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Heatseaker PSP Walkthrough

by Nigel1968



As at 11/5/2009, on the Codemasters web site the hints and tips listed for the PSP Heatseaker game is for the PS2 game.

If you have played the PS2 game the PSP game is close to the PS2 game but bonuses are different

You must let the game run through the end credits to unlock the last missions for pilot level then again when you finish the last pilot level mission, to unlock the last ace mission.

Turn off the impact cam, it is just a distraction.

If you are against a ace pilot or squadron, stay around 300ft behind the target and keep shooting with guns and missiles.

The best fighter to use on the last mission is the F35 version 3. To get this you will need to complete the Kamcha number 2 mission on ace level. You will also need SKEET-R missiles (F35 V3 weapon pack) which you will get playing the Antarctica path of glory mission on rookie level, to take out the laser tanks.

You get instructions before the game starts and during the game as to what your targets are and mission requirements.

I will list the bonus targets as some are hard to find. There are no bonuses on rookie level and pilot and ace level bonuses do not start until the Vertana missions.

Smugglers run.
The target is a C-130 transport flying to the west of the island, you must shoot this down before you get to 1st check point.

Stirring up the nest
After the 1st check point shoot down the Mig-27 fighters over the airport

Smugglers demise
ID the transport ship which is north of the island before the 1st check point.

Up in arms
Before the 1st check point destroy the radar warning station in the middle of the island.

Breaking loose
After the 2nd check point the pilot Angel must not get more damage than 25%.

Before the 1st check point sink the destroyer in the docks.

The payback
You must stay under the radar grid at the start of the mission.

Counter strike
After1st check point you have to destroy ground targets, you must not damage any buildings next to the targets.

Keeping a low profile
Shoot down the mig-29 fighters after the 1st check point.

Decapitation strike
After 1st check point all the AAAV’s must survive.

The flash point
Before you reach the 1st check point sink the two subs to the east of the island.

Hide and seek
Before the 1st cheek point, shoot down all the cruise missiles.

Pillars of fire
All B-52 bombers must survive.

Path of glory
After 1st check point destroy the AA guns on the island.

The brawl
Stay below the radar scan.

Under the radar
After the 3rd check point you will need to defend a oil rig, so it dos not get more than 50% damage.

Anvil and hammer
Destroy the ice barrier.

Fishies and sharks
Sink the speedboats near the oil rig
The battle joined
Sink the fleeing destroyers.

Out of the frying pan
After 1st check point defend the transport above the south island.

Knights over the sea
Before the 1st check point shoot down the tanker and fighters on the far side of the island.

To rule the sky
Before the 1st check point sink the destroyers.

Information overload
The ship Nemesis must not receive more than 25% damage.

Cargo of death
You have only 2 minutes to shoot down a number of fighters attacking a fellow pilot.

The final countdown
Your target is the aircraft on the ground at the airport.