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Follow the dark path or use the light
Field Commander Pack Shot

Field Commander


Field Commander FAQ

by stastheman

Game: Field commander
Type of FAQ: FAQ
Author: stastheman
version: 0.5

This FAQ was mainly made for the purpose of telling people the basics of 
gameplay in Field Commander.
This FAQ is the sole property of stastheman, you have absolutely no right
to copy it or claim it as your own. If you wish to contact me either about
this FAQ, this game, or if you want this FAQ posted on your site,
please E-mail me at [email protected]
Only the following websites can post this FAQ:

List of contents
1)	Introduction
2)	Controls
3)	Quick battle 
4)	versus
5)	settings
6)	Mission creator 

1)	Introduction

This is a FAQ, it tells people the controls, settings, and other various 
things about the game. So I hope it helps all those begginers out there who
haven't got a clue.

2)	Controls

Menu controls
Navigate highlighted menu item:          directional buttons or analog stick
Select highlighted menu item:                         X button
Previous screen/return to main menu :                 O button
Toggle between 1st and 2nd player in hot swap mode:  L or R buttons
Switch commanding officer:                        left/right buttons
Switch division:                                    up/down buttons 
Get Intel on selected commanding officer:            triangle button
Get Intel on selected division:                      square button
Change player color:                                select button

Gameplay controls
Open start menu/pause game:                          start button
Mini-map:                                            R button
Rotate camera:                                     Analog stick
Unit info:                                        triangle button
Toggle firing/movement range:                      square button
Select unit:                                          X button                
Switch to next available unit:                        O button

3)	Quick Battle

First select quick battle from the main menu to begin
Mission selection:
Pick the map you wish to play on the mission selection screen.
Use the directional buttons or analog stick to change missions.
The map's topography and the mission objectives as well as the climate 
and the size of the map are displayed to the left of the map.
You can also change the climate of certain missions by pressing the 
triangle button.
After that press the X Button to select a map.		

Division selection:
Pick your division by pressing the L and R buttons to switch
between players 1 and 2.
Select your Commanding officer (CO) by pressing the left or 
right directional buttons. Press the triangle button to display Intel on your 
current Commanding officer . Select your division by pressing the up or down 
directional buttons.
Press the square button for more info on your current division.
Press select to change the color of the selected player.
Press the X button to accept your player settings.

Game options:
To set the game options for your quick battle , highlight the setting you want
to change and press the X button to select it.

Starting money:
Use the left and right directional buttons to highlight the unit of money you 
want to change. Press the up button to increase the value and the down button 
to decrease it. Switch players by pressing the L and R buttons.
Press the X button to accept the settings.

Victory conditions: Select the conditions that must 
be met for a player to win.

Division powers:
Turn the ability to use division powers on or off.
Press the X button to accept your selection.

The timers will allow you to limit each players turn time.
The regular time limit places a limit on each player's turn. If the time 
limit runs out for the current player's turn, the turn ends. 
The timer clock then resets and the other player begins his turn.
With the chess timer , each player's turn has a separate total time limit. 
The time it takes for a player to complete his turn is deducted 
from their total time.
If either player's time runs out during their turn before other victory 
conditions have been met, that player forfeits and victory goes to the 
opposing player.

Fog of war:
Turn the fog of war on or off by using the up or 
down buttons .
Press X to accept.
Weather can affect your units in a variety of ways,
you can change the map 
weather to clear , raining, or snowing by pressing 
the up or down button to 
highlight your choice and pressing X to select it.

Weather condition effects:
Clear   All conditions are normal, perfect weather
Raining -1 movement for infantry, -2 vision for air units
Snowing -1 vision for all units, 50% increase in fuel                     
consumption for all units

Start the quick battle:
Press the start button to begin your game.
4)	Versus games

Hot swap: Two players use the same psp system to play 
against each other , 
passing it back and forth between them at each turn.

Ad Hoc: Two players join a game against one another 
using the playstation portable built in 
ad hoc mode.

Infrastructure: This mode uses an internet connection 
through the psp system. 
You connect to a remote server where you can meet others
in an online lobby 
with whom you can start a game , and upload or download 
maps and missions.

5)	Settings


Profile: check your current profile stats.
Delete saved data: delete previously saved data.
Game settings:
Music: Adjust the music volume
UI sounds : Adjust the user interface volume
Effects: Adjust the effects sounds
Voice : adjust how loud your units speak
Ambient : Adjust the ambient volume
Weather : Adjust how loud the weather sounds 
will be
Skip mode: Adjusts how fast the game skips 
moving and firing
Normal: everything moves and shoots normally
Fast forward: everything moves and shoots in
fast forward
Skip: skips completely

6)	Mission creator

The mission creator allows you to create your own map and make your own 

use blank map:
the maps are completely blank and you can make a mission completely from 

Modify mission:
this allows you to modify in game missions, you can add things and change 
the mission.

map controls:

toggle 3d view:                                     square button
place selected unit or placement on highlighted tile: X button
delete highlighted object:                            O button
change selected placement type:                       R button
change selected unit type:                            L button
view placed unit stats:                               triangle button
change units and placements between ATLAS, neutral or shadow nation
(only placements can be neutral): up/down buttons

Mission options:
 press the start button to view the mission options
 mission name: the name of your mission.
 Weather : select the type of weather between clear, raining, or snowing.
 fog of war: turn the fog of war on or off.
 timers: set the type of timer or turn the timers off.
 production: set the types of units that can be produced by each player.
Starting money: set how much money each player has at the beginning of the 
Division: set which player has what division and what commanding officer.
victory conditions: set the conditions for a player to win.
balance readout: display each side's statistics.
save mission: save your mission.
exit: return to the main menu.

For now that's all 

                        copyright 2006 stastheman