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by snkupo

                _  __  _   _   _
               | |/ / (_) | | | |  ____  ___    _ __     ___
               | ' /  | | | | | | |_  / / _ \  | '_ \   / _ \
               | . \  | | | | | |  / / | (_) | | | | | |  __/
               |_|\_\ |_| |_| |_| /___| \___/  |_| |_|  \___|
        _       _   _                            _     _
       | |     (_) | |__     ___   _ __   __ _  | |_  (_)   ___    _ __
       | |     | | | '_ \   / _ \ | '__| / _` | | __| | |  / _ \  | '_ \
       | |___  | | | |_) | |  __/ | |   | (_| | | |_  | | | (_) | | | | |
       |_____| |_| |_.__/   \___| |_|    \__,_|  \__| |_|  \___/  |_| |_|


                       A walkthrough authored by snkupo
                     Document Version 1.0 - July 27, 2007

                               [email protected]


                             - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
| NAVIGATION: Each section has a [code] tied to it in the table of contents.  |
| Press CTRL + F to bring up a search box, then type the code of your choice. |
| Now hit ENTER on your keyboard to jump down to the section itself.          |


 - Game Basics...........................................................[be01]
 - Frequently Asked Questions............................................[be02]
 - Controls..............................................................[be03]
 - Character Descriptions................................................[be04]
 - Weapon Descriptions...................................................[be05]
 - Challenge Games Explained.............................................[be06]
 - Challenge Games Rewards...............................................[be07]
 - Suitcase Locations....................................................[be08]


 - Chapter 1: Counter Attack.............................................[he11]
 - Chapter 1: Retreat....................................................[he12]
 - Chapter 1: Evacuation.................................................[he13]
 - Chapter 1: Sabotage...................................................[he14]

 - Chapter 2: Approach...................................................[he21]
 - Chapter 2: Diversion..................................................[he22]
 - Chapter 2: Assault....................................................[he23]
 - Chapter 2: Breakout...................................................[he24]

 - Chapter 3: Reconnaissance.............................................[he31]
 - Chapter 3: Ambush.....................................................[he32]
 - Chapter 3: Catastrophe................................................[he33]
 - Chapter 3: Pursuit....................................................[he34]

 - Chapter 4: Infiltration...............................................[he41]
 - Chapter 4: Revelation.................................................[he42]
 - Chapter 4: Confrontation..............................................[he43]
 - Chapter 4: Liberation.................................................[he44]


 - Greeting And Thanks...................................................[ri01]
 - Contact Me............................................................[ri02]
 - Legal Stuff...........................................................[ri03]
 - Version History.......................................................[ri04]
Game Basics                                                              [be01]

- POPPING: Popping is one of the techniques that you will be using most in
  Killzone: Liberation. The game focuses on close quarters battle, with lots
  of places to take cover from deadly bullets. To 'pop' enemies to death, you
  should crouch behind objects like walls, plates, fallen trees and so on, and
  when the enemy soldiers stop shooting towards you, you can pop up and fire at
  them. This is a very nice strategy on almost all the levels and missions in
  the game. You crouch with R and shoot with Square. Once Square is released,
  you will crouch again.

- STRAFE: When fighting against snipers, or just enemies with usual weapons,
  strafing can be a nice solution to avoid taking damage. First you need to aim
  at your target, and then hold L. This will lock your aim onto the enemy, and
  make you able to strafe to the left or right while you are shooting. Accuracy
  will be lowered but sometimes it is worth it. When strafing you will often be
  very close to your enemies. When they fall onto the ground, be quick and run
  close to them for better accuracy, and shoot them while they are trying to get

- THREAT INDICATION: The helghast soldiers have laser-goggles that have a
  certain colored light in them. These colors indicate the soldier's awareness
  of the situation. If the color in the goggles is yellow, he does not know
  you're there. If the color is orange, he suspects that you might be some
  place close to him. And Finally, if the color is red, he absolutely knows
  that you are nearby.

- GRENADES: Many players often forget that grenades are an important part of
  Killzone: Liberation, and get stuck, not thinking about the fact that
  throwing frag grenades is one of the most useful features in the game. By
  using the Circle button, you can enter grenade mode - if you have grenades
  in your inventory. When you do this, some dots indicating your target will 
  appear. If you are close to an enemy, you will auto-target him. Press Circle
  once more to throw the grenade. Frag grenades are very powerful and can kill
  an enemy soldier with one hit if you're lucky. You can lob them over walls
  to surprise enemies as well. By using smoke grenades, you will make your
  enemies, and yourself, unable to lock onto each other.

- ORDERS: When you have a mate on your team, like for example Rico, you can
  order him or her around by first pressing UP on the directional pad, and
  then using the directional pad to tell them where to go, or to perform tasks
  like blowing up gates with C4. If you enter buddy ordering mode by pressing
  UP, and then just press Circle to exit, your buddy will simply follow you

Frequently Asked Questions                                               [be02]

Q: Why doesn't this walkthrough cover chapter 5?A: Chapter 5 was released
   many, many months after Killzone Liberation was released. I played the game
   when it was newly released, and because of this I did not get to play
   chapter 5. If I ever get to try it, I will include a walkthrough for chapter
   5 in this document, but I don't know when, or if this will happen. Mailing
   me about it won't serve any purpose.

Q: How do I get a 100% complete game??
A: Complete all difficulties in the campaign, get gold in all challenges, find
   all the Vektan Dollars, and finally complete the campaign co-op mode. You do
   not need to go online to do this.

Q: What is this 'popping' you talk about so often?
A: Crouching to get cover, and then shooting small bursts using your weapon.

Q: Argh! I always die when surrounded by enemies!
A: Use strafing by holding the L-button, and double-tap L to dodge bullets.

Q: How do I exit vehicles, mounted guns and other stuff?
A: Press DOWN on the directional pad.

Q: Holy cow! The helghast soldiers have too much health..
A: You can damage them lots by shooting at them after they have fallen.

Q: How do I lock my aim onto objects like crates and other targets?
A: Face your target, then hold R to aim, then L to lock on.

Q: What does north, south, east and west mean?
A: North is UP, south is DOWN, east is RIGHT, west is LEFT.

Q: How do I unlock challenge games?
A: Complete the campaign chapters.

Q: How do I unlock 'xxxxxxxxx'?
A: Collect Vektan Dollars in about all cases.

Q: Why hasn't a certain weapon gotten unlocked yet?
A: You don't have enough Vektan Dollar. Follow the walkthrough for the
   missions to find out where all the money can be found.

Q: How do I upgrade weapons to V2?
A: This will happen automatically when you have enough Vektan Dollar.
   When upgraded, the weapons turn to gold in the weapons-select menu.

Q: I want to carry more grenades and get abilities!
A: Complete challenge games and earn medals there.

Q: When I get the choice, should I take the smoke or frag grenades.
A: Absolutely frag grenades. All the way.

Q: Boo! You forgot to mention a crate of ammo!
A: If I included all mags, the FAQ would end up taking 1MB of space.

Q: Man, this document is way too big and contains unneeded stuff!!
A: No, it isn't and doesn't. Covers everything you need to know, not more.

Q: How do I use another weapon in the challenge games?
A: You can't, unless a depot lets you pick them up.

Q: Spidermines, what are they good for?
A: When you shoot at them, they will attack the nearest soldier, Helghasts too.

Q: Tell me about online and multiplayer!
A: This guide is for singleplayer only, sorry. I don't like internet games.

Q: When I earn upgrades for my weapons in singleplayer, can i use them online?
A: No, you can not.

Q: I want you to add something not related to multiplayer to this FAQ.
A: Mail me about it, then.

Controls                                                                 [be03]

        ,' L  ,'                                                 `.  R `.
       /-----'     .-----------------------------------------.     `-----\
      /            |                                         |            \
     /     __      |                                         |      .-.    \
    /     |  |     |                                         |     (/_\)    \
   |   __  \/  __  |                                         |  .-. `-' .-.  |
   |  |__ >  < __| |                                         | ([ ])   ( O ) |
   |       /\      |                                         |  `-' .-. `-'  |
   |      |__|     |                                         |     ( X )     |
   |               |                                         |      `-'      |
   |      .--.     |                                         |               |
    \    (    )    |                                         |              /
     \    `--'     '-----------------------------------------'             /
      \-----.       [Home]                    [Select] [Start]      ,-----'

       | CONTROLLER INPUT              | EFFECT                        |
       | Analog Stick                  | Run/Aim                       |
       | Up [Directional Pad]          | Buddy Ordering Mode           |
       | Down [Directional Pad]        | Exit Vehicles and Mounted Gun |
       | Square button                 | Fire                          |
       | X button                      | Use/Open/Accelerate           |
       | O button                      | Throw Grenade/Cancel          |
       | Triangle button               | Reload Weapon/Reverse         |
       | L button                      | Lock-on/Strafe                |
       | R button                      | Crouch/Aim                    |

Character Descriptions                                                   [be04]

 Captain Templar
 The ISA veteran Captain Templar is a hero of his faction, and heralded as a
 great leader by his allies. He has spent most of his life fighting against the
 Helghast, in order to liberate Vekta. He's a great asset to the ISA in combat
 situations, as well as in strategics. Templar might be ISA's strongest card in
 the conflict against the Helghast, and is the main character in Killzone:

 Rico Velasques
 Rico was born and raised on Vekta, and has been hating the Helghast since the
 day he was born. He is the only survivor of his squad of soldiers, and has
 seen both friends and family being crushed by the Helghast. Rico uses his
 anger as a weapon, and is always armed to the teeth, hungering for revenge.

 Shadow Marshal Luger
 Luger plays an important role to Templar in this game. She is always telling
 him what to do, and where to go via live radio-contact. A brilliant assassin,
 Luger is also highly trained for support-roles, as well as in the use of light
 weaponry. When being in the field, she carries a crossbow.

Weapon Descriptions                                                      [be05]

 M-82G Assault Rifle
 Rate of Fire: Medium
 Accuracy: Medium
 Power: Medium Minus
 Range: Medium
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 75,000 Vektan Dollar

 This is the standard ISA rifle that Templar will be using at the beginning of
 the game, and in all challenge games that he tries to complete. It's not the
 fastest weapon around, or the most powerful one, but since it has a acceptable
 accuracy, it is indeed a nice weapon. The upgraded V2 version is a nice

 StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle
 Rate of Fire: Medium Plus
 Accuracy: Weak
 Power: Medium
 Range: Medium
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 15,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 78,000 Vektan Dollar

 This one is the Helghast empire's answer to the M-82G that the ISA soldiers
 are carrying. The StA-52 LAR does more damage, shoots faster, but is less
 accurate. Better in close quarters combat, but as an allrounder, the ISA
 weapon is a better choice.

 IvP-18 Machine Pistol
 Rate of Fire: High
 Accuracy: Weak
 Power: Medium
 Range: Short
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 25,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 80,000 Vektan Dollar

 The Machine Pistol is of the best weapons available if you are battling in
 close quarters, one against one. Because it fires so very fast, it will run
 out of ammo and need to reload quickly, but if there's not more than one enemy
 around, that is no problem. However, this weapon is awful at long range, and
 against many enemies at once. Compared to other close-range weapons however,
 the machine pistol is a little under buffed.

 StA-52 SLAR Sniper Rifle
 Rate of Fire: Weak Minus
 Accuracy: Very Good
 Power: Good
 Range: Long
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 35,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 81,000 Vektan Dollar

 In many other action games, using the sniper rifle is often done by looking
 directly though the aim, and then firing, but in Killzone: Liberation,
 shooting with it is done the same way as with other weapons, without a scope
 aim-system. Very good at taking down far away enemies, but not a safe bet to
 bring from the start of each mission.

 M13 Semi Auto Shotgun
 Rate of Fire: Medium Minus
 Accuracy: Medium
 Power: Very Good
 Range: Short
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 50,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 83,000 Vektan Dollar

 Ah, the shotgun. What would a action game like Killzone have been without this
 extremely powerful close range weapon? This is the best pick in many levels,
 as the shotgun is the perfect weapon to hunt down people from behind, or hide
 behind cover and suddenly pop up and shoot when enemies get nearby. Just make
 sure you aren't shooting at enemies standing far away.

 M3 Revolver
 Rate of Fire: Medium
 Accuracy: Good
 Power: Good
 Range: Medium
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 60,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 85,000 Vektan Dollar

 Look at the M3 as an alternative to the sniper rifle. It can not hit enemies
 that is extremely far away, but is good at long range nonetheless. The
 revolver can fire faster than the sniper, which gives you the opportunity to
 first damage a soldier, and then kill him a second later.

 VNS-10 Scylla
 Rate of Fire: Good
 Accuracy: Weak Plus
 Power: Good Minus
 Range: Medium
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 72,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 86,000 Vektan Dollar

 Also known as the chaingun, the Scylla is a weapon with unlimited ammo. It is
 pretty powerful as well, and those two are a very good combination, don't you
 think? There is one downside, however. This is that the weapon requires to
 cool down if you shoot to much at once. In the lower part of the screen is a
 meter displaying how hot the gun is. If you keep shooting small bursts, you
 can fire lots before reaching the cool-down limit. This gun slows down
 Templar's movement, but not a great deal.

 Rate of Fire: Medium Minus
 Accuracy: Medium Minus
 Power: Good
 Range: Long
 Amount needed to unlock V1: 80,000 Vektan Dollar
 Amount needed to unlock V2: 88,000 Vektan Dollar

 This fires explosive arrows, that work almost like grenades when they hit
 their target. However, when you fire, the arrows will, like in real life start
 to fall downwards, so hitting your enemy might be a little hard at long range.
 The V2 is more accurate, and is a much better weapon than V1.

 Frag Grenades
 These grenades are of the type that blow up and damage soldiers if the
 explosion hits them. The grenades explode shortly after hitting the ground,
 and is often the best choice to kill or damage enemies that are standing on
 higher ground, hiding behind crates and so on. Always grab frag grenades from
 depots when you can. Some of the enemies will also use grenades against you,
 so make sure you're on the top of the situation at all times. If a grenade
 gets close to you, use the L-button to jump away.

 Smoke Grenades
 Unlike the frag type of grenades, the smoke grenades are not used to damage
 enemies, but to make it hard for them to hit you. Also, when smoke is in the
 way, you can not lock onto enemies with your aim. When surrounded, the smoke
 grenades can be a saving ace for you, although you should mostly choose frag

 C4 Explosives
 These explosives can be found in depots, and some of your comrades, like Rico,
 often carry them as well. The only thing that they can be used for, is to blow
 up certain things, marked with yellow circles on the ground. In many missions,
 they are needed to proceed. It's impossible to use them when not being at one
 of the yellow circles.

Challenge Games Explained                                                [be06]
| NOTE: The challenge games can be found on main singleplayer menu, and       |
| consist of several challenges that will be unlocked when you complete the   |
| chapters in the campaign. For example, Chapter 1 Challenge Games are        |
| unlocked after completing Chapter 1 in the campaign. If you do well enough, |
| you will be rewarded with a medal in each challenge.                        |
|                                                                             |
| Bronze gives 5 points Silver 10 points and Gold 20 points. When you have    |
| enough points, you will unlock new abilities. Check the Challenge Games     |
| Rewards section for a list of abilities. Below, in this section, I will     |
| explain what each challenge will have you do.                               |

- TARGET PRACTICE: You will be the only friendly character on the field, and
  you will be standing in the middle of a barricade. Colored shooting targets
  will appear at all sides. Your goal is to shoot or hit all the targets until
  they are destroyed,  as long as they are not colored green. The red ones
  will explode, but is more valuable than the other ones. If you mistakenly
  destroy a green one, you will be punished and your score will not be as good
  as it had been if you had not blown it up. If you run out of bullets and have
  to reload, you can use melee attacks on the targets. You should however,
  reload as fast as you can, after destroying all the targets on the screen.

- TARGET PRACTICE RUN: This is very similar to Target Practice, and the same
  rules count here. The difference however, is that you need to move to a 
  certain point before the time runs out, and you need to destroy targets while
  running there. As earlier, do not destroy green targets, as that will count
  towards your score. Remember, the goal is to have most possible time left at
  the end of the course.

- C4 COURSE: Your goal here is to destroy all the targets marked with circles
  on the ground. You do this using C4 from the depot. There are enemy soldiers
  guarding the area. When more than one appears at a time, use grenades. My
  best tip is to use lots of grenades, and run STRAIGHT, not loosing too much
  time. The moment you have planted a C4, head for the next target!

- OBJECT COURSE: This mode will have you searching for cases, looking similar
  to the 1000 Dollar suitcases from the campaign. The crates are located at
  the same places as in the campaign as well, so finding them will not be too
  hard on you. The problem is to do it fast enough! As in C4 Course, do not be
  afraid of using grenades on the enemy soldiers.

- SPIDERMINE CATCH: This is a very funny way of playing the game. Your goal is
  to go close to a spider and have it follow you. Do not go so near that it
  explodes tough. After it has started following, you should run behind one of
  the cages, and then the spider will run into the cage and get trapped, if you
  ran straight towards the  cage. One cage holds only one spider.   

Challenge Games Rewards                                                  [be07]
| NOTE: Here's a list over the stuff that you can unlock by earning points    |
| in the challenge games. Bronze gives 5 points, Silver 10 points and Gold 20 |
| points. You can have a look at your amount of points by checking the main   |
| Challenge Games menu. When you have completed all these challenges with     |
| gold medals, you will have earned in all 480 Points.                        |

 20 Points
 Carry more frag grenades

 60 Points
 Carry more syringes

 100 Points
 You will manage C4 sets faster

 140 Points
 Carry more smoke grenades

 180 Points
 You will disarm mines faster

 220 Points
 You can carry more mines

 260 Points
 You will do more damage in melee

 300 Points
 Your health will be boosted

 340 Points
 Your buddy's health will be boosted

 380 Points
 Carry more smoke grenades

 420 Points
 Carry more frag grenades

 460 Points
 Your health will be boosted

 480 Points
 You will earn the infinite ammo cheat.

Suitcase Locations                                                       [be08]
| NOTE: Even though all suitcases are mentioned in the main walkthrough,      |
| this section will come handy if you just want to go back and collect        |
| suitcases you might have missed earlier.                                    |

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Counter Attack, 8000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Run up the stairs straight after the beginning for the mission, and break the
crates there open.

Suitcase 2
When you get to see the first Helghast soldier, kill him while standing a
little east of him. Run south and then over a bridge made of planks to find the

Suitcase 3
After the game tutorial has teached you how to use popping (crouching and then
standing up to shoot), walk  a little west, then south to find a crate with the
dollars in.

Suitcase 4
After Luger has told you to blow up the wall, head far west, kill a helghast
and break open the crates there.

Suitcase 5
After blowing the wall open with C4, and talking to a wounded soldier, head
northwest to find a suitcase.

Suitcase 6
A little south of the gate (not the wall from earlier) that you need to blow
open, is a crate with a suitcase in.

Suitcase 7
After walking through the gate you blew open, you will eventually reach a
supply depot. To the left of it, you can find your dollars.

Suitcase 8
A little east of where Rico can be found, there is a crate. You need to open
this one before talking to Rico.

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Retreat, 8000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Southwest of the beginning of the mission.

Suitcase 2
You can find these a little east of the first mines you need to deactivate.

Suitcase 3
There is point in this mission when you will have to tell Rico to use his C4
explosives. Straight north of here, you can find some friendly (often dead)
soldiers, and some crates with dollars in.

Suitcase 4
After the part with the mounted gun, walk southwest.

Suitcase 5
Directly south of where the mounted gun can be found, there is a bridge. At the
other side you can find two crates - one with dollars in.

Suitcase 6
This one is weird, believe me. Well, a bit east of Suitcase 5, you can get to
higher ground, after killing some enemies. There is a fallen tree, that you can
drop down and walk on. At the other side, you can find dollars.

Suitcase 7
South of the fallen tree, in a crate.

Suitcase 8
At the western side of a plank-bridge, before the big gate. Not hard to find at

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Evacuation, 4000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
In the area you have to clean to open some doors, you can find dollars in the
southeastern corner.

Suitcase 2
In a crate, at the east side of the flightpad.

Suitcase 3
Very close to the depot where you find two sets of C4. Just after the part
where a helghast opens a gate.

Suitcase 4
There is a door with some electrics causing havoc in the northwestern part of
this mission. Straight north, you can find dollars in a crate. The door is the
same one that the last VIP comes out from.

Chapter 1 - A New Threat: Sabotage, 5000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
After heading trough the first gate with the tank, go straight north.

Suitcase 2
When the bridge turns west, follow it, and then walk to the southern edge of
it. Watch out for landmines.

Suitcase 3
Just like te previous case, this one can be found on the next southern edge of
the bridge.

Suitcase 4
During the winches part where a tank is attacking you, head to the eastern part
of the area.

Suitcase 5
A few steps away from the exit, you can find a crate outside of a container,
containing  dollars.

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Approach, 7000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Straight west from the beginning of the mission.

Suitcase 2
In some crates to the right of the first grass with landmines in.

Suitcase 3
Left of the house that has a C4-depot, there are some soldiers and a new depot,
as well as a crate with money in.

Suitcase 4
A little north of the last money, nearby a door where helghast soldiers come
out of.

Suitcase 5
Northeast from suitcase 4, at the end of the path.

Suitcase 6
On a platform southeast of where the first dog attacked.

Suitcase 7
On the platform you get to after riding the first lift. A little north of
suitcase 6, in fact.

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Diversion, 6000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
A little north from the first green display.

Suitcase 2
After walking through the first steam-room, there are two paths leading north.
Walk to the other side of these paths, and then left to kill some soldiers.
There is a crate with money in, that the far left soldiers are guarding.

Suitcase 3
In the upper left corner of the room with the first pump.

Suitcase 4
There is a supply depot in the northern part of the mission, and a suitcase is
near it.

Suitcase 5
On the platform right of the depot mentioned in suitcase 4's location.

Suitcase 6
On the right part of the platform where you deactivate the second pump.

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Assault, 7000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
In the area left of where you start, there is a small guard building. On its
right side, you can find your cash.

Suitcase 2
Found right before the place where Rico has to use C4 explosives.

Suitcase 3
In the area you get to after Rico has used the C4, you can find some cash in
the northern part, close to another depot.

Suitcase 4
Close to the control room that can be found south of the mounted gun.

Suitcase 5
Rico will have to use C4 a second time, in the area where you blew up the
mounted gun. Far left from this point, at the end of the pier, you can find a

Suitcase 6
After blowing the wall mentioned in suitcase 5's location, go up the stairs
then south into a room with a new depot to find another suitcase.

Suitcase 7
In the far northeast side of the area where you exit the mission, you can find
a crate with a suitcase inside.

Chapter 2 - Trail of Deception: Breakout, 6000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
After using a crane to lift a container, head north from the path that opened,
then, east in the area where a sniper is waiting for you, there are some mines
on some small containers. Between them you can find the suitcase.

Suitcase 2
Get back to the path that opened when you lifted the container, and then head
north again. Instead of going east, head through a destroyed 'wall', and then
northwest. A crate you meet is hiding a suitcase.

Suitcase 3
East of the second suitcase, you will find a room with a depot containing a
sniper rifle. In this room, there's also some money.

Suitcase 4
On the eastern part of the ship that the helghast are trying to blow up with

Suitcase 5
Go straight northeast of the ship.

Suitcase 6
In the area before you get to the hovercraft, you will find crate on your left

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Reconnaissance , 7000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Close to the first helghast on your right side.

Suitcase 2
Left of the first mounted gun, near some soldiers.

Suitcase 3
On the west side of the first bridge. This bridge can be accessed by walking up
the south side of the small island it is connected to. Can be hard to see.

Suitcase 4
Close to the control room that can be found south of the mounted gun.

Suitcase 5
Rico will have to use C4 a second time, in the area where you blew up the
mounted gun. Far left from this point, at the end of the pier, you can find a

Suitcase 6
After blowing the wall mentioned in suitcase 5's location, go up the stairs
then south into a room with a new depot to find another suitcase.

Suitcase 7
In the far northeast side of the area where you exit the mission, you can find
a crate with a suitcase inside.

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Ambush, 5000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Kill a dog and a soldier south of where you begin, and then collect the nearby
dollars from a crate.

Suitcase 2
Left of the soldier with the flamethrower.

Suitcase 3
Walk north after making the bridge rise and to the enemies. The money is near a

Suitcase 4
Near the depot you get to after the one sedcribed in suitcase 3's location, you
will find a sniper-soldier guarding a crate, with dollars in.

Suitcase 5
Just before the end of the mission where the crashed plane/helicopter is. Hard
to miss.

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Catastrophe, 6000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Very close to the second depot. This depot can be found left of the crash-site,
after Luger tells you to move on.

Suitcase 2
A bit south of suitcase 1, pretty close to some soldiers. On low ground, not on
a hill.

Suitcase 3
Can be hard to see without knowing where to find them; in some bushes west of
where a checkpoint is activated, and Luger tells you that there's lots of radio

Suitcase 4
From suitcase 3, go south to a green display and kill an enemy. You should be
able to see your money from here.

Suitcase 5
After lowering the bridge, you will see some dollars on a hill. You will need
to walk to the other side of the bridge, then southeast and fly to the hill,
since it is not connected to any other ground.

Suitcase 6
From suitcase 5, travel as absolutely far northwest as you can. When you get to
the end, with only a wall of mountain left, there will be a small cave where
the money can be found. This is just before the area where two soldiers come
down from a lift.

Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Pursuit, 5000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
From the beginning, walk west. When you get to a fork leading north and west,
head further west to a waterfall, and you will find money.

Suitcase 2
Northeast of the first flamethrower-soldier that drops a keycard, you will find
a suitcase. Close to a terminal that accepts the keycard.

Suitcase 3
After using the keycard, head west to a depot with C4 in, and then a little
further to find three crates. One has your money in it.

Suitcase 4
After setting the C4 on the first Anti Air gun, you will find your money in a
crate north of the Anti Air gun.

Suitcase 5
Walk as far west as the mission lets you. Yes, to the FAR end. There, you will
find the last money in the lower corner.

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Infiltration, 4000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Walk south to a huge container filled with planks, then right to find some

Suitcase 2
In the room west of the first gate that has a C4-circle besides it (after using
the elevator), you can find dollars in the upper right corner.

Suitcase 3
When you have gotten past the moving gears, get the dollars from the upper left
corner of this area.

Suitcase 4
East of the flightpad.

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Revelation, 3000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
Very close to the first mounted gun.

Suitcase 2
In the area where you run up some stairs, and take care of a shield-soldier
after that, there's dollars near the depot in the southwest corner.

Suitcase 3
Found straight northwest of suitcase 2, close to a door.

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Confrontation, 4000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
At the beginning, look behind you. There's a crate with money in.

Suitcase 2
When you get to the airstrip, there's a door on the right side. Near the door,
is a crate with money in.

Suitcase 3
In the area north of the plane you hide Evelyn in, walk far west.

Suitcase 4
After watching the cut-scene with Metrac, there's a crate north of you, just
before the area where you fight against him in a boss battle.

Chapter 4 - Fate of the Heroes: Liberation, 3000 Dollar

Suitcase 1
After going up using a lift, there will be a room with enemies. In the upper
corner of that room, you will find money.

Suitcase 2
Below the bridge that blows up after you have pressed the display that brings
Evelyn and her plane up to the ground.

Suitcase 3
Before going to the plane, you will see one last crate with money in.

Chapter 1: Counter Attack                                                [he11]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 8000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Go west to the ruined house

Welcome to your first mission. You're fighting on the ISA side, against the
Helghast. After landing the jetplane, Luger will call you. When finished
listening to Luger, you can turn tutorial mode off by pressing triangle on your
PSP. Walk close to the nearby crate and press X to open it and find 35 light
bullets. Since your objective is to meet Hugo in a destroyed house to the west,
run up the stairs in front of you and break the crate near the dead soldier to
find 1000 Vektan Dollar. There is a dirty trench on the left of the crate. Use
it to get a little west, but don't run right into the helghast that is at the
opposite end of it. Now, run a little closer to him, crouch using the R-button,
and then aim at him using the analog stick. When a health bar appears above
him, it means that you are aiming right at him. Hit the square-button a few
times to shoot him dead.

Before going close to the body of the helghast you just killed, go a little
south and then over a small bridge made of a plank. At the end, there is a
shining object containing another 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now go to the dead body
and collect the health from the supply depot above the body. Go a little left
up a small hill to see one of your comrades get killed by a helghast. Be quick
and crouch close to the concrete wall that your comrade was hiding behind.
There is a helghast at the other side that you should kill by pressing square-
button while still holding R to crouch. This will make you pop up quickly and
shoot. When you want to duck again, just release square. A helghast will attack
from the left. Hold L to strafe while shooting to kill him off. Walk west, open
a crate for more light bullets and then go south to find yet another crate with
1000 Vektan Dollar in.

To the west is the first checkpoint. You will see a soldier controlling a
mounted gun, but he dies, so go use the gun yourself. Aim using R and L and
shoot using square. Kill enemies until you get a radio call from someone
needing help at a shelled-out house. Use the directional pad to stop using the
mounted gun, and go a little left to a supply depot with some health and C4.
Run left, pick up some grenades from a depot and use the circle-button to throw
one over the wall on your left. This will kill a baddie.

 + Destroy the wall with C4

Luger will tell you that Rico is nearby and that you should destroy the
wall using the C4 you found earlier. Before that, run left, strafe and
shoot a helghast to death, and then pick up 1000 Vektan Dollar from the
nearby crate. If you missed the C4 earlier, there is some in a depot here
as well.Now go back and destroy the wall near the circle on the floor.
You need to hold down the X-button to set the C4 up, and then take cover
before it blows up.

 + Use C4 to get access to the front line

Behind the wall, a wounded soldier will tell you that Rico is having trouble on
the front line. If you need health, take the pack on the ground. An enemy will
attack, so crouch and pop up to kill him, then move on. Northwest is another
1000 Dollar, so go there first. Then walk southeast and over a new plank
bridge. Kill two helghast soldiers, and use the dodge-roll function with L if
you feel like. Now, blow up the gate marked with a circle on the ground. Before
going up the path that appeared behind it, open the grate directly south of the
gate for 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now, proceed up the path. On your left is some
health, and in front of you is a helghast. Finish him with grenades or bullets.

 + Help out Rico at the front line

Drop down in the trench on your left and use R to aim and L to lock onto the
explosive barrel to blow it up. In the depot, there is some health and ammo,
and to the left of the depot, you can find 1000 Vektan Dollar. Now, you need
to go left, but watch out since a helghast will come from northeast, which
means behind you. Go kill that one first, and the finish the one on the left
side. Now, run a little back and wait for another two enemies. Just crouch
behind some concrete blocks and pop up to kill them. As you know, there is
still health left in the depot - if you did not use it up already of course.
Now, with the two soldiers dead, go north and open a crate for another 1000
Dollar. You should now have all 8000 Dollar from this mission. Go northwest
to find Rico, who looks like Vin Diesel (no, that's not cool, he has too much
buff) and complete this mission.

Chapter 1: Retreat                                                       [he12]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 8000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Reach the ISA base

Rico gets shot in the back of his head, and will need a syringe from the nearby
depot. Get one from the depot, and press X when nearby Rico to heal him. Now
you will be called back to HQ to escort some VIPs. To manage Rico, go you can
go into buddy ordering mode by pressing UP on the directional pad. Just go into
ordering mode and press Circle to have him follow you for now. Walk southwest
to find 1000 Dollar. Continue right and a friendly soldier will die and a
helghast will attack. As you can see by going into ordering mode again, you can
tell mates to attack certain enemies by using the directional pad. I will
however not tell you to bother with this, since Rico will attack even if you
just have him follow you.

The main path is blocked by a tree, so go south and approach the mine slowly
until a tool icon appears, and then hold X to deactivate it. Be quick to pick
up the supplies from the depot, and then shoot the attacking helghast. Rico
will help you. When they are dead, deactivate the other mine and go east for
1000 Dollar and some light bullets. Now drop down into the trench and enter
ordering mode to have Rico blow up the tank that blocks the path. Before going
south past the tank, go north to find a depot and 1000 Dollar. The friendly
soldiers will be killed by helghast, but you can try to protect them. Now go
south past the tank.

Kill the enemy on the left side and order Rico to use the mounted gun, just
like when you ordered him to blow up the tank some seconds ago. Helghasts will
attack from left, north and right. You should mainly concentrate on the ones
from left and right, while Rico kills the northern ones. You can find some ammo
in the nearby crate, and the Helghasts drop lots as well. When the attackers
finally stop coming, have Rico follow you again. Go southwest for 1000 Dollar,
then directly south from where the mounted gun is, over the bridge and there
will be two crates. One of them has 1000 Dollar. Three Helghasts will appear
on your right side, on higher ground. Run up to them, and kill them one after
the another. Just have Rico follow you as earlier. Now, you will have to find
1000 Dollar that have been hidden at a weird location. If you go a little
south, you will see a fallen tree. It is possible to walk on this tree, and end
up close to a crate - which has the Dollar. Now, go back again to the other
side of the tree again. Walk down straight south to find another 1000 Dollar,
then east to find a depot, and kill the helghast that is shooting at you from
higher ground. Walk east to higher ground, west again over a bridge, and you
will find the last 1000 Dollar.

Take the southern path now, but do not walk straight into the enemies, since
there is a mine blocking the path. Kill the enemies at long range, and then you
can finally move close and deactivate the mine. There is an enemy on the crates
to your south that can be pretty touch on Rico if you do not watch out. Of
course you can heal him using a syringe like earlier, but its better to just
kill the enemy. Now, press the green button to the north so that the gate
opens. Rico will now get separated from you. As a reward, the
StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle will now be unlocked for you to use in next mission.

Chapter 1: Evacuation                                                    [he13]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Enter ISA base

You will have to exterminate all hostilities before you can proceed with the
evacuation. This can be pretty hard, as this mission is tougher than the two
first ones - be prepared! Well, move a little northwest and crouch behind the
barrage there. Shoot and kill two Helghasts shooting at you from the north.
Popping and crouching is recommended here if you do not want to take lots of
damage. Well, now you should retreat and hide behind something, as a jetplane
with two additional Helghasts will appear. They will drop down on the ground
and start shooting. Make sure to reload before taking them on. Now, clear the
rest of the area of eventual remaining enemies, and then the a door will open.
Before doing anything else go all the way southeast to find 1000 Vektan
Dollar. There is also a crate in the middle of the area with some health in.
When you are done collecting stuff, go north into the gate, and talk to the
ISA soldier there.

 + Destroy the AA gun

The soldier says that you need to take down an AA gun placed near the
flight pad. Go north, but watch out for a helghast that is hiding behind the
green container on your left side. Kill him with a grenade and run east onto
the flightpad to kill the helghast at the other side. Strafing is smart here.
There is a health pack at the southern part of the flightpad. With that one
taken, go to the east side of the flight pad to find 1000 Vektan Dollar. You
have now cleaned the area up a lot, but the AA gun is still here, to the north
of the airpad. You will need some C4 to blow it up.

To find the C4 start going northwest and hide on the south side of the truck
there. Use popping (crouch with R and time your shots with Square) to kill the
enemy shooting at you from the north. There is also an enemy on your left side
that you should take care of afterwards. Now, deactivate the mines close to the
truck. There are two mines, not just one. Kill the helghast that enters by
opening the northern gate. Behind this gate is a depot with two C4 sets in, and
two crates with health and 1000 Dollar. Take them all and return to the AA gun,
that is placed above the flight pad. Use the C4 to blow it up. A jetplane
with reinforcements will now land, and ask you to find three ISA VIPs and bring
them back here.

 + Find and rescue three ISA VIPs

First go northwest again, and kill the bad guy that attacks when you get near
the truck that had mines on it earlier. Inside the door on your left side is
one VIP, a lady. Just bring her back to the jetplane - no one will harm her.
Head up to the truck again, kill a new helghast, and blow the gate on your left
open using your last C4. Kill the helghast on the far left side by popping, and
then deactivate the mine near him. The ammo that he dropped can not be used by
you yet, if this is your first time playing. Well, in the depot there are some
grenades. Pick whichever of them you want, and take the health as well. Go
south, not up the stairs, and kill the bad guy you meet. Open the three crates
at the far south for some health and ammunition. Nearby, to the right, you will
see a door. When you get near it, two Helghasts will attack from the right.
Kill them by using a grenade and then open the door to find a VIP. There is
also a depot close to the door should you need treatment. Now you should just
escort this VIP back to the jetplane.

The thing now, is that you need more C4 to save the last VIP. Remember the
gates that opened when you had cleared the first area in this mission? Go
there, and open the depot there to find one C4. Ok, now run northwest to the
truck again. Kill two bad guys, and if you need ammo, open the nearby depot to
find a Machine Gun. Run all the way southwest, up the stairs and then all the
way north. Blow the electrified door here open using your C4 to make the VIP
appear - just don't touch the cables, since they are dangerous.

With the VIP here, walk a little north to find the last 1000 Dollars. You
should have 4000 Dollar if you have found all the money in this mission. Jump
down the ledge on the right side and have the VIP follow you. Kill the helghast
down here, and command the VIP to move as far right as possible to avoid the
attacker that appears on the left side, close to the gap. Kill the attacker,
and then just head back to the flight pad to end the mission.

Chapter 1: Sabotage                                                      [he14]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Gain access to the dam

After hearing Luger's message, you will see a dead soldier on the ground. A
little above him is a helghast planning to snipe you down. Hide behind the
container and kill him by peeking out on the right side of the container. Head
west, deactivate a mine, and a helghast will come running out of a door. Finish
him with a grenade. Start deactivating another mine, and a new soldier will
appear from the door. Kill him and then head up the elevator with the green
console tied to it. A lot of bad guys will be waiting here, and Luger will tell
you to find some serious firepower to deal with them. Take cover, kill the
Helghasts, walk over to the tank in the northwestern corner. Activate the green
switch to open the gate, and then enter the tank.

Drive to the other side of the gate, shoot the enemies there using the tanks
machine-gun and exit the tank to go north, finding crates with health, 1000
Dollar and a depot with grenades. After collecting those, enter the tank again.
Drive right, take down the opposing forces, get out of the tank again and open
the northeastern gate. Drive through the gate and onto the bridge.

 + Destroy the gate

Drive straight, to take down a helghast, then left to kill two in front of you
and one behind a wall. Get out of the tank, walk south (but watch out for the
landmine) and collect 1000 Dollar from the crate at the broken bridge. Now walk
back to the tank, do not enter it, but walk further north. Use the L-button to
dodge the rocket that a bad guy shoots at you from the north, and throw a
grenade at him to kill you. Take down the soldier on your right as well and
then return to get the tank here. You will now have to drive it through the
small blockade,then north along the bridge-like construction. But watch
carefully so that you don't run onto landmines. A new helghast with a missile
launcher will attack from the north, once you get near to the fork in the path.
Use the tank's cannon on him as fast as you can, before he shoots. Just do this
carefully, and you will be OK. Do not rush at all.

Now, head left at the fork and kill the helghast behind the western wall. There
are 1000 Dollar on the bridge's edge, a little south of here. Now, if you go
straight north, using the northwestern exit, there will be a turret shooting at
you. Be quick and blow it up with your cannon. Close to a nearby container is a
depot with some health in. Don't bother with the Missile Launcher that can also
be found there. Helghasts on higher ground can be found on both east and
northwestern sides, so kill them by popping.

Now, run up to where the northwestern enemy was standing and collect the C4
from the depot there. Use it to blow up the huge gate in the northern part of
the area. Walk through the gate, and a tank will attack you.

 + Destroy the cable winches / Boss battle

If you look at your map by pressing SELECT, there are three targets. These are
the winches that need to be blown up. Two on the east side, one on the west
side. Start by running left and shooting at the explosive barrels near the
winch to blow it up. You need to crouch to hit these barrels. Now, for the
remaining two winches, run to the northeast part, kill the helghast soldier
that attacks, and pick up the Missile Launcher from the Depot. Walk close to
the orange/red center of each target and hold R to aim, and then L to lock on
to the target. Then shoot to blow it up. You will NEED the Missile Launcher to
do this. Once you've blown all the winches up, the platform in the middle of
the area will lower, and you will be told to meet up with Rico. Before that,
use the Depot to get some health, kill any remaining enemies (not the enemy
tank, you can leave that one), and then collect 1000 Dollar from the eastern
part of this very same area.

 + Find a way to escape

Run all the way west, pick up the last 1000 Dollar from a crate in a green
container, and then go further west to meet Rico and escape. This is the end of
Chapter 1, well done! The challenge games for Chapter 1 will be unlocked, and
so will the IvP-18 Machine Pistol be.

Chapter 2: Approach                                                      [he21]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Locate the keycard to access the command office

Rico drops you off the boat, and Luger starts briefing you. You first need to
reach an elevator to get into an oil refinery. Well, go west until you see two
crates. There's bullets and 1000 Dollar in there. There will be a mechanical
spider and a detector on the ground near the crates. Trow one grenade at the
spider to take it out, and then trow another one into the middle of the grass
up ahead, to blow up the landmines. There's some smoke grenades in the depot.
At the other side of the grass, another spider will attack. Just run back when
it attacks, and shoot it to its end while strafing. With the second spider
taken down, go to the other side of the grass again, and kill the helghast
soldier on your right side. Strafing does the job, and you can help with a
smoke grenade if you feel like. In the crates he was guarding, there's health
and another 1000 Dollar.

As you can now see, there is a enemy with a sniper guarding the area, and there
are two sets of mines; one to the left and one on your right hand. Since the
set on the right hand is guarded by the sniper, and you would get hit by him if
you tried to deactivate the mines, you should go and deactivate the mine set on
your left hand instead. There is more grass and more land mines here, but all
of them are easy to spot and avoid. Once you've passed the landmines, lock onto
the sniper and shoot at his tower. It will blow up after taking some damage.
There is a depot here with health, grenades and a sniper rifle. Take them all,
the rifle included.

Walk north past the broken oil pipe to activate a checkpoint. A dog will be
walking on your right side. Just crouch and shoot it three times with the
sniper to kill it off. Go to the right side of the hill, enter grenade mode,
and run close to where the helghast soldiers are standing. Two grenades should
kill at least two of them, including the one with a missile launcher. If
someone remains, just hide and wait for them to walk into your sniper's area of
fire. With the soldiers dead, Luger will tell you to look for some C4. Still
using the sniper, walk to the right corner south of the door with the red
display tied to it. There is one or two soldiers here, guarding. Make them
aware of you if they are not already, and then run back to the corer to take
cover, and easily finish them off with the sniper when they come to check up on
you. Now you'll have learned how powerful the sniper is when used as a
combination with hiding. Walk close to the red display to activate another
checkpoint. Behind the door close to the display is a depot with some C4 in.
But, you will first need a Key Card to open this one. Before getting that card,
you should clean the whole area, and get more Dollar. I will tell you how below
in the next paragraph.

There should be some helghast soldiers on the left side of the nearby
detector. Use the sniper at long range to take them down, and watch out for any
remaining spiders. In fact, the spiders might also attack the helghast. Walk
left past the detector now, and pick up health, frag grenades and an assault
rifle from the depot there. You can also find 1000 Dollar in a crate near the
depot. You should have 3000 Dollar now. Walk north from here so that you get
closer to the northwestern area of the map. Kill the spider using the assault
rifle and kill three helghast soldiers that come out of the nearby door.
There's ammo and 1000 Dollar in the crates near the door. Watch out for the
mines on the ground. Further north there is a crate with 1000 Dollar and some
health, in addition to 8 frag grenades. Now, it's time to look for that

Remember where you killed the dog with the sniper? East from there is a
metallish bridge. A checkpoint will activate once you walk onto it. Two people
will attack you from the south. It would be very hard to kill them with your
Machine Pistol or Sniper, so just throw a grenade at them to kill them. Then
run to where they were shooting from, and collect 1000 Dollar from a crate,
some ammo and then open the depot for some health and two frag grenades. Do not
switch weapon - your assault rifle is fine. Walk northeast on the bridge and
kill the helghast there, and then use the green display to lower a lift, that
takes you up to higher ground. Trow a grenade at one of the enemies up here,
and finish off the other one by strafing and shooting. Pick up health and ammo
from the nearby crates and then check out the nearby depot to get health, and
an assault rifle with lots of ammo. Head north up another lift, and quickly
throw a grenade at the helghast with the missile launcher that is shooting at
you from the northwest. The other ones can easily be finished by just shooting
and strafing. Pick up health, ammo and the last 1000 Dollar from the nearby
crates. You should have 7000 Dollar now. On your left side, there is a green
blinking display. Use it to finally get the keycard.

 + Find the C4

Do you remember the place where a locked door was guarding a depot with some C4
in? You know, north of where you killed the dog. Start walking there, killing
all enemies that attack you. Right before you get there, a jetplane with
three helghast soldiers will approach. Throw a grenade at them, and hide behind
the green container near the bridge to get cover if some of them does not die.
Now, go collect the C4, along with some health from the depot.

 + Use C4 on the pipe to gain access to the elevator area

Straight right from the depot where you found the C4, you will now see a circle
on the ground, which means that you can plant your C4 to blow those pipes up.
Well, do that, and walk through the hole that will appear where the pipes where

 + Reach the elevator to the captured oil refinery

Ignore the spider and the crate on the right side, and instead watch out for
the dog that attacks. Strafe to the left and right to avoid its attacks, and
shoot it all the way until it dies. Use the western part of the area to take
cover from the Helghasts that attack. There should not be more than two of
them. Grenades are recommended to use here. When they are dead, open the depot
for some health, and then crouch behind the crate placed in the northern part.
There will be a sniper aiming at you, but with the assault rifle, popping him
to death is no problem at all. Behind the sniper, is an elevator that you
should use to end this mission. Nice work!

Chapter 2: Diversion                                                     [he22]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: StA-52 LAR Assault Rifle

 + Deactivate the first pump

The mission starts with Templar killing off two helghast soldiers in a pretty
brutal way. Luger calls, and tells you to mess up the oil system. Open the gate
by locking onto and shooting the valve on your right side. Do not rush in yet,
but instead peek into the area behind the gate to make three Helghasts attack.
Strafe and shoot to kill them, using the wall near the gate as cover. Take the
health in the nearby crate and use the green display to open a gate. Two
soldiers will attack from the right, so throw a frag grenade at them. Also, to
the north is a crate with 1000 Dollar in.

Now use the display on the right side to deactivate the steam coming from the
ground further right. Walk past the previously steam-filled place and a little
north into another area. Some Helghasts will come out of a door, but you can
just throw a grenade at them too. In the upper left corner, left of the door,
is a crate with some health. On your right side is a valve for you to blow up,
and a new display that you should press do deactivate some steam pumps. When
you do, two Helghasts will appear from the north. Before killing them, go a
little east to find a depot with frag grenades in, and another valve to bust.

Walk north after passing the steam pumps, avoid the spider and shoot the
explosive barrel when the soldier with a shotgun appears. Now, you will see a
red display. From there, walk left until two soldiers attack. One grenade
should be enough to silence them. Take cover and use popping to take down the
soldier that is shooting at you from the left. With him dead, you can easily
open up the nearby depot to get grenades, ammo and health should you need it.
The soldier you recently killed was guarding two crates. One has 1000 Dollar.
Now, there is a green display to the right. Activate it, go south through the
steamed area once the steam is gone. Further south are two new soldiers, that
you can kill by throwing a grenade so that it blows up the explosive barrel in
the middle of the area. If someone survives, shoot and kill.

Now, with the last or second-to-last frag grenade, kill as many of the three
new soldiers that enter from the left. This can be tough. If you run out of
grenades, use the small gray container in the upper right corner as cover, and
pop up and down, keeping the enemies at distance until they are dead. As an
alternate strategy, you can pick up smoke grenades from the depot you stopped
at earlier, and use them to confuse the helghast soldiers. Before pressing the
green display in the middle of this now blood-stained area, collect 1000 Dollar
from the upper left corner, and the health from the lower right corner. Well,
after pressing the display, your first objective will have been completed, and
the game will finally activate a checkpoint. Phew.

 + Deactivate the second pump

Backtrack a little, but do not go back through the last steam-filled room,
since that is impossible. Head north using the planks as a small bridge
instead. You will see a circle-formed platform. When enemies attack from the
right, be quick and run north on the circle-formed platform. You will now end
up at the same platform at the attackers, so kill them off - the white soldier
first. There's frag grenades in a nearby crate if you need them, and health as
well. There should still be some living enemies left at a platform to the upper
right, since you have not gone there yet. This platform is located to the right
of the last depot you visited. Take the 1000 Dollar near the depot, and kill
the enemies on the platform, collecting the 1000 Dollar that can be found there
as well. You should have 5000 Dollar now. Well, activate the green display to
finish the second objective.

 + Proceed to the emergency exit

From the platform where you finished the second objective, go straight right to
find the last 1000 Dollar. If you press SELECT to view the map, the platform
with the last dollars will be the gray one located northeast on the screen.
Also on the map you will see an icon with a door and an arrow, a little
southeast from your current location. Your final assignment in this mission is
to get to that icon, which is an elevator, so start going south. Three soldiers
will attack, trying to cut you off. I recommend backtracking to the platform
with the last dollars on, and use the small silver container as cover, and then
popping the attackers to death. With the soldiers dead, go use the elevator by
pressing a final green display. Mission complete. The StA-52 SLAR Sniper Rifle
will now get unlocked, if you have collected enough money.

Chapter 2: Assault                                                       [he23]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Meet Rico at the rendezvous point

After stepping down from the elevator, Luger will tell you that you should try
and meet Rico at the rendezvous point, and that it might be smart to just sneak
past the helghast patrols. As you can see, their goggles are now yellow, which
means that they do not know you're there. However, there's only two soldiers
patrolling on your left side, and no one on the right side. Shoot the two of
them do death, since you will want to break a crate in this area. If
you're fast, they won't be able to call for backup. With them dead, take 1000
Dollar from the crate on the right side of the small building. Now, lower the
bridge using the green display and meet up with Rico at the other side.

 + Reach the main harbor entrance at the west side

Have Rico follow you and deactivate the mine. A soldier will attack from the
right after you're done, but do not rush close to him. Instead wait where you
are and take cover. Have Rico do the same, as three additional soldiers will
also attack. Popping should be more than enough to kill all the soldiers. A
little north is a new 1000 Dollar case, so pick it up. Luger will now tell you
that Rico has some C4, and that he can blow up the marked area on the ground a
little further north. However, you will now be attacked by more soldiers, so
head back and take cover - have Rico do the same as well. There is no chance in
hell to clear this area if you just rush close to the enemy, so take your time,
and kill all of the helghast soldiers. Grenades might help you too. The last
soldier that will attack here is one of the big shotgun-carrying ones. When
you're done, pick up the health from the crate in the right side of the area,
and walk north and have Rico blow up the blockade, after deactivating the mine
protecting it. Also pick up syringes and grenades from the depot to the right
of the point Rico blows up.

In the next area, lure the two soldiers close to one of the explosive barrels,
and blow it up to kill them both. There's also soldiers on your right, left and
north sides. As always, be careful and take cover. No rushing, lots of popping.
When you're sure the area is clean, walk north to find a crate with 1000
Dollars, close to a new depot. Do not take the missile launcher found here.
After getting supplies and money, head back down and then go west.

Watch the cut-scene with the boat, and then a mounted gun will start
shooting at you. Hide and get some cover, and shoot at the mounted gun
until the panzer on it breaks, so that you can damage the soldier shooting.
When he's dead, concentrate on the new helghast soldiers that have
appeared. If you run out of grenades or ammo, I know I have done several
times here, just head back to the depot to get the shotgun and more
grenades. When the area is empty of soldiers, you will see a spot on the
ground that Rico can blow up. Don't do that yet, though. Instead, head up
the stairs south to the control room. Throw a grenade into it, and dodge
the missile that might be fired at you. Southeast of the control room,
there's 1000 Dollar and a depot that you might want to get a shotgun,
syringes to heal Rico, and some health from. Go back northwest now, and
have Rico blow up the point you ignored before going to the control room. To
the left, at the end of the pier, is another 1000 Dollar.

After Rico has blown through with his C4, you should throw a grenade at the
two soldiers that attack and walk a little north to activate a checkpoint.
Before taking supplies from the depot on your left side, kill some soldiers
that come from behind, and head up the nearby stairs. To the south, it is
possible to open up a door to find a room with a depot with C4 in, and a
crate with 1000 Dollar.

Go straight north out of the C4-room now, and have Rico blow the gate there
open. Kill the two soldiers at the other side using your shotgun. There's
1000 Dollar in the upper right corner, and the exit is located straight left
from here. A soldier will meet you and blow up the huge gate, and the
mission will end. If you've collected all the money available in the campaign
this far, Milcher will be unlocked for use in multiplayer.

Chapter 2: Breakout                                                      [he24]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: M-82G Assault Rifle

 + Open the sea door

Your first task is to open a sea door by using the display in a certain
control room marked on your map. Start by going a little east, and shoot one
bullet at the spidermine at the top of the container. It will attack the nearby
soldier and kill him if you are lucky. If not, you need to shoot him yourself.
Go south until you see a a sniper's laser aim. Be careful, hide behind the
containers and then shoot the sniper soldier to death. Check the nearby depot
to get grenades and ammo and then walk further down to find a green display
being guarded by a couple of bad guys. Kill 'em and use the display to lift one
of the containers you passed earlier, so that a path opens. Before going to
that path, walk east over the bridge near the display, and then a little north.
Take out the mounted gun there with a couple of grenades, and then walk back,
through the path that opened when you lifted the container earlier.

You will get to a point where there's two crates, a trailer and a hole in the
wall. Instead of walking through the hole, go right and you will see a
spidermine and a sniper soldier. Shoot one shot at the spider to make it attack
the sniper soldier and kill him. If this doesn't work for you, use bullets.
Depending on how you solved this situation, a dog and a soldier might come
attacking. If they do, kill the dog first while strafing, and then finish the
soldier. Well, now deactivate the mines placed on some small gray containers.
Between them is a crate with 1000 Dollar. With them collected head back to the
hole in the wall (near the trailer) and walk through it, up the stairs and then
west. You will find a crate on your southern side with 1000 Dollar in. Now head

You will end up in a room with a new depot and a crate with 1000 Dollar in.
Ignore the sniper rifle from the depot, and kill the soldiers attacking from
the outside. The area should now be cleaned, and you are now ready to go back
down, look at the map and head to the green display, which is represented by a
square, south of your current location. When you get nearby, three soldiers
will attack, but since the area has quite a few explosive barrels to blow up,
that should not be a problem. There's a depot south of the display, with some
health in, as well as a revolver. Take the revolver and use it as your weapon,
and then use the display to complete the first objective. A bridge will rise.

 + Protect the helghast command ship

Now, lots of soldiers will attack you, so make sure to throw a grenade at
them, and then demonstrate how nice a weapon the revolver is. Very powerful
at long range. Walk northwest, and Luger will tell you to stop the helghast
from blowing up their command ship. Do this by killing all the soldiers that
attack you, and then quickly run straight east to kill the soldiers that
are setting explosives. As the far eastern side, you can find 1000 Dollar.
Kill the sniper shooting from the north with a grenade, and make sure no
one gets to set explosives on the ship. If you need health, there's a depot
and a crate with health in the middle of the ship. There will be lots of
soldiers with shotguns, but your revolver should do the job if you remember
to take cover and strafe until no more soldiers attack. You can eventually
use the depot to switch to a shotgun, if you want to. I never do that here,

 + Head towards the harbor

When Luger tells you that you're done on the ship, head north over a small
bridge-like thingy, and then northeast to find a crate with 1000 Dollar. Now go
straight west, through a blown up container, and hide behind the gray
container, since a sniper and some soldiers will attack. Luger says that you
need to find some explosives in this area. First, throw a grenade at the sniper
and soldiers, and kill the rest with bullets. With all of the soldiers dead,
head up the nearby stairs to find a depot near a door. There's health, grenades
and C� (explosives) here. You can now go close to the gate that needs to be
blow up, but before you set the C4 there, destroy the spidermine in the middle
of the circle.

 + Steal the hovercraft

With the gate blown, several soldiers will attack. Hide behind a container and
pop as many of them as you can to death. Many people run out of ammo here, so
if you do, run back to the ship and the depot there to get a assault rifle. Run
through the gate you blew up, kill all enemies (including another spider), and
then walk left once you see a display to get 1000 Dollar. You should now have
all the 6000 Dollar. Use the display to open a gate, and then walk into the
hovercraft to escape. The challenge games for chapter will and the M13 Semi
Auto Shotgun will now be unlocked. You can now also access a jukebox from the
options menu. The shotgun and the jukebox will only be unlocked if you have
collected enough Dollars.

Chapter 3: Reconnaissance                                                [he31]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 7000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun

 + Gain entry through the swamp shutters

Templar will destroy a bridge with some soldiers on, and Luger will tell you
that there's at least on VIP survivor here that you need to locate. You will be
driving the hovercraft for a while in this mission, but walking out of it is
possible as well. If hitting soldiers gets hard without taking lots of damage,
you can walk out of the hovercraft and kill them on foot. Also, the mission is
filled with big mines that you need to carefully avoid while driving.
On your left you will see a soldier shooting missiles and one
usual one. Use the cannon to take them out, and then get out of the hovercraft
to kill another soldier on the right side and take 1000 Dollar from the crate
he was guarding. Start driving slowly to the left along the water. There will
be a mounted gun here, that you can either shoot with you cannon, or get out
and throw a grenade at. Further left are two other soldiers that can be killed
easily with the cannon. They were guarding another 1000 Dollar before you
killed them.

North of the huge bridge, it can be tricky to not take damage if you do not do
thing in the right direction: First use the cannon to kill a soldier on the
north side, then quickly use the automatic/machine-gun fire with the Square
button to kill the one on the right side. Straight after, head out of the
hovercraft and use your weapon (shotgun if you follow the weapon of choice
hints I list at the start of each mission) to kill the missile-shooting bad guy
that appears on your left side. Two normal soldiers will also attack from the
left after the missile-shooting one is done. Now, the area is clean. So, use
the south side of the small island that is connected to the west-most bridge to
get onto it and get the 1000 Dollar from the western end of it.

When you're done with collecting the money from the bridge, check
the northwest corner to find some health on the ground, and a depot with
grenades in. Don't bother with the missile-launcher there.

Destroy the mines that are blocking the way to the east using your hovercraft's
weapons and then drive east to activate a checkpoint. Use the cannon to take
down the mounted gun and the soldier attacking from the ground. You can not yet
proceed east in the water, since a swamp shutter is blocking the way. These
shutters are basically gigantic gates that need to be blown open using C4.
Well, get out of the hovercraft, run up to where the mounted gun was placed,
and kill the soldiers that come out of the door. Take some health, ammo and
two C4 out of the depot that you can find below a gray sign. Get down from
where you are, then head northeast until you can see the circles on the swamp
shutter that indicate where you should place the C4. There's also a crate with
health here, so take that one before placing two C4 sets and blowing up the
shutter. Soldiers will attack from both sides, but not at the same time, and
since there's no problem to take cover behind some crates, this is not hard at
all. At the far right side of the shutter is 1000 Dollar.

 + Enter the deeper swamp area to the north

Well, now you can go back to the hovercraft and drive east through the now open
shutter. A checkpoint will activate. Shoot once at the spidermine on your right
side to make it kill a helghast soldier. Then, on your left side, be quick and
use the cannon to kill a missile-shooting guy, as well as a normal helghast on
your right. In a crate on the right side is another 1000 Dollar and some ammo.
Before proceeding northwest, make sure to clean out the mines in the water.
Once you see a old shack, get out of the hovercraft and throw a grenade at the
two soldiers that come out of it. There's a depot here as well, with some
health in. Do not grab the machine pistol there, unless you are out of ammo for
your shotgun/other weapon. This is where you will be leaving the hovercraft
that served you so nicely.

Walk north to activate a checkpoint, and a soldier will run towards you. Shoot
at the nearby spider to make it kill him. To the north is a sniper. You can
kill him by popping. Walk east, then pass a explosive barrel while shooting at
the soldier that is hiding behind the crates. You should be able to kill him
and take his place, using the crate there as cover. Kill the two soldiers that
come out from the nearby door, and switch your weapon for an assault rifle from
the depot. Do not forget to take health and frag grenades either. A little
right of the explosive barrel you ran past are two crates; one with 1000

Walk southeast into a very open area with lots of muddy water. In the
southeastern corner, two soldiers are hiding behind some rocks. Throw a grenade
at them and use the rocks as cover from the bullets being shot by the soldiers
placed north of you. Throw a grenade at the closest soldier and then use
popping to take the one standing on the bridge. First now, head all the way
north as far as you come to find another 1000 Dollar. You should have 7000 now.
Then, head a little back, go up the stairs and east using the bridge to walk
on. At the other side of the bridge, shoot at the spider to make it kill a
soldier. After picking up some health on the ground, head through a gate. It
will close when you are past it, and a helghast will shout that "You're outta
luck, Scum!". Take frag grenades and health from the depot, and start throwing
grenades at the bunch of attacking soldiers. Stay in the southeastern corner,
strafing to avoid the grenades and shots fired at you. When all enemies are
dead, go northwest to exit the mission.

Chapter 3: Ambush                                                        [he32]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun

 + Escape the pursuers / Prevent them from accessing the islands

Templar will get trapped by the helghast soldiers, but before anything else
happens, Rico will save him from their wicked plans. The cut-scene looks
absolutely crap, with slow enemies and graphical weirdness, but happily, you
are playing for the gameplay, right? Anyways, kill the dog and the soldier on
the southern hill and quickly open the nearby crate for 1000 Dollar. Staying is
no good, since more enemies will appear soon. Head east, do a U-turn and then
walk west, blow up the tower where a sniper is shooting from, and watch out for
pursuers. From here, walk northeast until a checkpoint is activated, and then
down a hill with some planks on the ground. You are pursued, so be very fast to
kill the soldier that is using his flamethrower, since he will block the way
forever if you don't kill him. A little west of this flame-soldier is a crate
with 1000 Dollar. As earlier, do not stop to kill pursuers, and escape to the
east instead, over a bridge with a red display tied to it. Once at the other
side, use the display (that has now turned green) to stop the pursuers from
getting closer to you.

 + Reach the crash site

North of the bridge is a depot and a crate with 1000 Dollar. Take health and
ammo from the depot, and don't forget the dollars. Head southeast over some
small bridges, and pick up the ammo on the ground. You will be attacked by a
dog and a soldier, but your shotgun makes that only a very little problem.
Continue east and grab health and grenades from a depot. Don't take the weapons
in the crate. Now, head over one of the two north-leading bridges and kill the
soldiers you meet. Take cover once you see someone shooting with a sniper, and
slowly make your way northwest to yet another depot. Open it to take some
health, and then run and kill the sniper-wielding soldier, that is guarding a
crate with 1000 Dollar in. There's a lot of ammo here in this area, so pick it
up before a jetplane drops of two helghast soldiers. Just pop them to death
when they attack from the south. Press the green display where you killed the
sniper once everything is calm, and then walk over the bridge that now appears.

Throw a grenade at the sniper on your left side, and watch out for a bad guy
coming behind you. On your right is a flame-soldier again, so kill him as well.
Walk a little north, grab the last 1000 Dollars, and then, the mission will be
over.  You will find the crashed jetplane, with a trapped pilot inside. The
VIP that you wanted to find is gone. The M3 Revolver should now have been
unlocked too.

Chapter 3: Catastrophe                                                   [he33]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 6000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle (important!)

 + Survive the Helghast attack

The pilot from the jetplane will get killed by a sniper helghast, and you
will be told to guard the area at all cost. First, go right and throw a grenade
at the soldier there, and then walk northwest to shoot at the soldier in the
hills, while strafing to avoid shots from a soldier with a sniper. For now,
hide behind the old tree in the western part of the area to avoid the sniper,
and throw a grenade at the shotgun-carrying soldier that enters. Yet again, a
soldier will attack from the northwest hills, so strafe and kill him. Ok, time
to take down the sniper. He is located in the northeast hills, he might hit you
if you are not good at strafing, so be careful. This is a little hectic, since
a new soldier will soon attack from the east, and another one from west.

Now, Luger will tell you to pick up the C4 from the depot near the depot. Take
the shotgun as well if you are short on ammo for your assault rifle - you do
not need a very accurate weapon anymore. Well, go west and use the C4 at the
circle on the ground. Shoot the soldier at the other side to death, take the
nearby 1000 Dollars and then open the depot for some health and a Jetpack! Now,
fly south past some soldiers as fast as you can, to find 1000 Dollar. Remember
that you can shoot using the gun that follows with the Jetpack.

Further south, a checkpoint will be activated and Luger will tell you that
there's lots of radio interference. Well, fly over the gap on the left side
after shooting the two soldiers at the other side to death. Take health from
the depot, and listen to Luger saying that you should try finding a
communications tower to locate the radio interference. Further west, in some
bushes, 1000 Dollars are hidden. Seeing these can be hard, so make sure you get
them. Go more south to kill a soldier near a green display and take the 1000
Dollars on the ground. You will now head a weird radio signal of someone trying
to contact you.

Use the display to lower the bridge and then get the 1000 Dollars you see on a
hill in the middle of a huge gap. Go northwest to kill a soldier and take
health from a depot. There is a huge gap on the north side, with some soldiers
at the other side of it. Fly over and kill them. Take cover using some rocks,
and pop to kill the ones attacking you. These guys also have jetpacks. Go
straight north, and you will see a very small cave in the middle of a mountain.
Hidden inside, is the last suitcase of dollars. You should now have 6000 of
them. Fly over another gap on your right hand to activate a checkpoint. Take
cover, and shoot two soldiers near a green display to death. Two other ones
will come down from an elevator too, so take cover in the southern part of the
area and shoot them to death. You can heal up in the depot. Afterwards,
deactivate the mine in the stairs and then head up using the elevator. Luger
will now get in touch.

At the top of the tower, fly north over a gap, and land close to the depot at
the other side. Now, be extremely quick to use the depot to get a sniper rifle
to take down the missile-soldier on your right side. You can deal with the one
on the ground in front of you afterwards. With both of them dead, go a little
north towards the nearby mine, and kill the sniper-soldier you meet by hiding
behind the left wall, and then shooting him. Deactivate all the mines and head
north for a conversation with Cobar. The VIP is dead, unfortunately. Mission

Chapter 3: Pursuit                                                       [he34]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 5000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle
 Hot tip: Watch out for landmines! They are everywhere!

 + Open the fuel depot doors to reach the outpost

Luger says on the radio that this mission will set you up against some heavy
pressure, because the enemies are many, and some of them have flamethrowers.
There's also mines on the ground, that have the same color as the dirt.
Well, that should not be too bad for a veteran like Templar, should it?
Anyways, start killing helghast soldiers by throwing a grenade at the two
nearby ones, and make your way west. When you get to the place where one path
leads west, and one north, take the west one to find some health and 1000
Dollar. After getting those, take the north path, watch out for landmines, and
kill all the nearby soldiers. The depot has health and ammo for you. From the
depot, take the east path, past a detector, and down to a area full of
destroyed containers and the like.

A crazy helghast with a flamethrower will start causing chaos, so stay back a
while, until some containers and stuff blow up. Then, the flamethrower-soldier
will move to the middle of the area, spitting fire at all of the entrances, so
that you can't get through. Wait for some normal Helghasts to attack from left
and right, and then, use the R-button to aim through the flames and shoot the
mad flamethrowing soldier to death. You can also use grenades to do this. Make
sure to pick up ammo and grenades from the nearby depot, and pick up the green
keycard that the flame-soldier dropped. Northeast is a crate with 1000 Dollar,
and a terminal that accepts the keycard. Use it to open a huge gate.

 + Find the swamp outpost

Walk through the gate, over a small bridge, then take the C4, health, ammo and
frag grenades from the depot. Head west, take cover near the three crates so
that you can kill the two attackers, and then get 1000 Dollar from one of the
said crates. Head north up to a concrete building, and throw a grenade at the
first soldier you meet. Further north (still at the concrete building) are
three additional soldiers an an AA gun.

 + Destroy the two AA guns

Throw a grenade at the two soldiers  that are close to each other, and use
popping to kill the third one. Place the C4 from the previous depot at the AA
gun to blow it up, and then get the health from the crate north of it. In a
crate west of the health-crate, you can find 1000 Dollar. Now head south to
exit the concrete building again, and then a little west.

Strafe and shoot to kill a dog, and several soldiers. When you have done that,
get some health from the depot to the north, near a yellow barrel. Now head as
far west as the level lets you to find several crates, with both health and the
last suitcase with 1000 Dollar in. There will also be a new entrance to a new
concrete building to the north. Use your weapon on all the normal enemies, and
spare the grenades until you are attacked by a white shotgun-soldier, since
those can be hard to take down. To the north is a depot with another C4 set, so
use it to blow up the second AA gun that is nearby. Head right from the depot
to activate a boss battle, after the boss has shot the ISA jetplane down to
bits, and told you that he has captured Rico.

 + Boss battle

This boss has two main attacks. Throwing lots of grenades, and going crazy with
a machine-gun. At the start, be quick to run southwest to the depot there to
get the missile launcher. When it throws mines, you should keep at good
distance, while shooting missiles at the boss's machine-gun. Since these deal
100 damage with each hit, you should be able to take out the machine gun by
using only the missile launcher, accompanied by two or three frag grenades.
To avoid being killed by the machine-gun, use the L-button to dodge, and hide
behind crates and pillars.

When the machine-gun blows up, go get the assault rifle from one of the depots
again, and start concentrating on the remaining parts of the boss. This would
have been easy, if it were not for the spidermine outbursts that happen a
couple of times. When the spiders attack, your best shot is to quickly aim at
them, and shoot them, since they only have a little health each. Use
both grenades and bullets at the remaining parts of the boss, until they are
all gone, and watch out not to get hit by the missiles.

In the end, Cobar is killed.

Chapter 4: Infiltration                                                  [he41]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: M13 Semi Auto Shotgun
 Hot tip: Watch out for spiders inside crates!

 + Reach the mountain gate to the airbase

You will be followed by Luger this time around, hiding in the eastern corner of
the map at the beginning of the mission. In the crate straight to the north is
some ammo for your shotgun. A little to the south is a huge open container with
some planks in. On its right side there are two crates. There's ammo in the
upper one, but don't open the lower one since it contains a spidermine. To the
right of these crates is another one, that has 1000 Dollar in it.
Now, have Luger follow you and hide behind one of the
big crates in the middle of the area. Walk behind a helghast and kill him with
your shotgun. Now, have both Luger and yourself hide again, waiting for lots of
Helghasts to attack one after another. Luger has a very nice weapon (crossbow)
that will make its projectiles explode after hitting enemies. With the area
cleaned, walk northwest to find a depot with an Assault Rifle. Have the rifle
replace your shotgun, since you only really needed it for this part of the

Now go north until a checkpoint activates. Luger will have you take cover.
There is a depot between two cable-objects, so take health and grenades from
there, but ignore the sniper rifle. What you should do now, is to run north
and start shooting at the soldier on the ground, and throw grenades at the
mounted guns. You absolutely need Luger to attack the mounted guns, so have her
do that with her crossbow. The two of you should be able to survive without too
much hassle. Heal Luger with a syringe if needed. Have her climb up the wall to
open the gate. Behind the gate, take health, syringe and ammo from the depot
and then head up using the elevator on your left side. Ignore the gate that has
a C4-circle aside it.

Now, have Luger stay here, and then open the gate to attract a helghast with a
shield. Return to where Luger is, and when the shield-guy gets closer, have her
attack him, since she can use her weapon and still damage him even though he
has a shield. While she is working on killing that guy, you should exterminate
all the normal soldiers behind the gate, strafing to avoid their bullets. In
the east corner is a depot with a chaingun in. Take it. This one has unlimited
ammo, but needs to cool down after firing a lot. Oh, and do not forget
the C4 from this depot either. Then walk to the northeastern corner to find a
open room with a 1000 Dollar-crate in. Afterwards head back east to the big
gate you ignored earlier, and blow it open with your C4.

Walk though it, ignore the nearby crate since it contains a spider, and hide
behind some of the metal crates, taking out two soldiers on your right side. It
is a little more tricky to take the ones shootingfromn the northeast, but in
fact, Luger should be able to do it alone. With them dead, walk near two usual
crates, and open them to find some health. Use the chaingun to blow up the
mounted gun shooting from the east. Since it is so long away, you will be able
to easily avoid its bullets. Press the display then walk back south and over a
bridge. Three soldiers will come out of a door, so use a grenade at them. After
walking over the bridge that appeared after pressing the display, a checkpoint
will activate, and a spidermine will attack. Shoot it.

On your left hand is a path leading to a small area with a depot that has
health, grenades and syringes. Watch out for Helghasts coming out of the door
there tough. Now, walk down again, follow the path and use grenades to take out
a soldier shooting like crazy at you, and have Luger take care of the snipers
in two towers. There's some health in a crate on your left side. When you reach
some very, very, very small snow "mountains", use them for cover, and kill all
the attacking soldiers by popping and strafing. Walk northwest under a small
bridge and activate a checkpoint. Take health and  syringes from the nearby
depot, but ignore the crate, since it has a spider inside. You will see some
machinery that is moving. Have Luger climb up to the nearby ledge to press a
display. This will stop one gear. Have her take care of the attacker on the
ledge, and kill the one that attacks from the nearby door yourself. Repeat the
process until all gears have been stopped. There are three displays in all.

You will get to a door that requires a keycard at the other side of the gears.
Collect 1000 Dollar from the upper left corner, and then head east to a flight
pad. The final 1000 Dollar-case is east from this pad. Walk southwest from the
pad to find the keycard, and take health and syringes with you, walking back to
the door and open it with the keycard. Some soldiers will attack from a plane,
but only two. Walk up the snowy road, pick up stuff from the depot and have
Luger take out the mounted gun, while you help her by shooting. A shield-
soldier will once again attack, so have Luger kill him too. You take care of
the normal soldier attacking together with the shield-guy. Take the C4 from the
depot inside the building on your right side, and use it to blow up the final
gate. You're done now, after telling Luger to leave. The VNS-10 Scylla will now
get unlocked, if you have enough dollar. Also, the Assault Rifle will be
upgraded on the same condition.

Chapter 4: Revelation                                                    [he42]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 3000
 Weapon of choice: VNS-10 Scylla

 + Infiltrate the heart of the base

Throw a grenade at the soldier patrolling above you. Head west past the crates
and then lock onto the soldier patrolling above you at the south side. If you
do not kill him fast, he will call for two soldiers coming out of a room behind
you, so be prepared with grenades no matter what. There's health in a crate
here, on the path leading west. Close to the first depot, kill a soldier and
then open the depot for frag grenades and health. A gate will open, and two
soldiers will attack. Grenades for the win. Walk north through the gate, hide
behind a metal crate there, and use popping to get rid of the mounted gun.
There is 1000 Dollar in a normal crate close to the mounted gun as well.

 + Protect Shadow Marshall Luger

Now hide behind the crate that some wallmines are connected to, so that you can
easily hide, and use popping to kill the three attacking soldiers, and then
disable the mines to continue east and meet Luger. She says to watch her back
while working, so hide outside of the dark building she walks into, and take
cover behind the green crate there. Luger will take her time, and four batches
of soldiers will attack. Make sure you know your popping before you do this,
since many soldiers will attack, and your chaingun needs to cool down after
firing. You can eventually take health and grenades from the depot on your
southeast side. When two soldiers attack at once, take down the one with most
health first. When Luger is done, a checkpoint will activate and a gate to the
northwest will open. Run past the two detectors, ignoring the shielded- and the
normal soldier. Run north, take care of the shotgun-soldier, and run up the
stairs. Once up there, kill a sniper-soldier and run to kill the two soldiers
you ignored earlier. The shielded one is near an explosive barrel, so use that
weakness to kill him. There's a green display here, so press it.

Now, in the far southwestern corner is a depot with health and grenades, and
right of that depot, in some crates, is another 1000 Dollar. Straight north,
close to a door, you can find the last 1000 Dollars. Now get down the stairs
again, and then instead of south to the detectors, go east through the opened
gate. If you need it, take stuff from the depot you get to, and then walk
further south to see a gate that locks itself. Now, up from a lift, you will be
attacked by a mini-boss with 800 Hit Points.

 + Mini boss

This one will not take damage when you throw grenades at it. Hide behind
containers to avoid being hit, and use the chain-gun as your weapon. Killing it
is very easy. The boss will walk down from the lift, and start going around the
circle that the lift is placed in the middle of. Just watch out so that you
always walk at the opposite side of the circle, compared to the boss, and use
popping to kill him off. Because of the flippers that prevent you from going
back in the direction you came from, make sure you are on top of the situation,
and know what's going on. You will not want to get into

 + Search the prison wing for Rico

With the boss dead, take health and grenades from the depot, and head south
through the gate that locked itself earlier. Walk east, kill LOTS of soldiers,
and you will see a torture chamber with a girl inside. Walk northeast from the
prison after getting health from the nearby depot, and get onto the circled
concrete-area to press a display. This will open the chamber, so go speak to
the girl. The girl is in fact, Evelyn. Now, you are done with this mission. All
the weapons will now have been unlocked, if you have collected enough Dollars.

Chapter 4: Confrontation                                                 [he43]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 4000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle V2

 + Escort Evelyn to safety

First, go backwards to find 1000 Dollar in a crate. Have Evelyn follow you and
kill the two nearby soldiers with your Assault Rifle. Walk east, then south and
have Evelyn wait near the tank that has been cowered in snow. Clear the level
that you are standing on - there should be two soldiers that can easily be
taken out by shooting. Then, close to where you had Evelyn wait, you can access
the roof of a building. Clean the whole roof of soldiers, using grenades and
bullets. If you need more health, go back to where you started the mission and
use the depot there. One of the soldiers on the roof drops a keycard that you
should go and use in the southeastern corner of the area - on the ground, not
on the roof. Just watch out for a soldier carrying a revolver when walking
there. On the other side of a gate is a depot with health and grenades. Do not
take the sniper rifle. Have Evelyn wait near the depot, and then walk a little
right. When you see the plane, walk back to her, so that it does not hit you.

Now head out on the airstrip where the plane was placed two seconds ago. Kill
the running pilot fast, so that he does not take away the remaining plane. He
drops a keycard. Also kill the soldiers here on the airstrip. In the
southeastern part of the airstrip is a door, with some nearby crates. One has
1000 Dollar.

and make sure to throw a grenade at the ones on higher ground. Walk
northeast, take out a mounted gun, and then bring Evelyn a little west
from the mounted gun to have her hide inside a plane and lower using a
lift. Take health and grenades from the depot. To the north, some spiders
will appear, but walk away, and they will kill some helghast soldiers.
Take out the remaining soldiers using grenades, and then walk far west to
find 1000 Dollar. Now, get some more health from the depot to the east.
Walk through the gate and watch Rico being taken away in a plane. You
will now have to fight Metrac himself.

 + Defeat General Metrac

On your north side are some crates, one of them has 1000 Dollar. Walk north,
and the gate behind you will close. Metrac will be shooting with an machine-
gun, and some times he will throw several grenades at you at once. To damage
him, crouch behind some cover. You can use both the plates on the north side of
the path, and the right depot to cover. After Metrac has shot a burst, it is
your time to fire. Don't bother with throwing grenades at him though. When he
throws grenades at you, run away, and quickly take cover again. Repeat until
Metrac runs away, and a bridge appears to the northwest. Of course, if you need
health while fighting, use the depots. There's one at each side.

In this area, past the bridge, there are also two depots with health. The best
strategy to damage Metrac is in fact to go close to him, hiding behind the
plates near him, so that he cant hit you with bullets. When he throws grenades,
you need to avoid them though. Shoot at him when he decides to run to one of
the sides. It is also possible to shoot at the valves on the right side, to
have them trap Metrac for a while, but I won't have you bother with that.
When Metrac runs off  again, pick up more ammo and health, and then head after
him again.

Now, he will be sitting inside a mounted gun. Collect all the ammo you can from
the depots and then hide behind the containers that are furthest away from
Metrac. Use popping to slowly take out the turret. Remember to lock-on to it
while shooting. When it has broken, strafing while shooting is your best friend
to defeat Metrac. This is the hardest part of the boss.

Chapter 4: Liberation                                                    [he44]

 Vektan Dollar in mission: 3000
 Weapon of choice: M82G Assault Rifle V2

 + Make your way to the launchstrip

If you are too slow in this mission, missiles from above will rain down and
kill you. Run west, killing soldiers. You can get past the smashed circle-
looking object at the far south side of it, and head up the elevator. Head west
into a building, and throw grenades and shoot to kill the soldiers there. In
the upper corners you can find 1000 Dollar, as well as a depot with health in.
Head down the elevator on the western side of the room. Pick up C4 from the new
depot, kill lots of soldiers, and use the C4 to blow up some rocks to dust.
Head southeast, and then a explosion will blow up the controls to the elevator
you used to hide Evelyn. On a roof to your east is a missile soldier and a
normal soldier. Take the missile launcher from the southern depot, then shoot
them, and walk on the roof yourself after getting back your assault rifle from
the depot.

Run south over a bridge and press the display at the other side. The bridge
will blow to bits, so jump down to the middle of the broken bridge and pick up
1000 Dollar. Extremely many helghast will attack while doing this, but killing
them is easy, since their AI seems to have been lowered compared to normal
Helghasts. Hehe. Head southeast, wait for the flames there to stop burning
while taking health from the depot, and then kill the soldiers that are
shooting at the jetplane. Before going close to the plane, there is one
last crate that you can see. It has the final 1000 Dollars. Oh, and watch out
for small flames on the ground too. With the money collected, go near the
plane to escape.

Greeting And Thanks                                                      [ri01]

Thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment and Guerrilla Games for developing and
releasing one of the few non-RPG games that are worth playing on the
PlayStation Portable. Good work. Thanks to for shipping a new PS2 to
me, even though that's unrelated to the walkthrough - kind of. Thanks to Luna
Sea for making all their singles and albums, even though those are years old.
Let's not forget Girugamesh who is great listening to while playing Liberation.
Can't forget Namco Tales Studio, who developed the lovely Tales of the Abyss.
Finally, thanks to you for reading this, and thanks to me for writing this
during my Christmas vacation, and half of January 2007. I hope you like my
work, that is supplied to you completely free.

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