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Ghostbusters The Video Game



by Mike Penance

                       GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME (PSP)
         FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2010 Mike Penance ([email protected])
                                V E R S I O N   1.0
                     Last Updated:  July 16, 2010  13:35

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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
            - A Word from Mike [01.01]
    2.....Controls [02.00]
    3.....Walkthrough [03.00]
            - Firehouse [03.01]
            - Hotel Sedgewick [03.02]
                 - On the Job Training [03.03]
                 - Slimer's Mitzvah [03.04]
                 - And the Kitchen Sink, Too [03.05]
            - Times Square [03.06]
                 - Marshmallow Hunter [03.07]
                 - Going Up... [03.08]
                 - A Sticky Situation [03.09]
                 - Puffy White Menace [03.10]
                 - The Rise and Fall of Stay Puft [03.11]
            - Public Library [03.12]
                 - A Quick Detour [03.13]
                 - Call of the Gray Lady [03.14]
                 - Shhhhhhhhh... [03.15]
                 - Dark and Damp [03.16]
                 - Wrath of the Collector [03.17]
            - History Museum [03.18]
                 - Dr. Rutherford, I Presume? [03.19]
                 - Opening Night [03.20]
                 - Hot Pursuit [03.21]
                 - Ilyssa Found [03.22]
            - Return to Hotel Sedgewick [03.23]
                 - Under New Management [03.24]
                 - Under New Management II [03.25]
                 - Under New Management III [03.26]
                 - Splitting Up [03.27]
                 - The 13th Floor [03.28]
                 - Lair of the Spider Witch [03.29]
            - Lost Island [03.30]
                 - Rivers of Slime [03.31]
                 - The Slime Labs [03.32]
                 - Black Slime Beast [03.33]
            - Central Park Cemetery [03.34]
                 - The Coming Storm [03.35]
                 - The Necropolis [03.36]
                 - The Architect [03.37]
                 - The Destroyer [03.38]
    4.....Cheats and Codes [04.00]
    5.....Frequently Asked Questions [05.00]
    6.....Credits and Outro [06.00]

 ===== Introduction ================================================ 01.00 ====

     A couple of years after the events of Ghostbusters II, you (yes, you), a
nameless and voiceless lackey (no offence), find yourself in gainful employment
of the New York Ghostbusters.  What does that mean?  It means you're always the
first to be sent somewhere dangerous, and it means you probably have no health
insurance and are likely to die any minute.  Oh, and an entity from beyond the
world of the living is intent on destroying existence.

 ----- A Word from Mike -------------------------------------------- 01.01 ----

     The stylised version of this game gets no love, the portable version even
less.  No-one phones it, no-one writes to it, and no-one buys it a present on
its birthday.  Sure it's not as long or as varied as the realistic version, and
sure Peck's lips don't actually move, but it's a great little game.  I phoned
it, I wrote to it, and I bought it a present on its birthday – this guide is
the result of our correspondence.

 ===== Controls ==================================================== 02.00 ====
       ,' L  ,'                                                 `.  R `.
      /-----'     .-----------------------------------------.     `-----\
     /            |                                         |            \
    /     __      |                                         |      .-.    \
   /     |  |     |                                         |     (/_\)    \
  |   __  \/  __  |                                         |  .-. `-' .-.  |
  |  |__ >  < __| |                                         | ([ ])   ( O ) |
  |       /\      |                                         |  `-' .-. `-'  |
  |      |__|     |                                         |     ( X )     |
  |               |                                         |      `-'      |
  |      .--.     |                                         |               |
   \    (    )    |                                         |              /
    \    `--'     '-----------------------------------------'             /
     \-----.       [Home]                    [Select] [Start]      ,-----'

     L: Interact with objects inside of red circles.  It's also used to access
       the secondary fire function of a weapon (once it has been unlocked), and
       it puts on the Paragoggles while you have the P.K.E. Meter equipped.

     R: Primarily used to fire your weapon, but it is also used to scan things
       while you have the P.K.E. Meter/Paragoggles equipped.

     S: Look/aim left (includes wrangling).

     T: Look/aim up (includes wrangling).

     O: Look/aim right (includes wrangling).

     X: Look/aim down (includes wrangling).

     D-Pad U/D: Collect and throw a Trap respectively.

     D-Pad L/R: Cycle through available weapons.

     Start: Pauses the game and opens the menu.  Yup, exciting.

 ===== Walkthrough ================================================= 03.00 ====

     Due to the fact that it's going to make the layout look really crowded,
I'm only going to highlight the scans relevant to the current level.  If you
scanned Peter on the first level, I don't think there will be a need for me to
keep highlighting that for the rest of the game (likewise, if you didn't scan
him at the first given opportunity, you'd know to scan him next time he showed
up).  Along those lines, I'd also have to find a way to include awkward things
like Ectoplasmic Debilitation every time without it sounding stupid.

 ----- Firehouse --------------------------------------------------- 03.01 ----

     - Art Pages: 2

     Initially, you won't find anything of interest around the Firehouse, so
there's nothing stopping you from going to see Ray.  When you get there, you
will be prompted to join the conversation by stepping into the red interaction
circle and pushing the L button.  After Egon has finished trying to scramble
the contents of Ray's head, you will be told to meet up with your fellow
Ghostbusters downstairs – the fire-poles can now be used for the enjoyment of
yourself and others (mainly yourself).

As you approach Janine's desk, you'll be treated to a little scene of Slimer
making a daring-not-so-daring escape from his makeshift prison, which brings
us nicely to the first mission.  To leave the Firehouse and get things started,
head over to ECTO-1 and do your stuff inside of the interaction circle.
Every time you end up in the Firehouse, you'll find yourself doing something
similar to progress events - just follow the on-screen prompts.

Once you come back from the first mission, you will find the door to the
basement (to the left of Peter's office) open.  In the basement, you will find
[Art Page 1/2 – Allies] and [Art Page 2/2 – Imbued Spirit Vessel].  This is
also where you can find the hard copy of Tobin's Spirit guide.  The portrait of
Vigo in the corner may not have an interaction circle, but you can still have a
little chat with the Carpathian by pressing the appropriate button next to it.

 ----- Hotel Sedgewick --------------------------------------------- 03.02 ----

 ----- On the Job Training ----------------------------------------- 03.03 ----

     Scans: 5
 Art Pages: 1

     Follow Ray and Peter as they casually stroll towards the elevators at the
other side of the lobby.  It takes a little while for them to get there, but
once they do, you'll be given the privilege of pushing the call button.
Once you've arrived at your destination, your Proton Pack will go live – feel
free to start zapping anything and everything to wrack up some easy cash.
Keep following the dynamic duo as they wander down the corridor, as you
approach the corner, you'll encounter Slimer stuffing his face.  You will be
encouraged to zap him good, once you do, he'll be on his merry way.

Peter, having clearly read the script, will opt to stay behind, so it'll just
be you and Ray for the duration of this area.  Follow the corridor around,
once you reach the room at the end, Ray will bestow upon you a P.K.E. Meter.
Continue through the arch in front of you and turn left – the door with the
slime next to it is the one you want to take.  In this room, you'll encounter
Slimer for the second time - by means of ambush, he'll slime you.  Push the L
button to clean yourself off before continuing through the doorway he escaped
through.  The door at the end of the corridor (with the slime next to it) is
clearly where the cool people go.

In this room, Slimer will take refuge inside of a table – blast it to pieces to
send him on his way once again.  Follow him out into the corridor and turn left
– in front of you is [Art Page 1/1 – Animated Objects].  Continue ever-onward,
as you round the corner, Peter will call for assistance, it'll be your job to
go and pick him up.  Once you've revived him (press the L button next to a
fallen comrade), your reward will be the chance to call the elevator again.

Down in the lobby, you'll be accosted by a pair of ghosts.  As a little bonus,
Egon will tell you how to scan ghosts and objects, adding them to your copy of
Tobin's Spirit Guide.  In this area, you'll be able to complete your full list
of scans for today.  Be sure to scan one of the Sous Chef Ghosts [Scan 4/5] and
Slimer [Scan 5/5] (to your right, gorging on the contents of a buffet cart).
After Egon has finished talking, he and your fellow Ghostbusters will start
blasting stuff, chasing the ghosts away - if you want the scans now rather than
later, be quick.

Once the ghosts are gone, take the opportunity to scan Ray [Scan 1/5] and Egon
[Scan 2/5] before they wander off.  Peter [Scan 3/5] also needs scanning, but
he's not going anywhere in a hurry.  Peter will attempt to gain access to the
Alhambra ballroom.  After flatly being denied, he will drag you off to the
kitchen and kick the door open.  Once you enter the kitchen, this mission will
be over.

 ----- Slimer's Mitzvah -------------------------------------------- 03.04 ----

     Scans: 8 (5)
 Art Pages: 5

     Head into the kitchen proper and go right.  The pilot lights on the hobs
signal the arrival of the Kitchen Wisps [Scan 6/8].  Kitchen Wisps are pans,
trays, and what-have-you that have been possessed – they can't do anything
other than hurl themselves at you.  They're small and quite hard to hit, but
the biggest trouble you'll have is scanning one before Peter shoots them all
out of the air.

Navigate your way around the work-surfaces, destroying or simply ignoring any
remaining Kitchen Wisps.  The door at the back of the room is blocked by a
table that when destroyed, yields [Art Page 3/5 – Kitchen Wisps].  Make your
way through the doorway and follow the corridor around to reach the ballroom.
Don't worry about Slimer, he's lovely.  Turn to your left and wander over to
the table in the corner – inside that table, [Art Page 4/5 – Slimer] can be
found.  At the other side of the room, also inside a table, is [Art Page 2/5 –
Animator Sealed Door].  Speaking of ethereal doors, be sure to grab a scan of
the Animator Sealed Door [Scan 5/8] shown in the picture.

To capture Slimer, you'll need to weaken him with the Blast Stream.  Once he's
sufficiently weakened, the Blast Stream will change to a Capture Stream – this
allows you to slam him around by pushing in the direction of the on-screen
prompts.  When Slimer is weak enough to catch (his energy bar is empty and he
stops moving), throw the Trap and use the face buttons to navigate him towards
it.  If you take too long with this, Slimer will get a slither of health back.

With Slimer caught, you'll be thrust into another battle with a pair of Sous
Chef Ghosts [Scan 8/8].  With the aid of your team-mates, capturing the ghosts
won't be a great problem, but they can't do it without you.  Before you lay the
smack down, you can no doubt see [Art Page 5/5 – Sous Chef Ghosts] shimmering
behind the information desk.  To get behind the desk, head around to the right
and blast the door open.

[Art Page 1/5 – Ectoplasmic Debilitation] can be found inside of the only sofa
in the lobby (it's down the stairs).  To finish the scan log, you're going to
have to wait for one of your fellow Ghostbusters to get slimed [Scan 4/8 –
Ectoplasmic Debilitation].  Once the ghosts are gone, follow Egon to the main
staircase – when you're halfway up, it'll collapse, leaving you on your own.
Head through the doorway to finish the level.

 ----- And the Kitchen Sink, Too ----------------------------------- 03.05 ----

     Scans: 12 (7)
 Art Pages: 4

      As you head around the corner, you'll bump into a Sous Chef Ghost, or
rather, it'll bump into you.  At the moment, it can't be caught – all you can
do is weather the storm of Animated Objects [Scan 9/12] that it throws at you,
and chase it down the corridor with the Blast Stream.

When you reach the junction, head right - just around the corner, you will find
[Art Page 3/4 – Possessed Objects].  Return to the main corridor and continue
intrepidly, blasting both the Sous Chef Ghost and any rebellious furniture.
When you reach the end of the line, the ghost will block your way with slime-
covered furniture [Scan 7/12 – Ectoplasmic Material Bonding] – you can clear
the way using your Capture Stream.  Before passing through the door, blast the
trash can to the left of it for [Art Page 2/4 – Ectoplasmic Material Bonding].

Once you mosey through the now-cleared doorway, the Sous Chef Ghost will lock
you in.  It chooses to deal the vast amount of its damage by bludgeoning you
with the various pieces of furniture scattered around the room.  On occasion,
it'll opt to hide inside of something and smack you personally [Scan 10/12 –
Possessed Objects].  Once you've gotten the scan, feel free to vaporise every
bit of furniture you can see – without furniture, the Sous Chef Ghost will be
forced to remain in the open, where it'll be easy prey to the likes of you.

With the ghost captured, the seals will release themselves, allowing Ray, Egon,
and Peter to make a timely appearance.  Make your way through the door in front
of you.  Before you meet up with the Chef, there are a couple of things left to
do.  The shelving to your left contains [Art Page 4/4 – Chef Sargossa], while
the shelving in the top-right corner hides [Art Page 1/4 – Phantom Craftwork].
To drive Chef Sargossa out into the open, you need to use the Capture Stream to
shove the cake [Scan 4/12 – Phantom Craftwork] into the oven.  Once you've done
that, he'll come out to fillet you.

Sargossa attacks by throwing knives and catering trolleys at you.  You'll need
to be quick to avoid the knives, but the trolleys usually cross into a Stream
and get shot down.  Once you have damaged him enough (roughly a quarter of his
energy gone), Sargossa will summon Kitchen Wisps to fill in for him while he
hides in the oven.

Once you've shot them down, he'll come out of hiding, repeating the exact same
attack pattern.  He'll hide again once his energy is down to a quarter, and
then one final time after his energy is down to one bar.  The last time he
comes out of hiding, he will do so after you've destroyed roughly half of the
Kitchen Wisps.  Once the Chef is toast, the mission will complete.

 ----- Times Square ------------------------------------------------ 03.06 ----

 ----- Marshmallow Hunt -------------------------------------------- 03.07 ----

     Scans: 10 (3)
 Art Pages: 4

     Behind the crates to the left is [Art Page 4/4 – Electrokinetic Spectres].
In front of you, you will find your way blocked, but worry ye not, the fallen
masonry can be wrangled out of the way.  At the end of the corridor, you will
need to blast away the security tape covering the door (not like you needed
me to state the obvious or anything, but it's something new).

In the next room, you're tasked with using the Capture Stream to wrangle the
Battery [Scan 6/10 – Battery] into the generator behind it – this unlocks the
door to the right.  Behind the door is yet another simple affair, remove the
slime-covered door in the traditional fashion and head into the next room.
In here, you'll receive the Boson Darts - these can be used to destroy the
gelatinous blockages [Scan 2/10 – Destructor Manifestation Residue] in the
hallway.  To fire a Boson Dart, tap L while firing the Blast Stream.

You only really need to remove the blockage directly in front of you, as both
paths lead to exactly the same place.  Behind that blockage, you will find
[Art Page 1/4 – Destructor Manifestation Residue].  In the open area ahead, you
will have a run-in with a pair of Construction Ghosts [Scan 9/10] – they will
seal the exit to the room [Scan 5/10 – Spirit Barrier], and must both be
defeated before you can progress.

In the next room, you'll encounter a malevolent version of the Manifestation
Residue from earlier [Scan 8/10 – Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue].
Until it is destroyed, it'll create an endless Stream of Marshmallow Minions
[Scan 8/10] for you to deal with.  They're relatively harmless, but will
explode upon contact, covering you with, well, marshmallow (this has the same
effect as being covered in slime).

Behind the Destructor Residue, you will find [Art Page 2/4 – Charged Destructor
Manifestation Residue] and, to the right of it, inside an object, [Art Page 3/4
– Battery].  By now, you'll no doubt have noticed the pair of ghosts hovering
around your face – for the moment, the Electrokinetic Spectre [Scan 10/10]
can't be caught, so focus on the Construction Ghost.

To defeat the Electrokinetic Spectre, you need to pass the discharged Battery
through it as it flies around (mind you, it's quick).  If your Blast Stream
should make contact with the Spectre, your equipment will overheat – might want
to watch out for that.  Once the Battery is charged, the Electrokinetic Spectre
becomes as easy to catch as a regular ghost (because it is).  Now wrangle the
Battery into the generator to power-up the elevator to your right.  Make your
way inside to signal the end of this level.

 ----- Going Up... ------------------------------------------------- 03.08 ----

     Scans: 12 (10)
 Art Pages: 3

     Equip your P.K.E. Meter and head out of the elevator (unless you like it
in there).  Stay Puft is is taking a stroll past the window, give him a little
wave, then use Boson Darts to get rid of the Destructor Manifestation Residue
blocking the exit to this room.  There's another one in the corridor behind it;
so, yeah, destroy it, too.  In the room behind it, beware the Electronic Wisps
[Scan 7/12] invading your space.  Destroy the arcade cabinets using Boson Darts
to prevent any more Wisps from spawning - Ray will make short work of any Wisps
as you go about your task.  There is some more Manifestation Residue blocking
the exit door – get to it, soldier.

In the corridor, ignore the first blocked-off toilet area, as there is nothing
of any interest there.  The second set of toilets is much more interesting –
inside of the cubicles, you will find [Art Page 2/3 – Construction Ghosts].
Head back into the corridor and remove yet another blockage.  Proceed through
the door?  Good idea, Holmes.

In this room, you'll be confronted by some more Electronic Wisps, accompanied
this time by a Printer Paper Zombie [Scan 12/12].  To get rid of the Zombie,
simply wrangle it and attempt a slam – it'll just disintegrate.  However, like
the Wisps, they'll keep spawning until you destroy their spawn point – in this
case, the printer at the back of the room.

Inside of the Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue to the left of where you
entered is [Art Page 2/3 – Printer Paper Zombie].  The Manifestation Residue
just up from it covers the exit.  At the end of the corridor, three Marshmallow
Minions will hurtle through the window – to groove with them, a Printer Paper
Zombie.  In the adjoining room, a Construction Ghost will seal the exit and fly
off.  Ever play hide-and-seek with a ghost?  No?  First time for everything.

Head in the direction it escaped in, of course.  You'll find it hiding in the
table near the kitchen door – blast it to send the ghost scurrying for another
hiding place.  Head into the kitchen, then through into the lounge – destroy
the sofa to reveal [Art Page 1/3 – Electronic Wisps].  Make your way back into
the kitchen and blast the cabinet in the left corner to send the ghost running
for cover once more.  It'll head out through the door closest to it, follow it
and turn left.  It's hiding in the table that you can't really miss – yeah,
table go boom.  No longer in the mood to hide, the ghost will fly off to find
an object to bludgeon you insensible with.

Once you've shown that ghost who's boss, the exit will unlock.  Make your way
through it and climb the stairs.  At the foot of the first flight, prepare to
deal with some Marshmallow Minions.  More will appear as you reach the top of
the second flight, then again at the top of the sixth.  Just keep heading up to
finish this level.

 ----- A Sticky Situation ------------------------------------------ 03.09 ----

     Scans: 12 (10)
 Art Pages: 3

     Make your way through the door to your right, you'll need to clear the way
of Destructor Manifestation Residue before you can proceed.  In the next room,
quickly dispose of the piles of Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue to
both prevent Marshmallow Minions from spawning and to uncover the exit.  In the
following room, dispose of yet more Charged Residue, then wrangle the nearby
Battery through the conveniently-placed Electrokinetic Spectre (the Battery is
opposite the entry door)

Take the Battery down the corridor found in the bottom-left corner of the room.
After a little walk, you'll arrive in the generator room.  Slap the Battery in
the generator, then blast the boards to the right of it to find [Art Page 2/3 –
Marshmallow Minions].  Head out through the other door – this leads to the
boardroom and another Battery-charging faff-on.  Once you have placed both
Batteries, the door back at where you started will open.  You need to go
through that very door, obviously.

The little corridor brings you out in a room where you'll need to remove some
more Charged Residue.  The one in the top-left corner of the room harbours
[Art Page 1/3 – Spirit Barrier].  The Manifestation Residue in the top-right
blocks the exit door.  Follow the corridor to its conclusion and remove one
final blockage.

Out on the roof, Stay Puft [Scan 12/12] is trying to make friends with Ilyssa
[Scan 3/12].  Ignore the puffy white one for a moment, as inside the chair in
the corner, you will find [Art Page 3/3 – Stay Puft].  To make him cease his
scary love, blast his hand with Boson Darts until he recoils.  While he's
recovering, you can dash over to Ilyssa.  Follow her and head up the stairs to
end this adventure in s'mores.

 ----- Puffy White Menace ------------------------------------------ 03.10 ----

     Scans: 6 (5)
 Art Pages: 1

     [Art Page 1/1 – Ilyssa] can be found in the bottom-right corner of the
roof.  The Gargoyles [Scan 5/6] can easily be taken out of the air with Boson
Darts – they tend to hover quite a bit before attacking (or get caught up in
the beams of your fellow Ghostbusters), so don't worry about missing.

Once you've rid the rooftop of Gargoyles (you'll know when you're close, as
Marshmallow Minions will make an appearance), Stay Puft will join the party.
With the exception of spewing Minions, Stay Puft will refrain from attacking
you.  Blasting his hands with Boson Darts will quickly deplete his energy and
send him plummeting from the side of the building.

 ----- The Rise and Fall of Stay Puft ------------------------------ 03.11 ----

     Scans: 3 (3)
 Art Pages: 0

     While it's not entirely necessary to wrangle and return the masonry that
Stay Puft hurls at you, it's a pretty pain-free method of dealing damage (you
will need to avoid them or wrangle them, anyway, may as well make use of them).
Boson Darts are the main method of dealing damage here and, of course, are
more than useful for shooting down any blobs of Destructor Manifestation
Residue that'll come your way.  Amongst this is a liberal sprinkling of (fast-
moving) Marshmallow Minions, so don't get carried away and let your equipment
overheat – it'll be the end of you if it does.

Once Stay Puft is suitably pissed off with your antics, he'll grab hold of a
passing news-copter and hurl it at you (apparently, they have parachutes in
helicopters now) – you should definitely avoid it, as it'll remove half of your
health should it hit.  The helicopter is Stay Puft's final gambit, he doesn't
have anything left to surprise you with.

 ----- Public Library ---------------------------------------------- 03.12 ----

 ----- A Quick Detour ---------------------------------------------- 03.13 ----

     Scans: 9 (6)
 Art Pages: 2

     Turn right and head into the alcove, then right again.  As you approach
the statues, a pair of Library Phantasms [Scan 9/9] will break free and head
upstairs.  Approach them for a second time, and they will fly off again - one
will head further into the building, but the other one is now hovering happily
above the lobby.  Blast it and, as tradition dictates, it'll flee again.
The fencing in the left side of the alcove is now covered in slime, so you can
wrangle it to pieces and continue your journey.

In here, you will have to face off against one of Phantasms you just chased,
along with a flock of Book Bats [Scan 5/9].  Luckily for you, you've just
gained access to the Shock Blast.  The Shock Blast behaves just like a shotgun,
making short work of anything dumb enough to be within effective range.  It is
especially good at a crowd control and at depleting the primary energy bar of
spooks such as this Phantasm (Phantasms are essentially slightly tougher Sous
Chef Ghosts).  With the Phantasm caught, the locked doors will open.

Head out through the only other exit from this area and cut an immediate left,
through the opening behind the door.  Take the stairs and follow the path
around to the right – the table at the end houses [Art Page 1/2 – Book Bats].
Make your way back down and continue the way you would have been heading had I
not stopped you so rudely.

In the room at the bottom of all those stairs, you will now be able to use the
Paragoggles.  This fashionable piece of eye-wear allows you to see and scan
things you may not normally be able to.  Wander around to the left, then take a
look to the right – the second bookcase on the right wall holds [Art Page 2/2 –
The Gray Lady].  Speaking of the weird silence-seeker, she's lurking in front
of the bookcases opposite the entrance.  Put on your Paragoggles and attempt to
grab a scan of her – she doesn't take too kindly to this, and promptly flees,
opening the (exit) door opposite the Art Page you just grabbed.

 ----- Call of the Gray Lady --------------------------------------- 03.14 ----

     Scans: 11 (8)
 Art Pages: 4

     Head down the stairs and through into the library proper.  You have no
choice but to cut a sharp left and head around that way, as the bookcases here
will shift to block your path as you approach.  After a little walking (and a
Book Bat to the face), you'll bump into the Library Phantasm from earlier – a
little light persuasion will see it flee.

After the next corner, there's nothing to do but continue onward - you can't go
right at the junction, only left.  As you round the corner, you'll be warned
of Ghost Snares [Scan 3/11].  Equip your Paragoggles now and you will espy one.
They do tiny amounts of damage when stepped on, and cannot be destroyed (they
do not dissipate after being activated, either) – in most cases, you can just
step where you like.

Keep heading straight and take the next corner sharply to find [Art Page 3/4 –
Cold Spots].  You may be able to see it, but you can't quite reach it; however,
you can get around to it via the next turning.  There's a Ghost Snare between
you and the page, but it can't be avoided, so don't cry.  Follow the path to
get out of this little section.

When this brings you out into a slightly larger area, head right.  As you reach
the junction, the path to the right will be blocked.  Turn a little to the
right and blast the bookcase to reveal [Art Page 1/4 – Ghost Snares].  Go right
and straight across (that's diagonal, Holmes) to reach the exit.

Head left and blast the table to reveal [Art Page 2/4 – Symmetrical Stacking].
While we're on the subject, turn to your right and scan the pile of books
[Scan 6/11 – Symmetrical Stacking].  If you head towards them, a Literature
Page Zombie [Scan 11/11] will appear.  They're almost identical to the Printer
Paper Zombies from earlier, but just a little angrier (read: really powerful),
due to being composed entirely of pages from Jeffrey Archer novels.  In groups,
you will have to give them your utmost attention, by themselves, only
carelessness will see you fall.  Follow the path around to the exit.

At the junction of the corridor, the Phantasm will go flying across to the
left.  You can't go right, so, y'know, left it is.  In the room at the end, you
will be locked in and forced to do battle with the Phantasm.  The Phantasm will
employ objects and Book Bats to do its bidding - providing you make ample use
of the Shock Blast, it won't be much of a fight.  With the Phantasm caught, the
exit door will open, however, we're not done here just yet - the stack of books
opposite the door you entered by hold [Art Page 4/4 – Library Phantasms].

 ----- Shhhhhhhhh... ----------------------------------------------- 03.15 ----

     Scans: 9 (8)
 Art Pages: 3

     If you turn to the left, you will find [Art Page 1/3 – Poltergeist Effect]
inside of the crates.  Head through the doorway and get ready to face a group
of Literature Page Zombies.  Like I said, one is manageable, but three will
drop you before you can blink - lure them back to Ray for some tag-team action.
This area is big and square, to get to the exit, keep going straight, then turn
right.  Unless you're blind, you'll see another group of Literature Page
Zombies along the way.

In the next area, head straight and turn left at the end.  The Gray Lady is
milling around here – to make progress, you'll need to whip out the Paragoggles
and attempt to scan her again.  You'll need to fight off the Book Bats as you
make your way back to the previous area – the door to the left is now open.
Out in the corridor, a funky Phantasm will zoom past you – the door behind you
will now open, releasing a couple of Literature Page Zombies and sending them
in the direction of Ray.  Don't worry too much, they'll get themselves stuck on
the door, making them easy targets.

Make your way through the door in question and turn right, into the reading
room.  The Library Phantasm will seal the exit door and split itself up into
several smaller versions of itself.  These mini-Phantasms will hide themselves
around the room – to unlock the door, you'll need to find them all and capture
the Library Phantasm once it reforms.  Before you set about that, the second
room to your left holds [Art Page 2/3 – Literature Page Zombie].  When it comes
to searching out the ghosts hidden throughout the main area, don't think about
it, just blast the bookshelves to pieces using the Shock Blast.

Once you've dealt with the Phantasm and passed through the door, you'd better
get ready for a boss battle, suckers!  The Book Golem [Scan 9/9] is, for the
moment, worth ignoring.  Behind the bookcase to the left of it, inside of the
pile of books, you will find [Art Page 3/3 – Book Golem].  The Book Golem
teleports around the central area, leaving a group of Book Bats each time it
does.  Of course, given the chance, it'll punch you in the face really hard.

To expose its weak points, make copious use of the Shock Blast.  Once you've
done that, Ray, being a pretty sharp guy, will most likely take care of it
before you can switch to the Blast Stream – just keep the Book Bats off him to
make sure he keeps the correct target.  You only need to do this another four
times to finish it off.  Once that's done, the exit will open up.

 ----- Dark and Damp ----------------------------------------------- 03.16 ----

     Scans: 13 (7)
 Art Pages: 2

     Destroy the bookcase to the left to find a room containing [Art Page 1/2 –
The Gozerian Codex].  Head out of the only other exit in this area and whip out
your Paragoggles – the Gray Lady is directly under those multicoloured orbs.
Like previously, you won't have time to scan her before she flees.  The exit to
this room is straight across, behind the bookcases (head around to the right if
you want to avoid the Ghost Snare).

In here, you'll face a Book Centurion [Scan 11/13] – you'll need to remove its
shield before you can destroy it.  Feel free to use your fellow Ghostbusters as
meat shields as you do just that.  Once the weak point is revealed, expect them
to rip it a new one extremely quickly (there's another one at the opposite side
of the bookcase).

There doesn't appear to be an obvious way out of this room, however, there's an
not-so-obvious way out.  The free-standing bookcase near the second Centurion
conceals an exit.  Destroy it and descend the stairs.  In the room at the
bottom, head around to the right and approach the book on the stand [Scan 4/13
– The Gozerian Codex] – if you want to scan it sooner than later, do so before
you get too close.

Once you get close enough to it, it will summon four weak Library Phantasms to
plague you (their energy depletes really fast).  Once you have dealt with them,
exit this area via the top-right corner.  For your entertainment, yet another
corridor and another set of stairs to descend.  At the bottom, you'll need to
use the Paragoggles to reveal a path [Scan 7/17 – Floating Platforms] to the
exit.  Just one more staircase before your appointment with the Gray Lady.

In the room at the bottom, you will find the Gray Lady [Scan 12/13] standing
behind her desk, browsing the Gozerian Codex from earlier.  Inside the glowing
yellow pile of stuff behind her, you will find [Art Page 2/2 – Transmogrified
Gray Lady].  To annoy her suitably, approach the desk and take the Codex using
the L button.  The Transmogrified Gray Lady [Scan 13/13] will fly around the
room, summoning Book Bats, and screaming like an idiot while throwing the
occasional hardback at you.

Until you destroy the book-stands forming a barrier around her, she will be
impervious to your attacks – the Shock Blast does the job of shooting them down
quite nicely (she moves far too fast for you to be able to even consider trying
to aim).  Once the shield is down, she becomes easier to scan (read: slower)
and, of course, is now vulnerable to your weapons.  Despite the loss of the her
shield, her attacks remain the same.  Once she's been silenced, an exit portal
[Scan 8/13 – Ethereo-spacial Rift] will appear (take it, there will be cake).

 ----- Wrath of the Collector -------------------------------------- 03.17 ----

     Scans: 9 (8)
 Art Pages: 3

     The third shelf of the bookcase to the left (the side closest to the wall)
houses [Art Page 2/3 – Ethereo-spacial Rift].  To continue, head into the
portal.  On the other side, there's nothing to do other than run around to the
next one.  It's equally true at the other side of that one.  The first bookcase
on the left (around the corner) holds [Art Page 1/3 – The Abyss].  Proceed up
the steps and head into the portal.

Within three seconds of exiting this portal, Ray manages to single-handily piss
off a demigod [Scan 9/9] – Azetlor, The Collector].  [Art Page 3/3 – Azetlor,
The Collector] can be found along the left wall.  Wrangle the projectiles that
Azetlor spits at you and propel them back at him using the Boson Darts (aim for
the head).  Once he's stunned, the weak points on his whiskers will be revealed
(a big give away is that they turn blue).  Simply wrangle one of these weak
points and go for a slam.

In response to this, he'll send a swarm of Book Bats at you, along with a Book
Centurion.  After some more Book Bats and a crafty spit attack, he'll send out
some more projectiles.  Two more of these blasted into his face will reveal his
weak points once more.  With another weak point destroyed, he'll step up his
game and send four more Book Centurions at you, accompanied with more Book
Bats.  One more shot to the face should stun him again.  After his third weak
point has been destroyed, he'll gain the ability to body-slam the floor – this
has limited range, and certainly won't hit you if you keep back.

In direct response to the third weak point being destroyed, he will send out
two Book Centurions and a Book Golem.  Just stick to revealing the weak points
and you'll see your fellow Ghostbusters bring them down in no time at all.
One more shot to the face will reveal Azetlor's final weak point.  Once it's
gone, he's clearly done, and you're clearly awesome.

 ----- History Museum ---------------------------------------------- 03.18 ----

 ----- Dr. Rutherford, I Presume ----------------------------------- 03.19 ----

     Scans: 9 (4)
 Art Pages: 4

     Head down to the right and up the ramp – you can exit this area by using
the gate control.  Follow the path around, being sure to stop at the pool of
Black Slime [Scan 3/9].  Use the newly-acquired Slime Blower to disperse the
slime and allow access to the gate control on the wall.  In the next area, go
left, in the top corner to your right is [Art Page 1/4 – Black Slime].

If you could just pretend you didn't run left, and instead went straight down
the middle, that'd be great.  Remove the Black Slime in front of the door and
mosey on through it.  At the end of the corridor, stop just outside of the
doorway – that ghost inside happens to be a Wayward Possessor [Scan 8/9].
At the moment, it's more wayward than possessor, so enter the room - it'll
smash some things and fly off.  Follow it and make your way down the corridor.

In the next room, look behind the crates to your left to find [Art Page 2/4 –
Plasmic Resonance].  Turn around to face the crates behind you [Scan 5/9 –
Plasmic Resonance].  Those particular crates are useless, but the ones to
their left block the exit.  Simply coat a crate in slime, then wrangle it out
of the way.  For future reference, the Paragoggles will highlight objects such
as these.

Blast through the barricade and proceed down the corridor.  Make your way
through another barricade and into the next room, then use the Blast Stream to
destroy the suspicious crate.  Dr. Rutherford, I presume (yeah, I said it).
Follow Dr. Rutherford into the restoration department – inside, head right to
find [Art Page 4/4 – Snot Hogs].  Speaking of which, you should start blasting
stuff to chase the one hiding in this room out into the open.

Other than slime you and interrupt your attacks, Snot Hogs [Scan 9/9] are
mostly harmless (but still ugly).  Head out of this room through the only other
exit, and down another boring corridor.  Things get a little more fun as Ray
finds himself possessed [Scan 6/9 – Psychokinetic Biological Inhabitation].
Drive the Possessor out of him using the Slime Blower, then capture as normal.

Make your way through the door Ray was heading out of before he got waylaid.
On your travels along this corridor, you should easily spot [Art Page 3/4 –
Psychokinetic Biological Inhabitation].  Keep heading straight, once you head
through the doors at the end, this level is done.

 ----- Opening Night ----------------------------------------------- 03.20 ----

     Scans: 14 (10)
 Art Pages: 4

     The second bench on the right-hand wall contains [Art Page 1/4 – Peck].
Follow the corridor all the way around, ignoring the turning to the right.
In the room at the end, destroy the second locker to the left for [Art Page 4/4
– Wayward Possessors].  Make your way back to the turning you previously
ignored and head through the doors.

In the lobby, be sure to scan the Obelisk [Scan 7/14] that dominates the centre
of the area, along with your good friend, Peck [Scan 5/14].  Ilyssa has been
kidnapped by spooks.  Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ilyssa?  Wait, no,
scratch that, her impromptu flying lesson makes it impossible at the moment.
Down the left side of the lobby, you will find [Art Page 2/4 – Obelisk].

You have three Wayward Possessors to deal with.  They're more in the mood to
hurl projectiles than take up residence inside of your fellow Ghostbusters.
Everyone else, however, seems to be fair game.  Remember that the Slime Blower
is your friend.  With the Possessors banished, Ilyssa floats off, accompanied
thereafter by a set of ghosts from inside of the Obelisk.

Slime the shutter and wrangle it up.  In the museum proper, clear away the
Black Slime in order to make progress.  In the next area, get ready for a
showdown with a Black Slime Floater [Scan 14/14].  You can't hope to deal
damage to it with your conventional weapons, instead, you need use the Slime
Blower to remove the Black Slime covering it.  Once the slime is gone, so is
its primary energy bar, meaning you can jump straight to wrangling it.

Make your way through the gate and follow the corridor around to the next room.
Destroy the table in the centre to reveal [Art Page 3/4 – Hidden Doors].
Yeah, big hint, right?  If you put on your Paragoggles and take a look in the
direction of the puddle of Black Slime, you will see the exit door [Scan 8/14 –
Hidden Doors].  Coat the area in slime to make the door visible, thus, usable.

 ----- Hot Pursuit ------------------------------------------------- 03.21 ----

     Scans: 19 (14)
 Art Pages: 6

     Follow the corridor around – in the room at the end, a pair of Snot Hogs
will bar the exit.  To make things sightly awkward, they'll both fly off in
separate directions.  Because I say so, head right, into the Mayan exhibit.
In the main room, the Mayan Mannequins [Scan 13/19] will animate and attack
you.  They're not so great a problem that the Boson Darts won't stop them.
However, inside each one, you will find a Wayward Possessor.  Once they're
dealt with, the shutter at the other side of the room will raise.

Keep yourself entertained as you make your way down yet another corridor.
In the middle of the room it leads to, you'll face a Black Slime Floater.
Before you make with the puzzle-solving, the second mannequin in the top-left
corner of the room holds [Art Page 2/6 – Mayan Mannequins].  There are three
stone balls on plinths near the entrance door.

The aim is to fire these stone balls through hoops near the ceiling using the
Boson Darts (be sure to slime them first).  If you're not quick, you'll have to
face more Black Slime Floaters.  The fourth ball is inside of the first display
case in the top-right corner – you can't see it without the Paragoggles, but it
becomes visible once slimed.  With all four balls in place, the exit will open.

In the room at the end of the next corridor, the Snot Hog will spring from the
casket to do battle with you.  Once you've nabbed it, head down the stairs at
the back of the room.  At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find, well, nothing
– use the Slime Blower to reveal a door.  If you haven't already noticed, it
leads back to the lobby.  This time, amigo, you'll be heading left, into the
Egyptian exhibit.

Another corridor, I know, but this one sees an Egyptian Mannequin [Scan 14/19]
spring to life and attempt to kill you as you round the corner.  Around the
next corner, destroy the lifeless mannequin to find [Art Page 3/6 – Egyptian
Mannequin].  Head down the stairs and into the room – the Flaming Skulls
[Scan 15/19] here are only slightly worse than Book Bats (they go down just
the same, too).

Out in the next corridor, blast the Anubus statue to make a new friend in
[Art Page 4/6 – Flaming Skull].  In the room at the bottom of the stairs, slime
the Mayan calendar to the right and wrangle it over the Black Slime Well
[Scan 5/19].  Head up the stairs to the left to find [Art Page 1/6 – Black
Slime Well].

Ignore the Black Slime Floater and bring the broken piece of calendar you saw
in the main room up here.  The second piece is actually where it should be, but
you won't see it until you slime it.  Once you wrangle the broken piece into
the slot on the wall, it'll reform – you can now use it to seal the Black Slime
Well you found the piece next to.

Capture the Black Slime Floater, then slime the wall behind the third Well to
make a calendar drop into place.  The second Snot Hog will now make an
appearance.  Once you've caught it, the exit door will open up, along with the
doors to the Ghetty exhibit back in the lobby.  The exit door, once again,
leads around to an invisible door that leads back to the lobby.

Inside, destroy the uniform on the opposite side of the flag wall to find
[Art Page 6/6 – Civil War Ghosts].  The main area is stuffed full of Civil War
Ghosts [Scan 19/19] that are mostly worth ignoring.  The only ghosts that you
should be interested in are the two flag-bearers – they each carry a key to the
exit, and once caught, signal the end of the battle for the rest of the ghosts.

After some chit-chat at the end of the corridor, the security gates will open,
and you'll be reunited with the others.  Destroy the structure to the right of
the door to find [Art Page 5/6 – Black Slime Floater].  Heading through the
door to the left of this area will end this level.

 ----- Ilyssa Found ------------------------------------------------ 03.22 ----

     Scans: 12 (18)
 Art Pages: 3

     As you approach the corner, part of the Obelisk from earlier will come to
greet you.  You know what that means, right?  Someone somewhere is missing an
Obelisk.  In the lobby, you will be attacked by Hound Demons [10/12].
Hound Demons, well, consider them to be slightly more energetic Marshmallow

To the right of where you entered, [Art Page 1/3 – Hound Demons].  Inside of
the statue to the left, you'll find [Art Page 3/3 – Black Slimed T-Rex Skull].
At the opposite side of the room, inside a pot plant, is [Art Page 2/3 – Black
Slimed T-Rex].  Yeah, they're painting a pretty picture.  Once you've dealt
with the Black Slime Floaters, the Mandala [Scan 7/12] will activate, bringing
that skeleton to life.

Keep your distance from the Black Slimed T-Rex [Scan 11/12], as its tail swipe
has a massive range and deals plenty of damage.  Use the Slime Blower to reveal
its weak point – once the primary energy bar is gone, you'll be prompted to
wrangle its head and smash it into the floor.  Once you've done that, well, you
won't have to worry about the tail any more.

Much stronger, and certainly stranger, give a warm welcome to the Black Slimed
T-Rex Skull [Scan 12/12].  While still totally vital, the Slime Blower will
only temporarily remove the coating from the skull, rather than expose any weak
points.  Once the coating is gone, let loose with the Shock Blast or Boson
Darts to chip away at its health.  And remember, just because it's got no body,
it doesn't mean nobody can get hurt – the projectiles it spits deals quite a
bit of damage, and can quite easily put you down for the count if you don't
back off occasionally.

 ----- Return to Hotel Sedgewick ----------------------------------- 03.23 ----

 ----- Under New Management ---------------------------------------- 03.24 ----

     Scans: 19 (14)
 Art Pages: 4

To get past the barriers [Scan 5/19 – Spider Webs], use the newly-acquired
Stasis Stream (L with the Shock Blast equipped) to freeze them, then use the
Shock Blast to shatter them.  Ignore the ghosts [Scan 14/19 – Docile Echoes]
milling around the lobby, and head down the stairs - inside the debris to the
left is [Art Page 2/4 – Docile Echoes].

Make your way over to the elevator which, of course, isn't powered – instead,
you'll be offered an open door to the right.  The door is blocked by some more
debris, but you know how to deal with that by now.  At the foot of the stairs,
you'll see [Art Page 3/4 – Malevolent Echoes].  This way is a no-go, so head
back the way you came.

Said Malevolent Echoes [Scan 15/19] now appear in abundance.  If you thought
that any of the previous enemies were nasty, you're in for a rude awakening –
despite going down with relative ease to the Shock Blast and Boson Darts, they
do ridiculous damage and nearly always come in groups.  Once you make it over
to the elevators, they'll vanish.

During this little breather, it'll be decided that you'll need to head through
the kitchen again.  Oh, and your friends are back in force.  Once you get to
the ballroom, your plans will change once again, as you'll be sealed out and
ambushed by more Malevolent Echoes and a trio of Hotel Phantasms [Scan 17/19].
You don't need me to tell you that the Echoes are your priority here – if you
need some breathing room, use the Stasis Stream to keep the Phantasms glued to
the spot.  Once you've dealt with the Phantasms, the door to the ballroom will
open, and the exit will await.

 ----- Under New Management II ------------------------------------- 03.25 ----

     Scans: 19 (18)
 Art Pages: 4 (2)

     The Alhambra ballroom has seen better days.  As you approach the centre of
the room, a pair of Docile Echoes and a pair of Hotel Phantasms will appear.
The Echoes are just for effect, mind you, it's the Phantasms keeping you locked
in here.  While we're on the subject of Hotel Phantasms, they'll exhibit the
ability to possess your fellow Ghostbusters, rendering them immobile.

Once the Phantasms have been relocated to the bottom of a Trap, the exit will
unlock.  Once you destroy the first Spider Web in the corridor, you will be
greeted by its owner – Spider Scuttlers [Scan 16/19] are incredibly weak, so
expect individuals to go down long before you get the chance to scan them (you
will see so many later, you'll be sick of them).  Inside of the third web, you
will reveal [Art Page 1/4 – Spider Webs].  The other Spider Webs, you may be
surprised to hear, also contain Scuttlers.

In the next area, blast the chair on the wall in front of you (slightly to the
left) to discover [Art Page 4/4 – Hotel Phantasms].  Ghost Snares litter the
kitchen, and the Docile Echoes periodically transform into their Malevolent
counterparts, so keep your eyes open at all times.  In the very last room of
the area, an Electrokinetic Spectre (this one being a Sous Chef Ghost) will
make an entrance.

In the top-right corner of this area, you will find the Battery you should have
been expecting (this particular Battery requires a little slime before you can
wrangle it).  Once you've done your thing, you'll need to find the generator it
fits in.  The generator room is, well, stand in the doorway and look straight
ahead – the door all the way across the other side of the kitchen is the one
you want.

In the little corridor before the generator room proper, you'll see another
Battery, you'll obviously be wanting that in a minute.  Stick the newly-charged
Battery into the generator, then slime and wrangle the other one out into the
kitchen – conveniently, another Electrokinetic Spectre appears and provides the
means to charge it.

After you've provided the generator with another Battery, make your way out of
the generator room and head right, into the next area.  At the end of it is
another Battery and another Electrokinetic Spectre.  With the generator fully-
working, the door in the room where you found the first Battery will open,
strut through it to exit the level.

 ----- Under New Management III ------------------------------------ 03.26 ----

     Scans: 19 (19)
 Art Pages: 4 (4)

     Head through the door and out into the lobby.  After a pitifully small
wave of Malevolent Echoes, this level will actually end.  Yeah, I know.

 ----- Splitting Up ------------------------------------------------ 03.27 ----

     Scans: 13 (12)
 Art Pages: 4

     You can only head straight, so do it, eh?.  To the right, [Art Page 2/3 –
Phantom Labyrinth] can be found.  Return to the elevator and head left with the
Paragoggles equipped.  After the little cut-scene this produces, everything
changes.  Head back the way you came and blast the Malevolent Echoes, then make
your way through the door to the left.

The door to the right is a portal.  All the other doors you see here are worth
ignoring.  It's worth pointing out that if you're somehow too slow, the Docile
Echoes will become Malevolent, and we know what that means.  The portal throws
you out into short corridor - both the Ghost Snares and the exit portal here
are constantly on the move.  You can't simply wait for the portal to appear in
the doorway nearest to you, as it only alternates between the three doorways at
the top.  Needless to say, use the Paragoggles to find one and avoid the other.

You can only head left from where the portal drops you, the door in the top-
right corner can be wrangled off its hinges, revealing a portal.  Another room,
one re-spawning Malevolent Echo, many doorways, one constantly-moving portal.
You know how it works.  Follow the corridor around until you're unrighteously
denied, then head through the door that's presented to you.

Inside of the chair in front of you is [Art Page 1/3 – Entropic Bias].  You see
that purple, spiky wall of death?  Yeah, that's the Entropic Bias [Scan 7/13]
in question.  Use the Stasis Stream to lock it in place long enough for you to
tango past it.  Head through the door to be reunited with Egon.  Approach the
door ahead of you to see it promptly sealed tight with four Spirit Locks.

Attempting to head back the way you came sees the path blocked and a door open.
Inside of this room, destroy the chair to reveal a Hotel Phantasm with a key.
In the adjoining room, another hides inside of the bed.  Out in the corridor,
you'll be blocked again and forced to head straight.  In this room, the table
behind the door hides the third Hotel Phantasm.  The next room is clean, but
the bathtub in the en suite holds the final Hotel Phantasm.  With all four
lining the bottom of a Trap, the sealed door will now open (you'll have to deal
with a couple of Malevolent Echoes on the way back, but nothing serious).

You'll find Room 1221 hiding directly in front of you.  As with all invisible
doors, simply slime the area to make it appear – I recommend, however, that you
are not standing in front of the door as you do so, as a multitude of Spider
Scuttlers will pour forth and chew on you.  Inside the room, to the right, is
[Art Page 3/3 – Spider Witch].  Head through the the Spider Witch's portal to
exit the level.

 ----- The 13th Floor ---------------------------------------------- 03.28 ----

     Scans: 12 (11)
 Art Pages: 4

     Before you can continue, you'll have to break through the Spider Web in
front of you.  If I can turn your attention towards the right, there will be
roughly twelve million Spider Scuttlers heading quickly in your direction.
Normally, I'd suggest running like a girl, but [Art Page 3/4 - 13th Floor
Effect] is just right there.

The remainder of this corridor is nothing but an exercise in breaking Spider
Webs.  At the junction, head straight and break the chair for [Art Page 4/4 –
Spider Scuttlers].  The right path at the junction, the one you just ignored,
leads around to a room containing a Spectral Spawning Husk [Scan 2/12] – to you
and me, that's just a big egg sack.

In here, two Hotel Phantasms will appear and seal the door.  As per tradition,
defeat the timorous wee beasties to unseal it (there's a Spider Web covering
the door, by the way).  Before you continue, destroy the chair in the top-left
corner of the room to discover [Art Page 1/4 – Spectral Spawning Husks].

Things get a little twisted (literally) out in the corridor, but it's all for
effect - continue undaunted.  There are three doors in the floor, each sealed
with a Spider Web.  It doesn't matter which one you choose, as they all lead to
the same place, however, doors two and three are Scuttler-free.

In the ballroom below, there's another pair of Hotel Phantasms and a bunch of
Spider Scuttlers to clear away.  With them gone, destroy the Spider Webs in the
traditional fashion to make the large portrait drop down, forming a way out of
pit (when you drop down, there'll be a few more Spider Scuttlers to fight).

At the other side, slime and remove the door to the right, then wrangle it over
to the door-shaped outline on the wall to create the exit.  Behind the mass of
Spectral Spawning Husks in the next area, you'll find [Art Page 2/4 – Floating
Platforms].  Wait for the first platform to land, then hop on it for hoots and

The aim here is to step across to the next platform as they pass.  If you're
having trouble with the timing, remember that you can use the Stasis Stream to
lock both platforms in place.  You need to do this one more time to reach the
exit (you'll get a visit from some Spider Scuttlers here).  In the corridor,
there are a few more Spider Scuttlers to kill, along with an elevator that sees
this level finished once you step inside.

 ----- Lair of the Spider Witch ------------------------------------ 03.29 ----

     Scans: 6 (4)
 Art Pages: 2

     Just for the moment, ignore the Transmogrified Spider Witch [Scan 6/6], as
[Art Page 1/2 – Mandala] found to your right and [Art Page 2/2 – Transmogrified
Spider Witch] to your left are much more interesting.  Now, back to the action.
The Spider Witch drops down from the ceiling and shoots bolts of energy at you
– freeze and shatter her web before she pulls herself out of range, and she'll
crash to the ground.

While she happens to be grounded, keep your distance - you can't damage her,
anyway (you might want to take this time to eliminate any Spider Scuttlers that
are nipping at your heels).  When she's lost half of her health, she'll start
moving around after she falls (she won't target you during this time) – again,
keep your distance.  After which, she'll make a web on the nearest wall.

The idea here is to remove the webbing around her so that she falls.  If there
is any webbing between her and the ground, regardless of how far she falls, she
will save herself.  Once you've made her fall, she'll change walls.  Once she
runs out of health, you'll need to do it one more time to force her to revert
to her Spider Witch [Scan 5/6] form.  In this form, she'll put up no resistance
to being wrangled and trapped.

 ----- Lost Island ------------------------------------------------- 03.30 ----

 ----- Rivers of Slime --------------------------------------------- 03.31 ----

     Scans: 13 (7)
 Art Pages: 6

     No time to stand around, there's a pair of blade-wielding Cultist Ghosts
[Scan 12/13] are here and ready to cut you a new one.  They're a bit like Black
Slime Floaters, but they're only coated in Black Slime, rather than being
composed entirely of it (making it easy to remove the coating, and making them
weak versus conventional weapons).  Make sure to grab [Art Page 5/6 – Vigo the
Carpathian] from the crate to the right before you head out of this area.

As you make your way out of this room, a new weapon will be unlocked, the Slime
Mine.  Hold the L button while you have the Slime Blower selected to charge a
Slime Mine.  Slime Mines are excellent for dealing with the multitude of Black
Slime enemies you'll deal with from now until the end of the game.  Right, now
you can head down the corridor.  When the portcullis closes behind you, you'll
be assailed by Black Slime Spawn [Scan 11/13] – they're not at all terrible,
and can be washed away easily with the Slime Blower.

At the junction, you'll meet your very first Black Slime Scuttler [Scan 10/13]
– their Black Slime coating renders them immune to conventional weapons and,
when removed, sends the Scuttler into a frenzy (increasing its speed greatly).
While at a distance, it'll spit blobs of Black Slime at you.  Once its coating
is gone, however, it dies really quickly.  Remove the Black Slime in the corner
and destroy the debris to the right for [Art Page 3/6 – Black Slime Scuttlers].

Follow the corridor around to its conclusion to find the river of slime alluded
to in the title.  Head left – the debris here can be slimed and wrangled out of
your way.  Before continuing, make sure to scan the yellow container [Scan 3/13
– Multicoloured Slime].  Just up from this, you have three Scuttlers to deal
with.  Don't attempt to take them out one-by-one, instead, use the Slime Mine
to remove their coatings all at once, then freeze them with the Stasis Stream.

Around the next corner, a Cultist Ghost doing nothing special – you know the
drill.  Make sure to scan the green container [Scan 1/13 – Green Slime] on the
wall before you head through the gate.  After heading through said gate, turn
to your left – inside of the debris is [Art Page 2/6 – Black Slime Scuttlers].
Now, turn to the right and look across the river, on the wall opposite you is
an invisible gate control mechanism – slime it to make visible again.

Wrangle the mechanism to bring up a bridge, then use the Stasis Stream to lock
it in place.  To the left of this bridge is a second, invisible, bridge that,
ideally, you should step on before this one makes you dead.  From the second
bridge, use the Paragoggles to locate a second mechanism – use of that one will
see you reach dry land.  To get past the first leaking pipe, simply approach it
for an instructional cut-scene.  To get past the second leaking pipe, use the
debris nearby to block it off.

Around the corner and through the gate, two more Cultist Ghosts await (eat it,
Shakespeare).  In order to progress, you need to shut down the pump; in order
to do that, you need to use the Stasis Stream to freeze the spinning wheels in
place when the symbol on the wheel aligns with the matching one set above it.
Once all three have been stopped, the pump will break and the gate that leads
out of this area will open.

Seemingly, this path leads round to nowhere, but you know it's never that
simple.  Use the Paragoggles to locate an invisible gate control mechanism,
along with several invisible platforms that will allow you to reach the bridge
section it raises.  On the invisible sections of bridge, there are several
puddles of invisible Black Slime – to avoid damage, break out the Slime Blower.

Make your way across the bridges and continue around the only way you can – as
you round the corner three Scuttlers and one Cultist Ghost come to hug you.
As you head through the next gate, you'll no doubt notice an Art Page floating
in the slime, as you approach it, an old friend oozes into view, a Black Slime
Elemental [Scan 13/13] (you may not know the name, but you'll surely recognise
the face).  Along with it, three Scuttlers.

If you stand still, you're dead, keep running backwards, firing Slime Mines
into the crowd – they serve the purpose of removing both the slime coat of the
Scuttlers and exposing the weak points of the Elemental.  Once a weak point has
been exposed, simply wrangle and slam it, as you'd expect.

Follow the path around to the next pump.  Once you get there, it's simply a
case of repeating the same process as last time to make the exit gate open.
Up ahead, use the Slime Blower to reveal the three invisible gate control
mechanisms.  The grating up to the right can be wrangled down and used as a
makeshift bridge.  The second and third bridge sections sometimes have Black
Slime on them, so proceed with a little care.  As you make your way across,
you'll be treated to a little scene of a rock-slide that has absolutely no
bearing on anything.

Make your way left and reveal the control mechanism near the gate.  As you pull
it, three Black Slime Scuttlers will materialise to eat you.  Whenever you pull
it, more enemies will appear – after you've dealt with the Scuttlers, get it
over with quickly.  Once the gate is fully-open, enemies will stop appearing.
Through the gate, you'll be swarmed by Black Slime Spawn and, as you round the
corner, three Black Slime Scuttlers.

On the left, another bridge section.  There are two controls on either side of
the river, of course, you can't see them yet – make it so.  The bridges are
quick to fall, there's no way you'll be able to freeze them all in place before
attempting to cross.  It goes a little like this: pull the first mechanism on
your side, step onto the bridge, freeze it; pull the first mechanism on the
other side, step onto the bridge, freeze it; pull the second mechanism on your
side, step onto the bridge, freeze it; pull the second mechanism on the other
side, step onto the bridge, freeze it and cross to the other side.

The final pump room is covered in Black Slime and topped-off with a few Black
Slime Scuttlers.  Amusingly enough, the middle wheel of the pump is devoid of
symbols.  Why?  Because it isn't there (mind games, Holmes).  Make your way
towards the exit gate and you'll find a set of stairs.  These stairs lead to
a room with the wheel you seek, it also leads to a confrontation with a Black
Slime Elemental and Cultist Ghost.  The wheel and [Art Page 1/6 – Green Slime]
are sitting in the corner.

Steal the wheel and put it back in its rightful place, then stop the pump as
normal.  Head through the gate and down the stairs to your death!  Oh, the
final pump drained the slime?  Carry on, then.  There are still a few puddles
of it around, and a few Black Slime Spawn here-and-there, but nothing of any

Keep heading straight – in the large area, you will have to fight four Cultist
Ghosts, two of which are carrying symbols that unlock the exit.  Before you do
that, however, be sure to grab [Art Page 6/6 – Black Slime Elemental] from the
top-left corner and [Art Page 4/6 – Cultist Ghost] at the end of the path from
the bottom-left corner.

 ----- The Slime Lab ----------------------------------------------- 03.32 ----

     Scans: 17 (16)
 Art Pages: 6

     Once you've taken care of the Cultist Ghost, the door will open.  As you
round the corner in the corridor, three Black Slime Scuttlers will come to meet
you.  Inside the cabinet in the alcove, you will find [Art Page 1/6 – Ray].
Speaking of someone who isn't Ray, you will find Peter in the room at the end
of this corridor – simply capture the pair of Cultist Ghosts to set him free.
It should be noted that if a Cultist Ghost flies through a Stream of Black
Slime gushing from a broken pipe, it will restore their protective coating.
In the object to the right of the entry door, [Art Page 5/6 – Multicoloured
Slime] can be found.

At the top of the stairs in this area, you will find [Art Page 3/6 – Peter]
hidden inside an object.  To get out of here, you need to head through the door
to the right.  In the room at the end of the small corridor, you'll need to
remove another Cultist Ghost to make progress, then you get to traverse another
boring corridor.  In the next room, you can free Winston by capturing the
solitary Cultist Ghost.  This one is slightly smarter than the others in the
respect that it'll make ample use of the crates around it to hide in or
bludgeon you with).

As you approach the stairs, another Cultist Ghost will appear and seal the exit
door.  It also happens to summon an awful lot of Black Slime Scuttlers from the
cells.  Normally, I'd be phoning for a taxi home, but with three of you working
at this, they'll go down quickly (providing you limit yourself to just removing
their protective coating).  Once you capture the Cultist Ghost, the door will

In the cell in the bottom-right corner of the room, you will find [Art Page 4/6
– Winston].  Make your way back the way you came – in the room where you found
Peter, the door to the left will now be open.  In the corridor, another trio of
Black Slime Scuttlers need spanking, then another set as you near the corner.
Once you reach the room at the end of the corridor, clear out the Black Slime
Scuttlers and head down the stairs.  While you're wandering around, you may as
well do yourself a favour and remove some of the Black Slime laying around.

Again, there's a Cultist Ghost on the prowl that, once caught, will allow you
to make progress.  Across the top of the room runs an invisible walkway.
There are blobs of invisible Black Slime scattered about here-and-there, so
slime ahoy.  At the other side, three more Black Slime Scuttlers need a lesson
(yes, there's a distinct theme here).  The boxes to the left of the door
contain [Art Page 2/6 – Egon].

Approach the stairs to the right to trigger a scene with Egon.  Tap-dance down
those very stairs and slap the two Cultist Ghosts into a Trap to free Egon.
You'll now find yourself back at the top of the stairs, facing in the direction
you need to go.  You'll now have to face off with the Scuttler Queen.  Just so
you know, that means she's huge.  Firstly, remove the Black Slime from the
walls, as she'll use this to summon forth her minions.  She doesn't actually
move around, so it's easy to remove her Black Slime coating and unload with
your heavy weapons - joyously, she gets all dead really quickly.

Make your way through the newly-opened door and head left.  In the far corner,
another door has been opened.  In the room at the end of the corridor, it's
ambush time (oh, I ruined the surprise).  The Slime Lab Elemental [Scan 17/17]
should be your first priority, both because it's big and angry, and because it
can replenish the protective coating on the Cultist Ghosts.

Use the Slime Blower to remove the Elemental's protective coating and expose
its weak points.  As per tradition, wrangle them and slam them.  Now, only
three Cultist Ghosts stand between you and the path to the exit.  Before you do
decide to take that path, head up the stairs and destroy the chalkboard on the
right for [Art Page 6/6 – Slime Lab Elementals].  Go on, you, get out of here –
just keep following the path around to end the level.

 ----- Black Slime Beast ------------------------------------------- 03.33 ----

     Scans: 14 (13)
 Art Pages: 1

     Head around the back of the machine and down the stairs.  Continue along
and through the door – it will happily seal itself behind you.  Around the
corner to the left is [Art Page 1/1 – Black Slime Behemoth].  Yeah, that bodes
really well.

In front of you, there is a generator and three Batteries.  The Cultist Ghost,
playing the role of an Electrokinetic Spectre, is good for charging one of
them.  Once that Battery is installed in the generator, two more Cultist Ghosts
will appear, only one of which is carrying a charge.  After they've been dealt
with and the Battery installed, a final Cultist Ghost will appear to help you
charge the last Battery.

With the generator fully-running, the door will open again.  Of course, you're
faced with a new dilemma, the generator has started up the machinery behind the
door.  Use the Stasis Stream to freeze each cog in place just long enough to
make your way over to the next part.  As long as you keep freezing the part you
are currently standing on, you have all the time in the world to wait for the
next part to align.

Back inside the planetarium, prepare to have a little chat with the Black Slime
Behemoth [Scan 14/14].  First-and-foremost, cleaning up the puddles of Black
Slime is your main priority – without the enemies that they spawn, the Behemoth
can't do a great deal of damage against you (however, it is extremely accurate
with its shots).  Basically, if it's made of Black Slime, then the puddles can
spawn it (including Elementals).  With the aid of the Paragoggles, you can see
the three weak points on its eyes, this is where you should be sticking your
Slime Mines to.  No fancy wrangling here, just keep blasting away with Slime
Mines to destroy them.

 ----- Central Park ------------------------------------------------ 03.34 ----

 ----- The Coming Storming ----------------------------------------- 03.35 ----

     Scans: 14 (8)
 Art Pages: 7

     To open the gate out of this area, you'll need to partake in a little
puzzle-solving action.  To your right, there are eight graves – inside of each
grave is a skeleton.  If you slime and wrangle a gravestone into the ground,
the skeleton will pop out and dance for your pleasure with a joy you cannot
measure.  If you find a pair of skeletons that both perform the same dance,
they'll be locked in place.  Locking all eight in place will open the gate.

I've given each grave a number, starting from the back (because I forgot to do
it from the front).  The first number represents the grave, and the number in
parenthesis indicates the matching grave (e.g. 1 matches with 7).  The diagram
only makes sense if you're viewing the graves directly from the front.

    1(7)  2(4)  3(6)  4(2)
       5(8)  6(3)  7(1)  8(5)

Before you stroll over to the gate, check behind the gravestones, you should
see a much smaller stone there – destroy it for [Art Page 2/7 – Psychokinetic
Atmosphere Influence].  After passing through the gate in question, slime and
wrangle the coffin sticking out of the ground to uncover a tunnel entrance.
I figure that while you're here, you may as well have a look.

As you round the corner, you'll be set upon by a small group of Grave Scuttlers
[Scan 9/14].  They're pretty well defended, being impervious to a good deal of
your attacks.  Use the Stasis Stream to lock them in place, then go to town
with the Boson Darts.  If they should make contact with you, they will use the
energy they take to fuel an explosion upon their eventual demise.

When you're presented with the choice of directions, head left.  In this little
room, you'll have to fight a few more Scuttlers, but your reward, [Art Page 4/7
– Graveyard Scuttlers], can be found inside the small gravestone.  Relive your
previous decision and change the outcome, heading straight instead.

As you round the corner, you'll notice a some innocuous-looking gravestones.
Surprisingly, they and two others will spring to life and attempt to murder you
after you've gone past.  You might have noticed, but there are a lot of alcoves
in the large room – the third one to the right will see you make it out of here
without further incident (the others contain Grave Scuttlers).

The gravestone behind the exit conceals [Art Page 3/7 – Gargoyles].  Follow the
only path out of the area, once it path widens-out again, expect to be attacked
by Flaming Skulls about halfway along.  This next bit is really fun, I promise.
Once you reach the gate that leads out of this area, it will be sealed by three
Spirit Locks – each ghost responsible for this will then fly off in a different
direction.  The buildings and such around you will sink into the ground, the
area seemingly being left barren.

If you actually believed that, then I'm the Pope.  The walls and buildings are
mealy hiding – as you wander around the area, they'll spring up and block your
path.  Sometimes, when a structure springs up, you'll have a handful of Flaming
Skulls and Grave Scuttlers to make friends with.  On top of the already over-
the-top, the ground has a liberal sprinkling of Ghost Snares that periodically
shift position.  As bad as they may feel about it, they're still lame and worth

Follow the wall around to the left (from facing the gate) and you'll see a path
leading out of the area – yeah, this leads to the first ghost.  Before you can
fight the ghost, you have some Imp Demons [Scan 13/14] to splat (or whatever
onomatopoeia you prefer).  Once you damage an Imp Demon enough, it becomes a
little erratic in its flying pattern (bad thing), so use the Stasis Stream to
lock it in place, then Boson Dart it out of the sky before it becomes a danger.
Now, onto the Gravedigger Ghost [Scan 12/14] – treat them no differently to
their kin (such as the Sous Chef Ghost), just stay clear of their melee attack.
Inside of the gravestone, you'll find [Art Page 6/7 – Gravedigger Ghost].

Return to the gate, but this time, head right until you get cut-off, then right
again, followed by left, then left again.  As you approach the path that leads
to the second Gravedigger Ghost, a lone Grave Scuttler will ask you for your
autograph, promptly burn it into its forehead.  Accompanying this particular
Gravedigger Ghost are three Scuttlers.

Once you've take care of business, head back out and follow the path around to
the right to reach the third such area.  In the third area, the Gravedigger
Ghost is all on its lonesome – slap it and trap it, then return to and head
through the main gate.  You should have stayed home.  Ignore the Gozerian
Servitor [Scan 14/14] for the moment and destroy the gravestone along the back
wall to discover [Art Page 7/7 – Gozerian Servitor].

When it has its shield up (forearms are glowing green), you won't be able to
deal damage to it.  To remove the shields, simply wrangle and slam them away.
Other than that, keep your distance and unload your Boson Darts whenever the
chance presents itself.  When you see it slam the ground, ready yourself for a
wave of Grave Scuttlers which, frankly, have a much higher chance of killing
you than slow-and-lazy over there.

Ray is as much use as a soggy noodle, but like a soggy noodle, makes for a good
noodle-y distraction, providing you can muster the concern to revive him every
eight seconds.  Hell, if it keeps the Servitor off your back, I'm all for it.
Once the fun is done, head through the newly-opened gate and follow the path to
its conclusion.  At the end, a gate will slam behind you, preventing any
backtracking – but we don't care.

All the way at the top of this area is a 'thing' – behind said 'thing,' hidden
inside those pretty urns, you will find [Art Page 5/7 – Stone Cherubs] and
[Art Page 1/7 – Non-Anthropomorphic Conglomerate].  For the sake of saying it
again, amongst other things, that 'thing' is actually the Non-Anthropomorphic
Conglomerate [Scan 6/14] mentioned in the Art Page.  Slime the coffin in front
of it, and from a safe distance, wrangle it out of the way.  This causes the
big ball of stuff to merrily roll down the hill and obliterate the door that
was previously blocking the exit.

Of course, that would be far too easy – the Stone Cherubs [Scan 11/14] that
decorate this area will now come to life.  They're fast and not too powerful,
but they certainly have numbers on their side.  Despite their speed, they tend
to hover a lot, allowing you to Boson Dart their little faces off.  As you make
your way towards the exit, more Cherubs will appear in tandem with Imp Demons.
Needless to say, really, but don't get so far ahead of yourself that there's
more than one Imp Demon on the scene at once – attempting to just outrun them
carries the possibility of you getting yourself wasted rather quickly.

 ----- The Necropolis ---------------------------------------------- 03.36 ----

     Scans: 16 (14)
 Art Pages: 3

     Head out the little starting area to view a short scene detailing what you
need to do.  What do you need to do?  You need to collect the pieces of door in
order to open up the exit.  Head immediately left, then continue straight.
In the corner at the top, there are two Grave Scuttlers and [Art Page 2/3 –
Grave Golem].  Go back and take the left turning you just passed, a trio of
Scuttlers will waylay you on the corner.

In the centre of this area, the first door piece, and behind it, hidden inside
a pretty urn, [Art Page 1/3 – Stone Elementals].  Speaking of your impending
doom, you'll now have to deal with three Stone Elementals [Scan 14/16] back-to-
back.  Like other-such enemies, you need to expose the weak points then wrangle
them – the Stasis Stream/Shock Blast will do nicely for the first part, your
team-mates even better for the second part.

Once they've been rocked suitably, the Imp Demons perched around this area will
come to life – there aren't too many, and the extra fire-power from your team-
mates doesn't hurt.  Slime the door piece and wrangle it back the way you came
and head for the door in the main area.  If the piece should disappear halfway
back, don't worry, it'll find its own way to the door.

This time, you need to head straight up and turn right, then left into the next
area.  In this area, there are three Gravedigger Ghosts to swat down, but they
are the least of your worries.  Once they've been dealt with, you'll have to
fight a Grave Golem [Scan 15/16].  The Golem carries massive power coupled with
a good reach.  Treat this guy like you treat the Servitor – keep your distance
and unload with the Boson Darts.  There's nothing else to bother you here, so
your focus is entirely on avoiding a punch to the face.  Once you've exposed a
weak point, Ray and Winston will be quick to capitalise.

The piece of door drops from the back of the fallen giant.  [Art Page 3/3 – Imp
Demons] can be found inside of the urn in the top-left corner.  After you've
returned the door piece, you can reach the final area by heading left from the
door (there are a few Graveyard Scuttlers between here and your destination).
In the area in question, you will find the door piece behind bars.

To get rid of the cage, simply slime the statues around the outside of it and
wrangle them so that they are pointing directly at the cage.  The final piece
is laying directly opposite the door in the main area.  Once you wrangle it,
you'll have to deal with a never-ending flow of Cultist Ghosts until you set
the piece in place.  Yeah, you're done here, and almost done completely.

 ----- The Architect ----------------------------------------------- 03.37 ----

     Scans: 8 (7)
 Art Pages: 1

     Before you turn your attention to Shandor [Scan 8/8 – Shandor, Gozerian
Sorcerer], look behind the column near the Mayor for [Art Page 1/1 – Shandor,
Gozerian Sorcerer].  While Shandor is split, you can't do anything, just keep
moving to avoid his energy blasts.  When he reforms, use the Stasis Stream,
then wail on him with the Shock Blast.  Once his health's down to a quarter,
the portal in the middle of the room will open.  It might take a couple of
attempts at wrangling the remaining health out of him, but once you have, you
can use the portal like a Trap.  Once he has been slam-dunked like a punk, the
level over is over.

 ----- The Destructor ---------------------------------------------- 03.38 ----

     Scans: 8 (17)
 Art Pages: 1

     Behind you and to the left, you will find the last Art Page of the game,
[Art Page 1/1 – Shandor, Ascendant].  At the top of the stairs, it's time to
get funky with the final boss.  Shandor protects himself from damage with the
mask you see before you.  This bit works a little like you'd expect – if you
deal enough damage to the mask, you'll expose a weak point that can be wrangled
and slammed.  There's no reason for you not to use Boson Darts.

Don't get too close, mind you, as the mask's Eye Beam will remove half of your
health per hit, and carries exceptional knock-back.  This mask, and every other
one Shandor constructs will have five weak points.  With the initial mask gone,
Shandor will rely on manipulating the circles to deal damage, but if you're not
standing on them, they can't damage you – stay around the outside and blast
away.  If you get too close, he might throw a couple of fireballs in your
direction, but that's it, really.

When he's lost a roughly a quarter of is health, he'll construct a new mask.
With the exception of the arms its now sporting, it's identical to his last
one.  The arms attack rarely, but have great range, usually preferring to
smack your fellow Ghostbusters around instead of your good self (they're not
great at hitting a moving target).

When you destroy this mask, Shandor will once again manipulate the circles to
deal damage.  Once you gotten him down to just under half his health, he'll
construct a new mask.  Building upon the features of his previous mask, this
one adds a Black Slime shield and the ability to spit fireballs.  The shield
will reapply itself periodically, and can be removed with the Slime Blower, as
you'd expect.  The hands are also more lively, attacking more often, as well as
getting in the way of your Boson Darts with some regularity.

Because Shandor is Obsessive Compulsive, once you've destroyed this mask, he'll
go back to trying to circle you to death.  Once his health is down to under a
quarter, he'll construct one final mask.  The totems floating at either side of
the mask generate a shield, preventing you from even scratching it.  Use the
Stasis Stream/Shock Blast combo to remove them from play.  They're not gone for
good, however, they'll eventually re-spawn.  The hands are little bit more
aggressive this time, too.

Once you've fully-depleted Shandor's health, the fight is pretty much over and
done with, but one formality still remains.  After a little chitchat between
you and your comrades, it will be time to cross the Streams.  All you need to
do to finish this is focus your Blast Stream on Shandor.  Game over, amigos.

 === Cheats and Codes ============================================== 04.00 ====

 === Gozerian Rookie Outfit (immunity to sliming) ===

     Beat the last level (The Destructor) on Gozerian difficulty.  This can be
achieved easily in a couple of minutes once you've unlocked Invulnerability.

 === Faster Health Regeneration ===

     Collect 50% of Art Pages.

 === Increased Scanning Speed ===

     Collect 50% of Scans.

 === No Equipment Overheat ===

     Collect 100% of Scans.

 === Equipment Strength Upgrade ===

     Collect 100% of Art Pages.

 === Invulnerability ===

     Attain 100% completion.

 === Frequently Asked Questions ==================================== 05.00 ====

 === General Questions ===

 Q: I noticed that you can scan Stay Puft one level early, are there any other
    scans that can be gotten early?

 A: Stay Puft is the only scan that can be gotten early.  Gargoyles also appear
    before the level they're listed in, but move too fast to be scanned without
    the Increased Scanning Speed cheat (considering it takes half the game to
    unlock the cheat, it's really be scanning them early).  As for objects and
    such appearing early, there are none.

 === Questions About Missions ===

 --- Shhhhhhhhh... ---

 Q: I found an extra Art Page in this level, what gives?

 A: There is indeed an extra Art Page to be found during this level (in the
    second area, head straight and blast the bookcase to the right to reveal
    it).  The Art Page is for the Book Centurion, an enemy that doesn't appear
    at any point in this level (it is found in the next level, Dark and Damp).
    It isn't programmed to register as having been collected, so it's useless.
    Why is it here?  Probably because the Centurion was set to appear one level
    early, along with its Art Page.  They moved the Centurion, but forgot to
    remove the corresponding Art Page.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I’m allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can’t own (i.e. facts), but
    you can’t go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you’ll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

 ===== Credits and Outro =========================================== 06.00 ====

     Oh, hello, did you get here the normal way, or did you cast the forbidden
spell of hold-page-down-until-you-get-to-the-bottom?  Either way, the invisible
man that was sleeping in your bed has been evicted, and the portal to the Gozer
dimension that was in your fridge has returned your quiche.  Now, if you don't
mind, Your Humble Narrator is off.  And remember, if you're the last to leave,
please be sure to turn off the lights.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  GhostOfLegault: For allowing me to use his ASCII art of the PSP seen in the
    Controls section [2. Controls].

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [].

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No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes sir, understood.

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