off this path right and then right into the next path up towards the tree, as you go up this path there is another cut out in the wall to you right, you can just hear him Oi, Oi ing to you, you need a Shrubbites help to get up here so head up to the tree grab the 3 Red Coin Bags, then ignore the Shrubbite just until he gets into sight run a little forwards until you reach the end of the tree root, just near the wooden platform above you, We’re going up into the treetops first.  Just as the Shrubbite reaches you jump on him and onto the platform and up we go, take the bridge over and the first turn to your right be careful on this path, as you will need to jump over the gaps, head to your left where you will find a Red Trade Gargoyle, (Tip: later you will need plenty of arrows)  Keep heading over to the Tree House, big hole just before you get there and a 3rd fairy (around the back) Catching this guy is a little trickier as while you are charging you can fall right out of the tree but you will get him eventually as he is contained to this platform. Head back out over to the other tree house with all the toadstools around it, careful there is another hole in the bridge just before you get there. Use the toadstools to jump up to the top of the tree. If you stand just outside the nest , you can see the giant bird going past, as the bird passes jump into the nest and walk an egg out of the nest, make sure you are out of the nest as the bird comes back before jumping back in to take your next egg. The eggs contain the CHALICE for this level, an EARTH RUNE and a SILVER SHIELD. Jump down and use the bridges to return to the forest floor the way you came up. Get a Shrubbite to follow you, to the last fairies hidey hole and get the little smarty pants. Now we have two options take the Earth Gate, or give the witch the fungus and release the Shadow Demons. 
Go to the Earth Gate arm yourself with your Longbow and jump onto the wooden platform, this will take you up to a fight with Winged Demons shoot the Winged Demons and try to avoid their fire of electric bolts, after they have lost some of their life the platform will fall towards you, keep running in the opposite directions and you will stay on the platform, When the Winged Demons are a little more than half dead, rocks will fall from the sky, you can easily dodge these as you will see their shadows first, the only bonus is the electric bolts will stop during the rock falls. Once one of them drops dead you will only need a few more shots to take the last one out. You will be then raised to the top look for the walkway out and pick up the 9 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each. GO across the Bridge to the HEALTH FOUNTAIN, then across to pick up the MOON RUNE. Go forward to the wood platform which will take you down to the forest floor. GO around and open the Moon Gate and kill the Dragon Toad in there. ( It will help later)
Go back to the witch’s cauldron and summon her she will open the gateway behind her, as you head down the path there is a Shrubbite and another Dragon Toad just past the Shrubbite is a cut out in the left wall, here we find another Red Trade Gargoyle and a HEALTH VIAL, continue down to the Shadow Demon Door and use your Shadow Demons Claw (from Keys) to open it. Go down the tunnel to a large grotto with a pool and a large puzzle holding a piece of the Anubis Stone in fire, Read the book and look at the panels to your right. I tried this way, panel 1 once, 3 once, 2 once, 3 twice, 1 twice, 3 three times, I reloaded the game to test this and got different set of panels, so just try until you hear the flames die go and grab the Anubis Stone piece. A FMV will show you the Shadow Demons escaping follow them out and start the slaughter. This can be tricky use a shield and Left Shoulder Button (held with shield) Shield from damage and your Heroes Sword, and just keep slashing, try to get on top of the severed log, near the platform we took up earlier and use your Spear. There is one inside the Moon Gate as well, (which is why we got rid of the Dragon Toad earlier) and we exit to the Hall of Heroes
HALL OF HEROES: Where we go back upstairs and get the Flaming Longbow.
From here I returned to Dans Crypt, take out the Mummy again and dig the grave for 50 GC, the HEALTH VIAL and the other 50 GC when you grab the Time Rune, then on to Gallowmere plains for some cheap Health from the Gargoyle before heading to the Pools of the Ancient Dead 
        "The Pools of the Ancient Dead- You didn't know the Ancient Dead 
         played pool did you? Ahhh, everyone has to have a hobby you know!"
Items and Weaponry to collect:  Club, Health Fountain, Health Vials x 4
       Artifacts: 6 Mecha Death parts,
       Runes to Collect: Chaos Rune, Star Rune.
       Money: 125 GC
This level is nearly impossible to describe, Have a chat to Death and then I will give just a few tips. At the back of the boat shed is a HEALTH VIAL, the Armoured Knights ,there's only one way to beat these guys by shoving them into the dead pools. They are practically invincible to everything you throw at them, so equip your best weapon and knock them into a pool. There are 3 coin bags 25 GC just before the entry to the 2nd half of the pools, when you enter the 2nd half make you way almost straight across to the fort and take out the skeleton crew operating the catapult, then continue around the fort to the other end to stop the overhead bombing. Half way across the fort there is a stop for a CHAOS RUNE (to your left) where you will have to operate a ballista to fight your way out. If you run out of ballista arrow and only have a couple of Ghouls left take the out with ranged ammo. Once you have opened the Chaos Gate and headed back down and taken out the other skeleton crew, use the HEALTH FOUNTAIN and head up the ramp and prepare to do battle. There a quite a few skeletons and 2 Armoured Knights, from this exit find you way back across the pools and take out the rest of the Armoured Knights, collecting the STAR RUNE and activating the bridge switch, Before heading back to the boat shed using the Star Rune Gate enter the boatshed and slash the ropes holding the dingy, there are 2 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each. If you have all 6 Mecha Death Parts go back to Death equip the parts and he will send you off on the next part of you Journey, with another quick stop at the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: This time as you head upstairs take the right hand stairs go straight forwards to your left and Some gut will give you a Battle Axe
        "Scurvy Docks- Pirates and smugglers aplenty! But not much in the way 
         of Vitamin C."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Club, Spade, Silver Shield, Throwing Daggers, Health Fountain, Health Vial, Health Bottle 
       Artifacts: Skull & Crossbones, Pirates Hat, Wooden Leg, Seagull
       Runes to Collect: Moon Rune, Chaos Rune, Time Rune
       Money: 250 GC
As you run down hill you will be stopped by a Green Gargoyle, Beware there are more Boiler Guards here, there are 3 Red Coin Bags just inside the gate, take out the guards and head out to the Docks, to your left is a pier with a lightning Chest at the end you don’t want to hit that but there are 3 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each on the boat. Head over the other side and ring the bell for the Harbour Master who will tell you what you need to hire a boat, This will set a few pirates onto you, which can be dispatched easily, go over to the dock and jump onto the boat to get the MOON RUNE. Head back in to the square and over near the Red Trade Gargoyle is the Moon Gate, enter and the first opening to the right contains a Chest with a CLUB, go forwards and fight the next 4 Pirate Skeletons and enter the 2nd Chamber to find the fire to light the pedestal in the next room to open the gate to the next antechamber, this room has another pedestal to light, ( I try to light both, by lighting one charging up the passage to the next room lighting the next one and then dashing back to the safety of the passage, as the 8 Pirate Skeletons cannot enter the passage) Take out these from the relative safety of the passage by running in, gaining their  attention and taking them out from the passage way. Once you are done from the right the first room has a SPADE, the 2nd entrance is the Chaos Gate, the 3rd has a Chest with a SILVER SHIELD, and the fourth takes you down to a boulder straight ahead and a passage out to your right take the boulder out with your club, in this room you will find THROWING DAGGERS, a HEALTH FOUNTAIN and a Chest with 50 GC. As you exit here keep and eye out for the passage out now to your left and once out head up the slope to you right. At the top you find cannon that you can manoeuvre to fire at the ship (don’t move it from the first position). Arm your Club and Jump overt the gap straight ahead to get to the fire, light the club and got back and X hit the cannon to fire. Then get behind it and walk forwards to move it to the next spot, (I take it to the end one, Chaos Rune first) remember your Club, is burning down each time, once you position the cannon get straight behind it to line it up carefully. Once all 3 masts are down lets board that ship and take our Plunder killing a few more 3 Pirate Skeletons as we go. Hint you are safe on the gangplank. Grab the SKULL and CROSSBONES and the CHOAS RUNE, then off the ship and back towards where we entered and take the path to you right up to above the ship where there is a Chest with another CLUB, try and take out the last Pirate Skeleton on the deck below and then jump down for a HEALTH VIAL, then down onto the gangplank and head over to where you were lighting your Club.
Head to your right and jump across to 2 Pirate Skeletons, continue to your right to the next piece for 1 more Pirate Skeleton and jump into the cave, where you can see the PIRATES HAT. Grab this and jump down to when we found the Silver Shield, head right to the Chaos Gate again if you stand in the doorway after getting the 4 Pirate Skeletons attention, you can kill them from there, enter the grave yard and start digging up the graves in the first Grave you will find a WOODEN LEG, the 2nd Grave has the CHALICE and in front of you there is a boulder to smash. In to your right is a HEALTH BOTTLE and 2 Chests 50 GC each. Head back out to your right and get the TIME RUNE. Jump down and head back into the Main Square to your left to the Time Gate, where you will find a FISH, go over to the fountain in the Square and Equip the Fish, this will give you a FMV to get well a SEAGULL as your Parrot. Go back to the Harbour Master and equip all your Pirate bits from your Artifacts, the Pirate Hat and the Wooden Leg the Harbor Master will show you your boat and you exit to the Hall Of Heroes
HALL OF HEROES: Head upstairs to your left and forwards to your right to get the MAGIC SWORD
        "Dragon Island- Islands with Dragons on were once considered quite the
         fashionable property investment."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Dragon Scale Armour, Silver Shield, Health Fountain
       Runes to Collect: 
As you enter this level the HEALTH FOUNTAIN is obvious to your left, have a Quick read of the book and enter the next room. The Chest here has a SILVER SHIELD, Visit the Red Trade Gargoyle and head into the small pool with the reddish opening to face the Dragon. Okay to start we need to block the holes the Dragon is poking his head out of and making life a misery, You need to hit the 1st for the opposite end etc, once all the holes are blocked the dragon will appear and take you on Mano on Dragon. Charge in and get him while his head is down with the Magic Sword, avoid the wing buffeting by hiding behind the crystals (otherwise you can be blown into the lava. and continue in this vein until the Dragon cries Uncle and gives you what you want. The DRAGON SCALE ARMOR
        "Dan's Crypt- The best place to go if you're looking for a Dead Dan."
       Items and Weaponry to collect: Chicken Drumstick, Health Vial, Wooden Sword
       Artifacts: None
       Runes to Collect: Time Rune
       Money: 100 GC
We are back in Dan's Crypt. Firstly check up on Dan's Diary, the Enemy Handbook, and the Artefacts Guide. Grab the Health Vial if you need it. And now, we are going to go to the last secret place in Dan's Crypt.  Equip your Dragon Armour, and go through the Training Room to the Lava Room. With the Dragon Armour on, jump into the lava, and follow it round into the tiny room next door. Raised above the lava is a platform. Jump on, and grab the Chicken Drumstick weapon. May not seem like much, but it is truly awesome. Now, go back through the lava, get the Rune and Money read up on some Weapon Guides if you want, then leave the Crypt. Hit the Mummy’s room and dig again for another 50 GC. So unless you figured out how to get the Chalice in the Insane Asylum we will return there, with a quick stop at the Trade Gargoyle on Gallowmere Plains to gain some Health if not its time to hit the Haunted Ruins!
SO if you went via the Insane Asylum you will have visited the Hall of Heroes and gained the MAGIC LONGBOW 
        "Passage to the Haunted Ruins- If a person were determined to make 
         their way to the Haunted Ruins, they could do a lot worse."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Health Fountain X 2, Health Vial
       Artifacts: Crown, Anubis Stone
       Runes to Collect: Star Rune, Earth Rune
       Money:  600 GC
So with your Dragon Scale Armour on, head to your left and follow the pathway up, walk across the lava pool and up the stairs, to your right is a HEALTH FOUNTAIN, continue on until you find the Chickens, Get them to eat the grain piles and the pathway on will be revealed. (the book is just the farmers asking you to look after their chickens) They will head towards the way you want to go first. Al-Zalam will thank the greedy chickens for opening up the way. Look to your left had jump up the steps, to your left is a Chest with 100 GC, you will hear the farmers screaming Help Us to your right but we will head back to them after the chest. As you head for the Chest watch out for the holes in the path. Head back towards the other end, the farmers will ask to be freed before they are dropped on the spikes. Save your Game here as freeing all of the Farmers is fairly important, arm yourself with the Chicken Drumstick, o to throw it at the Shadow Demons, you must stop them before they can activate the switch. Drop down and go for it. As you can see if you hit the Demon he will turn into Roast Chicken and Health. Take your War Hammer and smash the Crystals under each farmer, then activate the switch a FMV will show all of the gates have now opened, head to the one closest to you and note the pool of oil to your right for later then up the slope to your left to a Red Trade Gargoyle, if you need him. Head back towards the other end and go back down to visit the farmers and get your reward for helping them 3 Chests 100 GC each, (depending on how many you save). Then back up through the doorway and to your right, there are 2 Shadow Demons at the next gate, Oops last time they waited at the gate this time they were just off the bridge that the chickens dropped. Now head right, the way we were going before I got sidetracked, as you enter this gate you will see 4 cannons firing, you need to dodge the first 3 and, look to the left wall for steps in between the last 2. Up the steps there are quite a few Undead Warriors to take care of and below you can see a Chest and more Shadow Demons, follow the path around the battlements, ignoring for now the steps to the right with the Shadow Demons, near the end of the battlement is a bridge to your left and a HEALTH VIAL, grab that if you need it and go over the bridge to face more Undead Warriors to get the STAR RUNE, Back to the steps leading to the 5 Shadow Demons, take them out with the Magic Longbow, to preserve your health then head for the Chest on your left, for 100 GC then back past the Star Gate for the one on your right 100 GC. So back to the Star Gate and enter, equip the Dragon Armour and head through the flames and into the Haunted Gallowmere Castle. Check out the book, and head forwards just to fall through the floor. First still in your Dragon Armour drop down to the Lava floor, be hind you is the way up and at the other end is the CHALICE, now head back up.  Avoid the fire spots and use a Longbow to take out the Demon in the next stone, put your Dragon Armour back on and onto the next stone, forwards, and forwards, left, forwards and into the doorway. Still with your Dragon Armour on into the room of Fire and get King Peregrines Crown. Head back out and forwards, forwards, left, straight across then left to the next doorway and a HEALTH FOUNTAIN. Head into the black to exit and then, back around the front (right) and back into the castle, avoiding the floor trap to approach the throne Equip the Crown from your artefacts watch the FMV, the King will give you his piece of the ANUBIS STONE the throne will slide forwards to reveal an exit behind it. We are now in the room beyond the cannons, life is about to get interesting, Save your game, Read the book, Equip your Dragon Armour and lets get some practice in fire breathing, continually X to breath fire when it runs out do it again. You will need to use this to push the 2 Stone Golems off the edge, hitting the lever will also lower the Earth Rune, which you need, Oh did they tell you, you have 90 seconds? So hit that lever, Fire breath the Stone Golems off the edge, and grab that EARTH RUNE. Charge your way past the cannons and on to the Earth Gate, open the gate and active the lever, which starts the pump. Then out and towards when we saw the pool of oil earlier, jump past the plug hole that has appeared and then hit that lever dead in front of you, a FMV will show a rock rolling down onto the catapult and putting a hole in the wall. I died 3 times doing this because I could not find and exit, Jump onto the Catapult, I must have had a blonde moment that first time. Now we are off to the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: Upstairs and the final gate has opened. This lovely lady will give you LIGHTNING. From here I returned to Dans Crypt to refill my Chicken Drumstick, a little extra gold etc. Now on to the Ghost Ship.
        "Onboard the Ghost Ship- How do ghosts tie their ship up at the docks?
         Surely the rope would slip between their ghostly fingers."
Items and Weaponry to collect: Club, Health Fountain, Health Vial, Health Bottle
       Artifacts: Powder Kegs
       Runes to Collect: Chaos Rune, Moon Rune, Time Rune
       Money: 200 GC 
I love the way he arrives on this level, remember he was slung from a catapult? This is another bad one to describe but I will try. The Pirate Skeletons Look for the one in a blue coat attack him and the rest will drop dead. Ahead there is a Chaos Gate, up the stairs behind you is one big gun read the book and we know we are looking for enough Gunpowder to blow ourselves to the other end of the ship the first POWDER KEG is here. Back down the stairs and back towards the stern, is a doorway to enter. In here we find 2 Pirates guarding a CHAOS RUNE get it and exit. Then head forwards and open the Chaos Gate, there is a HEALTH VIAL down the stairs and jump down the first hole, here you find 2 Boiler Guards and a POWDER KEG. Do your thing and exit through the doorway and head up the stairs and back through the Chaos gate, Move your way left missing hole 2 turn around and there is another POWDER KEG go forward and jump down Hole 3. You will find 1 Boiler Guard and a MOON RUNE enter the door and you will find 2 Chests 50 GC each. Head back out to where you found the Moon Rune and jump down and go through the door, upstairs, left back in the Chaos Gate, down the stairs avoiding all the holes get over to hole 3 where we can head down. Down and to your left is a doorway to 2 Boiler Guards and a HEALTH FOUNTAIN, (you can see a Health Vial to the right) trace your steps back go straight ahead, look right midships (at the centre of the ship) 2 Red Coin Bags 25 GC each, keep moving across to another doorway and in we go to rats and a Red Trade Gargoyle as we exit and go back to midships, and watch the way those rolling barrels move, wait before moving forward to the next doorway. In here we find one Pirate and a hole in the floor, drop through the hole in the floor and we find ourselves with 4 Red Coin Bags and a HEALTH BOTTLE above where the Trade Gargoyle is drop down and exit there. Back to the rolling barrels and again wait before moving then head up to your right jumping the next lot of barrels run to the end and another POWDER KEG. Head back to midships and use the same method to get up the Left side to the Moon Gate. Go on through and I hate to say it drop down from the mast into oblivion. But then you can just read on so there is another gang of pirates led by a blue coat so try for him if not just go for it, there is a Time Gate ahead. Move over to starboard (right) through the doors down the stairs to more cannons go through to the end once you feel it’s safe. Pausing when you need to and into the next hold, filled with 4 Boiler Guards head to your left for a HEALTH VIAL and a switch to open the gate then back into the hold up the ramp for a TIME RUNE, you now have 2 exits from here, back past the cannons or back before we jumped off the mast with access to the Trade Gargoyle. Now make your way back to the Time Gate, and times for fun, some of the mats are like trampolines and some you jump on and just stop, anyway go two mats in turn to the left, jump over and collect a POWDER KEG, then bounce back over to the other side to get a Chest 50 GC, then back out heading to port (left) and jump of to the deck. Head down into the hatch and take care of the Pirates head towards the stern and hit the switch and you have access to the other holds, use the cage starboard rear (just walk on), to get to the top again, then head to port (left) and use the swinging bridges to get to the (best description) rotating doodad in the centre. Jump on one of its fans then onto a cage to go up I will describe the stern way first, where you will find the CHALICE and then Forward to the cage step on and quickly jump off, which takes you to a HEALTH FOUNTAIN. Then take the cage back, facing forwards ready to jump back onto a fan blade to jump off at a POWDER KEG, then back onto a fan blade to exit at the next mast (surrounded by steps) Approach forward carefully and take out the pirates here and grab the last POWDER KEG. Now we need to work our way back to the gun and equip our Gunpowder, a FMV hurls us to the take on the Pirate Captain, face first again, Either equip your Club and light the cannons as needed or use your Dragon Armour, Get  to the rear of the cannon and breath fire, or strike with your Club until cannon balls fire at the Pirate Captain, this is the only way to kill him, (there is a CLUB in the chest that reappears) occasionally he directs some of his cronies at you so I just breathe fire at them or used the Lightning and Chicken Drumstick. Once the Pirate Captain is Dead you will be returned to the Hall of Heroes.
HALL OF HEROES: Upstairs to the Guy who gave you the Gold Shield and he will give you a HEALTH BOTTLE.
You are then directed to Zaroks Lair
Revisit Dans Crypt to Charge up or replace the Chicken Drumstick it will come in Handy. Also make sure the Lightning is fully charged on top of this Try to get Wodens Brand, by completing the tasks at Gallowmere Plains, Have all your Shields. In other words try and have a full complement of everything, for the fight ahead is truly awesome and Deadly.
        “Zarok’s Lair- Oooooh. Scary.”
First we face a Green Gargoyle for a little instruction then Al-Zalam puts in his 2 cents worth and then Zarok has his go so suitably disillusioned we head into battle. First avoid the Lava holes unless you are wearing you armour, then we are attacked by Boiler Guards, I use my Chicken Drumstick as we need as much health as possible later. 8-10 Boiler Guards then Zarok as a laugh and sends in the 8-10 Skeletons, once you have dispatched these, Zarok has another laugh at your expense and sends in Lord Kardok, this guy is tough, and if there is too long between attacks his Health recharges. So run and hide from his lightning ball attacks (like in the Enchanted Forest) when he stops and rears up launch your own lightning attacks keep firing until he runs off then run away your self. Continue in this vein until you see Zarok having a laugh at you Again, then the pillars disappear and you need to get ready to act as a Matador. First we need to avoid a few more lightning attacks, which annoys him into Charging, so avoiding his charge by sidestepping, wait for him to pause and rear (you will hear a neigh) attack with your lightning again, If you have run out of lightning, sidestep and slash hack at him as he passes and again as he runs off ready to start his charge again. This is where I will end it , explaining how to beat Zarok is well to hard for me, if someone would like to put that in let them.
Invincibility and All Weapons

Pause the game. Hold R and enter DOWN, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, UP, SQUARE AND TRIANGLE. An extra category will unlock on the senu screen. Select it, and you can turn "Invulnerability" and "Gain All Weapons" on and off.                  

Note I did find this on the web months ago and I have not been able to find it since so Thanks to whomever it was and Yes it works with the Pal version of the game