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Follow the dark path or use the light
Field Commander Pack Shot

Field Commander


Tutorial Walkthrough

by stastheman

Game: Field commander
Type of FAQ: FAQ
Author: stastheman
version: 0.5

This FAQ was mainly made for the purpose of helping people finish the tutorial
and become a master in Field Commander.
This FAQ is the sole property of stastheman, you have absolutely no right
to copy it or claim it as your own. If you wish to contact me either about
this FAQ, this game, or if you want this FAQ posted on your site,
please E-mail me at [email protected]
Only the following websites can post this FAQ:

Tutorial walkthrough

 land training

objectives: win: either kill all the enemy's units or capture his HQ
            lose: the enemy kills all your units or captures your HQ
fog of war: off
weather: clear

This mission is pretty straightforward because the CO's (Commanding officers)
guide you through the level. 
Click on the Half Track, shoot the enemy Half Track with the grunt, then 
destroy the enemy's Half Track with yours. Move the grunt close to the bridge
onto the enemy's HQ and select "capture". Move your spec ops on the red cross.
End turn. Fire on the enemy's scout with your spec ops, 
capture the enemy's HQ.

 sea training

objectives: win: all enemy units killed or enemy HQ captured
            loss: all friendly units destroyed
fog of war: off
weather: clear

First, build a transport, move your Half Track and Spec Ops into the 
transport.End turn. Move the transport as close as possible to the beach of
the island with the enemy's HQ and build a submarine to distract the enemy's 
sub from your transport. End turn. move transport to the beach and unload 
your Half Track. End turn. Attack the enemy scout with the half track, 
unload your Spec Ops from the transport. End turn. Attack the scout again 
and this time it will blow up. Move your Spec Ops onto the enemy HQ and 
select "capture". End turn. Capture the enemy HQ again.
 air training

objectives:win:all enemy units destroyed or enemy HQ captured
           loss:all friendly units destroyed or friendly HQ captured.
fog of war:off

 Your main goal here is to go up the large mountain in the top left corner of
 the map and capture the enemy's HQ because killing all his units is much 
 Load a grunt in each of the utility helicopters and move them to the
 middle of the map where there is a small mound with tetons.
 Attack two enemy gunships on the east side with two of your anti-aircraft 
 guns. Then move the anti aircraft guns on the west side as close to the huge
 mountain as you can. Also, move your two gunships close to your utility
 helicopters for protection. End turn. After your enemy's done, use your 
 gunships to inflict some damage on the enemy's gunships, and if the enemy's 
 gunships are close enough to the ground you can use your anti-aircraft guns.
 End turn. As soon as you start, wipe out the rest of the choppers in your way
 and move the utility choppers up the mountain (the second chopper will be a
 backup in case the enemy deastroys the first one). End turn. Now move 
 one of the utility choppers up the mountain and unload a grunt near the 
 enemy's HQ. Send a gunship for protection just in case. End turn. 
 Move your grunt onto the enemy HQ and select "capture". End turn. Select the 
 grunt again and finally capture the enemy HQ.
 Well this pretty short since the tutorial is only three missions long.
 Hope this helped!
                        copyright 2006 stastheman