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Challenge of Hades FAQ

by TheGoonerKid

<======================GOD OF WAR - CHAINS OF OLYMPUS=========================>
<====================CHALLENGE OF HADES FAQ/Walkthrough=======================>
By TheGoonerKid              |
Copyright Ajay Jumbu 2008    |
Version 1.60                 |
Last updated- 25th May, 2008 |

Note: You can use the "find" facility to quickly get to a particular section in
this guide- just search for the particular code in your web browser that
corresponds to the section you want to see

Section                                Code
1. Updates                             UPD001
2. Introduction                        INT001
3. Weapons and Attacks                 INT002
4. A Few General Tips                  INT003

5. Challenge 1- Fiery Fate             CHA001
6. Challenge 2- Perfection             CHA002
7. Challenge 3- Life is Short          CHA003
8. Challenge 4- Crunch Time            CHA004
9. Challenge 5- Epic Brawl             CHA005

10. Cheats                             CHE001
11. Rewards                            REW001 
12. Credits                            END001

<===Updates (UPD001)==>
Version 1.00 - First created this walkthrough
Version 1.02 - Added the copyright section in the credits
Version 1.25 - Added extra stratergies from QUBQ
             - Added extra stratergies from Garrick Tan
             - Fixed a typo in challenge 5 (thanks Ayden S)
Version 1.30 - Fixed a typo in challenge 2 (thanks QUBQ)
             - Added this updates section
Version 1.31 - Updated the copyright section (allowing and
      to host this FAQ)
Version 1.40 - Added cheats section
             - Updated copyright section (allowing to link to this
Version 1.50 - Updated e-mail address information (my e-mail address has
               changed- to contact me, use the new address shown above)
             - Sorted out a few typos
             - Added last updated section
Version 1.60 - Added stratergies from M Werkz
             - Sorted out a few more various typos

<===Introduction (INT001)===>
So... you've finished the game and have unlocked the Challenge of Hades, under
the treasures section. Unfortunately, you've come stuck, and have gone to the
internet for assistance. Then you, my friend, are at the right place. This
guide is all about getting you through the 5 rather tricky challenges and get
the (disappointing) rewards.

Some of the challenges are pretty difficult and could take you a while to
master (particularly challenge 3), so try to keep calm as you plod through
these levels. At times you may feel like smashing your PSP, if so just give
yourself a rest and grab a coffee- I am not prepared to replace your PSP if you
break it in the process of playing these challenges!

Finally good luck and may the Gods grant you safe passage through these 

Note, during this walkthrough I refer to the square button on the PSP as [],
the circle button as (), the X buttons as X and the triangle button as /\.

<===Weapons and Attacks (INT002)===>
Here are a list of the main weapons and attacks that I think you will need to 
use during these challenges. Check your game manual or the options screen in 
the game itself to check out the full list of attacks.

Blades of Chaos (assuming fully upgraded):

Controls          Comment
[]                A simple lightweight attack. If you keep mashing down the
                  square button you can pull off a handy combo that can cause
                  a fair amount of damage.

()                Orion's Harpoon- Used for grabbing onto enemies with a circle
                  on their heads (when nearly dead) to initiate a mini-game or
                  to kill small enemies such as birds.

[], [], /\        Plume of Prometheus- A useful quick combo that can push
                  enemies away and cause significant damage.

[] (5 times), /\  Similar to the first large combo but the final hit causes
                  much more damage.

L + []            Cyclone of Chaos- useful for clearing out lots of small
                  enemies (e.g. bats). Also can be done in the air.

/\, /\, /\        Spirit of Hercules, a great, powerful attack for big and slow

L + ()            Rampage of the Furies- Long combo that can cause great damage
                  but can leave you a bit vulnerable like the Cyclone of Chaos.
                  Can also be done in the air.

L + /\            A really powerful attack but again it is quite slow and isn't
                  a good idea with small and fast enemies. Can also be done in 
                  the air (which can make the combo faster).

Gauntlet of Zeus (assuming fully upgraded):

Controls          Comments
[]                A simple attack. If you keep pressing the square button
                  you can pull off a handy short combo that can cause real

L + []            Olympic strike- an attack in which you charge up the gauntlet
                  and let an unsuspecting enemy have it. It is very powerful
                  but can be slow. Sometimes just holding L1 and tapping []
                  instead of charging it up can be useful as it knocks enemies
                  back and still causes good damage, enabling you to have space
                  to mash them some more. It can also be used in the air, which 
                  is quick and powerful.

L + ()            Lightning Thrash- A useful run up which can be used in
                  conjunction with a [] or /\ to cause considerable damage to
                  nearby enemies. Also can be done in the air.

L + /\            Olympic Thunder- As the name suggests, this is a big and
                  powerful weapon. Like the Olympic Strike it has to be charged
                  up but can cause loads of damage to nearby enemies. Very
                  useful in areas crowded with enemies. It can take a few
                  valuable seconds to charge up though, which can leave you
                  vulnerable. It can also be used in the air, which I highly
                  recommend as oppose to doing it on the ground, as it is much
                  faster to charge up.
The Efreet
This is definitely the best of all the magic powers, as it is quick, can cause
huge damage to nearby enemies and you are invulnerable whilst you use it. It is
initiated by holding R and pressing /\. It is certainly worth upgrading as 
oppose to the other magic powers. After upgrading it to level 2, you can tap 
() after initialling the Efreet to cause the demon thing to pound the ground
some more and trigger more damage. Upgrading it to level 3 causes the demon to 
cause a large explosion before it vanishes, which can really rack up the damage
to your enemies.

Light of Dawn
Another ranged magic power in God of War and again it is very limited in its 
uses and is not really needed in the normal game at all. It is initiated by 
holding R and pressing [], and can be charged at level 3. However, in challenge
3, it can prove to be an extremely useful weapon if upgraded to level 3. It is 
relatively cheap to do and I definitely advise doing so before starting 
challenge 3.

Charon's Wrath
This is reasonably useful during normal game-play. It causes some enemies to be 
stunned, leaving you with a great chance to mash your enemies. The magic power 
also hits the enemies significantly itself, but it only really works well on 
smaller enemies. It is initiated by holding R and pressing (). It is pretty
useless in the Challenges of Hades, so you don't need to upgrade this if you
are short on orbs.

Sun Shield
This shield is a bit like the Golden Fleece in God of War 2 in that it can
cause you to parry your opponent's attacks by tapping L just before an opponent
attacks you, and also can reflect ranged attacks if you press L just before a 
ranged weapon hits you. However, it isn't  as great as the fleece as it doesn't 
block as much (in particular, Medusa's gaze). However, it is still worth 
investing in the upgrade, as it is cheap and allows you to cause significant 
damage after a parry, by pressing [] or /\.

<===A Few General Tips (INT003)==>
* Try to be as quick as possible. A lot of these challenges have time limits of 
some kind and you will have to cause a lot of damage in a short space of time, 
without damaging yourself. In these situations the Gauntlet of Zeus is often 
preferred, as its attacks cause more damage and the combos are quicker.

* Parry and evade a lot. Parrying attacks knocks your opponent away and gives 
you time to launch a powerful attack of your own. Make sure you practice 
parrying attacks as it can prove to be a lifesaver. Evading is also great, 
especially against the larger enemies, whose attacks cannot be blocked. It can 
get you out of a tight pickle and is quicker that running a short distance. It 
is a bit more difficult to do on the PSP than on the PS2 so make sure you are 
comfortable with it.

* Try to avoid doing the long combos. Whilst they can cause some great damage, 
they leave you vulnerable to attack and can't be stopped mid-way through (e.g. 
Cyclone of Chaos). These attacks are OK for small enemies but only try to use 
them when you are confident you won't be hit mid-way through your attack.

*Initialling mini-games is not always a good idea, particularly when there is a 
time limit of some kind, and sometimes they can be difficult to pull off. If 
you are under time constraints, just continue using your weapons to defeat the 
enemy faster, but when there are no time constraints, I'd still recommend 
activating mini-games.

* If you are being pounded by enemies the Efreet can often save you. It causes 
huge damage to enemies nearby and makes you invulnerable whilst it is
activated. It is a MUST to have this at level 3 before you start any of the
challenges. The Efreet is also fantastic against Medusas, if you ever come up
in a situation where a Medusa is attacking you with a Medusa's gaze, launching
the Efreet will protect you and mash the Medusa, and is less work than 
continuously rolling away from the gaze.

* Always attack birds by tapping circle when facing one, as this will kill them 
quickly and you are invulnerable whilst in the process of killing a bird in 
this way.

* Block when you can- it is easier than rolling and takes less time. It is also 
less risky than parrying, though not as effective. However, blocking is very 
good in places where you are being crowded out by enemies.

* Most importantly try to avoid being hit at all costs, even if it costs a 
little time. It is important Challenges 2, 3 and 5 in particular that you keep 
your health as high as possible. So roll/block/parry instead of attacking when 
you are under the risk of being attacked yourself, particularly when low on 
health (you could argue the same cannot be said for Challenge 3).

So... on to the main walkthrough...

<==Challenge 1- Fiery Fate (CHA001)===>
Mission: Burn 50 soldiers with the Efreet      |
Main Weapon to Use: The Efreet                 |
Time Limit?: No                                |
Difficulty: 4/10                               |
This one is tricky but is easier to do once you know the tactics. To do this
challenge, having the Efreet on level 3 is a MUST. Right- first of all, wait
until the enemies are spawned and hold down L1 to block until a lot of the
soldiers surround you. Now unleash the wrath of the Efreet, making sure you tap
() to get the maximum out of your attacks. You will soon see a Cyclops appear
and he will go after the other soldiers. When you see him spawn run next to him
and walk in front of him until he (and therefore you) are near some soldiers.
The Cyclops doesn't seem interested in killing you, so it is fine walking in
front of him in this way. When it looks like he is about to attack, use your
Efreet again, and you should damage both the Cyclops and some more soldiers.
Use it one more time and the Cyclops should be dead. 

More soldiers will now appear, again round them up near you and unleash the
Efreet. Sometimes jumping into a crowd of soldiers and using Efreet in the air
is also very effective. Try to steer the soldiers near a magic/health crate, so 
you can open it when you have killed these enemies- the trick is to open it
when there is a small gap in the enemies dying and new ones spawning. Make sure
you don't pick up health- you shouldn't lose much health if any in this
challenge and you need all the magic you can get. Having said that don't leave
it until you have run out of magic to get some more- leave enough so you can do
one more Efreet in case you can't open the crate before more enemies surround

Continue using the same tactic of bringing the soldiers together before killing
them with the Efreet. Eventually another Cyclops will appear- use the same
tactic as with the first Cyclops. When you run low on magic again, do the same
trick as you did to get the first magic/health crate.

Carry on using the same techniques as before- there will be another 2 Cyclopes
to deal with. As long as you don't waste your magic killing one or two soldiers
you should have more than enough magic to complete this challenge. Remember
that the Cyclopes aren't part of the 50 soldiers you have to kill- so don't
waste magic killing them if you are running low. Once you get the hang of this
challenge, you will find that it is not to bad to complete.

<==Challenge 2- Perfection (CHA002)===>
Mission: Kill 20 fire guards without being hit |
Main Weapon to Use: Gauntlet of Zeus           |
Time Limit?: No                                |
Difficulty: 7/10                               |
This one can be very annoying, especially being hit when there are only a few
enemies left to kill. The weapon of choice is the Gauntlet of Zeus. The trick
is to try to attack them by double jumping and pressing L + /\ to perform the
Olympic Thunder. It is a great weapon as it mashes the fire guards and pushes
them away. If you see a guard about to hit you whilst in mid jump try to angle
your jump away from him. Also try to kill as many soldiers as possible at once
with the Olympic Thunder.

The most annoying thing is when the fire guards hit you just when you are about
to jump. There are two ways to deal with this- if your parrying skills are good
you can parry all of their attacks, including that jump-and-hit attack that
they do (just blocking does not protect you against this attack). You can also
try rolling away, which is also effective, and easier to do than parrying.
However, if you are in a crowd of fire guards there may be nowhere to roll, in
which case the only way to protect yourself if a guard is about to attack is to
parry. Try to improve your parrying skills if you can't do it- the final boss
is a great place to practice in the main game as most of Persephone's attacks
can be blocked in the first phase of the boss.

Sometimes this challenge is just a case of luck- just hoping that the guards
don't hit you or spawn in annoying places. With several attempts you should
hopefully be able to pass this challenge.

Note: It is arguable that the above stratergy isn't really a stratergy, just
relying on luck. Whilst it works after a few attempts, it does involve you
being lucky. Fortunately, QUBQ came up with a real stratergy to complete this
challenge. This stratergy only involves two attacks, uncharged Olympic Strikes
(L + []) and a lot of evading (or rolling, if you prefer). The idea is to use
the Olympic Strike to damage a group of enemies before rolling away from all of
their attacks. Roll as much as you need to get to get to safety and when you
are safe, use the same attack against them. Continue doing this and you should
eventually kill the 20 fire guards.

If you are feeling lucky (or brave), you can try hitting the enemies with the
Olympic Strike, rolling away and then straight away using the Olympic Strike
again to cause serious damage to the fire guards. The trick with this tactic is
to keep your rhythm and not to take too many chances. Try also to group the
guards together, so your attacks do maximum damage.

Just choose the tactic you feel more happy with and you should be home and dry
with this challenge.

<==Challenge 3- Life is Short (CHA003)===>
Mission: You are losing health rapidly- kill   |
         all of your enemies to survive        |
Main Weapon to Use: Gauntlet of Zeus           |
Time Limit?: Yes (your health meter)           |
Difficulty: 7/10                               |
Note: Thanks to tYRE_602 on for the hint on how to beat the

This can be infuriating challenge can take a while to finish- so grab a coffee
and make sure you are as calm as possible before giving this challenge a try.

This is also the one place when the Light of Dawn can be invaluable- I suggest
you upgrade it to level 3 before starting this challenge. It is fairly cheap in
terms of orbs and will make the first part of this challenge much easier.

If you have used this guide before, you may have noticed I have reduced the
difficulty level of this challenge. This is thanks to M Werkz, who showed me a
brilliant way of quickly finishing the birds that you have to encounter in this

When you start the challenge a minotaur will come out of the ground. When he
starts to pop out mash him with the Light of Dawn- hold down R and tap [] as
fast as you can. After a while he will get into a sprinting position and then
charge at you. Roll out of the way, as this attack can cause plenty of damage
and you won't have enough health left to complete the challenge. Continue
pounding him with the Light of Dawn, rolling away from all his attacks- whilst
they are powerful they are slow and fairly predictable so you should be able to
roll away from his attacks. Eventually you will run out of magic, so switch to
the Gauntlet of Zeus and hit him a few times. You should find that the Light of
Dawn did plenty of damage so you only need a couple of hits to finish the
minotaur off. He will deposit some health when he dies so make sure you grab it

If you need any more health, kill one of the people on the pillars at the
front, but if you have finished the minotaur fast enough you should find you
will only need to kill one, or at maximum two people to get full health.

You will now be made to wait around for a while whilst you lose more precious
health. Finally, some birds will appear. There is more than one way to deal
with these pests, so try all of them and pick which one you think is the best.
My personal choice (again, thanks to M Werks) is double jump in the air and use
() attacks. When they appear begin to continuously double jump and tap () to 
kill the birds, making sure you position Kratos near a cluster of birds each 
time. This seems to be the quickest and safest way of dealing with these pests,
as the animation doesn't take that long and you are pretty much invulnerable
whilst in the process of killing the birds.

Continue double jumping and taping () to finish the birds- there are plenty of
them and it could take you a while. Try to draw the birds, closer to the
bodies- that way when you get a chance you can quickly kill the people and grab
the health. It is not necessarily wise to wait until you have low health to
kill the people- just kill them as soon as you have time and you can utilise 
all of the health they give you (so don't kill them when you have full health
or otherwise the health they give you won't do anything).

Another popular way to deal with the birds is with the Olympic Thunder (L + /\)
attack (thanks Garrick Tan for this suggestion). The trick is to double-jump
into a crowd of birds and then press L + /\. This is very effective as kills a
fair few birds very quickly, but just watch out that you don't get hit whilst
using this combo, or you will lose precious health.

Another method is to use the Olympic strike attack (L + []) without charging
the attack, to kill the birds (thanks QUBQ for this tactic). Again this is a
fast combo and kills birds with one hit, but be wary that you don't get hit
whilst using this combo, or you will lose precious health. Just choose the
attack that you feel most comfortable with.

After what seems like an age the birds will stop coming. Quickly kill any
remaining people and walk to the centre, keeping a finger over the L and []
buttons. You need to be just shy of a quarter of a bar of health to be able to
complete this challenge.

After a while you will eventually see a fire defender come out of the ground.
As soon as you see where he is being spawned press and hold L and [] to charge
an Olympic Strike. Once fully charged release the buttons to charge the attack
at the fire defender. If it was fully charged he should be killed in one go. If
not tap square quickly to finish him off.

There will be 2 more fire defenders to kill in the same way and they will
appear one at a time. The game makes you wait around for a while before each
one appears by which time you will have lost quite a bit of health. This can be
extremely infuriating and you may often finding yourself die right at the end.
Just keep calm and if you die have another go- it is very easy to get
frustrated on this challenge. After enough attempts you will hopefully get
success with this challenge.

<==Challenge 4- Crunch Time (CHA004)===>
Mission: Break all objects before time runs out|
Main Weapon to Use: Gauntlet of Zeus           |
Time Limit?: Yes                               |
Difficulty: 7/10                               |
After that horrible challenge you will now be faced with a slightly easier, but
no means simple challenge. Once you grasp the technique though you should find
that it can be done with enough practice.

When you see the instructions at the bottom before you start the challenge,
hold down R as you press X. As soon as the message disappears tap /\ to
initiate the Efreet. This should destroy all the nearby objects, but make sure
you DON'T tap (), as this will waste precious time.

When you did the Efreet you will have seen the Medusa statue things in the
corners do Medusa's gazes at you. There are 8 of these around the room and they
are activated alternately, so the ones that did the Medusa's gaze when you did
the Efreet won't do it next time round. This gives you a chance to break the
objects without being turned to stone.

When you have finished with the Efreet, go to the stone man that is standing
diagonally left to where you started (in a North-West direction), directly in
front of where a Medusa statue did a Medusa's gaze. Using the Gauntlet of Zeus,
destroy this statue and work your way around the room in a clockwise direction, 
destroying all of the stone men and pillars as you pass them. Don't destroy the
big statues on the edges of the room yet- we will deal with them later. Use
simple [] attacks- don't bother using any charged attacks as these take too
long to initiate and waste time in the process. If you have timed yourself
right, you will just about avoid all of the Medusa's gazes taking place around
the room. If however, find yourself being hit by a Medusa's gaze roll away, as
being turned to stone will waste too much time and you will probably fail the

Once you have destroyed the small objects, move on to the larger objects, on
the edge of the room, avoiding the huge statue at the front of the room for
now. Use the same attacks and again work your way around in a clockwise
direction, making sure you are not standing directly in front of a Medusa
statue when breaking one, as you will be turned to stone if it does a Medusa's

When you have finally destroyed the larger statues, you will have one object
left to break, the huge statue at the front. You will need about 6 seconds to
destroy it, so if you have less than 5 seconds left you might as well restart
the challenge. Again use simple [] attacks, and with practice you should be
able to complete the challenge with a few seconds left to spare.

Note: You may find this video by kollgian on very useful, as it
helped me pass this level. Thanks kollgian!

Hint from Garrick Tan: when hitting the statues on the outside + medusas, it is
good to stay in between 2 while tapping [] as it hits both at the same time,
and that can be done in conjunction with hitting the big statue, not needing to
skip it, saving valuable running time!

<==Challenge 5- Epic Brawl (CHA005)===>
Mission: Kill all your enemies                 |
Main Weapon to Use: Gauntlet of Zeus           |
Time Limit?: No                                |
Difficulty: 5/10                               |
After all the previous challenges, you would expect this challenge to be a
nightmare. Given the name, it also seems like a monster challenge. You will,
however, be disappointed (or delighted, depending on which way you look at it).
Whilst this challenge isn't as easy as pie, it isn't too difficult and can 
definitely be finished after a few attempts.

Just a note before you start, you will encounter many big enemies who can be
finished with min-games (when a "()" appears above their heads). I highly
recommend finishing them off in this way when you can.

When you start the challenge, some birds will be spawned. These are tougher
than the birds in challenge 3 but they are still not difficult to kill. Switch
to your Blades of Chaos and hit them once with [] and then press () in their
direction to kill them. Continue doing this even after you see guards spawn
from the ground- remember you are invulnerable whilst killing the birds. If a
guard tries to hit you whilst at work killing the birds just parry or block
their attacks, or press () to cause a bit of damage to them.

When all of the birds are dead, switch to the Gauntlet of Zeus and use the
Olympic Thunder (L + /\) in mid-jump to take care of the guards. Try to clump
them together before using the attack as you will cause more damage this way.
Again, parry or block their attacks when they are about to attack you. Even if
they do, their attacks don't really cause much damage.

Eventually once you've dealt with these, Medusa's will spawn. These will pose
the biggest problem in this Challenge, as the Medusa's gaze can cause instant
death if someone hits you whilst you are turned to stone. Constantly hit them
with [] with the Gauntlet of Zeus to prevent them from using Medusa's gaze.
Another effective attack you can use is the Olympic strike (L + []), without
charging the attack. Continuously doing this pounds the Medusas to the ground,
and they can't really get up, making it extremely useful in this challenge.
More guards will appear but try to focus on the Medusa's primarily, as they are
your biggest threat. If a Medusa does a Medusa's gaze quickly use the Efreet
to damage them and stop the Medusa's gaze. Furthermore, you are protected from
the gaze when using the Efreet. Alternatively you could roll away, but the
Efreet is a more effective option.

Continue using this method and when you have a chance also deal with the
guards. There will be a small pause when new enemies re-spawn, use this time to
get either a crate of health or magic, depending on what you need most (the
crates are to the left and right of the arena).

The medusas will eventually die off and you will be left with guards. Just use
the Olympic Thunder in mid-jump to kill them. After killing these guards two
Cyclopes will join the scene. To kill them, use charged Olympic Strikes (L+[]).
Their attacks are powerful but slow, so roll away when you see that they are
ready to launch an attack. More Cyclopes will appear. If you run short of
health and didn't pick it up before, lure the guards away from the crates and
then run to the health crate and open it. The Cyclopes are too slow and won't
reach you before you reach the health crate. You can also use the Efreet here
to attack them- use a similar tactic if you need to get the magic crate if you
didn't pick it up before.

The Cyclopes will eventually go, use this opportunity to open any magic/health
crates if you haven't already. More Medusa's will now appear- deal with them
the same way you did before. If you run out of magic, just roll away from them
when they are doing a Medusa's gaze. Don't do an Olympic Thunder (L + /\)
attack in the air when near a Medusa, as if you get turned to stone whilst in
the air, you will die when you hit the floor.

Continue pounding the Medusas and guards- there will be plenty of guards
spawning so continue hammering them. More birds will join the fight, so switch
to your Blades of Chaos and hit them with [] before pressing () when facing
them. Remember to try to kill them before the guards, as they are a nuisance
when you are trying to kill the guards. You could use the Olympic Thunder to
kill them too, but it is safer to kill them using the Blades of Chaos in the
way described. There are many birds to deal with so just take your time in
killing them.

Once you are sure the birds are gone, continue killing the guards. A knight
may also show up (in my game, he sometimes shows up, but sometimes doesn't,
I don't know if this is just my game or what). If he appears, attack him with
charged Olympic Strikes (L + []). After enough slaughtering you will finally
complete the challenge, and with it the Challenges of Hades. Hip, hip, horary!

<==Cheats (CHE001)==>
Are you completely stuck, despite all the hours poured into this guide to try
to make completing these challenges as easy as possible? Have I tried but
failed miserably failed to help you via e-mail? Or is it the case that you
simply can't be bothered? Whatever brought you to this section of the guide,
there is an easy way out of the misery of these challenges- for players of God
of War- Chains of Olympus who have the PAL version of the game (generally 
applies to Europe, but it works elsewhere too). To make things very easy, I
have uploaded my profile game save for this game, it is on GameFAQs, so if you
are reading this off another website, go to this address:
The one to download is the one by me (TheGoonerKid). Make sure you backup your
old game save profile in case this does not work. If you want instructions as
to how to upload the game save onto your PSP, see this solution by bdsport445

Not only does this game save complete the Challenge of the Gods for you, it
also unlocks everything, including the treasures unlocked after finishing God
Mode. So if you use this file in conjunction with the file from vanilla_sex on, you will effectively have a complete game (the file by
vanilla_sex is a God Mode game save of the main game). How cool is that!

I can imagine many of you with an NTSC copy of the game feeling a bit left out.
However, I have reason to believe that the game save by JKiii on the same page
also does the same as my game save, but for the NTSC version of the game.

If you have any questions about the game save don't hesitate in contacting me
at the e-mail address above.

Finally, it would be very nice if you at least tried to follow my guide to
complete these challenges, as it will make me feel very sad if all my efforts
went to waste, and it feels a lot better to complete the game yourself :-).  

<==Rewards (REW001)===>
So, you've battled through the 5 Challenges of Hades and finally managed to get
through them. So what do you get in return? The answer, sadly, is not very

You unlock 2 things: a McKratos costume for the main game and "The Lost Levels"
movie. I have to admit I did like the McKratos costume. It definitely makes
you laugh and the cut scenes in the game look hilarious with a guy wearing a
kilt walking around. However, this does get boring eventually and the fact that
he's so powerful makes the game too easy.

The "Lost Levels" movie sounds better than it actually is. Some of the levels
look great and its a shame more weren't added. However, there is no commentary
to explain the levels or why they got dropped and the movie certainly feels
like something they added at the last minute. It's a shame they didn't go into
more detail.

So after all that work, you don't really get much of a reward. One thing you
can take away though is pride that you managed to complete it!

<==Credits (END001)===>
Well first and foremost, a big thank-you must go to the people at Ready at Dawn
and of course the creators of God of War- Chains of Olympus, for making a great
game and filling hours of what could have been boredom time!

Also a big thanks to tYRE_602 on for the hint on how to beat the
minotaur on challenge 3 and kollgian for sharing that YouTube video and helping
me complete challenge 4. Otherwise I could have been stuck for hours on end!
Big thanks also to QUBQ and Garrick for alternative stratergies to challenges
2 and 3, and to Ayden Snell for spotting a typo in challenge 5. Thanks also to
GameFAQs for hosting this guide.

And finally thanks to you for reading this guide. Otherwise it would have been
pointless for me to produce this guide!

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