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Dante's Inferno

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by Michael Monette


Citadel of Acre

You start the game fighting wave after wave after wave of Acre soldiers. This is just an opportunity to get used to using your Quick attacks and your Strong attacks. After what seems like at least a 100 enemies a ship from the harbor will crash into the city providing you a chance to leave the area. Jump to the ship and then Double Jump out of teh ship on the other side into the hallway. Take the hallway to activate a cutscene.


Make use of your Block while Death is swinging at you. His first attack consists of 3 swings of the scythe which are blockable. Once his attack subsides hit him with a mixture of Quick and Strong attacks and then go back on the defensive. If you see Death add some fire to his scythe then be ready to Double Jump as he comes down to jump over his Shockwave. Once you've given Death a good beatdown he'll eventually start to grab you. A quick [B] button smash will release you with no damage done. Eventually you'll come to a button sequence to end the fight. [RT] - [X]. Then do some more damage to him and you'll get to another button sequence. [RT] - [B smash] - [X]

Cutscene, cutscene, cutscene and you're back in action.

VID: DI_Acre_01

You'll regain control at a graveyard. Now kill all the enemies in the graveyard to move on. These are all low level Minions.

Run up the path until you reach the entrance to the church. Use the Health fountain and then save at the Beatrice Statue. Another cutscene and you'll get your Cross that is your ranged attack. After the scene use the Holy Cross to eliminate the winged Pests. After the church you get the ability to grab enemies and choose to Punish or Absolve him. I always choose Punish because I am Absolving all Shades. Do this as much as you can because this is how you level up Holy and Unholy levels. After killing everyone the large wooden cross will drop. You'll pull yourself up to a Health Fountain and then slide down the pole.

Fight your way down the hall Punishing everyone until you drop down to a lower area. You'll see your first enemies that are on fire. Use the Holy Cross to extinguish the flames and then you can attack them with your Scythe as normal. Once the fire goes out you can move on. Watch out for the flame spouts coming out of the wall. Once everyone is done work your way forward and save the game.

VID: DI_Acre_02

Slide down the pillar to reach the large arena area. Walk forward to the door and talk to the Poet. Always talk to the Poet until he disappears. This can be several conversations. After talking to the Poet you'll be attacked by several Pests and basic Minions. Make sure to punish as many as you can. Once this first wave is done you'll have your first battle with a giant Asterian Beast. Just keep working him from the back and try to stay away getting stomped on. Once you go enough damage you'll get a button sequence to take control of the beast. [RT] - [X] - [Y] - [B]. Once in control I tend to do the hand stomp exclusively. A series of basic Minions will attack you, just stomp, crush and destroy them all. Then make sure to stomp all the fountains for health, mana, and experience. Then [RB] the giant doors to finish Acre.

VID: DI_Acre_03

Shores of Acheron

Save the game and then do a Damned Climb. Pull yourself up at the first little lip to get an exp fountain. Then leap left and talk to the Poet.

RELIC (1) Death Blade - You get this relic for talking to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (1) - Just to the left of the Poet is a high alcove with the first piece of silver. Just a standard jump up there to get the silver.

Continue down the path to a mana and health fountain. There is a lever that extends the bridge but it is on a timer so be prepared to move. The Pest at the far side spawn until you pass so you can't clear the enemies before making your way across. Pull the lever, blast some Holy Cross and then make the jump to the far side. Now you can clear the Pests and then bone slide down.

At the bottom is a Guardian. Keep up the pressure and use your magic rush to get him down. Watch for the [RT] to make the Punish choice. After the first one is down another Guardian will appear along with a pair of standard Minions. Once these enemies are done a center lever will appear. Now rotate the center section ABOVE the door.

PIECE OF SILVER (2) - There is an alcove to the left. Just rotate the entire platform up past the door to get get to this silver.

Rotate the entire center platform to the door and jump up to open the door. Walk forward and talk to the Poet. Work your way down this open hall hitting all the boxes for exp. Near the end two flame walls will rise and you'll have a battle with some standard Minions. After they go down you'll have a Guardian and some Pests.

SHADE (1) Pontius Pilate - This Shade is just to the left of the Demon Door.

Head through the Demon Door for a cutscene.

VID - DI_Shores_01

After the cutscene clear out the Minions and the Guardians then head left to the slide rope with a Save.

PIECE OF SILVER (3) - Before using the rope head around to the far side of the man statue.

Then Wire Hang your way to the boat. After a cutscene you'll be on a Damned Climb.

RELIC (2) Charon's Oar - Before entering boat climb all the way to the right to Absolve a Demon Dog to get the Relic.

Climb back to the left and enter the boat. Drag the box all the way to the right, up the ramp, and into the small alcove with the metal bars. Use the lever to rotate the ledge all the way back.

PIECE OF SILVER (4) - Drag the box to the opposite side and then jump off the box to the high ledge and the Silver.

Now drag to the box to the bottom of the movable ledge and then rotate it back to the far side so you can jump off it to the high ledge.

SHADE (2) Orpheus - This Shade is right to the right on the ledge. There is a mana fountain on the left.

After freeing the shade climb up the wall. More Minions and Guardians at the top of the boat. Some Pests will come up and once everyone is cleared a Asterian Beast. Take control of the Beast and then clear out the Minions and Guardians. Then [RB] on the back of Charon's head. After that you'll have a small cutscene and then you'll be doing a wall climb on the Beast. At the top is a button sequence [X] - [Y] - [B] and your on top. Get moving ASAP as the ledges will fall out from under you.

VID - DI_Shores_02


Save the game and talk to the Poet. After talking to the Poet 3 times head down via wall climb on the right. Drop down to the left, then you need to grab the Charred Minion and throw him into the destructible door to move on.

PIECE OF SILVER (5) - Head down the hall and go left at Charon's head. Eliminate the single Guardian and get the Silver.

RELIC (3) Eyes of St. Lucia - Head down past Charon's head and absolve the Demon Dog.

BEATRICE STONE (1) - Past Charon's head right beside the Demon Dog is the first Stone.

Now head through the Demon Door. Punish or absolve all the Babies.

RELIC (4) Lord's Blessing - Head up the hallway and talk to the Poet.

SHADE (3) Electra - Head into the Demon Door and jump over the rotating blade. Then get your Mana and Health and enter then next Demon Door.

Head back through the Demon Doors and continue up the hall. There will be some basic and Charred Minions. Use the fountain and then head through the Demon Door. Go all the way around the outside ramparts till you get to some Minions. Punishing them all for their sins. A couple Babies and a Guardian will show up at the end. Once everyone is eliminated make your way through the Demon Door on the right. Talk to the Poet to the immediate left of entering the room.

VID - DI_Limbo_01

Head up the ramp past the giant middle statue.

RELIC (5) Saldin's Mercy - Ignore the lever for now and head left and double jump off the edge to a side ledge. Use that lever to lower the giant statue and expose a Demon Dog. Drop down and absolve the Dog for the Relic.

Now save your game and use the main center lever. Then Scythe Swing across the King Minos.

BOSS: KING MINOS - King Minos will start by sending tenticles up from the ground so just keep moving and jumping out of the way. After that you'll get a Button Sequence to [RB] out of the way of a major attack. That will leave Minos exposed to a couple chops to the face. In response to the face attack he'll rise up to protect his face, but in the process expose is soft soft underbelly. Go to town on his lower section. After a couple of Minions it will be back to the tentacle attack. Now he'll pound the ground with his fist and also sweep the area. Double jump over any sweeps that come your way. Then Button Sequence [RT] - [Y] - [X]. This will re-expose his soft underbelly for some more attacking. Some Guardians and Babies for this next round of battle. More fist pounding, then [RB] escape, slash the face and back to the Sequence. [RT] - [LS Down] - [LS Down] - [B] - [B Smash]. DONE.

RELIC (6) Tail of Minos - For beating King Minos.

Scythe Swing out of the area and continue on. Use the Fountain and save and then down the rope. Rappel right one rope and head up.

PIECE OF SILVER (6) - At the top of rope number 2 is an alcove with the Silver.

RELIC (7) Francesca's Book - Rappel over to the double Bone Ropes and climb up to an alcove with a Demon Dog.

Drop down to the rope below the right Bone Rope. Rappel right to another Bone Rope and drop down to the Rope below again. Now Rappel right and attack the cross. Scythe Swing, Rappel and then final Bone Rope and head down.

VID - DI_Limbo_02


SHADE (4) Francesca da Polenta  - Right as you drop down from the final Bone Rope. Absolve along with a later Shade for an achievement / trophy.

Continue on the path and you'll get a Cleopatra cutscene.

RELIC (8) Filippo's Rage - Head down the path to the 3rd alcove on the left. This is the one just past the one with the lever. There is a small area you can wall climb on. Follow this to a Demon Dog with the Relic.

PIECE OF SILVER (7) - The fourth section also has a wall climb area. Piece of Silver at the end.

Before flipping any switches head to the end of the area to talk to the Poet. Now head back to the switch in the first area and flip it. Then run with the electricity all the way to past the Poet to jump through the break in the Purple magic. You'll get your first taste of the Temptress of Lust. They are highly mobile so get in some quick jabs and be prepared to Block as needed. Once they are all dead use the fountain and then rotate the lever that was behind the fire. Once the snake head is raised go over and destroy the 2 fangs. Then go back and rotate the lever again to lock the snake head in the fully open position.

RELIC (9) Tristan's Desire - Double jump up, watch the scene, and then go right and talk to the Poet.

Head out on the central round platform and drag the statue to the middle of the platform. Then jump down left.

VID - DI_Lust_01

Save the game and then flip the lever.

PIECE OF SILVER (8) - Double jump to the now raised platform and jump off the left side to a alcove with a fountain.

Now jump back to the floating round middle platform and double jump to the right side. Use the fountain and then pull the lever. Now jump back to the middle platform before it launches up. As the platform rises you'll start with a single Temptress of Lust, More Temptress of Lust and some Guardians will be added as you take out enemies. Once everyone has been eliminated Cleopatra will break in and you'll do a quick [RB] to escape getting crushed.  Having survived that a new platform will arrive and you'll fight some lowly Minions as you continue your ascent. Near the end a single Temptress of Lust will be added to the party.

BOSS: Cleopatra - First off this is a pretty easy fight and Cleo will continually spawn Babies so you can spend some time punishing or absolving them for exp along with the Minions that are added. Two side platforms will rise up, one at a time. Once both platforms are up, you need to attack Cleo's exposed hand on the platform. Once she reals away in pain, run to the left side and double jump up to the lever. You need to wait a split second for the ramp to rise a little before you can make the jump. Pull it and this turns to the two snakes heads towards Cleopatra. Now attack her hand again QUICKLY as the snake heads will not stay pointed at her for long. When she pulls back in pain a second time rush to the right side and pull that lever to eliminate Cleo.

After the battle Dante will be back on the rising platform and have some Pests to deal with. Once all the Pests and the single Temptress of Lust are eliminated you'll reach the top.

SHADE (5) Paolo Malatesta - Head out to the RIGHT where there is a fountain. Climb down the Bone Rope to find the Shade. Absolve for achievement / trophy.

Climb back up and head left off the platform. Use the two fountains and then Wall Climb down. Watch out for the electricity. As you get to the end of the Wall Climb you'll see a Demon Dog to the left. Finish climbing up the wall.

PIECE OF SILVER (9) - At the top of the wall climb you need to jump off the left of the ledge to the left of the Save Statue. The Silver is in a fountain in a small alcove.

SHADE (6) Semiramis - This Shade is just to the right of the Save Statue after you finish the wall climb.

RELIC (10) Arrow of Paris - Right in front of the Shade drop down off the ledge. This will get you to a Demon Dog.

To get off the Dog ledge you need to double jump to the wall of souls and grab on and get yourself back up top. Now save the game.

VID - DI_Lust_02

After saving do the small wall climb immediately to the right of the Save Statue. You'll get a cutscene and then it's battle time again.

BOSS: Marc Anthony - Just keep up the pressure on both Marc and Cleo. Attack Cleopatra's hands as often as you can because if she's just chilling in the side she will continually heal Marc Anthony. Your Holy Cross is a great way to take her hand out fast if she pops up while Dante is on the other side of the platform. When he slams down his shield it sends out a shockwave so dodge or jump over that. Also watch out for Marc jumping in the air, he'll come down with a flaming sword slam.

RELIC (11) Antony's Standard - You will get this Relic for beating Marc Anthony.

After Marc goes down Cleopatra is NOT very happy with you. She'll attack and you'll need to complete a button sequence to end the battle.  [LS Down] - [LS Up] - [LS Rotate Right to Up to Left] - [LS Up]. You'll get the Magic spell: Lust Storm to beating Cleopatra. Now the platform is going to start to drop. Didn't we just get up here? A large array of enemies will attack you and sections of the platform will be knocked out one by one. Watch the shadows to see what is going to get hit next. The first area to go to the middle right. Then you have to fight 3 Guardians before the left side is destroyed. Then immediately the entire bottom will go and then you'll be in a free fall. Watch for the [RB] to send you into a series of Scythe Swings before you finally reach the Poet. Grab a couple of fountains.

VID - DI_Lust_03


Slide down the Bone Rope watching out for the fire spewing puss holes. Then Rappel left twice to another Rope. Slide down here, again careful of all the fire til you hit another Rappel rope. Dante needs to go left again through the destructible item and then make a leap to a Scythe Swing before finally landing on another Bone Rope.

RELIC (12) Rain of Gluttony - From the Bone Rope you will drop down to a hand over hand hanging rope. Take this to the RIGHT. You'll see a Demon Dog. Drop down and wait for the flames to pass and then run in, absolve, and get the Relic.

Back on the Hand over Hand head left and get the Heath and Mana Fountain and take to the Poet. Save the game before sliding down further.

BOSS: Cerebus - The two side heads will spring out at you. The goal is to [RB] and then [B Smash] the 4 blobs on the ground. This will shoot up flames hurting the 2 side heads. Then the one you got will drop to the floor wounded so you can go to town on it. All the while the center head will be spitting green slime your way. Once you've done it enough you get your Button Sequence to destroy one of the heads. Both heads - [RT] - [Y]. Then it's just Dante and Center Head.  The Center Head will spit and attack far too quickly for you to bust any more blobs of fire. So just dodge out of the way and attack his head after it hits the floor.  After enough damage: [RT] - [LS Up] - [LS Down] - [LS Left] - [LS Right].

RELIC (13) Azrael's Apprentice - You get this Relic for beating Cerebus.

Head over the flattened face and into the level. You'll encounter a new enemy. Gorger Worm is a underground worm that will spring up and grab you. If you get attacked you need to [B Smash] to break free.

PIECE OF SILVER (10) - Grab the fountain right at the start of this area just to the left of the first worm.

Grab the Health and Mana fountain before dropping down to the next area.

VID - DI_Gluttony_01

At the bottom you'll find quite a few Gorger Worm and some Minions attacking each other. Can't we all just get along? You'll drop right into the mouth of a Gorger Worm so get to [B Smash] going to escape.

SHADE (7) Ciacco - Right after you clear all the worms and Minions he's clearly in the next hallway next to a fountain.

Grab the fountain and save at the statue on the right. Then head out of the mouth. You'll get attacked by a series of Pests but your Holy Cross should be able to take them out no problem. Once all the pests are gone, the next two mouths will open.

SHADE (8) Clodia - Jump to the first mouth on the left. The Shade is inside there.

Jump back out of the mouth and continue to the last mouth via a hand over hand rope to continue your advance.

RELIC (14) Ciacco's Bile - Talk to the Poet as you advance inside the mouth. Can't miss him.

Continue past the Poet to a small battle with Minions, Guardians, and a worm. There is a Mana fountain to the left during this battle. Once they are dispatched head through the simmering portal making sure to use both fountains before entering.

VID - DI_Gluttony_02

As the cutscene ends you'll fight a single Glutton. Just keep up the pressure and he'll go down hard.  Defeating him will send you to the Mirror Maze. First head into the simmering gate directly in front of you. Then run across and and pull the lever. Then into the gate just a little farther. Now exit to either side. This will get you on the bottom. Don't pull the lever. Instead Wall Climb up and get the Exp fountain.

PIECE OF SILVER (11) - Wall Climb the final section to get the next Judas Coin.

Wall Climb all the way back down and now use the lever and exit back through the gate. This will bring back to the top section on the right side. Run onto the platform that is coming and then continue and double jump off the end to get to the far side with the lever and then fountain. Again, don't use the lever yet.

BEATRICE STONE (2) - Wait for the floating platform on the upper right to be right under the gate. Then head into the gate and drop down on the platform. As it comes on it's path double jump off the platform to the far right fountain.

Wait for the top left platform to be under the gate again and then go through this gate to drop on the platform a second time. This time ride it all the way through the gate and continue on with the level. Head around the ledge to the fountain and save point before sliding down the rope.

PIECE OF SILVER (12) - Rappel left to the Bone Rope and climb that up to a fountain.

RELIC (15) Octavian's Gold - There is a Demon Dog just to the right of the Silver piece fountain.

Now slide down to the hand over hand rope. Then left to drop down to a Rappel rope. Drop all the way down this rope and off to the ground. Then grab the object, whatever it is, and drag it across all 3 of the fire spouts and then back to its original place. Now quickly get back on the rope and Rappel left over the flames before they grow back to full strength. Break the object and jump down to the Bone Rope. Slide down that to another hand over hand and head left again watching out for the flames. Drop down at the far left and be ready to Scythe Jump to the left to a rope. Rappel left to the Bone Rope. Slide down this one to the bottom. Sweet ground at last. You'll go up some step and then down some steps and come to a high ledge.

RELIC (16) Crown of Carthage - Grab a hold of the ledge and and shimmy left behind a rock wall and pull yourself up. There is a Demon Dog here.

PIECE OF SILVER (13) - Double jump up to the right from the Health and Mana fountains to get to a high alcove with an Exp fountain. Then jump across to the other side and then back and to the left for the Silver.

BEATRICE STONE (3) - From the far forward left edge jump towards the arch, then do your double jump to get back to the left on the far side. Tough jump. The final Beatrice Stone, along with it's ability to auto-absolve is there.

VID - DI_Gluttony_03


Your dad has seen better days that is sure. After the scene talk to the Poet. Just with care across the moving platforms until you get to the structure. Jump to the laterally moving platform here, and then to the far left one to ride it to the top of the structure. Hit the switch to turn the bridge but some Pests and Guardians have another plan for you. Then a few Charred Minions will come so Holy Cross them and then a quick hit to finish them off. After they are eliminated re-hit the switch and head across the small bridge. Use the fountain and then save your game. Jump across and up the gears.

SHADE (9) Tarpeia - When you jump across to the left section of gears you need to jump back to the high middle gear and then double jump to the even higher right side gear. It's a jump, pause, jump, grab the ledge kind of jump.

Jump your way back to the left set of gears and then down to the Heath and Mana fountains and a Demon Door. Enter the door. Weird spinny guy time. Just keep up the pressure on these guys and once they start spinning Block, or better yet blast them with some magic to break the spin. There will be a ton of Minions in with a couple of the Hoarder-Wasters. Once everyone is re-deaded a lever will rise from the floor.

PIECE OF SILVER (14) - Hit the lever and wait for the giant gates to rise back up. Then double jump up there and bash open that fountain to get the Silver.

RELIC (17) Demon's Wing - Jump back down and hit the lever again. This time double jumping into the alcove with the next lever BEFORE the gates crash down. Get on the edge of the gate and jump over to the right gate. Then jump off the far end of that gate for a Demon Dog.

Now jump back down. Double jump to the alcove hitting that lever to open the door. Then quickly jump to the ground level, hit that lever, and get back to the alcove to ride the gate back up and through the door. Timing is tight. Head inside and hit the next lever to lower the small round platform you are on to the ground. You're going to enter a room with a caged Demon Dog in the middle.

PIECE OF SILVER (15) - First jump down to the ground floor and bust open the fountain for a piece of silver.

Eliminate all the enemies, which are Pests and a Hoarder-Waster, grab the Exp fountain, and then wall climb back up. Some Pests will arrive when you get back to the top area. Jump over the rotating barbed divider as you make your way around the left side of the room jumping from ledge to ledge to get to the Demon Door and the lever to turn the sweeping arm off.

VID - DI_Greed_01

SHADE (10) Gessius Florus - Head back into the room and double jump to the right to get to this Shade on a ledge.

RELIC (18) Wasted Gold - Now that the sweeping arms are turned off double jump back into the center of the room and get the Demon Dog.

Now head back to the Demon Door with the lever and continue on with the level. Another Demon Door right away to go through. Mana, Health, and a Save Statue as you come through the Demon Door on the left. Now you head into a trap. Speed is key here. Watch the spiked wheels on the other tracks of the room. Get the Guardians down and then work the lever ASAP as this is time based. Once the door is open sprint through it. Asterian Beast time! Do your thing and get on the beast. There is Health and Mana on the outside areas of the room if you need it. Beat everyone down and get all the fountains and then head through the giant doors. [RB] - [B Smash]. Watch out for the spiked wheels and head through the next Demon Door. Head to the end of the wall by the Wall Climb and talk to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (16) - Instead of climbing straight up the Wall Climb head to the right and drop down in the first area.

RELIC (19) Coin of Plutus - Continue to wall climb to the right and drop down in the last area for a Demon Dog.

Now Wall Climb back to the start and up to the ledge. Scythe Swing to a hand over hand. Drop down and take care of the Throne Demon. Then get the exp fountain.

PIECE OF SILVER (17) - There is a piece of silver in the second fountain on the way to the lever to get this round platform moving.

Take care of a couple of Hoarder-Wasters while the platform gets moving.

VID - DI_Greed_02

After the 2 Hoarder-Wasters go down Pests will appear. Holy Cross them then double jump to the next cauldron platform. Take care of two Lusters on this second platform and then ride it to its stopping point. Jump down to the left and use the fountains. In this section you need to jump up to the raised center section and use the lever. This will point raised platform towards the right side. Drop down eliminate the bad guys then use the lower rotating switch. Then back to the raised center section.

PIECE OF SILVER (18) - Jump down and the double jump up this new platform to the right. One Exp fountain and one Silver fountain.

Now back to the lower rotation and point the center platform to the far left. Then back up to the center to blow out this left side. Now double jump the left side to get to a Save Statue and a Demon Door. Save and move through the door. There are two Exp fountains on the way to a lever to take you down to the lower level. Talk to the Poet at the bottom.

VID - DI_Greed_03

Head into the main Plutus area and start slowly with some lowly Minions. A couple Hoarders-Wasters will add themselves to the mix. Then it ramps up with Charred Minions and Temptresses of Lust. A tower will raise in the middle and a lever. As you use it more towers will raise up. Raise 3 more towers so that a large one is on the side closest to the statue. Then jump up the small close one to the large back one to the main statue. At the top get the Exp fountain and then save the game. Open the Demon Door. Use the hand over hand rope and the drop down and talk to the Poet. Grab the Exp fountain right beside the Poet. Scythe Swing to the Wall Climb and work your way to the top. At the big wheel door fight some Lusters and a Glutton. Once everyone is dead grab the fountain and move on. Scythe Swing to the gears and take out a few Pests. Then work through the gears being careful not to get smashed from the falling pillars. It was easier for me to just double jump around them then go under them. The open the Demon Door.

SHADE (11) Fulva - Wall climb around and the Shade is after a save statue and a Mana and Health fountain.

The grab the fountains and save your game.

VID - DI_Greed_04

Head down the hall and flip the lever. Once the platform drops down flip the next switch at the base. Time to get another Beast Master off an Asterian Beast. Once you get on top, another Beast Master will arrive, and you'll learn that you now have to protect yourself from Masters trying to jack your ride. Bash a couple of guys on the ground and then push the very large block. Do the large Wall Climb and your going to be back in an the room with Plutus in the back end. Once everyone is dead a large block will rise up to the far left corner. Drag it all the way to the middle right and this will make the Plutus statue drop. Quickly Wall Climb up and jump over the statue to get to the left side. You'll end up all the way back at the large wheel door. Eliminate everyone and then open the door.

VID - DI_Greed_05


Head around the path till you get the a Bone Rope. Slide down that bad boy and then drop off the end into an immediate Scythe Swing to the left to get to a second Bone Rope. That drops to a Rappel Rope, so rappel to the left, breaking through the structure to jump to a Scythe Swing to a Bone Rope. Now drop from that to get to Anger proper. Talk to the Poet to learn about Anger. Jump over to the Hand over Hand and then save your game. A couple of double jumps and you'll find yourself in a battle with Gorger Worms and some Minions. Pests at the end and then you can move on. A Scythe Jump gets you to a platform with a box.

PIECE OF SILVER (19) Pull the box back and use it to jump up to the right alcove.

Then pull it back onto the platform to use it's weight to get under the area.

RELIC (22) Medusa's Call - Talk to the Poet after doing this box puzzle.

Get the Exp fountain and then Wall Climb up. If you follow it around before going down you'll get another Exp fountain. Battle! This is your first encounter with the Fire Guardians. These enemies appear as non hittable smoke creatures. They will pop out at fire, at this point you need to Holy Cross them, followed by a Scythe attack. A Temptress of Lust will also join the battle.

SHADE (12) Boudica - After the battle break the wall on the right to get the Shade.

Now continue on up through the middle entrance. Head up and use the Health fountain and the jump up to the Hand over Hand rope. Drop down for some hardcore demon action.

PIECE OF SILVER (20) - Once the platform raises up its the first fountain up top on the left.

VID - DI_Anger_01

Continue around to the Wall Climb. Take it up to save the game. Get both fountains and continue around to the left. CUTSCENE.

SHADE (13) Hecuba - After the cutscene go to the right corner to get the Shade.

Kind of a long term speed related puzzle now. Hit the rotating switch all the way and then quickly jump to the next level. You need to move the gear all the way to the top before the flames reach your level. Don't spend too much time on enemies but also just let them just wail on you.

LEVEL 1 - Just pull it Left.
LEVEL 2 - Pull it right while dealing with Minions.
LEVEL 3 - Break the seal and then pull it all the way left.
LEVEL 4 - Break the middle seal and pull it to the middle.
LEVEL 5 - Break the far left seal only. And pull it to the left.
LEVEL 6 - Break both seals and pull it to the right to finish the puzzle.

Run to the left and Wall Climb to the Switch. Then head right and talk to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (21) - Jump up to the right after talking to the Poet.

RELIC (23) Guiding Flame - To the right of the Silver Fountain.

Then take the Bone Rope down.

SHADE (14) Filippo Argenti - To the immediate left after dropping down.

Save the game and ride the platform through the Marsh. You'll encounter three groups of Pests to Holy Cross. Very simple area. Then at the end you'll get a Button Sequence to take control of Phlegyas.

VID - DI_Anger_02

You never really battle Phlegyas. You just need to watch out for this hands smashing the ground around you. Stay away from the obvious impact zones. First set are some Minions and Hoarder-Wasters. After that is a little cutscene with Beatrice. Then grab the two fountains and then Scythe Swing to the next area. Pull the switch for the bridge which brings Phlegyas over and a Baby battle. There be some Lusters and a Glutton also and then some more Lusters and a Demon. Once the door is open grab the fountains and then hit the switch again for the bridge to raise. Get across ASAP and get the Heath Fountain. This last area has a lot of Demons and a lot of everything else also. Watch for Phlegyas to throw down some laser eyes you'll either want to jump over or be in a Punish to miss.

VID - DI_Anger_03

Watch a cutscene and then take back control of Phlegyas and then you have a simple walk through the City of Dis where you can destroy the towers for some minor experience. Then a long walk across a bridge to head over the Heresy.

VID - DI_Anger_04


Time for another descent. Rappel left twice. Then a smash left, but climb up before jumping. You can save the game and then rotate the large spikes out of the way. This will trigger a minor Minion battle but it will waste enough time that you need to re-do the rotation. Then quickly climb down to the bottom of the rope and rappel left quickly to avoid the spikes. Slide down the Bone Rope to a Hand over Hand. Watch for the fire spouts. Then drop down the the rappel rope. Swing at the Pests and the rappel left, the left again. Slide down three times and your at the bottom. Welcome to Heresy.

RELIC (24) Rage of Farintha - Talk to the Poet at the entrance to Heresy.

Then get the 2 fountains and open the Demon Door. Take out the Demons and then flip the switch to stop the flames. Then more Demons and Fire Guardians to deal with. Head left at the end of the hall and Wall Climb to the next area. Next area is the same. Kill all the enemies, then flip the switch.

PIECES OF SILVER (22) - After you extinguish the flames head back down the hall and the Silver is on the left side.

Continue down, eliminate the Demon that warps in trying to start the flames again and then open the Demon Door. Talk to the poet.

RELIC (25) Calvacanti's Blade - Climb the Bone Rope by the Poet. There are several fountains and a Demon Dog is in the back section.

Head back down the Bone Rope to get to the area the Poet was in and then continue down the next 2 Bone Ropes to move on. Hand over Hand and then drop down at the end.

VID - DI_Heresy_01

SHADE (15) Emporer Frederick II - As soon as you drop down this Shade is between two fountains.

Grab the Heath and Mana Fountains and continue on. Heretic time. Just keep on the pressure and eliminate the Heretics first. Once they are all dead head out of the room and Wall Climb. Be careful of the fire spouts as you make your way around. Save the game when you get down. Then grab the two Exp Fountains. Continue around and fight some Demons and Fire Guardians. A Heretic will also show up for the party. The flip the switch. Head inside the newly opened portal and open the Demon Door. Wall Climb around (you can't get to the Demon Dog quite yet) and then up to the Poet. Head all the way left for 2 more fountains and then through yet another Demon Door. Grab the box and while standing on the center pressure plate you need to Slide it over. Then while it raising, use it to double jump up. Fight some Heretics and then flip the switch to turn off the fire.

SHADE (16) Cavalcante de Cavalcanti - Just to the left of the switch after eliminating all the Heretics.

The Wall Climb out of the area. Go through the Demon Door. There is magic and health fountains.

PIECE OF SILVER (23) - In the room with the movable box the Piece of Silver is in the back right corner by the box.

Now drag the box all the way back to the front switch and get it close to the left wall. Then flip the switch and push the box into the open area on the left before the cauldron falls back down. Then you need to just work your way all the back to the beginning where the path first opened for you.

VID - DI_Heresy_02

Continue to work your way back to the beginning of the section. Once there you'll have to fight some more Heretics and Fire Guardians before the right wall will drop allowing you to continue. Health and Magic await you on the other side and then Wall Climb on. A Demon Door awaits you on the other side.

RELIC (26) Seal of Epicurus - Jump to the left rising and lowering platform. Then back to the higher alcove on the right.

PIECE OF SILVER (24) - Just to the right of the Relic.

SHADE (17) Farinata - Jump back to the middle rising and lowering platform. Jump from it to the left side alcove with the Shade.

Now back to the rising lowering platform and then to the high right rising and lowering platform. At the highest point jump to the left and right moving platform to the left to finally move out of this area. Flip the switch to stop the fire. Use the Hand over Hand rope to move one. Exp Fountain and a switch to flip.  Double jump over to the right to get up to the next area. Save your game and through the Demon Door you go. Wall Climb over to the next area and use all the fountains.

RELIC (27) Frederick's Ring - Slide down the Bone Rope to find a Demon Dog on the bottom.

PIECE OF SILVER (25) - Right next to the Demon Dog.

Climb back up. Time for some hardcore running. Stalactites will start falling from the ceiling. Double jump across the first gap. Keep up the pace because the sections behind you and under you are going to start falling fast. At the stone sections it's left, right, Scythe Swing to a Wall Climb, then keep double jumping to the next section until you get to the final Wall Climb. After running through the small corridor talk to the Poet and then save your game.

VID - DI_Heresy_03


Typical level start. Slide down a Bone Rope and then drop onto a Hand over Hand. Drop down to the second Hand over Hand.

SHADE (18) Attila - DON'T drop to the next one. Head all the way to the left side for the triple threat.

PIECE OF SILVER (26) - On the same platform as Attila.

RELIC (28) Shoe of Nessus - On the same platform.

Back onto the Hand over Hand and then now you can drop down to the next Hand over Hand rope. Scythe Swing to the next Hand over Hand then drop down the rope. Break the rocks and then you need to rotate the lever 3 times until the blade flys off. Make sure you pull it all the way back. Back up on the Rope and Rappel right to a Scythe Swing and then over to the Bone Rope. Drop all the way down. Head down and have a little chat with the Poet. Grab the two fountains, take out the Demon and then over to the boat and Bone Rope it up to the top level. Watch out for the furnace blast and then Scythe Swing over to the other side. Two Arch Demons won't like you messing with their Hell Furnaces so take them down.

PIECE OF SILVER (27) - Wall Climb down the back side of the furnace. NOT THE BONE ROPE.

RELIC (29) Attila's Armor - Wall Climb back up a bit and then go around the corner. Demon Dog.

Dante will then need to jump over a series of gyrating platforms.

PIECE OF SILVER (28) - After getting to the end where you'll see the Poet and a save statue. Jump up the left for a small alcove with the fountain.

VID - DI_Violence_01

Talk to the Poet and save your game. You're going to see the weird life sucking flowers. Holy Cross the glowing part on the tree to make it stop. Grab the exp fountain and then beat the tree to make the magic stop. Continue forward and then battle a Pagan and some Fiends. Work your way down the tight path grabbing fountains as you go.

SHADE (19) Pietro della Vigna - On the right as you head down the path out in the open.

Then continue around and you'll get to a box and quite a few fountains. Now drag the box to the slide ramp. You need to push the box up the ramp and then quickly jump to the box and then immediately jump off the box to the safety of the top zone. Now save the game. Blast the red pulsating part of the tree to shut off another magic tree. You'll be back in the starting area. You want to head into the center section that previously blocked off by the magic. If you go right you're going to be doing the entire loop again. You want to focus first on the pulsating red tree bulb that lowers itself into the area. If this goes unchecked too long the magic tree will open and you'll be dead. So red tree first. Then when it is up, take care of all the enemies. Have a little cutscene with dear old mom.

VID - DI_Violence_02

After talking to mommy you need to clear a few more waves before moving on. A double jump up to the high ledge and the Poet will be up ahead. Then save your game and get the exp fountain, then Magic fountain and some Charred Minions.

PIECE OF SILVER (29) - There will be a series of platforms on the right getting up to a Fountain and a Shade.

SHADE (20) Brunetto Latini - Up with the Fountain. ABSOLVE for achievement / trophy.

Head back down and you'll get attacked by some Pagans and Fire Guardians.

PIECE OF SILVER (30) - Final coin! This is just on the left after your last battle.

SHADE (21) Guido Guerra - This Damned is on the left of the coin on a small little island.

Keep moving forward and use the Health and Magic fountains. Quick cutscene and its back in action. Now its battle time with a new enemy, Damned Crusader. These guys have swords and shields and just require you to keep up the pressure. Not very hard. Once the fire is down head around the corner to fight off some airborne Fiends and you'll see a Demon Dog high above you.

RELIC (30) Memory of Acre - Jump up to the high right platform and then back to the higher left side. Demon Dog.

You'll get to a large area with a high platform on a track. You need to push this platform to the top of the area. There are a lot of enemies so keep up the pressure and then move the platform as you have time. Once it's at the top, leap to the small ledge of the left and then on top of the platform to continue on. Wall Climb and then save the game.

VID - DI_Violence_03

Get the Magic fountain and the talk to the Poet. Slide down.

BOSS: Francesco - Francesco will be helped by a lot of Damned Captains. Just keep up the pace. Taking him down is a simple matter of [RT] - [B Smash].

RELIC (31) Francesco's Forgiveness - The final Relic is given for beating Francesco.

More Damned and Fiends on your ride down the platform. Couple of Arch Demons. Some Pagans. A nice little mix of hell badboys to take care of.

VID - DI_Violence_04


Once the platform is at the bottom you'll get the typical Heath and Magic and a save statue. Then Beatrice will come to give you a few encouraging words. Then she'll send a Fire Demon your way as a parting gift.

SHADE (22) Thais the Harlot - On the right in a high alcove beside the Demon Door.

Head through the Demon Door. Flip the switch to lower yourself to the next level and trial #1. Health, Magic, and a Save before every stage. Another Demon Door and then ride the platform over to the Trial.

TRIAL 1 - Panderers and Seducers - Challenge: Infinite Magic & Bonus: Under 75 Seconds
I just spammed Righteous Path. You can add +Magic Relics to make it even easier. Very easy first Trail.

Once passed Wall Climb to the next section. This time you Scythe Swing to the platform.

TRIAL 2 - Flatterers - Challenge: 100 Combo & Bonus: Under 30 Seconds
Just use quick scythe attacks and if enemies are too far away use the Holy Cross to keep the combo going.

Flip the switch and be prepared to jump to the left side as the elevator gives out from under you.

VID: DI_Fraud_01

Jump to the left side and then to the right. Don't be on there when they drop out from under you.

TRIAL 3 - Simonists - Challenge: Air Kills & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
If you are having any problems with this one just keep punishing the Demons since there is a 50% chance that it wsill end in an Air kill.

Exit is Hand over Hand to a Bone Rope drop to a second Hand over Hand.

SHADE (23) Tiresias - Right to the right after the final Hand over Hand.

TRIAL 4 - Sorcerers - Challenge: Stay in the Air & Bonus: Kill 2 enemies while in air
So so horrible. Best bet is to double jump and then spawn the Quick Attack button. You might get a few 7 1/2s before finally getting the 8.

Another falling elevator with a jump to the left to live.

TRIAL 5 - Politicians - Challenge: Protect Innocent & Bonus: Keep All Innocents Alive
The Innocents are in the back left and right corner. Just spam the Holy Cross at the approaching Minions to keep them alive.

Triple Hand over Hand to get out of the area and down to the next Trial.

VID - DI_Fraud_02

Wait for the flower to open so that you can Scythe Swing across to the platform.

TRIAL 6 - Hyprocrites - Challenge: No Magic & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Very simple. Just don't use Magic. Quick and Strong Scythe attacks and Holy Cross attacks are all good. Just do your thing. Most of the way through an Asterian Beast will be added to the attack and the "challenge" will be canceled. Take him out like all the rest before.

After the battle you'll do a [B Smash] to a Scythe Swing. Hand over Hand to the save area.

TRIAL 7 - Thieves - Challenge: Losing Health & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Just keep up the pressure to get this challenge over ASAP. Magic, Scythe, whatever you want.

Wait for the platform to drop and then Wall Climb to the left and to the new area.

TRIAL 8 - Evil Counselors - Challenge: No Block & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Pretty much the same as the last. Just keep up the pressure with Scythe and Magic attacks.

Bone Rope down to a Hand over Hand. Go all the way across the rope and then drop to the Wall Climb.

TRIAL 9 - Sowers of Discord - Challenge: Single Combo & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Use the Holy Cross to keep the Combo alive. I finished mine with a Combo of 56.

SHADE (24) Myrrha - Right as you get off the elevator.

VID - DI_Fraud_03

TRIAL 10 - Falsifiers - Challenge: Endurance Test & Bonus: Under 5 Minutes
Everything and the kitchen sink on this challenge. You're going to fight multiples of everything you've faces so far. Just keep using your Magic and strong attacks and it won't be a real problem.

Another cutscene and you're on your way to the final area.

VID - DI_Fraud_04


Talk to the Poet and then grab the 2 fountains and save.

SHADE (25) Fra Alberigo - Only 3 Damned left to go. This Shade is right next to the save statue.

Double Bone Rope slide down to a Hand over Hand. When you hit the first platform you need to be careful of the giant head's breath. It will push you off the platform for an instant death. So be careful and keep away from the edge. Scythe Swing to the Rope and then rappel to the right and break the structure and then double jump over to the Bone Rope.

SHADE (26) Mordred - Climb the Bone Rope and get the shade and the 2 fountains.

Drop down and Scythe Swing to a Scythe Swing to the Bone Rope. Slide down the ice and have a nice final chat with the Poet. Work your way over the ice SLOWLY. If you see the ice breaking, then back off. It's a long trip and you can see the crack lines in the ice if you look closely.

SHADE (27) Count Ugolino - FINAL SHADE! Absolve, Save, get your fountains and prepare yourself for LUCIFER!

VID - DI_Treachery_01

BOSS: Lucifer - Holy Cross is your friend! You want to just blast away at him with Holy Cross NON-STOP. Jump over the fist pounding shockwaves. He'll start throwing little hurricanes at you which actually help as they throw you in the air to Holy Cross at his face.

Then Lucifer will pop out and fight you head on. The goal here is the KEEP CLOSE. Use Righteous Path to close the gap. Holy Cross him when he floats in the air to get him down to ground level.

Start at the right Scythe Swing and pull yourself around the circle to start the final sequence. [LS Right] - [LS Left] - [X] - [B Smash] -Battle WON.

VID - DI_Treachery_02

Watch the final video and congrats on finishing the game. You can now start a + game to keep working on getting your full Holy and Unholy levels.

VID - DI_Treachery_03


These videos cover all the Relics, Shades, and Pieces of Silver in the game. These videos are cut up version of the full walkthrough to show you just the places they occur.